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Chicago Monday, March 7, 2022


AIRCARE Introduces More Ultrasonic Humidifiers

An interview with Chad Long, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, AIRCARE.

Madesmart Introduces Drying Stone Collection

Exciting Changes in Store for Manufacturer Viatek

KNSD: What made you want to work for AIRCARE?

Now more than ever, madesmart® recognizes the importance and necessity of cleanliness in our homes and workplaces. More time is being spent at home, and millions find peace of mind in creating a clean and tidy space. This is where the madesmart Drying Stone™ Collection shines. The madesmart Drying Stone Collection introduces state-of-the-art innovation to the sink area. The collection’s main innovation revolves around a removable stone base insert called Drying Stone. Composed of a natural, mineral-based material with remarkably absorbent properties, the unique composition of the Drying Stone

Viatek Consumer Products Group, known for its cutting edge and innovative retail, TV shopping, online, and catalog items, is preparing to blaze all new trails in 2022. Brought to the Chattanooga area in 2011 by founder Lou Lentine, the company remains determined to be at the forefront of the consumer market. To better achieve this goal, Viatek has gone through exciting changes in recent months that pave the way for further growth in the current year. Viatek is proud to announce that the home office has a new location: Stuart, Florida. Its new office will be ready at the beginning of 2022 and is another way

BOOTH #L12112

BOOTH #N7705

BOOTH #L11147

KNSD: Tell our readers about AIRCARE.

CL: AIRCARE is a brand of Essick Air Products, located in Arkansas, and we manufacture humidifiers. Essick started in 1943, and entered the humidifier category when it acquired the home comfort divisions of Bemis and Emerson. The AIRCARE brand launched in 2015. Essick has exhibited at the show since 2004 with the acquisition of Bemis; we inherited the booth space.

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New Products from Gourmet Kitchenworks An interview with Michele Ekins, Owner, Gourmet Kitchenworks.

KNSD: Tell our readers about your company

ME: We are a family owned and operated business, and we are the U.S. distributors for five highquality European brands. Our brands are GEFU, Olipac, Bredemeijer, Silikomart, and SteamWaverz.

KNSD: How long have you been in business?

ME: We are actually celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

BOOTH #N7900

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Tramontina’s Square Roasting Pan

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Churro Fiesta in a Box

For Sunday roasts, comfort food, one-dish meals and desserts, the Tramontina covered square roasting pan is a versatile pan that is ideal for use all year round. Tramontina’s tri-ply clad construction features an 18/10 stainless steel interior with an aluminum core and induction-ready magnetic stainless steel exterior, providing more uniform cooking. The roaster is equipped with sturdy cast stainless steel handles for easy maneuvering in and out of the oven, on the stovetop or to the table. The close-fitting, tempered glass lid helps seal in the flavor while letting you keep an eye on your recipe.

Building on the home cooking and global cuisine trends, San Diablo Artisan Churros has created Churro Fiesta in a Box, the ultimate at-home churro-making DIY kit that has everything you need to turn any gathering into a fiesta. San Diablo Artisan Churros easily empowers the re-creation of favorite churro memories (and making new ones) in the comfort of the home, making it the perfect gift for travelers, churro lovers, foodies, clients, team members, cultural enthusiasts and the person who has everything except this. Each Churro Fiesta in a Box kit includes San Diablo’s

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Monday, March 7, 2022

Madesmart Rejuvenates the Original Junk Drawer Organizer In 1990, madesmart® entered the housewares industry with the launch of the Original Junk Drawer Organizer®, where it became an immediate success. Now, 32 years later, madesmart is breathing new life into their flagship product using recycled materials, creating an item that is truly reinvigorated and repurposed. The original tool for the Original Junk Drawer Organizer was housed in a warehouse in Wisconsin where it was first manufactured. Now, in partnership with a manufacturer in Mexico, the mold finds a new life as the flagship product for madesmart’s Repurpose Collection, the company’s first line of items created completely from recycled materials. It is poetically fitting that madesmart’s flag-

ship product will also hold the title of the very first product in the company’s history to be mass produced with 100% recycled materials. The first production run will mark the beginning of the madesmart Repurpose Collection. The Repurpose Collection is created with 100% recycled plastics, allowing madesmart to move away from manufacturing with virgin materials. Madesmart is committed to continually improving the environmental impact of its innovations and celebrates this unique opportunity to introduce a more eco-friendly option to consumers. The Repurpose Original Junk Drawer Organizer features 23 compartments with coordinating sticker decals

Serene Air Collection Serene House is a leader in developing premium air care. Its cutting-edge assortment of ultrasonic aroma diffusers add style to every room. Serene House is excited to announce the Serene Air Collection featuring new innovative diffusers, Opu Ultrasonic Diffuser, Mino Ultrasonic USB Diffuser, and Muse Ultrasonic Smart Diffuser. The sleek Opu Diffuser is a revolution and makes it easier for you to enjoy your favorite essential oils with the new

easy-fill lid. The easy-fill lid allows water and the essential oil of your choice to flow from the openings in the Opu’s lid down into the water tank. A window on the front of the unit lets you see the water level in the water tank without removing the cover. This way, you always know it’s time to refill your diffuser. Choose between an 8-hour low mist continuous mode, a 6-hour high mist continuous mode, or a 14-hour intermittent low mist mode to customize

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily

for effortless organization, the perfect fit for the messiest of drawers. The removable top tray allows easy access to stored items underneath. Fitting any standard size drawer, this organizer can serve as a solution for many areas of the home. Launching the Repurpose Collection is just the beginning of exciting updates to the brand’s already successful and revolutionary products. With so many paths in organization to explore, madesmart will continue introducing fresh innovations to the industry for years to come.

For more information, visit booth #N7705, go to, 651.695.8550 or email call

your diffusing experience. It features seven soft LED ambient lights to relax you. The LED lights can rotate or be fixed to one color or turned off completely. The chic Mino Ultrasonic Cool Mist USB Diffuser is the perfect diffuser for home or on the go. The BPA-free plastic Continued on Page 37

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Monday, March 7, 2022

Celebrating 30 Years of Better Living An interview with Camillo Caperchione, Executive Vice President, Better Living Products International.

Today, our innovative solutions and the Better Living Brand can be found in many countries around the globe.

CC: Established in 1991, Better Living Products is a world-wide leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of unique, high quality bath and shower organization products for the world’s homes. We are best recognized for pioneering the shower dispenser category and for our product, The award-winning Dispenser™, an innovative shower organizer that eliminates shower bottle clutter, provides push-button convenience, reduces waste and helps consumers save money. Over the years, we expanded our product offering to address the growing need for bathroom organization and products that simplify our lives.

CC: Last year we celebrated 30 years in business and creating innovative products that “Make Life a Little Easier” continues to be the cornerstone of our business. We strive to enrich lives and make every day better, beautiful and organized. Through passion, teamwork and excellence, we think smart and create clever, purposeful houseware solutions that deliver discernible value and convenience. Our entrepreneurial culture allows us to quickly react to changing market conditions and respond to the demands of our retail partners.

