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extra Arts Festival 2013 - A Festival to Remember This year’s Arts Festival has been a memorable one for many reasons. We’ve had visiting artists of the highest caliber. Musical performances from virtuoso cellists, saxophone groups, scratch DJ’s and a world famous conductor - and that’s just the guest artists. You have performed some breathtaking music with incredible variety and skill. Brilliant musicals featuring Snoopy and Jack Black. Homegrown drama in the shape of the hilarious Serial Daters, the innovative Hopper and the tear-jerking Generations. A chilling fringe performance from the Liar’s League. Couture style in Fantasy Fashion. Beautiful dance performances throughout all of these shows and especially in the form of All the School’s a Dancefloor. Our visiting artist, Leigh Gallagher has been an inspiration. The range and quality of the art exhibitions has been stunning. A scintillating debating competition has bubbled away in the background. And don’t forget all of the impromptu busking performances throughout the school. It is incredible to think that so many of you have collaborated to generate such a wealth of creativity in such a short space of time. This Festival is a credit to each and every one of you. Very well done.

A week of amazing events Friday June 28 Thursday July 04

FRIDAY Opening Ceremony Sonitas Show You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown Serial Daters Move the Crowd Vol IV

Opening Ceremony My tutor group lined up in front of the PAC as we do every Mondays for the whole school assembly, but this was not going to be an ordinary assembly. As we walked through the heavy doors, the heated chatter of the crowd vibrated in my ears and sweet scent of white smoke mixed with my breath. The sudden darkness made my eyes blink several times, but then I had to hurry and follow my tutor up to the few empty seats. A slow but strong beat echoing my heart started off the ceremony. Purplish blue light focused on the professional DJ, building up the tension with the strengthening beats. Jet black shadows lightly came on stage the next moment, and started playing string instruments in a harmony with the beats. An opening speech by Yebin Lee, Yr.12 followed the string performance, and two invited artists, cartoon artist Leigh Gallagher and theatre director Nick Trethan introduced themselves with Chelsea Kim, Yr.8’s cheerful and relaxed performance of the combination of DJing and piano in between. The year 10s performed a piece of physical theatre called ‘The Rainbow Serpent’ directed by Trethan. The ceremony closed with a storm of applause, and the curtains of the Arts Week opened. Another year has swept past like a tornado and the Arts Week has come round once more. It was, and is going to be a whirl of complete, but wonderful, chaos, but it also marks the last few steps to the peak of the mountain and then we will be able to wipe away the sweat on our foreheads in the wind. Article by Celine Tae, Year 9, Sarah Photography by Jeeho Kim, Year 11, Geomun

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Sonitas Show

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Photography by Hojun Lee, Year 9, Geomun

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown Click the image for more pictures

Serial Daters On 30th July I attended ‘Serial Daters’ which was based upon the TV programme ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I thoroughly enjoyed this and found it absolutely hilarious. It was very different for me to experience, as I have never seen a performance like this back in NLCS UK. The theatre techniques used by the actors and actresses were excellent especially the tone of voice to demonstrate emotion and convey humour. The use of the cinema chairs was especially effective in adding a realistic quality to the play. I think it was particularly enjoyable as they chose a programme, which many could relate to. The idea of the serial daters portrays an individual who aspires to attain the company of multiple women is a brilliantly humorous concept. I would definitely recommend something like this to be performed or adapted at my school. Well done to all the students who participated, it was a lovely performance and evening.

Article by Asha Rattan, NLCS UK Photography by Zi Won Kim, Halla

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Move the Crowd Vol IV Walking down the corridor towards Drama Studio 1 you could see smoke pouring out of the room and a heavy beat getting louder and louder the closer you got. Once inside the music and lights were overwhelming. DJ Keredimik, who had flown in from Seoul to take part in Arts Week, put on an incredible show playing great music which got everyone dancing. The floor was practically shaking as we all jumped up and down! A few of Jeju’s own students were also on stage dancing and getting everyone involved. The night’s atmosphere was absolutely incredible with strobe lighting, deafening music and everyone’s obvious enjoyment making it a memorable night. By the end our ears were ringing and our feet were aching, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we could have danced for a few hours more!

