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Discover South Australia

Wine Tasting, Barossa Valley

7 Night Murray Lands & Wildlife Cruise

SET SAIL: Jul 2024 - Mar 2025

On the grand paddle-wheel vessel the Murray Princess, you will experience a great variety of sights and sounds of river life, the beauty of its ever-changing landscape

DEPART: 18 October 2024

Experience the Ultimate welcome dinner at Penfolds Magill Estate - Visit six wineries in the Barossa and McLaren Vale regions- Wade into the water to sample freshly shucked Coffin Bay oysters

3 Nights & 4 Day Car Hire Plus More!

TRAVEL: Jul - 18 Dec 2024

Experience the rugged & ancient landscape of the Flinders Ranges that inspires its peoples and reveals the story of life on earth. Enjoy fine food & wine at the award-winning Woolshed. From $1,415*per person MURRAY RIVER. ADELAIDE LANEWAYS. BAROSSA VALLEY. FLINDERS RANGES Murraylands & Wildlife Flavours of South Australia Rawnsley Park Station Fully Escorted Small Group 4 Night Tour

From $5,666*pp Stateroom

From $5,279*per person

Editor's Note

Snuggle up

Skis and snowboards are being waxed, thermal clothing acquired, and winter leisure pursuits planned. Along with wind and rain, snow has already blanketed various regions, and there are forecasts of more to come, compliments of El Niño.

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That’s welcome news for some, unwelcome for others who prefer warmer climes. Many fly to more tropical countries during winter, and that’s great until you arrive home to freezing temperatures.

Snuggling up at home in front of a warm fire on a wet winter day is hard to beat. Even better, relax with a magazine, one of the latest paperback books, or put your headphones on, close your eyes and enjoy your favourite music.

We’ve passed the shortest day now, although traditionally some of our coldest weather comes from mid-winter to spring. That means plenty of time for rest and relaxation, and for diving into the pages of Metropol. This issue is full of great reading, inspirational stories and ideas, from where

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Timeless Elegance

Two redundancies, a separation, the launch of her business, yet multimedia master

Wilhelmina Shrimpton is thriving, writes Metropol Deputy Editor Nina Tucker.

Hectic” is normal programming for Wilhelmina. When she lists the number of things she’s working on daily, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed.

Broadcasting and reporting, fill-in hosting at various newsrooms, media trainings and meetings with spokespeople and corporates, MC gigs, writing, managing PR clients, and creating social media content are all things Wilhelmina can be found doing, at no specific time of the day, or location. Just a few weeks ago, she sat next to me at Breast Cancer Cure’s Christchurch Fashion for a Cure show. The next morning she was already back in Auckland. Throw in taxes and accounts, hitting the gym, fulfilling hobbies, seeing friends and family, and it’s a wonder how anyone could squeeze it all in.

That’s the result after everything that could change in a person’s life... does. She was up against two redundancies with no passion strong enough to commit to anything else fulltime. Backed into a corner, Wilhelmina had to put faith in herself. She launched Wils & Co. Media, and it turned out to be the best thing she could have done, for both her career and herself. “I decided that a whole bunch of smaller things put together actually made up the big thing, and that it would be an incredibly smart move given the seismic shift, change and uncertainty within the media industry.

to support my old mates and colleagues while they navigate this incredibly tough time.” While the landscape shifts, so does she, to keep up with each change. “I often find myself now grieving the good old gnarly industry I once knew and loved,” she says.

Life as an investigative journalist for the now shutdown Today FM was no picnic, and managing her own business has taken it up another notch. “For some people being pulled in so many directions would be an absolute nightmare, but I find myself in a state of complete flow when I’m bouncing at my limit.”

From that journalism career, she wears some impressive accolades. A Voyager Media Awards and NZ Radio Awards finalist, having won both Best News Journalist and Best Long Form Video at the latter in 2023, and again for Best Long Form video this year, Wilhelmina soared in only a short time at Today FM. “It was such a privilege that so many people opened up their homes and lives to me and trusted me with their stories. The thing with news is that no story is too big or too small, and there’s so much power in giving people a voice.” Losing her role as Investigations Editor and host, her dream job, felt impossible when each story was such an emotional investment.

“The thing with news is that no story is too big or too small, and there’s so much power in giving people a voice.”

“If you create multiple revenue streams, then you’re less likely to feel the blow when one falls over.” Always afraid of starting her own business–and doing her taxes, she soon found broadcasting opportunities and PR clients coming in. “It was a huge and daunting move for me to go out on my own, and one that I never would have considered were it not for the closure of Today FM,” she reflects. The road has been long and winding, and will continue to be, however, Wilhelmina knows people will always crave stories and content.

Diversity of skills was key in such a seismic media environment. “I’m a broadcaster and journalist by trade, but so many of those skills are transferable to other areas.” Plus, her life and career are entirely at her discretion now. “The added bonus of running your own business is that the only person who can make me redundant now is me,” she laughs. Wilhelmina untilised the networks she built throughout life as a journalist and in other areas. “There’s a lot of value in their knowledge and often all it takes is an hour and a cup of co ee, or a spicy marg [margarita], to hatch a plan and get a bit of direction.”

The turbulence of the current media and journalism industry is something she thinks about often, mourning the cuts at multiple media outlets. “It feels awful not being in the trenches right now

With resilience and a strong support network, Wilhelmina wiped her tears after each setback.

“Through all the light and brilliant experiences there were some really dark times where I honestly believed things wouldn’t be okay.” Having built the life she always dreamed of, Wilhelmina says she’s the happiest she’s ever been.

A life in the public eye hasn’t been all glamorous. Sometimes, being glamorous was a bad thing. Wilhelmina says there is a misconception that comes from loving fashion. “Some people’s perceptions are that if you’re a bit glam, you can’t be taken seriously despite news often being a visual medium and the expectation being that you present yourself well,” she explains. It’s a shame because fashion is her creative outlet. Determined to foster a change in that narrative, Wilhelmina says, “You can wear bright colours or a sparkly dress, and be an entrepreneur, a scientist, politician, doctor or a serious journalist; these things are not mutually exclusive.”

Referring to him as the “love of my life,” Wilhelmina says she and new partner Ben O’Kee e are each others best friend and biggest fans. She tells me that their two insanely busy schedules mould well. After walks, swimming, and cooking, they’re happy with a movie night and “a few dirty beige snacks”.

Just spending time together is more than enough,” she says. With a house so close to the beach, they’re anticipating a summer spent largely in the water. There’s more to come, but for now, Wilhelmina is focused on being her own boss at

Piano Man:

Marcus Norman

Newly appointed director of The Piano, Marcus Norman is returning to Ōtautahi after more than a decade away. Metropol writer Joseph Harper spoke to him about his vision for Christchurch’s destination venue and his passion for enabling the arts to flourish.

When asked about formative moments in his indoctrination into the performing arts, Marcus cites an experience which will be familiar to many who grew up in the Garden City.

“I remember taking part in the Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival. There’s something quite amazing about being part of a massed choir of over a thousand primary school children every night,” he says. “Being part of that collective musicmaking experience has stuck with me.”

That sense of awe from the potential and power of live music is something that radiates from Marcus when you speak to him about his work and the arts in general. “I think I bring a desire and a passion to enable accessible arts experiences. I have a commitment to ensuring the arts flourish.”

This month he is returning to Christchurch, the city where he was born and raised to take the reins as director of The Piano - the stunning performing arts venue in the CBD.

Marcus has fond memories of his youth here and the role of music in his life. “From the very beginning, music has always been a part of my life. Growing up in a musical family and having music being played, it was just always a part of day-today life. It really feels like it’s something that’s part of who I am as a person as much as a professional.”

stints as the general manager of both the New Zealand String Quartet, and The Dust Palace Circus Company & School, time as a scheduler and presenter on Radio New Zealand Concert, and a move to Auckland to support his husband’s career as contrabassoonist of the Auckland Philharmonia.

Marcus is excited about his return south. “It’s a really vibrant place to be – the rest of New Zealand just needs to know that. There’s so much amazing stu going on and it definitely punches well above its weight.” He already has a lofty vision for the venue and the cultural value a space like The Piano can provide.

“I feel like the Piano is one of those aspirational and inspirational meeting points for the city. A real catalyst for social cohesion and cultural enjoyment and cultural value. I’d like it to be a truly accessible community space that people feel is theirs and is for them.” He also speaks very highly of the work outgoing director

“It’s like paying for really great headphones and suddenly hearing music like you’ve never heard it before.”

As a young man, he left his home to study as a performance clarinetist, first in Wellington and eventually in the United Kingdom. “At that time, that was absolutely what I wanted to do. What I saw myself being was a professional performer.”

Eventually though, performance gave way to a new passion after he took up the prestigious Pettman DARE Fellowship through New Zealand Opera and Opera North in Leeds. “That’s how I got my foot into music administration and arts management. It was a really exciting turning point for me. It was when I discovered what arts management was. I experienced being a part of creating experiences – seeing ideas through from start to finish, conception and completion, and enabling music for the community.” This led to a role with the Southbank Sinfonia (now Sinfonia Smith Square) which he says cemented his passion for arts development.

After returning to Aotearoa, Marcus put together what he describes as a “portfolio career”. This included

Bronwyn Bijl has done to tune up The Piano into a world-class, destination venue. “It’s a real privilege to be continuing on her incredible work – not just with The Piano but with the wider arts community in Christchurch. She’s passing the baton and I very proudly take it forward.”

When asked what makes the venue special, one word springs to Marcus’ mind: acoustics.

“The quality of the sound is so vibrant. It’s so clear and warm that it really enhances the music making, and the listening experience. It’s like paying for really great headphones and suddenly hearing music like you’ve never heard it before.”

The vision he holds for the venue is a beautiful one. “For me it’s about those third spaces, the public spaces, the ones where people gather and see each other outside of home or work.

There’s something about a public venue that inspires you to enjoy or create that is just so important for the health of a city.” If he can make that vision a reality, the whole city is sure to benefit.

New Avon-Ōtākaro Forest sensory nature play park

Two Christchurch businesses, that played a huge part in Christchurch’s post-earthquake regeneration, have teamed up to revitalise part of the city’s red zone.

Ayear ago, Hummingbird Co ee provided more than $60,000 to environmental green space experts, The Green Lab, to create a leading accessible sensory nature space in Christchurch, Te Kohanga Taiao Sensory Nature Play Park, which opened in early June.

The joint project has brought a deserted residential playground on Brooker Ave, Burwood back to life as a nature haven, designed to encourage a deeper connection with the environment and with sustainability, accessibility and biodiversity in mind.

Nestled within Avon-Ōtākaro Forest Park Trust plantings, the park encourages children to discover nature by feeling di erent textures of leaves and wood, smelling native plant aromas, and listening to natural sounds such as tapping on wood and rustling leaves.

“This kind of opportunity to invent play, to utilise found materials and discover interesting spaces to play are really important for our children’s sense of independence, creativity and confidence,” says

Christchurch City Council play advocate Louise Van Tongeren.

“The play spaces are deliberately set up to inspire children to head o and explore, without being overly prescriptive about what to actually do.”

Children learn through all of their senses, for some that is running and climbing, and others may learn better through sensory elements.

Once a former residential area, the park is now home to multiple wētā ‘hotels’ and ‘apartments’ made at workshops held at Phillipstown Community Hub.

They provide warm, dry spaces where ecologically important native wētā, bees, and wasps can keep safe from predators such as rats and birds.

The park has been designed to increase and encourage greater biodiversity of the area.

A recent ‘bioblitz’ held at the site as part of the City Nature Challenge uncovered more than 100 di erent species of plants, insects, spiders, and fish in just a few hours.

The Forest Park Trust will take on the kaitiaki role of ongoing care and maintenance of the play space.


• An Active Zone for children to balance, climb, jump and crawl in, enlivened by hand-painted murals.

• Accessibility for everyone, including wheelchairs, prams, and picnickers.

• A Sensory Rope Trail to help guide blind and low-vision visitors through the park.

• An interactive Sound Garden with bamboo tubes and a large steel gong drum.

Founded in Christchurch more than 30 years ago, Hummingbird Co ee played a high-profile role in the Re:START container mall, and donated $100,000 to the Court Theatre to help maintain Christchurch city’s cultural life. Since 2005, it has paid more than $10 million in fair trade organic premiums to tens of thousands of growers and their families in 10 countries.

What’s on

Canterbury is alive right now with events for all ages and interests.



Coming to Little Andromeda with his brand new live show, Ray O’Leary’s sharp wit and awkward bravado make his stand-up comedy a must-see.


Enjoy a fun night out with Hornby’s night market every Thursday at The Hub, weather dependent. More than 50 stalls o er everything from delicious eats to interesting crafts.


The Come Together band will recreate the iconic IV by Led Zeppelin, with a bonus set of deep cuts and classic hits.


An evening of aerial arts and incredible performances in the beautiful peforming arts venue Altiora in Te Matatiki Toi Ora The Arts Centre.


Another Kidsfest o ering, see and learn about special wildlife, and pests, who only come out at night, with this seld-guided lantern-lit walk through Pūtaringamotu Riccarton Bush, between 5.30 to 7.30 each evening.


Drop in to the inaugural Selwyn Pet Expo, and find information on a wide range of pets, products to purchase for your own, and live entertainment at West Melton Community and Recreation Centre.



World-class performers blend melodic folk mash-ups, acapella tap battles, and storytelling for a truly Celtic night. Hot o its O -Broadway premiere, this Irish music and dance sensation is coming to the Isaac Theatre Royal.


A mother. A daughter. Three possible dads. Trip to the Greek Islands, listen to iconic ABBA hits, and follow this enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship. It’s a walk down the aisle you will never forget.

Showcasing 18 gardens and two historic homesteads, each as diverse as their owners. Join us!

Paint and snack in North C terbury

Paint and sip is becoming a popular activity choice in spurs of boredom. Yet, finding something beautiful that inspires creative expression when you need it often becomes the obstacle.

