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Political clashes loom over Swapo property deal Jade McClune The long-running controversy surrounding the sale of a prime piece of property in Swakopmund to the Swapo Party at a rockbottom price is set to escalate.

Stomach bug wreaks havoc Madelaine Laubscher Over 100 Walvis Bay residents have been admitted in the Welwitschia Hospital with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea since 24 December. More than 13 residents were admitted and received treatment for symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting between 24 and 25 December. Bay Municipality in an effort to keep the According to local residents who visited pandemic is definitely the water, the town's Mile 7 water reservoir adequately the hospital, more than 100 people were water should be analysed to establish replenished, to at least supply thousands admitted over a period of 10 days and all what the cause of the stomach problem were treated for the same symptoms. might be. Our borehole water in the of people twice daily with water to According to a family member related to Kuiseb river aquifer has a very upkeep sanitation and households. two of the patients, “similar situations constant chemical quality and would According to members of the public the were experienced in the past when rivers not cause any immediate large scale water had a bluish and muddy brown started to flow after rainfalls that caused health risks. What could happen colour in Walvis Bay and Narraville a pipe to rupture followed by a water though is that a pipe rupture or a leak respectively after the supply was shortage. With that said a noticeable could cause contaminants to infiltrate resumed. increase in flies that accompanies the the water supply. The health inspector A spokesperson for the hospital said “the problem, could be attributed to the water of the Walvis Bay municipality can sudden rise and high number of persons becoming contaminated”. test the water and this process will take being treated indicates that there might Rumours have spread that the cause of more or less three days. According to be a problem, but I am of the opinion that the problem might be the water or a him he would try to determine where it is not the water” She however highly contagious airborne virus. “I the residents live who became sick and confirmed that in excess of 100 people cannot say for sure that it is definitely that it happens all the time that people visited the hospital with similar the water that is causing the problem. It blame the water whenever they get symptoms. They were treated and not all should be looked into so that we can get sick. First and foremost the water of them were admitted.” Symptoms clarity. My wife and my daughter have needs to be tested before clarity can be experienced included dehydration, flu, been admitted” said a concerned obtained,”a spokesperson said. diarrhoea and vomiting. Patients were member of the public. A series of pipe Recent news reports indicate that treated with antibiotics administered via ruptures on NamWater's bulk water seven deaths occurred in the Kunene intravenous drip. supply pipeline in the Kuiseb River region due to a sudden cholera The Namib Times approached Namoccurred in early December. Water outbreak. A large number of people are Water for comment yesterday. “In order rations were implemented by the Walvis being treated for the much dreaded to establish whether the cause of the Continues on page 2

The property in question, measuring 4 363 square metres, is located right opposite the new municipal building in Rakotoka Street. It was originally leased to the Swapo Party in 2001 for nine years and 11 months at a nominal cost of N$10 per year, on condition that it be used to create a self-help and training centre for artisans and construction workers. “The Swapo Party will purchase the land from Council without having to compete by closed bid, tender, or auction to obtain the land,” municipal officers wrote on Monday in response to questions raised by the public. On January 2013, Council repealed the price of N$250 per m² and offered the erf at a firesale price of N$30 000 (N$6.7 per m²). Continues on page 2

Roads extremely busy Local and foreign visitors who flocked to the coastal towns of Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Henties Bay for the holiday season started to return to their respective home destinations on Sunday afternoon. As a result, the roadblock outside Swakopmund was very busy and long queues of vehicles could be observed. Traffic volumes were high at the road blocks outside the nation's capital on Sunday, as holiday-makers returned home. The traffic volumes are expected to remain high until this weekend. Aubrey Oosthuizen, the Coordinator of the West Coast Safety Initiative at Swakopmund expressed concern about continued road accidents and suggested joint efforts from all stakeholders as the solution to address the situation. He attributed road accidents to speeding, drinking-and-driving as well as overtaking at prohibited places and cautioned motorists to be considerate of other road users to prevent loss of life. According to Inspector Robert Kundu of the Namibian Police Force there were no reports of Continues on page 2

Food Lover’s Market Centre, 50 Moses Garoëb, Swakopmund, Tel: 414 400 Fresh Produce Market, 69 Moses Garoëb Str. Walvis Bay, Tel: 207 152


Stomach bug Continued from page 1

virus. Cholera can lead to acute diarrhoea and occurs when the intestines are infected with the bacteria, namely Vibro Cholerae. The employee of NamWater was asked for a response on the cholera outbreak in the Kunene region. “I am aware of the problem. There is a possibility that someone from the Kunene region might have travelled to the Erongo region and carried the virus over to a resident at the coast. However, this is just a possibility. I cannot confirm any of this. As I said the matter will have to be looked into and the water will have to be tested first before any confirmation can be given” he reiterated. Mr Kevin Adams, the public relations officer from the Walvis Bay Municipality said that he spoke to the health inspectors and officials from the water department. “The water has been tested continuously and no problem has been found with it. Speculation that the water is contaminated is completely false. It is becoming a popular trend to blame the water every time a stomach problem occurs, but we can confirm that the water is clean and good to consume” he concluded.

Roads extremely busy Continued from page 1

road accidents. He reiterated calls to road users to continue to adhere to road regulations to avoid any loss of life. Police impounded several vehicles for various reasons and those who failed to provide convincing reasons were penalised. The officers were also looking for stolen items and, in the process, a Jackpot machine which was transported from Okahandja to Windhoek was confiscated for lack of papers to prove ownership. According to reports by the NBC the Okatana Service Station, the main bus terminal at Oshakati, has been extremely busy since Sunday. The terminal has been overcrowded with passengers wanting to return to their destinations across the country after spending their holiday in the north. Travellers wanting to make use of public transport were also noticed waiting for transport at the Ondangwa Shell Service Station. The Chairperson of the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association, Pendapala Nakathingo, urged holiday makers who used public transport to journey back as early as possible in order to avoid the annual overcrowding of terminals and transport shortage last week.

7 JANUARY 2014

Political clashes Continued from page 1

Following a number of objections raised by the Swakopmund Residents' Association (SRA), the question was also raised in parliament in March 2012, when Mr Anton von Wietersheim of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) objected to the sale of erf below market value. He said the property was valued at around N$2.6 million in 2012. “The sale of Erf 3486 at market-related prices – as stipulated in the lease conditions – could do wonders in terms of making funds available for the servicing and provision of land in the municipal area… with a view to alleviating the extreme housing plight of Swakopmund inhabitants, particularly with regard to informal settlements,” he told parliament, adding that the sale below market value was “a despicable decision by the Swapo-dominated Council” and that “it serves only in the interest of selfenrichment of the party.” Paragraph 7 of the original Lease Memorandum stipulates clearly that, “On termination of the period of 9 years and eleven months, the lessee shall be obliged to purchase the property against the ruling price at that time”. The area was formerly zoned as “light industrial” and was valued in 2012 at N$605 per m², amounting to a total price of N$2.6 million. The SRA objected to the deal and argued that the buyer should not get “an unduly favoured price of only N$250 per m²”. According to Council records, “The bottom line is that the objector [SRA] believes that the lease agreement is not honoured and the purchase price is heavily under priced and therefore an average valuation price must be adapted instead.” Council had first approved the sale of Erf 3486 at a price of N$250 (+15% VAT) per square metre on 27 May 2010, before the lease agreement lapsed on 28 February 2011 and recommended that the sale be approved. Council dismissed the objections at the time. The Management Committee argued that “It is Council's prerogative to determine the selling price as initiated by the valuators. The

valuations received from valuers are only to guide Council in determining the purchase price. Based on this, the lodged objections do not hold ground and therefore cannot be supported.” Council then retrospectively amended its property policy in January 2013 and decided to sell the prime property to Swapo for a meagre N$30 000 plus 15% VAT. Under the new property policy, any organisation registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia can apply for land, which will be made available at “a subsidised price”, no more than the original cost of servicing the erf and that the price should not be higher than the date on which the services were installed. Municipal officers said that in future “all applications by political parties will be considered on the same terms”, although internal sources have pointed out that there are no erven available for that price. Although Council retains the right of first refusal, it is also a matter of public concern that there is nothing to prevent the buyer from selling on the property at market-related price, as Council cannot unreasonably withhold approval for such sale. The SRA indicated this week that they will oppose the deal and “intend to draw the Anti-Corruption Commission's attention to this deal” for investigation. Mr Lutz Hecht said “the Swapo party is making use of their majority to enrich themselves at the expense of the taxpayer. We are not against the fact that Swapo buys an erf, but proper procedures must be followed. We need to fight for democracy. This is not the end of the story…” Mr von Wietersheim of the RDP said yesterday that he had been under the impression the transaction was cancelled, and said that the new deal seems to circumvent “existing rules and regulations.” The rezoning of the erf from “light industrial” to “office” was finalised in November 2013, clearing the way for the transaction to be advertised in December. The controversial transaction was published in the local press on 20

December 2013 and in the national press on 27 December. The Local Authorities Act of 1992 stipulates that documents pertaining to “such property will lie for inspection by interested persons for a period of not less than seven days after the last date of the publication of such notice,” and that objections must be lodged within 10 days. Given that Council offices effectively closed on 24 December and reopened on 2 January 2014, this then meant documents pertaining to the deal were effectively only available for inspection on two days, (2 and 3 January). The General Manager of Corporate Services & Human Resources, Mr Marco Swarts, said yesterday that they do not “have a restrictive policy” and will accommodate people who have genuine concerns. He said Council would not impose an unreasonable time-frame and that the inspection period usually lasts between three and four weeks. Although the Act of 1992 does not specifically stipulate seven working days, he said they tend to use working days as a guideline. Mr Swarts said interested people can still contact his office to inspect the documents, and if they feel they did not have sufficient time to inspect the documents, it could be grounds for objection to the transaction. He noted that given the notice period ran over the holidays, it could possibly be extended, adding that residents who consider the matter important can approach the municipality. Mr Philipus Heita, the Regional Coordinator of the Swapo Party said that “Everybody has the right to apply for land. The local authority is not there only for the Swapo party, but for all the people. There is no opposition from our side if other parties want to apply for land.” He said that the property would be used mainly for the party's offices. Asked whether the unions would be able to stay on, he said that “After the approval of the deal, we will have internal discussions with the unions” about the way forward. The closing date for objections to the deal is today (Tuesday 7 January).

Heated debates over Swakop riverbed Jade McClune

Despite several objections on the table Council decided to go ahead with its plan to lease a section of property near the mouth of the Swakop River to an operator who plans to promote cultural tourism projects. The owner of Kazak African Experience Tourism, Mr Ismael Nawaseb said in his application that he intends to set up a “tourism cultural village” at the coast and applied for 1.6 hectares of land between the Paintball Centre and Tiger Reef. The issue caused some consternation among existing leaseholders and property owners in the area. Mr Peter von Ginkel who runs the Paintball Centre objected that Kazak African Experience Cultural Tourism CC did not exist as a company when they applied for the portion of land. Mr von Ginkel also objected that the notice advertised was wrong. According to Council minutes, Kazak African Experience Cultural Tourism was “only registered recently on 19 Jun 2013 (as close corporation) … which is after Council already approved to lease the area to the applicant”. Council responded by noting that “Notice 49/2013 was cancelled and replaced … and these (new) notices indicated that the cultural village to be established by Messrs Kazak African Experience Cultural Tourism CC will include: serving African cuisine, cultural shows, theatre, youth activities, education programs, cultural meetings, arts and

crafts, music, dance, drama and performance arts.” Council however admitted that the open air restaurant as mentioned by the objector was incorrectly advertised and irrelevant. The original notice also did not indicate that the property would have to be rezoned, but Council noted last month that the property will be rezoned “as a separate process”. Asked why the rental rates were not published, Council said that it is not obliged to publish the rental payable. The property would be leased at a rate of N$0.30 per square metre, the same rate as the Paintball Centre. Mr A van Biljon, owner of the Stiltz also raised several objections, most of which were dismissed. Mr van Biljon said that in leasing the area for the stated purpose “Council is acting unlawful and not in terms of the Town Planning Scheme”, as the area is zoned as “Special” for the purpose of holiday houses and a caravan park. Council noted that it would have to be rezoned to include “business use and tourismrelated activities.” Mr van Biljon's own application to purchase the same portion of land in August 2010 had also been turned down. He argued that the planned activities next to his property would have an effect on businesses in the area, but Council responded by saying that it “does not protect existing businesses from competition”.

Although Mr Nawaseb's company was not registered at the time of his application, Council said “There is no hidden agenda for leasing the proposed area to Messrs Kazak African Experience Cultural Tourism… Since the Close Corporation is now registered as an entity all matters relating to this transaction will become part of the CC”. Council however had to backtrack on its earlier resolution, taken in 28 November 2012 that Kazak African Experience Cultural Tourism be allowed to proceed while the rezoning is in process. At the last meeting for the year it was decided to dismiss the objections and to write to the Minister of Regional and Local Government to seek permission to allow Kazak to continue with the lease of the area, while the rezoning is in progress.

Kop-aan-kop by mini sirkel Marshallino Beukes

'n Kop-aan-kop botsing by die mini-sirkel in Vrede Rede straat, op die pad vanaf Swakopmund na Hentiesbaai, het so byna noodlottig geëindig nadat spoed en vermoedelik dronkbestuur die oorsaak van die ongeluk was. Die voorval het omstreeks 17:30, Vrydagnamiddag plaasgevind, nadat die bestuurder van 'n Mazda sedan (NW 15531) volgens ooggetuies met 'n hoë spoed om die sirkel gejaag het en beheer oor die voertuig verloor het. Dit het aanleiding daartoe gegee dat hy tromp-op met die voertuig van me Isabel Morros gebots het. Me Morros en nog 'n insittende is gehospitaliseer en die bestuurder van die Mazda, Marius Mienie is op aanklag van dronkbestuur en roekelose en nalatige bestuur in hegtenis geneem. Ooggetuies het genoem dat 'n passasier in Mienie se voertuig van die toneel gevlug het.


7 JANUARY 2014


Coastal Auto Body Spinners Club ploughs back Marshallino Beukes

Unprivileged children of the DRC informal settlement in Swakopmund was pampered with food and presents by the Swakopmund based Spinners Club. According to Club little ones, on a m e m b e r , M a r i o random basis. Camm, they recently Approximately 120 staged an event in the kids benefited from coastal town and this unselfish act of afterwards decided to compassion by the give back to the Coastal Auto Body community, by means Spinners Club. Camm of supporting vulner- also stated that this able and unprivileged was only the beginning of the Club gichildren. He told the newspaper ving back to the comt h a t t h e y d r o v e munity and he also through the streets of n o t e d t h a t m o r e the informal settle- events are in store. ment and handed out The Club was estathe goodies wherever blished around 5 they caught up with the months ago.


Christmas babies · Staff Reporters Two Christmas babies (boys) were born at the coast in 2013. Both were born at Walvis Bay hospital. The two boys namely Ndailikana Iyaloo Josua was born at 2:50 am and weight 2.44kg and Junior was born at 7:38 am and weight 3.67.

New Year's babies

Six New Year's babies were born at the coast on 1 January 2014. Four babies were born at the State Hospital in Swakopmund. First was the Garises baby boy weighing 3.0 kg, followed by the Sliger baby boy at 3.78 kg, then the Namakwa baby boy weighing 3.35 kg and lastly the little Nghikelwa baby girl weighing 2.14 kg. Three New Year babies (two girls and one boy) were born in Walvis Bay. A boy weighing 3.24kg was born at 9:00 am and a girl Andrea Tatiana Tateati weighing 3.24 kg was born at 16:30 at Welwitschia Hospital. Mrs Annccieta Matamu gave birth to a 2.62kg baby girl with a length of 49cm at 2:05 am at Walvis Bay Hospital.