KNSD: Tell our readers about your company.

KNSD: To what do you attribute your company’s success?

KNSD: Why does it make sense to part-

New Kitchen SinkShroom Nothing will slow the flow of the Kitchen SinkShroom®. Brought to you by the makers of the award-winning TubShroom® drain protector, the allnew Kitchen SinkShroom uses the same anti-clog technology to prevent clogs in your kitchen sink. It drains fully even when filled with solids thanks to a hollow, perforated cylinder that keeps the water flowing to prevent clogged messes. Your sink won’t fill with dishwater and floating food. Instead, solids are captured in the strainer and water drains away. Center stem is raised so pots and dishes can’t block the drain. Made from stainless

steel with a TPR center. About 4.5" in diameter and .75" tall. Fits standard kitchen sink drains. The patent-pending Kitchen SinkShroom borrows from much of the same technology found in the original TubShroom to provide superior protection to every drain in the home. Ask yourself the following questions: How many strainers have I gone through in the past couple of years? How easy is it to clean my current strainer? Is my current strainer an eye sore? Does the water continue to back up every time I wash my dishes? How much do I dislike sticking my hand in dirty dish water where sharp knives

Viatek’s Body Dryer Features Towel–free Drying Viatek Consumer Products Group continues to push past the cusp of innovation, bringing to market life-changing items that consumers could never imagine. One of their hottest new items is the Body Dryer. This trendy bathroom accessory replaces typical towels, drying you off with compressed air. Hot and cool settings allow users to optimize the product to their tastes and climates, and the dry-

ing process takes up to minutes. The temperature of the air is up to 140 degrees, blowing at 100 mph, and the unit can handle weight of up to 300 lbs. It’s around the size of an average bathroom scale, making it perfect to fit in any space. It also promotes sustainability, reducing a household’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need to constantly wash towels.

Tour the Showroom at Regent Products Corp. Now in its 36th year, Regent Products Corp. is a leading supplier of opening price-point direct imports, general merchandise, seasonal categories and closeouts. Its lines consist of more than 5,000 items in over thirty categories. It caters to the domestic retailer and offshore accounts as well as being an expert in exporting. Regent Products Corp. retail partners include grocery, hardware, drugstores, co-ops, discount stores and mass merchants. Many use its merchandise as in-line continuity items while others use its product in-store as an entry pricepoint or to support circular ads, coupon

specials, or sales promotions. Regent Products Corp.’s lines include Blake & Croft® kitchen gadgets, Archway® Lawn & Garden, True InLine® Health & Beauty, Bow-Wow® pet supplies, Pebble Bay® picture frames and Sea Cliff® summer table top. Glassware, home décor, hardware, serving plastics, food storage and stationery round out its general merchandise. Seasonal lines include: Valentines, Easter, Spring & Summer, Halloween and Christmas. Regent Products Corp. offers retailers the opportunity to drive price-point, margin and sales while offering customers the ability to stretch their income

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily ner with Better Living Products?

CC: We are competitively positioned to offer our retail partners unique high-quality products that generate new incremental sales and profits. Through 100% concentration on bath and shower organization, our company has been able to identify every day pain points that consumers experience during their regular bathroom regimens. With a passion for innovation, design experience and engineering know-how, our retail partners recognize us for creating cool, cutting edge trailblazing solutions that in turn become distinct, revolutionary categories. Our products are in demand and retailers want to partner with us as we deliver value, quality and a high level of service.

KNSD: What’s new and exciting this year?

CC: This year, we’ve looked at trends and listened to our retail partners leading

can be lurking? Kitchen SinkShroom addresses all these concerns. Kitchen SinkShroom is made with the best materials out there to prevent rusting and to preserve durability. The stainless steel is made to last the test of time and it looks fabulous in any kitchen. Compatibility was tested with a vast number of kitchen sink drains and the fit was perfect every single time. The basket was filled with rice, vegetables, crumbs, garbage, meats - you name it. No matter how full the basket was, the water continued to flow through the center cylinder holes and the sink remained clog-free. The Body Dryer is a hands-free way to dry off. More hygienic than towels and easy for anyone to use, from kids to grandparents. Easy to use - simply step on to start airflow and step off to stop it. Included remote control allows for easy temperature and airspeed adjustment without bending over. Multitask while you dry off from brushing your teeth to putting on makeup, streamline your morning and nighttime routine.

with outstanding value. Regent Products Corp. is committed to helping its customers grow and remain successful by offering exceptional customer service, timely shipments and outstanding products. It can also offer sourcing and private label capabilities. Its nearly 600,000 sq. ft. warehouse is packed with outstanding values and is centrally located in the heart of America’s crossroads located near major interstates, making shipments convenient to any point in the country. Regent Products Corp. has built a reputation on competence and experience. As a privately owned company, it is proud of the reputation it’s earned with customers all over the world. The compa-

us to introduce bathroom products in a matte black finish which are featured in our booth. We continue to be an authority in dispensers with the introduction of our new FOAMA Touchless Soap Dispenser, an automatic, sensor activated foaming soap dispenser that features versatile multi-control settings. Given the on going global COVID19 pandemic, practicing proper hygiene continues to be at an all time high. FOAMA is the perfect solution for clean hands in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or at the office. We also relaunched our TOUCHLESS XL Dispenser to dispense hand sanitizer. Our Shower Squeegee assortment has also grown with the recent additions of our new SOFT GRIP Shower Squeegee and the DELUXE XL Shower Squeegee.

For more information, visit booth #N7735, go to www.betterlivingproducts, call 800.487.3300 or email The Kitchen SinkShroom is easy to clean, even with one hand. Many strainers make it unnecessarily difficult to get ahold of the sharp edges when it’s time to remove it from the sink. Other strainers are a chore to clean out properly. Simply grab the center “shroom” cylinder to pull the Kitchen SinkShroom out of the drain, then rotate your fingers to the edge before tapping the debris away into the garbage. For more information, visit booth #N6729 or go to

Featuring an MSRP of $349.99, the Body Dryer is a product that is both fun and good for the environment. Visit Viatek’s booth at the Inspired Home Show to get an up-close view of the Body Dryer in person.

For more information, visit booth #L11147, go to www.viatek, call 423.402.9010 or email ny’s corporate office, distribution warehouse and main showroom are located 15 minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Many buyers will plan special trips either before or after the show and stop by the offices to get a complete understanding of what Regent Products Corp. does and the opportunities it offers. If you would like to visit the showroom while in Chicago, visit booth #N6305 and speak with a sales representative to make arrangements.

