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April 2018 | Northwest Florida Edition | April 2018


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CBD CANNABIS OIL Serving the greater Fort Walton Beach area for over 30 years!

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In-store Organic Soups, Salads, Juices, Smoothies, Wheatgrass Shots & Wraps. Gluten/Soy/Dairy-free and Vegan Products STORE HOURS:

Do you struggle with chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, or even PTSD and depression?

Clinically researched CBD Hemp Oil is a natural, purified extract from the Cannabis plant that may be able to help. The Golden Almond Health Store carries a huge selection of this amazing, safe extract that comes in sprays, droppers, capsules, softgels, vape pen liquids, and even gummies, all available without a prescription. Be sure to also ask about the Charlotte’s Web high-potency CBD Oils.

MON-FRI 9AM - 6PM • SAT 10AM - 5PM


April 2018


Stop Suffering and Start Living! Cosmetic Gynecology offers renewed womanhood and helps rejuvenate the most delicate female areas. Effective Treatment for: • Painful Intercourse • Vaginal Itching, Irritation, Burning, Dryness • Lichen Sclerosus Gentle laser therapy for • Reoccurring Bladder Infections or UTIs the symptoms of low • Urinary Urgency hormones or menopause • FDA Cleared • Alternative for Hormone Replacement (Effective for Breast Cancer Patients)


COMMENTS FROM ACTUAL PATIENTS “Best thing I have ever done.” “Before MonaLisa Touch sex was painful and now after, it is painless and I am enjoying sex again.” “I slept through the first night without getting up to the bathroom.”

(850) 916-1794

Compassionate and Gentle Care • Gynecological Exams • Painful Intercourse Abatement • Endometriosis Treatment • Hormone Therapy / Bio-identical Hormones • Menopausal Symptoms / Hot Flashes • Screening and Preventive Services • And other GYN services


Currently Accepting New Patients

Karen Kennedy, MD

Gynecologist • Board Certified • Registered Pharmacist

GULF BREEZE 1118 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. #201 • Gulf Breeze, FL

Non-Invasive Body and Chin Contouring without Surgery 25 MIN (TREATMENT) • NO DOWN TIME

Karen Kennedy, MD

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Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

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Are You a Thyroid Sufferer?

LEARN ABOUT THE 4 MOST COMMON THYROID PATTERNS OFTEN OVERLOOKED THAT ARE CRUCIAL TO YOUR HEALTH ARE YOU EXPERIENCING THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS? • Unusual weight gain or hair loss • Muscles and joints that ache all the time • Constant fatigue and lack of energy • Trouble getting a decent night’s sleep • Feeling emotionally drained and unstable • Constipation and having trouble losing weight • Difficulty with concentration and memory • Cold hands and feet • Sluggish metabolism


The incidence of the disorder affects women in particular with 1 in 8 experiencing the disorder in their lifetime.


Why is it that your thyroid test may at times come back normal when you’re still confounded with anxiety and feeling dreadful? In all probability, the reason could be that you may have some type of functional thyroid problem that is being overlooked.


Many doctors will look at 2 thyroid patterns: Hyper (Fast) and Hypo (Slow) thyroid. However, the latest research in functional medicine has revealed that there are actually 6 thyroid patterns and over 27 things that can go wrong which can affect the thyroid gland. This can all be revealed in a comprehensive blood test that tests all the necessary markers for thyroid. When you have been treated in the past: • You may have been given an inordinate amount of hormones and prescription drugs. • You may not have been evaluated holistically to take your overall health into consideration. • Steps may not have been taken to balance your immune system. By being prescribed and taking hormones, the hormones may have made the lab tests look good, but left you still in pain and overwhelmed. Your treatment may have concentrated on the two thyroid patterns of Hypo and Hyper, overlooking the other 4 patterns including autoimmune Hashimoto’s, under conversion (low T3), over conversion (High T3) and Thyroid Resistance.


An effective treatment may not relate directly to the thyroid, but instead could focus on your immune system, digestive tract, adrenal hormones, other toxicity issues and other possible causative factors.


This is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States, and it’s an immune rather than a hormonal issue. It is where your body’s immune system attacks your thyroid.


Although your medications may balance your TSH, they don’t really do much to alleviate your symptoms of Hashimoto’s. It is only through balancing the immune system where success can happen. In our clinic, we utilize drug free neurological and metabolic treatment protocols to balance the immune system and restore overall function.


In my clinic, I look to address the root causes of a thyroid disorder and help restore the thyroid naturally using customized dietary nutrition and natural supplements. I also look at the patient neurologically to make sure that the brain, immune system, and hormonal system are working properly.


My approach avoids the unwanted side effects of pharmaceuticals in restoring proper hormonal function.

YOUR SPECIAL INVITATION We are offering a Limited Time Consultation and Exam for only $47 (from April 1st through April 30th, 2018) which we normally charge $225 for, to see if you have a Thyroid Problem that we can help you with. You may call our office today at 850-785-9372 between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday to request you Special Thyroid Evaluation.

Special Natural Awakenings rate with this Voucher $47 (regular cost $225) The offer includes:

Special invitation with this coupon Limited Time Consultation and Exam for only $47 ($225+ Value. Expires April 30, 2018)

• A thorough review of your past medical records including diagnostics, lab work and review of your case history. • A thorough analysis of your exam and diagnostic findings.

Dr. Tony Salamay, DC MS FASA OFFICE:


520 North MacAurther Ave Panama City, FL 32405


April 2018


letter from publisher



ack in February, when a freeze seemed to have settled permanently over much of the country, including most of the South, the prognostications of Punxsutawney Phil (or even Phil’s Georgia friend, General Beauregard Lee) weren’t making headlines on the Emerald Coast. The beauty of living here, besides the sugar-white beaches and welcoming waters, is knowing that spring will always arrive early. It’s a gradual reawakening that Scott and Daralyn Chase announces itself in a certain angle of the sunlight, or a subtle breeze on the skin—no brave little crocuses poking through the snow, announcing in bold purples and yellows that the winter won’t hold, despite what our weather app says. Spring on the Emerald Coast is a perfect reflection of how we really experience life’s joys. So often, our happiest moments come unannounced and unexplained, washing over us like errant waves that recede as quickly as they come. When I think about The Happiest Days of My Life, I realize that they weren’t—not literally, anyway. What about my wedding day, or the births of my four boys? Those were landmark days indeed. I was thrilled to marry the love of my life. I was ecstatic each time I saw and heard, for the first time, the child who had been growing inside me. But really, those were the crocuses, the colorful harbingers of the real joy to come, washing over me in thousands of subtle waves: my husband taking my hand in his, or catching my eye as we shared a secret joke; one of my boys snuggling up to me for a bedtime story, or singing to himself when he thought I wasn’t hearing. Let spring be your reminder not to wait for life’s landmarks, but to let yourself feel those small moments of joy. Years from now, those are the moments you’ll remember unexpectedly, and your breath will catch in your throat. Spring is also a time to reflect on the Earth, which provides so many joyful moments. Having lived around water most of my life, I’ve always turned to it for healing and rejuvenation; I derive a special sense of calm in a natural body of water. Others rely on this force of nature for physical healing as well. At our Expo last month, I met a volunteer in his seventies who’d recovered from a heart attack by swimming in the Vortex, a local natural spring in Defuniak. Every day, he swims or scuba dives in 68° water, which has restored his energy and revitalized him. What would we do without the immense benefits of fresh air and clean bodies of water? Nature provides us with thousands of small ways to make a big THIS ISSUEAwakenings, ALL YEAR change in our lives, and you can learnKEEP about them in Natural this month and every month, because every day is Earth Day to us. Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who volunteered, attended and participated in the Expo. What a joy it was to connect and reconnect in our community of healthy, mindful and inspired people. Happy spring!

Daralyn & Scott Chase 6

EMERALD COAST, PANAMA CITY & PENSACOLA PUBLISHER Daralyn Chase Scott Chase EDITOR Daralyn Chase 850-687-0826 ADVERTISING Scott Chase 850-687-0825 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Allison Gorman DESIGN & PRODUCTION Courtney Ayers C. Michele Rose

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• Attention - both mental and physical • Overall strength and flexibility • Lung capacity and circulation • Efficiency and grace of movement • Strength of your deep and superficial core muscles

LMT# MA64267


PILATES TEACHER TRAINING SCHOOL 450 Hours of comprehensive training covering the fundementals of movement on the mat as well as all pieces of equipment

• Chronic Pain • Arthritis • Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome • Sports 0r Work Injuries • Headaches/Migraines • Neck Pain and Whiplash


• Shoulder and Arm Pain • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Back Pain and Sciatica • Hip, Knee, and Ankle Problems • Plantar Fasciitis • Car Accident Injuries • Post-Surgical Pain and Scarring

“Empowering You To Live Arthritis Free” Dr. Kenawy Can Help you Manage... Bursitis • Gout • Joint & Muscle Pain • Lupus • Osteoarthritis Osteopenia • Osteoporosis • Polymyalgia Rheumatica Psoriatic Arthritis • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Sjogren’s • Vasculitis

Certified in Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

aymen a. Kenawy, M.D.


3890 Jenks Ave • Lynn Haven, FL 32444

• University of Florida & Shands Hospital-Trained Physician

• Dr. Kenawy is one of the area’s leading specialists and is Board-Certified in Rheumatology and Internal Medicine April 2018







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Celebrate Earth Day Locally and Globally


A Blend of Empowered Thinking, Spiritual Philosophy

24 HEALTHY CLIMATE, HEALTHY PEOPLE Why a Warming Planet is Harming Our Health



Shares a Plan to Reverse Global Warming


Good Food Choices Enable Global Health

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your first color service

32 TOUCHING THE EARTH The Healing Powers of Going Barefoot


Yoga Poses to Stay Pain-Free

36 INDIGENOUS WISDOM Elders Urge Us to Reimagine Life

38 HEALTHY HOUSE Easy Ways to Green It Up

40 NATURE’S REMEDIES How Animals Self-Medicate

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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.


Does someone you know struggle with


We can help.


Cutting-Edge | Non-Invasive | Drug-Free Our unique approach is non-invasive and has helped dementia patients that originally scored in the teens on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment be restored to the point of scoring normal (26 to 30) on the same assessment. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive neurological evaluation (includes Quantitative EEG) to identify the potential for pathway improvement. Once a treatment program is put in place, many patients see notable improvements within a few weeks, but the benefits can last a lifetime.

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Restore Your Mind, Reclaim Your Quality of Life Treating a range of brain disorders including Dementia | Depression | Brain Injuries | ADHD Dr. J Douglas Brown DC DACNB,

Board Certified Neurology-Chiropractic

Dr. Brown is one of only a few functional neurologists in the U.S. providing brain pathway activation therapy in conjunction with deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and Bredesen’s science-based nutritional program.

Call today:

251-597-8787 240 West Laurel Avenue, Foley, AL (Located inside Path To Wellness)

April 2018


FINALLY...Hair Color Without the ChemiCal Dump!!

Organidc at

Ve Salon

news briefs

NW SLS NW Ammonia NW Parabens NW Plastics Just Awesome Color that Lasts up to 30% Longer without the Toxic Waste Site & Smell

CoLorINg & SmootHINg treAtmeNtS For SILkY, HeALtHY HAIr

styles • color • cuts • extensions Janice Skene • Owner with over 40 years’ experience cutting, styling coloring

837-2690 • 114-B Benning Dr., Destin •

Cell: 813-841-4890

Festival Brings Native American Arts to Fort Walton Beach


FUTURISTIC LEARNING CENTER Friend us on Facebook to see all of our latest events Please see Facebook for Friday events. See Ongoing Events for weekly class schedule

UPCOMING EVENTS FOR CAPSTONE HOUSE: • 04/09 Young Living Oils *Topic* Lucy Libido & Oils 5:45 • 04/10 Art with Heart * MUST RSVP* $20 Members, $25 Non-Member, includes canvas and paint supplies 6:30 • 04/13 Beyond Detoxification * Dr. James DeRuiter, and Rebecca Nolan detox foot bath. W/Dessert $8 • 04/14 Spa Day * Enjoy 1-7 services including massage, facials, foot detox, make sugar scrubs, make-up, energy work, and readings at $15@ or all 7 for $65. 10: – 2:00. • 04/23 Young Living Oils * Basic Oils & Bug Be Gone 5:45 • 04/27 Beyond Summer Pet Health by Veterinarian $8 • 04/28 Pet Festival 9:-3:00 $5 *Pet Boutiques, Bakeries, Photographs, Massage, Energy Healing, Pet Adoption, Living Oils for Pets, Dog Run Obstacle Course, Vaccines.

For More Information, and Pricing, Call 850-747-9224 or Check Website at www. Email: • 1713 Beck Ave, Panama City, FL 10

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida


usical Echoes, the Native American flute, art and cultural festival, will take place April 20 to 22, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., at the Fort Walton Beach Landing, located at 139 Brooks Street. This nonalcoholic, family-friendly event is open to all visitors, free of charge. The weekend festival features solo artists and full bands performing live music on stage; dancers performing colorful, rhythmic traditional dances and sharing their meaning; flute makers selling their handcrafted instruments and offering guidance on choosing and playing a Native American flute; art and craft vendors offering custom jewelry, baskets, leatherwork and other items; and traditional Indian fry bread and other festival food. There will also be a silent auction and raffles at the main tent. This year’s totem, the sea turtle, will be featured on the annual festival T-shirt, with an image created by artist Kenneth Maines. The festival lineup will include Ed Winddancer, Jeff Ball, Shelley Morningsong and Jonny Lipford. A torchlight ceremony featuring the Thunderbird Honor Guard and Poarch Creek Indian Traditional Dancers will take place April 21 at 6 p.m. Musical Echoes Flute Festival Inc. is a volunteer-run nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that relies on funding through sponsorships and donations. For more information about the festival, or to be a part of the festival by contributing, visit or, call 850-837-9828 or email Tisha Maraj at

Free Group Meditations Focus on Humanity’s Evolution


nyone interested in using meditation for personal evolution, as well as for the evolution of humanity, is invited to participate in free group Transmission Meditations offered Sundays at 9:30 a.m. and Wednesdays at 7:15 p.m. at Ever'man Cooperative, located at 315 West Garden Street in Pensacola. John O’Neill of Share International USA Network Southeast, which coordinates the sessions, says Transmission Meditation is a simple but potent method that doesn’t require a lot of reading. There is never a fee to participate in a session. “Millions of people are turning to meditation, for many reasons,” he says. “This is one great way to get in better touch with your higher self and speed up your own evolution while helping the entire human family at the same time. It’s a service that supports all the great changes taking place now that will lead to a brand-new, peaceful world, far lovelier than most of us can imagine. This is a meditation that we can be involved in for the rest of our lives, knowing that we are helping the evolution of humanity.” More than 600 Transmission groups in 40 countries meet on a regular basis, motivat ed solely by the intention and desire to serve, he says, adding, “Once a routine is established, it often becomes a special and important point of focus in each individual’s life.” For more information about Transmission Meditation, visit To learn more about Share International USA Network Southeast, visit