Of all the men in the whole wide world, there is no man whom we respect more or of whom we are more proud. Throughout the years, you’ve worked so hard to provide us a happy life. You’ve been there to give advise and you did it all without strife. That is why on this day each year, we pray all your wishes come true. Today we celebrate your life so DAD, Happy 60th BIRTHDAY to you!!! From: Your Wife, Children & Grandchildren

7 JANUARY 2013


Keeping watch Editorial Comment: Some amongst us once again and deliberately continued to show a total disregard for the law with regard to the sale of alcohol on closed days and the use of fireworks and setting off fire crackers in residential areas in order to liven up our festive celebrations. The Namib Times posted a photo on its Facebook page of an individual carrying two plastic carrier bags on Christmas Day and questioned what was happening. Instead of realising that the issue at hand was a blatant disregard for the law, we were lambasted for being inquisitive. The Media and journalist in particular are not there to upheld the law but as is the duty of all citizens, we definitely have a role to play in ensuring that the law is being upheld. Hordes of people were observed purchasing liquor from a well established business in town on Christmas Day. The owner was approached and alerted about what was happening. He became defensive and agitated and arrogantly requested us to mind our own business. The police was informed about this blatant disregard and contravention of the law. A call to Commissioner /Hoebeb confirmed the suspicion that it was illegal and thus unlawful to sell liquor on Christmas Day. Unfortunately the officers on duty had other priorities and reneged to follow up the issue as a matter of urgency. When they were eventually instructed by the powers that be and dispatched to visit the business and arrived there, all illegal activities had ceased because when we returned to the shop, the cashiers started to inform customers queuing with liquor that the sales of the intoxicating liquid would be discontinued for the day from that moment onwards. To the owner of that particular business and all those who made themselves guilty of selling and buying liquor on closed days in 2013,

this time you might have been let off the hook. We have however learned a valuable lesson. Next time when we come across a similar transgression we will first alert the police and wait and see what transpires. The recent festive season again produced its fair share of fire cracker-induced distraught humans and animal's alike. Where I lived, loud bangs sporadically echoed and were followed by the continuous howling and barking of agitated dogs. On New Year's Eve and New Year’s Day all hell broke loose. It sounded like an intense gun fight between warring factions. Who's to blame for ignoring the ban on fire crackers and the prohibition of the use of fireworks in residential areas? Do we just blame the shops that sell liquor and cigarettes to minors and fireworks, or do we blame parents who buy fireworks and allow their children to set them alight in public areas to no avail and without any impact towards redressing the situation? This also applies to the complete disregard of many other by-laws and laws pertaining to for example the dumping of rubble in residential areas, illegal shebeens and the sale of cigarettes and liquor to minors being transgressed daily. Whose task is it to ensure that the municipal by-laws and the laws of the country are upheld and how do we go about ensuring people abide to the law? Its a pity that we are inclined to mend our ways after tragedy struck! Otis Finck

Amendments announced with regard to application of vehicle clearance The Namibian Police announced new amendments for all motor vehicle police clearance certificate applications. The Namibian Police, Erongo Region wish to inform all the public members that when tendering their applications for motor vehicle police clearance certificates to present the following documents as from now on. LOCAL VEHICLES: Original Certificate of Registration in Respect of motor vehicle. Original and copy of Namibian Identity Document or Passport. Original and copy of valid Driver's Licence. The vehicle must be presented for physical inspection. VEHICLES FROM SARPCCO COUNTRIES: Original SARPCCO Police Clearance Certificate with Tax documents from Customs and Excise. In case of a new vehicle manufactured in any SARPCCO country, it will not require a SARPCCO Clearance for Export, only the original manufacturing Certificate and Tax documents. In case of an engine Imported and Exported between the SARPCCO countries, the engine must have the original invoice or receipt and tax document. The Republic of South African Police also issue a print-out written: Vehicle

Private Verification. Original and copy of National Identity Document and Passport. Original and copy of Driver's Licence. The vehicle must be presented for inspection within three (03) days to apply for Police Clearance Certificate and it must be registered within (90) days. IMPORTED MOTOR VEHICLES FROM OTHER COUNTRIES: Original certificate of deregistration (certificate of title) if it is written in any other country's language for example: Chinese, the letter of translation must be provided. Original tax documents namely: SAD 500, Release Order, The Assessment Notice and Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate. Original and copy of National Identity Document or Passport. Original and copy of Driver's licence. The vehicle must be presented within three (03) days at the Police Station for inspection.

Omaruru town councillors' urgent application dismissed HIGH Court Judge Kato van Niekerk dismissed the urgent application filed by Mayor Vincent Kahua (Nudo), Deputy Mayor Albertus !Naruseb (RDP), Christiaan Nanuseb (UDF) and Kretensia Gariseb (RDP), the four suspended Omaruru town councillors on Friday. The councillor's application was dismissed with Housing and Rural Development Minister costs and they were ordered to shoulder the legal Charles Namoloh and challenged his decision costs of the Ministry of Regional and Local to suspend the whole seven-member town Government, Housing and Rural Development council, arguing that their suspension was not (MRLGHRD) in this matter. Judge Van Niekerk in accordance with the provisions of the Local said she found insufficient grounds for the Authorities Act. application to be heard as an “urgent” matter and They were suspended pending further stated that said she would give the reasons for her investigations into irregularities at the town ruling later. council, such as the alleged illegal acquisition The councillors lodged an urgent application of campsites and houses by the councillors. The requesting the High Court to nullify their four councillors were represented by Senior suspension and order their re-instatement. They Counsel Gerson Hinda. Lawyer Sisa Namandje were suspended without pay on 16 December represented The Minister of Regional and Local 2013 by Regional and Local Government, Government, Housing and Rural Development.

Walvis Bay Court Report 2 January 2014 · Matheus Nuuyoma (20) appeared on a charge of robbery. Matter is postponed to 9 January 2014. Accused is in custody. · Petrus Andreas (47) appeared on a charge of arson. Matter is postponed to 21 January 2014. Accused is in custody. · Valentino Kapiture (24) appeared on a charge of theft. Matter is postponed to 16 January 2014. Accused in custody. · Ashton Kisting (25) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal. Matter is postponed to 22 January 2014. Accused is in custody. · John Tjikaro (27) appeared on charges of forgery and uttering a forged instrument. Matter is postponed to 15 January 2014. Accused in custody. · Thomas Shaenga (24) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. Matter is postponed to 16 January 2014. Accused is in custody. 3 January 2014 · A case of crimen injuria and malicious damage to property has been withdrawn against Walter Shiweda (23) and Erastus Nghitira (24) is released with warning on a charge of crimen injuria. Matter is postponed to 3 February 2014. · Matheus Nuuyoma (20) appeared on charges of theft and malicious damage to property. Matter is postponed to 23 January 2014. · Shopala Nicodemus (38) appeared on a charge of theft. Matter is postponed to 11 March 2014. Accused is in custody.

Swakopmund Court Report ·A 14-year old boy appeared on 2 charges of rape (girl under the age of 12) and 1 charge of bestiality. The matter was postponed to 17 January 2014 and the accused was placed under adult supervision. ·Licious Hindjou (28) and Lennon Hindjou (26) appeared on charges of murder and defeating the cause of justice. The matter was postponed to 28 February 2014 in order for them to gain legal aid. ·Marvin Uirab (20) and Randy Keister (25) appeared on a murder charge. The matter was postponed to 28 February 2014 in order for them to gain legal aid. ·Isaskar Auseb (29) appeared on 4 counts of rape. The matter was postponed to 10 February 2014 for plea and trial. ·Lorraine Isaak (34) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was postponed to 31 January 2014 the case was partly heard and the trial continues. ·Anthony John Scholtz (62) appeared on 2 charges of corruptly using office and using a false document by an agent ( Anti-corruption Act). The matter was postponed to 28 February 2014 for him to gain legal representation. ·Aldrin Mahoto (32) appeared on charges of rape. The matter was postponed to 17 March 2014 for plea and trial ·Sydney Nyande Hamburee (29) appeared on 2 charges of rape and kidnapping. The matter was postponed to 24 March 2014 to gain legal representation. ·Brian Nuseb (18) and two 17 year old minors were charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 22 April 2014 for plea and trial. ·Naftali Eixab (35) appeared on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. The matter was postponed to 5 February 2014. ·David Van Wyk (51) charged with driving intoxicated. The matter was postponed to 10 March 2014. ·Stefanus Kaffer (28) appeared on charges of housebreaking with intent to commit an offence unknown to State. The matter was postponed to 5 February 2014 to gain legal representation. ·Jannie Harmse (32) appeared on a charge of rape. The Matter was postponed to 20 February 2014 and the suspect remains in police custody. ·Paulus Timotheus (27) and Christiaan Hatupopi (25) appeared on charges of robbery. The matter was postponed to 6 February 2014 to gain legal representation. ·Gideon Philander (43) appeared on a charge of attempted murder. The Matter was postponed to 27 February 2014. The suspect remains in custody. ·Gebhard Katjire (31) appeared on charges of housebreaking and rape. The matter was postponed to 21 January 2014 and the suspect remains in custody. ·Wilma Guriras (26) appeared on 2 charges of malicious damage to property and assault. The matter was postponed to 21 January 2014 and the suspect remains in custody. ·Oubaas Eixab (20) appeared on a charge of assault. The matter was postponed to 4 March 2014 for the accused to gain legal aid. ·Bonifasius Nalungu(24) was charged with rape. The matter was postponed to 4 March 2014. · A 17 year old minor was charged with racial discrimination and assault. The matter was postponed to 29 January 2014 for plea and trial. ·Edison Gurirab (21), Herold Seibeb (18), Celvin Gaeseb (20), Ignorance Nawaseb (20) and Charles Matsuib (27) appeared on charges of robbery. This matter was postponed to 20 February 2014. ·Matheus Mutima (34) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was postponed to 26 March 2014. ·Fillipus Bernard (35) appeared on a charge of culpable homicide. The case was postponed until 30 January 2014 and the suspect remains in custody.

7 JANUARY 2014




7 JANUARY 2014

Years ago: Nearly R4 milllion in crayfish exported from Lüderitz Friday, January 10, 1964 Page 8 The main industry at Lüderitz is the crayfish industry. Last year frozen crayfish expected from Lüderitz, mainly to the United States, was valued at R3, 317, 597. At present there are two organizations engaged in the crayfish industry at Lüderitz, Messrs, S.W.A. Fishing Industries Ltd. and Sea Products S.W.A. Ltd.

The Port of Walvis Bay The Port of Walvis Bay is a natural gateway for international trade to and from the SADC region to Europe, the Americas and the Far East. Namport's strategic goal is to consolidate the Port of Walvis Bay as a regional gate way as well, serving as a reliable and efficient interface for imports and exports within SADC, and to and from the west coast of Africa and other sub-Saharan African countries. Through the Walvis Bay Corridors, the infrastructure and location of the Port make it suitable to serve SADC import- and export bound sea-borne cargo. As such, the Port provides a cost-effective alternative to those in South Africa, which operates at maximum capacity and whose turnaround times on cargo handling are dependent on weather conditions. The Port of Walvis Bay is one of Africa's most efficient and best equipped, with the capacity to handle more than 8 million tonnes of cargo. The Port is linked to Namibia's air, rail, and road network, making it ideally placed to service landlocked countries in southern Africa, especially through the arteries of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group. The harbour consists of two sections: the commercial harbour, which is managed by Namport, and the fishing harbour, which is owned by the fishing industry. The commercial harbour offers a range of terminal facilities that can handle bulk, containerised, frozen and dry cargo. The Port of Walvis Bay is strategically located halfway down the Namibian coast, with direct access to principal shipping routes. The Port is the regional hub for central and southern Africa. It is secure, congestion-free, efficient and of worldclass standard. Turnaround times for offloading

vessels vary from 12 to 15 hours for container vessels; 24 to 48 hours for bulk vessels, depending on tonnage and shipment; and between 18 and 20 hours for break-bulk vessels. The Port boasts developed-world infrastructure and equipment, enabling the safe and reliable handling of cargo. Maximum security measures and procedures are in place, including closedcircuit TV. The Port is International Ship and Port Facility Security Code compliant. There are no delays because of weather conditions as the Port experiences temperate weather throughout the year. The Port offers a thriving Syncrolift ship facility to these facilities, Namport has added a floating dry dock that can lift vessels up to 150 m in length with a 25 m beam and displacing 8,500 metric tonnes, and Namport continuously develops and improves its equipment and services. The Port of Walvis Bay is a natural gateway for international trade to and from the SADC region to Europe, the Americas and the Far East. Namport's strategic goal is to consolidate the Port of Walvis Bay as a regional gateway as well, serving as a reliable and efficient interface for imports and exports within SADC, and to and from the west coast of Africa and other sub-Saharan African countries. Through the Walvis Bay Corridors, the infrastructure and location of the Port make it suitable to serve SADC import- and export bound sea-borne cargo. As such, the Port provides a cost-effective alternative to those in South Africa, which operates at maximum capacity and whose turnaround times on cargo handling are dependent on weather conditions. Source: Walvis Bay Corridor Group

Each of the two companies has three quotas – a total of six quotas per annum. Each quotas is made up of 30 000 units and I the quotas is reached an additional 15% is allowed. Last year was the first time that the quota was filled. There are some 45 to 50 fishing boats each with a crew of 10 to 14 men, engaged in the crayfish industry. The boats operate in the rocky bays ranging for about 180 miles north and south of Lüderitz. Boats are usually out at sea from two to three days. The new pilchard processing factory, Angra Pequena Fisheries, also has a crayfish quota. The value of crayfish products at Lüderitz last year totalled R3,821,112 made up of Canned crayfish – R442,707; frozen crayfish tails – R3,317,507 and crayfish meal – R60,818. Although it is known that there are tunny, marlin and other fish off Lüderitz the “white” fishing industry as such has not yet been exploited. Up to now the only interest shown has been in pilchards and crayfish.

Fishing vessel presumed lost then sails into harbour Friday, January 17, 1964 Page 14 Wild rumours of the Lüderitz fishing vessel SEABIRD having sunk near Chamois Bay, south of Lüderitz, and members of the crew being picked up by the Police on the deserted coast on Wednesday proved unfounded when the crayfish boat with all but one of the crew members steamed into Lüderitz at 4 p.m. that afternoon. A message was received at about 10 on Wednesday morning that the SEABIRD had sunk just off Chamois Bay. The off-shore diamond dredgers Diamantkus, Barge no.111 and Seymour all working in the vicinity immediately started a search. An aircraft was sent out from Lüderitz to join the search but no sign of the missing boat or survivors could be seen. Mist closing in hampered the operations and the boat was presumed as having been lost with the crew aboard. Later one member of the crew was picked up by the Oranjemund Police who has also rushed to the scene. Then out of the blue, the SEABIRD steamed into Lüderitz about four o'clock. It transpired that the SEABIRD ran on to a sandbank near Chamois Bay. One member of the crew, thinking they had struck a rock, took fright, jumped overboard and started swimming for the shore. The skipper of the fishing boat sent a lifeboat after him but he refused to climb in and be taken back to the stranded boat. Under its own power the vessel pulled itself off the sandbank and made for Lüderitz.

Busy harbour Friday, January 17, 1964 Page 16 The Walvis Bay harbour had a busy week – on Wednesday there were eight ships in port and by yesterday morning it had dwindled to three but three more are expected up this weekend. According to the latest shipping roster it appears that the port will remain busy with 16 more ships still to call this month. The Dutch vessel TOWA which put in here about a fort night ago with a fire in a cargo of bran/rice in her no. 3 hold is expected to sail today.

Upcoming port related events INTERMODAL MAURITIUS


Date: 22-25 January 2014

Date: 27-30 January 2014

Location: Mauritius

Location: Richards Bay, South Africa


Date: 27-30 January 2014 Location: Gauteng, South Africa


Date: 3-6 March 2014 Location: Durban, South Africa

namport port log DATE







7-Jan 7-Jan 7-Jan 7-Jan 7-Jan 8-Jan 8-Jan 8-Jan 8-Jan 8-Jan 8-Jan 8-Jan 9-Jan 9-Jan 9-Jan 9-Jan

WBA 16:00 23:00 15:00 19:30 16:00 6:00 12:00 18:00 15:00 8:00 7:00 10:00 10:00 6:00 12:00


1 7255 6 4650 4 245 5 0869 1 8800 2 5400 2 624 2 955 1 9891 2 8340 1 5067 7 894 340 340 3 0469 1 452

177M 200M 100M 249M 176M 176M 90M 75M 177M 222M 145M 92M 35M 35M 200M 58M



7 JANUARY 2013



Human trafficking in Southern AfricaSADC crafts a regional response Trafficking in persons is a major international issue but poor documentation in southern Africa is masking the extent of this modern-day slavery. Despite its rising profile in many parts of the world, and periodic efforts to raise public awareness in southern Africa, the region remains a fertile ground for traffickers who prey on the vulnerabilities created by a number of factors. These factors include conflict, poverty, limited access to healthcare and education, gender inequalities, high unemployment, and a general lack of opportunities, especially for women. Poverty and inequality are the major challenges facing SADC in this regard, with negative impacts on many aspects of human and social development. The SADC International Conference on Poverty and Development noted in 2008 that poverty affects as much as 45 percent of the population in the region and is particularly acute among vulnerable groups such as rural and peri-urban households, and families headed by older persons and children due to the impact of the AIDS pandemic. The region is hardest hit by AIDS whose impact is leaving many widows and child-headed households, often teenagers who must provide for a number of younger siblings. Such conditions have forced some women and girls to turn to prostitution or begging for survival, thereby exposing them to criminal syndicates that traffic in persons. Just what is trafficking in persons? According to a United Nations Protocol (2000) popularly known as the Palermo Protocol, this refers to the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons by means of threats or use of force for purposes of exploitation. A distinction is made between Trafficking in Persons (TIP) and smuggling, although there are linkages between the two. Human smuggling refers to the illegal movement of an individual into a country in which she/he is not a national or a permanent resident. The smuggled individual is assisted for a fee by criminal syndicates to cross into another country. Smuggling ends with the arrival of the migrants in the country of destination whereas trafficking involves the ongoing exploitation of the victims to generate illicit profit for the traffickers. Smuggling is always cross-border whereas trafficking need not be. TIP can occur regardless of whether victims are taken to another country or if only removed from one place to another within the same country. In the case of trafficking,

the victims are moved from one area to another for exploitation, while those smuggled willingly participate in the vice and may or may not be exploited. Exploitation of TIP victims takes several forms. Victims, mostly women and children, are often enticed to leave their homes with false promises of jobs but are later subjected to sexual exploitation, forced labour,

slavery or even the removal of body organs. The modus operandi used by syndicates includes false newspaper advertisements for jobs in towns or other countries. In other cases, young children are kidnapped and sold to work in factories, plantations or sweat shops; young men are forced to work in labour markets such as agriculture and textile industries for little or no pay; and babies or very young children are stolen or bought for illegal

adoption. Representatives of 12 member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) met in Johannesburg, South Africa, in early December to take stock of these challenges and develop strategies to end trafficking. The head of the SADC Gender Unit, Magdeline Mathiba-Madibela, said this is “no longer just a security issue but a human rights issue that is affecting our society,” and she u r g e d southern African countries to “break the silence”. While older women and men as well as children as young as five are forced to beg and steal, work as domestic slaves or forced into pornography and sex work, young wo-men are at greater risk because traf-fickers can make a lot of money by forcing them into prosti-tution. Abandoned children are also vulnerable. With-out parents, guardians or anyone to take care of them, abandoned children seek refuge in orphanages and shelters, or on the streets where they try to find a way of supporting their families. In a recent case in Malawi, a man was convicted of trafficking another 52-year-old man


* 10/11/1949 + 06/01/2014 2 Tim. 4:7 Ek het die goeie stryd gestry, Ek het die wedloop voleindig, Ek het die geloof behou. VERDERE KENNISGEWING: Magrette - 081 611 1369 Toetie - 081 396 6826 Traurig nehmen wir Abschied von unserer lieben Mamma, Oma und Ur-Oma

