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Aurobindo Pharma Doubling Down on Capacity

An interview with Dave Palew, Director, U.S. Supply Chain, Aurobindo Pharma USA.

Boston Saturday, August 24, 2019


Streamline Your Pharmacy with Modular Pole Systems

By Jeff Ditges, President, Source Communications

CBD from Balanced Health Botanicals

SmartSource Brings the Scale of AmerisourceBergen to Your Pharmacy

DP: Aurobindo’s ever-increasing customer needs require continuous expansion of our operations. Specifically, investing in infrastructure in order to meet growing demand in the market. To

When was the last time you looked at your pharmacy counter from the customer’s perspective? Your staff is stocking shelves in the store. Your pharmacist is filling prescriptions. Your customer is the only person looking at your counter with fresh eyes. Are they seeing an organized area that builds confidence and trust, or are they seeing a cluttered mess of hardware? You know that buyer trust is everything

CBD is everywhere, but Balanced Health Botanicals™ is committed to doing it right. With a diverse product portfolio that appeals to multiple customer bases, Balanced Health Botanicals prides itself on gimmick-free CBD. That means taking the guesswork out of buying CBD with shelf-ready merchandising and simplified consumer education. With two primary product lines, the right products, the right pricing and the right supply chain, vertically-integrated parent company Balanced Health

With competitive prices, extensive product access, easy ordering and a secure supply chain, SmartSource is your secondary wholesale solution from AmerisourceBergen. As the name suggests, SmartSource is focused on being the smart choice for the secondary pharmaceutical wholesale needs of your pharmacy. Together, Bellco Generics, SmartSource Distribution and Valley Drug Wholesale bring over 100 years of commitment to

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CDD: How is Aurobindo positioned to continually increase its capacity with market demands?

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HempFusion: Much More than CBD

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Camber: Balancing Supply and Demand from Pipeline to Patient

By Jason Mitchell, N.D.

As headlines flash cannabidiol (CBD) news across social and media channels every day, it’s mindbending just to keep up with the science, regulation and overall opportunity while trying to serve lots of people with underserved endocannabinoid systems (ECS). While all the noise about CBD has brought well-deserved attention to this cannabinoid, I’ve been studying hemp,

For over 10 years, Camber Pharmaceuticals has been one of the fastest growing generics companies in the U.S. Camber’s commitment is to bring the highest quality generic pharmaceuticals to the market, to improve quality of life through costeffective medications. Kon Ostaficiuk, President of Camber, remarked, “We have numerous new product launches scheduled for the next 12 months, which allows us to bring

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Meet BIC: Trusted for Safety, Quality & Value

Worldwide, BIC® is one of the most recognized and trusted brands for stationery products, lighters and shavers. For more than 70 years, BIC has provided high-quality, affordable products to consumers everywhere. Each day in more than 160 countries, consumers choose to buy over 32 million BIC products wherever, whenever and however they shop.

Introducing BodyMark by BIC Temporary Tattoo Markers More than ever before, self-expression is

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CBD Products from Prana Principle An interview with Sebastien Hebbelinck, Chief Executive Officer, Prana Principle.

CDD: What will it take for CBD to become a mainstream, mass retail business? What can suppliers do to help make that happen, and what do retailers need to do?

SH: CBD is well on its way to becoming mainstream. Fully achieving that will require retailers, suppliers and manufacturers to provide high quality products to

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Packaging Solutions from WestRock WestRock provides pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers with unique, award-winning packaging solutions that are designed to improve patient adherence to medication, enhance pharmacy efficiencies and increase speed to market. Shellpak® Renew and Dosepak®, top-selling adherence solutions, protect medication integrity and offer superior child safety (F=1), while remaining easy for adults to use. An innovative capability under the new WestRock organization is merchandising displays, which help drive promotion at the retail setting with

temporary promotional and permanent point-of-purchase displays. Providing an end-to-end marketing, merchandising and packaging suite of solutions, WestRock supports the retail pharmacy’s challenges comprehensively. Adherence packaging solutions not only maximize pharmacist-patient interaction opportunities, but also provide increased opportunities to satisfy CMS Star ratings and boost reimbursement. Merchandising displays amplify the investment many retail pharmacies have made in mobile app technology, in-store promotions and

Smarter Mobile Technology Shows Improvements in Glycemic Control Digital solutions are providing people with diabetes with easier ways to capture and interpret data so that they can more effectively self-manage. The CONTOUR® DIABETES app that is part of the CONTOUR NEXT ONE blood glucose monitoring system (BGMS) is one of these digital solutions that has features designed to improve diabetes management. The CONTOUR DIABETES app is a mobile app that seamlessly connects to the CONTOUR NEXT ONE blood glucose meter by using a compatible Android or iOS device. (Compatible devices can be found at The app collects, stores and analyzes patient blood glucose measurements received from the meter. This enables patterns and trends to be revealed that can help give context and meaning to diabetes management. The CONTOUR DIABETES app with intelligent new features gives patients actionable information when they want it. The My Patterns feature of the app allows patients to view and track trends in their blood sugar readings. It was developed using evidence-based behavioral science concepts from the Information, Motivation and Behavioral

Chain Drugstore Daily point of sale prospects by creating a unified customer experience. Inshort, WestRock can provide retail customers a positive “in-store” and “at-home” health and wellness experience.

How the Consumer Journey Comes Together with the Help of WestRock Your customer enters the retail store to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy. Notifications of in-store promotions appear on the patient’s mobile device Continued on Page 53

Skills (IMB) model of health behavior change. The My feature Patterns uses innovative algorithms to identify sub-optimal patterns in blood glucose readings. Once a pattern is identified, the user gets a notification prompting them about the possible causes and providing guidance to help address it. It could be due to food, exercise or treatment, allowing the patient to set personalized reminders or use testing reminder plans to help improve their blood glucose patterns, and tracking their progress to see if the pattern improves over time. It is important that digital solutions Continued on Page 53

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Chain Drugstore Daily

High Quality, Consistent Supply: Keys to Amneal’s Success Since 2002, patients, customers, physicians and pharmacists have trusted Amneal to consistently and reliably deliver quality pharmaceutical products. Indeed, Amneal views quality as a nonnegotiable commitment – a core pillar to the company’s success. It permeates every aspect of the business from R&D and manufacturing to packaging and distribution, and it explains why the company has been so successful in keeping the trust it has earned. “Everything starts with quality and supply from a customer perspective,” explains Andy Boyer, Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations at Amneal. “Operations, quality and regulatory are key functional areas that are integrated to allow Amneal to be successful in delivering products of high quality and

at high service levels.” Quality-by-design has long been a fundamental part of Amneal’s operations, and teams throughout the organization push for continuous improvement. The company looks for that same quality mindset in new hires and continues to reinforce it through employee development. “Accountability runs throughout the organization,” according to Joe Greer, Senior Vice President, Global Quality Management. “We embrace the concept that quality begins with each and every one of us, every day, across all roles and departments.” The proof is in the numbers. Amneal has successfully completed more than 70 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspections across its 10 manufacturing and three distribution sites. Last

Thinking Beyond Dispensing to Improve Financial Results By Lari Harding, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, Inmar

The last three years have been tough for retail pharmacies. Reimbursement rates have declined, formularies are now more complex, preferred networks are becoming more aggressive, access to the specialty drugs is limited, generic drug prices are deflating and DIR fees are consuming more than two percent of sales revenue. The result is a retail pharmacy business that is struggling to generate sufficient sales volume to overcome a very thin margin. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make money in the retail pharmacy business. But it’s not impossible, if retailers are willing to think beyond dispensing and pursue strategies that leverage existing assets as well as technologies and insights available from Inmar.

Here are four strategies for improving pharmacy financial performance.

Capitalize on the convergence of healthcare, beauty and self-care. Seven percent of Google’s daily searches are health related, equivalent to 70,000 every minute. Leverage your pharmacy’s credibility along with your media assets (e.g. website, pharmacy app, facebook page, etc.) to aid consumers in this education effort. Demonstrate your understanding of their needs and consumers will make your pharmacy their first choice for primary care. But don’t be overtly transactional; focus on creating trust and personalizing both message and approach.

