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Pandemic Spawns Love for Grilling BY A.J. FLICK

Grilling has never gone away and nobody expects it to. What no one saw coming was a global pandemic that will help boost the barbecue grill market up to $1.56 billion in 2025 at a compound annual growth rate exceeding 5 percent, according to Technavio. Cont. on page 15

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Quality Products – That’s Stonewall Kitchen’s Jam

Ankarsrum Adds Sunbeam Yellow to Color Palette

Heritage, Glamor Inspire French Tableware






from the


editor I’m writing this just under a month away from the much-anticipated return of the International Housewares Association’s The Inspired Home Show in Chicago – the first in-person show since 2019. The Kitchenware News & Housewares Review team is just as excited about it as you probably are. Everyone looks forward to seeing the celebrity chefs and the IHA doesn’t disappoint this year with Martha Stewart headlining the chefs in the Gibson Homewares Cooking Theater. One of my fave celebrity chefs, Fabio Viviani, will also be there along with Rick Bayless and Gale Grand. New faces include actress Tia Mowry, YouTube channel host Andrew Rea of “Binging with Babish,” Meredith Abbott of Sur La Table, Will Brown of “Cutthroat Kitchen” and “MasterChef ” winners Gerron Hurt and Kelsey Murphy. Chef demonstrations will begin at 11:30 a.m. on March 5 and continue through March 7. National and local celebrity chefs will demonstrate their culinary talents using products found at the show. The Cooking Theater, which is located in the Dine + Décor Expo in the South Building, is sponsored by Gibson Housewares, which includes the brands Martha Stewart, Gibson Legacy Brands and Oster, and co-sponsored by WellnessMats. Of course, the IHA always has a stellar lineup of presentations and keynote addresses. This year, the keynotes will cover exclusive IHA data on consumer values, insights on shifting consumer lifestyle trends, an inside discussion about one of the industry’s fastest-growing and most influential online food and home platforms and a revealing


view into the future of color in home and housewares. The keynotes are set for Sunday and Monday in the Grand Ballroom in the South Building. The hour-long sessions begin at 7:30 a.m. and noon each day. Admission is free to all attendees. The lineup showcases the return of veteran IHA trend forecasters and keynoters Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training and executive director of the Pantone Color Institute; and Tom Mirabile, principal of Springboard Futures, who will be joined by Leigh Ann Schwarzkopf, founder of Project Partners Network. Schedule highlights also include a special fireside chat with Amanda Hesser, co-founder and CEO of Food52, and a discussion on consumer home and housewares purchase drivers with authors of the 2022 IHA Market Watch report: Leana Salamah, vice president, marketing, International Housewares Association; Mirabile; and Joe Derochowski, vice president and home industry advisor for The NPD Group. Peter Giannetti, editor-in-chief of HomePage News, will moderate the fireside chat with Hesser and the discussion with the IHA Market Watch team. The KNHR team is looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago! KN — AJ Flick Senior Editor


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quality that’s Stonewall Kitchen’s jam


Three decades ago, after tasting success with their homemade jams given to friends, Jim Stott and Jonathan King created a fledgling business, selling preserves at farmers markets in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and anywhere else they could tote their jarred delights. Now, the men sit atop a company that embraces not only its own specialty food products, but brands including Tillen Farms, Montebello, Napa Valley Naturals, Vermont Village, Village Candle, Urban Accents, Vermont Coffee Company, Michel Design Works and a co-branded line with Legal Sea Foods. If that weren’t enough, Stonewall Kitchen’s portfolio includes home and kitchen products from appliances to candles to cookware and giftware and gift baskets. “Though Stonewall Kitchen began as a food brand, we’ve always considered ourselves a lifestyle brand,” said company spokesman Jacob Ouellette. “Our goal has always been to help create experiences and memorable moments in the home. “Because of that, we were always in the gift business. That concept is much more robust now, and continues to grow with the acquisitions we’ve been fortunate to make over the last few years. This also allows us to share these respective products with markets and audiences that may not have otherwise been able to experience. Whether it be with families including us as their staple ingredient on the dinner table or filling their home with the perfect fragrance from one of our candles, there is something for everyone.” But it began with jams using Stott’s 90-year-old grandmother Pearl’s blueberry pie filling recipe. “It really started as a hobby, shared with friends,” Ouellette said. “Jon and Jim would make jams using fresh produce from their garden and gift them to friends and family. “After attending a couple of local farmers markets and seeing great success, they started creating more products and attending more markets

and fairs. That’s when it became a true family affair. They would set up shop in Jim’s family summer cottage where everything would be done, from the creation of jams to packing jars to handwriting and placing labels. “Oftentimes, nieces and nephews would jump in to help with the process while Jim’s grandmother, Pearl, would help glue burlap to the jar lids. Those early years were where Stonewall Kitchen built its reputation.” It wasn’t long before retailers took note of Stonewall Kitchen. “The concept of our products being sold in other stores actually occurred during a day at one of the farmers markets Jim and Jon were participating in when a woman came up to them and asked to purchase the remaining product that they had so she could sell it in her store,” Ouellette said. “This was something they hadn’t thought of before. “They decided to check out the store a week later to see how their products were displayed and it was then that they noticed the markup in price and what the concept of wholesale was like.” The first company store opened in 1995, the same year Stonewall Kitchen took home a best in show award from the International Fancy Food Show. “It was a complete surprise because at that time we didn’t really have any credibility in the specialty food industry yet and in some ways, shouldn’t have even been there,” Ouellette said. “Winning that award with the little recognition that we had was almost unheard of. That really put Stonewall Kitchen on map and helped

launch our wholesale business.” The company launched three more company stores and an online sales division in 1998. Two years later, the company moved its manufacturing facility, corporate headquarters and company store to York, Maine, which has become a tourist destination. “We now own and operate 11 company stores across New England, while also being sold in over 8,700 retailers across the country and internationally,” Ouellette said. “Our direct-to-consumer business grew substantially as shopping behavior migrated online.” As the years passed and the company evolved, so did the consumers who bought Stonewall Kitchen products. “In the early days of the company, our consumers did skew more female and those with a higher household income,” Ouellette said. “However, as we have grown, we have really seen a near even split across genders and age groups. “People are focusing more on what they put in their bodies, while the industry is seeing a trend of cooking and entertaining becoming a more common hobby or even recreation. This expands our target audience. With thousands of products across dozens of categories, Stonewall Kitchen really has something for everyone to enjoy.” Looking forward, Stonewall Kitchen will “do what we’ve always done,” Ouellette

said, “focus on introducing new, innovative products to our consumers. “Much of this comes from the trends that we see in the marketplace. Additionally, we will continue to look for complimentary lifestyle brands to add to our ever-growing family of brands.” Naturally, any brands Stonewall Kitchen brings into its fold must be compatible with its values. “We want to be able to align ourselves with products that we’d be proud to serve to our own families,” Ouellette said. “Generally, these products are delicious, with a clean label and have the ability to stand the test of time. “Being based in York, Maine, we’re proud of our New England roots, so when it’s possible, we love to grow our New England heritage. However, with an acquisition like Urban Accents out of Chicago, we’ve become more of a national company,” he said. “We also look for brands that help expand our product portfolio. Our acquisition of Village Candle in Wells, Maine, in early 2020 and Michel Design Work in 2021 is a perfect example of that. This allows us to expand our reach in the home goods section, while also showcasing our fabulous products to their customer base. “Acquisitions tend to come with the stereotype that changes are on the way, but our strategy is quite different,” Ouellette said. “The reason we choose these brands is because of how special they are already. We appreciate what it is that they do and the people that built the company. For us, we want to be able to bring these brands to the next level using the best practices and infrastructure that we have in place through the creation of new products and a market that these brands may have not been able to experience before.” KN


Ankarsrum adds

Sunbeam Yellow to Color Palette

Swedish kitchen appliance manufacturer Ankarsrum has added a cheery Sunbeam Yellow to the many color choices for its iconic Assistent Original, the aspirational choice in stand mixers. The brand’s extensive color palette and iconic retro design combine to make an impressive visual statement in the kitchen, reflecting the quality, functionality and innovation that the appliance brings to home cooking and baking. Sunbeam Yellow is a rich, golden hue that evokes the beauty of nature, the freshness of citrus, and the warmth of a sunny day. Like a sunflower, it accents a kitchen with good cheer. This trending bold, bright color has a dynamic quality that adds zip to black and white backgrounds. It also complements a variety of colors in either contemporary or traditional settings. With the addition of Sunbeam Yellow, the Ankarsrum Assistent Original is available in 11 other colors: Ocean Blue, Forest Green, Red, Pure Orange, Royal Blue, Black Diamond, Chrome, Jubilee Silver, Glossy White, Crème and Crème Light. A new augmented reality feature at lets consumers pick their preferred color choice and see how the product looks in their kitchen. Consumers

select the AR button for the QR code, making the next step as easy as a click on a smartphone. They can scan the QR code and the Ankarsum Assistent Original appears on the screen in the foreground, placed where consumers want to see it by aiming the camera and using a finger to reposition the mixer. The Ankarsrum is designed for whisking, mixing, kneading, pasta making, blending, pressing, grinding, shredding, sausage stuffing and straining, with additional attachments available to expand its possibilities. The line is produced in Sweden, with a high level of quality, precision and accuracy, according to the company. Higher capacity and a unique design create more reasons to buy. Unlike other mixers, it has a rotating bowl, instead of something rotating in a bowl. This creates a different way of kneading and treating the dough that simulates kneading by hand. The large capacity 7.3-quart bowl is open at the top, making it easy to add ingredients and see what you’re doing. The Ankarsrum was first developed in the 1940s by industrial designer Alvar

Lenning under the three watchwords of quality, functionality and design. Ankarsrum Assistent Original became Sweden’s first kitchen appliance and is still

popular. Since its launch in 1940, 1.5 million Ankarsrum Assistent Original machines have been sold in 30 different countries. KN

Anyline Survey: Most U.S. Consumers Find Scan-and-Go Option Draws Them to Store Customer demand for convenient and contactless shopping continues to grow, according to a survey conducted by mobile data capture company Anyline with Researchscape. The survey, “Consumer Perception Report: Scan-and-Go Shopping in 2022,” showed that 77 percent of consumers would be more willing to shop at a store if it offers a scan-and-go option. Anyline’s survey of 1,500 U.S. shoppers identifies expectations and pain points with scan-and-go technology. Key takeaways include that shoppers want a speedy and independent shopping experience and when asked what they prioritize when shopping in store, 32 percent said that speed of shopping trip was their first priority.

