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New Homes Design and build options

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22 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine


Jewellery is an instant outfit elevator, but often holds much more than just aesthetic value - page 28 Photographer: Holly Burgess Model: Sakura Matches @ 62 Management Makeup: Rebekah Banks

12 NOVEMBER 2020 VOL 23 ISSUE 19

Renovations and Extensions

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Redesigning house layout • Bathrooms


Roofing and Exterior Works

Kitchens • New doors and windows

Roofing • Cladding • Joinery

Home Improvements

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e’re here. The tail end of 2020 has arrived, and those Christmas lights at the end of the tunnel are starting to glow brighter. So, too, are the longer days and anticipation for the season of socialising and celebration. In Canterbury, the commencement of silly season is traditionally signalled by Cup Week. An event which, this year, carries more meaning than usual. As we prepare to head to the races or celebrate anniversary weekend another way, some of the largest cities in the world are heading back into governmentmandated lockdown. If there has been one enduring dispatch of this inexplicable year, it has to be how fortunate we are to call New Zealand home. I, like many of you, may have suspected - if not known – this fact already. But amidst a global pandemic and entering the time of year where social contact is most crucial, it seems we have a lot to be thankful for. So, while the build up to the holiday period can be understandably stressful - between finishing off work projects, attending social events, present shopping, and packing for out of town vacations – it seems, this year, the bright side is incredibly easy to find.

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You’ll warm to apartment life Benefits of living in a new apartment at St Albans is the location - close to the city and new eateries, the beautiful walks of Hagley Park, Merivale’s shops and our own café. To know more call Laura 021 905 778

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With brains, brawn and beauty by the bucketload, few would be better suited to a broadcasting career than Stacey Morrison.

6 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Te reo Maori can unlock knowledge about where we live, what the history of that place is, express our feelings such as aroha, connect us all and express our unique identity.

hen known by the surname Daniels after her father, prominent radio personality and now Councillor for Coastal Ward – James Daniels, Stacey was just 18 when she got her first gig – as a presenter on What Now? “I love that people still remember me from What Now?,” she laughs when I point out I have followed her career since then. “It blows me away really, I was still a student at Aranui High School at the time! I still work with Whitebait Productions which makes What Now?” She is today one of Christchurch’s most beloved exports and her 25-year career has taken her around the country. She’s now settled in Auckland with husband, another veteran of the Kiwi screen, presenter of current affairs programmes Te Karere and Marae – Scotty Morrison, and their three children – Hawaiki, Kurawaka and Maiana. And while mum to those three children is undoubtedly her most important role, she has been lucky to be able to combine whānau life and work at times. “Making Whānau Living for five years, with all of my kids and husband Scotty involved, really was a joy and a highlight,” Stacey says. “The producer, Brad, and I came up with the idea for the show when he noticed how we live our lives and how it reflects many busy whānau, so I felt proud that it was a continuation of our lives and many of the cast and crew are still close friends of ours.” Scotty and Stacey are teaming up again professionally, with a new show National Treasures hitting the small screen soon. “It’s about keepsakes and personal treasures that people have at home, that unlock a story of a time in the last 100 years in New Zealand history,” Stacey explains. “I’ve done some filming already and some of the stories from Christchurch are deeply moving and inspirational.” Co-hosting The Hits Drive Show alongside Mike Puru and Anika Moa makes for a busy life, but Stacey ensures there is always quality whānau time. “I loved the lockdown for that reason – everyone at home! The second lockdown in Auckland, that was a little more challenging,” she laughs. “We have set whānau time in lots of ways, whether it’s family movie night – currently episodes

of Cobra Kai, which is great for the other four who all do karate together – sit down mealtimes and board games and travelling or working together when we can, too.” Stacey and Scotty kept busy even through lockdown, cocreating a new all-ages activity book Māori Made Fun, featuring crosswords, word-finds, colouring, riddles and a bit of maths and science. “This is Scotty’s seventh book and the success (which even surprised us) of his Māori Made Easy series and our other co-written book, Māori At Home means we had the opportunity to look at a different approach, that we don’t have many of on the market,” she explains. “We wanted to make something that people of all levels of understanding – from beginners to fluent speakers; something you can pick up and do for just five minutes, or an hour, but offering some fun and reo in your day.” One of the most special roles she has had over the years has been an unofficial advocate for te reo Māori revitalisation, after learning the reo as an adult. “I had a very stumbling, long-winded path of learning te reo, over maybe 10 years,” she laughs. “But once I really concentrated, it took a couple of years of exponential effort to be comfortable to say I’m a fluent speaker.” It’s a subject she is passionate about. “At the time that I started learning te reo Māori, in the 1990s, it wasn’t as widely supported, yet it felt important to me,” she says. “Te reo Māori can unlock knowledge about where we live, what the history of that place is, express our feelings such as aroha (compassion, as well as love), connect us all and express our unique identity.” So what would she say to someone who was interested in learning but is perhaps shy, embarrassed, or self-conscious? “That all of those feelings are valid and yet it’s still worth pushing through, attempting and enjoying your reo learning journey. No one is judging you as harshly as you imagine, so try to stay out of the over-thinking zone of your brain, it will slow down the part of your brain, ears and heart that are trying to stay wide open! “Kia kaha rā koe, keep going hard, you’ve got this!” Clearly, it’s a motto Stacey herself lives by. Metropol 12 November, 2020 7

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SPRING FLING AT THE GARDENS Canterbury Medical Research Foundation hosted the very first CMRF Spring Fling in mid-October. The Ilex cafe and bar in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens served as a venue for the event where long-time supporters, commitee members, artists, wine makers and business owners rubbed shoulders, enjoyed a beverage and showed their support for a great cause. 1. Barbara Chapman (CMRF Marketing Manager), Neil & Jill Pattinson, Geoff Cranko (CMRF Chair) 2. John Gillies, Steve Benton 3. Prof Ian Wright, Dr Barb Wright, Sonja Macfarlane, Prof Angus Macfarlane 4. Ellen Henke, Helen McLeod 5. Catherine & Marc Bendall 6. Marcel Brew, Geoff Cranko, Jim & Janette Borthwick, Mel Brew Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event.

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Cameron Bailey is one of New Zealand’s most renowned real estate agents, and Harcourts’ number one consultant of almost 7000 internationally. Metropol catches up with the Christchurch Harcourts gold agent about how he manages his career, and his life.

I wake up and check any emails which may have come in overnight, and plan my day ahead. It’s an early start to a long, busy but purposeful day.

5.30AM I head to Koha Fitness for a workout every day, often with a good friend of mine. I love the gym, I don’t have my phone on me or many people around so I find it quite relaxing. | 027 555 7079 |

I usually have my first appointment of the day about 8am. That could be a video shoot for a home, an appraisal, negotiation, contract or viewing. On the weekends (I work seven days a week) I can have up to 16 open homes to attend. I have two PAs who are the best PAs in the world, and they organise all my appointments for me and my team and sort out the paperwork and administrative tasks. This means I don’t get bogged down and can focus on sales and viewings, dealing with our clients and getting the best prices for our owners. People think real estate is about houses, but it’s about people, and helping them move from one chapter to the next – so I need to be out there with them, not in the office. I eat a keto carnivore diet (which my mates give me grief about) and I’ll grab something for lunch quickly between appointments.

I usually get home about 8pm and have dinner (another steak!), and will spend some time answering emails and planning the next day.

8.30PM – 10.30PM I like to relax at home and usually listen to music, I like all the old stuff – Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart - or I’ll see what’s on Netflix. I also have a sauna at home, and I’ll have about four or five a week – it’s like meditation for me - with my trusty citrine crystal not far away. I am usually asleep by 10.30pm. In the weekend my favourite family pastime is ice skating with my girls.

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Internationally designed for locals The flair of European cuisine hides in plain sight in Northwood at The Option Bistro & Wines. Those who have visited the continent will know, there, hospitality transcends expertly cooked cuisine with matching wines, and combines excellent service and an atmosphere which fosters connection. And that’s exactly what happens at The Option.


wners and Romanian ex-pats, Sabina and Sergiu Toader named The Option for its diverse menu offerings. But the philosophy of the enterprise is underpinned by following the motto of one of the world’s most famous hospitality brands, the RitzCarlton. “Their motto is, ‘We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen’,” says Sabina. “Considering ourselves ladies and gentlemen means we do our serving job with excellence. Unlike the Ritz-Carlton, we are not a luxury establishment, but we pride ourselves with our service and products and by treating our guests as royalty.” Since its inception four years ago, it has gained a strong reputation as a portal into spectacular wines and internationally

curated cuisine. “We are continuously bringing the flair of European dining trends into this relaxed corner of the world,” says Sabina. “Our travels around the world taught us to appreciate and celebrate diversity. The Option Bistro & Wines is about diversity, and as many options as possible. “Our current summer menu brings dishes from Europe: the Spanish Gazpacho, the French Escargot or the Italian Chicken Parmigiana, all next to the best beef fillet in the world - the New Zealand one - and the unbeatable seafood chowder.” The beating heart of Styx Mill, The Option creates irresistable memories through landmark events and dining experiences. It is popular with locals for casual catch ups, business meetings and special

(03) 323 5455 | 158 Hussey Road, Northwood | | 10 12 November, 2020 Metropol

occasions. Monthly cultural-themed parties celebrating diversity through food, drinks and music are also a hit. The team can also customise experience to suit any special celebration. “We provide connectivity through our products, our friendly service, the atmosphere and experiences,” says Sabina. The Option has a vast wine list (and popular tasting experience) which traverses more than 15 countries. Sergiu is an accredited wine and spirits specialist who designs professional wine tasting experiences which double as culture, geography and history lessons. The Option Bistro & Wines is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day with Sunday and Monday nights reserved for bigger groups.

Cindy-Lee Sinclair is selling Christchurch C

indy-Lee Sinclair of Harcourts Holmwood Merivale is an architect of client satisfaction helping find new owners for all these wonderful Christchurch properties recently. Having sold over $150 million worth of fabulous Christchurch properties, Cindy understands the value

Thank you to all the clients that have used my team’s services to buy these great properties recently. Your confidence and trust in us is why we work so hard to do the best for you. It is an honour to have assisted you all.

of strong relationships, great processes, customised marketing campaigns and most importantly – doing what you say you are going to do. If you would like a real estate agent who will put your property needs first – call Cindy and her team for her renowned personalised service.

Location, Lifestyle, Luxury


Cindy-Lee Sinclair Licensed Sales Consultant

Cindy-Lee TOP Merivale

Sales Consultant

Large villas available now!


Open day Wednesday 1pm till 2pm Entrance 95 Wairakei Road

Holmwood Consultant OCTOBER 2020

Phone Donna Monk 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Chch

To see how these results can work for you, give me a call and I can make changes happen for you. Cindy-Lee Sinclair 0274 888 616 Merivale Office: 175 Papanui Road, Merivale Licensed Agent REAA 2008 Metropol 12 November, 2020 11


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quality sounded very harmonious recently, when 12 eight-to-13-year-old girls sang their way into the nearly 140-year-old record books. Founded in 1881, The Cathedral Grammar School was established to educate boy choristers and prepare them for further education. In 1995, this mandate was extended and a girls’ preparatory school was opened, too. But the Cathedral Choristers remained a boysonly group. That was until this year, when the Girl Choristers of the Christchurch Cathedral Choir was formed. A series of Covid-19-related postponements may have delayed their launch, but on October 18 the girls made an inaugural public performance of the aptly named ‘A New Psalme’, a piece of work especially composed for them by international choral conductor and composer Sarah MacDonald. Now, the girls will share the treble parts of choral performances with the boys, on their own assigned occasions, and will occasionally sing together at

12 12 November, 2020 Metropol

major events, too. This opportunity was what attracted girl chorister Evelyn Lowe, pictured right, with her parents Sarah and Adrian. “I wanted to sing with my dad,” she says. Director of the Girl Choristers, Alex Goodwin, told those in attendance at the launch how the girls represented progression in the church, school and wider society. “It is an absolute pleasure to be able to get to this point finally, after some cancellations this year, the 12 girls behind me represent an enormous step for the life of the Cathedral, city and country. “They are supremely talented, have been working extremely hard for a long time, and I am really, really very proud to have finally got to this moment.” Director of Music at the school, and Evelyn’s mum, Sarah Lowe, pitched the notion of a girls’ group after seeing similar initiatives while teaching music overseas. “My love of music is around developing a spark in students, so that their education journey is fulfilling and meaningful,” she says. The musical endeavour has also attracted attention from vocal heavyweight, Malvina Major, who is a donor. As well as King Singer, Chris Brueton, who is also a donor. Dean of Christchurch, The Very Revd Lawrence Kimberley, says the Girl Choristers embody the very reason the girls’ school was opened. “There are a number of reasons why the girls’ school opened, but one of them was to make it possible for Girl Choristers to emerge.” At the launch, he said: “You

Grenadier Real Estate Ltd MREINZ Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Sales are so strong, the shelves are getting bare. To take advantage of this demand, contact me confidentially. 0274 332 327 | |



Metropol 12 November, 2020 13

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have emerged, and we celebrate this wonderful new development. I want to acknowledge all of you young women, the hard work that you have been doing with Mr Goodwin this year, the choral training you have received, and the growth we have been able to see this year in your musical proficiency.” The Girl Choristers have not only caught the attention of their local school and church communities, but been the subject of their own feature film by South Island current affairs film collective, Frank Film. The historical significance of the occasion has also been celebrated by The Press and Anglican E-Life Magazine. Principal Scott Thelning says in the Frank Film production how he hopes the doors opened by the girls will expand to other community groups, too. He’d like to “work with local rūnanga in order to make a process work for them, not just that they come and sing with our girls but that we make this environment one that’s going to appeal and work for our full New Zealand culture.” As well as being a specialist choir school, The Cathedral Grammar School is known for its music and arts curriculum, with more than 300 individual instrumental music and speech and drama lessons taking place on top of usual classes every week. The school has an orchestra, stage band, rock band and string and woodwind ensembles, and a biennial Operetta which alternates with a concert.


