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The Faces of DFW Real Estat e

©2020 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. Each brokerage independently owned and operated. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. If your property is currently represented by a real estate broker, this is not an attempt to solicit your listing. Engel & Völkers and its independent License Partners are Equal Opportunity Employers and fully support the principles of the Fair Housing Act.

82 • MAR 20



making connections S TA F F & C O N T R I B U T O R S PUBLISHER Mike Tesoriero Mike@SouthlakeStyle.com SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR Nicole Tesoriero Nicole@SouthlakeStyle.com ASSISTANT EDITOR Ashley Madonna Ashley@SouthlakeStyle.com

STAFF WRITER David Dunn David@SouthlakeStyle.com CREATIVE DIRECTOR Bruce Sons ADVERTISING ART DIRECTOR Laura Woodside MARKETING & EVENTS COORDINATOR Kristan Borges Kristan@SouthlakeStyle.com ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Andrea Hatchett Andrea@SouthlakeStyle.com BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Jenn Rich Jenn@SouthlakeStyle.com Carrie Delagarza Carrie@Southlakestyle.com

There are two types of air travelers: those who show up moments to spare before their flight time and those who need a solid two hours prior to boarding. As a proud member of the latter category, regardless of the groans and eyerolls from my accompanying travel companions, I am thankful for the plethora of dining and entertainment options available after DFW Airport security. Whether you use your spare time to eat at one of the airport’s fine dining destinations, some of which are featured in this month’s “Date Night In Terminal D,” or to ease into one of the area’s lounges flipping through the pages of quality publications like this, extra time at the airport doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. And the airport’s mission to stay on the cutting edge may make that even more evident in the near future. DFW Airport is testing exciting initiatives spanning from autonomous buses to biometrics — learn more about these in “Flying Into The Future Of Innovation,” so it’s clear the Metroplex has a front row seat to what’s ahead. Gone are the days of referring to Southlake as some sleepy town landlocked by suburbs. It’s proximity to the global hub of DFW Airport connects this city to the world at large. Those connections hold a wide range of emotions. Many joyous families will fly out for spring break this month. But the airport can also be a welcome into the country for refugees, like the ones showcased in “Refuge And Strength.” The comings and goings of it all acts as a microcosm of what’s going on throughout the Metroplex. Yes people are flying in and out of the airport, but DFW Airport also represents the potential for change and progression available in the near future. I, for one, am happy to be up close to the action to watch it all unfold. My seat to the action is a little closer this month as my new husband (eek, not used to that title yet) and I fly out for our honeymoon. Maybe convincing him to arrive at least two hours early this time will be a little easier thanks to the craft coffee and beer that awaits at the terminal. Happy reading!


Ashley Madonna Bradshaw Assistant Editor Ashley@SouthlakeStyle.com

CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS BluDoor Studios Kumiko Murakami Campos Emilee Prado

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CONTRIBUTING WRITER Sydni Ellis Lizzy Spangler


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MAR 20 • 01

For those ready for what’s next. COLLEYVILLE


BRIDGET HUPP / 972-900-8989 / bhupp@briggsfreeman.com

JENNIFER SHINDLER / 214-215-5181 / jshindler@briggsfreeman.com



NANCY DENNIS / 817-992-7889 / ndennis@briggsfreeman.com

CAROL RUSSO / 817-304-4663 / crusso@briggsfreeman.com



KIM BEDWELL / 817-229-9445 / kbedwell@briggsfreeman.com

KIM BEDWELL / 817-229-9445 / kbedwell@briggsfreeman.com

5306 Walnut Lane / SOLD

2901 Edgewood Lane / SOLD

905 Winding Ridge Trail / SOLD

2211 Vaquero Estates Boulevard / $5,299,000

102 Parkcrest Drive / $900,000

3712 Lakeridge Drive / $1,000,000

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SUSAN BAUM / 817-455-2949 / sbaum@briggsfreeman.com

JEREMY BRAVO / 817-701-6584 / jbravo@briggsfreeman.com



CHRISTY McNEW / 817-689-5764/ cmcnew@briggsfreeman.com

IRENE MOCHULSKY / 817-832-2165 / imochulsky@briggsfreeman.com

3008 Edgewood Lane / SOLD

905 Legacy Trail / COMING SOON

707 Renaissance Court / $509,000

2701 York Court / COMING SOON



PEGGY MARTIN / 302-331-4646 / peggymartin@briggsfreeman.com


817-8O1-3O3O / 95O East State Highway 114 / Suite 1O5

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WHEELS UP DFW Airport Is Far From Winging It


MAN WITH A MISSION TBI Survivor Tells His Story


CREATING COMMUNITY A Local Effort To Aid Refugees


04 • MAR 20



style’s SNIPPETS listicle


10 Things

To Remember In Your Carry-On

Reusable Water Bottle: While it will have to remain empty through security, you can fill it up at one of the fountains in the terminal. Irreplaceable Valuables: This includes your wallet, passport, fine jewelry and travel documents. Entertainment: Whether it’s age-appropriate toys for your little ones or a tablet for you, some sort of distraction will help the flight seem shorter.

A NO-GO ON GREEN BEER Most craft brew aficionados pass on the dyed drink for an authentic Irish pint.

Headphones: Don’t be that person who starts playing audio out loud. Portable Phone Charger: While some planes have available outlets, play it safe by having an all-in-one option on hand.

DALLAS DONUT FEST MARCH 29 Artisan donuts have been trending over the past few years, and now they are getting the event they deserve with the inaugural Dallas Donut Fest. This is the first-ever food festival dedicated to the sweet treat in North Texas. Guests can hang out with their friends and eat sprinkled donuts, drink coffee, eat cream-filled donuts, go shopping, eat glazed donuts, pose for photo ops, eat cereal-topped donuts, win prizes and, you guessed it, eat more donuts! Learn more about events happening this month in Arts & Culture.


THE VOTES ARE IN We received more than 62,000 Readers’ Choice Survey! Winners will be announced in our next issue.

Snacks: Whether it’s an hour trip or an international flight, extra food is never a mistake. Lightweight Jacket: Find something that will easily fit in your bag but keep you warm all flight long. Disinfecting Wipes: It may seem extreme, but a little pack of these will ensure your seat, armrests and tray are sanitized. Moisturizer: Protect your skin from the dry cabin air — just make sure it’s in a travel-sized bottle. Mints: Walk off the plane fresh with a few of these in your bag.

SPRING BREAKERS Southlakians transform into jet-setters starting March 14.

MADNESS OF MARCH Be on the lookout for our own Southlake-themed bracket this month at SouthlakeStyle.com.

MAR 20 • 05


1519 Meeting Street Live the Extraordinary. This wonderful sleek Brown Stone in Town Square offers a life of style and adventure. Perfect space for modern living and walkability to Southlake’s finest. Coming Soon


972.523.9740 james.keoughan@alliebeth.com jameskeoughan.com

Celebrating our

best year ever No. 1 Team in Westlake

Top Sale in Southlake since 2016 No. 1 Team at

Allie Beth Allman & Associates Southlake Office

2019 Top Sale in Grapevine

DONA ROBINSON 214.906.7069 SUSAN MATHEWS 817.653.0200 DEBBIE VINSON 817.874.6621 JEANNETTE TIPPS 972.824.2971 GABRIELLA MILLER 214.212.1707 JENNIFER SPIELVOGEL 817.709.0659 KIM HIMES 817.360.6511

2003 Brazos Court, Westlake $3,499,999

1826 Seville Cove, Westlake $2,875,900

Susan Mathews

Dona Robinson

817.653.0200 susan.mathews@alliebeth.com

214.906.7069 dona.robinson@alliebeth.com

2600 Independence Road, Colleyville $950,000

1579 Main Street, Southlake $1,285,000

Nanette Ecklund-Luker

Wynne Moore

817.235.8260 nanette.ecklundluker@alliebeth.com

817.781.7060 wynne.moore@alliebeth.com

1405 Post Oak Place, Westlake $3,250,000

1257 Biltmore Drive, Southlake $2,149,000

Susan Mathews

Wynne Moore

817.653.0200 susan.mathews@alliebeth.com

817.781.7060 wynne.moore@alliebeth.com

509 Monte Carlo Drive, Southlake $1,050,000

2322 Cedar Elm Terrace, Westlake $1,860,000

James Keoughan

Susan Mathews

972.523.9740 james.keoughan@alliebeth.com

817.653.0200 susan.mathews@alliebeth.com





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Spring fling!


10 • MAR 20

MAR 20

MAR 20




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59 Cortes Drive, Westlake $1,165,000

2212 Cedar Elm Terrace, Westlake $1,795,000

Dona Robinson

Susan Mathews

214.906.7069 dona.robinson@alliebeth.com

817.653.0200 susan.mathews@alliebeth.com

1210 Lorraine Court, Southlake $985,000 — SOLD

1521 Meeting Street, Southlake $1,399,900 — PENDING

Nanette Ecklund-Luker

Dona Robinson

817.235.8260 nanette.ecklundluker@alliebeth.com

214.906.7069 dona.robinson@alliebeth.com



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12 • MAR 20

MARCH SUBMISSION Kiera and Ethan Schilsky enjoy this fun beach read while staying at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego.




WHAT ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES? I’m responsible for all of the front-of-house operations for all the concessions stands, for the in-suite vending operations and in-suite service for the stadium. I also oversee the warehouse operations and work with the culinary team on the development of new items and setting the menus for concessions stands. HOW DOES THE NEW PARK AFFECT YOUR PREPARATION FOR THE NEW SEASON? As far as the menu preparations go, it’s actually not a huge difference. You know, there’s always going to be the fan-favorite items — the items that you have to have: hot dogs, nachos, hamburgers, beer, soda. So a lot of those items are easily transferable. [We’re] just trying to get them some cool new cups, maybe get a few more beers. WHAT ARE THE MOST POPULAR CONCESSIONS DURING A SEASON? Your standard hot dogs, soda, beer, nachos. But as far as a fan-favorite that gained the most notoriety, those [are the] two-foot-long items and the dilly dog — which, when we debuted it in 2018, I think we sold 15,000 or 16,000 of that the first year. HOW DOES THE NEW PARK AFFECT THE CONCESSIONS PREPARATIONS FOR THE NEW SEASON? There’s a whole new process as far as different kitchens and different ways to prepare the food. While cumulatively my team has 30-plus years of experience in the previous stadium, we’re going into a new ballpark where everything’s fresh. ARE YOU WORKING ON NEW MENU ITEMS FOR THE NEW SEASON? We are definitely working on a good handful of new items — some fanfavorites that are just going to be really good, delicious items [and] some are going to be wow items that draw attention. HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH IDEAS FOR NEW MENU ITEMS? We usually start off with a group of about 10-15, so it’ll be some of the front-of-house staff. We’ll have some of the chefs in the room, and we’ll even bring our IT guy in the room, and spitball some of his ideas. For example, one of our most popular items last year came from our warehouse manager, and the year before that, it came from an hourly culinary person.