Cater to the product assortment needs of the pharmacy shopper. Pharmacy shoppers, when properly engaged, will visit your retail location

year it gained an impressive 72 Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) approvals (62 final and 10 tentative) and launched a total of 42 products. The impressive statistics speak to a culture fully aligned with the high standards set down by the FDA. Amneal’s supply levels and customer service also earn praise from business partners. Amneal consistently wins top honors from customers and business partners since it launched its own label of products in 2007. Supplier awards from every major wholesaler and distributor line the shelves of its Glasgow, Kentucky distribution and sales operations facility lobby. An impressive five HDA DIANA trophies for supply chain excellence round out the selection, along with recognition from the company’s chain drug store partners. This summer marks the opening of a third Amneal distribution center in Glasgow, Kentucky. The new more frequently and their basket sizes will be larger. Recognize the full value of these shoppers – to both back of store and front-store – and provide recommendations of complementary front-store products to augment prescriptive treatments. Leverage the engagement capabilities available via Inmar-powered loyalty programs to create a frictionless experience that drives sales, builds relationships and protects patient privacy along with pharmacies. Prioritize in-store services and become a destination for healthcare. Your pharmacy probably offers vaccinations, blood pressure checks, etc. But, there’s opportunity – and need – to deliver more. Make your pharmacy a healthcare destination point, and you will grow both the utilization of your pharmacy and your clinical services revenue. By making more in-store services available, and supporting consumer need for convenience with whole health assistance, you can drive additional traffic and generate greater revenue.


site was needed to handle consolidated logistics following the company’s merger with Impax, as well as a rapidly expanding

pipeline. Amneal continues to focus aggressively on building a diversified pipeline of complex, high-value products. Its generics R&D team successfully filed 31 ANDAs in 2018, 65 percent of which were non-oral solid products, creating a pipeline of 118 filings across various dosage forms. “We are committed to investing in our supply chain and are proud to consistently deliver one of best service levels in the industry,” says Boyer. “We don’t plan on relenting any time soon; we continue to work with our partners in supply chain planning to ensure the trend continues.” For more information, visit booth #201 or go to

Determine your pharmacy’s “sweet spot.” How well do you know your customers? What is driving sales volume and shopper spend? The better you know your shoppers, the better you can engage them – and for that, you need Inmar Analytics. With Inmar Analytics you can turn available data into actionable insights and begin using your pharmacy as a growth driver for your entire retail business. By carefully focusing on exactly which products and services are delivering positive return and determining precisely which consumer segments to target, there is a path to profitability. Retail pharmacy is well positioned to be more convenient and successful in providing more comprehensive health solutions in a single, experiential destination. A profitable, thriving retail pharmacy business is possible; you just need to call Inmar, get creative and think beyond dispensing. For more information, visit booth #1151.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Chain Drugstore Daily

Ascend Builds Capacity to Bolster Anticipated Growth Ascend, in concert with its parent company, Alkem Labs, is in the process of dramatically enhancing its capacity in order to accommodate significant growth. Already named one of the industry’s fastest growing companies by IMS this past January, Ascend currently markets over 40 molecules, accounting for almost 170 SKUs. Additionally, Ascend has completed development on another 50plus molecules and is awaiting FDA approval on these. Inclusive of these,

Ascend expects to more than double its presence in the market over the short term with regard to the number of products it markets. On top of all this, there is another 100 or so molecules under development at various stages. With this aggressive and robust pipeline, Ascend aims to continue the strong growth it has shown over the past decade. Ascend is also taking a different track than many other generic manufacturers. Desiring to be more of a health

Lottabody Debuts New Milk & Honey Collection Natural hair is no longer a trend in multicultural hair care – it is now the standard. According to market research firm Mintel, research found that 79 percent of consumers have worn a natural hairstyle and 40 percent of participants said that maintaining healthy hair was a priority for them. With the growing needs of the natural hair consumer in mind, Lottabody® has launched its new Milk & Honey collection for natural hair, enriched with wholesome milk protein and honey. The new Milk & Honey collection by Lottabody includes a cream shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, curl defining mousse and edge control gel. The formulas, with milk and honey, provide a number of benefits to natural hair; nourishing and treating dry, rough

strands and restoring moisture for healthy-looking hair. Milk & Honey joins 17 existing products in the Lottabody family, belonging to its signature collection of Coconut & Shea Oils. “The Milk & Honey line contains ingredients that carry moisturizing properties for the savvy, healthy-hair conscious consumer,” said Vice-President of Multicultural Marketing, Jolorie Williams. “Lottabody is excited to bring our customers a solution for healthylooking hair at an affordable cost.” The Lottabody Milk & Honey collection includes: RESTORE ME Cream Shampoo ($4.99; 10.1 ounces) – removes product build-up, restores moisture, makes hair soft and manageable; RESTORE ME Cream Conditioner ($4.99; 10.1 ounces) – deeply moistur-

Education Is Key to CBD Category Success “What’s this good for?” “Will I fail a drug test?” “How does it work?” “How much should I take?” “What’s the difference between hemp extract and CBD?” MarketHub has developed a strategy and solution for retailers and customers. Consumer interest in CBD is outpacing all other segments of the industry including supply, access, branding, marketing, regulations and most importantly, education. The education process happens twice – once with retailers and again with customers. Getting it right at retail is a difficult task at best. MarketHub is here to help

you make quality decisions concerning what you can, should and could do within your market, given the states’ everchanging hemp regulations. Next it brings a customized assortment of vetted (sourcing, manufacturing, labeling, among other items) products that will maintain brand integrity for each retail partner. Its direct distribution and strategic partnerships allow the company to provide exceptional and often seamless execution. The shopper-marketing it provides is nuanced, with education at the core. MarketHub provides the answers to your customers’ questions.

The “Who” and “Why” of KeySource KeySource is a proud member of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, supplying chain pharmacies with generic pharmaceuticals that meet the needs of patients across the United States. Why buy generics? It’s no secret that generic pharmaceuticals cost less than brand-name pharmaceuticals. However, a small percentage of pharmacists and patients still believe that brand items are more effective than generics. In fact, generic products are proven to deliver the same quality of treatment as

brands and are manufactured by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. KeySource only distributes products manufactured by the most well-regarded FDA vendors in the industry. For chains, purchasing pharmaceuticals in large quantities can be a large investment. KeySource works to provide the best pricing and service for chains by working closely with buyers and creating relationships and partnerships built on integrity and trust. KeySource offers a large product

care company rather than one that just makes pills, Ascend is making every effort to stay in all the molecules it launches. While other companies are discontinuing items and rationalizing their offerings, Ascend wants customers to know that if they partner together with Ascend, they will not be abandoned on those items. To accomplish this, Ascend and Alkem are dramatically increasing manufacturing capacity. Already with two major campuses in India and one in the U.S. that are capable of producing over one billion tabs and caps monthly, a izes, makes hair soft and manageable; RESTORE ME Cream Conditioner ($4.99; 10.1 ounces) – deeply moisturizes, makes hair soft and manageable; NOURISH ME Leave-In Conditioner ($5.49; 8 ounces) – locks in moisture, continuous, intense hydration, detangles and adds shine; REFINE ME Curl Defining Mousse ($5.49; 7 ounces) – medium hold for soft curls, defines curls, adds body and shine; TAME ME 24Hr Edge Control ($4.49; 2.25 ounces) – adds incredible shine, non-flaking, sticky or greasy, lays edges to perfection for up to 24 hours. The new Milk & Honey collection is available in Walmart and local beauty supply stores nationwide. About Lottabody A styling favorite for years, Lottabody provides hair care and styling product


doubling of capacity has been recently completed at one of the two Indian campuses. Also, ground has been broken on a new manufacturing campus that will be located in central India, that when complete and online sometime in 2020-2021, will double again existing capacity to over two billion tabs and caps per month. Ascend seeks to be your supplier of choice, and is doing all the right things to assure you that it will be a stand out supplier on both current and future items.

For more information, visit booth #2423.

solutions at affordable prices for both consumers and professionals. The professional line boasts the concentrated Lottabody Setting Lotion which is perfect for wet setting, blow styling or waving natural or relaxed hair. Lottabody has 22 hair care and styling products between the Milk & Honey and Coconut & Shea Oils lines, which includes a selection of shampoos, conditioners, relaxers and styling aids enriched with natural ingredients. Items in the new Milk & Honey collection may be found at beauty and barber supply stores, while the Coconut & Shea Oils collection may be found at Target, Sally Beauty Supply, Walmart and in beauty and barber supply stores.

For more information, go to www Join Team Lottabody on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @lovelottabody.