Brodie Kane has been a fixture on New Zealand television screens and radio waves for the past 13 years, earning her success and respect for being relatable, unfiltered and unashamedly herself. Metropol catches up with the much-loved local about losing her radio job just before a global pandemic, starting her own media business in the middle of one – and everything in between.

Susanna Izard

Clarity and Beauty in a Mad World

14 12 November, 2020 Metropol


Women have, for a long time, felt uncomfortable or uneasy to talk about certain things. The more we have talked and jumped into difficult subjects, the more support and positive feedback we have received.

osing a job can be one of life’s toughest challenges – let alone doing so in the public eye. But that’s exactly the position muchloved broadcaster Brodie Kane found herself in when The Hits’ Brodie and Fitzy was cancelled in February. “I wasn’t expecting it, but it is the nature of the beast. I made the decision to work in the public eye and this comes with the territory.” Brodie has taken her shock redundancy, like most things, in her stride. “There’s no shame in being made redundant, I think a lot of people think you should be embarrassed or feel like you failed, but sometimes you’re just a cog in a wheel.” Instead of ruminating, she took the opportunity to fast track a long-held career goal. So, using her 13 years of experience at the country’s largest media outlets including TVNZ, NZME and Mediaworks, she launched Brodie Kane Media. “I always wanted to try and create a business which is just me and focuses my skillset in other professions, not just traditional media.” So far, she has worked with the likes of My Food Bag, Interislander, Heritage Hotels, and Duco Events. “I still want to broadcast, it just looks a little different now.” As well as her Kiwi Yarns podcast, Brodie also co-hosts The Girls Uninterrupted, with Gracie Taylor and Caitlin Marett. The show has gained a strong following for its discussions on everything from pop culture and politics, to sex, relationships,

navigating single life in your 30s, and mental health. “Women have, for a long time, felt uncomfortable or uneasy to talk about certain things,” she says. “What we have found is, the more we have talked and jumped into difficult subjects, the more support and positive feedback we have received.” A recent sold out tour in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch highlighted the importance of creating space for such conversations. “We had women coming up to us saying we had changed their lives, that they finally left an abusive boyfriend or quit their job and gone back to uni.” One area Brodie – a keen runner and endurance athlete - has been particularly outspoken on is body image and self-acceptance. “Health, fitness, and body image - it is such a tricky one, and at the moment the term is ‘self-love’. “I find self-love interesting; I think that every one should absolutely embrace and love and celebrate themselves and all that, but it is almost just repackaging the fact that women still have to always think about their bodies.” She says the conversation is still dictating to women how they should operate their bodies, with the potential to introduce even more pressure or feelings of failure should they not love every part of themselves. Instead, she wants women to focus on their bodies “for themselves, not for anyone else.” Brodie has been candid about her own use of cosmetic injectables and is one of a growing number of public figures dismantling the stigma around such procedures. “You can want to be better, you don’t have to beat yourself up. If it’s for you – fill your boots!”

WovenVeranda Standing the Test of Time Turn your Outdoor Living into a Retreat Manufactured for NZ’s High UV Rays Commercial Grade Aluminium Framing Relaxing Sofas and Chairs to Dining Settings All furniture items sold as individual pieces

Now part of the Old School Collective 1429 Main North Road, Waikuku | Open Wed thru Sun 10.00 – 3.00 Metropol 12 November, 2020 15

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16 12 November, 2020 Metropol

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HERE’S THE ARTY FACTS - 013 ART GALLERY IS NOW OPEN They say a picture is worth a thousand words... so a new gallery showcasing some of Christchurch’s and New Zealand’s up and coming artistic talent must be that of an epic novel. And epic it was! The 013 Gallery, owned by the vivacious Freddie Diver, opened its Victoria Street doors last month. 1. Jade Tiller, Lynda Avery & Barclay the dog 2. Anthony & Chris Willard 3. Grace Whiting, Alex Rowland-Jones, Jackie Bushell 4. Lauren Dunlay, Mia Frederique 5. Katie Tunstall, Freddie Diver 6. Emma Roberts, Sarah Burnett, Georgia Mae Couch Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event.

OPENS 21 NOV 2020

Playcentre Shop

Everyone’s Quality Toy Shop - Give your child the tools to let them learn through play ING IMAGINATION CREATIVITY M SOLV PROBLE

Shop Hours: Mon-Sat 9am–2pm Wed 9am–4pm

P. 03 377 4354

17 Buchan Street, Sydenham, Christchurch E.







For every $100 of local spend, $68 will stay local

Small local businesses are big local employers

Get Canterbury back on its feet, we all have a role to play


Local businesses stock local products & use local services


With a smaller footprint, it’s the sustainable solution

l #supportloca Metropol 12 November, 2020 17


Do you need Devine intervention? Independent and professional advice. That’s what clients receive when they discuss their insurance needs with Michael Devine. WHAT TO YOU PERSONALLY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF YOUR WORK? “It’s forming strong personal relationships with clients so they know they can trust us and the insurance solutions we develop for them. A real empathy for each client and their individual circumstances is key to creating the right portfolio for them. It’s not a one-size fits all situation.”

WHAT EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY? “I’ve been in the industry for more than three decades. That longevity coupled with being a qualified QFE Advisor with a diploma in financial services are vital to understanding clients’ needs and finding the best selection of insurance products to

secure their family, their home and their lifestyle against any misfortune.”

WHAT TYPES OF INSURANCE DO YOU OFFER? “We offer advice on all personal and business insurance and can provide clients with a package that fits their current concerns. Personal insurance ranges from life insurance, health insurance and income assurance to trauma assurance and mortgage repayment assurance. Business insurance might be partnership assurance, key person assurance or disability income protection.”

THAT’S A VERY BROAD RANGE. HOW CAN PEOPLE GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU? They can call me on (03) 341 0000 or 027 437 9119.

Insure against life’s storms Client Testimonial: Michael has been my insurance agent for over 25 years and I have l found him to be very professional along with having some innovative ideas around policy options. He is proactive and always available to help with Life, Medical, Business and general insurance covers. I would recommend Michael to review your current Insurance policies. Andrew Beattie - Beattie Air

Contact Michael: 0274 379 119 or 03 341 0000 18 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Wedding Singer, Musician & Entertainer! EDDIE SIMON is a dynamic singer, musician and entertainer who has provided world class music to well over 1000 weddings in both Canada and New Zealand. His singing voice has been heard onstage with the likes of John Denver and the TV set of Stars in their Eyes in 2008. With a large repertoire sure to please any age group complimented by a professional sound system and lighting, this little dynamo oneman-band will be the life of your party on your wedding day. Available anytime, anywhere. For booking information contact: Eddie Simon | Ph: 021 974 444 |


The Pandemic Pivot

Celebrating small Canterbury businesses innovating in hard times

Local business stories on show WORDS MORGAN TAIT

Stories of hospitality, social enterprise, horticulture, healthcare, tech and art are amongst those shared as part of a campaign which highlighting business growth in Waitaha Canterbury recently.


estpac and the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce’s Canterbury Business Champions campaign is a digital evolution of the organisation’s annual Westpac Champion Business Awards. People were encouraged to give a shout out to a local business, team or individual or share their own story throughout October and early November. Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Leeann Watson says the initiative aimed to create a place to share the “best kept secrets” of the region and reinforce the role that business plays in our wider community. “Throughout the last few months, we have talked to thousands of businesses and have heard some amazing stories of innovation, nimbleness, determination, collaboration and kindness, so we wanted to provide a platform to share those stories and celebrate our business champions who contribute to the strong quality of life the people in Ōtautahi Christchurch and Waitaha Canterbury enjoy,” says Leeann. One business nominated was

27 Seconds wines (pictured). The Chapman family donate 100% of the profits of their Canterbury-grown wine to end child slavery. The business is named after the UNICEF statistic that estimates that 1.2 million children are sold into slavery every year. When you break that down it works out to be one every 27 seconds. “While in a normal year, we could showcase some of those businesses at our annual awards ceremony, this year we decided to take the celebration online, given the uncertainty of running events during Covid-19, and focus on collectively championing all businesses – as there has never been a better time to share positive stories about our business community than right now.” Westpac was the lead sponsor for the campaign, and South Island Area Manager Commercial, Mark Forward, said the initiative provides an opportunity to recognise the resilience, determination and creativity of Canterbury businesses. All individuals who shared a story went in the draw to win $18,000 worth of prizes.

Marina Shearer and Jo Mathieson

Helping girls thrive Teenagers – and their parents – will know the anxiety around what comes after high school. So imagine those feelings amplified by a global pandemic which means no OEs, job shortages, and disruption to tertiary education courses.


nter Thrive for Girls, a coaching organisation designed to help girls navigate their formal education while gaining confidence, set goals, and plan their pathway forward. And which brought its launch forward a month in April to help ease such Covid-19-related concerns. “Today girls are under incredible pressure to perform at their best and make the right choices for the rest of their lives. With the additional challenges of a post Covid-19 economic downturn the choices that girls make for their life are more important than ever before,” says co-founder Marina Shearer. Based in Waiau, Marina and her co-founder Jo Mathieson run job ready, tertiary ready, exam ready and life ready

programmes with the help of a host of other coaches. The women bring a wealth of life experience and qualifications to Thrive: Marina, a hopeful doctor turned clinical psychologist turned motivational speaker, facilitator and coach, and Jo, a commercial pilot turned corporate high flyer. “We want the girls enrolled in our programme to emerge into the world confident of who they are and what they want, and knowing what they need to do to achieve their study, work and life goals,” says Jo. The programmes also include parental involvement and support groups, with scholarships and donations for scholarships, available, too. Find out more at

Improving and transforming work life for more about Ricoh’s innovative business solutions

Metropol 12 November, 2020 19



Big Band Picnic Take 2! BOTANIC GARDENS

ArChery Lawn



food trucks base garden bar

2020 /chchbigbandfest

20 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Studies show women make higher returns on their financial investments than men. Why, then, do so many take a hands-off approach to money? Authorised Financial Advisor Shiree Hembrow has dedicated 25 years to helping women plan for and reap the rewards of well-managed finances.

he phwealth adviser says women have a different perspective on money than men. “Since I have been working in the financial planning world, I have noticed that few women I meet are fully engaged in their finances or planning for their lives after work, mostly leaving it up to their husbands, and sometimes to no one,” she says. Taking an active role in managing it empowers women to protect themselves for their financial future. Statistically, women live longer than men and earn less. Statistics New Zealand data shows the gender pay gap was more than nine percent in the June 2019 quarter. “This means women will require more money saved for what is likely to be a longer retirement,” she says. “For women over 50, they need reassurance they will not run out of money or be a burden on their families. This is extremely important for widowed or divorced women.” Shiree says a written personal financial plan from an independent third-party adviser allows women, both single and coupled, to map out what they want to achieve

in their life and learn how money works so they can take an equal and active role in decisions around shared and independent finances. “I learned in my life that a man is not a financial plan,” says Shiree. “I married at 42, which for my husband was a second marriage. At the time I was an independent person with my own career and enjoying looking after myself. “Bringing two independent people together in a new relationship is a miracle in itself, but for me, putting our financial lives together was more than just checking the bank balance every so often. Some of our dreams are separate. “We will not do everything together all the time. Knowing what each of us wants without having to do everything together is important to me as a woman. I am a woman who needs to know where I am going and where we are going as a couple too.” Shiree says the benefits of a financial plan applies regardless of the size of your salary or assets – and evidence shows once women are empowered around money they become formidable financial forces.

Why women make good investors: A 2017 Fidelity study found women earn higher returns on their investments and save more than men by about 0.4% per annum. Women take a more handsoff approach, allowing investments to gain a better long-term return.

There is a book called Warren Buffet Invests Like A Girl and Why You Should Too. Women are more likely to evaluate success by asking the question, “Am I on track to achieving my goals?” whereas men can be reactive and try to “win” with frequent changes. | (03) 288 0499 | 027 289 1563 |

Metropol 12 November, 2020 21

women in business

A man is not a financial plan


going places


The hospitality and tourism industry has been one of the hardest hit by Covid-19 travel restrictions, despite more Kiwis deciding to explore their backyard this summer. However, for some local businesses it has meant a chance to do something a little different and take supporting local to a whole new level.



ith each night’s accommodation booked online, – a Christchurch-based online accommodation booking engine owned and operated by Mitchell Corp NZ Ltd – donates to a charity of your choice. Currently it supports nine charities, many of which are local to Canterbury and assist the community and environment. It is partnered with over 680 properties around New Zealand, providing accommodation from backpackers, B&Bs, hotels, motels, apartments and lodges. CEO Matt Standing says Ezibed started working on making the business

“more New Zealand-centric” last year, as their primary focus had been wholesale businesses with travel overseas. “When international business dried up, we turned our focus very strongly onto the New Zealand market.” This period also allowed Ezibed to become a vehicle to support charities, something Standing and his family were already passionate about. “What we can do is, at no cost to the traveller, make a donation on their behalf to the charities that we support, so it’s a Kiwi company supporting Kiwi charities in a nutshell.” If it could get New Zealanders using its

Athol McCully and Cecilia Xiao Athol and Cecilia are experienced Business Brokers as a part of New Zealand’s largest team of NAI Harcourts Business Brokers. If you are seeking to buy or sell a business contact Athol or Cecilia.

Athol 0274 338 052 Cecilia 021 0256 3311 Grenadier Real Estate Ltd MREINZ. Licensed Agent REAA 2008

22 12 November, 2020 Metropol

platform, the money raised for charities would be phenomenal, Standing says. Although trade is expected to be down on normal without the large influx of international travellers, Standing says it is great to see Kiwis exploring new parts of their country. “They’re discovering new places, new corners that they were just unaware of. I’ve been in tourism for about 30 years and I’ve just never seen that buzz domestically before, it’s fantastic.” Although it works with a wide range of properties, hotels were selling the best and in traditional hotspots, especially by beaches, over the summer season.

Q: The residential market is very buoyant at the moment. What are the main differences between residential and commercial property investment?


The commercial property market is also very buoyant at present as people look for good investment opportunities. Commercial property generally provides more investment security than residential property. Historically, commercial property has provided a higher rate of return than residential property. Furthermore, NAI Harcourts Grenadier also has a property management team with the ability to manage all aspects of the property for an owner, providing a passive investment, with attractive returns. It is a good time to purchase commercial property at present with low-interest finance available.