Elke Marie Gilge * 8.9.1943


Bittet, so wird euch gegeben; suchet, so werdet ihr finden, klopfet an, so wird euch aufgetan, Denn wer da bittek, der empfängt, und wer da sucht, der findet und wer da anklopft, dem wird aufgetan

Ruhe in Frieden Attila Pollack Jutta Erasmus (geb. Gilge) mit Familie Heinz Gilge mit Familie Kurt Gilge mit Familie Sonja Kruger (geb. Gilge) mit Familie Julius Gilge

for purposes of slavery. The suspect, a 41-year-old from Mangochi district, was arrested in December 2012 after he offered to sell the victim for K2 million (about US$4,800). The buyer alerted members of community policing who arrested the offender. Various initiatives have been introduced by SADC member states, including drafting legislation to curb the vice. Eight of the 15 SADC member states have specific legislation that addresses the issue of human trafficking. These are Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia. Mozambique has been one of the champions in this area, enacting a comprehensive law against human trafficking which prescribes penalties of 16 to 20 years imprisonment for those convicted. Five other countries have draft

laws at various stages of development Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Seychelles and Zimbabwe. Together with Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, these five currently use several pieces of legislation to address human trafficking. Despite these positive developments, the region still faces a myriad of challenges in this regard, including the evolving nature of tactics used by the traffickers. “Trafficking in human beings is a sophisticated crime that requires international law enforcement cooperation,” observed Kuda Seretse, Regional Specialized Officer at the Trafficking in Human Beings Desk in the regional bureau of the International Police Organization (Interpol) in Harare, Zimbabwe. “Solutions are not simple because of its unique ability to masquerade as anything but trafficking,”

Seretse said. Also daunting is the challenge posed by the absence of accurate statistics and documentation to provide a holistic picture of the extent of human trafficking in southern Africa. Most countries in the region have no reliable statistics in this regard and rely on “anecdotal evidence” from unofficial sources. The exact magnitude of the problem is often masked by other vices that are common in the region such as illegal migration. To address the issue of sparse and unreliable data, the SADC Secretariat is preparing to engage a consultant to undertake research on the extent of the problem. Representatives of SADC member states shared ideas and presented national action plans for the period 2014 2017 during the Johannesburg conference, the “SADC Regional Infor-

mation Exchange Conference on Trafficking in Persons”, under a regional programme supported by the European Union. The national action plans, which include measures to improve data collection and sharing, and greater cross-border cooperation, are to be incorporated into a regional five-year implementation plan to be developed by the SADC Secretariat. The five-year implementation matrix is expected to inform the 10Year SADC Strategic Plan of Action on Combating Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children. The regional strategic plan runs from 2009 to 2019. By Joseph Ngwawi SANF is produced by the Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC), which has monitored



7 JANUARY 2014

The views and opinions expressed on this page are not necessarily those of the Namib Times. We do encourage and value the participation of our readers, but we cannot publish any libellous letters. Die sienings en menings wat op die blad verskyn is nie noodwendig die van die Namib Times nie. Hoewel ons die deelname van ons lesers op die forum aanmoedig en waardeer, kan ons nie lasterlike briewe publiseer nie.

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Strandliefhebber skryf: Was ek gister geskok? Ons eerste besoek aan die Mole in Swakopmund in 11 maande. Dit is VUIL. Alles is vertrap en die wêreld lê bestrooi van die rommel. Ek wonder wat dink die buitelanders wat hier besoek. Ek sit hierdie foto op, nie oor ek mense ‘target' nie en ook nie oor rasisme nie. Die foto is bloot oor die rommel.

Just wondering This morning I was driving behind a truck in the traffic circle. A roads authority vehicle passed us and I thought he was there to guide the truck which was loaded with bricks. To my amazement, the roads authority official flashed his blue lights to stop the truck in the circle. He stopped his vehicle in front of the truck and

shows the truck driver to stop. Maybe I'm BLONDE. But to my knowledge how do u stop a vehicle in a traffic circle when there are oncoming vehicles approaching? Should he have pulled off on the side of the road? Makes me wonder where the roads authority official got his licence from. Sylvana Langenhoven

Impressed by Service Dear Lady/Sir I have been visiting Swakopmund four to five times per year for the last 35 years. Approximately 8 years ago we bought a property and recently we decided to sell this property and purchase another property. We engaged several property agents and I would like to share with you the wonderful experience we had with Luna Properties. Luna Properties is certainly not the biggest property agents in Swakopmund but from day one we got personal attention from them. They proved to be highly professional and trustworthy. They were marketing our property during our absence and took special care that all our private belongings remained intact. Luna properties also attended to smaller repairs and maintenance issues and really walked the extra mile. Although the property is not sold yet Luna Properties and in particular Diana the agent we

worked with has left no stone untouched to try and sell the property. During the same time we started to look for a replacement property and we were delighted when Diana showed and sold to us the replacement property. The property was recently registered in our names and we are very happy with the transaction courtesy of Diana and Luna Properties. The fact that whenever we tried to contact Diana by telephone, email or SMS she was either available immediately or indicated when she can attend to the issue at hand was a further illustration of their trustworthiness. I can really recommend Diana and Luna Properties to your readers if they want to get involved in buying or selling a property they still offer services and values which you can rely on and trust. Best regards André van Niekerk

Out of the 34 054 candidates who wrote Grade 10 examinations, 18 613 learners (54.7 %) passed and will be promoted to Grade 11 after they achieved the required 23 points. According to Dr David Nawandi the 2013 exam results for all Grade 10 and Grade 12 Higher Level learners showed some improvement compared to last year's results. The promotional requirements for the learners who wrote their Grade 10 examinations are that they should maintain a minimum of 23 points along with a symbol above F in English, one of the mandatory promotional subjects. The worst performances were recorded in Accounting, Afrikaans First Language, German Foreign Language, Entrepreneurship and Integrated Performing Arts. Statistics show an increase of 2.6 percent from 2012, where 52.1 percent of pupils nationwide qualified for admission to Grade 11. Out of a total of 54 589 Grade 12 candidates, 11 728 learners sat for the Higher Level subjects in 2013. The results showed an improvement in aggregate percentage, with graded entries increasing from 95.4 percent in 2012 to 95.8 percent in 2013, which has allowed more students to qualify for university entrance requirements. Claire Campbell Every child is born with potential. How they utilize that potential is up 1) motivation, discipline and a strong supporting foundation from parents and 2) a good standard of education from teachers. We need to see more training in BOTH those areas. A child's upbringing is ALSO the community's responsibility, we can only apportion some of the blame to the Ministry of Education. Carl David Marx It's because there is no capital punishment in schools. All kids are being brought up like porcelain. Bring back capital punishment with Christianity in schools and you will see a huge improvement. Morne Visser Clearly our government schools are under performing, this is a serious concern for the future of Namibia as education is the key for a country going forward. More money need to be spent in education, and discipline is a main cause for poor results. There need to be respect for your school and teachers. Adam Jonathan Kaali These kids are failing too much. Why???? We parents must also start controlling those things. De-activate their accounts and all that. Like seriously. John Malcomx Rome was never built in one day, n so change is a gradually process. With such a small increase in learner's performance annually, we must be thankful. At least things r changing for better. Michelle Mickey Katamila Namibians English will never go anywhere... They should change the required symbol to C... Patrys Oelofsen Very poor results! Nicky Boetie Barth Bring back the cain, cause without discipline these kids are going nowhere, they just become thugs like the everyday example they get from these music videos. Emelda Van Neel Only the six best subjects out of nine is counted. Why? Nsamba James Nsamba u reap what u sow, simple.. Let's look around our communities, what do most youth do, clubbing, smoking, drinking, insulting nt respecting elders... Menete Llyambo commitment, hardworking can bring a different. They both need 2 put more effort 2 make sure every Namibia is happy n c more progress.

Another record at A very successful Lions street market was held at Henties Bay on the 20 and 21 December 2013 – “the best market I've attended in a year”, says Elma from Johannesburg. Fun, good food and bargains for the Christmas shoppers was had by all, given the huge attendance from locals and visitors. According to the local Lions organiser


of the event, Trevor Schaefer, the event generated R48,700 – a record indeed. These funds are ploughed back into local charity organisations, as part of the Lions International role in the local communities. The sellers of wares of the stalls had good fun too and was happy with the attendance at the event.

Menete Llyambo thy have try their best n congratulations to those who made it n those who didn't make it thr is always a c second chance to make sure they will give best results next year. Commitment and hard working can make a different, both learner n teacher need 2 put more effort to make sure 2015 is at least 90 if nt 100 percent Jolah Leonard Handwork always determine somebody's effort. So..they dd very wel.thy deserve it. and to those who ddn mke it up,namcol s ther fo u to xpres the lostest points tht you fail to grap it wth. Christo Swart Very poor results!


7 JANUARY 2014

ECOBANK NAMIBIA SMS SCAM Emma Haiyambo, Acting Director Department of Strategic Communication and Financial Sector Development Bank of Namibia has issued a warning to the Namibian public about an SMS fraud scam which has recently started operating in Namibia. According to a press release from Haiyambo an entity by the name of “Ecobank Namibia” has been sending short text messages to cellular phones, requesting people to immediately call the number + 006 703 343 013 in order to receive a cheque of $80,000. The Bank of Namibia wants to alert members of the public that this institution is not authorized to operate in Namibia as a banking institution or to use the expression or name “bank” or “banking institution” in its name. Therefore, kindly note that this short text messages are deemed to be fraudulent. Members of the public are therefore warned not to respond to the abovementioned text messages, or to any other messages of a similar nature. The public is further advised to immediately report any such scams to the Bank, where institutions, entities or persons present themselves to be acting on behalf of or as banking institutions in Namibia.


Reduced prices on Netman Packages from MTN MTC Corporate announced a reduction on Netman Internet The reductions are Packages and Bundle rates as part of the service provider's effort to e f f e c t i v e i m m e offer its customers a World-class Internet experience. diately. “The digital age continues to The new prices are as follow: create real opportunities for consumers Packages Old New to connect, interact Netman 139.00 99.00 and simplify their Netman plus 489.00 449.00 lives directly from Netman 1GB 239.00 149.00 their handheld deNetman 1GB Plus 589.00 499.00 vices,” elaborated Tim Ekandjo, Chief Netman 2GB 299.00 199.00 Human Capital and Netman 2GB Plus 649.00 549.00 Corporate Affairs Netman Unlimited 949.00 849.00 Officer at MTC. Netman Unlimited Plus 1,299.00 1,199.00 We have invested OfficeBox 3G Lite 239.00 149.00 heavily in our infrastructure to provide a OfficeBox 3G Plus 589.00 549.00 network that can OfficeBox 3G Unlimited 949.00 849.00 efficiently meets the

OfficeBox 3G Unlimited Plus



demands of the digital consumer and therefore can significantly reduce our Internet price plans and bundle rates to enable our customers to experience world-class Internet connectivity. Our aim was always to allow every Namibian to have an open door to the world, by levelling the willingness and affordability of access to the internet, thus increasing opportunity equally”, said Ekandjo

BON international economic and financial development quarterly update Despite improved economic activities in some major economies during the third quarter of 2013, growth in the global economy remained weak. Improved economic activities were seen in the economies of the UK, US and Japan, which largely contributed to this nascent recovery. The Euro Area, despite some improvement, remained in a recession, during the third quarter. Growth in key emerging market economies such as China and India rose mainly due to government's spending and improved activities. Economic activity in Brazil and Russia were muted over the same period, while that of South Africa slowed as a result of the shrinkage in the manufacturing sector due to strikes in the automotive sector. Most central banks, especially, in the advanced economies maintained accommodative or eased their monetary police stances to support economic recovery. In line with some bright spots observed in the global economy, the domestic economy showed signs of improvement in various economic sectors during the third quarter of 2013. Available indicators showed improvements during the referred period, compared to the corresponding quarter in 2013. Within the primary industry, mineral production continued to show sustained momentum, while signification increases were observed in the value of livestock marketed, due to the prevailing drought. In the secondary industry, real value for building plans approved rose, suggesting increased property developments going forward, although real value of building completed declined. The construction sector to register a stronger growth in 2013, supported by private sector investment in the mining sector, as well as public sector investment for construction works. On the other hand, activities in the manufacturing sector slowed during the quarter under review, mainly due to decreased output of mineral processing. Tertiary industry performed positively as reflected in brisk growth of wholesale and retail trade sales, as well as in cargo volumes in the transport

sector, while activities in the tourism sector remained stagnant. Monetary and credit aggregates recorded strong growth at the end of the third quarter of 2013, in the line with the low interest rates environment and higher liquidity levels of the banking sector. Growth in broad money supply (M2) increased at the end of the third quarter of 2013, as a result of accelerated growth in domestic claims, but recorded a slowdown on a quarterly basis. Growth in private sector credit to 13.3 percent on account of weakened demand from the business and household sectors. Meanwhile, Namibia's headline inflation slowed to 5.8 percent during the third quarter of 2013, from 6.0 percent in the previous quarter. The slowdown was due to lower inflation for food and non-alcoholic beverages and housing, while inflation for transport, alcoholic beverages and tobacco rose. The central Government's outstanding nominal debt and loan guarantees increased on an annual bases at the end of the second quarter of 2013/14, but remained sustainable and within the target levels. The increase in total debt stock on an annual bases mirrored hikes in domestic and external debt levels, while the rise in loan guarantees was driven predominantly by domestic loan guarantees. Although total debt and loan guarantees recorded nominal increases, as a share of GDP, they remained well below the

Government's debt ceilings of 35.0 percent, posing limited risk to the fiscal sustain-ability. Namibia's external balance recorded a sizeable deficit mostly attributed to a widening current account deficit that was larger than the recorded surplus in the capital and financial account. The widening current account deficit resulted from the net payment in investment income, supported by a growing trade deficit in merchandise trade balance. The capital and financial account, however, registered a net inflow over the same period but it was not sufficient to offset the widening current account deficit. In line with increased imports and declined international reserves, the weeks of imports cover receded to 9.19 weeks from 14.35 weeks during the second quarter of 2013. The international reserves, however, remain sufficient to sustain the fixed currency peg. Namibia's external competitiveness continued improving during the third quarter of 2013, as a result of the depreciation of the REER. The depreciation of the REER could

potentially improve Namibia's external price competitiveness in international markets. In addition, the unit labour cost in the manufacturing sector slowed slightly to 162 index points during the quarter under review from 165 index points during the previous quarter, due to improved output and declined total wage bill. It is worth mentioning that, to date, the Rand's depreciation has not translated into an acceleration of Namibia's inflation. Headline inflation declined to 4.4 percent in November from 4.9 percent recorded in September 2013. The depreciation of the Rand and the decreased unit labour costs in the manufacturing sector could potentially improve Namibia's external price competitiveness in international market. The weak exchange rate would, however, continue increasing the country's import bill, especially for fuel and other capital goods. Going forward, the slight improvement in the economy during the third quarter of 2013 would augur well for Namibia's exports. Expansions in the US, UK and the Chinese economies could possibly sustain Namibia's export commodities such as diamonds, beef and other minerals to these markets, if the recovery continues. Furthermore, the Euro Area, a major destination for Namibia's exports also showed signs of improvement, although remaining in recession.


The world through my Anri Jacobs Stepping into a new year, we are faced with new challenges, new opportunities and new adventures. So why not take all of these, let them inspire you and look for new intriguing ways of self-expression through your photography.

from your mistakes. Also you might be able to get a new feel to the image, perhaps re-edit it and have a whole new image. Play with light In the light of ex-

to your disposal, and its free, so use it, play around with it, and do things that you would never do! You won't be disappointed with the results. Using your flash

Go over your older pictures It always helps to go through some of your work that you took a while back, you might grab some inspiration, or even learn

your flash is only for in studio shooting but using your flash outside can be quite amazing. It is called “fill flash” and it allows you to shoot on a sunny day with the sun coming from behind the subject, which can have a great effect. Stay away from the built in flash

Look for candid shots Those unexpected shots will sometimes end up being some of your best shots, so keep your eyes open for those special moments. In those moments where your subject is fooling around and making jokes, laughing spontaneously, this is when the magical shot brings itself to the surface.


7 JANUARY 2014

Play with light

perimenting and trying new things this year, take the time to play with different forms of lighting. Experiment with high key and low key lighting. You will find that some of you subjects work better either overexposed or underexposed. Light is by far the greatest tool you have

Always try to refrain from using the built in flash of your camera. The light form your built in flash is when shooting very directional and outside can cause an very Some might think undesirable effect on your subject. Sometimes even putting too much light on your subject. An external flash is your best friend, and using it with a diffuser to disperse the light evenly and give a softer look, you are set in the right direction.


Go over old pictures

yes, learn all there is to learn. Of course we can never stop learning and every day brings forth a new lesson. After you have learnt all the basic rules there is to know, start breaking all of these rules. The result will be out of this world. Stick to some of the rules yes, but there are some that you can twist around and play with to create some intriguing shots and move away from the norm. This will allow you to Experiment discover new techExperiment niques, perspectives Experiment! and in the end help Get your basics down lead you to your own

Use flash outside

Anri Jacobs

Coastal classic music fans wowed Cezarre Strydom, Danre Strydom and friends presented a thrilling New year's concert which featured a variety of classical favourites and a few exciting surprises for the end of the festive season to music lovers Saturday at the Namib Primary Bank WHK KulturAula in Swakopmund.

This annual concert featuring brother and sister has become a tradition in Swakopmund. The concert featured compositions by composers such as Mozart, Weber, Lovreglio, Rachmaninov, to name but a few and the audience were treated to some clarinet, piano, viola and singing items. Various musicians f r o m Wi n d h o e k , Wa l v i s B a y a n d Swakopmund also took part in the event. Cezarre was raised in Windhoek where he studied piano under the tutelage of Marietjie Buys and Valerie van Biljon. After successful concerts and competitions in South Africa, he received a scholarship to complete his high school studies in the U.S.A. at the prestigious Interlochen A r t s A c a d e m y.