MAR 20 • 13

Realtors by 2019 Sales Volume for all of Southlake and Westlake 710 Ashleigh Lane, Southlake 402 Bryn Meadows, Southlake 1612 Byron Nelson Parkway, Southlake 600 Cascade Springs Drive, Southlake 775 Castle Rock Drive, Southlake 609 Chapel Court, Southlake 2123 Cheyenne Park Lane, Southlake 1202 Clubhouse Drive, Southlake 185 East Dove Road, Southlake * 1422 Eagle Bend, Southlake 520 West Highland Street, Southlake 1414 Laurel Lane, Southlake * 1621 Le Mans Lane, Southlake * 3420 Madison Court, Southlake 1581 Main Street, Southlake 2047 Miracle Point Drive, Southlake * 2400 Oak Bend Court, Southlake * 604 Orleans Drive, Southlake * 2213 Patterson Way, Southlake 909 Rhone Lane, Southlake 908 Silverton Drive, Southlake* 2120 Snow Mass Court, Southlake 1214 Strathmore Drive, Southlake 163 Summit Avenue, Southlake * 2101 Vail Road, Southlake

2215 Cedar Elm Terrace, Westlake * 2222 Cedar Elm Terrace, Westlake 1623 Fair Oaks Court, Westlake * 1872 Lakeshore Drive, Westlake* 1605 Trace Bella Court, Westlake * 2211 Vaquero Club Drive, Westlake 2003 White Wing Cove, Westlake * 2800 Lakeside Parkway, No.1401, Flower Mound 108 Hawks Ridge Trail, Colleyville 4501 LaFite Drive, Colleyville * 900 Montreux Avenue, Colleyville 8622 Indian Knoll Trail, Keller 1712 Sherburne Drive, Keller 1454 Sycamore Drive, Keller * 2830 Earl Drive, Trophy Club * 2545 Rose Bay Court, Trophy Club * 2826 Sherwood Drive, Trophy Club * 420 E Hickory Ridge Circle, Argyle * 255 Whistling Duck Lane, Double Oak 1018 S Riverside Drive, Grapevine * 5113 High Ridge Trail, Roanoke * 1509 Fiori Way, Euless 328 Plantation Drive, Coppell * 1105 Mistletoe Drive, Fort Worth *

* Represented the Buyers





Source: NTREIS MLS Sales Volume, cities ofGSouthlake and Westlake Combined, 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019. ROUP

14 • MAR 20


Also honored to be the No. 1 Team at Ebby Halliday for the Dallas-Fort Worth region in 2018 and 2019 Thank you to our friends and clients for an incredible 2019.

If a move is in your plans this year, we would love to assist you. EXPERIENCE MATTERS. RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.


817-718-1242 | SusanGilchrest@Ebby.com


972-743-9171 | KellyMarcontell@Ebby.com

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OSS recommends


Election Entertainment


ant to get away from today’s stranger-than-fiction election headlines? Politically themed fiction could be exactly what the pollster ordered. The good news is, like the field of Democratic nominees, there are plenty of options out there. Netflix's Oscar-nominated Brazilian documentary "The Edge of Democracy" explores division. "American Factory," the Academy Award-winning project from newly minted producers: former President Barack and first lady Michelle Obama, however, celebrates the working middle class. The latter unashamedly landed a spot on Obama’s favorite movies of 2019 leaving us to wonder when President Donald Trump will come out with his, featuring a pre-POTUS cameo in “Home Alone 2.” Big names and real box office appeal are easily found in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” where Daniel Day-Lewis will have you double-taking. Then there’s the classically witty and thought-provoking “Wag the Dog,” starring Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman, for those with a more cynical view of governmental matters. Those in need of a slightly less nostalgic look at White House responsibilities can turn to Emmywinning “The West Wing” on Netflix, which, at least, predates Twitter. Hulu holds no political punches, except for that one in “The Campaign,” the ballotbusting comedy starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. To see more women in positions of authority, there’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ smart yet cruel charm in the critically acclaimed HBO comedy “Veep” and Amy Poehler’s reign over Pawnee, Indiana, on “Parks and Recreation” on Hulu — but don’t keep that one in your queue. Leslie Knope will move to NBC’s Peacock one month before elections, taking all of her small government antics with her. If we get to vote on something else this year, can it be to stop the flow of streaming services?

16 • MAR 20


A group of friends band together when tragedy strikes.


A daughter fights in place of her father in this live-action Disney remake. ( pictured )


Madam C.J. Walker builds a hair care empire and becomes America’s first female selfmade millionaire.


A family continues to fight for survival against creatures that track them by sound.


There’s no better time to book an unforgettable vacation with the best premium cruise line. Enjoy world class accommodations, cuisines from Michelin-starred chefs, and seamless service. Travel to the most exciting destinations—and beyond. BOOK TODAY FOR AN EVEN GREATER OFFER .

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* Visit celebrity.com for full terms and conditions. Cruise must be booked March 5, 2020, to April 1, 2020. Offer applies to select 4-night and longer sailings departing April 5, 2020, to May 3, 2022, excluding Galapagos cruises. Savings offer: Savings amounts are per stateroom, based on double occupancy, and vary by stateroom category: $200 for inside and ocean view; $400 for veranda, Concierge Class, and AquaClass®; $1,000 for suites. Offer applies to the first two guests in a stateroom and is applied automatically. Booking Bonus offer: First two guests in a qualifying inside, ocean view, veranda, Concierge Class, or AquaClass stateroom are each eligible to receive one amenity: Classic Beverage Package, Unlimited Internet Package, Prepaid Gratuities, or $150 onboard credit. First two guests in a suite each receive four amenities with an upgrade to Premium Beverage Package. Onboard credit is not redeemable for cash and expires on the final night of a cruise. 50% Off offer: Applies to the cruise fares of the third and fourth guests booked in any stateroom or suite, not applicable to Cruisetours. Offers apply to new individual bookings and to staterooms in noncontracted group bookings, are nontransferable, and are not combinable with any other offer. Changes to a booking may result in removal of an offer. Offers and prices are subject to availability, cancellation, and change without notice at any time. ©2020 Celebrity Cruises Inc. Ships’ registry: Malta and Ecuador. SOUTHLAKESTYLE.COM

MAR 20 • 17

consider THIS

Learning Your CBDs With CBD Surging, Business Owners Talk Applications Of The Recently Legalized Cannabinoid

Although it's derived from the same plant, cannabidiol, or CBD, is significantly different from its cannabinoid counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Since the Texas Legislature legalized hemp and CBD during last year’s session, Southlake and its surrounding cities have seen a surge in new CBD businesses. As interest in CBD continues to grow, area experts want to ensure the public knows the truth about these infused products. Where CBD Comes From CBD can be derived from two plants — hemp and marijuana. While hemp and marijuana are both different species of the cannabis plant, they have key differences. For one thing, marijuana has a higher THC concentration, with the average strain containing 12% of THC, according to the National Institutes of Health. Hemp, meanwhile, contains less THC and a higher concentration of CBD, making it the most ideal plant for CBD production. “What’s legal right now is CBD derived from the hemp plant,” Noli Oil owner Heather King says. “You can have up to 0.3% THC legally in CBD products. Broad-spectrum products have zero THC, whereas products that have THC in there are called full spectrum.” 18 • MAR 20

How CBD Is Different From THC The psychoactive compound in THC produces the “high” associated with marijuana. American Shaman owner Lance Griffin says the body has cannabinoid receptors all through the central nervous and immune systems that respond differently to the two compounds. He goes on to say CB1 receptors, which respond best to THC, are most associated with movement, appetite and mood. CB2 receptors, meanwhile, respond best to CBD and help regulate inflammation, sleep cycles and pain. “The biggest misconception [about CBD] is that it's still weed,” Lance explains. “The cannabis plant has been stigmatized since marijuana prohibition in 1937, so anything associated with it can be misunderstood.” However, CBD is not completely risk-free. FAANT's Dr. Paul Steinke says case reports from the National Library of Medicine suggests CBD prolongs the breakdown of blood thinners such as warfarin. He recommends consulting with your physician and doing your own research to see if CBD will conflict with any medication you take regularly. What CBD Is Used For CBD can be consumed orally or topically. As far as its uses, studies from the NIH demonstrate CBD can help with conditions like anxiety, depression, nausea, migraines, arthritis and ADHD. “I believe most people can benefit from taking CBD regularly when it is a good quality broad- or fullspectrum product,” Matthew Ireland, Your CBD Store Southlake owner, expresses. “Bringing our body back into homeostasis allows it to function better. If CBD can aid into doing that, then we all may benefit.”


It’s Simple. Thomas and Sharon Michael

Ask Our Clients and... You’ll Become One, Too!


(817) 807-6555 For All Your Real Estate Needs




Southlake Style Best Of 7 Years and counting!

950 E. State Hwy 114, Suite 160, Southlake, TX 76092 SOUTHLAKESTYLE.COM

MAR 20 • 19

Taycan. Rhymes with icon. Park Place presents a classic in the making: the new Taycan. It’s the first all-electric Porsche ever produced—and a high-performance sports car through and through. With two permanent-magnet synchronous motors generating up to 750 hp and acceleration faster than a skydiver in free fall. Plus, an 800-volt battery that can be partially recharged to add up to 62 miles of range in just over five minutes. And this iconic Porsche comes equipped with a legendary dealership experience.

That’s what makes Park Place feel like Your Place.

Porsche Grapevine 1280 Texan Trail Grapevine, TX 76051 833.470.0671 porschegrapevine.com

©2020 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

20 • MAR 20


Located in Southlake Town Square | XARClothier.com SOUTHLAKESTYLE.COM

MAR 20 • 21

Now leasing fully-furnished office spaces in Southlake

1 Kirkwood Blvd. Southlake, TX 76092

The smarter office leasing solution for businesses ready to grow VariSpace™ Southlake Features: • Flexible lease terms starting at 3 years • Class A office spaces from 10,000 sq ft to 380,000 sq ft • World-class amenities like a fitness center, café, tenant lounges, and more • Adaptable furniture configurations that are move-in ready VariSpace.com/southlakestyle

Call one of our representatives to schedule a tour. Johnny Johnson: 972-860-1483 Chris Taylor: 972-846-4186 Patent and trademark information: VARIDESK.com/patents ©2019 VARIDESK® All rights reserved.

22 • MAR 20




ocated less than 10 miles outside of town, the Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport has helped shape Southlake’s success. After opening in 1974, the connective hub quickly gained momentum, thanks to its central placement in the Metroplex and potential for future growth, which has trickled out to its surrounding cities with an annual $37 billion economic impact in North Texas. The sheer quantity of flights coming in and out of its 164 gates make DFW Airport stand out. Ranked fourth in global flights and 15th in global passengers with 73 million in 2019, DFW Airport has become an industry leader.


MAR 20 • 23

And with a landmass larger than Manhattan as well as recent accolades like “Best Large Airport In North America” according to Airports Council International, “2019 Airport of the Year” according to Air Transport World and one of the top three best large airports in North America according to “USA Today 10 Best” Readers’ Choice 2020, it’s clear DFW Airport is doing more than getting its customers where they need to go. Part of that prosperity is a result of DFW Airport’s dedication to innovation. While forward thinking has been woven into the fabric of the airport’s development, DFW Airport made another step into the future in 2018 by announcing the birth of its innovation team. With programs more reminiscent of a sci-fi flick than an airport agenda, the innovation team has set its focus on providing new ways for the organization to grow, all of which provide a better experience for those who fly in and out.


It’s easy to get lost in the potential of defining innovation. The loose concept of developing new ideas can be a daunting task for those who don’t have a clear goal. Thankfully, even before the airport announced this new team, DFW Airport stated its clear interest in staying on the cutting edge. But before getting swept away by future technologies, the innovation team, led by Executive Vice President Paul Puopolo, set a mission for their universal goal. 24 • MAR 20

“Our No. 1 priority is launching new products and services that are going to increase the consumer experience, increase revenue and also make us operationally efficient,” Puopolo said in an interview on “NextGen Ninja” in July 2019. After the team was announced in 2018 and Puopolo set out his vision, he started developing his troupe. DFW Airport’s Vice President of Innovation Jodie Brinkerhoff was one of the earliest additions, coming in last March, which she says was an easy transition thanks to DFW Airport CEO Sean Donohue’s standing dedication to the mission. “Innovation is a core belief in the DFW brand,” Brinkerhoff says. “Our CEO is very driven and open to trying new things, and I think that gives us an advantage.” Coming from Mastercard’s global innovation unit, Brinkerhoff says she enjoys collaborating with others to resolve challenging problems. And the opening at DFW Airport provided an avenue to explore that in a new market. “I love enabling employees to think outside the box,” Brinkerhoff says. “I was never really aware that airports were where you could go to work and that there would be so many opportunities. It’s a very cool place to work.” Since Brinkerhoff joined, the team has grown to include nine employees, and each of them use the same model to test out new ideas. “We [test innovative ideas] by coming up with SOUTHLAKESTYLE MAGAZINE

” The beauty in this effort is bringing all that together in a space that’s transformative and really pushes the envelope of the art of what’s possible ­­ — Jodie Brinkerhoff DFW Airport VP of Innovation

concepts, bringing them into test environments and then hopefully commercializing them,” Brinkerhoff says. “What we have learned in the discovery process is that if we don’t start thinking about this now, three years from now we would be very much behind the eight ball. We have to start to understand what are the opportunities across the airport where we can create efficiencies.”


