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Comprehensive Ecosystem for Education New from ELMO

Orlando Thursday, January 27, 2022

Maximizing Engagement in Robotics and Computer Science Programs

ELMO USA Corp. introduces the most comprehensive connected ecosystem for education on the market today. As the learning environment changes across the world, ELMO has advanced its technology to support and enhance its award-winning document camera line up. In-person and virtual lessons are taken to the next level with ELMO’s newest connected devices. At the center of the connected ecosystem is the document camera, the product by which all ELMO’s connections are inspired and created. The trusted and award-winning ELMO document cameras seamlessly broadcast images and videos, allowing you to capture every tiny detail of a lesson. For an evenmore dynamic lesson, wireless document cameras allow educators the ability to capture images and videos around the room or outside the classroom. You can still have the freedom to walk around the room with the ELMO CRA-2 Writing Tablet. It allows teachers and students the opportunity to annotate while live broadcasting the notes directly on the image or board. Next up, ELMO has supercharged the classroom with the ELMO Board. The ELMO Board is the link between students visualizing the images from the document camera, WI-FI enabled devices, and student engagement. It allows educators the ability to quickly capture ideas, share the images on screen, save quickly, and to expand further creating dynamic, memorable lessons for students. Its industry-leading intelligent touch technology responds to fingers, palms, and a stylus, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing your stylus for the umpteenth time. It’s a breeze to navigate

The coming decade will bring unprecedented changes within the workplace. From education, to retail, to hospitality and transportation, virtually all industries will be transformed by robotics and artificial intelligence. Millions of jobs will be eliminated by technology while millions of new jobs will be created. Still millions more jobs will be transformed and students that graduate from high schools with strong technical skills (including robotics and A.I. literacy) will be significantly advantaged. However, despite the increasing importance of robotics and computer science education, enrollment in these courses in the USA continues to lag behind many other countries. Within American high schools, enrollment averages less than 3 percent of boys and 0.3 percent of girls. To put those numbers into perspective, a school with 2,000 students will often have less than 30 boys and 3 girls in their robotics programs. This means that 1,967 students are missing out on a literacy that is rapidly becoming a key differentiator across a huge spectrum of jobs. Within middle schools, the results are marginally better with 5-15 percent of students typically enrolled – still tangibly below the needed levels. “It’s truly a crisis,” says Dennis Kambeitz, founder of Robots.Education. “Robotics and A.I. will impact all industries, but it’s only our most engineering-minded students who tend to take this type of education. The unfortunate truth is that the students who need this education the most are often the ones who are least likely to

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MingFeng Introduces Bamboo Plastic Composite

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MingFeng Packaging has recently expanded operations in Dongguan, China, and now utilizes state-of-the-art facilities on an industrial park covering more than 230,000 square meters. It has also introduced a new and exciting Biomass composite material to the packaging and display market. Bamboo plastic composite is the latest member to join the family of environmentally friendly materials. Bamboo powder, PE/PP plastic, and a processing agent are mixed together to form a green bamboo plastic material. It is very strong and durable. Bamboo plastic is UV resistant as well as waterproof. It is also antibacterial and non-toxic. Bamboo plastic can be beautifully molded into a box or display by methods of injection, compression and extrusion. It can also be used to make other, much larger products such as furniture or building materials such as decks and patios. MingFeng has manufactured high-quality packaging for a variety of industries, including but not limited to: jewelry, numismatic, cosmetic, confection, electronic, beverage and cigar. The company believes that a great-looking package is well represented by the outstanding product that is placed inside of it. MingFeng has achieved the highest level of certifications for quality and environmentally safe work places. ISO9001, SEDEX and FSC are among the important few.

For more information, go to www.mingfengus.com.

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Schools have unique challenges. Trafera has built its business around helping with those needs. Trafera takes time to understand what’s important to you and add expertise to your corner. That’s why Trafera is one of the top nationwide partners for Chromebooks in education. But its mission to transform learning experiences through technology goes beyond pushing boxes of equipment.

Just see what customers have to say: “While I have a large IT reseller network at my fingertips, I always, easily choose Trafera to supply all of our school district’s Chromebooks! The warranty program they have is absolutely top-notch, as is their ‘White Glove’ service. When I have had questions and requests, no matter how big or small, I am treated like I’m part of a team. There are so many businesses out there competing for our [attention], but there is no way I am switching from Trafera. When you find a company that does such great work, provides more than enough value in products and services and has people who truly care and respect your business’s wishes, you keep and nurture that relationship.” – Branden Strong (Technology Coordinator | Triton Public School, MN)

Trafera measures success not based on how many devices it sells to schools, but by how those devices are being used to enrich and transform student learning. Trafera believes that all the devices, panels, and gadgets in the world couldn’t improve learning