Such awe-inspiring views can be found in scenic North Canterbury. However, this destination area requires a small distance to travel, so we introduce a road-tripfriendly alternative, the paint and snack.

North Canterbury’s sweeping landscapes, rolling hills, and snowcapped mountain views become a grand backdrop for a beautiful painting. Choose a crisp winter day, layer up in warm clothing, load the car with crafts and a canvas, and go heavy on snacks. Set up inside your warm car, or choose one of many picturesque parks and domains to lay a picnic

blanket down, or find a convenient table.

To prepare, search the crafts container for watercolours or water-based paint, a range of brushes to achieve multiple techniques, and a paint palette for ease, or purchase supplies on the way.

Go with a classic picnic lunch, or hone in on savoury or sweet morsels. All you have to do is ensure you will enjoy the combination of artistic fun and delicious food.

If it’s a group a air, set a theme, and encourage each person to bring something to eat that corresponds. The last thing to do is paint, and snack.

An invitation from

Census results released in late May saw the Selwyn district win the top spot for New Zealand’s fastest-growing area.

The area has seen a 29% growth increase since 2018, becoming a hotspot for those wanting to break loose from city life. These statistics put the population at 78,144, with 6876 new homes built to accommodate the surge.

The edge of the district’s towns, such as Rolleston, seem to inch farther and farther away from where they were years ago, as paddocks soon become subdivisions. For locals, the subsequent growth means longer rush hour tra c times and busier neighbourhoods, yet the cost of growth is a buzzing community where almost everything becomes more accessible.

Retail precincts and shopping centres have begun to pop up across the district to serve new and long-lived residents. Delicious new eateries, fashion boutiques, beauty salons, and community and wellness centres become a playground of new adventure. If you haven’t already, get reacquainted with the beautiful Selwyn district and discover why it is experiencing such rapid growth.



In addition to a supermarket, the Prebbleton Village Square is a new development o Springs Road, a hub for what locals need. Home to a good variety of eateries and restaurants, retail and medical establishments, and a gym, it is well worth a look.


enjoy are well-catered for. The ‘strip’ on Rolleston’s Tennyson Street is the place to start if you are looking for fresh spots for your tastebuds, with many cuisines and chic restaurants to try.


Rolleston’s popularity is booming, as multiple developments prove. Large chain stores have made their way there, with more in the pipeline. Errand-running or a relaxing day of retail therapy and eats to

In a steady swell, Lincoln has slowly accumulated new developments and precincts, including updates to Lincoln University. Now, o ering everything from fashion and beauty hotspots to takeaway eats or dine-in meals that top o a day of exploring.

Phone or text 027 555 7079

Cameron and the team at Harcourts were wonderful to deal with from start to finish in the sale of our house.

Outstanding communication and engagement. The plan was laid out at the start, agreed upon and delivered. They work at a fast pace, which we liked, and they kept us informed through the whole process.

We sold our house and got a good price, so the proof is in the pudding.

We would have no issue recommending Cameron as a top-quality real estate agent

The Season of


Take your bike track pick


Perseverance is a track enjoyed by all and isn’t as di cult as the name suggests. This trail invites all abilities to enjoy easy riding, with a distance of 1.5km that twirls through and around the beautiful Heritage Forest.


The Swoop trail transitions nicely to a trickier level of biking from the easier trails Hanmer Springs has to o er. With 1.4km of downhill track, tackle twisting corners and undulating terrain through a gentle gradient. Be ready for a sharp corner at the bottom of the track.


Yankee Zephyr is a trail for experienced riders, that snakes between the trees with rolling corners and gravity-fed drops. Appropriately labelled a ‘true treasure’ enjoy all it o ers such as beautiful native bush, two small waterfalls, and a view overlooking the Hanmer Basin. This trail follows 2.1km of uphill climbs and downhill dives, with spots of steep cycling.


Mountain bikes began to appear in New Zealand from the mid 1980s, and now represent probably the most significant “new-use” issue facing managers of areas used for outdoor recreation.


Around one in five Kiwis cycle, which equates to around 21% of the population, according to New Zealand’s Cycling Action Network. The most popular type of cycling is recreational (on-road), followed by o -road cycling, and around 1% cycle competitively.

in Award-Winning

Clarence Lane, 34 Conical Hill Rd, Hanmer Springs 027 432 5914

Ph 03 315 7031

BOOK DIRECT & SAVE: 03 315 5225

20 Chisholm Crescent Hanmer Springs

Shop 4 Chisholm Crescent (in Boulder Point Precinct) Hanmer Springs I Ph.03 315 5383
our large range of fairy doors, houses and accessories instore.
Home to some of the finest artwork in the South Island from over 50 New Zealand artists, including paintings, pottery, wood turning, jewellery, glassware, sculptures & ceramics.
Modern European Kiwi Cuisine at No 31, Hanmer Springs’ Culinary Gem!
31 Amuri Avenue, Hanmer Springs
Located just off of the main street in the centre of the village overlooking Chisholm Reserve from where it is only a few minutes walk to the Thermal Pools, shops, cafes and restaurants. All rooms have air conditioning for the hot summers and heat-pumps plus underfloor tile heating to keep you cosy in the winter. EV charger. Refreshingly local.

Considerations of Buying a Motel Business which is part of a Chain

When buying a motel business that’s part of a Chain, consider these factors:

1. Chain Type: Check if the chain is primarily for marketing or if it exercises broader control. Chains often maintain quality standards and a consistent image across all motels, including exterior colours and interior layouts.

2. Chain Rules: Request a copy of the Chain’s rules and systems. Understand the cost of membership and evaluate if the benefits justify the expense.

3. Member Feedback: Meet with another member of the Chain (not the Vendor) to gauge the benefits and identify any potentially onerous or costly membership requirements.

4. Clientele: Chains with loyal clientele can be beneficial to join.

5. Location: Research the geographical distribution of Chain members. Determine if your motel will be the only one in the area or if nearby members might impact your business. Review the financial performance of the business; consulting an accountant is advisable if you’re uncertain. Motel ownership can offer a great lifestyle, but it’s crucial to select the right motel for your current and future needs. An experienced motel broker can also help you find the ideal business.

and Cecilia Xiao

Athol McCully and Cecilia Xiao

Athol and Cecilia are experienced Business Brokers as a part of New Zealand’s largest team of NAI Harcourts Business Brokers. If you are seeking to buy or sell a business contact Athol or Cecilia.

Athol McCully and Cecilia Xiao are experienced Business Brokers as a part of New Zealand’s largest team of NAI Harcourts Business Brokers. If you are seeking to buy or sell a business contact them today.

Athol and Cecilia are experienced Business Brokers as a part of New Zealand’s largest team of NAI Harcourts Business Brokers. If you are seeking to buy or sell a business contact Athol or Cecilia.

Athol and Cecilia are experienced Business Brokers as a part of New Zealand’s largest team of NAI Harcourts Business Brokers. If you are seeking to buy or sell a business contact Athol or Cecilia.

Athol 0274 338 052 Cecilia 021 0256 3311

Athol 0274 338 052

Cecilia 021 0256 3311

New Zealand

fashion figures

New Zealand’s fashion, clothing and textile industry is huge, adding $7.8 billion to the economy in 2023, and accounting for 1.9% of GDP.

As it continues to grow, forecasts are for an annual projected growth of 4.07% by 2028.

Global data and business intelligence platform Statista lists revenue in 2024 in the apparel market here as having a value of $7.55 billion.

The largest segment within this market is women’s apparel, with a market volume of $4.38 billion in 2024. Looking ahead, the volume in the apparel market is expected to reach 307.4 million pieces by 2028, including an anticipated volume growth of 1.6% in 2025.

The average volume per person in the apparel market is projected to be 54.8 pieces in 2024, with non-luxury items accounting for 92% of sales.

Of note is that New Zealand’s apparel market is embracing sustainable fashion, with a focus on locally sourced materials and ethical production practices.

The fashion, clothing, and textile industry in New Zealand employed 76,011 workers in 2023; 78% of them women. Wages in 2023 amounted to $4.4 billion.

Beware of solicitor approval clauses

There are risks in relying on solicitor approval clauses, it is essential to get legal advice early.

A“solicitor’s approval” clause has become commonplace in property contracts, but the actual nature of the clause is not widely understood. It’s not an “escape” clause. An approval clause typically has restrictions on what aspects of the contract can be reviewed. It does not give lawyers broad powers to change any terms that aren’t appropriate for the client’s situation unless the wording of the clause specifically allows for this.

A lawyer may not be able to withhold approval even if there is a concern the contract isn’t appropriate for the client. For example, if the contract is missing important conditions for a first home buyer or it doesn’t transfer EQC claims, changes to make this more suitable aren’t guaranteed. The risk to buyers and sellers is they are bound by the terms (and the penalties) of the contract they have signed, potentially without an option to validly cancel. Changes would have to be negotiated, yet there is no guarantee other parties will agree to changes. This could be a very expensive and stressful mistake. A contract is binding once it is fully signed.

The safest way to protect yourself is to send any contract to your lawyer to review before you sign it. Our team is experienced with residential and commercial conveyancing and can advise on all manner of contracts, ensuring what you are signing is suitable and specific to you, and that you are fully aware of your contractual obligations before it is too late.


Time to buy & sell property

While many people believe winter is not the best time for marketing properties, Lin Ma has a different viewpoint that is well worth considering.

Y“es, spring is a beautiful time to show o a garden, but there is nothing nicer than seeing a crackling fire in a wood burner on a cold wintry day.

That grabs attention.”

Lin, who won Top Harcourts Grenadier Sales Consultant 2022-2024, says that vendors can take advantage of grey, gloomy weather by playing up the home’s insulation, ventilation and lighting.

“The key selling factors are homes with good heating, double glazing, e cient ventilation and filtration systems, with no signs of damp patches, no moss or mould. These are the things potential buyers will be checking out.”

“Light is so important. Now is the time to tackle problem garden areas to ensure that the house gets the maximum light and that the sun isn’t blocked out by trees or overgrown shrubbery.”

confident with the market currently; it is steady and feels like it is on the rise. At auction a few weeks ago, 71% went under the hammer. That is a great result for winter.” Based at Harcourts’ Wigram o ce, Lin is more than familiar with this large and rapidly expanding locale.

“A new Wigram sub-division recently marketed 14 properties, and 13 of those were sold. At this time last year in Wigram, 16 properties were sold; at the same time this year, that figure has increased to 29 properties sold.”

“A huge percentage of the business is now repeat business, so I think that speaks a lot to what we are achieving here.”

Lin also recommends that the vendor has all the necessary financial and legal considerations sorted to ensure a smooth marketing process. With 22 years of real estate experience, clients are assured that whether they are looking to buy or to sell, with Lin they are in the most expert of hands. “I am

Lin says the dedicated team working alongside her make a big contribution in building on the success and good name of the Wigram o ce.

“We are made up of Kiwis, Korean, Indian and Chinese consultants, some who have been with me for up to ten years.”

“We are known for getting the best results for our clients. A huge percentage of the business is now repeat business, so I think that speaks a lot to what we are achieving here.”

Make housing dreams a reality, contact Lin on 027 511 7788.


At the 2023-24 Harcourts Awards, Lin also took home:

• No. 2 Harcourts Canterbury Sales Consultant

• No. 6 Harcourts NZ Sales Consultant

• No. 6 Harcourts International Sales Consultant

• Top Chinese Sales Consultant Canterbury

1 Hinterland Drive, Prebbleton

Changes affect property investors

The New Zealand property market is witnessing significant changes that will directly impact property investors.

First, the bright-line test period will be reduced from 10 years to two years on 2 July.

For investors, this is a game-changer, allowing greater flexibility and potentially higher returns on investment properties. This is expected to increase the number of rental properties on the market as investors capitalise on the shorter holding period.

Additionally, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has eased LVR restrictions, lowering the minimum deposit requirement for investment properties from 35% to 30%. Additionally, new build investments now only require a 20% deposit.

Finally, new DTI rules limit lending for investors with DTIs over 7 to 20% of a bank’s lending. This aims to promote responsible lending while still allowing investors to access necessary funds.

These changes provide significant opportunities for property investors, making it an opportune time to get in touch with our team at or call us at 0800 100 300 to make the most of the market’s changes.

New business strategist

James Makoni brings a wealth of experience in logistics and supply chain management to EBI.

James, a Christchurch resident for more than 30 years, is a seasoned business strategist with practical execution skills. His career spans senior and executive roles in leading New Zealand companies across diverse industries, including processing, manufacturing, retail, distribution, sales, service, import, export, and asset management.

James excels in collaborative planning with local and international partners, continuous improvement initiatives, supply chain transformation, and strategic business development. His dedication to excellence focuses on enhancing customer service, boosting productivity and e ciency, increasing profitability, and ensuring peace of mind for sta and business owners.

With extensive experience and a results-driven approach, James is uniquely positioned to help businesses thrive in today’s competitive and challenging environment.

Every business owner can benefit from a ‘coach’ to navigate the complexities of running and growing a successful enterprise. An EBI strategist provides invaluable insights and objective perspectives, helping to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. They o er tailored and proven strategies for enhancing productivity, e ciency, and profitability.

With a focus on accountability, an EBI business strategist ensures goals are met, and challenges addressed proactively. Additionally, they bring expertise from diverse industries, o ering innovative solutions and best practices. Ultimately, a business coach empowers owners to make informed decisions, foster leadership skills, and achieve sustainable growth in a competitive market.

For a no obligation chat or free diagnostic business assessment, contact James at or call 027 675 3498.



Nestled in the heart of Riccarton is a cultural and ecological remnant, an oasis of protected flora and fauna. Now more than ever, its preservation needs your help.

The Riccarton Bush Trust team are committed to conservation, and they need your support. On the home straight, with around $700,000 raised and the Resource Consent approved, the movement is so close to its goal.

In early June, the Riccarton Bush Trust called for tenders for Stage 1 of their preservation project, and now only need to raise another $300,000 before work can begin, with an ideal start date of next autumn.