Cezarre currently resides in Bloemfontein after his studies at the University of Michigan. Danrè also started her music training in Windhoek and continued her studies with Heinrich Armer at the University of the Free State. On completion of her Honours degree she went to study at the prestigious Jacobs School of Music in Indiana, USA. She then completed two Masters degrees in Belgium. Here she was also an ad hoc member of the Brussels Philharmonic. Currently she is completing her PhD in clarinet performance and has very recently been appointed as woodwind lecturer at the University of the Free State.


7 JANUARY 2014

All about Eve Mega rapper “Eve” announced that she got engaged to British fashion designer, Maximillion Cooper on December 25, 2013. The Grammy Award-winning musician, actress and fashion designer, whose full name is Eve Jeffers has been dating British entrepreneur since 2010. Coper has four children from his previous marriage to former business partner Julie Brangstrup and is also the founder of the Gumball 3000 lifestyle brand, which began as an underground car rally. Eve took to Twitter on New Year's Eve and officially announced the news by tweeting “Thanku 2 everybody 4 your congratulations on our engagement! We wanted to celebrate with our family and friends 1st b4 announcing. She also posted a photo on Instagram that showed her posing with her mom and younger brother, along with the newly-accepted engagement ring. She visited Namibia in 2012. Eve was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1999, she was featured on Prince's album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, and she was to co-star on the eventually cancelled Hot Wit' U single from that same album. Eve is featured (along with Erykah Badu) on the song "You Got Me" by The Roots, from their 1999 album Things Fall Apart. The song won a Grammy Award in 2000, which should have been Eve's first. Eve first appeared on the Bulworth soundtrack as Eve of Destruction while signed to Dr. Dre's A f t e r m a t h Entertainment. She did not receive much promotion with big releases soon coming from Dr. Dre, so she collaborated with DMX and the Ruff Ryders on her first single as a Ruff Ryder DJ Clue's The Professional, along w i t h o t h e r R u ff Ryders' compilations. Her next single, "What Ya Want", featuring Nokio the N-Tity of Dru Hill, became a top 40 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 peaking at 29. Her 1999 debut, Let There Be Eve...Ruff Ryders' First Lady, was an unprecedented success, making it the third album by a female rap artist to top the Billboard 200, behind Lauryn Hill's The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998) and Foxy Brown's Chyna Doll (1999). Two singles were released from the album: "Gotta Man" and "Love Is Blind" featuring Faith Evans. The first one peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100, the second one at number 34. In November 1999, Eve featured on Missy Elliott's single "Hot Boyz (Remix)" along with Nas, Lil Mo and Q-Tip. The song became a hit, spending 18 weeks at number one on the Hot Rap Singles from November 16, 1999 to March 7, 2000, and reaching number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. On October 9, 2012 Eve released the promotional single "She Bad Bad" on iTunes. On November 2012, Eve started on YouTube a series of weekly remixes called EVEstlin' Tuesdays, in which she added freestyle rap verses on 2012 hit singles like Rihanna's "Diamonds" and Miguel's "Adorn".On 8 January 2013 the video of "She Bad Bad" was premiered.[16] On January 23, Eve released an official remix of "She Bad Bad" featuring Juicy J and Pusha T. On February 23, 2013 Eve released "Make It Out This Town", the first official single from Lip Lock featuring Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship. The music video of the song premiered on VEVO on March 29, 2013.[19] In an interview on Rap-Up TV, Eve confirmed that the second official single would be the track "EVE" featuring Jamaican reggae artist Miss Kitty.The music video for the song was shot in London in February and premiered on BET on April 29, 2013. "Lip Lock" was released on May 14, 2013. The album features collaborations with Juicy J,

Pusha T, Snoop Dogg, Chrisette Michele, Nacho, Missy Elliott, Dawn Richards, Gabe Saporta, Propaine, and Claude Kelly. On August 23, 2013 Eve kicked off the Lip Lock Tour, a U.S. only promotional tour. In September 2013, Eve stated in an interview with Rap Up that after her tour wraps up in NYC, she's going back into the studio. In March 2011, Eve featured on Swizz Beatz' song and video "Everyday (Coolin')", the first promotional single from his upcoming album Haute Living. In April 2011, Eve featured on Jill Scott's song "Shame" from Scott's Billboard 200 number one album The Light of the Sun. The same month, Eve featured on Russian rapper Timati's new single and video "Money In Da Bank". Eve also featured in "Get Em", a song by electro house artist Wolfgang Gartner. In April 2012, Eve featured on reggae artist Shaggy's single "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". The song samples the omonymous 1979 hit single by Cyndi Lauper. Eve appeared on the video of the song, released on YouTube on June 14, 2012. The song charted in some European countries. In March 2010, Eve featured on the official remix of Ludacris' song "My Chick Bad", Diamond and Trina are also featured in the song. The three female rappers starred in the video for the remix, in which appeares Nicki Minaj too.In November 2010, Eve wrote and performed a rap on Australian singer Guy Sebastian's single "Who's That Girl", which reached number one on the ARIA Singles Chart and has been certified 4x platinum sold. In December 2010, Eve featured on Alicia Keys' track "Speechless", though the song will not be released as a single or part of an album, it did chart on the US R&B chart at number 71, making it Eve's first appearance as a featured artist on the Billboard Charts for quite some time. On December 10, 2010 Eve hosted the 2010 edition of MTV Africa M u s i c Aw a r d s i n Lagos, Nigeria. Eve appeared in xXx with Vin Diesel, both Barbershop and Barbershop 2: Back in Business with Ice Cube, The Cookout with Queen Latifah and Meagan Good, and The Woodsman with Kevin Bacon in mid 2004. She voiced Major Jones in the video game XIII, as well as one of the villains of the short-lived show Spider-Man Animated Series on MTV. She also featured in the 2008 British movie Flashbacks of a Fool alongside Daniel Craig. In 2003, Eve starred in the UPN television sitcom, Eve, as a fashion designer named Shelly. The show lasted three seasons until it was cancelled in May 2006. Eve guest starred as Yvette Powell on an episode of Third Watch. She also was a guest star on an episode of Numb3rs in 2009. In 2009, she had a role in the film Whip It as Rosa Sparks, opposite Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore. Eve guest starred on two episodes of Glee, appearing as rival glee club coach Grace Hitchens. In 2010, Eve appeared as Latisha, a supporting role, in Noel Clarke's film Eve Jeffers (Eve) appears as Mocha Sujata the Gypsy Queen in the Bounty Killer (film) 2013. Starring Matthew Marsden, Christian Pitre and directed by Henry Saine. In 2012, Eve, Dr. Dre, Mike Lynn and Ruff Ryders Entertainment, Interscope Records, and Truth Hurts were accused of stealing songs from Gregory Hutchinson p/k/a Cold 187um of Above The Law. The plaintiffs claim the 1999 song "Love is Blind" was stripped of some of its original components and presented as their own work.

WALVIS BAY * AUCTION - Bay Auctioneers, Every Saturday, Corner of Rikumbi Kandanga and 6th Street, Opposite Sea Pride. * Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Book Exchange at the Mission to Seafarers. All Welcome. * Every Tuesday: Blood clinic (NAMBTS) at Welwitschia Hospital next to indoor pool. * 7 Jan.: Film - Shri Prakash - “Buddha weeps in Jadugoda” at 19:00 in the Swakopmund Museum. Donations Welcome. * 2 Feb.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - SA Border War Commemoration 09:00. * 12 Feb.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Monthly meeting at 19:00. * 12 March.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Monthly meeting at 19:00. * 9 April.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Monthly meeting at 19:00. * 26 April.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - 99 Anniversary battle of Trekkopje. * 27 April.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Annuel wreath laying ceremony by M.O.T.H. And German tradition verband Trekkopje 11:00. * 14 May.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 11 June.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 9 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 12 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Wreath laying ceremony at M.O.T.H Monument Usakos 11:00. * 13 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Delville Wood Remembrance Church Parade 09:00 * 16 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Delville Wood Remembrance day. * 13 Aug.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 10 Sept.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 8 Oct.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - EL Alamein Remembrance Day * 26 Oct.: Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 23 Oct.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - EL Alamein Church Parade 09:00. * 9 Nov.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Remembrance Sunday, Parade held at 10:30 at Harries Park * 12 Nov.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. *************

SWAKOPMUND * Markets at the Last Resort Centre, every Sunday in December, starting on the 8th from 10am until 3pm. They are situated at 5 Libertine Amadhila street, one street up from the Jetty. * Swakopmund Toastmasters meets every first and third Monday of the month at the Europa Hof Hotel, Bismark Str 39, Swakopmund, Namibia from 19:00 - 20:30. Resume February 2014. * EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: SHALOM MARKET 12 kms eastwards outside Swakopmund along the Swakop river. * Camel Rides: Come and enjoy a short camelride at the Camel Farm 12km east of Swakopmund along the B2 daily between 14h00-17h00. * 31 Jan.: NPS - Banner Hoisting (Celebration Announcement) * 7 - 8 Feb.: NPS - Interhouse Athletics - Fast & Furious * 9 Feb.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Annual wreath laying, first at 10:00 at Swakopmund Cemetary for W/W1 Allied & Axis Forces, and Secondly at 11:00 at the Germann Marine Monument, Swakopmund. * 28 Feb.: Introduction of Debutants (Cheese & Wine) * 28 March.: NPS - Talent Show - Feeling famous. * 30 June.: NPS - Praise & Worship - Forever Faithfull * 1 July.: NPS - Official opening - “Formal & Flashy”. * 2 July.: NPS - Fountain of knowledge & SA Dance Show * 3 July.: NPS - Mr & Miss NPS - “Feeling Fabulous”. * 4 July.: NPS - Gala evening - “Flourishing at Fifty”. * 5 July.: NPS - Mr & Mrs 50. * 4 Oct.: NPS - Festival Day - Festival Fiesta * 1 Nov.: NPS - Debutant ball - Gold, Glitz & Glamour. ***************

ART EXHIBITIONS * Every Saturday: Open Air Arts Exhibition at the Mole next to Tennis courts in Swakopmund. Oil paintings - weather permitting. * Permanent Collection: Woermannhaus Gallery in Bismarck Street. Fine collection of the Swakopmund Arts Association’s “South West Masters’’ and contemporary Namibian art works. Open Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 17:00. * Swakopmund Museum: Open daily, including Sundays 10:00 - 17:00. * Sam Cohen Library: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 13:00/15:00 – 17:00 and the second Saturday per month 09:00 – 13:00. * Die Galerie, Walvis Bay: Exhibition of Namibian and South African Artists. Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 17:00. Saturday - 08:30 12:30. * Art Stop Gallery, Swakopmund: Fine collection of Namibian and South African Artists. Gallery hours: 09:00 - 19:00 Monday - Sunday. Shop No.2 Brauhaus Arcade.


7 JANUARY 2014

What to do and what to see at the coast


WALVIS BAY * Tourist Information: Can be obtained at the Walvis Bay Tourism Centre c/o Union Street & 5th Road Walvis Bay. *Hotspots for free Internet Access to wireless laptop computers: Protea Hotel Pelican Bay; Protea Hotel Walvis Bay and Langholm Hotel. *Museum: In library basement. Opening hours: Mon Fri.: 09:00 - 12:30 & 15:00 - 16:30 (Closed on weekends.) Book in advance for afternoon visits. * Library: Opening hours: Monday/Tuesday/ Thursday: 09:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 18:00. Wednesday: 09:00 - 17:00. Friday: 09:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 16:30. Saturday: 10:00 12:00. * Indoor Sports Complex: Situated along 13th Road next to Jan Wilken Stadium. Includes fully equipped gym. * Chess Players: Phone Louis Heyman at 207777 or Fanie Dreyer at 081 241 6127. (Walvis Bay) * Lagoon Esplanade: 5km of tarred promenade on shore of the lagoon. Most enjoyable for a walk early to view marine birds and marvel at sunrise and sunset. * Kite Surfing: Walvis Bay Kite Center - opposite the Raft Restaurant at the Lagoon - kite surfing lessons for young and old - Contact: 081 373 9402 * Bird Sanctuary: Behind sewerage disposal works Entrance about 400 metres after leaving the circle on main road to airport. (Don’t leave valuables open in vehicle or leave vehicle unattended). * Dune Seven: Day recreation facilities with toilet block, turn off along road to Walvis Bay International Airport. Dune 7 Adventures is also close-by for adventure activities, self-catering and refreshments. * Langstrand: Recreation resort between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Tidal swimming pools, caravan park, jetty with bar, braai and day camping facilities, kiosk and guest houses. *Dolphin Park: open to the public - with swimmingpool, braai area & overnight facilities. * Historic Cemetery: Along Ben Amathila Av, behind fishing factories. * Historic Monuments: Railway locomotive in front of station in 6th Street; historic rail tracks opposite Green Valley on airport road; Rhenischer Mission Church (now Lions Den) in 5th Street and Palgrave Beacon at Rooibank. * Horse Riding Stables: Along Rikumbi Kandanga Av. Opposite cemetery. * Karate: Goju Ryu Karate from 18:00 to 20:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Walvis Bay High School sports hall. Tel. Nico Maritz 20-7789 (all hours). * Gymnastics: Tuesdays & Thursdays 14:00 - 18:00, Wednesdays 15:00 - 17:30 Walvis Bay School of Gymnastics at Indoor Sports Complex Walvis Bay. * Sea Kayaking: Wetlands and Coastal tours - mornings. Contact Jeanne 203144. * SPCA: Animal welfare and kennels at 52 Grand Avenue in Light Industrial Area. Open daily 10:00 to 12:00 and 15:30 to 17:30. Tel. 20-4041. *Boat Trips: Operators depart daily from the open space adjacent to the Walvis Bay Yacht Club. * Dolphin Cruises: On Walvis Bay Lagoon by ski-boat. Cell: 081 147 7007 *Catamaran Cruises: Contact Catamaran Charters at 200798 or Sunsail Charters at 081 124 5045. * Rotary Club: Rotary Club of Walvis Bay meets on Wednesdays at 18:00 at the Mission to Seafarers (at the harbour main gate). * Lions Club: Meets at Lions Clubhouse, 5th Road (old Mission Church) for business at 20:00 on first Thursday of month and 19:00 for social on second Thursday. Book Exchange now open from Monday to Friday - 14:00 18:00. Contact: Tel. 202805. * Karate: Shotokan style. Contact Wikus Oberholster at 081 127 6586. *Bridge Club of Walvis Bay: World’s most fascinating card games can be arranged at short notice. Call: 064204986 or Cell: 081 258 3986. * Sandboarding: Call 081 127 7636.

*Information: Namib-i Publicity and Tourist Association office in Tourist Centre, c/o Sam Nujoma Ave & Hendrik Witbooi Str. Tel. 404827, Swakop. Open 7 Days a Week. * Cape Cross: Open daily from 08:00 to 17:00. Permits at gate. Day visitors only. No Pets * Museum: Open daily including weekends from 10:00 to 17:00. Tel: 402046 * Jetty: Open for anglers. Angling permits from Ministry of Fisheries applicable. Tel: 064-410 1000 * Aquarium: At National Marine Information and Research Centre, Strand Street - open daily Tuesdays Sundays from 10:00 to 16:00 (also public holidays). Feeding daily at 15:00. Closed on Mondays, Christmas Day and New Years Day. * Sam Cohen Library: Monday to Friday: 08:0013:00/15:00-17:00. Closed between Xmas and New Year * Woermann House Art Gallery: Open daily from 10:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 17:00. * Tours of Rössing Mine: Conducted on first and third Friday of each month. Tickets at Museum. Bus leaves from below Cafè Anton at 10:00. *Johanniter Hilfswerk: Johanniter Zentrum in Brücken Street offers services and help for the aged, the sick and suffering. Tel. 40-2289 or 46-1530. *Bridge Enthusiasts: Swakopmund Bridge Club plays Duplicate Bridge every Monday at 19:00 at the dininghall, Lions Altesheim, Rhode Allee. Beginners and enquiries tel. 207483 WBay or 405196 (o/h) Swkp). * Camel Rides: At Camel Farm 12km up Swakop River. Short rides between 14:00 and 17:00. Tel. 400363 or 081 230 1758. * Horse Riding: Short outrides in Swakop river bed, Horse Trails, Pony rides every Wednesday - for more info contact Okakambe Riding Centre at 064-402799 * Go-carting in the desert - fun for the whole family just outside Swakopmund near the airport contact R&R Carting for more info 081 3502723 . Motorclub Rally Sprint at track 27 December - starts 9:00. * Karakulia: Tours showing spinning and weaving of karakul rugs and wall-hangings, NDC Craft Centre, Rakotoka Street. Tel. 461415. * Every Tuesday: Swakop Striders conduct time trials at SFC Sport Club at 18:00. All runners welcome. Enquiries tel. 081 240 3383. * Swakopmunder Männergesangverein: Wir singen jeden Donnerstag ab 20:00 im Pfadfinderheim in der Lazarettstr. Wo man singt, da lass Dich ruhig nieder! * Kristall Gallerie: Cnr. Theo-Ben Gurirab and Tobias Hainyeko Streets. Open daily (Mondays to Saturdays) 09:00 to 17:00. Closed on Sundays. World’s largest quartz crystal cluster on display. * Skatspieler: Jeden Donnerstag um 18:00 im SFC Sport Club. Gäste herzlich willkommen. * Snake Park: Open Monday to Saturday from 08:30 17:00 at Sam Nujoma Drive No.63, opposite Engen Service Station/Tren Tyre - Tel. 405100. *Chess: Chess set available at Café Anton. Enjoy a cup of coffee and sweet treats and relax to a game of chess *Cycling: Fun Rides are Tuesday and Thursday evenings (call Deon to arrange) - Club rides: Saturdays at 13:30 (Starts at Steckel’s Toyota) and Sunday mornings at 07:00 (also from Steckel’s). Call Deon at 081 128 0113 *Clay Target Shooting: Training every Saturday afternoon with clay target rifles. Tel. 40-4789. (Not Open during December). * OPENING TIMES OF THE S P C A: MONDAY F R I D AY: 0 9 : 0 0 - 1 2 : 0 0 . 1 5 : 0 0 - 1 7 : 3 0 SATURDAY: 09:00 - 12:00. 16:00 - 17:30. SUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: 09:00 - 10:00. 16:00 - 17:30 * Quad Bike Tours: Daily 7 days a week. Tel. 40-6096. * Karate: Shotokan Style. Contact Valdemar Swart at Cell: 081 124 2938. * Inline Skating and Hockey: Each weekday afternoon and evening from 14:30 at the SFC Skating Rink. New members at every age and level welcome. Phone Ulrike on 405207 for further details. Swakopmund Lions Club: Meetings every second (social) and fourth Thursday (business) of the month at 19:30 hours in the Lions Den, Corner Rhode Allee/ Lüderitz Straße. Contact numbers: 064-405226 (B) and 064-405234 (H). *CMAS Scuba Diving: courses at the coast. Contact Steff: 081 129 5318. All Technical Courses also on offer. *Woermann Tower: Climb 93 stairs for magnificent views of Swakopmund, Namib dunes, Atlantic Ocean, the Jetty, Lighthouse and Historic buildings. Tickets available daily from "The Jetty''. After hours and Sundays, from The Internet Cáfe in the Woermann Brock Mall. * Rotary Club: Deutsches Haus Tuesday - 18:30 19:30. Tel. 081 268 8306. Shuttle Service: Daily Shuttle between Walvis Bay, Swakopmund & Windhoek - Townhoppers Tel: 064407223