The Hemp Health Zone was created by MarketHub as a means of compartmentalizing the category for in-store merchandising best practices as well as customer engagement. This platform and strategy give the entire category an identity, allowing the customer to participate without having to align with a brand. Giving the customers the tools to make decisions empowers them and further builds the loyalty and confidence back to the retailer. All marketing materials direct the customer to, an engaging and unbiased educational platform. The website provides general

knowledge, science, legal and health content. Short videos guide the customer through the different forms and uses of CBD, as well as their health benefits. Even the labeling issue is addressed to bring a level of understanding about what the customer should look for on the product. MarketHub seeks to help maximize the potential of the hemp CBD category for all stakeholders. Throughout the value chain, it constantly engages every segment to achieve optimal results and keep you and your customers educated.

offering containing over 2,300 unique NDCs. It also offers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ordering. EDI makes it easier than ever to connect with KeySource. This integrated solution works with your platform to seamlessly integrate products from KeySource, while maintaining inventory and pricing. KeySource goes above and beyond the status quo for secondary wholesalers. Quite simply, it offers the best customer service in the industry. It genuinely cares for its customers, your business and your

patients. KeySource is continually growing within the industry by delivering innovative generic distribution solutions to customers, utilizing the highest standards of product security and compliance while embracing market

Visit MarketHub at booth #1310.


Visit KeySource at booth #2434. For more information, go to nacds2019. KeySource is a VAWD Accredited distributor.


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Reduce Dispensing Errors in the Pharmacy Pharmacy dispensing errors can have catastrophic consequences for the pharmacist and staff, and most importantly, the patient. It makes sense that the goal of pharmacy staff is to substantially reduce such mistakes. A myriad of ways an error can occur in the process of filling a patient’s prescription include illegible handwriting on the prescription, inadequate familiarity of drug names, newly introduced medications, similar packaging or labeling and comparable strengths or dosage forms. One way that Uniweb can help your team improve patient safety is with interactive shelf markers. In addition to protocol of placing alert labels on the stock RX bottle or instituting pop-up warnings in the computer system, using Uniweb’s high alert medication “Look Alike Sound

Alike” (LASA) label holders can enhance accurate identification. By placing a sticker or label on a shelf marker that is fixed to the shelf above the drug and has to be physically moved by RX staff in order to reach the required drug, it triggers a caution to the team that the medicine might be confused with another LASA drug. Moreover, maintaining a clutter-free workspace and organized workflow has been shown to significantly decrease dispensing errors. Adequate counter space and proper drug storage can allow an efficient flow of work from one job to the next, consequently lessening the opportunity of a dispensing error. Uniweb RX Systems offer a plethora of products for customers looking to increase their pharmacy’s storage and profits without any

Clinically-Tested Skincare from Remedy Dermatology Series New Remedy Dermatology Series Moisturizing Lotion was formulated by leading skincare specialists to provide a higher level of care not often available in the retail market. It was developed as a non-prescription solution for dermatologists to recommend to those seeking help for rough, dry, irritated skin due to factors such as age, weather, physical damage or some health conditions. From the beginning, the product was specifically formulated for dermatologists, and dermatologist tested. It uses a rich, gentle botanical formula that provides a number of important benefits to

skin: hydration, moisturization, nutrition and antioxidants to soothe irritation. Among the botanical ingredients are safflower oleosomes, naturally encapsulated oils which burst open for lasting moisturization. Green tea and blue-green algae provide skin nutrition and soothing antioxidant properties. Soy protein, yeast extract and vitamin D help attract and retain moisture into the skin, as well as provide vital nutrients. Pure dimethicone is added to provide a soft, smooth texture and to help maintain moisture balance. Of nearly equal importance is what is not in Remedy Dermatology Series

Par Pharmaceutical Offers Generic Pharmaceuticals, Sterile Injectables For more than 40 years, Par Pharmaceutical has been an industry leader in innovation, development, manufacturing and commercialization of generic pharmaceuticals and sterile injectables. Par Pharmaceutical is an operating company of Endo International plc, a highly focused generics and specialty branded pharmaceutical company delivering quality medicines to patients in need. Endo has global headquarters in

Dublin, Ireland and U.S. headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Today, Par Pharmaceutical’s sales place it among the top generic pharmaceutical companies in the United States. The company conducts manufacturing both domestically and abroad. It markets and/or licenses more than 150 prescription drug product families under the Par label as well as its sterile injectable portfolio marketed under Par Sterile Products.

Hearing Enhancement from Lucid Audio By Paula Hunt, Digital & Consumer Marketing Manager, Lucid Audio

At Lucid Audio®, our products span the range from infant and child protective HearMuffs™ and AMPED® wireless audio devices, to hearing protection and amplification. We help people hear better at all ages and stages. Lucid Audio’s advanced technology allows you to hear more of what you want, less of what you don’t. Lucid Audio offers products that allow for hearing enhancement without the expense of a hearing aid. The

Enrich Pro Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) are an inexpensive and powerful way to help you hear better. Enrich Pro-In Ear is Powered by Lucid®, our state-of-the-art technology designed to deliver a more natural sound quality. The Enrich Pro – Behind-the-Ear is comfortable and discreet while providing the wearer better communication in noisy environments as well as offering a setting for quiet, natural surroundings. Low-level noise suppression, dynamic feedback canceling, omnidirectional microphones and nanotechnology at incredible price

Chain Drugstore Daily dramatic increase in overall footprint. For example, Uniweb crafts customer specified counter wall fixtures, RX wall fixtures, gondolas, end caps, will call systems, OTC, queuing, drop-off and pick-up counters and HIPAA RX locking units. One major benefit is that Uniweb will increase product storage by a minimum of 17 percent to 25 percent, and in some cases, by as much as 50 percent. The movable 16-inch trays can be positioned on the panel to accommodate the tallest bottle. Additionally, the Uniweb RX bay system does not create a break in between bays, but instead allows for continuous inventory shelving, maximizing total storage capacities. Uniweb can also provide pre-engineered modular pharmacy rooms containing locking cabinets, adjustable

height workstations, undercounter vial drawers, printer pull-outs, shelves, doors, OTC displays and will call. Installation of a modular room can be completed in two to three days and is pre-wired with a UL-Listed modular wiring system and can be tied into the store’s power and plumbing. Pharmacy operations are faced with numerous challenges: improve customer service, increase productivity, maintain pharmacy security, add new technology and bring the operation in on budget. Let Uniweb help with one vital goal – increasing RX dispensing safety. All products are proudly made in the USA for nearly 50 years.

Lotion. Formulated for extreme gentleness, it contains none of the ingredients listed on the North American 80 Comprehensive Series List (NAC 80) of possible allergens. That means it has no aloe, parabens, phthalates or nonnatural fragrances that are commonly found in other skincare products and cosmetics. For the consumer, skincare can be a highly subjective matter. However, one evaluation skin specialists use to test moisturization measures the amount of water skin loses over time. In terms of product performance, it reveals how well the product helps skin retain the moisture balance it needs. In a head-to-head comparison with a leading competitive moisturizing lotion, Remedy lotion significantly out-

performed the competition 24 hours after application (complete study details available on request from Medline Remedy®). Medline Remedy is the leading provider of skin care products to hospitals and long-term care facilities. Now, Remedy Dermatology Series Moisturizing Lotion is its first product made specifically for the retail market. Packaging is designed to stand out from other therapeutic lotions on shelf, highlighting the effectiveness and gentle, botanical formula. It is available in 3-ounce, 8-ounce and 12-ounce bottles.

Par is advancing a robust research and development pipeline of potential products, with many products awaiting FDA approval, including several first to files, and many other products in development with continued focus on Paragraph IV and first to file opportunities. In recent years, the company has introduced generic versions of several major pharmaceutical products, including: Aspirin and Extended-Release Dipyridamole Capsules 25mg/200mg (Boehringer Ingelheim’s Aggrenox®), Ethacrynic Acid

Tablets USP 25mg (Bausch Health’s Edecrin®) and Memantine Hydrochloride Extended-Release Capsules 7mg, 14mg, 21mg and 28mg (Allergan’s Namenda XR®).

points delivers a product that enhances hearing and advances the customer experience. The Hearbuds provide digital sound processing technology with three setting choices that make it easy to hear more clearly. The Hearbuds Pro are personal amplification devices that are also known as quiet sound amplifiers. It features a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts to the surrounding noise level. It amplifies soft sounds while keeping the volume steady on louder noises or even reducing it for thunderous sounds such as fireworks or the strike of a drum. Moreover, it

boosts soft, highpitched sounds heard in speech, which helps provide clarity for conversations, particularly in less-thanideal listening environments. Hearbud Pro amplifies sounds and enhances your hearing experience, so your conversations become more effective in the car, in social situations and at a distance. Lucid Audio is committed to giving our customers something unique and valuable with every product we make.