For more information, visit booth #N6305, call 800.583.1002, email or go to

Monday, March 7, 2022

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily

Atlanta-based company which makes reusable food wraps and bags, creating a buzz in the industry with its easy-touse quality products. Buzzee Maker Pushpa Santhosh was inspired by her father, who has been weaving cotton for more than four decades in India, and her mother, who always uses the fabric to bag produce and cover jars. When her son was born in 2016, she wanted to minimize how much plastic their family used and threw away. Drawing from her family history, she decided to try her hand at making these cotton-based alternatives. Buzzee products are made with

100% organic printed cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). The wraps are infused with tropical beeswax, organic virgin coconut oil, organic citrus essential oils, and Himalayan pine tree resin. They are reusable, washable, compostable, and longer-lasting than their plastic counterparts. Buzzee would be the thinnest beeswax wrap available in the market, as most would agree that dealing with sticky and bulky food wrap is far from convenient when making an effort to transition from plastic habits.

Buzzee’s reusable approach helps reduce single-use plastics, like baggies and cling wrap. While their organic cotton bags are great for shopping trips, straining nut milk, bagging produce and bulk food items, with vibrant patterns (including one drawn by Pushpa’s young daughter), a wrap can work to store produce, cover bowls, save cheese, seal up leftovers, stash a sandwich, and above all, reduce plastic consumption while keeping food fresh.

convenient – ergonomically shaped and designed to position the hand for ease of use, Evercare lint sheets are easy to tear off and boast guillotine cuts that produce less wasted sheets. Versatile design and sizes allow for use at home, in the office or on the go, and make for a must-have companion for the car. For pet owners, the Evercare Pet Lint Rollers offer one of the stickiest options for removing pet hair, lint, debris

and other particles from clothes, curtains, couches and more. No matter the need, Evercare ensures consumers will never be left stuck. For extreme situations, the Extreme Stick Lint Pick-Up Roller is the best line of defense and is perfect for clothing, furniture and interior spaces. When large areas of fabric are the object of a clean, the Evercare All Purpose Giant Roller is the

ultimate match – making hair, lint, dust and debris removal from sofas, blankets and clothes a breeze. While crumby moments are often unavoidable, with Evercare Lint Rollers, they will quickly – and more easily – be left in the dust.

Buzzee Reusable Food Wraps and Bags If you take a look around your kitchen or office right now, chances are you’ll notice you’re surrounded by plastic— water bottles, straws, plastic grocery bags, food wrappers, take-out containers, single-serve coffee pods, disposable utensils, and produce bags. These are all examples of single-use plastic products, which represent the epitome of today’s throwaway culture. Roughly half of the annual plastic production in the world is destined for single-use plastics. Luckily, many consumers are starting to choose reusable items as much as they can and cities are banning single-use plastics, working towards a clean globe. Buzzee is an

That’s How We Roll At home, on the go, or with pets – Evercare has been the lint roller expert since 1956, more than 40 years before the closest competitor. There is often no shortage of sticky situations in life, and that’s why Evercare lint rollers are prepared to effortlessly pick up more lint, dust, and debris per sheet with a sticky tape and easier tear. Lint rollers have never been more

Negg Egg Peeler and Negg Seasonings Eggs are nutritious. They really are a super food, but people had taken them off the menu because of the dreaded chore of peeling them. Negg stands for naked egg, and the Negg Egg Peeler has people eating hardboiled eggs again as part of their regular

diet. Now everyone can be a healthy, happy peeler! How about a new twist for making deviled eggs? Let’s get out of the mayo and mustard jar. Classic is good, but how can we change it up? The Negg egg products have a new

U.S. Home Decor Market Primed to Reach $283B by 2025 The U.S. home decor market, which was valued at $190.96 billion in 2020, is predicted to reach $283 billion by the end of 2026, according to a report from ResearchAndMarkets. Increasing numbers of individual home buyers and an expanding real estate industry are expected to drive the industry, the report says. The market also is expected to get a boost from growing environmental awareness among consumers toward ecofriendly home decor products, in addition

to demand for trending and unique furniture that can provide lucrative growth opportunities in the industry. Home decor is the art of designing the internal and external part of a house, making them functionally useful for residents. Home decor items include floor covering, textiles, carpet and area rugs, bedroom and kitchen furniture, lamp and lighting pots, candles, artifacts, etc. The United States is mostly an urbanized society with high disposable income, which gives the home decor industry a

Microban, Calphalon Develop Antimicrobial Knife Sets Microban International has partnered with Calphalon brand – manufacturer of premium-quality cookware, bakeware, cutlery and appliances – to develop a range of kitchen knives with built-in antimicrobial product protection. Calphalon Classic and Select by Calphalon knife sets now have specifi-


cally formulated Microban SilverShield technology built into the handle of each knife, helping to provide antimicrobial product protection. Every home chef faces the daily challenge of maintaining clean surfaces through constant washing and sanitizing. Insufficient hygiene measures –

twist. How about Cajun deviled eggs, or curry deviled eggs? How about smoky ham for omelets or scrambled eggs? Skip the calories, but turn up the flavor. These fabulous spices were awarded the 2021 sofi™ for Best New Seasoning for a reason.

For more information, visit booth #S4459 or email

For more information, go to www

It seems almost every diet now includes eggs, and Negg egg products put the zing back in your customers’ diets. You’ll have them coming back again and again! For more information, visit booth #S1652.

bright future. In recent decades, home decor products were traditionally sold from specialty stores and supermarkets. But in the last few years, especially after COVID, e-commerce stores have started to generate good sales. The use of devices such as smartphones and tablets with easy payment options has also fueled the market growth of online home decor products. Digital marketing and social media have started to play a much bigger role compared to magazines and television advertisements. Social media influences consumer purchasing decisions. Thanks to generation Z and millennials, many consumers also buy home decor products

through social media. The U.S. home decor market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 6.78 percent from 2020 to 2026. Due to the pandemic, international trade was put on hold, which resulted in a shortage of raw materials, the supply chain was disrupted and a majority of manufacturing facilities halted operations. The demand for home decor declined during the first phase of the lockdown. A separate report from Technavio Research predicts that the online home decor market will grow by $52.95 billion from 2021 to 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 9 percent.

combined with the diminishing antimicrobial activity of some cleaning solutions after application – can lead to exponential microbial growth. This contributes to the risk of staining, odors and premature degradation of kitchen equipment. As one of the most commonly used utensils while preparing food, kitchen knives are particularly susceptible to these issues. Calphalon and Microban have addressed this by incorporating industry-leading silver ion antimicrobial

technology into the most common touch points – handles – of the popular Calphalon Classic and Select by Calphalon knives. This helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms on the surface of the handles. The technology begins to work as soon as microorganisms come into contact with the handle, supporting and enhancing existing cleaning practices to provide 24/7 protection for the lifetime of the product, without ever washing off or becoming less effective.


