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Serving as a Lifeline to Deployed and Returning Troops

An interview with Rob Bergquist, co-Founder of Cell Phones for Soldiers. WW: Tell our readers how Cell Phones for Soldiers works.

RB: Cell Phones for Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible nonprofit that collects and repurposes gently used cell phones and other electronics as a means to provide wireless services, equipment and calling cards for veterans and military members deployed overseas. Cell Phones for Soldiers works alongside VA social workers, family readiness groups, care package programs and other military support initiatives to fulfill our mission to connect military members to their loved ones back home.

Los Angeles Tuesday, October 22, 2019

EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter with 8 Ports Available Now

EZQuest, Inc., a leader in high quality Apple, PC and mobile computing accessories, announced the availability of the EZQuest’s USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter with 8 ports. This product connects your Mac’s USB-C port to an HDMI display to extend or mirror the computer’s display screen, while also connecting up to three standard USB 3.0 devices, USB-C with 100 Watts Power Delivery 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and two Card Reader ports.

RB: This past year, Cell Phones for Soldiers received our R2 certification. With this

Latest Power Delivery Version 3.0 This hub utilizes the latest Power Delivery version 3.0 with pass-thru charging up to 100 watts (20V/5A) for quickest and safest charging. Power Delivery 3.0 offers more promising functionality, including Fast Role Swap. This new feature of USB PD 3.0 allows for a secondary monitor to continue to operate if the power cable is disconnected from the hub while the notebook display is open. FRS also helps prevent data loss that may occur when power is unexpectedly removed from a device” said Les Luzar, Director of Sales.

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WW: How do the donated cell phones turn into minutes for the troops?

Silicon Valley Innovation Arrives in Baby’s Room

New parents everywhere are discovering Cocoon Cam, the most innovative and award-winning baby monitor system of the year. It’s the only baby monitoring system that combines secure HD video/audio with contactless vital sign monitoring. It is an all-in-one easy to use system that sends instant alerts directly to your smartphone. Cocoon Cam uses patented and patent-pending Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to monitor your baby’s breathing. The tiniest of movements are tracked via an HD video camera while they’re sleeping in their crib. The lightweight system installs in less than five minutes, monitors your baby’s breathing in real time (without a wearable or mat) and sends proactive alerts right to your smartphone. No wearables means there’s nothing extra to keep track of, keep charged up or become a potential hazard in the crib. You’re notified right away when your baby needs your attention, and the beautifully designed smartphone app includes sleep tracking and analytics, cry detection, Continued on Page 12

Scosche’s MagicMount Charge 3 Vent: Cooler by Design

Wireless charging is the new normal, with several new Qienabled phone models recently joining Apple and Samsung. Its popularity is understandable. It’s now faster – supporting Apple and Samsung Fast Charge. It’s convenient, and the positive effect of fewer cables in your car, home, office and the environment cannot be ignored. While there are many options to choose from when it comes to picking a wireless charger, the latest addition to the Scosche MagicMount line-up stands head and shoulders above the rest, thanks to its distinct design and unique functional advantages. First of all, it’s available in a vent mount. Vent mounts are popular because they’re quick and easy to install, remove and transfer from vehicle to vehicle. But up until now they’ve had one major drawback – they block the airflow from your vehicle’s vent. On a particularly hot or cold day, that’s a big problem. You need to see and access your phone, but you need that vent to be doing its job of warming or cooling you! Continued on Page 12


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Why the Future of Manufacturing Runs on Cellular By Erik Josefsson, Vice President & Head of Advanced Industries, Ericsson

Manufacturers seek efficiencies in production as well as the ability to deliver a broader mix of customized products, without compromising on safety or quality. With secure, stable, wireless connectivity, manufacturers can safeguard their IoT assets, transforming their processes while gaining mobility in their industrial operations. By connecting machines, sensors and workflows in factories on dedicated cellular networks, business critical concerns like transparency, flexibility and control can be achieved. By becoming more data-driven, production facilities can mitigate risk and complexity and stay competitive in rapidly changing markets. While alternative wireless solutions might struggle with capacity and accuracy when onboarding more and more devices, cellular communication has service level agreements to manage exponential growth in connected nodes. Looking at Ericsson’s own production facility in Estonia, we estimate at least one connected device per every 20 square feet.