Article by June Song, Year 9, Mulchat

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SATURDAY GCSE Art Workshop Korean Dance Hopper School of Rock

GCSE Art Workshop Photography by Emily Monaghan, Year 10, Sarah

Korean Dance

Photography by Emily Monaghan, Year 10, Sarah

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Hopper ‘Hopper’, a performance created by Year 11 Drama students, captured six separate narratives, each inspired by paintings of Edward Hopper, a renowned American painter. A portrayal of a bar became a suspenseful thriller, surrounding a mysterious murder. A drawing capturing a group of people gazing at the mountains evolved into a comic exploration of office dynamics and a painting of a man thoughtfully crouched next to a naked woman morphed into a piece that playfully examines the relationship between fact and fiction. More themes came to the fore: friendship and loss of communication were presented through an exchange of answerless calls; oppressive work hierarchy was vividly described in a desperate monologue. In the last piece, images of lovers flying up to the moon or marching through a promenade hand in hand projected onto a massive shadow screen, alternating with darkly desolate dance motifs, expressed the gradual disenchantment of once passionate couple. Each of these unique segments were seamlessly connected together by the performers’ on-stage walks with bursts of movement motifs and ended with the entire student body in unison acting out sequences, facing different directions, the stage looking like a giant chamber of mirrors with dozens of spinning reflections.

Article by Jillian Chun, Year 11, Jeoji Photography by Emily Monaghan, Year 10, Sarah

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School of Rock

The intricate Year 7&8 production, School of Rock, literally blew everyone away. The basic storyline goes like this: Dewey Finn, a kicked-out rocker, gets employed instead of his friend, Ned, at a prep school. There, he starts a rock band out of his class of talented students. The band’s lead singer, Jessica Kim in Year 8, sang Memories from the musical Cats, and it was just purely amazing. Nobody had expected the Junior production to be this good, but apparently, the quality was just breathtakingly good. The backing band also consisted of students in Year 7 and 8, and they also showed amazing quality as the future Vinsqueeze. I’ve also heard that some of the boys from the backing band in this production performed in Band’s Night. What a talented bunch!

Article by June Song, Year 9, Mulchat Photography by Zi Won Kim, Halla

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SUNDAY Grand Summer Concert Generations

Grand Summer Concert

Grand Summer Concert The Grand Summer Concert is a well-respected event in Arts Week. Numerous talented musical students perform, never failing to impress all who are privileged enough to be spectating. The wide range of talent was most definitely seen this year. The concert began with a memorable extract from “Carnival of the Animals”, played by the Junior Orchestra. This was followed by many memorable solos. Jay Park played an amazing saxophone solo, Jessica Baek played a beautiful guitar piece, and a guitar solo by Vanessa Sohn stunned the audience. A special thanks however must go to Sae Rom Kwon, a professional cellist from Seoul who did a master class’s with several of NLCS’s top cellists. Together they played Andante and Scherzo from “6 pieces for 3 cellos” by Dotzauer, but only after Miss Kwon had performed an amazing solo, accompanied by a friend from college, Heejung Nam. Congratulations to everyone who performed and thank you to Miss Kwon and Miss Nam for their contribution to such a wonderful concert.

Article by Libby Nash, NLCS UK Photography by Zi Won Kim, Halla

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Generations / TheatreLab On June 30th, Sunday, the Generations mask drama performance took place in the drama studio 2. As being one of the actors in the performance, this showcase was very successful with all the wide range of emotions that the audience was provided with. The show took place at two different times, one was at 3pm and the other show was at 7pm. Generations was the main theme for the performance. We showed the changes in attitude and thoughts as generations change, through a girl named Ethel. The actors, since they were wearing masks, were not allowed to talk. The actors shared their emotions with the audience by only a slight movement of their body. Ethel starts out as a young girl, but she loses her mother during the invasion of Japan. Then, when she grows up, loses her son during the Korean War. As Ethel grows up, and becomes a grandmother, she doesn’t understand many things happening in modern society, and she gets confused. This mask performance of Generations was a success, and many of the people in the audience were very moved by the play.

Article by Ji In (Joanna) Song, Year 9, Noro Photography by Emily Monaghan, Year 10, Sarah

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MONDAY All the School’s a Dancefloor Band’s Night

All the School’s a Dancefloor

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All the School’s a Dancefloor ‘How a dancer sees the world’ was the idea behind All the School’s a Dancefloor. Taking everyday spaces and using them for creative inspiration. This culminated in a multimedia show of live dance, video, photography and a DJ set. The Cafeteria, The Library, Reception, The PAC, CU, The Swimming Pool and of course The Classroom were our locations. We worked in groups to create motifs based on the mundane occourances in these spaces and linked them together to create seven individual and very unique dances. Each dance was accompanied by a site specific photograph of the performers mirroring a section of their piece. The pieces all had their own style with juxtaposing choreography and music. From 90s Hip Hop to Classical balletic remixes. It was altogether a complex, time consuming but well worth it experience for everyone involved.