Help has streamed in, especially from the kindness of local people. Organisations such as the Christchurch City Council, Ben Gough Family Foundation, Lotteries Environment and Heritage, The Waimāero Fendalton-WaimairiHarewood Community Board, Waipuna Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board, Sargood Foundation, Christchurch Airport Community Fund, and Christchurch Casino have all confirmed their support.

Join the e orts and donate directly on their website or contact Shona Willis, manager, at or 027 544 0462 Always remember, the Trust is a registered charity which means your contribution may be tax deductible.

In thanking such generosity, the team have called on native wildlife terminology to respect and appreciate the donors.

Funding levels and recognition

Weta: $1000 - $4999

• A copy of Riccarton Bush: Pūtaringamotu

Edited by Prof. Brian Molloy

• Merchandise to the value of $50.00

• Recognition on Donor e-board

Waitaha Gecko: $5000 - $9999

• A copy of Riccarton Bush: Pūtaringamotu

Edited by Prof. Brian Molloy

• Merchandise to the value of $50.00

• Recognition on Donor e-board

• Private guided tour of Pūtaringamotu Riccarton Bush, up to 5 people

• Guided tour of Riccarton House, up to 5 people

Kereru: 10,000- $34,999

• A copy of Riccarton Bush: Pūtaringamotu

Edited by Prof. Brian Molloy

• Merchandise to the value of $100.00

• Recognition on Donor e-board

• Logo on website

• Private guided Tour of Pūtaringamotu Riccarton Bush, up to 10 people

• Riccarton House private guided tour, up to 5 people

• Free use of the boardroom – two times

Kahikatea: Over $35,000

• A copy of Riccarton Bush: Pūtaringamotu

Edited by Prof. Brian Molloy

• Merchandise to the value of $100.00

• Recognition on Donor e-board

• Logo on website

• Pūtaringamotu Riccarton Bush private guided tour, up to 20 people

• Riccarton House private guided tour, up to 10 people

• Free Use of the boardroom – four times

We need your help to protect, conserve and enhance Pūtaringamotu Riccarton Bush. Pūtaringamotu Riccarton Bush is a 7.8-hectare predator-free remnant Kahikatea Forest situated just 3km from the city centre of Christchurch. The Riccarton Bush Trust is raising funds to provide better access, safer tracks, improved fire protection, and to more effectively tell the story of this very special place. The project will cost around $2.4 million. Your kind donation at the following link will help preserve this nationally significant historical site:

1. The Wool Company, Cosy up in a Merino Possum A Line Cardigan and matching scarf in in a warm Rosewood. 2. ECCO Shoes, the Shape 35 Sartorelle. An upscale Chelsea boot that o ers a timeless look with all-day comfort.
3. Estilo Boutique, The Astra top is a chic black stripe high neck top, sure to become your new favourite desk to dinner blouse.
4. Belleza Boutique, the Antler candy crush scarf to add colour to your day. 5. The Fitting Room, subtle and stunning, ever-popular Elomi Matilda has hit the shops in Rose Leo. 6. Sophie Divett Jewellery, Stratus Ring, in 9kt yellow gold, set with tourmaline, sapphires and garnets.

fashion & beauty

July men’s picks

Sleek shoes, boxy jackets and cosy sweaters are my favourites this month, offering both off-duty and nice-night-out energy. Marry a cool classic look and a seductive allure with these hues, and pair that with a bold, sexy fragrance.

Fashion for every body, every day and every occasion. Sizes 10-26.


Riccarton, Christchurch Tel: (021) 686 929

1. Navy Shetland sweater, Rembrandt, 2. Midland black blazer, Carhartt. 3. Chemin des Tourelles Skeleton, Tissot. 4. Bad Boy Cobalt, Carolina Herrera, 5. Arkk Copenhagen Vader sneaker, Mikko
Windmill Centre,
Clarence Street

Tweed trending

Tweed was popular in the farming industries across Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England, and quickly adopted by the royal family.

The durability and warmth of the textile originally served a purpose for farmers in harsh weather, before becoming an infamous material on haute couture runways since

Chanel’s debut tweed collection in 1924. Chanel reintroduced the fabric in a feminine light, one that married sophistication and flirtation together, becoming a piece that perfectly aligned with her brand identity. She designed the fabric in dress and skirt styles, while the jacket was reinvented countless times in collections that reflected the times.

On the real thing, Coco would sew a metal chain to the hem to keep the suit-like structure. It was a move away from Christian Dior’s New Look, and tight-fitting, ultra-feminine clothing. The entire tweed ensemble, whether the jacket and suit combination or just the jacket, became a symbol of class, elegance, and female confidence.

Fittingly so, tweed exudes luxury. It would make sense that society’s elite introduced it to their wardrobes, gaining even more popularity on the backs of Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana. Keira Knightley even wore a tweed jacket at her wedding.

A textile that has never left the spotlight, the latest collections using tweed have been shown by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Issey Miyake.

A love affair in Scotland between Coco Chanel and the 2nd Duke of Westminster birthed perhaps the most iconic singular piece of clothing in history, the Chanel tweed jacket.

It has been recreated time and time again, with di erent colours and accents, and re-envisioned by multiple designers at accessible price points.

While you might not get the buttons with interlocking Cs, you will get the closest to the feeling of owning such an iconic garment. Wear your pick with a matching skirt, jeans, or tailored pants.

Kaya cream blazer coat, Camilla and Marc.
2. Harvard ivory tweed blazer, Caitlin Crisp.
3. Rue Boucle jacket, Forever New.
Details: Brushed cashmere cardigan and brushed cashmere crew neck Find Me: Elle + Riley

Details: Aje Weylin Sequin

Cu cobalt maxi dress

Find Me: Lynn Woods

Find Me: COS

Details: Sloane cream top Find Me: Camilla and Marc

Details: Figaro Fine silver bracelet Find Me: Silk & Steel

Thalassa blue sweater Find Me: Camilla and Marc

Details: Esme earrings Find Me: RUBY

Details: Blue Shot organza cobalt shirt Find Me: STORM

Details: Evelina navy metallic flat

Find Me: Mi Piaci

Details: Mini Antonia lapis lacquer bag

Find Me: Brie Leon

Details: Seam detail maxi skirt

Find Me: Witchery

Details: Run Star low blue trainer Find Me: Converse

Details: Mohair sweater

A guide to mixing gold & silverjewellery

Labelled a ‘defining trend’ of 2024, blending silver and gold metals in the same look is everywhere at fashion weeks lately, and those embracing it haven’t done so lightly.

Huge gold bangles stacked on silver ones, multiple rings of both metals worn on one hand, and chains layered upon chains — the aesthetic has come out in full force.

Too many of us assume that once you invest in gold jewellery, or vice versa, you can’t wear the other in the same look. Over time, it somewhat became an unwritten rule, despite watches commonly combining the two metals. Consider this your public service announcement: this ‘style faux pas’ is a myth. Collectively, the modern feeling is that mixing metals is playful and interesting.

Gold and silver dance together in unison. The metals each give o very di erent feelings, and when paired together, they do a great job of complementing one another. With silver a reactive metal and gold non-reactive,

corrosion or damage are unlikely, however, the risk of scratching remains.

Getting the right combinations is easy when you know the tricks. Metropol has put together some tips for easy styling.

Play with proportions and textures: experiment with lengths and textures of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Test your eye for e ective juxtaposition. Stack it up: stack rings and bangles for a bold statement yet keep to either dainty or chunky pieces in each stack.

Aim for balance: as much as possible, keep it even. If overdone, the metals may compete, and cohesion will be lost.

Find pieces that do it for you: just like this two-tone piece from local jeweller French Style Lab (pictured), sourcing jewellery that blends the two metals can be a simple styling hack.

Holistic health & beauty

Winter often sees fitness classes swapped for fireside sessions, and while cosying indoors feels great, unfortunately, lack of exercise can make us more susceptible to pain.

Up to 80% of pain is caused by trigger points activated by factors such as emotional, or exogenous/endogenous related issues.

Me Time Wellness o ers a treatment that can identify trigger points, giving a new command for the body to stop defending itself, resulting in pain relief.

“Neural silence therapy is highly e cient, has no contraindications, does not cause pain, and in Brazil is widely used for sciatica, torticollis, lower back pain and other muscular dysfunctions,” owner Vanessa Krambeck says.

Recently introduced, the buccal face massage, or intra-oral facial, sculpts, contours, and defines without resorting to technology. During a buccal massage, the facial and chewing muscles of the face are worked.

This massage is especially recommended for those who su er from bruxism, a condition where involuntary clenching of the jaw and grinding of teeth occurs, and, as a result, hypertonicity of the masticatory muscles.

Lymphatic drainage and muscle tension release creates space between the muscle, the skin and the remaining structures, allowing toxins to flush outwards while oxygen and cellular nutrition flow upwards to the skin.

Along with a more symmetrical, brighter and youthful appearance, other benefits include improved muscle tone, de-pu ng, and enhancement of the face’s “oval line”.

The buccal massage is a beautiful and non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation.

Rejuvenate the lower face for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Transform Clinic offer high-quality dermal filler treatments to soften fine lines and wrinkles and restore lost volume to beautifully rejuvenate the lower face with refreshing, natural-looking results. Book a free consultation today with one of our experienced appearance medicine nurses.

Beauty Report pamper

transformclinicmerivale Transform Clinic Merivale Transform Clinic Merivale | | Ph: 03 355 1311

Feel great knowing you are experiencing the transformative benefits that come with luxury, organic ingredients. Pure nourishment with no compromise.

Containing deeply moisturising formulas packed with ceramides and panthenol, Ceramidin from Dr. Jart+ keeps skin soft, supple, and full of bounce. Repair your skin barrier through the power of science and the art of Korean innovation.

Candy For Your Hair

Hair Candy Keratin Conditioning treatment contains 100% natural keratin which is an ingredient derived from New Zealand sheep wool. Proven to rebuild the internal structure of the hair, repair and prevent breakages, strengthen, thicken, condition, assist in hair growth, as well as making hair shiny and soft.

Transform the monotony of your daily bathing regime into an indulgent time for calm, well-being and healing. Luxury handcrafted soaps with embedded hearts and inspirational quotes. Made with love in Otago.


If you're unhappy with your cosmetic tattoo, or it has faded, book a consultation with Lucky Pinn and have it corrected by an internationally certified technician.

• Eyebrows • Eyeliner • Lips. Call today for a free consultation.

Lucky Pinn - Semi Permanent Make-Up | Luckypinn.pmu Unit 5/35 Riccarton Rd, Christchurch | Ph: 027 963 5151

Editor’s picks

When the travel bug hits, and the suitcases emerge, it’s time to think small for carry-on luggage.

Most airlines have requirements for carryon bags, including having liquids in 100ml bottles or less, and separately sealed in a clear plastic bag. This includes items such as perfume, deodorant, foundation, sunscreen, and even toothpaste. Luckily, there are thousands of mini sized products suitable, along with small clear refillable bottles perfect for travelling.

Here are some I’ve found ideal:

1. LuxeSticks Roll-On Clay Masks

From Metropol interviewee Samuel Levi, the roll-on stick format allows for easy, precise application without the need for brushes or tools. Each stick is formulated to target specific areas of concern, whether it’s restoring, tightening, detoxifying, or smoothing the skin.

2. Eleos Aromatique Hand Balm

From Aēsop, this is a richly hydrating hand balm, ideal for dry skin. It contains a skin-softening blend of emollient ingredients to help hands maintain suppleness.

3. Sunny Daze SPF 50+ Hydrating Face Fluid Drops

From the popular Bondi Sands Everyday Skincare range, this hydrating sunscreen is non-ghosting, and enriched with Vitamin E, Hibiscus Sabdari a Fruit Extract and Zinc Oxide to provide up to 72 hours of hydration, while protecting the skin.

Going grey gracefully

If regrowth is creeping up on you, consider embracing the grey and entering a new hair era.

Just because you have silver hair coming in, and you want to go grey gracefully, doesn’t mean it has to be a silver colour,” says Vicki Ogden-O’Fee of V for Hair and Beauty.

The team specialise in finding the best style for you, both in colour and shape. Whether it be a shade of platinum or butterscotch, or strawberry and silver tones, the stylists are available from consultation to your new look.

Vicki encourages everyone to pop in for a chat, client or not. “It doesn’t matter to us. We are just passionate and want to see you become the most confident version of yourself.”

A Perfect Smile For You

Crafting bespoke dentures, fitted to help you feel younger.

Dawn, (shown here), had Lovebite’s Oral Lift level of treatment and is thrilled with the result Richard Greenlees has achieved for her.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your teeth, maybe it’s time to make a conscious decision to improve your smile.

Richard is a member of the world renowned Group. This group is comprised of almost 100 highly skilled technicians worldwide, who are handpicked by founder Willi Geller (Switzerland). These members are practising at the highest level of aesthetic, functional dentistry. Richard works with likeminded surgeons where necessary.

Dentures - Veneers - Implants.


Using hair treatments in winter is essential for healthy hair. At Earth Organic Hairdressing, we use the best organic treatments. Winter’s cold air strips moisture, causing brittleness and breakage. Regular treatments replenish moisture, providing hydration and nourishment. They contain natural ingredients like ginkgo biloba and rose ower extract, restoring oils and strengthening hair. Organic treatments are free from harsh chemicals, reducing irritation and damage. This promotes hair health and aligns with our sustainable practices. Hair remains soft, shiny, and manageable through winter, with treatments available in-salon or at home.

At Bliss Oral Care, we take your smile seriously. Our Ultimate Whitening Kit features an iconic 3-step system - Prime, Brush, Whiten, and is designed to give you noticeable results. Developed by dentists, our products are vegan and shipped from NZ. Our toothbrush comes with a lifetime warranty. We’re so con dent you’ll love your results that we o er a straightforward guarantee: If you don’t see improvement after 14 days of consistent use, you’ll get your money back. Try our kit risk-free and experience amazing results for yourself.