An independent and autonomous shopping experience was ranked second, with 27 percent. Only 16 percent of shoppers prioritize interacting with retail workers when going into a brick-andmortar store, which indicates a growing consumer acceptance of in-store technologies such as scan-and-go. With the introduction of social distancing and the need to limit physical contact between people, 76 percent of scanand-go users started utilizing the offering because of the pandemic. For many, this shift will be permanent, with 79 percent of respondents saying that they plan to continue using scan-and-go once the pandemic ends. The vast majority of shoppers have a

mobile device that is equipped with a digital camera, ready and available as they walk through the aisles. In fact, 79 percent of respondents shop with their phone in hand, within reach or easily accessible. When asked what they use apps for while in store, shoppers’ three most selected choices were to compare prices (40 percent), compare brands (25 percent) and build or update a shopping list (22 percent). As for shoppers who are wary of using scan-and-go technology, the top reasons behind their hesitancy include privacy and security concerns. The survey revealed that 35 percent of smartphone users avoid scanand-go due to privacy concerns in general. As well, 32 percent don’t want to go through the initial process of downloading

an app to use the technology. Thirty-one percent say they don’t use scan-and-go because they can’t buy certain products with it, such as produce and alcohol. “Scan-and-go is a device-based, appdriven opportunity that gives shoppers more choice when they opt to shop in store,” said Lukas Kinigadner, Anyline’s CEO and founder. “Beyond the benefits to customers of a more efficient and enjoyable checkout experience, this checkout method can build customer loyalty through app features like in-store navigation or exclusive and personalized offers. Giving shoppers the keys to drive their own checkout experience is a top priority for leading retailers, and this trend will continue to accelerate in 2022 and beyond.” KN



Global Consumer Trend Report advises businesses to

stayagile to survive

Global market research company Euromonitor International says access and action are driving its top 10 global consumer trends in 2022. “Change was the only constant over the past two years,” authors Alison Angus, head of lifestyles, and Gina Westbrook, director of consumer trends, wrote. “Radical lifestyle shifts motivated consumers to make intentional, mindful and ambitious decisions. Now, the world is on the road to recovery. Consumers are putting their plans into motion, taking chances and seizing the moment.” Agility is the key for businesses, they wrote. “Traditional business models and logistics networks are being challenged,” they wrote. “Businesses need to evolve as quickly as consumer behavior is changing. In today’s world, past purchasing habits do not necessarily imply brand loyalty. “Successful businesses will meet consumers on their terms. Customer relationships can no longer be transactional. Developing deep, supportive connections will push companies beyond the purchase to be seen as allies. Consumers will prefer and trust brands that are humanized. The customer experience needs to be multifaceted. Businesses could lose customers if the experience is not seamless and tailored. “Businesses should consider partnerships with other players across sectors to share resources, expand reach and achieve objectives beyond their current operational capabilities. Customers are moving. Businesses must move with them or risk losing them, the authors wrote. The 10 consumer trends identified are:

and in some cases, delaying purchases or changing shopping habits. Two extremes are influencing shopping behaviors of Backup Planners – paying a premium or switching to cost-effective options, such as buying secondhand or renting.” The authors predict that supply chains should start to stabilize by late 2022 and companies and distributors should use data to improve supply chain visibility, hone operations and rethink investments.

Backup Planners “Faced with challenges in securing their usual or desired products and services, Backup Planners are looking for ways to purchase similar items or finding creative solutions to obtain alternatives. Supply chain shortages are forcing businesses to pivot and provide new solutions for customers to access products and services.” Nearly one-third of consumers in Euromonitor’s survey said they tried to buy locally sourced products and services in 2021. “Backup Planners are getting ahead of the crowd, taking control and using technology to move to the front of the queue when supplies are threatened. Certain consumers are relying on subscription services or community group buying to secure deliveries. When thwarted, Backup Planners are reverting to the next best option, seeking alternatives

Digital Seniors “Older consumers were forced online as the world shut down,” according to the report. “Now, familiar and comfortable with technology, Digital Seniors are empowered to make purchases and use services through this channel. Businesses have an opportunity to tailor their digital experience to target and meet the needs of this expanded online audience.” Almost half of consumers aged 60 and older used a banking service on mobile at least once a week and 80 percent owned a smartphone, according to the report. However, the report cautions that if products or services are confusing, Digital Seniors will move to competitors with easier paths.

Climate Changers “Consumers expect brands to step up and are taking action through the products they purchase as concerns over the climate emergency escalate,” according to the report. “To win over Climate Changers, companies should offer products that are carbon footprint certified. Transparent labeling of carbonneutral products builds trust and enables consumers to make informed choices.” Sixty-seven percent of consumers polled said they tried to have a positive impact on the environment through their everyday actions in 2021 and nearly 80 percent of professionals said climate change will affect consumer demand, changing behaviors, needs and preferences. “Digital innovation is reshaping how retailers, manufacturers and consumers transition to a new era of environmental transparency,” the authors wrote. “Tech tools, such as digital product labeling and mobile tracking apps, help consumers trace ethical claims, their carbon footprint and recycling habits on their phones. “The more offerings that align with expectations of Climate Changers, the more brands will see their products and services resonate.”

Financial Aficionados “Consumers are gaining confidence in

investing and becoming savvy savers to strengthen financial security,” the authors wrote. “Financial Aficionados take control of their money and use services to track their transactions. Financial literacy is no longer restricted to Wall Street. Companies should provide tools and easy-to-use solutions to make any consumer feel financially empowered.” More than half of consumers polled said they believe they will be better off financially in the next five years. The Great Life Refresh “The pandemic triggered consumers to make The Great Life Refresh, resulting in drastic personal changes and a collective reboot of values, lifestyles and goals,” the report states. “Businesses should innovate goods, services and experiences that respond to this once-in-a-generation moment, coupled with marketing that acknowledges and embraces the upheaval. Four million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021 and another four million in August, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Metaverse Movement “The digital world is evolving beyond virtual hangouts to immersive 3D realities,” the authors wrote. “Consumers are embracing these digital spaces to socialize with communities. Brands at the center of The Metaverse Movement can build equity. These immersive environments can drive e-commerce and virtual product sales as access expands.” Pursuit of Preloved “Thrifting is trending,” the authors said. “Consumers are moving from an owning to an experiencing mindset. Sustainability and individuality are removing the stigma associated with secondhand shopping and driving peer-to-peer commerce. Businesses need to do more with less. Investing in circular economy initiatives, such as recycling, rental or resale programmes, will drive value whilst positively impacting the environment.” One-third of consumers polled said they buy used or secondhand items at least every few months and nearly 70 percent of professionals said their company had responsible consumption and production in 2021. “Pursuit of Preloved has been prevalent in the apparel industry for years but is expanding into other fast-moving consumer goods,” the report states. “Business models are evolving to include buy-back programs, reusable packaging

initiatives, refurbished product offerings and peer-to-peer marketplaces. Gift cards, store credit and loyalty points are perks that encourage consumers to participate in these programs. Businesses that find opportunities to tap into the Pursuit of Preloved can benefit from an additional revenue stream.” For instance, the authors said, IKEA upgraded its in-store Bargain Corner section to Circular Hub, which features used furniture as part of a buy-back program. “Recommerce will become increasingly prevalent and cover more categories,” the authors predict. “Consumers will continue to consider secondhand items when shopping for durable goods, especially. “Additionally, companies need to reuse or recycle materials for new product development and to reduce waste. Pursuit of Preloved will inevitably improve sustainable production and consumption and brand reputation as a result,” according to the report. Rural Urbanites “Businesses that strengthen e-commerce distribution, expand sustainable product lines and cater to Rural Urbanites will emerge as winners,” the authors wrote. “Last year, consumers were searching for an Outdoor Oasis, relocating to rural areas temporarily or spending more time in nature. Now, Rural Urbanites are making this move permanent.” Business opportunities are emerging as consumers move to rural areas and also work remotely, according to the report. “Scaling e-commerce distribution is vital. Establishing micro-fulfilment centers and increasing last mile delivery can better serve rural communities and expand the customer base. Parcel couriers are also boosting geographic coverage,” the authors wrote. “Incorporating more sustainable initiatives into metropolitan areas will resonate with Rural Urbanites. Indoor farming and rooftop gardens could bring locally sourced produce within walking distance for city residents. Repurposing vacant or unused infrastructure into public parks and green spaces positively impacts these densely populated communities. Businesses and governments are striving to create mini cities where shops, restaurants and schools, among other establishments, are within a 15-minute commute.” Appear Here, an online platform, brings businesses and property owners together to rent and list brick-and-mortar space for • NOVEMBER 2020

short-term periods in the United States and select European countries. Self-Love Seekers “Acceptance, self-care and inclusion are at the forefront of consumer lifestyles,” the authors wrote. “Self-Love Seekers prioritize their happiness, feeling comfortable in their own skin and indulging in goods and services that elevate their sense of self. Businesses need to create deep connections with customers. Products that evoke physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing will resonate and enhance the lives of Self-Love Seekers.” More than half of consumers polled said they believe they will be happier in the next five years, according to the report. “Consumers crave comfort and love as life returns to normal. No longer in survival mode, these consumers are embracing the future and are proud of overcoming hardships,” the authors wrote. “Products and experiences that empower these consumers to be their best version will drive purchase decisions and loyalty.” The Socialization Paradox “Consumers are approaching a return to pre-pandemic life in different ways based on their comfort levels,” according to the report. “Certain consumers are eager, whilst others are hesitant, to resume their normal activities, creating The Socialization Paradox. Companies should provide seamless solutions and multiple options across channels without sacrificing the


experience.” More than 75 percent of consumers took health and safety precautions when leaving their homes in 2021, according to the report. “Certain consumers acclimated to life in lockdown and will continue to make purchases for at-home consumption,” the authors wrote. “Others were Restless and Rebellious during the height of the pandemic and are ready to fully participate in society again. Between these two preferences are those who desire a form of normalcy – willing to venture out for select activities – but are still cautious and concerned about their health. Nearly half of professionals surveyed said exploring new business models such as marketplaces or direct to consumer is a strategic priority for their company in 2022. “Businesses pivoted and showed resilience, offering digital options to compensate for physical visits,” the authors wrote. “Hybrid business models need to create a seamless customer experience regardless of the channel. As focus shifts from survival to growth, companies implementing these models will be able to easily transition between phases of recovery. “Flexible policies, such as waiving cancellation fees, could accommodate fluctuating restrictions and comfort levels,” the report states . “Using a blended approach to cater to consumers’ new norm is crucial.” KN