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A cheesy celebration!

October 6 marked a milestone worth cheesing over for Barrys Bay Cheese - 125 years in business as award winning cheesemakers! And the loved locals are not waning with old ages, that awards tally includes a record 19 medals at this year’s New Zealand Cheese Awards.


o birthday is complete without a party, so Barrys Bay Cheese celebrated in style over Labour weekend, attracting past employees, local community and alumni. “We think it’s pretty special

that we’re the oldest artisan cheese company in New Zealand, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate our 125th anniversary,” says sales and marketing coordinator Kate Crawford.

And celebrate they did, with the sweet sounds of The Eastern Band and stunning weather bringing in the crowd. Foodies were treated to Empire Chicken, Giulio Sturla’s Cheesebreads,

local sausages and of course cheese platters by Barrys Bay. The cheese is rich in taste and rich in heritage. “We have such a meaningful history, both on Banks Peninsula and in the NZ Dairy Industry. It has been invaluable collecting stories to share from the last 125 years,” says Kate. Curious to see what a multi award-winning cheese tastes like? Stop in at the Barrys Bay Cheese Factory and Shop on Banks Peninsula, order online, or visit the list of stockists at the website below.

Don’t just look BOOK! Barrys Bay Traditional Cheese Stop in on your trip to Akaroa this summer and celebrate 125 years of Barrys Bay Cheese! Try our cheese, buy from one of New Zealand’s most awarded cheesemakers and watch us handcrafting our cheeses. 5807 Christchurch-Akaroa Rd | Ph: 03 304 5809

Akaroa Riviera of the south If you enjoy history, heritage and the things of yesteryear – you will love Beaufort House (c1878) with a magnificent garden, petite vineyard and luxury rooms. Evening drinks & canapés, with a full cooked breakfast included.

Gift Vouchers available

Ph: 03 325 1977 • • 4243 Christchurch-Akaroa Highway, Little River


Call Sharon Ph: 021 190 4456 Metropol 12 November, 2020 23


Fashion Report

2. 1.

.nz .co k n wi ve ilo . w ww






1. The Fitting Room, slink into those summer outfits with high waisted, lacy briefs, Fantasie Ana Moulded Spacer Bra and High Waist Briefs, 2. Wink Shoe Store, a fun and fresh loafer adds instant polish to any look, Kathryn Wilson Samara Loafer in Rose Calf, 3. Caitlin Crisp, a butter soft and breathable shirt embodies summertime chic, Crisp Shirt in pink, also available in white, 4. Cutler + Co., liven up your day with a loud shirt, Sateen shirt in Pink Palm print, 5. New Order, no summer wardrobe is complete without a flattering, floaty and feminine frock, Tuesday Label Armani Dress, 6. Matthews Eyewear, see and be seen in a vibrant pair of spectacles, Jupiter frame in denim blue and fire red from frost eyewear.

24 12 November, 2020 Metropol

fashion, health & beauty Hat trick. Textured headwear instantly glamourises any outfit – hats for the men, and floral fascinators, puffy headbands and bejewelled hair clips for the gals. Brixton Messer Fedora

Ear, ear! Pop on some eye-catching bling. Murkani Hope Earrings.

Last minute outfit heroes Scarf-ing off. Mix it up with a chic and bold patterned head scarf for the ladies, or pocket square for the guys. Ruby Bounty Head Scarf. Working Style Toucan Pocket Square.

Cup Week is here and with the tail end of the week’s celebrations still in sight, we’ve rounded up our favourite last-minute pick to take you from brunch, to the track – and beyond. Not only are these accessories great for a day at the races, but reuse them for the myriad of summer events on the horizon.

Lashings of style. Add some DIY glamour with stick on fake lashes. Ardell Lift Effect #743

Eye see you. No outdoor outfit is complete without a slick pair of shades – or choose something fun and funky. Coveteur X Karen Walker Blessed Caramel Marble. Garrett Leight Kinney Sun.

Bright and right. Nourish your skin between events with a nourishing face mask. La Muse Skin Repair Signature Mask.



䈀愀渀愀渀愀 䈀氀甀攀

䰀甀氀愀 匀漀甀氀

䴀攀氀愀 倀甀爀搀椀攀


Metropol 12 November, 2020 25

EXCLUSIVE FORMULATIONS COMPRISED OF HAND-PICKED INGREDIENTS All of our formulations support the body’s natural defense and regenerative powers with a unique blend of scientifically-proven Clean Clinical Vitamins™, herbs and botanicals made possible by modern technology.

PlantYourDayTM re:balance body beautifully TimeCapsuleTM re:juvenate skin beautifully DeeplyRootedTM re:vive hair beautifully MindYourMindTM re:set and quiet beautifully



26 12 November, 2020 Metropol

he Ecco Shoes Simpil II women’s collection features sleek silhouettes in a range of styles, soft leathers and a choice of playful colours or neutral tones to match your mood. Fun, feminine and easy to pair with your summer wardrobe, the range features thoughtfully designed shoes that work with you. The remarkably lightweight and soft design makes for easy packing when exploring our beautiful country this sunny season. And the signature anatomical fit follows the natural shape of your foot for comfort, support and stability when strolling your favourite holiday hotspots.

A simple, minimalist shoe is not only chic and on trend, but when lightweight and soft also makes the perfect summer travel companion for those day and overnight adventures. Here come the (wo)men in black, Lace-up Sneaker in Black.

A. Why have one pop of colour, when you can have two? Lace-up Sneaker in Shadow White. B. Forget the little black dress, try the little black Simpil II sneaker. C. A shoe that can carry its weight, Mule in Black. D. Get your dancing shoes on, Ballerina in Volluto.





e t a m i t l u e h T







The best non invastive lift & tighten treatment, All injectables performed by Dr Brigid Lee ACCREDITED DOCTOR NEW ZEALAND SOCIETY OF





195 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch

Tel: 03 351 3241


Lips & Lip Lines Tired Eyes Double Chin Downturned Mouth Jowls & Jaw Reshaping Dull Loose Skin Frown & Forehead Lines Crows Feet Facial Volume Loss Non-Surgical Face Lift Unwanted Fat & Body Contouring

Metropol 12 November, 2020 27


summer simplicity



Be Jewelled



Jewellery is an instant outďŹ t elevator. Whether that is up-speccing your every day or splashing out for a special occasion, accessories often hold much more than just aesthetic value. Investment pieces become heirlooms which embellish for generations. So, coming into the gifting season can be a wise time to turn our attention to bold golds, platinum and precious gemstones.


nternationally, jewellery is getting a lot of attention as a seasonal style must have. As video conferencing endures as a communication mainstay, adorning the upper body with jewels is one way to let your sartorial taste shine through the screen. According to Vogue, this attention to detail has also shone through in the latest collections of the most influential design houses. From Chanel, Versace and Gucci to Prada, Jacquemus, Miu Miu and Christian Dior – a new wave of regalia is on display. Pops of colour, chunky chains and hardware joined continued looks of medallions, large brand logos, and figurine details.



earth organic hairdressing 181 High Street, Christchurch Central. Ph. 03-365 7393

199 High St, OLD Post Office Rangiora Ph 03 313 1366 or 0275 31 41 51

Richard Greenlees member Dentures: Implants: Veneers

03 379 1222 By appointment only, consultation fee applies 28 12 November, 2020 Metropol

D. Closer to home less screen time may be required, but the advent of actual social events provides ample excuses to make the most of the influx of new designs. Here, local designers are releasing ranges resplendent in gold regalia, none more so than New Zealand designer Silk & Steel’s recent collection, Talisman, as featured on our cover. Elsewhere, Karen Walker’s latest collection, The Navigator, combines delicate chains with figurines and medallion relics. High end jewellers, Naveya and Sloane, never fail to disappoint with elegant and timeless gemstones, and Walker and Hall’s range of one-off vintage pieces are fabulous bespoke heirlooms ready to be loved for yet more generations to come.


C. E.



A. Gucci Crystal Double G Earrings B. Sophie Divett Jewellery Vesta Ring 18ct Yellow Gold with Teal Queensland Sapphire C. Gucci Pearl Double G Layered Bracelet D. Karen Walker Voyager Spin Necklace E. Silk & Steel Figaro Earrings F. Meadowlark Fob Pearl Bracelet G. Walker and Hall Vintage 14ct Yellow Gold 6.30 Sapphire and Diamond Ring H. Silk & Steel Grace Ring Black I. Naveya and Sloane Smoky Quarts Knots Ring in Yellow Gold

Call us today for your new


spring look!



Healthy, clear nails made simple. No pain, no downtime, and no risk.

e to Exclusiv diatry ts Po Footprin

The only touchless, painless solution for onychomycosis & toenail fungus.

we now have

The Lunula Laser is the easy & convenient treatment – it helps turn your discoloured & disfigured nails into clearer, healthier looking nails. 7 Milton Street, Somerfield P. 332 9792

Open Monday to Saturday I Phone 384 1743 4/2 Soleares Ave, Mt Pleasant

Gorgeous New Season Styles! Superior Spanish craftsmanship

Super soft woven leather! Orthotic friendly Shop online -


143 Victoria Street

03 595 0762 Metropol 12 November, 2020 29


Glowing up for summer WORDS HANNA MCCALLUM

While we pack away our winter clothes and pull those lighter, brighter summer garments to the front - it’s important our skincare is also kept up to season. After a winter and early spring hibernating under sweaters and pants, no presummer skincare tip is as crucial as exfoliation. Here’s our tips for prepping your skin for the warmer, sunnier months ahead.

EXFOLIATION STATION Exfoliating is vital in the lead-up, as well as to maintain, throughout the sunniest season. Pre-season, it’s an often-cathartic exercise to remove any scaly winter build-up. And once the sun arrives, it reduces clogging of your skin as humidity increases, you’re regularly breaking a sweat, and continuous coats of SPF are being applied (at least we would hope!)


Ph. 03 308 9320 l 217 Burnett St, Ashburton I







Style Footwear Ltd Phone: 03 308 7620 E: 30 12 November, 2020 Metropol

177 Burnett Street, Ashburton

with confidence. Fast, safe, easy and affordable Fastbraces can straighten both adults’ and children’s teeth quickly - often in three to 12 months. 252 Papanui Rd, Strowan 03 355 7890



Physical exfoliation is popular on the body, using delicate granules or brushes to remove the surface layer of dead skin. When it comes to the more delicate face, chemical exfoliation dissolves dead skin cells, delving slightly deeper to assist with new cell turnover. Enzyme exfoliators are also increasingly popular, as a more natural option relying on bio-active ingredients derived from fruits.

Whichever exfoliator works best for you, it’s important your skin is also being protected. Moisturisers act as a barrier for your skin and prevent dehydration. Even better, dualpurpose moisturisers include SPF and if anything, SPF is the most important. New-age facial sunscreens, like those by Ultra Violette, Mecca and Emma Lewisham, combine hydrating, lightweight properties to nourish and protect.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

EXFOLIATION TIPS: Use an exfoliating mitt in the shower for your body Craft a DIY body scrub with coffee grounds, coconut oil and vanilla extract

Making perfect


It’s time to wake up and smell the roses… and the other 35-plus fragrances on offer at Fragranzi.


he new artisan perfumery has just opened at the Arts Centre in Christchurch, and we think the future of custom-designed fragrances smells great! Choose from the unique perfume range, ‘make your own’ fragrance from more than 18 in-house bases,

or book a guided perfume design for a special occasion. Whether you are there for a course (introductory and advanced) or a consultation – Conan Fee is the man to see. The distinguished chemical engineer ‘nose’ (pun intended) his way around fragrances. Your signature scent awaits…

Try a gentle AHA, BHA or enzyme exfoliant for your face and decolletage – always patch test before use Sunscreen is a daily non-negotiable Consult a dermatologist if you have sensitive or problem skin | 020 4081 455 | Metropol 12 November, 2020 31

THE BEAUTY REPORT. We’ve pulled together some of the best products, concepts and services to hit the beauty world.

Introducing B-Hydrated 4D

Developed to heal burns in a Paris hospital

B-Hydrated 4D is a multi-active hydrating complex designed to de-stress, sooth, smooth and strengthen skin. Ideal for all skin types concerned with hydration and most beneficial for problematic skin i.e. dry/flakey skin/inflamation/redness & acne.

GERnetic’s advanced, highly concentrated and effective products address the specifiic needs of the skin with exceptional results. Contact award-winning aesthetician Wendy Barker to learn more.

Moss Spa – Christchurch

Blush Beauty Clinic – Timaru

Beauty Progress Ph: 03 379 4315

Nude Skin & Beauty – Dunedin

A quiet, secluded sanctuary Rejuvenate with an Elegance beauty treatment in one of our state of the art therapy rooms where you can just lie back, relax and forget about the outside world. Book online. Ph: 03 351 4203

Global launch sale Spend $99 or more and get 20% off. 100% ugly-free hair products. No parabens, no salts, no sulphates, recyclable packaging. Mike Hair Care | Ph: 0800 464 247 |

Mastery cosmetic tattooing

Complete fitness, inside and out On Pointe is a boutique fitness studio that provides a welcoming and supportive environment with qualified instructors in bootybarre©, Reformer and Mat Pilates, and a nutrition specialist to help you achieve your fitness and overall health goals. On Pointe Barre & Wellness Studio Ph: 03 568 0613 32 12 November, 2020 Metropol


After Aft er

Wake up looking fabulous with permanent beautiful eyebrows using microblading on brows to fill missing hair and correct top eyeliner.

Virginia Scott Beauty Clinic & Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic Ph. 0272 242 175

Metropol 12 November, 2020 33


BAD HAIR DAY? Just wig it! we can advise the most suitable options for you. Hiring options available. Trusted by the ministry of health and Sweet Louise

Wigging out!

If you have gotten halfway into Cup Week and have thrown your hands up in the air because you haven’t got your luscious locks locked down, Eleanor Burgess from Georgies Wig Shop has the solution for you.

