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LABEL HIA-LI LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT: PG 4 A letter from the HIA-LI President & CEO, Terri Alessi-Miceli HIA-LI’S HEARD AROUND THE ISLAND: PG 35 News, Updates, Events, and Promotions from our member companies! HIA-LI’S INDUSTRY LIST: PGS 32 Information Technology VOLUME 41 • ISSUE 8 • AUGUST 2022 HIA-LI 28TH ANNUAL BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS | P. 20-21


Joseph Garofalo Island Christian Church (631) 822-3000 Rich Isaac Sandler Training (631) 231-3538 Bob Isaksen Bank of America (631) 547-7450

Christopher Kent Farrell Fritz (631) 367 - 0710

Corporate Secretary Kevin O’Connor DIME Community Bank (631) 537-8826

Scott Maskin SUNation Solar Systems Inc. (631) 750-9454 Paule T. Pachter Long Island Cares (631) 582-3663

Dr. Elana Zolfo Berkeley College (631) 338-8633

Edward T. Bonahue Suffolk Community (631)College451-4110

of theBoard Robert

Rich Isaac Sandler Training(631) 231- 3538

Joseph GarofaloIsland Christian Church (631) 822 - 3000 Susan H. Gubing Career Smar ts (631) 979 - 6452

Audacy, Inc. (212) 315-7083 Dan Simon Signwave LLC (631) 761-9292

Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. (631) 273-8282 Arthur Sanders Omni Funding (516) 697-3900

SMALL BUSINESS Create an environment of business success by branding, educating, and advocating for long island small business.

David W inchester CleanTech Rocks Anne

Junior Achievement of New York (516) 625-9028 Marie McCallion Stony Brook University College of Business (631) 632-7476



Kevin OʼConnor BridgehamptonNationalBank (631) 537-8826

• CEO membership – continue to create a forum for CEO’s and business owners to collaborate and brainstorm to grow their businesses.

Jim CoughlanTritec Real Estate Co (631) 706 - 4113

David W inchester CleanTech Rocks Anne

Michael Voltz PSEG Long Island (631) 844-3819


Susan H. Gubing Career Smar ts (631) 979 - 6452

John Bauer Littler Mendelson, P.C. (631) 293 - 4525


Christopher Kent Farrell Fritz, P.C. (631) 367-0710

Dr. Elana Zolfo Berkeley College (631) 338-8633

Dominick Pernice Catholic Health’s St. Catherine of Siena (631)Hospital862-3107


RichChairpersonOFFICERSHumann, P.E. H2M Architects & (631)Engineers756-8000 First CarolChairpersonViceAllen People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union (631) 434-3500 Second AnthonyChairpersonViceManetta

