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The ACE-Flex Series: Taking Automated Captioning to the Next Level By Kathryn Armelie, Marketing Manager, Link Electronics

Las Vegas Sunday, October 10, 2021

SRT Internet Streaming with D2D Technologies

Link Electronics unveils the newest addition to the ACE Series product line, the ACE-Flex Series. These Automated Captioning Engines use the latest in ASR technology to convert speech into text and caption data for up to four channels of audio simultaneously. Using a cutting-edge neural network linguistics algorithm, the ACE-Flex Series converts speech to text and sends out fully compliant captioning data, through traditional broadcast or OTT streaming. This system is designed for customizable caption displays, and compatible with most closed captioning encoders or devices. The ACE-Flex Series is ideal for high-volume, multi-channel closed captioning environments, including broadcast hubs, government entities with concurrent meetings, corporations captioning simultaneous events, and universities captioning various live content or any situation where up to four channels of audio require captioning at the same time. More than 20 language packages are included, with the ability to translate and caption in multiple languages for more robust accessibility. The ACE-Flex Series has a web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) that contains an event scheduler and EPG functionality, allowing for different audio inputs and caption outputs on demand, with selectable on-screen caption location and position. The unit comes preset with standard audio and caption data outputs for Link Electronics encoders, making setup for the device quick and efficient.

Your search is over for an affordable, reliable and standards-based solution for sending and receiving broadcast quality video over the internet. For the past several years, the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol has proven itself as an open standards based solution to the challenge of transporting high bandwidth, low latency video streams over the public internet. Two of the most common issues with reliable transmission over the internet includes large packet delay variations (jitter) and packets completely lost during transmission. By carefully applying error correction and packet retransmission, SRT is able to minimize the transmission delay while maximizing the video quality. D2D Technologies has implemented support for SRT in their D2Flex line of IP/ASI Multiplexing Gateways that can each simultaneously send and receive multiple SRT streams. One D2Flex gateway can take a video stream from ASI or IP and create an SRT stream that can be sent over the public internet to a receiving D2Flex gateway. The pair of gateways handle all of the error correction and retransmission needed to maintain a reliable video stream. Also if needed, AES 128 or 256 bit encryption can be added to the SRT stream to securely protect the content as it is being transmitted. “Whether you are looking for an alternative to the high cost of satellite distribution, need to send your signal across town to a channel sharing transmitter, or deliver your signal to the head end for cable carriage, now you can use the public internet for low cost content distribution,” comments Steve Doll, President of D2D Technologies. “With the D2Flex you

BOOTH #N6518 Insulated Wire Inc. Offers Unprecedented Reliability

BOOTH #C3139 2021 NAB Crystal Radio Award Winners Announced

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Since IW introduced its High Performance 75 Ω cables, it has continued developing this technology to offer improved performance for 4K/8K/SDI applications. Precision 75 Ω N and high frequency BNC assemblies are being used in test and system applications up to 12 GHz, with customer proven performance to 18 GHz. It is currently prototyping a new HD-BNC male design for 1151/75 and 75 Ω BNC male for 2801/75 to provide lowest attenuation with excellent phase stability over temperature performance to 18 GHz. To support customer demand in new and existing high power markets, IW is pleased to announce the introduction of 7506. With an outer diameter of 0.780 inches, its newest 50 Ω cable provides a flexible alternative to similar line size cables with the advantages of stranded center conductor, laminated, EPTFE dielectric and Santoprene outer jacket to provide excellent attenuation and phase stability with flexure, and over temperature. Interconnect options include 1 5/8 EIA flange and 7/16 connectors. Solder clamp termination style is used for all connector types to ensure optimum performance at high power levels. 1 5/8 and 7/8 EIA flange designs are also available for use with its established 4806 cable. With proven power handling of 17KW at 13.56MHz, 3KW at 1 GHz, and a range of interconnect options available, 4806 is an increasingly popular selection for broadcast transmission systems. IW 5 0Ω cables are used in custom configurations for high performance audio