Monday, March 7, 2022

Q-Beam Buzzkill Brite: Lighting the Way Viatek Consumer Products Group continues to provide consumer goods for the home covering inside and out. One of their hottest new items is the Q-Beam Buzzkill Brite, a flashlight that can quickly and conveniently turn into a bug zapper and provide the function of a flashlight. The lightweight yet durable construction makes it easy to throw into your camping gear and other outdoor contain-

ers. It is handy for those that participate in outdoor activities to carry with them. Put one in the picnic basket to have a bug-free day at the park. Have one on the boat. Keep one near the front porch for those lazy afternoons you wish to keep pest-free. Featuring an MSRP of $24.99 and power up to 400nm, the Buzzkill Brite offers four functions. When using the Buzzkill Brite as a traditional flashlight,

Global Lighting Fixtures, Luminaries Market Set to Reach $112.9B by 2027 The global lighting fixtures and luminaries market, which is estimated at $79.2 billion in 2020, is projected to reach $112.9 billion by 2027 with a compound annual growth rate of 5.2 percent from 2020 to 2027, according to a report by ResearchAndMarkets. Non-portable products are expected

to record a 5.5 percent compound annual growth rate and reach $85.2 billion by the end of 2027, the report states. After an early analysis of the business implications of the pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis, growth in the portable segment is now expected to have a 3.8 percent compound annual growth rate

Big-Ticket Kitchen Buys Prove Stronger Than 2020 Sales Surges in consumer spending on major appliances and home-improvement products for the kitchen indicate big upgrades were in the works for 2021. Sales of luxury major kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, cooktops and ovens, increased 45 percent in the United States, year over year, from January through September 2021. Kitchen cabinets and kitchen sinks were among the categories leading growth in the kitchen and bath home-improvement segment this year, according to The NPD Group. The trend indicates 2020’s elevated

focus on the home moved from the outdoors to indoor spaces, said Joe Derochowski, home industry advisor at NPD. “Following a year of working from home, limited expenditures on travel and other activities, many consumers found themselves in new living spaces and with more disposable income to make those spaces their own,” he said. Combined sales of kitchen sinks, cabinets and countertops grew nearly 40 percent. It is likely that more of these products are being purchased for professional remodels, than for smaller do-it-

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily the Buzzkill Brite has a High, a Low, and a Strobe setting. The fourth function is accessible when you unscrew and slide down the middle body of the flashlight and reveal the bug zapper in the housing. Since its recent introduction, the QBeam Buzzkill has been successful for Viatek. The product has seen immense success with online retailers, and with the summer months coming up ahead, the

For more information, visit booth #L11147, go to, call 423.402.9010 or email

over the next seven-year period. The report estimates the U.S. market at $15.3 billion in 2020. China is forecast to reach a projected market size of $23.7 billion by 2027 with a compound annual growth rate of 6.7 percent from 2020 to 2027, according to the report. In the global parts and accessories segment, the United States, Canada, Japan, China and Europe will drive the 4.2 percent compound annual growth rate estimated for this segment. These region-

al markets, accounting for a combined market size of $8.1 billion in 2020, will reach a projected size of $10.8 billion by the close of the analysis period. China will remain among the fastest growing in this cluster of regional markets, the report states. Led by countries such as Australia, India and South Korea, the market in Asia-Pacific is forecast to reach $20.8 billion by 2027, while Latin America will expand at a 5.2 percent compound annual growth rate through the analysis period.

yourself projects, as older consumers with more disposable income and less DIY inclination represent the majority of sales. Among kitchen and bath home improvement products, 42 percent of spending came from consumers who were age 55 and older. By the end of September, luxury major kitchen appliance sales had already surpassed total revenue from 2020. The category experienced significant growth during the first half of the year, as consumers got an early start on remodeling projects. While the upward trend continued through the third quarter, growth was slower than the months that preceded it. March and June accounted for more than a quarter of the luxury cooking and cooling appliances, dishwashers,

microwaves, beverage centers and ice makers sold between January and September 2021. The biggest movers were French-door refrigerators, which recorded nearly 72 percent revenue growth, capturing the highest absolute sales-revenue gains across all major kitchen appliances, versus the same period a year ago. “Double-digit gains on these kinds of big-ticket items points to the beginning of something bigger,” Derochowski said. 2021’s emphasis on major home improvements, coupled with greater comfort with entertaining others inside the home, will make shopping in 2022 “an exciting period filled with opportunity for all things related to the kitchen,” he said.

demand for the QBuzzkill Beam Brite is increasing by the day. Be sure to visit Viatek’s booth at the Inspired Home Show to check out the Q-Beam Buzzkill Brite, as well as the company’s other exciting new items.

2022 Best of Show

Monday, March 7, 2022

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily

‘Mini’ Cookware, Bakeware Among Updates in CMA Standards As cookware and bakeware materials and technology evolve, so does the Cookware Manufacturing Association’s Engineering Standards manual. The latest version, which was published in September, includes new content and significant visual esthetic enhancements, according to the CMA.

The newest of content updates include “mini” cookware and bakeware, clarifications of maximum oven temperature and a new test method for measuring handle temperature. Established in 1922, the Cookware Manufacturing Association’s Engineering Standards for Cookware and Bakeware are

Clearing Clutter Is Big Business By A.J. Flick

Even before the pandemic, the home organizing market was booming, with market projections reaching upwards of $13 million by 2023. A 2018 report by Packaged Facts showed two-thirds of Americans want more home organization products. “The reality is, America has reached ‘peak stuff,’ with too many consumers owning too many things,” according to the report. “The effect of this overconsumption has created a strong trend advocating for simplicity, minimalism, and – above all else – control of clutter.” Steve Greenspon saw the niche as a promising venture years before that. In 2007, he was looking to segue from owning plumbing and bath product companies to another category. “I’ve always been somewhat passionate and very interested in home organization products,” he said. “I’m a fairly organized person myself. I like to have things in the right place. “I view organization as a way to reduce chaos for the home and in your personal life. Being organized makes you more efficient. When you know where something is, you’re not wasting time looking for it.” Greenspon started walking through the aisles at retailers. “I looked at everything from tools to kitchen appliances to beauty products and saw a wide range of home organization and laundry care products,” he said. The category seemed like a perfect fit. “I understand it. I appreciate it. I’m passionate about it, enough to become a knowledgable person in the industry within a short time.”

In 2008, Greenspon founded HoneyCan-Do, based in Berkeley, Illinois, west of Chicago, and is its CEO. Honey-Can-Do is an multi-national manufacturer of home storage, organization and garment care as well as kitchen housewares. Its products are found in major retailers in 70 countries under the brands Honey-Can-Do, Joyce Chen, Perch, Origins, Stone Oven and private label brands. Greenspon also serves as vice chair on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the International Housewares Association. “It’s so important to be flexible, to be adaptable,” Greenspon said. “And, I guess, to react to macro trends in the market and be open to the next big thing. Don’t be afraid to start the next big thing as well.” Fourteen years ago, last year and now, Greenspon said the “basics haven’t changed. The basics are creating more space for people, helping people get organized.”

For Phoenix executive Stephanie Olsen, agency principal for ReThinc Advertising, organization plays into everything she does. “I’m obsessed with it,” she admitted. “In the fridge, in the pantry – a new label maker was the best Christmas gift. I get borderline Monica from ‘Friends,” referring to the fictional character whose neatness often was the butt of jokes. Olsen challenged her team to think of three things they’d do to get more organized. Her list included organizing Google Drive folders, iPhone apps, box of chargers and cords, file cabinet and under the bathroom sinks at the office. She knows organizing doesn’t come easily to many people. “It’s so hard to just get started,” she

High-quality Cooks Standard Cookware Brand An interview with John Wei Shen, Neway International Housewares.