Visit Uniweb at booth #2231. For more information, call 800.486.4932 or go to

For more information, go to www

Visit Par Pharmaceutical at booth #1945. For more information, go to Aggrenox is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG. Edecrin is a registered trademark of Aton Pharma, Inc. Namenda XR is a registered trademark of Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA.

For more information, go to www or call 817.908.7588.

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Chain Drugstore Daily

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work with MarkeTouch “Teamwork makes the dream work” is something normally said tongue-incheek, but in MarkeTouch’s offices, it knows that its team provides comprehensive solutions for unique problems faced by companies with an ever-changing landscape. The dream of providing your customers with the best possible experience is alive and well with its sales, development, clinical project management and client services teams. MarkeTouch is the only provider of turnkey patient communication solutions for pharmacies. It is a leader in patient communications as a result of surround-

ing itself with outstanding partnerships, including pharmacy software providers, biometric screening companies, group purchasing organizations, industry associations and 25 different industry-leading pharmacy vendors. MarkeTouch is open to partnering with most vendors that its clients request, and in some instances, it will work with competitors when it benefits you. MarkeTouch is also a regular attendee and member of most industry associations, including the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP), Asembia, ECRM, National

KNAPP Releases Newest Automated Dispenser Technologies An interview with Brian Sullivan, Senior Systems Manager, KNAPP.

CDD: Everyone is aware of the extent that regulatory pressures and the ongoing impact of a very tight labor market have on pharmacy operations. Could you give an update on what KNAPP is doing in the automated pharmacy marketplace?

BS: To start, we’ve been investing 7 percent annually in R&D at KNAPP across all of our markets. Much of this is targeted towards our goal of optimizing pharmacy operations as a key initiative within our Healthcare Solutions Group. This is the case from our enterprise software pharmacy suite, right down through our automated and robotic dispensing technologies. We are several generations into these technologies and the improvements are impressive. We have also broadened our overall offering of solutions for fully

automated, high-speed pharmacy script fulfillment with new and advanced technologies.

CDD: Speaking of automation and script fulfillment, what is KNAPP doing to reduce fulfillment costs and the impact of DIR fees on pharmacy chains and independents?

BS: Those are questions that are top of mind for most pharmacies these days. Not only labor cost and the margin pressure of increased DIR fees, but also the ongoing labor shortage, specifically for pharmacy technicians in many parts of the country. At KNAPP, we’ve developed several automated dispensing technologies that address a larger percentage of countable NDCs in the pharmacy and minimize the requirements for manual dispensing. This labor savings is more sig-


Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) and Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA). It actively participates with and supports these organizations as sponsors to stay ahead of the industry trends, regulations and customer behavior, allowing MarkeTouch to put its products ahead of the competition. It is a part of these organizations not to just hear about what’s next: it is offering what’s next. MarkeTouch is driving change and putting its thumbprint on what is important in the industry today and ongoing. MarkeTouch partners with chain, hospital, specialty, mail-order and independent pharmacies across North America

to connect with patients in an efficient manner that does not negatively impact workflow. Results include increased adherence, revenue and patient satisfaction. The company’s success is a fellowship with its associates, and MarkeTouch could not maximize its client results without the assistance of its partners. Talk to MarkeTouch. Find out who it partners with and how your company can capitalize on these relationships to benefit your patient communication strategy. MarkeTouch has been doing it since 2001.

nificant to the market than any competing technologies that we are aware of today. Our current generation ATDs with our patented counting technology are the most accurate highspeed pill counters available including broken tablet or capsule detection. Our large capacity, lightweight replenishment canisters minimize replenishment time, and with all of the concern regarding NIOSH hazardous drug rules in the news, our centralized vacuum option provides a near dust free environment, which offers the potential to keep more meds dispensed via automation.

is drastically reduced. In addition, the potential for human error within the pharmacy can be reduced significantly.

CDD: What does that mean for the pharmacy?

BS: If you consider a traditional centralized pharmacy operation, the number of technicians required to dispense the patient’s countable prescriptions is significant. By automating this process, the cost of, and demand on your labor pool

For more information, visit booth #315 or go to and www

CDD: What other savings can be achieved when implementing KNAPP automated dispensing solutions?

BS: There are certainly other opportunities for savings. Our proven canister verification system can minimize downstream pharmacist verification (PV2) costs. Our robotic K-Med systems are also highly space and labor efficient for slower moving NDCs, automating meds that would previously have been handled manually. It also allows chains to justify an automated central fill operation at much lower volumes than previously seen, ultimately providing these pharmacies more savings, sooner. Visit KNAPP at booth #1804. For more information, go to

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David Biernbaum Offers Wisdom and Expertise at Free Coffee Talk By Becky Director



David Biernbaum is a highly acclaimed industry executive of four decades in major global consumer goods companies, and well-regarded consultant, masterbroker of national sales, investor, board member and consumer goods business development strategist. Biernbaum has led or influenced more than 200 successful consumer brands and SKUs to retail shelves. For more than four decades, Biernbaum has helped companies maneuver the sea of competition fighting for retail shelf space, helping brands carve out niches and position themselves to become some of the most beloved brands and sales superheroes of their categories. Biernbaum has worked on all

types of consumer brands, but has a special passion for health and beauty, over the counter and personal care brands. On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, David Biernbaum will hold another informal no-fee Coffee Talk for a select group of entrepreneurs. David will share his experience and knowledge about what made the difference for dozens of companies in their quest for retail shelf space.

Just a few examples of topics that David will entertain: What are the most practical or best ways to approach the large retailers that will determine if your brand will fly, or flounder? What are the common mistakes and pitfalls? What are the specifics that retail buyers expect you to cover when you walk in the door?

MAV Beauty Brands’ Marc Anthony Continues to Pioneer Beauty Category Pioneering founder-focused beauty brands, Marc Anthony Venere – Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of global personal care company MAV Beauty Brands – is a product innovator, “Entrepreneur of the Year” and TV personality who has revolutionized the beauty industry. From humble beginnings to global success, he became the founder of one of the largest independent personal care companies, a highly acclaimed entrepreneur and an international success with his namesake haircare brand, Marc Anthony True Professional®. In 2018, Marc Anthony formed MAV Beauty Brands, acquiring and nurturing like-minded, founder-focused brands; naturally-inspired beauty company Renpure and naturally-luxe vegan brand Cake Beauty. “It was a transformative year for MAV Beauty Brands. We

acquired and integrated two on-trend, high-growth brands and completed an initial public offering in the Canadian market on our path to building a global personal care company,” said Marc Anthony Venere, “with our incredible 36 percent year-over-year growth in 2018 underscoring the robust consumer and retailer demand for our brands.” Marc Anthony began his career in the salon. Recognizing a void in the market for products that met the unique needs of each client, he was among the first to offer affordable, professionalquality products tailored to consumers’ specific styling needs (curls, volume, smooth hair, etc.) and to make them easily accessible at food, drug, mass and specialty beauty retailers worldwide. With the launch of Marc Anthony True Professional over 20 years ago, Marc

Chain Drugstore Daily What types of approaches work, and what fails? What are the real motivators? What are the best practices versus real “turn-offs” at a retail appointment? What do you need to know about brokers and sales representation? Do you need brokers? Do you need a master-broker? How do you go about broker-management for best results? How do you select the right brokers for your specific product, company, size, category, etc? Should you use a big national sales organization, or small independent brokers? What prevents many new innovative products from getting chosen, even with great pricing and good margins? How do you strategize and plan accordingly? What are the real costs of doing business with retailers? How should consumer products be properly priced? How do I determine the right SRP, and the right cost to wholesalers and retailers? Would it make more sense just to do my business online? Anthony became known as a hair authority, featured regularly in editorials and on national television. With Marc Anthony at the heart of his own line, it only seemed fitting to add founderfocused brands to the MAV Beauty Brands portfolio. He acquired Cake Beauty in February 2018 with plans to globally expand the iconic Canadian personal care brand. Influenced by its founder, Heather Reier, Cake Beauty grew to cult success status within the millennial demographic thanks to creative packaging and consumer-loved scents, while still maintaining an affordable price point, natural ingredients and its 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free stance on products. Renpure, acquired in March 2018, offers botanical hair and body care at an affordable price. With the growing consumer quest for highly effective, healthy beauty driving its innovation, Renpure is outpacing many of its competitors with

What are the roles of the buyer, the category manager, and where does senior management come into play? Who are the others behind the scenes that influence on-shelf decisions, planograms, schematics, etc.? David will also discuss what “makes or breaks” your meetings at ECRM, GMDC, TSE and other events, and much more. Biernbaum has an independent national sales organization of his own and is well connected in retail CPG channels. In fact, Biernbaum is a founder and host to more than 70,000 industry members and connections on LinkedIn’s Consumer Goods & Retail Professionals. Once again, David’s Coffee Talks are free. Attendees are responsible for their own travel and hotel expenses.

