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Educators, dieticians and athletes agree: milk is a

Investing in the Conscious Farmer

The conscious dairy farmer of today is concerned with their impact on the environment, animal care, waste, working conditions, human wellness, workforce shifts, and rumenomics.

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leadership in all facets of bringing dairy to Ontarians. I believe the nutritional benefits and human health benefits need to continue to be at the forefront of our research and marketing. In addition, we need to move the needle forward by driving more outside-the-box research. Potential subjects could include a deeper dive into human health benefits and an examination of byproduct use in plastics. As we continue our drive to Net-Zero, let’s think about ways to use these valuable products which could have been considered waste.

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This focus must continue and means DFO and all of our producers must continue exhibiting



As a dairy farming family, dairy has always been a staple in our family’s kitchen, but dairy has also always been there as a go-to snack and post-exercise recovery meal. Dieticians know it, fitness gurus know it, and we all know it: Good nutrition is the foundation of health and wellness, and dairy is a crucial part of a healthy diet. We also know that the nutrition density of milk can’t be copied in the manufacturing of a plantbased beverage or lab-created product.

Athletics have always been a big part of my family’s life. My sons both played sports growing up, including competitive hockey. My wife and daughter are both runners. And after a devastating barn fire in 1999, running became my solace for a number of years.

As dairy producers who see and support DFO’s marketing initiatives, we know we have a product about which no false or misleading claims need to be made. Dairy delivers what it promises: great, high-quality nutrition made from a natural raw material under some of the strictest quality standards in the world. It is then up to processors to take that liquid gold and create diverse products that offer something for a variety of needs and palates.

Dairy has a compelling story with compelling consumption benefits that cannot be replicated. All we need to do is continue to tell our story.

Don Gordon

In concert with this, DFO is continually looking at ways to promote our product, to grow our markets and to reach a sometimes skeptical and changing consumer base. Our goals are to win back consumers who have moved away from dairy while continually increasing sales and popularity of the staple.

Milk and dairy products make important contributions to the diet of Canadians by providing key nutrients such as protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium.


Milk contains more than 4 times the amount of Vitamin D than most plant beverages.*

Milk’s 15 essential nutrients play an important role in our bodies. Whether it’s building muscles, maintaining strong teeth and bones, or improving vision, a glass of milk can do it all.

The calcium from plant-based beverages like soy is absorbed at only 75% the efficiency of milk.

THE DROPHEALTHBLOCKSBUILDINGOFINEVERY MILK NUTRITION FACTS Protein 9 g Potassium 12% Calcium 30% Vitamin A 10% Vitamin D 45% Vitamin B12 45% % DAILY VALUE *Includes almond, cashew, oat, and macadamia beverages.

A person would need to eat 8 cups of spinach or more than 2 cups of broccoli to get the same amount of calcium as a cup of milk.

One cup of milk provides 9 times more protein than a cup of almond beverage.



A cup of milk provides more protein than a large egg.



“The bottom line is, a glass of milk has 15 essential nutrients. It has complete proteins and vitamin D to help absorb the calcium,” says Danen, a former registered dental hygienist. “You can get your nutrients from other means, but it’s such an easy way for kids to get the nutrients they need.”


By Robert Grant Price


As the daughter of dairy farmers, the wife of a dairy farmer, and a DFO dairy educator in Perth, ON, she tells children milk delivers a complete package of vitamins and nutrients.

She also teaches them milk is locally sourced, with 97 per cent of dairy produced by family-run farms like hers. Milk is also sustainably produced, with Canadian dairy farms only producing as much as Canadians Asconsume.sheramps up for World School Milk Day in September, Danen knows that as an educator, part of her mission is to dispel some of the myths about milk that swirl on the Internet.

nutritionistsEducators, and athletes agree: Dairy is a complete package of vitamins and nutrients


At the same time that Canadians have so many choices — an overwhelming good for Canadian consumers — something strange is happening.

Doubt is being sewn about dairy, a long-accepted staple of the human diet. Since being overhauled in 2019, Canada’s Food Guide advises Canadians to swap milk for water and choose more plant-based alternatives (often with many ingredients) to dairy and meat.

The advice raises eyebrows in many quarters. Not long ago, government and media celebrated the power punch dairy delivered as part of a balanced diet. Celebs ‘got milk’. So did athletes.

While it’s a change that sounds good on paper and might work for some, the cold-shouldering of dairy defies long-established traditions, trusted nutritional science, and what most people know when they try to go vegan: You can eat like a cow and never feel full.

• Seniors may not be getting enough dairy protein each day (European Journal of Nutrition)

— Janice Danen, DFO dairy educator and dairyPerth,farmer,ON

Another myth: milk alternatives are better for the environment. Not a single almond is grown in Canada, she reminds kids. Every glass of almond milk must travel a long, long way.


David Rajpaulsingh knows something about living healthy. A fitness buff and outdoorsman, Rajpaulsingh runs an adventure tour guide business he launched in Tobago after leaving a stressful city life in Toronto a few years ago. It’s a job that demands he stay strong and fit.

Like everybody else in his generation — he’s nearing 50 — Rajpaulsingh drank milk. “Everybody grew up with dairy,” he says. “You had milk with your cereal, you had milk in the morning when you drank. It was the natural order, right?”

But when he entered his 40s, Rajpaulsingh dropped animal products from his diet, mainly because he didn’t like the idea of eating animals. He kept milk for his morning coffee, but in every other way ate according to a strict plant diet.

One of those myths is that milk is high in fat. Even with whole milk at 3.25 per cent, it’s hardly fattening and fat is not a bad thing, she says. “You need fat so you’re not hungry all the time.”

Today’s trendy advice is to graze like cows instead of drinking from cows, a trend pushed by Big Plant, environmentalists and celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Then COVID-19 hit. Maintaining his new diet was difficult in lockdown. Weight gain was easy on a plant-based diet where pasta became a staple. When the pandemic cleared and gyms finally reopened, he found his veggie diet lacked what he needed. “It was very hard to maintain vascularity of muscle mass and health and efficiency on a diet lacking that much in milk and protein.”

David adventureRajpaulsingh,tourguideoperator

“The body needs what dairy products offer: a densely packed, nutritious food. Milk will always offer the best nutritional power punch.”

• New research confirms dairy delivers important nutrients, in particular iodine, that’s necessary for health through our lifespan (Frontiers in Nutrition)

Basketball legend Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain guzzled milk by the gallon and he-man Mike Mentzer, a superstar of the bodybuilding golden age of 1970s, touted the benefits of ice cream. The sweet stuff, he said, delivered the perfect blend of proteins and nutrients his hulking body needed to recover from intense workouts.