If factories are to become fully digital, they need a foundation to support digital twins to copy and manipulate reality. Adding historic and real-time monitoring of equipment, environmental safety and automated vehicles, processes can be improved and people can be empowered. Boosted by a strong uptake in North East Asia, cellular IoT connections are set to bypass the 4 billion mark by 2024 (source: Ericsson Mobility Report). To deliver on the exponential growth in Industrial IoT, a new connectivity foundation is necessary to scale and secure Industry 4.0. However, early adopters need not wait for 5G to connect their industrial sites. Early adopters are already using 4G, running many different use cases; for instance, connecting 1,000 screw drivers to deliver on predictive maintenance, by saving man-hours improving torque where needed. Existing cellular network products are software upgradable to 5G and this standard will be the definitive catalyst to accelerate the smart factory. Manufacturers can run many new use cases simultaneously and start discarding wires for critical, low latency communi-

Wireless World cation, saving costs by replacing old infrastructure. 5G will deliver the ultra-low latency, high bandwidth and reliable communication needed for Industrial IoT. This will enable cloud robotics, centralized tracking of goods, remote quality inspection, AR for testingapplications and the ability to localize assets and tools quickly. The shift to 5G can support the rapid shifts needed production and factory lines, facilitating moving as well as intelligent shop floors and warehouses. With the help of ABB, Ericsson is in the process of wirelessly automating its own production lines of radio equipment. Together, the two industrial partners are exploring other opportunities in manufacturing, both when it comes to local connectivity as well as solutions for global connectivity. Industry 4.0 is about connected production, but also about connected products once they leave the factory. Being a global standard, cellular communication can enable the end-toend value chain and solve pain points for manufacturers, their suppliers and their customers alike.

For more information, go to www .ericsson.com or stop by South Hall booth #S1724.

MultiTech Introduces mPower Edge Intelligence MultiTech, a leading global supplier of M2M and IoT communication solutions, recently introduced mPower™ Edge Intelligence, a new embedded software offering, building on its popular application enablement platform, to deliver programmability, network flexibility, enhanced security and manageability for scalable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. mPower represents the unification and evolution of well-established MultiTech smart router and gateway firmware platforms. In addition to ongoing support of the current feature-sets, MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series customers now have access to the programmability of the industry-leading MultiConnect Conduit® gateway, while gateway customers can enjoy the addi-

tional security features currently available on the rCell. mPower Edge Intelligence simplifies integration with a variety of popular upstream IoT platforms to streamline edge-to-cloud data management and analytics, while also providing the programmability and processing capability to execute critical tasks at the edge of the network to reduce latency, control network and cloud services costs, and ensure core functionality – even in instances when network connectivity may not be available. In response to evolving customer security requirements, mPower Edge Intelligence incorporates a host of new security features including signed firmware validation, enhanced firewall and VPN settings, secure authentication

Osram Increases Safety, Enables Customizable Interiors in Rinspeed microSNAP Vehicle Osram, a global high-tech lighting company, announced it is the exclusive lighting partner for Rinspeed’s latest concept vehicle, microSNAP. The vehicle features a variety of Osram components for lighting and sensing applications, such as biometric identification, ambient lighting, smart headlights and more. These technologies are lighting the way to an automotive future that is more urban, efficient and dynamic. For the third year, the global leader in automotive lighting has supported the Rinspeed concept vehi-

cle, which shows how advanced sensing technologies and innovative illumination will transform the way the world moves. Similar to Rinspeed’s previous Snap vehicle, the microSNAP has a chassis, known as a “skateboard” containing the drivetrain and most of the IT, which connects to various body types or “pods.” The microSNAP design is considerably more compact, making it an exceptionally versatile tool for last-mile transportation or express delivery of goods. As autonomous driving and urbanization proliferates, hav-