Heritage Glamor


Heritage meets glamor in French tableware collections this spring, according to trend watcher Francéclat. “For the arrival of spring 2022, we are revisiting our historical heritage and the beauty of its generous shapes,” according to Francéclat. “But we are bringing it into the present with humor and glamor by combining it with contemporary pieces and colors inspired by a natural world full of fresh, lush flowers.” The table takes on a rural feel, inspired by Monet’s Luncheon on the Grass – a romantic vibe where the garden has pride of place, especially in the little retro flower designs. The shapes have been inspired by a lady’s boudoir, playing with curls and full petals and conveying a bourgeois, retro pop art style – decisively new, according to Francéclat. Colors are a combination of a flashy gold with a trio of main colors: candyfloss pink, retro mauve and soft green. Contrast between materials is important – the rustic character of stoneware next to the brilliance of shiny porcelain. When it comes to patterns, the focus is on wildflowers and lace. The importance of round and plump shapes give a certain femininity of curved lines and ovals. The finishes make use of jagged edges and artisanal hammered effects. Francéclat is a driver of development, making sense of markets, provoking encounters, backing innovation, supporting transformation and promoting the French tableware and other industries globally. Etageres, a French term for cake stands that evokes elegance, take center stage of the mise en place for important occasions – whether that’s a party or moment of conviviality. Cake stands designed by Italybased knIndustrie were inspired by the concept of sharing food and using cake stands in everyday life. From an informal aperitif or Sunday brunch, cake stands can create a simple and welcoming atmosphere. The Ella and Ypison cake stands from knIndustrie were designed for refined tableware to mark with originality various moments of the day, from breakfast to

i nspi re Fren ch Tableware

snack, dinner to lunch, to cocktails and appetizers. For home coffee cafés, Capresso has introduced touchscreen simplicity with its Café TS, which produces barista-quality espresso in a small footprint. Built to be energy efficient, it heats water immediately prior to brewing, then transfers water from the reservoir and delivers it through the system. The Café TS quickly doses perfectly brewed espresso, while producing consistent, high-quality steam for preparing lattes and cappuccinos. The intuitive touchscreen interface comes with four factory preset features for brewing espresso (single or double), steamed milk for latte, a light layer of foam for cappuccino, or hot water for an Americano or tea. The Capresso Café TS launched in January for an actual retail price of $199.99. Also from Capresso, the Iced Tea Select machine brews iced tea easily and quickly. Designed to transform loose tea leaves or bagged tea bags into a refreshing and flavorful beverage in just minutes, it gives users the ability to brew black, white, green and herbal tea flavors – or even iced coffee. According to the Tea Association of the USA, approximately 160 million Americans drink tea on a daily basis, and up to 85 percent is served cold. The Iced Tea Select lets anyone customize any type of tea and strength to enjoy iced tea all year round. The Iced Tea Select has a matte white exterior and a glass carafe – a simple, yet sophisticated design that is a beautiful addition to a tea lover’s kitchen counter, bar or buffet. The Capresso Iced Tea Select launched in January for an actual retail price of $49.99. For those who like carbonated drinks, Drinkmate has expanded its line of home carbonation systems to include an Arctic Blue model. Carbonated beverage lovers can now add a pop of blue to their kitchens while enjoying healthier drinks from carbonated water to juice, and even

cocktails. The Arctic Blue color is a soft, pure, breezy bay blue with a twilight blue undertone. Drinkmate enables users to add personality with the color expansion. The Arctic Blue home carbonator joins the existing color line that includes black, red and white models. Drinkmate’s countertop unit is one of the leading home carbonation systems available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The Drinkmate Arctic Blue carbonator is available online and will arrive in other major retailers throughout North America later this summer for a suggested retail price of $99.95. Meanwhile, luxury bedding brand Luxome has expanded into a new category – bathrooms, with the launch of two towel collections – Plush Performance and Spa. Luxome’s towels offer features such as patented technology, premium quality and luxurious materials for comfort and an efficient drying experience. The Plush Performance Towels absorb more water and dry quicker, while staying soft and plush for hundreds of washings. The towels feature a ribbed design and Luxome’s patented dual-loop technology, which dries 30 percent faster than cotton terry towels. The towels range from $105 to $140 and are available in five colorways. For another kind of comfort – home security, Wemo has introduced a new generation of smart home solutions for connected homes with a video doorbell and an upcoming suite of products. The Smart Video Doorbell features a first-of-its-kind expanded 178-degree field of view, 4MP high-resolution camera with enhanced night vision and optimal zoom clarity to provide users with more insight into what is happening at home. Working exclusively with HomeKit Secure Video, the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell is easy to set up and manage through the Home app on iPhone, iPad and Mac. With HomeKit Secure Video, video is privately analyzed by the user’s HomePod mini, Apple TV or iPad using on-device

intelligence to determine if people, pets, or cars are present. Video recordings are endto-end encrypted and securely stored in iCloud, with an iCloud+ plan. Features such as Face Recognition, built on the privacy and security of HomeKit Secure Video, make it possible for the video doorbell to let users know of visitors based on people tagged in the Photos app or identified in the Home app. Activity Zones define the areas where motion is detected in a camera’s view. The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell selfinstallation option is available online for $249.99 USD in the United States and Canada. For comfort inside the home when the temperatures dip, Comfort Zone has debuted two portable home heaters with energy-saving technology. The Energy Save Electric Quartz Infrared Radiant Tower Heater provides soothing radiant heat even in drafty settings. Dual quartz tubes turn on instantly and a heat fan disperses heat throughout a room quickly and evenly. Convenient top-mounted controls offer three heat settings and the advanced safety system includes an overheat protection sensor and a tip-over switch. For true portability, the compact size and molded handle mean that this heater can be moved to wherever extra heat is needed. Suggested retail price is $54.99. The Energy Save Oscillating Ceramic Heater heats smaller spaces at home or in the office. The heater is fan-forced for wide heat dispersion and has an oscillating function, rotating to heat evenly. Electronic controls at the top of the heater allow quick adjustment of the thermostat as well as the heat settings. Equipped with smart heat control, the heater switches on and off, maintaining a set temperature. The advanced safety system includes an overheat protection sensor and a tip-over switch. The stay-cool body has a molded handle for easy mobility. Suggested retail price is $39.99. Both heaters use 30 percent less energy than a typical heater on a high heat setting. KN



















The Pearl Collection


of fine stoneware evokes nostalgia

Nostalgia creates a window to good times passed, an idea made more poignant after the last two years. What better time to reintroduce one of Costa Nova’s most iconic, timeless offerings: The Pearl Collection of fine stoneware made in Portugal. The reinvented stoneware collection honors the past and celebrates high-quality craftsmanship of Europe. The Pearl collection was inspired by the richness of 18th and 19th century European ceramics. The round shapes, beautifully embossed with a beaded edge, were reinvented to create a new classic concept, bringing a touch of European traditional elegance to the table that will never go out of style. The sustainable stoneware classics make the feeling of nostalgia gracefully tangible at every gathering. KN


At Home sets sights on

New Headquarters Construction is under way on a new home office for At Home, the Home Décor Superstore, a four-story campus in Cypress Waters in Dallas, adjacent to Peña Park. The 260,000-square-foot, build-to-suit campus includes approximately 182,000 square feet of office space and a 78,000square-foot Design Center with a mock store and photo and video studios. “We’ve outgrown our existing home office and want to create a modern work environment that allows us to expand, retain and attract the best talent out there,” said Lee Bird, chairman and CEO. “We chose Cypress Waters for its central location and amazing amenities. We’re designing the space to have a lot of energy to inspire creativity and working together. It will also provide the right tools for our flexible workforce.” At Home has just more than 400 corporate team members in the Dallas area and plans to grow to 1,000 over the next

10 years. The home décor retailer has approximately 7,600 team members nationally through its 235 stores in 40 states, with a long-term potential to expand to at least 600 stores. The new campus will provide the tools needed for At Home’s flexible workforce including training rooms, wellness facilities, collaboration and co-working spaces, plus a barista bar. Neighborhood amenities include the use of Cypress Waters’ multiple gyms and eateries and adjacent parks, trails and DART rail line. The developer is Billingsley Company, architects GFF & Corgan designed the building, the broker and project manager is JLL and StructureTone is the general contractor. Construction began in November and the estimated completion date is December. At Home will continue to occupy its 500,000-square-foot distribution center at its Plano location. KN

Leading Global Manufacturers create

Home Connectivity Alliance Leading manufacturers in the connected home space – American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, Arçelik, The Electrolux Group, Haier, GE Appliances, Samsung and Trane – have formed the Home Connectivity Alliance to provide consumers with safer, simpler and more interoperable options in their connected home. HCA’s goal is to provide consumers with more choices for their connected home through cloud-to-cloud interoperability, supporting the compatibility of devices across brands. “A simple and secure connected home has been a long-standing dream for the industry, and it is time to make it a reality,” said Yoon Ho Choi, president of the alliance and global head of planning & partnerships, home IoT Business at Samsung. “Consumer homes are filled with longlife appliances and systems across multiple manufacturers. Consumers should have the

flexibility to purchase and operate multiplebrand appliances that work together without locking the user into a single platform. We believe that manufacturers, who truly understand their consumer needs, lead the way for building an interoperable connected home ecosystem.” Along with interoperability, consumer safety and data privacy are key pillars of HCA’s mission. Driven by the exponential growth of big data, consumer privacy and data protection have become top priorities for device manufacturers. New smart features on connected devices (including remote diagnostics, remote start/stop, etc.) provide a new layer of convenience. However, unauthorized access to such features would lead to consumer dissatisfaction and mistrust. Connected device manufacturers hold the responsibility to protect consumers from these risks and to safeguard data generated by these devices.