DFW Airport's innovative projects, like autonomous vehicles, data-driven decision-making with AI technology and biometrics, have made large headlines over the past several months, thanks to the current technology now undergoing planning and testing. And while some of these ideas and exact executions are still in the idea state, many others have a visible presence at DFW Airport. Because of the physical space available, the airport acts as a testing ground for groundbreaking technologies and systems. “We have such a large landmass that enables us to do things differently and think about things differently,” Brinkerhoff says. While space is not an issue, the innovation team must prioritize these projects to ensure they are not only finding solutions to present-day problems but also determining ways to relieve pressure points that may arise in the future. “We maintain a portfolio of projects,” Brinkerhoff says. “You have to think about the core business in the next six to 24 months, so we will have a portion of projects that are in there. At the other end of the SOUTHLAKESTYLE.COM

MAR 20 • 25

spectrum, further down the road, we have to think about projects that are revolutionary in nature.” Autonomous vehicles, while still being tested, have a visible presence for those who fly in and out of DFW Airport. Over the holidays, DFW Airport rolled out its first autonomous shuttle that would transport passengers. This self-driving bus, a product of EasyMile Inc., has the ability to pick up 12 passengers at a time in the remote south parking lot and transport them to a main bus hub. “At the airport, we are looking at things in terms of what is possible,” Brinkerhoff says. “Across the organization, our business leaders are looking at how we might be able to deliver a more frictionless experience for customers.” But that’s not the only autonomous vehicle piloted program. In June, Terminal D’s recheck area introduced the use of Vanderlande’s Fleet machines. These robotic vehicle solutions, which transferred the baggage of those who arrived from international flights and connected through DFW, allowed customers to identify their airline with a touch screen, self-drop their baggage and rest assured that it will be transported to the appropriate baggage belt. These small yet high-tech additions handled nearly 450 bags per hour and provided both a relief for airport staff and a better customer experience, according to a DFW Airport press release. "This particular application is both exciting and challenging for us, because Fleet will be working in a passenger area," Vanderlande's Executive Vice President Airports Andrew Manship says via press 26 • MAR 20

release. "Vanderlande believes Fleet aligns with the airport's vision, because they have a strong commitment to improving the passenger experience, as well as showcasing the latest innovations." Brinkerhoff knows that there is more room for growth in this realm, especially as autonomous vehicles become more mainstream. “We know the future of mobility and technology is going to change how we think about transportation,” Brinkerhoff says. DFW Airport is also partnering with the TSA’s Innovation Task Force to test a new employee screening technology that can detect both metallic and nonmetallic objects, according to a DFW Airport press release. This, in turn, strengthens airport security while also improving the screening process. By teaming up with the screening technology company Thruvision, as well as using X-ray machines, DFW’s Executive Vice President for Operations Chad Makovsky says the airport can enhance security while also creating a more seamless experience for employees. “This technology demonstration project is just part of our commitment to implement enterprise risk management best practices that take advantage of new and emerging technologies serving the aviation industry,” Makovsky says via press release. By working with technology leaders and looking for ways to integrate them into their own solutions, Brinkerhoff says that DFW Airport is able to move faster and take a leading charge. “Nothing these days happens without really strong partnerships,” Brinkerhoff says. “The DFW ecosystem proves that good work comes from partnership.” SOUTHLAKESTYLE MAGAZINE

Vanderlande's Fleet machines transported baggage for those connecting through DFW.


While these technologies are still considered new, the airport’s innovation team is interested in looking at the latest emerging technologies to see what’s on the horizon. In January, DFW Airport team members, including two members of the innovation team, traveled to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronic Show to see what could be next. “[We say] let’s go out there and grab that technology, play with it for the purpose of understanding it, then we can work across and lay out a vision,” Brinkerhoff says. “Our job is to keep a finger on the pulse. While this technology may not be on the streets tomorrow, we need to be thinking about those things today.” Today’s construction projects and updates are being created to leave room for these technologies to be added over time. Terminal F, anticipated to open by 2025, started its design process last year after it was announced, but Brinkerhoff knows just how much can change in technology over five years and the potential it brings to the passenger experience. “How do we build with enough flexibility in mind to adapt to the most current technology when that building opens?” Brinkerhoff asks. “It’s all a mentality. We have people throughout the organization passionate to see the future but also enable new experiences.” She says the innovation team looks for how to meet customers’ growing expectations for a faster, more efficient and personalized experience filled with options for the airport’s different segments of customers. “The beauty in this effort is bringing all that together in a space that’s transformative and really pushes the envelope of the art of what’s possible,” Brinkerhoff says. Thankfully, not all that pressure is left on the innovation team. Brinkerhoff says that part of their process is giving other teams throughout the airport the tools so they can also drive innovation in their own roles. “The goal is to really build an innovation muscle across the organization that helps us do things faster as we march toward the future,” Brinkerhoff says. While that muscle is already pretty strong, both DFW Airport customers and citizens of the surrounding areas have even more to benefit from as the airport continues to lead the charge in its industry. SOUTHLAKESTYLE.COM

"Kelaiah, we are so honored to have been a part of your journey to a beautiful, confident smile! You will do great things!" – Dr. Tolleson Braces • Invisalign Expert Orthodontic Care

Shane Rex Tolleson, D.D.S., M.S.D.

817.416.2200 1050 E. State Hwy. 114, Suite 120, Southlake

TollesonOrtho.com MAR 20 • 27


( food′ • truck-ee )

05 .08 . 20 @THE MARQ’S A R I A A M P H I T H E AT E R

( 4 p.m. • 9 p.m. )

Southlake Style's Third Annual Food Truck Festival

enjoy FÜD

( good • eats )


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BRÜs ( beer )

SPONSORS KidZone Children's Courtyard


Pet Plaza Creekside Pet Care Center


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Google Rating as of Feb. 15, 2020

Berkeys has always done superb work and is perhaps the most professional group of people of any type of business I've dealt with. They stick to their quotes; they always inform me of what needs to be done and why; and they always double-check to make sure I want them to go ahead with the work. They're always very fast, clean, and knowledgeable. The technicians are always friendly and respectful. I hate having to have repairs done, but they make it pretty painless. – Z. Bowman

"We’re There When You Need Us!"

877-BERKEYS 877-237-5397 www.Berkeys.com TACLB84522E | Ronald Bevins M-17865| TECL30739


BUTTONED UP An innovative retailer


comes to Southlake



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SPOTLIGHT community

TWENTIETH ANNUAL THE JOY PROJECT DRIVE SET FOR FEB. 24 TO MARCH 24 From Feb. 24 to March 24, The Joy Project will be collecting stuffed animals and monetary donations to benefit the patients at local children’s hospitals. Kindergarten student Haley Whatley started The Joy Project in 2001 as a way to collect bunnies for patients around Easter, which is now an annual drive that has collected more than 50,000 bunnies and bears. While The Joy Project is still working on finalizing several donation locations, drop-off spots for this year’s The Joy Project drive include the Southlake Police and Fire Department, Smile Doctors - Anthony Patel Orthodontics, TasteBuds Kitchen, the Southlake Chick-fil-A, Complete Car Corporate Office, Chapel Hill Children’s School at White’s Chapel Church, Walnut Grove Elementary, Johnson Elementary, Carroll Elementary, Old Union Elementary, Rockenbaugh Elementary, Durham Intermediate School and Walker Creek Elementary in North Richland Hills. The Joy Project is also accepting donations for Cook Children’s Hospital online at https://bit.ly/2V1MrV2. TWENTY-THREE STUDENT-ATHLETES SIGN LETTERS OF INTENT FOR NATIONAL SIGNING DAY The Carroll Senior High School student activity center was packed with parents, coaches, friends, family members and students on Feb. 5 as 23 Carroll athletes signed letters of intent for National Signing Day. CISD Athletic Director Steve Keasler opened the ceremony by thanking the parents and their kids for all of their hard work, as well as the coaches that pushed their athletes to the peak of their ability. Congratulations to these students: Eric Jorgensen, Southwestern University, Soccer; Chase Fisher, Tarleton State University, Cross Country and Track; Lydia Lo, The University of Chicago, Cross Country and Track; Elena Wilson, Columbia University, Track; Reagan Hukill, Kansas State University, Pole Vault; Quentin Bunten, Pittsburg State University, Football; Jonah Doddridge, Rice University, Football; Graham Faloona, University of Utah, Football; Preston Forney, Lafayette College, Football; Andrej Karic, University of Texas, Football; Kasen Loveless, Colorado School of Mines, Football; Michael Magar, Colorado School of Mines, Football; Wills Meyer, Columbia University, Football; Addison Penn, Duke University, Football; Robby Rochester, University of Connecticut, Football; Dillon Springer, College of the Holy Cross, Football; Jillian Sowell, West Texas A&M University, Basketball; Riley McDole, University of Wyoming, Golf; Michelle Zhou, New York University, Golf; Kelly Shackelford, Hardin-Simmons University, Softball; Kennedy Lane, Warner University, Beach & Indoor Volleyball; Chloe Dorsey, Emory University, Volleyball; and Dani Pena, Swarthmore College, Volleyball.

32 • MAR 20

EMERALD BELLES PERFORM ON ‘THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW’ The Southlake Carroll Emerald Belles found a new fan in Kelly Clarkson. The drill team appeared on her NBC daytime talk show on Jan. 30 and performed a specialty routine to the singer and host’s “Whole Lot of Woman.” Before taking the stage, Kelly Clarkson interviewed two Carroll senior members as well as the Emerald Belles director Melissa Page. Melissa says she was so honored to hear Kelly Clarkson talk about the Emerald Belles’ talent. “It was just so surreal,” Melissa says. “That just doesn’t happen to high school teams for sure. It was really spectacular.” This is not the first time the Emerald Belles have performed on TV. The drill team took part in “America’s Got Talent” last summer. And the team does not appear to be slowing down. The Emerald Belles will continue public performances, with one of its most exciting happening this month at the American Airlines Center. The drill team will perform during the Dallas Mavericks halftime show on March 6. DRAGON HEAD COACH RILEY DODGE SET TO PLAY TODD DODGE FOR 2020 SEASON OPENER Riley Dodge and Todd Dodge will meet again on the football field, but this time as rivals. Southlake Carroll is set to play Austin Westlake, Todd Dodge’s team, at AT&T Stadium on Aug. 28 at 5 p.m. “It’s been in the process for close to a year now,” Steve Keasler, CISD’s athletic director, says. “It’s our 100th year of football celebration next year, and so they’ve been working on trying to obviously do a special event... and so we’ve been working with them on that.” Todd and Riley Dodge are both from Southlake Carroll. Todd coached the team between 2002 and 2006, and Riley was the quarterback for the team between 2005 and 2007. Now, they share the title of head coach — Todd Dodge joined Austin Westlake in 2014 while Riley came home to Southlake Carroll in 2018. During his time as head coach, Todd amassed a 98-11 overall record and was named national coach of the year twice. Current head coach Riley led the Dragons to a 13-1 record during the 2019 season, and received the Landry Award’s Coach of the Year in 2019. Fans can expect ticket information for the game to be released sometime around the end of the school year.


SPOTLIGHT community

CISD BUSINESS CHAPTER HOSTS FIRST ANNUAL REGIONAL CONFERENCE The Carroll ISD chapter of Business Professionals of America hosted its first regional leadership conference on Jan. 25, after six years of being hosted at Keller High School. Sixty-eight of the Carroll ISD group’s 94 members participated in the event, and 39 students advanced to the state competition based on performance. The region had 27 chapters participate: Keller High School, Fossil Ridge High School, Colleyville Heritage, Grapevine High School, Arlington High School, Ben Barber High School, James Bowie High School, Springtown High School, Holliday High School, Henrietta High School, Lake Worth High School, Carter Junior High School, Aledo High School and Sam Houston High School. The 39 Carroll students who are moving on will compete at state in Dallas March 5-7, which will in total include more than 3,000 students. If students advance from state, they will take part in the national conference in Washington D.C. from May 6 to 9.