Permits needed to visit the Namib Naukluft A permit to enter the Namib Naukluft Park is compulsory and visitors and holidaymakers are reminded to stay on marked and designated roads in the park. It is also prohibited to harvest firewood in the park or to camp outside the designated areas demarcated for camping. A detailed map and information accompanies all permits. The Namib Naukluft Park is one of Namibia’s splendours. Permits can be purchased at the offices of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Weekdays from 08:00 till 17:00 and Saturdays and Sundays from 08:00 till 13:00. For Namibians it is N$16 per person per day, for citizens of other SADC countries N$30 per person per day and nonSADC visitors N$40 per person per day. All vehicles are N$10 per vehicle per day. Covering nearly 5 million hectares, the Namib-Naukluft Park is the third largest game park in Africa. It is a spectacular mosaic of landscapes, ranging from the orange dunes of the dune sea and the vast gravel plains between the Swakop and Kuiseb rivers to the wetlands of Sandwich and the rugged mountains of the Naukluft massif. The Namib section of the park lies between the Swakop River in the north and the Kuiseb River in the south. Its stark and barren landscape is characterised by vast gravel plains, isolated inselbergs (island mountains), the spectacular Moon Landscape of the Swakop River Valley and the badlands of the Kuiseb Canyon. To date nearly 60 mammal species have been recorded in the area; the most commonly seen larger species are oryx, springbok and Hartmann’s mountain zebra. Mountain zebra occurs mainly in the eastern part of the park, especially in the vicinity of the Kuiseb and Swakop canyons. Oryx are fairly widely distributed after the summer rains, but during the dry season they concentrate in large numbers on the southeastern plains and in the Kuiseb River area. Springbok are also widely distributed.

Klipspringer occur in suitable rocky habitats, especially the rocky canyons in the upper reaches of the Swakop, Khan and Kuiseb rivers. The Kuiseb Canyon is also home to three troops of chacma baboon and the westernmost troop have been observed to go without water for up to two weeks. Among the predators the black-backed jackal is the most widely distributed. Leopard occurs in the Kuiseb and Swakop canyons and the mountain areas of the northeast. Spotted hyaena inhabit the eastern part of the park and along the coast brown hyaena patrol the beaches in search of food. The Namib section of the park has one of the highest densities of lappet-faced vulture in Africa. Among the other species to be seen are ostrich, Ludwig’s bustard, Rüppell’s korhaan, Namaqua sandgrouse, Stark’s lark, grey-backed finchlark and tractrac chat. The vegetation is sparse, except in the Kuiseb and Swakop rivers, where a variety of trees and shrubs grow. Among these the camelthorn, ana tree, ebony tree and real mustard tree are the most conspicuous. The gravel plains are often bare for years, except for camelthorn trees and shrubs growing in the shallow river washes. However, after good rains the plains are transformed into waving grasslands. Along the coast the vegetation is characterised by dwarf shrub-land, dominated by brakbos and inkbos. A rich diversity of lichens is also found here, but the most fascinating plant is without doubt the welwitschia.

7 JANUARY 2014



TODAY 06:00 Good Morning Namibia 08:00 Rhythm City 08:30 Scandal 09:00 News 09:30 Talk of the Nation 10:30 World Championships 11:00 Euromaxxx 11:30 Endangered Series 12:30 Yearning for Your Love 13:00 CNN News 14:00 Legend of the Dragon 14:30 Great Book of Nature 15:00 JSC 16:30 Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus 17:30 Yearning For Your Love 18:00 News Journal 18:30 National Agenda 19:00 Tupopyeni 20:00 News 20:30 One on One 21:00 Generations 21:30 Rhythm City 22:00 Scandal 22:30 Triple Cross 23:30 TBA WEDNESDAY 06:00 Good Morning Namibia 08:00 Rhythm City 08:30 Scandal 09:00 News 09:30 Brutal Rugby 10:00 World ChampionShips Athletics 10:30 One on One 11:00 Culture Paradise 11:30 Grey’s Anatomy 12:30 Yearning For Your Love 13:00 CNN Global Update

14:00 Reboot 14:30 Moonscope 15:00 JSC 15:30 JSC 16:00 Whatagwan 17:00 Business Africa 17:30 Yearning For Your Love 18:00 News Journal 18:30 Trustco’s Star Performer 19:00 Green Horizon 19:30 Off the Hook 20:00 News 20:30 Business Today 21:00 Generations 21:30 Rhythm City 22:00 Scandal 22:30 EPL Highlights

06:00 Good Morning Namibia 08:00 Rhythm City 08:30 Scandal 09:00 News 09:30 Off the Hook 10:00 Local Film 11:00 Green Horizon 11:30 True Heroes 12:00 Initiative Africa 12:30 Yearning For Your Love 13:00 CNN News 14:00 Malo Korrigan 14:30 Phantom Spirits 15:00 JSC 15:30 JSC 16:00 Silver Sun 16:30 School Grounds 17:00 Euromaxx 17:30 Yearning for Your Love 18:00 News Journal 18:30 Soccer Pitch 19:30 Tutaleni 20:00 News

23:00 Binneland 23:30 eNuus 00:00 Hier Gaan Ons Alweer 00:30 Geloof, Hoop en Liefde 01:00 Treknet 01:30 Tuine & Tossels WOENSDAG 07:30 Die Woord Oordenking 07:40 Koowee Uur 08:30 Binneland 09:00 Villa Rosa 09:30 Fiesta 10:00 SuperRugby 11:00 Proesstraat 11:30 Antikwaar 12:00 Inkopie-uur 13:00 Op soek na Emily Hobhouse


Reuben maak Karoo lam kerrie met verguldejuwele rys en ‘n verskeidenheid sambals. Die nagereg is Heuning Parfait met geroosterde perskes en pistasieneute. Karoo Lam is die spesiale bestanddeel vir die week. Ons gas, Carol Boyes ontsluit die wonderlike wêreld van kuns en peuter. Dan breek ons weg na die hartjie van Robertson en kuier in die Robertson Hotel en deel nog ‘n handige kombuiswenk: hoe om kleur langer in gekookte groente te behou. 18:00 Villa Rosa 18:30 Binneland 19:00 eNuus 19:30 Die Nataniël Tafel 20:00 Op Soek Na Emily Hobhouse 21:36 Reis na Gister 22:00 Woef & Kie 22:30 Villa Rosa

14:36 Reis na Gister 15:00 Geloof, Hoop En Liefde 15:30 Die Nataniël Tafel

As kind kon mens nie verkwalik word as jy 'n doilie misgis het vir 'n groot, wit, plat kat nie, en al het ons al baie gewonder oor hierdie tradisie is die doilie nou weer terug! Op Die Nataniël Tafel kyk ons wat 'n kreatiewe mens kan doen met ‘n doilie in die kombuis. 16:00 5 Sterre 16:30 DEKAT-TV 17:00 Koowee 17:30 Woef & Kie 18:00 Villa Rosa 18:30 Binneland 19:00 eNuus 19:30 Kwêla 20:30 Reis Na Gister 21:00 Robinson Regstreeks 21:30 Proesstraat 22:00 Treknet 22:30 Villa Rosa 23:00 Binneland 23:30 eNuus 00:00 SuperRugby 01:00 Boer Soek ‘n Vrou DONDERDAG 07:25 Die Woord Oordenking 08:00 Koowee Uur 08:30 Binneland 09:00 Villa Rosa 09:30 Nataniel Tafel 10:00 Geloof, Hoop en Liefde 10:30 Woef & Kie 11:00 Hier Gaan Ons Alweer 11:30 5 Sterre 12:00 Inkopie-uur

NAMIB TIMES 15:00 Chicago Fire S2 16:00 Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D S1 13VL 17:00 The Steve Harvey Show 18:00 The Michael J Fox Show 18:30 MasterChef Australia 19:30 Modern Family S5 20:00 The Millers S1 20:30 Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D S1 13VL 21:30 House Of Cards S1 22:30 The Tomorrow People 23:30 Treme S4 00:30 Marvel's The Avengers 03:00 Girl In Progress 05:00 MasterChef Australia

09:30 Sammy's Adventures 2 11:30 The Michael J Fox Show S1 12:00 The Talk S4 13:00 MasterChef Australia 14:00 Modern Family S5 14:30 The Millers S1 15:00 Marvel's Agents Of


16:00 Revenge S3 17:00 The Steve Harvey Show S2 18:00 The Crazy Ones S1 18:30 MasterChef Australia 19:30 Revenge S3 20:30 Blue Bloods S4 13V 21:30 NCIS: Los Angeles S5 22:30 Hostages S1 23:20 House Of Cards S1 00:15 The Apparition 16V 01:40 Don't Be Afraid Of The


We won’t stop the magic

In die finale episode van Donkerland gaan kyk ons weer waar hierdie storie begin het, wie betrokke was en wat hulle gedoen het om ons hier te kry. Johan en Mtonga moet beide verantwoording doen vir hul hardkoppige gedrag, wat die toekoms van Donkerland bedreig. Francois se nuwe vriend Sizwe leer vir hom ‘n paar dinge van die plaas, terwyl Mariaan en Truida hul bes doen om vrede te maak met hul verlede en nuwe hoop te vind vir die toekoms. 07:30 Die Woord Oordenking 07:40 Koowee Uur 08:30 Binneland 09:00 Villa Rosa 09:30 Antikwar 10:00 Hier Gaan Ons Alweer 10:30 DeKat 11:00 BVP 11:30 Geloof, Hoop en Liefde 12:00 Inkopie-uur 12:00 Sakefokus 14:00 Fiesta 14:30 Treknet 15:00 SuperRugby 16:00 Country Hart 17:00 Koowee 17:30 5 Sterre

13:00 Sakefokus 14:00 Reis Na Gister 14:30 Kwêla 15:30 Robinson Regstreeks 16:00 Proesstraat 16:30 Antikwaar 17:00 Koowee Uur 17:30 Voorgee 18:00 Villa Rosa 18:30 Binneland 19:00 eNuus

TODAY 06:00 The Steve Harvey Show 07:00 The Talk S4 08:00 The Tomorrow People 09:00 The Crazy Ones S1 09:30 Rise Of The Guardians 11:30 Super Fun Night S1 PG 12:00 The Talk S4 13:00 MasterChef Australia 14:00 Arrow S2 15:00 NCIS: Los Angeles S5 16:00 Hostages S1 17:00 The Steve Harvey Show 18:00 Two Broke Girls S3 18:30 MasterChef Australia 19:30 Chicago Fire S2 20:30 Hostages S1 21:30 The Following S1 22:30 Grey's Anatomy S10 23:15 Nashville S1 00:00 Contagion 13V

A black screen. The sound of a harsh cough. We are already alert when, soon after, we see a bartender pick up a customer's coin and then punch numbers into a cash register. Germs, we're thinking. "Contagion" is a realistic, unsensational film about a global epidemic. It's being marketed as a thriller, a frightening speculation about how a new airborne virus could enter the human species and spread relentlessly in very little time. 01:45 The Double 03:25 Hope Springs 13SL 05:00 MasterChef Australia WEDNESDAY 06:00 The Steve Harvey Show 07:00 The Talk S4 08:00 Beauty And The Beast 09:00 Super Fun Night S1 09:30 Barbie And Her Sisters In A Pony Tale 11:30 Two Broke Girls S3 12:00 The Talk S4 13:00 MasterChef Australia 14:00 Nashville S1

06:00 The Steve Harvey Show S2 06:45 The Talk S4 07:30 Survivor S27 09:00 Two Broke Girls S3

S.H.I.E.L.D S1 13VL


********** FRIDAY 17:00 GOSPEL TRUTH / ANDREW WOMMACK 17:30 TIMES OF REFRESHING / ANDRE & JENNY ROEBERT 18:00 EVER INCREASING FAITH / DR FREDERICK KC PRICE 18:30 GOD’S NEWS BEHIND THE NEWS / JOE VAN KOEVERING 19:00 T.D JAKES MINISTERIES / BISHOP T.D. JAKES 19:30 JOHN HAGEE TODAY 20:00 - 20:30 THE 700 CLUB 21:00 ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE / JOYCE MEYER *********** For a more detailed schedule of our 24 hour programmes, please contact us at: Tel: 40 1100 or TBN, P. O. Box 1587, Swakopmund or visit our website at



7 JANUARY 2014

Kennis oor visse se gewoontes kan van jou ‘n beter hengelaar maak


engel aan die Namibiese kus vanaf Sandvis hawe tot en met die Ugab mond kan vir elke hengelaar 'n groot plesier wees indien jy enkele geskrewe en ongeskrewe reëls volg: Gehoorsaam die reëls aangaande die hengel soos voorgeskryf deur die Ministerie van Seevisserye en Marine hulpbronne. Sorg dat jy te alle tye in besit van 'n geldige hengellisensie is, dit kan baie onaagenaamheid langs die kus vermy. Maak seker dat as jy die hoofpad verlaat en afdraai na die kus dat jy 'n spoor of paadjie van ander voertuie volg en nie blindelings oor alles ry nie. Ek weet nie hoekom ons altyd plek het om koeldrank, bier of aas saam te ry na die hengelwater nie, maar as ons terugkom het ons geen plek vir die leë houers nie. As jy tussen die hoogwater en laagwater merk ry, doen dit met inagneming van die hengelaars en mense wat ontspan langs die water. Dis nou genoeg gekla en voorgeskryf, kom ons kyk so 'n bietjie na die verskillende spesies vis wat hier by ons voorkom en die tipe aas wat ons kan gebruik om hulle te kul om ons hoeke te neem.


Die mees gesogte sportvis om te vang aan die Namibiese kus, en hengelaars vanoor die hele wêreld kom na ons viswaters om hierdie knewel te probeer verower. Natuurlik geweldig sterk, en met tot 200kg plus aan die anderkant van jou lyn is dit 'n werklike toutrekkery en die fiksste en flinkste wen gewoonlik. Anders as wat die meeste mense glo word 'n bronshaai met doodgewone gerei vanaf die kant gevang en word slegs 'n stewige staalstrop met 9/0 tot 10/0 hoeke gebruik. 'n Makrielkop of self die kop van 'n galjoen of kabeljou is dodelike aas vir hierdie vleisvreter. Alhoewel die amptelike Namibiese rekord slegs op 172kg staan is daar al 'n paar knewels van oor die 200kg geland, met 'n bielie van 240kg wat op Langstand gevang is en dit nogal deur twee oorsese vroue hengelaars. Kom geredelik aan ons kus voor en is baie gewild by Langstrand, Myl 8, Myl 17, Myl 28, Popeye, Myl 68, Myl 100 en Winston. Staan ook bekend as “die arm man se marlyn” omdat dit net soveel aksie verskaf as 'n marlyn, maar heelwat goedkoper is om te vang. Hierdie haai kan vir jou tot 4 ure en langer besig hou, dus sê ek net stywe lyne.


Dit is natuurlik die mees gesogste vis aan ons kus aangesien dit heerlik braai op die kole en ook gerook smaak dit vorentoe. Die vis kom voor waar daar heelwat bamboes of rotse is. Galjoen se geliefkoosde aas is swart en witmossel asook 'n stukkie rooiaas. Ons hoekgroote wissel hier vanaf 'n 2 tot 1/0 hoek. 'n Knewel van 3,5kg staan aangeteken in die Namibiese rekord anale. Ons kry ook die sand galjoene wat by Langstrand en Sandvis voorkom.


'n Lekker bakleier wat vir sy grote jou die geveg van gevegte gee. Word aangekeer met 'n harderkop of selfs 'n stuk barber en gebruik ons 6/0 tot 7/0 hoeke met 'n stewige nylon strop van so 70kg aangesien die haai geen tande het nie. Soos sy naam aandui kom die haai graag tussen rotse by sloepe voor en is dus een wat die rotse gebruik om te skuil as jy hom gehaak het. Die Namibiese rekord is dan 'n allemintige 37kg, maar sloephaaie vanaf so 10 tot 25 kg is algemeen en word dan oral langs die kus gevang waar rotse voorkom. Hierdie haai is ook 'n fynproewer en is versot op 'n stuk kreef of tjokka (kalamari).