Osteoarthritis Patients Needed for Clinical Trial


he Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is now accepting patients for a clinical trial of the nSTRIDE APS Kit, an investigative cell-based injection for treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee and associated symptoms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, OA is one of the top five causes of disability among non-institutionalized adults in the United States. The standard of care focuses on noninvasive treatment to manage symptoms but generally doesn’t prevent the disease from progressing. Although patients with OA account for more than 90 percent of knee replacement surgeries, few patients with disabling OA are willing to consider total knee replacement, according to the journal Medicographia. As OA is associated with an increase in inflammatory proteins, which contribute to cartilage breakdown, the nSTRIDE APS Kit focuses on inhibiting inflammation. Using the patient’s own blood, it produces an autologous protein solution (APS) that is high in anti-inflammatory proteins and growth factors. The solution is injected into the knee joint, with the goal of promoting healing. Andrews Institute was chosen as an investigational site for a double-blind clinical trial studying the use of the nSTRIDE APS Kit in those with painful osteoarthritis in one knee. Patients who meet eligibility requirements will be randomly assigned to receive an injection of the protein solution or saline, and patients will not know which injection they received. All of the study procedures and risks associated with the study will be discussed with potential candidates before a decision to participate is made. Patients may or may not benefit from taking part in the trial, but information learned may help patients with osteoarthritis in the future. For individuals who cannot fulfill the requirements of the study, Andrews Institute offers other treatment options for managing OA symptoms. For more information, text 1KNEE to the number 87888, call 773-313-3077 or visit

Cirque Italia Brings Water Circus to Town


he Cirque Italia, the first traveling “water circus,” is bringing its newest show, the Gold Unit, to northwest Florida from March 29 to April 15. Shows will be held from Thursday to Sunday, alternating weekends in Panama City, Mary Esther and Pensacola. This family-friendly performance features a state-of-the-art water curtain whose every droplet is controlled to display words and patterns as the water falls to the “lagoon” below. It is serves as an ultramodern backdrop for the Cirque Italia performers, who come from all over the world. “This production will feature acts all the way from Russia to Mexico. We believe in multiculturalism as one of our strongest assets,” says Cirque Italia’s Maria Raggi. “This new stage by itself is enough to amaze the most demanding audience, and synchronized with the most creative display of superhuman talent, the result is simply out of this world.” The show includes an Avatar; two mermaids; a contortionist; a “wheel of death” performance; trick roller skaters; a futuristic laser act; aerial performances; and lifelike elephant puppets. “Although we don’t use animals in our performances, these puppets are so well made, you might just think they are real,” Raggi says. Tickets cost $10 to $50, depending on availability. Cirque Italia offers one free child admission with every fullpriced paying adult ticket in levels 2 or 3. For tickets or information, including show times and box office hours, visit Call 941-704-8572 to find out the promo code for this location. April 2018


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Discover an Intergrative Approach to Stress and Pain Relief. Deep Tissue, Sports, Pain Management, Pregnancy and Couples Massage.

Clear Auric Debris and Instill Harmony with Holistic, Intuitive Bodywork. Trauma Release, Energetic Chelation and Chakra Balancing.



Relieve Anxiety and Stress. Change Habits, Lose Weight, Eliminate Phobias, Sharpen your Memory and Mental Clarity. Transform your Life.

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“THE BRIGHT SIDE” with Pharmacist Ben

Located in the Publix Shopping Center on 23rd St (634 W 23rd St. • Panama City, FL 32405) Visit us on Facebook: @oliveleaveshealthfoodcenter

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Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida


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earth day events

Awaken your senses

Pierre Sabatelli/

while clearing your mind ® Ja’Mi Products aromatherapy essential oil body and room sprays assist in healing the mind, body and soul. Balance the physical and metaphysical energies of the body, hydrate skin, balance chakras, awaken the senses and clear your mind to manifest love, peace and prosperity. 15% off all sprays with online code: NA18


Celebrate Earth Day Locally and Globally

Earth Day, on April 22, will serve again as a galvanizing force on ways to save our planet. With the theme of End Plastic Pollution, the Earth Day Network (EDN) is setting a specific focus this year on the importance of reducing the use of plastics and finding more Earth-friendly alternatives ( The nonprofit notes that of the approximately 300 million tons of plastic annually produced to make bags, bottles, packages and other commodities worldwide, only about 10 percent is successfully recycled and reused. The rest ends up in landfills or as litter, leaching dangerous chemicals into soil and water, endangering humans and wildlife alike. EDN asks everyone to pledge to switch to sustainable alternatives, subscribe to its newsletter, spread the word via social media, educate and mobilize citizens to demand action, and donate to support the adoption of a global framework to regulate plastic pollution that will engage individuals, companies and governments worldwide. Further, EDN is extending people’s ability to take personal responsibility by self-rating and guiding their involvement via practical toolkits. “People can create and follow a plan to reduce their plastic footprint and also share that data to help others via the Billion Acts of Green online campaign,” says Valeria Merino, vice president of Global Earth Day, adding that participants will be able to create an ongoing record and track their commitments. The initiative is also providing materials, tips on organizing cleanup events and social media tie-ins. Help Northwest Florida celebrate and forward progress in sustainability efforts by participating in these local Earth Day 2018 events.

Earth Day Pensacola April 21, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Bayview Park, Pensacola Earth Day Bay County April 21, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. McKenzie Park, Panama City

Available online and at Whole Foods Markets, Spas, Wellness Centers and other retail locations.

THE SLEEP BRACELET Wearers have experienced:

· Falling asleep faster · Increased quality sleep · Waking up more refreshed Recommended by


If you choose to return your Philip Stein goods, please do so within 30 days of receipt in perfect condition and in the original packaging.

April 2018


health briefs

Whole Grains Help Us Eat Less DeryaDraws /

When overweight adults exchange refined grain products such as white bread and pasta for whole-grain equivalents, they tend to feel full sooner, eat less, lose weight and experience a reduction in inflammation, the journal Gut reports. Researchers from Denmark’s National Food Institute and the University of Copenhagen studying 50 adults at risk for Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease found that test volunteers realized these benefits by eating whole grains, and rye in particular.

Ingesting a combination of five herbs while making healthy lifestyle changes significantly reduced symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome in a recent Australian study of 122 women published in Phytotherapy Research. The herbs were Cinnamomum verum (cinnamon), Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice), Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort), Paeonia lactiflora (peony) and Tribulus terrestris (tribulus). Menstrual cycles returned to normal duration for 55 percent of the women, and significant improvements occurred in body mass index, pregnancy rates, hormones, insulin sensitivity and blood pressure. Subjects also exhibited less depression, anxiety and stress.

High-Fat Diet Risks Multiple Sclerosis Relapse A high-fat diet increases the risk of relapse of multiple sclerosis in children by as much as 56 percent, reports The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry. A multi-university study of 219 children also found that each 10 percent increase in saturated fat as a share of total calories tripled the risk of relapse. Inversely, each additional cup of vegetables per week cut the risk of the disease by 50 percent.


Herbs Ease Polycystic Ovary Symptoms

A Harvard study of 325 women undergoing fertility treatments found that those consuming the most produce high in pesticide residues, such as strawberries, spinach and grapes, were 18 percent less likely to become pregnant and 26 percent less likely to have a live birth compared to women eating the least amount of pesticide-laden produce. Study co-author Dr. Jorge Chavarro suggests that women trying to conceive should eat organic produce or low-pesticide choices like avocados, onions and oranges. 14

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

All kind of people/


DeryaDraws /

Less REM-Stage Sleep Linked to Dementia Risk

People that get less rapid eye movement (REM) sleep may have a greater risk of developing dementia, according to a new study published in Neurology. Following 321 people over age 60 for 12 years, Australian researchers found that those that developed dementia spent an average of 17 percent of their sleep time in REM sleep, compared to 20 percent for others. It also took them longer to get to that dream-generating stage.

Nature Videos Calm Prisoners


MyoFascial Release Effective pain relief.

Try It!

Caring for: Back • Neck • Jaw • Foot pain Headaches • Injury Rehab • Fibromyalgia Plantar Fasciitis • Carpal Tunnel • Stress

Learn More about Myofascial Release at

Maximum-security prison inmates in Oregon that spent an hour a day for a year watching nature videos were involved in 26 percent fewer violent acts compared with fellow inmates, and reported feeling significantly calmer, less irritable and more empathetic. The University of Utah study, published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, states, “An estimated 5.3 million Americans live or work in nature-deprived venues. Such removal from nature can result in an ‘extinction of experience’ that can further lead to disinterest or disaffection toward natural settings, or even biophobia (fear of the natural environment). People that infrequently or never spend time in nature will be deprived of the numerous physical and emotional benefits that contact with nature affords.”

Air Pollution Linked to Psychological Distress Luis Louro /

A therapy that gets

Air pollution takes a toll on mental health, University of Washington researchers have concluded. By linking health data for 6,000 people to census tracts, they found that people living in areas with the highest levels of airborne fine particulate matter scored 17 percent higher in measures of psychological distress, including sadness, nervousness and hopelessness. The higher the level of particulates—emitted by car engines, fireplaces and fossil fuel power plants—the greater the impact.

Free PHone ConsuLTaTion

Janet Hardy, LMT

Lic. #MA17333

Since 1994

Board Certified John F. Barnes’ Expert Level Myofascial Release Therapist

Santa Rosa Beach, FL • 850-231-9131 MEditation Group

An Eclectic Emporium

Energy Healing • Emotional Clearing • Drum Healing Intuitive Readings • Jewelry • Paintings • Incense Crystals • Pottery • Wind Chimes • Diaper Cakes Semiprecious Stones • Hand Painted Furniture

Locally made crafts by local Artisans


700 Beal Parkway • Unit D Inside the Intuitive Spiritual Center

ExpandEd StonE and CryStal SElECtion April 2018


Clear Gain

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Solar energy is now the cheapest form of new energy in dozens of countries, with record-setting solar farms being built worldwide. Researchers have been investigating ways to make transparent solar panels that resemble glass that could be used as window panels at the same time as converting the light that shines on them into electricity. “Highly transparent solar cells represent the wave of the future for new solar applications,” explains materials scientist Richard Lunt, Ph.D., from Michigan State University. “We analyzed their potential and show that by harvesting only invisible light, these devices have the potential of generating a similar amount of electricity as rooftop solar while providing additional functionality to enhance the efficiency of buildings, automobiles and mobile electronics.” As reported in Nature Energy, his team has developed a transparent, luminescent, solar concentrator that looks like clear glass, covered in small, organic molecules adept at capturing only ultraviolet and near-infrared wavelengths of light. The visible light that enables human vision isn’t obstructed, so we can see through the cell. If scaled up to cover the billions of square feet of glass surfaces throughout the U.S., it could potentially supply about 40 percent of our country’s energy needs.

A study published in the journal Science found that forests across Asia, Latin America and Africa release 468 tons of carbon per year, equivalent to nearly 10 percent of the annual U.S. carbon footprint. Thus, tropical forests may no longer be acting as carbon sinks and could be releasing more carbon than they store. Lead author Alessandro Baccini, with the Woods Hole Research Center, in Massachusetts, says, “These findings provide the world with a wake-up call on forests. If we’re to keep global temperatures from rising to dangerous levels, we need to drastically reduce emissions and greatly increase forests’ ability to absorb and store carbon.” Researchers think nearly 70 percent of this loss of carbon storage capacity is caused by small-scale degradation from logging, drought and wildfire. Researchers say that policies to curb deforestation, reduce degradation and restore the integrity of the land could turn forests back into carbon sinks.

Distributed Power Energy Users Control Own Supplies

Some municipalities spend between 20 and 40 percent of their annual budgets on the energy needed to operate wastewater treatment plants. The city of Thousand Oaks, California, has transformed their biggest energy user into an energy generator. Across the U.S., energy users of all sizes are taking control of their power supply and relieving stress from the grid. That’s the idea behind distributed energy. Atlantic Re:think and Siemens have partnered to explore this burgeoning energy revolution. View a video at TheThousandOaksSolution.


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Tropical Forests Releasing Excess Carbon

Scientists’ Security

France Welcomes Beleaguered Climate Researchers

French President Emmanuel Macron awarded 18 climate scientists from the U.S. and elsewhere millions of euros in grants to relocate to his country for the rest of Donald Trump’s presidential term. Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” grants are meant to counter Trump’s intent on the climate change front following his declaration to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. One winner, Camille Parmesan, of the University of Texas at Austin, who is working at an experimental ecology station in the Pyrenees charting how human-made climate change is affecting wildlife, says that in the U.S., “You are having to hide what you do.”

Big Pants Production/

‘Sink’ Setback


Window-Like Solar Cells Could Power 40 Percent of U.S. Needs

Transforming Plastics

Peter Bernik/

Mobile Trashpresso Turns Trash into Tiles

UK furniture and design company Pentatonic has invented the Trashpresso, a solar-powered, mini-recycling plant that transforms plastic waste into usable architectural tiles. Pentatonic doesn’t use raw goods that create excess waste because they are committed to using materials for their products that incorporate some element of recycling, says co-founder Johann Bodecker. They want their products to be reusable, too, so they don’t use glues, resins, paints or formaldehydes to create them, a philosophy that influences all company decisions. The Trashpresso can be used in offthe-grid places where traditional recycling plants would be impractical. It sorts, shreds and compresses trash into plastic fibers to create fully formed tiles. The invention has attracted the attention of companies that want to reduce their own contribution to plastic waste and ocean pollution. Starbucks UK, for example, has commissioned Pentatonic to turn their coffee shop waste into furniture, including bean bag chairs produced from plastic bottles and cups.


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Top Polluters


Just 100 Companies Emit Most Global Emissions

In July 2017, historic new research from environmental nonprofit CDP, in collaboration with the Climate Accountability Institute, revealed in The Carbon Majors Report that 71 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions since 1988 can be traced to just 100 fossil fuel producers. It’s the first in a series of planned publications to improve transparency and highlight the role companies and their investors could play in tackling climate change. Offenders ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Chevron are among the highest-emitting investor-owned companies. If fossil fuels continue to be extracted at the same rate for the next 28 years as they were between 1988 and 2017, global average temperatures would be on course to rise by 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century, likely causing catastrophic consequences, including substantial species extinction and global food scarcity risks. Read the report at CarbonTop100List.