CARROLL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL COMES TOGETHER TO CELEBRATE ITS OWN JENNY LOPEZ According to Carroll Elementary School principal Stacy Wagon, there wasn’t an adult with a dry eye in the place on Friday, Jan. 24, during a special assembly for lead custodian Jenny Lopez. The school came together to honor and recognize Jenny, who recently found out she earned her citizenship. All of the school’s students, teachers and a few parents gathered that morning to celebrate Jenny’s hard work. Students waved American flags, Jenny was met with flowers and the whole crowd was able to show its support. After giving her a warm welcome, Wagon described the citizenship process and led a quick quiz to see if students could answer a few of the questions included on the test. But the whole event focused on honoring Jenny’s hard work and accomplishments.




VS Tickets purchased through this offer will receive a Carroll Dragons/Texas Rangers floppy cap.

To order tickets, visit TEXASRANGERS.COM/COMMUNITYNIGHTS This game will sell out quickly, so order your tickets as soon as possible!


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SOUTHLAKE CARROLL CROSS COUNTRY COACH WINS COACH OF THE YEAR AWARD Besides being the coach of the 6A cross country state champions, Justin Leonard now gets to call himself the Cross Country Coach of the Year. The Carroll ISD coach of 16 years was recently named the 6A Coach of the Year by the Cross Country Coaches Association of Texas. According to the CCCAT website, coaches normally win the award for coaching either boys or girls cross country teams. Coach Leonard is the first 6A coach in five years to have won in both categories. “It’s an honor to be recognized as the 6A Coach of the Year for both boys and girls,” coach Leonard remarks. “This award is a reflection of our amazing runners, assistant coaches, parents and community and all of their efforts they put into our program. I learned a long time ago that great kids make coaches look good.” RYAN FRAY WALKS AWAY AS THE SECOND ANNUAL GRACE POKER CHAMPION GRACE hosted its second annual poker championship on Jan. 18 at Classic Wine Storage & Services. The night included a welcome from GRACE CEO Shonda Schaefer, an explanation of upcoming GRACE events and a special Q&A from World Series of Poker Champion Bryan Campanello, who has more than $1 million in winnings. Ryan Fray was the day’s winner and received a weekend in Las Vegas, courtesy of Shannon O’Brien and American Airlines. The top five included Kevin Townson, Ron Medaris, Cliff Collins and Ted Bilsky. Mark your calendars for Jan. 16, 2021, when Ryan hopes to defend his crown at the third annual event. ART IN THE SQUARE RANKS AS NO. 1 FINE ART EVENT IN THE COUNTRY Art in the Square was named Art Fair SourceBook’s Top Fine Art Event For 2020, a national guide of the top art fairs and craft shows in the country. The Southlake festival came in No. 1 thanks to the average exhibitor sales of fine art in 2019 and in-depth surveys. On top of its fine art ranking, Art in the Square also came in at No. 3 for fine craft events. Following Art in the Square to round out the top five were the Saint Louis Art Fair, Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, Art on the Square in Belleville and Columbus Arts Festival. Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson was the only other Texan art festival to crack the top 10.

34 • MAR 20

CARROLL SWIM AND DIVE WINS 2020 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Southlake Carroll won several medals and a state championship trophy from the UIL Class 6A state swimming and diving championship in February. The girls finished first in the meet with 284 points from all of their matches, with swimmer Corbyn Cormack winning first place in the 200-yard medley and Kit Kat Zenick winning first in 500 free, becoming the fastest Texas high school swimmer with a finish time of 22.30. The boys finished fourth with 140 points. On the diving side, Hailey Hernandez won gold for the third time in a row, while Bridget O'Neil took silver. Bridget O'Neil and Phillip Kleiman are also the first Carroll divers to go to state for all four years.

MARKET BY MACY’S OPENS FIRST LOCATION IN SOUTHLAKE Macy’s new retail store format, Market by Macy’s, opened in Southlake Town Square on Thursday, Feb. 6. The 20,000-square-foot shopping experience features an array of fashion offerings from both specialty designers and local brands. About 70% of its products represent a curated edit of Macy’s full line — which features designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Levi’s DKNY and Alfani. The remaining products represent Texas designers. The Southlake location also includes a 1,000-square foot beauty shop, Getchell’s Apothecary. The in-store offering pays homage to Margaret Getchell, the first female executive in retail who worked at Macy’s in 1860. Getchell’s Apothecary will offer more than 80 beauty brands, organized by the needs they address. Market by Macy’s opened alongside its in-store eatery, Herald. The cafe serves breakfast, lunch and snacks as well as beer, wine and cocktails. While walking through the store and the cafe, customers can also shop for the furniture offerings available through the space, because all furniture and home merchandise are also available for sale. To celebrate this new location, Market by Macy’s held several community-based events throughout February: essential oil making on Feb. 18, a super kid cape-making class with Southlake’s own Abigail Perez on Feb. 22, a wine class at Herald Café on Feb. 26 and a supper club featuring Urvashi Pitre on Feb. 27.


SPOTLIGHT business

SOUTHLAKE CITY COUNCIL UNANIMOUSLY DENIES 270 APARTMENT COMPLEX After weeks of deliberations, revisions and back-and-forth, a proposed 270 residential lot development met its end in February when the Southlake City Council voted unanimously to deny the application. The Cooper & Company development would have built 270 apartments on 7.28 acres south of the police and fire headquarters building, with lot sizes ranging between 1,000-1,250 square feet. More than 100 people filled the council chamber to capacity and spilled over into the overflow room to witness to the day’s conversation, which concluded with the council voting 7-0 against the proposal.

SOUTHLAKE LUXURY CUSTOM HOME DEVELOPMENT OXFORD PLACE BREAKS GROUND Oxford Place by WillowTree Development will bring 11 custom homes to Southlake. The property, on the north side of Highway 114 on E. Highland Street, was purchased by Harold Knight in 1955. Now, after its groundbreaking, it will be transformed into the home of 11 residences, each on at least one acre of land. Each home will be more than 4,500 square feet and will start at $2.5 million. Compass Real Estate is the exclusive brokerage listing. For more information about the development and its homes, visit its website OxfordPlacesL.com. SOUTHLAKE’S FANS UNITED TO CLOSE THIS MONTH Southlake’s Fans United will close its doors for good this month. Opening on Southlake Boulevard in 2017, the retailer has provided fans with sports jerseys, T-shirts and apparel from teams ranging from football and basketball to baseball and hockey. The retailer’s leasing agreement ends on March 31, so fans should hurry in before it’s too late.

When flu or pneumonia attacks, know your closest ER. When sickness hits, the last thing you want to do is travel—or wait. The ER at Methodist Southlake Hospital sees patients within 5 minutes. Top-tier ER staff dedicated to the highest quality of care. All right here in the heart of Southlake.

421 E. State Highway 114, Southlake, Texas 76092 817-865-4400 SouthlakeER.com ■

Currently, this hospital does not participate in Medicare or Medicaid programs Methodist Southlake Hospital is physician owned, complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex. Methodist Southlake Hospital cumple con las leyes federales de derechos civiles aplicables y no discrimina por motivos de raza, color, nacionalidad, edad, discapacidad o sexo.


MAR 20 • 35

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NEW & NOTABLE GETCHELL’S APOTHECARY 321 STATE STREET 817.527.3700 MARKETBYMACYS.COM/GETCHELLS Located inside Market by Macy’s, Getchell’s offers more than 80 beauty brands organized by the needs they address. THE BONE & JOINT CLINIC 731 E. SOUTHLAKE BLVD., SUITE 120 817.335.4316 THEBONEANDJOINT.COM The team of specialized physicians has opened a location in Southlake. SMILE DOCTORS BRACES 311 W. SOUTHLAKE BLVD., SUITE 130 817.345.7591 | SMILEDOCTORS.COM The orthodontist office offers braces and Invisalign.

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2211 E. Continental Blvd. Suite 120, Southlake

maidpro.com/grapevine Offer good for any weekly or bi-weekly recurring service. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 3/31/2020

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SOUTHLAKE STYLE SHOWS OFF ITS DRAGON PRIDE Dragon athletes, coaches and parents packed into Feedstore BBQ restaurant in February to celebrate the release of Dragon Pride Winter, which featured Carroll cross country, basketball, football, tennis, swim & dive and several other sports. As guests ate endless beef burnt ends, sliced turkey, rolls, green beans and ice cream, they gathered to celebrate another successful season and the 30th seasonal issue of Southlake’s sports magazine. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Dragon Pride with us! SouthlakeStyle.com


MAR 20 • 37


with ...





fter a motorcycle accident left him with a traumatic brain injury, Southlake native James Durham realized how little people knew about TBIs. So he started TBI One Love, an organization that spreads awareness about traumatic brain injuries and supports survivors and caregivers. Back in Southlake after a brief stint in Florida, James is working hard to spread his message of positivity, grace and faith to everyone, not just those impacted.

I WAS GOING OVER AN OVERPASS… on a threelane road. I was the only one on my side of the road. There was an individual ... coming up in the turning lane, so I thought they’re doing a U-turn. Being in those three lanes, I got in the far right so that way, if a car’s coming, they would have enough area to do a complete U-turn. Well, the problem was the individual was not doing a Uturn. They actually missed their exit, so they ran the light to go quickly back onto the service lane. And that’s just when we happened to connect, unfortunately. BUT LUCKILY… there was a light pole, so that’s what caught me. I was wearing a helmet, and it flew off and went 200 yards away. Luckily that pole was there, because if not, I would have gone off the bridge into the oncoming traffic. I WAS IN A COMA… for five weeks — a natural coma. I had 12 surgeries. Then when I woke up, I went through a different series of events during recovery. WITH A BRAIN INJURY… recovery is long-term — forever. There is no finish line with a brain injury. Also, when you meet one brain injury survivor, he or she is unique because none are alike. I WAS LIKE AN INFANT… I had to learn all over again. Mine was an S-TBI — severe traumatic brain injury. My left temporal lobe — that functioning [of] memorization, speaking, attention span and all that — was severely damaged. My summary, if you will, was, ‘OK, he’s going to have trouble understanding English. When you speak to him, it’s going to be like speaking Portuguese. He’s not going to know who you are every five seconds — you’re going to have to keep reintroducing yourself. He’ll be hospitalized and not able to function, but that’s great, he’s still here.’ I STARTED MY ORGANIZATION… December 12, 2014. That day is symbolic to me because that’s the day that I got released from [the hospital]

after my craniectomy. My accident was September 22, 2011, so that is three years and three months. THE ORGANIZATION SPREADS… hope, inspiration, education, awareness and, of course, prevention — not only to all those affected by a brain injury but also just for the general public because people need to understand. WHEN I SUSTAINED MY BRAIN INJURY... I didn’t know that many people, besides the ones I met at the hospital or rehabilitation, that really knew about brain injuries. Some did, but I was, like, ‘Why isn’t there someone out there really educating not only the differences but also motivating survivors and/or caregivers that they’re not alone?’ When someone says, ‘Oh hey, I can relate to that,’ even if it’s not exact, but they understand, it makes you feel a little comfort, and you know you are not the only one. I DO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH UNDERSTANDING… certain words, even if it’s a common word. I also have some other side effects — I can’t smell, I can’t taste, [I have] nerve damage… I definitely notice them, and I don’t try to hide them. THE KIND OF FEEDBACK I’VE GOTTEN IS… ‘Thank you for the support [and] information that you share.’ It's really motivating to hear, ‘Keep it going, you’re helping more people than you know.’ And that comes from survivors, caregivers or people that have no relation to a brain injury at all. MISSION IN THE MARKETPLACE… was my first speaking event in Southlake. But it is my third speaking event in DFW. I got involved with this Mission in the Marketplace event by being invited, thanks to the president of Texas Health of Southlake. It’s such an honor to get this Southlake involvement started after returning.