BOOTH #C8239

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The National Association of Broadcasterss (NAB) announced the 10 winners of the 34th annual NAB Crystal Radio Awards. Since 1987, the NAB Crystal Radio Awards have recognized radio stations for their year-round commitment to community service. The winners were selected from 50 finalists and honored during NAB Show Premiere, available exclusively on NAB Amplify. The winners of the 2021 Crystal Radio Awards are: KSL-FM Salt Lake City, Utah KRSP-FM Salt Lake City, Utah KSTP-FM Saint Paul, Minnesota WBAP-AM Dallas, Texas WDRV-FM Chicago, Illinois WFXE-FM Columbus, Georgia WJJY-FM Brainerd, Minnesota WMMR-FM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WSB-FM Atlanta, Georgia WWRM-FM Tampa, Florida

The winners were chosen by a panel of judges representing the broadcast industry, community service organizations and public relations firms. Five-time NAB Crystal Radio Award winning station WHUR-FM Washington, D.C. also received the esteemed Crystal Heritage Award during the special event. Only nine other stations have received this honor. NAB Show Premiere, a special online event, brings top brands in media and entertainment and exclusive educational content to NAB Amplify.


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Blonder Tongue Laboratories Debuts New HD-SDI Encoder Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc., a leading U.S.-based designer and manufacturer of video telecommunications and cable transmission technologies, has just announced the newly updated NXG Platform with Quad HD-Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) solutions. This product and more will be on display for the virtual NAB 2021, highlighting the power and flexibility of Blonder Tongue’s solutions, which enable simple and cost-efficient complete re-distribution of IP and Broadcast video services.

Used by broadcasterss, video service providers and enterprise facilities, Blonder Tongue's highly customizable IP video transcoders, trans-modulators, receivers, and re-multiplexers are critical for modernizing and future-proofing video systems without costly updates or replacing existing infrastructure. The technologies streamline new deployments and can extend the life of existing equipment by supporting new and future capabilities. Blonder Tongue’s NXG Platform is a highly customizable, module-

Remote Integration (REMI) for Parabolic Microphones Remote Integration (REMI) has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Today, the technology allows cameras to be effectively operated from a remote studio over IP with negligible latency. Parabolic microphones are a staple in live sports productions, capturing sounds of the on-field action from afar. Can the same REMI technology be used to allow a remote operator to follow the action with a parabolic microphone? Yes. Klover Products is working with Remote Camera Technology (RCT) to

jointly develop this exact application. Klover Products manufactures the popular Klover MiK parabolic microphones that are used extensively for live sports broadcasts. RCT manufactures a unique remote operator system that can be mounted on any fluid head. There are no mechanical connections to the fluid head such as pulleys, encoders, etc. This makes the system incredibly versatile and compatible with expensive heads already owned by broadcasterss. In addition, the movement response is exceptionally fast over IP.

Broadcasters Show Daily based IP digital video processing platform designed for delivering next generation video services on any generation of coax or ethernet wiring – without the need for replacing existing infrastructure. The carrier-grade 5-rack-unit (RU) NXG Platform, as well as the new compact 2 RU NXG Edge both feature swappable blades for complete customization to meet the specific technological Continued on Page 9

The innovative RCT Fluid Remote, combined with the RCT Robotic Head, allows a cameraman at a remote site to operate the television camera as if he were next to the action. In the same way, a Klover MiK parabolic microphone can be installed on the robotic head, instead of the camera, allowing an operator at a remote site to operate the parabolic mic as if they were at the event. The modular design of the Continued on Page 9

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

SNAPSOUND Gets Dolby Atmos Certified with Help from Vintage King By Eric Allen, Content Manager, Vintage King Audio