KOLSTERT Hierdie is 'n baie onderskatte vis en kan vir groot hengelvermaak sorg en is selfs 'n lekker eetvis om te bak of braai. Kom oral langs die hele Namibiese kus voor en is die Namibiese rekord 'n allemintige 2,45kg. Hierdie vis het ook 'n klein bekkie en gebruik ons 'n 2 of 1 hoekie. Hierdie is nie 'n kieskeurige vis nie en sal aan alles byt, dog 'n pienk garnaal sal dit nie by verby swem nie.

STEENBRAS Wat 'n sterk vis om aan die lyn te kry, hy sal baklei totdat hy op die strand lê en dan nog steeds nie opgee nie. Hierdie is 'n sterk vis en durf ons dit normaalweg met 'n 2/0 tot 3/0 hoek aan wat gevul is met hetsy pelser, tjokka, mossel of kreef. Laasgenoemde natuurlik eerder 'n delikatesse wat die mens self wil nuttig. Die amptelike rekord staan hier op 17,3kg maar groter diklippe van tot 23kg is al aan wal gebring. Word baie in die omgewing van Walle, Myl 98, Canopy, Doep se Gat en Leiter gevang.


'n Haai met 'n skrikwekkende stel tande wat ook nie sonder 'n staal strop en groot hoeke aangedurf word nie. Alhoewel die rekord op 87kg staan is dit 'n haai wat sommer in 10 tot 20 minute geland word en is nie 'n groot vegter nie. Hierdie haai verkies kouer water en kom oral aan ons kus voor en sal enige visaas vreet wat jy in die water gooi. Pasop egter vir die stel tande wanneer die haai geland is aangesien die haai die tip van sy eie stert met gemak kan raakbyt en is lief om hengelaars te probeer byt op die strand.



Beter bekend as “shad” en baiekeer verwar met 'n kabeljou deur die hengelaar, is hierdie vis 'n baie lekker eetvis wat aan ons kus gevang word. Die vis word meestal gevang wanneer die hengelaars gewoonweg hengel vir kabeljou of steenbra en die aas wat aangebied word vertoon lewendig genoeg dan vat die vis graag die lyn. As daar spesifiek gehengel word vir elf moet gebruik gemaak word van 'n stukkie staalstrop of klavier-draad en 'n 3/0 tot 4/0 hoek. 'n Kurk of “bung” word dan ook gebruik om vlottasie aan die aas te gee en dit meer lewendig te laat vertoon. Die amptelike rekord hier is 4,2kg.

Nou ja wat kan ek hiervan sê, net dat baie hengelaars die vis nie kan verdra nie en kwaad word as dit byt. Dit is egter vir baie hengelaars 'n delikatesse en is baie gesog wanneer dit gerook is. Hierdie vis is egter net so heerlik wanneer dit gefilliteer word en in 'n bietjie botter met sout en peper gebak word. Smaaklike ete. Word tot en met 1kg groot in ons waters en kom orals voor en vreet ook enige aas. Pasop vir daardie geniepsige pen bo-op en aan die kant van die kop, dit kan jou hengel uitstappie totaal bederf vir die dag.


'n Minder bekende roofvis aan ons kus wat meer warm water verkies. Alhoewel dit resident is aan ons kus jag dit meer in die warm maande vanaf November tot April en is groot sport om aan te keer. Meestal word kunsaas gebruik waarvan “poppers” die gewildste is. Hier is die amptelike rekord slegs 12kg maar groter “leeries” van tot 24kg is reeds aan wal gebring.

ALGEMEEN Seker die mees gejagte vis aan ons Namibiese kus aangesien hierdie roofvis nie speel wanneer dit jou hoek gryp nie. Hy kan sommer korte mette maak met jou aas en is 'n kalant wat maar met 'n stewige hoek vanaf 'n 4/0 tot en met 'n 7/0 aangekeer moet word. Omdat hierdie vis so aggresief is, is dit gewoonlik maklik om die vis aan te keer aangesien hy homself gewoonlik vang. Hier is die amptelike rekord 25,9kg met 'n bevestigte 33kg wat op 'n skiboot gevang is. Daar is natuurlik fotos van groot vis met geskatte gewigte van tot en met 86kg, ek weet nou nie of dit voor of na die vloeibare versnaperinge was nie. Hierdie vis kom algemeen oral aan ons kus voor en word maklik gekul met 'n sardyn, tjokka of ansjovis. 'n Kombinasie van sardyn en tjokka is ook baie gewild. Indien seekat poot beskikbaar is, is dit ook 'n baie suksesvolle aas.

Hengel is soos jag en durf jy nie 'n olifant aan met 'n .22 kaliber nie, dus maak seker dat jy die regte gerei vir die regte doel aanskaf. Daarvoor is daar meestal kundiges by hengelwinkels en vra dus daarom raad. Verder sorg jy dat jy altyd die varsste moontlike aas bekom aangesien die resultate daarmee beter is. Hengel altyd met in agneming van jou mede hengelaars en die natuur.


7 JANUARY 2013


Einen lieben und letzten Gruß an

CONSENT: Home Based Businessn (Printing Shop) ON ERF NO: 4070 / 112 TOWNSHIP: Walvis Bay STREET: James Brown.

Wir trauern mit Alan (Potch), Familie und Angehörigen wie auch mit den vierbeinigen SPCA Einwohnern und Personal

In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish Printing Shop on the site.

Ruhe in Frieden liebe Edith

Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning First Floor, Rooms 101 & 106 D, Civic Centre.

Von Horst + Katja Glöditzch

Visit our website at

Thomas Lenox Kondjeni !Gûib Matsuib * 03.03.1997 + 07.01.2013 Psalm 23:4. Na 1 jaar skeiding dink ons met stille verlange en mooi herinneringe aan jou. Ons noem dikwels jou naam, maar berus, dit was Gods Wil. Rus in Vrede. Van: Mamma, Thusnelde Angelika. Susters, Dinglin, Funana en Atakie. Matsuib, !Noabeb, !Haradoëb, Ikela, Likius, Joseph Families.


Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay, and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 28 January 2014. NAME AND ADDRESS APPLICANT(S): Ngalagombe Intervina P.O. Box 4246, Walvis Bay.



7 JANUARY 2014


FLATS – IN TOWN · Bachelor flat in town for N$1815.00 with W&L · Room with shower and toilet in Central Town for N$2300.00, W&L included · One bed. flat N$2695.00 W&L incl. Central Town · One bedroom flat walking distance to town N$3300.00, W&L included · NEWLY BUILD FLATS AVAILABLE FROM JANUARY 2014 – 2 Bedr, lounge to fitted kitchen, bathroom and garage for N$5 000.00 W&L excl. · 2 Bedr. flat kitchen, lounge, bathr.garage from end January available for N$5750.00 near town · 2 Bedr. flat, lounge to fitted kitchen, bathroom and garage, W&L incl. for N$6050.00 in Hermis HOMES IN TOWN · 2 Bedr, lounge to fitted kitchen, 2 bathr. garage N$5500.00 in Fairways · 3 Bedr, lounge to fitted kitchen, 2 bathr. garage N$6050.00 in Fairways · 3 Bedr. house, lounge to fitted kitchen, dining room and single garage for N$7500.00 in Meersig · 3 Bedr. house, lounge, kitchen, 2 bathr, laundry room and 3 garages for N$7700.00 · 4 Bedr. house, lounge to fitted kitchen, 2 bathr, indoor bbq. double garage in Hermis for N$7920.00 · 3 Bedr. spacious house, lounge to fitted kitchen, 2 bathr, indoor braai and double garage, park 4 cars. Meersig N$8800.00

LONGBEACH · 3 Bedr, lounge to fitted kitchen, 2 bathr, outdoor braai on deck and tandem garage – AVAILABLE from mid January – Furnished N$13 200.00, Unfurnished N$11 000.00 Ideal For Executives



PRIVAAT TE KOOP: SWAKOPMUND. Woonstel op boonste vloer met pragtige see uitsig. 3 Slaapkamers, 2 badkamers, oopplan sit-eetkamer, kombuis met binne braai. Enkel ekstra lengte motorhuis. Ten volle gemeubileerd. N$1.3 miljoen. Tel: 081 124 1906. TO RENT: Kuisebmond (Namport) Walvis Bay. 2 Bedrooms available for rental. Two single persons sharing a kitchen and bathroom. N$1400.00 p/m per person excluding Electricity. Rent in advanced and deposit required. To view, call 081 236 4686 / 081 392 4154.

URGENTLY! Looking for a 2 bedroom flat or house to rent in Walvis Bay as from end of January. Please contact 081 208 4047. TE HUUR GESOEK: in Walvisbaai. Opsoek na ‘n 3 slaapkamer huis met 2 garages en tuin vir diere vanaf 1 Februarie 2014. Asseblief nie vir ‘n arm en been nie. Kontak JACOLINE by 081 146 0676. WANTED TO BUY: Looking for an ERF to buy in Kuisebmond (Kabeljou area) OR anywhere in Narraville. Price: Up to N$300 000.00 CELL: 081 322 7898. TO LET: Long Beach. Praia Longa 4. Secure Complex. 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, openplan kitchen, lounge, dining area plus indoor braai. Fully furnished, just the best. Full laundry, blinds, bedding. Fully equipped kitchen. View of the sea from balcony. Short distance to sea. Available immediately. N$6500.00 p/m. W+E excluded. Deposit payable in 2 months. Child friendly, no animals. Contact HANNAH on 081 124 2151. TO RENT: Narraville. One bedroom flat with small kitchen and separate bathroom. No garage. N$2200.00 per month. Water + Electricity incl. Available from 07.01.14. Contact: 081 149 0672. TE HUUR: Walvisbaai. Woonstel met 1 slaapkamer, badkamer, oopplan kombuis. N$2600.00 p/m + dep. Water uitgesluit. Elektrisiteit ingesluit. Skakel: 081 345 1375 / 064-200443.

WOONSTEL TE HUUR: Swakopmund. 1 Slaapkamer i.g.k, groot sit-eetkamer, badkamer, kombuis i.g.k. Garage, Water en Krag ingesluit. N$4250.00 + Deposito. Dadelik beskikbaar. Skakel: 064-462441. FLATS TO RENT IN SWAKOPMUND TAMARISKIA: Two x 1 Bedroom flats with shower/and spacious open plan kitchen. Close to the Primary School, shops & Medical centre. Rent: N$3100.00p/m. W/E included. NO DEPOSIT. Now available. Contact: 081 122 1516 / 081 613 3159. FLAT TO RENT: Mondesa, Helao Street. 1 Bedroom & Kitchen, Shower with warm water, electricity included. Rent: N$2350.00 p/m + deposit: N$1170.00. Contact: 081 422 8080. TO LET: Walvis Bay BAY MANOR No 20 (close to SPAR, C/O Sam Nujoma and 8th Road) : Spacious 3 bedroom Townhouse with bic, 2 bathrooms, large openplan living area and modern kitchen with built-in stove and braai. 3 garages with remote controlled double garage door and laundry area. N$7 500.00 per month (+1month's Dep). W&E excluded. Available from 1 January 2014. Contact NATASHA at 081 847 4810. TO RENT: in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Namport area, Kaimbi Crescent Street. Very clean 3 bedroom house with 2 toilets and a kitchen. Rent: N$4500.00 p/m. Water and Electricity not included. Contact: SUSAN or LEVI on 081 147 4070 / 081 295 5467. TO RENT: Walvis Bay. Two newly build Bachelor Flats at new NHE houses with each own shower / toilet and shared the fully furnished openplan kitchen / lounge with cupboards / stove. Rent: N$2500.00 p/m each + N$1000.00 deposit Water and Electricity included. Preferably Men. Available as from 1st of February 2014. Contact: JUNIAS on 081 217 1589 / 081 273 6300. TO LET: in Arandis. Newly renovated 4 bedroom house. N$3500.00 p/m. Contact: 081 305 1332. TO RENT: Tamariskia, Swakopmund. Bachelor flat + garage to rent in Tamariskia. Rent: N$2500.00 p/m. W/L Incl. Contact: 081 258 2960.

HUIS TE HUUR in Kramersdorp: 2 Slaapkamers + studeer kamer, 2 Badkamers, oopplan kombuis, 1 Motorhuis. Water en Krag word gedeel. N$7000.00 p/m. Beskikbaar vanaf 1 Januarie 2014. Geen katte. Kontak: 064-400405 / 081 127 7144. TO RENT: Swakopmund. Very secure family home in quiet area in Vineta: 3 Bedroom house with BIC, 1 en-suite bathroom , 1 Bathroom with toilet, kitchen with BIC, Scullery, Lounge and diningroom Plus Big Entertainment Area and separate toilet. 1 x Garage , 1 x Carport, Boundary Walls (very private). Alarm with G4S response (very secure). Burglar Bars, stove. Rent: N$8 000 P/M neg + Dep. Available: 1 Feb 2014. Contact: 081 127 3755. TO LET: VOGELSTRAND: Townhouse. 3 Bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, guest toilet, open plan kitchen with stove & oven, Double automated garage, alarm system, sea view in secure complex. N$8000.00 /month. TAMARISKIA: 1. 2 Bedroom flat with stove & oven, alarm system, automated garage, bic, in secure complex. N$4600.00 /month. 2. 1 Bedroom flat with stove & oven, alarm system, automated garage, bic, in secure complex. N$4000.00 / month. 3. Bachelor flat with stove & oven, alarm system, automated garage, bic, in secure complex. N$3500.00 /month CONTACT: 085 124 9826 HOUSE TO RENT: in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay 1 x Bedroom, 1 x Kitchen / lounge, 1 x Bathroom. Burglar bars with pre-paid meter for N$2400.00 p/m. Deposit required. W+E excluded. Contact: 081 226 7427. DAPHNE SWANEPOEL PROPERTIES SWAKOPMUND OUTJO / KHORIXAS DISTRICT BEAUTIFUL LIFESTYLE FARMING!! Cattle/game farm 2650ha, 18 camps, ( stock proof boundaryFree roaming) 8 boreholes (6 x equipped) Newly build 4 bedr house Solar Electricity Capacity 1 LSU/12 ha 70% debushed Price: N$5,788,000 (Pty) WEB REF - 647050 DIETER 0853028813 DICKSON - 0855886222 DAPHNE 0811299799


FOR SALE WALVIS BAY N$990 000 - in Fairways Fairly new 3 bed house with openplan kitchen / lounge and single garage.

Contact: SALOOM 081 382 1888 saloom.remaxatlantic CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE Swakopmund Tamariskia Plot and Plan for Sale. 2 Bedroom house with garage and 1½ bathrooms, B/C’s for only N$785,000.00 (costs excluded) DON’T DELAY Contact Neville Smith Email: nevillesmith@cfsnami Tel: 064 - 412 320 Cell: 085 370 7017 PRIVATE SALE: Longbeach, Walvis Bay. Perfect lock-up-and-go! Much more than an apartment, but with the same convenience. This 3 bedroom townhouse offers 3 bathrooms, a large open plan living / dining / kitchen area, an entertainment area with BBQ on balcony and additional kitchenette with granite counter-tops in both kitchens. Alarm and huge garage. CC Registered. Lovely ocean and dune views. Walking distance to beach and restaurants. N$1,695 million. CALL: 081 128 8392. PROPERTY IS WEALTH


Contact Malakia: 081 297 7253 Email: malakiaproperties@

TO RENT AT GROBBIES 064 – 202788

HANNAH’S COTTAGES: Walvis Bay Come see for yourself. Stunning units, safe, secure + child friendly. 2 x 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, openplan kitchen / lounge, 1 garage. Parking space 4 another. Dishwasher, Thermofan stove, laundry, blinds, paid G4S, outside cleaning. No animals. Spacious outside braais, etc. Pre-paid Electricity / water excluded. N$6000.00 p/m + deposit payable in 2 months. 1 x 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all the same as other units. 2 Garages. Private big courtyard. N$7000.00 p/m + deposit. Available from 1 February 2014. Contact: HANNAH 081 124 2151 / FRANK 064-206286. Location: 216 Sam Nujoma Avenue.

Walvis Bay

TO RENT AT GROBBIES ESTATES – 064-202788 KUISEBMOND · 2 Bedr, lounge, kitchen, bathr, double garage for N$3850.00, available from February · 3 Bedr. house, lounge, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and garage for N$5500.00

NARRAVILLE · 1 Bedr. flat with lounge to fitted kitchen, bathr,, W&L excl. N$2750.00 · 2 Bedr. flat with kitchen & bathr. N$3294.50 W&L Included · 2 Bedr. flat with lounge to fitted kitchen, bathroom garage, W&L excluded for N$3500.00 INDUSTRIAL · Warehouse with offices in Light Industrial Ares 400m² for N$20 100.00



MTN PROPERTY ESTATE AGENTS MAHETAGO: 1 Bedroom and bathroom N$2200.00 water incl Prepaid electricity. 1 bedroom, bathroom and Kitchen N$3000.00 water incl Prepaid electricity 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Kitchen and Lounge N$4000.00 W/L Excl. MONDESA: 1 Bedroom and communal kitchen and bathroom. N$1900.00 W/L Incl. 1 Bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. N$2700.00 Water incl. Prepaid electricity. JABULANI: 1 Bedroom and bathroom N$2100.00 W/L Incl. For single person only. OLWETWENI: 1 Bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. N$2700.00 W/L Incl. For single person only. TAMARISKIA: 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Open plan kitchen and garage. N$6300.00 W/L Excl. ALL DEPOSITS REQUIRED.

Walvis Bay


TO RENT: Bachelor flat for rent Tamariskia: 1 Bedroom flat, open plan (bic kitchen & bedroom) with own toilet up for rent in Tamariskia - Garnet Avenue. N$2500.00 + deposit. Water & electricity included. Available immediately. Contact Kooper: 081 288 0320 / 081 483 9078.



CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE RESIDENTIAL ERVEN NEAR MILE 4 Property is a great INVESTMENT! There are still nice, spacious plots available in Swakopmund’s upmarket area not far from the beach. Buy either plot & plan for approx. N$1.4 mil or plot only from as low as N$395 000 (costs and commission excluded) SWAKOPMUND OCEAN VIEW SPAR BARGAIN PLOT FOR SALE!!! MILE 4 Near Spar Supermarket Only N$650,000.00 For 875m² Commission Excl. DON'T DELAY! Contact Neville Smith Email: nevillesmith@cfsnami Tel: 064 - 412 320 Cell: 085 370 7017


FLATS FOR SALE: 1. Walvis Bay in CC. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom & 1 garage. N$730 000.00 (Mischa Court No1). 2. Walvis Bay in CC. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom & 1 garage. N$730 000.00 (Mischa Court No7). 3. Walvis Bay, Mischa Court No7. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom & 1 garage. N$730 000.00. Transfer included. Contact Du Plessis: 081 127 6049. FLAT TO RENT: in Narraville. 1 Bedroom (b.i.c), bathroom and openplan kitchen (b.i.c). Pre-paid Electricity, water and alarm included. Available IMMEDIATELY. Contact: 081 124 5355.

MAYS TRADING CC: For Sale Long Beach Erf 534m². Extention 2. N$580 000.00. Long Beach Erf 530m². Extention 2. N$460 000.00. Swakopmund Erf. Ocean View, 800m². N$750 000.00. Rehoboth Plot. 5,5 Hectare in Agriculture Area, fertile ground. N$800 000.00. Meersig Erf. Extention 1, 1007m². N$1,3 Million. Dolphin Beach Flat. 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 garage. 2nd Floor. N$850 000.00. Long Beach Flat. 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, built-in openplan kitchen, lounge, outside braai, parking space, secure complex. N$900 000.00. Walvis Bay Industrial Erf 1300m². N$4,1 Million. Walvis Bay - Prime Area. House For Sale N$3,6 Million. Corner Erf, face brick house, opposite Park. 5 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus guest toilet, spacious kitchen, laundry, pantry, lounge, diningroom, entrance hall, indoor braai area, office, entertainment area. Contact: Mounien 081 860 1938 Tracey 081 302 3806 E-mail: TO LET: Extension 15, Ocean View, Swakopmund. 2 Bedrooms with bic, 1 bathroom, kitchen with bic, garage. N$4000.00 p/m. Water included, electricity prepaid. Contact: 081 488 1007. TO LET: VINETA, Swakopmund. Bachelors flat. Fully furnished. N$3500.00 + deposit. W/E included. Available immediately. Contact: 081 271 7874 / 081 270 6916.


7 JANUARY 2014


Classifieds CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE SWAKOPMUND FOR SALE IN OCEAN VIEW The millionaires dream!!! Exquisite triple storey house with 5 bedrooms, 5 en-suite bathrooms, huge openplan lounge / kitchen / dining room, 3 times entertainment areas, sea view from all bedrooms! 6 garages, outbuilding, separate washing room, heated swimming pool AND MUCH MORE!! Come see for yourself ONLY serious buyers to view the property, Price N$ 5.5 million (Cost excluded) negotiable Registered LANGSTRAND FLAT FOR SALE 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open-plan kitchen, tandem garage (2cars), CC Reg. Size 111m². Price N$ 900 000 costs excluded

Contact: Neville Smith Email: nevillesmith@cfsnamibi Tel: 064- 412 320 Cell: 085 370 7017 FLAT TO RENT: in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Ongulumbashe Street No#4584. 1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, openplan kitchen. N$2500.00 p/m. Deposit compulsory. Water + Electricity included. Contact: 081 258 3134. TO RENT: Kabeljou, Kuisebmond. Urgent!! Bachelor Flat available immediately for N$1850.00 water and electricity included. Own toilet and shower, own geyser. Contact: 081 205 9653 / 081 286 7210. WANTED TO BUY: Looking for a House to buy in Town / Narraville. Price range: N$600 000.00 to N$750 000.00. Contact: 081 385 6123. PRIVATE SALE: VINETA, SWAKOPMUND. QUIET AREA. A wonderful duplex spacious 3 bedrooms, Modern kitchen ,double Garage, enclose braai place. Future plans for entertainment could be on the Deck of Roof of Double Garage . Over seeing other scenes. You could hear the Ocean from the Complex. Registered into Close Corporation. Bargain Price N$2.2 MILLION Namibian Dollars. Occupation : immediate Available, You may Move in At any Time you wish. CONTACT:

Beaulah at or 081 450 9107 / 061-210685 Steven: stephen@reidagencies or 081 468 5992 / 061-210685.


CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication






VACANCY: Protea Spar Walvis Bay


VACANCY: Assistant Manager required for our dynamic upmarket Artist supply Shop and Gallery in Swakopmund. Ideal female candidate to be between the ages of 28 and 45. Highly motivated, friendly and professional. An Office person with an Artistic heart. Duties will include: Sales, Customer relations, orders, Supplier / Artist liaison, bookkeeping and office administration. Requirements: Artistic interest, efficient organisational skills, Sales experience Pastel or other Bookkeeping packages, / background / knowledge, a must. Remuneration will be based on experience. E-mail short CV to: Subject: Assistant Manager - CV + Name. Closing date for applications: 24/01/2014.

WANTED Wanted for TWINS: Any baby accessories in good condition. Also a tandem (double) pram needed. Please call: 081 210 3061 / 081 3030 469.

GOLD GOLD GOLD That’s right! Exchange your unwanted and broken jewelry for CASH at us. We buy gold/silver jewelry, coins, and polished diamonds for cash. We are operating in Walvis, Swakop, Henties and Arandis. Contact: 081 344 3794 081 315 9178 OUR PRICE IS THE BEST IN THE WEST.

TO HIRE CONTAINERS available TO RENT / BUY Call COWBOYS, your storage solutions in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 146 4770 / 064-418 150.

VACANCIES ERONGO AXIS SECURITY CC VACANCY: We are having the following positions available: Control Room Operators (Walvis Bay) Basic Requirements: * Must be a Namibian Citizen / Proof of permanent residency * Must have Grade 10/12 or higher * Can work with clients in a professional manner * Can work under pressure * Police Clearance Certificate * Knowledge of Intelligent Monitoring will be an advantage * Must be able to multi task * Must have telephone / radio ethics (Professional) Security Supervisors & Armed Response Officers (Walvis Bay & Swakopmund). Basic Requirements: *Must be a Namibian Citizen / Proof of permanent residency *Must have Grade 10/12 or higher *Can work with clients *Can work under pressure *Police Clearance Certificate *Security training will be an advantage *Must have a divers license Deliver your full curriculum vitae to The Operations Department Or in person @ our offices.

CONFECTIONER / BAKER · Seeking smart creative Baker/Confectioner. · Must have a minimum of 2 years experience. · Knowledge of Food Safety and Hygiene Specifications. · Have a Proven Track Record. · Good Communication Skills. · Namibian Citizen · Salary depends on experience. C.V`S must be personally handed in at Protea Spar Walvis Bay. Closing date is 18/01/2014. Shape-A-Auto Panel Beaters. Opsoek na ‘n betroubare PANELBEATER en SPRAY PAINTER met sober gewoontes. Skakel Hendry Jooste by 081 124 7972. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB & HAVE THE FOLLOWING SKILLS? Job 1. Manager for a Kids Entertainment Play Area including a Cafe - Min 3 years Managerial experience needed - Min 3 years working with Children experience - Excellent Organizational Skills - Speak and Write English and Afrikaans fluently - Speaking German will be an advantage - No criminal record - First Aid qualification is an advantage - Must be able to work on weekends. Job 2. Child Minders for a Kids Entertainment Play Area - Min 3 years experience working with Children - First Aid qualification will be an advantage - Speaking and Writing English and Afrikaans fluently - Speaking German will be an advantage - Must be able to work on weekends. Job 3. Cook and Child Minder for a German/English family home. Kids aged 2, 3 and 6. Are you looking for a job working with YOUNG Children and can COOK HEALTHY WARM meals too? German is an advantage, Fluent English, Must have good references, NO Criminal Record. If you have the above skills, kindly forward your CV with References to before the 15th January 2014.

Vacancies: GARDENER / CLEANER / DOG HANDLER. Must be Male with minimum 5 years experience. CV / References and ID to be send to: P.O. Box 3884 Walvis Bay OR Call: 081 378 7347. Vacancy: BEAUTY THERAPIST. Vacancy exists for a qualified Beauty Therapist at a Swakopmund Beauty Salon. Contact: 081 127 4773 for appointment. JOSEBIN DRIVING SCHOOL: is looking for an ASSISTANT. - Must be Namibian - Have drivers licence - Handle pressure Post CV to: P. O. Box 367, Swakopmund.

Chef Langholm Hotel Walvis Bay · Passionate about food · Experienced · Reliable · Hardworking Does this sound like you? Then we want to hear from you! We are looking for an enthusiastic, creative and fully qualified CHEF to run our busy restaurant kitchen. Dinner@Holm restaurant offers a dinner to our guests on a nightly basis and is an integral part of the Langholm experience. The successful applicant will have previous experience in: Managing a kitchen Setting menus and food pricing Ordering and monitoring supplies Attention to detail is a must and we want someone with creativity and passion to help us enhance the overall dining experience for our customers. If you possess all of the above, please send a resume and cover letter to: Nic L. Adams at

SITUATION WANTED JOB WANTED: I am looking for domestic job for a week (5 days) in Swakopmund. I have previous job experience and is very trustworthy. I can start working immediately. Contact: 081 798 4668. LOOKING FOR A JOB: I am a 24-year-old lady, looking for office or receptionist work, parttime or full time in Swakopmund (preferably at the Coastal Towns). I have office administration certificate and diploma in computer professional and would like to upgrade my knowledge by helping out at a company. I am willing to start immediately. Contact: 081 619 9554. WERK GESOEK: Opsoek na huishulp werk vir 5 dae of 3 of 2 dae per week in Swakopmund / Langstrand / Dolfynpark. Het vorige verwysings. Baie betroubare dame, hardwerkend en netjies. Kan kos ook maak en kan dadelik begin. Skakel my by 081 864 8081. FABIOLA: Is a 34-year-old woman looking for domestic job from Mondays to Fridays in Walvis Bay / Lagoon / Langstrand. Cleaning, washing, ironing baby sitting. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 465 6085. JOB WANTED: I am looking for a job, any kind of job like Baby sitting or house cleaning in Swakopmund. My name is Beautrits Tjikongo. Call: 081 433 0792.



JOB WANTED: I am a 29-year-old lady looking for a job in Walvis Bay Town / Meersig / Lagoon / Long Beach. Housekeeping / office cleaning / Cashier. I have 6 years experience and can start immediately. I do now how to iron and to operate washing machine. Contact me on 081 208 1429.

WERK GESOEK: Betroubare, netjiese dame is opsoek na enige soort werk in Swakopmund. Huiswerk, babas oppas van 3 maande af. Ou mense te versorg, kan ook was en stryk of kook. Skakel ANNA by 081 776 5888.

WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk of enige skoonmaak werk op Langstrand vir Dinsdae, Woensdae, Donderdae en Vrydae. Kan dadelik begin. Skakel: 081 865 0608. JOB WANTED: I am a 37-year-old lady looking for domestic job / ironing / cleaning / looking after children in Walvis Bay. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 354 2947 / 081 327 2651. LISETTE: Is ‘n 32-jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk vir 2 of 3 dae per week of strykwerk in Walvisbaai. Ek is baie hardwerkend, betroubaar en kan onmiddellik begin. Skakel: 081 479 6823. LOOKING FOR A JOB: I am a 29-year-old woman looking for a job in new vessels or domestic job in Walvis Bay. I have the following certificates: - Basic safety and familialization - Dial-a-Waiters - Doctors’ check-ups health certificate - Financial administration Contact me on 081 723 5426. SYLVIA: Is a 23-year old lady urgently looking for domestic job in Swakopmund. Very hardworking and have 2 years experience. English and Afrikaans speaking. Tribe is Herero. Contact: 081 823 4962 / 081 396 2571. JOB WANTED: I am looking for domestic job from Mondays to Fridays. I can also take care of babies. In Swakopmund or Longbeach. I have experience. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 447 8413. LOOKING FOR A JOB: I am looking for any job, like baby sitting or house cleaning in Swakopmund. My name is Melviana Dixon. I can start immediately. Call: 081 875 6637. JOB WANTED: I am a hardworking woman looking for housekeeping job in Walvis Bay. I can start immediately. Contact: 081 871 3993.

LOOKING FOR A JOB: Reliable, hardworking lady is looking for domestic job in Walvis Bay from Mondays to Fridays or 3 days a week. I have 3 years experience and can start immediately. Contact: 081 429 6242. JOB WANTED: Hardworking lady is looking for domestic job in Walvis Bay for 3 days a week - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am very reliable and can start immediately. Contact: 081 220 5630. LOOKING FOR A JOB: I am a 29-year-old lady looking for any cleaning or ironing job in Walvis Bay or Long Beach. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 656 8374. JOB WANTED: I am a 33-year-old lady looking for housekeeping job for whole week or 4 days a week in Walvis Bay. Ironing, washing, cleaning or office cleaning. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 488 1641 / 081 387 6747. SELMA: Is looking for a job in Walvis Bay, but not in Kuisebmond. Have 5 years experience in Pre-Primary School. 0 - 4 year old baby experience and also as waitress in Hotel. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 312 8678. LOOKING FOR A JOB: I am a reliable, hardworking 33-year-old lady looking for any kind of job in Walvis Bay / Swakopmund / Long Beach. Can learn fast and can start immediately. Have references. Contact 081 617 8502. JOB WANTED: I am a 26-year-old girl looking for a job in Walvis Bay Town / Meersig / Lagoon / Long Beach. Cashier / Receptionist / Housekeeping / Cleaning / Ironing. I have 3 years experience and can start immediately. Contact me on 081 372 8405. WERK GESOEK: Hardwerkende en betroubare 41-jarige dame is dringend opsoek na huiswerk of kantoor skoonmaak werk van Maandag tot Vrydag of 3 dae in ‘n week, verkieslik in Swakopmund. Kan onmiddellik begin. Kontak: 081 774 0143 / 081 659 1652.


7 JANUARY 2014

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

SITUATION WANTED JOB WANTED: A dynamic 28-year-old lady is looking for any kind of cleaning job or cashier, baby sitting in Swakopmund. She is trustworthy, reliable and hardworking. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 484 7594. REBECCA: Is ‘n betroubare 27-jarige dame en is dringend opsoek na huiswerk, kantoor skoonmaak of by ‘n gaste huis in Swakopmund vir 2 of 3 dae per week, of heel week. Drink of rook nie. Skakel: 081 781 0915. WERK GESOEK: Betroubare, hardwerkende dame is dringend opsoek na huiswerk en kinders oppas werk in Swakopmund, of kantoor skoonmaak werk. Kan enige tyd begin. Skakel: 081 620 1211. WERK GESOEK: Betroubare, hardwerkende dame is dringend opsoek na werk in Walvisbaai vir 2 / 3 / 5 dae per week. Kan huis skoonmaak en kan dadelik begin. Skakel: 081 328 5101 / 081 860 7884.

NOTICES PROJECT MAYLA: Thank you 4 your support. Available organic homemade green figs, ripe figs, Makatan pieces and Jam. N$45.00. Then Hannah’s FIERY Chilli Sauce - it will make every man grab a pitcher of water..... N$100 for bottle. Selling huge Lemon Meringue Tarts, Hannah’s Tuisgebak quality for N$70. MY OWN BIG Stuffed Animals for sale. All money 2 be used 2 buy baby powder, nappies, etc for babies in Prison and State Hospital. We still need Magazines, Afrikaans reading books, Baby Clothes, Blankets from birth till 3 years. Please support us!! It is your community too. Help us to bless others..... If you are in need, please contact the local CMR 205857 or the Social Worker at the State Hospital Walvis Bay. Books / clothes can be dropped at J+J Cash Loans, 216 Sam Nujoma Ave, Walvis Bay. Contact HANNAH on 081 124 2151.

SERVICES RITA’S CLEANING SERVICES: Cleaning of Carpets and Upholstery (also cleaning of houses). For free quotations and low prices for the festive season, contact us on 081 248 7721 / 081 428 3829.

BIRTHDAY WISHES Kyk wie het geword!

Annelien (Koekoes) Met al ons liefde: Jou Man, Kinders en Kleinkinders

PERSONAL VRYHEID IN JESUS CHRISTUS BEDIENING Hand. 2v38 - Bekeer julle en laat julle doop in die NAAM van ons HERE JESUS CHRISTUS tot vergewing van julle sondes en julle sal die gawe van die HEILIGE GEES ontvang van Geestelike hulp en berading. Kontak: 081 306 5140 Die loon van die sondes is die dood en die gawe van GOD IN JESUS CHRISTUS is die ewige lewe.

NOTICES PROJEK MAYLA Ons voorsien nou baba klere aan die gevangenis. Babas van geboorte tot 18 maande bly daar. Hulle benodig speelgoed. Die gevangenis benodig tydskrifte, leesboeke, woordeboeke, A4 papier, penne. Maak asb u kaste leeg en seën hulle. U kan dit aflaai by J+J Cash Loans, Sam Nujomalaan 216 Walvisbaai. 9 - 2 nm. Daar is nog tuisgemaakte konfyt beskikbaar. Hannah 081 124 2151

SERVICES 4-TON LORRIE TE HUUR: Huistrekke Tuinvullis Bourommel. Plaaslik in Walvisbaai. Skakel: 081 149 7313. TRANSPORT: Looking for Transport for your employees to and from work? I have a Quantum available. For more information please contact LUNGA @ 081 212 3100 / 081 296 9600.