MAR 20 • 39


MIRACLE LEAGUE OF SOUTHLAKE Nonprofit’s mission: Provide opportunities for children with disabilities to play Miracle League baseball, regardless of their capabilities. Founding Date: Sept. 26, 2015 Number of People Impacted: 250 Top Ways to Get Involved: Volunteer and register on our website. Miracle League of Southlake 450 W. Southlake Blvd. 817.675.8701 MiracleLeagueOfSouthlake.com


The students photographed are part of the Blue Bright Futures program with Grapevine-Colleyville and Carroll ISDs.

HOME RUN HOSPITALITY The No. 1 nonprofit our business supports is: Miracle League of Southlake. We support them by: Giving all children an opportunity to play baseball. Some of these kids are part of our Bright Blue Futures program, which gives our special children a chance to experience the workplace. Our most memorable experience with Miracle League of Southlake was: The first year of baseball, one of our nonverbal players caught a batted ball and looked down and said ‘ball.’ She was 8 years old, and that was her first word. We love this specific nonprofit because: Every child deserves a chance to play baseball. Hilton Southlake 1400 Plaza Pl., Southlake 817.442.9900 | HiltonSouthlake.com

40 • MAR 20


Eleven is a rare number. Now selling and nestled amidst the natural wonders of rolling hills and expansive greenways, Oxford Place is an intimate enclave of only 11 private estates, artfully composed by a premier collective of custom luxury homebuilders.

Tommy Pistana tommy.pistana@compass.com 214.801.9220 oxfordplacesl.com All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, condition, sale, or withdrawal without notice. All measurements and square footages are approximate, but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal, accounting or other professional advice outside the realm of real estate brokerage. Compass is a licensed real estate broker. Equal Housing Opportunity.


MAR 20 • 41


ATTORNEYS TO K N OW With specialties ranging from family, business and estate planning, the attorneys on the following pages exhibit excellence in the legal field.

42 • MAR 20



Sherry Armstrong Law Office of Sherry R. Armstrong Type Of Law: Sherry Armstrong represents persons accused of felony, class A or B misdemeanors or juvenile criminal offenses. As a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, her sole focus has been on criminal litigation for almost two decades.

Legal Tip: You have the right to remain silent. Use it!

Community Involvement: Sherry has assisted many Southlake residents with various legal issues in the area of criminal law and looks forward to continuing to represent the Southlake community. What Sets Her Apart: Sherry cares about her clients and their cases. Sherry works to identify potential vulnerabilities in the government’s evidence while providing personalized representation, honest case evaluation and aggressive advocacy to achieve the best outcome possible. Her professionalism has earned her a reputation for confidence and class in handling criminal cases.

9288 Huntington Square, Suite 200, North Richland Hills | 682.215.7404 | ArmstrongAttorneyAtLaw.com


MAR 20 • 43


Debra Edmondson The Edmondson Law Firm Type Of Law: The Edmondson Law Firm focuses its practice in the areas of real estate law, business law, administrative law and associated litigation.

Legal Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney questions once you have employed legal counsel.

Community Involvement: Debra served two non-consecutive terms on Southlake’s Planning and Zoning Commission and was elected to Southlake City Council. Between 2012 to 2019, she was board chairman of the Bob Jones Nature Center, which raised over $1 million in private donations during her tenure. What Sets Her Apart: Debra listens attentively to her clients and is easily accessible. Her clients know that she will not be timid in her representation and will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for them in the most cost-efficient manner.

1100 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 400 | 817.416.5291 | EdmondsonLawFirm.com

44 • MAR 20



Tracey Justice Justice Law Firm Type Of Law: The attorneys at Justice Law Firm practice family law, wills and probate and general civil litigation. They are also specially trained and certified to handle collaborative law, specifically collaborative divorce. Accolades: Tracey Justice has been named “Top Attorney” every year for the last 11 years. Justice Law Firm’s attorneys have also been named “Top Attorneys,” “Super Lawyers,” “Texas Rising Stars” and members of the Texas Bar College. Community Involvement: Attorney Tracey Justice has lived in Southlake since 1998 and has attended The Hills Church for more than 21 years. Attorney Nicole Carroll has lived in Southlake many years and attends White’s Chapel United Methodist Church.

Legal Tip: Never sign any legal document without getting the advice of an attorney.

1100 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 400 | 817.421.0300 | JusticeLawDFW.com


MAR 20 • 45


SOUTHLAKE STYLE CELEBRATES FEBRUARY ISSUE RELEASE Southlake Style kicked off 2020 in style with our February issue release party at Delucca Gaucho Pizza & Wine. People packed into the Rodizio de Pizza concept to celebrate one of our favorite annual publications, centered on the most stylish pets in Southlake. As our guests networked and flipped through the magazine, they also enjoyed bottomless pizza and quality wine. Thank you to everyone who took part in the night’s event, and special thanks to our friends and hosts at Delucca. SouthlakeStyle.com

46 • MAR 20



“Lisa Quinn’s reputation as a top property expert in Southlake and the Timarron community is well deserved. Lisa was referred to us to list my Mother’s home in Timarron and she did a fantastic job selling the home for top dollar in a matter of days. Not only is Lisa a pleasure to work with, her attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond make the whole process of selling feel seamless and easy. We are grateful clients and give Lisa our highest recommendation.” — Jan K “Working with Lisa was an absolute pleasure for myself and my entire family. Her anticipation of our needs was very insightful and is truly a professional and understands our area. We had such a great experience with her. We have utilized her talents on more than one home. Thank you, Lisa!” — Brent

“Working with Lisa Quinn was the best! She gave us helpful insights and tips to sell our house quickly. From the listing to closing day Lisa maintained great communication with us. She’s very knowledgeable about the market and easy to work with. Selling a home can be a very stressful time but Lisa helped make this sale the smoothest and fastest we’ve ever had.” — Jamey and Jon

YOUR TRUST IS THE HEART OF MY BUSINESS Whether buying or selling your home ... let me know what I can do for you. Lisa Quinn | 817-657-1294 LisaQuinn@Ebby.com SOUTHLAKESTYLE.COM

MAR 20 • 47



f you walk into White’s Chapel United Methodist Church’s English classes on any given Saturday, you’ll see an array of interested faces. Many of the people who are now students have fled persecution to come to the United States for asylum. No matter their background or backstory, all these people are united under one global identity: refugee. The initiative, directed locally by Ann Davis at White’s Chapel UMC, aids local refugees who have been approved for residence by the federal government. Ann says the initiative helps refugees acclimate and become contributing members of society through several avenues, whether it's picking up refugees at the DFW International Airport, teaching English classes or, in some special circumstances, providing legal and medical assistance to those who need it most. “We essentially operate like an emergency room,” Ann says. “By the time the family gets here, they’re exhausted, dehydrated, hungry and worn [out]. Their most notable companion is uncertainty.”

48 • MAR 20


For over five years, Ann and over a hundred volunteers have served hundreds of refugees. But if a Jan. 10 order to prevent new refugees from entering the state by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stands in court, that could affect how many people they can help going forward.


After a refugee registers themselves with the United Nations and they are referred to the U.S., they go through 18 to 24 months of interviews, medical checkups and security screenings. When they are approved for resettlement, they are referred to a sponsor agency that connects them with local partner organizations that help accommodate them in the U.S. That is the role White’s Chapel UMC serves, and when a refugee takes their first steps out of the airport and into America, the faces of their volunteers are usually the first friendly ones they see. Ann personally witnessed the refugee crisis up close while on vacation with her husband in 2015. While on a cruise that started in Amsterdam and continued through Budapest, Ann noticed droves of families walking alongside the river where the ship was sailing. “They were carrying minimal belongings, homeless, on foot,” Ann recalls. “They were fleeing persecution. These were not people that wanted to leave home.” Ann says she could hear the sounds of dogs barking and children crying from the ship. She says those sights and sounds disturbed her spirit and stayed with her long after her vacation ended. “One cannot escape the nightmare of that,” Ann expresses. “My thought was, ‘Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? Is this happening in my time on my watch?’” That experience would soon motivate her to start the refugee initiative at White’s Chapel. In fact, executive pastor Judy Hunt was the one who suggested she write up a proposal for it. “Ann took this assignment to heart, and in short order presented us with a comprehensive plan to educate our congregation about the realities of the refugee admission process and the challenges they face,” Judy says. “This plan included practical, hands-on ways to be a part of the solution.” Ann says she built interest by hosting Thursday night informational sessions mapping out the group’s goals. As time passed, their number of volunteers grew, filling jobs like greeters, drivers, translators and educators, among many others. The greatest challenge, she says, was matching volunteers with roles that fit their strong suits, as well as finding partners to help them carry out refugees’ needs. For instance, Angel’s Attic, a White’s Chapel initiative that donates furniture to impoverished families, provides them with essential and household items. “This takes an army,” Ann expresses. “I think it is the watershed moment of the century. I do think globally we have to have an answer to this.”


Fort Worth’s Light of the World Church is another part of that army, hosting the space to teach students of several ethnicities how to read, write and speak English. Volunteer instructors help carry out that mission with their time and attention, two of which are SOUTHLAKESTYLE.COM

retired CISD principal Dr. Betty McIlvain and CHS math teacher Janice Stolze. While the classes are still a White’s Chapel offering, Judy says the organization has always hosted the classes in Fort Worth, which is closer to where most of the refugees live and is more accessible for those who don’t have easy access to transportation. Coordinator Laura Bussell says they originally started with just 13 students. Now they teach more than 70 students, and all of their stories are different. One Korean student named Sun Rudd, for instance, has been a U.S. citizen since she married her husband in the 1980s. But ever since he became sick a few years ago, Sun committed herself to improve her English so she can take better care of herself and her husband. “She walks to class,” Laura expresses. “She literally walked 30 minutes through snow and 30-degree weather in December just for her first class.” Another African student, who came here last year with her three children, fled her country when its president announced he was running for a third term. She says she’s witnessed people get killed and kidnapped off of the streets every day. “When people began to protest, the government used the police and military to kill people and throw them in jail,” she recalls. “I was among those women who have been tortured, raped and persecuted, not because I was in the opposition, but because I gave an interview to journalists so they can tell what’s going on in the country.” Keyvan Hedayat, meanwhile, is a Bahá’ín who lived in a Turkish refugee camp for two years before the United States approved his visa. Keyvan says he was persecuted in Iran for his religious beliefs. Bahá’ís are so despised that they aren’t even allowed to be buried on Iranian soil when they die, he explains. Instead, Bahá’ís are given their own graveyard, which Keyvan says is regularly desecrated. “Sometimes they tell people Bahá’í’s blood is halal — kosher,” Keyvan expresses. “If you kill Bahá’ín people, they won’t kill you. Maybe you’d get jail for a short time.” Hardship followed Keyvan even into the United States when he became ill from leukemia and had to undergo immediate surgery to save his life. When he woke up from a coma 25 days later, he found that he lost both his hands and his legs during the procedure. Regardless of their nationalities or circumstances, all of these people were helped by White’s Chapel UMC. When the refugee from Africa had to meet with a government agency, Laura watched over her three children while they were waiting. The initiative also found a hotel for them to stay in. Meanwhile, some teachers will give some students rides to and from classes, including Keyvan. Despite everything he’s lost, Laura says Keyvan feels nothing but gratitude. “I asked him, ‘Why are you not unhappy?’” she recalls. “'Why are you not sad?’ He told me he was so thankful he lost just his hands and legs and not his eyes or his ears — so he could keep experiencing America for himself.” For Ann, Laura and several others, they aren’t just providing transportation or education. They’re providMAR 20 • 49

ing the opportunity to become Americans. “The important thing here is showing these people that they are welcome here — that they belong,” Laura expresses. “This is a way of making community and helping people understand that we are all the same. We’re more than just listening to people read.” Helping refugees realize their American dreams is what the initiative has done for the past five years. That is a mission they would like to keep doing too, but only as much as the state will allow them.