While many are racing to incorporate immersive sound into their post-production rooms, SNAPSOUND has been certified by Dolby since 2019. Vintage King’s Chris Bolitho helped owner Zach Seivers create a Dolby Atmos room with an Avid S6 control surface and Meyer Sound monitors. Why did Zach make the leap to Dolby Atmos? “I felt quite cynical about Atmos in the early days of the format. Thankfully, my assumptions about the future of immersive sound were completely wrong,” said Zach. “Two big things changed. One, Dolby and Avid worked hard to make the tools and workflows simpler and easier to create mixes in

Atmos. And two, Netflix (and later other platforms) began fully supporting and encouraging filmmakers to work in the format.” Making the switch to the S6 wasn’t complicated for Zach. SNAPSOUND’s owner had previously worked with other Avid control surfaces and was excited to take advantage of everything the brand’s latest creation had to offer. “Having worked on D-Commands, D-Controls, S3, etc., I found the sensitivity and smoothness of the [Avid S6’s] faders to be so special,” Zach said. “I honestly found the physical connection from my creative intention to the output to be incredible and it truly affected the quality and speed of my mixes.” When it came time to choose the monitors for his Dolby Atmos room, Zach’s prior listening experiences with

Scripps Wins Service to America Award from the National Association of Broadcasterss The National Association of Broadcasterss (NAB) Leadership Foundation has awarded The E.W. Scripps Company a 2021 Service to America Award, which honors outstanding community service by local broadcasterss.

Scripps was recognized with the Service to Community Award for Television – Ownership for “The Rebound,” a companywide initiative that provided audiences with important information, tools and resources as the country adjusted to life during the coronavirus

Broadcasters Show Daily Meyer Sound products proved to be critical. He was astounded by their output each time he worked with them and thought they would be the perfect fit. “Since I work on a lot of projects that go to festivals and are screened theatrically, I felt like the Meyer Acheron Designer had the effect of giving me the size I need in the front channels to emulate a theatrical experience in a smaller room,” Zach stated. “The surround monitors were perhaps an even more important decision to make given that they play a more integral role in Dolby Atmos, and the UP-4slims offered a couple of exciting features which, to my knowledge, no other manufacturer could offer.” Vintage King’s technical team worked with Zach to ensure that the installation process at SNAPSOUND went smoothly. Lead Technician Frank

pandemic. Across Scripps’ local TV stations and national brands, “The Rebound” produced stories and tools related to the country’s road to recovery in four areas: Getting Back to Work; Doing What’s Right; Managing The Pressure; and Making Ends Meet. Scripps’ local TV stations assembled dedicated teams of journalists to report on these topic areas and answer questions for their audiences – from

Verschuuren was able to move quickly and have the room ready in only one day. “I think we literally had the whole room up and running in less than 12 hours,” Zach said. “That really surprised me and it’s a testament to his talent and experience that he was able to make it happen.” Thanks to the Dolby Atmos, Zach has already seen an increase in client interest at Snapsound. “In all honesty, it already has happened,” Zach stated. “To be able to say that we can confidently work in the format has been a great advantage when speaking with clients who want their work to be screened in the best possible format on streaming platforms.” For more information, go to www., call 818.237.9181 or email

which local businesses are hiring to how to apply for unemployment and health insurance. Each station website hosts a page dedicated to “The Rebound,” where audiences can find the latest stories and quick access to tools and resources. Highlights can be found at Winners were announced during the Celebration of Service to America Awards program, which aired on hundreds of television stations nationwide.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Broadcasters Show Daily

IntelliMedia Networks and SanAttest Announce Technology Partnership IntelliMedia Networks Inc., a leading provider of streaming media distribution and immersive training technology, and SanAttest, LLC, a fast-growing provider of sanitization and cleanliness training, validation and tracking technologies, announced they have entered into a technology partnership. IntelliMedia will integrate its key content distribution and training capabilities with SanAttest’s real-time, interactive monitoring and assessment system that validates, trains and monitors sanitization and cleaning activities, making sure all team members perform required Link Electronics (Cont’d. from p. 1)