*T&Cs apply

Earth Organic Hairdressing

181 High Street, Christchurch Central P. 365 7393


Tumescent liposuction is a liposuction technique which was developed by cosmetic surgical dermatologists. Tumescent liposuction is performed entirely under local anaesthetic and is recognised as the safest form of liposuction. Body contours are improved by removing unwanted fat in a very precise manner.

Tumescent liposuction is carried out at KM Surgical in the Avenue Health Day Stay Accredited surgical facility.

KM Surgical

202 Bealey Avenue, Chch P. 03 379 9467


Caring for your hair and the planet has never been easier with Dear Heart’s luxury range of pH balanced shampoo bars. Heavenly essential oil blends and a nourishing formulation. Lasts for 50 washes leaving hair cleansed and lustrous. $22.

health & wellbeing

Do you your teeth?


People suffering from stress or anxiety may also be grinding their teeth and clenching their jaws, unwittingly causing jaw pain.

Some people don’t even realise they’re doing it, especially during their sleep.

Unconscious, stress-induced teeth grinding is called bruxism, and it is relatively common. One oral surgeon in America recently estimated that it a ects between 10 and 20% of the world’s population.

The main causes, he says, are related to muscle tension produced by stress or anxiety, as well as other psychological states such as anger and frustration, often triggered by numerous stressful occurrences in fast-paced lives. Menopause may also trigger it.

Symptoms include teeth that are unusually worn or cracked, tooth sensitivity, sleep disturbances, tight facial muscles, and frequent headaches.

Daytime bruxism:

Occurs during waking hours and is usually more directly related to stress, anxiety, intense concentration, or certain postural habits. Causes jaw pain or fatigue in the muscles of the face, especially at the end of the day.

Nocturnal bruxism:

Occurs involuntarily at night and when asleep, and may cause jaw, head, and neck pain upon waking, along with wearing down and damaging teeth.


Finding a solution is not as easy as simply telling yourself to stop. Sometimes it can disappear on its own, and other times it can be a chronic condition. Ask an expert such as your dentist or orthodontist for an evaluation, and recommended treatments.

Various ways are used to treat bruxism, depending on the level and type that’s occurring. These include a splint to reduce unconscious movements, physiotherapy, and Botox. The latter involves placing botulinum toxin in the area of the masseter muscle and the temporal muscle bilaterally to release tension and demobilise the stressed parts of the face.


• Avoid hard foods and chewing gum

• Drink more water during the day

• Reduce stimulating habits such as tobacco and co ee consumption

• Before sleeping, apply ice to the jaw muscles

• Manage the triggers that cause stress and anxiety; try meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxing walks


Although stress is one of the most determining factors of bruxism, it can also be caused by incorrect teeth alignment.


in ‘ ght or ight’ mode?

You have most likely heard of the acute stress response that we call ‘fight or flight’. It is likely you know someone, or you yourself are stuck in this mode.

So, what exactly is it and what stimulates it?

Why are so many stuck in this state, and what are the repercussions?

‘Fight or flight’ happens when our sympathetic nervous system is activated. There is an opposing nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system which results in a ‘rest and digest’ response. Both are very important to vital functions of the human body. Problems arise when one of the nervous systems is over-activated.

It is becoming clearer that a large percentage of society is stuck in ‘fight or flight’ mode through an over-active sympathetic nervous system.

Potential symptoms are increased muscle tension, headaches, neck and upper back tension, anxiety, migraines, seizures, dizziness, tachycardia, heart arrhythmias, loss of appetite and many more. People get stuck in this state due to stressful environments, high-tempo lifestyles, screen time, PTSD, lack of exercise, and poor nutritional intake, which all play significant roles in stimulating the sympathetic nervous system.

It is becoming clear that a large percentage of society is stuck in ‘fight or flight’ mode through an over-active sympathetic nervous system.

When this is activated, our heart rate and breathing increase, eyesight is enhanced, and digestive function is suppressed.

This sounds great, yet there are dire consequences if activated for prolonged periods.

Connect Chiropractic’s Dr Matthew Wild uses the analogy of a cup filling up slowly. Every stressful event, every hour of screen time, every event rushed to, and each day without adequate movement, this cup slowly fills up.

When the cup overflows, symptoms are experienced, and the more times that cup overflows, the more severe the symptoms become.

“Chiropractic adjustments are an e ective way of taking a serious load o your overwhelmed nervous system.” Matthew says.

What role can chiropractic play in this environment?

• Chiropractic adjustments serves to help tip some water out of that filling cup, to avoid it overflowing and resulting in significant symptoms.

• Chiropractic adjustments help to restore normal movement of the spine and optimise brain-to-body communication.

At Fertility Associates, we understand the joy babies bring as well as the difficulties faced by many who struggle to conceive.

As medical professionals, you understand the joy babies bring as well a s the difficulties faced by many of your patients who are struggling to conceive .

We also believe that providing exceptional care goes beyond just medical expertise. Our team of compassionate and experienced professionals is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you feel safe, heard, and valued.

By referring your patients to Fertility Associates, be assured tha t they will receive the highest qu ality c are an d t he m ost a dvanced f ertility p rocedures a vailable.

Seeking fertility advice can be overwhelming. With our experienced professionals, you can be sure that you will receive the guidance and information you need to make informed decisions. You can make an appointment with any of our fertility doctors, you don’t need to have a GP referral.

Your patients can be confident that they are being cared for by New Zealand’s pioneer in fertility m edicine w ith excellent live b irth r ates* t hat are am ong t he highest in Australasia.

Early r eferra ls g ive y our pa tients t he b est c hance an d, together, w e c an he lp them achieve t he f amily o f t heir dr eams.

If you feel that you’re not quite ready to book a doctor’s appointment, you can always make use of our Free Nurse Consult service, where you chat to one of our qualified fertility nurses for 15 minutes. They can answer your questions, talk about your unique situation, and map out some possible options.

Get in touch, and start your journey to parenthood today. where life begins SINCE

* Fertility Associates take home baby rates

Supercharge your inner beauty

Hand-selected, evidence-based herbs combine with the Metabolism & Sugar Balance probiotic to support body metabolism, healthy glucose levels, and relieve feelings of abdominal fullness, in the latest addition to The Beauty Chef’s SUPERGENES range.

Relieving Stress & Pain

Our Cyclossage Massage Bed supports your body during osteo-care or physiotherapy, relieving:

• Body aches & pain

• DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

• Joint inflammation

• Improving lymphatic flow and circulation

Gentle for all ages, it uses 9 oscillating motors and 6 infrared zones.

Ph. 021 047 9521 |


Enjoy the foods you love

When taken with the first bite or mixed with highFODMAP meals (such as gluten products, milk products, onions and garlic), FODZYME’s enzymes begin breaking down FODMAPs into smaller and more digestible carbohydrates to prevent intermittent symptoms like gas, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation. Enjoy your favourite meals painlessly, wherever you are.


Few of us today would refute the firm evidence that warm, dry homes improve health outcomes, while cold, damp homes increase the risk of respiratory issues, such as asthma.

For those su ering from asthma, breathing well is vital to help manage the condition and reduce attacks.

Catherine George of The Lung Mechanic says the first line of defence in supporting the immune system is nose breathing.

Nose breathing releases nitric oxide (NO) in the nasal airways which follows the airstream to the lower airways and the lungs. NO helps increase oxygen in the body, sterilises the air and has anti-inflammatory properties.

“Breathing deeply and well boosts the immune system, improves blood flow, and stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system to calm the body down,” Catherine explains.

“Breathing well has been proven to reduce breathlessness, coughing, and stress and anxiety.”

Catherine works with all ages to help them breathe well throughout their day by improving their breathing technique.

“Retraining your breathing pattern can reduce asthma symptoms, improve your respiratory health, and allow you to perform much better overall.”

With one clinic in Christchurch and one in Rangiora, contact The Lung Mechanic to book a consultation.

Flow Yoga Studios

Explore 45+ movement and mindfulness classes for all ages and stages per week

Flow Therapeutics Centre

Practitioners and healing technologies to support your holistic wellbeing

Little Pom’s Café

Nourish your body and soul with delicious food right next door


Natural, subtle, youthful appearance medicine.

Non-invasive treatments designed to strengthen your entire pelvic floor, suitable for all genders.

Ideal to improve:

021 540 698

That special smile

Dentures are precision oral prostheses, designed to restore a person’s facial structure, improve aesthetics, help achieve adequate mastication, correct phonetics and more.

Thomas Gu, senior clinical dental technician, and director of Merivale Denture Clinic, specialises in complex denture treatments, including implant supported prosthesis, cosmetic and customised full and partial dentures.

“All dentures must be customised to accommodate each individual client’s unique and di erent needs,” Thomas says.

The clinic utilises the highest quality materials, equipment, and techniques, which include leading-edge science and technology, such as 3D printing, digital scanners, and CAD/CAM software.

Thomas’ experience in dental technology spans nearly two decades, from leading Otago University’s School of Dentistry oral health prosthetic department for many years to private dental laboratories and clinics nationwide.

Such an illustrious academic and occupational background assures clientele that when it comes to restoring their smile, they are in the most capable of hands.

Thomas’ specialised skills, experience, knowledge and craftmanship, coupled with the quality of service and customised denture treatment provided here, underscores why Merivale Denture Clinic is second to none.

health & community Elevating

Making a difference in the world is the specific purpose of an exciting new gym that has just opened in Christchurch.

Operating an incredible fitness centre and promoting good health, with members who value their membership and engage with others, while empowering the community, is Elevate Fitness’ way of doing that.

“All our earnings are returned to help the community. There are no shareholders and no dividends. In short, our purpose is not to make money,” recreation and wellbeing manager Lydia Kennedy says. “Our purpose is to help people achieve their own personal health, fitness, and wellbeing goals by walking beside them in a way that is honest and authentic.”

The movement is entirely rooted in giving back. All revenue earned from membership fees is reinvested. First, to ensure great sta and facilities, and second, to the bigger, existential issues seen in communities.

An investment in Elevate Fitness is not just in your health and wellbeing, it is in the communities around you. Profits enable the team to deliver a range of subsidies and programmes that help thousands of people, directly, every year. It is practical, e ective, and beneficial in so many ways. “If you care about the social issues facing our community, your gym membership directly helps us do our good work for people who are struggling,” Lydia explains.

This is a gym with a point of di erence that no other fitness centre in town can boast. “If you want to elevate your wellbeing, fitness, and your connection to others, we are the right gym for you.”

Sign up online, or visit Elevate Fitness, Papa Hou Building, 4 Rolleston Ave, (opposite the Botanical Gardens).

About the Kind Foundation

One of the most unique organisations in Christchurch, the Kind Foundation opens up a world of opportunities to contribute to the wider community. They are a team that give back all earnings to those in the community who need support, such as children, young people, families, older adults, and people with special needs. For over 161 years they have served people. Their history is a vision and commitment to the future of Christchurch, a city that is connected and happy. Aimed at bringing people together, the foundation holds a vision for a connected, happy Christchurch. “Be encouraged by our work. We believe in humanity. We believe that people are good, that people are kind,” Lydia adds. Mention Metropol on sign-up and receive your first month free. No minimum term, no joining fees.

by Jane

for copies email


1. Elans Muller, Sarah Marsh, Andrea Thelning, 2. Cameron McKenzie, Marie Nova, 3. The Max Property Management team, 4. Sam Powell, Cheyne Chalmers, Julianne Beattie, 5. Suzanne & Leo Hanssen, 6. Sonja de Mari (Breast Cancer Cure CEO), Wilhelmina Shrimpton (MC/Ambassador), 7. Nicola Batchelor, Amber Hamilton, Michelle Bayliss.
Wyles Photography,

Breaking the silence on men’s pelvic health

In the healthcare field, some topics remain clouded in silence and societal taboos.

Men’s pelvic health undoubtedly falls into this category, often overlooked, despite the profound impact such issues can have on quality of life when left unaddressed.

Muscle People Physiotherapy aims to help change that with their new men’s pelvic physiotherapy service.

The pelvis houses vital organs like the bladder, prostate, and rectum. Concerns such as pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and post-surgical complications are common among men, yet stigmas make them frequently overlooked. These conditions can significantly a ect wellbeing, so it’s crucial to address them promptly and e ectively.

The service o ers a specialised branch of physiotherapy addressing pelvic floor dysfunctions and associated conditions in men holistically, identifying and treating root causes rather than just managing symptoms.

Central to this is understanding the pelvic floor muscles, for bladder and bowel control, sexual function, and supporting pelvic organs. Dysfunction or weakness in these muscles can manifest in a myriad of symptoms, ranging from urinary and faecal incontinence to sexual dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain.

Specialised services on o er

Men’s pelvic health physiotherapy begins with a comprehensive assessment to identify underlying issues and tailor treatment plans accordingly. This may involve evaluating pelvic muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, and assessing contributing factors such as posture and lifestyle habits. Drawing upon evidence-based techniques,

Muscle People’s pelvic health physiotherapists employ a variety of modalities to address pelvic floor dysfunctions. These may include pelvic floor exercises, manual therapy, biofeedback, and lifestyle modifications aimed at optimising pelvic health. Whatever treatments or interventions you choose, you will be an integral part of the decision process.

Men’s pelvic health physiotherapy empowers patients by educating them about their condition and equipping them with self-management strategies. By fostering active participation in their treatment journey, patients can regain a sense of control over their pelvic health and overall wellbeing.

Recognising that pelvic health is interconnected with various aspects of physical, emotional, and social wellbeing, men’s pelvic health physiotherapy takes an holistic approach. Therapists work collaboratively with patients to address not only physical symptoms but also psychological and lifestyle factors that may impact pelvic health.

For men undergoing pelvic surgery, such as a prostatectomy, the Muscle People pelvic health physiotherapy service plays a vital role in pre-operative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation. By optimising pelvic muscle function before surgery and facilitating recovery after, it can minimise complications and improve outcomes.

The team is passionate about raising awareness and normalising conversations about pelvic health so that men can feel comfortable seeking help to access the care they need.

Take the first step towards better health and visit one of the Muscle People locations in Bishopdale, Wigram Skies, or the Christchurch City physiotherapy clinic on Cashel Street. Call 03 9610 236 or book online.