• Researchers in Israel positively associated milk and dairy consumption with height among teenagers (European Journal of Nutrition)


These and many other myths hardly faze Danen. As she sees it, Canadians have a superior range of food choices. Those who want to experiment with a vegan lifestyle, can. Those who want all the advantages milk delivers can have theirs too.



• A study out of Iran concluded that “[m]oderate intake of total dairy could reduce odds of COVID-19 by 37% and, a higher intake of low-fat dairy products had a protective role on COVID-19” (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition)

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Shannon Crocker, nutrition communications dietician



But all the celebrity endorsements in the world can’t change what years of milk-drinking has taught most people and many nutritionists: Milk and dairy are efficient, convenient foodstuffs. They are, as Shannon Crocker, a nutrition communications dietitian in Ancaster, ON, explains, a “reliable” and “complete”

He discovered that if he wanted to cut the weight he put on during lockdown and grow muscle to replace what he lost, he needed a more efficient diet. The easiest way to get the nutrients, vitamins, calcium, and other minerals his body needed was through dairy and cheese. So, he went back to milk and incorporated chicken and fish into his diet. His workouts became easier with a protein-efficient diet. As he explains, “I was giving my body the fuel it needed.” Rajpaulsingh says he intends to keep dairy in his diet for another reason: It tastes good. While he says he remains a fan of “fresh from the garden” foods, the dairy alternatives lining grocery shelves contain too many preservatives and additives for his liking. “All that stuff causes bloating because it causes a disruption in the intestinal flora,” he says. “It may not be poison or anything that bad, but it certainly does alter your constitution, your body’s natural way of digesting food.”

Plant-based eating took a long time to gain social acceptance. A lot of celebrities and environmental activists had to put in years of heavy lifting to convince consumers to do what didn’t feel right in the bones — drop dairy. A new, parallel movement to save the planet by changing traditional diets is now being pumped by celebrities — the consumption of bugs and meat-like products grown in laboratories.

— like milk, cheese, yogurt and kefir — can definitely be part of a healthy eating pattern. Milk, for example, is minimally processed and has a unique package of nutrients needed for good health. It provides an excellent source of complete protein and is a reliable source of nutrients many Canadians don’t get enough of including calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins A and D,” says Crocker.

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In Ontario, WSMD spotlights DFO’s various school milk programs, such as the partnership between DFO and Student Nutrition Ontario and the Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP). volunteers support the program every year.

“World School Milk Day creates global community,” says Audrie Bouwmeester, Manager of School Programs, Dairy Farmers of Ontario. “It is an opportunity for Ontario students to recognize and feel connected to students around the world.”

An estimated 20,000

World School Milk Day (WSMD) is a global celebration highlighting the contribution school milk programs have made to the health of school-aged children across the Celebratedworld. on the last Wednesday of September, WSMD showcases the dairy sector through interactive activities such as milk-related games, competitions and concerts, milk and dairy product distribution, and other forms of information sharing.

87.7% of Canadians consume milk and dairy products. In 2021, Canadians drank 60.5 litres of milk per capita.


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“It’s up to them but I do agree dairy can be an important part of a healthy diet.”





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Byers (613) 448-2185 (613) 675-4697 Agri Systems, Inc. (519) 638-3022 Farm Systems, Inc. (519) 423-9595 Farm Systems, LTD. (519) 345-2734 McLaren Systems, Inc. (613) 646-2062 (807) 620-4637 (705) 563-2555 (705) 295-4752

In the end, what Canadians eat might be determined by more basic matters, like how much time they have to eat their breakfast. As Phil Nguyen, Owner of Raeden Fitness and a Lululemon ambassador in Toronto, explains, sometimes the hardest thing about eating well is convenience. Fast food may be full of sugar, fat, and preservatives, but it’s a quick grab. Meal plans cost money and take time to make. This often means a busy couple buys an off-the-shelf product laden with sodium, preservatives and a lot of hard-to-pronounce ingredients. There has to be an education that healthful foods like dairy are quick and easy too.

Ultimately, whatever advice Canadians receive from trainers, nutritionists, media, and government, it must square with their stomachs and with their body’s needs, Danen says. “The body needs what dairy products offer: a densely packed, nutritious food. Milk will always offer the best nutritional power punch.”

Phil Nguyen, owner of Raeden Fitness and Lululemon ambassador

What’s your favourite? About half the milk consumed in Canada is 2%, followed by chocolate and flavoured milk. Canadians consumed more than 5 litres of chocolate and flavoured milk per capita in 2018.

“It’s hard to create a restricted program or diet for someone and then they don’t understand how to adapt it,” Nguyen says. “It leads to failure, it leads to inconsistency and then you quit.” That’s where dairy comes in. It’s easy and portable and when clients want to consume it, they should, he says.



Allows the Operator

Wood’s Dairy Source Keene


As a nutritional adviser to many people hoping for better, slimmer bodies, Nguyen says he’s found the greatest success in giving broad advice on food choices, rather than directives about what not to ingest.

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Oliver Diary Supply Murillo

Instead of telling his clients what to eat, Nguyen gets them focused on consuming the right amount of proteins, carbs and good fats.



He never outlaws dairy, recognizing how many clients can benefit from its nutritional value. If they want dairy, good. If they want only greens, that’s fine, too.

Cheff Farm Solutions L’Orignal




In October 2021, our marketing team began work on a new program intended to build support for milk in the medical community. We began with qualitative and quantitative research of Ontario HCPs. Through a survey of 250 general practitioners, pediatricians and dietitians, we found that most doctors already think of milk as a healthy product, while dietitians are on the fence. We developed a specific strategy to address this. The advisory panel we assembled of doctors and dietitians from a variety of specialties further enlightened us: sharing science-based information focused on solutions was the key to break through to this audience.

As it stands, the program has proven effective in building relationships, both new and existing, with respected healthcare professionals. We are working to position DFO as a leader and partner in nutrition among the Ontario health care community, from pediatricians to geriatricians, pharmacists, general practitioners and registered dietitians. Through targeted and tested messaging crafted specifically for Ontario-based HCPs, we continue to reinforce that milk is a simple answer to the complicated question: what foods and beverages are nutritious for today’s consumers?

5. Developed fact-based content for HCPs including a fact sheet on milk’s nutrition breakdown and visual charts sharing milk’s role in disease prevention and comparing plant-based beverages with milk.