KNSD: Tell our readers a little about your company. What’s your main line of business?

JWS: We design and produce high-quality cookware products. Cooks Standard™ is “top rated” for consecutive 10 years. The cookware features a stay-cool handle, and this handle design was patented in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2011. The cookware handle provides a comfort grip as well as staying cool during cooking use. Since we introduced this line of cookware 10 years ago, it quickly become very popu-

lar in the marketplace. Now, when you search online, you will find so many customer reviews of this cookware telling you how much they love this cookware design.

KNSD: What would you say makes your company unique?

JWS: Best quality and best design, which set a standard for cookware.

KNSD: What was the most significant event or series of events affecting your company in the past year?

JWS: IHA Chicago Housewares Show gave us an opportunity to welcome new

the result of voluntary collaboration among member companies in the United States and Canada. The standards exist to promote the welfare of the cookware and bakeware industry and to improve its service to the public. The CMA Engineering Standards have been a long-standing guide for many manufacturers and developers for generations. “The Engineering Standards manual is the most important benefit and tool of the association,” said Fran Groesbeck, CMA’s managing director. “This book

said. “You’re sitting there, looking at so many different things. It can be overwhelming. I’m big on lists. I’m big on priotizing what areas of my life are causing stress.”

Matt Paxton knows what stress comes from hoarding. An organizing expert, he made a national name for himself on the bingeable “Hoarders” TV show and now hosts his own Emmy-nominated series, “Legacy List.” Even with such expertise, he felt the stress last year when it came to moving his family (seven children in all) in with his then-fiancee, now wife who is a minimalist. “We had a big house with a lot of rooms that were full,” Paxton said. “I make a living giving advice and then not following it,” he joked. When dealing with families cleaning out their houses on “Legacy List,” Paxton asks them to list the five most important items that tell the family’s story. Sometimes, the cleanup results in valuable treasures being found, but most often, invaluable memories are revived. For anyone wanting to get more organized, Paxton suggested starting small. “Kitchen junk drawers,” he said. “They’re full of keys, rubber bands, small tools, papers, batteries – a bunch of crap that don’t get cleaned out enough. “The reason I like that is it’s symbolic for ‘I can do this. I can get it done in an hour if I really focus.’ Know that you can achieve it. If you start on the garage, you’re not going to finish it in a day and you’ll get discouraged and get to it later. Then later doesn’t happen. “I used to run marathons,” he said. “You don’t start at 20 miles. You start at 10 minutes. A junk drawer is 10 minutes.” Paxton, whose newest book will include tips on getting started clearing clutter, advises setting a time limit on each customers. Our customer retention rate is 100%. We were limited in resources to service new dealers last year, and we hope we can soon overcome this limit.

KNSD: Did your marketing strategy in the past year provide you the overall position you had projected?

JWS: Yes, business growth is very fast.

KNSD: Describe your current marketing strategy.

JWS: Offer the highest quality beyond customer expectations.

KNSD: Are you introducing any new products this year?

JWS: We are expanding our Cooks Standard high-end line, adding more sizes and functions to items to meet cus-


stands for the members’ dedication to building products with consumer safety at the forefront of all we do. These standards are the benchmark by which all cookware should be manufactured.” The CMA is a not-for-profit trade association owned by its membership: manufacturers of cookware and bakeware with substantial operations and headquarters in the United States. The CMA’s mission is to inform and promote the industry to its members, their customers and the general public.

cleanup task, whether it’s an hour or a week to get things done. Some people have an easier time throwing away, donating or selling something they haven’t used in a long time. While Paxton encourages keeping items that are attached to lost loved ones – “Anything handwritten, that’s hard for me to get rid of” – misplaced guilt often gets in the way. “Whether it’s on ‘Hoarders’ or ‘Legacy List,’ people hold on to things for fear of upsetting dead people,” he said. That’s blunt, but Paxton makes the point that thinking about what those things mean, or don’t mean, to the people who will have to deal with them after you can help make the decision on what to keep and what not to. Paxton has adopted some of his wife’s minimalist habits – he loves paddleboarding, but realized he only needed one, not the six he used to have and has whittled his closet down to sets of identical shirts, shorts and shoes so he doesn’t spend time worrying about what to wear each day – he knows it’s not for everyone. Yet his children have come to love the lifestyle. “I thought they’d be miserable, but they don’t have to clean up as much stuff now,” he said. “Overwhelmingtly, they’re happier kids with less stress.” Each January, Honey-Can-Do works with retailers for special promotions as organizing lands on many a New Year’s resolution list. “Kitchens and bathrooms are going to be the focus of organization for the next couple of years,” Greenspon said. “I think there will be a focus on storing clothing and shoes, external to closet space, with racks that are more mobile, creating more closet space.” tomer need.

KNSD: What distinguishes your products from the competition? JWS: Quality, quality and quality.

KNSD: What is the nature of your distribution?

JWS: We welcome all channel distributors.

KNSD: Tell our readers about your trade show objectives, plans, products, promotions, etc.

JWS: There are many new products first available in 2022. We welcome distributors as well as sales reps. For more information, visit booth #S-4810, email, or go to


Monday, March 7, 2022

Unilever Pureit Unilever has launched Pureit, a new innovation in reverse osmosis water purification, to the U.S. market. Pureit utilizes a combination of anti-scaling materials and high-quality reverse osmosis and carbon filters to provide cleaner, fresher water. According to the CDC, even when the public water system is working correctly, a small number of germs that naturally occur in the environment can still

be present. This served as a main motivator to bring U.S. households access to more pure water for longer through Pureit’s DURAVita filtration technology that does not fade over time, according to Unilever. The brand is launching with its breakthrough Pureit 5 Series Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier, which brings high-performing filtration technology to consumers in a compact, tankless

JURA Milk Cooler Home and office baristas will appreciate JURA’s new milk cooler. The Cool Control 0.6 Liter Milk Cooler features upgraded technology and a new slender design. It keeps milk chilled at the optimum temperature of 39°F and connects to JURA automatic coffee machines to create fresh, fine-textured milk foam for flat whites, cappuccinos, lattes and other

trend specialties. Cool Control 0.6L has a small footprint (4.5 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches) and makes ideal use of space. It has clean, minimalist lines and reflects the classic JURA look. Design details include a 0.05-inch thick stainless steel cover and elegant ventilation slots. Instructions are simple: Just pour fresh milk into the milk container and

Le Creuset Introduces Harry Potter-Inspired Collection Le Creuset has launched the Harry Potter x Le Creuset Collection in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The limited-edition collection includes a mix of enameled cast iron, stoneware,

tools and textiles – each featuring designs inspired by the Wizarding World. This whimsical assortment features an array of Le Creuset’s iconic colors and shapes adorned with accents and depic-

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily design. Pureit water purifiers are certified Water Quality to Association Gold Seal standards. Pureit’s DURAVita filtration technology includes three primary filters that provide five layers of filtration to reduce germs, bacteria, and remove more than 90 percent of total dissolved solids and 99 percent of select heavy metals. Pureit’s intuitive interface and filter

place the lid on top. An easy-to-read level indicator alerts the user when it is time to refill. Cool Control 0.6L ensures freshness, hygiene and perfect results every time. Because hygiene is essential, there are airtight connections between the milk con-

tions that draw inspiration from the films’ beloved characters, Hogwarts houses, locations and iconic dishes. “The experience of cooking and sharing a memorable meal with loved ones is pure magic,” said Paul van Zuydam, owner, Le Creuset. “Chefs and Harry Potter fans alike will now be able to express their inner creativity as they transform humble ingredients into spectacular dishes.”