WIG SHOP 570 Barbadoes Street, CHch Ph: 385 66 96 | 0800 009 447

204 Papanui Rd, Merivale P.355 4734

Offering solutions for Varicose Veins

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

Less pain & less bruising means back to normal sooner, with Laser, Radiofrequency and Venaseal System.

256 Papanui Rd


Phone 365 4502

Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI





ith over 500 real and synthetic haired wigs, New Zealand’s largest wig stockist is right here in Christchurch. Metropol caught up with the wig wizard herself to find out her tips and tricks for rocking a new ‘do.

BLEND IN Your wig, extensions or pieces can be foiled to suit your hair colour. Because the best kinds of faux hair additions are the ones you don’t notice at all!

PERFECT PAIRING A great hair look can be tied together with a scrunchie. Choose cool fabrics to complement or completely stand out from your outfit.

THIS OR THAT Your purchase can also be curled or straightened to suit your overall hair look.


NEW LOCATION Addingtown Mall next to Cò Ba Restaurant Ph: 03 338 6264


LORRAINE TERRIS 03 343 3669 027 925 9668

The friendly team at Georgies will show you how to put in the extensions and style them specifically for you. Find Georgies Wigs at 570 Barbadoes Street, phone (03) 385 6696 or search Georgies Wigs on Facebook.

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We’re not here to talk about total body transformations, swearing off carbs or overhauling your fitness routine. We’ve got far better news! In fact, we’re here to fill you in on some simple ways to improve your health and wellbeing.

The process of digestion actually ramps up our metabolisms temporarily; a brief walk does the same. Together, a short walk within 20 minutes of eating is believed to increase the metabolism by 20 percent, leading to an increase in caloric burn. What better motivation do you need to get off the couch?


Healthy habits


JUST BREATHE Ever noticed when you’re stressed, you tend to take shorter, sharper breaths? Diaphragmatic or belly breathing comes with a raft of benefits, like alleviating stress and even lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. Research shows deep breathing through the nose, as opposed to the mouth enhances cognitive function, such as memory!

SOMETHING FISHY With its ability to prevent heart disease and stroke, we all need more omega-3 fats in our lives – but humans can’t produce them ourselves. Thankfully there’s a tasty way to get the benefits – eat more fish! Seafood is packed with high-quality protein, vitamin D and calcium, but low in total and saturated fat.

SKIN CANCER CLINIC One stop clinic for skin cancer detection and medical or surgical treatment Mohs’ Surgery -for precise removal of skin cancers on the head and neck Dedicated Acne Clinic Skinpen-the only clinically proven dermal needling treatment for acne and surgical scars

Dr. Mairi-Clare Ferguson and Dr. Emma Trowbridge

Ph 03-356-0214, Encore Health, 248 Papanui Road, Merivale.

Full service Denture Clinic and Laboratory No Obligation - Free Consultation Caldent Denture Cleaner Phone 385 5517 396 Innes Road, St Albans Metropol 12 November, 2020 35

GET THERE FASTER... 3 key benefits of our running centre 1. Detailed video analysis of your running technique and a plan to improve it 2. Reduced risk of injury 3. Improved performance

Your Weight Loss Experts Do you ever catch yourself thinking: “How did I end up here?” Or seeing your reflection and not recognising yourself?

You are not alone. Three in five adults are overweight or obese.

Talk to the friendly, expert team at Unichem Cashel Pharmacy today to get your weight loss journey under way.


Celebrating 60 years

111 Cashel Street, Christchurch Phone 03 595 1289


Bowel Cancer New Zealand has the highest rate of bowel cancer in the world. But early detection can help prevent or cure it.

Invest in life 36 12 November, 2020 Metropol

A referral to The Endoscopy Clinc for bowel cancer screening can give you peace of mind.

Eligibility criteria apply for Southern Cross members

Level 1, 9 Caledonian Road, Christchurch Ph.03 961 6666


To the pointe For ballerinas the world over it’s a much longed for moment; after years of watching “the big girls” - the time for learning to dance en pointe finally arrives. However, behind that stunning grace and beauty of a dancer en pointe is an incredible strength and technique.


ecause adolescent growth is a time of rapid change, 12-year-olds vary in strength, so age alone does not determine whether a dancer is ready to train en pointe. Classical ballet training places a force four times body weight through the foot, and this increases to twelve times when dancing en pointe. Stiff ankles and feet can make it difficult to get onto pointe, putting added strain on muscles and joints. Hyper-mobile knees, ankles or feet mean muscles have to

work harder to control the alignment that is required to avoid injury. Dancing with poor posture, decreased strength or incorrect technique can lead to a higher risk of injury and decrease confidence. Muscle People are proud to introduce their new PrePointe Assessment: a series of tests and measures of a young dancer’s strength, balance, posture, and alignment. Conducted by a physiotherapist, the assessment identifies if a dancer is ready to progress to pointe training and can reduce the risk of injury.

The team has developed a checklist of four items, based on the International Association of Dance and Medical Science Guidelines for Initiating Pointe Training. The ballerina should: • Be aged 12 years or over • Be attending at least two ballet classes per week • Have completed four plus years of ballet training • Complete a pre-pointe assessment Muscle People Physiotherapy has been providing world-class physiotherapy in Christchurch for over 20 years. The extensive range of services includes preventive screenings to identify predisposition to injury for all sports, and provide a programme of techniques and therapy to help you avoid injury.

Metropol 12 November, 2020 37

cuisine Sip into


Refreshing, thirst quenching and palate-pleasing – there’s nothing quite like sipping a cocktail on a balmy afternoon or evening. With a suite of fresh ingredients to choose from, body temperatures to regulate and socialising to be done – summer is an acceptable excuse to get inventive with your imbibements. WORDS MORGAN TAIT

TWIST ON THE CLASSICS While classic concoctions will always have their place, why not flex your mixologist muscles and introduce some new tricks into your tipple repertoire. A chilli margarita is a spicy twist on an old crowd pleaser, while watermelon is a sweet and refreshing addition to modernis e a mojito, and replacing regular rum with gin creates a Light ‘n’ Stormy.

CREATIVE COMBINATIONS Exercise your right brain by experimenting with new ingredients, textures and colours and learn some new flavour combinations to add to your aperitif arsenal. Have you heard of sparkling shiraz spiked with vanilla ice cream to make a very grown up spider? What about a fruit salad punch, or substituting liquor altogether with an alcohol-free spirit?

GARNISHES GALORE Take advantage of the seasonal fruits, flowers and herbs and get creative with your garnishes. Whether it’s a slice of citrus with a sprinkle of berries and handful of fresh mint or twig of rosemary. Or, freeze some beautiful blooms in ice cubes, mix up a sweet, salty, spicy (or all three) rim dusting, or pop in some pomegranate seeds or passionfruit pulp.

Tastes so good you don’t need sauce! Order online and get delivered or click and collect from one of three spots around Christchurch 38 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Gluten Free | Keto & Low Carb Nitrate-free Bacon Preservative-free sausages and meat products

4/1004 Ferry Road, Ferrymead. Ph 03 384 2226



Sticky soy chicken with sesame noodles

Ingredients 1 tbsp light-flavoured extra virgin olive oil 150g (5¼ oz) dried soba noodles, cooked 2 zucchini shredded using a julienne peeler 2 tbsp white or black sesame seeds coriander (cilantro) leaves, to serve chicken meatballs 600g (1 lb ¼ oz) chicken mince ¼ cup (50g/1¾ oz) white chia seeds 2 cloves garlic, crushed 2 tbsp finely grated ginger 2 tbsp hoisin sauce 1 large green chilli, finely chopped 2 green onions (scallions), finely chopped sticky soy sauce ½ cup (125ml/4¼ fl oz) soy sauce 1 tbsp white miso paste (shiro) ¾ cup (180ml/6 fl oz) mirin (Japanese rice wine) 1 tbsp sesame oil 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar ¼ cup (90g/3 oz) honey

Method Preheat oven to 220°C (425°F). To make the chicken meatballs, place the chicken, chia seeds, garlic, ginger, hoisin, chilli and onion in a bowl and mix to combine. Roll heaped tablespoons of the mixture into balls, place on a tray lined with baking paper and set aside. Pour the oil onto a large deep-sided baking tray. Bake for five minutes or until hot. Add the meatballs to the tray and bake for five minutes. To make the sticky soy sauce, whisk together the soy, miso, mirin, sesame oil, vinegar and honey. Remove the meatballs from the oven and carefully pour the soy mixture over the meatballs. Return to the oven and bake for 15 minutes or until the meatballs are cooked through and the pan sauce is thickened. To serve, place noodles and zucchini into serving bowls and sprinkle with sesame. Top with meatballs, sticky soy sauce and coriander.

Recipes extracted from Everyday Fresh by Donna Hay, published by HarperCollins, RRP$50

Metropol 12 November, 2020 39

Ashburton eats

Sunshine streams into the Millhouse Kitchen onto cosy leather armchairs and farmhouse-style table and chairs, creating an inviting atmosphere for this hidden gem of a mid-Canterbury cafe.


he heritage of the 108-year-old building is pristinely preserved in the wooden panelled walls and framed historic photographs which hang upon them, but the hospitality, cuisine

and beverage offerings are refreshingly contemporary. Just over an hour’s drive from Christchurch city, whether your end destination is Ashburton or you are passing through - add this family-run

café to your travel itinerary. Mark Milmine and his wife Nicky, already proud owners of Somerset Grocer, recently took over the reins of the historic location built by the England Brothers in 1912. Now it is the Milmine’s turn to add their own spin to the already rich heritage of the building. This one stop shop offers breakfast, lunch and delicious treats – with the selection featuring classics, as well as some more new-age twists. Sought-after dishes include the crispy chicken

burger, chilli chicken salad and salmon and sesame rice superfood bowl. Eat inside amongst the charming farmhouse aesthetic, or head into the snug garden. “People can sit outside, relax and forget about the day,” says Mark. Check out the quaint café located off SH1 in the Millhouse building. For more information contact manager@ or call (03) 307 9249.

Delicious seasonal menu and cabinet food available 7 days a week. Set in the newly refurbished Ashford Village Complex ... look out for the big cup!

MILLHOUSE KITCHEN 427 West St, Allenton, Ashburton Ph. 03 307 9249 | 40 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Taking a bite out of summer WORDS TRACEY EDWARDES

Snacking is so summer, as we amp up the socialising, dash to our outdoor passions and host pre-Christmas catch ups.

FROZEN IS COOL Invent healthy homemade ice-blocks with yoghurt or blended or squeezed summer berries, mint, lime or ginger - not just for kids. Pieces of fruit, like watermelon and strawberries, quenches straight from the freezer. And ice-cream with a sugar-free base of blended banana is a sinless snack.

YUM ON THE RUN Petite pieces of filo pie power-packed with greens, or French-style tarts, think asparagus with goat’s cheese, are delish room temperature. Tabbouleh is summer in a take-out container. Flexible recipe versions include bulgur wheat, lemon, mint, parsley, cucumber, tomato and olive oil.

PRETTY PLATTER Prepare a summer scene with fruit platters of eye-catching dragon fruit, mango, persimmons and medjool dates, with dipping-pots of Greek and coconut yoghurts with zest, mint, ginger and honey. Spike melons and pineapples with a favourite tipple and sprinkle pistachios and pomegranate seeds.

HYDRATING HANDFULS Wheels of cucumbers are refreshing vessels under a herby cream-cheese with smoked salmon, or a juicy prawn. Fill crunchy celery pieces with nut butters and soft cheeses. Chickory and curvy lettuce leaves make boats for morsels of creamy-dressed cold meat, seafood, peppers and herbs.


The Athens Yacht Club brings you the total Greek experience with authenticity being the top priority. A family style approach to food and our fresh, yacht club inspired interiors will make you feel right at home. Now open 7 nights, plus lunch on Thursdays and Fridays. 179 Victoria Street Ph. 03 365 0435 Metropol 12 November, 2020 41



We are famous around Canterbury as specialists in rustic home-cooked savoury and sweet foods. We have heaps of great gift ideas in our store, championing all that is local and you will not find a better wine or craft beer selection anywhere on the Peninsula.

Delicious Meals, Refreshing Beverages, Relaxing Atmosphere. It’s time to book your Christmas function. Come and enjoy our warm atmosphere and friendly service. Open: 7 days 11am till late

LAKEHOUSE RESTAURANT Lake Hood - Ashburton A stunning lake side restaurant offering a low and slow American BBQ menu plus a lunch and dinner a la carte menu. Great indoor/ outdoor areas for catching up with friends. Excellent meeting spaces and conference facilities. 5 minutes off the main highway from Ashburton.

Main Road, Little River Open 7 Days Ph 03 325 1933

284 Lincoln Road, Addington Ph 03 335 0095 pedalpusheraddington

Lake Hood Drive, Lake Hood, Ashburton Ph 03 302 6064


FORMOSA Ashburton


A delicious oasis just off the Main South highway Number 5 CafĂŠ located at Templeton is a simple turn right after the Cookie Time factory when you are travelling south. Located over the rail tracks and on the left beside the Templeton pharmacy. Stop by and spoil your taste buds with a delicious Kumara & Vege Pie or some of the other gorgeous house-made yummy food, including gluten-free options.

2020 is indeed an uncertain year. Let us walk together till the end and welcome the new year waiting for us. Let us comfort your heart and make you feel the warm love through the flavours of Formosa food.

đ&#x;“Łđ&#x;“Ł Our cafe is YOUR cafe Our work of art... IT IS FOR CHRISTCHURCH! đ&#x;?´đ&#x;?´đ&#x;?´đ&#x;?´đ&#x;?´đ&#x;?´

5 Kirk Road, Templeton Located in the Templeton Medical Centre Ph 021 177 5507 42 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Pass on the passion, the warmth, the love. All in Formosa. 173 West Street, Ashburton Open 7 Days Ph 03 308 7874

Corner of Armagh & New Regent St’s (168 Armagh Street) Central Christchurch Open 7 Days, Weekdays 7.00am-4pm, Weekends 8am-4.30pm Ph 027 346 0140

THE AFFORDABLE FOOD TRAILER COMPANY This is the best time to launch your self-employment plan. We have an excellent range of styles and prices of MOBILE FOOD/DRINK TRAILERS. Turn your skill into a profitable and self-satisfying lifestyle. We’ll show you how.