Though we found that our target HCPs regularly provide nutrition advice to their patients, our advisors told us that nutrition education in medicine is limited. Therefore, through carefully selected targeted channels and content, our program serves to educate and re-educate Ontario HCPs, arming them with facts and data about the nutritional benefits of milk, including milk’s role in disease prevention and how milk can easily fit into patients’ lives.

ASK ANYONE IN THE DAIRY INDUSTRY, and they’ll all say the same thing: milk and dairy products are an important part of a healthy diet. But for some time now, it has become harder to tell the story of milk’s nutritional benefits to consumers across all age groups. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic drew people back to dairy, our research found that health-minded consumers want credible, third-party voices to support their decision-making. More and more, people are turning to healthcare professionals (HCPs) for advice and guidance to cut through a noisy and confusing narrative about healthy eating.

Since launching in October 2021, the program has:


By Rosa Checchia, Chief Marketing Officer, Dairy Farmers of Ontario




3. Created an advertorial for Hospital News , a leading Ontario healthcare publication, on the role milk plays in preventative eating patterns.

1. Assembled a panel of seven HCP advisors from a variety of specialties to provide insights on reaching their industry.

6. Worked with network partner, IDS, to run digital posters in clinic waiting rooms, hospitals and pharmacies across the province, allowing us to connect with consumers in a credible environment when they are thinking and inquiring about their health.

4. Partnered with four credible RDs with a following on social to create Instagram, TikTok, blog and newsletter content educating their peers and consumer followers on the health benefits of milk.

2. Hosted a webinar with Ontario-based registered dietician (RD) education group, SparkRDs, to educate Ontario dietitians on integrating milk into their clients’ meal plans.

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International Dairy Federation case studies create buzz for Ontario’s program


Both the overall Elementary School Milk Program and the Breakfast Rebate program have achieved such success, DFO was invited to create case studies and share them on the International Dairy Federation (IDF) Knowledge Hub website in February 2021 as part of its new site launch.


• EARLY FALL 2022 WWW.MILKPRODUCER.CA16 NUTRITION: YOUR DOLLARS AT WORK It’s more than your livelihood, it’s your life. You deserve an advisor who really gets what’s on the line. Jordan Bowles, CPA, CGA 226.775.3033 |

IDF initially reached out to countries with impactful programs including the U.S., Switzerland and Peru. Others have since been added. The Hub serves as a resource to share examples and information with other organizations working to improve or create opportunities for students to have access to milk in school. Since being posted on the website,


Rebate program was created in 2019 when another opportunity to partner with Student Nutrition Ontario was identified. Now, for every serving of milk which is distributed free, Ontario breakfast programs is eligible for a $0.10 rebate. This rebate creates an additional stream of monetary support to schools across Ontario. The impact of this program is evident as 912,660 students were supported with 1,230,312 servings of milk in the past school year.

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912,660 Ontario students were supported with 1,230,312 servings of milk in 2021/22 school year.

“We’re pleased that our efforts to bring awareness to the benefits of making healthy choices such as a milk with a nutritious lunch can benefit students both in Ontario and around the world,” Bouwmeester says.

the two Ontario case studies have increased awareness of DFO’s educational merit and our efforts to do right by Ontario children through dairy sustenance.

Easy dosage

“It is our hope that countries struggling to get more milk to students are inspired by the work we are doing and add our ideas to their efforts,” says Audrie Bouwmeester, Manager of School Programs at DFO. “It is small way Ontario farmers are supporting the nutrition and development of children internationally.”

DFO has been supporting easy access to milk in schools since 1986 through its Elementary School Milk Program, with millions of students benefitting from improved focus and concentration as a


Docket: 5382 Client: Ceva

With florfenicol and meloxicam combined into a single shot Zeleris is the simple way to get your cattle back on the road to recovery.

A TV spot focused on milk’s 15 essential nutrients and playfully showed how their benefits affect consumers’ day-to-day lives, while letting Ontarians know just how nutritionally valuable milk is. DFO also collaborated with nutrition experts to expand on the benefits of milk’s nutrients through the science of nutrition.

A RECENT DFO MARKETING CAMPAIGN aimed to help consumers realize milk has much more nutritional value than they might think. By highlighting individual nutrients in milk and their benefits in a fun, relatable way, the campaign inspired Ontarians to ask themselves “What Can’t Milk Do?”

2021, the focus remained on milk’s nutritional value as consumer research identified nutrition as one of the key interests brought on by the pandemic.


The campaign highlighted that there’s really nothing milk can’t do. Check out the commercial

Mooooove over, fancy vitamin subscriptions, there’s a new pack in town!


In 2019, DFO launched its popular “What Can’t Milk Do?” campaign platform to reposition milk as contemporary and relevant for today’s consumer, highlighting milk’s limitless possibilities and endless benefits by challenging old perceptions.



By Fall 2020, the milk campaign messaging evolved to incorporate nutrition by sharing the compelling benefits of milk’s 15 essential Innutrients.Spring

Above, a TV commercial, and below, social and digital media spots supported the What Can’t Milk Do campaign.

It parodies popular multi-vitamin subscription services to remind Ontarians that milk has always been there to keep them energized and satiated, as well as contributing to their overall health and well-

Sept. 5 to October 9, the 15-A-Day campaign will help people realize that a simple glass of milk has everything they need all-in-one.

DFO’s new “15-A-Day” social media/digital campaign is coming this Fall.

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Travelling pop-up engages GenZs across Ontario

Leveraging local brands beloved by Ontario Gen Zs, the mobile market celebrates a shared local story in a way that resonates with MilkUP’s target.


RESEARCH SAYS GEN ZS USE SOCIAL MEDIA to inform their dietary decisions and that they are averse to dairy.

It also says they love visiting local pop-ups, and value unique, memorable, post-worthy experiences so our marketing team developed a strategy to target them right there.

Since MilkUp’s viral “Pick-Me-Ups” popup last Fall and digital Month of Pick-MeUPs initiative in the Winter, the moo’d has changed and Gen Zs are happy to post about and consume dairy. A onceskeptical community is now a highly engaged, loyal fan base of MilkUP ambassadors, proudly sharing content with friends, commenting on brand posts, sporting our merch — and even, admittedly, consuming more dairy milk.


This summer, MilkUP created something unique: a first-of-its-kind, Big Moo’d Market. Built for social media-worthy posts and mobile, the must-attend market leans into occasions that command dairy. Leveraging local (to each location!) brands beloved by Ontario Gen Zs, the mobile market celebrates a shared local story in a way that resonates with MilkUP’s target.