Fred Campolo,EisenbudMiddleton &McCormick LLP Factor Law Ernest E. Hof fman W & H Stampings Jack Kulka Kulka Construction Corp. (631) 231 - 0900 Allan Lippolis Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. (631) 273 - 8282 Ar thur Sander s Omni Funding (516) 697 - 3900 Anthony Leteri Leteri Waste Ser vices (631) 368 - 5533 LIFETIME BOARD MEMBERS EMERITUS Thomas J. Fallarino. CPA Richard S. Feldman, Esq.Rivkin Radler LLP Howard KipnesCedar Knolls Inc. Nicholas M. Lacetera Peoples Alliance Federal Credit Union John Rebecchi Disc Graphics Marci Tublisky Norman Weingar tCommunicationsSpecialistEdPruitt(Posthumously)CEO (631)PierreDEVELOPMENTBUSINESSLespinasse632-1984Stony Brook Univerisity Tony Borelli (516) 391 - 0300 x396 Mass Mutual F inancial ENEEDUGroupCATION/WORKFORCECONNECTIONRGY/UTILITIES/INFRASTRUCTUREJackKulkaKellyImperial(631)348-3121NYIT GOVERNMENTENVIRONMENTAL/GREENINDUSTRIESLiliaFactorEsq.(516)659-9523TomFox(516)364-9890D&BEngineersandArchitectsRELATIONSJackKulka(631)231-0900KulkaConstructionGroupChrisKent (631) 367-0710 Farrell Fritz, P.C. HUMAN(6MaryRESOURCESLocascio31) 750 - 1226 All Island Media Aoifa OʼDonnell (631) INTERMANUNational588-8102EAP,Inc.FACTURING/NATIONALTRADERobertLippolis (631) 273-8282 Superior Washer & Gasket (6MEMBERSHIPCorp.RichIsaac31)231-3538SandlerTrainingRaffelinaCipriano SALES & MARKETING Joy Gracef fo (631) 427 - 1083 L.I. Essential Sof tware and Training Miriam Hubbard (516) 338 - 5454 PBI (6AllanSECURIPayrollTYLippolis31)2 73 - 8282 Superior Washer & Gasket TechWorksDCPTECHNOLOCorp.GYFORBUSINESSDavidPinkowitz(631)491-5343MarketingServicesLLCChrisColuccioConsulting,Inc. HIA -LI OFFICERS & DIRECTORS HIA -LI COMMITTEES AND CHAIRPEOPLE Rita Pearl,Portnoy,DiStefanoMessinger,&Associates,Inc.(516)921-3400 CEO BRIEF FEATURING KENNETH CERINI Joe Campolo,CampoloMiddleton & McCormick LLP (631) 738 - 9100 John Bauer Littler Mendelson, P.C. (631) 293 - 4525 Rich Humann, P.E. H2M architects + engineers (631) 756 - 8000 Kevin OʼConnor BridgehamptonNationalBank (631) 537-8826 Rich Isaac Sandler Training(631) 231- 3538 containing healthcare costs. AND ECONOMIC ENGINE FOR REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT. OUR MEMBER COMPANIES REPRESENT TENS OF THOUSANDS OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS. HIA -LI DECEMBER C ALENDAR OF EVENT S 3 President Terri Alessi-Miceli (631) 543OFFICERS5355 Chairperson of theBoard Robert Quarte AVZ & Company (631) 434 - 9500 Fir st V ice Chairperson Second V ice Chairperson Corporate Secretar y Anthony Manetta

RobertTreasurerQuarte PKF O’Connor Davies (631) 299-3416

OFFICERS5355 Chairperson of theBoard Robert


David W inchester CleanTech Rocks Anne


Robert Desmond Industry One Realty Corp (631) 273-4255 Rita DiStefano Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl & Associates, Inc. (516) 921-3400

Rober t Desmond AIRECO Real Estate Corp.(631) 273 - 4255


Ann-Marie Scheidt Stony Brook University (631) 216 - 7605


• Premium Online Marketplace - Help Our Members Showcase And Connect Their Company Brand Virtually To The Long Island Business Community.


F ir st V ice Chairperson Second V ice Chairper son Corporate

Alan Sasserath Sasserath & Co (631) 368-3110 Ann-Marie Scheidt Stony Brook University (631) 216-7605

JohnDIRECTORSBauer Littler Mendelson, P.C. (631) 293-4525

Work with business to identify challenges and government leaders to explore existing and emerging strategies to support long island business and quality of life.

LIFETIME FredMEMBERSBOARDEMERITUSEisenbud Campolo, Middleton & McCormick LLP Thomas J. Fallarino RichardCPA S. Feldman, Esq. Rivkin Radler LLP Susan H. Gubing Career Smarts Ernest E. Hoffman W & H (Posthumously)Stampings Howard Kipnes Cedar Knolls Inc. Jack Kulka The Kulka Group Nicholas M. Lacetera Peoples Alliance Federal Credit Union Anthony Leteri USA Waste Reduction & Recycling Co., Inc. Ed Pruitt CEO(Posthumously) John Rebecchi Marci NormanTubliskyWeingart SpecialistCommunications David Winchester CleanTech Rocks Dr. Elana Zolfo Colonial Sales & Marketing

David BrookhavenManningNationalLaboratory (631) 344 - 4747

of the Hauppauge

Christopher Kent Farrell Fritz (631) 367 - 0710

Rita Pearl,Portnoy,DiStefanoMessinger,&Associates,Inc.(516)921-3400

Cedar Communities, L.P. (516) 229-1168


Joe Campolo Campolo, Middleton & McCormick LLP (631) 738-9100

Mary Rogers Brookhaven National (631)Laboratory334-4747

President & CEO Terri Alessi-Miceli (631) 543-5355

RESTORE AND GROW MEMBERSHIP Articulate our deepened value proposition to restore and attract new members.