PROTOCOL Cashmere Dine at Protocol! Enjoy the delicious new spring/summer menu in the new surrounds of Protocols refurbished restaurant. Try the new $15 lunch menu available Monday - Thursday until 3pm, or dine in our sun soaked courtyard

SALMON HEAVEN Bush Inn We are loving our new location at the Bush Inn Centre – if you haven’t managed to visit us yet do drop in. BBQ & festive season is getting close. Taking festive season salmon & West Coast whitebait orders now, gift boxes available - free shipping NZ wide. Jump on our website Now Open - In the Provedore of the Bush Inn Centre Open 7 Days Ph. 021 184 6113

Web: Call Pete: 021 0259 4977

2 Colombo Street, Cashmere Ph 03 964 2880




Located in the Heathcote Valley, our space is owned and operated by a small team of friendly locals. Our space is eclectic and up-cycled with all-day sunshine and an easy-going vibe. Our team bake everything in our cabinet including plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan options. We proudly serve Prima coffee which roasts locally. We also feature local arts, crafts, and products. We are all about supporting local.

Authentic Indian Cuisine Customers rave about how our curries and naans are simply the best they have tasted. Devoted locals bringing you an authentic taste from overseas. Our food is cooked on our premises for you to enjoy in the Restaurant or as a takeaway meal. Open: Monday 4:30pm-10pm, Tuesday to Sunday 11am-2pm & 4:30pm-10pm.

Gold Card Lunches Mon-Fri Mon/Tue Wood-fired pizzas $20 Tues Quiz night - free entry & prizes Wed $15 Burgers Thur / Fri $20 Steak Night Sun $10 Waffles Function Room - fundraisers/private functions Takeaways available

1/66 Port Hills Road, Heathcote. Spring/Summer Hours Mon-Fri 7.30am-4pm Sat -Sun 8am-4.30pm Instagram/Facebook: @craftroomcafe Email:

178a Papanui Road, Merivale (opposite Office Road) Ph 03 925 9904

Weedons Ross Road, Wst Melton Village Open 7 Days: Sun 9am-late, Mon-Sat 11.30-late Ph 03 421 6481 Metropol 12 November, 2020 43



SPICE HUB Heathcote Valley

Book your functions with us today. Celebrate life’s milestones with those close to you at Universo. Indulge in the ultimate experience by securing one of our three dedicated spaces, or the entire venue. Private Events or Corporate Functions.

Join us for Christmas Day for a wonderful Christmas celebration Buffet Meal.

Spice Hub’s menu includes all your favourite chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetarian curries. All you have to do is decide what to eat and place an order. We have something for everyone. Come and try our secret recipes that are cooked to perfection using the finest blend of authentic Indian spices and richest ingredients to make your tastebuds go WOW!

49 Worcester Boulevard Ph. 03 379 5214

Lunch from 11.30am - 4pm or Dinner from 6.30pm - 8.30pm Adults $139 11-15 years $60 6-10 years $40 Pre-schoolers Free 456 Papanui Road, Christchurch Ph 03 352 4903

3/66 Port Hills Road Ph. 03 260 0438



COSY CAFÉ Casebrook

We are a local and friendly café in Fendalton. Serving fresh homemade food (GF, VG, DF, KETO) and barista-made coffee. Catering available. Book your end of year Christmas functions and get-togethers now!

True deals. Great Taste. Daily Specials inside! Receive 10% Off your first online order Limited time only! Open: Tues-Sat Lunch 11am-2pm Dinner 5pm-9pm Sun-Dinner 5pm-9pm

Located on Cavendish Road, locally owned café with a wide range of homemade cabinet food, full breakfast, brunch and lunch menu available. Providing gluten free options and can cater for any other dietary requirements on request. Enjoy our hummingbird roasted coffee blend made from our experienced baristas. Open 7 days 7am – 4pm

205 Fendalton Road, Fendalton (corner Clyde and Fendalton Road) Open 7 Days Ph 03 351 1488 44 12 November, 2020 Metropol

9 Coppell Place, Hoon Hay Christchurch Ph 03 339 0320

24/150 Cavendish Road, Casebrook Ph. 03 352 0412

TASTE OF KIWI Springfield



A taste of Kiwi food, community, and hospitality. Serving delicious cabinet food and lunch menu, gourmet Canterbury pies, local organic coffee, and weekend breakfast! Great range of vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options. The only stop you need on the Great Alpine Highway. Come check out the new kids on the block!

For people who love to eat good food.

The Athens Yacht Club brings you the total Greek experience with authenticity being the top priority. Greece’s culinary tradition dates back hundreds of years and so do our recipes. A family style approach to food and our fresh, yacht club inspired interiors will make you feel right at home. Now open 7 nights, plus lunch on Thursdays and Fridays.

5666 West Coast Road, Springfield Open 7 Days Ph 03 318 4840

Asian Fusion Food at its best. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly food. Licensed and the perfect place for end of year Christmas Functions.

376 Montreal Street, City Centre. Ph 03 925 9787

179 Victoria Street Ph. 03 365 0435

Shop Local

YE-CHON KOREAN BBQ Riccarton Ye-Chon is a new Korean BBQ spot serving up a generous range of traditional Korean Cuisine in a contemporary setting. The family thrives to serve genuine Korean food but also share their culture with Christchurch. Ye-Chon specialises in “Korean Barbeque”, a dining format rooted around communal values. Their in-house wetaged cuts grilled over charcoals and generous hospitality is sure to keep you craving! 95 Riccarton Road, Windmill Shopping Centre Open 6 Days: Mon-Sat 11.30am-8.30pm Ph 03 341 3314

THE ELMWOOD Strowan Eat - Drink - Play New Menu - Daily Specials Christmas Functions Quiz Nights Meetings! Superb food, great prices. Ample free parking! Your new local! 1 Normans Road, Strowan, Christchurch Open 7 Days 10am-11pm Ph 03 355 5345

BOO RADLEY’S FOOD & LIQUOR City We are an award winning southern-USA styled bar & restaurant with a distinctly New Zealand twist. We offer a great sharing plate selection, complimented with exceptional cocktails, craft beers, and a hand picked wine list. We are available for function hire for up to 110 people as well as having live music every Wednesday to Saturday. Level 1/98 Victoria Street, Christchurch Central Open 7 Days Ph. 03 366 9906 Metropol 12 November, 2020 45

‘tis the season It’s mid-November and chances are there are some who are yet to organise an end - or start - of year celebration. If you are pondering a location, Ravi Naidu has it fig-ured out. Fig Restaurant at Quality Hotel Elms is a crowd-pleasing silly season locale.


he Papanui modern bistro has just curated a new bar and restaurant menu and is eager for guests and foodies

alike to get their first taste of the diverse yet cohesive menu. From tantalising light bites to inventive main courses, there is

buffet and a la carte breakfast menus from 6am, all day snacks and dinner from 5pm. With four conference rooms available, from the Garden Room for 120 guests to the Green Room for 40, in-house chef Himal can work with you to create a menu suited to your group’s size and preference. Whether you’re planning an end of year company function, social holiday party or family get together, you can relax in the sophisticated

interiors, or enjoy the warmer weather alfresco. The Fig Restaurant Christmas dinner is also back for another year. The mouth-watering buffetstyle meal features Kiwi classics such as New Zealand lamb, Coromandel half-shell mussels and Akaroa salmon. To book email ravi@ or phone (03) 352 4903. Don’t be a Grinch and start planning your function now!

Soulful celebrations covered Famed for its southern-USA soul food, fresh New Zealand ingredients, invigorating live music and extensive drinks lists – Boo Radley’s also extends its award-winning offerings to events.


elebration coming up? Leave the planning to Boo Radley’s. Situated on Victoria Street, Boo has everything covered: from space, to cuisine, beverages and even live entertainment. Host up to 30 people for drinks and nibbles in one private area, double the pax for 60 in the restaurant area, or go the whole hog with up to 110 people in the entire space. From sliders to snacks, sharing plates to succulent s’mores the food selection caters for all palates and appetites. Work with the chefs to design your menu 46 12 November, 2020 Metropol

of canapes, courses or cocktails. There is also an extensive range of New Zealand wines, a wide selection of craft beers, a hand-crafted cocktail list and the country’s largest bourbon whisky selection to sip your way through. To add to the atmosphere, live entertainment options abound. Take your pick from comedy shows, live music, or even a burlesque night – all organised by the Boo Radley’s crew. To book or for more information email info@ or call (03) 366 9906.

Asparagus fit for royalty The arrival of fresh green asparagus is a sure sign of summer, and those locally grown at Gray’s Produce also come with a royal tick of approval.


hristopher and Jenny Gray have been growing the nutritious, flavoursome stalks on their Motukarara farm, just

off the Christchurch Akaroa Road, since 2003. Their strict attention to quality control not only sees the produce featured

at Canterbury’s top restaurants like 27 Steps and Otahuna lodge – but it also caught the eye of none other than Prince

Fresh Asparagus EAT.


1kg bunches picked daily





Bulk buys available 1905 State Highway 75, 2RD, Motukarara Phone 03 329 7905 Find us at these markets...

SAT: Lincoln, Lyttelton SUN: Rudolf Steiner School

Opening soon Holmwood Road, Merivale


Creative, delicious dishes We cater for all food needs. From a range of delicious platters, through to delicious desserts. Book now!

Tai Tapu, Canterbury


19 Ombersley Terrace, Opawa

Taking Bookings now for your Christmas Function!

55 Faringdon Blvd, Rolleston Ph. 03-260 0866 Open 7 Days 9am-Late Metropol 12 November, 2020 47


Charles and Camilla on their 2019 New Zealand tour. While perusing the stalls at the Lincoln Farmers and Craft Market, The Duchess of Cornwall stopped to speak with Jenny, and asked to purchase a jar of preserved asparagus. Unfortunately for the Duchess, the produce was display-only. It had just been jarred for display, and not packed under food safety regulations, so couldn’t be given away. But the Duchess was very interested in what the couple do. And for good reason. Gray’s Produce has high grade sodium-rich soil which Christopher and Jenny humbly credit for their succulent spears, as well as tomatoes and potatoes. The delicacies are snapped up at local farmers’ markets in Lincoln, Lyttelton and Opawa, and also feature in local vegetable delivery boxes, too. Visit Gray’s Produce farm shop, Christchurch Akaroa Road (SH75), Motukarara, Christchurch – just 1km past the Blue Duck Café. Phone 03 329 7905.

In your kitchen




It’s a ‘sweet’ trip to the Riverside Market when you stop at the Candy Shoppe! Delicious liquorice and sherbet-filled candy straps with up to 36 delicious and diverse flavours. All your favourites and probably some new faves too! Located inside the Riverside Farmers Market 96 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central

An authentic Indian supermarket with very low prices on quality dry fruits and nuts. almonds, hazel, cashew, sunflower, raisins, sultanas to name a few. 35 Manchester Street, Christchurch

Food trailer Sushi and More is located in beautiful South Bay, Kaikoura Reserve next to the entrance of the Peninsula Walkway. You will find fresh dumplings, fresh fish burgers and more delicious fresh food and drinks. Open Friday to Sunday and some week days. Facebook: @SushiandMore or 027 411 9757




Authentic Thai food and barista coffee. $10 lunch special - coffee and toasties. Mon-Wed 9am-3pm Thu-Fri 9am-8pm Sat 11am-8pm Sun Closed 88D Riccarton Road 03 3433318

Ataahua 2018 Chardonnay Beautifully ripe, the bouquet shows golden peach, baked apple, vanilla and roasted nut characters. It’s beautifully supple and smooth on the palate with creamy mouthfeel and gentle acidity, finishing silky and lingering.



Awesome fresh fruit and veges and friendly service are the standard expectations at Edens Harvest. Try our stunning real fruit ice-creams made with fresh fruit from our shop this summer! Ask about our loyalty programme. 209 Waimairi Road, Ilam Shopping Complex Open Mon-Sat 48 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Reviewed by Sam Kim- Wine Orbit.

Available online : ataahuawinesnz Ataahua Wines

Summer Sessions. Grab a delicious deep fried cauliflower coated with our secret herb & chilli dressing before heading onto the deck for some live music. Tapas platters, craft beers and sunsets make for great end of year social. Get in touch. Level 1/217 Marine Parade Ph 03 423 3170

Creative Food, situated on the main street in Temuka next to the Jolly Potter. Come in for a handcrafted pie, great coffee and delicious treats! 123 King Street, Temuka Ph 03 615 5735 @creativefood2018 @creativefoodtemuka

NUT’SPIRATION! Nut’spiration!

Try toasting walnuts to bring out their unique delicious on a Try toasting walnutsflavour. to bringsPop out them their unique, plate and microwave for 20-30 seconds, delicious flavour. Pop them on a plate and then sprinkle on salads or other disheson microwave for 20-30 seconds, then sprinkle a tasty, salads orfor other disheshealthy for tasty,crunch. healthy crunch. Trickett’s Grove walnuts are 100% New Zealand grown, cracked just Trickett’s Grove walnuts areand 100% New Zealand before packing forjust optimum freshness grown, and cracked before packing for delicious optimumand freshness andflavour. delicious flavour. For more ‘Nut’spiration’ visit:

In your kitchen


MRS DENTONS Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious scallop pie or maybe an Italian eggplant pie! Fairlie Bakehouse pies in store too. Fine. Food. Fast. Takeaway Cafe and Delicatessen. Monday to Saturday 9am to 2pm Ph. 03 357 4516 027 469 0206 168a Kendal Ave, Burnside

THE COTTAGE PANTRY & GALLERY In addition to a great range of dried food ingredients, come and explore the attached cottage where an extensive range of British sweets, Dutch liquorice, Kiwi favourites, handmade chocolates, fudge and beautifully wrapped gifts await you.

Delicious nibbles and finger food for your next corporate event. Specialising in interesting tasty and lovely savoury food. Fiona’s offers very “real” food that has a casual rustic twist and is very well priced. Mob 027 229 5671

Join us at The Geraldine Festival! Full programme on the website: 24 Wilson Street, Geraldine 7930



Gathering with friends. Let World Cuisine cater for your function, event, in home party, dinner parties, cooking lessons. Specialists for your dietary requirements. We cater Christchurch wide. Let the social gatherings begin.