In addition, complex smart devices with moving and mechanical parts – including those with high voltage electrical components and heating elements – require safety expertise from companies that understand the devices best. Leveraging the collective background, experience and knowledge across its manufacturer membership base, HCA said it will prioritize consumer safety in the digital landscape. “Forming this alliance allows us to reenvision the power of smart and personalized comfort,” said Katherine Shin, alliance secretary and vice president of customer experience for residential HVAC and supply business at Trane. “Imagine a scenario in which your home appliances and HVAC system recognize your family’s lifestyle patterns and automatically adjust their settings to maximize comfort, reduce energy consumption and deliver the ideal smart

home experience. Not only is this beneficial for the consumer, utility companies can better manage peak demand and manufacturers can provide more energyefficient products,” she said. “We also recognize that smart products collect a lot of data, which makes this scenario possible, yet must be utilized in a secure environment. HCA aims to be the collective voice for home electronics data privacy, where we will agree upon industry standards to protect our consumers’ data.” HCA members will have the opportunity to innovate, influence industry trends, share expertise across peers and become leaders in expanding the connected home ecosystem. Through collaboration with other standards organizations and governing entities, HCA aims to foster fair competition and drive innovation to provide the safest, most feature-rich connected home experience for consumers. KN

Sartoria’s Materici Collection Fuses Retro, Modern Aesthetics Elegant and versatile highly polished bricks that, in the wake of ceramic tradition, reinterpret the theme of handmade from new perspectives in Materici, the new and eclectic collection that Sartoria, the Terratinta Group brand dedicated to handcrafting and color. Fiorano Modenese continues its development by proposing different and

trendy solutions. Materici is no exception, where present and past blend to create glazed porcelain stoneware surfaces with surprising chromatic effects and plays of light. Characterized by the imperfections typical of handmade majolica, these glossy bricks lend themselves to a wide range of floor- and wall-laying schemes.

The palette consists of neutral shades such as Latte, Argilla, Cannella, Visone and Pepe alongside deeper tones such as Foresta, Stagno and Cedro. The surface, characterized by a multiplicity of different shades, the brilliance of the glaze and imperfect edges, lends itself to use in combination with

materials of natural inspiration, to create distinctive atmospheres that give a new interpretation of traditional ceramics, highlighting its design versatility. Terratinta Group embraces a comprehensive vision of design in which different brands combine perfectly to create personal and individualized living universes. KN



P.F. Chang’s offers

Cookware & Apparel P.F. Chang’s, a global Asian culinary brand based in Arizona, recently launched its online retail store featuring Asian cookware and accessories as well as premium apparel. The Asian cookware and accessories line includes everything from woks to mugs and Japanese knives to cutting boards of premium quality, which are perfect for home chefs and culinary adventurers. Branded apparel at www.pfc has a minimalistic design

aesthetic and ranges from bomber jackets to hoodies and bucket hats to T-shirts. The collection includes: • Heat Activated Mug, which displays a gold dragon design when hot liquid is added ($20) • 14-Inch Non-Stick Wok, a classic, fullsize, flat-bottomed wok for stir-frying and sauteing ($85) • Three-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set, which includes 11x14, 8x10 and 8x5.5 bamboo cutting boards featuring Japanese characters translating to “Chop” ($45) • Origami Crane Hoodie, a pullover hoodie featuring an origami crane design

($45) • Sushi Roll Bucket Hat, the whimsical finishing touch to any bold outfit ($30) • Good Fortune Pena ballpoint pen featuring six fortunes $5 The website store is online only, though the company intends to bring its retail offering to a select set of flagship locations, such as Las Vegas and Hawaii restaurants. Retail items will be refreshed twice a year to meet consumer interests and seasonal demands. The launch comes on the heels of Newsweek naming P.F. Chang’s one of America’s favorite restaurant chains. KN

CDN Digital Portion Control Scale Professional chefs know that they get the most consistent results when measuring by weight – as opposed to measuring by volume – especially when baking. Measuring dry ingredients in measuring cups can produce inconsistent results. This inconsistency in measurement can alter results. In fact, the quantities when using measuring cups and spoons can vary from brand to brand. With the capacity to weigh up to 6 pounds, the CDN Digital Portion Control Scale (SD0602) will add ease and simplicity to food prep, cooking and baking adventures, while offering more accuracy than measuring cups and spoons. It can precisely measure a

single gram. The CDN Digital Scale delivers precise measurements for preparing favorite recipes and offers convenience for those who portion control their meals. A portion control scale will also help reduce food waste by providing accurate measurement of portions. Plus, there is no need to convert a recipe. With just the touch of a button, consumers can toggle between Imperial and Metric weight. It measures in pounds, ounces, grams or milliliters. Featuring a convenient tare function, multiple ingredients can be measured all in one bowl. Simply measure the first ingredient,

press the tare button, then add the second ingredient, etc. The scale weighs up to 6 pounds, which is suited for nearly all of a home chef ’s recipes. With a 5.1-inch diameter (13 cm) platform size, the compact design is ideal for on-demand use when stored on the counter or stored in a drawer. Other features include a food-safe housing, low battery indicator and auto off after five minutes. Available in silver, black and red, CDN Digital Portion Control Scale (SD0602) comes in silver, black and red with

a retail price of $19.99. One 3V IEC CR2032 lithium (WERCSmart) button battery is included. KN


11-Piece Nesting Cookware Set Named Good Housekeeping 2021 Kitchen Gear Awards Winner Texas-based Tramontina’s 11-Piece Nesting Cookware Set won Good Housekeeping’s inaugural 2021 Kitchen Gear Award as a space saver. The Tramontina set was designed to be easy to store, clean and use. It nests together for compact storage, which makes it easier to locate individual pans in a crowded cabinet. Stacking the set saves up to 50 percent of the storage space with a footprint no bigger than the footprint for one single pan. The handles lock together, which keeps the set organized and protects

pans by neatly spacing them. Available in red, gray or naval blue, the cookware has a durable porcelain enamel exterior. The practical Teflon Platinum nonstick interior is made without PFOA, cadmium and lead. Ergonomic design makes the pans comfortable to use. Sturdy, riveted handles feature soft-grip black silicone. The tempered glass lids are rimmed with black silicone for a tighter fit. The knobs can double as a spoon rest. The cookware is compatible with gas, electric and ceramic glass cooktops and is oven safe up to 350°F (180°C). It is dishwasher safe.

The Tramontina 11-Piece Nesting Cookware Set includes a 12-inch sauté pan, 3-quart casserole with lid, 1.25-quart sauce pan with lid, 2-quart sauce pan with lid, 3quart saucepan with lid and 4.75-quart sauce pot with lid. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and has a suggested retail price of $149.95. Experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute evaluated more than 150 products with lab pros and 660 consumer testers, who put even more items through their paces in real-life settings. The experts rigorously assessed products based on innovation, performance, ease of use and timelessness. KN


AMERICANS GRILLING Continued from page 1 “One thing that affected the grilling pattern was the number of people around the grill,” said Patrick Ford, vice president of Ford’s Gourmet, maker of Bone Suckin’ Sauces. “In the beginning of the pandemic, there were family sizes, but then they became a neighborhood get-together. “It was slow for us as far as commercial sales, but individual sales started to grow as restaurants shut down and we saw a big shift toward consumers.” The pandemic led consumers to spend nearly $5 billion on grills, smokers, camping stoves, accessories and fuel in 2020, according to a report from The NPD Group. The rising trend of cookouts on weekends and holidays, increasing number of middle class population and rise in trekking and camping activities will offer immense growth opportunities. “The need to cook more meals at home combined with the desire to experiment with new ways to create those meals helped fuel growth for almost all types of grills,” said Joe Derochowski, home industry advisor at NPD. “Layer on our cravings to be less confined, safe, and create an experience during the pandemic, and we get sales growth not only in the core grilling months, but also before and after.” More than 14 million grills and smokers were sold between April 2020 and February 2021, amounting to a 39 percent increase in dollar sales during the pandemic, compared to the same period the year before. Beyond the peak grilling sales season between April and June, which accounted for 43 percent of the year’s sales, the second half of 2020 saw a continuation of strong performance with dollar growth in excess of 50 percent. October and November had stronger year-over-year sales growth than the 58 percent dollar increase seen in May 2020. 2021 sales have not been reported on yet. The popular gas and charcoal options made up two-thirds of the units sold, but nearly every type of grill or smoker saw growth between June and December of 2021. Gas grills led the way, accounting for 54 percent of dollar sales in the back half of 2020, growing 37 percent compared to the same period in 2019. Charcoal grills and horizontal smokers both saw significant growth compared to the second half of 2019. However, after gas options, pellet grills drove the most dollar gains, reaching $189 million in sales with 52 percent growth over the prior year. Products with specialized uses and smaller investments also contributed significantly to sales. Portable grills and the outdoor cooking segment, which included products like pizza ovens and turkey fryers, were among the fastest growing in the category in terms of unit sales. Similarly, camping stoves more than doubled their sales in