Treasurer Carol Allen Peopleʼs FedeAllianceral Credit Union (631) 434 - 3500

Joe Campolo,CampoloMiddleton & McCormick LLP (631) 738 - 9100

Chairperson Quarte AVZ & Company (631) 434 - 9500 Secretar y Anthony Manetta HB Solutions (516) 762-7523

Long Island Cares The Harry Chapin Food Bank (631) 582-3663 Lee Silberman Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk (631) 422-4828 TechWorks Consulting Inc. (631) 285-1527 Manny Morales 2M Technologies, Inc. (631) 231-3255 (631) 543 Quarte AVZ & Company (631) 434 - 9500 F ir st V ice Chairperson Second V ice Chairper son Corporate Secretar y Anthony Manetta HB Solutions (516) 762-7523 Treasurer DIRECTORS Carol Allen Peopleʼs FedeAllianceral Credit Union (631) 434 - 3500

Scott SUNationMaskinSolar (631) 750 - 9454

Bob Isaksen Bank of America (631) 547 - 7450

Joe Campolo,CampoloMiddleton & McCormick LLP (631) 738 - 9100 John Bauer Littler Mendelson,


Jim CoughlanTritec Real Estate Co (631) 706 - 4113

Anne Shybunko-Moore GSE Dynamics (631) 231-1044

Scott SUNationMaskinSolar (631) 750 - 9454



Michael Voltz PSEG Long Island (631) 844-3819


Support and advocate for efforts to improve infrastructure and promote economic development on long island.

Joseph GarofaloIsland Christian Church (631) 822 - 3000 Susan H. Gubing Career Smar ts (631) 979 - 6452 Michael Voltz PSEG Long Island (631) 844-3819 Dr. Elana Zolfo Berkeley College (631) 338-8633 Christopher Kent Farrell Fritz (631) 367 - 0710

MANUFACTURING REVITILIZATION member s. Educate and showcase environmental President Terri Alessi-Miceli (631) 543OFFICERS5355

OF BUSINESS SUCCESS Create forums to educate and connect growth and sur vival. Promote the HIA Tr ade Show and conference as a forum impor tant connection and discussion business, and workforce development ALTERNATIVE ENERGY “GO GREEN” member s. Educate and showcase envi and energy ser vices.


• Long Island Innovation Park At HauppaugeAdvocate For The Growth And Sustainability Of The LIIPH, The Largest In The Northeast.


Support, educate and advocate for women business leaders to affect positive change and growth.

REBRANDING HIA- LI Re - launch HIA-LI’s brand to communicate our unique value and solidify our position within the LI market. Modernize our logo showing that we are evolving to reach the next norm.


Joseph GarofaloIsland Christian Church (631) 822 - 3000

Ann-Marie Scheidt Stony Brook University (631) 216 - 7605 LIFETIME(631)GSEShybunko-MooreDynamics231-1044BOARDMEMBERS Hubbard (516) 338 - 5454 PBI (6AllanSECURIPayrollTYLippolis31)2TechWorksDCPTECHNOLOCorp.GYFORBUSINESSDavidPinkowitz(631)491-5343MarketingServicesLLCChrisColuccioConsulting,Inc.

