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9 MAY 2019

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21 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine

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TRENZSEATER is dedicated to offering you the very finest for your home, providing you with exquisite window furnishings distinguished by an international style which is modern, sophisticated and timeless.

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Love the life you choose When you move into a Summerset retirement village, you’re not just moving house – you’re joining a vibrant and welcoming community where you’ll feel completely at home.

When it comes to activities and events, there’s always something happening to keep our Summerset community involved and entertained, and you can choose to do as much or as little as you like.

At Summerset we put you at the heart of everything we do, so you can enjoy the freedom of living the life you choose.

If you need some extra care or support, our continuum of care means we’ll be there for you as your needs change, giving you the peace of mind to continue living life to its fullest.

The perfect home is waiting for you. From villas and townhouses, to apartments – you’ll find a place to make your own. Our homes are accessible, high-quality, and there are no worries about maintenance or upkeep as we do it all for you. Pets are also welcome, and you can even go away on holiday knowing your home will be safe and secure. We’ll also make sure you’re aware of all costs, giving you the certainty that there won’t be any unexpected surprises.

Over 5,000 residents are already enjoying the Summerset life across 25 villages around New Zealand, including three villages in Christchurch. If you’re interested in Summerset for yourself or a family member, stop in at your local village and find out more about the Summerset life.

Summerset at Avonhead 120 Hawthornden Road, Avonhead

Summerset on Cavendish 147 Cavendish Road, Casebrook

Summerset at Wigram 135 Awatea Road, Wigram

For more information about a village near you, call 0800 SUMMER or visit


4 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Open 7 Days

LESS. IS MORE. Escea DS Series Gas Fires The pared-back design is totally frameless: where the wall ends, the glass begins. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, acclaimed internationally for their features and performance. The Escea models DS1400 and DS1650 are on live display in our showroom. Come in and see them now. And if you want a super-sized Escea, ask about the new DS1900.


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9 MAY 2019


Allyson Gofton ONE ON ONE




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These Boots Walking




21 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine


We caught up with Toni Street about her surrogacy journey and juggling being a busy mum of three – page 14.


9 MAY 2019 VOL 22 ISSUE 09



on beautiful baking


Thai & Vietnamese cuisine

Asian Street Food at its best!

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Enjoyed the food? Learn the secrets of Asian Cooking at Asian Garden Cooking School 6 May 9, 2019 Metropol

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” – Barbara Kingsolver


t was 14 years ago when I truly got to appreciate the sentiment behind Mother’s Day after a lifetime of celebrating them. Because, although I have always had a mother, it was not long before Mother’s Day in 2005 that I became one. I’m not sure to this day if anything can truly prepare you for motherhood and all that encompasses. The overwhelmingly love that would drive one to give the figurative and literal shirt off your back if it was needed is not something easily captured in words. Family – both as a whole and in its separate parts – comes in all shapes and sizes, mothers included. So whether you are a mother, a mother figure, a dad raising children alone, you’re a foster mum, you have adopted or had a whāngai arrangement, this day is for you. Although for many of us, this special day is about chocolate, flowers, cards and breakfast in bed, the second ABC AUDITED Sunday in May is equally about honouring your role in the lives of those who depend on you; it is the one day in the year when children, young and old, do their best to demonstrate in a tangible way just how much their mums mean to them. After all, mothers are said to hold their children’s hands for a short while, AUDITED but their hearts forever.

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"Autum Sonata" 2nd May - 5th June

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Clare Wilcox

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Allyson Gofton on beautiful baking

8 May 9, 2019 Metropol


llyson was recently in the city for a fundraising event for St Johns in conjunction with Westburn School and Piccadilly Bookshop to release The Baker’s Companion,

the third iteration of Gofton’s The Great New Zealand Baking Book, which first came out 25 years ago. We caught up with her about making magic in the kitchen.

You’ve just released your new book The Baker’s Companion, can you tell us about the book? After Food in a Minute, I wanted to pull all my knowledge of baking into a book. The Baker’s Companion is about trying to explain why your cakes may fail. It’s about making sure the money you invest in baking is a success. It’s about the enjoyment of baking; passing down the knowledge of baking so that when you go to cook, you get the information that’s not written into a recipe. It’s all there. It’s certainly not about glamorous baking or creating expensive items. It’s about enjoyment, good flavour and making sure that when it comes out of the oven, it looks like the picture you see in front of you. The book is focused on beautiful baking – are you all about the sweet side of life or do you get into the savoury side as well? Do I like the sweet side? Yes I do, though I don’t do chocolate, but I love festive food, like Easter, and I do enjoy the savoury side of life as well. Slow-cooked food is something I love – slow-cooked food and baking are two genres I have become known for in my career. Interestingly, I trained as a chef in the late 70s (which is giving away my age) and trained here as a food writer. So my skills are in professional cookery, but I was also a communicator of food. Over the years I’ve worked as a food editor for Next magazine, through which I had to understand all aspects of food. I’ve done a professional apprenticeship, and then I did journalism papers before constantly travelling and updating my skills. As a food writer, it was usually about family food; food writers today concentrate on one genre, such as cake decoration, vegan recipes or gluten-free material. In the career I’ve had, you had to write across all genres. This is the third baking book I’ve done over 30 years. It’s been updated and upgraded over the years, so it reflects where we’ve come today. Things in cooking and baking come in and out of favour. Once upon a time you would whisk up a sponge. Now you melt butter and milk together and bake it. How we bake has changed so much over time.

What’s your favourite recipe from the book? One of my favourites is the Kasbah Date Scones (on page 62 of this issue of Metropol). I love the photo and I also love date scones. This one is made like a swiss roll and inside is a lovely spiral of dates cooking with orange oil and Kasbah spices, like in the Middle East. It’s a lovely modern twist on the scone, taking a traditional recipe to the next level. You’ve been making culinary magic for more than 30 years now and you’re just as popular now as you were back then. Why do you think New Zealand has connected so strongly with what you do? I have been lucky to have been able to follow my dreams. I left home wanting to be like a Margaret Fulton or Tui Flower; being a good editor was my dream. You did a lot of hard work, a lot you didn’t get paid for. I happened to stumble across magazines. I come from a very humble family, a blue-collar working family from Tasmania. I love home cooks; I love family; I love that people try to cook in their homes. You don’t have to make café style food in the house; it’s about small budget, short order cooking. I think somehow in amongst all that, people have enjoyed my food, but they can see I’m just like them. I love learning about food. I love studying food; its role in our lives, how society has changed the way we eat and its impact. I spent four years in advertising as an accounts manager to pay the rent. One of my jobs was looking at how we market food to consumers. I found that fascinating. It doesn’t matter if you don’t cut your own onions. Tomorrow’s children will probably buy them frozen and already cut, but the most important thing is they cook for the family. You can buy ingredients pre-chopped and pre-sliced, but you’re still cooking it; that’s all that really matters. It’s not, ‘ooh she doesn’t peel her carrots’; what’s important is that we are eating them. You headed down our way recently for an event in conjunction with Westburn School and Piccadilly Bookshop that was a fundraiser for St Johns. How does it feel to get to use your profile for the greater good? I’ve been asked so many times to go to places and if I can do something for the community, I always try to say yes. My father was awarded an Order of Australia for his work for the charity Legacy. They raised money and looked after children of the widows of World War II. We spent Saturdays doing sport things with these children without parents; if we got too many presents, we gave to those children; if we won something in a raffle, it was given to those children. My parents instilled in me that we only need what we need. What does the next 12 months have in store for you? I’m a strong believer in a reasonably traditional role of mother. I’m a bit old fashioned like that. We have a family business in Auckland, a factory that makes cosmetics believe it or not. My husband works in Auckland, so at the moment my role is to settle the family into our new home in Cambridge (from Auckland), then put the lipstick on a Friday night with a glass of wine. I have more ideas than I have time to live. I have some ideas, but they’re constantly changing. I would love to work with schools and teenagers, teaching them about what you need to eat, looking at how the world’s normalising ‘treats’ as ‘snacks’. So I have lots of ideas, but first I’ve got 400 boxes to unpack; if someone said the decluttering process of moving takes a weight off your shoulders, the process is nothing other than laborious. So that’s this year, decluttering, then we’ll see what next year brings. Metropol May 9, 2019 9

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Allyson Gofton has been a beloved New Zealand cook and television personality for 30 years since first cutting her teeth in the test kitchen of New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

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A heart of gold By Melinda Collins

Invercargill’s long-time mayor Tim Shadbolt can now be called Sir Tim after being made a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to local government and the community.


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10 May 9, 2019 Metropol

113 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, Christchurch

20 Yrs

ut the 72-year-old is still just Mayor Tim; the fun-loving Southlander with a cheeky grin and a heart of gold. We caught up with Sir Tim about one of his latest charitable endeavours. You’ve partnered with the lovely people at Slingshot to raise funds for the Koha Kai charity through a unique limited edition modem (pictured) with your own mug on it. How important is Koha Kai to you as a charity? What I liked about it was that it was looking at feeding kids and that’s so crucial to their development. It goes further than providing lunches; it looks at the whole process, from horticulture and the packaging of food, to distributing it as well. So it’s about so much more than just providing food. How does it feel to be in a position where you can utilise your profile to make a real difference? I think people who are well-known tend to spend a lot of their time and energy supporting charitable projects, which is a great. Myself and Gary McCormick did fundraise for a school in Kaikoura just recently. As a mayor you’re expected to contribute directly or indirectly to good causes and it’s great to be able to give a good boost to the community. Standing-up for your causes and supporting the average Kiwi have always been important to you… Yes, the opportunities come in all sorts of ways, often unexpectedly, such as Dancing with the Stars. I did the first season of Dancing with the

Stars and raised $75,000 for the MS Society, so you can have fun and enjoy yourself and get the pleasure of giving. Now you’ve got a Sir added to your name, how does it feel to have achieved the accolade? I get teased a little bit by some of my counsellors that now I’m a knight, so now I’m their nightmare! I think it’s part of that Kiwi thing, making light of awards like this. On a more serious note, they are appreciated. Some of the work I’ve been involved in, especially with education projects like Zero Free Schemes, have had a big impact on provincial cities like Invercargill. You were described as an inspirational leader and you’ve obviously made a lot of significant decisions during your mayoralty, why do you think people have connected so strongly with you? Well I like to think I’ve added an element of humour to charitable work and local politics, carrying my concrete mixer behind the mayoral car for example and I think people appreciate that element in my work. Local government can be a rather droll affair at times; I hope I’ve added energy, excitement and humour to it. What do the next 12 months have in store for you? Well first of all there’s an election coming up in five months, then I’ll work out my options from there, but hopefully carrying on the same work I’ve been doing for 32 years as a mayor and I guess another 10 years as a social and political activist.

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Metropol May 9, 2019 11

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out & about Basilica:

TO RESTORE OR NOT TO RESTORE? The future of the earthquake-damaged Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament on Barbadoes Street is in question, as the Catholic Diocese confirms it is considering building a new cathedral on an empty site.


s Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel steps out of discussions citing a conflict of interest, we caught up with

Why is restoration something we should fight for? We have already lost so much. If at all viable, I support every effort being made to retain significant historic buildings. It would be a rather sad story to tell if our local heritage landscape of the future was nothing more than just tilt slab, glass and K-bracing. The Christchurch Basilica was a stunning building. It was arguably more attractive in an architectural sense than the Anglican Cathedral and certainly one of the finest Renaissance style buildings in the country. Its heritage status is nationally recognised

12 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Christchurch City Councillor James Gough about the significance of this architectural icon.

and it will hold special memories for countless people over numerous generations. How passionate do you think Christchurch is about the preservation of this building? I think we are fortunate to have passionate people in our community who fight hard for what they believe in but there will be many others who are just ‘battled out’. I would be surprised if the level of push-back, to whatever decision that the Catholic diocese makes, is anywhere near as vehement as to what it was for the Anglican Cathedral in the Square.

That divided the community and dragged on for far too long. In the end I was just pleased that a decision was reached so the centre of the city wasn’t being held ransom any longer and we could all move forward. Inaction doesn’t serve anyone. There’s an election coming up in October – is there a Gough family hat getting thrown in the ring? There will definitely be a J. Gough name in the mix and that will include seeking re-election for council. Whether that extends to the mayoralty is something that I’m strongly considering but will be determined over the next wee while. What are some of the critical areas for Christchurch in coming months? Short term the well-head work needs to be completed so chlorine can be gone from our water as soon as practically possible. Longer term and without question there needs to be a much stronger commercial lens from the council. Some recent decisions have been very poor for business confidence and the central city, which is key to our progress at this critical juncture. The other major focus needs to be on rates. The level of rates increases are completely unsustainable so in my view this needs urgent attention and the spending on pet-projects has to stop.

What did it mean to you to make the move from Sydney to New York City? I’ve always known I wanted to live in NYC. It is the birthplace of almost every show I grew up dreaming of seeing and performing in. NYC is hard and exhausting, but I’m surrounded by incredibly talented and driven people who egg me on and inspire me to grow and push myself. Of all your stage performances thus far, which role did you most relish playing? I had such a blast playing Frank N Furter. There is something incredibly freeing and empowering about that character. He’s sexy, funny, powerful and an alien – what’s not to love?

Adam Rennie By Céline Gibson

in the Spotlight

Metropol catches up with actor Adam Rennie as he prepares for his first production with The Court Theatre from May 11 to June 1 – Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

What are the challenges in playing Hedwig in the stage musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch? Just technically, there is a lot to learn; the show has so many facets to it – stand-up comedy, storytelling, rock music and raw emotional moments. Then you add the makeup, the accent and a character that’s as ferocious as she is vulnerable and you have a lot of moving parts to nail down. What do you think Christchurch people will love about this show? It’s a show that defies category. It’s funny and electric energy every night. The music is incredible. I can guarantee a fun time, but it also speaks clearly to all of us and where we are today. How we see humanity and human connections in ‘the other’. You have described playing Hedwig as a ‘dream role’ – why is that? Playing Hedwig is the opportunity of a lifetime. She’s arguably the most challenging role in musical theatre and forces me to bring everything I have, every single day. There’s nowhere to hide. On top of that, there are very few roles where I can embrace every part of me. I’m a queer actor and I don’t have to leave that experience at the door; in fact, it’s celebrated! I can’t overstate how grateful I am to have The Court celebrate my uniqueness and show others that they can be celebrated for theirs. Pick any famous stage/screen actor… who would you most love to perform alongside? I’d probably choose one of those incredible Shakespeare actors that have also managed to crossover into Hollywood, Ian Mckellan or Patrick Stewart because they have so much gravitas. Wait, also Catherine O’Hara, because she’s an improvising and comedic genius! What’s up next after Hedwig and the Angry Inch? I’m honestly not sure; probably a big long nap followed by a few weeks getting the glitter out of everything I own. Metropol May 9, 2019 13

out & about


When did the acting bug first bite you, Adam? When I was 6 or 7, I was in a production of Oliver and was devastated I wasn’t cast as Oliver and have been on a mission to prove Rockdale Musical Society wrong ever since.


one on one

By Melinda Collins

BEAUTIFUL SURROGACY JOURN Nine months ago, popular New Zealand broadcaster Toni Street got the addition to her family she never thought she would have. Health complications meant she had closed the door on bringing baby number 3 into the world, but then her best friend Sophie Braggins offered to be a surrogate for Toni and her husband Matt France. Lachlan Stephen France arrived on 9 August 2018. We caught up with Toni about her surrogacy journey and juggling being a busy mum of three. First of all, how’s it going being a busy mum of three working around your radio job? I just love being a mum of three; it’s chaotic but I love every minute of it. I actually found the step from one to two children harder, once you have three you’re so busy anyway! Because I’m up at 4:30am I get a lot of my work done before the kids are even awake and I love being around in the afternoons for school pick up and their activities. Lachie has been a really chilled baby, but he’s just starting to move so watch this space! Your best friend Sophie offered to be your surrogate and delivered your third child Lachlan last August then you adopted him in December, can you describe the journey? I still pinch myself that this has actually happened for me. We never thought we’d have a third child

and my best friend sacrificed so much to make it happen. I just have so much love and gratitude for her. The whole process has been completely humbling and emotional and so, so special for all of us. You’ve been fighting to have our 64-year-old adoption laws changed – how frustrating and complex was the process and how would you like to see this transformed? We would have done anything to have Lachie, so we felt lucky to even be in the position to be going through the process. I can only speak to our specific situation, but it did seem bizarre that we needed to adopt our own genetic child... it felt like resources were wasted when we were being vetted by child protection services. Surrogacy has so many manifestations and our laws do not reflect this modern miracle.

Luxury Restrooms for hire

Providing portable toilet and bathroom facilities for: weddings I corporate I concerts I private functions P. 0800 325 467 GROUP

14 May 9, 2019 Metropol

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Was not adding that last piece to your family puzzle ever an option? Absolutely, it was my bestie that encouraged us to explore surrogacy; without the push from her we would have closed the door on having a third baby. How much of an emotional and yet incredible experience was surrogacy? The whole process from start to finish was emotional. From the moment Sophie offered to do this for us, to watching her belly grow with our son, to watching her give birth and her recovery it was incredibly emotional for all of us… but throughout the whole process we all knew we were doing something life changing and it was such a miracle. You’ve also had some difficult times with your health over the past few years. How has this changed your outlook on life? I’ve always known life is precious, as I’ve lost three siblings, but being sick myself made me really worry for my own kids. It’s a scary feeling thinking you might not be around for them. I am very conscious to appreciate each day and to do what makes you happy in this life.

Surrogacy has so many manifestations and our laws do not reflect this modern miracle.”

You’ve done some inspiring roles across both television and radio – what drew you to the industry? I loved the idea of getting to meet incredible people and I couldn’t believe people got paid to report on sport, that was my big passion in the beginning! What do you consider to be some of your career highlights? Reporting on the Olympic Games in China, hosting the America’s Cup in San Francisco and being asked to host a primetime show at TVNZ (Seven Sharp). What does the next 12 months have in store for you? I’ll continue hosting the Laura, Sam and Toni radio show on The Hits and filling in at TVNZ on Seven Sharp. Life will be super eventful at home, Lachie will start walking and I can’t wait to enjoy my downtime with the kids with a few holidays.