The following is an outline of the steps regarding the nomination and election process:

Mr. Whale, a director since 2017, has indicated his intent to stand for re-election and the Lactanet Board has endorsed his decision to stand for re-election.

Six local dairy treats were served at each market and artisans created one-of-a-kind dairy-inspired merch (totes, scrunchies, posters, hats, and Ts). The “currency” to enter was a follow to @MilkupOntario and to “purchase” the goods, a post to social media.



The hype was real, the lines snaked around parking lots and city blocks, the tags, DMs, comments and posts flooded in, and the “currency” to enter was a follow to @MilkupOntario and “purchase” the goods, a post to social media.

•5231The Lactanet Director ‘Code of Conduct Agreement’ (also found on the Lactanet web site) must be signed and returned with the completed nomination form

• Completed nomination forms must be received at the Lactanet office no later than 5pm on Friday, September 30th


Lactanet is a dairy farmer-owned organization, providing innovative dairy herd management and genetic solutions for Canadian dairy farmers, professional advisors and industry partners. We are a national organization created by a 2019 partnership of Canadian Dairy Network (CDN), CanWest DHI and Valacta providing all components of genetic evaluation, milk recording, herd management software, applied research and innovation, advisory services, knowledge transfer and national traceability (DairyTrace).

Lactanet is inviting Director nominations from Ontario for a 3-year term. Nominees must be licensed dairy producers in the province of Ontario. The term for current Ontario Director Korb Whale (Alma, ON) is expiring this year.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Allegra Interisano at 1-800-549-4373, ext. 5231 or

Call for Nominations - Ontario

• Directors are elected by the Ontario delegates (who are also the DFO delegates) and the successful candidate will start their term immediately following the January 2023 Annual General Meeting in accordance with the bylaws.

• Director nomination forms and additional information is available on the Lactanet website ( or by contacting Allegra Interisano at 1-800-549-4373, ext.

Call for Nominations - Ontario

Lactanet Director Elections

Beginning in downtown Toronto and then Ottawa’s Byward Market the following weekend, the first leg of the tour was a success.


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Qualities of a good employee.

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moo’d was overwhelmingly positive. At the Toronto and Ottawa markets, Gen Zs (and even some Millennials) were willing to wait for up to three hours – rain or shine – for access to the event. Some Torontonians road tripped to Ottawa to visit the event for a second time and it was featured on CTV Ottawa’s morning news. London, Kingston and Hamilton are up next in September and ready to share the good dairy moo’d!

• 3+ hour line ups that snaked around the block!

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THERE IS SO MUCH HEALTH-RELATED FOOD AND NUTRITION INFORMATION AVAILABLE, it’s sometimes hard to know what is true, false or somewhere in between. Here, we debunk some of the most common dairy myths consumers ask about.

The majority of people with lactose intolerance can continue to enjoy milk and milk products every day without experiencing the digestive discomfort associated with this condition. That is because most people with lactose intolerance can still digest a certain amount of lactose. In fact, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States specifically recommends that people with lactose intolerance not avoid milk and milk products because almost everyone can tolerate a certain amount, and those who do avoid milk products are at risk of developing a calcium or vitamin D deficiency.

The nutritional value of plant-based beverages can vary substantially from one brand and variety to the next and it is important to know that not all plant-based beverages are nutritionally comparable. Most fortified plant-based beverages have significantly less protein per serving than cow’s milk. In addition, the calcium naturally present in cow’s milk is often better absorbed by our body than what’s added to fortified plant-based beverages. Some research also shows that up to 40% of the calcium added to plant-based beverages can stick to the bottom of the container even if it is shaken vigorously.


FALSE Definitely not. Humans are omnivores, which means we naturally eat all sorts of different plant and animal



foods. We drink milk and eat milk products because they are nutrientdense foods that taste good and are readily available. Human beings have raised many different grazing animals for their milk, including sheep, goats, camels, water buffalo and others for thousands of years. These animals are able to eat grass, a substance humans can’t digest, absorb its nutrients and turn it into a versatile food that is an important source of essential nutrients. Traditionally raised on land not suited for cultivating crops, these animals and the food they provide have helped humans thrive worldwide. We’ve been depending on milk as an important source of nutrition since before recorded time.


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No, it’s not. In the U.S. and some other countries, farmers may be allowed to use rbST, an artificial hormone used to increase a cow’s milk production. However, this is not permitted in Canada. While it is unlikely to cause harm to humans, rbST can cause problems in cows. A side effect of using rbST is that it can increase a cow’s risk of mastitis, a painful inflammation of the udder, as well as its risk of infertility. It can also cause lameness. For these reasons, Health Canada has not approved its use. Canadian dairy farmers maximize their herds’ milk production using cow-friendly methods. First, they choose breeds known for their high production of milk, then they focus on providing state-of-the-art shelter, high-quality nutrition and health care because healthy, well-fed and well cared for cows naturally produce better milk.



FALSE Daily consumption of milk products, as part of a healthy diet, is not associated with weight gain. Milk products provide several essential nutrients, such as calcium and protein. Adequate intake of these nutrients can help with weight management. Consuming enough protein is also an important factor in weight management. Protein has a satiating effect which helps to better control the serving sizes we eat. Milk products are undoubtedly allies when you want to lose weight.

Source: DFC

Many ultrafiltered ‘premium’ milks, generally high in protein and lower in sugar, are now on the market. These milks are skimmed and then passed under pressure through a thin membrane which only allows the smaller lactose, water, mineral and vitamin molecules to cross. Larger molecules like sugar, protein and fat are filtered out, with varying amounts of protein and fat added back (along with other ingredients in some cases, such as cocoa for a chocolate flavour).

The membrane also filters out virtually all the bacteria, giving them a longer shelf life. Some people also claim that premium milks have a creamier taste.



Some ultrafiltered milks are lactose-free and/or organic.

“The demand for specialty fluid milk products is growing,” says Mathieu Frigon, President and CEO of Dairy Processors Association of Canada. “There are two broad segments – products catering to special needs of consumers (such as lactose intolerance), and products addressing the needs of people living a healthy and active lifestyle. They are looking for a drink packed with nutrients and energy.”

There are three main groups interested in ultrafiltered milks and other drinks with added benefits: younger people (Millennial and GenX age

By Treena Hein

CREAM AND MILK have to reinvent themselves from time to time to ensure consumption rates both stay strong and grow.


Consumers looking for functional benefits are driving this category of dairy products

While the wide-ranging health benefits of milk are ubiquitous, new and innovative milk products have emerged in recent years to address specific consumer trends.