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Lee M. Oser Founder

and more. “When it comes to adding value and making smart choices, particularly related to security, the ability to make decisions at the edge of Industrial IoT networks is an absolute must,” said Prasad Kandikonda, Vice President of Engineering. “mPower Edge Intelligence reflects what we’ve learned from more than five years delivering smart devices to a variety of industries and applications that require device programmability, security and dependable upgrade paths across our product lines.” “MultiTech understood early on the importance of edge intelligence, and has been translating that understanding into smart, innovative solutions on their router and gateway prod-

ing smaller, more flexible vehicles will be critical in reducing congestion in cities and optimizing vehicle efficiencies. While versatility and efficiency are important pieces of the future mobility puzzle, safety still will be paramount. That is why Osram delivered both visible lighting and infrared components to microSNAP’s interior and exterior – giving the vehicle unique abilities to monitor its internal and external environment. Outside the vehicle, microSNAP uses Osram’s Eviyos, the world’s first hybrid LED for smart headlights. Eviyos contains individually controlled pixels that automatically turn on and off, allowing more of the road to be illuminated without blinding oncoming drivers. Beyond headlights, Eviyos projects images and messages on the road to alert

ucts for several years,” said Dan Shey, Vice President and IoT Practice Director at ABI Research. “mPower brings together the best of their prior offerings for a unified customer experience, then builds on them to address known pain points in the IIoT market including: improved resiliency, enhanced security, lifecycle management and total cost of ownership.” With its introduction, mPower Edge Intelligence extends this robust functionality to MultiTech router and gateway products as well as future devices, with a prioritized, independent roadmap for a unified user interface and simultaneous, regular updates for deployed products. Learn more at www.multitech.com or Stand #5002.

passengers and pedestrians, ultimately improving safety and enhancing the riding experience.

About Osram Osram, based in Munich, is a leading global high-tech company with a history dating back more than 110 years. Primarily focused on semiconductorbased technologies, its products are used in highly diverse applications ranging from virtual reality to autonomous driving and from smartphones to networked, intelligent lighting solutions in buildings and cities. Osram utilizes the infinite possibilities of light to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities.

Additional information can be found at www.osram.com.


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

SOLiD DAS Keeps NYC Connected in Demanding Environments The urban landscape of New York City is one of the most concentrated in the world. It includes soaring skyscrapers along with a vast maze of subway routes and road tunnels. Everywhere in the city, visitors, residents and workers access wireless systems as never before. A June 2019 report from Pew Research notes that 81 percent of Americans have smartphones, up from 35 percent in 2011. Almost three-quarters own laptop or desktop computers, and about half own tablets. The proliferation of streaming HD video and expanding LTE and 5G services ensure a key role for distributed antenna systems (DAS) well into the future. SOLiD DAS addresses wireless connectivity issues in demanding urban environments such as subways, tunnels, airports, office buildings, condominium high-rises and other densely populated structures.

Evolution of Wireless Coverage in NYC In the early 2000s, Bandwidth Logic deployed outdoor networks in Central Park. The company also set up networks for corporate clients like Pfizer and the News Corporation of America. Early contracts focused on pole top antennas and fiber installation. Eventually, Transit Wireless was specifically created to deliver wireless services in the MTA subway. Ultimately, Transit Wireless chose SOLiD DAS to meet the unique demands of the subway environment. SOLiD’s equipment had already proven itself in the subway system in Seoul, South Korea. Over the years, there’s been a change in who owns the equipment. The carrier consortiums of the early 2000s are giving way to third-party ownership of multicarrier equipment. Bandwidth Logic is a third-party owner (3PO) dedicated to serving enterprises and carriers alike.

Next Generation of Aura Uses WiFi Motion and Mesh Technology to Monitor Your Home Without Cameras Cognitive Systems Corp., creators of WiFi Motion, announced the availability of the next generation of the Aura home monitoring system. Aura allows consumers a view into their home – without cameras. The system is simple to setup and uses advanced WiFi Motion technology to monitor the disruption of wireless signals caused by movement, and alerts homeowners to when and where motion occurs. “The latest version of Aura provides even more insight into activity happening in the home, while maintaining the privacy of our customers,” said Taj Manku, Chief Executive Officer of Cognitive Systems. WiFi Motion Technology Unlike other sensors that use heat or

light, Aura uses wireless signals – a more accurate and dependable way of detecting motion. The new Aura expandable Beacon-based system uses a combination of advanced algorithms and machine learning to distinguish between people, pets and mechanical motion (like a fan). With the use of three or more Beacons, mesh motion sensing is unlocked, allowing homeowners to be notified where and when motion occurs in their home. The engineering team at Cognitive is continuously optimizing and advancing WiFi Motion. These advances will be provided as software updates.