For more information, email or go to

an incredible 21 percent growth (Source: Nielsen AOD, BC Super Category: Haircare, Total US, 2018) in 2018. The original naturally-inspired ideology remains at the core of Renpure as a key ingredient to its success, which stems from the focus on plant-based ingredients without compromising performance or affordability. MAV Beauty Brands now offers a competitive advantage as a multi-national portfolio of hair and personal care products that has proven significant growth. The entrepreneurial nature of the brands permits the early adoption of key market trends and the agility to produce rapid innovation, all of which will continue to excite consumers on a global scale. With founder-focused heritage and innovative products at the core of MAV Beauty Brands, Marc Anthony continues to pioneer the beauty category. Learn more



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Chain Drugstore Daily

Smith Drug: Customers Deserve a ‘Wow!’ Moment Smith Drug Company is a pharmaceutical wholesaler that provides dozens of programs and services to deliver healthier business and patient outcomes. The company strives to be first in service and first in customer commitment by staffing each of its distribution centers with people who have only one goal: to make sure their customers receive service like no other. The company’s personal relationships and fast resolutions have continued to provide satisfaction numbers that are among the highest in the industry. Every day, the staff at Smith Drug works to create a “Wow!” moment for their customers. A few of these customers

have taken the time to share what makes Smith Drug Company different.

“Our previous wholesaler was having supply issues. There were multiple shortages; Smith Drug was able to get us what we need in a timely fashion. A hurricane came through our area. Our rep delivered our order in his vehicle when delivery trucks couldn’t, making sure we had what we needed to stay open and serve customers.” – Paige Hamilton, PharmD, R.Ph., Realo Discount Drugs, North Carolina

“My rep was willing to meet with me at

Delivering Delicious Innovation to the Vitamin Aisle MyBite Vitamins’ mission is to help people feel healthy and happy – body, mind and taste buds. Your body will love each bite full of essential vitamins and minerals, expertly formulated to help you feel your best. Your mind will be at ease knowing there’s limited sugar and calories and no artificial colors, flavors or added preservatives. And your taste buds will be downright ecstatic with their new daily treat! When Kate Jones and Marty Rifkin created the gummy vitamin category 20 years ago, they changed the vitamin

aisle forever. Now, they are back with their tastiest innovation yet: MyBite Vitamins. With chocolate flavor profiles proven to have more mass appeal than any gummy, this new line is sure to fly off your shelves. MyBite Vitamins are the first and only vitamin that look and taste just like your favorite, best-selling candy bars. Whether your customers are Millennials, Gen Xers or Boomers, MyBite Vitamins appeal to all ages and demographics. With choices like milk or dark chocolatey goodness and smooth

Faster Rx Retrieval Means Pharmacy Savings The HangUp bag prescription organization and retrieval system, used in thousands of pharmacies worldwide, offers users 25 percent faster retrieval time compared with traditional bin or drawer systems. That adds up to significant labor savings since pharmacy clerks can handle more transactions in less time, while also helping to eliminate errors caused by unclear labels. As a result, increasing numbers of chain, independent and online pharmacies – including the top 10 chains – are streamlining their prescription organization and retrieval process with the patented HangUp system.

The HangUp bag-and-rack system simplifies the process from filled prescription to patient delivery, while reducing costly errors. Pharmacists just place prescriptions and patient information sheets into clear, durable HangUp bags and hook the bags onto the easy-access HangUp rack. When patients arrive or shipments are being prepared, clerks can find prescriptions easily and retrieve them quickly, saving time for all involved, while minimizing errors and confusion. The HangUp storage and retrieval system has helped companies organize and streamline their material handling for

Prasco’s Unlimit Philosophy Drives Results for Business Partners When it comes to the generic drug market, Prasco is a clear market leader in authorized generic partnership launches. Unlike many other generic companies, Prasco never challenges patents. That’s because the cornerstone of its approach is partnership. This mindset includes both brand companies’ innovator drugs and trade customers large and small. Prasco’s partners benefit from a business philosophy called Unlimit®. “Our corporate philosophy is based on removing limits for brand partners,

trade customers and patients,” said Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chris Arington. “For our partners, we create new scenarios for their branded products in the face of generic competition, which results in new revenue that can be reinvested into developing other life-saving products. Trade customers benefit from high quality products, creative solutions and outstanding customer service, all of which reduce costs within the healthcare system. For consumers, Unlimit means

10 o’clock at night to get me started. Whenever you call them, they are there for you with personalized service. Their service makes you a pharmacist; better they are a partner to help you get what you want out of your business.” – Semir Dhakuk, R.Ph., Zephryhills Community Pharmacy, Florida

“We needed an emergency delivery for a patient and they got it to us. Everyone at Smith works to make sure we are able to take care of our patients. We have done better financially with Smith and gotten great service. They have kept their word with us and that is golden.” – Steve Hebel, R.Ph., Executive salted caramel, MyBite Vitamins is the delicious solution reinventing the market all over again. The 10-SKU line includes competitively formulated multivitamins for the whole family – Multi adult multivitamin, Hers women’s multivitamin, His men’s multivitamin and Kidz children’s multivitamin. Good Bones™ Calcium offers a delicious, creamy alternative to chalky competitors and pairs well with MyBite’s Vitamin D3. MyBite’s line of wellness supplements includes Energy (caffeine plus energizing B vitamins), Sweet Zzzz™ melatonin and l-theanine, Triple Defense Immune and Beauty Inside & Out (hair,

Director, Corum Services, Missouri

43 Health

“The difference between Smith Drug and some of the other distributors is that they are looking for ways for me to succeed. Their emphasis is on our success.” – Jane Snyder, R.Ph., Blountville Drug Company, Tennessee “Our goals are aligned. Even though Smith Drug is a large company, it’s a very personal relationship. I feel like they hold the same values and principles.” – Josh Harrison, PharmD, Clinchfield Drug Company, Tennessee For more information, visit booth #1251 or go to

skin and nails). With 25 calories or less per serving and comparable amount of sugar to gummies, consumers can feel confident they’re not trading nutritional benefits for delicious taste. All MyBite Vitamins products contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and are gluten free, vegetarian and Kosher OU-D. MyBite Vitamins are proudly made in the USA, just outside Portland, Oregon.

For more information, visit booth #2640 or go to /mybitevitamins.

over 45 years. Monaco, LLC, of Bethel, Connecticut, proudly guarantees your satisfaction, and offers prompt shipping with friendly customer service. See-through HangUp bags are heavy-duty, reusable and available in 18 sizes, giving your pharmacies reduced expenses for behind-the-counter operations, when compared to disposable, single-use paper supplies. HangUp bags are durable and the patented handle ensures years of re-use. A wide variety of sturdy, economical HangUp Rack Systems are available to accommodate existing spaces or to replace the inefficient bin storage spaces within your prescription handling areas. Among the available options are wallmounted multi-tier racks and freestand-

ing racks. In the neverending pursuit of efficiency and cost reductions, the HangUp prescription storage and retrieval system offers substantial savings incentive for chain drug stores. When clerks can locate the correct prescriptions and present them to customers faster, without having to rummage through bins or drawers, the bottom-line impact can be as clear as a HangUp bag.

high quality, affordable medicines.” Arington added that the foundation for authorized generics leadership has been built on innovation, partnership and execution. “Our innovative approach and Unlimit mindset have helped us find new and creative solutions for patients to access affordable medications,” he said. “Our proven success has resulted in partnerships with over 50 of the world’s most innovative brand companies to bring authorized generics to the market. And importantly, it starts and ends with flawless execution.” Prasco’s culture underpins the

approach with strong and welldefined corporate values that drive decision making: “We improve daily, both personally and professionally. We serve God, family, customers, partners, fellow employees and the global community. We execute tasks with excellence to exceed our daily goals. We energize others daily with our prayers and our passion for what we do and believe,” Arington said. Going forward, Prasco’s Unlimit philosophy will certainly create new partnerships, business opportunities and results.