the second half of 2020. “Camping vacations, Friday-night pizza, trying a new roast recipe, and smoking the Thanksgiving turkey are the kinds of activities helping to fuel growth beyond the core gas and charcoal grill options,” Derochowski said. However, NPD cautioned, less volume of cooking and high cost of maintenance and increasing consumption of quick and convenient foods such as fries and burgers will challenge market growth. Ford would add that perhaps there were scores of consumers who had never grilled before. “We had to teach a lot of people to cook who’ve never cooked before,” Ford said, laughing. “There are only three or four steps,” he added. “It’s easy making everybody a cook.” Ford’s posts recipes and cooking instructions on social media as well as on the product labels. “They’re simple recipes,” Ford said, enabling consumers to pick up just a few more ingredients to take home and make a meal. “It’s not like a list of 22 ingredients that are hard to get,” he said. Another advantage Ford’s Gourmet had is that while Bone Suckin’ Sauces are in most major grocery stores, it’s also carried in Lowe’s home improvement stores, which remained open while many other retailers had to close. Ford’s Gourmet products range from the Bone Suckin’ Sauce in original, hot and thick styles to Steak Sauce to Bone Suckin’ Hiccuppin’ Hot Habanero Sauce and more. But during the pandemic, one product outpaced them all: Bone Suckin’ Wing Sauce, which comes in Honey & Habanero, Garlic & Honey and Teriyaki & Ginger. “Well, people were at home and a lot of them got air fryers,” Ford reasoned. “People couldn’t go out to get their chicken wings, but many people haven’t done it before themselves. But it’s simple to make chicken wings at home.” Ford’s Gourmet was a family business from the start, thanks to Ford’s uncle who wanted to recreate his mother’s North Carolina-style barbecue sauce (the tomatoey style, not to be confused with its rival, the Eastern North Carolina vinegar-based style). Ford’s mother came up with the Bone Suckin’ name. “Her mom grew up after the Great Depression and she would talk about getting every single bit of the meat and how when it’s good you get down to the bone.” Working together as a family can either make or break it. The Fords are making it. “If your family isn’t strong as a family, it’s not going to get better working together,” Ford said. “It’s long hours, long days, long years.”

Ford, his parents and brother still enjoy working together and being off work together. The Ford brothers started out at the bottom from an early age, including sweeping the warehouse. “You appreciate it more and more as you get older,” he said. And yes, there’s already a fourth generation of Fords in line. “They’re working in the warehouse, packing boxes, the same as I did and my dad did,” Ford said. Ford’s Gourmet started out small, pitching to regional retailers, many of whom continue to carry the Bone Suckin’ lines. The Fords went out of their way to get the sauces on shelves, even if it meant acting as chauffeur for the woman running

a Charleston store, who became a loyal customer and family friend. “I had to take her daughter to the dentist to get that account,” Ford said with a laugh. As the company grew its U.S. base, it started shipping overseas, which brought its own peculiarities. “It was a lot of continuing education,” Ford said. “We had to be current on different laws and you can only move as fast as you’re willing to read and learn.” It paid off. In fact, Germans are crazy about Bone Suckin’ Sauce. “They buy a whole lot of this in Germany,” Ford said. “And you know Germans won’t spend a lot of money on something that isn’t good. But for very good food, they will.” More than anything Ford and his family take pride in the results of three decades of hard work. “We worked mighty hard making it consistent,” he said. “We’re proud of what we put out, but we always welcome feedback and ideas. “We’re a 30-year overnight success,” he said, laughing. Innovation doesn’t overwhelm quality, he said. New products need to get everyone’s approval before they get launched. “It’s about making food good, not what’s on trend this year,” Ford said. “We want to make sure it’s a solid product.” Manufacturers have brought grilling appliances, to be used indoors and out, for the rising numbers of grilling aficionados (and remaining rookies). Gourmia, a leading designer and manufacturer of countertop kitchen appliances, debuted its FoodStation

Smokeless Indoor Grill/Air Fryer, which combines two of the most popular cooking methods into one appliance. In an industry first, home chefs can watch their meals grill or air fry with a see-through lid closed – thereby keeping the kitchen much cleaner. “FoodStation’s direct bottom-heated grate produces the taste, texture and grill marks of an outdoor BBQ, but with virtually no smoke,” said Gourmia’s founder, Heshy Biegeleisen. “And with our patented FryForce 3600 technology, it creates air-fried meals that are perfectly, delicately crisp outside and mouthwateringly moist and tender inside with up to 80 percent less fat.” “We reimagined both grilling and air frying with one goal in mind – to exceed expectations for both foodies and families,” Biegeleisen said. “In short, it represents the ease, versatility, and performance that today’s generation of ‘food savvy’ consumer demands from their kitchen products.” The Gourmia FoodStation produces true 510°F bottom-up grilling from an exclusive dualuse heating element, the only one of its kind that offers direct-togrill pan contact. A powerful heating element, larger than competitors and engineered to provide the most efficient heat distribution in its class, creates the kind of results usually associated with traditional outdoor grilling. To ensure optimal and consistent heat distribution across its entire surface, the FoodStation’s custom GrillGrate is crafted from pure cast aluminum, eliminating hot spots and heat loss. By employing the same cutting edge AI software used in optimizing the aerodynamics of fighter jets, the FoodStation has reimagined precision air flow and heat distribution. A push of a button instantly controls the 3,000 rpm fan, which has been specially engineered to move large volumes of air across the dual-use heating element in a manner that creates superheated air moving at superfast speeds. This results in a unique phenomenon known as “cyclonic convection” – a super-hot, super-fast “tiny tornado” of air – that swirls throughout every nook and cranny of the food. ChefWave has introduced its smart appliance that allows for grilling all year long. The Sosaku Smokeless Infrared Rotisserie Indoor Tabletop Grill functions as an outdoor grill, without the smoke. The smokeless grill heats up fast and the adjustable temperature ensures that burgers, steaks and fish get a perfect sear while staying juicy. The stay-cool drip tray catches fatty drippings to keep things healthier. Accessories include fries and fish baskets, skewers, rotisserie spit, two forks, and a 9x13 inch nonstick grill. “Consumers have turned pandemicdriven boredom into an opportunity to experiment with cooking, and the wide range of grilling and outdoor cooking options are helping them do it,” Derochowski said. KN



SMEG, Dolce&Gabbana

Collaborate on $10K Divina Cucina Range

Talk about having a designer kitchen – SMEG and Dolce&Gabbana have collaborated with their American ingenuity and Italian pride to create a collection of unforgettable products. First up: the $10,000 Divina Cucina Range, which embodies the “Made in Italy” aesthetic with the companies’ shared standards of creativity, art and design. The range is among SEG’s innovations in kitchen appliances recently shown at KBIS. The 36-inch Divina Cucina range is dual-fuel with a thermoventilated main oven and VaporClean cleaning system. SMEG’s stainless steel French Door Refrigerator is a free-standing product, with two doors, two drawers, an automatic ice maker and a fan-assisted cooling system. Shelves within are glass and

include three fruit shelves, two adjustable shelves and LED lighting. The refrigerator includes a freezer, which features fastfreezing and fast-cooling technology. It has a suggested retail price of $2,999. SMEG’s Built-In 18 Bottle Wine Cooler features a fingerprint-proof, modern look with its stainless steel and black colorways, with sleek glass accents. The $2,599 cooler comes in two hinge positions, right or left, and has automatic defrost and a fan-assisted cooling system. Features include touch controls, LED light display, temperature alarm and induction and child lock. As a reimagined, modernized iteration of the brand’s popular “pro style” collection, SMG’s Professional Style ranges are expertly designed to help home chefs and culinary lovers deliver superior meal results,

from the perfect sear to a crispy edge. Features include a powerful 18,000 BTU brass burner, cast iron grates, sleek surfaces, six cooking levels and a soft-close door. Available in 24inch, 30-inch, or 36-inch options with four to six burners, depending on size. Retail price ranges from $2,199 to $4,399. As Gourmet News has featured previously, SMEG and Coca-Cola have combined talents to create two distinctive refrigerators – one with a classic Coca-Cola feel and one to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beverage brand’s iconic Hilltop television commercial. The

$2,999 Iconic Refrigerator, which was shown at KBIS, features Coca-Cola’s signature color palette and SMEG’s classic retro design, seamlessly merging the two styles to pay homage to and bring ‘50s Americana to life. KN

Home Furnishings Retailer Arhaus Named Top Expanding Retail Brand, Placer Says The consumer behavior experts at Placer examined which brands not only survived the pandemic, but thrived. Placer “broke down ten expanding retail brands to watch in the coming year with an emphasis on those who seem to be hitting the mark with the new, aggressive push,” according to the recently released whitepaper. Representing the home furnishings category is Ohio-based Arhaus. “This year is setting up to be another strong

year for home furnishing and home improvement retailers, driven by several traditional factors such as home price appreciation/wealth effect, aging housing stock, strong consumer balance sheets, and low mortgage rates, as well as several ‘non-traditional’ variables like increased housing wear and tear due to remote work, increased demand for vacation homes, accelerated millennial household formation, and baby boomers electing to ‘age in place,’” the whitepaper states.

“In addition to benefiting from the broader housing tailwinds, Arhaus can take advantage of the current demographic trends. The retailer is targeting high-income households (those with household incomes of greater than $100,000), which continue to grow as a percentage of household ownership in the U.S. Additionally, the company should benefit from the population shift away from larger cities and into lessdense suburban locations.