Middleton Grange School Character, Excellence, Service for the Glory of God

Primary School : Years 1-6 Middle School : Years 7-10 Senior College : Years 11-13 Places available particularly at Years 1, 4, 7, 9, 11-13

2020 Enrolments Close

Friday 14 June 2019 (Y7-13)

Friday 23 August 2019 (Y1-6)

OPEN DAYS Tue 21 & Thur 23 May 2019 am & pm


A Year 1-13 non-denominational, state-integrated, co-educational Christian School God-given gifts and talents of pupils are nurtured and celebrated. +64 3 348 9826

30 Acacia Ave, Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand Metropol May 9, 2019 15

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Bic Runga heads home Critically acclaimed Kiwi songwriter, musician, vocalist and producer Bic Runga showed her support for the victims of the Christchurch terror attack at last month’s You Are Us/Aroha Nui concert.


ow she’s stretching out her stay in her hometown, where she is the first artist-inresidence in The Arts Centre Te Matatiki Toi Ora since the earthquakes. The two residency apartments were closed after the earthquakes, along with the independent charitable trust’s other category one heritage buildings and the Creative Residencies programme has

been on hiatus ever since. However, with the $290 million restoration programme at The Arts Centre now two-thirds complete, the programme has been reinstated to welcome creativethinkers back into the space 20 years after it first launched. Auckland-based Bic – who was made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to music in 2006

GRANT CHAPPELL Extraordinary Salesperson

The value of experience is almost beyond measure and for Grant Chappell that personal attention to the needs of his clients has built a level of confidence many aspire to, but so few achieve. Coupled with nearly two decades of sustained success, Grant has a proven record of delivering exceptional results month after month and year after year. If you are thinking of buying or selling, call Grant.

Grant Chappell M 0274 761 789 T 03 351 3002 397-399 Ilam Road, Ilam, Christchurch Licensed Agent REAA 2008 16 May 9, 2019 Metropol


and inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame in 2016 – arrived last month for a two-part residency in a freshly restored and strengthened building in the Christchurch cultural centre where she will stay until later this month, before returning for a week in July to hold songwriting workshops. “This residency is a wonderful chance for me to reconnect

with my Ōtautahi roots and give back to a community that has been through so much,” she says. “To be based in such a beautiful Aotearoa heritage landmark steeped in so much arts and cultural history and where many great creators have been before me is a real honour. I can’t wait to see the impact it’ll have on my songwriting.”

BROADWAY HITS NZ Described by Rolling Stone as “the best rock musical ever”, Broadway hit and four times Tony Award winner Hedwig and the Angry Inch is coming to The Court Theatre May 11 to June 1.


edwig is an ‘international ignored song stylist’ whose personal history of sacrifice and struggle, including her botched sex operation, is told against a punk/glam-rock soundtrack reminiscent of David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Directed by Michael Lee Porter, with musical direction by Luke Di Somma – cocreator of That Bloody Woman – Canterbury audiences are



Mother’s Day

in our hearts Forever, together

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379 9920 | Metropol May 9, 2019 17

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assured of one hell of a night out! New York based Australian actor Adam Rennie plays Hedwig, and he says he feels a real responsibility in his portrayal of this very challenging role. “For me, if people leave the theatre thinking about how different & strange a character Hedwig is - even if they love her - I haven’t done my job. I want the audience to see how much they have in common with her and see themselves underneath the glitter and makeup.” Phoebe Hurst plays Hedwig’s husband, Croatian immigrant and ex-drag queen, Yitzhak. Four musicians join the duo to complete the Angry Inch band and bring this show of aweinspiring costumes, wicked wigs, killer heels and thrilling special effects to life. Porter says that it’s Hedwig’s story that gives the production so much heart. “It’s not every day a musical comes along that resonates with so many different people on so many different levels.” For bookings phone 03 963 0870 or visit

We love

what we do

At Harcourts Holmwood our Top Achievers understand the privilege they are bestowed when working with their clients. They recognise that the support of both buyers and sellers is at the core of their success.

Our top consultant, Richard Dawson, commented “it is an honour to represent clients I consider to be industry experts, to work alongside them to produce outstanding results.” For us, announcing our top twenty consultants is a time when we celebrate the numerous success stories of our clients over the past year. We celebrate the hard work and dedication of our consultants. We toast to our consistent top performers and applaud those that have elevated themselves into this distinguished group. Our aim is to always deliver exceptional service to our clients. And the people you see here are doing this at an outstanding level. The auction process continues to be an area of strength for Holmwood and therefore it is of little surprise to see a compelling link between our top consultants' commitment to this process and their clients’ continued success. Our direction remains simply: work hard, offer first-class service and enjoy in the ongoing successes of our clients. It’s why we love what we do. If you are wanting to make a career change or thinking about making a move then please contact: Tony Jenkins Harcourts Holmwood CEO M 027 432 2896 P 03 351 3002 18 May 9, 2019 Metropol








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06 CATHY CARTER Fendalton






15 LUCY ZHOU Ilam 2

04 PAUL NICHOLS Fendalton





20 LESLEY FALCONER Merivale Metropol May 9, 2019 19

Reasons to head portside It may just be over the hill from the city confines, but the portside township of Lyttelton feels like a world away from its urban neighbour, with its own distinct vibe and fiercely passionate locals.

Situated in the heart of Lyttelton, offering million dollar views at club prices.


ith an incredible mix of eclectic style, chilled vibes and high-end dining, there is much to offer in this seaside destination, from crafty second-hand stores to delectable eats. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite reasons to head over the hill and featured some of our favourite local businesses and suppliers below. The dark horse of Christchurch coffee roasting

Challenge Opawa 9kg gas bottles for


15 The Lyttleton Club

23 Dublin Street, Lyttleton I Ph. 03-328 8740

and supply, Lyttelton Coffee Company has been serving and roasting coffee since 2007 through its cool London Street café. Lyttelton Bakery and Glamour Cake has had the sweet taste of success since Bree Scott’s sweet treats went viral a couple of years back. The baked decadence will blow your mind. At Wunderbar you will find velvet wallpaper, doll’s-head light shades and hidden toilets on tap at this local hotspot, but the epic views and huge calendar of live music will see you coming back. For family-friendly dining, The Lyttelton Club offers million dollar views and the historic social hub of Lyttelton is celebrating its grand opening after extensive renovations on 11 May. Meanwhile, from an unassuming two-storey building on the main street of Lyttelton, Roots Restaurant is churning out some of the best food in the country, making culinary waves in the portside town with its award-winning eats.


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per litre




11 Opawa Road, Opawa Christchurch Open 24/7

Problems with feet? For specialist, gentle podiatry care, from general tidy ups, to ingrown nail correction to orthotics for children and adults.

For all your Plumbing, Gasfitting & Drainlaying requirements

Get it sorted with Barbara Rennie, registered Podiatrist, in my new clinic building, at 28 Hawford Road, Opawa, Christchurch Phone for an appointment.

Proud to supporting our community 1B Grafton St, Christchurch Ph. 03 379 0711 I 20 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Phone 331 8377 •

FRENCH BAY HOUSE French Bay House is a boutique bed and breakfast in the heart of beautiful Akaroa. Stay in one of their king ensuite rooms and wake up to a delicious fireside breakfast of locally sourced and homemade produce.

Ph 027 339 0944


The Giant’s House is a award winning, fully integrated combination of fine art work, sculptures and gardens, quirky, exuberant, seriously playful, colourful, elegant, makes you smile....WOW! A garden of International Significance Certificate of Excellence - Trip Advisor Garden of International Siginificance (6 Stars) NZGT Recommended by Lonely Planet

Expl��e Akaroa

Spying the land through their portholes last century, French colonisers set their hearts on Akaroa and it’s not hard to see why. To this day, beauty, adventure and hospitality are at the heart of this quaint coastal village. Located on the south-east side of the deep, sheltered Akaroa Harbour, the charming township of Akaroa has a special point of difference – it was the only French settlement in New Zealand. That’s not where beauty ends. With historic buildings, magnificent harbour and passion for fine

food, there is something for everyone in this seaside hotspot. Explore some of the best fish and chips in the South Island, take a cruise and see the marine wildlife or peruse the waterfront stores to your heart’s content. We’ve made a start on your exploratory itinerary here.



Based locally, ON Plumbing covers both inner harbour including the Akaroa area through to the outer bays of Banks Peninsula. For new builds, alterations or even just a dripping tap, give us a call today. We can also give advise on upgrading your current plumbing system to work better for you.

Take an unforgettable tour and meet our beautiful, friendly alpacas. Feel their luxuriously soft fleece, feed them a snack and snap a selfie, while enjoying the breathtaking views over Akaroa Harbour. Exclusive Shamarra dye free alpaca knitwear is available in our shop.

Ph 03 304 5155

Ph 03 3045141



The Wharf Akaroa, relaunched at the end of September 2018 as Akaroa’s only seafood restaurant, with a spectacular view of Akaroa harbour. The Wharf Boutique Accommodation, located in the heart of Akaroa’s waterfront, recently renovated, offering guests, affordable luxury accommodation, with unobstructed views of the harbour.

The Little Bistro focuses on providing sustainable, local and seasonal bistro cuisine, which highlights our connection to Akaroa, and Banks Peninsula. Focusing on organic, locally grown produce. In a cosy, intimate atmosphere. Proudly promoting a Canterbury sourced wine list.

Ph: 03 304 7842

Ph: 03 304 7314 Metropol May 9, 2019 21

ATTENTION NEW AND EXISTING PROPERTY OWNERS Familiar faces in the Property Management Sector that you know you can trust. Proud to announce we are the new owners of RENTWORKS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Spaghetti belongs on the dining table — not the boardroom table. Steve Hawker

Property Management Specialist

Brent Manderson

Property Management Specialist

Put your property into safe hands with Brent and Steve and benefit from their extensive experience.


We provide a highly personalised service for our clients, and offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Phone 359 0308 11/337 Harewood Rd, Bishopdale

LINK Christchurch Win International Awards 2019

Do you want: • A free business health check to ensure your business is on track? • Certainty with your accounting costs?

• A proactive business advisor that takes time to know your business? Contact us for a free 30 minute meeting 3/14 Hazeldean Rd Ph: 366 5070 22 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Most Improved Office 2019 LINK Spirit Award 2019 Link Business Christchurch Ltd - Licensed REAA08

• Assistance to grow your business and turn numbers in to knowledge?

“We’re thrilled to receive such recognition; having had an incredible year, expanding our team from 8 to 14 Brokers and signicantly increasing the number of businesses sold in the region.” Katherine Shepherd - Sales Manager

36 LOWE STREET, CHRISTCHURCH L I N K B U S I N E S S . C O . N Z 0800 112 336




Christchurch is embracing the burgeoning international trend of co-working, with savvy businesses snapping up shared spaces throughout the city. Businesses both big and small are taking up the clever co-working concept, which can prove to be a more simple, cost-effective and flexible way of operating.



Evil Genius Bar & Lair Unit B, 1091 Ferry Road, Ferrymead Situated on the estuary, this coworking lair is said to inspire creativity, productivity and collaboration. There is no slouching with an outrageous selection of ergonomic office furniture, plenty of parking, endless wifi, free printing and scanning as well as wickedly cool breakout spaces. Regus 6 Hazeldean Road, Addington and Awly Building, 287-293 Durham Street, Christchurch Central Rent an office, desk space or meeting room for an hour, day, month or years, or establish a business presence with a virtual address – it’s all here to rent between these two innovative spaces.



Christchurch Community House 301 Tuam Street, Christchurch Central So much more than just a shared space, Christchurch Community House Trust is a group of non-profit organisations committed to making a difference through modelling a strong, connected community, with ‘hot desking’ for community groups, and a range of tenancy options and bookable rooms. C-Lab 270 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Central C-lab is Christchurch’s co-working space for start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Here you’ll find desks and meeting rooms in the vibrant Boxed Quarter laneways. The rooftop balcony is an added bonus.


GreenHouse 146 Lichfield Street, Christchurch Central An innovation hub for start-ups, scale-ups and small businesses with 40 desks, meeting rooms and an open event space for up to 100, offering tailored support, programmes and events.


Awesome HQ 192 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Central Provided by the Ministry of Awesome, this co-working space is designed to support start-ups, freelancers, small businesses and individuals.


The Collect Suite 1, Level 1, 185 Manchester Street, Christchurch Central Offering desks and meeting rooms, its founders wanted to create a home for freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs to ‘create a diverse community where our workspace continually inspires us’. Not just any ordinary shared workspace, The Collect has been painstakingly curated to achieve an inspiring place to work and collaborate.


BizDojo 4 Ash Street, Christchurch Central There are 150 desks, three meeting rooms and an open event space. Marketed as ‘more than just a desk’, insightful people and programmes are on hand to help businesses grow.


community101 111 Cashel Street, Christchurch Central A free co-working space at BNZ in the CBD offering flexible hot-desks and meeting rooms, available for anyone during business hours. Metropol May 9, 2019 23

out & about 1






GRAND OPENING OF THE PERMIT ROOM Guests enjoyed celebrating the grand opening of one of the newest restaurants in the CBD, Permit Room, which has taken up residence in the old heritage building Isaac House. Drinks flowed and an array of delicious South Indian nibbles were served. 1. Craig Thiele, Sadhana Nathu (Owner), Nick Doig, Anup Nathu (Owner) 2. Glen & Sophie Colvin 3. Paul McEwan, Robbie Deans, Bob & Marilyn Masefield, Barry Corbett 4. Petra Lundstrom-Campbell, Rob Campbell, Jennifer & Phil Paterson 5. Craig Armstrong, Mark Thompson 6. Michelle Shirtcliffe, Mark Spurgeon, Dayle & Brian Direen Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event.


Longhurst Terrace CASHMERE ID#: IM51891






VENDOR PREPARED TO SACRIFICE MILLIONS This is a massive 1020m2 architecturally designed house on 4,834m2 of flat land. Stunning in its’ outlook encapsulating the full breadth of the city, the distant Alps and sited for sun, this is a truly fabulous property. Twelve years ago, this prestigious property cost over $6.5 million to build and has recently been upgraded with no expense spared. Months on the market has led to a radical change of instructions and the property will be sold well below expectations.

Grant Chappell

• • • • • • • •

Gracious living in several areas Expansive four car garaging Internal lift Temperature controlled wine cellar Enclosed 20 metre heated swimming pool Fully air-conditioned throughout Robust concrete block construction Professionally landscaped and fully fenced providing security

0274 761 789 T 03 351 3002 397-399 Ilam Road, Ilam, Christchurch 8053 Licensed Agent REAA 2008

24 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Opportunities such as these are unique, only one person will have this chance to own this amazing home, millions below replacement value. Vendor now happily residing in their wonderful new home in Arrowtown, and their instructions are clear, it must be sold. Selling is the only option, price is very much a secondary factor. AUCTION From 10:00am Wed 5 June 2019 (unless sold prior) Holmwood Auction Rooms, 397 Ilam Road, Ilam, Christchurch


Neutral Territory By Kayte John

We may hate to admit it, but summer has officially ended and although the weather is taking a chilly turn, there’s one thing that can placate us – winter trends, as they start to dominate high-street stores with the promise of bringing our favourite knits, boots and jeans back into our wardrobes.





䰀攀洀漀渀 吀爀攀攀

his season, there’s a trend that’s poised to lift our spirits and the good news is it’s not only easy, it’s oh-so stylish. We’re talking neutrals. Previously, neutral tones have made a great, fail-safe option to pair pieces together, as they’re easy to style. However, this season the key to embracing this trend is to wear neutrals from head-to-toe for a totally un-boring and luxurious look. In the dreary embrace of winter, adding colour may seem like a better option to


act as an instant pick-me-up, but shades of cream, ivory and beige are among an array of wintery hues that will add a sense of luxe to your look. So forgo the urge to add a pop of colour and embrace neutral territory from headto-toe. Think creams, beiges, oatmeals and caramel hues, then layer them together for the ultimate blend. This layering effect of adding different variations of neutral tones can add volume and sophistication to this effortless look.

䴀愀爀挀漀 倀漀氀漀 Metropol May 9, 2019 25


The heart of sustainability We’ve been experiencing a shift in how we approach fashion globally, as we eschew fast fashion and seek ethics and sustainability in our attire. Metropol catches up with one of the country’s leaders in this space – Kowtow’s Gosia Piatek. Your story of fleeing Poland at the reach of the Soviet Union in 1987 is an incredibly inspiring one. I understand your family had just $200 to their name? My family left Poland as political asylum refugees in 1985 - I was five years old. During this time Poland was a locked boarder communist nation. It was hard for us to leave and we left everything behind including our friends and family. My parents followed their noses to a refugee camp along the Italian coast, where we stayed for two years whilst we waited to get accepted by New Zealand. Back in the 1980s Europe didn’t have the same influx of refugees as it does now, so we were welcomed with open arms and looked after incredibly well. We were given a house on the beach, I attended school and learnt Italian and have very fond memories of my time there. In 1987 we were granted entry into New Zealand. What is your design philosophy? We have an exciting design philosophy as everything we create has to meet our incredibly stringent criteria for sustainability and ethics. For many years, we only worked with fair trade certified organic cotton, and recently we have started to add other fabrics, like tencel made from eucalyptus trees, ZQ certified New Zealand merino wool and swimwear made from recycled fishing nets. Since I have started

26 May 9, 2019 Metropol

to live half my year in London it’s really opened me up to meeting new people and learning about new technologies that are on the market. As far as the actual creative design goes, we start with a mood board and think about the creative direction for the season, we design 18 months in advance as we source all our yarn from the farm level (for traceability), so we can’t jump on trends and create what we think is endemic to Kowtow and what we love. In general, reoccurring themes for us are volume, colour, patterns and minimalism. Why do you think the world has connected so strongly with Kowtow and what you do? When I first started Kowtow 13 years ago, the story of ethics and sustainability in fashion wasn’t one many people wanted to hear. However, fast forward to 2019 and we are now living in a very different landscape. Especially after the Rana Plaza disaster which highlighted the affects first world hunger for fashion has on third world labour, people are now wanting to spend their money with brands that they can trust have an ethical and sustainable supply chain and we are one of them. It’s nice to know that we are also very legitimate too; Kowtow was built on very staunch values from day one and it’s only become clearer 13 years on as we take on new information, every product we produce, 100 percent of what we do is made responsibly.