Fred Campolo,EisenbudMiddleton &McCormick LLP Factor Law Ernest E. Hof fman W & H Stampings Jack Kulka Kulka Construction Corp. (631) 231 - 0900 Allan Lippolis Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. (631) 273 - 8282 Ar thur Sander s Omni Funding (516) 697 - 3900 Anthony Leteri Leteri Waste Ser vices (631) 368 - 5533 LIFETIME BOARD MEMBERS EMERITUS Thomas J. Fallarino. CPA Richard S. Feldman, Esq.Rivkin Radler LLP Howard KipnesCedar Knolls Inc. Nicholas M. Lacetera Peoples Alliance Federal Credit Union John Rebecchi Disc Graphics Marci Tublisky Norman Weingar tCommunicationsSpecialistEdPruitt(Posthumously)CEO (631)PierreDEVELOPMENTBUSINESSLespinasse632-1984Stony Brook Univerisity Tony Borelli (516) 391 - 0300 x396 Mass Mutual F inancial ENEEDUGroupCATION/WORKFORCECONNECTIONRGY/UTILITIES/INFRASTRUCTUREJackKulkaKellyImperial(631)348-3121NYIT GOVERNMENTENVIRONMENTAL/GREENINDUSTRIESLiliaFactorEsq.(516)659-9523TomFox(516)364-9890D&BEngineersandArchitectsRELATIONSJackKulka(631)231-0900KulkaConstructionGroupChrisKent (631) 367-0710 Farrell Fritz, P.C. HUMAN(6MaryRESOURCESLocascio31) 750 - 1226 All Island Media Aoifa OʼDonnell (631) INTERMANUNational588-8102EAP,Inc.FACTURING/NATIONALTRADERobertLippolis (631) 273-8282 Superior Washer & Gasket (6MEMBERSHIPCorp.RichIsaac31)231-3538SandlerTrainingRaffelinaCipriano SALES & MARKETING Joy Gracef fo (631) 427 - 1083 L.I. Essential Sof tware and Training Miriam

Genser Cona Elder Law (631) 390-5000 Sarah Weber CPR & Safety Consulting and Training, LLC. DBA Compliance 631-882-1808Training HUMAN StephanieRESOURCESCurry

Connect business needs and institutions to better attract Long Island’s future workforce. Develop strategies to attract, train and retain employees for Long Island •business.Job portal - create a hub where businesses, job seekers, universities and partners can align on job creation and hiring.

8282 Superior Washer & Gasket

Rober t Desmond AIRECO Real Estate Corp.(631) 273 - 4255


Rich Humann, P.E. H2M architects + engineers (631) 756 - 8000

Kevin OʼConnor BridgehamptonNationalBank (631) 537-8826 Rich Isaac Sandler Training(631) 231- 3538

Rober t Desmond AIRECO Real Estate Corp.(631) 273 - 4255

Bob Isaksen Bank of America (631) 547 - 7450 Ann-Marie Scheidt Stony Brook University (631) 216 - 7605 LIFETIME(631)GSEShybunko-MooreDynamics231-1044BOARDMEMBERS

Bob Isaksen Bank of America (631) 547 - 7450

LIFETIME(631)GSEShybunko-MooreDynamics231-1044BOARDMEMBERS HB Solutions (516) 762-7523 Treasurer DIRECTORS Carol Allen Peopleʼs FedeAllianceral Credit Union (631) 434 - 3500

Chris Valsamos BCV Group LLC (631) 231-5500 Michael Voltz PSEG Long Island (631) 844-3819

Jim CoughlanTritec Real Estate Co (631) 706 - 4113 David BrookhavenManningNationalLaboratory (631) 344 - 4747


Fred Campolo,EisenbudMiddleton &McCormick LLP Factor Law Ernest E. Hof fman W & H Stampings Jack Kulka Kulka Construction Corp. (631) 231 - 0900 Allan Lippolis Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. (631) 273 - 8282 Ar thur Sander s Omni Funding (516) 697 - 3900 Anthony Leteri Leteri Waste Ser vices (631) 368 - 5533 LIFETIME BOARD MEMBERS EMERITUS Thomas J. Fallarino. CPA Richard S. Feldman, Esq.Rivkin Radler LLP Howard KipnesCedar Knolls Inc. Nicholas M. Lacetera Peoples Alliance Federal Credit Union John Rebecchi Disc Graphics Marci Tublisky Norman Weingar tCommunicationsSpecialistEdPruitt(Posthumously)CEO (631)PierreDEVELOPMENTBUSINESSLespinasse632-1984Stony Brook Univerisity Tony Borelli (516) 391 - 0300 x396 Mass Mutual F inancial ENEEDUGroupCATION/WORKFORCECONNECTIONRGY/UTILITIES/INFRASTRUCTUREKellyImperial(631)348-3121NYIT GOVERNMENTENVIRONMENTAL/GREENINDUSTRIESLiliaFactorEsq.(516)659-9523TomFox(516)364-9890D&BEngineersandArchitectsRELATIONSJackKulka(631)231-0900KulkaConstructionGroupChrisKent (631) 367-0710 Farrell Fritz, P.C. HUMAN(6MaryRESOURCESLocascio31) 750 - 1226 All Island Media Aoifa OʼDonnell (631) INTERMANUNational588-8102EAP,Inc.FACTURING/NATIONALTRADERobertLippolis (631) 273-8282 Superior Washer & Gasket (6MEMBERSHIPCorp.RichIsaac31)231-3538SandlerTraining SALES & MARKETING Joy Gracef fo (631) 427 - 1083 L.I. Essential Sof tware and Training Miriam Hubbard (516) 338 - 5454 PBI (6AllanSECURIPayrollTYLippolis31)2 73 - 8282 Superior Washer & Gasket DCPTECHNOLOCorp.GYFORBUSINESSDavidPinkowitz(631)491-5343MarketingServicesLLCChrisColuccio