Harnessing the power of experience

Championing change in mental healthcare are two researchers from University of Canterbury, who hope to transform the service provided by working with those who have experienced it firsthand.

Adopting a new way of researching the mental healthcare service is proving beneficial for UC public health

Senior Lecturer Dr Kaaren Mathias and Associate Professor and investigator Dr Annabel Ahuriri-Driscoll.

Driving the research is Aotearoa’s “significant mental health crisis”, says Ahuriri-Driscoll. “Mental health is an unseen aspect of our wellbeing that has been stigmatised for many years,” she explains.

The research explores how well these services respond to the needs of those receiving mental healthcare, through working with service users with lived experience, to build a kinder, more accessible system. The team interviewed 29 people throughout the West Coast and Canterbury, including 18 who’d experienced mental health services, and eight who now work in mental healthcare.

They says results so far have demonstrated a valuable contribution coming from service users, with an enhanced ability to connect with patients empathetically.

With a strong interest in Māori mental health and experiences herself in the mental healthcare system, Ahuriri-Driscoll holds insight into the “absolute powerlessness”, felt by patients. Working with people who have used the service is key. “I think many kaupapa Māori providers are already engaging with people who have lived experiences of mental health providers and harnessing their expertise for peer support roles. It’s integral to how they work; based on building meaningful relationships with whānau and community,” Ahuriri-Driscoll explains.

“Services need to accommodate and respond to the whole of a person including their ethnicity, culture and beliefs, and if they can’t do that, then it’s not going to work.”


the same energy

The concept of Ahuriri-Driscoll and Mathias’ work mirrors an attitude that can be adopted by all. Take these two motivational Canterbury women and their work as inspiration to apply such a technique to your life.

Thinking outside of the box, Ahuriri-Driscoll and Mathias looked instead to the strength that comes with community. This provided better insight and knowledge to power their research and findings, rather than using what was easily and readily available.

Talking to others and utilising your network are both ways to implement this ingenuity.

• In moments of overwhelm, worry, or uncertainty, look to your community, and those who have experienced similar things. Communicate and share together.

• Take advantage of the concepts of empathy and relatability, and build connections that can o er a new outlook or way forward.

Annabel Ahuriri-Driscoll (left) and Kaaren Mathias

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Bio Marinus

S e like h

Traditionally, a hot toddy is a warming drink combining water, whiskey, honey and lemon juice. Often taken to help ease cold and flu symptoms, or as a nightcap, it can also include herbs and spices, and is delicious even without any alcohol content.

Known as hot whiskey in Ireland, and occasionally called southern cough syrup within the Southern United States, making a hot toddy takes five minutes, and is a warming, relaxing winter drink.


50ml whiskey

3 Tsp honey

1 cinnamon stick, snapped in half

1 lemon, half juiced and half sliced

2 cloves


Whisk the whiskey and honey together and split between 2 heatproof glasses.

Add half of the cinnamon stick to each, then top up with 200ml boiling water.

Add a splash of lemon juice to each, then taste and add more to your preference.

Finish each with a slice of lemon, studded with a clove, and serve immediately.

Omit the whiskey, and instead of spices, add fresh ginger, and a pinch of chilli.

Recognised national leader in the verification of food control plans and national programmes across the wider food industry sectors in New Zealand. Our personable team are immersed in this process every day and are here to assist you.


Wholefood warrior

Restauranteur and entrepreneur Richard Sinke is the ideal advocate for the diet he has espoused for practically his entire life – the Mediterranean diet.

Three words that aptly describe his physical persona would be energy, vigour and vitality. For the founder of Dux Group, Richard’s career kicked o in an organic garden in Woolston, which he ran with mates from university.

“We were looking for a way to move that produce and decided to open a restaurant.” Dux de Lux was opened in 1978, and Richard and friends bought it in 1980. Shortly after, with help from his parents, Richard bought the others out as they wanted to go on to di erent ventures. “The motivation behind it was my interest in a healthier lifestyle; fortunately, it was a time when many forward-thinking people began wanting that lifestyle change as well.”

The earthquakes ended the original restaurant’s grand history, but Richard’s determination to bring live entertainment back to audiences saw Dux Live open in 2011 with a four-year lease.

Dux Dine followed in 2012, and Dux Central opened in 2015.

“Dux Central returned us to the heart of the city, in an historic location that people loved pre-quakes.

“I wanted to emulate what the original Dux de Lux stood for—a unique vibe, a boutique brew bar, exceptional food, and quality live entertainment.”

While Dux Central includes meat on its menu and o ers a gastro pub feel, Richard’s passion for the Mediterranean diet remains strong through Dux Dine. “Seafood is part of my life, and the wholefood Mediterranean type of cuisine is what Dux Dine is all about. The evidence just keeps growing on how it nourishes your gut, brain, and body.”

Richard lets us into his own personal favourite in-house main and dessert. “The Crusted Fish with any one of our amazing salads, followed by the Lime Tart, made by our French chef. Totally sublime.”

Dining Guide


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CAFE ELIA Fendalton

Dining Guide



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In your kitchen


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Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious scallop pie or maybe an Italian eggplant pie! Fairlie Bakehouse pies in store too. Fine. Food. Fast. Takeaway Cafe and Delicatessen Mon-Fri 8.30am-2.30pm

Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious scallop pie or maybe an Italian eggplant pie! Fairlie Bakehouse pies in store too. Fine. Food. Fast. Takeaway Cafe and Delicatessen Mon-Fri 8.30am-2.30pm

168a Kendal Ave, Burnside Ph: 03 357 4516

168a Kendal Ave, Burnside Ph: 03 357 4516 or 027 469 0206

Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious scallop pie or maybe an Italian eggplant pie! Fairlie Bakehouse pies in store too. Fine. Food. Fast. Takeaway Cafe and Delicatessen. Mon-Fri 8.30am-2.30pm Ph. 03 357 4516 027 469 0206 168a Kendal Ave, Burnside

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feel it

With hardwood floors trending, many people are looking for an ideal rug to add softness underfoot, especially as temperatures plummet.

You may have found yourself asking friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations on custom rugs, only to be met with o -shore companies and long turn-over times, or places that charge exorbitant prices. Carpet Binders have the answers. Their local division, Rugs for All, o ers rugs beautifully made with custom sizes and six binding options available, to ensure it fits the aesthetic of your treasured home.

Shopping locally means you can feel the material, see the colour choices, and talk to experienced sta in person before starting the custom process, an experience much more satisfying than ordering online. Choose to order custom mats with your rug to ensure a consistent look in your home and prevent dirt

and moisture from a ecting your floors. No matter the requirement, the team at Rugs for All will work with you to make sure you love what you get.

“We are solution-focused,” says co-owner Michelle MacWilliam. Many Rugs for All rugs and mats are made from wool, with most wool sourced from New Zealand. Wool is an incredible fibre which boasts endless benefits such as being anti-asthmatic, fire retardant, hypo-allergenic, and long-lasting. With wool as a renewable resource, it is a positive choice for the planet. “Would you want your family spending their time on any other material?” asks Michelle.

With plenty of parking, transparent prices, delivery, and a 48-hour turnover time, stop by unit 8, 37 Washbournes Road, Sockburn today and add comfort and cohesion to your home.

Decorating with


Paring back colour schemes and using muted tones to create beautiful interior spaces is an art.

While using neutrals is a versatile, and timeless, choice, creating calming interior schemes isn’t just throwing a few creams, whites, greys and fawns together. The neutral palette includes an array of o -whites and earthy beige and clay tones, through to deep browns and charcoals, providing scope to create a layered look for every room.

Nature’s colours, such as beige, clay, and all shades of green have become increasingly popular during the last few years.

Channelling the great outdoors indoors means using shades inspired by nature, and creatively layering texture, tone and furnishings to achieve the desired e ect. Here are some suggestions based on current luxury trends from Ca e Latte in Portugal.

1. Decorating with beige and warm undertones like clay and taupe will add a comfortable feel to a room, while keeping it bright.

2. For a calming yet uplifting scheme, consider warmer, earthier neutrals paired with deeper hues to create a contemporary look. Think bare wood finishes, touches of rattan, and unglazed ceramics.

3. Let there be light. When deciding to work with warm or cool tones, think about the room’s natural and artificial lighting. Warm neutrals with a green

or yellow undertone will usually work well in north-facing rooms as they help to bounce the light around. For a cool palette, look for neutrals with a hint of pink, violet or blue.

4. Use neutrals as a base for bolder accent colours, and use furniture, hardware, and accessories to add contrast. Paint all the walls the same colour for a soft, seamless look, then add the furniture and accessories.

5. Use texture to create layering and interest. Layering natural materials with amazing texture is one way to achieve a textured look and feel. Think linen wall coverings, soft floaty curtains, and the like.


Above: Entryway | neutral hallway decor in golden details with Canephora set of mirrors, Nougat console table, wall lamp, and marble floor, Ca e Latte.

6. Create interest by mixing organic shapes and earthy materials to help bring a connection to nature. Try natural stone, and wood, for example.

7. Seek help from an interior designer.

Left: Living room | autumn/winter decor in wood and marble finishes with Brutte side table, Evaluna swivel armchair, Robusta wood center table, neutral rug, cosy sofa, and retro pendant lamp, Ca e Latte.

Optimising outdoor living

Extend your outdoor entertaining and enjoyment all year round by ensuring you and your guests are protected from the elements.

Putting your outdoor area into hibernation over the colder months shouldn’t be reverted to, says Craig Rogers of Louvre Solutions. With a louvre roof, you can optimise enjoyment of that space, even in the unpredictable winter weather. The team is here to make that happen.

The louvres integrate flawlessly into any architectural style, o ering form and function. More than just a slatted covering, each louvre is customised with lighting and ventilation, so you can create your own comfort zone. Plus, there is the option of installing pull-down side screens, which can be manually operable or motorised. Thanks to a rain sensor, the louvres close automatically when it starts raining, just like magic. No more dashing indoors when a sudden shower arrives.

“Whether entertaining, relaxing, or simply expanding your indoor area, we can bring your ultimate outdoor environment to fruition. The louvres move at your command to allow full sunshine, to filter shade, or to provide solid rain protection,” Craig explains.

The louvre systems are individually manufactured with quality elements, precision engineering, and aesthetic options to realise each client’s vision of their ultimate outdoor space.

From aesthetic to practical, many benefits come with this outdoor upgrade. A brilliant addition to a home, which Craig says can be proactively planned as part of the design or construction process of a new build or retrofitted once the need is identified post-construction.

The patio louvre system is strong and conforms to nearly all wind and snow load requirements. Each louvre is manufactured from extruded aluminium, which o ers greater durability than traditional patio covers. Unlike plastic or fabric, these components will outperform in heat, wind, and rain.

Think outdoor luxury, yet at an accessible price point. “In the early days, premium products like these were expensive,” says Craig. Fast-forward to now, and that has all changed. “Technology has advanced and has widened the options for customers. Louvre roofs are now within the realms of possibility across the spectrum, from entrylevel properties to high-end architecturally designed homes.”

For almost 20 years, Louvre Solutions has provided high-quality louvre roofs, each coming with a 10-year warranty.

The company has agents in the North Island as well as in Nelson, mid-Canterbury, Wanaka, and Queenstown.

Sounds good

While winter may mean you’re stuck inside, with stretching evenings, there is an upside.

Few experiences match the warmth and comfort of a roaring fire, a plush couch, and streaming your favourite series. If you’re looking to add something special to your mid-winter screenings, Soundline Audio could have the answer: an Immersive Audio system.

O ering an incredible 11 channels of premium audio, this is surround sound taken to the next level, a threedimensional perspective to audio that would rival your local cinema.

Leading the industry for over four decades, their expert team

o er a range of stylish, highfidelity solutions. They stock only the world’s most trusted and prestigious brands, hi-fi setups and speaker systems that look beautiful and sound exquisite.

Whether you are listening to a favourite album or hosting the family for a home cinema screening, Soundline Audio can turn an evening in your lounge into a truly captivating sonic experience.

Talk to the Soundline team today and pop into their stunning showroom at 329 Madras Street or check out their website.

Vetting your pet’s vet

A good vet is crucial to ensure your pet’s wellbeing.

Choosing a trusted clinic and veterinarian is important to ensure your pet sees a good outcome while putting you at ease that they are in good hands. Communication and caring values are priorities so that current and potential issues are evaluated and explained appropriately.

Vet bills are expensive, yet our loving companions deserve good care. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In this situation, it is normally true. If you’re opting for the cheaper bills, it is likely your pet will receive a lower-level standard of care and experience. Just like you would for a loved one needing hospital care, keep your pet’s veterinary needs to the same standard.

Research first

• Do your research: Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out which vets give excellent service. Talk with fellow pet owners, dog clubs and the like to see who they recommend in specific areas. Find out if they’re good at keeping in touch and care about their customers, opening hours and location for your practicality, extra o erings such as physiotherapy or obedience training, and the expertise and experience of the veterinarians. Check out their website, if they have one.

• Make contact: Whether visiting the clinic or giving the vet a call, get in touch with them. This will help to establish an initial connection and first impression of their professionalism, friendliness, decorum, and dedication to their service.

• Look at reviews: Reviews, in most cases, can be trusted like you would a friend, so look at what others have rated your prospective vet before you engage. Plus, reviews typically provide honest opinions that you might not get from a vet trying to attract your business.

Ready to roam

Travel is at the top of our minds, even more so in recent months. Whether you bring your pet overseas with you, or on road trips and errand runs, let them

Have that feeling of safety and security, while giving your pet the gift of comfort and relaxation for long journeys. Where you can, combine practicality with something pretty, it is one of life’s greatest hacks.

Consider the needs of your pet and all the variables that come into play when travelling, such as airline requirements, length, and duration of the journey. Padding, warmth, and space also come into the equation. O ering an enclosed space keeps them from getting lost, and lets tired pets rest.