See the HangUp prescription storage and retrieval system at booth #1008. For more information and free samples, contact Monaco, LLC at, email or call 203.744.3398.

Visit Prasco at booth #657.

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Chain Drugstore Daily

innovations tap into everything from new textures to bold flavors, and address consumers’ changing preferences. Chocolate is a staple among consumers, but now more than ever they are looking for new and exciting variations. Recently, Mars Wrigley Confectionery expanded the iconic M&M’S® brand to now offer M&M’S Hazelnut Chocolate Candies. This is the newest M&M’S variety and features a creamy hazelnut center, covered by delicious milk chocolate and wrapped in the brand’s signature colorful

candy shell. As the No. 1 selling gum brand among consumers, this year, Mars Wrigley Confectionery is launching EXTRA® Refreshers nationwide to reach new consumers seeking different types of gum products. EXTRA Refreshers is a soft chew and will be available in three exciting flavors, including Spearmint, Polar Ice and Tropical Breeze. In 2019, Mars Wrigley Confectionery is excited to offer these and other meaningful innovations to drive category growth.

their own data. Second, real-time impact analysis to reference during negotiations. Third, actionable guidance to help strategize in the short and long-term. And finally, fourth, reporting that shows you exactly where you are, day-to-day. XIL Impact offers all of that. It’s game-changing.” While there are products on the market that may make some of the same claims as XIL Impact, there’s a few notable differences that Robertson and her team were sure to include in their build. Impact is cloud-based and accessible anywhere. As Robertson details, “The data goes where you do. Impact is an innovation. And it will keep evolving with the market; we aim to provide everything retail pharmacies need to stay competitive and win. As that changes, so will we.” In addition to the architecture,

XIL Impact doesn’t require half a year for implementation like some other products. It will have your data ready to go in an average of just two months. The biggest differentiator is Impact’s “Optimize” feature. This tool allows pharmacy executives to enter their current and proposed payer contracts, and instantly develop counter-proposals during negotiations. Robertson boasts, “That means pharmacies are suddenly negotiating from a place of strength. They see potential revenue changes in real-time and can make informed decisions.”

addresses the source, not just the symptoms. It is a food for special dietary use that contains immune factors, micronutrients and macronutrients that are beneficial for children and adults with diarrhea. Unlike the standard of care for diarrhea, which primarily focuses on symptom relief and rehydration, DiaResQ works with the body to address the underlying issue quickly. DiaResQ was also selected as 1 of 30

leading healthcare innovations with great promise to transform global health by 2030. PanTheryx is also gaining recognition for the innovation in its pipeline medical food and biologics candidates being developed for C. difficile infections (CDI), chemotherapy induced diarrhea (CID) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

created for anyone who can remember sitting around the holiday table with family. Abdallah Candies creates the center of all of its truffles with fresh whipping cream, and then adds just the right mix of ingredients to create exquisite seasonal truffles. Abdallah Candies is known for its wide variety of traditional and delicious everyday candies; however, during the holidays, seasonal candies such as truffles and barks are highlighted. Hand

crushed peppermints to create melt-in-your-mouth bark is one of the many items Abdallah is known for. Seasonal candies are packaged in gift packs as well as offered in many bulk varieties. Abdallah creatively produces a wide variety of seasonal specialties, including holiday nonpareils, marshmallow treats and amazing caramels as well as many other handmade confections. Seasonal candies are packaged and adorned with colorful

bows and many are offered with colorful hand-wrapped giftwrap. Every care is put forth to evoke memories of family gatherings and love centered around the season. Abdallah Candies is a fourth generation, family owned company producing quality confections since 1909.

championship game – all without the commitment of a permanent tattoo. To evoke the spirit of the tattoo movement, BIC tapped the best in the industry: Miryam Lumpini, an international tattoo artist and all-around visual creative. Serving as the product’s Global Creative Director, Lumpini used her inspirations and expertise to shape the BodyMark by BIC brand to inspire

everyone to express their personal style and experiment with fun new designs and vivid ink colors. BodyMark by BIC temporary tattoo markers feature a flexible felt tip for thin or broad lines of color, allowing for different ways to design a temporary tattoo. They are available in three color packs: the ‘Old School’ pack includes blue, red and green markers, ‘New School’ fea-

Mars Wrigley Confectionery Inspires Innovation The confectionery category is growing, and snacking trends are rising among consumers, which allows mini moments of indulgence throughout the day. This provides retailers with a major opportunity to drive overall sales as consumers continue to add confectionery products to their baskets. Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S., the global confections category leader, is committed to helping retailers unlock impulsivity and offer more choices for

consumers to treat themselves. Innovation is the key to not only surprising and delighting consumers, but to also accelerating overall category growth. Mars Wrigley Confectionery’s innovations arm retailers with the most in-demand flavors, textures and packaging sizes. As the manufacturer of some of the world’s most beloved brands across chocolate, fruity confections, gum and mints, Mars Wrigley Confectionery’s

XIL Consulting Launches Technology Solution for Retail Pharmacies: XIL Impact It’s a familiar and pervasive trend: the economics of retail pharmacies is in decline. Pharmacies are contending with PBM consolidation, shrinking markets, legislation shifts – the list goes on. With such tight margins growing even tighter, every decision is crucial. A bad round of negotiations or a misguided operational decision can result in staggering revenue consequences. The stakes are high. To combat these factors, retail pharmacies need access to the right data and insight. XIL leadership identified this gap in its consulting work. Without real-time data and actionable, strategy insights, retail pharmacies are left at a significant disadvantage, long-term.

“We realized there was no single product addressing this need. What was available was outdated, or just a single part of a much larger roadmap,” XIL Consulting Chief Executive Officer, Susan Lang, explains. “So, I decided we’d build it ourselves.” Lang turned to another member of the XIL Consulting team, Senior Director of Client Innovations, Lexie Robertson, to build the radical new tool. In addition to her time in healthcare consulting, Robertson spent several years working in Silicon Valley at tech start-ups. “The goal here is to reduce the loss of market share for our subscribers. To do that, pharmacies need four things. First, access to

PanTheryx Addresses Wide Range of GI Microbiome-Related Health Conditions PanTheryx is a biotechnology company committed to realizing the potential of novel interventions to address a wide range of serious GI microbiome related health conditions. Founded in 2007 and located in Boulder, Colorado, the company is a leader at the forefront of immunology, microbiology and gut health. PanTheryx uses its proprietary

technology platform to develop interventions ranging from supplements to biologics that address significant unmet needs in the continuum of care in the U.S. and around the world. The company is best known for its flagship product, DiaResQ, that launched nationally in 2016. DiaResQ is a different kind of diarrhea relief; it

Seasonal Candies Take Center Stage By MaDonna Schmitz, National Sales Manager, Abdallah Candies

Abdallah Candies shares its heritage as it produces an amazing seasonal line of holiday candies – candies created that evoke childhood memories. Every detail and care are incorporated in the hand decorated pumpkin pie truffles, brightly decorated peppermint bark and thin nut filled brittles. These perfect indulgences are BIC (Cont’d. from p. 1)

encouraged and celebrated, and BIC is leading the way with the launch of BodyMark by BIC Temporary Tattoo Markers. This cosmetic-quality temporary tattoo marker lets you create your own skin-safe design to make a style statement, whether it’s a new look for festival season or a team shout-out for the


For more information on purchasing a subscription or about XIL Consulting, visit or www.xil

Learn more at

For more information, go to www, call 800.348.7328 or email tures light blue, pink and purple markers, and ‘Henna Vibes’ features black, red and brown markers, each with a suggested retail price of $13.99. In addition, BIC is offering a ‘Pro Collection’ that includes all eight colors, which has a suggested retail price of $29.99. For more information,