“Arhaus currently operates over 70 stores, and is targeting opening between five and seven new showrooms per year for the foreseeable future, with ten showrooms already in the pipeline and an ultimate target of 165+ locations across the country. Arhaus showrooms average 17,000 square feet, but a new design studio format averaging 4,000 square feet could offer real estate flexibility to expand beyond its showroom targets.” KN

Stylish & Refined Giordano/Carini Flooring Design

With New York City in mind, architect Marco Carini and the Italian brand Giordano have created exclusive design combinations that change the rules of space, welcoming style and refinement. The American capital of design inspired the new flooring of Listone Giordano, a world reference brand in the avant-garde wood flooring sector. With Carini, Listone Giordano has created the Custom+ New York line. The iconic New York skyline, with its vertical and horizontal lines dialoguing with full and empty spaces, inspires new forms of elegance, particularly in regard

to exchanges between outdoor and indoor spaces. Custom+ represents a multidisciplinary vision of space and life design, according to Giordano. The color identities of the Michelangelo and Grisaglie Classica floors form an alliance with the laying geometries, wall colors and furnishing elements. The parquet meshes with the vertical dimension to create a harmonious ecosystem, an enveloping atmosphere in which each individual element feels part of the whole and is closely linked to each other. KN


featured products



Make an impression with Franmara’s new Jolie Spirit Decanters. Visually show the quality, clarity and color of your spirits. A snug, tapered stopper seals the decanter and keeps the liquid safe and ready for use. Add an engraved logo to the front of the decanter or on the decanter’s stopper. The Jolie lead-free decanters are made to resemble cut crystal. All hold the average liquor bottle, which is 750ml or 25.6 ounces. Imprint area: 3 inches by 3 inches on the body of the decanters, 1 inch by 1 inch imprint area on the 9425 decanter’s stopper. Laser engraved available. The smaller 9020 retails for $22, the medium 9421 is $23 and the largest 9425 decanter with leaf-like molding is $32. Franmara 800.423.5855


Preparing restaurant quality salads is a snap with Prodyne’s innovative Top Chop™ Prep & Serve, a combination salad bowl and fitted cutting board that fits snugly to the bowl rim to create a space-saving workstation for chopping, slicing and prepping salad ingredients. The Top Chop removable, top-mounted cutting board provides an ingenious workstation directly above the serving bowl preserving valuable kitchen counter space and increasing salad preparation efficiency. The shaped design of the cutting board allows users to easily slide prepped vegetables directly into the attractive BPA-free 5-quart salad bowl. The board is a serving plate when not attached to the salad bowl. “In every kitchen, counter space is premium real estate. Top Chop Prep & Serve gives salad enthusiasts an efficient prep station directly above the serving bowl, conserving counter space for other cooking duties,” said company president Scott McArdle. This year, Prodyne celebrates its 51-year anniversary manufacturing Dynamic Designs for Good Living. To see Prodyne’s full line of quality kitchenware, serveware and barware, visit and download the online catalog. Prodyne 800.822.4776


The Jean Dubost brand was established in 1920 by Pierre Dubost, a second-generation professional cutler. Started as a small business, manufacturing knives solely intended for professionals, the company has grown tremendously over the years. Today, Jean Dubost manufactures a wide range of cutlery, flatware, kitchenware and gifts that are marketed to professional and amateur cooks around the world. The company’s flagship product, the Laguiole knife, still carries the mark of its ancestors: a bee engraved on all Laguiole products. It was originally part of Napoleon Bonaparte’s imperial seal. The knife’s blade is forged from high-grade stainless steel and put through 25 stages of cutting, polishing and sharpening. The classic Laguiole 24-piece set by Jean Dubost exists in a variety of colors and is now available in crisp white. This Everyday Flatware has a gauge of 1.5 mm, is dishwasher safe and will last a lifetime. With their white handles, these forks, knives and spoons are great for everyday use and are sleek enough to be used during special occasions. The French Farm 713.660.0577



Las Vegas Market is a comprehensive furniture, gift and home décor buying destination, offering an exclusive West Coast-influenced, cross-category product experience unlike any other. Thousands of gift (design, handmade/artisanal, tabletop, gourmet, housewares), furniture (upholstery, case goods, accent), bedding, lighting, rugs and home décor lines are showcased on an easy-to-shop, convenient campus at Las Vegas Market, allowing retailers and designers to build their businesses with exciting new introductions, proven bestsellers, and longtime customer favorites. During Las Vegas Market, buyers also build important relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, creating businessto-business coånnections that begin as person-to-person interactions. These relationships become valued partnerships that transition into both onsite and online sourcing beyond market dates, creating expedient, year-round access to the latest products and quick strategic solutions to trending consumer demands. Save the date for Las Vegas Market: July 24-28. Las Vegas Market 702.599.9621


This professional 4.5-quart aluminum chicken fryer from Italy is constructed in three layers of high-quality, trademarked ILAG non-stick coating with a gauge of 2.5mm. It features a Pyrex glass lid for the durability and quality needed for cooking. It has a high heat-resistant paint exterior, ergonomically designed Bakelite handle with a flame guard and a side assist handle to prevent any discomfort while using. Cook Pro Inc. 951.686.8282


Paesana Organic Castelvetrano Pitted Olives are like no other. They possess a mild and unique buttery flavor with a tender bite, giving way to a creamy interior. Careful selection, patience and preparation are of utmost importance as Paesana takes pride in the quality of its products. Like all Paesana olives, these Organic Castelvetrano Olives are ripened to perfection. Once they reach their strikingly green color, they are hand picked off the vines in Italy’s beautiful countryside, then pitted and cured in a mild brine. Paesana never adds any artificial dyes or colors. Finally, Paesana took that extra step to earn the coveted USDA Organic seal on its label, which customers are looking for. This badge guarantees a purity that serves to enhance these naturally pale-green morsels.

L&S Packing Company 631.845.1717


New for 2021, Kikuichi’s new 33-layer Damascus S33 series is everything your customer is looking for in a Japanese knife. These knives are surgical in their ability to make prep work a breeze. The VG10 edge is razor sharp, and it lasts and lasts. With a full range from paring to 240mm chef’s knife, this line covers all the bases. The true Damascus layering is stunning to look at and will become a showpiece in any kitchen. Kikuichi





Excitement was building for The Inspired Home Show 2022, set for March 5-7 at McCormick Place in Chicago. In the days leading up to the event, the International Housewares Association learned that there were rumors that the show was canceled, but they were just that – rumors. “It has come to IHA’s attention recently that many search queries made through Google are returning information from third-party sites that are inaccurate,” the IHA said in a press release. “The Inspired Home Show 2022 is taking place as planned, except for the shortened schedule.” In January, the board of directors decided that the show would go on with COVID-19 safetyrelated policies and one less day. All exhibitors and attendees are required to demonstrate proof of vaccination or produce a negative COVID-19 test taken in the previous 72 hours. This includes exhibitors and personnel related to set-up and tear-down. By state and city mandates, exhibitors and attendees must wear a mask while indoors and show proof of vaccination to buy and eat food and beverages in designated areas. To-go orders are allowed regardless of vaccination status. The city requires proof of vaccination to attend any IHA events that are food- and beverage-centric including the Independent Retailer Networking Reception on March 4, the gia Award Dinner and Gala on March 5 and the Networking After Dark reception on March 6. Rapid antigen and PCR testing will be available on site so international visitors can test before returning to their home country. Unvaccinated attendees can also use this service to demonstrate a negative test needed to enter. The IHA board of directors eliminated the fourth day of the 2022 show. The Inspired Home

The Inspired Home Show 2022 begins in Chicago

Show 2022 will take place from March 5 through March 7. The show will resume its four-day pattern in March 2023. New exhibitors this year include Sysler, a houseware and kitchenware brand based in Irvine, California, in the Inventors Corner. Stella Song said she creates products that are carefully designed for aesthetic pleasure with thoughtful engineering. Sysler products are designed in the USA with the goal of combining practical usability, quality materials and beautiful looks into the products. Song is bringing three of her innovative products to the show: • Multi-spout Spice Jar with Measurement Cap: Protecting the Earth and getting rid of plastic is attracting more consumer awareness. Sysler’s jars store spices and keep them handy when it’s time for cooking. This product is made of BPAfree glass, which preserves the flavor of the spices longer than traditional disposable spice containers can. There are four sizes of spouts on the neck for easy dispensing and a complimentary measuring cap on top. MSRP is $19.99. • Multifunctional Pot Lid Stand & Utensil Rest: Where to place the utensil while cooking is no longer a hot mess with Sysler’s innovative cooking tool storage solution: a

multifunctional pot lid stand and utensil holder. Made from food-grade silicone and 304-grade stainless steel, this product takes minimal space. It rests all kinds of cooking tools vertically. Silicone and stainless steel don’t harm our environment or the human body. For cleanup time, pop the entire thing into the dishwasher instead of wiping up messes on the stove and countertop. MSRP is $39.99. • Sponge/Soap Holder: Damp sponges or bar soaps can accumulate millions of bacteria harmful to one’s health. Most sponge or soap holders on the market don’t ventilate well enough to keep the moisture out. Sysler’s sponge and soap holder dries out the wet sponge or soap quickly and effortlessly. The double-shelf design can hold two items simultaneously without taking up more space. This holder automatically drains the water residue out of the sponge or soap into the sink, thanks to the sloped grooves in each shelf. This sponge/soap holder is made with clear acrylic with a blurred pattern design on the back. MSRP is $29.99. Bamboozle is bringing its sustainable kitchenware to IHS. Products include: • Prep ’n Serve Tray Set: This full kitchen prep set includes one large tray, one half tray and six prep cups. Store your

chopped, poured and grated ingredients in the convenient prep cups. The half tray with built-in tool rests cups or larger ingredients and the full tray is functional for carrying it all to the grill or the table. Expand the set with more trays and cups (sold separately). Made from 100 percent plantbased dishwasher and

microwave-safe Astrik material. MSRP: $80. • Baking Bundle: With the Baking Bundle, you can combine the 7Piece Nesting Bowls with a set of Measuring Cups and Spoons. The 7-piece set is fabulous for everyday use, featuring multiple color themes to match any kitchen. Multiple sizes suit any needs. Use larger bowls for baking or family style meals and smaller bowls for salads or favorite snacks. Durable and easy to clean. Detachable ball chain ring for holding measuring cups and spoons together when not in use. MSRP: $86.40. • 3-Piece Blate Dining Set: Eco-dining has never looked this good. These bamboo plates (aptly named the “blate”) feature deep edges to help maintain even the sauciest dishes. Mix and match with up to six color combinations. Get them as a threepiece set or get each size as a set of 4. All pieces are dishwasher safe, made from biodegradable bamboo fiber. MSRP: $29.