We love you Mum! Perfect gift ideas from Barrington


Paper Plus

Our colour story collection encompasses five tantalising hues. Featuring a range of semi-precious stones including Rose Quartz, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Blue Topaz and Amethyst. Perfect for everyday wear starting from $490. Available in matching necklace and earrings.

Mum deserves to relax and unwind with one of the latest releases priced from $39.99

Ph. 337 6352

Ph. 332 7997

Staff Picks: Nine perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gales The Dry by Jane Harper

Life Pharmacy Barrington

Garden City Florist Ph. 337 1261

Ph. 337 0097

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CM Range, Collecting Memories NZ made

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Mysterious Magnolia Diffuser $31.50 Candle $40.50

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Barrington Gifts

Simply Beauty

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Spoil Mum with a Luxury Beauty Treatment!

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Therapeutic Massage priced from $50.00

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Ph. 943 2200 Treat Mum to a manicure or pedicure Manicure 30min $35.00 Spa Pedicure 30min $45.00 Manicure and Spa Pedicure 60min $70.00

Lingerie on Barrington Keep Mum’s feet and toes cosy with a pair of Chilli Socks priced from $18.00 Lots of other gift ideas, Dressing Gowns, Nightwear, Pyjamas and Lingerie

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Metropol May 9, 2019 27




The Importance of

Cosmeceuticals skin FOR YOUR


What is a cosmeceutical? Cosmeceutical is the word to describe the amalgamation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, products that have active pharmaceutical grade ingredients to make visible differences to the skin, all backed by clinical

evidence. The skin is the body’s largest organ and its primary function is to act as a barrier to the environment. Any product applied to the skin has to be able to penetrate into the dermis to where the active cellular regeneration is occurring.

Cosmetics vs Cosmeceuticals A cosmetic product might smell and feel nice on your skin but it’s only ever going to be a ‘coat and cover’ solution, meaning it blocks the skin’s ability to lose water making it feel more hydrated but it’s only a temporary result. Cosmeceuticals, however, have higher concentrations of active ingredients, often with a driver to penetrate into the skin and carry these active ingredients to where they are going to have an effect. What are the ingredients to look for? Vitamin A – speeds up the skin’s cell renewal process – to reduce pigmentation, refine skin texture and reduce fine lines. Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant to stimulate collagen production, firming the skin. AHAs and BHAs – the alpha and betahydroxy-acids are exfoliators and re-texturisers to refine and brighten the skin. Antioxidants – strengthen the skin to slow the signs of aging. Cosmeceuticals need to be prescribed by a dermal therapist or your cosmetic doctor after a full skin analysis. See Dr Brigid or Denise at the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic to be guided on the best products for you.

t e r c e s e h T to great skin

Antwerp The Diamond of your Dreams from

INTENSIFY Smooth and tighten your skin


Turn her Dreams into reality

using the combined power of micro-needling & radio-frequency



Usually $595



28 May 9, 2019 Metropol


BOtulinum TOXin Dermal Fillers Panfacial Liquid Face Lift Double Chin Treatments Lip Flip - Lip Enhancement Skin Stamping Ulthera - Non-Invasive Facelift Intensify - Skin Tightening IPL - Facial Rejuvenation Cooltech - Body Contoring All injectables performed by Doctor Brigid Lee


There are sartorial treasures hidden throughout the city. We’ve hunted out our favourites.





Stack up your style with these beautiful Swarovski encrusted bracelets. DYRBERG/KERN

The limited-edition statement blazer jacket that will take your breath away this winter. MIDAS JACKET,




On-form florals looking beautiful in blue. LOOBIES STORY DAMASK FRILL BLOUSE,


Footwear has never looked so hot! MARI SNAKESKIN BOOT BY TOP END,




Feminine sporty boots with the rich soft feel of lambskin and wool lining. WOMEN’S UKIUK,


The bold and the beautiful, all in one. JETS PARALLELS HIGH NECK SWIMSUIT, Sizes 8-14, 207 Fendalton Rd & 360 Colombo Street



Make all your denim dreams come true in one exceptional jacket. DUAL CHARCOAL DENIM CROP JACKET, Shop 1, 181 High Street



Handcrafted leather means you get what you want. CHLOE SHOULDER BAG HANDCRAFTED WITH FLOWER DESIGN, Metropol May 9, 2019 29

says it all


The coat that


ebrano has a fabulous selection of coats to snuggle into this winter; coats that define who you are; coats that make you stand out from the crowd. There is an emphasis on texture and print, in fabrics ranging from wool through to the very versatile and body-moulding ponti through to the timeless glamour of faux fur. It’s all about dressing to your personality, whether that be a sophisticated trench, a military type with double breast buttons, an anorak style coat, a cape, or the latest two-


There’s much to be said for the winter coat. This is the one garment none of us can do without. Not only does it provide that much needed top layer to ward off the chill, but it is the first thing people see when you walk down a street or enter a room. In many ways, your winter coat is the statement piece in your wardrobe and because of that, it should also be the key piece in your wardrobe. in-one – the coatigan – this is definitely the season of self-expression. With labels like Chocolat, Curate, Isle Jacobsen, Lounge the Label, Maaike, Mela Purdie, Moyuru, Obi, Obi Black, and Rundholz Black, to name a few, these are quality, investment garments guaranteed to turn heads and guaranteed to make your winter positively sizzle! Find Zebrano at 169 Victoria Street, phone 03 962 2035 or visit


LOVE YOU MUM Treat your Mum to a relaxing back massage, GINGER&ME Demi Facial & LED treatment, plus receive a Tropicale Candle & Luxe Gatineau Cream FREE.




Ellyse Reid

One of our experienced hair colour specialists.

The ‘She Deserves it” Package

Book now for your conultation.


181 High Street Christchurch Central Ph. 03-365 7393 30 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Merivale, Christchurch. Ph: 03 355 6400

Stepping Up NZ family-owned and operated Mikko Shoes has finally opened the doors to its first South Island store; a beautiful boutique in central Christchurch.


ounder and buyer Michaela Longstaff established Mikko in 2013, after noticing a gap in the market for fabulous footwear

that didn’t compromise on comfort. Making it her mission to source high quality, handcrafted shoes that not only

Metropol May 9, 2019 31


looked beautiful but were also a joy to wear, Michaela soon found herself in Europe – the origin of shoe making with its rich history of character and craftsmanship. Six years on, each style is still handpicked by Michaela from the Northern Hemisphere for the anticipated season ahead and, until now, could only be experienced in the North Island or online. But after noticing an ever-increasing list of online orders heading to Christchurch addresses, Michaela decided it was time to open their sixth Mikko store in the Garden City. “At our core, we are passionate about helping women to find the right fit,” Michaela says. “So whilst we offer an online fitting service, I was determined to find a beautiful storefront in Christchurch where women could fully experience our range, be inspired and looked after by our highly experienced styling staff.” Michaela was also keen to interact more directly with the women who have been supporting Mikko from Christchurch since the Auckland-based company first launched. “Having a physical presence here now means we get instant feedback from our customer, which helps us to better improve our service and range selection, season after season,” she says. No matter the trend, functionality, comfort and quality are at the forefront of every pair on offer. From Arche of France’s Loire Valley to Hispanitas of Alicante in Spain, behind each of the brands stocked at Mikko is a family-owned business that is passionate about these same key principles. Each shoe is made with the softest of leathers, cushioned insoles and durable, shock absorbent outsoles. Cutting edge technology is married with tried and tested traditions for the ultimate, well-rounded design. With an array of silhouettes available for work, evening and events through to everyday flats and sneakers, each style seamlessly fuses function with fashion. Oh, and did we mention, they stock handbags to match, too? Find Mikko Shoes at 143 Victoria Street, Christchurch or visit


White Out

As we head into the cooler months, we start to crave black, brown, navy, mustard and burgundy. And, as soon as we make it through the seasonal divide, we seek to cleanse the palate with pretty pastels – adding the soft sartorial shades of yellow, green, pink and blue to our wardrobes.


ut the collections arriving in stores right now may inspire you to go a little bolder for spring 2019 with golden yellows, lime greens and bright oranges making the fashionable cut this year. Yet one look that is equally as bold as it is pure and one that can breathe fresh

air into your wardrobe year round is white on white. Whether it’s an all-white suit combo to make it through the cooler months or a little white dress and white blazer on a sunny spring day, you’ll find a white on white combo to meet your needs.

There’s a very good chance you’ve seen our work.

Buy ONE full sized Antipodes product and get a FREE Grace Cleanser While stocks last Conditions Apply.

111 Cashel Street, Christchurch. Ph 03 595 1289


4/151 Kilmore Street, Christchurch. Ph 03 595 5493 32 May 9, 2019 Metropol

But you would never know.

REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN MAY SPECIAL 20% OFF IPL For a personal consultation at no charge please call 03 363 8810 110 Papanui Road, Merivale


By Kayte John

With winter fast approaching, one wardrobe essential worth investing in is a pair of boots and we’re in luck, as the cooler seasons see an abundance of winter boot trends that strike that right balance of form and function. If you need a little inspiration, these five fashionforward boot trends will have you stepping out in style this season.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Walk on the wild side - If you’ve scoured through fashion pages in the last couple of months, you may be aware that the leopard print trend has returned and it’s the ideal motif to mix with neutral tones such as beige, grey and black. For first-time leopard print wearers, small doses like a pair of boots are the perfect way to try out this trend. Buckle up - Adding edge to more traditional feminine footwear, buckles are everywhere. From one chunky buckle to four buckle straps, there’s an abundance of styles out there to suit you. Details like a buckle on a suede boot give them a western look which is another huge trend in boots this season. High and mighty - The sky is the limit when it comes to thigh-grazing boots and they’re not just being worn on the limbs of New York models. This boot trend might seem unapproachable at first glance, but embrace it and pair with a midi dress, a skirt and tights, or your favourite pair of skinny jeans. Architectural heel - It’s time to hail the unusual with the sculptural heel as we see a variety of geometric shapes and sizes that will incorporate a sense of wonder and drama into your look. Keep your outfit simple and let the footwear turn heads. Ankle biters - Don’t discount this classic bootie. The ankle boot can be styled all year-round, proving to be a worthwhile investment. From flats to heels, this timeless boot comes in array of styles and colours this season.


149 VICTORIA ST, CHRISTCHURCH Metropol May 9, 2019 33



Always Aotearoa


Inspiring design creativity

The practice of jewellery gifting may be firmly rooted in tradition, but the process leading up to the gifting has been modernised. Technology has revolutionised the art of jewellery design and manufacturing, inspiring greater creativity and granting more autonomy.


n a market flushed with the ordinary, Polished Diamonds is turning its commercial hand to creating something extraordinary. Using CAD technology, the talented team can create the ultimate engagement, wedding and ‘just-because’ rings, combining breath-taking GIA certified diamonds and coloured gemstones with exquisite craftsmanship.

Their hashtag is ‘Always Aotearoa’ and, if pondering a subtitle, let it be ‘Never Made Offshore’.

“We custom make each ring to ensure the ultimate engineering precision,” owner Daniel Joines says. “We utilise Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, which enables our clients to see the proportions of their ring before it is made and work to 0.01mm, less than a human hair – precision is the difference between ordinary and the ‘wow factor’. For your ‘across the room sparkle’, visit the design studio at 30 New Regent Street, call 0800 233 299 or check out


ocal and loyal to New Zealand, Dual is a denim clothing boutique that Cantabrians should be proud of. Now located at 5/181 High Street, in the heart of the ubercool SALT district (St Asaph, Lichfield and Tuam Streets), Dual does denim like nobody else. Two years ago, Phillip Sunderland and Stuart Montgomery bought the business from its former owner and spent 18 months redesigning and revisioning the brand. “Denim is timeless; it’s anti fast-fashion. Our clothing is about design and quality,” Phillip says. “These are unique one-off garments - made only eight hundred metres from our store.” Phillip says the first year of business is about customer reconnection and reintroducing Dual as a brand dedicated to denim. The second year, they’re looking to grow nationwide,

34 May 9, 2019 Metropol

focusing on key wholesale customers, followed by a big global push, but with the manufacturing firmly and forever New Zealand-based. “From the outset, our intention was that Dual production would never disappear from this country. We’re the only denim brand made solely in New Zealand.” Business partner, Stuart Montgomery, handles the complexities of the manufacturing process, and Phillip and Stuart work together on the brand direction before handing it over to expert designers and garment technicians Kat, Gina and Ellie. “If only more people understood the ripple effect of making and buying local,” Phillip says, “always Aotearoa is a truly great promise for today’s world.” For more information, email or visit


1. Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel CLINICALLY PROVEN Decrease fine lines by 32% in 28 days! Ultra-Hydrating Vitamin C Hyaluronic Gel, visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin firmness increases lymphatic drainage and rejuvenates the skin. Call Beauty Sense: 0800 555 630 For nationwide stockists



Beautiful Brows - New Set or Top Up required? With Cosmetic Tattoo/ Micropigmentation they won’t swim, swipe or sweat off! Phone or email Nicky for your appointment/free consult Bespoke Cosmetic Ph. 021 249 1499


No need for Botox A concentrated topical filler contains six forms of lower and higher weight hyaluronic acid. Treating dehydrated skin, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin  Leaving you with the ultimate dewy glow!! RRP: $99.40 Call Beauty Sense for nationwide stockists 0800-555-630




GERNETIC INTERNATIONAL The most powerful Cosmeceutical skin care products for all ages and skin types. Ingredients are 100% natural which guarantees optimal results without risk of allergy. Contact award winning aesthetician Wendy Barker at Beauty Progress Ph: 379 4315

Beautifully NZ Natural Zest Skincare Revitalise Facial Oil Hydrates, protects & preserves elasticity of the skin with organic Rosehip, Argan, Jojoba & Sunflower oils Natural Zest Skincare

7. Gift with Purchase Time Hydrate your Skin + Lips Purchase an IMAGE Vitamin A,C,E Serum and Purchase IMAGE Hyaluronic Filler Receive your free IMAGE Gift with Purchase Limited Edition Pouch + IMAGE Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement valued at $45.60 Available at Beckenham Beauty Medi-Spa 4/140 Colombo Street,Beckenham 03 331-6133


Mike Hair Care Intelligent Shampoo Conditioner for all hair types. New Zealand made infused with 100% natural keratin protein, proven to rebuild the internal structure of the hair and restore strength, condition and shine. Creates body and helps defrizz, detangle and protect hair and its colour. Ph. 0800 464 247 300 Cashel Street Christchurch Central

Metropol May 9, 2019 35


W Love the skin you’re in Bespoke Cosmetic owner Nicky Blue has had a fascinating career, touring with some of the biggest names in music as a wardrobe mistress.

Creating and maintaining modern hair design.

atching makeup artists work their magic built the foundation for a love of makeup and great skin that has proved a common theme throughout her career and she worked locally as a makeup artist on commercial photo shoots before retraining in cosmetic tattoo and skin needling. For Nicky, it’s about so much more than making women look good; it’s equally about making them feel good. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing women, but what I’ve found is that no matter how extraordinary these women are, we’re all the same; we all have the same concerns and worries,” she says. “Everyone I’ve ever met, it doesn’t matter how much money or fame they’ve accomplished, they’re still searching for the comfort that

comes with looking and feeling good.” An important part of the business for Nicky is the supply of Cane + Austin products, developed by board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist, Dr. Craig Austin; a range that she passionately believes in. “It’s a range that women can understand, use and get results from,” Nicky says. “Women want skincare to be simple and straightforward or we don’t do it. These products slip into existing regimes nicely.” She is also the New Zealand distributor of Freedom natural deodorant and stocks her favourites from the Youngblood makeup range, providing simple lessons in makeup. “It’s a satisfying mix of creative work, sales, marketing and distribution, while getting to meet wonderful people.”

Liposuction Liposculpture Fat transfer chin, neck

NEW CLIENTS WELCOME Open Monday to Saturday Late nights Wednesday & Thursday


upper arm breasts


Open Monday to Saturday Phone 384 1743 4/2 Soleares Ave, Mt Pleasant abdomen thighs & knees

hips buttocks

calves, ankles

Dr Ken Macdonald, Dermatologist & Dermatologic Surgeon

Ground Floor, Avenue Health, 202 Bealey Ave, Christchurch Ph. 03 3799 467 36 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Day Stay Surgical Facility

By Kayte John

It’s official – tie-dye is making a comeback! The bleachstained print is a huge trend for 2019, having popped up all over the catwalk and made its way into the wardrobes of celebs. Beyoncé wore it on the beach, Dree Hemingway chose the print for a red-carpet event and Justin Bieber turned up to church wearing it.


he tie-dye trend is keeping with the designer movement of bringing more colour to fashion, but it is one of those tricky, quirky patterns that can be quite difficult to get right. We’ve all dabbled in it at least once, and many of us may have come to the conclusion that the psychedelic print is not for us as it evokes images of the colourful dye splattered on cheap t-shirts. However, in the 1960s, tie-dye was seen as a symbol of the counterculture and a way to express freedom and individuality – and the

Preloved & New Clothing for both Ladies & Gentlemen

2019 trend pays tribute to this, but in a much more clean and crisp way. Individuality returns with tie-dye that is more edgy. Once-distinct shades haven’t blended together to form striking new tones; they’re starkly separate, acting more as a print than a fusion of colour. The secret to wearing tie-dye is to counterbalance all those swirls with a soft colour palette. Pair it with something more subtle and guaranteed the 1960s nostalgia trend will put a smile on your face.