Locally roasted coffee, handmade food and a great breakfast, lunch & dinner menu! Pop in to 125 Main South Road, Sockburn and try us for yourself! Monday to Saturday, every week. @oscarsdinercafe Ph.027 310 6369 125 Main South Road

For your bookings contact us now at:


A Bakery treasure trove at the bottom of the hill. An easy location for you to pop in and stock up on our bakery products. Delicious hand made cakes, Danish pastries, pies, sausage rolls and Underground Coffee. Catering also available. 73 Centaurus Rd, Huntsbury Ph. 337 8214



We stock quality brands at great prices. Catering for your everyday kitchen needs as well as those specialty items. If we don’t have it chances are we can get it - just ask. 34b Talbot Street, Geraldine P. 03 693 8632 E.

Picnics at the beach, boot parties at the races, work shouts, birthday parties, BBQs, or just because! Check out our catering menu online, or pop in and see us. 346 Halswell Road Open 7 days Ph 322 4600 Metropol 12 November, 2020 49

home Natural It’s not hard to see why one might be yearning for a more laid-back, relaxing vibe when it comes to our post-2020 homes. In fact, many of the trends creeping into our spaces are related by virtue of their soft and earthy nature. WORDS MELINDA COLLINS


atural elements such as timber and stone not only support the creation of warm, comforting spaces, but they also work well with any number of chosen aesthetics. Whether its darker wood and ceramics for your modern mid-century moods, or light woods and stone for coastal, Nordic or Japandi looks – incorporating natural textures and colours is an instant room-booster. We’re also using our natural instinct to select colours, with those such as olive and sage greens playing starring roles in 2021 abodes. Incorporating natural materials into your space can be as simple as refreshing your soft furnishings and decorative knickknacks: Think linen cushion covers, an artistic wooden bowl coffee table ornament or wall hanging. Or, it can be part of a larger scale renovation or build: Think wooden flooring and wall paneling, or stone bench tops and tiles. Whatever you do, just choose what feels natural.

A. B.


A. B. C. D.


Nodi Looped Jute rug James Lane Nova Mirror Linen House Marble Pink Set Mocka Asta Luxe Armchair

YOU DREAM IT WE’LL BUILD IT 50 12 November, 2020 Metropol


Making an entrance When it comes to first impressions, appearance is everything. Canterbury Office Furniture has been creating inviting, attractive and functional work environments for 20 years.


reception counter and furniture that is visually arresting brings assurance to the visitor, while a collaborative space, meeting room, board-room, or cafeteria designed by an inhouse designer seeking the optimum for human interaction makes for a harmonious, productive work environment. And that’s exactly what Canterbury Office Furniture has been doing for the last 20 years, while parent company, Douglas Furniture, has been manufacturing furniture here for nearly 70 years. During these two decades, it has withstood the tide of cheap imports

by focussing on the company ethic – to produce furniture, both standard and bespoke, that is locally made, aesthetically pleasing and durable. This is a company that also recognises the gains mined from the collaborative process, and will readily work alongside end users, architects and specifiers to ensure client needs are met at every level. Its vast range of commercial and residential projects includes storage, filing, screens and partitions, wardrobes and kitchens, and myriad outfitting accessories. Visit the showroom at 80 Hayton Road, Wigram.

Looking for inspiration for your commercial or home office space? Visit our showroom at 80 Hayton Rd, Wigram P. 03 377 5982 Metropol 12 November, 2020 51



Take the edge off 2020 with soft, curved upholstered furniture. Cocoon-esque chairs, couches and ottomans are not only a nod to 1960’s style, it’s exactly what we need right now; something soft and cushy to melt into at the end of another inevitably weird 2020 day.


omely comforts have taken on new meaning this year as consumers are spending their money in the same places they’ve been spending their time – at home. And those purchases are reflecting all the things we want from our safe places; comfort and aesthetic appeal. Curved, puffy seating has been making an appearance in interior design schemes of note; with jelly bean shaped couches and round, padded chairs becoming lounge centerpieces. Designs by Australian furniture maker



YOUR NEW SUITE IS JUST A RECOVER AWAY... 100s of fabrics to choose from

Finishing and repair work • Furniture restoration • French polishing

No job too big or small

P. 371 7500



Hours: 7am-4.30pm Monday-Thursday, Fridays 8am to Midday or by appointment with Keith 0275 663 909





Call for a free, no-obligation quote Ph: 027 558 1477 • 430 St Asaph Street, Phillipstown


52 12 November, 2020 Metropol

home Sarah Ellison, as featured in our October 1 issue, have acquired a particularly strong following, as have those curvaceous options by BoConcept, Trenzseater, and David Trubridge. The pull of circular motifs does not end there, as we see the shapes occur in mirrors, tables, light fittings, rugs, banquets, paintings, coffee tables, vases and ornaments, too. Curves offer a departure from the straight lines our abodes often feature, providing both balance and interest in well-rounded measures.





B. David Trubridge Navicula Pendant C. Oz Furniture Benny Irregular Mirror D. Trenzseater Brice Chair E. Mocka Oslo Bar Stool F. Marken Large Round Ottoman in Rose


Cost estimates you can rely on. Know your project fits your budget. Early costings provide confidence and can reduce expensive surprises arising along the journey.

Making dream kitchens comes true. Specialising in renovating, replacing and designing kitchens, Dream Doors Kitchens knows how to create a fabulous and functional space in the heart of your home. | Ph: 03 338 1081 |

Start With Us Ph: 03 614 8888

Do you have a keen interest in Architecture? South Architects are hosting ArchiChat 2020, an evening where you can engage with likeminded individuals. If you would like to find out more email | Ph: 03 943 0369 | Metropol 12 November, 2020 53

Having a ball with Alexa

While having constantly-listening smart devices at home may instil a certain sense of paranoia in some, there are many benefits to be had from such technology for those prepared to embrace it.


ith two third generation Echoes, an Echo Dot and an Echo Auto in our household, my family have more than embraced the convenience of the Alexa AI. From checking the weather forecast, setting cooking timers and wake-up alarms to playing music, dimming lights, telling jokes, reading audio books, dishing out endless knowledge to monitoring home security and much more, Alexa brings a little piece of what was once the realm of science fiction into our daily lives. With the release of the Gen 4 Echo models just in time for Christmas, there has never been a better, or more affordable time to take advantage of how smart devices can enhance your lifestyle. The new Echoes present a stark difference in styling to the previous generation, which may not appeal to everyone. Gone are the cylindrical and hockey-puck aesthetics of the Gen 3 Echo and Echo Dot respectively, for a more prominent spherical style that is sure to quickly capture attention in any room. Physical appearance aside, the new and older models are essentially identical in functionality, although the ball shape does promote slightly better sound from the speaker. With the Gen 3 models now going at a cheaper price, I’d be rushing to snap one up before they sell out, but if the shape of the new Echo models holds some appeal, then they’re still excellent value for money.

Custom craftmanship Old technique, classical woodwork to last, look good and function. Hand built with care and experience. Shipped as a custom package or assembled onsite. Ph: 021 2499 729

Specialist urban contemporary art Current exhibition: ‘PERSPECTIVE – Women in Urban Art’, Nov 6th - 29th, explores the experiences of a group of female urban artists spanning a stylistic spectrum.

Feel the benefits of a healthy home With the weather getting warmer, now is the ideal time to think about cooling options for your home and/or office to keep you comfortable. Before you decide, ask yourself: ‘Does it do what a Daikin does?’ Call North Canterbury Energy Centre today and arrange a visit from one of their friendly energy consultants. Ph: 03 313 0531 | 54 12 November, 2020 Metropol

FLOX ‘Tiger Lillies’


WORDS IAN KNOTT 165 Gloucester Street

Framed to last The constructions exude strength, and built from classic pegged timber framing they are made to last. From his converted shearing shed workshop on a picturesque farm in North Canterbury, Nigel Wilson creates large-scale, elegant and beautiful wooden structures that would elevate any outdoor environment.


learned the craft while living in Canada,” says Nigel. “Traditional joinery of this type using carefully fitted and joined timbers with joints secured by large wooden pegs is well known in North America.” Nigel can build everything from cabins and outdoor furniture to decorative trusses and feature gates. He particularly enjoys making structures that frame outdoor living. “Pergolas, gazebos and porticos are my speciality now. They require engineering expertise and building experience both of which I gained from my previous work. “After talking with clients

about what they need I come up with a concept and then build the structure. I cut all the pieces required here in my workshop and assemble them on site. It is remarkable how quickly they can be erected.” All the timber Nigel uses is grown and milled in North Canterbury – redwood, Japanese larch, macrocarpa and Douglas fir – apart from the wooden pegs which are shaped from imported oak. “I am very fortunate that there are three excellent mills nearby.” Contact Nigel on 021 249 9729 or at

Stylish & affordable home staging FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER. Show your home at its absolute best, resulting in a faster sale at a higher price. Affordable pricing and top rate service guaranteed. Ph: 021 123 4418

Furniture for living Protection from the elements this summer There’s no need to scramble indoors during those sudden summer showers with the right shade and protection from Louvre Solutions. Make your house the place to be among your friends with an allyear-round entertainment space no matter what the weather. The team at Louvre Solutions have the perfect match for your needs, and it’s merely a phone call away. | Ph: 0275 356 286

Global Living are proud stockists of Danske Møbler furniture. View the range instore.

100 Moorhouse Avenue Metropol 12 November, 2020 55


Vanna the cat

Paws on that page Meet Vanna! After being rescued as a kitten from a street in rural Thailand, spending six years in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and nearly a year in Malaysia, Vanna has had a lot of life experience. Now he oversees operations at The Clocks Bookshop in Strowan.

rom his preferred spot in a sunny window, Vanna carefully scrutinised the bringing in of thousands of cooking, children’s and crime books (the three areas The Clocks Bookshop specialises in) when the store opened nearly a year ago. Recently, he has kept a watchful eye over new shelving being built to accommodate a burgeoning range of fiction and non-fiction titles - the novel, The Dalai Lama’s Cat, is a favourite, as is A Street Cat Named Bob. And now he looks on as still more children’s books (over 2000 titles in store), cookbooks (Polish vegetarian, anyone?), and crime books (general, classic, Scandinavian, hardboiled, etc) roll in. Vanna (Cambodian for golden coloured) is a happy fellow and up for a chat, so if you come in for a browse and he’s awake (unlikely!) be sure to say hello. The Clocks Bookshop is located at 12 Normans Road, Strowan, Christchurch. Phone ahead on (03) 550 995, email books@theclocksbookshop. or check it out online.

Specialising in Crime and Mystery

More than 2,000 Titles for Young Readers

Hundreds of Books for Cooks

Terrific General Fiction and Non-Fiction 12 Normans Road, Strowan, Christchurch I Phone 355 0995

Landscape Design & Construction 021 536 442 | 56 12 November, 2020 Metropol Ph: 03 382 0677

70s roar in

his retro lounge, inspired by the best elements of 1970s’ design, is the ideal place to put up your feet and enjoy a beverage among the company of family and friends. Walls in Resene Gold Coast set the stage for dark and moody details, including the artwork, pendant lamps, art objects and console table painted Resene Nero to pull you in, while the saffron shades of the velvet chair and ottoman invite you to sit and stay awhile.

The bold pattern of the scalloped floor was created using a stencil, evoking a parquet or tiled floor, with alternating shapes painted in Resene Pendragon and Resene Hairy Heath. For something different, pale tans like Resene Gold Coast look lovely with a soft ochre like Resene Smooth Operator or a reserved wine red like Resene Vanquish. A rich redwood brown like Resene Hairy Heath, on the other hand, is a great fit for a clean blue green like Resene Deep Teal, a dungeon grey blue Resene Bastille or an oxidised green olive like Resene Planter. When it comes to a crusty ciabatta tan like Resene Pendragon, a chalky, calm cream beige like Resene Blank Canvas, a creamy yellow like Resene Melting Moment and an authentic blue like Resene True Blue are ideal pairings for a countrychic bedroom or dining space.




Re s



at h



Candle stick in Resene Nero and vase in Resene Hairy Heath.


g ra

d en eP

e en Re s

Styling by Melle Van Sambeek | Photography by Bryce Carleton

Mellow mustards, bitter oranges, toasted terracotta and spicy browns – the tell-tale tones of 1970s design aesthetic – have recently made a roaring comeback in the world of decorating and are among some of the most desirable shades to include in a trend-forward interior.


ast Co old G ene Res


s Re

Stencilled ‘tile’ background in Resene Pendragon and Resene Hairy Heath

Wall in Resene Gold Coast Floor in Resene Pendragon and Resene Hairy Heath Hall table in Resene Noir Nesting tables in Resene Hairy Heath (large) Resene Pendragon (medium) Resene Gold Coast (small) with legs in Resene Noir Vase (with twigs) in Resene Hairy Heath Candlesticks in Resene Noir

Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop, Metropol 12 November, 2020 57

Jamie Oliver’s

New Get Creative Non-stick bakeware range

Feel the Freedom

New Zealand’s most desired swimming pools

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

EcoPure™ Antimicrobial System

Superior Construction

MarbleTech™ Interiors

175 Main North Rd, Kaiapoi Ph: 03 365 3334

���e in and �ee� �e ��ners Kelvin and Jacqui

Meet the Suppliers Christmas Cake & Bubbles

Spot Prizes

58 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Café Market with all the Festive Goodies

Ping-Pong Discounts: 20-50% off

Model behaviour. Kate Moss, Life is a Joke print, $1023

Ambience on demand. Côte Noire Diffuser Set in French Morning Tea Gold, $57

Race up your walls. Roaring Bullet Large – Q262, $1078

Ornamental elegance. Mr Pinchy & Co Brutus the Bull in Large, $1134 or Small, $298

Seek out inspiration with an apt coffee table tome. Louis Vuitton Catwalk, $196

Gifting Trenz Personalise your living spaces with the covetable range of furniture, furnishing and fixtures from Trenzseater. Shop the range of international and local designs perfect for the gifting season instore or online.