The ACE-Flex Series is a serverbased solution housed in your own studio. As an on-premises solution, it is free from the requirements of connecting to the Internet, allowing for a secure captioning option. The unit accepts up to four simultaneous inputs of SDI/HD-SDI with D2D Technologies (Cont’d. from p. 1)

can deliver your content reliably with SRT and reduce internet streaming latency for the best viewing experience.” The powerful D2Flex can also regionalize at head-ends and transmitter Insulated Wire (Cont’d. from p. 1)

applications. Multi-coax composites using stranded center conductor cables are employed due to extremely low attenuation achieved by its low density PTFE proprietary lamination process and silver plated copper conductor and double shield design. Founded in 1970, Insulated Wire, Inc. developed a unique PTFE lamination process and applied it to the manufacturing of wire and cable. This process allowed IW to manufacture products of unprecedented reliability along with smaller diameters. Combining the lamination process with a patented shield design allowed IW to become one of the leaders Blonder Tongue Laboratories (Cont’d. from p. 4)

needs of any broadcast facility or enterprise location, including hospitality, educational, MDU residential, healthcare, business parks, or stadiums. The new NXG-SDI-4 blade is the first HD-SDI interface for the NXG Platform, and enables users to encode up to 4 SD-SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI sources for custom IP and RF re-distribution. This includes encoding to HEVC/H.265, MPEG-2/H.264, or MPEG-2, while supporting resolutions up to 1080p60. Audio can also be Remote Integration (Cont’d. from p. 4)

Klover MiK makes it ideal for new applications such as this. In many cases, however, it may be more efficient to have the movement of the parabolic mic follow the motion of

facility and personal safety and cleanliness tasks. SanAttest is ideal for all kinds of businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, entertainment and sports venues, personal care services, fitness centers and more. “Enabling business owners to prove they are doing what they say they are doing from a cleanliness and sanitization standpoint is a really big deal,” said Darshan Sedani, president and co-founder of IntelliMedia Networks. “Integrating our desirable Apollo and Synergy product suites into the SanAttest offering creates an

embedded audio, balanced analog audio, or balanced AES. Once a captioning task is complete, the ACE-Flex Series can create the files of your choice, such as a caption file, subtitle file, time stamped transcript, a Word document, plain text document, or a variety of other file types. The ACE-Flex Series is also available in a convenient bundle to include SCE-492

sites with advanced channel branding and a dynamic PSIP electronic program guide. The D2Flex can set the major and minor channel numbers on each output stream and pass through or regenerate the necessary PSIP tables. The optional D2Guide can run on the D2Flex platform to provide

in low loss microwave transmission lines utilizing both solid and expanded PTFE dielectrics. In 1988, IW expanded its operations and created the IW Microwave Products Division, which offers a wide range of microwave cable assemblies that operate from the low MHz to 70 GHz in frequency. These cables, coupled with a broad array of connectors, allow IW to create custom assemblies for both military and commercial applications. IW strives to stay ahead of the everchanging military/commercial microwave markets by implementing new products and processes. These include cables with stable phase performance over both temperature and flexure, its Tuf-Flex™ cables which offer compression resistance up to

encoded to MPEG-2, AAC, AC3 (Dolby Digital) and MP3 formats. It’s an ideal solution for the broadcasters community, cruise ships and others who heavily rely on HD-SDI equipment interconnects. NXG supports remote management capability, as well as ‘copy and paste’ provisioning configurations to reduce operating and maintenance costs as well as rack space, and power requirements. This new solution is one of the latest in Blonder Tongue Laboratories’ growing portfolio of critical solutions and innovations, which includes the the camera as both are following the action on the field. A parabolic microphone installed on a second robotic head can be synched to the motion of the camera motion thereby allowing it to follow the movement of the camera. Both heads can be mounted next to the field of play

