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NLCS Jeju.  The  making  of…

Our  first  term    

It’s difficult  to  believe  we’ve  only  been     here  for  11  weeks.       We’ve  achieved  so  much  already.  

An established  House  system  where   students  feel  cared  for  and  safe.  

A community  where  bullying  is  not   tolerated  and  respect  is  paramount.  

A House  compeDDon  that  helps   create  idenDty  and  community  spirit.  

House branding,  basketball,  football,   public  speaking,  wriDng  and  singing.  

Houses that  have  been  branded  by   music,  moFo  and  mascot.  

Students with  clear  academic  targets   who  are  aware  that  they  are  being   monitored  and  regularly  assessed.  

CreaDve teaching  that  focuses  on   improving  English  and  self-­‐confidence.  

Students receiving  guidance  on  their   opDons  and  opportuniDes  for  the  future.  

Over 100  clubs  socieDes  and  co-­‐curricular     events  every  week.  

From origami  to  orchestra  and  from   swimming  to  sewing,  there  is  something   for  everyone.  

The beginning  of  Senior  SocieDes  where   Year  11  students  run  socieDes  for  the   benefit  of  younger  students.  

Saturday morning  acDviDes  challenging   students  to  try  something  new  and  make   brave  choices.  

PoFery, robot  design,  taekwondo,   mountain  biking,  scuba  diving  and  horse   riding,  the  range  of  acDviDes  is  huge.  

InternaDonal Award  overnight  trip     on  windy  Jeju.  

Trips to  the  coasts,  towns,  mountains  and   below  and  on  the  sea.  

InternaDonal trips  planned  to  the  UK,   USA  and  China.  

First sports  fixtures  played  on  the  mainland.    

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from NLCS Jeju

We can’t  wait  for  next  term!  

NLCS Jeju - our first term  

To celebrate our very first term, we have put together this newsletter for you.