• Astrik Dry Storage Canister Set: Made from renewable natural starches and ground bamboo, the containers feature a locking lid that helps keep dry goods fresh for longer periods. Each container is microwave and dishwasher safe. Choose between three sized sets in three colors: ash, slate and cobalt. MSRP: $20-$90. Home coffee cafés are all the rage and Kruger has it covered. The K-fee multibeverage systems offer brewed coffee or crema topped espresso at the push of a button. Launched in Germany in 2011 and now available worldwide, the K-fee system brings patented Duo-Pressure technology to coffee lovers everywhere. Every K-fee machine allows consumers to enjoy either a deliciously brewed cup of coffee or the perfect crema topped espresso shot with the push of a button. Combining the K-fee Lattaero Milk Frother gives consumers the ability to be the barista at home, creating café-quality cappuccinos, macchiatos and lattes. K-fee also offers a wide range of compatible brewed, espresso, and milk single serve pods (dairy and plant-based) to accompany the brewers.

Gourmia is exhibiting its smokeless indoor grill/air fryer, FoodStation, that features direct bottomheated grate for the taste, texture and – of course – grill marks of outdoor grilling. It has an advanced air-flow system to circulate heat from every direction for crispness. Gourmia's engineering team also delivers another industry first that allows home chefs to watch their meals grill or air fry with the FoodStation's see-through lid closed – thereby keeping their kitchen much cleaner. (See more about FoodStation and grilling in our cover story.) Salton will also be displaying its range of cooking products including varieties of the hottest (pardon the pun) appliance: air fryers. Salton’s IHS display products include: • Induction Cooktop With Temperature Probe: The greenest, fastest, safest, most economical way to cook in an all-encompassing induction cooktop. This is not just your standard induction cooktop – with a temperature probe and preprogrammed functions, induction cooking is more precise than ever. The glass finish features an LED display with four cooking settings and 10 cooking levels. Other functions include a countdown timer, pause function, child lock and boost function with easy to clean touch sensitive controls. $149.99. • Dual Flow: Need to boil one cup of water for tea? Place a mug under the pop-out water dispenser and select a cup size. At the press of a button, the Dual Flow will boil and dispense water directly into the mug in 95

seconds or less. It can also be used as a traditional kettle. Close the pop-out water dispenser and lift the jug from the cordless base to pour hot water from the “perfect-pour” kettle spout. The water level window illuminates when boiling to let you know how much water is in the 1.5-liter jug. The Dual Flow offers sleek a contemporary design to complement any kitchen or space. • Air Fryer Toaster Oven: This oven uses Air Fry Technology for a healthier frying experience with little to no oil. With six multi-functions, you can use this oven as a traditional oven, toaster oven or air fryer. Throw frozen fries or chicken wings into the included Air Frying Basket and crisp them to perfection in air frying mode or bake six cupcakes in baking mode. Fits up to a 12inch pizza or six slices of bread. MSRP: $189.99. • Digital Air Fryer: Thanks to rapid air frying technology, you can enjoy a faster and healthier frying experience with little to no oil. Use one of the eight pre-programmed functions to easily prepare meals or manually set the temperature and the timer and get ready to fry. The large non-stick drawer pan has a 5liter capacity; the removable rack is non-stick and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. With 1400 watts, this Digital Air Fryer is fast, powerful and a kitchen staple. MSRP: $119.99. Digital Air Fryer with Viewing

Window: $179.99. • Dual Zone Digital Air Fryer: You don’t need two air fryers to cook two dishes once. at Individually control the temperature and timers for each cooking zone. Use one of the pre-programmed functions to easily prepare meals or manually set the temperature and the timer and get ready to fry. Each 4-liter, non-stick drawer pan and removable racks are nonstick and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. This 1200-watt Digital Air Fryer is fast, powerful and perfect for family dinners. MSRP: $199.99. • The Swan Nordic collection from Salton takes inspiration from Scandinavian design for a range of sophisticated kitchen appliances. The sharp, minimal lines are accented by soft touch matte finishes.

Combined with natural wood-effect detailing for a cool, understated look. The collection includes microwaves, kettles, espresso machines, toasters, bread bins, storage canisters, mug trees and paper towel holders and is available in four colors; Cotton White, Slate Grey, Spruce Blue and Pine Green. KN

IMC's Design Services Manager Russell to Concentrate on Open Year Round International Market Centers has hired Caroline Russell as design services manager to focus on driving Open Daily and at-market attendance of designers and home retailers to AmericasMart and providing on-site customer service once they arrive. IMC also released its full 2022 schedule of Market Wednesday activities at AmericasMart Atlanta. “Bringing Caroline on as our design services manager will not only enhance our implementation of awareness for designfocused showrooms and drive attendance to Open Year Round events, but further AmericasMart Atlanta’s position as the

focal point of home and gift education,” said ICM’s CEO, Bob Maricich. “IMC’s Market Wednesday events will continue to elevate the traditional Open Year Round shopping experience through inspiring design direction and driving order writing in 2022.” Russell is the direct liaison between AmericasMart and the local design community, with a specific focus on Open Year Round showrooms. She also serves as concierge to AmericasMart visitors in the Designer Workspace – IMC’s designated gathering space for designers to meet, conduct business, ask questions and more. Russell will report to Eleanor

Hunt, director of marketing for gift and home in Atlanta. Russell will oversee the Designer Workspace daily and will be available during five remaining 2022 Market Wednesday events: April 6, June 1, Aug. 3, Oct. 7 and Dec. 2 –- during which buyers can shop all three AmericasMart buildings for gifts, accessories, home furnishings and décor. Market Wednesdays are held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month when a market is not in session. The Open Year Round home decor collection at AmericasMart features more than 140 showrooms in Building 1, with

more than 350 lighting, accent furniture, rugs, wall décor, casual furniture and linens brands plus more than 100 commercial design brands. The gift collection features more than 130 multi-line representative groups and branded showrooms throughout Buildings 1 and 2 with gift, lifestyle, gourmet, tabletop, holiday/floral and outdoor living products. The Open Year Round Design Center offers signature events, in-person and virtual seminars, educational opportunities, designer concierge services, a resource library and guided tours throughout AmericasMart Atlanta. KN



LVM People’s Choice Winners Celebrate Design The six People’s Choice winners at January’s Las Vegas Market range from a starburst sputnik chandelier pendant light to a fluted decorative wall sculpture to wrought aluminum outdoor chairs. “The depth and breadth of Las Vegas Market’s product offerings allow us to celebrate the best designs across a whole spectrum of product,” said Dorothy Belshaw, International Market Centers’ executive vice president, chief customer and marketing officer. The Winter 2022 Las Vegas Market Snapshot Winners represent the best in the market’s product categories – furniture and bedding; gift and housewares; lighting and home décor. People’s Choice winners, which

were selected by popular online voting, are: • Dovetail Bagley Side Table, a onedrawer side table made from stained black teak wood with natural cane rattan details with bed-side height. • Hubbardton Forge Olympus 20-Light Starburst Pendant, a 20-light, adjustable height starburst sputnik chandelier pendant light with exposed bulbs. Handcrafted to order by skilled artisans in Vermont, it comes in black, bronze, dark smoke, modern brass, oil rubbed bronze, natural iron, soft gold, sterling and vintage platinum in three lengths. • Lynn and Liana Baguette Board, serving boards made from high-quality Canadian maple or acacia hardwood and an eco-friendly

epoxy to create a one-of-a-kind piece. It serves three to five and comes in black/white/ gold, navy/white/metallic, teal/white/ gold, white/gray/gold, raspberry/white/gold, emerald jewel, marble and ocean vibes. •W. Lee Co Kensington Dining Arm Chair and Dining Side Chair, wrought aluminum outdoor furniture in a UV resistant, super-polyester powder coating with detailed cast aluminum feet and profile detail and DuPont Delrin glides. Made in the USA, they are available in graphite, driftwood sandalwood, dark bronze, copper canyon, rosewood, espresso, sable, terra antigua, velvet pewter, velvet black, velvet white and velvet bronze. • Pink Lemonade Zima Throw, a super-

soft cotton blanket in a chevron pattern that is appropriate for all-year use. Made of 100 percent combed cotton, it’s Azofree and OEKO-TEX certified. The throw comes in dark brown/pale whisper and dark gray/light. • Phillips Collection Splash Bowl Silver Wall Art and Roman Stone Freeform Console Table, a fluted decorative wall sculpture that looks like metal but is crafted from resin finished with silver leaf and table of pale cream resin composite cast from a tree trunk. The wall art comes in copper and silver. The console table’s finish is formed with natural crushed stone, creating coloration ranging between light and dark tones. KN