Article by Emily Monaghan, Year 10, Sarah Photography by Zi Won Kim, Halla

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Band’s Night Powerful voice, rhythmical drumbeats, and skillful electric guitar sounds... What dexterous students! What splendid music! This is NLCS Jeju’s band night! This was NLCS Jeju’s third band night this year. The audience’s eyes were wandering around the stage with curiosity. The students, who have amazing musical ability, bravely moved onto the stage and sang their songs. Other students behind the singers fanatically played the instruments such as guitars, drums and a piano. During Band Night, Min sung Kim and his band showed their brilliant musical ability and great instrumental performance on the stage. After that, the ‘Silly Sausages’ performed their piece to the audience. A really funny thing was that they had changed their group name to ‘Seven Sixty’! - They said that they made the name of the group at 7: 60! After the Silly Sausage (Seven Sixty)’s wonderful performance, Tony, who is a guitarist of the band, sang a song, which was ‘Hotel California’. Mr. Furness’ rock band also performed during the Band Night. The audience and I could feel the real rock and roll spirit from Mr. Furness’ rock band. When the singer sang a very high key in the song, the audience gave the singer hearty cheers. Chan Woo Bang from year 12 then took to the stage. He sang ‘Misery’ and ‘Dance dance’. When he finished the songs, he received an encore from the audience so he enthusiastically sang the last song of the band night. Article by Jisu Han, Year 8, Noro Photography by Hojun Lee, Year 9, Geomun

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TUESDAY Gymnastics Display Fantasy Fashion Liar’s League

Gymnastics Display

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Fantasy Fashion Students from across the years have been working incredibly hard this term to create dresses and outfits for Fantasy Fashion 2013. This hardwork has truly payed off and the beautiful creations were admired by all who came to watch. The theme this year was ‘East meets West’ and all of the groups came up with very interesting and unique interpretations of this theme. Some chose to look at colour, others style and even architecture! The audience had an amazing time due to the excitement of the night. All of the models looked stunning and were so confident whilst walking down the catwalk in their high heels. There were also many dances from across the globe. Some were very traditional whereas others were more modern. This wide variety of dance styles and techniques showcased the talent of the school’s dancers. The judges had a difficult decision as all the dresses were amazing and everybody who took part should be commended for the fabulous show

Article by Eve Miller, NLCS UK Photography by Hojun Lee, Year 9 Geomun and Emily Monaghan, Year 10, Sarah

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Liar’s League Four people; Ysabelle, Jinn, a boy whose name I don’t know and Seunghyun started telling each other scary stories. These stories took a more sinister edge when they turned out to be tales of what two of the characters had done in the past and were planning to do to the other two. There were stories about cannibalism, about locking people up and killing them. The greusome list goes on. It was so horrifying. I was screaming, falling over, shivering, the efect was powerful. During a story about the cannibal they gave me a sandwich. Of course, I couldn’t eat it – I thought of all the horrible things that might happen if I did. It was fabulous!

Article by Yejin Choi, Year 9, Mulchat Photography by Jeeho Kim, Year 11, Geomun

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WEDNESDAY Debating Final Festival Concert Summer Ball

Debate Final

Festival Concert

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Summer Ball Describing the farewell event of the year as wild is the only appropriate way to describe it - the farewell of another school year and the first glimpse of the summer. 2013 July 3rd, NLCS Jeju had the biggest, craziest night ever up in Studio 1 and 2. The Summer Ball, has returned! Last year was great, but this year everything was much more precise, planned and delicious. We had a proper buffet (credits to Mrs. Cooke!) and a sweet bar up the sides. The music was louder, faster and stronger(!), and its surely ‘Moved The Crowd’. Amazing yet sad farewell dance performances were done, and on the newly added White Comment Board we left our traces of the night. The photo booth was as popular as ever; I am sure that Mr. Talyor captured the heated excitement in all of us. All the girly, silly and show-off poses were taken by various people, and being in the photo booth surrounded by masses of people made all of us feel like a celebrity. Of course, on top of all this, there were dresses and suits. All unique and complimenting the wearer’s looks, the black and white dresses and suits (mostly) shone brightly under the lighting of the ‘Wild Party Room’. To put it simply, the Summer Ball finally unleashed us wild, beautiful students out at night. Article by Jinn Park, Year 9, Sarah

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Islander Extra Arts Festival 2013  
Islander Extra Arts Festival 2013