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48a Bryndwr Road Fendalton Christchurch 021 333 709 tobecontinuedpreloved @tbcpreloved

Shoes by Jimmy Choo.

BEAUTIFUL CLOTHING BEAUTIFUL STORE 199 High St, OLD Post Office Rangiora Ph 03 313 1366 or 0275 31 41 51

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Tied & Dyed

help yourself


Helping you

Fifteen years ago, Karen Parker, a registered nurse, wife and mother, approached a life coach to help with some challenges in her life at that time. “My coach helped me change how I was thinking and what I was doing and that transformed my life completely,” Karen says.


s a nurse, I could really see the value in what my coach did – help people to help themselves, and become more confident and resilient. That is what inspired me to become a life coach.” Now, drawing from her experiences as a registered nurse and trained life coach, Karen provides one-on-one personal coaching sessions, individual programmes, and group workshops for workplace health and wellbeing programmes. Karen works on work/life balance, self-confidence building, goal setting, dealing with stress, relationships and communication and empowerment by positive thought. “Usually it’s mental barriers

Healthy, clear nails made simple. No pain, no downtime, and no risk.

e to Exclusiv diatry ts Po Footprin

The only touchless, painless solution for onychromycosis & toenail fungus. The Lunula Laser is the easy & convenient treatment – it helps turn your discoloured & disfigured nails into clearer, healthier looking nails. 7 Milton Street, Somerfield P. 332 9792

38 May 9, 2019 Metropol


– like fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being good enough and fear of change – that impedes our progress; I help clients understand and find the way to move beyond those old beliefs,” Karen says. Karen offers a free half-hour one-on-one session to prospective personal clients to establish whether Karen’s the right coach for them. “Because it’s a two-way street, it’s important to have a good fit between coach and client.” Karen will hold a life balance workshop in Christchurch in June (maximum of 12 participants). Those interested in registering should contact her via her website. Phone 021 040 5862 or visit


Work/Life balance Clarity and focus Goals and planning Stress management Emotional management Mind mastery NEXT WORKSHOP: JUNE LIFE’S ABOUT BALANCE!

Max 12 participants / $85 Taking control Understand procrastination Design your future

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Contact Karen Parker NZ Reg Nurse and Trained Personal Coach Phone 021 040 5862

Wow to Winter


Winter can be a challenging time with its shorter days, lower temperatures, dismal weather and somewhat drab scenery, but then there’s the great stuff about winter, like meeting your friends for coffee in a cosy café, or shopping for something snuggly yet fabulous at your favourite mall, or best of all, planning a totally new hairstyle and colour to make your winter go from woe to wow!


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Lashes I Nails I Waxing

12A Main North Rd, Papanui Ph. 352 9789


Phone 021 069 0058

Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyebrows Eyeliner

$50 OFF


204 Papanui Rd, Merivale P.355 4734 Metropol May 9, 2019 39



he team at Kudos Hairdressers in Merivale are just the ladies to take your somewhat dull and dated hairstyle and give you the makeover you deserve. With two new senior stylists and one apprentice recently welcomed onto the team, owner of Kudos, Michelle Farmer, says the salon is buzzing. “Corrin, Michelle and Yana are well-known faces in the area, so it feels pretty much like we’re one big family in here now!” Michelle is equally excited to share with clientele news of two of the latest products to have hit the shelves. First up is Insta Recharge; this is the one product every girl should have in her bathroom and purse. So much more than a root concealer, this little game-changer disguises regrowth, extends the life of grownout highlights, achieves fuller-looking hair, and, with a sweep of its powder over patchy eyebrows – voila! You’ve suddenly got brow definition that would make even Jennifer Lopez jealous! The other great product is Wella colour Koleston Perfect ME+. This is the first and only professional hair colour brand to feature breakthrough technologies – Pure Balance Technology and ME+. Pure Balance Technology is designed to minimise the formation of free radicals during the colour formation, which results in an even pure colour with natural depth, shine and significantly less hair damage, while the ME+ component reduces the risk of developing allergies to hair colour, yet also delivers a more balanced true-to-tone from root to tip. With vibrant shades spanning the naturals, brunettes, reds and blondes, you’re going to set winter alight - wherever you go – just you and your crowning glory! Find Kudos at 204 Papanui Road, Merivale, phone 03 355 4734, email kudos@merivale@ or visit and follow them on Facebook.


A fringe affair Bangs are proving they’re not prepared to remain on the fringe of fashion this year, as we see our fave celebs get the cut. By Clementine Page


ringes make a bold statement and while they’re pretty darn easy to get wrong, they can be beautifully transformative when done right. Effortlessly cool and always eye-catching, there’s almost always a fringe to frame every face, be it a full frontal fringe or effortlessly blended side bangs. Argue all you want about maintenance and the awkward grow-out phase, fringes have been a timeless edition to any haircut for decades and celebs are proving this wicked trend won’t be falling of the fashion radar anytime soon. Messy or manicured accompanying long locks or short bobs, fringes of all varieties have been hitting the catwalk, red carpet and social media of late, gracing the heads of some of the world’s greatest models, actresses and musicians. A gang of celebs have rocked the red carpet with bangin’ bangs over the last year or so, including Emma Roberts who showed up to the Critics Choice Awards last year with a blunt bob and sci-fi style fringe (which looked extra glam with a pair of long


jewelled earrings). Emma Watson opted for the edgy look of ‘microbangs’ (think super short and roughly chopped) on the Vanity Fair red carpet in late 2018, and others have followed suit this year with a variety of looks from the sultry side sweep tucked behind the ear as seen on Kylie Jenner, through to Miley Cyrus’ debut of a choppy fringe alongside beachy waves. Selena Gomez jumped on the band wagon for Coach’s New York Fashion Week show with rough bangs blended into new waist-length brunette hair. Sleek and corporate or edgy rockstar – fringes work with any style you’re going for and make for a perfect wintery look.



Offering solutions for Varicose Veins

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

Less pain & less bruising means back to normal sooner, with Laser, Radiofrequency and Venaseal System.

We have moved to 256 Papanui Rd


Mother/Daughter Colours, Shapes & Styles Session Only $299 this month

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Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI

FOR THE SMARTEST MENSWEAR FASHION AT MATES RATES Visit Dress-Smart Christchurch, for all your favourite menswear brands. When it comes to menswear, we’ve made it easy to have you looking like a sharp dressed man, at Dress-Smart Christchurch.

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CHRISTCHURCH 409 Main South Rd, Hornby Metropol May 9, 2019 41

Do you suffer from a

HERNIA? Then why wait for treatment?

Get back to work or play sooner than you think... Our qualified and experienced gastrointestinal surgeon specialises in hernia repair by key hole or open surgery Call for a FREE info pack Ph: 03 961 6666

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9 Caledonian Road Christchurch

leading the world in fighting gut disease! Gut diseases in NZ are the highest in all OECD countries. Every day 9 people are diagnosed with Bowel cancer. There are over 70,000 people living with IBD. By making a donation online today, you will make a difference in NZ.

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Run better Run faster Whatever your goal, we can get you there faster. The running training starts wtih a running assessment, with a detailed video analysis of your running style. Coaching sessions then focus on correcting your technique area by area.

INCREASE YOUR FITNESS - CALL US TODAY - 360 3606! 42 May 9, 2019 Metropol

MUSCLE PEOPLE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINICS City Clinic I Bishopdale Clinic I Wigram Skies Clinic

By Clementine Page

The impact of a disaster is often measured by a handful of factors; the number of fatalities/injuries, the number of homes and buildings destroyed, the cost of cleanup and repair, and the level of violence/destruction that took place, to name a few. Rarely does it account for the emotional wounds inflicted on those directly and indirectly affected; those left to pick up the pieces.


ver the years following Christchurch’s earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 and the consequent effects that the tragedies had on the mental health of many, a review was conducted by the University of Otago that assessed the psychological consequences of the Canterbury earthquakes on a range of affected individuals. The research was recently published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal

of Public Health and it established that there was, unsurprisingly, an increase in psychological distress amongst people who were exposed to the sequence of earthquakes in Christchurch. In light of the recent tragic events of 15 March 2019, it is important to remember that profound sadness, grief and anxiety are completely normal reactions to an abnormal event, whether it is a natural or manmade disaster, and it is also important to acknowledge

your feelings to help you recover. Clinical psychologist Ian de Terte who commented on the review, advises utilising one’s own adaptive coping strategies that they have used previously. Reach out to your loved ones and if you feel you require assistance and advice, seeking counselling is a positive option. Psychiatrists play important roles in disaster planning and preparedness, and in short and longer term responses. God forbid should another disastrous event happen again, individually tailored approaches to limit our stress and keep ourselves safe will become indispensable during those times. In addition to this, our overall evolving understanding of the impacts that previous disasters have had on mental health, such as widespread distress and how we respond to it, is ultimately how we can prepare for any future disasters in our small but special city. Those in the midst of any disaster are more than likely to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder following the events. First and foremost, it is important to understand how they are feeling. Talk to them and acknowledge their spoken feelings. Encourage treatment and positive treatment planning as this is paramount for recovery. Invite your loved one to accompany you for a walk or other peaceful activity. Above all, be patient. The importance of reviews like this cannot be undermined. Dr Sarb Johal, a private consultant clinical psychologist who also commented on the review, says that without timely high-quality research we risk missing opportunities to reduce the impacts of disasters when they occur. “We must press on with strategic investments in high quality, New Zealand-based research to understand our hazardscape and its potential and actualised consequences for all of New Zealand’s communities.”

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The impact of a disaster

Experience Luxury & Exclusivity


BOUTIQUE RETIREMENT LIFESTYLE AVAILABLE IN MERIVALE Brand New 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Villas 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Large Sunny Courtyards

look andfeel younger Invest in DENTURES that will boost your confidence, and give back your youthful smile... and most of all...

...enables you to feel like you again.

Crafted by internationally renowned dental technician - Richard Greenlees. MERIVALE RETIREMENT VILLAGE

27 Somme Street, Merivale

Ph. 021 971 487 or 03 375 4117

By Appointment only. Consultation fee applies.

402 Montreal Street, Christchurch | 03 379 1222

Do whispered sweet nothings need to be quite a lot louder these days?

With FREE initial hearing checks and high quality European Hearing Devices starting from only $495* there is no need to miss out on all the little secrets and compliments

Don’t suffer in silence * Assumes eligibility for $511.11 per ear Government Subsidy for hearing aids

(03) 377 4421 44 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Shop 125, The Hub, Hornby

03 974 1658

Clinical Dental Technician and artist, Richard Greenlees of Lovebite, has returned from a tour of Switzerland, Germany and the UK where he contributed to symposia on the latest technology used in denture creation.

CASE STUDY PATIENT #4001 (BEFORE AND AFTER) Metropol May 9, 2019 45

out & about

Light‘n’ Shade


t has been fascinating,” Richard says, “My main conclusion being that you just can’t surpass a set of dentures completely hand-made and bespoke to their owner”. The drive to computer-generated dentures simply doesn’t replicate Richard’s ability to create a set of dentures indistinguishable from a person’s own teeth. Key to Richard’s stunning results is his passion for studying faces and features. Regarded as gifted by colleagues, Richard has an innate ability to recreate a face as it would be if structured by its natural teeth. “It is common to be left with a ‘denture face’ after a number of years,” Richard says. “Cheeks collapse and lips thin, distorting the integrity of facial structure.” He finds women often bring their husbands in to get a denture face restored to its original more masculine appearance. Experience plus possessing the eye of a practicing artist enables Richard to visualise how the patient’s face would look at its best authentic self, at its current age. “The face fascinates me. It shows its owner’s history, illustrates the character and sustains life through its role in eating. Once it is restored there can be quite a dramatic change – patients can look in the mirror and see a younger self looking back. It always moves them and it can take a little time to adjust to this different yet completely authentic self.” Richard’s ‘after shots’ of patients are authentic too, he is strict on no use of stock photos to misrepresent his skill. The process begins with Richard observing the face, plus getting to know the personality behind it. A technical phase utilises moulds in different ways. Richard’s own-recipe wax is used to create lip stents as tools to reshape the face, helping decide where the teeth will sit, and where to place the teeth in the skull shape. This skilled and thoughtful analysis sets Richard’s work apart. Fittings occur to ensure the patient and Richard are happy and then the finishing stage can begin. This is a critical element, where Richard’s artistic side comes to the fore. The denture is handmade, incorporating the shape of teeth and gums, tinting and colouring and the character features that make the denture indistinguishable from real teeth are added. Creation of the dentures occurs in both the clinic and the art studio space at Lovebite, with the whole process in Richard’s hands only. Far from a 9–5’er, Richard sometimes works on a denture in the small hours, unable to put it down. He puts in long hours, but like any creative enterprise, it is not work, “it’s an expression for me, I love it”.




Vegan for pegan By Clementine Page

Move over keto – there’s a new food fad dubbed the ‘pegan’ diet and it’s working its way to the top, promising to promote optimal health through the ultimate combination of benefits from two popular eating regimes – paleo and vegan.

hile the two styles may seem like they’re at odds, the main principle that ‘peganism’ takes from both is a focus on real, nutrient-dense whole foods – in short, anything you can find based on the concept of ‘hunting and gathering’. Primarily consisting of fruits and vegetables, alongside small to moderate amounts of meat, certain fish, nuts, seeds and good fats, ‘peganism’ limits dairy intake and avoids heavily processed foods like sugar, oils and grains, instead embracing low gylcemic fruits and vegetables like strawberries, grapes, peas and kumara and heart-healthy oils such as olive, avocado and coconut. When done right, the diet not only aids weight loss because of the filling fibre and less calories offered by fruits and vegetables, it also claims to help control diabetes through balancing blood sugar levels – although (sadly) you will have to abolish coffee and alcohol. Whole foods – fruit and veggies – are famed for their antiinflammatory and detoxification benefits, which will evidently lead to a healthier you. So whether you want to up your health game, embrace a new diet that doesn’t limit your food options, or you’re a once-steadfast carnivore looking to welcome a more plantbased style of eating into your dieting regime, ‘peganism’ could be for you!

Savour modern flavours, attentive service & a contemporary ambience


46 May 9, 2019 Metropol

50 Park Terrace P: 371 0250 E:




Spiced Apple Dulce De Leche Bars By Olivia Galletly

JAZZ™ apples are now back in season and back in store. These award-winning apples are the perfect balance of tart, sweet, juicy and crunchy, making them perfect for these delicious spiced apple bars. Dulce de leche and spiced apples are sandwiched between two layers of oat-y crumble biscuit – a tasty autumnal treat. Ingredients Crumble and base 250g butter, cubed 200g plain flour 150g rolled oats 140g brown sugar 50g coconut 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Filling 720g JAZZ™ apples, peeled, cored and quartered 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger 380g tin of dulce de leche (caramel) Recipe created by Olivia Galletly of The Hungry Cook. For this and more of Olivia’s recipes, visit

Method 1.

Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a 20 x 20cm tin with baking paper.


Place all crumble ingredients in a bowl or bowl of a stand mixer. Mix until completely incorporated.


Press 2/3 of the crumble mixture into the lined tin. Place the remaining mixture in the refrigerator. This will make it easier to crumble up later. Use the back of a spoon to smooth base

out evenly. Bake for 15 minutes then set aside to cool.


Cut apples into thin slices then place in a pot over a low heat along with the ground spices. Cook for 10 minutes or until apples have just started soften. Be careful not to let them get mushy.


Smear 2/3 of the dulce de leche over the baked base then top with apples. Use your hands to crumble the

remaining crumble mixture over the apples.


Bake for 25 - 30 minutes or until golden brown. Leave in the tin to cool completely before cutting into squares.


Place remaining caramel in a microwave proof bowl and microwave for 30 seconds or until runny. Drizzle over bars and chill.



PHON E : ( 0 3 ) 2 8 1 8 9 9 9

E M A I L: F U N C T I O N S @ O X F O R D G R O U P. C O . N Z

W W W. O X F O R D G R O U P. C O . N Z

Metropol May 9, 2019 47



What drew you to hospitality? The people, the energy, the round the clock sense of fun… and of course, the food. How did you see Earl standing out against other culinary options in the city? I see it more as complementing the other offerings here in Christchurch; all these unique, individual passionate operators doing their own thing, beating to their own drum, creates an eclectic and vibrant hospitality fabric for the city which gives our customers so much choice, appealing to everyone’s taste. Earl will appeal to those diners geared towards great wine, conversation and simple food done well.

The Earls of the East Block

Restaurateur Tom Newfield and business partner, Chef Sam Campbell, opened Welles Street in 2017. Now they’re the Earls of a new culinary kingdom at 128 Lichfield Street in the city. We caught up with Tom to find out about Earl. You haven’t even been open for six months, but you’ve had Nigella Lawson and the Prime Minister dining in, how does it feel to get that level of kudos? I’m super proud of what my team and I have created, we are just excited to share it with everyone. Of course,

rather humbled to host these two guests in particular, both of whom were extremely lovely, in fact I was more nervous of my 10 year old nephew’s review on the same dish that Nigella ate; he can be a harsh critic – but in the end they both agreed, the Earl of Burger is a ten out

How would you describe Earl’s vibe and your culinary offering? Earl serves as a canvas for producedriven dishes synonymous with the flavour, energy and relaxed vibe inspired by the coastal European culture. Our food philosophy is to take simple and traditional dishes and execute them using exceptional ingredients, whilst having some fun. This presents a skilful yet still unpretentious blend of cuisines and ideas. The vibe is casual yet refined – like an understated bistro you find in neighbourhoods of big metropolitan cities, but right here in the SALT district of our own inner city. What does the next 12 months have in store for you? Lots, but also more of the same, as I think consistency is the key. As an emerging lifestyle hospitality brand, we are basing our foundations on accessibility and informality, so with any new venture (which you may see open in the next 12 months), you can expect nothing less than our all-inclusive hospitality to be on offer where fun and flavour go hand in hand.