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

EdTech Show Daily

Boxlight: Transforming the Educational Experience Boxlight technology solutions help teachers transform the educational experience with innovative products ranging from cutting-edge interactive displays and audio solutions to standards-driven STEM lessons and hardware. By empowering teachers to take learning to the next level with a robust portfolio of solutions, the learning environment illuminates the power of knowledge possible for all students. Boxlight strives to design and develop materials, resources, and services to help create an immersive, interactive experience that connects people with potential and passion with purpose. Its turnkey solutions include the award-winning ProColor interactive display which boosts engagement via simultaneous Touch 360° interactivity. Teachers will save time and effort with cloud drive functionality, and have increased opportunities for collaboration with software,

apps, and screen-sharing tools to motivate everyone in the class. Boxlight’s MimioSTEM solutions inspire teachers to integrate dynamic STEM instruction to foster key skills like critical thinking, perseverance, creative problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, and effective communication. The award-winning MyStemKits online lesson platform helps teachers find and use standards-aligned, hands-on lessons that spark interest in STEM topics and concepts for lifelong learning and application. MimioSTEM solutions also feature products that connect student learning with valuable tech-related skills via 3D printing, robotics, and data collection and analysis. MimioSTEM solutions are comprehensive and results-driven. To help teachers implement educational technology successfully and with confidence, Boxlight-EOS Education offers a wide range of professional devel-


opment and training such as self-paced, online courses, certifications, and customized programs to better meet a school or district’s needs. Boxlight’s award-winning, high-quality offerings are designed to ensure that teachers confidently and competently integrate technology tools so that every student benefits from them. The Boxlight mission is to be the leader of innovative and effective technology solutions with the goal of helping educators improve and enhance instructional practices so that students can take what they have learned beyond the classroom. By offering educators fully integrated products that cover every facet of the teaching and learning experience, students are better able to navigate the challenges of a tech-driven society as resourceful, complex problem solvers. For more information, visit booth #1743 or email marketing@boxlight.com.

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United States Postal Service $40 Billion Investment When you think of truly transformational undertakings among America’s most trusted and indispensable brands, you probably wouldn’t think of the United States Postal Service® – but you should. Few organizations reach and serve the American public so visibly every day as does the United States Postal Service. It serves every home and business, enables the growth of the e-commerce economy, provides a powerful marketing and communications channel to American industry and binds together the nation, its people and communities, through secure, reliable, affordable and universal delivery services. And yet, USPS is overcoming a decade of crisis in its business model, which has produced chronic financial losses, degradation of on-time service performance and underinvestment in people, technology and infrastructure. USPS has now turned the corner. It

launched its transformation in March 2021, with the release of the Delivering for America 10-year plan. It is a strategy based on growth and investment and it will erase $160 billion in projected losses and dramatically improve the quality of service provided to customers. Importantly, USPS will invest $40 billion to put its 644,000 employees in the best possible position to serve the public. Investments include: • A new fleet of modern delivery vehicles • Automation and technology to speed package processing • Best-in-class information technology • Upgrades to facilities and core infrastructure • Technology to support operational efficiency and precision • Innovation to drive the next generation of products and services The bottom line is that USPS is transforming into the high-performing

Panasonic and Olympian Katie Ledecky Partner to Inspire Student STEM Innovation and Unlock the Power of Technology To inspire student innovation in science, technology, engineering, and math (“STEM”), Panasonic Corporation of North America is partnering with 3-time Olympian, 15-time World Champion, 10-time Olympic medal-winning swimmer, and proud STEM advocate Katie Ledecky to launch the STEM Forward educational initiative and engaged Discovery Education to help make this educational program a reality. Announced during CES 2022, the initiative combines Katie Ledecky’s passion for STEM education and advocacy, Panasonic’s legacy of innovation, and Discovery Education’s worldwide leadership in education tech-

nology, STEM Forward connects students in grades 3-8 to the game-changing power of technology with standards-aligned resources for any learning environment at no cost. “As champions for progress at Panasonic, we’re focused on how we can move the world forward and commit ourselves to enhancing the well-being of people, communities, and society. Today’s students have a tremendous future ahead of them, one where technology is not only a tool but an inspiration,” said Megan Myungwon Lee, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation of North America. “We’re proud to continue

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Postal Service the nation expects and deserves, and has a clear vision for the future. It sees a Postal Service that is the preferred delivery provider in the country delivering mail and packages to every American household and business six and seven days a week in a reliable and affordable manner. It sees a Postal Service retail center in easy reach of every community, enabling communication, commerce and a variety of services desired by the American public. It sees a modern processing and transportation network operating in a disciplined and precise manner moving mail and packages efficiently throughout the nation. It sees technology-enabled carriers in new vehicles, many electric, fully loaded with mail and packages traveling their routes on schedule and consistently in full communication with their neighborhoods.