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New Snack Concept Reimagines Traditional French Confections JOYFULS™ are dark chocolate medallions crafted with 60 percent cacao, then topped with sweet and savory ingredients such as fruit, nuts, seeds and pink Himalayan salt. Inspired by traditional mendiants hand-crafted by French chocolatiers, JOYFULS are a sweet and salty treat with a twist. Each delicious bite is happily sourced from Non-GMO Project Verified and Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Every bag of JOYFULS features individually wrapped chocolates for sharing and easHempFusion (Cont’d. from p. 1)

which goes beyond being a “super food,” carrying immense potential in supporting health in the human body through the ECS. Hemp is the hero here, offering much more than isolated CBD. Briefly, CBD is only one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp along with other important botanical nutrients like chlorophyll and flavinoids. In fact, hemp contains not only phytocannabinoids like CBD, but also terpenes like ßCaryophyllene and natural fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) that when combined, have a powerful effect in the body. It may be the healthiest plant on the planet. If I was stuck on a deserted island, I would Aurobindo Pharma (Cont’d. from p. 1)

this end, Aurobindo is increasing the size of its manufacturing facilities. In fact, our U.S. manufacturing facility is doubling in size to account for extended capacity to manufacture up to nine billion units of tablets/capsules annually in both regular and extended release solid dosage formulations. Similarly, we are opening up a new packaging block with six new bulk tablet and capsule packaging lines as well as two blister packaging lines. Aurobindo has also completed its expansion of a specialty formulations manufacturing facility, its Durham, North Carolina manufacturing facility. Our Indian-based manufacturing sites are also expanding to account for growth in the marketplace. One of the most exciting additions is a new state of Prana Principle (Cont’d. from p. 1)

educated consumers. In other words, we all have to stay legitimate at every turn. CBD has provided an opportunity for a lot of companies to turn a quick buck. That is not the way to make this product mainstream, and that will never be the goal of Prana Principle CBD. Prana Principle is part of the APAX Group. The APAX Group has 25 years of experience in mass retail business. It not only requires knowledge of CBD but also the understanding of how mass market retailers work and we have 25 years of experience of both. CDD: How important is consumer education when it comes to CBD?

SH: Education should be the number one

ier portion control. JOYFULS dark chocolate medallions come in three varieties: Cranberries, Almonds and Pink Himalayan Salt; Toasted Coconut, Almonds and Pink Himalayan Salt; and Currants, Pumpkin Seeds and Pink Himalayan Salt. With JOYFULS, people can feel good about their indulgence, from the tantalizing taste to the high-quality, properly sourced ingredients to the ability to easily count calories and control portion want this as my available crop. Hemp has so many attributes, it’s a mistake to isolate CBD and overlook the power of this whole food – from tip to root. We call it the “full-spectrum hemp extract,” which studies show is more effective at addressing depleted systems regulated by the ECS. What does the ECS have to do with hemp? Everything! Our ECS seeks to maintain homeostasis (balance) in the body throughout nearly every biological system, including the immune, renal, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, exocrine and musculoskeletal systems. Full-spectrum hemp extract is like our EC system’s best friend. Whenever they

the art manufacturing plant dedicated to the U.S. market. Designed with the latest technology, all quality aspects are integrated into the manufacturing process. The continuous flow of material from dispensing to final packaging has dramatically reduced the potential for contamination, increasing batch yields and reduced overall cycle times. Although Aurobindo’s integrated supply chain is extensive, it’s also nimble enough to quickly shift with market change. Our front-to-back fully integrated AuroControl strategy makes us exceptionally agile in our ability to respond to changes in the market. This allows us to reprioritize and adjust for the everincreasing scale and more complex needs of our customers. AuroControl enables us to be uniquely positioned to continually grow, expand operations and deliver unsurpassed stability, quality and value

priority of any manufacturer. So many people hear CBD and think ‘marijuana.’ That is simply not accurate. The psychoactive compound attributed to the ‘high’ feeling commonly associated with marijuana use, is THC. All of Prana’s products contain 0.0 percent THC and are non-psychoactive. The issue is not around hemp, cannabis nor CBD; the issue is regarding the psychoactive effects of marijuana. These effects are not present in any Prana Principle CBD products. CDD: Can you talk about one of your flagship products and the process of bringing it to market?

SH: Our most popular product is our 25mg softgels. We chose this product to develop first for a number of reasons. We

Chain Drugstore Daily size. Just the right treat in just the right amount. That is joy. That is JOYFULS. JOYFULS dark chocolate medallions are 65 calories per piece. Each piece is separately wrapped to help consumers avoid the feel-bad experience of mindlessly reaching into a bag and eating too much without realizing it. The individual wrapping also allows people to take JOYFULS on the go – so they can experience a little joy whenever and wherever they wish. JOYFULS translates the artisanal hand-crafted process of French chocolatiers into an individually packaged portion control item people can really enjoy eating in just the right amount. This is one indulgent snack you can feel good see each other, there is a synergistic exchange that helps each other do their jobs. I discovered hemp after struggling with a difficult digestive issue. However, I was anti-medical cannabis in any form whatsoever. But, as fate would have it, I came across a terpene, ß-Caryophyllene, which can play a colossal role in supporting the ECS. Because of this, I was willing to investigate hemp further. After exhaustive research, I couldn’t validate any of my previous concerns, and found there was no risk, and in fact it has led me to become overwhelmingly inspired by the potential of this plant. I tried fullspectrum hemp extract, and have been fascinated with this plant ever since! to our customers.

CDD: What is Aurobindo doing to mitigate risk in supplying critical pharmaceuticals to the market?

DP: Aurobindo’s AuroControl corporate strategy ensures complete oversight and control across all critical functions in pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and distribution. Located both domestically and overseas, Aurobindo operates via an unsurpassed industrial scale and manufacturing infrastructure. It includes multiple finished dose and API facilities, with products qualified across multiple sites to increase flexibility while reducing risk and time to market. Likewise, Aurobindo is heavily invested in the distribution link of our global supply chain. We recently opened the doors to a brand new warehouse and

considered how it would resonate with consumers, but also how we could strategically align with retailers for a successful launch. This product shows our commitment to the supply chain as well as our strategic considerations necessary to bring a product to market on a large scale. Retailers want to work with a partner that has experience not just in retail but also in the hemp industry. Our understanding of the supply chain and our market projections drove us to choose softgels as one of our first product launches. We have aligned ourselves with production capabilities that can handle over 120 million softgels per month. It took years of planning for us to be ready to capitalize on the market potential. With our experience in Holland for the past few decades we had a solid understanding of how big the market would be in the U.S.

about! “We are proud to offer a product in JOYFULS of the highest quality ingredients, innovation and heathy characteristics,” said Barry Octigan, President of JOYFULS. “This process delivers a chocolate snacking confection that is beautiful in appearance while offering a remarkable eating experience. The innovation will continue as we expand the JOYFULS brand through new product development. Watch for our new line of snacking chocolates!” For more information, go to www or call 888.989.9050. Follow the company on Facebook or on Instagram @JoyfulsTreats.

About the Author Founder of HempFusion®, Jason Mitchell is a Naturopathic Doctor with more than 20 years’ experience in the natural foods industry. He is certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. He is also a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association and Certified Natural Health Professionals. He received his bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management/Operations from Arizona State University and his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Trinity College of Natural Health. Dr. Mitchell resides in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. For more information, visit booth #1966 or go to

distribution center. This new facility is comprised of 567,000 square feet of warehousing and multiuse space, and utilizes Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) warehousing framework and technology. The ASRS is an ultra-high-density storage system, enabling system driven inventory management from receipt of finish goods to shipment. It allows for capacity of up to 40,000 pallets, enabling an increase in service levels, strategic inventory builds, and faster, more efficient order fulfillment for our customers. Ultimately, this level of control reduces dependence on external factors and delivers an exceptionally high level of quality, value, consistency and breadth of line for our customers.

Visit Aurobindo at booth #1951. For more information, contact your account manager, visit or call 866.850.2876.

CDD: How would you like to see CBD products displayed in stores?

SH: We believe there should be a CBD destination in all retail stores, meaning an endcap, POP display or designated area for consumers to peruse, get educated and choose their most suited CBD options. Consumers are curious and interested in exploring CBD in its many forms. Having all CBD products displayed together puts the CBD world at their fingertips. Likewise, CBD products should absolutely be displayed alongside analgesics, sleep aids, beauty products and other items that consumers might look to for the same benefits that they have experienced from a CBD regimen. Accessibility is the key. For more information, visit booth #2625.