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U.S. Waste Paper Turned Away

Companies that recycle cardboard boxes were overwhelmed after record-breaking holiday shopping online. The U.S. Postal Service estimated it delivered 10 percent more packages in 2017 than the year before. Amazon, the leader in online shopping, said it shipped more than 5 billion items for Prime members in 2017. All of this cardboard is a huge recycling challenge. Americans routinely toss food waste and other garbage into their recycling carts, and China, the country that receives the bulk of these contaminated recyclables, says it has had enough. China, by far the world’s biggest importer and processor of recyclables, has put the U.S. on notice that it will begin turning away all but the most pristine used plastics and unsorted waste paper by this fall and early next year. The pronouncement has alarmed U.S. government and industry officials, especially on the West Coast, that face the challenge of either cleaning up the vast, never-ending stream of recyclables to meet China’s strict standards or finding other places to dump the messy items—perhaps in landfills. The uncertainty caused by China’s looming ban is beginning to slow down the entire West Coast system for sorting and shipping off recyclables. In Hong Kong, which ships its waste paper and cardboard to the Chinese mainland, mounds of the materials already are piling up at docks and in cargo ships being kept at sea.

Waxworm Wonders

Caterpillars Offer Clues to Plastic Cleanup

Waxworms, a type of caterpillar, are vexing to beekeepers because they devour the wax that bees use to build honeycombs. It turns out that they can do the same to plastic. Ongoing worldwide research reveals several types of bacteria found in waxworms that digest some kinds of plastic at rates that vary from weeks to months. Scientist Federica Bertocchini, at the Spanish National Research Council, mashed up a quantity of the greater wax moth and applied the paste to polyethylene. After half a day, about 13 percent of the plastic had disappeared. She collaborated with biochemists at the University of Cambridge to analyze this chemical decomposition of the plastic. They discovered that some of the substance is converted into ethylene glycol, a sign that it was genuinely being degraded. The carbon-to-carbon bonds found in polyethylene are also present in the wax that the caterpillars eat. Susan Selke, director of the Michigan State University School of Packaging, remarks, “The hunt for organisms that can degrade plastics is on. Right now, we don’t have a good solution for dealing with the plastics that are piling up on our planet.”




Chinese Chokepoint

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We Need Trees

Arbor Day More Vital Now than Ever

The 147th annual Arbor Day on April 27 encourages tree planting worldwide to replenish lost tree cover including trees wiped out in the recent fires in California and hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. The Arbor Day Foundation (ADF) is committed to providing 5 million trees in these areas alone. More than 3,400 U.S. communities will participate as an ADF Tree City. Visit for a current list and criteria for new communities to apply. The ADF Alliance for Community Trees ( supports treegrowing programs for 200 nonprofit member groups nationwide via funding, information sharing and forging helpful connections. Trees are much more than aesthetics, says Program Manager Dana Karcher, who most recently welcomed Community Greening, in Delray Beach, Florida, and Outdoor Circle, in Hawaii, into the fold. “Trees clean the air, are a habitat for animals, retain storm water and more.” An affiliated nonprofit program online at encourages tree planting each October. Billings, Montana, earned the latest Arbor Day Celebration Award after 12 elementary schools there engaged in environmental education stations and 180 volunteers planted and pruned trees. Other recent biannual award winners included California’s ReLeaf program and the Atlanta Beltline Arboretum. The need was great even before the world’s forests lost 73.4 million acres of tree cover in 2016, a 51 percent increase over 2015, due to poor forest management, climate change-driven drought and fires, says Global Forest Watch. Hopeful global signs: The largest-ever tropical reforestation project in the Brazilian Amazon aims to plant 73 million trees in the next six years on 70,000 acres. A New Zealand participation goal for the Billion Trees Planting Programme targets planting 100 million trees annually for a decade. In July 2017, volunteers in Madhya Pradesh, India, planted 66,750,000 tree saplings in 12 hours, exceeding the previous record by Uttar Pradesh of 50 million in 24 hours, as part of India’s reforestation pledge of 2 billion new trees by 2030. A $10 annual ADF membership fee includes 10, six-inch-tall seedlings to plant or to donate to a national forest. Karcher’s paramount planting tip: “Dig the hole twice as wide and the same depth of the root ball. If it’s too deep, it’ll suffocate. Give roots space to grow.”

It always seems impossible until it’s done. ~Nelson Mandela

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Sway Congress Save Wild Horses Campaign Update

The Trump Administration’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget again calls on Congress to lift long-standing prohibitions on the destruction and slaughter of wild horses and burros. The budget seeks to cut approximately $14 million of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Program by selling as many as 90,000 federally protected American mustangs for slaughter to avoid management costs and supply foreign markets with horsemeat. So far, citizens have held the line in favor of America’s iconic equine heritage. As Congress discusses appropriations for 2019, we must continue to press our senators and representatives to stand with the 80 percent of Americans that demand protection for these animals. Make your voice heard today via the online form at SaveWildHorsesNow.

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ThetaHealing works through seven primary concepts: The power of words and thoughts. The experience of life will be as positive or negative as our thoughts, because thoughts have real substance. The first place we create from is the mind. The brainwaves. The Theta brainwave is a dreamlike state in which we can reprogram the subconscious mind with new, positive thoughts, making changes from the cellular level. The psychic senses and chakras. In the Theta brainwave, all the chakras work in harmony, awakening the intuitive faculties and resulting in DNA activation. Free agency and co-creation. The changes we want to see in our lives become real and tangible. When programs are chosen in the Theta brainwave, they are 80 percent more likely to occur. The power of observation. Nothing happens without first being visualized and then witnessed into being. We not only think about the things we want to come into our lives, but we see them manifest. Some 90 percent of what we learn comes through our visual abilities. This is what brings imagination into reality. The command. A command is a signal to activate; it removes all doubt. We must take command of our lives and learn to live in full faith. The Creator of all that is. This is simply the energy of unconditional love. Love is the most powerful vibration for creating a life of health, wealth and success. Love brings things to life.


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A Blend of Empowered Thinking, Spiritual Philosophy


by Allison Gorman

hetaHealing began with a miracle. In 1995, Vianna Stibal used empowering thought to heal herself of a nine-inch tumor in her leg. The meditation training technique she developed, ThetaHealing, uses a spiritual philosophy to improve and evolve the mind, body and spirit. It is now practiced and studied in more than 23 countries and languages. “ThetaHealing is referred to as the attainable miracle,” says Felicia McQuaid, owner of The Healing Clinic of Fort Walton Beach


and an advanced practitioner and teacher of ThetaHealing. “It allows you to clear limiting beliefs and reprogram the subconscious mind with new and empowering beliefs and feelings in order to create positive, long-lasting changes in your life.” The technique blends meditation, Creator’s energy, kinesiology, DNA activation and the science of brainwaves into one powerful practice, McQuaid says. “ThetaHealing makes changes from your DNA outward into your life.”

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Why a Warming Planet is Harming Our Health


by Lisa Marshall

amantha Ahdoot’s son Isaac was 9 years old when he collapsed from the heat while playing clarinet at band camp. It had been a record-hot summer following a mild winter and early spring, and Dr. Ahdoot, an Alexandria, Virginia, pediatrician, had already noticed a string of unusual cases: A toddler had contracted Lyme disease in the once tick-free region of Northern Maine. A teenager had suffered an asthma attack in February, a full month before she usually started taking allergy medicine. A displaced grade-schooler from out of town arrived traumatized after fleeing a hurricane-ravaged home with her family. But it wasn’t until she saw her son laying on a gurney in the emergency room with an IV in his arm that she fully connected the dots. 24

“I was aware that the weather had changed a lot since I was kid. But it really didn’t hit home until that day that climate change could affect my health and the health of my children personally,” recalls Ahdoot. “I realized it would be a betrayal of my duty as a pediatrician to sit back and do nothing about it.”

Health Care Alert

Ahdoot, now a vocal climate change activist, is among a growing number of healthcare professionals that have begun to reframe climate change not as a concern for elsewhere or the future, but as a pressing U.S. public

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

Ase/ Boris Ryaposov/

Healthy Climate, Healthy People

health issue today. In one recent survey of 1,200 allergists, 48 percent said climate change is already affecting their patients a “great deal” or a “moderate amount.” In another survey of lung specialists, 77 percent said they were seeing patient symptoms grow more severe due to worsening climate-related air quality. In a sweeping review published last October in The Lancet medical journal, a team of healthcare professionals proclaimed that the human symptoms of climate change are “unequivocal and potentially irreversible,” noting that since 2000, the number of people in the United States exposed to heat waves annually has risen by about 14.5 million, and the number of natural disasters annually has increased 46 percent. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also begun to weigh in with a Climate-Ready States and Cities Initiative to help local health departments brace for everything from the hazardous air quality associated with more forest fires to the spread of vector-borne diseases like Zika and West Nile as the range and season of mosquitoes and ticks expands. Meanwhile, groups like the newly formed and expansive Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health, to which Ahdoot belongs, are being proactive. Its doctors are greening their offices, swapping cars for bikes, buses or carpooling, lobbying lawmakers and encouraging their patients to undertake measures to prevent the problem from worsening. In the process, they say, they might even improve their own health. “We want the public to understand that climate change is not just about polar bears or receding glaciers in the Arctic, but also about our children and our health here and now,” says Ahdoot.

Mega Pixel/

Flora and Fauna Issues

During the past century, average temperatures have increased between 1.3 and 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit, with annual increases accelerating in recent years as 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017 all set records for ambient heat. Such rising temperatures, combined with increased rain and record-high atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, can have a significant impact on plants— both those that irritate or nourish us, says Howard Frumkin, a medical doctor who co-authored the Lancet report and teaches environmental and occupational health sciences at the University of Washington, in Seattle. Wild, allergy-inducing plants like ragweed and poison ivy are flourishing. Poison ivy is growing faster, larger and more toxic as excess carbon prompts it to produce more of its rash-inducing compound, urushiol. “We are seeing the season for ragweed productivity expanding, with pollen levels rising higher and earlier and lasting longer by several weeks,” advises Frumkin. In 2016, residents of Minneapolis, Minnesota, endured a ragweed season that was 21 days longer than in 1990. Other, desirable crops, like grains, do worse in hotter carbonrich climes, producing less protein and other nutrients, Frumkin notes. Meanwhile, bugs are thriving, with longer seasons and wider ranges in which to reproduce. Mosquitoes’ capacity to transmit dengue fever— the world’s fastest-growing mosquitoborne illness—has risen by 11 percent since 1950, more than half of that just since 1990, according to the Lancet report. Further, the tick that carries Lyme disease is now present in 46 percent of U.S. counties, up from 30 percent in 1998. “My physician colleagues used to treat two or three cases a month during tick season,” says Dr. Nitin Damle, a physician at South County Internal Medicine, in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

Five Steps to Take Today


Swap tailpipes for pedals: Bike or walk instead of driving, especially for distances of less than two miles, which comprise 40 percent of all car trips. A study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that if everyone did this in just 11 cities in the Midwest, not only would carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions fall, but it would extend 1,300 lives and save $8 billion in healthcare costs due to better air quality and less sedentary lifestyles.


Eat less red meat: Producing red

meat results in five times more climate-warming emissions per calorie than chicken, pork, dairy or eggs, according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. It also creates 11 times more emissions than the production of potatoes, wheat or rice. Eating less red meat can also decrease an individual’s risk of certain cancers.


Encourage hospitals and doctors’ offices to go green: The

healthcare system is responsible for

“Now each of us sees 40 to 50 new cases each season.”

Heat Pollution

Rising heat can also aggravate lung conditions because it promotes the production of ozone, a major lung irritant. With prolonged heat often come wildfires. When one burned for three months in North Carolina in a recent summer, researchers discovered that residents of counties affected by the smoke plume showed a 50 percent increase in emergency trips due to respiratory illness. Like Isaac, more kids are ending up in hospitals due to soaring temperatures, with U.S. emergency room visits for heat illnesses up by 133 percent between 1997 and 2006. Ahdoot recalls a young football player from Arkansas that showed signs of weakness and fatigue during practice, but wasn’t treated right away. He ended

about 10 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to a recent study by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, in New Haven, Connecticut. Boston-area hospitals recently slashed their overall emissions by 29 percent in five years.


Plant more trees: As they grow,

trees remove carbon dioxide from the air. Being around green space has also been shown to boost mental and cognitive health.


Show compassion: Americans,

per capita, emit six times more CO2 than the global average, according to research by Jonathan Patz, a medical doctor who directs the Global Health Institute at the University of WisconsinMadison. In a TED Talk, he observed that U.S. lower-income populations and those in developing countries are often hit hardest by gaseous emissions. “Those most vulnerable to the health impacts of climate change are often the least responsible,” he says. “Doing something about this is a matter of compassion.”

up with heat stroke, kidney failure and pulmonary edema and ultimately required kidney dialysis. “Every summer now, I see the impacts of increasing temperatures and heat waves on kids,” she says. Climate change can also impact mental health, according to a recent review by the American Psychological Association. Exposure to natural disasters can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Plus, according to research institutions including the University of California, San Diego, and Iowa State University, chronic heat, especially at night, can interfere with sleep and even lead to aggressive behavior. Then there’s the worry about what to do about it, and whether it will be enough. “When you talk with people about what is affecting them, climate is definitely one of the things stressing them out,” says Thomas Doherty, Psy.D., a psychologist April 2018



in Portland, Oregon. “There’s a sense of mystery and powerlessness around it that weighs on people.”

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Mona Sarfaty, a family physician who is now director of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health, attests that 69 percent of Americans are aware that climate change is occurring, and more than half agree that human activities are at least partly to blame. Yet only a third believe it could ever harm them personally. “So much of the early focus was on the receding glaciers and the penguins,” she says. “People today still think it will affect ‘those other people over there,’ but not them.” She agrees with the recent focus on imminent health issues, and is encouraged that a growing number of healthcare professionals feel it’s their duty to inform their patients about climate change to mobilize action. “When you talk about climate change not only in terms of the health impact it has on individuals and families, but also in terms of the real-time benefits of taking action against it, people are a lot more interested in doing something,” says Sarfaty. For instance, shifting to clean energy sources like wind and solar instead of coal can effect better air quality and easier breathing now. Cycling or walking to work rather than driving can reduce carbon emissions, boost feel-good brain chemicals and keep weight in check. Writing letters to editors or attending rallies to urge lawmakers to pass climate-friendly policies can not only fend off the anxiety and depression that comes with feeling helpless, but also effect real change. Ahdoot is taking these steps now. She has solar panels on her roof, is assisting the local hospital to reduce its carbon footprint, takes public transportation to work and encourages her kids to walk whenever possible. “I don’t feel powerless at all. I feel empowered and optimistic,” she says. “The more we know, the more we are moved to act. We can all do something small every day to protect our climate.” Lisa Marshall is a freelance health writer in Boulder, CO. Connect at

April 2018


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wise words

Paul Hawken Shares a Plan to Reverse Global Warming by Linda Sechrist


or author Paul Hawken, a leading environmental entrepreneur working with a coalition of research fellows, advisors and expert reviewers, the climate goal is drawdown, or reversing global warming—the point in atmospheric time when the concentration of greenhouse gases peaks and begins to decline on a year-to-year basis. Hawken edited Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, a compendium of the 100 most substantive solutions that already exist.

Why is drawdown the goal?