JuniperMarket Offers 24/7 Connections for Home, Gift Buyers, Sellers JuniperMarket, which opened in January, allows home décor, gift, furniture and apparel buyers and sellers to connect anytime and anywhere. The new multiline B2B ecommerce platform powered by International Market Centers is officially live at with more than 1,500 brands with 3 million SKUs signed on to participate and onboarding. The participating brands, of which 50 percent are home and 40 percent are gift, offer buyers tremendous breadth and selection in one place. “The next era of wholesale buying and selling is here,” said Juniper CEO Bill Furlong. “This transformation is inspired by our team’s deep roots in the industries Juniper serves and the unmatched reach of IMC buyer and seller relationships. Today is a major step towards a digital marketplace that helps buyers and sellers discover, connect and transact – in person or online – seamlessly bridging physical and digital sales.” “In January 2020, we announced the investment to build Juniper,” said IMC CEO Bob Maricich, “and since then – despite unprecedented business disruptions – the Juniper team has forged ahead, onboarding more than 220 staff members to build, test, market and optimize a tool that is truly built for the industry, by the industry. The launch of JuniperMarket is a major milestone in delivering additional market opportunity and value for IMC customers.” Attendees at IMC’s Atlanta Market and Las Vegas Market had the opportunity to interact with Juniper through a series of

events. JuniperMarket hosted Market Kickoff events, panel discussion “Bringing Your Business Digital – It’s Easier Than You Think” and JuniperMarket Experience Centers. Sellers and products are added daily to JuniperMarket, enabling buyers to diversify assortments and maintain a competitive edge in their stores. Connection to IMC’s 26 physical trade shows and buying events distinguishes JuniperMarket from other B2B wholesale platforms. In 2021, Juniper’s at-market activities generated more than 26,000 preregistered JuniperMarket users, with a direct pipeline to IMC’s 600,000-plus database of qualified retailers and designers offering sellers even broader exposure and sales opportunity. Optimized Atlanta Market, Atlanta Apparel, High Point Market, Las Vegas Apparel and Las Vegas Market websites,which receive some 5.5 million visitors per year, provide additional visibility for the sellers participating in both IMC’s physical and digital markets. JuniperMarket is the only sales-agencyinclusive B2B marketplace experience in the industry. Like the at-market sales experience, sellers can assign buyers a representative to discuss merchandise selection and get assistance with payments, shipping and other logistics. This key functionality ultimately grows sellers’ businesses without disrupting or excluding a vital part of the industry model and provides the personalized customer service buyers expect from their vendors. “We know from years of experience in wholesale, and from extensive research in our vertical industries, that relationships

are the fuel for B2B commerce,” said Maricich. “JuniperMarket is built to be inclusive to sales reps and truly additive and flexible for all.” For buyers, the integrated platform – including a single shopping cart split by brand, universal payment capabilities, access to JuniperCredit for Net 60 terms, shipping and tracking tools and connections to sales representatives – facilitates shopping. Product discovery is simplified with brand, product and keyword searches, with the ability to favorite items and “pin” them to sharable boards. For sellers, the buyer pre-qualification process mirrors that of the physical markets and maintains the platform’s wholesale integrity, enabling suppliers to focus on selling rather than on buyer credentialing. In concert with physical markets, sellers also have the choice to qualify JuniperMarket buyers and set unique, buyer-specific wholesale pricing. JuniperCredit, launched simultaneously with JuniperMarket, allows brands to offer Net 60 terms and receive payment in as few as two days. For buyers, JuniperCredit offers credit limits up to $250,000 (after an approval process) that can be used across multiple vendors to simplify credit management. JuniperMarket’s exclusive shipping and tracking capabilities enable buyers to take advantage of special discounts and to easily track product shipment status. Another Juniper advantage is total integration between JuniperMarket and the compatible JuniperCommerce suite of SaaS tools for sales automation and

commerce. With tools for building a proprietary B2B website, sharing and syndicating product data, supporting sales representatives and managing leads and customers, JuniperCommerce provides small and midsize brands with omnichannel sales and marketing tools for business growth on a previously unattainable level. KN

TRADESHOW CALENDAR MARCH 5-8 The Inspired Home Show Chicago, Illinois JUNE 22-24 h+ h americas 2022 Chicago, Illinois JULY 24-28 Las Vegas Market Las Vegas, Nevada

ADVERTISER INDEX Cook Pro Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Franmara . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 International Market Centers . . . . . . . . . .24 Prodyne Enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Serene House USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5



Ariston Specialties’ Lemon infused olive oil is made with the award-winning select extra virgin olive oil and lemon essence. This combination is a match made in heaven, resulting in a wonderful, clean, fresh-tasting oil. The same technique is used with Ariston’s Orange infused olive oil, Ariston’s Blood Orange infused olive oil and Ariston’s Lime infused oil. Ariston’s Lemon infused olive oil compliments steamed vegetables, seafood, poultry and pork. The lemon oil is also an excellent ingredient for baking. Ariston is sharing a popular recipe made with Lemon infused olive oil, which could be substituted with Orange infused, Blood Orange infused and Lime infused olive oil. Get the recipe by emailing Lemon infused olive oil also pairs nicely with Raspberry Condiment Vinegar and White Balsamic Vinegar for a wonderful salad dressing. Ariston recommends two-thirds of the Lemon olive oil to one-third of the Raspberry Condiment Vinegar or White Balsamic Vinegar. These ingredients make a healthy dressing (no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no chemicals), just totally natural and tasty ingredients.

Ariston Specialties


Trivia: What’s the hottest new woman-owned, plant-based product launched by Stacy of Stacy’s Pita Chips? Refrigerated BeBOLD energy bars! Not only delish and created with the same integrity as the pita chips, but they’re gluten and dairy free, plant-based and a simple combination of nuts, nut butters, oats, chia, wildflower honey and maple. Soooo good! They come in two flavors: Chocolate Chip Almond Butter and Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter. The process? Oh yes, there is none. Mix, press, pack and chill – that’s it! Direct ship retailers: mention this ad and receive a BOGO on your first order. Distributors get 10% O.I.

BeBOLD 855.623.2653


White Coffee has added Junior’s coffee to its family of licenses. In 1950, when the Dodgers ruled Brooklyn and Nat King Cole ruled the airwaves, Harry Rosen set out on a mission to create a new restaurant where families could enjoy comforting food, lively conversation and fabulous desserts. He believed that in order to be a great restaurant in New York, you had to make a great cheesecake. So Mr. Rosen and his baker Eigel Petersen set to work perfecting “The World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake,” a recipe that would later come to define the iconic “New York Cheesecake.” It wasn’t long before the perfect pairing emerged: a slice of the world’s most fabulous cheesecake and a cup of Junior’s freshly brewed coffee! As pioneers of the “bottomless cup,” the Junior’s philosophy has always been, “All you want, as you want it.” Today, Junior’s is proud to offer its freshly ground coffee available in Brooklyn Blend, French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Torte and Pumpkin Pie in both 12-ounce ground coffee bags and single-serve cups, to cheesecake lovers around the world.

White Coffee


Kick off the New Year right with a good mix of healthy, great tasting, better-for-you products! Celebrating 100 years of expertise in the apple industry, North Coast Organic knows what it takes to produce apple sauce unlike any other. Using only USA grown, certified organic apples, all North Coast products are made with whole apples, which means NEVER from pre-made purees or concentrates – and without any added sugars or preservatives – so you can really taste the difference. Whether it’s for baking or eating straight out of the jar, North Coast Organic does not disappoint. Join the celebration. Also available in snack size: 4-ounce cups and 3.2-ounce pouches. Recipes: Apple Sauce, Cinnamon Apple Sauce, Fruit+Veggie Apple Sauce, Probiotic Apple Sauce, and single varietals, too.

North Coast Organic 707.329.6304


OMG! Pretzels creates an elevated snacking experience with its “ridiculously delicious” gourmet flavored sourdough pretzel nuggets. As a women- and family-owned business, OMG! Pretzels prides itself on using only premium ingredients and keeping products 100 percent made in America. There are no gourmet pretzel nuggets on the market quite like OMG! Pretzels as each pretzel bursts with unbelievable crunch and flavor. Their gourmet status makes them a versatile snack, appetizer or recipe addition. Recognized as an award-winning product with strong consumer satisfaction, these pretzels are a must-have in every single home and retail location. OMG! Pretzels has handcrafted each of the eight flavors to perfection, one of the original and bestselling flavors being Garlic. The delectable taste and perfect blend of savory garlic and fresh herbs will have you saying, “OMG!” with every single bite. These crunchy, gourmet flavored pretzel wonders make the perfect standalone snack and are an elegant and delicious addition to cheese platters, soups and salads. This flavor-forward combination is bold, has no artificial ingredients and no added sugars. These crunchy garlic pretzels and will keep your customers coming back for more. Once you pop one in your mouth, “OMG!” comes popping out!

OMG! Pretzels


The specialty food makers at Stonewall Kitchen have a passion for crafting quality products with only the finest ingredients across their exceptional family of brands. Their new Avocado Oil Spray from Napa Valley Naturals continues this tradition by setting the gold standard for taste. Carefully made by harvesting and pressing whole, tree-ripened avocados from Mexico, this sensational oil boasts a light, delicate flavor as well as a smoke point of 500°F that’s perfect for high-heat cooking. Plus, the convenient nozzle allows for varied pressure release, which means the oil can be dispersed in a delicate drizzle, stream or fine mist to best fit the task at hand. Ideal for grilling, sautéing and baking favorite foods with ease, this handy must-have can be used for everything from greasing muffin tins to lightly spritzing a tossed salad.

Stonewall Kitchen


Jake, a fourth-generation member of the Jasper Family, is proud to continue the farming traditions of his greatgrandfather that have been passed down for over 70 years. Since 1948, a commitment to quality and innovation has propelled many fine Jasper Specialty Foods products into the hands of health-conscious almond lovers around the world. Jake’s Nut Roasters is a creative line of specialty almond snacks with distinctively bold and unique flavors, which include Bleu Cheese Cracked Pepper, Bloody Mary, Mesquite Smoked, Hatch Chile, Maple, Barbecue and Buffalo. These almonds are in fact “Straight from Jake’s Orchard,” showcasing the company’s vertical integration and commitment to sustainable growing practices. Jake’s almonds provide an unparalleled snacking experience and make eating this healthy snack both fun and satisfying. Jake’s Nut Roasters 7-ounce cans have a cool, classic appearance that look great on store shelves, kitchen counters or table centerpieces. Produced in a dedicated peanut-free facility, these premium California almonds are dry roasted and seasoned in small batches to deliver exceptional quality. Be on the lookout for a new Jake’s flavor coming soon. Jake’s Nut Roasters can also be found on Amazon.

Jasper Specialty Foods 800.255.1641