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Chain Drugstore Daily Camber (Cont’d. from p. 1)

more value to our partners and the patients they serve. We are deeply focused on maintaining excellence in our supply chain, and continue to put people and procedures in place to accomplish this goal as we add to our portfolio.” In addition to its highly competitive portfolio, Camber is noted for exceptional customer service and a dedicated team of seasoned sales professionals with deep experience in the generics industry. In addition to providing a sustainable, longterm competitive advantage to its customers, Camber’s goals include strengthSource Communications (Cont’d. from p. 1)

at the pharmacy window. Wait times are also extremely important to buyer satisfaction. Disorganized counters can add to those wait times, degrade buyer confidence and dampen employee morale.

Modular Pole Systems™ There really is a better solution. Modular Pole Systems (MPS) from Source Communications can streamline your pharmacy counter to improve employee productivity and silently suggest to the customer that your pharmacy is a modern, efficient facility. Balanced Health Botanicals (Cont’d. from p. 1)

Botanicals is the best retail partner for anyone seeking to incorporate high-quality CBD onto their shelves. Flagship brand CBDistillery™ is excited to introduce sister brand BOTA™, a plant-powered skin care and supplements line priced to win. BOTA utilizes the power of CBD combined with natural botanicals to combat the skin’s most notorious stressors, including dryness, inflammation, blemishes, aging, wrinkles and more. Balanced Health Botanicals underSmartSource (Cont’d. from p. 1)

helping pharmacists deliver the highest quality care to patients by providing unparalleled access to affordable pharmaceutical care. SmartSource works to help you grow a profitable, efficient and sustainable business that serves the needs of your patients and your community. That’s why it has made a specific commitment to four pillars that address your needs.

Extensive Access SmartSource carries an extensive invenWestRock (Cont’d. from p. 4)

through the retail app. The customer makes a note to pick up the over-thecounter allergy medication being promoted, after remembering their child’s allergy Smarter Mobile Technology (Cont’d. from p. 4)

provide the evidence to demonstrate a positive impact on diabetes management. Data that indicates using the CONTOUR DIABETES app can lead to improved glycemic outcomes. A recent study of 5,870 people with diabetes from North America using the

ening strategic partnership alliances, anticipating and responding to customer needs, maintaining transparency in all areas of business, committing to a reliable and high-quality supply of products and ramping up tech transfers between facilities.

New Facilities Strengthen Manufacturing Capabilities With well over 1 million square feet of new manufacturing and warehouse space added in India and its new U.S. facilities, Camber now has more than 2.5 million square feet dedicated solely to the U.S. market. Plus, the company is more than

What Makes Modular Pole Systems Better These customized metal poles consolidate all of your POS + RX hardware, like keyboards, touchscreens, pin pads, hand scanners and printers, all into one vertical area. It saves counter space and economizes the efforts of your employees. Our Modular Pole Systems are trusted by more than three thousand locations across the U.S., Bermuda, Dominican Republic and Canada. They are easy to adapt, change and upgrade. You never have to worry that when you update your hardware, you’ll have to replace the poles. They are made in the U.S.A.

stands the great value in stocking multiple sections of the store to reach diverse customer demographics while only working with one supplier. CBDistillery caters to a more mature customer base while BOTA caters to the millennial market. With over 17k verified five-star reviews, CBDistillery remains among the most trusted brands on the CBD market. Recently named America’s No. 1 Value CBD Brand by Mashable, CBDistillery products are priced to win. The average consumer has less than $50 each month to spend in this product cate-

tory of over 11,000 generic, branded and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. It is focused on having the everyday items you need in stock and leverages the scale of AmerisourceBergen to provide reliable access even for hard-to-find items. It sources directly from over 600 manufacturers and is VAWD accredited.

Easy, Flexible Ordering SmartSource believes you should be able to place orders in the way that works best for you. That’s why when you work with SmartSource, you can order online, through EDI or by telephone, and why it

attack the night before. The customer proceeds to the pharmacy where they have a meaningful educational interaction with the pharmacist, who explains their cholesterol medication regimen and side effects, and the importance of compliance to

CONTOUR DIABETES app examined the frequency of hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic events in the first 30 days of app usage and after 180 days of app usage. App use for >180 days was associated with a reduced frequency of both hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic events. Digital diabetes solutions have the potential to improve self-management of

90 percent vertically integrated on all its products. In addition to its new manufacturing facilities, Camber’s new corporate headquarters and expanded warehouse space is currently under construction. Added Ostaficiuk, “This more than doubles our current warehouse space, which allows us to maintain a robust inventory of the products our customers need most.”

Camber’s current portfolio includes 54 products (152 SKUs), 46 of which are manufactured by Hetero Drugs and eight manufactured by Ascent Pharmaceuticals. Camber’s future

and patented.

100 Percent Customizable Whatever your needs, our patented Modular Pole Systems products are completely customizable and designed to fit your individual needs. We use maintenance-free constant friction hinges for tilting and our square pole design allows for mounting more equipment. A square pole offers more USMA (usable surface mount area), giving you more options for mounting more equipment than any round pole on the market. Designing a pole for your stores is simple. Send or bring us a picture of your

gory, and Balanced Health Botanicals brands CBDistillery and BOTA both provide products that easily fit within that budget. The majority of retail items for CBDistillery are under $40 while BOTA products are under $25, and still a premium quality product. Every product offering is priced to incentivize trade-up, as consumers tend to start with less product at an entry-level price point and eventually develop to using higher-strength products throughout their CBD journey. Balanced Health Botanicals taps into consumers’ desire for ease of use and a offers credit card and EFT payment options. However you choose to order, SmartSource is committed to delivering the same high level of service to you.

Timely, Secure Delivery SmartSource offers nationwide, next-day delivery for orders placed by 7 p.m. local time, and free delivery for orders containing $100 of prescription generics. As part of AmerisourceBergen, SmartSource is leading industry implementation of DSCSA requirements. It is committed to helping you care for your patients by delivering the medicines you need, when maximize symptom improvement with a calendar blister package. The consumer then goes to pick up their allergy medication from the WestRock promotional display. Finally, the customer pulls an instore coupon off the display for $2 off tis-

diabetes by more effectively using data about an individual’s diabetes. The CONTOUR DIABETES app was designed to enable smarter and more effective selfmanagement of diabetes identified by uncovering patterns in blood glucose readings that patients may not have otherwise identified, and provides tailored reminders that can support improved self-manage-


pipeline includes 55 ANDAs filed/under review and 15-plus ANDAs projected for release in 2019. Today its parent company, Hetero Drugs, is the largest privately held pharmaceutical company in India and a world leader in API production with strong global presence in over 120 countries. Saving lives is the company’s passion and it continues to help shape a healthier world through affordable medications as it has for over 25 years.

For more information, visit booth #1717, call 732.529.0430 or go to www

store’s pharmacy, where you interact with customers or fill prescriptions. We will look at the photo and return to you a drawing of just how easy your RX department can have a sleek, organized look and feel. The benefits are more productive employees, while also providing a better and faster experience for your customers. See for yourself how we have revolutionized pharmacy organization. Source Communications. Start here. Visit Source Communications at booth #2856.

wide product selection with an expansive array of offerings. This product assortment is a great fit anywhere due to valuedriven pricing and distinct brand positioning. Through direct-to-consumer relationships, Balanced Health Botanicals is able to leverage considerable data to lead product innovation bringing accurately tested and consumerapproved products to the retailer. For more information, visit booth #2641 or go to www.balancedhealth

you need them, securely.

Competitive Pricing SmartSource offers market-driven, realtime pricing that helps your business remain profitable and sustainable. SmartSource leverages the scale of AmerisourceBergen to negotiate competitive pricing for a broad range of products. Its experienced team offers timely market insight to help you make informed buying decisions. For more information, visit booth #1027 or go to sues, and proceeds to checkout.

Visit WestRock at booth #1201. For more information, contact Dave Dwyer, Vice President Global Marketing, Adherence at 804.444.7362.

ment. The CONTOUR DIABETES app has moved beyond just an electronic log book to becoming a diabetes management tool that has been shown to be able to support improved glycemic control and help people with diabetes stay on track between visits to their doctor. For more information, visit booth #551.

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