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22 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine

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When the world is ready we will be here Proudly Christchurch owned and operated, the team at House of Travel Christchurch City has been enriching Kiwis’ lives through travel for the last 25 years. Our team have helped over 300 New Zealanders get home safely while borders closed around the world and we are working with over 4,000 of our customers get the best options possible as we rearrange their precious holidays. Whilst the world is not ready to travel yet, we know that it won’t always be this way. But for now let’s just keep safe and let’s keep dreaming. So when you and the world are ready to travel again we’ll be here as your local travel agent in Christchurch. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients who have been so understanding and supportive during this uncertain time. We’re better together. Kind Regards,

David Williams Owner Operator for 25 years of House of Travel Christchurch City

Home to the following awards at the latest National Travel Industry Awards Winner of the Best Retail Travel Agency in New Zealand Best Travel Consultant in New Zealand – Belinda Fifield Best Groups Team in New Zealand – HOT Events

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AUCKLAND - 80 Parnell Rd, 09 303 4151 CHRISTCHURCH - 121 Blenheim Rd, 03 343 0876 QUEENSTOWN - 313 Hawthorne Dr, 03 441 2363

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22 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine





Dr Libby Weaver breaks down the stress eating equation for us and provides us with some effective strategies for eliminating stress – page 10.





A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s & I n n o v a t i o n s











Call, email, or book online for an appointment. Limited spots available! 96 Cranford Street, St Albans, Christchurch p: 03 381 8939 e: 4 21 May, 2020 Metropol

previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture.

Sheppard and Rout Architects’ graceful Spark building stands as a striking centrepiece within the thriving heart of the central city – page 83. Photographer Dennis Radermacher


21 MAY 2020 VOL 23 ISSUE 06

materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings




In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and

ferrymead A letter to YOU

A special message in appreciation of YOU, our loyal and valued fellow travellers! We should all feel proud of our actions and determination to beat COVID-19, we have never been more honoured to call New Zealand home! If you feel like a change of scenery, now is the time to discover your own backyard and we can book your flights, accommodation and sightseeing for closer to home. If you are dreaming of a skiing holiday in Queenstown, a winery tour in Hawke’s Bay or venturing up to the Bay of Islands, then please get in touch! We can share with you local tips, secure the best offers, save you time and provide you with the same exceptional service. We also hope to see the reintroduction of our Air NZ domestic network and the greatly anticipated Trans-Tasman and Pacific bubble. For each of these progressive steps, we will have inspiring packages to satisfy your inner travel bug! We are very excited to return to the office at Level 2 and we are only a phone call or email away. We are all in this together, stay safe and be kind! Melissa and the team at YOU Travel Ferrymead

YOU Travel Ferrymead 960 Ferry Road, Ferrymead

03 384 2700 Metropol 21 May, 2020 5

In New Zealand, a small business is a big deal. There is, after all, more than 500,000 of them. Those 500,000 small businesses employ upwards of 600,000 people and contribute 28 percent to our gross domestic product (GDP), so that makes them a big deal, to all of us! And they need us right now. We can all play a small part in getting Canterbury back on its feet. There’s a symbiotic relationship between small business and community – an important one! Local businesses are the backbone of a strong and vibrant community; both need each other to survive. The most effective way to help local businesses survive is, quite simply, by supporting them in any way you can. So why should you? There are plenty of reasons! For every $100 of local spend, $68 will stay local. That’s because local businesses stock local products and use local services. Small local businesses are also big local employers and, with a smaller footprint, it’s also the sustainable option. Now’s the time to spend every dollar we can locally, but it’s not just opening your wallet that can support our small local businesses; we can shout their names from the rooftops – virtually or literally, if you have the lung capacity. Follow them on social media, share theirABC AUDITED posts, tell your friends about them… better yet, take your friends to them – when it’s safe to, of course! If you can’t visit a local favourite now, but know you’ll want to later, buy a gift voucher! Got an event planned with local businesses that can’t go ahead right now? Why not work out how you can reschedule instead of cancel? And always consider a local option before you AUDITED hit ‘buy now’ on that website. After all, you may not be able to buy happiness, but you can buy local and for that local businessowner, that’s kind of the same thing.

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For every $100 of local spend, $68 will stay local

Small local businesses are big local employers



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Get Canterbury back on its feet, we all have a role to play

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Melinda Collins


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Local businesses stock local products & use local services


With a smaller footprint, it’s the sustainable solution

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Tame the lockdown mane! The wait is over! Level 2 is finally here, which means we can attend to some much-needed maintenance. While we’ve all been panicking over our out-of-control eyebrows and ‘wisdom-highlights’, Hair Art & Beauty understands that lockdown has been a challenging time and wants to thank the community for staying home and staying safe in spite of this.


hey also want to give a big thank you to all the essential workers who have kept the country going during the lockdown period. In recognition and appreciation of your sacrifice, Hair Art & Beauty will continue to offer a discount to all CDHB staff – simply show your work identification at your appointment. The team may not have been in the salon, but they have been working on ways to make your next experience at Hair Art &

Beauty even more spectacular by taking advantage of some of the excellent online education available. Whether it was brushing up on their technical skills with ‘look and learn’ classes by top international educators, or strengthening their knowledge on the products they use through La Biosthetique’s dedicated training hub, they have been hard at work improving themselves as hair and skin experts. There has also been plenty

of baking, eating, creating, home-schooling and virtually connecting with loved ones during lockdown – as much as they’ve enjoyed spending time

with their families, the Hair Art and Beauty team are excited to be back in salon looking after their clients’ hair and beauty needs.

CAMERON BAILEY BRINGING YOU THE LATEST TECHNIQUES AND MATERIALS • Cosmetic Dentistry • Metal Free • Holistic Dentistry • Dental Implants • Dental Hygiene NEW CLIENTS WELCOME

Something sweet for Christmas!

1st Floor inside Merivale Mall 193A Papanui Rd. P: 355 8297

We would like to thank all our customers for their ongoing support during these trying times and look forward to seeing you in future.

Contact me today!

PH/TXT 027 555 7079

Café Berlin Delicatessen & Cafe

I love sharing my 15 years of experience in the industry with you. In times like these you need to make sure you’re getting the right advice from the best people!

Find us on

9c Normans Road, Strowan Ph. 03 355 0932 Open Tues to Sat

No.1 Harcourts Christcurch 2012-2019 No.1 Harcourts New Zealand 2017-2019 No.1 Harcourts International 2017-2019

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Gray Ma We’re all pretty familiar with the line that there’s often several years of hard work behind an overnight success; plenty of stars of their fields have filled us in on this very fact.


ut there’s an even more magical twist to the success of UK singer-songwriter David Gray. Although there had undoubtedly been the stockstandard six years of solid hard work behind his success, it’s the fact that his first three albums, recorded under the professional guidance of a record label, were

instantly superseded both in popularity and in sales by White Ladder, made on a budget in Gray’s bedroom, that is perhaps the most powerful plot twist here. The tidal wave of success that has seen seven million copies sold and spawned a string of classic hit singles like Babylon,

Please Forgive Me, Sail Away, This Year’s Love and My Oh My first started in Ireland. After another 18 months on the road, Gray broke into the UK with what would become one of the biggest albums of the 21st century and it has remained in the top 30 best-selling British albums of all time. Here in New

Zealand, it would go three times platinum and 20 years on, we can still sing along! “It was a moment of reckoning, a moment that was me flipping all the negative energy into a positive,” Gray says of White Ladder’s success. “After three records I could have blamed the world, blamed

Timeless Elegance

New Boutique Residential Aged Care

8 21 May, 2020 Metropol


03 357 9392


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Matter By Melinda Collins

the critics, everyone but myself, but I decided I needed to make a better record, needed to give it more, not just time and effort and concentration, but more courageousness, more openheartedness. “We went in and did this thing. We didn’t do it in a selfconscious way; it’s a genuine thing, it has heart. People related to the stories, the melodies, the emotional centre. People connected to the album as a whole.” Although part of 2020 has a “giant question mark hanging over its head”, Gray will hit the New Zealand leg of his tour late this year. Bringing together the album’s original band members and original equipment to “recreate the record in its entirety” on stage, it’s set to hit Auckland’s Spark Arena on 28 November, Wellington’s TSB Arena on 29 November and our very own Horncastle Arena on 1 December. “It’s like listening to the record but live,” Gray says. Despite some big songs on

there, Gray says White Ladder as a mellow, low-key album when it was first recorded and it has been “beefed up” in recent times for modern audiences. The tour however, gave the band members the opportunity to honour the original sound. “It was home recorded so we didn’t have the budget or means to make it sound big. It’s a mellow listen, but we’ve recreated the music for this tour. It’s really sweet to hear the songs the way they were then; it’s lovely to return them to their original.” It’s the story of DIY success. “It was extraordinary how it happened,” Gray says. “We weren’t blessed by big music companies, it was a word of mouth kind of success that came from nowhere. The music has stood up really well because we made it to be not like anything else and that still holds up today. “It’s an incredible thing that happened and it’s a special record. Touch wood we’ll be with you at the end of the year, with big smiles on our faces!”


Creative excellence in architecture

Ph 03 377 4900

Award winning architecture Metropol 21 May, 2020 9

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stress e equation The

For many of us, stressful times means picking up the packet of chocolate biscuits instead of the kale salad. Dr Libby Weaver breaks down the ‘why’ for us and provides us with some effective strategies for eliminating stress. Many people believe weight is all about calories in versus calories out, why do you think it is so much for complex than that? The calorie equation, which was first published in 1918, and on which today’s dieting mentality is still based, fails to factor in crucial elements of the modern world. For example, it does not consider the metabolic consequences of modern day food. It continues under the false belief that all that matters to body shape and size is your fat, protein and carbohydrate (and alcohol) intake: the macronutrients from where you obtain your calories. Yet there are nine factors that influence whether the body gets the message to store fat or burn it. For example, when your fight or flight response is activated – done by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) – your body gets the message that your life is in danger. To supply you with fuel to escape from the danger, you need one that is fast-burning. The only two fuels for the body are glucose (sugar) and fat so the body will preferentially utilise more glucose than fat in this situation. As a result, too many people have lost the ability to efficiently burn fat as a fuel due to stress, so they store more fat and crave sugar to top up what they are burning. Yet the stress we face these days is primarily psychological rather than a physical threat to our life so the SNS is constantly and relentlessly activated for many people these days. Another example involves our gut bacteria. Research published from 2008 onwards has shown that the types of bacteria you have inhabiting your colon can influence what calories are worth – yet another example of how a calorie isn’t always a calorie. There’s far more to it as most women who have tried a calorie-restricted diet 10 21 May, 2020 Metropol

from about age 35 onwards will attest and all of this is a major focus of my work. How does stress make you put on weight? Stress—whether real or perceived—communicates to the body that it is in danger and triggers the production of stress hormones. It’s just how we are biochemically wired. When that stress becomes ongoing and persistent, our long-term stress hormone, cortisol, begins to rise. Because this hormone is linked to times historically where food was scarce (think of long-term stress sources in the past such as war, drought or famines), it signals to the body to start storing body fat as this can be used as energy. To do this, it has a catabolic effect, meaning it breaks your muscles down so you’re your metabolic rate is slower, giving your more of a chance to still be alive when the food supply is restored. However, for most people in our modern world, food isn’t scarce so all of a sudden we’re getting the message to store more body fat and it often influences us to make different food choices as well. How does that stress influence whether we pick up a bag of chips or a kale salad? There are two aspects to this—one is biochemical and the other is emotional. Biochemically, as I just mentioned, the stress hormone cortisol, communicates to the body that it needs to start storing body fat in case food becomes scarce. The quickest and easiest energy source for us is glucose (sugar) and so when our cortisol levels are raised, not only will we be more likely to store instead of burn body fat, we’ll also be more drawn to carbohydrate-rich foods which are broken down into glucose in the body. Emotionally, when we are stressed we tend to feel less motivated and lack

energy. This in itself can lead us to make different food choices. Throw into the mix that many people use food to TRY to make themselves feel better or numb out to what might be uncomfortable feelings (even though you may not recognise that this is what you are doing at the time), and you’ve got another scenario in which you’re more likely to opt for potato chips over kale salad. What are some of the best foods that we should be reaching for during particularly stressful times to support our overall wellbeing? When we experience stress, our need for nutrients increases because now, on top of all the other important biochemical processes that happen within us all day every day, we also have to build stress hormones as well. Our body requires specific nutrients in order to build these stress hormones—many of which are needed for other vital biochemical processes – things like B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium. Yet stress hormones are considered the priority so the nutrients will go to their creation before anything else. This is one mechanism through which stress can begin to take a toll on our health and we may begin to experience symptoms in our body that we don’t initially connect to extended stress. So what we really need to focus on during times like these is increasing our intake of whole, real food—especially plenty of vegetables. What are some of the most effective strategies for eliminating stress? It’s very difficult to reduce your experience of stress without exploring your perception of pressure and urgency as well as any beliefs you have that might be creating perceptions of stress. Restorative practices such as diaphragmatic breathing, restorative yoga, tai chi, meditation or qi gong are wonderful balms to a stressed nervous system, however, we need to get to the heart of what is causing our stress in order to transform it. Most often it is our mind. To examine what’s truly at the heart of our stress, instead of scrutinising WHAT stresses us out, we need to examine HOW we actually think. This is a concept I dive into deeply in my book, The Invisible Load. For example, when a colleague phones you and asks where some work is as she needed it yesterday, we often don’t really hear what the person has said – instead we hear what we think they meant. Behind their request for work, we’ll perceive that they think we are lazy, or inefficient, or not a hard worker – in other words we perceive that they now see us in an unfavourable way. So the stress comes from worrying about what they think of us. Yet we dreamed that bit up. All they did was ask for work and we created their “disapproval” of us with our thinking. That’s the type of “stress” we can change. That’s the part I’m interested in. Metropol 21 May, 2020 11

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eating n By Melinda Collins

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Essential Care Over the last month of COVID-19 restrictions, Ourvets St Albans remained open to provide essential care for all our furry friends. It hasn’t been an easy process – frequent changes to the guidelines around what ‘essential care’ was permitted, long hours, understandably anxious clients and sick pets have made for a very challenging time. We caught up with the team about what life has been like inside the veterinary clinic.


rotecting our staff and our clients has always been front of mind when decision

making during lockdown. We needed to close some of the Ourvets clinics so that we

could separate our staff into teams. This was to ensure there would be no crossover of staff – if a team member became sick, one team would be removed, rather than taking out our whole workforce and potentially needing to close shop altogether. We needed to ensure staff were safe and that our ability to provide essential care to pets wouldn’t be compromised. We were very excited when Ourvets Halswell reopened and could once again provide essential information and care for clients and their pets. While we have continued operating, our wonderful clients have not been allowed into the clinic for over a month. This has been one of the hardest things for clients and we get it! It’s been challenging for us too. We’ve all been feeling the emotional strain of not being able to comfort clients through difficult situations or simply to spend that extra time talking

Ourvets understand the special role your pet plays in your family and we are dedicated to providing them with excellent care Open 7 Days St Albans 03 355 6747 12 21 May, 2020 Metropol Parklands 03 383 2233

Emergency Service

Riccarton/Ilam 03 348 4885

Halswell 03 322 8331

things through with them. As many companies across the world have been looking for different and new ways to work, our team has been no exception. We’ve introduced different ordering systems, phone systems and communication to clients, as well as developing completely new processes to operate safely in clinic. The ideas that have come from this period have been so great, they will continue on, even once we’re back to normal. This is not over yet, but we’re optimistic that together we can all get through this. Our veterinarians, veterinary nurses, receptionists and managers are all doing their best. Please remember to be kind to them so that they can continue to look after you and your furry family members. We look forward to seeing our wonderful clients and their gorgeous pets again soon.

A kindness pandemic The Coronavirus lockdown has caused an unprecedented need for hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Kiwis to stay socially connected and to get a hand with urgent supplies, meals and picking up prescriptions.


nter Support Crew, an established online help roster that activates a community to remotely coordinate meals, Metropol Advert 65 x 190 v1 supermarket shops, a friendly

phone call or any other help that’s needed during isolation, from anywhere in the world. “Over the last three years, 17052018.pdf 1 17/05/18 2:11 we’ve helped more than

4,000 Kiwis coordinate support needed for aged care, hospitalisation, mental health, new babies and unemployment,” PMSupport Crew Co-Founder, Kelly

Rossendale Vineyard Weddings and Events

100 Old Tai Tapu Road, Halswell, Christchurch

Phone 03 322 7780

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Banks says. “We now critically shift our focus to bring Kiwi’s together to unite against Covid-19.” The free online platform enables anyone to set up a private support page. By inviting friends, family and neighbours to their page, they can then manage and coordinate help with meals or errands and sharing updates. The platform’s Give Store allows Kiwis in insolation to provide remote help for vulnerable family members to receive ‘heat and eat’ meal deliveries, supermarket vouchers or fruit and vegetable boxes. Since launching in 2017, Support Crew has coordinated over 2,500 requests for help and organised 1,850 meals, 400 trips to appointments, 200 hours of cleaning, 110 social visits, 220 dog walks, 5,200 messages and over 65 errands. During the global pandemic, the organisation has seen an unexpected number of expat Kiwis organising help for their loved ones in isolation. “We have many stories of generosity, from the expat in the UK who organised $500 worth of food and petrol vouchers for her immune compromised sister; to finding a loan portacot within hours,” Kelly says. A significant number of vulnerable Kiwis find online shopping confusing and overwhelming, so nominating a family member, neighbour or member of the community as a designated shopper is proving vitally helpful. That’s why Support Crew is now matching people who need help with people in the community who are close by and want to help. Sign up to help or sign up someone who needs help.