Earth Day

should encourage us to reflect on what we are doing to make our planet a more

sustainable and livable place. ~Scott Peters


If we don’t name the goal, we are unlikely to achieve it. To date, language like mitigation, stabilization and reduction has been used to address climate change. These goals are not particularly ambitious and will do little to preserve civilization. Those verbs are about slowing the amount of released gases, but do not reverse them. If you are going the wrong way down a road which heads straight over a cliff, slowing down is not a helpful goal. We need to turn around, and that is what drawdown research is all about.

Why and how did you do the research? We wanted to know if it was game over with respect to global warming, or could we reverse the buildup of greenhouse gases with techniques and practices already underway? We gathered a qualified and diverse group of 70 researchers from around the world to identify, research and model the 100 most substantive existing solutions. They modeled the impact the solutions will have if they continue to scale in a rigorous, but reasonable way, and what the cost and profits would be. All carbon data was based on peer-reviewed science. Economic data came from respected international institutions like the World Bank. The goal of the

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

book was to present the findings and describe the solutions in ways that fascinated and informed, accompanied by images that enlivened and inspired.

What are the top 10 solutions? The top 10 solutions, in order, are: refrigerant management, wind turbines, reduced food waste, plant-rich diet, tropical forests protection, educating girls, family planning, solar farms, silvopasture—the intentional combination of trees, forage plants and livestock as an integrated, intensively managed system—and rooftop solar. All 100 are listed at

Did any of the solutions surprise you? None of the solutions surprised us, but their rankings did. For example, educating girls, number six, has a dramatic bearing on global warming. Women with more years of education have fewer, healthier, children and actively manage their reproductive health. Educated females realize higher wages and greater upward mobility, contributing to economic growth. Educa-

tion is the most powerful lever available for breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty while mitigating emissions by curbing population growth. Ranked seventh, family planning, particularly in low-income countries, impacts world population. For women to have children by choice rather than chance and to plan their family size and spacing is a matter of autonomy and dignity. Together, these two solutions would account for significant reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. The United Nations estimates a difference between the high and median population projections in 2050 of 10.8 billion versus 9.7 billion. The difference is almost entirely determined by availability of family planning.

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Are you optimistic about achieving the goal?

Drawdown is not about optimism, hope or pessimism. It is a reality project. The science on climate change is amazing, if not stunning. It is the best problem statement humanity has ever created, which I see as a gift, not a curse. Global warming is feedback from the atmosphere. The Earth is a system, and any system that does not incorporate feedback fails. It holds true for our body, ecosystems, social systems and economic systems. The knowledge of global warming and its potential impacts is creating huge breakthroughs in energy, transport, agriculture, housing, urbanization and materials. If it wasn’t for the science of climate change, we would be destroying our planet faster than we already are. Focusing repeatedly on the problem does not solve the problem. Diagnosis is not prognosis unless we give up. The science of what will happen if we do not act has been here for a long time. What Drawdown points out is that humanity is on the case. The plan we refer to in the book’s subtitle is not our plan; we found a plan being activated by the collective intelligence of humanity. This is a different story than one of gloom and doom. It is a story of innovation, creativity and generosity—that is who we are. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings.

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conscious eating

Changing Our Diet to Cool the Climate

Good Food Choices Enable Global Health


by Judith Fertig

hree years ago, the New York Times added a new word to the world’s food vocabulary: Climatarian (n.) A diet whose primary goal is to reverse climate change. This includes eating locally produced food (to reduce energy spent in transportation), choosing pork and poultry instead of beef and lamb (to limit gas emissions), and using every part of ingredients (apple cores, cheese rinds, etc.) to limit food waste. Changing our food choices to sup-

port this model can have a ripple effect. Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in a 2017 study published in the journal Climatic Change, looked at how diets impact personal health, the healthcare system and climate. They found that adopting a more plant-based diet reduces the relative risk of coronary heart disease, colorectal cancer and Type 2 diabetes by 20 to 40 percent. National annual health care costs could drop from $93 billion to $77 billion. Direct greenhouse

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gas emissions could annually drop 489 to 1,821 pounds per person. Such an approach involves considering the related water usage, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint—the energy required to cultivate, harvest and transport food—plus processing associated food waste. Here are some top choices.  

Foods that Go Easy on Water

Hydroponic greens are hands-down winners. The Shelton Family Farm, near Whittier, North Carolina, weekly produces 10,000 to 12,000 heads of hydroponically grown Bibb lettuce. The controlled environment and carefully engineered nutrient delivery systems maximize all resources. “It’s an enclosed system that runs 24/7, and it’s highly efficient from a waterusage standpoint because we recycle the water,” says William Shelton Jr., a fourthgeneration family farmer. “The only water that’s actually consumed is what’s taken up and transpired through the plants.” In a moderate climate, energy costs to recycle the water and keep the plants at an even temperature are moderate, as well. Dry-tilled heirloom tomatoes, okra, melons and quinoa are drought-tolerant and only use available rainfall.   

Foods that Go Easy on Greenhouse Gases

Plants beat meat. “Livestock farming produces from 20 to 50 percent of all manmade greenhouse gas emissions,” says nutritionist and climate activist Jane Richards, of GreenEatz, in Mountain View, California. “You can reduce your footprint by a quarter by cutting down on red meats such as beef and lamb.” An exception is the vegetarian staple of rice. According to researchers at Project Drawdown, a climate solutions organization in Sausalito, California, rice cultivation is responsible for at least 10 percent of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and up to 19 percent of global methane emissions. New farming techniques, like mid-season draining of the rice paddies, could cut methane emissions by at least 35 percent. Richards notes, “Meat, cheese and eggs have the highest carbon footprint; fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts, much

lower. The carbon footprint of a vegetarian diet is about half that of a meat-lover’s diet.” Root crops such as carrots, radishes, potatoes and beets have a lower carbon footprint than above-ground plants due to less food waste. A beautiful beet is easier to grow than a bell pepper that blemishes more easily. Seasonal, regional fruit, vegetables, herbs and honey have a lighter carbon impact because they are transported shorter distances. Usually what grows best in a region and is consumed locally is also best for the climate. Foods naturally suited to their environment grow and taste better, and are packed with more nutrients, reports Sustainable Table, an educational nonprofit that builds healthy communities through sustainable eating habits (

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Hopeful Developments

New agricultural developments can also benefit our climate environment. According to Project Drawdown research, perennial grains and cereals could be pivotal in reaching soil, carbon and energy targets. The Land Institute, in Salina, Kansas, has been working with the Rodale Institute, in Berks County, Pennsylvania, to develop a perennial wheat that would not have to be planted from seed each year. This would save soil, carbon and both human and machine energy. Kernza, a new perennial grain proven to prosper in natural grasslands like the Great Plains, is not yet widely distributed. Maria Speck, author of Simply Ancient Grains, advises, “With up to 15-foot-long roots, it can be harvested for five years and uses less fertilizer than conventional wheat. Kernza tastes almost like a cross between rice and wheat—sweet, grassy, mesmerizing.” Michael Pollan, author of Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual and creator of the film Food, Inc., suggests we keep it simple: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Climatarians would add another guideline—eat as locally as possible. Judith Fertig writes cookbooks plus foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS (

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Touching the Earth The Healing Powers of Going Barefoot by Martin Zucker


elanie Monteith, of San Diego, California, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 24 and plagued by symptoms for 14 years. Simple daily tasks became challenging. She relied on walking aids and walls to keep from falling. Eventually, she quit her job. Every day tested her survival skills. Then, in late 2017, Monteith tried grounding and it changed her life.

Teresa Brown-Konell Author, Wellness Coach Biofeedback Practitioner

• • • • •

Grounding, also called Earthing, refers to the discovery of major health benefits from sustained contact with the Earth’s natural and subtle electric charge. Recent research published in the Journal of Inflammation, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, Neonatology and Health indicates that grounding stabilizes the physiology in many ways, drains the body of inflammation, pain and stress, and generates greater well-being.  


Weight Loss Anxiety & Depression Smoking Cessation ADHD, ADD Symptoms BK INTEGRATIVE & Sleep LIFESTYLE MEDICINE


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In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.

Grounding can be as simple as going barefoot in nature, including the backyard, for 30 to 60 minutes once or twice a day on surfaces like grass, soil, gravel, stone and sand. If this isn’t practical, special grounding mats and pads are available online for convenient indoor use while sitting or sleeping; people with compromised health often benefit from more time being grounded. The activity restores a primordial electric connection with the Earth that has been lost with modern lifestyles. We wear shoes with insulating, synthetic soles and live and work elevated above the ground. These overlooked lifestyle factors may contribute to increasing global rates of chronic illnesses. Grounding revitalizes us, akin to charging a weak battery, because our bodies operate electrically and our movements and thoughts are based on electrical signals. We are bioelectric beings. Eighteen years of grounding research in a variety of indoor settings, plus grassroots feedback from around the world, clearly show that our bodies operate more effectively when grounded. We sleep better, have less pain, more energy and even look better. Here are some of the documented benefits.

Reduction of chronic inflammation “Inflammation is intimately linked to most chronic and aging-related diseases,” says Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., a visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego, who has conducted multiple grounding studies. “Grounding seems to be nature’s way to reduce inflammation.”

Enhanced blood flow Thick, sludgy blood is a common feature of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. Several grounding studies have demonstrated a significant decrease in blood viscosity and enhanced blood flow. “Grounding represents a potent circulation booster; a simple, yet profound preventive and therapeutic strategy,” says integrative cardiologist Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, of Manchester, Connecticut, co-author of the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

Decreased stress Tracy Latz, a medical doctor and integrative psychiatrist in Mooresville, North Carolina, has found, “Patients with anxiety issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and depression, often benefit from grounding.”

Improved vagus nerve function The vagus nerve connects with and regulates key organs, including the lungs, heart and intestines. In one study, doctors at the Penn State Children’s Hospital, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, grounded hospitalized premature infants and documented improved vagal function that could potentially boost resilience and reduce complications. “These babies have a lot of health challenges,” observes Dr. Charles Palmer, former chief of the center’s division of newborn medicine. “It seems that they are more relaxed when grounded.” More research is needed. Within a few months of grounding both day and night, Monteith’s disease symptoms receded dramatically. Her balance and stability improved when standing and walking. She sleeps more deeply and has more energy. An eye issue for which there is no drug subsided. She says her health continues to improve and she looks forward to living each day. Troy Baker, a recovery consultant for special populations and chief program officer of the nonprofit Adapt Functional Movement Center, in Carlsbad, California, who has been overseeing Monteith’s exercise training schedule, has observed a reduction in the effects of multiple sclerosis since she started grounding. “Her body is more fluid, not as stiff. She moves much better, with increased energy and stamina.”     For more information on grounding, visit Martin Zucker, a former Associated Press correspondent, has written about alternative medicine for 40 years and is co-author of the book Earthing.


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Therapeutic Massage Couple’s Massage Best Friend Facials (BFF) Cupping Vacu-therapy

by Marlaina Donato

ardening is good for body and soul, but long hours and repetitive movements can negatively impact even the fittest body. While stiffness and pain patterns might manifest in the lower back, shoulders, legs and hands, performing a few yoga poses can lessen pain, increase flexibility, boost stamina and prevent injury. “Every action needs a counter action for structural balance to be maintained. Repetitive movements can tighten fascia, restrict movement and compromise nerve impulses,” explains Asheville, North Carolina, yoga teacher and back care specialist Lillah Schwartz, author of Healing Our Backs with Yoga: An Essential Guide to Back Pain Relief. “What goes into spasm tends to remain in spasm,” observes Schwartz, who has helped many people overcome back pain and other chronic structural issues. Practicing yoga before, during or after spending time outside also promotes mind-body awareness which helps us tune into our body’s natural rhythms and prevent physical problems in the first place. Here are some basics to consider when working in the garden.

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Gardening ASANAS Yoga Poses to Stay Pain-Free

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

Be Aware

Great agility and strong muscles cannot compensate for being in one position too long, over-reaching or fatigue. “Listen to your body’s messages such as, ‘It’s time for a rest,’ or, ‘That’s too heavy,’” recommends Schwartz. Remember to take regular breaks to rest, stretch and drink water.

4. Standing Scissor Twist (Parivrtta Hasta Padasana) standing close to and bracing against a wall or fence

5. Locust pose (Salabhasana) 6. Squat Pull Spinal Traction (Ardha Malasana in traction) 2.

Take a Breath

“Conscious breathing involves both the body and the mind. Long, slow inhalations and exhalations help us tune into our body,” says Schwartz. “Using long breaths when stretching in the garden can help muscles find relief.” To reduce pain:


n Stop and breathe. Take slow, deep breaths with a pause (inhalation retention) between inhalation and exhalation.


n Don’t resist the pain or allow self-judgment. n Wait for a release.

Enjoy Being Outside 5.

Bringing mindfulness to garden work not only helps prevent injury, but helps make it a more enjoyable experience. Here are a few more tips.


Strike a Pose

Doing yoga regularly will condition the body, but incorporating asanas, or poses, while gardening can be both a fun and practical way to avoid overstressing certain muscle groups and keep the spine and hamstrings supple. Using props in the garden environment such as fences, a wall or a chair can provide convenient support. Feel free to perform all poses before or after gardening, and all except numbers one and five in the garden.

n If rising early, begin time in the garden with a Warrior 1 pose while facing east.

1. Downward Facing Dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) with feet placed against a support

n Stop to drink some water and take pleasure in the garden’s beauty and bounty.

2. Warrior 1 pose (Virabhadrasana I) 3. Straddle Forward Fold pose (Prasarita Padottanasana)

n Be mindful of feeling the breeze when it brushes the skin and pause to breathe deeply. n Notice the music of the birds or other pleasing sounds in the surrounding environment.

Marlaina Donato is a freelance writer, author and multimedia artist. Connect at


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INDIGENOUS WISDOM Elders Urge Us to Reimagine Life by Anita Sanchez


irst, 27 indigenous elders from 23 North American tribes, two African tribes, a Tibetan Buddhist and a Sami from Finland gathered at Turtle Mountain, in Dunseith, North Dakota, in 1994. Recently, 13 elders from 10 tribes from Russia, Columbia, South Africa and the U.S. gathered in Kauai, Hawaii. Other such gatherings, too, are participating in a shared prophecy supporting world salvation. They offer humanity four sacred gifts of wisdom rooted in their life experiences. This is our invitation to receive them.

Power of Healing

Power to Forgive the Unforgivable

Power of Hope

Forgiveness is releasing ourselves from the prison of pain, hurt or mistreatment. It takes courage and self-love to do this. The reward of this act is freedom to use our energy to create what is life-giving to our self and the lives of those we touch.

Power of Unity

This is a time for us all to become and remain united and steadfast, repairing the world from the misuse of power and greed. When we choose to stand in the circle of unity, there is strength. Each of us has an important part to play in the circle of life to sustain precious relationships among people, Earth and spirit for ourselves, our children and future generations.