to partner with Katie Ledecky, who is an inspiration to young people around the world, and empowers students to reach their full potential and discover new ways to think about and apply STEM to build a better world.” Building on Katie’s ongoing work with Panasonic as a STEM leader and a member of Team Panasonic, STEM Forward provides students, educators, and families with dynamic digital resources that explore how technology improves lives and makes the world a better place. In addition, STEM Forward includes a special Virtual Field Trip appropriate for both in class use and at home exploration. Premiering on January 25th at 1 PM ET, Winning with STEM: A Virtual Field Trip with Katie Ledecky and Panasonic will take students behind-the-scenes at five STEM innovation centers across North America to meet teams of Panasonic scientists, engineers, and

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It sees postmasters as leaders of commerce in their communities helping small businesses market and move their products. It sees a preferred employer providing a stable and vibrant workforce with exciting career paths and respectful retirement. It sees a proud organization operating with precision and covering its costs as the Congress expects it to. And finally, it sees not only the most trusted organization, but also the most used – and thereby the most needed – organization in America. This is the Postal Service of the future.

immersive design experts using their passion for STEM to make a difference in the world. An educator guide accompanies the Virtual Field Trip and features student activities to take the learning further. New activities launching in February include a subject matter expert video featuring Katie Ledecky, student activities, educator supports, and family activities. “Any opportunity I have in life to inspire young kids to pursue their passions, especially in STEM education, I’m going to take it,” said Katie Ledecky. “Whether students use STEM skills for better problem-solving or critical thinking in life, or for a future career, it’s important that they have equal access to help propel them forward.” “We are thrilled to partner with Panasonic to help inspire the next wave of innovative thinkers,” said Lori McFarling, President of Social Impact at Discovery Education.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

EdTech Show Daily

sounds. Ears that are experiencing hearing loss have a decreased range of what they can hear and WDRC attempts to generically boost the range of soft sounds. Lucid identified the need for a more nuanced approach that highlights and differentiates a wider range of sounds, while optimizing comfort and natural sound. Its innovative technology focuses on an adaptive dynamic range optimization approach. Where WDRC boosts soft noises the most, Lucid technology gives the same amplification to soft, average and loud sounds. It focuses on the average loudness of conversational speech and places this information within the listener’s dynamic range. So, rather than compress every sound to fit within the dynamic range, Lucid technology adapts the sounds to fit naturally within the listener’s range.

Lucid Technology creates a personal hearing ecosystem that each person can use to create their own preferred listening experience. The new LucidShape™ technology feature allows for comprehensive real-time personalization and the ability to manage acoustics across any listening environment. The app builds on the current four hearing aid preset programs and allows individual personalization that is very specific. As the trend to personalization continues to improve through technology, in this ever-evolving world, one thing remains constant: the demand for a discreet, comfortable hearing enhancement solution that can quickly adapt to personal preferences in realtime. This level of comfort and personalization would not be possible without the continued advances of the proprietary Powered by Lucid® technology ecosystem.

“Even prior to the pandemic, more than two-thirds of children had experienced at least one traumatic event by the age of 16,” said Jimmy Venza, Ph.D., child psychologist and executive director of the Lourie Center. “In the aftermath of these past two years and the resulting stresses placed on families and children, that statistic is only likely to worsen.” “Now more than ever, teachers need and deserve our support for traumainformed instruction and coaching,” said Teaching Strategies CEO John Olsen. “We’re excited to welcome Noni Educational Solutions to the Teaching Strategies family. noni for Teachers fills a gap not met by any other solution in the market and gives educators the tools and support they need to care for children

impacted by trauma and help them regulate behavior so they can learn.” noni for Teachers is an app-based digital coach and collection of classroom teaching resources that guide teachers through providing trauma-informed instruction. The app uses real-time responsive technology, serving up immediate guidance based on teacher input and giving teachers the ability to track and even predict child behaviors that stem from exposure to toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences. “We know from decades of research on working with young children who have been exposed to adverse childhood experiences that the teacher-child relationship can actually act as a buffer against the negative impact of trauma,” said Kai-leé Berke, co-founder of Noni Educational Solutions and an author of many of Teaching Strategies’ curriculum and assessment resources. “Having personally experienced traumatic circumstances as a young child, and eventually teaching and caring for young

children who had also had exposure to adverse childhood experiences, I know firsthand what teachers face as students return to the traditional classroom. Addressing the lifelong mental and physical challenges that can result from trauma is essential to a student’s success, and we must ensure our educators have the support to do so.” The app also provides intervention and prevention plans, whole-class guidance, support for partnering with families of trauma-impacted children, built-in teacher professional development around trauma and adverse childhood experiences, and resources that address teachers’ own self-care and mental wellness. The app and teaching resources will be available for immediate purchase by schools and programs. It seamlessly joins Teaching Strategies’ family of solutions to support social-emotional learning in early childhood education including The Creative Curriculum®, Al’s Pals™, GOLD®, ReadyRosie®, and professional development courses.