14 21 May, 2020 Metropol


Take a Virtual Tour of our Showroom, visit:

See something you like? Just call our Heating Specialists on 03 365 3685 for more information or book an on line heating consultation.

95 Byron Street (opp. Clip ‘n Climb) Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm Sat 9am to 1pm Metropol 21 May, 2020 15

From left to right, Brianne West, Maggie Marilyn, Juliette Hogan and Emma Wallace

Sisterhood of Sustainability By Melinda Collins

Sustainability; everyone’s talking about it, but few are doing something about it. Metropol caught up with fashion designer Maggie Marilyn and head of sustainable beauty brand Ethique, Brianne West about paying much more than lip service to the most pressing conversation of the century. 16 21 May, 2020 Metropol


he subject of sustainability has been increasing in intensity over the past three years, Maggie says, but she believes there’s a lot of talk and not a lot of action. “In our industry, fashion apparel, there’s no standard to hold you accountable to what you’re saying that you’re doing,” she says. “So it’s very easy to say you’re sustainably conscious or that you’re transparent or that you use sustainably conscious fabrics, but what does that really mean?” Having grown up on a farm in the Bay of Islands, she has long been environmentally aware, but hadn’t connected the dots to the fashion industry. “It wasn’t until I got to university where this really unglamorous curtain was pulled back on the industry and I didn’t like what I saw behind it,” she says. She spent the next four years learning

brand would look like to where the label is now. What she thought would be all about building a transparent supply chain, using fabrics that had the least negative environmental impact, and supporting and building a community of manufacturing in New Zealand, has expanded to measuring carbon emissions, to educating customers on garment care and after-life. “Fifty percent of the impact clothing has from an environmental perspective is actually done after the customer buys it, so how they care for their clothes and what happens to that clothing once they’ve fallen out of love with it.” You’ll find garment care instructions on the brand’s website, detailing how best to look after your beloved pieces. “Start by getting rid of your tumble drier! That’s a way to ruin absolutely everything that you own. Gentle machine-washing clothes, hanging them in the sun… all those things can make a huge difference. Sometimes it’s small, incremental changes that can make the biggest difference.” Maggie’s new line, launched at the end of last year, is intended to become fully circular in time. “It’s designed to have a take-back scheme whereby the fabrics can be shredded down and repurposed into new fabrics and then into new garments, so eventually in our Utopian model of a brand, we wont use any virgin resources.” Ethique’s products are already completely circular. They are fully biodegradable, so if a packaged bar fell out the bathroom window, both the product and packaging would rapidly break down into something that plants can use to regrow. Although naked products would be superior, retailers won’t allow naked stock, so Brianne has the next best thing – packaging made in New Zealand from sustainably-sourced stock. “For every tree they cut down, they plant two,” she says. “ Ethique is also carbon neutral, double offsetting any travel. They’re working towards sea-freighting everything in the future, along with opening up warehouses in the UK, Australia and US to minimise the affects of global distribution. She’s passionate about her fair trade and charitable partnerships, with the company donating 20 percent of its profits to charity every year; a figure that’s soon to double. There are also some exciting carbon emissions plans Brianne is looking forward to announcing soon. Meanwhile a circular business is also in sight for Maggie. “It’s definitely our Northern Star to be a fully circular business and it’s not going to happen in five minutes; there are huge complexities to doing that in our main line and we are figuring it out with this new line we launched last year. “Circularity is really key to being a fully sustainable brand and ultimately have a regenerative impact, so that’s the goal.”

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everything she could about how to build a sustainable fashion brand and what that looked like. “I feel lucky that we launched in a time when sustainability was gradually growing momentum, but I still think there’s a lot of greenwashing versus actual proper work being done,” Maggie says. Catching up ahead of the pair joining designer Juliette Hogan and Kowtow’s Emma Wallace as part of a sustainability panel hosted by Ballantynes pre-lockdown, the sisterhood of sustainability really got down to the heart of what it means to run environmentally-centric fashion and beauty brands. Biologist Brianne West says sustainability in business is a must-have. “If you don’t have some kind of sustainability standard, most millennials and bugger all Gen Zs will shop with you. So if you don’t have something sustainable – and unfortunately often it’s fake – then you don’t get a look in. “Sustainability has gone beyond ‘cool’. Now it’s kind of a non-negotiable.” If the amount of consumer momentum Greta Thunberg has managed to create on a global stage, was created around a brand, the business would have no choice but to adapt. So it’s consumers that need to take responsibility for affecting change, by demanding transparency and by demanding fair trade. “And consumers are already doing it, they just need to do it more and faster!” she says. For fashion, that means shopping smarter. “The fashion industry is the second greatest emitter of fossil fuels,” Brianne points out. “Everyone goes on about air travel… stop buying clothes!” And even if the sentiment seems detrimental to her own luxury fashion label, Maggie not only agrees with it, but it forms the basis of the Maggie Marilyn brand philosophy – one which sees slow fashion as the way of the future. “It’s not just about being in business to sell Maggie Marilyn clothes, but to change the conversation and, in turn, change our industry.” With unsustainable options becoming cheaper than ever before, it’s about educating consumers about buying less, but buying well, with the value of resale and product lifespan making up the difference in price point. “It’s not actually the people who can’t afford designer clothing that’s the issue,” Maggie says. “It’s the girl who goes to H&M and Zara and gets a new dress every Friday night, who could actually afford to buy a more consciously made product; it’s the consumer that’s the issue. “It’s about changing a whole mindset of mass consumption that we’ve just been in for the last 40 years. We’re not going to unwind the situation in five minutes and that’s something I have to remind myself of because I’m incredibly impatient!” Over four years in business, the goal post has shifted for Maggie from what she thought a sustainably conscious

Metropol 21 May, 2020 17

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voices of hope The

When you are experiencing mental illness, it can often feel like there is no way out. Metropol caught up with Genevieve Mora and Jazz Thornton from Voices of Hope to get their top tips for those who are struggling and to find out what resources are available.


Adjustable Beds For Life! Sleep Better

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How much harder is lockdown for those who are suffering from mental illness, whether it’s anorexia, depression or anxiety? Jazz: Lockdown is really difficult for everyone, but especially those dealing with mental illness. It is mentally isolating, so adding physical isolation makes everything 10 times harder.

Genevieve Mora (left) and Jazz Thornton (right)

Is there some overall advice you could give to people who are suffering from mental illness during this time? Gen: Be kind to yourself. We are facing a lot of uncertainty and change and with that can come heightened anxiety and struggles. Remind yourself that you are not alone in this, we are all facing this ‘new normal’ together and that it’s understandable

that you are struggling a little more now perhaps. In saying that, make sure you reach out for help, tell those around you that you’re struggling and know that this will pass. What are some of your best ways to keep happy and healthy during lockdown? Jazz: Keep a routine. Go to bed and get up at a reasonable time. Keep a schedule as much as you can doing things you would usually do (showering, get changed, eat at normal times). Make sure you connect with people too because while we are physically isolated, we don’t have to be socially isolated. Reach out, get on facetime or zoom – you are not alone! If there were some messages to get out to people who are suffering right now, what would they be? Jazz: You are not a burden! Just because we are in a current world crisis doesn’t make your struggles any less valid or real. Don’t let it silence you, continue to speak up and ask for help. What other resources do you recommend for people who are struggling? Jazz: At Voices of Hope we are hosting online events three times a week to create some sense of community for those who need a boost. As well as this we have had many people blog for us on this topic.


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MANAGEMENT IN THE WORKPLACE We provide Supervision, Workshops and Employment Assisted Counselling to reduce work related stress, improve relationships and boost productivity in your business.

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Can you tell us a little bit about Voices of Hope and what your purpose is? Gen: Voices of Hope was started by myself and Jazz in 2017. We wanted to create content that we wish we had had when we were unwell. When you are experiencing mental illness it can often feel like there is no way out, that this will be your reality forever. Voices of Hope aims to give hope to those struggling by sharing stories of those with lived experience. People who have been through it and are now well. We believe that sharing your struggles and successes allows others to feel safe to do the same.

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support local HOW & WHY YOU SHOULD

By Jess Murray

It’s time for us all to band together and help Canterbury get back on its feet. That means buying, eating and traveling local. We’ve put together a few ways you can get behind the cause.


OS Café is a not-for-profit initiative set up for local businesses in New Zealand during the pandemic. You can support your favourite bars, restaurants, cafés and services by purchasing a voucher to redeem once everyone is back up and running normally. Check it out at www. You might have seen Air New Zealand showcasing some of New Zealand’s greatest scenery in their safety videos on your way to some exotic location. Maybe it’s time to experience some of that scenery for yourself? It’s easy to forget what we have in our backyard because we’re so used to it always being there. Now is the time, more than ever, to travel around the North or South Island or even take that weekend away to Queenstown. So why not get planning? It’ll give you something to look forward to for the rest of the year. Finally, one of the best ways you can #supportlocal and show you really care is by supporting them online. Some local businesses are used to having customers physically come into their stores and even having a chat with you while you’re browsing. Remind them that you’re there, that you care and that you’re excited for their return. Follow them, like and comment on their updates, maybe even flick them a message. Something so small can make the world of difference to someone. #supportlocal

INVESTMENTS INSURANCE K I W I S AV E R t. +64 3 288 0404 (Ext. 1404) m. +64 21 552 587 e. Level 1, The Awly Building 293 Durham St, Christchurch 8013

Personal disclosures documents are available free upon request 20 21 May, 2020 Metropol

equity investment opportunity Maat Consulting Ltd is offering an equity investment opportunity in a new company, Victoria Property Investment Ltd, which has been formed to purchase the property at 99-123 Victoria Street, Christchurch.


his investment has 7,226.2 m² of net lettable area, spanning four levels of fully tenanted office space at 123 Victoria Street, plus a ground floor designed for the hospitality industry. It also includes a land holding adjacent to 123 Victoria Street which is used for additional carparking. Number 123 Victoria Street is the address of the offices of Nexia Christchurch Ltd, Alliance Group Ltd, Pacific Radiology Group Ltd, and NZ Merino Company Ltd who together occupy approximately 93% of the total available space.

This property is proudly presented as part of the rebuild of Christchurch as it continues to develop as a modern and well-designed city.

Features of this investment to note are: • The building was completed in 2017 • The weighted average lease term is 8.15 years • There are 106 carparks available • The property is located on the west side of Victoria Street and just north of Salisbury Street, nestled among the outlying area of the main business district. It offers easy access to the central business district of Christchurch with the Victoria Clock Tower and the Christchurch Casino less than a flat five-minute walk away • It is intended to be registered as a PIE investment, limiting the top tax rate to 28 percent • The projected cash return for the next two years and ninemonth period is 7.25% *p.a, before tax, payable monthly.

This property is proudly presented as part of the rebuild of Christchurch as it continues to develop as a modern and well-designed city. It will be managed by Maat Consulting Ltd, an experienced commercial property manager. Maat Consulting Limited is now into its 10th year of offering investments in commercial property to a broad range of the New Zealand public. Based in Albany, the company now manages a portfolio of 14 properties throughout New Zealand. These properties have a range of national and international tenants. Maat Group continues to select quality properties which have quality tenants, in order to maximise returns for investors.

Director Neil Tuffin

A copy of the Product Disclosure Statement and Supplementary Document (post COVID19) are available and may be obtained from Maat Consulting Limited by contacting: Managing Director Neil Tuffin: 021 481 441 or Or Investor Relations Manager Jodi Tuffin: 021 084 42523 or Or the Maat Office on 09 414 6078. Our offices are located at B4, 17 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland. *projected pre-tax return, per annum, payable monthly. The offer is made in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.


Investment Opportunity 1,178 parcels of B shares to be offered by a new company “Victoria Property Investment Limited” which will acquire the property. Each parcel comprises 25,000 shares of $1 each. This investment is in the company which will own the property at 123 Victoria Street, Christchurch, includes: Projected cash returns of 7.25%* p.a, payable monthly Nexia Christchurch Ltd, Alliance Group Ltd, Pacific Radiology Group Ltd and NZ Merino Company Ltd as anchor tenants An Equity Investment offer The Issuer intending to register as a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) Register for your copy of the PDS and Supplementary Document (post Covid19) by contacting either:

Neil Tuffin AFA, Accountant (Maat Director) Jodi Tuffin (Investor Relations Manager) or the Maat Office 021 481 441 021 084 4252 09 414 6078

Brought to you by

*projected pre-tax return p.a for a 2 years and 9 month period A copy of the Product Disclosure Statement and Supplementary Document (post Covid19) are available and may be obtained from the Issuer at B4, 17 Corinthian Drive Auckland. This offer is made in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

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The Wigram Pantry Collective QUALITY





We are a group of hidden foodie treasures producing quality products in the Wigram industrial precinct. We would like to invite you to our Pantry Collective. We have come together for the benefit of Canterbury foodies, so you can purchase locally produced, quality gourmet products at wholesale prices.

Order on our online shop for easy collection

TICKLE YOUR TASTEBUDS!! Have you tried Gordon’s ‘Ready to Rage’ Gherkin Relish?

Tangy and full of flavour $5.40 400g Complimentary Recipe Instore

The Picklery - Retail Shop

United Fisheries

for everything from the Sea…

Open weekdays 8am – 4pm. Eftpos available. 1Timothy Place (off Sonter Rd) Wigram. Ph. 03 3480 223


Bio Marinus

100% New Zealand Owned


58 Parkhouse Road, Sockburn

Visit our outlet store Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.30pm & Sat 9am-12noon 8 Stark Drive Wigram open Monday - Friday 7.30am - 3.30pm




22 21 May, 2020 Metropol



The sweetest spot For more than 25 years, Original Foods Baking Co has been baking its delicious range of sweet treats including cakes, donuts, muffins, brownies and slices sold under the Original Foods Baking Co™, Goofy™ and Bite Me™ supermarket brands.

he company’s seriously yummy goods can be found in supermarkets, cafés and restaurants, as well as direct from the factory door at 8 Stark Drive. Original Foods Baking Co’s onsite café and outlet offers the chance to enjoy quality C4 barista made coffee and your favourite baked treats straight from the source. There are also fresh salads, special occasion cakes, daily specials and more. You’ll find the café open from Monday to Friday from 7:30am3:30pm. Each year the company celebrates National Donut Day, a day where all things round and delicious are honoured! This year it falls on Friday 5 June and the café will once

again be conducting its famous 1000 free donuts give away (one per customer) as well as donut-themed competitions with great prizes. To keep up to date with all Original Foods Baking Co’s news, including National Donut Day, follow the company’s Instagram and Facebook pages.







ARCHITECTS’ EVENING AT SIMPLY HEAT Just over a month ago, the team at Simply Heat held an architects’ evening at their Byron Street Showroom. Metropol was more than happy to attend! Good company, a drink (or two), professionals in their field, all whilst standing around some toasty fires... made for a perfect combination. 1. Jo Dempsey, Murray Dempsey, Paul Stewart, Tracey Prince 2. Georgina Waring, Steve Waring 3. Brad Smith, Hamish Gemmill, Gavin Brown 4. Martin Chant, Meredith Dobson, Brad Smith 5. Bryan Doull, Gavin Brown 6. Sean Wang, Ben Nolan Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event. Metropol 21 May, 2020 23

hanmer springs

Takeaways & W coffee sorted! These may be testing times we’re living through, but Pam Burrows of Pam’s Café and Gifts is proving that the old saying ‘The show must go on’ is the only way to go when the going gets tough.

hile keeping in mind COVID-19 Level 3 protocols of no physical contact with customers, the business reopened for evening hours 28 April, with a focus on the takeaway menu of fish ’n’ chips and burgers. But that’s only the half of it! Never one to rest on her laurels, Pam also has a coffee van which she parks up most days outside Amberley’s Top Stop Café. In fact, such is Pam’s coffee service, that from Waikari to Waipara, folks never quite know where she and her van will turn up next. Pam hopes to add yummy muffins and slices alongside the coffee in the very near future.