In September 2019, President Donald Trump issued an executive order requiring written consent to participate in the refugee resettlement program, giving states a choice to accept new refugees. While 40 state governors opted into the program, Gov. Abbott opted out, making Texas the first and only state to reject new refugees in 2020. “Texas has carried more than its share in assisting the refugee resettlement process and appreciates that other states are available to help with these efforts,” Abbott remarked in a letter to the U.S. Secretary of State. A Maryland judge blocked the executive order a few days later, leaving the final decision up to the courts. If the judge’s ruling holds, then no changes are made to the program and approved refugees are admitted into the United States as usual. But if the president’s order is upheld, new refugees would not be admitted straight into Texas, although they could move into the state later on after initially settling somewhere else. 50 • MAR 20

“The governor’s position concerns us,” Ann says. It’s not a concern for the initiative’s mission, she says, “but for the refugees who are en route or waiting in camps overseas, cleared for resettlement and about to land in a place that suddenly shut its doors.” Ann says regardless, the White’s Chapel initiative will continue to operate within the law. There are still several refugees already here who need their help as well as those migrating from other states. The only impact the court battle may have is in the amount of people White’s Chapel might be able to help. And if Ann had her choice, she would try to help as many people as possible. “These are not cave dwellers,” Ann expresses. “These are judges, lawyers, doctors, artisans, master cooks, seamstresses, translators. People from not only all over the world but all across all faiths, whether Islamic, Bahá’í, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. These are the people God called on us to serve.” In serving them, Ann discovered an unexpected feeling when she started the initiative several years ago: fulfillment. “When you are in the current of doing the right thing, there is no feeling like it,” Ann expresses. “The transformation that happens is life-changing. That is how we’re saved by those we have come to save. We have all found resonance and residence here.” While the refugee initiative is always intent on helping others, sometimes they need help too. And everyone can be part of the initiative's relief efforts, whether it’s providing their time or contributing a donation. Volunteers and refugees alike have all found community in White’s Chapel UMC. SOUTHLAKESTYLE MAGAZINE

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MAR9:31 20 AM • 51 10/8/19

in 500

with brooke henry

Children Helping Children


ome of the best ideas are simple and come from kids. In 2001, kindergartner Haley Whatley took a tour of Cook Children’s Medical Center. It was close to Easter, so she started thinking of the kids who would be hospitalized over the holiday. She asked around to the hospital staff if she could collect stuffed bunnies for patients to love and hug during their stays. Haley got to work and started small, with a cardboard box and a couple of posters. She told everyone at school, church and even a few people she met at the grocery store about her goal. During that first year, she collected 1,400 bunnies. That bunny drive let patients and their moms and dads know that people cared about them and were praying for them. My sister, Carys, and I got involved in what’s now called The Joy Project in 2007. We started out as bunny and bear ambassadors when Carys was a preschooler at Chapel Hill Children’s School and I was at Durham Elementary. Once we heard about Haley, we immediately wanted to help. On our way to our first drop-off, my mom told my sister and me about the story about my health scare when I was 4 months old. My mom and dad had taken me to a routine ultrasound to follow up on a minor issue found at birth. After the test, the radiologist entered the room to share its findings. Minutes later, I was admitted to the hospital for further testing.

The possible diagnosis was alarming. My parents were in shock as they were whisked through the hallways to my room. When they arrived, they could barely speak let alone think. This was all before smartphones, so just making calls to family members was difficult. My mom told me and my sister how scared and alone she and my dad felt. I thought more about that story during the remainder of the drive. We arrived a few minutes later and started unloading bags of bunnies and bears we had spent weeks collecting. I remember walking into the lobby and seeing families waiting. You could just tell by the look on their faces that they were dealing with a lot of emotions. It was at that moment that I realized how important these bunnies and bears were. They were there to encourage the patients, families and staff. Now, during the month of March, our house is filled with bags and bags of stuffed animals. The whole family pitches in, counting all the donations we receive so we can have an official number to unveil at the final drop-off. While we are sorting the animals, we often find handwritten notes from the children who donated these toys. Sometimes it’s just “thinking of you” or “get well.” Other times, it’s a story of a time they were at the hospital and received a bunny or bear and how much it impacted them. It’s a symbol of children helping children, and it’s so simple.


“In 500” is a monthly department written by members of our community in 500 words. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Southlake Style. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SUBMITTING A PIECE, PLEASE EMAIL EDITOR@SOUTHLAKESTYLE.COM.

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in the heart of Westlake. Including, townhomes, villas, a boutique hotel, restaurants, shopping and is unlike anything Westlake has ever seen.

817.784.7242 john.zimmerman@compass.com jzwestlake.com All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, condition, sale, or withdrawal without notice. All measurements and square footages are approximate, but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal, accounting or other professional advice outside the realm of real estate brokerage. Compass is a licensed real estate broker. Equal Housing Opportunity.











SilverGroup.EVRealEstate.com ©2020 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. Each brokerage independently owned and operated. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. If your property is currently represented by a real estate broker, this is not an attempt to solicit your listing. Engel & Völkers and its independent License Partners are Equal Opportunity Employers and fully support the principles of the Fair Housing Act.

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shop in STYLE

SWEPT UP Supplies to help around the house




MAR 20 • 55

SHOP IN STYLE stuff you’ll love

get a jump start on Spring Cleaning O-CEDAR EASY WRING SPIN MOP AND BUCKET This easy-to-use mop will make cleaning your floors a breeze, especially with the built-in wringer. Target | $30

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Finding your keys will be easier with an organizer insert that has room for everything from snacks to chapstick.

Put a stop to the endless amounts of pet hair on your couches, carpets and car with this inexpensive hair remover.

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T DETAILS iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum Weight: 8.15 lbs Dimensions: 12.25" W, 3.5" H Price: $1,399.99 iRobot.com


here’s nothing worse than picking up pet hair, sweeping dust and cleaning messy floors. So take a load off and leave that work to the iRobot Roomba s9+ to eliminate the stress of the mess. This Roomba is up to the task, no matter how messy your family can be. Using a three-stage cleaning system, dual multi-service brushes and 40 times the suction of its previous model, the Roomba s9+ will make sure every speck is off the floor. The robot vacuum also comes with advanced sensors and a five-arm corner brush that grabs tricky dust settling in corners, all without hitting any walls or furniture. This intuitive little robot will not only vacuum but also creates a floor plan of your home to ensure it hits every room it needs to. You can use that technology to create keep-out zones, like near the china

cabinet, a set of musical instruments or a nursery. And with the iRobot Home App, you can choose which rooms get cleaned when. Handsfree control is also an option by pairing the vacuum with Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. Worried about its charge? You shouldn’t be because if the Roomba runs out of energy before it is finished in a room, it will go recharge for the amount of time needed before heading back in and making sure the job gets done. Perhaps the best part of all? You don’t have to pick up after it. After your Roomba is done vacuuming, it will empty itself into the iRobot Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. Gone are the days of having to vacuum up whatever spurted out of your vacuum. So leave this chore in the past and head into a brighter (and cleaner) tomorrow by investing in the iRobot Roomba s9+.

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We’re proud of our little Dragons. This winter, explore the place where their achievement starts early.

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24/7 Quality, Convenient Veterinary Care

1-800-MY-PET-CARE 8820 Davis Boulevard | Keller


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Many pets (80% of dogs and 70% of cats) have entered the early stages of dental disease by the age of 3.


local FLAVOR

PRIME EXAMPLE A picture-perfect steakhose



60 MAR 20 • 59


Classic Cuts, Exemplary Experience

The Story Behind The Award-Winning Dallas Dining Destination

D Pappa Bros. Steakhouse 10477 Lombardy Lane Dallas 214.366.2000 PappaBros.com

60 • MAR 20

iners who walk into Pappa Bros. Steakhouse on Restaurant Row — a 3-mile stretch off I-35E that is home to more than 100 eateries — can immediately feel a mood switch once they open the door. The bustle of outside falls to the elegant yet homey restaurant before them. With white table cloths, dark wood-paneled walls and both expensive bottles of wine and family photos lining the interior, it’s easy to feel a part of the energy that makes up the premier steakhouse. And that inviting nature has been a part of the fabric that has built this family-owned fine dining destination into a

steakhouse staple — not only in the Metroplex but also in the country. Pappas Restaurants, Inc. opened its first concept in 1976 with a goal of building on its family’s history in the industry. Harris and Chris Pappas drew inspiration from their grandfather, H.D. Pappas, who left Greece in 1897 to come to America and pursue his culinary dreams. H.D. opened restaurants throughout Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas, creating a legacy of quality and service that ran through his family. So when Harris and Chris came together to carry out and grow that family legacy, they knew they wanted to have that same dedication to customer experience.



That’s tangible even while just taking in the ambiance at Dallas’ Pappa Bros. Steakhouse. With friendly yet knowledgeable staff buzzing around the restaurant, sizzling steaks consistently coming out of the kitchen and local families celebrating special occasions, it’s easy to feel swept away with all of the excitement that awaits. “We want to provide a worry-free dining experience, one that leads you through the evening. And of course, prepared to be blown away by the in-house dry-aged beef,” Pappas Bros. Steakhouse Dallas general manager Rick Turner says. Before evaluating the list of impressive cuts, which recently landed Pappa Bros. at No. 4 on “The Daily Meal’s” list of “America’s 50 Best Steakhouses,” take a moment to browse through the wine list. With more than 3,500 selections stretching from bold imported reds to domestic bottles, including some from Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, New York and Virginia, there’s bound to be an option worth trying. Need guidance? Pappa Bros. has several trained sommeliers on staff ready to recommend the glass to match your preferences. “Our wine list has been an evolution over the past 25 years,” Turner says. “It’s been our dedication to quality and to a wine program that’s incomparable to others that’s driven our ambition to grow the wine program. As interest in wine in America has grown, we have grown with it.” After choosing your drink of choice, explore the kitchen’s selections by starting out with a few delicious appetizers. The lobster deviled eggs speak to the comfort and luxury available throughout the menu. While the chilled seafood tower with oysters, shrimp, Maine lobster and stone crab claws act as an extravagant yet elegant introduction into any meal. But don’t fill up before getting to the main act. Pappa Bros. offers corn-fed, USDA prime steaks, each of which comes in fresh and ready to be cut by the restaurant’s in-house butchers. “We buy directly from the processor, and it is officially in our control — from four to seven days after harvest all the way to serving it on the plate,” Turner says. “Unlike many other steakhouses, there is no middleman in the process. When it comes to our door, we control the process from there on out.” Part of that process is the steakhouse’s in-house dry aging. Each cut is placed in a humidity-controlled freezer for at least 28 days to ensure the final product is both juicy and nutty. Turner says that attention to detail and commitment to excellence helps Pappa Bros. stand out from others in the area. “We didn’t invent it, but as one of the classic steakhouses in America, dry aging had to be an integral part of our concept,” Turner says. With sides like au gratin potatoes, roasted wild mushrooms and creamed spinach, it’ll be hard to save room for dessert, but you should. Whether you go with one of the steakhouse’s dessert and dessert wine pairings, like the creme brulee with a rare Muscat out of Australia, or commit to the pecan pie served with praline ice cream, each sweet acts as a sign off to a noteworthy night out.