The Harry Potter x Le Creuset assortment includes: • Harry Potter Signature Round Dutch Oven – Finished in vibrant cherry red cerise with a solid brass lightningbolt knob inspired by Harry’s scar. • Quidditch Signature Round Dutch Oven – This special-edition Dutch oven is finished in Le Creuset’s rich Marseille blue with a solid brass Golden Snitch knob affixed to the lid, which is embossed with three Quidditch goal posts. • Lord Voldemort Rectangle Covered Casserole – Adorned with two powerful Dark Arts symbols and featuring a matte black finish, this special-edition stoneware casserole pays tribute to “He Who Must Not Be Named.” The dimensional handle is cast like the phoenix feather core wand carried by Lord Voldemort himself. Hidden and embossed inside the piece is the Dark Mark, the foreboding symbol associated with Death Eaters in the wizarding world. • Deathly Hallows Spoon Rest – An essential addition to any kitchen, the spoon rest’s three-ringed, grooved sides keep spoons, spatulas and ladles from sliding, while its wide bowl contains any drips. The design minimizes messiness while evoking the mysteries of the Resurrection Stone, Elder Wand and Invisibility Cloak. • Hogwarts Houses Dessert Plate Set – Curated for the Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw in all of us, the Hogwarts Houses Dessert Plate Set captures the anticipation of feasts in the Great Hall and friendly competitions between loyal, intelligent, cunning and

lifetime indicator reminds users when and which filter needs to be replaced. When filters need to be replaced, they can be easily changed in four steps with Pureit’s snap in, snap out

design. The UR5440 model retails for $479 and the UR5640 model retails at $549. Replacement filters retail for $25.99 to $99.99.

tainer, milk pipe and milk nozzle. The parts can easily be connected or disconnected in just a few simple steps. The stainless steel container, milk lance and adapter are all dishwasher safe. The JURA Cool Control 0.6L has a retail price of $259.

brave students. • Hedwig Pie Bird – Modeled after Harry Potter’s beloved snowy owl, the Hedwig Pie Bird is whimsically elegant and undeniably useful. Its embossed feather detail, intelligent eyes and black beak make the pie bird as remarkable as Hedwig. The hollow pie bird vents steam from the pie filling as it cooks, preventing the contents from boiling over, while arches on the bottom redirect excess moisture to keep the bottom crust from becoming soggy. • Magical Locations Mug Set – For coffee, tea or hot chocolate, the Magical Location Mug Set is adorned with metallic foil logos of the most recognizable businesses in the wizarding world. Each mug has a hidden message that is magically revealed to every witch, wizard or Muggle after they finish their beverage. • Hogwarts Express Kettle – Le Creuset’s special-edition Hogwarts Express Kettle is finished in a bold matte black and cerise red glaze over fast-heating premium carbon steel. Outfitted with a gold, single-tone whistling spout, the kettle is detailed in Hogwarts-inspired accents like the lid’s gold knob, which bears the number of the series’ most famous train platform: 9 3⁄4. • Hogwarts Houses Potholder – Like the colorful uniforms at the famed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the potholder combines a quad of colors with a gold-threaded, embroidered crest. The essence of Hogwarts is stitched into every golden “H” and designed from durable, printed cotton canvas and blue terry cloth. • Spellcasting Spatula Set – Inspired by the wands of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Dumbledore, Le Creuset’s Oyster-colored, non-abrasive Spellcasting Spatula Set brings magic into the kitchen with long-lasting durability and wizard-worthy versatility. The Harry Potter x Le Creuset Collection is available for purchase at Le Creuset Signature Stores, Le Creuset Outlets, and Williams Sonoma, starting at $25.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily

Bed Bath & Beyond Launches Contemporary Home Decor Bed Bath & Beyond has launched Studio 3B, an Owned Brand line of contemporary home décor inspired by modern design. Studio 3B offers approachable, modern designs for everyday living. A curated collection of casual, warm and inviting homeware, Studio 3B’s subtly refined, ontrend assortment includes décor, bedding, bath and accent furniture. The affordably priced assortment encourages a mix-andmatch approach, making it simple to update and refresh any living space. “Studio 3B allows home decorators to easily attain a modern aesthetic that feels inviting and thoughtfully designed,” said Joe Hartsig, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer. “We’ve seen increasing customer demand for more approachably modern product collections.”

The Studio 3B collection offers more than 600 products that marry form with function. The assortment is designed to fit into any home, but is particularly well-suited for urban and smallspace living: • Accent furniture and décor: Faux greenery, frames, vases, mirrors, art, storage, lighting, decorative objects, wall décor, window treatments, rugs and accent furniture, including vanity sets and stools • Bedding: Sheet sets; duvet, comforter and quilt sets; throw blankets and decorative pillows • Bath: Soap dishes and dispensers, trash cans, trays and bath accessories • Dining: Dinnerware, drinkware, serveware, flatware, barware and kitchen textiles.

Global Organic Dinnerware Market Expected to Surpass $1,557M The global organic dinnerware market is expected to experience notable growth by 2028, due to rising demand for organic products, especially for plates. The North American region is predicted to lead the market, according to a report from India-based Research Drive. The market is expected to garner a revenue of $1,557.13 million by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7.50 percent from 2021 to 2028, the report states. The increase of health-conscious people across the globe and rising adoption of organic products are expected to drive the growth of the market. In addition, surging collaborative initiatives from major players of the market and the

availability of a wide variety of innovative organic dinnerware products could bolster the growth of the market during the forecast period. In addition, rising demand for ceramic dinnerware is expected to create immense opportunities for the growth of the market, the report states. However, the high cost of organic dinnerware could restrain growth of the market. The outbreak of coronavirus has had a medium impact on the growth of the global organic dinnerware market, due to the lockdowns prevalent in various countries and a growing trend of cooking and taking food orders during the pandemic. Lockdowns led to the closure of hotels and restaurants, so dine-in for customers

AIRCARE (Cont’d. from p. 1)

by providing comfort – and I really love that we can do that.

CL: I interviewed because it was a great opportunity to work for the market leader, but the people sold me on wanting to work here. We have a great owner in Jim Walton, which gives us very strong financial backing. Our president, Kim Stafford, has been with the company over 30 years. He and the rest of our leadership team are passionate about our customers. KNSD: How do your humidifiers improve your customers’ lives?