Come Level 2, the forecast for Pam’s Café and Gifts is to extend its Friday, Saturday and Sunday business hours from morning to night. Which pretty much explains why there are so many smiling faces around the district right now! In the meantime, we townies can look forward to that day when we’re out there, on the open road, heading to Hanmer, perhaps, and there it is – open for business, the same warm welcome, and the food just as sublime as the last time you stopped by. Find Pam’s Café and Gifts at 8 Weka Pass Road, Waikari. Phone 03 314 4644.

Fabulous Food Coffee & Gifts

Our customers can’t stop posting compliments about our Cafe. Come and see what they are raving about.

Mention this Ad when booking by phone RECEIVE 5% DISCOUNT!

Where scratch baking is our art

Join the legions of fans who enjoy quality home baked taste and head on down to our fabulous bakery located in the heart of Hanmer. OPEN DAILY Shop 6, Village Shopping Mall Hanmer Springs 7334 Phone: 03 315 7714 24 21 May, 2020 Metropol

CLEAR RIDGE APARTMENTS 5 STAR LUXURY IN THE CENTRE OF HANMER SPRINGS Ideal for individuals and groups. Conference room available for smaller business meetings. Some apartments with spas - outdoor heated pool & spa. The refreshing mountain air beckons. Ph 03 315 5144 or 0800 555 596

Come and enjoy our

WinterWarmers and relax beside the cosy fire...

8 Weka Pass Rd WAIKARI Ph.03 3144644

2 Highfield St, Culverden 03 315 8492

hanmer springs

Check out the highs of Hanmer


Hanmer Springs has always held a special place in the heart of Kiwis; the picturesque alpine village best known for its natural hot pools and stunning landscapes. But if you thought you had seen the best of this serene spot, you can think again!


ead over Jacks Pass and you hit high country; renowned for its majestically beautiful scenery – the snow-cloaked mountains, braided rivers and tussock grasslands shaped by millions of years of natural events and centuries of exploration and settlement. Recognising the rugged beauty of the land while renovating a bach in the area for the past five years, Phillip Wayman wanted to show others just how much more there was to see of Hanmer Springs and decided to put his new Jeep to work. Hanmer High Country Jeep Tours Ltd offers five Jeep tours, to suit even the most adventurous of tourists, each exploring hidden

fashion The latest new landed! styles have just

gems of the Hurunui and the back country of Hanmer Springs. Take a quick scenic loop through Jacks and Jollies Passes, have lunch at Lake Tennyson, tour the headwaters of the Wairau River before exploring Sedgemere Lakes, travel through the popular tourist route of Rainbow Station with its mountain ranges, clear rivers and hidden waterfalls or explore Molesworth Recreation Reserve, a land of extremes and New Zealand’s largest farm at 180,787 hectares; any tour will open your eyes to the magnificent beauty the South Island has to offer. “People think of Hanmer Springs as the destination, but there really is so much more to see here out in the high country,” Phil says.

Wedding & Craft Supplies

Shop 5, 8 Chisholm Crescent (in Boulder Point Precinct) Hanmer Springs I Ph.03 3155383

Come & discover our wide range of womens clothing & accessories online today


ADVENTURE Experience the pure New

The Wallace Peak Cottage I Bed & Breakfast Weddings I Events & Conferences

Zealand high country on a jeep tour and witness the beautiful jaw dropping scenery right at our back door.

See our website to order

Ph. 027 5544 056 I 03 3155 351

Chisholm Crescent Hanmer Springs I Ph. 027 591 1832

“Like” MickeyRaes Facebook Page for up to date Specials

Bring in this Coupon and receive 15% OFF ON PURCHASES OF $50 AND OVER!!

Choose one of our packages with or without lunch or ask about our Cycleway Transport to enjoy the magical views on your cycle.

Ph.0274511172 Metropol 21 May, 2020 25


Beauty Report



Perfect for improving overall hair health, building stronger hair from the inside out and aiding in hair growth. Hair Art & Beauty 96 Cranford Street, St Albans Ph. 03 381 8939



Experience immunity revitalised, beauty revolutionised, vitality re-energised. Welcome the new you with Internal Cosmetics.





The latest Karen Murrell Nude Lip Palette contains five of her bestselling nude shades. RRP $50 available online. Soon to join stockists shelves nationwide.

Packed with active ingredients, this Retinol and Vitamin C lotion assists to reduce the appearance of ageing, while boosting collagen and cell renewal. RAWKANVAS The Foundation; Flawless Retinol & Vitamin C Lotion RRP $87



How do I keep my hair blonde? There’s a NAK to it. Mondo Black the blonde specialists Mondo Black 680 Barbadoes St, Edgeware Ph. 03 385 9903



Micropigmentation/Cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows and eyeliner - creating permanent shape and colour which can last between 2-5 years. Specialist beauty therapist (28 years’ experience)


Angela Millar KM Surgical - Avenue Health 202 Bealey Ave Ph. 379 9467 26 21 May, 2020 Metropol



Works for me! By Jess Murray

We’re slowly getting back into the swing of things post-lockdown, so why not add some stylish new pieces to your work wardrobe? We’ve pulled together some of our favourite things in office wear for 2020 for inspiration.


2. 3.


POWER UP: Black and grey are no longer top of the power suit hierarchy; they’ve been pushed out of the top spot by the statement suit! We’re talking animal print, floral and punchy block colours. We’re also loving that you can wear this clever style chameleon in three different ways – make it a twin thing and wear it as a co-ord, or wear the jacket and pants separately.

SILKY SMOOTH: Nobody wants tight skirts or pants that cause discomfort during work hours. You won’t regret transitioning to a silky slip skirt that bounces with your legs when you walk. Like the power suit, one signature skirt is all that is required to create multiple different looks.

A DRESS FOR ALL WEATHER: Sweater dresses are a nice and easy option for the workplace, especially if you’re in a rush in the morning. They’re also great for those awkward days where it’s cold in the morning but hot when you leave for the day.

TRANSFORM YOUR SMILE EVERYDAY WITH The clear alternative to braces


First consultation Merivale I Cashmere I Ashburton

0800 Orthodontix (0800 678 463) Ph. 03 337 3373

Metropol 21 May, 2020 27

SOMETHING IN THE AIR… and hopefully that’s moisture to keep your skin hydrated! The warm, dry air pumping out of your fireplace or heatpump can wreak havoc on your skin, so it’s just as important that you’re keeping your fluid intake up during the cooler months, as it is in the heat.

Banish winter worries

YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND: You can’t go wrong with a good moisturiser! It’s something that you can use year-round. Learn to swear by it and thank us later.

By Jess Murray

We’re heading into winter, which means dry, lifeless skin, right? It doesn’t have to be this way! We’ve got our top tips for maintaining your skin throughout the cool months.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Unlike bears and bats, us humans don’t need to stockpile our food stores. So winter isn’t the time to start binge eating or carb loading. We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but that extra packet of chocolate biscuits won’t be doing wonders for your skin.

SPRAY AND WALK AWAY: If you’re in a rush to get somewhere and you don’t have time to moisturise, using a face mist is a great alternate option to add some hydration to your face.

Back to work looking sharp Cut loose with a new style for a new season

Don’t Forget our LOYALTY CARD Every 8th Haircut is FREE!


Bush Inn Shopping Centre P. 348 7008 | South City P. 366 0619

151 COLOMBO ST PH 332 1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm 28 21 May, 2020 Metropol

High quality Lash Extensions Highest standards Best practices Henna brow Spray tan

135 High St Rangiora

(Located upstairs behind Joes Garage)


ITALIAN WINTER IN STORE NOW AND ONLINE 199 High St, OLD Post Office Rangiora Ph 03 313 1366 or 0275 31 41 51

Surgery - Mammoplasty


Surgical procedure

Long and complicated (2-5 hours)

Rapid and relatively simple (1.5 Hours)

Risks of procedure

Potentially high and significant

Low and rare

All have scaring - occasionally severe

No scaring

Risk of blood transfusion

No blood loss

Risk of infection

Infections are very rare

Loss of nipple sensation (up to 25%)

Usually no loss


Prolonged post-op pain is not uncommon

Tenderness Only


Prolonged - regularly two weeks or more

Rapid - Back to work in 1-2 days




Type of Anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia

Local Anaesthesia

An alternative to breast reduction Once upon a time there was only one way to reduce breast size. It involved a surgical procedure which could include a significant recovery period and possible complications. Only a small proportion of procedures were able to be carried out within the public system.


ortunately, an alternative approach is now available right here in Christchurch. The really excellent news is that Dr Grant Bellaney, founder of the Encoré Cosmetic Clinic performs a breast reduction procedure called tumescent liposuction, with extremely good results. “If breast reduction is on your wishlist, please do come and see me for a consultation,” says Dr Bellaney, “Most breasts, particularly in women over the age of 40, consist of 40-60 percent fat, so the removal of fat can give a significant reduction in breast size.” Breast reduction procedures using tumescent liposuction have been developed and practised by

dermatological surgeons such as Dr Bellaney who are skin and fat specialists, since the 1980s and it has an outstanding safety record. “The technique has huge advantages over the surgical form of breast reduction (called mammoplasty). It is a form of ‘keyhole surgery’ so results in little or no scarring as the small incisions done during the procedure heal very quickly, usually without needing sutures. It is simpler and less painful than mammoplasty and the recovery time is far quicker,” Dr Bellaney says. It is also safer because it is performed under tumescent anaesthetic, which has fewer risks than surgery under general anaesthetic. There are also fewer side

effects. With traditional surgery about 10-25 percent of patients can experience a permanent loss of sensitivity around the nipples or an inability to breastfeed afterwards. With tumescent liposuction, the risk reduces to less than one percent. “It’s a day procedure, so women can go home afterwards and are usually back to their regular routine within a few days.” The only specialist in the South Island performing this technique, Dr Bellaney has successfully performed the procedure on hundreds of women over the last 10 years. Phone the day surgery clinic at 248 Papanui Road in Merivale, 03 356 0214 or visit the website.

Metropol 21 May, 2020 29

Smile Creator‌ Richard Greenlees


Dentures: Implants: Veneers 03 379 1222 By appointment only consultation fee applies

30 21 May, 2020 Metropol

The Dynamic Duo Two of the top dogs of the dental world are teaming up to bring you a service like no other. Richard Greenlees from Lovebite and Dr. David Kao from Christchurch Boutique Dental are trailblazers in their field and it is safe to say they make quite the pairing – certainly one worth smiling about.


ut to appreciate them as a team, you must first delve into who these professionals are individually. Richard is a master dental technician who has people coming to see him from all over the world to have work done. He recently was inducted into the Oral Design Group which consists of 80 hand-picked individuals around the globe. On the other hand, Dr. David is a highly skilled dentist and one of the only people in the country in dentistry, who works under a microscope. His forte is complex reconstructive procedures and he takes on referrals from dentists around the country. For two people who are so used to being highly observant and precise, their meeting was rather serendipitous. Dr. David travels around the world to find master technicians who can deliver the quality and precision he is looking for. After years of visits, Dr. David was asked by one of the technicians he worked with “Why do you travel halfway around the globe when you

can work with Richard Greenlees from Christchurch?”. The pair use the latest technology, make everything in New Zealand and do not outsource their work to other countries; to give every patient the best result on the market. A partnership like this is worth every praise as Richard explains, “The fact that we are working so closely together, is the best way to get a result. No one else is doing that in the country; we really work on a one-on-one basis”. The team work with patients who have lost all of their teeth or even those who need implants in the upper and lower jaw. They completely replace their teeth with varying options from dentures that are clipped onto the implants to full Zirconia. With any surgery that takes place, David proudly says “Everything that we do here is pre-planned digitally. We take a full digital scan of the patients mouth and combine it with their CT scan. So, we can place implants virtually on the computer, exactly where we would

want it and then mould a guide. We can then use that guide to direct the implant”. Precision is key in what they do, this leaves room for next to no errors and ensures that every patient is getting a product that is tailored specifically for them. Both parties have a shared interest in working to the highest possible standard and creating the most natural appearance that they can get in the mouth. “Back in the day, people would approach it from a functional sense,” David explains. “Nowadays, we look at how it is going to appear first; what it’s going to look like.” With a smile on both of their faces, Richard says, “We don’t want to be the biggest; we don’t want to be the cheapest, we just want to be the best”. In practice, they are following the DCNZ guidelines for COVID. You can see either of these professionals for an initial consultation. For more information phone Dr. David on 03 925 9929 or Richard on 03 379 1222.

The Art of Dentistry FREE DENTAL IMPLANT CONSULTATION *conditions apply

• Smile design • Invisible fillings • Veneers • Invisalign

• Implant surgery • General dentistry • Surgical wisdom teeth • Complex root canals

105 Wainui St, Riccarton, Christchurch For more information, ph Dr David 03 925 9929 I Metropol 21 May, 2020 31

editor’s picks 1.


Cover up in cooler autumnal weather… in the most stylish of ways! SEED HERITAGE SKIRT,


Sometimes we don’t play by the rules and our sartorial treats are simply the ones that make us feel good. Here’s some of our favourites to tickle your fancy.



A strong structure lays the foundations for any fabulous outfit! WOMEN’S ECCO SHAPE SCULPTED MOTION,




Consider us impressed! Key Black is even doing styling during lockdown! THE WING DRESS SIZES 10-24,

Luxurious lingerie in autumnal beauty. Shop in-store or online PRIMA DONNA MADISON IN MANGO 10-18 & E-H,

7. 3. 4.


Step out with some serious street cred! After all, black is the new black! BELLE RATTLEW BS, 32 21 May, 2020 Metropol


Be sustainable, beautiful and luxurious in 100 percent linen, made in New Zealand!


There’s nothing quite like a stylish tote to pull together an ensemble. MARC JACOBS KISS LOCK TOTE,



Silver Linings

Benefits of pilates

You’ve just come out several weeks of isolation; you’re feeling recharged and relaxed, but let’s face it, your hair needs some love! You’ve got two inches of regrowth and the greys are showing through! But why not use it to your advantage? Now’s the time to embrace the grey and banish the harsh regrowth line for good!

By Clementine Page


t Merivale’s V For Hair and Beauty, you’ll find a team of hair care professionals who have mastered the art of growing grey gracefully.

Better yet, their techniques will disguise new growth with a soft, flattering look, so you can replace harsh regrowth lines with beautiful, low maintenance silver grey locks that look amazing. At V For Hair and Beauty, grey isn’t drab! “We can give you a shimmering sexy blonde or cool iris sparkle, or many more,” Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee says. Head in for a complimentary consultation with a team of experts in going grey gracefully. It’s time to slay the grey!

It’s one of the hottest ways to exercise and for good reason. Check out how pilates benefits your body like no other workout. 1. Build strength Pilates focuses on strengthening and toning the body from the core out - long, lean muscles are the name of the game here. Completely reshape your body through controlled and progressive movements. 2. Improve posture and flexibility Through the use of movement fundamentals and mat and equipment exercises, Pilates strengthens and stabilises the core, while helping to maintain correct spinal and pelvic alignment. Joints are also moved through their full range of motion, easing tension and stiffness and encouraging full mobility.

3. Maintain good balance and coordination Pilates requires a high level of concentration and forces you to use your mind and body simultaneously, increasing coordination. Many Pilates exercises challenge stability by focusing on improving both static and dynamic balance.

experienced, professional, and friendly AS SEEN ON TV

Christchurch’s “Silver/Grey Specialists” Book your hair appointment or complimentary consultation at now! Level One, Merivale Mall | 355 6584

New Zealand’s Cosmetic and Appearance Medicine Clinic NEW THOUGHTS · NEW TECHNOLOGIES · BETTER RESULTS • Cosmetic injectables

• Incontilase and Intimilase treatments for women

• Varicose vein treatments (covered by most health insurers)

• Mole and skin lesion removal

• Lasers for: skin resurfacing, pigmentation, scarring • Laser treatments for snoring, fungal toenails, hair removal & tattoo removal

• All beauty services – technical and relaxation • Acne treatment programmes

| 0800 256 654 Metropol 21 May, 2020 33

Liposuction & fat transfer

Tumescent liposuction is recognised as the safest form of liposuction. Dr Ken Macdonald from KM Surgical fills us in on the benefits of this popular technology.


ffering an unparalleled opportunity to improve body contours without general anaesthetic, tumescent liposuction improves your body’s shape by removing unwanted fat in a very careful manner with microcannulae. Tumescent liposuction creates attractive body contours in a safe and comfortable way with a quick recovery to normal activities. Different people can benefit from this very safe type of liposuction if they have disproportionate fat collections and if they have already done their best with diet and exercise, but just cannot get the improvement they want. Tumescent liposuction can be the best solution for many people and takes over where

ultrasound and cryolypolisis can’t go. As we age, our fat layers thin down and clump, and are also subject to gravity. Fat grafting gives a permanent increase in volume to depleted sites. Exciting new advances with micro fat help fat cell survival and reduce recipient site inflammation and fat cell loss. You can expect a quick recovery and long-lasting volume improvement, and you may also benefit from the adipose derived stem cell rejuvenation which can accompany these procedures. For suitable patients, fat can be transferred from a donor site to a recipient site using small cannulas. Fat transfer procedures are done using a local

anaesthetic and with light sedation and can achieve excellent results for augmentation of facial, eyelid, and hand sites. Fat transfer to breast and buttocks uses the tumescent liposuction technique to take fat from parts of your body with fat to spare, purifies it and injects it into fat depleted sites. This can be an option for some women who are looking for a modest increase in breast size and shape and who prefer a natural result without an implant. Fat transfer can also be used for scars and other conditions where there is fat loss. Think about an appointment with KM Surgical – the liposuction Vaser™, Microaire™ PAL and fat grafting experts at Avenue Health.