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

Indigenous elders tailor their healing practices to the whole human being, using good medicine, defined as anything or anyone that brings into positive alignment the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Healing can take many forms, based on tradition, the healer, patient and nature, yet four basic elements or practices are consistent: listening, supportive relationships, unconditional love and committing to creative, positive action.

Hope springs from the choice to tap into an infinite energy source. It may not be understood by modern science, but indigenous wisdom keepers behold an inner certainty of something bigger than us all. When we open ourselves to hope, it is possible to release the pressure and desire to try to know something about everything, and instead free our imagination to create expansive possibilities. Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., is a transformational leadership consultant, speaker, coach and author of the new book, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times, from which this was adapted. For videos and a song, visit

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Healthy House Easy Ways to Green It Up


green living

U.S. Food and Drug Administrationapproved silicone mats. They are easy to clean, affordable and available in many sizes and shapes. Run the dishwasher when full and at night. Off-peak hours won’t cut the electric bill, but are more efficient for the power plant, reducing its energy footprint. Skip the garbage disposal to save water and energy. Use food waste for plantnurturing compost. Plastics numbered 1, 3, 6 or 7 are prone to leaching into food or drinks. Recycle or repurpose those already on hand to store craft items, small toys or office supplies.

On the Floor by Avery Mack


iving green isn’t difficult or expensive. Start small, one room at a time.

In the Kitchen Defrosting trays have been available for a while, and although they aren’t a miracle solution, they are ecofriendly and easy to clean; thawing most meats, seafood and vegetables usually takes just 30 to 60 minutes. It’s one way to avoid using the microwave. Most cutting boards of sustainable bamboo or cork originate in China, creating a big carbon footprint. Glass boards are breakable and hard on knives. Consider planet-friendly boards made of recycled cardboard and food-grade plastic combined with flax husks.

A countertop convection oven set about 25 degrees lower circulates heated air to cook food 25 to 30 percent faster and more evenly than a conventional oven; it uses less energy and has fewer emissions. Foods come out crispier, which also makes for great veggie chips. A conventional oven is still best for soufflés, breads or cakes that rise as they bake. Replace chemical-coated nonstick pans, disposable parchment paper and aluminum foil with reusable, eco-friendly,


Keep floors clean and healthy by leaving shoes at the door. They track in dirt, pesticides, chemicals, pet waste and leaked fluids from vehicles. Slippers or socks with a grip sole keep feet warm and prevent falls. Bamboo flooring is sustainable and eco-friendly, but is also shipped from China. Using local products reduces shipping costs, supports American businesses and can give the home a unique design. “Logs salvaged from the bottom of the Penobscot River turn into flooring, ceilings and accent walls,” advises Tom Shafer, coowner of Maine Heritage Timber, in Millinocket. “The cold temperature preserves the wood and gives it a natural patina. It’s now available in peel-and-stick, affordable planks called timberchic. Planks have an eco-friendly, UV-cured finish.” For more flooring tips, see Tinyurl. com/Eco-FriendlyFloors.



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In the Bathroom Instead of air freshener sprays, hang pet- and child-safe plants. Use fast-drying towels up to four times before washing. Hand towels see more frequent use, so change every other day. Longer wear makeup stays longer on a washcloth; to prevent reintroducing germs to the face, use a facecloth only once. All-natural cleaning products are easy to find or make. For some tips, see

In the Bedroom From sheets and bedding to a fluffy robe, choose eco-friendly organic cotton in white, or colored with environmentally safe, non-metallic dyes. Blue light from a smartphone, computer, tablet or TV can foster sleeplessness. “I keep all devices out of my bedroom and block all unnatural light,” says Leslie Fischer, an eco-minded mom and entrepreneur in Chicago, who reviews mattresses for adults and babies at “I sleep on a fantastic mattress that won’t fill my room with pollution.” A good pillow is a necessity. Citrus Sleep rates the Top Ten

Eco Options at Mattresses should be replaced every eight years. In the U.S., an average of 50,000 end up in landfills each day. California law requires manufacturers to create a statewide recycling program for mattresses and box springs. An $11 recycling fee, collected upon each sale, funds the Bye Bye Mattress program. Connecticut and Rhode Island also recycle them. “An alternative is extending mattress use with a topper,” says Omar Alchaboun, founder of topper-maker Kloudes, in Los Angeles.

What and Where to Recycle Find out where and what to recycle at Enter the item and a zip code or call 1-800-cleanup. Going green is money-saving, environmentally wise and coming of age, which makes eco-friendly products easier to access. Earth Day is a perfect time to make simple changes that can have long-lasting and far-reaching results. Connect with the freelance writer via

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Nature’s Remedies How Animals Self-Medicate by Sandra Murphy

Every species embodies a solution to some environmental challenge, and some of these solutions are breathtaking in their elegance. ~Linda Bender, Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals


rom birds and elephants to dolphins, animals, whether by instinct or learned behavior, have discovered ways to cope with parasites, pests, aches and pains. This science of self-medication is called zoopharmacognosy (zoo for animal, pharma for drug and cognosy for knowing). At home, a dog or cat that eats grass is practicing it to eliminate parasites or hairballs. Donald Brightsmith, Ph.D., of Texas A&M University, directs the Tambopata Macaw Project in the lowlands of southeastern Peru, studying the many macaws and other parrots that gather clay to eat as a supplement. First thought to help remove toxins from their bodies, clay adds needed sodium to their diet, researchers now believe. A pregnant elephant in Kenya’s Tsavo 40

Park was observed by ecologist Holly Dublin, Ph.D., to travel miles to find a tree not normally eaten. Four days later, the elephant gave birth. Dublin discovered that Kenyan women make a drink from the same leaves and bark to induce labor. While studying Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) in the Sabangau peat swamp forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, primatologist Helen MorroghBernard, Ph.D., of the University of Exeter, UK, observed an orangutan chew the leaves of a plant that were not part of its usual diet until it formed a lather. The orangutan spit out the leaves and used the lather much like humans apply a topical pain reliever. While animals have been known to eat certain plants when ill, hers may be the first sighting of

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

We feel the answers for the future will be found in the past, not in chemical factories. ~Ira Pastor an animal creating a salve. Nearby villagers grind the leaves to make a balm for sore muscles and inflammation. Morrogh-Bernard believes humans learned this topical application from apes and passed it down through the generations. In the Red Sea, bottlenose dolphins rub against bush-like gorgonian corals covered by an outer layer of antimicrobial mucus that may protect them from infection, according to dolphin researcher Angela Ziltener, of the University of Zürich, Switzerland. “It’s amazing how much we’ve learned, but forgotten,” says Ira Pastor, CEO at Bioquark Inc., in Philadelphia, a life sciences company developing biologic products to regenerate and repair human organs and tissues. “We live with other organisms which from a health and wellness perspective are much further advanced than humans. No other species tries to cure with any single solution. Nature employs multiple options. We’re not appropriately imitating nature yet. We need to do more.” Cindy Engel, Ph.D., of Suffolk, England, author of Wild Health: Lessons in Natural Wellness from the Animal Kingdom, says, “Animals rely on plants to provide

Daria Rybakova |

Susan Schmitz/

natural pet

Farinoza |

them with the essentials of life, making their health intimately dependent on plant chemistry to provide everything they need to grow, repair damage and reproduce.” She continues, “Wild animals carry diseases that affect livestock and humans. It’s sensible to explore why they’re successful in fending off the worst effects in order to find ways to improve our own health, instead of just trying to eradicate the disease. We can learn from behavioral selfhelp strategies animals employ.” Accomplishing this is more difficult than ever, she believes, because today’s severely shrinking habitat makes it hard to find truly wild animals and plants. “Over the last 100 years, we’ve done a horrible disservice to all life by destroying habitat and exploring only a small percentage of what nature has to offer,” agrees Pastor. “As patents expire, pharma has to change. It’s important to develop botanicals. We’re advised to vary our diet and exercise, yet take the same dose of the same pill daily. We’ve studied dead organisms under microscopes, but living organisms, even as small as microbes, can communicate helpful positive reactions.” Western medicine has strayed from what nature offers to keep us healthy. Now is the time to take care of both the planet and all living beings on it. “We’ve discarded thousands of years of evidence,” says Pastor. “We cannot destroy the bounty of possibilities.” Connect with freelance writer Sandra Murphy at

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Medical Marijuana can legally be certified for the following conditions: • • (ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease) • Cancer • PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) • A Terminal Condition • Chronic Nonmalignant Pain

• Chronic Muscle Spasms • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis • • • •

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SUNDAY, APRIL 22 Reflex-OIL-ogy of the Body Systems - Skeletal Module – 8am-5pm. Back and joint pain effects everyone at some time and can be so debilitating that it stops us from enjoying our lives. Toxicity levels are increasing and effecting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Applying essential oils can certainly have a positive effect in managing our bodies and detoxifying our homes. Learn how to use our oils with greater intention and definition to ultimately create better results. This 8-hour class, discover how to alleviate back and joint congestion by addressing the issues and the causes of skeletal maladies. Learn which oils and why, and the application. Explore more on the metaphysical aspects of your body and Emotional Congestion Release Technique (ECRT). You will also walk away feeling great! For family and friends, moms and dads, caregivers and professionals. 8 CE-NCBTMB #1497. $185. Private Residence, Turquoise Beach Drive, Destin. 850-380-4943. Contact@Reflex-OIL-ogy. com.

THURSDAY, APRIL 5 Cirque Italia – 4/5-4/8. Two traveling shows for the first time ever, with the state of the art water show. A luxurious experience where technology and preforming arts are mixed to create a one-of-a-kind show featuring an ultra-modern water curtain that controls every droplet of water meticulously. Expect to see words and beautiful patterns as the water falls with most creative display of superhuman talent with acts all the way from Russia to Mexico. And although Cirque Italia does not use animals in our performances, this year we will be featuring amazing lifelike elephant puppets. Child admission free with level 2 or 3 ticket purchase, not combined with other offers. Limited tickets $10-$50. Santa Rosa Mall Near: In parking lot at the Main Entrance. 300 Mary Esther Blvd, Mary Esther. 941-704-8572. 4/12-15 - Cordova Mall, 5100 N 9th Ave, Pensacola.

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essential oils can certainly have a positive effect in managing our bodies and detoxifying our homes. Learn how to use our oils with greater intention and definition to ultimately create better results. This 8-hour class, discover how to alleviate back and joint congestion by addressing the issues and the causes of skeletal maladies. Learn which oils and why, and the application. Explore more on the metaphysical aspects of your body and Emotional Congestion Release Technique (ECRT). You will also walk away feeling great! For family and friends, moms and dads, caregivers and professionals. 8 CE-NCBTMB #1497. $185. The Healing Clinic of Fort Walton Beach, 184 Brooks Street SE #1, Fort Walton Beach. 850-380-4943. Contact@

THURSDAY, APRIL 19 Naturally Simple Hormone Balance – 6:307:45pm. Join us as we share with you the ins and outs of our main hormones and a new approach to controlling fluctuations, imbalances, hot flashes, and chronic fatigue naturally. Bring a friend and leave with an essential oils roller bottle created specifically for your personal hormonal concerns. Esther's Garden of Healing, 8184 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre. 850-499-3670.


SATURDAY, APRIL 14 Reflex-OIL-ogy of the Body Systems - Skeletal Module – 8am-5pm. Back and joint pain effects everyone at some time and can be so debilitating that it stops us from enjoying our lives. Toxicity levels are increasing and effecting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Applying

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Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

MONDAY, APRIL 23 Reflex-OIL-ogy of the Body Systems - Nervous System – 8am-5pm. Many people suffer with nerve issues, such as neuropathy, sciatic or carpal tunnel discomfort. However, most of us suffer with poor electrical communication to our organs and glands with little or no knowledge of the dysfunction this can cause our future health. Others are concerned about memory loss, problems focusing and learning or mental agitation. This one-day class will teach how to discern the power supply to your brain, organs and glands and give you natural wellness tools including; essential oil usage, specific foot reflexology application techniques; an understanding of the emotional aspect of nerve pathologies and a simple effective way to destress your brain and neural pathways. This class is an effective source of knowledge with usable tools for parents, teachers, caregivers and professional body workers. 8 CE NCBTMB #1497. $185. Private Residence, Turquoise Beach Dr, Santa Rosa Beach. 850-380-4943. Contact@

THURSDAY, APRIL 26 DIY Personal Care & Spa Make N Take – 6:307:45pm. Learn a few key points of why natural body care products are extremely important to our health and turn that knowledge into soothing, moisturizing body butter, naturally scented with essential oils and a delightful sugar scrub. Each attendee leaves with their own personalized body butter and sugar scrub. 15. Esther's Garden of Healing, 8184 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre. 850-499-3670. DianaPereira@live. com.

FRIDAY, APRIL 27 What's the Deal with Herbal Medicine? – 6:307:45pm. Use inexpensive bulk herbs to cure your families‚ ailments and discomforts. Let’s cover infusions, decoctions, tinctures, capsules, and salves. Learn how to utilize some of the most basic herbs. Bring a friend to sample some elderberry syrup and leave this event knowing exactly how to replace any item in your medicine cabinet with herbs or essential oils for a healthier start to 2018. Esther's Garden of Healing, 8184 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre. 850-499-3670.

SATURDAY, APRIL 28 What's the Deal with Herbal Medicine? – 11amNoon. Use inexpensive bulk herbs to cure your families‚ ailments and discomforts. Let’s cover infusions, decoctions, tinctures, capsules, and salves. Learn how to utilize some of the most basic herbs. Bring a friend to sample some elderberry syrup and leave this event knowing exactly how to replace any item in your medicine cabinet with herbs or essential oils for a healthier start to 2018. EverMan's Natural Foods Community room, 315 W. Garden St, Pensacola. 850-499-3670. Reiki One: Self-Care & Healing – 11am-4pm. Are you ready to make some changes in your life and feel stuck? Are you ready to step into a new level of consciousness? The focus of Level One Reiki training is learning new ways of self-care. Self-care is often overlooked or viewed as selfish. In the practice of Reiki a new understanding becomes instilled in each practitioner. It is the law of healing: to truly help to heal others we must first put this into practice into our lives in true and authentic ways. 6 CEU's for Massage Therapists. 200. The Healing Clinic, 184 Brooks St. Bldg. 1, Downtown, Fort Walton Beach. 850-217-2771.