Home Automation Aura integrates with other smart home products to expand the automation and control in the home. Consumers can also

Samson Go Mic Mobile – Adding Superior Audio to Smartphone Videos The rise of DIY YouTube channels, the social media explosion, video blogging, mobile journalism and electronic news gathering have led to a revolution in video content; content often self-produced on tablets and smartphones. While the pixel count, lens quality and processing power of smartphone cameras have reached dazzling new heights, the onboard audio quality hasn’t really kept pace. That’s where the Samson Go Mic Mobile comes in. Billed as the first Professional Wireless System for Mobile Video, the Samson Go Mic Mobile is an enhanced audio capture system created for today’s on-the-go producers. Combining proven microphone expertise and innovative wireless technology, Samson has created an easy-to-use package that delivers a

dramatic improvement in voice clarity and audio fidelity. The Go Mic Mobile system is available paired with either the Samson Q8 wireless handheld dynamic microphone transmitter, or with the Samson LM8 lavalier microphone and wireless beltpack transmitter. Either microphone option can be purchased individually and added on to create a customized dual-mic configuration. Choose a mixed stereo signal, or output each channel separately to ease post-production down the line. “The Go Mic Mobile offers superior audio quality that lets me go live confidently at a moment’s notice,” says YouTube marketing maven Derral Eves. Certified by YouTube for Audience Growth, Eves is a video marketing consultant who has worked with some of the

Wireless World SOLiD DAS in NYC In NYC, SOLiD DAS now enables 2 billion connections wireless annually. Equipment versatility and durability are key factors in SOLiD’s success. For example, SOLiD’s ALLIANCE DAS meets the demand for LTE services in any band. ALLIANCE DAS can lock in radio frequency (RF) power levels to meet public safety communications requirements pertaining to 2-way (UHF/VHF) and public-safety (700/800) services.

SOLiD: Subway DAS The sprawling Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) subway system requires wireless coverage in 472 stations serving 1.7 billion riders/year. SOLiD leveraged its experience with other large subway systems to propose equipment for NYC's subway. SOLiD’s success with the MTA subway led to yet another deployment of the Multi-Carrier DAS in the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system. create custom recipes with IFTTT to use motion as a trigger to control connected lights, WiFi cameras and more. Today, Aura works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to provide users with voice control of their Aura system. The list of smart home integrations will continue to grow with more coming soon.

Mobile App Aura is managed using the new Aura Home smartphone app available for free from the Apple App Store and on Google Play. With the app, customers can create a simple layout of their home, view live motion, motion intensity, historical motion, see who is home and change between five scenes. In homes with three or more Beacons, users can also view in which room the motion occurred.

Scenes are new to Aura and allow users to customize how they receive notifications on their smartphone about what’s happening in their home. Home – use when family members biggest brands in the world. “I produce an enormous amount of video content, and this system is fantastic for conducting my one-onone interviews. Plus, the Go Mic Mobile is simple to use, making it the perfect choice for any video blogger.” At the heart of the package is the Go Mic Mobile receiver. This compact 2channel wireless receiver delivers a clean, low-latency digital audio signal directly to any iOS device, smartphone, tablet or laptop via a single USB cable. Lightning, Micro-B and USB-C cables are included to ensure the proper connection. An analog output can provide signal to DSLR cameras and field recorders. The wireless design offers unparalleled levels of mobility, and eliminates unsightly wires from the video frame. Operating in the 2.4GHz wireless band,

SOLiD: Building DAS Consider the magnitude of the DAS requirements in the city’s ubiquitous skyscrapers. For example, at the UN headquarters, SOLiD DAS helps to address the wireless needs of representatives from 193 countries. It also serves 1 million visitors per year. SOLiD’s state-of-the-art DAS is also critical in the 2.2 million square foot Empire State Building. This iconic attraction hosts 3.5 million visitors per year. Residential structures have massive wireless requirements as well. Consider 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in the world. The 412,637 square foot structure is 1,396 feet tall.

SOLiD has been an innovator in wireless communications equipment for more than 20 years.

For more information, go to www.solid.com or stop by booth #1918 in the West Hall.

are home. Away – use when no one is home. Night – use while sleeping at night to activate specific Aura Beacons. Pet (beta) – use to help Aura learn your pet motion when no one is home. Guardian – use to keep an eye on loved ones or to monitor remote properties.