EXPERTS AT WHAT WE DO Dr Ken Macdonald, Dermatologist & Dermatologic Surgeon All surgeries under local anaesthetic at our Day Stay Surgical Facility. Your own fat may be used to improve the appearance of your body, to the places that have lost volume. Finance options available Ground Floor, Avenue Health, 202 Bealey Ave, Christchurch Ph. 03 3799 467 34 21 May, 2020 Metropol

Specialising in fat transfer & Liposuction


For more information on our Courses at NZ's premier make up school WWW.KSSM.CO.NZ

kristen stewart kristen s t e wa r t

school of school of make-up make-up


Botanical beauty



Stephen Goodenough Photographer

a We are taking enrolments for our July & October Courses


To show our appreciation to our loyal clients we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT if you pre-book your future appointment 18 Bower Ave, New Brighton

P. 03 382 0808


Contact the team at

By Jess Murray

Last year green came in pistachio and lime green hues. This year, it’s all about a cool and refreshing aqua shade – Biscay Green. Wear it with any shade of pink for the prettiest springtime look. But if you’re wanting to liven up the application process of the vibrant hue, we’ve got the tips for you.

127 Westminster Street St Albans Ph. 365 2215

66 Springs Rd, Hornby. Phone 349 2000



Thai Massage Therapists

BIT OF A BLUR: If you’re going for a ‘too cool to care’ approach, then this technique might be the one for you. Apply the shade with a damp brush along the lash line and then blend it out until the shadow is dry and diffused around your eyelid.

POP OF COLOUR: We’re not saying the green is the only shade you’re allowed to use. Sometimes less is more and with a colour like green, that’s usually the case. You want to channel the Wicked Witch of the West… not become her. A pop of green on your lower lashline could be all you need to tie together a look.

LITTLE BIT OF LINER: You don’t need an extravagant smokey eye to pack a punch at a function. It can be as simple as a singular line, in the colour (you guessed it) biscay green. Cleancut and chic, the only requirement is to not have shaky hands.


For your wellbeing

Ph: 0800 379 4315

464a Papanui Rd • Ph 0800 239 662 Metropol 21 May, 2020 35

Distance therapy for headaches Gill Redden is now offering distance CranioSacral therapy treatments to help her clients during times of high stress and uncertainty.



70 gold UP TO

we buy

Do you have unwanted, broken or worn out gold jewellery? MORE DETAILS ON WEBSITE

This is a Special Customer Invitation

he principal CranioSacral therapist began trialling the new model during level 4 and says it will now become part of her ongoing business development strategy. The treatments focus on those suffering from stress-related headaches and migraines, which can be exceedingly debilitating. “The most important thing with CranioSacral therapy, is to blend and meld with a person’s tissues,� Gill explains. “Whether that is an eyeball, a nerve, a jammed cranial bone, scar or other tissue. I now know that I can do this from a distance, using my comprehensive knowledge based on my years as a leading CranioSacral practitioner in New Zealand.�

Do you suffer from migraines, headaches or neck pain?

Distance based therapeutic support is available With leading CranioSacral therapy specialist

For more information on how I may be able to help you live with NIL OR LESS PAIN

Tuesday 7th May 9am – 5pm

Phone Gill Redden 03 365 7801

Providing you the opportunity to secure a bargain before we open our doors to the public 9am Wednesday

10 DAYS ONLY Wednesday 8th Mayt "MMGPSNTCPVHIU JODMVEJOH"MMVWJBM – Saturday 18th May


Clients who have taken part in the distance therapy treatments, experienced improvement from their base level of pain and helped to alleviate their symptoms, or the cause of their problem. “Each person’s recovery experience will be different and cannot be quantified at this stage, given that this is a new practice methodology for me. The response to CranioSacral Therapy varies from person to person.� Gill is the director of Gill Redden Cranio Ltd, based in Christchurch. She specialises in working with people with head, nerve and other pain or dizziness, and those who have not been able to find help elsewhere. For more information and a full price schedule, visit the website.


Clinic Strowan pen! Now O

Gold & Silver Bullion/Coins Bought & Sold 5SVTUFETJODF7


WESTENDE JEWELLERS 421 Colombo Street, Sydenham Telephone 03 366 5475

36 21 May, 2020 Metropol

freedom health

Helping You Do What You LOVE for LIFE! 7 Winston Ave Papanui & 3A Normans Rd, Strowan I Ph. 355 6699

Keeping well for winter As the seasons change, now is the time to think about flu protection and preventative medicine, to help ensure wellness throughout winter. “The flu can be a serious illness and could lead to hospitalisation, so it’s important to get protected with a yearly vaccination if you can,” says Shields Pharmacy owner/pharmacist Steve Thompson. “Vaccination, combined with preventative medicine can help protect people who are immunecompromised or allergic to the flu shot.”


long with offering the flu vaccination – which is free for over-65s and pregnant women – there is a wide range of supplements to choose from at the pharmacy, including New Zealand brand Sandersons. “While eating a healthy,

balanced diet of fruit and vegetables is the easiest way to help support your immunity, supplements such as vitamin C, zinc and echinacea are excellent boosters.” A popular Sandersons product is Viramax – a high

strength complex of elderberry, echinacea, olive leaf and Andrographis – four of the best researched herbal extracts known to support the body’s immune response. Another easy way to boost immunity is to include prebiotic foods in your diet to help grow healthy gut bacteria, such as asparagus, garlic, leeks, onions

and Jerusalem artichokes, as well as probiotic foods, including dairy, cheese, pickles, sauerkraut, miso and tempeh. Steve welcomes both new and existing customers back into the store, and online services such as e-prescriptions are available. Phone 03 352 9210 or visit the website for more information.

Merivale Denture Clinic The Experts in Dentures With specialised expertise and leading edge technology, we handcraft the finest quality dentures with optimal fit, comfort and natural aesthetics, customised just for you.

NZ made by NZ registered and qualified dental technicians *obligation-free, complimentary initial consultation

Ph. (03) 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale

FLU VACCINATIONS… AVAILABLE NOW! It’s your best defence! Free for over 65s, Pregnant woman and those with chronic conditions Phone 352 9210

Metropol 21 May, 2020 37

Find your sole mate… We believe everyone deserves to find their soul mate… even your feet! Debbie from Shoe Therapy Kaiapoi has some eligible candidates to create the perfect pairing. Because she believes that a woman can do anything in the right pair of shoes and we tend to agree! We caught up with her to find out some of the latest winter must-haves.


Blue suede shoes: Whilst they are not blue, make Elvis Presley proud by rocking some Mollini Careful Stretch Microsuede boots in black or navey. The shoes feature a soft micro-suede upper and a sturdy block heel. A great option to wear all winter and pair with any outfit.


Jump around: If you want an easy-to-wear premium leather boot, then the ATA Kangaroo dress boot from EOS is for you. Its simplicity with a touch of detailing in the upper ruche is what makes this shoe such a pleasant wear.


Good for the Sol (Sana): this beautiful boot is jampacked with intricate details to give it that unique look; croc embossed ivory leather, gold cap detailing on the toe and a thick block heel. Add the Sammy Boot from Sol Sana to your wish list for winter.

Order online now - pay now or pay later with an Afterpay and Lay Buy option

Tailored to fit your body Shape



Helping you look your best at any age. Experienced, friendly & professional Stylists & Colour Experts

We are Keratin Professionals By appointment only

03 351 5209

38 21 May, 2020 Metropol

SHOP LOCAL Megan Celebrating 35yrs in Tailoring 2020 in Canterbury NZ

For all Professional Ladies & Gentlemen’s Garments. Custom alterations by Qualified Trade Tailoress Megan

THE GENTLEMAN’S TAILORESS Ph. 385 4678 or 02102420841




Open 7 Days 178a Williams St, Kaiapoi


Phone 021 069 0058


VISION By Jess Murray

It’s time to get 20/20 vision, both in form and function, with a pair of stylish frames. Step out in style with some of our favourite new decade trends.


See through you: Clear frame glasses are everywhere this season. Why? Simple, they match every outfit – there’ll be no colour clashes when you take away the thing that could clash.


Tortoise wins the race: The teaser says it all really! Tortoiseshell frames have always circled the fashion wheel and this year’s your opportunity to get even more creative with unique patterns like ‘lavender tortoiseshell’.


Matthews Eyewear

Meow: Cat-eye frames aren’t for everyone but when they look good, they look great! This classy eyewear shape has come a long way since your grandmother’s day; you’ll find either striking or subtle upswept cat eye details on today’s contemporary frames.

At Soulstyle we are: Certified Organic Ammonia Free Vegan Hair Care 100% Christchurch Plant Based Colours Sustainable Coffee Bar Art Space

for total foot comfort for the coming Autumn and Winter seasons

We’ve got you sorted!

See our Website or Facebook page for our fantastic selections

Call today 03 929 0927 • 3-355 Riccarton Rd • Parking at Rear

03 328 8827 13a Oxford Street Lyttelton Metropol 21 May, 2020 39

We see what is hidden


SMART HEALTH SCREENING Preventive and Regenerative Medicine

• 1 hr Non-Invasive Scan Packages from $295 • 45 min Tele-Consultation • Detailed Printed Report Plus FREE Immune System Consult (10min)

Call to book: +64 3 6695410

Using telehealth appt’s over video chat Our physiotherapists are able to diagnose injuries, help to settle and manage your pain And get you moving again.

• Pre-disease Indicators • Microbiology • Toxicology • Allergy Tests • Check the state of your organs • Genetic Predispositions

MUSCLE PEOPLE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINICS City Clinic I Bishopdale Clinic I Wigram Skies Clinic


Level 1, Regus, Awly Building, 287-293 Durham St, Christchurch Unit 13/ 6 Cone Street, Rangiora FDA & CE approved technology

Marvel_Health_Metropol_Ad_Revised.indd 1

Worried about leaving home?

Ask us how to4/28/20 get

FREE Prescriptions


Unichem Prestons Pharmacy

ATTENTION SPECIALISTS & HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS Promote your services in Metropol and reach potential new customers

Contact Lorraine Terris 027 925 9668 40 21 May, 2020 Metropol

We are thrilled to be part of the great new community in Prestons. With our great experienced staff you’ll get great service and we look forward to meeting you.

We provide a wide range of services including: + Help with understanding your medicines + Vaccinations + Blood pressure testing + Bowel health screening + Pain management + Urinary tract infections + Zinc testing + Erectile dysfunction treatment + And loads more.

Unichem Prestons Pharmacy is located next to the New World supermarket on the corner of Marshland and Prestons Road.

For your convenience we are open 7 days a week: Mon-Fri 8.30am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 3pm, Sun 10am-2pm

3/420 Marshland Rd, Marshland Phone: (03) 281 7889 | Fax: (03) 595 1346 Email:

3:14 PM

NEW SMART SCREENING TECHNOLOGY Delivering personalised healthcare and precision treatment.


he global coronavirus pandemic has already caused an enormous strain on healthcare resources around the world and it’s leading to a shift in how healthcare is offered. Startup Marvel Health is debuting its global launch in New Zealand. Having successfully operated its mother clinic MedB in Spain for the past seven years, which draws patients from all over Europe, Marvel Health is expanding a tech-focused smart health medical practise into locations across New Zealand, starting in Canterbury. “What we are dealing with across the globe is an immune system crisis. The leading causes of that crisis are the environmental pollutants, food and chemical toxicity, and poor nutrition the modern human is exposed to,” co-founder Dr Machi Mannu says. “We are focused on accurate diagnosis, followed by

personalised science-based natural therapy that brings the body back into balance so it can do what it is designed to do, heal itself. People have forgotten the human body is designed for self-repair and to stay strong, when it is in a balanced state.” Marvel Health’s primary differentiator is its focus on indepth diagnostics, which leads to precise and individualised therapy that targets specific problems to achieve the fastest and best possible outcome. The diagnosis is established with an in-person visit for a full body scan that records a vast number of readings. From the data a personalised report is created and the online tele doctor reviews the reports in detail with the patient. The scan reads over 10,000 pathological processes from the body and can detect many hidden causes of diseases, including viruses, bacteria, environmental toxins (lead,

mercury, mycotoxins), food sensitivities and allergens, EMF sensitivities and micronutrient deficiencies. These problems will eventually cause chronic inflammation which is the underlying cause of nearly all disease. By detecting these hidden causes, patients can be provided with a complete therapy that includes indepth nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to keep their systems healthy. This approach provides a whole new level of remote care, over and above what’s typically defined as ‘telemedicine’, which generally amounts to little more than video calls with doctors. Their approach includes educating patients to understand and take control of their health. Patients can access all their reports from the Patient Portal as well as cutting edge education about their conditions and the therapy prescribed. After the scan and analysis,

Marvel Health emails the patient their personalised report and charts, so they can follow and understand them during their 45 minute consultation with the online/ tele doctor. The scan is non-invasive and contactless. The team follows strict clinical guidelines, uses disposable covers and sterilises all surfaces and contact points between appointments. Only one patient is seen at a time and one metre distancing is maintained throughout the procedure. In the coming month The Company is helping people stay healthy in this Covid-crisis by adding a free 10 minute immune system consultation to the main 45 minute consultation with the doctor. Unit 13/6 Cone Street, Rangiora and Level 1, Regus, Awly Building, 293 Durham St, Christchurch. Phone 03 669 5410.

Metropol 21 May, 2020 41


Step out in new season

Local Designer


A top tipple! Nestled overlooking the Kaiapoi River, Port and Eagle Brewpub is an expansion of award-winning family business, Eagle Brewing NZ. Offering both craft beer and delicious fare, the purpose-built site opened more than a year ago.

178 Williams St, Kaiapoi. P. 03 327 2157 crazekaiapoi

Resting on the banks of the Kaiapoi River, Port & Eagle Brewpub is the new home of Eagle Brewing NZ and all things beer. For the best premium selection of sushi. All ingredients are high quality & fresh daily 178 Williams St, Kaiapoi

Cut & Colour Specialists

184 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 03 926 2941 Monday - Sunday: 11am till late

Say it with flowers

Kaiapoi F lorist & Gifts Phone & Online Orders SHOP B 178 WILLIAMS STREET KAIAPOI PH 03 3270991 42 21 May, 2020 Metropol

Corner of Williams & Charles Street, Kaiapoi 03 327 6535


ith humble beginnings in Dave Gaughan’s home garage 10 years ago, Eagle Brewing grew organically, producing and supplying a unique range of craft beers to cafés, bars and restaurants across the country. The brewery soon outgrew its premises, so Dave and his partner Marilyn took the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream of opening a brewpub. The business has a strong environmental conscience and uses only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and free-range meat to create every dish. From manuka smoked salmon to gourmet burgers, the extensive menu caters to all tastes and dietary requirements – including plenty of plant-based and gluten-free options. New craft beer varieties

have been introduced, alongside the range of refreshed favourites, including Whitecaps Hazy Pale, with big, complex aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, coconut milk, apricot and peaches, with hints of melon and fresh pear; the Raptor APA, a fruity, resinous, hoppy APA that packs a punch; Untamed Pilsner, a refreshing nutty pilsner; Alpine Pale Ale, with tropical fruit flavours, with a grapefruit pith bitterness hit and slight intrusion of caramel sweetness; EZ Island, a low alcohol mid-strength pilsner; Boardwalk Lager, a refreshing lager with a touch of fruity hoppiness; and Coalface Stout, a fruity, dark, earth-shattering dark beer. Eagle Brewing NZ, 184 Williams Street. Phone 03 341 6849 and visit the website for more information or to shop online.

north canterbury

New ‘normal’ for real estate The face of real estate is undergoing a considerable change due to Covid-19 restrictions. Marijke Sheppard of Ray White Rangiora says, “It’s more important than ever before that buyers and sellers do their homework well in advance”.


hey should build a good relationship with their mortgage broker or bank, seek out an agent who is innovative, tech savvy and works for a company that has a vast range of technological features to draw from, is innovative in the platforms they use and leads from the front.” With face-to-face restrictions, spatial distancing, the demand for digitalising of documents and the ‘new norm’ of private viewings with no open homes, people need to do their homework thoroughly before they even step onto the property. Strict protocols are in place to ensure the safety of all. Gone will be the ability to open doors and cupboards freely, stay as long as you

like or attend multiple open homes. This is the time for a comprehensive checklist. “Without the luxury of that half hour or more to wander around a house, a checklist is imperative!” Marijke says. “Buyers need to look at their own homes, note what makes it work, what doesn’t, what is a must in their new home and what they can compromise on. “The buyer that is prepared will be in a strong position to take advantage of this challenging period in our history and secure their future with a solid investment in a property.” For more information, phone 027 461 6127 or email marijke.sheppard@

Just Arrived! NZ made & designed 100% Merino fingerless gloves

Here to help you every step of the way! Marijke (Ma-rye-ka) & Amy Sheppard Licensee Salespeople 027 461 6127 Morris and Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

Shop our winter range online at

2 Durham Street Rangiora. Ph. 03 310 6062 Metropol 21 May, 2020 43

north canterbury

Getting your home noticed online COVID-19 has changed the way we buy and sell real estate. With social distancing and more people viewing and transacting property online, it has never been so important for your real estate agent to arrange exceptional virtual property presentations.


ow more than ever, professional video and quality still photography will help your home stand out from other properties for sale. Compiling online audio-visual begins with still photography taken with a specialised lens and a video walk-through to showcase the property in more detail. A drone-mounted camera provides the best angles and aerial shots, while dusk lighting and virtual staging provides the finishing touches to the presentation. Preparation of the property for photo and video begins well before the day the photographer arrives. It starts by considering your street appeal and building maintenance issues, decluttering and freshening up your decor and perhaps some professional staging. How a property

presents on a website as well as television needs to be kept in mind, as every listing with Mike Pero Real Estate gets a free television commercial, reaching thousands across New Zealand. As your appointed agent, Annette Pendergast will advise you on the best way to market your property, including an overall online marketing campaign to ensure your home sells quickly and for the best price possible. “I can provide objective advice on the presentation of your property, and help you prepare in advance and also on the day.” Annette is an experienced real estate salesperson with Mike Pero Real Estate in Christchurch and delivers strategic, successful marketing campaigns.

