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WHEN EVERYDAY IS HALLOWEEN MEET OUR ENSEMBLE MICHELLE PEREZCAMPBELL Michelle got her start performing as a teen, playing the role of Mary in a church Christmas program. She was not only smitten by the acting bug; she was smitten by the lad who played Joseph. They married, now have two children, and serve in music, media and youth ministries. A gifted vocalist, Michelle uses her musical talents as a worship leader, choral director and harmonizing with Vikki Myers and Carla Brown to form

I bet you get a lot of crap about your name!” mused the car rental clerk while typing my driver’s license number.

When she eventually into my face, my countenance did not resemble my smiling mugshot, but the eerie visage of a movie character who begin haunting Jamie Lee Curtis in a 1978, and subsequently me in real life encounters as this for the last 40 years. I have special responses for those who check my ID in travel. There are ironies about my name. It’s not just that Michael Myers the fictional slasher killer is spelled exactly the same as mine — with one E — instead of the usual misspelling of MEYers. There’s confusion with the other guy. The human with the mini-me nomenclature — Mike Myers of “Saturday Night Live,” “Austin Powers,” and the rest. In many ways this reality has been nightmarish since we both arrived at The Second City theater in Chicago in the late ‘80s, are both SAGAFTRA members, and have mutual acquaintances. Like, lukewarm introductions, “I thought you were Mike Myers, the actor.” “I am Mike Myers the actor,” I explain. “I mean, you know....” “Yes, I know.” Cue the chain saw.

KINGDOM IMPACT THEATER MINISTRIES Michael Edgar Myers Founding Director Vikki J. Myers Worship Director Garlan Garner Musical Director 1723 Roosa Lane Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 847-534-0523


Whether instigated by Austin Powers, The Slasher Killer, or my own insecurities, being me hasn’t been easy. I’ve often wondered about my identity. I cope by creating my own fun. The car rental clerk’s face responding to my deadpan? I howled. Each October when there’s a Michael Myers “Halloween” bingefest or, better yet, another sequel (including this month, a Jamie Lee reprisal) , I’m tempted to make guest appearances and bag scads of candy from children fleeing my house. Yet, my skewed sense of self has created other opportunities. I see the Spirit in Halloween which counters the spirit of Halloween. So this month, the KITnKaboodle Magazine offers thoughts to help Christ-followers wrestling with the question of how Christians may respond to Halloween. Not how we should. Not how we ought. No judgments. Just some stories. Like the story by ensemble member Carla Brown, reflecting on being a Christian engaged in Halloween as a child, a mom, and public school teacher. We’re also preparing our own “Halloween” sequel, recording a holy ghost scene we performed during a Sunday Service of Worship long ago to go with writing new material and scripture dramatizations. In fact, in accordance with our motto, “The best script is Scripture.” here’s an idea for you and your family: spend time this month reading scriptures referencing The Holy Spirit or, in the King James, “the Holy Ghost.” Read them aloud. Tell us what you discover. The purpose is to help you see what I’ve discovered: it’s easier to take a lot of crap about your name when your identity is in Him first instead of you. I take 2 Corinthians 5:17 to heart. On the other hand, my name really causes kids to behave when I’m teaching. So why does Jamie Lee keep blocking my calls?

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