Use Cases Aura provides peace of mind and insights into places where cameras may not be appropriate or wanted. Family Insights – know when the kids got home, when they went to bed or if they try to sneak out at night. Elderly Care – keep an eye on aging parents, without impacting their privacy – know that they are up and moving and get notified if motion isn’t detected. Rental property owners – understand when guests arrive and leave, and know if the property is being used for a party. For more information, visit www .aurahome.com.

the Go Mic Mobile automatically seeks out the cleanest available channel to deliver a crystal clear audio signal, while achieving up to a 100foot (line-of-sight) range. Adjustable bracket arms and/or hook-and-loop fasteners connect the Go Mic Mobile receiver securely to any smartphone or tablet. The tripod adapter and DSLR shoe-bracket provide additional camera-mounting solutions. Inside, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps the system running for up to 13 hours. Samson USB microphones gave voice to the podcasting crowd, and its original Go Mic changed the face of VOIP and webcam communications. Now, with the Go Mic Mobile, Samson is set to revolutionize the way mobile content creators capture audio for video. For more information, go to www .samsontech.com.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Wireless World

The Zigbee Alliance and Thread Group Address IoT Industry Fragmentation The Zigbee Alliance and Thread Group announced the availability of the Dotdot specification over Thread’s IP network. This is the first time developers can confidently use an established, open and interoperable IoT language over a lowpower wireless IP network, which will help unify the fragmented connected device industry and unlock new markets. “We’re at an exciting point in the Smart Home where the broader consumer market is embracing mainstream connected products; 26 percent of consumers own a smart home device according to our new research,” said Tom Kerber, Director of IoT Strategy at Parks Associates. “To be competitive in a market where consumers will rely on these devices for years to come, companies must take a long-term view, aligning with technologies that will enable innovation and interoperability, and continue to deliver on the promise of the IoT for every stakeholder.” Dotdot is the Zigbee Alliance’s universal language for the IoT, making it possible for smart objects to work together on any network. Thread is the Thread Group’s open, IPv6-based, low-power, secure and future-proof mesh networking technology for IoT products. These two leading organizations have come together to deliver a mature, scalable solution for IoT interoperability that isn’t confined to single-vendor ecosystems or technologies.

Delivering on the Promise of the IoT The early internet faced the same chal-

lenges as today’s IoT. Currently, connected devices can struggle to deliver a seamless experience because they speak different languages (or in technical terms, use different “application layers”). For the internet, the industry solved this problem with open, universal protocols over IP – a combination that unlocked and accelerated innovation. Dotdot’s common device language over Thread’s IP network extends this same proven approach to the Internet of Things. With Dotdot over Thread, product and platform vendors can ensure the high-quality, interoperable user experiences needed to drive growth, while IP allows vendors to maintain a direct connection to their device – and their customers.

Simplified Product Development with Mature Technologies and Diverse Supply Chains It’s important to note that Dotdot over Thread is not another new standard. Dotdot enables the open, mature and already widely adopted application layer at the heart of Zigbee to work across Thread’s IP network – the same network technology fundamental to the internet. For product managers, new standards represent risk. Dotdot and Thread are backed by global, industry-leading companies and represent two of the most robust, widely deployed and well-supported connectivity and interoperability technologies, driving billions of products and networks already in homes and offices.

What’s Going On with the Water at Your Facility? Managing a Precious Resource Have words like pH adjustment, equalization, clarifiers, settlers, discharge monitoring and dissolved air flotation become part of your vocabulary lately – whether you wanted them to or not? Perhaps the issue of water in your facility has become a front-burner topic of conversation. Don’t worry. You’re speaking Complete Water Services’ language. Complete Water Services (CWS) provides the experience and resources that produce innovative solutions to water and wastewater treatment. It has a proven track record assisting the baking industry in meeting their unique challenges involved in managing our planet’s most

vital resource.

Water for the 21st Century Purity of water used in food and beverage processing industries is essential to everything we eat. From bread and sweet-good bakeries to meat, fish and poultry processing, vegetable preparation to animal and vegetable oil processing, beverage to condiment preparation, clean water is fundamental. You have to have it coming into your facility for sure. But it’s what comes out that can cause worse problems.