Winery & Café

Extensive selection of Sumptuous Fare

Giving your next chapter its best start.

• Considerate service • Exceptional marketing • Outstanding sales results

Sawyers Arms Villas – Henry Roil Lane, Papanui

Sawyers Arms Villas – Henry Roil Lane, Papanui Over 60’s Living with Private Ownership EXPERIENCE SELLING NOW – Final Stage 4 – only Six Units remaining WAIPARA SPRINGS EVENINGS) ALERT LEVEL 2 OR DINNER (FRIDAY BREAKFAST, LUNCH Waipara Springs is offering Display Villa – see website for open home times 10% week day (Mon-Fri) ROUTE 72 CAFE BAR Or call fordining a private viewing. Discount off today your total


bill for each customer 409 Omihi Road, Waipara P. 03 314 6777 44 21 May, 2020 Metropol

- Over 60’s – Spacious Living - SELLING NOW – Final Stage 4 - Only six units remaining for sale - Display Villa – call for viewing -


1697 Cust Road, Cust Open Tuesday to Sunday Phone (03) 312 5595

Annette Pendergast Licensed Salesperson (REAA 2008)

022 090 2627 •


Oat of the ordinary By Jess Murray

Oats have long been a mainstay of the breakfast buffet, but now oat milk is adding to the lineup. Yes oat milk has joined the ‘dairy alternative’ hall of fame alongside almond, rice, soy, cashew and coconut milk, except it seems this new option is trying its best to inch ahead of the rest.


onsumers are choosing oat milk for many reasons: texture, allergies, sustainability and best of all, it makes the perfect partnership with coffee. It’s hard to fault it really… it’s creamy in texture, has multiple nutrition benefits and is environmentally friendly to produce. Makes you feel like you’ve been drinking coffee wrong all this time, doesn’t it? Made through harvesting steel cut oats, soaked in water, blended and strained, oat milk has especially been admired for being environmentally sustainable. It uses the least amount of water during its production compared to other plant-based milks and oat milk has a small carbon footprint. Heathline raves about it online stating that “it’s naturally free of lactose, nuts, soy and gluten (if made from certified gluten-free oats)”. Great news for the nut and lactose intolerant amongst us, oat milk provides yet another alternative for their caffeine hit. Next time you’re getting your morning coffee, ask the barista if they’ve got some oat milk; you might just be pleasantly surprised.






Clean Cuisine By Clementine Page

You’ve been told your whole life about the importance of clean eating right? Well what if you’ve been taking the concept of clean eating wrong this whole time? Dirty Dozen Clean Fifteen is a clever little ditty that tells us that some of our veges are clean and some of them are not so much. We break it down for you.


e all know the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, but we often disregard how the produce was grown. Take pesticides, for example. There’s a huge body of evidence that links these nasty chemicals to a variety of health concerns. The Dirty Dozen refers to 12 most ‘dirty’ crops, or those which

The Dirty Dozen:

farmers use the most pesticides on. Alternatively, the Clean Fifteen refers to 15 crops that use the least amount of pesticides. It’s not just a random guess, nor is it static data; the list is compiled from an analysis of the United States government’s Pesticide Data Program report, a pesticide residue monitoring system enacted back in 1991. A new

report is released every year and, although most of the information stays the same, sometimes crops come in at different numbers depending on varying pesticide residue levels. Importantly, these handy little lists determine which fruits and veggies you should be buying organic, where possible, making your next grocery shop that little bit healthier.

The Dirty Dozen defines the top twelve crops that farmers use the most pesticides on, and therefore have the most pesticide residue when the reach the shelves of the supermarket – despite being washed beforehand. The EWG recommends buying organic:

The Clean

1. Strawberries. 2. Spinach. 3. Kale. 4. Nectarines. 5. Apples. 6.Grapes. 7. Peaches. 8. Cherries. 9. Pears. 10. Tomatoes. 11. Celery. 12. Potatoes

BETTER BETTER BETTER Enquire now 46 21 May, 2020 Metropol


While it’s also wise to buy the Clean 15 when it’s organically grown, these fruits and vegetables are recorded as having little to no pesticide residue in a conventional setting: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Avocados Sweet corn Pineapples Frozen sweet peas Onions Papayas Eggplants Asparagus Kiwifruit Cabbages Cauliflower Cantaloupes Broccoli Mushrooms Honeydew melons


Why Waipara Springs Winery? The Waipara wine region, an hour north of Christchurch, boasts 75 vineyards and stretches over more than 1,200 hectares of plantings. It is renowned for the amazing pinot noirs and rieslings that are produced there. But every great region has an equally great origin story; a pioneer in the trade and for this particular district… it was the Waipara Springs Winery.


stablished in 1981, the Moore family pioneered the planting of the first vines

in the valley. Having bottled their first vintage in 1989 and officially opening the


restaurant in 1990, the proud original North Canterbury family will be celebrating their 30th anniversary in October this year. The family owned and operated business is in its third generation. But that doesn’t stop first owner Jill Moore from sitting down behind the Cellar Door telling a collection of her most cherished stories while running you through the

wines. Whether it’s about the original building being a horse stable or the unique climate of the Waipara Valley – there’s never a dull moment. The Waipara Springs Winery is already locally recognised and loved, so why not go out and have a look at what everyone is raving about. Current owners, Katie Lumber and Andrew Moore, expressed that “We are about offering a memorable experience,”. Their motto is “wine dine relax” and they certainly have plenty to offer; casual dining, group lunch bookings, hens’ parties, corporate functions, weddings and (you guessed it) wine tastings. This hidden gem is only a short drive from Christchurch… so what are you waiting for?

Mention that you have read this article at the Waipara Springs Winery to receive 10 percent off your dining experience.

Recognised national leader in the verification of food control plans and national programmes across the wider food industry sectors in New Zealand. Our personable team are immersed in this process everyday & are here to assist you.



0800 43 82 83

Metropol 21 May, 2020 47

In your kitchen

CRAZY DAVES THE FRUIT & VEGE SPECIALIST Crazy Daves have a great selection of Autumn produce. Cauliflower, broccoli, yams, leeks, cabbage, satsuma mandarins, persimmons, pears and tamarillos all in store now. Keep healthy with fresh seasonal produce. 227 Blenheim Road, Riccarton Ph.03 343 6234

JERRY & GEORGE ARTISAN BAKERS Our authentic sourdough breads and pastries can be found at: Friday: Ohoka Farmers’ Market and The Colombo Mall Saturday: Mt Pleasant Farmers’ Market and The New Brighton Seaside Market. Ph. 0226 350 332 sourdough@jerryand



Parked up at various locations around Canterbury. Billie Jack’s mobile food truck offers low carb, healthy takeaway meal options inspired by keto & paleo. Everything we make is gluten-free refined sugar free & dairy free options available also. E: Ph. 027 664 2870

Available for private hire. Serving scooped ice cream from a traditional vintage styled tricycle. We do weddings, birthdays, corporate events. Providing you with not only ice cream but an experience.

Welcome you back

SUSHI SUSHI No matter what you like, you can find it at Sushi Sushi. You can order online by our or order by Ubereats for delivery. 575 Wairakei Road, Christchurch Ph. 03 348 8801

Chantelle Quinn owner & executive chef Twentyfour Catering Co.




At TwentyFour Catering we make it our mission to take all of the worry away. From the uniquely-planned menu that caters for all guests, to our different styles of serving options. We respect our people, & respect all the ingredients that make our food the very best.

ONLINE ORDERING NOW AVAILABLE! Contactless delivery and pick up available! Order direct online and get it delivered straight to your door! Order now

An authentic, boutique family winery producing powerful, vibrant, single-vineyard wines including the wild-fermented, barrel-aged Clericus range. Order direct from the vineyard. 48 21 May, 2020 Metropol

Ph. 03 579 4752 / 021 386 831

The ovens are on! JoAnne Fryer and the fabulous team at Gorgeous Food are thrilled the business is up and running again from its premises at 66-68 Springs Road, Hornby.


he bakery began in 2005 and, in those 15 years, it has built a large and loyal client base by staying true to its vision of

providing delicious, traditional home-baked fare of the very best ingredients, baked in small quantities.

The cold cabinet of filled bagels, paninis and sandwiches, fabulous salads and vegetarian options ensures there’s

Gorgeous Indulge yourself withFood Gorgeous Food… Freshly baked, healthy, handmade on the premises, gorgeous takeaway food.

Gorgeous Food Open 6 days | 66/68 Springs Road, Wigram Retail Shop 03 344 6043 Kitchen 03 344 6044

Up to 20% OFFr on every ordeery PLUS First Deliv Fee FREE!

Variety of 100+ restaurants to choose from We are the ONLY Food Delivery service offering you the complete PACKAGE DEAL! Takeaways, Food/ Groceries delivery.


Book a table at a Restaurant through our App or Website. No markup of restaurant/grocery menu for our customers. No hidden delivery fee.

Ph. 0204 1041 988

Grazing platters in Hanmer. Four Square Hanmer Springs offers Grazing Platters for every occasion. Individually tailored to each customer’s taste, budget and occasion. Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Platters available. Wine Barrel Platters start from $120.00. Smaller platters also available. Ph. 03 315 7190

Hanmer Four Square foursquarehanmersprings

Metropol 21 May, 2020 49


something for everyone, while hot cabinet savouries and gourmet pies make for heartwarming food as days grow colder. If it’s something sweet you’re after, a delicious slice with locally roasted Vivace Espresso can’t be beaten. With a current focus on keeping things as simple as possible, the bakery’s family pies are perfect for stocking up the freezer. “They’re nice and easy – add some veges on the side and you’ve got a tasty and very filling dinner for the family,” JoAnne says. So, if you’ve been longing for some of the best food in town – the mouth-watering quiches, the oh-so-savoury sausage rolls, the totally satisfying muffins and scones, and Gorgeous Food’s renowned yummy-scrummy Nana’s Fudge and Caramel Slice – your longing days are over. The ovens are on, the sign is out and the team are waiting. Open Monday to Friday, 6am-1:30pm and Saturday, 7am1:30pm. Orders by phone only, 03 344 6043, 03 344 6044, or text 027 344 6045. Contactless payment at bakery Eftpos terminal. No cash transactions.

cuisine High Tea at Seven Café Served Daily 2pm-4pm Minimum of two people Advanced booking essential

Please email to make a reservation

Cnr Riccarton Road & Hansons Lane Christchurch P.(03) 348 1886

Open: Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.00pm Sat & Sun 8.30am-4.00pm

Red Eight Cafe Open Monday to Saturday

Spend time at Seven! On the corner of Hansons Lane and Riccarton Road sits an idyllic spot for your next private function, Seven Café; great for small groups of people to get together after the lockdown in an intimate, safe environment to share time together.

Serving our delicious Brunch Menu everyday 143 Williams St, Kaiapoi P. 03 327-0136

C Gold Award Winner



376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421 50 21 May, 2020 Metropol

atering to groups of 15 to 30 people and with an outdoor area if required, Seven Café has a reputation for great food and amazing service. If you have an engagement, hen’s party, birthday or company get together in the works, Seven Café is ideal for that small post-lockdown gathering that everyone needs right now. With something as decadent as a high tea to finger food platter options, there are plenty of choices for everyone’s taste on their extensive menu. It’s bespoke, so if you have something in mind, give them a call to discuss your requirements. They’re open 8am till 4pm Monday to Friday and

Saturday and Sunday 9 till 4pm; they will open from 5:30pm for your group to accommodate your special function! Licenced for wine and beer till 11pm, they’ve also got amazing barista-made coffee. Seven Café has registered as an SOS Café. A nonprofit organisation set up to support local cafés, this enables you to buy a voucher now, to redeem later. We all know how important it is to support local and that alone is a very good reason to make your booking now by emailing seven@sevencafe. so you can raise a glass of bubbles with a close group of friends at the wonderful Seven Café.

Great Greek Philosopher Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.


cience has found the proof is in the pudding and many of our tastiest foods are also immunity boosters, that are both affordable and versatile to boot.

PLANT POWER Kale was and still is king, and is rich in vitamin C. Its cousins in the brassica family, such as cabbage and cavolo nero, are also immunity-boosting powerhouses. Spinach has flavonoids which help ward off colds. Kumara is an antioxidantrich satisfier, whereas berries such as blackcurrants and elderberries are renown beneficial flu fighters.

FROM OUR SHORES New Zealand harvests its own superfood spirulina – delicious with pineapple and banana in a Shrekcoloured smoothie. Also, our seaweeds, mussels and oysters are high in allimportant flu-flighting zinc. And oily fish such as Tuna and Salmon have Vitamin D.

SOUP SAVIOURS Onions and garlic offer allicin for immunity and are a great base for mineral-rich bone broths. Slow boil a chicken or cheap cuts of meat on the bone to extract the goodness - or buy the prepared version. Add in herbs and vegetables for more immune fuel.

SNEAK IT IN Add gelatinous all-round healthy chai seeds to desserts or soups. Ground flax seeds sprinkled onto breakfast or salads or smoothies add the antiinflammatory Omega 3. Toss in the tempeh and mix in the miso to increase the immune system’s antibodies.

WASTE NOT Use the whole food. For example, grate the zest of a spray-free lemon, before you do the big squeeze – it’s an additional immunity boost. Beetroot leaves are delicious and nutritious in stir fries, salads or added to smoothies.

NATURALLY SWEET How lucky are we to live in the land of treasured manuka honey? An anti-viral, it supports the respiratory system, whereas too much sugar suppresses it. So swap to bee-made sweetness for toast and teas.

A healthy habit is to have these superheroes as pantry staples. Whole, natural, colourful fruits and vegetables all have unique benefits, working in synergy with each other.

HEALTHY PIZZAS Hold the cheese overdose and pile a thin base generously with immunity enhancers like onions, broccoli, vitamin C-loaded red bell peppers, mushrooms for zinc, and top with olive oil and fresh herbs.

SPICE IT UP Use ginger for stir fries, pumpkin-soup pep, or medicinal hot drinks with honey and lemon. Superfood turmeric makes a warming latte or can be used to spice up your porridge, unless you prefer the flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg with their antiinflammatory benefits..

NOT SO HUMBLE HERBS Herbs are medicinal powerhouses. Thyme contains thymol – which is wonderful for the respiratory system. Oregano too, has anti-viral properties, so liberally add herbs for medicinal magic.

PREBIOTICS Healthful sauerkraut and kimchi are piquant sidekicks on the dinner plate. Immunity starts in the gut, so prepare an army of good bacteria.

SWEET AND SOUR Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, an essential micronutrient which contributes to the improved health of your immune system. Because our bodies cannot produce nor store vitamin C, it’s important we pack it into our diets wherever we can!