MAR 20 • 61


Plant-Based Treats

DessertsRx Disrupts The Sweets Industry After sliding a spoon through one of DessertsRx’s organic noCheeseCake Jars, guests will see its silky texture and bright flavors replicate the iconic treat. However, all the Colleyville sweet shop’s products are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free on top of being organic and free of GMOs. With delicious desserts made with healthy ingredients, DessertsRx is changing the game when it comes to sweets. Longtime Colleyville resident Dorothy Warda opened DessertsRx’s first location in November with her husband, Simon, and two teenagers, Alex and Nina, after evaluating their own dietary habits. A few years back, Nina started experiencing an array of scary symptoms. After Dorothy spent months taking her daughter from doctor to doctor without any diagnosis, she took Nina’s health into her own hands. “I was completely terrified,” Dorothy says. “I couldn't find an answer. So I tried to change her diet, and all of a sudden, her symptoms were gone.” After seeing that dramatic change, the entire Warda family switched their ways. By eliminating sugar and GMOs while also following a plant-based diet, the family felt like they were replenishing their bodies while also keeping them healthy. But Dorothy wanted to do more. She left her job in real estate and started studying food at schools like The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. “I was just thinking people are living in their houses, but first and foremost, they are living in their bodies,” Dorothy says. After taking in so much information, she encouraged her entire family to join her coursework, which now means that all four Wardas are nutrition coaches and plant-based chefs. They then worked together to build out their desserts for DessertsRx. By using superfoods, vegetables and creamy bases like cashew and coconut, DessertsRx treats provide plenty of flavor while satisfying those sweet cravings. The organic coconut cream jar, which comes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, is made with monk fruit and organic agave, resulting in a sweet and velvety treat that’s easy for kids and adults alike to enjoy. The noCheeseCake comes in eight flavors, from caffe latte to orange vanilla, and is packed with protein and essential vitamins. Some of their treats, like their dessert spheres, also have vegetables hidden inside that don’t impact the flavor but add a healthy boost — like the green tea matcha moringa sphere made with spinach. You don’t need a dietary restriction to enjoy these appetizing yet healthy desserts. And thanks to their new location on 620 Main St. opening soon and plans to expand throughout the Metroplex, it’ll be even easier to opt in for a good-for-you sweet.

DessertsRx 8300 Precinct Line Road, Suite 104 Colleyville 817.966.6676 DessertsRx.com

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Your Pot of Gold

Free Bundtlet


with the purchase of a Bundtlet Southlake 339 N. Carroll Avenue Southlake, TX 76092

(817) 416-6228 Southlake 339 N. Carroll Avenue Southlake, TX 76092 (817) 416-6228 HOURS OF OPERATION Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 8:00pm Sat: 10:00am - 6:00pm HOURSSun: OFClosed OPERATION

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No expiration. Limit one coupon per guest. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Redeemable only at the bakery listed. Must be claimed in-bakery during normal business hours. No cash value.


MAR 20 • 63

date NIGHT

Date Night In Terminal D


whre to dine before

the wheels go up Options seem endless on vacation, but getting there is a different story. While layovers and delays may not sound like the best start to your romantic getaway, a few extra hours at DFW International Airport should not go wasted. Whether you have half an hour or a full day to waste after clearing security, travelers are sure to find diverse dining options within walking distance. While the list of prestigious names that have a presence in Terminal D is long, here are a few places to check out before heading to your gate.



Brewed, one of Fort Worth’s trendiest coffee shops and bistros, opened its outpost at D25 last year. Now locals can enjoy quality espresso drinks, hot teas and cocktails before their flights. Whether you share a pour-over or try one of their signature drinks — like the London Fog Latte made with Earl Grey tea, honey and steamed milk — it’s a great place for a pick-me-up. And thanks to its quirky interior and cozy ambiance, guests can sit back and feel at ease while sipping on their drink of choice. Brewed also has shareables made from scratch as well as breakfast favorites like biscuits, waffles and grits, each providing that warmth you’d expect out of “Fort Worth’s living room.” BrewedFW.com


Travel from one of Fort Worth’s favorites to a Dallas dining staple by heading over to D31. Shinsei, a PanAsian concept, has been serving precise plates in North Dallas for more than 10 years. And now, it is offering a few of its favorites within DFW. Airport sushi may not sound appetizing, but Shinsei’s pressed rolls are made with the same high quality ingredients diners can expect at its flagship. Order the steam buns and crispy Brussels sprouts to get a feel for Shinsei’s flavor combinations. Or to try something only available at the outpost, the noodle bowls are both delicious and filling. To get a sampling of different bites, the outpost offers bento boxes as well as grab-andgo dishes that are perfect for busy travelers. But thanks to its exotic interior and sleek decor, diners can spend a few hours at Shinsei and feel transported before flying out. ShinseiRestaurant.com


64 • MAR 20


For a treat that also acts as a great southern send off, Stampede66 Express at D27 is your final destination. The full-service Stephan Pyles restaurant is located in Allen, but DFW travelers can enjoy a few of his iconic dishes like his spicy BBQ pork ribs, hickory-smoked Texas Wagyu beef brisket and pulled pork barbacoa. But the dessert selection is what helps Stampede66 stand out. Its signature pecan pie makes for a great dessert to share. But with its sweet and salty ingredients and buttery crust, you won’t want to. For a treat you can take on the go, opt in for their gooey chocolate chip cookies, just like your mama made them. Both of these desserts accomplish the same thing: They make it hard to forget you are dining out in Texas but easy to overlook you are doing it in an airport. Stampede66Restaurant.com



now open in southlake and keller, texas! Home, of the 45-min, low-impact, full body rowing workout, on and off the rower.

try a free class! Yoga • Childcare • Retail 817.410.7770 1431 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 519 (Central Market Plaza) @theyogastudioslk • theyogastudiosouthlake.com

2600 E. Southlake Blvd., Ste. 164 Southlake, TX 76092 1411 Keller Pkwy., Ste. 700, Keller, TX 76248

P: 817-541-9250 E: southlake@therowhouse.com

P: 817-541-9260 E: keller@therowhouse.com



OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Saturday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sunday Noon - 8 p.m.

817.421.8777 B ET TE RFASTE RU RG E NTCARE .COM 630 North Kimball Ave Southlake, TX 76092 (corner of Kirkwood & Kimball Ave)


MAR 20 • 65









Robert Bayless, M.D.

EXCELLENCE IN ORTHOPEDICS: Keeps you moving and helps you maintain an active lifestyle.








h Cleane c n ED AN


SI NCE 1992


AND DELIVERY Sheri Hight Brunson, Owner Southlake Alumni, 1975 State Champion

PrecisionOrthoSports.com | BaylessOrtho.com 245 W. State Hwy. 114, Suite 300, Southlake 2120 N. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 100, Irving 972.438.4636


817.481.2316 CinchCleanersTX.com

WHY ARE WE THE FASTEST GROWING PLUMBING AND HVAC IN SOUTHLAKE? 1-hour appointment windows 90.1% on time (the other guys are only on time 72% in a 4-hour window!)


66 • MAR 20


What are you waiting for? billyGO.com billyGO.com |


boarding PASS



Pack your bags now



MAR 20 • 67


BOARDINGPASS frequent flyer miles

Directly From DFW

Take A Trip On One Of DFW Airport’s Newest Direct Flights


FW International Airport has always been known for its options. Now, thanks to the 25 additional nonstop flights that were added in 2019, it’s even more connected. With 260 direct flights spanning the globe and with other destinations like Auckland, New Zealand, coming this fall, it’s easier than ever to go on an airline adventure. So what’re you waiting for? Pack your bags, and get to booking!

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

DFW’s direct flight to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands is one of its most recent additions, joining in December. This four-and-a-half-hour flight is worth all of the Caribbean fun you will have after landing. You can

68 • MAR 20

take the Skyride to Paradise Point 700 feet above the city and soak in an unforgettable view of the island. You can zipline with St. Thomas’ Tree Limin’ Extreme. Or take a stroll up the historic 99 steps, which were built in the 1700s. After you’ve had your fill of the land, dive into the east coast and go scuba diving, powerboating or even flyboarding. When you’re done swimming with the fishes, enjoy authentic Caribbean cuisine like the famous coconut curry lobster at Mim’s Seaside Bistro or native conch at Hook Line & Sinker. VisitUSVI.com

Paris, France

Bonjour, voyageurs. Brush up on your French before you take off for a nine-hour flight to Paris, where


BOARDINGPASS frequent flyer miles you’ll have no shortage of fine dining or extravagant culture. Hit up the Eiffel Tower first to get that Instagram post out of the way, then visit surrounding bistros like Zia, Café Gustave and Terres De Café for a quick coffee break. Hop on a river cruise afterward and travel down the Seine, or go to the Arc de Triomphe for even more beautiful scenes. Explore the city’s exquisite museums such as the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay that showcase ancient 19th and 20th century art. To enjoy beautiful French tunes, you can attend a concert at several exquisite music venues like the Sainte-Chapelle and the L’Olympia.


Liberia, Costa Rica If you dream of swimming the shores of Costa Rica, DFW can get you there quicker with four-hour flights to Liberia. Swim or surf by the iconic Witch’s Rock at Guanacaste Gold Coast, with the waves consistently swelling by at least eight meters. Go spelunking in the dizzying underground cave system, with depths reaching over 240 meters. If you really want an exhilarating thrill, go whitewater rafting on the tumultuous Tenorio River. Back on land, ride horses, pet zebras, feed elephants and see wild giraffes stick their necks out up close at the Ponderosa Adventure Park. You can also take a side adventure with Tio Lee’s coffee harvesting tour or sample homemade craft beers at the family-owned Maderos Brewery. Wherever you go, you won’t find yourself without a moment of excitement in Liberia.


Tokyo, Japan While DFW had flights to Tokyo in the past, they’ve all been to the Narita International Airport, which is about 37 miles outside of central Tokyo. But with DFW’s newest 13-hour direct flight to the Haneda International Airport, you’ll land just nine miles outside of Tokyo Station, making it all the easier to go from travel mode to foodie mode, thanks to the array of local ramen and noodle shops within the city. Attractions are endless once you are in the heart of the town, whether it’s seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming in the Chidorigafuchi gardens or visiting the world’s tallest tower at the 2,080-foot Tokyo Skytree. You can also visit some of the city’s ancient fortresses, such as the Imperial Palace and the Sensōji Temple. No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, Tokyo has it all — including a convenient airport close by. GoTokyo.org


MAR 20 • 69


23rd Annual NCL Fashion Show & Benefit

Sunday | March 22 | 2:30 PM HURST CONFERENCE CENTER


Battered Women’s Foundation Christmas is for Children GRACE - Feed Our Kids House of Shine Humane Society of North Texas Metroport Meals on Wheels Mid-Cities Christmas Providers Miracle League of Southlake National Ovarian Cancer Coalition North Texas Community Table Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation Special Olympics Stepping Stones Foundation Summer Santa

FOR TICKETS & SPONSORSHIPS VISIT: Southlake.NationalCharityLeague.org

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Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give. 70 • MAR 20



arts and CULTURE



Did we stutter?



MAR 20 • 71


The Sandman Is Back! Laugh Out Loud In Real Life With Adam Sandler


ama would be so proud. Adam Sandler has gone from stuttering, baby-voice Bobby in “The Waterboy” to one of the most famous comedians of our time, starring, writing and producing dozens of films throughout his 30-year career. This month, the Sandman is returning to the work that made him famous: telling jokes live on stage. Expect original songs, quips about home life, hilarious comments about the world, surprise guests and (whether you like it or not) that awkwardly funny baby voice. Three decades ago, Adam Sandler was just a silly 20-something on “Saturday Night Live.” Early ’90s fans loved his quirky sense of humor and funny original songs, such as “The Hanukkah Song,” “Lunch Lady Land” and all the ridiculous tunes sung as the Opera Man. From there, he started building his illustrious portfolio with now-iconic movies like “Billy Madison,” “Happy Gilmore,” “The Wedding Singer,” “Big Daddy,” “50 First Dates,” “Grown Ups” and last year’s “Murder Mystery” with Jennifer Aniston. But this multi-talented man didn’t just stop at comedies; he also took on several serious roles in dramas such as “Spanglish” and “Uncut Gems.” In 2015, he signed a deal with Netflix to make four original movies, the first of which (“The Ridiculous 6”) was viewed more times in a month than any other movie in Netflix history at the time. His contract with the streaming service was renewed, and Sandler also released a standup special with them in 2018, “100% Fresh.” Whether you love him or love to hate him, Adam Sandler has definitely made a mark on pop culture throughout his life — while making millions of people laugh in the process. The chance to see this hilariously relatable comedian perform live is truly a gift. Open it with glee!