Natural fibres are tending indoors and out. No.1 Wooden Bread Board – Small, $125

Mull the day over while swilling in style. Brady Decanter Set, $599

Patterned perfection. Lee Jofa Graffito Onyx/Beige Cushion, $445

Glow up your outdoor areas. Derby Lantern Marine Grade Antique Black Small, $513

Everlasting florals are always in season. Magnolia and Budding Branch, $609 Metropol 12 November, 2020 59

Make your kitchen look NEW again


Before After

Before After

Our friendly team can remove all the doors and panels, repair and refinish in a colour of your choice. Lacquered, timber and melamine kitchens refinished.

Kitchens or Furniture Call us now to discuss your options 03 03 365 365 2519 2159

PREMIUM INVESTMENTS STARTING FROM $469,000 Avoid auction rooms, competitors and deadline sales while securing your families future in these limited edition, high quality properties in sought after Lincoln and Rolleston. Be sure to act quickly in this heated property market. Take advantage of more than 20 years experience in designing, sales and building call Kian Clements-Ormond today on 027 777 7729 or email |

Superior quality only experience can produce W

hen treasured pieces of furniture need repairing or restoring, or you need a new custom, made-tomeasure special piece, only the best craftsmanship will do. Dave Morrison has honed his skills for more than 40 years and is regarded as one of the best in the business, skills he has been passing on to his son, Daniel, for the last 13 years. Dave, Daniel and the team will craft your piece with

loving care to get it looking good as new. But that’s not all they do - D.J. Morrison are experts in retrofitting double glazing to wooden windows, stripping and polishing, commercial fit-outs, and they are happy to take on insurance work. Using top-of-the-line Liberon finishing products ensures only the best results are achieved - as over four decades of Dave’s happy customers will gladly tell you. | Ph: 03 389 8288 | 271 Ferry Rd, Phillipstown

60 12 November, 2020 Metropol

DECKED OUT A deck that is flush with your interior living space is the ultimate way to create indoor outdoor flow and make your backyard feel more spacious; run your timber horizontally if your space is narrow or create multilevels to break the space up.

FIRED UP New Zealand is renowned for its “four seasons in one day” but with a little forward planning you can enjoy your garden year-round. Try an electric radiant, gas heater or an outdoor fireplace to make a cosy focal point.

ZONED OUT While interior designers have long espoused the importance of creating ‘zones’, it’s equally important when it comes to your exterior spaces. Use materials, screens and planters to break up your space, making it feel deliberate and considered.


A decked out entertaining space is the ultimate way to enjoy a Kiwi summer. We’ve got all the tips and tricks to get you there.

HOMEWARE HIDEAWAY Exterior space uncovered? Hidden storage bench seats or treasure chests that double as tables are great for storing pillows, squabs, seat covers and utensils, or select options that can be left in the elements.

SOFT IS STYLISH Don’t be afraid to add soft furnishings – beyond a canvas covered squab - to your outdoor areas. Throws, cushions, bean bags and ottomans can all be included in hardwearing, durable fabrics for added comfort – and a little bit of luxe.




They say to prepare for the worst and when it comes to Kiwi weather, that’s certainly an apt expression. Invest in a shade sail or clear polycarbonate roofing, or, louvre roofing gives you all the options.

Lighting is about function as well as form. There’s something for everyone, from solar lights and little lanterns to festoon lights and long string lights, just ensure any cooking and eating spaces have ample visibility.

Styling an outdoor space should have the same considerations as would apply indoors. Stick to a complementary colour palette, layer with patterns and materials to create texture – and which expresses your individual style.

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Sustainable Spaces Creating food in your own backyard is a great way to minimise your environmental impact. And it’s not as time or labour intensive as you might think!


aised vegetable gardens, homegrown herbs, lowmaintenance fruit trees, backyard beehives and DIY compost – they are growing in popularity as we increasingly seek sustainability from our spaces.



Growing your own food is a great way to limit the contaminants, such as hormones and pesticides, you’re exposed to, and, with fewer resources required to reach your plate, they are less taxing on the environment.




solid timber furniture

Need more room? NZ Made Cabins


$17,500 32 Fletchers Rd Loburn Ph. 03 312 8963

NEW PREMISES 19 Elgin Street, Sydenham P. 366 9219



For every $100 of local spend, $68 will stay local

Small local businesses are big local employers

Get Canterbury back on its feet, we all have a role to play 62 12 November, 2020 Metropol


Electronic Security 2.

Local businesses stock local products & use local services


With a smaller footprint, it’s the sustainable solution

l #supportloca



Combined Security Solutions

Paul McCormick 0274 337 997 |

SOWING THE SEEDS When you’re starting out, seedlings can be a safer bet than seeds and those from a nursery even more so. Don’t go crazy on specialised supplies; start with the basics and learn as you go. You’ll find plenty of information online or you can head into your local nursery if you need to talk to the experts.




Tomatoes, cucumbers and lemons are a mainstay of Kiwi gardens, but there are more exotic, high value plants that can also be grown easily, such as berries, avocados, limes and cauliflower. Fruit trees are a great addition to the backyard and can be grown up or along fences in smaller sections, or miniature varieties are available.

There’s a reason compost has been called black gold; it’s the single most important supplement you can give your garden. Transforming your food scraps and other natural waste into this nutrient-rich, organic fertiliser is also free, easy to make and good for the environment. Just jump online and you’ll find plenty of easy to follow instructions.

Meanwhile beekeeping may require a little more research – and space – but is well worth the effort. Beekeeping supports community pollination, food supplies and fosters bee populations outside of the commercial beekeeping industry. Plus who doesn’t love honey? Need we say it’s the bees knees? You’ll find plenty of support at the Christchurch Hobbyist Beekeepers’ Club.

The garden doesn’t have to be just a place of peace; it can also be a place of purpose. So why not get out there and make the most of the warm days, after all, you reap what you sow!


• Design/build • Commercial fit-outs


• Structural strengthening • Residential rebuilds Ph 027 4888 305

Residential I Commercial I Kitchens Bathrooms I Staircases I Wardrobes

25a Lunns Road, Middleton, Christchurch. P. 03 343 0360 E.

Let our tutors help you be the artist you've always wanted to be!

That's what we do!

Premium paving and walling stone Deccan Stone provides high quality, ethically sourced natural stone paving and walling stone at competitive prices. Matched with expert advice and service, your choice won’t slip away. | Ph: Paul Rice 021 321 460

The Art Metro Art School offers tuition in: Abstract; Children's classes; Drawing & Sketching; Impressionism; Oils & Acrylics; Pastels & Watercolours; Beginner and Advanced…

Bookings for Term 1, 2021 open now Vouchers for Christmas gifts available 03 354 4438 465 Papanui Road Metropol 12 November, 2020 63

new things

Collective action

Craft lovers rejoice, Kowhai Collective has brought the best of locally made arts, crafts and homewares to the central city.


ucked into the SALT district near Little High Eatery and Utopia Ice ice cream store, and opposite C1 Espresso, Kowhai Collective is just waiting to be discovered. Stocking an enchanting range of unique items including the ever-popular Zippitydoodah felt bunnies, jewellery, ceramics, prints, homewares and candles

– Kowhai Collective is the perfect holiday shopping destination to support dozens of local artisans and business owners. All products are hand made locally, and celebrate the talent and materials local to Christchurch and New Zealand. Visit the store at 181 High Street.

Beautiful unique fine art portraits, perfect for Christmas gifts. Contact Emma at Emma Steel Photography

Prints and original artwork with matt boarding and framing options available at Art by J Steel.

NZ-made customisable gifts from Zelmar Creations

Personalised Christmas decorations by A Personalised Place. Prices starting from $12. Available at The Kowhai Collective.

Abel Tasman Original oil painting by Struan Macdonald Village Art Gallery Little River

Dalethorpe House in Darfield is thrilled to have in store these beautiful Guinea Fowl or Pintades as they are called in France. These life-sized ceramic poultry are made of clay and hand glazed. Made in France.

Unique NZ-Made Gifts

Your property turned into an original artwork

Art by J Steel Ph: 021 0387706

fine art portraits | animal portraits | weddings 021 884 156 |



Clothing | Gifts | Home

HANDMADE GIFTS 10am-5pm Wed-Sat Christmas hours: 10am-5pm daily from 1st-24th of Dec 181 High Street

64 12 November, 2020 Metropol


51 South Tce, Darfield, Phone: 03-317 9250

In the four years Narielle A’Court ran her market stall at Akaroa, too often customers related their experiences of buying so-called New Zealand made from giftshops, only to find when they got home that it wasn’t.

Unique wooden Christmas decorations available at Coco Gifts.

Pearl Necklace from Mexico exclusive to French Blue

new things

Homegrown in the Lab T Locally produced hand crafted ceramic pieces by Alyson from Kukupa Clay and Crafts at The Artisan Lab

Joel Hart - Past and Present at Windsor Gallery

NZ made outdoor bird silhouettes available at all Simply New Zealand stores. See below for store locations

Beautiful selection fresh and bright accessories from Europe, just arrived in at The Ivy.



heir stories inspired the glass jewellery artist to open The Artisan Lab at Little River. “I thought there had to be an easier way to showcase genuine New Zealand works. We’ve so many talented people out there.” True to its business ethos, The Artisan Lab is 100 percent Kiwi made, with over 30 Banks Peninsula artisans showcasing their woollen, ceramic, painting, glass jewellery, earthquakerecycled rimu ware and so much more. How’s that for championing local while extolling the unsurpassable distinctiveness of organic Aotearoa art?

63 Rutland St, St Albans ( o p p o s i t e R u g b y Pa r k )

Market Baskets handcrafted in Morocco.

Ph. 03 355 3336

Mon- Fri 10am-5.30pm. Sat-Sun 10am-4pm

SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISANS Our store is a collaboration of New Zealand handmade quality products that are produced locally by people who are skilled in their field creating unique products for you to enjoy.

french blue

Phone 021 041 6703

9a Normans Rd Christchurch Ph. 355 7545

G i f t s H o m e wa r e s - J e w e l l e r y

4240 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Little River

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windsor gallery

The Ivy


Beautiful homewares flowers inspiring gifts & creations

Cornelius (Kees) Bruin - Virgo and the Mazzaroth

386 St Asaph St. Ph: 366 0724

Mon-Fri 11am-5pm Sat & Sun 11am-4pm The Ivy


55 Nayland Street, Sumner, Christchurch Ph. 03 326 6481 E. Metropol 12 November, 2020 65


Design all over Their clever name sums up their focus – on the inside and the outside of a home. Boutique company Inside-Out Design delivers a personalised design service across a range of design fields, but with an emphasis on landscape and interior design.


t’s a family business with brother and sister, Ben McMaster and Jane Rennie. Ben’s speciality is landscape design while Jane’s is in enhancing interiors. Each of them leads a small team dedicated to creating sophisticated environments for the modern lifestyle. Having several design fields under one roof makes for a very creative environment that enhances the design process between house and garden. Homeowners all over the

country have benefitted from the expertise of Inside-Out Design, including here in Christchurch. A recent design and build project by Inside-Out Design of a large property in Bristol Street (above) entailed a total remodelling of an existing garden. The contemporary house is now complemented by a modern, functional garden with a classical essence that Inside-Out Design is renowned for. It caters for all seasonal interests throughout the

year while maintaining structural elements which anchor the garden with the house. Moving towards the coast Jane and Ben have loved working closely with the residents of an inspiring Godley Drive. Balancing bolder hues and natural tones found within the coastal environment was all part of the design philosophy. The stunning handmade wallpaper carefully hung by Apollo Painters in the entrance really set the stage. The guest bathroom (right) gave the opportunity to play with contemporary forms and materials with the beautiful natural travertine stone laid by Terra Nova Tiling providing the perfect backdrop and compliment to the warmth of the bespoke timber cabinetry and stone basin. Statement pendants were carefully selected to add a unique design element. Contact Inside Out Design on (03) 355 3120 or

Award winning tiling with pride For a professional tiling service with focus on detail & quality on your next project, meeting the highest standard & expectations. Contact the Terranova installation team for the best result.

For that professional finish No matter if it’s indoors or out, a professional painting and decorating job can make or break your home. Call the team at Apollo Painting and Decorating to ensure the highest quality finish. PAINTERS & DECORATORS Ph: 021 724 174 66 12 November, 2020 Metropol Ph: 0274 779 665

Awards pile up for Millbrook kitchen The awards cabinet is full to bursting for Mal Corboy, Director of Mal Corboy design whose Millbrook kitchen and bathroom featured in our October 15 issue showcasing its inclusion in the finalists of the Society of British Interior Designers (SBID) international competition.


al has now added the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) to his trove, taking home the Certified Designers Society (CDS) Kitchen Design Award (open to qualified designers only), for his striking and clever Millbrook kitchen. Mal’s client frequently entertains guests in the home built by K M Smith Builders. So in addition to the generous kitchen, Mal created a spectacular scullery behind

the kitchen accessed through electric doors, which houses a preparation area, twin sinks, dishwasher, oven and steam oven, and two wine fridges. The kitchen itself is refined and elegant with a masculine accent. Corian in the specialty colourway Sorrel, is combined with American Walnut veneer and glass cabinetry, black lacquer, and black copper. The result is an inspiring dramatic scene which also retains an effortless simplicity.

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Finance offer available from Blackwells Mazda until 31/12/2020 on New Mazda Passenger & SUV Range including Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, MX-5, CX-3, CX-30, CX-5, CX-8, CX-9 plus the 100th Anniversary Special Edition models. Mazda Finance is only available through UDC Finance Ltd. Normal credit & lending criteria apply. Not valid with any other discounts or offers. For a limited time, you can defer your loan repayments for up to 3 months. On payment of the ORC and any fitted accessories, the RRP plus a $365.35 Establishment Fee are financed and paid over up to 45 equal monthly instalments with 2.9% fixed interest rate p.a. Includes MazdaCare.