Metropol 21 May, 2020 51


Eating for immunity


A sheer beauty Stylish, sleek, modern – these are adjectives applicable to many a new kitchen, but few can claim the title of sheer beauty. Designer for Murray Hewitt Joinery, Donna Weir has created a new kitchen of such loveliness it is difficult not to stare.


he Clarkville homestead is mud brick construction with deep eaves, so it was important to retain a simplicity that complemented rather than

clashed with the exterior wall. The design of the galley-style space was driven by the clients’ wish to have a pantry. Rather than simply renovate, Donna

re-planned the space, to utilise an area where a family dining table once stood. Adding a wall to make the pantry, Donna then created access from the kitchen directly to the previously underused formal dining room. Murray Hewitt Joinery did the new timber French doors to the dining room in a traditional style, but they are deceptively slick – cavity sliders to save space. The architraves were manufactured to fit with the existing architraving in the house. The benchtops are in engineered stone Archant

Virginia, while the cupboard fronts are in a satin lacquered finish of Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream. Handles are porcelain and black and come from Tradco, while the Provence tap came from In Residence. “The original U-shaped layout with black benchtop felt claustrophobic and visitors are blown away by the change,” Donna says. “The client loves the light brightness, the range of practical storage and that it’s entirely in keeping with the house’s character – it really looks like it belongs.”

Innovative Tile Solutions 52 21 May, 2020 Metropol

The perfect tile to suit your budget Hassle free installation from our in-house team Specialists in residential commerial and architectural

Level 3 of our national lockdown has provided me with the opportunity for a 360-degree perspective on the challenges, insights and opportunities that exist in the real estate market. I’ve called it a process because a process it is, and the main participants all have different challenges getting through it. Owners/vendors – ‘Let’s wait’. Firstly, pushing through that desire to wait till the clouds lift, the sun shines and the world changes is a challenge. Waiting has its champions, but the issue is that it could take a long, long time to get back to ‘normal’ and the market could easily drop within that period. Every option requires care and thought and must be counterbalanced against the opportunity for certainty. For some – and I’m usually in this group – certainty gives me peace of mind and the chance to plan ahead. And planning is critical in all of this. Once an owner decides to proceed, it looks like this. Your consultant can show your property with a maximum of two viewings a day. And there are no open homes. For homes that, previously, might have expected a strong response and large numbers of viewings, this can be prohibitive.

There are restrictions on who can inspect at any one time: a limited number of people, all from the same bubble; no children; no one with compromised health; no touching of anything; shoes off; and social distancing and sanitization processes always followed. It’s a list that requires more time and space to discuss than this column allows, but with a will there is a way and sales are occurring despite all of this. I truly believe the resilience built-up during the Canterbury earthquakes has helped all of us with the ability to methodically address challenges, and I notice this constantly within our own business in this part of the real estate process. Buyers – ‘Show me the bargains’. In Level 3, buyers looking for solutions due to selling before the lockdown are active, and they will continue to be, but there are others biding their time, anticipating bargains to come. When compared nationally, however, the prices in Christchurch are amongst the most affordable in New Zealand. That means, apart from some vendors and their specific circumstances, a massive downward shift could be unlikely. The expectation of wholesale bargains as the rationale for a buyer deciding to wait might keep them waiting till a scarcity of available property actually pushes prices upwards!

Agents – I made a comment about this last month and my feelings haven’t changed. The best will be busy – who doesn’t want the best in a changing world. What constitutes ‘the best’? Fantastic communication and systems for contacting their clients and engaging buyers. Active databases and social media connections, world-class negotiation skills, empathy and a work ethic that shows nothing is too much trouble. Find this (you can find it in newbies to the industry as well as in long-tenured industry stewards) and you are onto a winner. Finally, the last part of my 360-degree view: my personal thoughts. It’s been one of the hardest times to be a business owner, the best time to be a family member, and the only time I hope ever to do this! Take care and kind wishes.

Lynette McFadden

Business Owner Harcourts gold





Business Owner/Managing Director Harcourts gold AREINZ P 027 432 4554

Business Owner/Minister of Magic Harcourts gold AREINZ P 027 432 0447

VISIBLE, AVAILABLE & ENGAGED. If you are looking for a way forward, talk to the industry experts. Contact any of us today!

Business Owner/Harcourts Canterbury & NZ’s No.1 Sales Consultant P 027 555 7079

General Manager/Business Owner P 027 433 5828


Metropol 21 May, 2020 53


* Background in Resene Eighth Bokara Grey, vase in Resene Virtuoso, tealight holder in Resene Rebel and A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left) Resene Dreamtime, Resene Quarter Bokara Grey, Resene Virtuoso and Resene Ethereal.

Tropical goes sophisticated When you think about a tropical inspired interior it often evokes images of green palm leaves, pink amingos and light-coloured cane furniture in bright sun-drenched rooms. This colour scheme, inspired by the wrapping paper featured in the frame, takes the concept for a more sophisticated spin.


he key textural elements and motifs of a tropical theme are all still present in this look but anchored in the deep smouldering tones of Resene Quarter Bokara Grey, it becomes elegant and modern, rather than kitsch. The designer has doubled down on the moody grey by opting for Resene Eighth Bokara Grey on the floor and the living room sideboard, and by filling the space with grey bed linen, cushions and rugs. That deep base makes the plum Resene Virtuoso on the bedhead, bedside table and the vase bloom like a tropical flower. The whole look is kept fresh with notes of barely pink Resene Ethereal on the lightshade and ladder, a duskier tone on the bedside Resene Rebel tealight holder and crisp notes of Resene Dreamtime on the wall planter and bedside vase. Put a twist on traditional tropical and style with sophistication.


Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop, 54 21 May, 2020 Metropol

Styling by Vanessa Nouwens, Images by Melanie Jenkins



A 25 year reputation that extends beyond award-winning building. Transforming imagination into reality, from land selection, planning, budgeting and design to building expertise. Let our experience and reputation be the foundation of your next build.


Phone: (03) 384 7470 Email:

It was perfect timing for a perfect home. For a thankful family in leafy Strowan, their DJ Hewitt new-build topped expectations. The big move was five months ago. However, the ultimate test for a couple with young children was lockdown life at home in their bubble of four. “This really feels like we were living in a holiday house,” Jing Lu says. “It’s such a relaxing house, where the kids can play and run.” Jing and her husband Tom Tian, a property manager, bought the 870sqm section three years ago, for their first-time build and 350sqm forever home. “We searched for a good architect and met with Darren O’Neil, who introduced us to DJ Hewitt Builders. I found Daryl to be very honest, with a real passion for his work. He would focus on every little detail, so that everything would be perfect – just like we wanted. Our Project Manager Simon Livingstone was so hardworking and very organised through the process”. The interior fuses dramatic black with wood and neutrals, the schist stone gas fire feature wall extending to the stunning exterior of cedar, plaster and black flashing. Daryl’s wife Tara, an Interior

Consultant, worked in solutions for a sleek modern-designed kitchen of dramatic dark tones, grey stone and natural-wood island and steelframed pendant lighting. “Tara had great ideas, such as recommending the best appliances.” Jing, who owns Cheeky Sparrow Café, loves to cook, but also likes a clean and tidy kitchen when entertaining guests. The solution: the walk-in pantry which houses the gas cooktop, bench and sink, closes off with a sliding door. “We can look over the St Andrew College field from the upstairs master bedroom and two children’s bedrooms. We have master bedroom downstairs too, for my overseas parents to stay in the future. I’m also enjoying the automation system for lighting, blinds, audio visual, gas, security camera, and under-floor heating”. The office is separated by single glass door – but for now it’s a playroom opening up to the lounge. Another sliding glass and black-aluminium door between kitchen and hallway means Jing can still keep watch on three-year-old Hannah and five-year-old Roger. Hannah proudly told her preschool teacher, “I’ve got a new sparkle house!”

Architecturally designed homes are our specialty Professional plastering at the highest standard in Canterbury since 1994

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GetPlastered For a FREE competitive quote contact Paul - 021 669 215 broom


Rockcote Systems Solid Plastering Rockcote Systems Specialist Artisan SolidInterior Plastering

Specialist Interior Artisan

Rockcote Rockcote Systems Systems Solid Solid Plastering Plastering Specialist Specialist Interior Interior Artisan Artisan

P. 027 243 6246 E.

P. 027 243 6246 E.

REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING 112 Hayton Rd, Christchurch 8042 Ph. 03 339-2617

P. 027 P. 027 243243 6246 6246 E. E.

Metropol 21 May, 2020 55


Winter Sale

It is time to look after yourself by investing in a great sleep.

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Off every bed base when you buy a Dreamwool Mattress & Off selected Headboards

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Off ecoLinen premium Organic Cotton sheet sets & Bella Donna sheets, Summer blanket and Mattress protectors

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Louvre Roofs I Gates I Fences I Chimney Cowls Horizontal & Vertical Sun Louvres Cedar Louvres I Commercial & Residential I 10 Year Warranty phone 0275 356 286


We’ll build it from the ground up.

0508 DHOMES / 0508 346637 56 21 May, 2020 Metropol

Creating the perfect home just for you


Shhh… It’s a secret The whole country has just spent more than a month quarantined in their homes. Spending a significant time in one space, you tend to notice a few things. Maybe the fence needs another coat of paint, the garden is looking rather overgrown or the mattress is feeling uncomfortable.


ell if it is the latter, we have the solution for you. We caught up with David from Dreamwool Beds on how he spent his time in isolation, what is going to get you through those winter months and most importantly the secret to a good night’s sleep. Like the rest of us, David also recently spent a significant time in his home. When we asked him how he made the most of that time he laughed to himself and replied, “Well… I spent more time in bed”. He went on to explain that a leading

cause of that was the electric recliner! With more time on his hands came a lot more reading, relaxing and thinking. Mainly the reoccurring thought was how “I’m lucky that I have such a nice bed, but a lot of people were probably sitting in their bed wishing theirs wasn’t so uncomfortable”. And if you were one of those people thinking you could do with a bit of an upgrade, then the answer is a Dreamwool mattress packed with generous layers of merino wool. The difference between the natural and that of the synthetic is


that the mattress can breathe and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter because, “body temperature is key to a good night sleep”, David says. The team puts enough Merino wool in so that you can reap all of the benefits and get the best night sleep possible; ensuring that you wake up in the morning more recovered. It really is the secret to a quality night sleep. The way the world would normally carry out every day processes has been flipped on its head. So, we found out the

best way you can start looking for your must-have mattress and just how Dreamwool Beds can make it safe and accessible for customers. While the team will not be turning people away at the door, it is preferable that you make an appointment ahead of time. Social distancing will be implemented with one person or couple at a time. Fresh pillowcases will be given on entry to be used on each bed. David ensured that they “Will have your best interest and health and safety at heart. Some people prefer facetime, phone or even a Zoom consultation”.

Dreamwool Beds are having a Winter Sale through to the end of June. When you purchase a Dreamwool mattress, you will save 50 percent on one of their matching flexible slat bases. Terms and conditions apply. Metropol 21 May, 2020 57


Winter Reads By Jess Murray

We’ve all certainly had a lot of time to ourselves over these last few months. If you’ve rediscovered reading during lockdown, we’ve got some hot new titles to add to the collection before you hunker down again, this time for the winter months. LOVE HER OR LEAVE HER A juicy rom-com about a couple who grow apart and, as a result, need a bit of a relationship renovation, written by New York Times bestselling author, Tessa Bailey. The question is all in the title of the novel; will he love her or leave her?

UNTAMED There’s a reason this touching memoir is a number one New York Times bestseller. It tells the story of activist, speaker and bestselling author Glennon Doyle and what motherhood, family and divorce taught her.

THE BOOK OF LONGINGS She first had success with her critically-acclaimed novel The Secret Life of Bees and now Sue Monk Kidd has written another fantastic piece of fiction. She takes the readers on a journey all the way back to the first century to follow the story of a woman called Ana who meets 18-year-old Jesus. It was named a Most Anticipated Book of 2020 by the likes of TIME, Marie Claire and O, The Oprah Magazine.

58 21 May, 2020 Metropol

CHOSEN ONES From the author who bought us the widely popular Divergent series, Veronica Roth has written Chosen Ones. The story follows a group of five teenagers in the aftermath of them saving the world. After partaking in an ‘end of world’ battle, what is there left to do?

JOY AT WORK Organising Your Professional Life: Marie Kondo transformed our organisation skills when she taught us to question ‘does this item spark joy?’. She’s back again and this time she’s bringing some order to our work life. Learn to clean up your messy desk and work relationships.

OPEN BOOK Jessica Simpson is a pop singer, actress, fashion designer and author and for all of those said reasons she’s a very big household name. This year, she’s released a tell-all memoir about her past relationships and her ongoing career.

MALORIE Bird Box was a hit when it was adapted on Netflix, so much so that the fans demanded Josh Malerman to write a sequel. Enter Malorie, a novel that follows (you guessed it) Malorie as she navigates a nearing apocalypse. They asked and he delivered.

‘Argentinian Tieless Braid’ by Charlotte Watson available at City Art Depot -

Furniture Dimensions specialists in Bespoke Furniture get the piece that’s right for you

Outstanding artworks by Anneke Bester and Rhonye McIlroy are showcased in the 18 May - 13 June exhibition at Windsor Gallery.

Rhonye McIlroy


Large selection of Candles & Home fragrances available at Coco Gifts. New artwork now available at Barrington Gifts.

New arrivals available at Industria

“Bathe” bronze sculpture by Anneke Bester. Exhibition from 18th May-13 June at Windsor Gallery

Bespoke framing

follower of the neorenaissance movement, Anneke has been painting and sculpting since she was 16 years old. She has sculpted commercial commissions for hotel projects in South Africa, Mauritius and Dubai (including sculpting eight bronze life-size falcons for the Dubai Mall), and has also sculpted for the Chronicles of Narnia movie. Her exhibition is titled Sister Water. Rhonye McIlroy’s background was originally fashion based. Her love for fashion, especially the top hat, has become her

trademark in most of her paintings since 2011, which detailed many aspects of early New Zealand colonial history. Current work explores Rhonye’s ancestors John and Elizabeth Guard, pioneers of New Zealand’s shorebased whaling industry in the Marlborough Sounds. Rhonye’s exhibition is titled Stone to Flesh. Find Windsor Gallery at 386 St Asaph Street, phone 03 366 0724. Follow Windsor Gallery on Facebook and windsorgallerynz on Instagram.

Specialists in Bespoke Furniture Get the Right Style, Right Colour, Right Size, Right for You

Skilled art installation 96 Disraeli Street 03 365 3811

Furniture Dimensions

105 Coleridge Street, Christchurch I Ph.366-7499



63 Rutland St, St Albans ( o p p o s i t e R u g b y Pa r k )

Ph. 03 355 3336

Contemporary Art Gallery

Rhonye McIIroy

Mon- Fri 10am-5.30pm. Sat-Sun 10am-4pm

Exhibition 18th May-13 June

“Sir Michael Jones”

G i f t s H o m e wa r e s - J e w e l l e r y

Barrington Mall, Christchurch Tel: 337-2337

400mm x 550mm by Rhonye McIlroy

386 St Asaph St. Ph: 366 0724 Metropol 21 May, 2020 59

new things

From Marlborough to Mauritius


Pretty in patterns By Jess Murray

At face value, decorating with patterns may seem daunting, but by following a few basic guidelines, your humble home can be enriched by beautiful designs. Beige can be boring, don’t play it safe. A new decade means a new chance to add a little pizazz to your living space.


6 Main North Road Christchurch

Your Total Picture and Framing Service

• Strong • Durable • Clean • Affordable • Less Maintenance



We have the perfect frame for your project Phone 03 3527 594 CALL FOR A FREE FRAMING ESTIMATE

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We are still here! 16 years strong!

100s of fabrics to choose from Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture

P. 371 7500 McDONALD

Truly hand made

All of our bespoke products are crafted by hand using time tested techniques and robust materials. We build by hand to ensure you get exactly what you need and to allow flexibility in our products that create unique designs.

Hours: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs, Fridays 8am to Midday or by appointment with Keith 0275 663 909




60 21 May, 2020 Metropol


Phone 0508 426 225

Clash of the Titans: While we wouldn’t recommend finding every type of pattern under the sun and adding it into your home, there are a few pairings that you can do without it becoming a war of the worlds. Floral wallpaper is our first heavy-hitter; combined with toile fabric, it makes for a terrific team.

The block: Usually writers detest the ‘block’ but when decorating around the home, there is a ‘block’ we do love – a block of colour! The simplicity of colour blocking makes it the perfect partner for that daring new pattern you’re wanting to try. A strong pattern needs a sense of harmony and calm, don’t mix it in with grandma’s heirloom furniture.

Blending into the background: We’re definitely not suggesting replacing everything in your home with something patterned. Add little bits where you can, a pop of colour is both eye-catching and exciting. But in order to give it that pop, it has to be paired with the right background. Combine your patterns with a crisp white background and they’ll make even more of a statement.

Big, bold & beautiful: If you don’t want to go overboard and are just wanting to add a single statement piece, opt for an oversized patterned rug. There’s a general rule of thumb that the most prominent patterns should be covering the floor.