SUNDAY, APRIL 29 Reiki Two: Practitioner Training – 11am-5:15pm. Reiki II Practitioner Training and Attunement with Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher: Felicia

McQuaid. This class is a continuing education and training for those at Reiki Level One that are ready to begin work as a Reiki Practitioner, or just deepen their own knowledge and abilities. The class focuses on the mental/emotional causes at the root of disease in any form. 8 CEUs for massage therapists Level One Reiki is a pre-requisite to this class. $225. The Healing Clinic, 184 Brooks St. Bldg. 1, FWB. 850-217-2771.

plan ahead FRIDAY, MAY 4 Naturally Simple Pain Relief Make-N-Take – 6:30-7:30pm. Come explore natural options for pain relief including herbal assistants, essential oils and more and be ready to explore options that support lowering the inflammatory response to bring the body back into homeostasis and thereby relieving pain. Bring a friend and leave with a personalized pain roller bottle of essential oils that is bound to bring relief. 5. Esther's Garden of Healing, 8184 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre. 850-499-3670. FindEssentialHealth.


save the date An Evening of Spirit JAMES VAN PRAAGH PSYCHIC MEDIUM JULY 21 Friday, 7:30 pm – An Evening of Spirit with World Renowned Psychic Medium and NY Times #1 Best Selling Author, James Van Praagh will be “Live” Spiritual communication with random members of the audience, with messages of love and guidance. Skopelos at New World Landing 600 S Palafox St, Pensacola (850) 941-4321


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NOTE: All calendar events must be received by the 15th of the month prior to publication. Limited to approximately 50 words. See exact character count on website. Submit from our website at $10 per regular listing. $50 Save-the-Date ad.

Pilates Advanced Equipment Class – 8:309:30am. For those individuals who have a strong foundation in the Pilates fundamentals. Limited to 6 participants. $30 drop in, $25/account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850287-5836. Pilates Modified Equipment Class – 9:45-10:45am. Mon,Wed,Fri. For those with conditions such as ostoporosis, disc pathologies, arthritis and joint replacements. Limited to 6 participants. $30 drop in, $25/ account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-287-5836. Pilates Equipment Class – Noon-1pm. For those individuals who have attended an Into to Equipment class, or have prior experience on Pilates equipment. Limited to 6 participants. $30 drop in, $25/account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-287-5836.

sunday A Course in Miracles Study Group – 8:30-9:30am and Wed. 6:30-7:30pm. A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system. It teaches that the way to universal love and peace—or remembering God—is by undoing guilt through forgiving others. The Course thus focuses on the healing of relationships and making them holy. Sundays’ gathering is a time to study the text. Wednesdays’ discussion is time to share our experience of embracing now a holy instant. Love Offering. Unity of Pensacola, 716 N. 9th Avenue, Pensacola. 850-438-2948. Sunday Group Meditation Intro Workshop— 9-10:30am. Wed. 7:15pm. Dynamic, scientific service to the world in cooperation with the Masters

of Wisdom. Simple, potent. Free. Everman’s Co-op Educational Center, 327 West Garden Street, Pen. Transmission Unity Spiritual Service – 10am. Discover “A Positive Path for Spiritual Living.” All people have sacred worth and are welcome at Unity Pensacola. As ministe, Rev. Jamie’s passion for the truth and a spirit-filled life is evident in all that he does. Charismatic and soulful, his messages are clear, relevant and enlightening. Donations Appreciated. Unity Pensacola, 716 N. 9th Avenue, Pensacoal. 850-4382277. Community Yoga Class – 4:30-5:30pm. Free Yoga class to introduce our newest teachers at Dragonfly Yoga, with donations for this class going to The Southern Dog Rescue. Beginning with breath, meditation and then a multi-level Vinyasa flow, cool down and savasana. Free. Dragonfly Yoga Studio, 184 Brooks St, Ste 2, FWB.

A cloudy day is no match for a

Yoga4Cancer Class – 1-2:15pm. A researchbased, specialized yoga methodology addressing the specific physical and emotional needs left by cancer and its treatments. Designed to increase lymphatic flow in order to optimize the immune system. Begins with breath awareness, meditation, a gentle five¬directional spinal warm up, followed with supported, energized movement, a restorative cool down and savasana. Instructor is certified in y4c method with knowledge and awareness of the special needs of cancer patients and survivors. Free. Dragonfly Yoga Studio, 184 Brooks St, Ste. 2, FWB. 850-244-0184. Pilates Multi-Level Mat Fusion Class – 5:156:15pm. And Thur. 8:30am. A fusion of Pilates mat exercises, myofascial release stretches and body rolling. Release restrictions causing pain, fatigue and stiffness then align and strengthen with Pilates. $15 drop in, $10/account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-287-5836. Pilates Pilates Intermediate Equipment Class – 5:306:30pm. Challenging exercises for those who have a foundations in the Pilates fundamentals. $30 drop in, $25/account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-287-5836. Florida State Massage Therapy Association Meetup – 5:30-8:30pm. 1st Mon. Network and learn with massage therapists from Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. 5:30 pm – Social, 6pm-Emerald Coast Chapter FSMTA meeting. 6:30-8:30pm-Continuing education course. Non-members mention this ad, and first class is Free. Follow us on facebook: FsmtaEmeraldCoast. Free to members. Baptist Hospital, 1000 W Moreno Street, Pensacola. 850-586-2200. EmeraldCoastChapter Meditation 101 – 6-7:30pm. 4-week course. Long time Meditator and RN, Elizabeth Bowdren will guide you along a journey to discover your inner stillness. Complete guidance, basic understanding of meditation and how to incorporate this practice into your life. Discover the power of inner peace and reduce stress. Learn the power and gift of mindfulness. $44. The Healing Clinic, 184 Brooks St. SE, FWB. 850-217-2771.

sunny disposition. ~William Arthur Ward

Relax & Restore Yoga – 6-7pm. Relieve tension as you rest in calming poses fully supported with


Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

blankets, blocks, etc. Allowing the mind to reconnect with the breath leaving you feeling relaxed and restored—often referred to as adult naptime without the snoring. Only 5 spots available. Call ahead to Pre-Register. Private individual and group classes are also available. Arrive 15 minutes early to sign-in and set up. $12. Bodyworks by Bull, 4 9th Ave, Ste B, Shalimar. 850-651-2286. Awaken Your Destiny Masterclass – 7-9pm. Spend an exciting evening designing your life on purpose. Discover the 4 step awaken your destiny formula, how to regain control of your life, how to choose the right goals that will lead you to happiness and success. Bring a notebook, pen and open mind. “We can either make a living or design a life.” ~Jim Rohn. Free. Earthwaking University, 9721 Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach. 850- 896-9198. Thought Technology Techniques – 7-9pm. 1st & 3rd Tues, with Tali Cluxton. Law of Attraction studies. Learn and practice techniques to use your intentions in a way that will help you to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Public welcome. Donation Fee. Capstone House, 1713 Beck Ave , Panama City. 850-747-9224.


Brain & Body Function Enhancers








MEMORY / BRAIN FOG / BLOOD SUGAR Each Nootropic bottle contains 25mg of Cavinol™ ACTIVATE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM

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Truth on Tap – 5:45pm. Last Tues monthly Spiritual Discussion Group with Rev. Jamie Sanders. Lively spirited discussions of spiritual topics. . Discussion is free. Food is a la carte. Cactus Flower Cafe, 3425 N. 12 Ave, Suite 111, Pensacola. 850438-2277. Thought Technology – 6:30pm. With Dr. Tali Cluxton.1st & 3rd Tues. Law of Attraction studies. Learn and practice techniques to use your intentions in a way that will help you to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Public welcome. Donation fee appreciated. Capstone House, 1713 Beck Ave, Panama City. 850-747-9224.


Mount of Olives • 850-784-9001

Pilates Multi-Level Mat Class – 8:30-9:30am. For those who have basic understanding of fundamentals of Pilates mat. Uses a variety of different props; stability balls, rollers, rings, etc. to strengthen and increase flexibility. $15 drop in, $10/account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-287-5836. Pilates Beginning Level Mat Class – 9:4510:45am. Increase strength and flexibility and love how your body feels after just one hour of corrective movement exercises. $15 drop in, $10/account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-287-5836.

Get Healthy—Not HIGH!™ 728 W. 23rd Street Panama City 32405 (At the Hobby Lobby Plaza)

PharmaceuticalGrade Spectrum of Cannabinoids Syringes: Therapeutic, Cavinol™, Teracel™, Cavinol™ Synergy

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Purecure of Tallahassee • 850-354-4121 United Nurses for Cannabinoid Research • 828-292-4987

Cavinol™ Hemp

Hemp Infused Skin, Sun & Hair Care

Bruise Creme

Protocol Supplements

Institute for Cannabinoid Synergy Research • FAX 305-792-0032

National Association for Hemp Oil Synergy Research • 407-332-7341

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Honor Military Yoga Class – 7-8:15pm. Honoring those who serve, have served, and family members holding DOD IDs – US Armed Forces welcome for free. All others may join for a drop-in fee of $12. Beginners welcome and multi-level Hatha yoga class with breath awareness, meditation, sun salutations, restorative cool down, and savasana.

April 2018


Come build strength, flexibility, and clarity of the mind with those that serve this country. Free w/ID or $12. Dragonfly Yoga Studio, 184 Brooks St. SE, Bldg 2, FWB. 850-218-2575.

friday Basic DNA: THETA Healing 1 – 10am-5pm. About Basic DNA ThetaHealing Workshop The Basic DNA introduces the ThetaHealing techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant. The heart of this seminar is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self-inflicted or externally imposed. ThetaHealing we believe you inherit beliefs and emotions from your ancestors. This level we call the genetic level. The student will learn to identify his/her own beliefs as well as to practice pulling them for others in the seminar. Felicia is the only certified teacher of Theta Healing in the Florida Panhandle. $450. The Healing Clinic, 184 Brooks St. Suite 1, Downtown FWB. 850217-2771. TheHealing

Meditation for World Peace – 7-9pm. Crystal Cottage Peace Center, as we meditate for World Peace and Sharing. Music, massage therapy, intuitives and Reiki. Crystal Cottage Peace Center, 7338 Highway 2301, Panama City. 850-763-4504. Darce@Crystal

wednesday Nia: Fun Fusion Dance Fitness Class for Every Body – 9-10am. & Fri. Nia is a fusion fitness class that combines martial arts, healing arts, and dance arts to create a low-impact, holistic workout for body, mind and spirit. Practiced barefoot to soulstirring music, Nia is adaptable for individual needs and abilities. First class is free. Communio Health & Fitness, 904 E. Scott St., Pensacola. 980-475-2194. Gyrokinesis Mat Class – 2-3pm. This movement system allows the entire body to be worked through spinal movement. Gently works the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating movements. $15 drop in, $10/account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-2875836. Belly Dancing w/Sarah – 6-7:30pm. 4-week series of lessons with Sarah. Nourish your God-dess energy with belly dance. Be confident, love your body, improve posture, boost self- esteem, reduce stress and anxiety. Learn the fundamentals of belly dance as one of the most ancient art forms of dance. It is also a great low impact workout that tones your entire body. $60. The Healing Clinic, 184 Brooks St. #1, Fort Walton Beach. 850-217-2771. A Course in Miracles Study Group – 6:30-7:30pm and Sun. 8:30-9:30am. A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system. It teaches that the way to universal love and peace—or remembering God—is by undoing guilt through forgiving others. The Course thus focuses on the healing of relationships and making them holy. Wednesdays’ discussion is time to share our experience of embracing now a holy instant. Sundays’ gathering is a time to study the text. Love Offering. Unity of Pensacola, 716 N. 9th Avenue, Pensacola. 850-438-2948. Group Meditation Intro/Workshop – 7:15pm. Sun 9am-10:30am. Dynamic, scientific service to the world in cooperation with the Masters of Wisdom. Simple, potent. Free. Everman’s Co-op Educational Center, 327 West Garden Street, Pen. Transmission

thursday Pilates Multi-Level Mat Fusion Class – 8:309:30am. And Mon. 5:15pm. A fusion of Pilates mat exercises, myofascial release stretches and body rolling. Release restrictions causing pain, fatigue and stiffness then align and strengthen with Pilates. $15 drop in, $10/account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-287-5836. Pilates Gentle-time Yoga – 3:15-4:15pm. An easy yoga class with slow movements focusing on proper alignment with the use of blankets, blocks, and straps. Perfect for the beginner and experienced student wanting an easier pace. Arrive 15 minutes early to sign-in and set up. Only 5 spots available. Call ahead to pre-register. Private individual and group classes are also available. $12. Bodyworks by Bull, 4 9th Ave, Ste B, Shalimar. 850-651-2286. Capstone Women’s Group – 6:30-8:30pm. Capstone House new women’s group is about mind, body, and spirit as well as supporting women. $5 donation. Capstone House, 1713 Beck Ave., PC. 850-747-9224. Spiritual Capitalist Mastermind Group – 7-9pm. Join this group’s intention to net at least a 6-figure income over the next 12 months, by providing massive value to the world. Discover the next evolutionary phase of business, the mindset of the monkey and possession, love and integrity versus material possessions and a “profit above all else” mentality (aka greed). Evolving from material consciousness to ethical consciousness. Free. Earthwaking University, 9721 Thomas Dr, PCB. 850-896-9198.

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth. ~Muhammad Ali 46

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

Energy Healing – 6:30-8:30pm. 4th Fri. Certified practitioners sharing energy healing each month using a variety of techniques, including reiki, pendulum, quantum touch, stones and others. Call in advance for the technique of the month. Crystal Cottage, 7338 Highway 2301, Panama City. 850763-4504. Entrepreneurial Consultation – 6:30-8:30pm. 3rd Fri. For those interested in starting or growing a business. Discussions on a variety of business strategies and models for the upcoming economic climate. Crystal Cottage, 7338 Highway 2301, Panama City. 850-763-4504.

saturday Pilates Beginning Equipment Class – 9-10am. Learn the basics of reformer and tower exercises along with alignment fundamentals. $30 drop in, $25/ account rate. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-287-5836. PilatesCore Intro To Pilates – 10:15-11:15am. Learn the basics of Pilates exercise, including use of the reformer and basic alignment fundamentals. $25 account rate /$30 Drop-in. Limited to 6. Pilates Core Training, 1308 Dunmire St, Pensacola. 850-287-5836. Pilates Saturdays Intuitive Development Series – 2-4pm. This hands-on class will assist you to develop and enhance your intuitive abilities in everyday life. Limited space. Call for details or to book individual appointments. $25. Wishful Treasures New Age Gift Store, 4622 Saufley Field Rd, Pensacola. 850-9414321. Intuitive Group Readings – 6:30-8:30pm. By Intuitive Medium Ericka Boussarhane. Ericka uses her mediumship to help others find closure and insight in the lives. As a medium, she is able to connect with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Call for details or to book individual appointments. $20. Wishful Treasures New Age Gift Store, 4622 Saufley Field Rd, Pensacola. 850-941-4321.

classifieds Submit classified entries online only at The submission form is located on the Advertising web page or call 850-687-0826. $20 for 20 words, $1 per extra word, per month. Due date is the 15th of the month prior to month published. COMMERCIAL KITCHEN RENTAL RENTAL SPACE TO START A FOOD BUSINESS – Commercial kitchen for lease hourly. YourProKitchen is a shared, licensed, culinary incubator that will help you start or grow your own food business. We will help with licensing, safety certification and insurance. Chefs have 24-hour access to a beautiful fully-equipped commercial kitchen located in Panama City Beach. Go to or call 850-527-1085.