Celebrating the very best in Japanese food Expertly crafted traditional Japanese dishes, as well as modern takes that fuse modern techniques and flavours with ancient practices 6 Nelson Street, Riccarton I Ph. 03 348 8818 OPENING HOURS: Mon: Closed Lunch Tues–Sun: 11:30am -2.00pm, Dinner 5:30-9pm 48 May 9, 2019 Metropol

A much-loved dessert in southern Italy, spumone is a simple dome or loaf-shaped icecream cake, served sliced into wedges. Ingredients 50g savoiardi biscuits 60ml espresso coffee (or milk), cooled GELATO 4 cups full-cream (whole) milk 200g sugar 100g 70 percent dark chocolate, roughly chopped

30g unsweetened cocoa powder 1 cup pouring (single/light) cream



CUPETA 100g whole, raw almonds 60g sugar Edited extract from Tortellini at Midnight by Emiko Davies, published by Hardie Grant Books, RRP $57. Available in stores nationwide.

Method 1.



Gelato: Place milk and sugar in a saucepan. Heat until almost boiling (you mustn’t let it boil). Sugar should have dissolved and surface of the milk, frothy. Remove from the heat and pour half of the milk into a container. While it is still hot, add the chocolate and cocoa to the milk left in the saucepan and whisk until smooth. Cool, then chill in the fridge. Leave the container of milk and sugar to cool completely, add the cream and chill in the fridge. Churn the milk gelato in an icecream machine according to instructions. While the gelato is still soft, pour it

into a loaf (bar) tin lined with plastic wrap and smooth it out with a spatula. Cover with plastic wrap and place it in the freezer to harden for a few hours or overnight. Churn the chocolate gelato in the ice-cream machine until soft and creamy.


Cupeta: Place almonds, sugar and 1 tablespoon water in a single layer in the bottom of a frying pan set over a medium heat. Cook until the sugar begins to melt and turn caramel brown. Shake the pan occasionally as the sugar melts, then toss the almonds with the caramel until toasted and well



coated. Pour mixture onto a chopping board lined with baking paper and leave to cool. Before it is completely cool and hardened, chop finely with a heavy knife. Dip the savoiardi biscuits into the coffee (or milk) and place a layer of them evenly over the fior di latte gelato in the loaf tin. Sprinkle over the chopped cupeta, then smooth over the softened, just-churned chocolate gelato right to the top. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze until the chocolate gelato has hardened. Turn out onto a flat serving plate.

Choose to explore our ingenious Gumption menu prepared by our Internationally trained Culinary team including our specialist Pastry Chef. Our generous size portions are created from delicious NZ products to please the discerning palate. Opulent surroundings in the absolute centre of the CBD Live music Fridays and Saturdays.

14 Cathedral Square, Christchurch Central p. 03 377 7000 Metropol May 9, 2019 49


Food Photographer: © Lauren Bamford - Lifestyle Photographer: © Emiko Davies

Spumone Ice-Cream Cake







12 May 2019 11.30AM - 2.30PM $59.00 PP includes a glass of bubbles on arrival! To Book please phone (03) 355 3577 or email Bookings essential.

456 Road Christchurch


(03) 352 4903


NEW OWNERS! MARTY & NAOMI FULLER NEW CHEFS - EX TREVINOS! NEW MENUS! Superb food, great prices. Ample free parking! Your new local!

1 Normans Road Strowan Christchurch


Restaurant Bottle Shoppe Bar Everyday is a special occasion when you dine at The Long Knight Bookings Recommended

Unit 1, 1 Hamill Rd, Longhurst

03 355 5345

Ph. 03 322 1862

South City Mall Location


Image (x1 only)



We have the ability to adopt to your requirements. We cater to any range of events with tailored set menus or canapés and cocktails. Celebrate in style and indulge in the ultimate Universo experience by securing one of our 3 spaces or the entire restaurant.

Perfect for your office shout, birthday party or a gift for your special someone. Yours to enjoy! Subject to availability.

EXQUISITE CULINARY FUSION FRESH, AUTHENTIC AND HEALTHY VIETNAMESE FOOD IN A FRIENDLY CASUAL SETTING, OFFERING EAT-IN AND TAKEAWAY Vietnamese and Thai fusion packed with plenty of flavours and healthy options is waiting for you. Special Lunch $12 meals comes with drinks LUNCH ONLY. Takeaway available, fully licensed and BYO, Vegetarian friendly.

49 Worcester THE Boulevard HIGHEST DINING

South City Mall


Ph. 03 943 4066

Ph. 03 379 5214

50 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Our new owners extend a warm

Open 7 days 11.30am - 2.30pm and 5pm - 9.30pm.

Unit 5/300 Lincoln Rd 03 925 9730


Canterbury Location


Image (x1 only) TAKE THE WORK OUT OF YOUR NEXT DINNER PARTY Providing a genuine customer-focused experience using natural products, delivered by our family-focused team. • Private Functions • Weddings • Events • Consulting & Temp Chefs

Spitfire Square

BRINGING CULTURES TOGETHER TO ENJOY THE TRADITIONAL ART OF CHINESE FOOD Authentic Cantonese Cuisine made from our hearts Hours: Tuesday -Sunday, Yumcha Lunch 11.00am to 2.30pm Dinner 5.00pm to 9.30pm



St Albans



The newest ‘pick your own’ sushi bar in The Tannery, Christchurch. Offering over 40 delicious and unique varieties, using the finest local ingredients and produced in our on-site kitchen by our highly skilled and innovative chefs.

544 Memorial Ave, Christchurch Christchurch Airport, Shop 8, Spitfire Square

The Tannery Woolston. Located inside

03 423 9195

Ph. 03 925 9027


The Tannery Shop 20 / 3 Garlands Road, Woolston



Image (x1 only)


FIND OUT WHY OUR CUSTOMERS ARE ALL COFFEE FANS Clip this coupon to receive our Buy one and get one FREE! to enjoy our specials (Special conditions apply) Mon-Fri promotion only We are now serving brunch daily (until 1:30pm)

JOLLY SEAFOOD AND MUCH MUCH MORE Possibly the most extensive Chinese menu in Christchurch. All day menu available including Peking Duck, beef, roast duck, Pork Buns (gluten free options available). Brand new modern décor with extensive lighting features and seating for 200 people. Open for Lunch and Dinner. A truly special function venue which comfortably seats 200 people. Fully Licensed.

GOT FUSSY EATERS? WE’VE GOT SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! From house-made pies, desserts to an extensive cafe menu.

Jolly Seafood Restaurant 159 Cranford Street, St Albans 03 355 8744

1/187 Wigram Road, Halswell 03 322 7898

187 Wigram Road Halswell (03) 421 5496 Metropol May 9, 2019 51








Image (x1 only) INDULGE IN MAORI INFUSED KAI RIGHT IN THE CITY CENTRE Lu Lu’s Bar and Eatery, is the place to connect and reconnect over Maori infused cuisine” Peruse the menu – available in both English and Te Reo – which pays homage to New Zealand produce from the farm, garden and sea including paua from the Chatham Islands, traditional Maori sourdough bread and hangi-style kumara bites. Round up the whanau and tuck into Lu Lu’s delectable fare. Use our special April promo code “codekai13” for free coffee with meals over $30 *T&C’s apply

31 Victoria Street


Beckenham Location


Image (x1 only) BOOK YOUR TABLE FOR MOTHER’S DAY The Eatery will be open 8am-4pm Pizzeria 6pm-10pm

Treat your mum to a special experience at The Birdwood

FORMOSA, ASIAN FUSION RESTAURANT We take inspiration from traditional Taiwanese cusine and mix the diverse Asian cultural style, fresh flavours and chic setting. To find out more about Formosa, just scan QR code below

NEW SUSTAINABLE BASED MENU Torenhof is proud to be leading the charge for ethical menus and sustainable business practices in the café/restaurant arena in Christchurch. Follow our progress on CoGo

173 West Street, Ashburton

13 Stanley Street, Christchurch

03 308 7874


Ph. 03 377 1007



Image (x1 only) QUICK COFFEE AND FOOD FROM 6AM Serving expert poured Supreme coffee, superfood smoothies, breakfast and lunch including toasted sandwiches, cheese scones bulletproof coffee and daily specials all made on site to takeaway. GF | DF | Vegan options Soy | Rice | Coconut | Almond milk available

NUTRITIOUS AND HEALTHY OPTIONS PACKED WITH FLAVOUR • Breakfast/Brunch and cabinet food • All food made on the premises • Wide range Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Paleo options • Open 7 days • Indoor & Outdoor Seating • Catering available - free delivery city wide

Monday-Friday: 6am-2pm

76 Malcolm Avenue Beckenham 03 332 3256

52 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Follow us on instagram @bantercafe_chch

496 Colombo Street, Sydenham (Next to The Drawing Room) Text your coffee order to: 0210 820 9942

Westfield Riccarton Mall 129 Riccarton Road Ph 03 983 4652




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STUNNING VIEW, EXQUISITE FOOD Only a short 1 hour drive from Christchurch, the Methven Resort Hotel is the perfect choice for your wedding. With accommodation in the Mt Hutt Village, plus our onsite chef offers a special wedding menu with a wide range of flavours to suit all of your guests. • 3 heated outside spas • 25 metre outdoor swimming pool - seasonal • Accommodation 47 ensuite rooms • Bar • Conference room can hold 300 people


Image (x1 only) LIFE’S A BEACH... AT OCEAN CAFÉ & BAR SCARBOROUGH Open Daily @ 8am for Breakfast & Lunch Open late on $5 Friday...


AN INDIAN GASTRONOMIC GEM FOR DINE IN-OR TAKEAWAY LUNCH & DINNERes Summer has arrived! Pop into Pepper Bridge to make your summer season delicious. DINNER FOR TWO FOR $45.00 I Veg Starter 2 Curries Option of (Chicken, Lamb, Beef) 2 Basmati Rice 2 Naan Breads

51 Main Street Methven

147 Esplanade Clock Tower End Sumner

300 Lincoln Rd, Shop 9, Addington Mall.

0800 22 44 40

03 326 7923

03 595 0442

(No Boarder) Christchurch Location



West Melton

Image (x1 only) FOOD & LIQUOR DELIVERY SERVICE 100+ TOP RESTAURANTS AND LIQUOR STORES 1. Download the app ‘Give me Bread’ or visit 2. Select ‘Order Food’ or ‘Order Liquor’ option. 3. Enter your address and browse the restaurants and liquor stores delivering to your area. 4. Use promo-code “METRO” at the checkout and enjoy FREE delivery (up to 5 km) 5. Door step delivery with in 30-35 minutes with live GPS tracking. 6. Earn $1 cash back for every $20 spent, every time you order.

Christchurch’s Local food & Liquor delivery app.


The only Mediterranean food outlet in the local Rolleston area and forever popular in the Shirley area. Serving Delicious Souvlaki, Hot Grill Salads, Moroccan Tagine, and many more tasty dishes. Newly added to our Rolleston Branch is Burritos & Chicken on Chips! A family of four can dine for around $50, with average prices at $14-$16 for dine in and takeaway items. At the Shirley Branch from 2nd week of March we’ll have upgraded menu. Something fresh & new for all customers Open 10am-9.30pm seven days a week

Shop 24/9 Masefield Drive, Rolleston

GREAT NEW LUNCH MENU Gold Card Lunches Mon-Fri Mon /Tue Woodfired pizzas $20 Tues Quiz night - free entry & prizes $15 Burgers Wed $15 Curry Thur / Fri Function Room - fundraisers/private functions Takeaways available

Opening hours: Sunday 9am - late Mon - Sat 11.30am - late

2/114 Marshland Rd, Shirley

Weedons Ross Road West Melton Village

03 925 9897

03 385 9673

Ph. 03 421 6481

Metropol May 9, 2019 53

(No Boarder)




ly)FlaImage (x1 only) The THE CHOCOHOLIC! When chocolate dreams meet alcohol angels, heaven is only a sip away! Our new cocktail menu is now live and ready to take your taste buds on an exquisite taste explosion. From a classic ‘Charlie Chaplin’ to our new DESSERT COCKTAILS like this ‘CHOCOHOLIC’, discover a large selection of cocktails that will leave you wanting more. It’s certainly worth the drive!

Open 7 Days til Late





IRT HARNESS JEWELS Saturday 1 June 2019

Open 7 days, 9am – Late

Described as the Oscars of harness racing. Everyone is welcome, and it is a chance to get dressed up to the nines and celebrate the thrill and glamour of this exclusive event. Entry is by gold coin donation, with proceeds going to St John. For more information or to book your hospitality package visit

284 Lincoln Road Addington

75 Jack Hinton Drive Addington Christchurch

Book your pre-show dinner or drinks and enjoy our warm atmosphere and friendly service.

IVORY BAR is a stunning 1920’s styled establishment offering European shared plate cuisine, cocktails, champagne, crystal and craft beers.

93 Ivory Street Rangiora


03 4233 143 More information at


Beckenham Location


Image (x1 only) BOOK YOUR TABLE FOR MOTHER’S DAY The Eatery will be open 8am-4pm Pizzeria 6pm-10pm

Treat your mum to a special experience at The Birdwood

76 Malcolm Avenue Beckenham 03 332 3256

54 May 9, 2019 Metropol

03 335 0095



03 338 9094


Image (x1 only) NOT JUST A CAFÉ We cater for all needs, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or just a work function. We have all you needs covered. Good Food, Great Coffee, Great Outdoor Area. We are open for pre game drinks during home rugby nights with bar snack menu and lots of free parking available. Make Mrs Hucks your next choice. Available 7 days a week. Mon-Thur: 7am-3pm. Friday: 7am-7pm. Sat, Sun: 10am-2pm.

New to the city and serving the most healthy, freshest salads & pita bread/ wraps for you to enjoy... Delicous & freshly made to order. Our salads are full of nutritous ingredients with a wide range of options to choose from. Taking salads to the next level with friendly staff making a great place to eat & relax. Open: Mon-Sat 7am-Late

12 Show Place, Addington (off Whitleigh Ave)

03 982 5472

9 Ash Street Christchurch (Off Madras Street)

Join us on facebook




West Melton

Christchurch Central


A microbrewery and taproom with a difference • Open 7 days a week, for brunch, lunch and dinner • Pizza menu available daily • Menu caters to all dietary and lifestyle requirements • Ingredients sourced from local, trusted producers • Enjoy the sunny garden bar Open from 8am Mon-Fri and 10am weekends



Melton Estate are hosting Sir Tim Shadbolt and funny-guy Gary McCormick on Sunday 19th May for an afternoon of fine food and laughs. Join us for a two course Winery Lunch and Comedy Show - “A New Knight for a New Day”. Tickets are $68pp and available at

The Kiwi Viking is sure to bring a smile to your face and stomach, with our almighty selection of boats (subs), hamburgers, sandwiches and salads. Enjoy great healthy produce at a reasonable price! One of the newest and freshest additions to the food offerings located in the ever-growing Lichfield Courtyard. Try our famous Bacon Sandwich Breakfast for $7 w/coffee, or the $10 Lunch. T&C’s apply. Open Sun-Thu 8am to 1am and Fri-Sat 8am to 3am

380 Colombo Street, Christchurch Ph. 03 363 8413


Hoon Hay Location


Image (x1 only) THE PLACE TO GO FOR A THAI MEAL THAT YOU WILL NOT FORGET…… Fresh Daily, delicious flavours 5th Year Anniversary 10% off all meals Dine in or Takeaway or home delivered meals Fully licensed Restaurant Tues – Sat Lunch 11am-2pm & Dinner 5pm-9pm Sun – Dinner 5pm – 9pm

Corner Weedons Ross and Johnson Roads, West Melton 03 347 4968

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THE EARLYBIRD CATCHES THE BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER DEAL! Book the first table for breakfast, lunch or dinner at participating Christchurch eateries and you’ll get 50% OFF the FOOD BILL for 2 to 4 DINERS! Choose from 90+ fantastic Christchurch restaurants and cafes. Use promo code METROPOL to get $5 FREE CREDIT!* Book now at

150 Lichfield Street, Christchurch Phone 03 925 9899 Springfield

YELLO SHACK CAFE A 45 min drive from christchurch and nestled at the base of the southern Alps, next to the famous pink donut. See why this iconic cafe has been serving customers for 24 years - Breakfast menu Mon-Sun - Innovative Cabinet food. - Sublime home baking. - Woodfired Pizzas Fri-Sun - Private functions and outside catering.

9 Coppell Place, Christchurch Ph 03 339 0320

*Promo code can only be used on new sign ups. $5 free credit to be used towards booking fee. Booking fee is normally $10 per reservation. Credit must be used within 30 days of signing up.

Main West Coast Road Springfield, Canterbury Open 7 days 03 3184880

Metropol May 9, 2019 55


First is more

Eating out is a luxury, so discovering new dining experiences with limited ‘fun-funds’ can often feel risky for restaurant-goers. First Table reduces the financial risk of trying somewhere new by offering an incentive to dine early, creating a win-win experience for foodies and restaurants alike.


f you haven’t heard of it yet, First Table is an online restaurant booking platform. The concept was inspired by a Queenstownbased restaurant which offered a 50 percent deal on the first table of the night as a local’s secret. Crowds attracted crowds and the rest is history. Food lovers booking on First Table get half price at affiliated restaurants. You pay a $10 booking fee to reserve a table for two to four people and receive 50 percent off the food bill. The catch? There really isn’t much of one, just that the available reservation times are restricted to the ‘first table’ of breakfast, lunch or dinner, while








Distillery tours & tasting Open Tue-Sat 11am-5pm Purchase instore or online 11 Sandyford Street, Sydenham 56 May 9, 2019 Metropol



For freshness, quality & great customer service


Authentic Gin, Vodka and Single Malt Whisky crafted right here in Christchurch.

drinks are full price. It’s a must for those devoted to sampling the best of their city’s cuisine! Rooted in New Zealand, it’s exciting to see First Table expand to other parts of the world including Australia, the UK, Ireland, and Indonesia. Check out which Christchurch-based restaurants are available for booking at www. Leave a review of your experience and you’ll have the chance to win Review of the Week and $50 First Table credit. Pictured is Welles Street, one of Christchurch’s many superb food places that operates through First Table.