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• Food and drink products containing high levels of protein are trending across categories.

“Products with a large amount of protein per serving help people feel full longer, so that helps them maintain their weight and keeps kids from feeling hungry sooner,” says Gregoire. “High-protein drinks like premium milk are also popular to help the body recover from a Sydneyworkout.”Olson, Mintel’s US beverage analyst, adds that in the morning, “premium milk is a simple, quick and fairly affordable option for people with busy lives – including parents of course – to get protein, calcium and more into the diet. It’s viewed as a nutrientdense ‘fueling’ beverage.”

There are many ultrafiltered milks in Canada, including Saputo’s Joyya, FairLife from Coca-Cola, PūrFiltre from Lactalis, and TruTaste from Neilson. Agropur Dairy Cooperative says its Natrel is the topselling milk of this category in Canada.


“We continue to see high demand for our premium products in different regions,” says Annie Rochefort, Vice President, Fresh Products/Canada Operations at Agropur, headquartered in Longueuil, QC. “For instance, we recently launched Natrel Plus in English Canada. Also, our lactose-free development index continues to see growth out West and we recently increased our distribution in Atlantic Canada in Fine-Filtered.”


groups), Baby Boomers and higher income families. For all of these groups, these drinks provide a convenient way to get a lot of protein and other nutrients into the body in one familiar package, notes Joel Gregoire, Director, Food & Drink Sector in Canada at Mintel, an international market intelligence agency.

Source: Mintel

• A quarter of all U.S. adults cite high protein as one of their top three food and drink choice factors.

• High protein is most highly sought among those who drink more dairy milk.

Agropur expects continuous growth for its premium products over the next 10 years, mainly driven by a demand for lactose-free (more

• 76% of milk buyers in the U.S. agree they want to improve their diet over the next year.

• Parents are more likely to say their ideal dairy milk has benefits such as more protein; 41% with children under 18 agree high protein has become a more important health attribute since COVID-19.

Rochefort believes the premium milk category growth that’s been seen over the past few years reflects a movement among consumers to prioritize value-added products. However, she notes that, “although our products are premium, they remain broadly accessible.” She adds, “there are more lactoseintolerant families and individuals who prioritize their health, seeking the benefits of dairy milk. We make sure to have products to fill their needs.”

than 10 per cent growth expected) and high-protein (more than 15 per cent growth) products. Natrel Plus has a whopping 18 grams of protein per serving, is lactose-free and is available in 3.25%, 2% and chocolate 2%.


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Agropur uses many specific marketing activities for Natrel. It favours massive ‘brand blocking’ in stores. This means all the products from one brand are grouped together in the dairy aisle, presenting a strong visual message of brand power and increasing brand recognition impact. Agropur also has a ‘360-integrated’ marketing plan, including social media and influencer marketing over digital platforms, in-store and through traditional media avenues.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a rise in concern about declining cognitive health, says innovations researchers, GreyB. Poor work-life balance and overwhelming stress on everyone from students to healthcare workers to homemakers, means consumers are looking toward functional foods to help them relax and de-stress from their daily routines. Dairy companies are constantly innovating in this space.

“We always work to use optimal merchandising placement, in-store activation, contests, in-store trials, and promotional frequency support,” says Rochefort. “We have a retail team supporting our brands, and strategic partnerships with key business-to-business players such as institutions and quick service restaurants. During the pandemic, we adapted our marketing and commercial support via online platforms and retailer and media partnerships.”

They milk 360 cows in 5 robots, making 40kgs of 5.2 fat milk. They used Udder Comfort routinely after calving for 5 years and started pre-fresh applications 2 years ago. “We always saw results in quality and performance. Now we see additional bene ts in how our heifers come into the robot barns,” Josh explains.

— Josh Lingen

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“We apply Udder Comfort Spray to our pre-fresh 2-year-old groups in headlocks 1x/day for a week before calving. The biggest thing we see is how this reduced fetching and improved robot attachment times. I absolutely love this product!”

“The Udder Comfort™ pre-fresh groups came in with udders full of milk, but so soft. Robot attachments are faster and fetching time has been cut by 70% on rst lactations. That’s huge, making the robots more ef cient,” says Josh Lingen, Balaton, Minnesota.

LINGEN DAIRY, The Lingen Family BALATON, MINNESOTA 5 robots, 360 cows, 40kgs/cow/day 5.2F SCC 100,000


31WWW.MILKPRODUCER.CA EARLY FALL 2022 “...reduced fetching and improved robot attachment times. That’s huge!”

Lactalis Ingredients, for example, is already working in this direction. It offers Pronativ Whey Protein, high in alpha-lactalbumin. Alpha-lactalbumin contains tryptophan amino acid which has a proven effect on sleep and, by extension, on mental health. Pronativ contains up to 40% more Tryptophan than a classic serum protein. Pronativ is also richer in Cysteine and is a source of good quality protein that can be incorporated into formulas designed for the maintenance of good mental health, the company says.

Source: GreyB, 10 New Innovations in Dairy You Should Know (2022)

“Younger people in particular are really focused on health right now,” he says. “There has been more focus on ingredients that boost immunity as well as mental and emotional health over the last year or so across the industry than I have seen in my entire career. This is an area where we will likely see new, innovative products in dairy but also across many other food and beverage categories.”


Natrel sells really well at the end of each year and during other annual special times. “The nostalgia that ties milk with festive holidays is a strong-selling point for us,” explains Rochefort. “Our seasonal packaging sells really well.”

Innovation in the milk category is sure to continue and Gregoire sees more beverages and food products being launched that help boost or protect immune system function.




Purchase tickets to World Dairy Expo before arriving at the event! Tickets can be scanned from your phone or printed at home giving you a fast pass when you enter WDE 2022. Admission, charged Tuesday – Friday for those 12-years-old and older, is $15 for the day or a season pass can be purchased for $40, at www. or by scanning the QR code.


Register as an international attendee and take advantage of special amenities such as translators, lounge space, dedicated Wi-Fi, and a special International Reception. Registration is available at Expo in the east/west corridor of the Exhibition Hall during Trade Show hours or online before you arrive at under the “International Attendees” tab.

Dairy Cattle Show & Sales | Trade Show | Education | Networking | Youth Contests

For those unable to travel to Madison for the 55th World Dairy Expo, virtual options are available through ExpoTV at Livestreamed events include educational programs and the Dairy Cattle Show. Interactive and searchable Trade Show maps on Expo’s website are for producers looking for products and services available in the industry.