That’s an increase of about 1,000 percent for boys and 10,000 percent for girls. The teachers can’t believe it.” At the middle school level, the results are even more impressive, where up to 90 percent of students will indicate that they would like to learn robotics, following Dennis’ presentations. “There’s something about EZRobot’s Humanoid that students simply love,” says Dennis. “Schools that implement robotics programs with it see huge increases in enrollment across the entire

student population - boys, girls, nerds, jocks, at-risk, SEN, gifted and even students who aren’t as academically inclined. Everybody can have success.” What is Dennis’ secret to generating this level of engagement? “I’ll typically demonstrate the robot for four or five minutes, and then give the students the opportunity to volunteer to program the robot. In 40 minutes, students as young as 4th grade can program the robot to wave, talk, respond to their voices, recognize their faces and greet

them by name. EZ-Robot is an incredibly powerful platform that is easy enough to be learned, or taught, by virtually anyone.” To see the JD Humanoid Robot, visit the EZ-Robot team at booth #3911. See a live demonstration and learn how you can bring super-engaging robotics education to your school.

Adaptive Lucid Hearing Technology Every day each of us experiences an extraordinary variety of sound that is, in many ways, personal to us. The alarm tone that wakes us up, the conversations we have with people – each of these are uniquely experienced individually and personally. While we can’t individually manage all of our aural exposure, we certainly can have our preferences. Normal ears contain around 15,500 sensory hair cells that sit alongside a membrane that vibrates with each incoming sound. Each frequency of sound vibrates the hair cells in specific locations, which is why we are able to hear differences in sounds. While different sounds vibrate different parts of our membrane, louder sounds increase the amplitude of the vibration.

When it comes to hearing loss, the majority is sensori-neural loss, where inner and outer hair cells have been damaged. This leads to an inability to hear soft sounds, while still being able to hear (and be sensitive) to loud sounds. So, while a person experiencing hearing loss can still have a dynamic range of hearing, it is a much smaller range than a person with normal hearing. The standard for today’s hearing aids and amplifiers is a technology Wide Dynamic Range called Compression (WDRC). WDRC logically amplifies softer sounds more than louder sounds, in an effort to balance what the user hears. It gives the most amplification to soft sounds, less to average sounds and even less to loud

Teaching Strategies Launches First-of-its-Kind Coaching App to Support Teachers, Children Impacted by Trauma Teaching Strategies, a leading developer of early childhood curriculum, assessment, professional learning, and family engagement solutions, announced the acquisition of Noni Educational Solutions, a trauma-focused edtech startup that has developed a groundbreaking, app-based resource designed to support preschool-5th grade teachers working with children who have been impacted by trauma. The solution, called noni™ for Teachers, was developed in partnership with Adventist HealthCare The Lourie Center for Children’s Social & Emotional Wellness, a pioneer in research on best practices for supporting children impacted by trauma and adverse childhood experiences. Robotics (Cont’d. from p. 1)

enroll.” Fortunately, there are solutions that have been shown to dramatically improve engagement. Dennis has demonstrated robotics to more than 18,000 students, with really exciting results. “When we demonstrate robotics with the EZ-Robot Humanoid at high schools, we’ll typically see 25 percent to 45 percent of students indicate that they would like to learn robotics. ELMO (Cont’d. from p. 1)

and connects wirelessly to WI-FI enabled devices for quick sharing of information. For hybrid classrooms, teachers can pre-record or teach a live lesson, Trafera (Cont’d. from p. 1)

experiences until it made people its number one investment. Providing a futureready education requires more than just access to powerful technology. Educators


sharing the screen image to all the participants effortlessly, keeping students inspired and engaged even from afar. The Classroom Interactive Software, ELMO Classroom, allows for quick two-way wireless casting for sharing and receiving classroom content, keepneed to be equally empowered with the skills they need to create an instructional shift using these tools. In response to that – on top of providing technology from best-in-class(room) manufacturers like HP, Lenovo, Google for Education,

ing the lesson rolling smoothly. One fitting example would be when collaborating as a class on a math or science problem. If working individually, students can submit their work for review and feedback from the teacher immediately. The possibilities are as limited as

Newline, AVer and more – Trafera offers high-quality professional development, ready-made digital lesson plans (trails.trafera.com), and a wealth of online resources (blog.trafera.com) that helps support the meaningful integration

For more information, visit booth #3911, go to www.ez-robot.com or email education @ez-robot.com.

your imagination. ELMO connects inspiration, creativity, engagement, and ultimately, minds.

For more information, visit booth #535, go to www.elmousa.com or call 516.501.1400.

of technology in education. It’s simple: right technology = right support = bright future.

For more information, visit booth #3635 or go to www.trafera.com.