What be�eer lunch than ba�eered snapper, chips & salad with a glass of wine while si�hing in our outdoor area in the sun. 48 Fitzgerald Ave

Ph (03) 366 0258

Fully Licensed

German style donut filled with jam. Home made fresh every Thursday and Saturday.


Bakehouse cashmere

9c Normans Road, Strowan Ph. 03 355 0932 Open Tues to Sat

Open: Mon-Fri 6am-5pm, Sat 6am-4pm Sun 8am-4pm 8 Colombo Street, Cashmere. Ph 03 337 0403

Marvellous Meatballs It seems like an impossibly glamorous occupation, to travel the world playing polo, so why did Alex Rowland-Jones and George CooperDixon give it all up to sell meatballs? After years on the road, tired of living out of suitcases, the call of home was too strong to resist and they decided to come back to New Zealand to put down some roots.


nspired by one of their mum’s favourite homemade recipes, they had been talking together for years about setting up their own food business. After fine tuning their own special

meatball recipe to perfection, ‘Balls & All’ at the Colombo was launched and is now open to delight your taste buds! Their delicious meatballs are rolled fresh everyday onsite and made from only the

Yello Springfield! It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Whether you’re on your way to go skiing at Porter’s Pass or to see the ‘Springfield Donut’, stop by the Yello Shack.

best quality locally sourced ingredients. For the very reasonable price of $13.50 you get three mouth-watering meatballs served on top of your choice of base; mashed potatoes, fettucine pasta, or cannelloni beans. The dish is topped off with a splash of their very own homemade meatball sauce (sorry we can’t tell you the recipe – it’s top


ocated on West Coast Road, you can’t miss this bright, cheery, yellow café which is fortunate because you really don’t want to miss it. When you’re on the road, sometimes you just want to see a friendly face which is just what you’ll find at Yello Shack. Yello Shack café is centered around quality food and service. Their love for seasonal produce is evident as many

secret) and a sprinkle of herbs cut fresh from mum’s herb garden. It doesn’t get fresher than that! To get your meatball fix, roll in to see them at 363 Colombo Street, Christchurch. To find out more check out their Facebook page ballsandallnz/ or phone Alex on 027 727 3542.

of the vegetables are sourced from the family farm, Yaxley Produce. In addition to their new breakfast menu, you can order your favourite cabinet food items like Yello Shack’s popular pork and apple filo. The Yello Shack creates scrumptious, seasonal food for their menu, including a variety of delicious handcrafted woodfired pizzas. Salads are created daily and in winter soups are available for dine-in or takeaway. The barista-trained staff take pride in producing Vice Espresso coffee, which pairs well with a homemade scone or muffin - baked fresh every morning. Gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options are always available. Don’t leave your next visit to the Yello Shack to chance. The venue is available for hire for your next celebration and if you prefer to take the Yello Shack wherever you go, you can pick up your order from Yello Shack to cater your next event. Phone 03 318 4880 for venue hire, catering enquiries, or phone orders. Metropol May 9, 2019 57

The Beyond Beleaf 100% vegan patty from BurgerFuel

Something extraordinary has arrived at BurgerFuel. W

hat if we told you that the latest BurgerFuel burger looked, cooked, smelt and tasted like 100% pure NZ beef, but was made entirely of plants? BurgerFuel are exploring an extraordinary new frontier with the latest generation of meat-free protein alternatives. In the name of the environment and delicious everything, they’re proud to introduce Beyond Beleaf – the ultimate alternative protein experience that will blow your carnivorous mind with plant-based beef. The Beyond Beleaf burger

58 May 9, 2019 Metropol

fuses the BurgerFuel experience with an innovative, 100% vegan, plant-based product from Beyond Meat that looks like beef, cooks like beef, and tastes like beef (except it isn’t). Served as a minisized burger, the Beyond Beleaf contains all the delicious ingredients you’d expect to find in a gourmet cheeseburger - and it tastes so close to

the real thing it’s hard to believe it’s 100% vegan. Experience the extraordinary with the Beyond Burger patty, vegan provolone cheese, vegan aioli, salad, relish and their delicious mini artisan buns. Here’s the lowdown on the Beyond Burger patty: •

• •

The Beyond Burger patty is the world’s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and tastes like a fresh beef burger that is free from gluten, soy, or GMOs. It’s 100% vegan, high in iron, high in protein and made from all-natural ingredients – the colouring comes from beetroot! The primary source of protein in The Beyond Burger® comes from peas. Production of the Beyond Burger patty uses less of the earth’s resources (like water and land) and produces fewer greenhouse gasses.

For humanity and beyond, this is a burger for everyone. Available until stocks last from May 1st.

Fast Food Icelandic Style The inspiration behind setting up the Kiwi Viking restaurant has been a long time coming for owner Sam Ragnarsson.


riginally an IT consultant from Iceland, Sam worked all over the world before deciding to settle in New Zealand, and realise his lifelong dream of owning his own restaurant. A passion for good Icelandic food and a chance to be part of the Christchurch rebuild was an opportunity that was too good to resist and the Kiwi Viking was born. The Kiwi Viking offers a genuinely healthy fast food


option and great value for money. In homage to the Viking legends of adventures at sea, there is a distinctly maritime theme. The menu features a mouth-watering selection of Boats (subs) or Rowboats (hamburgers) that come with a delicious array of fillings. Also on offer are Rafts (Sandwiches), Tussles (Salad) and Viking Oars (Fries). Drop in for a scrumptious breakfast for only $7, which includes a big bacon sandwich with a coffee or water included, or a delicious lunch for as little as $10. Even better, for those late night munchies, you will find the Kiwi Viking open past midnight every day of the week. Sam has taken great care in recruiting only the best staff who really care about their customers to ensure your visit will be a memorable and enjoyable one. The Kiwi Viking is open from 8am to 1am Sunday to Thursday and 8am to 3am Friday and Saturday and you can find them at 150 Lichfield Street, Christchurch. To find out more, phone Sam on 03 925 9899 or visit

Food for all Historically, Isabella Hucks was the owner of the Mrs Hucks Royal Theatre Café and local philanthropist, giving aid to WWI veterans. When Isabella Hucks passed, it was said that she thought of her café’s patrons more as friends than customers.


lthough today’s Mrs Hucks lacks familial ties to the historical figure, the eatery is built on the same philosophy. Owner, Max Zhao, understands the expectations associated with running an eatery named after the local legend as he admits, “I’m learning to be another ‘Mrs. Hucks’; this is the reason I love to work here.” Striving to serve the everyday working Kiwi, Mrs Hucks offers a number of different specials throughout the week.

For example, every morning the $8 breakfast is available from 7-9am, perfect for the professional heading to work. Also, each week a different $10 lunch is offered, which has included fish tacos, nachos, noodles – the possibilities are endless. With everything made fresh and in-house, you’ll find yourself at Mrs Hucks for breakfast, brunch or lunch. They also offer Friday after work drinks till 6:30pm, with a small bar snack menu in place.

Mrs Hucks is located at 12 Show Place, Addington, Christchurch serving the surrounding business park employees and those who are fortunate enough to stumble

upon this good food find. You can also find Mrs Hucks on Facebook and Instagram. For venue reservations or catering enquiries phone 03 982 5472. Metropol May 9, 2019 59

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream! Available for all private hire events and functions. Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Corporate.

The Rollin’ Pedaler

Traditional Ice Cream Tricycle. Providing not only Ice Cream but an experience.

A Bakery treasure trove at the bottom of the hill An easy location for you to pop in and stock up on our bakery products. Delicious hand made cakes, Danish pastries, pies, sausage rolls and Underground Coffee. Catering also available. Una Bakery 73 Centaurus Rd, Huntsbury Ph: 337 8214.


Catering for any occasion High tea, work shouts, parties, picnics or just because! Club sandwiches, savouries, filled rolls, slices, cream cakes, birthday cakes & much more. Orders essential.

Beautiful wine for your beautiful Mum.

346 Halswell Rd Open 7 days Ph. 322-4600

Give a bottle of gift wrapped Ataahua Wine this Mother’s day. Order online at and you can have it delivered!


Handmade Meatballs? Balls and All, packed full of flavour are handmade for your daily cravings. Beef, Pork or Veggie with Gluten free options- for a lunch to suit all.

Balls and All

Find us at The Colombo 363 Colombo St & keep up to date on our social media @ballsandallnz

Gorgeous Mediterranean-inspired sheep cheeses including: • Marinated Labneh • Marinated and plain feta • Halloumi Available at Fresh Choice Merivale, Barry’s Bay Cheeses, Harbour Co-op Lyttelton, Piko Foods, Christchurch Farmers Market. Kinder, Simpler, Smarter Food. Contact us at

Wine Of the Month Pinot Noir. Match our Pinot Noir with a hearty roast chicken, the fruit driven red with it’s warm fruity taste will compliment the roast meat flavours.

Customised Cooking Classes Get a group of your friends or workmates together. Choose what you’d like to learn and come along for a fantastic foodie night. Guaranteed you’ll go away inspired!! Ideal for a mid winter outing for book groups, social clubs, sports groups, and birthday celebrations etc.

Fiona’s Food

Mob. 0272295671 60 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Cellar door open 7 days Straight 8 Estate has some great Harvest Specials on at the cellar door. Come out for a drive to grab a bargain, wines from $10.90.

Straight 8 Estate 2321 Main Sth Rd, Burnham, Ph (03) 347 6878 or 027 722 8416

Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious Scallop pie or maybe an Italian eggplant pie!! Fairlie Bakehouse pies in store too

MRS DENTON’S Fine. Food. Fast Takeaway Cafe, Delicatessen

168a Kendal Ave, Burnside Opening hours Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm Saturday 9am to 2pm Sunday closed Ph. (03) 357 4516 027 469 0206

out & about 1






MOOCHI HEIGHTS OPENS ITS DOORS IN THE CBD Beloved New Zealand fashion label moochi recently hosted an opening event for their new store in the heart of Cashel Street. From humble beginnings in Mount Maunganui, owners Chris and Kellie have created a destination brand offering everyday luxury. Pop in to meet the team and view the new season. 1. Elle Green, Anna Threadgill, Sophie Harrison 2. Jessica Amor, Charlie Jackson 3. Maddi & Chrissie Dalgety 4. David & Petrina Winchester 5. Bec Callaghan (South Island Manager), Milly Baker (Manager) 6. Michelle & Georgia Marsh Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event.







FAT EDDIES’ FUNDRAISER FOR BONE MARROW CANCER TRUST St Patrice Day was a Bone Marrow Cancer Trust fundraiser for their $12 million dollar Ranui Apartments project which expands their capacity from 26 to 68 family apartments. This will provide accommodation to patients (and their families) requiring any type of medical care when attending Christchurch hospital. 1. Amber MacDonald, Alex Davids, Mike Turnball, Andrew Bell 2. Kimberley Amiot, Darryll Park (The Oxford Group) 3. Phil McGoldrick, Alan Stewart, Stig Eldred 4. Veronique Hocking, Brigid McClellan, Suzanne Bell 5. Tim Browne, Jeremy Spencer 6. Amy Hodgetts, Serena Mayen Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event.

Metropol May 9, 2019 61



Date scones are a perennial favourite. Here I’ve given them a make-over with an amazing spice blend with flavours redolent of the markets of Fez, Morocco. Prep time 20 minutes

Cook time 15-18 minutes


Ingredients DATE FILLING 2 cups well-packed stoned dates, chopped Grated rind of 1 orange ½ cup orange juice (or use water) 2 teaspoons kasbah fragrant spice blend (see below) or mixed spice 2 tablespoons coconut sugar or dark or soft brown sugar 2 tablespoons honey, quince jam

or apricot jam 25 grams butter DOUGH 2 cups self-raising flour ¼ teaspoon salt 50 grams butter, cold, grated ¾-1 cup milk, plus extra to glaze 1 egg Coarse sugar crystals to decorate, optional



Method 1.

Preheat the oven to 220°C (200°C fan bake). Set the rack in the centre of the oven. Line a baking tray with baking paper.


To make the filling, put the dates, orange rind and orange juice (or water), spices, sugar, honey or jam and butter into a saucepan over a moderate heat. Warm, stirring until the dates have become mushy. Set aside to cool.


To make the dough, sift the flour and salt into a bowl and rub in the butter until it resembles crumbs. Make a well in the centre.


Mix ¾ cup milk and the egg together and pour into the well, stirring with a dinner knife or the handle of a wooden

62 May 9, 2019 Metropol

spoon to make a firm scone dough. Add extra milk if required.




Turn out onto a floured bench and knead only to bring together. Roll out to a rectangle about 0.5cm thick. Spread the cooled date mixture over the scone dough. Beginning at the long edge, roll up. Brush the tops with milk to glaze. If wished, scatter over coarse sugar crystals to decorate.

KASBAH FRAGRANT SPICE BLEND 1 tablespoon ground coriander 2 teaspoons ground cassia 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon ground cardamom ½ teaspoon ground ginger 2 tablespoons dried rose petals, optional A few drops orange oil or pure orange essence Mix together and store in an airtight container

Bake in the preheated oven for 15–18 minutes or until the roll is well browned and, when tapped underneath, sounds hollow. Remove from the oven, place a clean tea towel on top and allow the roll to steam for 3–5 minutes.


Cut into slices and serve warm with plain yoghurt or butter.

Recipe extracted from The Baker’s Companion, by Allyson Gofton, published by Penguin NZ, RRP$55.00. Photography by Lottie Hedley.

From slippers to snow boots, the shelves are groaning with gorgeous footwear at Style Footwear Ashburton. The team – Melissa, Brian and Trudy – are thrilled with the winter range and hope customers will be too.


trong again this season is ankle boots – there are a few long boots in the range with some exclusive lines amongst them. Mid-height block heels are very popular and super comfortable to wear all day. The ‘athleisure’ look is still in style, with dress sneakers and basketball style boots featuring strongly. Black is and always will be the strong colour in winter, but there are few stand outs available – metallic blues, cherry red patent, khaki and a great range of navy blue. Stocking top brands such as Ziera, Sugar ‘n’ Spice, Bear Paw, Toilno, Saimon, Cabello, Klouds and more, there is something for everyone, including a range of handbags, scarves and jewellery.

Spanish Styles

Paradise for Garden-aholics, Gift-aholics & Foodies 5 Archibald St, Tinwald Ashburton Open 7 days a week Phone: 03 3086858

Instore & Online

Phone: 03 308 7620


Shoe care is also important and Style Footwear stocks Footcom and Scholl products, to provide the best options possible. Melissa does the majority of the buying and always has her customers in mind. Attending buying meetings twice a year and being in regular contact with her suppliers means the latest releases are never far away. Sizes 35-45 are stocked in most ranges and the team will endeavour to source the perfect shoe for you. Custom fitting is done in-store for free, as no two feet are the same. Follow Style Footwear on Facebook and Instagram. Visit which offers laybuy as a payment option and free shipping.

177 Burnett Street, Ashburton

Visit Lushingtons in Ashburton for a fabulous day out. All your favourite pleasures in one place, an extensive nursery for indoor and outdoor gardens, Gifts galore and yummy food in our café.

Metropol May 9, 2019 63


shoe style Winter



By Clementine Page

Tuxedo Kitchens White and off-white have long reigned supreme in the world of interior design, particularly when it comes to kitchens, where we seek bright, clean spaces. However, it seems we’re seeing a return to black kitchen cabinetry, splashbacks and marble countertops, and contrasting black with white walls. It’s got our kitchens looking chic, with parental practicality.


lanning a kitchen fitout or renovation in 2019? This year interior colour trends will embrace a darker colour palette, with fewer colours and a greater emphasis on black, contrasted by simple white, rich browns,

grey, taupe, beige, natural wood and other neutral tones. Black brings elegance and mood to a space like no other hue, and while opting for a predominantly black kitchen is a

brave move, it’s one that can prove highly successful when done right. Transform an old, tired kitchen into a sleek and contemporary space using glossy or matte black cupboards, drawers and countertops. Black leathered-finish marble is coming in hot, as are charcoal coloured appliances like rangehoods, fridges and ovens. And if you can’t bring yourself to go all out, a monochromatic kitchen space is classic yet adds a touch of modernity – splashes of black through handles/knobs, trims, appliances and pendant lights can be all that’s needed to update a worn-out space. Wow guests this year by adding a bit of visual drama to your home. Freshen up your existing kitchen or pay homage to the trend by furnishing your new place with a bold black kitchen fit out.



Aaron Pero | | 64 Kilmore Street GRENADIER REAL ESTATE LTD. LICENSED REAA 2008

64 May 9, 2019 Metropol


0275 227 667

the weighty responsibility of coordinating with the plumber, electrician and other builders necessary to renovate your kitchen, Dream Doors Kitchens Christchurch utilises the services of trusted craftsmen to make your dream kitchen a reality. Similar to how craftsmen are critically assessed, so too are the materials used to renovate and build your kitchen. Dream Doors Kitchens Christchurch only uses custom made, locally sourced cabinetry to meet your specifications. Adrian and the team are confident enough in the calibre of their work and materials to put a ten-year guarantee on each kitchen completed by Dream Doors Kitchens Christchurch. Whether you’re starting from scratch on a new build or you’re looking to update your kitchen, you can expect it to be done right the first time with Dream Doors Kitchens Christchurch. To make an inquiry, phone 03 338 1081 or submit one online at Facebook: Dream Doors Christchurch Instagram: dreamdoorskitchens





It’s no surprise that Dream Doors Kitchens Christchurch earned Best Franchisee of the Year for the sixth year in a row. With the company’s expertise and attention to detail, you’ll be left dazzled while admiring your new kitchen.


ream Doors Kitchens Christchurch is skilled in renovating kitchens because they manage projects from start

to finish. Adrian Kay, owner of Dream Doors Kitchens Christchurch states, “We really look after our customers; we

manage the whole process for them so it goes smoothly and according to plan.” Instead of leaving you with

Follow us on Facebook @Dream Doors Christchurch for design inspiration

Amazing Kitchen Facelifts!

isee NZ Franchear of the Y for 2018 6th year in a row

Replacement doors, drawers, panels and benchtops Or a complete brand new kitchen, all made to measure

P. 03 338 1081

Artisan Timbers are the experts in unique authentic and inspiring timber flooring Talk to us today about how we can help you bring your existing timber flooring back to life, or a complete new installation.