Pretreatment and Wastewater Systems CWS has extensive experience in finding

The Chimera Panel Lantern Powered by Litegear Chimera Lighting in partnership with Litegear is excited to announce its newest product, the Panel Lantern Powered by Litegear – a portable LED Lighting solution that combines the innovative Litegear LED technology with the tried and true reliability of Chimera Lightbanks. The Panel Lantern packs a whole lot of versatility in a very portable package. Based on Chimera’s innovative and

proven Panel Frame System, the Panel Lantern is more than just a lantern; it gives users a portable, compact, reliable and multipurpose light fixture. The Panel Lantern can be used in studio for simple fill light, yet is easily transportable for on location and run-and-gun applications. The Litegear LED engines feature high CRI and TLCI (>90) and are CCT adjustable from 2600K to 6000K and use


“Zigbee and Dotdot are the product of 15 years of innovation by our members, and the experience that comes from over a decade of building successful products,” said Tobin Richardson, Zigbee Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer. “This maturity is why major technology leaders have chosen Zigbee, and Dotdot over Thread now brings that value to new markets. This marks the first of many partnerships to come as we extend our application layer across additional networks to accelerate time to market and unify the IoT for all stakeholders.” “The Thread Group’s vision is to extend IP – the powerful foundation of the internet – to low-power IoT devices,” said Grant Erickson, President of the Thread Group. “Just like the internet, this vision also requires the industry to put forth open, common protocols so devices from any vendor can work together. Dotdot gives Thread adopters an important option for that open, end-to-end connectivity and interoperability.”

About the Zigbee Alliance The Zigbee Alliance is the foundation and future of the IoT. Established in 2002, its wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work and play. With members’ deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs and a full suite of open IoT solutions, it is leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative and useful world. The Zigbee Alliance is supported by board members from Comcast, Huawei, Itron, The Kroger Co., Landis+Gyr, LEEDARSON, Legrand Group, Midea, NXP® Semiconductors, Philips Lighting, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs, SmartThings, Somfy Group, Texas Instruments and Wulian.

solutions for existing wastewater issues, as well as custom-designing brand new systems. Even though manufacturing processes vary across food and beverage industries, there are similar characteristics and problems you might have become aware of, including: pH excursions caused by acid and caustic cleaning processes; high levels of settleable solids and suspended solids caused by cleaning operations and in-product loss during production; high levels of five-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) and chemical oxygen demand (COD); excessive fats, oils and grease (FOG) caused during bakery operations cleaning, product loss during transfer and in blending and clean-up operations.

approach to wastewater treatment. Each facility is unique and requires the practiced eye of a CWS professional to see what would work best to provide reliable, cost-effective water and wastewater solutions while ensuring regulatory compliance.

How to Start Working with Dotdot over Thread The Dotdot specification is available today to Zigbee Alliance members. Additional resources, including the Dotdot Commissioning Application, will be available in Summer 2018, along with the opening of the Dotdot Certification program from the Zigbee Alliance. Thread launched its 1.1 specification and opened its certification program in February 2017. The Zigbee Alliance and Thread Group now share a number of common authorized test service providers, and are working with them to ensure an efficient, seamless certification process for Dotdot over Thread adopters.

Hands-On, Real-World Designers and Operators There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter

Litegear’s field proven, reliable flicker free dimming control. The Panel Lantern uses the 24" x 24" Chimera Panel Frame, which is made of durable 5/8" U.S. made 7075 aluminum tubing, tough die cast corners and ferrules, all with an internal bungie cord, so there are no lost parts. The Panel Lantern is designed to be easily setup and broken down and is built to withstand the abuse of being on set or on location time and time again. The Panel Lantern is available as a kit which includes the LED head unit, a 24" x 24" collapsible Chimera Panel Frame, Lantern Fabric, dimmer, 12-ft. head power

About the Thread Group The non-profit Thread Group is focused on making Thread the foundation for the internet of things in the home and beyond by educating product developers, builders and consumers on the unique features and benefits of Thread and ensuring a positive experience through rigorous, meaningful product certification. Thread is backed by industry-leading companies including Arm, Johnson Controls, Nest Labs, NXP ® Semiconductors, OSRAM, Qualcomm, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs, Somfy, and Yale Security. Since opening its membership in October 2014, companies from around the world and across all aspects of the expansive and connected technology sector have joined the Thread Group to create the very best way to connect and control devices.

Whether you have a water or wastewater issue at your plant, need to install a complete water or wastewater treatment system for your facility, or need experienced assistance with a specialized bakery application, CWS can help. Sometimes CWS uses the latest, most innovative technologies. Other times it uses tried and true methods that have proven effective for years. Each design is different.