Wild One everyday carrier Find Me: Smack Bang

The Sharp team are really sharp! Great service, Victor was very professional, friendly and helpful. They all come highly recommended.”

A friendly and professional team to deal with. I was highly impressed with the service. From the first call to the end result, all within a couple of hours and they left no mess. The price was much better than I expected. Thank you to Lorraine, for your patience, who also helped with a minor issue. So helpful to deal with. I wouldn’t hesitate to go with Sharp Glass in the future.

Details: St Argo Frank dog carrier
Find Me: Charli & Coco
Details: Moderna Gateway IATA Compliant pet carrier Find Me: HomeDog

poison (plants)

Pothos – a close relative of philodendron, pothos is easy to grow, but causes the same symptoms as the philodendron if ingested. Try it in a hanging basket to keep it up out of reach.

Sago Palm – this miniature palm species is one of the oldest living plants on earth, possibly because all parts of the plants, including the seeds and roots, are poisonous. Ingesting sago palm causes vomiting and diarrhoea, and may lead to liver failure.

Poinsettia – the white, latex sap from these plants irritates the skin and eyes, even causing blisters and temporary blindness in some cases. They can also cause an upset stomach and burning mouth if you munch on them. They aren’t considered fatal, just irritating.

Ficus – including rubber trees and fiddle-leaf figs, produce an irritating white sap that can cause dermatitis on your skin, and vomiting if eaten. It’s a problem for humans and pets in New Zealand.

Aloe Vera – the yellow latex part of the interior leaves can cause stomach and intestinal problems for people, and especially pets, when ingested. It’s fine to put any part of the inside on your skin, but when eaten, the latex works as a laxative. It can also cause intestinal pain and even kidney failure.

• Other common and particularly toxic houseplants to watch out for are cyclamen, amaryllis and jade. The latter is particularly bad for a cat’s kidneys.

For information about poisons or in case of poisoning, call the National Poisons Centre on 0800 764 766. It is a free 24/7 service for all New Zealanders.

Hyacinth bulbs

Get down and dirty

Winter is a great time to have a clean-out in the garden.

Wait for a crisp fine weekend, sort a green waste bin, rug up warm and head outside. By now, most of the deciduous trees will have shed their leaves, so rake them up and add to your composting, or bin.

Bare branches mean you can see what and where to prune with roses, fruit trees, and any deciduous trees.

Deadhead any spent blooms, and check out your garden for dead or dying plants. Get rid of them, being careful not to add to compost if they show signs of disease such as black spot.

Wear a mask and gloves when handling compost and potting mix.


• Keep composting

• Pruning

• Stock up on seeds

• Clean and sharpen tools

• Dig garden beds

• Plant bulbs

• Prune

• Soil preparation

• Maintain garden equipment

Now is a time to improve your soil, especially when prepping garden beds for spring growth.

Dig in compost, and fertiliser, and cover with mulch to help insulate the soil from cold weather.

Just as we wash our knives and forks, so too will garden tools benefit from regular cleaning.

Use steel wool and methylated spirits to clean and disinfect secateur blades before sharpening them with a whetstone.

If tools are stored in a garden shed, then give that a sweep out as well.

1. Beautiful Custom Furniture, expertly made at Gavin Cox Furniture, 2. Wrendale Men’s Sox, available at Art & Frame, 3. Zazi, Supporting children’s eating, drinking, speech and play, full range available at Exquisite Gifts by AJ, 4. Stunning floral scarves, available at Coco Gifts, 5. Art & furniture with a definite wow factor, available from Belish Boutique, 6. Proudly restoring your loved pieces of furniture, Seaton’s French Polishing & Furniture Repairs.


name It’s all in the

Now called One New Zealand Stadium, the iconic 36,000-concert capacity, roofed venue is expected to open in 2026, in the central city.

The naming partnership spans 10 years, from 2026-36.

“This is an example of our commitment to the South Island and Canterbury,” said Jason Paris, One New Zealand CEO.

“One New Zealand Stadium will bring the best music, live entertainment and sports, including the mighty Warriors, to Christchurch and we’re stoked to be the naming rights partner.

“Cantabrians have been waiting a long time for a world-class stadium, and this multi-use arena is certain to deliver. We’re proud of our existing long-term partnerships, whether it’s our 25 years

One New Zealand has secured a 10 year naming rights partnership with Te Kaha Stadium, currently under construction in Christchurch.

(longest in NRL history) with the One New Zealand Warriors, or five years of music with Live Nation, and we believe the best partnerships are when both companies share a passion for truly delivering for their customers over the long term.”

The company will also be working with stadium management group Venues Ōtautahi to deliver world-class coverage and connectivity in the stadium. Venues Ōtautahi chief executive Caroline Harvie-Teare describes it as “a testament to our shared commitment to creating a venue reflecting the best of our community”. The partnership will enable Venues Ōtautahi to generate significant commercial value while staying true to its core values of diversity, inclusion and social good,” she says.

Awesome Christchurch

I was chuffed to read that Christchurch is ranked the happiest city in New Zealand in a 2024 Happy City Index, ranking us at number 32 on the list of cities - well above Wellington and Auckland.

It really shows that we’re on the right track and reflects the hard work, planning and investment that’s gone into the city since the earthquakes.

Christchurch is now a city of choice and draws people from around New Zealand and overseas with its a ordable housing, lifestyle, study options, and wide range of career opportunities. The opening of Te Kaha, Canterbury’s Multi-Use Arena in 2026 will also cement our reputation as a top city for sports and events.

Enrolments are up at all our tertiary institutions this year, which means an increasing wealth of talent coming out of the tertiary sector into the local economy.

Places like the Ministry of Awesome are helping to tap into that. They support almost 500 startup Founders a year and have helped Christchurch startups raise over $100 million in the last four years. Visiting them recently was a great chance to hear about this local success story.

On a final note – it’s great to have the 2024-34 Long Term Plan finalised. We have finished with a 9.9% increase from 1 July, lower than we started but we know must keep finding savings in how we do things to get these numbers down.

I’m confident it sets a positive future path for Christchurch in the coming decade and by 2034 we’ll be in the top 20 on the Happy City Index.

Reasons for optimism

It can be tempting to get pessimistic in the winter months when ‘cost of living’ and ‘brain drain’ talk is once more in the news cycle.

But I’m an optimist, and that is boosted by data that shows Christchurch is avoiding, and in some cases defying, some of the less inspiring headlines we’ve seen recently.

If there’s one thing that sums up the feeling in Christchurch now, it’s growth. We’ve recently come o a record summer season of international visitors and spend, the accommodation sector is growing, and our rejuvenated central city is getting its mojo back, with major projects like the Court Theatre and Te Kaha just around the corner.

In addition, our universities and Ara are all reporting increased enrolments and the census showed what we already knew–Ōtautahi Christchurch is firmly New Zealand’s second city, no longer just a gateway to the south but a destination in itself.

With events like DocEdge showcasing a growing sophistication in the city, I also see an increased confidence in ourselves. You just need to look at the way street art has reshaped the cityscape, and the number of hip eateries that have popped up, to see that Christchurch is no longer a city that bows to tradition; we forge exciting new futures.

Is it any wonder the Quality of Life institute has named us New Zealand’s happiest city, and one of the happiest in the world?

Like any city, we have our challenges, but let’s keep navigating those challenges with resilience, innovation and optimism.

A happy city

It is reassuring to see Christchurch City recently identified as the happiest city in New Zealand, by the Londonbased Institute for Quality of Life.

The index used in making the assessment focuses on cities that prioritise happiness and wellbeing. While I struggle a little with a city being “happy”, I can certainly relate to the concept and the importance of wellbeing.

I have, for some years, been promoting the concept of Ōtautahi Christchurch aspiring to be New Zealand’s “City of Choice”. That is all about having a balance of o erings, in work, health, education, lifestyle, infrastructure and location that is attractive to potential and existing residents. It is clear from this survey result and when looking at current population growth in and around Christchurch, that we are well on the way to achieving that goal. From a health perspective, we are well served, and although there are big challenges across the sector, there are also significant opportunities. We have the potential to improve the Canterbury health system at all levels.

That is one of the reasons I am so proud to be involved with Te Papa Hauora, the Christchurch Health Precinct. It is a unique construct that is unlocking potential in health education, research and innovation, all of which can only help to enhance the city’s reputation as a great place to live.

I mentioned in one of my previous Metropol columns that “wellbeing” would be identified as a key driver this year, underpinning our city’s o erings. It is pleasing to see this playing out according to predictions.



Canterbury cuisine

Conferences bring people together from all corners of the globe, and when delegates visit Te Pae Christchurch, we aim to give them a true taste of Canterbury.

Our food and beverage o erings are an amazing opportunity to showcase the rich produce and culinary excellence our region is known for. Recently, we unveiled our new menu at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre, inviting clients and industry partners to taste some of our new signature dishes.

Canterbury boasts a wealth of artisan producers who take great pride in their products, and rightly so. At this launch event, our passionate local producers, including Akaroa Salmon, Lumina Lamb, Poaka Pork and local beverage suppliers, shared their stories and products directly with our clients in a Farmers Market setting. Their enthusiasm was infectious, creating an excitement that showcased their premium products and the unique flavours of our region.

Te Pae Christchurch has been part of our community for over two years now, and as a regeneration project, it has made a significant impact. It’s not just about bringing people to our city to connect; it’s about providing a platform for our local producers to reach a wider audience. This connection instils a sense of pride as they contribute to the ongoing rejuvenation of Canterbury through their partnership with Te Pae Christchurch.

Canterbury is truly a food lover’s paradise, and it is our privilege to present the very best of what our region has to o er to the world through our new menu. We remain committed to sourcing our ingredients from local farmers and producers, and we’re excited for visitors to taste our delicious new dishes.


Christchurch Airport’s unveiled plans for a revamp of its terminal offering with the new facilities expected to be ready for a busy summer of international visitors.

The project will deliver 12 new eateries, new retail spaces, upgraded bathrooms, a new parent’s room, a remodelled food court, and a large children’s play area.

Airport chief executive Justin Watson says it’s the first major upgrade since the terminal opened in 2013, and the result will have a distinctly Kiwi flavour, along with much-needed entertainment.

Christchurch businesspeople Shawn Kim and Yong Song, who already own Sushi Platter in the terminal will deliver three new outlets in the food court. “Hikari will serve ramen and donburi and Mama’s Kitchen will o er mouthwatering Korean street food. A new version of the Sushi Platter will sit right next to them,” says Shawn.

Two of the new eateries, Fush and Tātou, will be operated by Ōtautahi entrepreneurs Anton and Jess Matthews and Māia Gooday who are known for their work in the community and championing te reo – along with exceptional hospitality experiences.

David Cooper, Christchurch Airport’s GM of Customer and Commercial says the airport’s formed a strong partnership with global company SSP which will see both parties collectively contribute to a modern, refreshed area.

SSP will operate seven outlets, including Portal Bar and Restaurant at the top of the escalator where Number 8 café is now, a new café Fern and Co beside the entry to aviation security, and a new café Urban Pantry in the regional departure lounge which includes a range of ‘grab and go’ options. They’ll also have an all-day café called Discovered in international arrivals.

Digitisation will feature in the project with more selfservice kiosks and interactive screens to help future proof

Exterior Plastering Professionals

we will give you the best finish possible

the airport and further improve e ciency for all visitors to the terminal.

The upgrade should be completed by December with predictions that visitor numbers will be even higher than last summer. Qantas, China Southern, Cathay Pacific, Fiji Airways and United Airlines have already confirmed they will all be back flying summer services to the city and they’re growing their capacity. For example, Qantas will have an extra 175,000 seats and China Southern is boosting its capacity by 20,000 seats.

“Last summer season (from November to March) we had 2.7 million passenger movements at Christchurch Airport. We’re on track to top that next summer season and it’s awesome to know the terminal will be refreshed and ready to welcome our visitors with some of our best manaakitanga and o erings yet,” says Justin Watson.

A home you can rely on, built by locals you trust

Our network of locally based experienced builders are ready to help you bring your vision to life, no matter where you are in the country. With their local expertise and a huge range of Lockwood concept designs to inspire you, creating your perfect home has never been easier. Start your journey with Lockwood Homes today!

Visit our show homes at 431 Main South Road, Hornby, Christchurch.

Open Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm, Sunday 1pm – 4pm (Closed Saturday and public holidays)

Phone 0508 LOCKWOOD 03 344 0299


Fabulous Farrington Avenue

Looking for a gorgeous new home? One that’s close to shopping malls, a high school, and a load of other amenities?

You need to visit Farrington Avenue in Bishopdale, and check out the latest project from innovative Tao Homes. Not just a future home, it’s also a great investment with capital gain in that area at 6%, meaning the price will double in approximately 12 years.

Located at 61 Farrington Avenue, and in the popular Burnside High School area zone, this contemporary town house block is also just minutes away from the Northland Shopping Mall. A tempting array of cafés and eateries are right on the doorstep, along with numerous boutique and large retail outlets.

If your goal is modern living in an enviable location, this is it. Enjoy keyless entry into your brand new twobedroom townhouse, priced from $629,000. Features include a light and airy open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area, opening out on to a private courtyard.

The kitchen has modern finishes and soft closing cabinetry, while the spacious bathroom is ultra-modern in look and feel.

Street appeal is evident from first glance, thanks to a creative, soft gold brick patterned exterior.

About Tao Homes

Tao Homes build supremely comfortable, highly functional, deeply liveable spaces.

Based in Christchurch, the company specialises in townhouses in highly sought-after locations which prioritise the practical needs of those that live in them, and result in high-earning investment opportunities.

“We specialise in homes for both first home buyers and discerning investors alike who care about the quality of life of their tenants,” says director Tao Meng.

“How? We prioritise thoughtful design. We work with top architects to build homes with large, liveable spaces and flexible floor plans.

“We add ample storage space: built-in wardrobes with shelving systems, and decent kitchen cabinets with plenty of storage. Our properties are energy-e cient for a lowered carbon footprint.”