Date: March 21, 2020 Location: Winstar World Casino

72 • MAR 20



Dan + Shay Make Us Speechless

One Of Country’s Most Popular Duos Heads To Dallas


wo guys + three albums + over 3 billion streams worldwide = Dan + Shay’s first-ever arena tour! This swoony country duo went from opening for fellow country stars — Hunter Hayes, Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts and Florida Georgia Line to name a few — to headlining their own shows across North America. See them live as they perform at American Airlines Center this month, playing hits from their sweet-sounding country-pop repertoire, including “All to Myself,” “From the Ground Up” and “Tequila” (the most-streamed song of 2018). Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney met in Nashville in 2012 and released their first album, “Where It All Began,” less than 18 months later. Its sweet sound and bubbly lyrics were a hit and fans loved their easyto-listen-to-vibe and fresh lyrics. From there, Dan + Shay’s fame continued to rise. They released two more albums, including their latest, a self-titled album featuring the triple platinum-certified No. 1 single


“Speechless.” In 2019, they won their first Grammy for “Tequila;” racked up several Billboard, ACM, CMT and Teen Choice Awards; and recorded a hit with popstar Justin Bieber (“10,000 Hours”), which reached 30 million streams within its first 48 hours. Both “10,000 Hours” and “Speechless” reached 200,000 million streams on Spotify in January, cementing their status as one of the most enjoyed country bands of our time. Celebrate spring by jamming out to Dan + Shay. In a season of growth and beauty, Dan + Shay brings all that and more to the stage, showcasing all the ways they’ve evolved since “19 You + Me.” It’s been over 50,000 hours since their first album came out, and we would spend 50,000 more listening to this amazing group.


Date: March 21, 2020 Location: American Airlines Center

MAR 20 • 73

ARTS & CULTURE events IN THE NEWSROOM MARCH 5-15 AT&T PERFORMING ARTS CENTER | Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of a newsroom? Brigham Mosley and Janielle Kastner wanted to find out, so they spent hundreds of hours shadowing employees of “The Dallas Morning News.” Their result: “Playwrights in the Newsroom!” See this original play at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, where you can learn what it really means to seek the truth and report it in the era of Twitter and #FakeNews. In the process, you might just learn a little something about justice, democracy and the importance of journalism.


mar 10-22

MARCH 10-22


mar 6-8

MUSIC HALL AT FAIR PARK | After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, approximately 7,000 passengers were stranded in a small town in Newfoundland while the airports were shut down. This amazing true story is captured in the award-winning musical, “Come From Away,” showing at Fair Park this month. You’ll get goosebumps watching this tense story unfold as different cultures clash and unlikely friendships are formed through the power of music, dancing and surviving tragedy. This heartwarming musical reminds us true American spirit is welcoming to everyone.

FAIR PARK | Green beer pairs well with Irish stew, four-leaf clover necklaces and live music. Don your favorite green apparel and join the community for the North Texas Irish Festival this month. As one of the largest such festivals in the country, you will find everything Irish from cultural dancing to Celtic storytelling to girls in green tutus and guys in kilts. This familyfriendly event is beloved by the Irish and the Irish-for-a-day thanks to its traditional food, 5K run, cultural performances on 13 different stages and more. Be sure to check out the sheepherding, whiskey tasting, chalk art and horse shows while you’re there. HOLI MELA MARCH 7 SOUTHFORK RANCH | Rainbows come down to earth in an explosion of color at the Holi Mela — Dallas Festival of Colors. Pink hair, orange faces, yellow shirts and blue shoes are common at this amazing spring event. Inspired by the ancient Hindu festival where participants toss colored dust at each other, Holi Mela is a celebration of life, differences and the love that brings everyone together, regardless of nationality, religion, sex or any other factor. Run the 5K course at 9 a.m. — where you will start with a white shirt and finish covered in an array of vibrant hues. Later, attend the color party with live music, dancers and Indian street food.

74 • MAR 20


mar 14

MARCH 14 DALLAS | St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! Celebrate by running in the 25th annual Dash Down Greenville 5K in Dallas. During this fun race, everyone dresses in green and rocks the free event T-shirt that reads “Run, then paddy!” Whether you race to try to win the cash prizes or you just want the free beer, you will definitely have a good time. Afterward, play spike ball, beer pong and corn hole, enter the tutu contest, compete in the donuteating contest or just hang out enjoying the spirit of the Irish.


“Very knowledgeable of the local market and proven track record. Responsiveness and attentiveness was exceptional.” THE OFFICE! A MUSICAL PARODY MARCH 14

mar 14

– Franklin

MAJESTIC THEATRE | A stapler in a bowl of Jell-O. A paper salesman longing after a receptionist. “That’s what she said” jokes. Beet jokes. Assistant to the regional manager jokes. It’s “The Office! A Musical Parody!” This fun play stars all of your favorite characters from the Emmy-winning NBC show: Jim, Pam, Dwight, Kelly, Meredith, Kevin and, of course, Michael. This hilarious production will have you laughing as hard as the series did, as you get to see a regular day at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company being filmed by a documentary crew. This unauthorized parody is exactly what “The Office” fans need in their lives (other than to erase the memory of Scott’s Tots forever). STADIUM BLITZ MARCH 14 GERALD J. FORD STADIUM | Get your head in the game while also supporting CISD when Stadium Blitz comes to Dallas this month. This traveling obstacle course will set up at Southern Methodist University in March to give people an up-close look at the stadium while also pushing their stamina and fitness ability. The day will include a 5K course through the SMU stadium as well as through its practice facility. Over that stretch, there will be 15 obstacles including hurdles, a ladder drill and weight sleds. EASTON CORBIN MARCH 21 BILLY BOB’S TEXAS | Ten years ago this month, Easton Corbin released his debut self-titled album, featuring two No. 1 singles “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It.” During the last decade, he’s had six top 10 hits, released two more albums (including the No. 1 “About To Get Real”) and released “Raising Humans” in partnership with Companions for Heroes, which pairs active-duty military personnel and veterans with animals from shelters. Fans love his amazing voice, authentic lyrics and beautiful heart. Help him celebrate a decade in country music by seeing his show at Billy Bob’s this month.


1111 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 460, Southlake 817.528.4606 • dan.holmes@evrealestate.com ©2020 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. This advertisement is not an offering of a franchise, and where required by law, an offering can only be made 14 days after delivery of applicable franchise disclosure document.

MAR 20 • 75

local events

ARTS & CULTURE events RUBY SLIPPER SOIREE FAN EXPO DALLAS MARCH 27-29 KAY BAILEY HUTCHISON CONVENTION CENTER | What happens when the four hobbits, Weird Al and Mr. Sulu are all in the same room together? Find out at Fan Expo Dallas! This event is designed for comic book lovers, pop culture enthusiasts, gamers and anyone interested in sci-fi and fantasy. This year’s Fan Expo will feature many celebrity guests including Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Weird Al Yankovic, George Takei, Brendan Fraser, stars from “Saved By The Bell” (including Mario Lopez) and stars from “Arrow” (including Stephen Amell). You can also meet voice actors and comic book creators, dress up in cosplay in honor of your favorite character, attend informative workshops and score one-of-a-kind merchandise. IMAGE, IMBUE, BARTOK MARCH 27-29 TEXAS BALLET THEATRE | Gold colors, modern lines and fantastic stories blend together in Texas Ballet Theatre’s production of “Image, Imbue, Bartok.” These three shows will be performed one after another in a seamless transition from timeless to abstract, choreographed by Ben Stevenson and Garrett Smith. “Image” is a bright, upbeat show about the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. “Imbue” grips the audience with its minimalistic, sharp performances. “Bartok” provides a playful, moody show utilizing unique backdrops, music and movement for a fantastic experience. This one-of-a-kind ballet will entertain and inspire you until the very end.

MARCH 5 THE MARQ The Mid-Cities Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae prove there’s no place like home during the sixth annual Ruby Slipper Soiree. The night will include food, wine, the season’s latest fashions and much more. Don’t forget to sport your favorite pair of red shoes. SPRING FORWARD WITH FLORALS AND FABRICS MARCH 7 CALICO — SOUTHLAKE Embrace the new season by learning about the fun of flower arranging this month. Alice’s Table provides the florals, vases and tools, so all you need to do is purchase a ticket and show up ready to work on a stunning centerpiece. THE REJUV GREAT GALA 2020 MARCH 28 SOLANA MARRIOTT For an enchanting evening filled with dinner, dancing, entertainment and a silent auction, purchase a ticket to The Rejuv Great Gala. The organization has set a goal to raise $80,000 this year to benefit The Gatehouse.

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A icke ur au age o sell more t .com Lever eStyle and uthlak o S @ 17tix AIL 8 or EM .com ix t 17 8 VISIT

. .like no other

76 • MAR 20



Put on your Boogie Shoes for the

April 3 Hilton Southlake Town Square

Presented by:



home STYLE Playing With Distinct Textures


hile looks might seem like the obvious first priority in design, touch is a close second. The textures inside a room help elevate its energy, providing some visual weight that keeps the eye interested. Whether it’s through material choices or knickknack purchases, there are plenty of opportunities to play with textural elements throughout a room.


Available in an array of different fabrics, patterns, colors and sizes, area rugs provide a great textural foundation for a space. While many feel the urge to cover an entire floor with one large variety, experimenting with layering rugs adds some textural interest into the space. Stacking a plush faux sheepskin over a coarse, handwoven wool rug will not only offer a comfortable walking space but also some contrasting textures that will make the whole room feel dynamic. Be sure to start small with this trend — too many can often be too much.


Chandeliers, floor lamps, pendant lights, wall sconces… the list of ways to brighten a room go on and on. Proper lighting options are not only functional components to every interior but also help establish a room’s feel. Whether the goal is a glossy, slick look or a warm, cozy environment, the amount, placement and color of lights informs the room’s overall texture and helps set up focal points. So shake up a flat room by adding accent lighting. A minimalistic downlight can place a subtle spotlight on an important painting, while a few hanging pendants can provide a concentrated glow over a dining room table.


Whether a room’s current walls are covered in canvases or completely bare, textured wall art can bring some sophistication to a space. Wood-grain designs offer a warm, neutral palate while iron pieces can fall into a more cold, sleek aesthetic. Shadow boxes are an ideal way to showcase family memories in a sophisticated fashion, all while adding a new shape into the room. But pieces don’t need to be 3D to carry texture. Playful graphic wallpapers can also provide a new texture to a space. There’s no one way to play with texture, and that’s part of the fun.

MAR 20 • 79





80 • MAR 20


Colon cancer is preventable. Schedule your screening today.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Texas Health Southlake utilizes the latest in technology to provide services such as colonoscopies and colorectal cancer screenings. Various specialists such as gastroenterologists, surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and nutritionalists collaborate to provide a unified approach to patient treatments. Find a full listing of our colorectal services and doctors at TexasHealthSouthlake.com. At Texas Health Southlake, our story is about a journey. A culture. A family. Since opening our doors in 2004, we’ve become a highly respected, award-winning, acute care facility with more than 350 attending physicians in over 18 specialties. One thing has always remained the same: our mission to promote exemplary health care, compassion, innovation and personal service to all we serve. Our outpatient physical therapy centers are located in Bedford, N. Fort Worth and Southlake.

1545 E. Southlake Blvd. 817-416-6155

Southlake, TX 76092


The physicians on the medical staff of Texas Health Southlake are independent practitioners and are not employees or agents of the Hospital. Some physicians have an ownership investment in the Hospital.


MAR 20 • 81



Guiding You Home in Southlake. 800 Hanover Drive Timarron | Southlake 4 BD | 3 BA | 3,431 SQFT

220 Highland Oaks Circle Timarron | Southlake 4 BD | 4 BA | 4,106 SQFT

All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, condition, sale, or withdrawal without notice. All measurements and square footages are approximate, but not guaranteed and should be independently veriďŹ ed. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal, accounting or other professional advice outside the realm of real estate brokerage. Compass is a licensed real estate broker. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Profile for Southlake Style Magazine

Southlake Style March 2020  

Southlake Style March 2020