CITY - MOORHOUSE AVE | SOCKBURN - RACECOURSE RD | BLACKWELLSMAZDA.CO.NZ | 03 379 8180 68 12 November, 2020 Metropol

E ROAD For 70 plus years, Jeep have known a thing or two about off-road adventure. Oh, and believe it or not, pickup trucks. The first of these was the 1947 Jeep 4X4, and the last offering was the Cherokee based Comanche, which was discontinued in 1992. Now, the pick-up Jeep is back, and available in New Zealand.

alled the Gladiator, it steps into the arena of our ever popular mid-sized ute segment. Styling wise, the Gladiator is certainly not subtle, carrying the rough and ready fascia of all lifestyle Jeeps. From the B-pillar forward is carried over from the Wrangler, the rear deck is bespoke, and means the Gladiator is 780mm longer than its sibling. The deck itself can haul around 620kg of whatever with ease and get this, you can even drive with the doors removed, and the windscreen folded down. The Gladiator is available in two spec levels, the Overland at $89,990 and the Rubicon at $92,990. Under the bonnet sits Chrysler’s 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine producing 206kW and 327Nm married to an eightspeed ZF automatic. The Rubicon also manages 12.4L/100km, and Overland 11.2L, which is adequate for a big truck like this, and so is its 2.7 tonnes towing capacity. My Gladiator was the Rubicon, which came with Jeep’s RockTrac Active On-Demand 4X4 system with four stage low and high range set up with Tru-Lok locking differentials, and Off Road Plus, which allows the driver to select from multiple options to

suit whatever terrain they are devouring. Inside, Jeep’s fourth generation Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto makes a welcome appearance. The Gladiator also gets a tonne of safety gizmos - like blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, electronic roll mitigation, and speed collision warning plus. On the move, the Gladiator is surprisingly supple on the smooth tarmac of inner-city Christchurch, though it’s not a slick as some of its more conventional ute rivals. However, off road is another story. With those diffs locked in place, the Gladiator Rubicon is a revelation off the beaten track. Despite its girth, it doesn’t muck around about mucking in. The Pentastar V6 provides plenty of low-down torque and thanks to 286mm of ground clearance, its ability to crawl along rocks and other large obstacles is staggering. Despite being a tad pricey, the Jeep Gladiator takes the ute segment and gives it extra bad-ass cred. Adrenaline fuelled adventure junkies take note, this one is a good‘un.

CARS WANTED! Buyers and Suppliers of quality, NZ new vehicles for over 40 years.

72 Williams Street, Kaiapoi | Ph. 03 327 7150

Any colour you want... as long as it's green RO Jones Panelbeaters only use water-based paint, imported from Germany, environmentally friendly carwash and polish throughout the shop. We repair electric vehicles, campervans, caravans, boats, truck cabs, fleet maintenance and more. From private work at competitive rates through to work for all the major insurance companies.

107 St Asaph St, Chch | Ph 366 3483 | Metropol 12 November, 2020 69





The team at Ford are always delivering a great range of vehicles to suit everyone’s needs. The Ford Ranger currently sits at number one in New Zealand, but now it’s time to drop the spotlight on the Ford Focus ST, a hatch with the exhilaration of a Mustang.




NEW BRIGHTON 175 Wainoni Rd Ph 374 5034 SYDENHAM 17 Beamont St Ph 332 3521 SHIRLEY 7 Shirley Rd Ph 374 5034 RANGIORA 694 Lineside Rd Ph 327 7104

SOCKBURN 477 Blenheim Rd Ph 341 7675 OPAWA 25 Opawa Rd Ph 344 5034 KAIAPOI 98 Williams St Ph 327 7140 BURNSIDE 494 Wairakei Rd Ph 359 9009


* Find a lower cash price and we guarantee to beat it on a same or better quality product.

OPEN 7 DAYS 70 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Opening hours may vary from store to store.


There’s a heads-up display which makes you feel like a fighter pilot not taking your gaze off the road

his is a multi-award winning car in AA New Zealand Car of the Year Awards. Not only does it have multiple drive modes, it also ticks the aesthetic boxes. A panoramic sunroof with visor; exceptional lines starting from the bonnet all the way to its hot rear; Porsche-style alloy rims in metallic grey just accentuate the great colour of ruby red. I just had to test drive. Recaro sport seating was another brilliant feature with the wonderful white stitching on exquisite leather. Even the door panels were that little bit more lush. Operationally, dial gear change is always a challenge for me as I have a manual as my personal car and I’m a bit of a control freak. Fumbling around to do three point turns on a busy Christchurch street can be a challenge. You can say it makes the interior “cleaner” - but I still love a gear lever! You can change gears at your fingertips with the paddle shifters, which help when cornering, and it has got some real up and go. With an eight-speed automatic, 206 kW and 420 Nm it doesn’t feel like a four cylinder, 2.3L - and you certainly need those front ventilated disc brakes! There’s a heads-up display which makes you feel like a fighter pilot not taking your gaze off the road. Combine that with all the added sports features and you’ve got a little rocket. There’s also improved acceleration from the last model, and the very smooth gear changing made for a great test week. Taking a trip on my favourite test road to the Sign of the Kiwi put it next to the VW Golf GTi as one of my favourite agile performance vehicles.

Service + Repair Specialists Factory special tools and diagnostic equipment. Specialists 30+ years European Cars. All work guaranteed. Loan cars available.

Hill start assist is also an asset, even though I’m old school on hill starts. And even though I really don’t need the satellite navigation system, I can imagine it’s a great addition for those that do. The interior is tidy and very sporty with leather trim. There’s a lot of bang for buck with the price at $59,990 plus on road costs. With the options on this, it would be hard to go past a test drive with Hemi Peek and the team out at Avon City Ford. It’s great hatchback at a great price.

Ironic, Dad always said never take your car through a car wash. Now he takes his car to the Tunnel Wash every week!

KEVIN BURT | Ph: 365 0531 | 324-8 St Asaph St

530b Sawyers Arms Road, Christchurch 0800 5333 555




46 Battersea Street P. 03 366 1809 Metropol 12 November, 2020 71


Join the Rayvolution


Being an automotive writer, I’ll have a go at anything; especially when it has an element of fun – and wheels.

ith the advance of technology and capability of new and improved battery life we are seeing a surge of cost-effective electric vehicles. This of course brings into the limelight the electric bicycle. I have not ridden one before so when Greg Sneddon from Rayvolt offered me the opportunity to test one for a bit, I did. On a beautiful day in the garden city, I had a run through with the Rayvolt Cruzer. Rayvolt are based in Spain and produce a wide range of what I would call bespoke, steampunk-style bicycles. Think gun metal, Clockwork Orange and English racing green, along with leather seating and carrier bags to provide a very “yesteryear” feel. Download the ELVA app to customise all your settings, from speed right through to effort ratios. It also has music and a GPS. I decided to just go with the fastest option with the least amount of effort and I was off on a thrill of a ride. Using 13 electric cells with 48V and 10.5 Amp Hours (ah) on the standard battery and 48.21 on the duel - you have quite an amazing range of 120km. Sailing round North Hagley park was sheer exhilarating fun. Overall, the experience was well worth it; 10 out of 10 and that’s just for fun. Yesterday’s charm, tomorrow’s technology, today’s fun. If you’re looking at an electric bicycle, you might as well join the Rayvolution.

Automotive Lock Specialists

Cars, Trucks, Buses, Motorhomes, Motorbikes

In Canterbury call 022 658 2957 or on

0800 KERBED 0800 537 233

Specialists in Transponder Keys, Smart Keys and Car Remotes. We can programme replacements when all keys are lost or make copies. We stock replacement remote batteries. Mobile and Workshop Service. OPEN FOR BUSINESS Mon-Fri 8am-5pm and Sat 9am-12pm

Call Us 0800KEYLESS (539537) 170 Waterloo Road, Hornby P. 344 5959 or 0800 539 537 E.

72 12 November, 2020 Metropol

Tomoko and Shota

Making love work Meet Shota and Tomoko, a young Japanese couple who both live and breathe all things Honda.


oth Shota and Tomoko have become familiar faces in the service department of Honda Cars Christchurch,

though their experience with the Honda brand runs much deeper. “I graduated from the Honda Technical

Metropol 12 November, 2020 73


College four years ago and was given the chance to do a Honda International Internship,” says Tomoko. “I had the choice of Auckland or Christchurch but I chose Christchurch. The people here are so kind and there is far less traffic,” she laughs. Shota met Tomoko while working at Honda Cars Saitama, before he came to work at Honda Cars Christchurch. “After graduating from Honda’s Technical College, I joined a Honda dealership in Saitama, Japan as a mechanic. I spent five years there before I joined Tomoko in Christchurch,” says Shota. “It was down to her that I got the job working with her at Honda Cars Christchurch,” he says. As technicians, Tomoko and Shota cater for all Hondas past and present. “We do servicing, diagnostics and repairs on every kind of Honda,” says Tomoko. Shota and Tomoko also have a huge passion for the Honda brand, with each owning at one-point, identical Civic Type Rs. Expect to see both Shota and Tomoko working hard on your Honda for the foreseeable future. “We love working at Honda. The atmosphere is great and we love the team,” says Tomoko. With Tomoko and Shota on hand, why take your Honda anywhere else?


Looks, power and performance


his 718 Boxster, on loan from the team at Christchurch European, is probably the most underrated Boxster in recent years. The 718 namesake harks back to the iconic Porsche 718 RSK which competed at Le Mans and the Targa Florio. The 718 Boxster is a looker, especially when viewed from the rear. The 2L turbocharged 220kW flat four found in the 718 provides more than enough oomph. Also, the fact this example comes with Porsche’s delightful sixspeed manual gearbox is icing on the cake. Turn the key and the 718 growls into life. Lower the roof, aim that svelte nose at the nearest piece of bendy bitumen, and the summer fun begins. In Sport mode, you can push the 718 as hard as you like while never being out of control. Heel and toe gearchanges are a joy and with an even weight distribution, the 718 can be easily coaxed into every corner, with that turbo flat four beautifully on song. Whether cruising to your local, or wringing its neck on your favourite coastal pass, the 718 Boxster provides you with a driving experience few premium sports cars can match. For more information on this Porsche 718 Boxster and other European exotica, check out Christchurch European.

The Porsche Boxster needs no introduction to the sports car faithful. Since the original was launched in 1996, so many in the premium sports car market have been playing catch up to this mid-engine German soft top adrenalin pump. WORDS BEN SELBY


BOOK EARLY! Avoid the rush to have your car serviced before you go away on your Kiwi road trip this summer. Book Online

03 366 3384

480 Selwyn St, Christchurch 74 12 November, 2020 Metropol

or call

Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm

2018 BMW X4 M40i Motorsport New Shape Performance SUV Coupe!, NZ New 1 Owner in Dark Grey Metallic, 3.0 Turbo 285KW 8 Speed Automatic, Full spec with 21” Grey Motorsport Sports Alloys/Blue Brake Calipers, Heads up display, LED Lighting, 360 Cameras, Heated Seats and added Heated Steering Wheel, Radar Cruise Control and Lane Assist, Black Roof Rails, Ambient Lighting, Towbar, BMW IDrive Connected with NZ NAV/ BT/AUX/Car Play and more!. A very good looking and clever car.

NOW $99,995

NOW $99,995

NOW $79,995

NOW $79,995

2014 Range Rover Vogue 3.0 TDV6

2010 Porsche 911 997 Gen 2 Carrera C4S

2018 Audi A6 50 TDI S Line Quattro

Black Package, Only 77,000kms, A very attractive Range Rover Vogue in Fuji White with Dark Mocha Leather, 21” Black Package Sports Alloys/Red Brembo Brake Calipers, Electric Running Boards, Luxury Dark Mocha Leather with Heated Seats/Heated Steering Wheel, LED Lighting, Ambient Lighting, Digital TV, Morzine Headlining, NZ Nav/CD/AUX/Bluetooth with 360 Surround Cameras, Self-Parking, Rear Heated Seats. This car is a hot look!.

Brilliant 7 Speed PDK, Widebody C4S with up-rated 3.8 Litre Flat 6, Gen 2 LED Lighting and revised bumpers etc, Added Classic Whale Tale, Factory S Sports Alloys with Red Brake Calipers, Heated/Electric Seats, Touch Screen NZ NAV/CD/AUX/Bluetooth/ Reverse Camera, Sport-Chrono Package, White Dials, Full Electrics. This is a unique 911, be quick!

Latest Model A6 50 TDI 210KW Diesel/Mild Hybrid S Line Sedan, Floret Silver with Black Leather S Line Sports Seats, 21 inch RS Sports Alloys fitted, Heated/Electric/Memory Seats, Glass Cockpit, NZ NAV/CD/AUX/Bluetooth/Music and Reverse Camera, Built-in Radenso RCM Radar fitted, Matrix LED Headlights, Apple Car-Play, Wireless phone Charger etc. An ultra-modern Audi sedan!.

2015 Audi S3 2.0 TFSI Quattro Sedan

2014 Range Rover Evoque 2.0T SI4 Prestige

2014 Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE Diesel

New Generation- first of the S3 Sedans! S3 Sports Alloys/Red Brake Calipers, S3 Part Leather Sports Seats with Red Stitch detailing, Quattro 4WD, Added Radar Cruise Control, Flat Bottom Steering Wheel, Audi MMI CD/Stereo/Bluetooth/Phone and Reverse Camera, USB/AUX, Audi NZ Navigation etc. A very cool look and pocket-rocket in White!

9-Speed Facelift, Attractive Loire Blue Metallic with Cream Leather, Only 49,000kms, Updated 9-Speed Gearbox with Auto Stop/Start, Touch Screen Radio/Bluetooth Streaming/AUX/ Phone, Ambient Lighting, Electric/Memory Seats, Push Button Start, LED Lighting, Full Electrics etc. Luxurious, excellent 4WD ability and practical sizing in one!

New Shape Range Rover Sport, NZ New with Full History, Corris Grey Metallic with Black Leather, Heated Seats, Panoramic Sunroof, Parking Sensors, LED Lighting, Air Suspension with 4WD Terrain response, Privacy Glass, NZ NAV/ CD/AUX/Bluetooth Phone and Music with Reverse Camera, Cruise Control etc. Hard to beat Luxury and Comfort!

NOW $39,995

NOW $49,995


NOW $74,995

15 Metropol 12 November, 2020 75

76 12 November, 2020 Metropol