EVENT SPACE UNITY OF PENSACOLA FACILITY RENTAL AVAILABLE – Beautiful historical sanctuary that seats up to 300 and/or our Fellowship Hall with tables and chairs for up to 65, stage and kitchen area. Weddings, Reunions, Networking Events, For more information, call 850-438-2277.

FOR SALE CAFE EQUIPMENT FOR SALE – Gently used and well cared for cafe equipment and furniture.

Includes under counter refrigeration, double door refrigerator, work stations, juicers, tables and chairs. Call 850-225-7103.

is now offering treatment for many womens’ health issues. For more information, please call 850-2319131or email CaringTouch


SMUDGING AND HOME ENERGY CLEARING – A house is like a sponge where energies transpire and become absorbed in the elements – negative emotions accumulate over time – especially in older homes. Clearing the energies creates a harmonious environment. In addition to the smudging, Alex uses different methods to lift, brighten and circulates higher positive feelings. Alex @ 850-582-2285.

COMPREHENSIVELY TRAINED PILATES INSTRUCTOR WANTED – Join Barbara Bruni’s team at her busy studio, Pilates Core Training, Pensacola. The studio encompasses a warm and caring environment for clients specializing in Pilates, Gyrotonics, Myofascial Release and Structural Integration. Minimum of three years Pilates experience required; preferably trained in Contemporary Pilates with a rehabilitation background. Must be a team player with the ability to retain and recruit new clients. Send resume to ESTHETICIAN/ MASSAGE THERAPIST/WAX SPECIALIST FT/PT – Looking for reliable friendly therapists to join our team. Flexible schedule, benefits, everything provided for you. Indigo Earth Spa, Panama City. 850-303-3669. MASSAGE THERAPIST FT/PT – Flexible Schedules, Benefits, Clean, supplied, professional environment, so you can focus on doing what you love. Massage Envy in Pier Park, Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Destin, 850-650-8500. FWB, 850-301-2000 Panama City Beach, 850-563-0070 MM#35714, 36004, 36005.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING/COACHING – Spiritual counseling and coaching available with Rev. Jamie Sanders. Metaphysical approach, meditation and affirmative prayer. 850-438-2277.

TREATMENT ROOM RENTAL PRACTITIONERS – Looking for a reliable, enthusiastic alternative health care practitioner to share meeting/workshop space and treatment rooms. Join a well established, growing wellness center and participate in ongoing educational, marketing and promotional programs. 8th Element Wellness, 90 Beal Pkwy, FWB. Please call Christie at 850-5987515 or Alex at 850-582-2285.



MYOFASCIAL RELEASE FOR HEALTH MAINTENANCE – Janet Hardy, LMT, BCTMB, John F. Barnes’ expert Myofascial Release therapist

BEAUTIFUL MARRIAGE CEREMONIES – Spiritual marriage ceremonies with Rev. Jamie Sanders at Unity of Pensacola or your location of choice. Packages available. 850-438-2277

April 2018


community resource guide


Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide email to request our media kit or call 850-687-0826.


Experience the many benefits of acupuncture. Restoring health naturally to patients for more than 30 years, Dr. Kovar also offers chiropractic care, nutrition response testing with designed clinical nutrition, and massage.


1600 N Palafox St, Pensacola 850-474-1115 An attorney with a heart, Lisa provides a new approach to divorce called Collaborative Divorce, a team strategy designed to minimize the effects marriage and life changes. Also provids family law matters such as guardianship, name change, advance directives. See ad,

page 55.


Providing an organic solution to beauty in a world full of chemicals. Organic Salon Systems gives you clean and healthy hair with ammonia free hair color and chemical free styling products. See ad, page 8.


Janet Hardy, LMT Board Certified Myofascial Release Therapist Expert Level Santa Rosa Beach • 850-231-9131 In her 22+ years of massage therapy Janet has found the John F. Barnes’ Approach® to be the most effective and holistic treatment for the relief of pain and optimal health. MA17333. See ad, page 15.

ORGANIC SALON VEDAT Janice Skene 114-B Benning Dr, Destin 850-837-2690

Organic Salon Systems started a revolution of healthier, natural, organic, better performing professional products. Beauty without sacrificing health. Coloring and smoothing treatments for silky, healthy hair. No SLS, ammonia, parabens, plastics. See ad, page 10.

ALEXANDREA MCALLASTER, LMT 8th Element Wellness, LLC 90 Beal Pkwy NW, Ste A1, FWB 850-582-2285

Dedicated to a heart centered practice specializing in Healing Touch energy therapy, chakra balancing and Neuromuscular pain management with focus on neck release and low back pain. MA59372. See ad, page 12.

BIOFEEDBACK BIOFEEDBACK Teresa Brown-Konell 1211 E Strong St, Pensacola 850-776-1076

Can benefit those with anxiety or depression, increase well being, mental focus and concentration. L.I.F.E. System biofeedback a quantum device is designed to reduce stress, restore balance and allow the mind, body and spirit to heal naturally. Teresa is a biofeedback practitioner. See ad, page 32.


Karen Kennedy, MD 1118 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Ste 201, GB 7552 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre 850-916-7766

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

SculpSure is a non-surgical laser treatment for the reduction of stubborn fat in areas like the abdomen, love handles, back, and inner and outer thighs; and chin contouring. Amazing results with zero down time and without drugs. See ad, page 4.


8th Element Wellness, LLC 90 Beal Pkwy NW, Ste A1, FWB 850-225-4031

ad, page 12.

Highly skilled therapist specializing in deep tissue, medical massage, and Aromatouch sessions. Personalized treatments including essential oils. Experience deep relief from pain along with the sweet sensation of relaxation. MA81403. See

CHRISTIE MORGAN, LMT 8th Element Wellness LLC 90 Beal Pkwy NW, Ste A1, FWB 850-598-7515

Specializing in pain management massage and a blend of therapeutic massage techniques with focused intention to de-stress the body and mind. MA50499. See ad, page 12.


11525 Hutchison Blvd, Ste 103, PC 850-775-4913 Providing the best CBD oil and hemp products in North America. Hemp oil extracts, food, personal hygiene, soap, mouth wash, skin care. Go online to order or visit our store. See ad, page 23.


339 Racetrack Rd NW, Ste 3. FWB 850-863-5811 • Hours: M-F 9-6, S 10-5, Closed Sun Providing the largest selection of CBD oils, tinctures, sprays, softgels, balms and vape liquid in the area, including high dose options for pain, anxiety, sleep and much more. See ad, page 3.


211-E Main St, Destin 850-687-8603

At Sunshine Yoga we teach kids' through discussion, movement, song and expression. In kids yoga, children learn yoga postures, self-love and respect for all living things.


April Lee, DC 4400 Hwy 20 E, Niceville 850-897-1177

Natural and holistic healthcare. Offering chiropractic care, lumbar decompression, physical therapies, massage therapy, nutritional education and supplementation. Allow the body to heal the way it was designed.


Dr Karen Henard-Carter, DC 4566 Hwy 20 E, Ste 205, Niceville 850-897-1105 • A second generation chiropractor, Dr. Henard is committed to chiropractic wellness for the family, improving health naturally. More than 23 years’ experience in pediatrics, sports and automobile injuries. Most insurance and affordable cash plans.

KOVAR CHIROPRACTIC & WELLNESS CENTER John S Kovar, DC 29 G Miracle Strip Hwy SW, FWB 850-244-1200

Practicing locally for over 30 years, expertise in treating pain conditions, auto injury and restoring health naturally through nutrition response testing, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic wellness care.


520 N MacAurthur Ave, Panama City 850-785-9372 Treating conditions through chiropractic, functional neurology and clinical nutrition such as fibromyalgia and thyroid issues. We treat the root causes and not just masking your symptoms. Always accepting new patients. See ad, page 5.


CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY SHARALEE HOELSCHER, RCST Certified Rolfer (MA34039) Registered Craniosacral Therapist 850-450-8508

Get out of pain once and for all. Treat the source, not the symptom. Enjoy moving freely in a more organized, comfortable and balanced body. See ad, page 19.

DEMENTIA MIND PERFORMANCE CENTER Douglas Brown, DC, DACNB (located inside Path to Wellness) 240 West Laurel Av, Foley AL 251-597-8787

A cutting edge approach to brain disorders that is drug-free, noninvasive and proven effective. treating dementia, depression, memory loss, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, Traumatic brain injury. See ad, page 9.


IAOMT Protocol 225 W Laurel Ave, Foley, AL 251-943-2471 • Free book: Mercury Free Dentistry. Ozone, laser no-suture gum surgery, test for compatible materials, cavity-causing bacteria. Examine for gum disease bacteria. Laser cavity diagnoses, saliva, ph check, oral galvanic screening; no fluoride. See ad, page 8.

Intuitive Spiritual Center 700 Beal Pkwy, Unit D, FWB 850-533-6565


Fort Walton’s newest eclectic intuitive center. Locally made crafts by local artisans. Intuitive readings, jewelry, paintings, incense, crystals, pottery, semi-precious stones, wind chimes, diaper cakes, hand-painted furniture. See ad, page 15.

Healthy digestion, well aligned physical structure, proper breathing and a good night's sleep begin with a healthy mouth. We treat snoring, sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. Plus crowns,teeth whitening, bridges,veneers, implant restorations, aligner orthodontics, cleanings, digital X-ray imaging, CO2 Laser periodontal treatment. No mercury fillings. See ads, pages 26 and 33.

106 Wright Pkwy SW, FWB 850-243-1534

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. ~Vincent van Gogh April 2018



1191-B Eglin Pkwy, Shalimar 850-716-7226 •

Fort Walton Beach’s healthy food alternative. Whether it's just for lunch or a week's worth of pre-made meals, perfectly portioned. Clean Eatz has fresh healthy meals ready when you are. Remember, “you can’t exercise away a bad diet”. See ad, page 2.


Young Living Educator, Sponsor #327923 850-380-4943 Experience the healing, uplifting and detoxifying benefits of therapeuticgrade essential oils and supplements. Contact us for personal consultations, in-home classes, household products, health supplements, diffusers, group presentations and business training. See ad, page 29.


850-499-4697 Locations: 30Avenue at Inlet Beach 12805 Highway 98 E, Inlet Beach 9am-1pm Thursdays (Open March 8) 30A Farmers’ Market at Palm Plaza 1003C John Sims Parkway, Niceville 9am-1pm Saturdays (Year Round) Sandestin Grand Boulevard Hwy 98 600 Grand Boulevard, Miramar Beach 9am-1pm Saturdays (Year Round) Rosemary Beach Town Center, on 30 A 28 N. Barrett Square, Panama City Beach 9am-1pm Sundays (Year Round) Serene, beautiful, distinctive and exclusive is the best way to describe the 30A Farmers’ Market Family. European and coastal-inspired markets feature local farmers, makers, bakers, and specialty vendors in an inviting market experience. See ad, page 26.



4463 Commons Dr W, Destin 850-460-8720

Experience the ultimate state of relaxation through flotation in an epsom-salt-water tank. Relieve stress, enhance healing, deepen meditation along with many other healthy benefits. Call to book your session. See ad, page 30.


3101 E Cervantes St, Pensacola 850-454-4082 It’s time to take better care of yourself. Start by doing nothing. Experience float therapy and start living life without pain, anxiety and stress. We provide efffective wellness with stateof-the-art science and technology with Wholebody Sonic Vibe, infrared sauna, float therapy and magnesphere magnetic resonance therapy. See ad, page 20.


5533 Highway 90, Pensacola 850-994-3606 Since 1998

An educated and friendly staff, quality vitamins and supplements. Essential oils for a healthy lifestyle. Natural holistic health assessments­—iridology, tongue and fingernail assessment, reflex nutrition assessment—by appointment, $60. See ad, page 21.


2227 Ferdon Blvd, Crestview 850-682-8893 • Find us on Facebook Knowledgeable staff and cutting edge digital health assessments. Dairy-free and gluten-free food items, supplements, homeopathic solutions and anti-aging products, plus delicious nutritional smoothies. See ad, page 34.

Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

EVER’MAN COOPERATIVE GROCERY & CAFE 315 W Garden St, Pensacola 850-438-0402 •

Natural and certified organic products, vitamin supplements, local and organic produce, wholesome baked goods, hot deli lunches, environmentally friendly products, and educational classes and events. Mon-Sat, 7am9pm; Sun, 10am-7pm. See ad, page 23.


339 Racetrack Rd NW, Ste 3, FWB 850-863-5811 • Hours: M-F 9-6, S 10-5, Closed Sun Natural supplements, herbs, skincare, and essential oils plus organic and specialty foods. In-store 100% organic café (weekdays 9-4) with juices, smoothies, etc. Very knowledgeable staff. See ad, page 3.


Theresa Ellis and Beth Workman 2475 E 9 Mile Rd, Ste E, Pensacola 850-912-6996 Offers more than 200 varieties of loose herbs, top brands of essential oils, tools and accessories, herbal formulas and homeopathics, ionic foot detox and infrared sauna. Kangen water is also available.


In the Publix Shopping Center 634 W 23rd St, Panama City 850-763-8871 Olive Leaves is here to provide you with the finest quality fresh, natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, body care products and health information in a fun comfortable clean, safe environment. See ad, page 12.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ~Edith Wharton

VITAMINS R US HEALTH FOODS 15500 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Unit 420, Panama City Beach 850-588-7575

Panama City Beach’s most complete health food store. Quality supplements, vitamins & minerals, organic food and more. We have gluten -free, non-GMO, dairy-free and vegan products at everyday low prices. See ad, page 31.


Wishful Treasures Newage Gift Store 4622 Saufley Field Rd, Pensacola 850-941-4321 Ericka Boussarahne is an author, radio personality, public speaker and professional psychic intuitive who is sought after around the world. She has been featured on television programs dealing with the paranormal and interviewed by national radio stations across the country.


1211 E Strong St, Pensacola 850-206-1853 Experienced intuitive medium, public speaker and author. Find peace, healing and renewal of energy through energetic clearing, past life regression and spiritual counseling. Consultations in person or by phone. See ad, page 32.


ThetaHealing® Teacher & Healer THE Healing Clinic Downtown FWB 850-217-2771 Choose new beliefs and consciously create a life of health, wealth and happiness. ThetaHealing® is best described as an attainable miracle. Experience or learn it with the only certified instructor in this area. See ad, page 41.


Theresa Ellis and Beth Workman 2475 E 9 Mile Rd, Ste E, Pensacola 850-912-6996 Offering more than 200 varieties of loose herbs, top brands of essential oils, tools and accessories, herbal formulas and homeopathics, ionic foot detox and infrared sauna. Kangen water is also available.