Be there when the dairy world reunites this fall in Madison, Wisconsin! Witness history on the colored shavings or explore Expo beyond the Showring, Tuesday - Friday, with Virtual Farm Tours, Expo Seminars, Tanbark Talks, Expo en Español, Dairy Forage Seminars, and the Trade Show. There is something for everyone on your dairy team at World Dairy Expo! Learn more about WDE 2022 and the new six-day event schedule - featuring a five-day Dairy Cattle Show and four-day Trade Show - by visiting




THE WORLD’S POPULATION IS PROJECTED TO REACH 10 BILLION BY 2050. World hunger has been on the rise since 2015 and an estimated 821 million people around the globe suffer from hunger. At the same time, obesity continues to increase in all regions of the world. Providing a growing world population with safe, sustainable, and nutritious food is a huge challenge and dairy is part of the solution.

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) is a recognized international authority in the development of science-based standards for the dairy sector and plays an important role in these issues.

IDF represents the global dairy sector on high-profile issues related to nutrition, to ensure the key facts are heard by policymakers, and to ensure dairy is recognized as an essential component in sustainable food systems and healthy Throughdiets.thework of the IDF standing committee on Nutrition and Health, much of IDF’s nutrition work focuses on exploring the potential of the dairy sector in tackling malnutrition and creating food security, as well as promoting greater understanding of the nutritional value of dairy.


DFO’s Bita Farhang, Research and Development Manager, is a member of the “Thecommittee.dairysector plays a major role in global nutrition and there is huge potential for growth,” Farhang says. “Our committee work focuses on better

Thank you AGRI-TRAC Mario Vriens, FriendlyArthur,Farms,ON

The IDF’s work is contained under 4 strategic Sustainability Safety & Quality


AGRI-TRAC gives the cows the traction they need without being too aggressive on their feet. We also like how the floor is easy to scrape and clean. Walker, WalkerbraeGuelph,FarmsON

• IDF represents 75% of global milk production and provides authoritative scientific and technical information relevant to the sector

As the global health care sector continues to face challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic, concerns over how to maintain good health and nutrition are top-of-mind. Good health depends on good nutrition and Farhang says dairy delivers. “The vast scientific evidence shows that dairy is an important component of a healthy diet at every age and is associated with positive health outcomes. Milk is a nutritious and versatile food and billions of people around the world rely on dairy for nutrition daily. Our Ontario and Canadian producers are proud to deliver a nutrient-rich product that positively impacts the lives of Canadians.”Learn

• IDF has more than 1,200 highly qualified dairy experts in 43 member countries

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••pillarsStandardsNutrition& Health •


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understanding the science on the role of milk and milk products in the human diet as well as maintaining relationships with international bodies such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. We share science-based information to demonstrate not only does dairy play an important role nutritionally, but it also is part of a sustainable food Canadasystem.”has been a member-country of the IDF since 1971 and is playing a major role at the international level in other ways as well. The Canadian National Committee of the International Dairy Federation (FIL - IDF Canada) brings together producers, processors, federal and provincial governments, regulatory agencies, universities, colleges, research institutes and private companies involved in the dairy business in Canada.

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The event featured engaging and timely sessions, including fireside chats with DFC’s executive team, as well as Kirsten Hillman, Canada’s ambassador to the United States, and political journalist and commentator Althia Raj of the Toronto Star. An interactive session with dairy farmers closed out the two-day event, with topof-mind issues raised such as milk pricing, sustainability initiatives and changing consumer demographics.

On July 13 and 14, 2022, Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) held its first hybrid Annual General Meeting (AGM) with voting delegates representing DFC’s member organizations attending in person at the Westin Ottawa, and hundreds of farmers participating virtually from home.

While not all sessions were open to the public, we are pleased to recap here some of the sessions that were.


Dairy Farming Forward to Net Zero 2050

Annie AcMoody, DFC’s vice-president of policy & trade, explained why a sustainability strategy is so important – primarily because consumers, government, supply chain partners and dairy farmers all expect the industry to be proactive. “There is increasing support from government and research initiatives,” said AcMoody. “Impacts from climate change are felt first by producers; there is an opportunity here to be part of the solution.”

Sustainability Specialist Rebecca Johnson from Viresco Solutions, a consultancy firm specializing in low carbon and sustainable agriculture that is working closely with DFC on our net zero strategy, explained the process followed to-date: the committee has gone through three stages to arrive at the implementation stage, including discovery, evaluation and planning. One of the outcomes is a review to evaluate existing tools to find the one that can best be adapted to fit the needs of Canadian dairy farmers. They are also considering various strategies for implementation of the plan: a pilot program approach and a sector-wide launch. Both have merits and will serve di erent purposes when it is time to roll out the plan to the industry.


DFC’s Chief Sustainability O icer Fawn Jackson shared a sneakpeek into the newly developed Implementation Guide. The tool will allow farmers to quickly assess opportunities and the impact changes could have on not only sustainability but also for the overall operation, while providing more detailed information on each practice. The 38 practices are broken into eight categories which are evaluated based on criteria such as cost and ease to implement, e ectiveness and average greenhouse gas reductions.

Dairy Market Outlook

Sébastien Pouliot, principal economist for Farm Credit Canada, noted that consumers and dairy farmers alike are concerned with the impact of inflation on the economy, as he shared highlights of a report titled, Economic outlook: Will inflation ever slow down?

Korb Whale, an Ontario dairy farmer and director on both DFC and Lactanet boards, believes the key to success is that the plan must be driven by farmers. “We have forty-five dairy producers on the sustainability advisory group from across the country working to make sure this is accessible to everyone who wants it,” said Whale. Partnerships within and outside of the supply chain will also be critical to success.

A panel of leaders working on DFC’s plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 came together to review steps taken so far and to explain the next steps for farmers. The overarching message from all four panelists is that much has been accomplished since the Net Zero 2050 announcement at DFC’s Annual Policy Conference in February, and that in order to succeed, the plan and the commitment must come from producers and encompass the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, community and economic. No plan to reach net-zero will be successful without further progress in all three.

While Pouliot expects economic growth to keep rebounding after the pandemic-driven dip, inflation may not return to normal until 2024. The most recent data released in June 2022 indicates strong growth continuing until the end of the year, slowing in 2023 and levelling out in 2024, when inflation should return to a target of two to three per cent.