innovative solution for tracking manual, labor-intensive cleanliness and sanitization activities that typically have little to no accountability,” added Sedani. “In today’s environment, cleanliness is more important than ever before,” said SanAttest Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer Colin Koch. “Integrating IntelliMedia’s content distribution and training technology will make adhering to sanitization and cleanliness procedures and complying with safety mandates simple, straightforward and easy, while providing business owners with a verifiable audit trail,” added Koch. “We are excited to partner with IntelliMedia Networks to bring our vision for SanAttest to fruition and look forward to a long and

caption encoders to create a complete automated captioning and encoding package. The ACE-Flex Series is backed by Link Electronics highly specialized engineering team, offering white glove setup and 24/7 technical support after the first year with warranty. The ACE-Flex Series will be highlighted at the 2021 NAB show at booth

dynamic PSIP data insertion from popular services like Titan TV and Gracenote (TMS) or from a spreadsheet with programming for the next several weeks. The D2Flex 3000 and 5220 are available in a compact 1/3 RU wide design while the OG-5220 comes as an

250 pounds per linear inch, polyurethane jacketed cables for low smoke/zero halogen applications and stranded center conductor cable for increased flexibility. Its high performance 75 Ω cables are being used in the video tracking and surveillance areas of UAVs, and satellite launch vehicles. IW has developed special procedures to work with the increasing demand for smaller cables and connectors without compromising performance. IW’s engineering staff can help with questions that may occur during any phase of a project. This includes assistance for cable/connector configuration in racks, “black boxes,” and other systems where transmission line performance is critical, specialized custom

Clearview HDMI2 QAM/IP, the recently Updated Aircaster™ AQT8 Series and more.

Blonder Tongue Labs Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. is the oldest designer and manufacturer of telecommunications and cable television video transmission technology in the USA. The majority of its products continue to be designed and built in its state-of-the-art New Jersey facility, which has been the company's home for more than 50 years. Blonder Tongue Labs offers U.S.-based engineering and manufacturing excellence or even on a side-line cart. The synchronized camera / parabolic mic motion is being demonstrated at NAB in the Remote Camera Technology booth #C5340. More information about the full line of Klover MiK parabolic microphones can be found at


profitable relationship helping businesses protect their customers, employees and suppliers.” “COVID-19 was a huge wake-up call, spurring businesses around the globe to ramp up cleanliness and sanitization practices,” said Teodros Gessesse, CEO and co-founder of IntelliMedia Networks. “SanAttest provides a frontline defense, helping businesses train, monitor and report on facility cleanliness to combat virus spread,” added Gessesse. Becoming a SanAttest referral partner can help sales organizations, industry consultants and other partner sales channel organizations looking for a competitive edge or another revenue stream to offer clients. Email to learn more. #N6518, along with the full ACE Series line and other Link Electronics products such as caption encoders and decoders, signal generators, cross converters and more.

For more information, visit booth #N6518, go to, call 800.776.4411 or email sales@

openGear® card. List prices start at $1,199 for SRT turnaround and $1,999 with basic channel rebranding included.

For more information, visit booth #C3139, call 904.323.4777 or go to

designs and anything in between. IW can also be on-site to help with cable routing and installation. Engineering support is also available for optimal cable/connector selection for unique applications. IW operates two facilities; headquarters and cable manufacturing are located in Bayport, New York, and the Microwave Products Division, responsible for the production and sale of all microwave assemblies, is located in Bethel, Connecticut.

For more information, visit booth #C8239, go to, call 203.791.1999 or email sales@

with an industry reputation for delivering ultra-high reliability products. As a leader in cable television system design, the company provides service operators and systems integrators with comprehensive solutions for the management and distribution of digital video, IPTV, and high-speed data services, as well as RF broadband distribution over fiber, IP, and Coax networks for homes and businesses.

For more information, visit booth #C2637, go to, email, or call 732.679.4000. or by contacting

For more information, visit booth #C5340, go to, call 608.371.5660, or email