Board Certified Gynecologist 1118 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, GB 7552 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre 850-916-7766

Board Certified Gynecologist M D , o ff e r i n g f u l l G Y N services and proud to feature MonaLisa Touch Laser, a noninvasive treatment for symptoms of low hormones or menopause. Stop suffering and start living. Call for appointment. Offices in Gulf Breeze and Navarre. See ad, page 4.


520 N MacAurthur Ave, Panama City 850-785-9372 Treating conditions through chiropractic, functional neurology and clinical nutrition such as fibromyalgia and thyroid issues. We treat the root causes and not just masking your symptoms. Always accepting new patients. See ad, page 5.


90 Beal Pkwy NW, Ste A1, FWB 850-301-0081

Wellness spa features a variety of therapeutic massage including deep tissue and sports massage styles. Other modalities include: energy therapy, chakra balancing, hypnotherapy, plus infrared sauna. 10% military discount. See calendar for group workshops on nutrition, alternative medicine, supplements and essential oils. See ad, page 12.


Cave, MD • Barber,MD • Janis Cook, RN 8990 Ortego Park Dr, Navarre 850-529-0770 Ageless We offer multiple techniques and programs to get you on the right track to better health and a better body. Our services include behavioral therapies, nutritional strategies, hormone replacement pellet therapy, prescription medications and, best of all, the support of a caring staff. See ad, page 29.


Board Certified Gynecologist 1118 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, GB 7552 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre 850-916-7766 Board Certified Gynecologist MD, offering full GYN services and proud to feature MonaLisa Touch Laser, a non-invasive treatment for symptoms of low hormones or menopause. Stop suffering and start living. Call for appointment. Offices in Gulf Breeze and Navarre. See ad, page 4.


222 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Unit A Downtown Fort Walton Beach 850-430-9434 • Hot Yoga Om features far infrared heat, radiant heat, radiant life. Daily classes, amazing teachers, great benefits. Experience it for yourself. See ad, page 27.


850-261-3596 • The mind is the most powerful gift we have. Using hypnosis, NLP and life coaching you can improve, change or accept anything you truly desire. Reach your full potential. Also offering certified hypnosis training program. See ad, page 38.

April 2018



90 Beal Pkwy NW, Ste A1, FWB 850-301-0081

Cleans and detoxes. Improve circulations. Skin purifications. Lower blood pressure, boost metabolism and lose weight while you relax. Wellness spa features a variety of therapeutic massage including deep tissue and sports massage styles. Other modalities, energy therapy, chakra balancing, hypnotherapy. 10% Military discount. See ad, page 12.

PILATES CORE TRAINING Barbara Bruni, Owner 1310 B Dunmire, Pensacola 850-287-5836

Our Sunlighten sauna offers the highest quality and quantity of far infrared heat. Potential benefits include lowered blood pressure, weight loss, detoxification, inflammation reduction, pain relief and more. Also included is Sound Therapy for deeper relaxation, as well as Chromotherapy which uses the full spectrum of colored lights on various energy points to help balance your body, each color of which addresses a distinct need. See ad, page 7.

Capstone House • Mystic Festival

INTUITIVE ARTS CAPSTONE HOUSE FUTURISTIC Upcoming Programs: LEARNING CENTER Various Kinds of Intuitive Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017 • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 1713 Beck Ave. in Panama City

August 19th 1PM until 3PM, “Mind over Mood” Join us for a fun and informative afternoon as we discuss how emotions like love, hate and grief release chemicals in the brain instantly affect your mood and health. We will look at simple things you can implement to minimize how you react to emotional triggers. Sept 9th Capstone Mystical Festival Sept 15th, 6:30 PM “Beyond Native American dreams” Speaker Ben W. Liggin Sr. will speak about NW Florida Native American’s learn about their history, culture, art, music, and their struggles. Sept. 16th 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM “Easy Guide to Meditation” find out how to truly meditate hosted by Jul’s Constantine. Sept. 16th 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM “Spirit Guides and How to Work with them” hosted by Jul’s Constantine. Sept 22nd 6:30 PM “Beyond E.P.I.C” Christy McBee will be speaking on the E.P.I.C. team from Life Management. Sept 23rd 6:30 PM Psychic Fun Night: Come take advantage of our psychics who are coming together to do mini readings for anyone who comes in! Sept. 29th 6:30 “Beyond the Renaissance” Speaker Marcel Hildebrand will take you on a journey back into the renaissance era along with a demonstration. October 14th 6:30 PM Capstone’s Anniversary Party everyone is welcome to Join us.

1713 Beck Ave, Panama City Readings Intuitive Guidance 850-747-9224 Aura Interpretations Crystals and Jewelry for sale Refreshments additional charge

Readings, channeling, pranic healing, meditations, Pranic face lift and body sculpting, reiki, spiritual growth and awareness classes, thought technology, Urantia study, astrology, exploring UFO’s. See ad, page 10.

Weekly Classes

Monday: 5pm Yoga and 7 PM Reiki Tuesday: 6:30pm odd weeks Thought Technology and even weeks Urantia Wednesday: 6:30pm Pranic Healing & Meditation Thursday: 7:00pm 1st and 3rd Astrology 2nd UFO Friday: 6:30pm Beyond Series $15 includes dinner

MASSAGE THERAPY 8TH ELEMENT WELLNESS LLC All events have different cost so please visit our website for more information on these, and future events.

90For Beal Pkwy NW, Ste A1, FWB more information, call 850-747-9224 or email 850-301-0081 $5 donation at the door.


5924 Thomas Dr, PCB 850-234-6563 A massage spa utilizing the power of CBD massages for relief of pain. Offering therapeutic massage, couple’s massage, Best Friend Facials (BFF). Serving Panama City Beach for over 18 years. See ad, page 34.

Dr. Eddie Zant MD 913 MarWalt Dr, FWB 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Ste 8102 850-862-6325

Legally certified Medical Marijuana for certain medical conditions by a certified MM Physician. Professional, private, compassionate. Call to learn more or schedule an appointment today. See ad, page 41.


Sports and rehabilitation massage therapy. Natural and holistic healthcare. Chiropractic care, lumbar decompression, physical therapies, nutritional education and supplementation. Allow the body to heal the way it was designed.


34904 Emerald Coast Pkwy, #132 Destin • 850-650-8500 99 Eglin Pkwy, #5B, Uptown Station FWB • 850-301-2000 Pier Park, 15801 L C Hilton Jr Dr, #120, Panama City Beach • 850-563-0070 Looking for professional, customized massages andfacials? Our professional massage therapists and estheticians will customize massage and facial to fit your needs. Make Massage Envy your spa. Two convenient locations in Destin and Fort Walton Beach. MM#35714, 36004, 36005. See ad, page 27.


We provide Cannabis consultations and recommendations in the State of Florida so you and your loved ones can live well.

Wellness spa features a variety of therapeutic massage including deep tissue and sports massage styles. Other modalities include: energy therapy, chakra balancing, hypnotherapy, plus infrared sauna. 10% military discount. See calendar for group workshops on nutrition, alternative medicine, supplements and essential oils. See ad, page 12. 52


Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

Sheila Mohammed, MD, PhD 4507 Furling Ln, Ste 213, Destin 850-281-8186

Dr. Sheila, now certified to prescribe medical marijuana, specializes in pain care practices based on the body’s ability to heal itself to cure pain using forms of regenerative orthopedic medicine such as major autohemotherapy, prolotherapy, prolozone therapy, ozone cancer treatments, intravenous vitamins treatments, chelation therapy, neural prolotherapy, prologel treatments, platelet-rich plasma and stem cell treatments. See ad, page 19.


Pilates Core Training 1310 B Dunmire, Pensacola 850-287-5836

Myofascial release treats the entire myofascial mind/body complex, eliminating the pressure of the restricted myofascial system (the straight-jacket) that causes painful symptoms. LMT #MA64267. See ad, page 7.


Janet Hardy, LMT Board Certified Myofascial Release Therapist Expert Level Santa Rosa Beach • 850-231-9131 In her 23+ years of massage therapy, Janet has found the John F. Barnes’ Approach® to be the most effective and holistic treatment for the relief of pain and optimal health. MA17333. See ad, page 15.


Myofascial Release Massage Therapist Urban Oasis/LauraTyree Health At Hot Yoga Om (Downtown FWB) 850-642-1015 • A healing sanctuary that relieves stress and alleviates damage caused by tension and strain. Fostering physical, mental and emotional relaxation, while performing postures and breathing techniques with the underlying philosophy and relaxed attitude continuing outside of the studio into life or living yoga. Classes for all levels and private classes upon request. See ad, page 27.

PAIN MANAGEMENT HEALING YOU! THERAPY William Kelley, PT 850-461-0058 417 Racetrack Rd, FWB

Myokinesthetic therapy rebalances the nervous system and addresses the root cause in the structure to quiet down and calm pain and numbness. Feel better without the use of addictive drugs. Accepting Medicare and Tricare Select. See ad, page 21.

MARIJUANA PHYSICIANS OF NORTHWEST FLORIDA Dr. Eddie Zant MD 913 MarWalt Dr, FWB 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Ste 8102 850-862-6325

Legally certified Medical Marijuana for certain medical conditions by a certified MM Physician. Professional, private, compassionate. Call to learn more or schedule an appointment today. See as, page 41.

PHYSICAL THERAPY HEALING YOU! THERAPY William Kelley, PT 850-461-0058 417 Racetrack Rd, FWB

Myokinesthetic therapy rebalances the nervous system and with the root cause in the structure to quiet down and calm the pain and numbness. Feel better without the use of addictive drugs. Accepting Medicare and Tricare Select. See ad, page 21.


Aymen A. Kenawy, MD 850-215-6400 3890 Jenks Ave, Lynn Haven/PC Aymen A. Kenawy, M.D., FACP, FACR, Board Certified Rheumatologist specializes in the treatment of arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, stem cell and infusion therapy. See ad, page 7.


Board Certified Gynecologist 1118 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, GB 7552 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre 850-916-7766 Board Certified Gynecologist MD, offering full GYN services and proud to feature MonaLisa Touch Laser, a noninvasive treatment for symptoms of low hormones or menopause. Stop suffering and start living. Call for appointment. Offices in Gulf Breeze and Navarre. See ad, page 4.


Dr. Eddie Zant MD 913 MarWalt Dr, FWB 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Ste 8102 850-862-6325 Legally certified Medical Marijuana for certain medical conditions by a certified MM Physician. Professional, private, compassionate. Call to learn more or schedule an appointment today. See ad, page 41.

PILATES STUDIO PILATES CORE TRAINING Barbara Bruni, Owner 1310 B Dunmire, Pensacola 850-287-5836

Mat, gyrokinesis and equipment classes, or private sessions for a personalized experience. Website lists instructors, class schedule and prices. See ad, page 7.


Gulf Breeze Proper 221 Gulf Breeze Pkwy • 850-932-3424 Downtown Pensacola 426 S Palafox • 850-607-2772

Join us at Pure to experience the largest Pilates studio on the coast. Variety of equipment and mat classes are offered 6 days a week. Tone your core with Pure.

ROLFING SHARALEE HOELSCHER, RCST Certified Rolfer (MA34039) Registered Craniosacral Therapist 850-450-8508

Get out of pain once and for all. Treat the source, not the symptom. Enjoy moving freely in a more organized, comfortable and balanced body. See ad, page 19.


106 Wright Pkwy SW, FWB 850-243-1534

Healthy digestion, well aligned physical structure, proper breathing and a good nights sleep begin with a healthy mouth. We treat snoring, sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. Plus crowns, teeth whitening, bridges, veneers, implant restorations, aligner orthodontics, cleanings, digital x-ray imaging, CO2 laser periodontal treatment. No mercury fillings. See ads, pages 26 and 35.


Jamie Sanders, Minister 716 N 9th Ave, Pensacola 850-438-2277 •

Unity of Pensacola offers spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. We provide philosophy that is spiritual, not religious, and love-based, not fear-based. Rev. Jamie Sanders offers spiritual counseling. See ad, page 33.

April 2018


STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION BARBARA BRUNI Pilates Core Training 1310 B Dunmire, Pensacola 850-287-5836

Myofascial release treats the entire myofascial mind/body complex, eliminating the pressure of the restricted myofascial system (the straight-jacket) that causes painful symptoms. LMT #MA64267. See ad, page 7.

TEACHER TRAINING PILATES AND BEYOND TEACHER TRAINING SCHOOL Barbara Bruni, Owner 1310 B Dunmire, Pensacola 850-287-5836

450-hour comprehensive training covering the fundamentals of movement, complete repertoire on the mat equipment, and includes modification movements for osteoporosis, knee and hip replacements and other various special needs. Registered with Pilates Method Alliance Registry of School. See ad, page 7.



184 Brooks St, SE, Bldg 2 Downtown FWB • 850-244-0184

ThetaHealing® Teacher & Healer THE Healing Clinic Downtown FWB 850-217-2771 Choose new beliefs and consciously create a life of health, wealth and happiness. ThetaHealing® is best described as an attainable miracle. Experience or learn it with the only certified instructor in this area. See ad, page 41.


ThetaHealing® Healer Urban Oasis/LauraTyree Health At Hot Yoga Om (Downtown FWB) 850-642-1015 ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique and spirituality philosophy, accepting of all religions, with the purpose of getting closer to your beliefs Creator. A holistic healing technique allowing you to clear limiting beliefs with meditation and prayer. See ad, page 27.

Serene environment for the study and practice of hatha yoga. Certified instructors. Owner/ Director Laura Tryee, E-RYT 500. See ad, page 27.


222 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Unit A Downtown Fort Walton Beach 850-430-9434 • Hot Yoga Om features far infrared heat, radiant heat, radiant life. Daily classes, amazing teachers, great benefits. Experience it for yourself. See ad, page 27.


211-E Main St, Destin 850-687-8603 Experience traditional yoga in a comfortable and inviting space where you will strengthen your inner spirit and deepen your yoga practice. Sunshine Yoga offers classes for all styles and levels.

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If you have decided to make a relationship change... There is a Better Way Choose conscientious change through a NEW proven team strategy called Collaborative Divorce. Better for you, your partner, and the children. Collaborative Divorce involves a legal team, a neutral mental health counselor, and a neutral financial planner.

• You decide the terms...not the courts. • You decide who gets what...not the courts. • You decide what’s best for the children...not the courts.

Peace of mind and tranquility IS possible.

Also providing legal services for Guardianship, Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives


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(850) 474-1115

“I want my firm to be a place where clients feel that their voices are heard, their questions are answered, and their legal needs are met.”55 April 2018


Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida

Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida April 2018  

PLASTICS WARS, Celebrate Earth Day Locally and Globally; THETAHEALING, A Blend of Empowered Thinking, Spiritual Philosophy; HEALTHY CLIMAT...

Natural Awakenings Northwest Florida April 2018  

PLASTICS WARS, Celebrate Earth Day Locally and Globally; THETAHEALING, A Blend of Empowered Thinking, Spiritual Philosophy; HEALTHY CLIMAT...