P. 021 880 892 E. Metropol May 9, 2019 65


When choosing kitchen colours, should they match with the colour scheme of the home or can it be a total contrast? It is nice to have some continuity between the kitchen design and colour scheme and the interior colours and finishes of your home. It is a much easier process for us at Armstrong Interiors as we can provide expert guidance on colour schemes. What is your one kitchen must have? An island is the one thing that is very important for today’s living. This can double as a dining space, entertainment area for coffee and drinks, or a place for the family to gather and enjoy whether someone is in the kitchen cooking or not.

Angelique Armstrong Armstrong Interiors Ltd

Creating the

heart of the home

Lacey Exton has joined the talented team at Armstrong Interiors, bringing with her two years of experience working in a high-end kitchen and joinery boutique company. Metropol catches up with Lacey to get the lay of the land when it comes to designing the heart of the home.

When designing a kitchen what is the first step? Making sure the plumbing is in the correct place for your sink, dishwasher and filter fridge. It is good to engage your kitchen designer early and the design stages with the architect, prior to when the floor slab is poured. When renovating to sell, what are cheap but effective ways to give you kitchen a boost? The kitchen bench top and the back splash are hard surfaces that can make a huge difference to modernising the look; this will also bring a new lease of life back to your kitchen. Other good ways are updating joinery cupboard and drawer fronts, and adding floating shelving or box storage.

What part of the kitchen should you invest the majority of your budget? Island and bench tops needs to be of high quality and durable to last. This is the ‘wow’ piece where you can really make a statement. Today stone suppliers have a vast range of natural stones and granites from all over the world. Engineered stones have also improved over the years and there is a colour and style for all design looks. However, if you are a keen master chef, it may be the appliances that you would like to indulge in.

Visit, phone 03 356 2636 or check them out on Instagram armstronginteriorsltd

YOU DREAM IT WE’LL BUILD IT 66 May 9, 2019 Metropol

LAP OF LUXURY Family is at the very heart of The Mighty Staggz operation, the local Oxford, North Canterbury business that specialises in building unique fibreglass swimming pools.


t’s what drives husbandand-wife team Quentin and Nicky Stagg who, alongside

raising their own four boys, are passionate about creating a product that can provide

endless hours – and years – of enjoyment for families like theirs. Quentin, who has worked in the industry for more than 15 years and has vast experience working with fibreglass, decided that in 2017 it was time to go out on his own and create a business with a difference.

“A pool can mean a lifetime of enjoyment, its our job to make sure it is.”

For custom built pools, spas & lagoons Ph. 0284105752 I I

Metropol May 9, 2019 67


“Not only do we see it as a pool, we see our purpose of producing and creating an environment where people can gather, create long-lasting memories with their loved ones, and spend hours unplugging and enjoying their pool. Our business represents our family and our passion for building and constructing custom-built fibreglass swimming pools, a unique one-off design made especially for our clients.” Specialising in everything from 25m school pools, to small custom-built spas and lagoons, the couple is dedicated to creating quality builds and making sure they fit with their clients’ needs. Working with The Mighty Staggz also means you deal directly with the business owner from start-to-finish, eliminating the need for middle men. “With our unique building method, we can construct anything you imagine, and we can bring it to life,” Quentin says. “We pride ourselves on using quality products to establish a stunning result and provide a genuine down-to-earth service.”

YOU & YOUR ARCHITECT: A CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP Every person is unique. As architect Craig South explains, your home should also uniquely reflect who you are and how you want to live.



ig weekend get-togethers or coffee for two on the deck? Enjoy reading in the sun or love to garden? We’re all different; good architecture acknowledges this and is responsive to people’s lifestyle choices. We deeply value our clients and recognise that their aspirations are fundamentally important to the whole design

process. Every project starts with an in-depth conversation on their brief, aesthetics and lifestyle. Having that understanding from the outset is vital to achieving the end goal of a truly bespoke home. We approach every new project with creativity, an open mind and a willingness to listen and respond. We appreciate our

Add warmth under foot with an area rug from Carpetbinders Ltd. Your area rug specialists and carpet binding professionals.

68 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Ph 027 4888 305


: clients’ commitment and the trust they place in us. In return, we offer a robust process that is collaborative, thorough and responsive. In our own practice, rather than being defined by a particular style, we prefer to be defined by our client-focused process. In turn, this leads to homes that are uniquely

designed for them. We are not known for having a defined brand and that is very much a deliberate choice. We believe our approach to design is special because it goes deeper than simply asking ‘how many bedrooms’ or ‘what size’. We like to ask the ‘why’ questions and explore what clients are really seeking

to achieve to ensure a deeper understanding of what they want out of their new home. We also like to celebrate the uniqueness of every client, creating homes that will fit their aspirations and how they want to live. Some people worry about prioritising their lifestyle choices in a design, because they


think it could adversely affect potential re-sale value. In reality, by creating a home that’s in sync with you and how you live – rather than a home that you think someone else would enjoy – you are more likely to get something truly authentic that others will positively respond to in the future.

A lifetime warranty for the most advanced film technology and installation techniques. UV Fade Control I Heat I Glare I Privacy Films

Call NOW for a FREE QUOTE A cost effective alternative to renovating your home with no consent required. Extra bedroom lounge, art studio, office, guest accomodation or small business space



Ph: Ken 021 284 1275






0800 368 468

Metropol May 9, 2019 69


Eliminate Condensation

If condensation and ventilation issues are a problem in your home, the team at Snow Temp Heating Solutions are the people to call before winter sets in.


overing both residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration, the Christchurch business has been in operation for the past 35 years, and run by Graham Milburn for the past three. With individually tailored maintenance programmes available to ensure equipment is maintained to the highest possible standard, Snow Temp also offers a handy 24-hour/365-day emergency breakdown service. With experienced installers and a commitment to excellent customer service, Graham and his engineers regularly receive positive feedback from new and existing clients. “They comment on how fresh and nice the house smells,” he says. “The condensation is gone and, even though the house has been shut, it’s like you’ve had the windows open all day.” If you’d like to know more about Snow Temp Heating Solutions, call 03 379 3589, or email today.

Get it white By Kayte John

The days might be getting darker as we make the seasonal shift to the cooler months, but that doesn’t mean our homes need to follow suit. In fact a clean, serene white interior might just be the antidote to the winter blues.


DID YOU KNOW A FAMILY OF FOUR CAN PRODUCE 34 LITRES OF MOISTURE A DAY THROUGH EVERYDAY TASKS? Air with a higher level of moisture takes more energy to heat, which will increase the household energy bills or reduce your thermal comfort. SNOWTEMP can provide the right solutions to ensure your home is energy efficient to heat with reduced odours and increased fresh, dry air.

Call Graham today on:

03 379 3589 70 May 9, 2019 Metropol


hite may seem to be a safe choice in comparison to bold colours, but it brings an understated look that can make a big impact when styled right. The beauty of white is also its ability to be regularly restyled with ease. So how do you ‘get it white’ when it comes to incorporating this fresh favourite into the home? Firstly choose your tone by deciding whether your white will have a grey or blue undertone, or a more yellow tint to it. Cooler tones will give the room a serene Scandi-style, while warmer tones will provide

a warmer, rustic ambience. White interiors are easy to apply to your kitchen and can maximise your space. A great way to style it in the kitchen is to pair it with indoor greenery which is a trend that has exploded in popularity. Your bedroom is another room where the all-white look can be applied. However, you want it to be serene without it feeling like you’re sleeping in a hospital bed. To avoid this, throw in some neutral tones such as beige and cream. This paired-back look is perfect for creating an effortlessly stylish space.


Beauty By Tracey Edwardes


It’s the colour of a summer ocean and an expansive sky. The art world’s love of this inky, energetic cobalt blue is well-documented. And they’re not alone! Rich, deep and inviting, cobalt blue is the new power player of the homewares sphere. With its electric charge and ability to instantaneously uplift, the right hue of blue is as bold as it is beautiful. WEST ELM STACKED BLOCKS CUSHION COVER


his colour is lighter than its more formal cousin navy, but has a deeper richness than cheery sky blue. Its name derives from cobalt salt mixing with aluminium oxide – creating a fathomless beauty. Its undertones can range from grey to purple. Throughout history, dating back 3,000 years, it has been used for porcelain, tiles and glass – and was then devoured creatively by many an artist such as Monet, Renoir, Matisse and Van Gough. Ceramics and surroundings through to artworks and interior homewares have instant impact with cool, emotive cobalt blue. And it can look quite French. The sultry shade is in love with velvet – from cushions to couches and with delicious deep buttoning. It can have a metallic quality, so shimmer with a metallic cobalt vase or bowl against a light-wood coffee table. Copper brings out cobalt’s warmth. Gold elevates it to regal status.

The colour joins other moody dark hues in interiors this season, as primary colours are set aside for now. Even in lighting or kitchen splashbacks, this deep and decadent shade will lift a dull day. It is essentially a cool colour, but its brilliance creates warmth against a grey day. It looks almost princely mixed with the new obsession – the shade of mustard. Mixed with terracotta, it emits the exotic of byzantine era and the bazaars of Eastern Mediterranean. Paired with green, it is nature in its finest combination. The rich colour is balanced and incredibly striking against the contrast of the palest dusky pink. If you decide on a cobalt couch, light pastel cushions and throws will soften the depth. Whether it’s a lightning bolt of this shade from a treasured collection, or painting the walls cobalt, to relaxing under a midnight sky, its jewel-like qualities are heavenly indulgence.

1. 2.



Metropol May 9, 2019 71

Registere dM

e Year f th eo

Builders Ho ter us as


er bu

ry •

• Ca r


ry/ M

id & South C



Your local award winning builder... To see what an award winning home has to offer come on over and take a look at one of our exceptional display homes. 7 Lemonwood Drive, Rolleston Open: Wednesday - Sunday, 12pm - 4pm 9 Westpark Boulevard, Rangiora Open: Wednesday - Sunday, 12pm - 4pm At Jennian Homes Canterbury North we pride ourselves on delivering the home you’ve always wanted. So, what are you waiting for? Come on over and see for yourself what life could be like in a Jennian Home.

Jennian Homes Canterbury | 212 Main South Road, Sockburn P 03 741 1436 | E |

Make your kitchen look NEW again


Before After


changing seasons eclectic pieces for that special occasion....or just because....

72 May 9, 2019 Metropol


Kitchens or Furniture Call us now to Wairakei discussCnr your optionsRd/ 03 365Roydvale 2159 Ave P. 03 358 5565

Our friendly team can remove all the doors and panels, repair and refinish in a colour of your choice. Lacquered, timber and melamine kitchens refinished.

Kitchens or Furniture Call us now to discuss your options 03 03 365 2519 2159 |


EXECUTING THE EXCEPTIONAL Dwayne Prendergast, Director of Jennian Homes Canterbury, says the year has started with strong sales. “We are particularly pleased with the number of new high-end architectural builds we are doing, along with our large range of family and holiday homes,” Dwayne says.


his year has seen the completion of a number of in-house designed architectural builds in Westmorland. “The homes are built into the hillside, and enjoy stunning views over the city.” With special block foundation engineered floors, Jennian Homes has ensured these builds don’t just look fantastic, but are built to meet the environmental challenges. “We are really enjoying handling whole projects

– beginning with designs created by our team from scratch, through to seeing delighted owners moving in,” Dave says. “The process is made that much easier for clients with our Studio J display centre right here at our office in Sockburn. It is open from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday and it is just great because it removes the need for clients to try to visualise; they can see all the materials and colour options as

they would appear on a finished home.” If you are thinking of building, it’s never too early to talk to one of the team at Jennian Homes. The Jennian team are there to explore your ideas, explain options and offer complete certainty around the process of building with Jennian Homes. “If you’d love an architectural home but budget is a constraint, utilising the in-house design team is an extremely costeffective way to achieve your goal,” Dwayne says. The design team is completed by in-house sales and accounts, and there is a fantastic set of skilled personnel in the key project management group. “We’ve all got such energy and enthusiasm for what we achieve here, and it’s because we work with great brands, great trades

and we get great results. We’ve completed numerous homes for delighted clients and we are proud of what we are doing,” Dwayne says. The team has expanded the area it covers and Jennian Homes Canterbury is now creating dream homes for happy clients from Kaikoura to Waimate. Jennian’s homes are also completed under fixed contracts. “We understand that people can come to building with concerns about controlling the costs. We guarantee there won’t be any unpleasant surprises with your budget,” Dwayne says. Jennian Homes also ensures there are a range of display homes available to view at any one time, which is no mean feat given they get snapped up by impressed buyers very quickly. Both of the Jennian Homes Canterbury display homes in Rolleston and Rangiora are open Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm and an exciting new concept in display homes is about to open in Halswell Commons. Stunning display homes in Ashburton and Timaru are open for your viewing with team members on site.

Metropol May 9, 2019 73

new things

Simply the Best With a large selection of New Zealand made giftware, tax-free posting worldwide and free gift wrapping, it is easy to see why the Simply NZ stores are simply the best! Object from Simon van der Sluijs’ exhibition ‘Part II : Dissectum’ at Little River Gallery from May 4


heir business ethos has always been about supporting local, so visitors can enjoy browsing authentic homegrown artworks, such as McGlashen pottery from Nelson; West Coast Rimu and Kauri woodware; iconic Christchurch knitwear made by Snowy Peak; paua jewellery from Blenheim, and precious pounamu from Ngāi Tahu. Their selection of gourmet cookies, sweets, chocolates, jams and honey make for the ideal small gift; and their

bathroom products are body bliss. Staff will happily gift wrap in Kiwiana wrapping paper to remind loved ones overseas why Aotearoa will always be home. Spend $60 during May/June and receive a freebie beanie to keep you warm and looking good! Find Simply NZ at Christchurch Airport (two stores), Canterbury Museum and the BNZ Shopping Centre or visit

Simply NZ and NZ The Gift. See ad below for store locations

Available at Pay it Forward


European bead necklaces Exclusive to French Blue

Kate Watts Merino Fingerless Gloves from Darfield Gift Gallery

One World Hampton Lamp: $226. Come and see us instore or online at Up The Garden Path


Kitchen knives handmade by Peter Lorimer

french blue

9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph. 355 7545


Gold Arrow Cushion $45 Designer co-op store of locally handcrafted goods

Mon-Fri 9.30-4.00 Sat-Sun 10-4.00 51 South Terrace DARFIELD (above The Fat Beagle Cafe) Ph 03 317 9250 74 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Scullys Modern Apothecary collection in store and online at www.

the creative

heart of your community

49 Nancy Ave, Mairehau Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm & Sat: 11am - 3pm

Pay it Forward is a Neighbourhood Trust social enterprise. Profits are used to support community programmes.

One World Blue/White Flower Vases from $139

Up The Garden Path 5 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs. Ph (03) 315 7915

Re-usable Coffee Cups available from

Rock around the Clock at Barrington Gifts

Genuine Retro Suitcases 3 piece set. Available at Dusty Old Things

Ingrid Starnes EDP is the perfect Mothers Day Gift, available at The Flock

new things

Award-winning artistry Windsor Gallery boasts over 30 artists on exhibition in their contemporary art gallery and one of the largest selections of picture frames in the city.


rtist Rhoyne McIlroy is the gallery’s featured artist this month and after having established an international career, the award-winning artist’s latest works (pictured) draw from her native New Zealand ancestry. By recently investing in amazing new technology, a canvas stretching machine, Windsor Gallery is now able to create a tighter, smoother finish for canvas works which is

Design 5 Upholstery for all upholstering needs.

Oil on Canvas, Artist Cornelius (KEES) Bruin, POA Available from Windsor Gallery

difficult to achieve manually. Their award-winning skilled staff can spend time with you to work through the framing process, showing you different matte colours and framing options to suit your artwork. Windsor Gallery is well worth a visit with outstanding artworks and sculptures on display from leading New Zealand artists. Offstreet parking is available. 386 St Asaph Street, east of Fitzgerald Avenue.

Barrington GIFTS

Shop 7, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd Ph. 389 9242

Barrington Mall, Christchurch 8024 Tel: 337-2377



Jewellery, Furniture, Linen, Clothing, Retro, Shabby Chic, Collectables & new home decor

Brighten up your Home this Winter


526 Wairakei Road Ph. 03 359 0454

Tues-Fri 10.30-4pm and Sat 10-2pm

Metropol May 9, 2019 75


Auto Express Wash

Looking for a service to ensure your home runs smoothly? We have your list of home essentials all in one handy place... To advertise, email


Nailed It Professional service for hanging Art, Mirrors, TV’s or anything that needs to be secured to a wall.

The Outside Room Call NOW for a FREE QUOTE A cost effective alternative to renovating your home with no consent required. Extra bedroom, lounge, art studio, office, guest accomodation or small business space



Ph: Ken 021 284 1275



Willow Landscapes

Top Clean Cleaning Services

offers Christchurch home owners a professional design and construction service. Including full garden makeovers, paving, patios and much more.