Pretty as a picture: …or a painting! Matching the colours that you use in your patterns to a statement art piece that you have hung in your living room is a beautiful way to tie a room together. It also creates a colour palette for the rest of your house to work from.

Sustainably sourced in France and handcrafted in New Zealand

Introducing our latest range of bespoke furniture & designer pieces. RECLAIMED RECYCLED REPURPOSED TIMBER


021 766 750


��:::rfy !ft��-- Lagoon Pools

• Fibreglass Composite Swimming Pools with Lifetime Warranties • Installed in 4-5 days

home motoring

Copy and paste: Try to start by using one shape; for example, triangles, squares or circles. Proceed to use that same shape throughout your entire house. Don’t have one room with hexagons and the other with pentagons – unless you’re a geometrist and that’s what you’re into.

With Over 30 yrs Experience!

Need a part? Specialised Auto dismantlers we are here to help

Star Auto Is against the dumping of heavy medals & toxins

We have a range of services including: Cash for cars Stock a wide range of used car parts on most makes & models Good quality secondhand spare parts batteries, tyres etc Prompt, reliable servicing

Ph Abraham 388 7946

0800 347 626 Metropol 21 May, 2020 61

1 2

Growing up By Clementine Page

Vertical gardens are growing into one of the most popular plant trends, as green-thumbs channel their love of gardening to new heights of creativity. A tonne of easy, budget-friendly options await – we’ve picked out our favourite DIY designs.

Free Quotes Made to measure Staining & painting Delivery & installation

3386960 62 21 May, 2020 Metropol

16a Clarence St South (off Lincoln Road) Addington, Chch


Give any small garden, urban courtyard or interior space the undeniable wow factor it deserves with a framed wall planter – the perfect piece of living art! These are fairly easy to find but even easier to make, using some simple materials available from your nearest gardening centre and following a tutorial online. Succulents are a popular choice for this design because they grow slowly and demand little water. Breathe new life into a boring old fence or outdoor wall with a versatile and contemporary pocket planter! Easy to craft using some landscaping material or felt, these hanging planters will spruce up any space. If it’s an edible garden that piques your interest, herbs grow easily in these receptacles and the result is an ornate tapestry of colour, scent and texture. Choose one made from recycled materials for greater water retention. Upcycle all of those tin cans by spray painting them, drilling holes in the bottom and attaching them to your trellis or fence. Alternatively, you can drill a hole in either side of the tin, attach string and hang them wherever you see fit! Fill these funky planters with beautiful flowers, herbs or healing plants.

Lighting the way Whether you are a classicist, a seeker of the unique, or a connoisseur of the contemporary, Trenzseater has the lighting design to illuminate your world.


ffering a portfolio of international brands which are imported and distributed around the country, brothers Ben and Hamish Lewis travel extensively, handpicking fittings for their style, name, quality, and heritage. “All of our lighting is sourced mostly from Europe and America,” says Ben, who cites the Jonathan Browning, Bomma, Buster + Punch and Eichholtz brands as among some of his clients’ favourites. Examples of all light fittings selected by Ben and Hamish are displayed on the showroom floor, so you aren’t limited to looking at a catalogue and hoping for the best. Trenzseater offers a full interior design service with a deserved reputation for detailing some New Zealand’s finest residences and commercial premises, gaining international recognition through awards at the International Design and Architecture Awards, the International Design Awards (IDA) and the Andrew Martin Design Review. Most recently they won their category in the International Design and Architecture Awards in London last year.






New designs emerging from Europe feature metallic finishes but done in a fresh way. “We are seeing some beautiful, very unique gold and silver leaf among recent standout offerings,” Ben says. “We are even seeing gold and other metallic tints on glass, which looks amazing and is difficult for mainstream manufacturers to copy – they shine and sparkle in the most amazing way when you turn them on. Conversely, dulled-down and worn-in bronze and matte black features create a lived-in feel that lends a touch of understated elegance.” There is a large range of timeless light fittings too, which you can be sure to love for a lifetime because they simply will not date. Ben says lighting “sets the tone and the look of a home, and it’s one of the first things we consider when looking at an interiors project. If you ensure light fittings reflect your personal style, you can’t go wrong.” Once style is established, next consideration is scale. Ceiling height and room size must be carefully considered, especially when it comes to installing pendant lights. “Scale and dimension of the piece is crucial,” Ben says. “A huge beautiful light fitting can’t reach its full potential in a narrow and restrictive space.” However, with the eye and experience of Ben, Hamish and the team at your side every step of the way, choosing and positioning lights is a pleasure. “It’s a gift that keeps on giving, when you’ve got a beautiful light fitting. It lifts your spirit every time you flick that switch.”

Re-Levelling Re-Levelling Re-Levelling Christchurch Christchurch Christchurch the Smart the Smart the Smart way way way


SmartLift SmartLift have lifted have lifted SmartLift have lifted and repaired over 630 and repaired over 630 and repaired over 630 earthquake damaged foundations earthquake damaged foundations earthquake damaged foundations withinEach Canterbury. Each foundation repair within Canterbury. foundation repair within Canterbury. Each foundation repair was unique building was affected was unique because everybecause buildingevery was affected was unique because every building was affected differently. Withengineered the cleverlylifting engineered differently. With the cleverly systemlifting system differently. With the cleverly engineered lifting system designed we by SmartLift, have been able to repair every designed by SmartLift, have beenwe able to repair every designed by SmartLift, we have been able to repair every to anew better than new result. foundation tofoundation a better than result. foundation to a better than new result.

Makesafer you home safer and MORE VALUABLE BY Make you home and MORE VALUABLE BY Make you home safer and MORE VALUABLE BY your foundation the smart way. REPAIRINGREPAIRING your foundation the smart way. REPAIRING your foundation the smart way.

WHEN CLOSE ENOUGH ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH, CHOOSE SUPERFLAT BY SMARTLIFT SYSTEMS LTD. SmartLift is pushing the boundaries in the marketplace

SMARTLIFT can reinstate your uneven floor to better than new.

by introducing the commercial sector to a SuperFlat

Flooring System. This means large scale buildings with

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concrete floor slabs can now be economically repaired.

More economical than rip-out and replacement.

This includes tilt slab buildings, factories, showrooms and

Quicker and less disruption to yourself and


neighbouring tenants.

Call 03 usus now 03 928 2695 8 Lane Papanui, Christchurch 8052 Call now 03 928 2695 Call usCall now 928 2695 us now 03 928 2695

64 21 May, 2020 Metropol

A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s & I n n o v a t i o n s


21 MAY

In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture. Metropol 21 May, 2020 65

CONTENTS A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s & I n n o v a t i o n s

Sheppard and Rout Architects’ graceful Spark building stands as a striking centrepiece within the thriving heart of the central city – page 83.


Photographer Dennis Radermacher




In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture.

70 72 74 80 82 83










J-Panel Table by Montage Interiors

sustainable forestry producing innovative premium wood solutions for an evolving building industry J-Panel is a general purpose solid wood edge laminated panel manufactured by Juken New Zealand Ltd (JNL) from 100% renewable Radiata Pine plantation forest.

To view our full range of Premium Wood Solutions, visit our website 66 21 May, 2020 Metropol

Photo credit: The Welder, Jason Mann Photography

Combining landscape with design

By combining landscape with design, Wood Ltd create unique commercial fit-outs and civil landscapes that stand out, commanding attention, while seamlessly blending into their surroundings.

he Christchurch-based landscape company specialise in developing innovative, yet practical and liveable spaces that weave in the beauty of nature and environment. Recent inner-city projects include The Welder courtyard – a stand-out with its bright, inviting colour palate, green foliage and timber flooring – and a magical rooftop playground at The Crossing Preschool. Another specialty is designing and installing native living roofs and walls, like the one that has recently adorned the side of the Plymouth Lane courtyard (Cashel ‘container mall’ courtyard). At every stage of a project, from design through to build, Wood Ltd works alongside the client and the underlying landscape, with a focus on design, sustainability and the use of quality products. Proving they are adaptable to a wide range of design, fit-out, civil and residential build jobs, the team also uses the skillset diversity to design and build intrepid walking tracks such as those for the Pure Pod accommodation throughout Canterbury and are currently building a nature playground in Kirwee. For more information, phone 027 783 5722 or email

NZ Business - Supplying Kiwis Combining meaningful design with bespoke construction + Native plantings + Greenroofs + Living walls + Bespoke fitouts + Hill & remote sites + Challenging spaces + Playgrounds Steffan Kraberger MLA 027 783 5722

Metropol 21 May, 2020 67



the influencers

Leeann Watson

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive

In the last few months, we have seen unprecedented change, with health, social and economic impacts on a scale that noone could have predicted. But make no mistake, businesses in Waitaha Canterbury are innovative, resilient and adept to responding to disruption. Over the last few decades, we have demonstrated our determination, agility and ability to respond quickly to a changing business environment and are again showing our mettle by pivoting on our product and service offering to adapt to this ‘new normal’. One local highend fashion designer is making face masks; a furniture restorer is producing hand sanitiser; an IT company now specialises in setting up ‘click and collect’ services; an events company has taken a step-change to provide deliveries. We are conscious that the impact of COVID-19 may simply be too much for some businesses who have already exhausted any reserves they had in re-establishing themselves post-earthquakes, however I believe Canterbury is best placed with the structures and processes in place to ride out these challenging times. At The Chamber we are doing everything we can to support local businesses – and those throughout the South Island through our 0800 50 50 96 COVID-19 business helpline – and are actively engaging with central and local government to advocate for further support. It is hard to predict what our future will look like. What we do know is that while the changes we are seeing across our whole community and economy are unprecedented, we have come through adversity before and we will do so again. Kia kaha.

Paul Lonsdale

Mainstreet Management Ltd Managing Director

Earth has flipped the proverbial reboot switch, something none of us were expecting, well not this year anyway. As I sit here in my isolation, I reflect on a song by one of my favourite artists, the late great John Lennon and his song Imagine. The words of this song could fill the many holes created by our global economy rather than the buckets of tears we seem to fill them with. COVID-19 has illuminated the holes in globalisation as we are forced back into our own corners of this world… and herein lies an opportunity, the importance of supporting ‘your local’ and creating our own circular economy. Our small to medium businesses make up 97 percent of all businesses in New Zealand and are the backbone of our economy, contributing to more than a quarter of our GDP. As a country we are currently facing a complete loss of an entire industry ‘tourism’, which is our biggest export industry so without it, our local businesses will need your support, now more than ever. Our small to medium business owners are people just like you and me, they have families, mortgages, but they employ our people. So, I ask all of you to consider supporting your local business in the coming months and in particular over the winter period. I personally believe, if we pull together and support each other over the next couple of years we will help reduce the amount of pain in our community. Kia kaha people and don’t be afraid to imagine.

Marian Johnson

Ministry of Awesome Chief Awesome Officer

What a weird month April 2020 was. By the time you read this, we are hopefully emerged from our respective bubbles. It’s hard to think of any event as universal as this experience and there won’t be a single Kiwi amongst us who hasn’t been affected in one way or another. Yes - economic predictions are for stormy weather ahead but there are also some incredible opportunities peeking out from behind those clouds. Firstly, anyone at any organisation that has managed to successfully work through April now knows that remote working is entirely possible and, for many, might even be more desirable. Think of how that realisation – once the penny has fully dropped – could redefine our workforce, our property market, our reliance on fossil fuel, our energy consumption and more. Secondly, think of how technology and innovation enabled us. Telehealth, tracer apps, Zoom, instant messaging, video workouts, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams. Technology and innovation will also enable our recovery. Tech is now New Zealand’s second largest export and this is only poised to grow with a renewed appetite for innovation across every sector. Lastly, think of the impact April’s personal musings will have on our desire to change up our lives. Many will not return to the status quo either because it no longer exists or because the status quo no longer feels like the right fit. Whether it’s a career change, pursuing your dream startup, or renouncing rampant consumerism, change can be good for any and all of us.

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John Bridgman

Christchurch Mayor

It was an interesting time in lockdown within my bubble of two living as we do in the heart of our city! We have explored the parts of the central city we don’t usually get to see.

We have explored the parts of the central city we don’t usually get to see. The juxtaposition of the old and the new that tells part of our story; the history before the European settlers arrived now embedded in our landscape, with the legends that complete our story; the street art, largely hidden behind rows of parked cars, has been in full view. And, of course, Hagley Park has been our place of solace and beauty as it always has been no matter what happens in our lives. I missed the Botanic Gardens while they were closed, but now they too are open again with their autumn splendour on full display. And, for the first time in a long time, I can see how “time poor” we had become as a couple. Although the days have been crazy, with Zoom and Skype dictating a new pattern of working, I’m reminded that being in the presence of someone isn’t the same as being present with someone – switching off from the pressures of the day and having deep conversations with meaning and purpose, and enjoying our wonderful city together – that’s what really matters.

Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive

Between Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre and the Metro Sports Facility alone, Ōtākaro has been pumping around $15m a month into the construction sector, on behalf of the Government. Pre-lockdown, around 600 people were active across both sites and we’re continually working to get back to that level, while maintaining safe working distances. When you consider these numbers and how that money then flows onto the suppliers of parts and materials, that’s a lot of people receiving a pay packet each week because of these infrastructure projects. They put Canterbury in a strong position when it comes to economic recovery, as these projects aren’t just ‘shovel ready’, they’re out of the ground. Construction work will now be carrying on at Te Pae Christchurch into the new year and work at the Metro Sports Facility is back near full capacity. Alongside these projects, work on the South Frame is back underway and the North Frame pedestrian bridge construction is ramping up. Our friends at Fletcher Living will also have work going on at One Central for several years. These projects all put money directly into the hands that swing the hammers. It’s a skilled workforce supported by a wide range of design, legal and finance professionals, that can look forward to being busy for a long time in this region with the likes of the Canterbury Arena and Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor on the horizon. There may also be other local projects the Government opts to support to help our economy bounce back from COVID-19.

Joanna Norris

the influencers

Lianne Dalziel

ChristchurchNZ Chief Executive

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented. If we are to save jobs and businesses, get the economy going again and ensure Christchurch is well positioned for the future, we need to do so together. We have a chance to usher in a sustainable future by working together to save jobs, to support local businesses and to reposition Christchurch to deliver inter-generational wellbeing through a smart, sustainable and future focused economy. It will take a collective commitment across the community and public and private enterprise to make this happen. We need to balance necessary and urgent activity with longer-term recovery planning to usher in a sustainable future. Our early economic recovery planning encourages people to think about working within three horizons: response, recovery and ultimately, repositioning the city for a stronger future. In this early stage, one of the most powerful tools we have to hand is consumer spending. Consumption accounts for 60 percent of economic activity, this means how you choose to spend your income makes a difference. The money you spend on everyday items doesn’t just go to the business owner. It trickles through the community, it goes to workers, it goes to suppliers. It keeps people in jobs. I realise not everyone can spend and times will be tough for many. But, if you are one of the lucky ones to come through COVID-19 with a job and your health, now is the time to spend locally to support businesses and keep people in their jobs.




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The white way By Clementine Page

We will forever love the white room; it’s clean, serene and the stuff of interior dreams. We’ve pulled together our top tips for painting the white way.

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When executed well, the bright white interior offers serenity and sophistication that truly stands the test of time.



4 5

Complement with colour As with any other interior colour, the shade of white you choose needs to complement the other colours and furnishings in the room – and don’t forget about the lighting. Blue undertones give a crisper, cooler shade of white which best suits a modern, urban space where strong, dark colours like navy or black prominently feature. Yellow undertones, on the other hand, provide a warmer and creamier appearance that’s more relaxed and works well with rustic, earthy colour palettes like browns, reds and oranges. Pick your palette When it comes to decorating a white room, it’s important to firstly choose your colour palette – will it be tonal or complementary? The danger of a white room is the tendency to stick solely to a neutral colour palette, which can often make a space look washed out. Consider the classic décor rule of 6030-10 – 60 percent of the room should account for the primary colour palette, 30 percent should be the secondary colour or texture, and the last 10 percent is for your accent hue. A bright pop of the right colour can go a long way, adding depth and variation. While white will always combine particularly well with black for eye-catching contrast, interior trends are telling us to opt for other bold colours like emerald green or crisp yellow. Let’s talk themes It’s also equally as important to pick a theme – namely what textures, furnishings and accessories you will use. Gold detailing works best with warmer whites, and silver with cooler tones. Warm woods complemented by weathered, whitewashed finishes provide a comfortable, country rustic vibe, but if it’s a sleek, modern atmosphere you’re after, consider materials with a colder feel like metal and stone. A carefully curated collection of plants can also add to the atmosphere of any white room. Fabulous fabrics Selecting the right fabrics is critical to creating contrast successfully – texture is your best friend, particularly when it comes to an all-white interior. For instance, a carefully chosen rug will tell the textural story of a room, allowing the other furnishings to subtly reference back to it. Remember to choose one that’s the right size so it doesn’t look out of place - interior designers recommend that the rug is large enough to stretch underneath all the core furniture pieces like the sofa, armchairs and coffee table.