CL: Humidifiers help relieve cold and flu symptoms, allergy and asthma symptoms, and prevent dry skin and static electricity. So, our products improve life Viatek (Cont’d. from p. 1)

the company is showing off its new look. The revamped look includes a new logo, and a retooled, more user-friendly website. On the website, customers can more easily peruse the company’s nowclassic products, such as the Body Dryer, iReach family of ladders and step stools, and Q-Beam tactical flashlights. Another change comes with the 2022

KNSD: What do you enjoy most about the show?

CL: I really love showing our humidifiers to existing and potential customers and discussing how we can help them grow their business. The show is a great reminder of how big a space we play in, and it allows us to showcase our products to the entire industry.

From a design perspective, Studio 3B makes it easy to contemporize a home with on-trend colors, patterns, materials and textures that mix and match to create truly inspired spaces. Warm, muted, neutral hues are punctuated with bold pops of color. Colorblocking is prevalent throughout the collection. Graphic patterns, both geometric and abstract, add visual interest. Soft curves and rounded shapes inform many of the products, from mirrors to lighting to bath décor. Warm woods and light translucent and matte materials keep silhouettes from feeling spare or cold. Soft textured bouclé and saturated, colored linen infuse upholstered furniture with warmth and modern sensibility.

The Studio 3B accent furniture draws inspiration from a design style called Japandi, an evolution of mid-century modern. Clean lines and leggy silhouettes reflect contemporary living and are small space-friendly, helping smaller scale living spaces feel open and airy. Flexible functionality is a cornerstone of the accent furniture assortment. Side tables double as slimwidth desks for home office/school use. Bar carts can be repurposed as coffee stations. Bookcases with storage bins can serve as room dividers. Sofa side tables are equally at home as nightstands. Many of the pieces also transition from indoor to outdoor spaces to expand the living area. Art also features prominently in the Studio 3B collection. Many of the prints feature linear or modern overscale geometries and balanced tonal color fields.

was prohibited and caused disruptions in the production and supply chain of dinnerware products. But increasing food orders during lockdowns and a rising demand for porcelain dinnerware created decent profits for growth of the market. By type, the plates sub-segment is expected to be most profitable and generate a revenue of $720.49 million during the forecast period. Increasing prevalence of organic plates – due to their eco-friendly, compostable and chemical-free properties – is expected to drive the growth of the sub-segment during the forecast period. By distribution channel, the commercial sub-segment is expected to be most lucrative and generate a revenue of $884.9 million during the forecast period. Rising demand for organic dinnerware in restaurants and hotels is expected to accelerate the growth of the market. By region, the North American

region is expected to dominate the market and generate a revenue of $568.35 million during the forecast period. Increased standard of living among people and availability of leading players of the market in this region are expected to bolster the growth of the market during the forecast period. The top 10 major players of the organic dinnerware market are Lenox, Hermes, Herend, Royal Doulton, Corelle, Royal Worcester, Guy Degrenne, Libbey, Meissen and Wedgwood. These companies are working on developing strategies such as product development, merger and acquisition, partnerships and collaborations to sustain the market growth, according to the report. A separate report from Technavio estimated the ceramic tableware market to grow by $3.09 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 4.55 percent from 2021 to 2025.

small ultrasonic humidifiers have been very successful. Over the last two years, we’ve introduced many new ultrasonic models and two new steam humidifiers – a first for AIRCARE. I’m excited that we finally get to show these new models off in-person. You can see all of these at booth #L12112.

center for our consumers. Our amazing marketing department creates the best packaging and social media campaigns in the industry, and our sales department builds strong relationships with our retail partners.

KNSD: To what do you attribute AIRCARE’s success?

CL: AIRCARE is known for whole house evaporative humidifiers, but our

CL: For the consumer, our products improve the air they breathe. For our retail partners, we pride ourselves on never running out of inventory, even in peak season, and shipping on time. We have dedicated key account reps to service our customers, and an in-house call

catalog, offering an exciting lineup of new products. These include the USB rechargeable Smart Touch 2 in 1 Wet/Dry Grinder, Smart Touch Trash Vac, the WeedErase, and the Amalfi line of Electric Bikes. The changes at Viatek came about with the naming of a new leader, Chad Neuendorf, who became President of Viatek in June 2019. With an extensive history in sales and TV shopping, Chad

brings a ground-floor perspective of the industry and an eye toward the future. Chad takes over for Lou Lentine, who still serves as chairman while Chad guides the company into new, exciting waters. These new ventures will see Viatek moving into new markets, both foreign and domestic, with the continued mission of meeting customers wherever they are to serve their needs. With an overhauled look and an

KNSD: What are you most excited about for AIRCARE in 2022?


KNSD: Which humidifier is your favorite?

CL: The EP9800 Pedestal changed the life of my son Parker, who’s had asthma since he was a young child. Stop by our booth #L12112 – I’d love to share the rest of the story with you. For more information, go to www, call 501.562.1094 or stop by booth #L12112.

improved website, Viatek is sure to become ubiquitous at retail and online marketplaces for today and beyond. Join Viatek this year at the Inspired Home Show to witness the creative vanguard of industrialism.

For more information, visit booth #L11147, go to, call 423.402.9010 or email

Monday, March 7, 2022

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily

Prodyne will feature additions and variations to the company’s other distinctive tabletop, serveware, and pantry categories. As inflation pressures household budgets, more consumers are enjoying Taco Tuesdays prepared at home. Prodyne’s It’s Taco Time™ Prep & Serve Taco Bar, a dual-purpose taco holder and toppings server, is the perfect accessory for serving craft tacos at home. The taco server features a gener-

ous four-taco tray holder/server as a primary function that flips to reveal a secondary function as a three bay taco toppings server for holding cheese, salsa, lettuce, and other popular taco condiments. The taco server compliments the company’s distinctive and extensive line of premium acrylic based serveware. Turning to the grill, Prodyne will highlight its novel Bar-B-Board™, a multi-use food preparation and carry system designed to give grill masters and everyday cooks an efficient tool to prepare, season, carry, and serve favorite bar-b-que dishes. Bar-B-Board consolidates multiple cooking tasks into a con-

venient grilling and everyday cooking workstation. Adding to the brand’s extensive assortment of fine serving and prep bowls, Prodyne will present Top Chop™, a combination salad bowl and fitted cutting board to make preparing restaurant quality salads a snap. The Top Chop removable top mounted cutting board provides an ingenious workstation atop the bowl that preserves valuable counter space for chopping, slicing, and prepping salad ingredients.

Sink Station, Dish Rack, and the Dish Drying Mat. It was soon realized that select Drying Stone products could be just as useful in the bathroom, so the collection was expanded beyond the kitchen. The bath collection includes the Sink Tray, Sink Station, and Small Sink Station. Most recently added to the Drying Stone bath collection is the Toothbrush Tray. The madesmart Drying Stone Toothbrush Tray elevates the way you

store your toothbrush with a modern, twist. The single compartment tray is perfectly sized for storing a standard sized toothbrush either in-drawer, on the counter, or in the medicine cabinet. Multiple holders can stack upon one another to make the most of precious storage space. The body is constructed of high-quality plastic and the remarkably absorbent Drying Stone, ensuring that toothbrushes stay clean and dry.