(Left to right) Annie AcMoody, Vice-President, Policy & Trade, Dairy Farmers of Canada; Rebecca Johnson, Sustainability Specialist, Viresco Solutions; Korb Whale, Board Director, Lactanet and Dairy Farmers of Canada; Fawn Jackson, Chief Sustainability O icer, Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Much evidence suggests the prices of plant-based competition could be more volatile in the long-term; Pouliot looked at the most recent data comparing the average retail prices of butter (+15.6%) to margarine (+32.3%). The data showed how the price of milk has remained relatively stable in great part because of supply management, and fresh milk is a percent point below the general inflationary raise of all food (+7.8% vs. +8.8%).

inflation, and Pouliot says we can expect similar increases in the short term. He noted that interest rate hikes will especially a ect farmers who have a high debt-to-equity ratio.

Capital costs related to dairy farming from interest rates have risen, though Pouliot forecasts more stability. The Bank of Canada rose the overnight interest rate the day before the AGM to help fight

Inflation has already taken a toll on many farm essentials: for instance, Pouliot noted that energy costs rose 34.8 per cent between May 2021 and May 2022. The Canadian Dairy Commission’s planned September advance increases on the farmgate milk price is designed to partially o set increased productions costs, giving farmers a better opportunity to earn a fair return on labour and investment.

For more information on the market and dairy industry, download DFC’s Quarterly Skim.

“The way British consumers look at food has changed massively in recent years,” Bryans says. “Make no mistake, the British public love their dairy products and they are still found in 96 per cent of fridges, but nowadays they often sit on shelves alongside plant-based products.

“What UK consumers are looking for is reassurance that the choices they make in the supermarket benefit both their health and planetary health. This is particularly the case for pre-family millennials and Gen Z

However, consumer trends change and there is currently a drive by non-dairy companies to attract customers to a range of ‘alternative dairy products.’


GLOBAL HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS RECOGNIZE MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS as some of the top nutrition powerhouses of the food world.

Recognizing the huge market potential, the companies are trying to tap into dairy’s legacy by describing their products as “dairy” or “milk.”

dairy products access muchneeded levels of calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium and vitamin D every time they drink or eat dairy products.

Spending millions of dollars on high-profile advertising campaigns, they tell consumers that plant-based dairy alternatives are better for the human race and the environment. In response, dairy farmers and their supporting industries are fighting back, highlighting the historic benefits real dairy offers.

Dairy UK is a processor-led organization whose key areas of focus include promoting the nutritional and health benefits of dairy.

“We’ve spent a lot of time in campaigns and communications making the point that, while the alternatives add consumer choice, they are not nutritionally equivalent to

Every glass of milk, chunk of cheese and pot of yoghurt consumed is bursting with nutrients that are proven to be essential for the development and maintenance of the human Consumersbody.of


Dr. Judith Bryans, Dairy CarolineUK

Emond, IDF Director General

In the UK there are 12,000 active dairy farmers producing almost 15 billion litres of milk each year, with dairy products worth £9.2 billion at wholesale level.

“Inconsumers.previous consumer surveys we found that they understand the nutrition messages well, and when asked what foods are good for their health, they overwhelmingly choose a diet which includes dairy and meat. But when you ask what diet is good for the planet, the switch flips and dairy and meat lose Dairyout.”UK

Dr. Judith Bryans, Dairy UK chief executive, outlines how the market is changing and what her organization is doing about it.

hosts many campaigns to promote milk and even held a recent event at the UK’s House of Parliament highlighting the benefits of dairy.

Dairy UK and IDF fight for clarity for consumers

By Chris McCullough

“As the dairy sector, we know that dairy is nutritionally superior to plant-based products, which need to be fortified with calcium, iodine and other nutrients just to mimic the natural composition of milk,” Bryans says.

“Many of our consumers are flexitarians who enjoy real dairy as well as plant-based products in their diets and value having greater choice.

“We’ve spent a lot of time in campaigns and communications making the point that, while the alternatives add consumer choice, they are not nutritionally equivalent to dairy.”

We specialize in

39WWW.MILKPRODUCER.CA EARLY FALL 2022 6918 Middlebrook Rd., RR1 West Montrose, ON N0B 2V0 519-669-5772WELDINGJEMBROOK • ManufacturingWeldingGeneral•Tank•Repairs Jeni Mobile www.jenimobile.comWashMIKERYAN Fergus, Ontario 1-800-361-3637 Monkton, Ontario 1-877-325-8843

and process their food, and how that impacts the environment and the nutritional value of what they are buying,” she adds.

— Dr. Judith Bryans, Dairy UK chief executive

For that reason, Dairy UK has chosen to put an emphasis on telling the dairy environmental story, underpinned by its great nutritional credentials, rather than the other way around.

issues top of mind to the consumer such as biodiversity, climate change and plastic,” Bryans says. “As we move into the next phases of the campaign, we will build on those adding more and more environmental as well as nutritional messages to help inform, surprise and reassure our Theconsumers.”International Dairy Federation, formed in 1903, helps countries protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices

Since 1986

dairy. Without a shadow of a doubt, we will continue to reinforce that message in our everyday work.

“Phase one of our recently launched ‘It’s What We’re Made Of’ consumer campaign has tackled some of the environmental

Bryans says she is mindful that messages on nutrition alone will not keep consumers. “Afterall, nobody will get the nutritional benefits from milk if they stop buying it because they think it’s not good for the “Weenvironment.havetoshow our consumers who the dairy sector is, how we operate to produce


“Milk and dairy foods are part of healthy diets, a fact proven by decades of scientific research and evidence and reflected in foodbased dietary guidelines around the world.”

“Milk is the normal mammary secretion of

milking animals obtained from one or more milkings without either addition to it or extraction from it, intended for consumption as liquid milk or for further processing,” she Emondadds.

The Codex Alimentarius, or "Food Code" is a collection of standards, guidelines and codes of practice adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The Commission is the central part of the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme and was established by FAO and WHO to protect consumer health and promote fair practices in food trade. It developed the Codex General Standard on the Use of Dairy Terms (GSUDT), which includes the definition of milk. “IDF supports this definition and the implementation of and compliance with the standard,” Emond says.


in the food trade by contributing to the development of science-based, globally harmonized standards, guidelines, codes of practice and related methodologies.

by:Title sponsor: CalfCareCorner CalfCareCorner OntarioVeal

stresses IDF would strongly oppose any attempt to define or label any finished products that do not contain dairy as milk or milk products as it would be inconsistent with both the spirit and terms

IDF Director General Caroline Emond recognizes consumers are free to have choices, but product labelling must be more “Milktransparent.anddairy foods are part of healthy diets, a fact proven by decades of scientific research and evidence and reflected in food-based dietary guidelines around the world,” Emond says. “Milk is naturally nutrient-rich food that provide nutrition and health benefits at all stages of life.”