Residential Cleaning, Commercial and office cleaning, Builder’s clean up, EQC registered, Window cleaning, Carpet cleaning

Ph: Hamish Noster 0273803579 Web:


The SMARTER way to buy and sell real estate. 1.5%+GST* commission. Online, Convenient, Transparent & Innovative with Great Results! *minimums may apply

Karen Bailey - Local Proppy Expert

Ph: 021 536 442 Web:


Ph: 0800 TOP CLEAN Web:




Auto Express Wash

Affordable Phone & Computer Repairs • iPhones • Smartphones • iPads • Tablets • Computers • Laptop Repairs, Parts & Accessories • Glass Screen Protectors • Phone Cases • Cables etc

Josh Is A Sparky Ltd

Ph: 0800 222 691 Web:

Ph: 0274 180 437 Web:

76 May 9, 2019 Metropol

Ph: 027 433 9488

Specialists in: Domestic servicing, Oven repairs, Hot water cylinder, Element and thermostat replacements, Wiring new houses, Rewires of old houses, Data, TVs, Audio systems.

Quickest: From 4 mins per wash. Multiple pay options. Washes start from $18. Cleanest: The very best clean for your car anywhere. Drive away with a dry car. Greenest: We recycle 80% of our water and use biodegradable detergents.

Ph: 0800 5333 555 530b Sawyers Arms Road, Chch


X MARKS THE SPOT By Nicholas Henare

Tesla is just Elon Musk’s side project to SpaceX yet it’s become the benchmark in the automotive industry when it comes to electric vehicles.


once said it’s the iPhone of they really do stand out as cars, the game-changer. It something quite special – 0-100 has made a dynamic impact in 3.7 seconds in Ludicrous on how the rest of the industry mode is a great example, not now performs. only of a good vehicle but 090519 - Half Pg Mazda BT-50 Paddock Nights.pdf 1 30/04/2019 1:52:30 PM IMetropol was fortunate enough to good marketing. Meanwhile drive the X and S models and 250 kmh on top speed is also


another feature, hopelessly lost on New Zealand roads but pure power on an SUV. I’ve driven a lot of SUV vehicles, but the X really is in a field of its own. And that’s what you’re buying – something

B T - 5 0


unique. There’s a number of the S models around town which suggests Tesla is making inroads in New Zealand. Its quality and performance are right up there with the best in the luxury ranges. It’s good to see the prices have finally come down to allow the competition to really begin. It will be an interesting race.

Accessories Include (Black): Powder Coated Alloy Sports Bar, Matte Bonnet Protector, Front Grill, Matte Fender Flares, Slimline Weather Shields, Powder Coated Nudge Bar, BT-50 Sports Guard & Privacy Glass.

Save up to $11,105 off RRP PLUS GET

Accessories worth over $6,000 fitted on us BT-50 DOUBLE CAB AUTO RANGE

Limited to the first 200 purchases across NZ!

2WD GSX $41,295 +ORC

2WD Limited $42,695 +ORC

4WD GSX $47,295 +ORC

4WD Limited $48,695 +ORC

Offer available at Blackwells Mazda until 30 June 2019 or while stocks last. Special prices exclude ORC, include GST and are not available with other discounts or offers. Limited to the first 200 qualifying retail buyers across NZ. Limited to one accessory pack per customer. Includes Mazda CommercialCare of 3 years/100,000kms (whichever occurs first) fixed price servicing, 3 years/150,000kms (whichever occurs first) warranty and 3 years unlimited kms 24/7 roadside assist from the date of first registration.



Metropol May 9, 2019 77


EYES ON STA There is no denying a huge chunk of Kiwi gearheads love a Chevy, though those wanting a late model Chevrolet had to import one privately, until now. Yes, to fill a gap left by the recently departed Aussie-built Commodore, HSV is selling the Chevrolet Camaro in New Zealand, in right-hand drive. I was given the chance to spend 24 hours with the latest right-hook Camaro in Auckland.


DON’T BE DRIVEN BY TECHNOLOGY. DRIVE IT. More intuitive, more intelligent and more exhilarating – the seventh generation BMW 3 Series is here. Simply say, ‘Hey BMW’ and the Intelligent Personal Assistant follows your every command, while enhanced driver assistance systems offer automated driving at some of the highest levels possible today. There’s only one way to truly appreciate the all-new BMW 3 Series’ intelligent technology. Drive it. Christchurch BMW 10478 Moorhouse May 9, 2019Avenue, MetropolChristchurch. (03) 363 7240.

By Ben Selby


rought to our shores to take on the might of the right-hand drive Ford Mustang, the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS is available through Holden and HSV showrooms across the country. The right-hand drive conversion process is professionally done by HSV in Australia before the cars arrive in New Zealand; it’s a proper conversion job too. This work, plus the car, puts the price at $104,990 NZD. The only customisable option available is $1,000 for metallic paint, although the Bumblebee yellow of my test car certainly had eyes on stalks. The Camaro 2SS’s beating heart is the LT1 6.2 litre V8 with a fairly substantial 339kW of grunt and 617Nm of torque. This, coupled with an eight-speed automatic box, will allow you to reach the national limit in a blistering 4.6 seconds, which this writer can verify. Inside you get a very driver-focused cabin, containing nods to Camaros of the past while still feeling bang up to date. The driving position is nigh on perfect and the small steering wheel feels good clasped in your mitts. Standard kit includes 20-inch alloys, Brembo brakes, LED running lights, Apple Car Play/ Android Auto, and dual zone climate control. A press of the starter button and those quad tailpipes emit the sort of V8


bellow that would wake the dead. Blip the throttle and it crackles and booms like distant gunfire. There are three drive modes to choose from; Touring, Sport and Track. Touring mode allows you cruise along in comfort with the V8 burble slightly subdued in the background. The LT1 V8 also shuts down four cylinders if they aren’t needed, returning combined fuel consumption of 11.5L/100km. Change up to Sport and things get racier and louder, put it in Track mode and the steering and throttle response sharpens up, plus the shifts on the eight-speed box become quicker. Now, old Camaros have always been lacking when it comes to undertaking the twisty stuff. This is no longer the case as the bendy B-roads out of Waiuku were devoured with such ease. The Camaro also feels incredibly planted and despite the slight girth, you always have the confidence to push hard. That said, you do have to be awake. So how does the new right-hook Camaro stack up when compared to the Mustang? Well, the Mustang is $25,000 less expensive, but the Camaro rides better, is just as exciting and will be much more exclusive. Each to their own of course, but the Chevy just wins it for me.


Honda makes it easy with 2 finance options. Choose Zero Deposit 3.9% finance, or choose Zero % Interest and pay 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. Your choice. Search Honda Zero for more details.

Honda Cars Christhchurch



*Zero deposit with 3.9% fixed interest rate p/a on selected new Honda, max 36 month term, establishment fee $350 & PPSR fee $10.34. Subject to HFS lending criteria. Offer excludes Type R & ends 31/05/19.

0% INTEREST PAY 1/3 1/3 1/3

Cnr Montreal & St Asaph Sts Christchurch Phone: 03 940 3000


Visit us at our new and improved showroom today.

*Offer available on selected new Honda & based on 24-month loan agreement, 0% interest rate, 1/3 deposit, 1/3 in month 12 & 1/3 in month 24. Establishment fee of $350 & PPSR fee $10.34 (due with the first 1/3 deposit) apply. Subject to HFS lending criteria. Offer excludes Type R & ends 31/05/19.

Metropol May 9, 2019 79





Seventh Heaven By Sarah Jarvis

Fifty years ago, Christchurch businessman Graham Bernie fell in love with two beauties. One was a woman called Lynn Small. The other was a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible. He married one and forty years later bought the other.

NOW $149,995

NOW $169,995

NOW $44,995

2017 Audi SQ7 4.0 V8 Bi-Turbo Quattro 320KW

2012 BMW X6 40d Twin-Turbo Diesel 4WD

2012 Ferrari California Hardtop Convertible

Audi Exclusive Sepang Blue Metallic with factory Black Package, 22” SQ7 Sports Alloys and Red Brake Calipers. Black Grills/Window Surrounds/Wingmirrors and Roof Rails, LED Matrix Headlighting, Full Leather, Panoramic Glass Sunroof, Heads-up display, Virtual Cockpit with NZ NAV/CD/AUX/Bluetooth, Wireless Phone Charger/USBs and much more!. A very hard to beat model and getting much harder to get!.

Attractive BMW X6 SUV Coupe Design, 5 Seat practicality, 20 inch Sports Alloys, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Added Soft-Close Doors, LED Lighting, Electric Tailgate, 8 Speed Automatic, 40d Twin-Turbo Diesel Performance and economy, Running Boards, Removable Towbar, Parking Sensors, Full Electrics etc. Not a model we see regularly, be quick!.

Unique Azzuro California Blue with Dark Blue Leather/White Piping detail, Upgraded Factory 20” Sports Alloys, Scuderia Shields, F1 Semi-Automatic Paddleshift gearbox, Push-Button Start, 4 Seat practicality, Fold-down Electric Hardtop roof, Reverse Camera, Ferrari Bluetooth/CD/Stereo system, Sports Exhausts, Full Electrics etc. Hard to get like this!.

2012 Range Rover Evoque 2.0T SI4 Dynamic 4WD

2014 Audi RS4 4.2 V8 FSI Quattro Black Pack Wagon

2014 Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8 Supercharged

Only 53,000 kms!, Rare Mauritius Blue Metallic with Black Leather, 20 inch Dynamic Alloys, Full Leather Seats, Electric/Memory Seats, Contrast White Roof, Push Button Start, LED Lighting, Touch Screen NZ NAV/CD/AUX/Bluetooth Streaming/Phone, Ambient Lighting, Electric Tailgate, Parking Sensors etc. A popular Winter car!.

Only 1 NZ owner originally imported by ourselves, Factory Black Package- Black Grills, Badging, Window Surrounds, Roof Rails (with Black Roof Racks), 20 inch RS4 Black Sports Alloys, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Electric Tailgate, Added Adaptive Cruise Control, CD/Stereo/Bluetooth and NZ Navigation, Sports Exhausts, Carbon inlays and more.. One of Audi’s best models!.

7-Seater Autobiography, Flagship 510 HP Supercharged, Only 41,000kms, Autobiography 18-Way Sports Seats, Panoramic Sunroof, Heated/Cooling Seats, Red Brake Calipers, Dual DVD Screens, Electric fold-away Running Boards, Rare electric 7 Seats, Electric fold-away Towbar, Surround Cameras, Ambient Lighting, 4-Zone Air Con, Soft-Close Doors, Adaptive Cruise Control and much more.. A very high-spec Range Rover!.

NOW $49,995

NOW $64,995

NOW $99,995

13 80 May 9, 2019 Metropol

enthusiastically started up a small car company in Moorhouse Avenue and went on to achieve success importing cars out of Japan. Cars have always been a passion. “I think it was every boy’s dream.” Chatting from his luxury home in Heathfield Avenue, the developer and international car broker explains he bought his Ford Galaxie 500 from Turners in Christchurch 10 years ago. “I had been looking for years and finally saw the exact same model advertised for auction at Turners. I knew I had to buy it, so I did,” he says. Lynn didn’t feel the same way. “She initially thought I was a nutcase. I think she’s been in it three times over the past 10 years. “The memories are probably better than the reality,” he laughs. However, there were no regrets, Graham smiles. “And I’ll never sell it.” With a 590 cubic inch engine, the Ford Galaxie has only ever been driven by his two sons, with only 2000 miles being added (now with 38,000 on the clock). This November is a milestone for the couple, who will celebrate 50 years of marriage. “If the house burnt down it would be the first thing taken out,” he says of the car. “After my wife,” he adds.



t takes pride of place,” he says proudly of the full-sized American-made scarlet classic housed in his five-car Fendalton garage. Originally from the West Coast, Graham first met Lynn in Christchurch when he was 20. “She was living next to a friend of mine,” he smiles. Desperately wanting to court Lynn, he soon realised he wasn’t the only man vying for her attention. “An older friend of mine had bought a yellow 1968 Ford Galaxie convertible and offered to take her for a ride. “Who could resist?” he laughs. When the friend arrived to pick Lynn up, he got Graham as well. “I made him take me!” Sitting in the back beside the woman who was to become his wife and mother of his two sons, Graham said he was in “seventh heaven”. “We rode out to New Brighton when there was shopping on a Saturday... I thought it was the nicest car I had seen in my life.” A leather goods salesman, Graham says he thought he would never own a car like it. “It was the size of a small house. To own one was an impossible dream – a pure fantasy.” At age 25, Graham became a car dealer and the rest is history. He



Servicing – Lube & Tune Fuel Injection Auto-electrical Transmission Servicing Brake Servicing WOF Repairs Suspension Repairs Engine Reconditioning Pre Purchase Appraisal Model Specific Diagnostic Equipment

P. 365 0531 324-328 St Asaph Street Christchurch Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Metropol May 9, 2019 81


BEAST MODE By Nicholas Henare

I was at Mitsubishi in Moorhouse Avenue picking up the new Mitsubishi Triton VRX. As you would see in their marketing, it’s “In Beast Mode” and with a price point starting at $49,990.

82 May 9, 2019 Metropol


ith all the grunt of a great off-roader, the price point is quite exceptional. I had to ask Dave Boyce from Mitsubishi some pretty pointed questions. What are the four features that make it a stand out? “Just four?!,” he laughs. “Styling; it has a great look now, when it was polarising before. Ride quality; it is really quiet and smooth for a ute. Safety; it is class leading on things that count like safety and value for money. There are lots of little things as well; economy, turning circle, Apple Car Play and reverse camera in most models etc. Oh, and warranty. That’s a ‘salesman’s four’,” he laughs.

What’s next for David Boyce at Mitsubishi? “I have a few years left in me and have had the privilege of seeing the network and friendships I have built up consistently coming back and generationally getting smarter about vehicles and business decisions involving them. “Personally, a focus on family, friends and company. Fishing; fishing is good. I am very lucky I have a dynamic and accomplished partner in life, talented kids and a busy work life.” What’s coming from Mitsubishi that we can get excited about? “Our focus and effort is on our new Triton. It is a game-changer. But the big news I just learned is of a definite van return. Mitsubishi is part of a larger global alliance with Nissan and Renault. Expect value, safety and a big impact.

“Don’t ask me when because I don’t know. I suspect 2020. Mitsubishi is on the rise, Triton is match-winner; a new van is a game-changer. There are strong styling innovations as models constantly upgrade but is all in a background of one of Mitsubishi’s core principles – value. That isn’t to say just lowest price but it does mean the combination of features and benefits, particularly safety, economy and warranty delivered at excellent value. That is why we, for instance, can lease our Triton so well.” The Triton handled exceptionally well and, even though David told me I could go up to 45 degrees using one of the four different differential modes, I managed not to damage it. With 3.5 towing capacity and massive cab space with a great tray for transporting anything, I can see it being a useful beast.



2019 FORD

AFFORDABLE LUXURY AWAITS The Ford Endura is a sophisticated and luxurious midsized SUV. Underneath its European design, the Endura is packed with intelligent technology and innovation, as well as a powerful yet efficient engine. This well-appointed SUV was created with your driving pleasure in mind. With the 2019 range including Trend, ST-Line and Titanium, affordable luxury awaits.


BOOK A TEST DRIVE TODAY. 1. Available at participating Ford New Zealand dealerships. Price excludes on road costs, options and accessories and is not available in conjunction with any other special offers. ST-Line AWD model pictured above. From price is Trend FWD. 2. Warranty conditions and exclusions apply. Visit for further information.

Avon City Ford Anywhere Ford

Cnr South Road Rd and|Epsom Rd, Sockburn| |P CHRISTCHURCH 348 4129 or 0800 655 551 123Main Sample SAMPLEVILLE 01 234 5678 ||03 Rangiora Service Centre | 78 Ivory St | 03 313 7059 |

Metropol May 9, 2019 83


GRAND TOUR OF CHINA SAVE UP TO $600PP ON SELECTED GROUP TOURS OF ASIA DEPARTING BEFORE 14 DEC 2019 F L I G H T S & 2 7 DAY F U L LY I N C L U S I V E C L A S S I C TO U R Experience the many wonders of China on this grand tour that captures not only the historical and cultural aspects of China, but also allows you to discover its many other, less known treasures.






share twin from Christchurch.

PACKAGE INCLUDES • Return economy flights from Christchurch • All Accommodation, domestic transportation, 24 breakfasts, 23 lunches, 24 dinners, sightseeing, entrances fees • English speaking guides • Visa fees for NZ passport holders HIGHLIGHTS BEIJING (3N) - XIAN (3N) - YANGTZE RIVER CRUISE (4N) CHENGDU (1N) - KUNMING (2N) - DALI (2N) - GUILIN (1N) - YANGSHUO (2N) GUILIN (1N) - HANGZHOU (1N) - SUZHOU (2N) - SHANGHAI (2N)

B E T T E R TO G E T H E R BARRINGTON 331 7182 I CHRISTCHURCH CITY 365 7687 I FERRYMEAD 376 4022 I HIGH ST LANES 339 3440 HORNBY 344 3070 I MERIVALE 355 2200 I NORTHLANDS 352 4578 I RANGIORA 313 0288 I RICCARTON 341 3900 SHIRLEY 385 0710 I UPPER RICCARTON 343 0869 CONDITIONS Valid for new bookings only departing 01 Jun – 14 Dec 19. Price based on 08, 22 Aug, 05 Sep & 24 Oct 19 departures. Valid for sales until 31 May 19 or until sold out. Due to limited availability of special pricing on departures and availability of airfares the discount may not be offered on all departures. Prices are per person, twin share. Flights are economy class from Christchurch. A deposit of $2000 per person per tour is required within 24 hours of confirmation. Additional charges: Tipping RMB1140pp apply. Not valid in conjunction with other offers (except loyalty discount). $600 discount for tours over 20 days duration, $400 for tours between 15 and 19 days and $200 discount on tours less than 15 days. Price and availability correct at time of printing 01 May 2019. All tours are subject to availability. Tipping is not included and is subject to change—see tour details in 2019 brochures or visit To connect with airline schedules additional arrangements may be required at an additional cost. Further conditions apply, for more information see ask your House of Travel consultant for full details.

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Metropol - 9th May 2019  

Metropol - 9th May 2019