For more information, go to www .cwaterservices.com. cable and power supply. The kit fits into a compact 16 x 28 x 3" (406 x 711 x 76 mm) ballistic bag and weighs less than 6 pounds (2.7 kg): ultimate portability. Use the optional Skirt Kit to allow masking or downlighting. Rigging options for the Panel Lantern include the specially designed 2.5" Matthews/Chimera Grip Head, or Panel Clamp kits, which allow the Panel Lantern to be placed on a stand or a boom or dead hung. For more information, www.chimeralighting.com or 303.444.8000.

visit call


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LoveHandle Wins Phone Grip Challenge

We’ve all seen the huge variety of smartphone grips, knobs and rings parading on the backs of smartphones and cases these days, but which one is the best all-around consumer choice? A recent survey asked users to try each one and rank their favorite based on overall functionality. Here are the results: 1. LoveHandle – The clear winner for function and comfort, LoveHandle passed the pocket-friendly test as the lowest-profile grip in the group. The thin profile also allowed it to operate with wireless charging, unlike some of its thicker and all metal competition.

Reviewers liked its use of a softer elastic grip surface instead of hard plastic or metal, but promptly commented on how comfortable it is to securely hold the phone with just a fingertip. 2. Metal Rings – Coming in second place in the survey were the variety of swiveling metal rings that boast grip and stand functionality. While these rigid versions did offer a reliable grip when worn as a ring on the user’s finger, they did not score well in the comfort category. Some reviewers commented that the ring was somewhat uncomfortable and was not really a one-size-fits-all product. 3. Expanding Circles – These round

Cell Phones for Soldiers (Cont’d. from p. 1)

members stationed all around the world to call home for free.

accreditation, we can receive, sort, test, data erase and responsibly downstream donated devices to support our programs. Cell Phones for Soldiers provides used, tested devices to veterans and military members in need. We are currently providing more than 500,000 minutes per month through our domestic wireless air time program, but we are looking to triple that in the next year. In addition, Cell Phones for Soldiers responsibly recycles end-of-life product to fund our international air time program, Minutes That Matter, which provides more than 3,000 calling cards per week to service EZQuest (Cont’d. from p. 1)

High Speed Gigabit Ethernet The high-speed Gigabit Ethernet lets you connect directly to the internet to have uninterrupted, sustained internet or network connection with an LED indicator that shows the connection status. Pro-Style Card Reader Features It also features simultaneous read and write SDHC or Micro SDHC card readers so that you can copy files directly from or to each of the card types. This allows you to copy files from your cards to your computer or drag and drop from your computer Cocoon Cam (Cont’d. from p. 1)

diapering/feeding tracking and even personalized content for your baby’s development stage. With Cocoon Cam, you’re always connected to your baby, whether you’re down the hall, across town or traveling the world. This means you can head back Scosche (Cont’d. from p. 1)

The Scosche designers took the challenge onboard and created an elegant and adaptable solution – the MagicMount Charge 3 Vent. With a unique open, balanced, ringed design and a swing-arm that allows unimpeded air-flow from a vehicle’s vent, this Qi-charging mount also provides maximum device visibility and maneuverability. The charging head independently rotates 360 degrees, free of cables and other impediments, so the device can be viewed from any angle. Certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the charger delivers

WW: If the veterans have returned home, why do they still need communication services and cellular phones?

RB: The transition to civilian life can be mentally, physically and emotionally stressful, and veterans are unemployed at a much higher rate than nonveterans. Sometimes that means they cannot meet financial obligations – utility bills, rent, communication costs – and need a little boost. Through our program Helping Heroes Home, which provides emergency funding to low income veterans

to individual card types. Transfer images, videos, music and data from your digital camera or other devices up to 5Gbps with SDHC or Micro SDHC card reader.

Wireless World expandable knobs are a current pop culture fad among young teens and middleschool lunchrooms. However, reviewers said they lack the basic utility of offering a reliable and comfortable grip for the phone. Large and bulky, many survey respondents complained that the knob would get hung on their pocket or purse when putting their phone away. On the comfort rankings, the popping circles scored low as well due to the way it is held precariously between your fingers and constantly requires an active grip to prevent phone drops. Young reviewers still gave high marks for the addictive fidget-like quali-

For more information, visit www .lovehandle.com or email sales@ lovehandle.com.

WW: What do you need from those at the GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas show?