Since the innovative collection launch, the Drying Stone has been honored with multiple international design and innovation awards, making this collection the new industry standard. This is a collection you won’t want to miss.

after just four months, the olive oil is no longer extra virgin. The Olipac Filare is a finalist for the 2022 GIA awards! Another line is the X-plosion line from GEFU. These are salt and pepper mills that are six times more efficient than the standard mill, and they have 15 different options of coarseness that vary from extremely fine to extremely coarse. Also, part of this line is the GEFU Spice Tower, which is also a finalist for the 2022 GIA awards!

tradeshow, GEFU has been developing a lot of amazing products. One of the new lines is the x-plosion line, and new this year is the electric salt and pepper mill. We also have a whole new line of elegant storage containers from GEFU that my daughter has already said she wants for her house. Also new is a line of fermentation products. These products will help you pickle your own foods, make your own sauerkraut, and make other healthful fermented foods, which is a big trend right now.

Prodyne Grows Popular Lines at Inspired Home Show In Chicago, Prodyne celebrates its 43rd year attending the annual IHA show with an emphasis on the 51-year-old brand’s hallmark Fruit Infusion™ Pitcher line, a subset of the hydration category the company created more than 12 years ago. Through the years and 20-plus products later, millions of health-conscious consumers have enjoyed infusing water with natural fruit flavors in Prodyne’s innovative designs crafted from premium BPA free crystal-clear acrylics. Additionally, Madesmart (Cont’d. from p. 1)

evaporates water in exemplary fashion. Thanks to its antimicrobial makeup, the Drying Stone requires little maintenance to sustain a beautifully pristine home, bringing peace of mind to cleaning. First designed to provide peace of mind for the kitchen sink area, madesmart designers created a kitchen collection consisting of a Sink Tray, Sink Station, Small Gourmet Kitchenworks (Cont’d. from p. 1)

We started in November of 2011 with our GEFU line, and we have loved all of the new products they have released over the years!

KNSD: Which products have been doing really well lately?

ME: In January of 2020, we introduced our new line, Olipac, of olive oil cruets and they have been doing really well. These olive oil dispensers are carefully designed with stainless steel that keeps the light out, thus allowing the olive oil to not oxidize with the light. This maintains the olive oil’s quality for much longer when compared to glass bottles, where Tramontina (Cont’d. from p. 1)

Measuring 12 inches wide by 15.6 inches long and 6.6 inches deep, the roasting pan is large enough to accommodate whole birds and large cuts of Churro Fiesta in a Box (Cont’d. from p. 1)

gourmet churro maker kitchen gadget, just-add-water dry churro dough mix, signature cinnamon sugar and reusable filling bottle. A QR code provides buyers with access to a free e-book of recipes with 40 different filling flavor ideas and madefrom-scratch dough recipe in gluten-free and vegan versions. A one-page Fiesta Planner has games, party ideas, churro Serene House (Cont’d. from p. 4)

diffuser is unbreakable, making it ideal for families with children and pets. The compact Mino USB Diffuser fits comfortably on your desk or in your car’s cupholder. The inner cover seals the water tank to prevent accidental spills no matter where you are diffusing. The soft blue light design limits distractions so you can focus on you and your self-care.


KNSD: What new products do you have for this year’s show?

ME: We have a ton of new products to show because in the past two years when we haven’t been able to have a

meat, and the high walls allow for cooking, basting and braising vegetables, potatoes and other starches alongside the meat. The ample size also makes for easy one-pot cooking for gatherings and family meals. With

KNSD: Why are your products the best value for customers?

ME: I am not a salesperson. When I started Gourmet Kitchenworks with my

its elegant design that transitions beautifully from oven or stovetop to the table, this do-all roasting pan is an essential for the kitchen. Designed to be used with low to medium heat, the roasting pan is compat-

For more information, visit booth #S500, go to, email info, or call 800.822.4776.

For more information, visit booth #N7705, go to, call 651.695.8550 or email husband Ron, I told him that there is no way I could sell something I didn’t love. The products that we sell are products that I use and truly love. They are extremely high quality and many of them have 5, 10, and even 20-year warranties. KNSD: Which products do you think will be a hit for 2022?

ME: Kombucha and fermentation are trending now, so I am sure that the new GEFU fermentation products will be a huge hit! We also have a new line of champagne coolers from the Bredemeijer group, and they are sure to be a big success as well. For more information, visit booth #N7900.

ible with induction, gas, electric and ceramic glass stove tops and is oven safe up to 350°F or 176°C. Made in Brazil, the roasting pan is dishwasher safe. It has a suggested retail price of $104.95.

challenges, fun facts and wearable party supplies such as devil’s horns and angel halo to complete the experience. The churro maker, dry mix, sugars and fillings are also available for individual purchase or to double or triple your churro production in refill packs. “The pandemic impacted businesses worldwide, and it forced San Diablo to pivot and create a churro experience we could take beyond the fresh churros we

make on our food truck and catering events locally,” said founder Scott Porter. “Bringing one of the world’s most desirable deep-fried desserts into the home and making it simple to prepare and enjoy, creates a unique gift that creates memories and new traditions of deepfried happiness to last a lifetime.”

• San Diablo’s Churro Maker, a gourmet kitchen gadget with nine interchangeable nozzles, including San Diablo’s signature hollow nozzle. • San Diablo’s signature sugars mixes: the classic sugar and freshly ground cinnamon mix, cinnamon sugar diablo style with cayenne powder, cinnamon sugar inferno style with habanero powder and the Black Label La Muerte – an extremely spicy cinnamon sugar with ghost pepper powder.

The Mino Ultrasonic USB Diffuser has two operating modes, a 2-hour high mist or a 5-hour low mist run time. With the Mino Diffuser, you can have a refreshing cool mist your entire commute, even if you get stuck in rush hour traffic. The Muse Ultrasonic Smart Diffuser adds hi-tech to diffusing. The new Muse Ultrasonic Smart diffuser is wifi enabled, allowing you to fill your home with the scents you love from your smartphone or

tablet. The Serene House App is easy to use and available in the App Store. Using the Serene House App, you can set an on/ off schedule, adjust the mist strength, and change the color of the LED light. The high mist setting will run for up to 5 hours, while the low mist setting will run up to 8 hours continuously. Add the Muse Ultrasonic Smart Diffuser to your smart home when they begin shipping in late March.

All Serene House’s innovative diffusers are manufactured in our factory wholly owned by Serene House in Southern China. Owning the factories producing our full range of products, Serene House creates the highest quality air care products while offering the best warranty in the industry.

In addition to Churro Fiesta in a Box, other churro-making products include:

For more information, visit booth #L11945.

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