Tao Homes also has a proven record of building homes that generate a great return on investment. “Our homes command top rental incomes, and are specifically designed for low ongoing maintenance costs. We deliver our developments on time,” adds Tao.

“To put it simply, we build homes that investors can place their trust in, and people enjoy living in. We are the future of property.”

Situated opposite the University of Canterbury Priced at $625,000

Great spot, in the best school zones. Only 1 single level, one bedroom unit left. Architecturally designed by Buchan Group. Completion due July 2024.

FBringing new life to homes for 35 years

Celebrating 35 years in business is something that Christchurch business couple Monique and Murray Turnbull can be justifiably proud of.

or more than three decades, they’ve injected new life into furniture, fittings, and homes, initially starting in 1988 servicing the furniture and joinery industries as specialist finishers of spray applied coatings. Business has expanded threefold since then, and MF Turnbull Ltd now has three separate buildings, side-by-side, in Mowbray Street, Waltham, to help homeowners achieve their dreams.

Since those early days, the team at MF Turnbull has honed their craft in bringing furniture back to life, and also opened a dedicated kitchen refinishing shop in Christchurch called MF Turnbull Kitchen Renewal. Along the way they’ve built relationships with various local clients, including Advanced Joinery, R A Hale Ltd, Sydenham, Alsop Joinery, Fineline Joinery, some dating back to the late 1980s-early 1990s.

MF Turnbull Kitchen Renewal was established in 2018 following

the success of servicing the joinery and furniture trades as specialist finishers or spray applied coatings.

Since 1988, the team has further mastered its craft in finishing, coating, and repainting, and has added a dedicated refinishing shop.

“We are committed to help you get the best ‘finishing solutions’ for any job. Our experienced team will take the time to listen, advise and guide you to ensure you get the best result,” says Monique.

“When your kitchen is looking outdated, often the first thought you have is that you need to rip out your old kitchen and replace it. The reality is, kitchens from 15-20 years ago were built to last and are still functional.”

Working with designers, architects, joiners, and builders supplying to the new market, the MF Turnbull team are constantly using their expertise to help craft beautiful kitchens.


For the past 35 years Mirotone (NZ) LTD has been proud to be a supplier and partner of MF Turnbull. It has been our privilege to work with them on projects of note across New Zealand and they represent, what we think at Mirotone, the ideal applicator of our products as they are technically astute and proactive in ensuring the best results for their customer and ensuring our reputation in the market

Refurbishing kitchens, renewing your homes

for 35 years

MF Turnbull use a simple yet effective process to refresh kitchens and homes.

Step 1: What’s possible?

The team can refinish almost any kitchen (or furniture) and make it look new again. Send them photos of your kitchen and they will provide an assessment of what can be done and a price estimate of the project.

Step 2: Pricing & planning

MF Turnbull will come and meet you to undertake a full assessment for a quote. They can also discuss other alterations such as removal of overhead units, changing a cupboard to drawers or new benchtops/handles.

Step 3: Remove, refinish, reinstall

Their specialist team will remove your kitchen and it will be prepared and finished in their modern workshop before reinstalling. They usually allow a day to remove, and reinstall and 10-12 days to refinish.

Refinishing, renewing and refurbishing kitchens is their bread and butter. However, they have the capability of refurbishing other furniture in your home.

a booming business Kitchens

When their business grew too big for one building, Monique and Murray Turnbull leased another, and then a third, all side by side in the same street.

Now, 42-46 Mowbray Street in Waltham is home to the three buildings that comprise MF Turnbull Ltd.

All three buildings have been substantially spruced up and refurbished, the last of the trilogy completed in mid-2024.

“We are now looking forward to being able to supply our customers with an even better service,” says Monique, thanking customers for their consistent support.

The newest addition started life as a warehouse style building, built in the 1960s. “It was in a bad state,” says Monique. “No work or maintenance had been done for 20 years when we bought it.”

The asbestos roof was replaced, and the building strengthened, and earthquake damage repairs carried out. Engineering design work was carried out by Christchurch specialist engineering consultants Lumen, and the work by Contract Construction.

Sta were involved in the project, heading into the warehouse one weekend to paint the floors after they had been diamond ground by Regis Coatings.

A number of Christchurch companies were involved with the renovation and refit. The warehouse walls were painted by Dyer Decorating in preparation for the installation of the spray ovens/


• “The cupboard doors look fantastic, you’ve done a wonderful job! Thank you so much for your excellent communication, assurances, and attention to detail regarding the colour matching. I will keep your card for future touch ups!”

• “Great workmanship. We would like to thank you and your company for your great workmanship with refinishing our kitchen. We are very pleased with it and the finished product looks absolutely wonderful! We would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”

booths used for spray applied coatings, and three closed booths plus one prep bay were installed. Fluming for the booths was supplied and installed by All Steel Fabrication.

All of the o ces, meeting rooms and the toilet areas were stripped out, re-lined and strengthened, with new fixtures and fittings, plumbing and drainage, all carried out by Peter Hoskin and Tony Park.

The new windows and front door to the building were made and installed by Rylock Canterbury, and a new roller door was supplied and fitted by Canterbury Roller Doors.

Making the best use of local companies and contractors, all the electricals for the building were replaced by Christchurch Electrical. “They were great to work with; able to change direction as we needed things done,” says Monique.

Fitting out the meeting room kitchenette fell to R A Hale Ltd, with veneered board and MDF from New Zealand Panel, hardware from Blum, and bench tops from O’Brien Group.

Dyer Decorating also painted the o ces and front of the building. “They are great to work with and we have used them before,” Monique adds.

“We’d also like to thank Mirotone NZ, which supplies the paint, stain, and clear coatings we use.”

• “Customer service has been fantastic. Thank you and your team very much for the high standard of work you have completed. The customer service from both you and joiner Steve has been fantastic, and we would highly recommend MF Turnbull to anyone.”

• “The doors are better than the originals. I would like to thank you for an outstanding job, repainting our kitchen fronts. Your workmanship is excellent, the paint match is perfect, and the doors are better than the originals. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the result!”


tel: 0508 873 7483

One of Christchurch’s leading Canvas Specialists, locally owned and operated. Specialising in all things Canvas & PVC.

Shade Sails, Awnings, OzTech Retractable Roofs, Canopys, Awnings, Retractable Screens, Caravan Awnings, Covers, Squabs, Chair Covers, and much more.

• Offers high R-value, which is required for underfloor heating by NZ-building code

• Kiwi made & manufactured from 90% Kiwi sourced, locally recyclable materials

• Flexible in design choices

• Can be retro-fitted to existing concrete foundations

• Paint or Plaster finish, whatever is desired

• 30 – 40% cost saving

• Has an external face of durable water-resistance for new or existing concrete foundations

Call Angus: 0800 INSULFOUND (467853) or 027 2676 922

We can repair your sliding door to run like new for a fraction of the cost of a new door.

• Professional & skilled technicians

• All types of sliding doors repaired

• Wheels & Rollers replaced

• Tracks and locks repaired and replaced

• Double glazed doors our speciality

Insulation the secret to a warm home

Cantabrians know the value of warmth. Not all homes are created equal when winter begins to bite. While heating solutions offer respite, the real key to cosiness is proper insulation.

New Zealand homes generally use between 50-70% of their energy consumption on heating and cooling. This figure would be drastically reduced if all homes were properly insulated. Most of us probably have a pretty clear picture of what insulation looks like. It’s pink or white flu y clouds of glassy wool, tucked in between our walls and ceilings, helping to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Unless you work in the industry however, you probably aren’t aware of the other types of insulation that are crucial in maintaining a warm, dry home environment.

Concrete slab insulation stops the flow of heat energy out through the edges of a building’s concrete foundations. Angus Beattie of Christchurch company InsulFound is something of an expert on the subject. He’s been in the industry for over a quarter of a century and knows the di erence that can be made by properly insulating your home’s concrete slabs. If you’re building in this part of the world, it’s paramount.

Getting this right is easy if you’re in the process of building a new home. InsulFound comes in a range of profiles and can be simply fitted to all concrete foundations. It can also be retrofitted onto existing concrete slabs, meaning no matter where you call home, InsulFound can o er you a versatile, durable solution, specifically designed for New Zealand conditions. Better yet, it’s manufactured right here in Canterbury from materials almost entirely sourced from New Zealand.

The cost of power is in what seems like a constant state of ascension and winters are only getting colder. Properly insulating your new-build or existing property with products like InsulFound can help make sure your home is not only warm, comfortable, and inviting, but also e cient, saving you money in the long run.



The potential savings in heating costs if your home is properly insulated have been independently assessed at 30-40%.

Stats NZ estimate there are 500,000 inadequately insulated houses in New Zealand. 80%

Independent research shows that up to 80% of foundation heat loss can be avoided by properly insulated concrete slabs.

Fuel the fleet benefits

Fuel cards are a great way to ensure you and those in your business keep moving.

They’re a payment method for anyone in your business that will allow you to easily manage vehicle fuel costs, no matter how many you might have in your fleet. Additionally, they can o er savings at the pump and make reporting and admin a breeze.

RD Petroleum o ers a fantastic fuel card that will give you 24/7 access to its ever-increasing network of rural service sites across the South Island. They’re accepted at BP service stations as well as Gasoline Alley (G.A.S) sites and RD Petroleum’s fuel sites throughout New Zealand.

“Our fuel card has no annual fees or transaction fees,” Hamish Harvey at RD Petroleum says. “It’s the perfect solution, allowing you to consolidate all your fuel expenses into one simple monthly statement.”

Established to provide a professional, competitive, and service-driven distributor for fuel and oil products, their services stretch beyond the fuel card, o ering farm deliveries, commercial bulk deliveries such as contractors and transport companies, aviation bulk fuel services, and home heating deliveries. As local suppliers of many community service stations, they’re constantly adapting and making use of new technologies.

Another benefit of their fuel card is that you’re not locked

into a term deal, and you can add other purchase options to the card such as oil, or diesel only. You’ll also be saving per litre at the pump.

Originally starting as a grass-roots business in rural New Zealand, they now have fuel sites across the South Island. This means you can access their fuel whenever you need it.

The way pricing works for the fuel cards is beneficial to your business’s bottom line, too, o ering a weekly price that is the same throughout the country, except for Auckland where the regional tax of 11.5c per litre will be applied. The cards are also available for individuals, meaning you can access some great savings even if you don’t run a business.

“We currently have a large number of fleet customers on our fuel card o ers. The combination of our leading-edge technology, modern fleet, and highly experienced sta means we can o er our customers the most cost-e ective solutions,” Hamish says.

Applying for an RD Fuel Card is simple and will give you access to a range of great benefits. You can head to their website and fill out a form, or give the friendly team a call on 0800 44 00 14.

Creating award-winning architectural solutions.

Arthouse Architects are a process and design driven practice.

We are proud to work alongside our clients to deliver complete and integrated design solutions throughout New Zealand.

Ph: 03 338 9350 204 St Asaph Street, Christchurch 8011


Elevate your home with our stunning luxury kitchen designs.

Designer Kitchens for renovations or new builds. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and affordability. With a range of modern to classic styles, we create dream kitchens that are both beautiful and functional. Contact us today and get started!

This kitchen has the following features:

- 20mm Caesarstone Snow engineered stone

- Melteca Snowdrift melamine

- Prime Tawa melamine

- Acero Duro Granite sink

Call Amy: 027 210 9246

35 Lunns Road, Middleton Christchurch

Is there hidden earthquake damage in your family home or rental property?

Calling all landlords, property investors and homeowners!

We offer FREE CAMERA DRAINAGE INSPECTIONS to identify earthquake damage . If found, our skilled team will compile a detailed report and liaise with EQC on your behalf. Typically, you will end up with new hard surface reinstatement and landscaping at no cost. Trust Enviroflo to protect your investment with our expertise and commitment.

Call 03 242 0828 or 020 437 2467

Call office: 03 341 3331


flow Go with the

If they are doing what they are designed to, they shouldn’t take up any of our headspace at all. Low key and unassuming, they are the introverts of the construction world. But like human introverts, we couldn’t function without their quiet and dedicated commitment to their job.

We are talking about drains here. That critical element of your residential or commercial infrastructure that carries away your sewer and stormwater, including the excess water that falls from the skies. When the drainage system stops doing its job, things can go very wrong, remarkably quickly.

If you suspect an issue beneath your feet, or would simply like peace of mind, the people to call are Enviroflo. They are the Christchurch drainage specialists, but they also cover North and South Canterbury. Locally owned, they are a group of experienced drainlayers and technical team, and they specialise in repairing earthquake damaged drains. “Our qualified sta have over 100 years combined experience in the drainage industry and extensive knowledge of the EQC claims process and earthquake related drainage issues and repairs,” says co-owner Hayden Greig.

The team believes there is undiscovered damage to Canterbury drainage systems that has been historically overlooked. “We want to o er our services to landlords, investors, and property owners to check for earthquake damage and work alongside these clients to get costs covered by EQC,” says co-owner Ryan Gebbie. “We believe that a lot of rental properties are missing out as tenants may not be experiencing problems, but there is damage that can cause issues down the track.

“We are keen to work with landlords and investors to assist with properties that might have been overlooked so far.”

On a mission to get the Canterbury drainage system working e ciently again, the team handles everything from initial booking of a free camera check and survey, through to completed repairs with the above ground landscaping and hard surfaces included. “For EQC work, we take care of everything using our trusted process,” says Hayden. “We start with a free camera check and assessment, we then send our findings to homeowners and submit our report and quote to EQC. When the claim is approved by EQC, we complete the drainage work and landscaping, often including hard surfaces. The final step is signo from the happy home owner.”

You can be sure your finished product not only works perfectly but looks beautiful too, because the team also specialise in driveway upgrading. They can meet you onsite to discuss a variety of options. “Give us a call, and we will be happy to help,” says Ryan.

Making Winter Work

It’s July, it’s over halfway through the year and I, for one, am glad to be past the shortest day.

It’s July, it’s over halfway through the year and I, for one, am glad to be past the shortest day.