For more information, call Rob Bergquist at 678.580.1976, go to www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com or email info@cellphonesforsoldiers.com.

dealing with financial hardships, we realized that many of our returning vets were not equipped with the tools they need to assimilate back into to their community and reengage with family and friends. Now, through donations of mobile devices, Cell Phones for Soldiers repurposes and provides the wireless connection low income veterans need when they come home, giving them access to health and medical providers and pursue prospective employment opportunities.

portable devices with differences in USB ports and the complicated nature of rechargeable batteries allows the USB Battery Charging (BC) version 1.2 to maintain a critical standard for establishing the proper way to charge a battery from a USB port. This will allow you to charge any of your devices with peace of mind.

Stay Connected, Charged, Synced and Transfer Data Use the standard USB 3.0 ports to connect devices such as your flash drives, camera, external hard drives, external keyboard or a USB cable for syncing. More ports provide additional options for your changing needs. You can also use the one USB 3.0 Port with BC1.2 for charging your iPhone, Android Phone, iPod and more. The variety of

EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub 8 Ports Features Features include: USB PD 3.0 Fast Role Swap helps to prevent data loss and keeps the secondary monitor on if the USB-C power cable is disconnected from

to work, or even enjoy a night out, without worry. The sleek, modern design of the Cocoon Cam Clarity camera hardware means that it blends seamlessly and stylishly into any nursery decor, for a baby monitoring system you’ll be proud to have in your home. Cocoon Cam even grows with your

child from the bassinet days on into the toddler years, when sleep disturbances can become problematic for both the child and the parent. Cocoon Cam’s motion detection technology tracks wake and sleep patterns, and the daily/weekly/monthly summaries mean that you’ve always got detailed and accurate information on your child’s sleep habits at

up to 10 watts of charge, supporting Apple and Samsung Fast Charge. It provides the extra safety protection of Foreign Object Detection, which prevents charging if something other than a Qi-enabled device is placed on the charging head. An LED light ring surrounding the charging head turns red if a foreign object is detected. Under normal power/charging conditions, the ambient light sensing LED ring glows a soft blue. When held in place by the MagicMount’s floating 100 percent device-safe neodymium magnets, a thermal management gap is created

between the phone and the Qi-charging head. This gap allows heated air to escape and be replaced by cooler air so that the device stays cooler during charging. Cooler charging is safer for the life of the battery as well as the device itself. Using the articulation of the swing arm, you can easily position the charger (and your device) in front of the AC vent airflow if you want additional cooling of the phone. Or, during the winter months, you can swing the charging head away from the heated airflow from your vents. With the quality you’ve come to expect from Scosche, the charger is built

ties of popping and collapsing these expanding grips just for fun, though. It doesn’t seem like the smartphone is going anywhere in the near future, so all of these grip accessories will have a piece of a growing market. However, its quite likely that fads will give way to function as mature consumers have the opportunity to try each of the current available solutions and decide which one works best for their needs.

RB: Companies and individuals can support our military and veterans through Cell Phones for Soldiers with end-of-life electronics inventory. As a 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible. As an R2 certified facility, we can handle the donation of sensitive corporate devices. Founded in 2004, we have over 4,000 collection sites across the country. Organizations can join our mission by signing up to collect cell phones on our behalf.

the hub while your notebook display is open; latest USB Power Delivery v 3.0 with pass-thru charging up to 100 watts; HDMI port for 4K HDTV, HDMIenabled projector or HD display with digital sound; high-speed Gigabit Ethernet network connection with LED indicator; three 5Gbs USB 3.0 ports with one BC 1.2 capable; simultaneously read and write SDHC or Micro SDHC card reader; compatible with USB-C smart phones and tablets with OTG support; and, Thunderbolt 3 compatible. Learn more about EZQuest, Inc. by visiting www.ezq.com.

your fingertips. Cocoon Cam was founded by parents, is powered by the innovation of Silicon Valley, and can help you rest easy, knowing your baby is breathing easy. Find out more about Cocoon Cam at www.cocooncam.com.

from premium materials, including highimpact polycarbonate, resulting in a mount that enhances any vehicle’s interior. Advanced design techniques, including a 360-degree articulating rotating swing-arm and the 360-degree rotating charging head, allow for a wider range of customizable viewing positions, as well as a smoother tactile experience for the user as they move them. The Scosche MagicMount Charge 3 Vent truly represents the next evolution of wireless charging. For more information, www.scosche.com.