— Caroline Emond, IDF Director General

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66% of teenage boys, 86%

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of adult women are not getting enough calcium every day.

The percentage of calcium inadequacy among Canadians increased from 58% in 2004 to 68% in 2015.

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of teenage girls and more than 73%

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of the standard as well as misleading to “Consumersconsumers. can choice the products they want,” she says. “They must be aware, however, that plant-based beverages are not nutritionally equivalent to milk and therefore cannot be considered as an alternative in terms of Plant-basednutrition.”beverages are formulated products that are fortified with the aim of mimicking the composition of milk, Emond

be clear that they consistently fall short of the whole nutritional package that milk naturally provides. The consumer perception that plant-based beverages are as nutritious as milk could potentially result in nutritional deficiencies, particularly in growing children. Milk is the natural nutritious choice.”

Between 1990 and 2019, the worldwide incidence of colorectal cancer more than doubled, with annual cases rising from 824,098 to 2.17 million during this period. Both colorectal cancer mortality and DALYs followed similar trends, with 2019 rates being approximately twofold those of 1990. After results were standardized for age, the incidence of colorectal cancer in 2019 remained greater than that of 1990 (22.2 vs 26.7 per 100,000 person-years). Increases were higher in countries with a lower sociodemographic index (a measure of sociodemographic development). Researchers speculated that this may be partly due to lifestyle shifts and improved screening accessibility in the context of rapid economic growth. In countries with a high sociodemographic index, the age-standardized incidence and death rates generally remained similar or decreased, although increases in new cases and age-specific rates were observed in younger individuals (20 to 49 years).

DALYs, which consider both years of life lost and years lived with a

By Dairy Farmers of Canada

This study highlights the relevance of targeting modifiable risk factors in colorectal cancer prevention. From a global perspective, strategies such as dietary and lifestyle modifications, early screening among high-risk individuals, and improved treatment options will be key in achieving an overall reduction in colorectal cancer incidence, deaths and DALYs. Most importantly, this study affirms the importance of nutritious dairy, and specifically milk, in the diet.




EARLIER THIS YEAR, the results of a 2019 Global Burden of Disease study were released, demonstrating a direct link between diets low in milk and an increased risk of colorectal cancer.


related disability, estimate the amount of healthy life lost. Overall, males had a higher incidence of colorectal cancer as well as related deaths and DALYs than women. However, DALYs caused by a diet low in milk or a diet low in calcium were similar between men and women (15.8 vs 15.5% and 13.6 vs 12.0%, respectively). Geographically, diets low in milk or calcium were the two highest DALY contributors in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, with the exclusion of high-income Asian Pacific. In North America, a diet low in milk accounted for 8.8% of DALYs, while smoking was the highest DALY contributor (15.5%).

The third leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, colorectal cancer is also the second leading cause of cancer-related disabilityadjusted life years (DALYs: a measure of overall disease burden, expressed as the number of years lost due to ill health, disability or early death. The term was developed in the 1990s as a way of comparing the overall health and life expectancy of different countries.). It is estimated that up to 75 per cent of cases can be linked to modifiable risk factors, such as poor diet quality, alcohol consumption and smoking. As part of the 2019 study, a systematic analysis of data from 204 countries (1990-2019) estimated the incidence, mortality and DALYs linked to the disease. The findings show that, globally, the main contributors to colorectal cancer DALYs were a diet low in milk (15.6%), smoking (13.3%), a diet low in calcium (12.9%), and alcohol use (9.9%).




In July, final regulations for Health Canada’s FoP labelling were published, with the number of dairy products facing a FoP label down from 89 per cent to 36 per cent. However, many questions remain as it relates to the impact of these regulations on some cheeses. At time of press, DFC is in the process of seeking further clarity from Health Canada on the final impact of FoP labelling on these nutritious dairy products.


Improves silage fermentation Increases DMI, utilization Significantly reduces Phases of normal fermentation PhaseDay AceticSugar 80 to 100˚F Increase feed of your corn silage > Improves silage fermentation and quality > Increases DMI, utilization and digestion > Significantly reduces waste and bunk spoilage fermentation 4.0 4.2Lactic Acid AceticMannitolEthanolAcidCo2 Lactic Acid AceticMannitolEthanolAcidCo2 Phase 3 Day 3 to 6 Sugar Phase 4 Day 7 to 21 Sugar Increase feed value and quality of your corn silage Box #237, Innerkip, Ontario N0J 1M0 > Improves silage fermentation and quality > Increases DMI, utilization and digestion > Significantly reduces waste and bunk spoilage Phases of normal fermentation ChemicalChangesOxygenpHTemp. Phase 1 Day 1 Oxygen + DegradedProteinsSugarCO2heatwater Phase 2 Day 2 AceticSugarAcid 70˚F 70˚F 80 to 100˚F 4.0 4.2 5.06.0 Lactic Acid AceticMannitolEthanolAcidCo Lactic Acid AceticMannitolEthanolAcidCo Phase 3 Day 3 to 6 Sugar Phase 4 Day 7 to 21 Sugar AfterStorageDay21 Stable state until silage is exposed to oxygen Increase feed value and quality of your corn silage

Janice Danen, DFO Dairy Educator, Perth, ON

Food is something to celebrate, especially healthy, local food. Milk is a nutritious and versatile food that tastes amazing. It is packed with 15 essential nutrients and a wonderful source of protein, calcium and so much more. On top of all of that, milk is produced by local, family-run dairy farmers who truly care.


In 2018, Health Canada proposed Front-of-Package (FoP) nutritional labelling regulations that, if passed, would require a warning to be placed on the front of any food product containing more than 15 per cent of the recommended daily value for sodium, sugar, or saturated fat, with few exceptions. Under the original proposal, up to 89 per cent of dairy product SKUs would have been required to place a warning label on the front of their Overpackaging.thepast four years, DFC has unrelentingly presented to Health Canada more than 120 peer-reviewed and evidence-based articles that demonstrate the nutritional value of dairy. Through our ongoing discussions, as well as support from organizations such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Diabetes Canada and Dietitians of Canada, Health Canada has significantly lowered the FoP regulations affecting dairy products.

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JULY 1953 ,uWltltefl Jointly lty THE

WHEN THE SUN IS SHINING AND THE WEATHER IS SWEET, pass on the beer or cold water and reach for a glass of milk instead. Milk has protein, potassium and other nutrients which make it the ideal drink during the heat. Research suggests the electrolytes in milk restore and maintain hydration. Milk is hot weather’s health food!



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