Winter has its own set of challenges, whether it’s starting at the office when it’s still dark, which for me is 7:30am, to getting home in the dark after 6pm and wondering exactly where those hours in between have gone.

Whilst many believe your productivity is diminished at this time, it can be the opposite if you utilize it as I do with some winter rituals.

Not only do these simple steps keep that feeling of a loss of motivation at bay, they can also – at their most productive – provide a strong sense of focus and happiness.

So, what’s involved in banishing those winter blues?

The same pillars that provide the substance and nurturance governing the other months and seasons.

Movement is critical over winter, as much as we all (and I put myself in this group) want to go home, settle down to a Netflix marathon and eat bowls of pasta. Without movement it’s very easy to lose momentum.

I start every day – unless it’s raining so hard I can’t bear it! – with a walk.

It’s always at an ungodly hour but those two or three kilometres give me a chance to think through what’s ahead of me and completing this simple task provides a

sense of achievement that goes a long way to mitigating some of the stress I encounter once I start working.

If you prefer a more vigorous routine, remember it’s all about consistency and balance so don’t let the weather or the season stop you from being your healthy best.

Winter can also be a time to switch out your usual activities to something different, with common examples including yoga, pilates or a dance class and personally I’m intending to give each of these a go – despite limited ability at two!

Hydration. With air-conditioning dominating both work and personal environments, it’s easy to become dehydrated, so whilst drinking feels simple to remember in the summer months, it becomes even more important in winter.

Because I find it easy to forget this practice, I try to get as much water on board as early as I can and when I’m feeling particularly motivated, I also take part in Dry July, along with 61,000 other Kiwis.

At last count this simple practice has helped raise $9 million for cancer sufferers and as a winter practice it’s not only altruistic, it is also extremely uplifting from a physical wellbeing perspective.

I’m not going to discuss food choices over the wintertime. I think we all know what’s best but if ever there’s a time when resistance goes out the window it would be these next couple of months. So, good luck! I’m in the ‘I love food’ camp, so let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

Finally, dress for the weather. I’ve always loved winter clothes. All the layers, coats, scarves and hats.

Perfect for not only standing out from the crowd but being warm enough to work hard and think clearly, and if that isn’t enough motivation then starting the day with a cold shower – and I mean freezing cold! – will certainly get you thinking about warm clothing choices.

Well, it helps me at least and I’ve been doing just that for the last 18 months.

Why do I try so hard in winter? Well, simply put, there’s a lot of business to be done.

People choosing to sell or buy over winter are usually deeply motivated, not only because of their own intrinsic circumstances but because there’s often a lack of competition, creating the chance for a premium.

And I’ve witnessed some significant premiums in our auction rooms recently, which I haven’t seen for some time.

That’s the beauty of any property cycle. You never know exactly when it’s going to turn and often you can have optimistic moments just to keep you guessing.

So, enjoy the winter and get excited about where it can go because if there’s one thing I know for sure ‘momentum will always provide a platform for success’.


and corten steel culture

A recent example of steel fabrication and installation mastery at Lake Mapourika fosters cultural identity and local connections.

The collaboration between Art Fetiche, master carver Fayne Robinson, and the Department of Conservation have produced yet another work of art at the lake’s jetty.

At the site north of Franz Josef Glacier, corten steel artworks were constructed on each of the pillars, representing the significance of the local rūnanga, Makaawhio, and the beautiful landscapes surrounding them.

After successfully installing the beautiful Te Koropikopiko o te Waka at Fox Glacier lookout, the craftsmanship and synergy of Art Fetiche and Fayne were sought after again. The Department of Conservation reached out once more to secure the duo for their next project.

As always, the meaning behind each Art Fetiche project runs deep. Fayne says each pillar connects the local rūnanga with the landscape, to further cement the bond between tangata whenua and the environment.

Just as the waka at Fox Glacier and the pou at Greymouth’s Pounamu Pathway, this project connects local Māori to its location in Bruce Bay.

Through this partnership, a walk down the Lake Mapourika jetty is now something of magnificence, where sunlight bounces o the steel and mana encircles you.

Live in warmth

Passive houses are becoming more popular, and for good reason. They are low-energy builds that require little power for heating or cooling.

Living in a passive house is healthier and more e cient, especially as we battle these cold winter months.

Siân Taylor, co-owner and architect at Team Green Architects, explains that the temperature in these homes won’t drop below 18 degrees, whether you’re home or not. The heating demand is 10 times lower than a typical house, so you don’t feel that dreaded cold and save on your power bill.

“Your house is a complete thermal envelope, so walking from one room to the next, you will have the same temperature,” Siân says. “There are no drafts or cold spots as the temperature is constant throughout.”

The experts at Team Green incorporate passive design principles into all projects. It’s as integral to their builds as the architectural, health and comfort components.

The benefits go beyond just energy e ciency. It’s the little things like when “Lighting the fire becomes a special occasion as opposed to the only way to keep your house warm,” Siân says.

You can contact the Team Green Architects for more information on the healthy, low-energy and comfortable homes they can bring to life for you.


wood burner

With winter in full swing, wood, pellet, and gas fires come into their own.

If you’re looking for something a bit di erent, how about a wood fire that swivels so you can enjoy its warmth from anywhere in a room.

Envirosolve has exactly that in the form of the Bionic Wood Fire (pictured), by Rais. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, the stunning Scandi-style fires are fully automatic mechanical, and do not require electricity, a fan, or a damper.

There’s no flue shield either, because the flue only becomes warm when the fire is in operation. Heat energy, usually lost via a chimney, travels down into the double combustion chamber to be reused. This results in a highly heat-e cient, low emission energy output.

“Each fire is custom-ordered upon purchase, with delivery expected approximately four months later,” says owner of Envirosolve, Dr Rene Haeberli.

“The standard size can be fixed or swivel, and in black or nickel, while studio size is black, with choices for the glass as well.”

Other features include:

• Meets all New Zealand clean air standards including those for Ultra Low Emission Burners

• Meets the requirements for low energy and passive house construction

• External air capability for min-energy or passive house

• Door locks automatically when released

• Steady output of natural radiated heat

• Easy to maintain with very little ash produced

• Conveniently placed, easy to empty ash pan

• Option of roof or wall flue

• Optional 360-degree swivel base

A better way to build

The concept of passive housing is soaring to major popularity, proving these homes are becoming the future.

Martin Smith and the team at Ultimate Homes are award-winning and hold a well-earned reputation as builders of exceptional new builds. Specialising in new residential homes, they are the only licensed builders of eHaus passive houses in the Canterbury Region. Their new builds exceed contemporary building standards by every metric. This is because Ultimate Homes builds to the exacting principles of the passive house movement-based on smart energy modelling and sustainable thinking.

Developed in Germany and utilising state-of-the-art computerised energy modelling software, the passive house principles will assure you of an e cient, healthy home for years to come. An eHaus means a dry, quiet environment and a consistent temperature year-round.

Whether you are looking to do some alterations to an existing home, or looking to make your dream home a reality, Ultimate Homes has you covered. Designed and built in Canterbury for 24 years, they guarantee stylish, quality workmanship that will stand up to the harsh contrasts of the South Island climate.

To learn more, get in touch with Martin today at 027 227 4423 and download the eHaus Showcase from their website.

Built properly, a home’s thermal performance should minimise the need for costly energy use, and reduce carbon footprints.

Fraemohs have always made energy e ciency of their homes a priority. Their solid timber system contains significant thermal mass in itself. “When the sun is heating the timber as a natural product, we are not necessarily having to add something in that has been manufactured in a factory,” says Adam Fairmaid, in-house designer for Fraemohs. However, that natural advantage hasn’t seen the team rest on their laurels. “The thermal modelling system specified by the New Zealand Building Code has resulted in overheating in some new houses,” says Adam, “in response to that issue, we have

come up with our own thermal modelling process that looks at both heating and cooling.”

The team is taking a site-specific approach to thermal modelling. “We look at the specific site that you have chosen, where your home will be positioned on that site and its aspect. The context of the local climate is taken into account too,” says Adam. “In this way, your home gets bespoke thermal modelling that ensures it avoids the overheating issue.”

Once you have chosen or specified the Fraemohs home design that suits you best, your home is referred to Adam and his team. Adam then consults with you on the location and aspect of your new home. “We practically model the best-case scenarios for the client, and those scenarios are written up and

go to our inhouse quantity surveyor who prices up the options for the client,” says Adam.

Every part of your plan is evaluated for thermal mass using their Thermal Modelling. If you would like to use exposed concrete in your home, the team will evaluate that for thermal mass. “The model will show you where we need to put additional insulation,” says Adam. “We might specify double rather than triple glazing, or low E glass on one side of the house. It is about the right products in the right places, getting things on certain sides of the house, or using a di erent insulating product. We model to dictate the best size of heat pump for the house. We can provide the numbers to show how much heating and cooling would be needed to keep at the optimum temperature for living in your home.”

The process developed by the Fraemohs team not only improves occupant comfort but also reduces energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills and a reduced carbon footprint, ensuring that they exceed even the most recent building code amendments. “Not only are we doing this for building code compliance, but for an end customer this allows them to see how e cient and e ective their home will be, allowing them to look at design considerations for improvements,” says Adam.

As ever, Fraemohs are creating their solid timber range of homes which include transportables and kitsets, in an array of sizes. Their bespoke thermal modelling overlays homes which feature timber sustainably grown in New Zealand, meaning no international carbon miles, and no foreign forests plundered.

Shutter style for your home

There’s more to shutters than meets the eye. They’re the only statement piece with the ability to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your house, while elegantly improving your privacy. They can enhance even the top high-performance and passive house.

Interior and exterior shutters are an elegant solution to make your home more energy e cient by passively controlling the environment of your home. They give you the ability to control the light and heat that enters and exits your home, as well as shielding it from high winds, ensuring your comfort yearround. Exterior shutters are also an excellent option to enlarge living spaces and make open areas more usable.

Shutters are a stylish way to protect your privacy throughout the day. Their adaptability means that rooms that require both light and privacy can have both as needed.

The leading choice is the Norman Santa Fe range, o ering bespoke quality and specifically designed for New Zealand’s climate conditions. Chris Swart and his team at Canterbury Window Coverings, in partnership with Lohrey Blinds & Shutters, have been supplying and installing this energy e cient solution for kiwis over the past 77 years.

“One solution doesn’t fit all. Internal and external shutters are versatile and can be customised for each and every window or door opening,” says Chris.

“We provide quotes, working alongside architects, designing shutters to be seamlessly integrated into the building process, saving time and e ort for all involved. With unique solutions that integrate flawlessly into your lifestyle, and your home. For example, exterior shutters are ideal for a passive house, ensuring is doesn’t overheat on hot days.”

With an extensive range of styles, our modern shutters and custom-made solutions can add to any homes aesthetic, regardless of architectural style. Turning an ordinary home into a statement with great curb-appeal.

If you want your home to stand out from the crowd, then organise a consultation with Chris and the Lohreys team. They’re renowned for their expert guidance, and commitment to enhancing your home and o ce spaces. “Our core product range includes curtains, roller blinds, fly screens, security screens, and motorisation and automation systems,” adds Chris.


• 77 years of knowledge & experience

• Bespoke quality

• Mobile show room

• No cost consultation

• Custom made solution

• Trusted Canterbury brand since 1947

Stylish, secure, and significantly better

Building new, or retrofitting doors and windows, colour, style and components all need to be considered.

While they o er a view inside or out, many doors and windows also add to a building’s ambience and aesthetic.

Double glazing is mandatory in New Zealand new-builds, however European standards call for triple glazing, which ensures even better thermal and acoustic performance, as a growing number of New Zealanders are finding out.

International company NH Windows & Doors is bringing the benefits of triple glazing to Kiwi homes with their range of precisely engineered, highly secure, and energy-e cient timber and timber/aluminium-clad windows and doors. They require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan.

Architectural designer Fabian Schneider says his team provides both traditional and customised designs, all of them featuring inward openings that are popular and commonly used across Continental Europe.

Wood is a preferred choice for many, however, an increasing number of people are also having timber/aluminium doors and windows installed.

“The external aluminium cladding on our Euro78’ALU timber window greatly improves the lifespan of the product and reduces maintenance costs,” explains Fabian. “It is perfect for more contemporary styled developments, o ering the natural warmth of timber internally, combined with the durability of aluminium externally.”

The triple-glazed windows are argon filled, and significantly better in comparison to standard double-glazed windows. Coste ectively, they‘re only 10% more than double-glazed options.

An added bonus is that the external aluminium can be powder coated to match any colour, be it Colorsteel, Resene, Dulux etc, while the engineered timber can be stained or painted.

Soundproofing, security, and natural ventilation benefits add to the value of the doors and windows, even with the tilt window options. “The glass cannot be removed from the outside, while interior beading improves security,” says Fabian. Especially suitable for high performance or passive houses, the doors and windows come with fantastic acoustic benefits. “This makes them especially suitable for houses close to busy roads or other high noise generating objects,” says Fabian.


• O er easy cleaning and maintenance

• Open inwards

• Are available in double or triple glazing with excellent thermal and acoustic performance

• Internally beaded for improved security


Cashmere Estate is set apart from other land developments and communities in Christchurch. It encompasses a unique mix of natural beauty and landscape with the architectural diversity of high-quality builds and beautifully developed streetscapes throughout its 4 Stages.

Currently there are four spacious sections left in Stage 2B with titles due August 2024 ready to build your dream home. These plots (Sections 16, 18, 19 & 40) with stunning elevated views offer boundless architectural potential and lifestyle limited only by your imagination.

Revel in breathtaking views of the surrounding lush native bush, and the stunning Port Hills. Residents enjoy all year round amenities at their doorstep with the Christchurch Adventure Park, beautiful community greenspace, and the many well-maintained walking tracks as well as being located within minutes of popular cafes, eateries, and a small commute to the CBD.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community and embrace the tranquil lifestyle this picturesque setting offers with all the modern conveniences and amenities of Christchurch City at your fingertips. YOUR DREAM SECTION AWAITS


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