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1 2 3

The right white White has long reigned supreme in the world of interiors – and for good reason; it’s perhaps the most typically used wall colour for our internal spaces due to its safe practicality and versatility. But which shade of white does one choose? Will it be pure white, off-white or simply white? Taking the time to choose the ‘right white’ makes more of a difference than you might think.


ROCKING THE STONE LOOK Thinking of enhancing the entryway or chimney of your new home? Or perhaps you have in mind a stone fireplace, an interior feature wall or a letterbox. You can achieve the look and feel of real stone with veneer profiles from Hard as Rocks Ltd.


ost Kiwis love the traditional look of South Island schist and river rock from our local rivers. Hard as Rocks is this country’s leading supplier of the man-made versions of these profiles. Your choice does not stop there though. Hard as Rocks also offers the unique look of other stone choices from around the world, including Hawaiian Lava Stone, European Castle Stone or English Country Rubble. Hard as Rocks has the largest range of stone profiles and colour selections available in New Zealand. They make it simple with all stone types the same price, so once you have had your plans priced you can change stone options without having to re-price your project. Each profile is an individual piece, allowing you to mix stone profiles and colours. Hard as Rocks maintains building compliance and quality control by only using its own licensed applicators, trained not only in waterproofing and stone application, but also in detailing, guaranteeing a flawless, professional finish. The company has a display at Stand 61 at the Home Ideas Centre, 37 Mandeville Street in Riccarton. The team is available for any advice you might need on incorporating stone features into your plans. Phone 0800 353 672 or visit www. to see photos of completed work.

BRANZ Appraised Application System

The look and feel of real stone without the cost 50mm thick, light weight stone veneer that does not require footings installed by our own licensed applicators. Choose from our extensive range of stone profiles and colour choices as seen on hundreds of projects throughout Canterbury. Call Brett 022 043 0541

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RAISING AN ARMY Until recently, University of Canterbury graduate and Kiwi entrepreneur Guy Horrocks was living in New York helping launch a new data management company, Solve. But, as the number of Covid-19 cases in the city climbed, cafés closed and business meetings were cancelled, he realised it was time to go.

e and his wife, Rose, took their five-monthold daughter home to New Zealand, to hunker down at a friend’s house on Waiheke Island. Guy, who graduated from the University of Canterbury with Law and Commerce degrees in 2007 and won the university’s Entré Startup Challenge competition in 2006, is relieved to be home but hasn’t been taking it easy. Wanting New Zealand to act quickly to avoid the


Above Your Space offers a perfect solution for small to medium businesses looking for a smart, professional lockup office in the CBD. This beautiful building is located at 177 High Street, in the heart of the SALT District with its cafes, restaurants and bars at its doorstep.

To arrange a viewing call, text Anna Morawiec on 022 059 7620 or email

Offices suitable for 2 to 4 people come furnished, air-conditioned – Ready to move in. Rents from $175 pw to $400 pw plus GST include rates and insurance, power, lounges, conference rooms with TVs, photocopier, quality kitchen stocked with tea, coffee and milk. Metropol 21 May, 2020 73


situation he saw unfolding in New York, he set up an entrepreneur group to lobby the Government for a lockdown. He also began voluntarily helping UC’s Student Volunteer Army (SVA) mobilise a national volunteer response to help people affected by the Covid-19 lockdown. “It’s a great story of entrepreneurs from different backgrounds coming together to help. For me personally, it’s a really cool, meaningful project that’s very rewarding,” Guy says. His expertise helped the SVA build a call centre, payment system and shopping website that allows volunteers to deliver medicines for people who are unable to go to a pharmacy, provide childcare for people working in essential roles, and work with Foodstuffs to deliver groceries to the elderly and vulnerable. “My focus now is trying to help with arranging funding and partnerships to make sure they can keep the service going.”



Kitchen designed by Emma Morris at ETERNOdesign



uring the lockdown, owner Mark Allworthy says some members of the team were able to work through stages of the planning process remotely from their own individual bubbles, such as pricing up plans and designing kitchens. However, the family-run company has now returned to full production under Level 3 conditions. Bates Joinery specialises in all kinds of bespoke joinery, including kitchens, wardrobes, vanities, stairs and balustrades, timber windows and doors, wall units and commercial projects. Using both modern machinery and traditional tools of the trade, they continue a skill that has successfully been handed down through the generations. “Bates Joinery has been around for more than 60 years and has experienced several recessions, which we have managed to navigate,” Mark says. He acknowledges the support they received from Registered Master Joiners, clients and colleagues during the lockdown, particularly that of suppliers who kept them informed and updated on health and safety information. To view a portfolio of work completed by the Bates Joinery team, visit their website and, for the full experience, ask about taking a tour of their virtual showroom. For a free design consultation, email or call 03 388 8111.


MANUFACTURERS OF: Timber - Windows - Timber Doors Wall Units - Vanities - Stairs Kitchens - Shop Fitting Phone 388 8111


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Have you checked the foundations and floor levels? Do you think you might have problems? Call us for a free initial assessment before it’s too late. You can also download a free copy of our guide from our website.

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build BEFORE




hen it comes to garage transformations, Garage Carpet Pro has all the solutions to make sure you have a comfortable place to work on all your jobs and hobbies throughout the year. Since 2014, Garage Carpet Pro (a division of The Pro Group) has rolled out more

than 215,000sqm of specialised carpet to cover the concrete floors in more than 6000 double garages. Using a high-quality European garage carpet, the waterproof product is installed to a high standard, with minimum mess and inconvenience, by qualified and skilled owner-operators.

The space can be further protected from temperature extremes by insulating both the garage door and ceiling. Another option is installing CleverSeal, a brush-based sealing system that seals the gaps around your garage door, stopping drafts, insects, rodents and debris from entering your garage. And, to make sure everything remains perfectly organised and functional, Garage Carpet Pro also install a range of high-quality cabinets, shelving, wall-mounted hanging systems and heavy-duty ceiling-mounted storage racks. The Pro Group prides itself on quality service that is reliable and customerfocused, and the project is personally managed by the franchise owner. For a free, no-obligation quote, phone Tim on 027 349 0527.

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The sound of tools at work will shortly echo from Christ Church Cathedral a solid symbol of our community’s resilient strength.


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rior to lockdown, the Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project was at its busiest, with physical work scheduled for early April. The pause button was hit, but now the project is again ramping up. Creating a clear pathway to start the project was the task for the last 14 months, spent working out the best solutions for the complex reinstatement with Warren and Mahoney architects, Naylor Love’s construction specialists and structural engineers, Holmes Consulting. During lockdown the tight team continued to work remotely, so it could hit the ground running as soon as the lockdown guidelines allowed construction to begin. “It is an amalgamation of getting the work done as quickly, cost effectively and safely as possible,” Project Director Keith Paterson says. “The work won’t be disruptive to the CBD, with a maximum of between 40 and 50 specialists working at any one time. This makes it easier for social distancing and other safety precautions too. “Nothing is more important than people’s health and safety, and

this will always be our number one priority. Special requirements will be in place to manage worker health and safety while we continue to manage COVID-19.” Importantly, local workers will be used where they can, he says. “It was always a locally resourced project with work done by hand by specialist stonemasons. We have retained much of the original stone. “Many parts of the cathedral are to be deconstructed and put back together – just like a jigsaw. It will look very similar to what it always did, with as much heritage value saved as possible, but with many improvements.” Senior Project Manager Tim Anthon says a frame will first be set up around the building and then covered up, for weather-proofing and to prevent access for the longresiding pigeons! The steel framing to be used in areas such as the Rose window needed absolute precision – it was a material that couldn’t be stretched. “It is a completely different sort of build, estimated to take up to eight years to complete, and this is

consistent with similar cathedrals and heritage buildings around the world,” he says. The north side will be set up primarily for vehicle access. On the western fencing there will be an indepth public information area where people can get an understanding of the history and heritage, and watch the progress via viewing portals. Prince Charles became the Cathedral’s Royal Patron during his visit in November and said it was his dearest wish for the cathedral to become a proud symbol of the city once more. There was an important site and worker blessing on 12 May, which marked the beginning of the project’s exhilarating journey. “As the sun rose we asked God to bless everyone working on the project and the cathedral site; it was deeply moving,” Anglican Bishop of Christchurch, Peter Carrell says. “Physical work will get underway soon and there is a palpable sense of excitement.” Visit to donate to the project and sign up to the e-newsletter.

We make bare outdoors into idyllic living space

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Winterising your home! With winter just around the corner, it’s important to start making sure your home will be safe and warm when those cooler days and nights really set in.


ow is the time to tick off all those property maintenance jobs, such as checking the guttering and hot water cylinders for leaks, looking for dripping taps and pipes, checking for overflows and leaking toilets, and clearing spouting. If anything is amiss, or you need some expert advice, Christchurch business, Maxwell Plumbing, is here to help. During the Level 3 conditions, they will be complying with all government guidelines for safe work practices and

continue to follow World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health advice, to keep both plumbers and customers safe. Specialising in bathroom renovations, kitchen plumbing, drainage systems, gas fitting and commercial contracting, Maxwell Plumbing operates two separate divisions. The drainage division completes sewer and stormwater replacement work, and the plumbing division works on both household jobs and commercial projects.

Maxwell Plumbing is happy to quote on any domestic or commercial plumbing job you may have, and a 10 percent

discount is available to all Gold Card customers. For more information, phone 03-366 4403.


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FOR RENT High end apartments in Riccarton Built by an award winning local builder 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage Handy to Riccarton Mall





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d 4 an 98 al 1 Ze ce w sin Ne ed % at 00 per y1 o d l nd ou a Pr ned ow

your style of living your style of builder

    manager for your new FOWLER HOME™. We’ll have exactly what you need to know about building your new home in Canterbury and can guide you seamlessly through the entire design and build process. Our clients have enjoyed the Fowler Homes way for close to three decades now. That’s why in Canterbury, where we started, over 88% of the homes we build are for repeat clients or direct referrals.â€?

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First steps for your n Christchurch is the fortunate host of the latest show home built by Kiwi established and operated company Classic Builders. You’ll find this twin-gabled beauty at 23 Avanda Avenue in Rolleston and there you’ll discover the perfect combination of elegant design and topquality value for money.


stablished in the Bay of Plenty, Classic Builders has earned a formidable reputation throughout New Zealand as one of the leading and most trusted residential builders in the country over the course of more than 24 years. Today, they’re the second largest builder in New Zealand, with seven privately owned branches from Northland to Otago. Their growth and success to date are testament to the unrivalled commitment they show their clients throughout the build journey, making the clients’ needs a priority every step of the way. We caught up with Dave Fahey, Regional Manager for Classic Builders about first steps for your new build. How should I choose the right plot of land to build my home? For me it is always about the sun. Getting a section with the right orientation is key, for thermal efficiency, health of the home and outdoor enjoyment. Your section

80 21 May, 2020 Metropol

needs to be located to enhance your lifestyle – recreation, work, family needs have to be a consideration. Also, look at the stability of the land. A TC1 section is far more cost efficient to build on and that frees up funds for specifications and aesthetics of the home. Lastly, the budget. The combination of build cost and land cost determine the feasibility of a project. There might need to be compromise with where you live in order to achieve what you want to build – or vice versa. Can I bring my architectural plans to Classic? Absolutely, while we have a large portfolio of plans to choose from, we are very happy to bring your dream plan to life. Can I customise Classic Builders’ plans? Again, absolutely. In my time with Classic I don’t believe I have ever built one of our standard plans without some form of alteration. We are happy to adapt any

plans to ensure that it 100 percent meets your needs and desires, or reorient a plan to take advantage of sun, views, or special features of the section. The most important thing for us is that our clients get everything they desire out of the design process. How do I compare builders? Word of mouth is possibly the best form of advertising, and client referrals bring in most of our work. Ask friends and family that have built. Look for companies without provisional sums in their contracts – you want the true cost of the project not the one that looks good on paper. Ask questions about what is and is not included in the price and compare apples with apples. Look for a company that has stood the test of time and ask to view their work. What will I need as a deposit? That depends on how you want to


new build

structure your build. For a house and land package we need a 10 percent deposit. We hold this in a secure trust account. From there no further payment is required until the building is complete, the code of compliance is issued and the customer has completed a full walk through, ensuring that the house is complete and they are 100 percent happy with every aspect. With a progress payment structure, a minimal deposit will be taken. The remaining progress payments are made once the floor is down, when the roof is on, the building is closed in, the walls are gibbed and stopped, and the final one upon completion. To ensure we are doing the best for the client, we only require progress payments once the work has been completed, meaning that the homeowner is only ever paying for work that has been completed and that they therefore own! What should I look for in a warranty? In my opinion, the most important aspect of a warranty is that it looks after you equally from day one to year 10. It should be transparent, backed by a strong performing provider and be easy for any claims to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Who should I talk to about my ideas? Speak to the Classic Builders team in your region. In Canterbury call me on 021 196 1480 or visit the website Metropol 21 May, 2020 81


A monumental achievement A striking elliptical landmark on Durham street invites community to its impressive multi-purpose space.


ldersgate was the first stone church in Canterbury, owned by the Methodist mission. Its prior relationship with Quoin Structural Consultants gave confidence for the challenging redesign. Although now a contemporary beauty, the original 150-year-old archway

doors reopened on 29 February. “It was a real privilege to be involved with recognising its history,” Director and Senior Structural Engineer Gary Haverland, says. Two seismically separate buildings – the chapel, and the auditorium with its adjacent

administration areas – were built by Contract Construction. “Although one the most challenging ground conditions we’ve worked on, 8m deep stone columns enabled a simple, shallow foundation,” Gary says. “We decided on an economical concrete-block exterior, exposed

concrete columns and beams.” Two sizable feats of engineering were of note. The floating concrete auditorium floor, not tied into perimeter walls or the foundation, is exposed coloured aggregate, ground and polished. Added black oxide creates a stunning marbled effect. “The slabs, with heated piping, were carefully sawcut into sections. We took huge precautions to stop cracking,” Gary says, “and were delighted with the result”. The chapel and the auditorium are separated by a 7.2m high operable wall. “The 7,400kgs operable wall weight enabled the highest acoustic rating. A concert in the chapel and a choir in the auditorium wouldn’t even hear each other. A very tight 10mm deflection tolerance for the supporting truss was required, so the foundation’s settlement was monitored stringently before installing the doors, to prevent jamming. Quoin, its name aptly meaning a keystone in an archway, has the award-winning ECan building among its portfolio. And now Aldersgate – an emotive and monumental achievement.

Quoin Structural Consultants are proud to support the Durham Street Methodist Church Aldersgate Centre Level 2, 138 Victoria Street Christchurch 8011 03 968 4925


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Spark-ling new streetscape By Rhonda Mitchell

The advent of forward-thinking architecture in Christchurch provides consolation for loved structures lost, and forges a new identity for the city as a stylish and technologically advanced urban landscape.

heppard and Rout Architects’ graceful Spark building brings almost 500 staff from the suburbs to the centre. Spark sought to play a part in the CBD rebuild, and Sheppard and Rout Director Jasper Van der Lingen congratulates Spark for the efforts they have made to be a key vessel in a thriving heart. Sheppard and Rout was chosen through a rigorous process which called for proposals for site, building design and financials. Jasper worked alongside Steven Orr, Matt Gutsell, Max Warren, Abigail Hurst, Ella van der Lingen and Rick Bennetts. “We were thrilled to be selected. It is a great advance to have something alongside the Square to work in harmony with Tūranga, Te Pae and, of course, the Cathedral itself,” Jasper says. “The design itself is remarkable. Offices and groundfloor retail are joined by a bar and restaurant on the upmost level, with wind-protected rooftop terrace. “There are views across the mountains and the Port Hills.” The building has a lightness to it created by a rare double-



skin fritted glass façade which mitigates heat gain but promotes daylight and views. The fritting provides some shade and the pattern is a cubist rendition of the Cathedral roof pattern. “It reflects the surroundings and evokes Spark’s role in the continuous flow of digital information,” Jasper says. Not just beautiful, this building is aiming for 5 Green Star Energy Rating. Base isolation means it can sway plus or minus 300mm.


Metropol is proud to be supporting Sheppard & Rout with their work on the Spark Building NATIONAL AWARD WINNER 2019 NZCNA

Photographer Dennis Radermacher

Metropol 21 May, 2020 83




IN CHRISTCHURCH There’s one way to make sure your business is getting the best IT support– talk to your local Spark Hub here in Christchurch. We partner with Computer Culture to provide specialised IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses throughout the region. From cloud and server solutions, managed services and network security to plain and simple good advice, Spark Hub Christchurch is the one place that can help you with all your IT needs. Plus, to keep it simple all these services are billed to your Spark account. Talk to Spark Business Hub Christchurch today about your IT solutions or email

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