SERVICES J+J CASH LOANS Walvis Bay. A Happy New Year to all clients. Looking forward to do business with you. NEW CLIENTS: Applications 9 - 12. 3 Pay slips. 3 Bank Statements. ID + Bank card except FNB. Office Hours: 9:00 - 14:00. Weekends closed. Contact: Hannah 081 124 2151 / Frank 206286 FIX-IT-ALL: Bank approved * Building, Plumbing and Electrical * Kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards. * Paving/Interlocks, Tiling, Painting, Sealing And Installing. Professional and guaranteed workmanship with a smile. * We also MOVE-IT-ALL (Furniture or Rumble) Call: 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519 for more info. Best prices in town! SPESIALE DIENSTE: Boukontrakteur met verwysings. Bou van huise, woonstelle, industriële eenhede. Skakel: 064-405282 Email: wynandmurphy@gmail. com OPTIMUS ACCOUNTING SERVICES: ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: (Incl. Tax submissions, consulting & tax queries). - Sole Proprietor N$2300.00. - CC (Dormant) N$1750.00. - CC (Operational) N$3500.00. - Management Accounts & Cashflow N$1100.00. MONTHLY BOOKKEEPING: (Incl. VAT / Import submissions, consulting & VAT queries). N$250.00 - N$1500.00. CONTACT: Irene 081 170 0774.

TRIPPLE RG TRUCKING Ons doen: - Huistrekke - Tuinvullis - Bourommel Bel RENNIE by 081 306 3669.

Uncle G’s Cleaning Services: Available in Swakopmund. Call today for a Quote for all your cleaning needs. No stain is too big to beat me. - Lounge suites - Loose chairs - Indoor Carpets - Mattresses - Loose Rugs and Carpets - Car seats / car interior cleaning Contact Uncle G at: Cell: 081 256 7930 “Give a call and I’ll clean it all”

SERVICES VERF: DAKLEK / SKADE / OORDOEN. Verf, Seël, Herstel en Oordoen van DAKKE en MURE. Geskrewe Waarborg en Gratis Kwotasies! 081 454 6870. Alle Bouwerk, Herstelwerk en Instandhouding van huise en geboue in Walvisbaai, Swakopmund, Langstrand en Hentiesbaai. Inspeksie verslae. 081 454 6870. JOSEF DRIVING SCHOOL: In Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. We offer driving lessons for N$90.00 per hour or pay for more than 10 hours for N$85.00 per hour and N$150.00 for Natis’s test. Professional, friendly and patient instructor - failing is not an option. CONTACT: 081 418 3595 / 081 296 9477. CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING AND PROTECTION: Are your carpets dirty? Non-Toxic, Quick Drying. Your carpets stay cleaner for longer! For a free quote & enquiries, phone CHEMDRY CLEANING on Tel: 209292 or 081 124 4747. Walvis Bay / Swakopmund. Africa’s largest specialist Cleaning Organisation Drier, Cleaner, Healthier! We Service The Coast! WSK Customers welcome.

H.F. TRANSPORT Building Rubble, Garden Refuse, Furniture Removal etc. Anything else.... 4-Ton Truck.

HENK 081 780 4155. A To Z CLEANING SERVICES FOR ALL YOUR CLEANING NEEDS. WE CLEAN: Lounge Suites/ Loose Chairs/ Matrasses Carpets / Loose Rugs Blinds Accessible Windows Descale / Steam Clean Bathrooms / Ablution Blocks Machine Scrub Tiles WE OFFER: Daily / Weekly / Monthly Cleaning Contracts For Offices / Shops / Factories / Body Corporates Etc. Once Off Cleaning For Houses / Flats & Buildings Before And After Occupation. - Exterior Spray Cleaning - E x t e r i o r Wa l l s O f Buildings / Flats / Houses All Our Cleaning Procedures Are Done UNDER SUPERVISION By Owner Or Supervisor. CONTACT: COENIE BRAND 081 129 7988 JENNY BRAND 081 148 5036 OFFICE 205036 NO 3 LAGOON STREET FAX 220878 EMAIL FINANCE AZWVB@IWAY.NA EMAIL OPERATIONS AZC@IWAY.NA

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



NUUT IN SWAKOPMUND “REAL NUMBER PLATES” Ons is geleë in Mondesa, langs Hero Bar. Ons maak alle tipe nommer plate vir voertuie, teen die laagste pryse. Ons doen Gratis AFLEWERING in Swakopmund & Walvisbaai. Skakel ons by: 081 344 3794 / 081 315 9178.

FOR SALE: 2006 Mazda Demo 2 Hatchback. Low km - 60500km. Extra’s: Aircon, Central Locking, Power steering & 2x keys. Motor in good roadworthy condition. Contact: 081 315 9178 081 344 3794.

COASTAL PAINT WORKS: Enige Verfwerk, binne of buite. Seël en verf van dakke. Walvisbaai - Hentiesbaai. Kontak: 081 618 2217. KITCHEN ELEGANCE For professional kitchen, bedroom and bathroom re-modelling. We do cabinets, blinds, tiles and flooring OR any other joinery needs. Quality workmanship guaranteed. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction. Contact us on 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519. Visit us at www.kitchenelegance

HAIR / BEAUTY SANAH BRAZILIAN HAIR BOUTIQUE CC: We offer genuine Brazilian Hair @ affordable prices. 10 inch - N$ 1150.00. 12 inch - N$1350.00. 14 inch - N$1450.00. 16 inch - N$1650.00. 18 inch - N$1700.00. 20 inch - N$1900.00. 22 inch - N$2000.00. 24 inch - N$2200.00. 26 inch - N$2400.00. 28 inch - N$2750.00. Visit us at Namport or contact us on 081 233 2893 or 081 639 7123. JUSTINE / AVON: Walvis Bay. Great Specials!! Tuesdays / Thursdays at Justine Office 9 - 2. 30% Deposit with order, not refundable. Order to be picked up end of month at Justine - 216 Sam Nujoma Ave. FREE Booklets at Dolphin Coffee Shop, Lagoon Chalet Restaurant, ONEKA, Sentrum Chemist, J+J Cash Loans / Justine, CTM Swk. Contact HANNAH 081 124 2151.

HOUSEHOLD/ FURNITURE FURNITURE FOR SALE: 1 x Dark Brown Material Corner Lounge Suite. N$2500.00. 1 x Queen size Base Set. N$1500.00. 1 x White-wash Plasma Unit. N$1000.00. CALL: 081 337 3669.

FOR SALE: 2000 Toyota Landcruiser 4.7 Petrol V8 Limited. 193 000km. Mint condition. N$240 000.00. CELL: 081 331 4265 / 081 272 5453. FOR SALE: 2012 Hyundai 1.4 Glide i20. 49 000km. N$138 000.00. 1996 Audi A6, V6 Automatic. Metallic Blue. Sunroof, Aircon, Leather seats, Central lock. N$39 000.00. CELL: 081 147 4755. FOR SALE: 2012 Ford Figo 1.4. KM: 28 000. Extras: Alarm, Aircon, CD N$90 000.00. Cell: 081 148 9480. TE KOOP: 4-Ton Toyota Dyna Lorrietjie te koop. In goeie toestand. N$75 000.00. Skakel: 081 149 7313. FOR SALE: 2009 Daihatsu Sirion 1.3. 52 000km. Very good condition. Full service history. Radio / Aux / CD. N$70 000.00 negotiable. Contact: 081 122 0287. FOR SALE: December 2007 Toyota Corolla 1.6 Advance. Full service history. One owner. N$100 000.00. Contact NICO on 081 122 6392 after hours. FOR SALE: 2008 Golf 5 GTI. Full house, DVD, Navi hands free kit, Zenons. 137 000km. N$155 000.00. Contact: 081 147 4487.

MOTORBIKES FOR SALE: 185cc Suzuki Motorbike. Good condition. Price: N$5000.00. Contact: 081 427 1046.

ANIMALS FOR SALE: Chaw-Chaw Puppies. 3 Males 1 Female. Pure bred. Beige colour. Contact: 081 255 8356.


Contact details: Tel: 064-221287 Fax: 064-221290 Cell: 081 143 3924 P.O. Box 2214 E-mail: Situated at Erf 4441 New Industrial Area next to Weighbridge Walvis Bay

FOR SALE: Playstation 3 Games. Infamous - N$200.00. Tomb Raider - N$250.00. Grand Theft Auto: Episodes, Liberty City N$200.00. Tom Clancy’s: Splinter Cell, Double Agent - N$200.00. Contact: Moya 081 208 4047 Kyle 081 855 4939.

PALLETS FOR SALE: Four way pallets for sale. N$ 35.00 (Incl vat) each. Please phone: Desiree from Go Fresh CC At: (064) 402 581.

Thoughts For The Days Monday 6 January (St.André Bessette) Light In The Dark Places Great crowds from Galilee, the Decapolis, Jerusalem, and Judea, and from beyond the Jordan followed him. Matthew 4:25. Tuesday 7 January (St.Raymond of Penafort) Love Overflowing Beloved, let us love one another, because love is God. 1 John. 4:7. Wednesday 8 January (Christmas Weekday) Random Events or Divinely Guided Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid! Mark 6:50. Thursday 9 January (Christmas Weekday) Gracious - and Demanding - Words All spoke well of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his mouth. Luke 4:22. Friday 10 January (Christmas Weekday) The “Grace” of Leprosy Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean. Luke 5:12.

7 JANUARY 2014




International Sport Briefs Manchester and West Ham eliminated in FA Cup upsets Wilfried Bony snatched a dramatic last-minute win for Swansea City against Manchester United with a shock 2-1 victory in the FA Cup third round on Sunday. Swansea established a 12th minute lead through Wayne Routledge. Javier Hernandez equalised for Manchester United. Bony headed home in the dying stages of the match and secured the victory for Swansea City. West Ham became the second Premier League team to be eliminated by lower-league opposition in this season's competition when they were crushed 5-0 by second-tier team Championship side

Forest at the City Ground.Chelsea and Liverpool both progressed against lower-league opponents. Chelsea beat Championship side Derby County 2-0. Liverpool avenged their shock defeat by third-tier Oldham Athletic in last season's competition with a 2-0 victory at Anfield. Sunderland defeated thirdtier team Carlisle United 2-1 at the Stadium of Light and booked their place in round four.

GOLF CHAMPS: Pictured left - Herman Smidt, Club Captain, centre - Pieter Burger and right John Gomes Winners of Christmas Cup.

Walvis Bay Golf Club News A Prosperous new year for you all and we hope all of you improve on your handicaps. 2013 was a great year at our club and you, the member made it possible with your generous sponsors and support. We will strive to improve in 2014 and make our club one of the best in the country. It has been some years since we hosted a ended with the wooden spoon. We are pleased to Christmas Cup at Walvis Bay Golf Club. Funds see that Richard has been back at the course a few being the major problem, but this year sponsors times after the event and hope to see him more and took a step forward and made it all possible. A that his games improves. Next time Richard! total of N$ 40 000 of prizes was up for grabs for Thanks to all the players for making time to take the 28 teams that took part in our two day event. part in the event and we see you all here again in Day one a better ball was played and day two December. 1st place Pieter Burger and John better ball scramble drive. A whole list of prizes Gomes 94 points, 2nd Thomas Wolff and Phillip was available, from LED TV's, Cell phones, Vorster 93 points, 3rd Andre Burger and Cailene heaters, chairs, DVD players, fridges ect. Some von der Fecht 92 points, 4th Jason Barnard and teams did not feature that well on both days and Duane Sanders 91 points and 5th Jaans Stander and other only played well on day one, but all in all Gunter Heitmann 89 points we had a very good field and was it evident that A great THANK YOU to all our esteemed this event was a great success. sponsors. We all had a great time in golfing and Leaders on day one stayed in front for the entire socialising and we look forward to next year's event and was almost caught on the second day Christmas Cup. This Saturday we have a Club by The Beginners, Thomas Wolff and Phillip Sponsored event. The format still have to be Vorster. decided, but we will have the entry form on the Frans and Justine was still in the run after day notice board by Wednesday. one, but on day two it seem Justine had to play Next Saturday is the Namsov Fishing Walvis Bay alone and they dropped like rocks from the sky Open. It will be a one day event over 36 holes for on the leader board. Richard van der Meer and all divisions. See you in the fairway his partner also enjoyed the day, although they

Hewitt ends barren title stretch in Brisbane Lleyton Hewitt dashed Roger Federer's hopes of starting the year with a long-overdue title by beating the Swiss in the Brisbane International final on Sunday. Hewitt ended a more than threeyear title drought and ended a 15match losing run against Federer by defeated the 17-times grand slam champion, who won the last of his 77 titles in June with 6-1, 4-6 and 6-3. It appeared as if Federer (the world number six) who had led their rivalry by 18 against 8 wins before the final had turned the odds in his favour after he recovered from a slow start.

Federer had seven break points in the third set but failed to convert any of them. He hit 22 unforced errors in the first set, lost three service games and performed a complete air-shot off one attempted backhand service return. Hewitt did not lose a point on his first serve in the opening set and made just three unforced errors as he took command and secured his first ATP title in Australia since winning in Sydney in 2005.

Ghana beat Warriors Namibia and Uganda The Brave Warriors were dealt a 1-0 defeat by Ghana in an international friendly match played at Windhoek's Independence Stadium on Saturday. Striker Sulley Mohammed scored the winner in the 27 th minute after he pounced on a loose ball in the penalty box. The goal came after Namibia's goalkeeper Athiel Mbaha's failed to control a back pass. The Namibians enjoyed most of the possession and controlled the game but wasted numerous chances to score. Chris Katjiukua, Petrus Shitembi and Wi l l y S t e p h a n u s missed opportunities in the first half. Namibia also had Ghana on the back

foot for long spells in the second half but Sadney Urikhob, Denzil Haoseb, Da Costa Angula, Deon Hotto and Stephanus wasted opportunities in front of goal. Ghana used the match as a workout ahead of their assault on the African Nations Championships (CHAN) in South Africa later this month and assistant coach Maxwell Konadu complimented Namibia for the great facilities provided to them during their preparation for a match against Namibia's Brave Warriors.

chasing World Cup dream The ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier New Zealand 2014 (CWCQ) will be held between 13 January and 1 February across seven venues in New Zealand. A total of 10 teams will compete for the final two spots in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 (CWC) in Australia and New Zealand. Namibia's best performance in the ICC CWCQ was a runner-up finish at the 2001 edition in Canada. A similar feat or better will earn it its second ICC Cricket World Cup appearance. Fellow Africans and Group B side Uganda will be looking to qualify for its maiden ICC Cricket World Cup. After finishing 10th in the ICC CWCQ 2001, 12th in 2005 and 10th in 2009, the team from Africa is aiming to create history in this edition of the CWCQ by reaching the final.

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Portuguese soccer great Eusebio dies Portuguese great Eusebio who is widely acknowledged as one of soccer's greatest ever strikers, has died aged 71, Portuguese media reported on Sunday. According to the Portuguese sports daily A'Bola, Eusebio had died of a cardiac arrest in the early hours of Sunday morning. The 'Black Panther', whose full name was Esuebio da Silva Ferreira was born in Mozambique but made his name as a fearsome striker for Portugal at the 1966 World Cup in England, where he top-scored with nine goals to help his team finish third. He won the European Cup with Benfica in 1962 and was named European Footballer of the Year in 1965.


7 JANUARY 2014

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Namibian Premier League Soccer update

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Action form the last match played in December between LHU Blue Waters and Orlando Pirates in Walvis Bay In matches played before the Christmas holiday break Eleven Arrows pulled off a 2-1 away victory against Rundu Chiefs in Rundu on 21 December. Joseph Mundumbu th th opened the score for Chiefs in the 15 minute. Richard Tjitavi equalised in the 38 minute and Donald Geiseb scored the winner for Arrows in the 85th minute.

Arrows started practising yesterday and announced that the team will not conduct open trials. “We have invited selected players to join us and requested these players to join us for training sessions” said Arrows Team manager Graham Swartz who called for the continued support from the management and supporters of the team. Orlando Pirates recorded a 2-1 away victory against Blue Waters in Walvis Bay. Gustav Isaaks established an early lead for Pirates. Engelhardt Kahua made the score 2-0 midway through the first half. Paulus Job scored for Blue Waters early in the second half. Blue Boys and Black Africa played to a 1-all draw

in Swakopmund. McBride Ndjavera scored for Black Africa. Romanus Shilongo equalised for Blue Boys. United Stars dealt Civics a second successive 3-2 home defeat. Nqobani Pakhathi scored two goals. Tafadzwa Ndzombe added another goal for Stars. Richard Kavendji and Stanley Neumann scored for Civics. Ramblers beat Tura Magic 1-0. Immanuel Heita scored the winner African Stars handed log leaders Tigers their first defeat of the season on 20 December. Winger Deon Hotto scored the winner in the 30 t h minute at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. His goal and the victory trimmed Tigers’ lead to a single point on 20 with African Stars in

second position on 19 points after 9 matches. A late goal by Quinton Khuruseb scored moments before fulltime ensured a share of the spoils for Civics in a 1-1 draw against Tura Magic on 18 December. Papi Kavezembi scored first for Tura

Magic in the 33th minute. At this stage of the League race African Stars have scored the most goals (16), Tigers have conceded the least (5) and Rundu Chiefs the most goals (20).

NPL Log Standing Pos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Team Tigers African Stars Black Africa Orlando Pirates Blue Boys United Stars Civics Tura Magic Blue Waters Eleven Arrows Ramblers Rundu Chiefs

P W D 9 6 2 9 6 1 9 5 3 9 5 2 9 3 3 9 3 2 9 3 2 9 3 2 9 2 3 9 3 0 9 2 2 9 1 2

L 1 2 1 2 3 4 4 4 4 6 5 6

FG 13 16 12 13 12 13 8 7 11 13 9 8

GA 5 8 6 8 11 17 9 9 13 16 13 20

P 20 19 18 17 12 11 11 11 9 9 8 5

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