HIA-LI OFFICERS & DIRECTORS HIA-LI COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRS MANUFACTURING REVITILIZATION member s. Educate and showcase environmental HIA President Terri Alessi-Miceli

Identify and develop plans to address infr as needs Park that will fos ter the continued gr ENVIRONMENTbusiness.

Insutry One Realty Corp (631) 273-4255 Vincent Nello Hamptons Carpet One Floor & Home (631) 287-1070 HEALTH MelissaWELLNESS&Negrin-Wiener

MegH.Y.P.E.Ryan Emerald Document Imaging 631-319-1620 ext.209 Connor Robertson Techworks Consulting, Inc. (631) 285 1527 KursadTRADEINTERNATIONALMANUFACTURING/Devecioglu Bimser International (646)Corporation722-3890 Ron BSE,Loveland,MBA Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions (631) 642-7239 MarkMEMBERSHIPBusinski

Greg Galdi Custom (631)SpecialistsComputer786-9956

VIRTUAL HIA-LI Enable our member s to collabor ate, deliver added value by sharing know current and future member s and the -LI DECEMBER C OF EVENT S 3

T he HIA-LI is one of the recognized voices for long island business and a powerful force in regional and economic development. HIA-LI’S priorities include important initiatives and projects we will advocate for on behalf of the long island business community. We are committed to collaborating to build support for these priorities as we help restore the LI economy.

• LI Macarthur Airport - Build Support And Awareness For Town Of Islip Projects And The Expansion Of Long Island Macarthur Airport.

Sherwood Lumber (631) 297-1923

David BrookhavenManningNationalLaboratory (631) 344 - 4747

Jim Coughlan Tritec Real Estate Co., (631)Inc.706-4113

HIA -LI Pearl,Portnoy,DiStefanoMessinger,&Associates,Inc.(516)921-3400 P.C. (631) 293 - 4525 Rich Humann, P.E. H2M architects + engineers (631) 756 - 8000

Scott SUNationMaskinSolar (631) 750 - 9454

• Major Projects On LI – Identify And Highlight Additional Long Island Transformational Projects.

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page3 HIA-LI UPCOMING EVENTS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH | 11:00AM-12:00PM Social Responsibility Committee Meeting WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7TH | 8:30AM-10:00AM Technology for Business Committee Meeting THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH | 8:30AM-10:00AM Human Resources Committee Meeting FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH | 8:30AM-10:00AM Business Acceleration Committee Meeting TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH | 5:30PM-7:30PM HYPEY Hour at Fogo De Chao TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH | 8:30AM-10:00AM Health & Wellness Committee Meeting WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 14TH | 5:30PM-7:30PM Membership Committee Mixer at Capicu THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH | 8:30AM-10:00AM Manufacturing/International Trade Committee Meeting TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH | 1:00PM-2:00PM HIA-LI’s 28th Annual Business Achievement Awards Join us as we honor over 20 finalists for their outstanding drive and dedication to the Long Island Business Community. Tickets: $175.00. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST | 8:30AM-10:00AM Education/Workforce & Manufacturing/International Trade Joint Meeting THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH | 8:30AM-10:00AM Industry Series Featuring Citrin Cooperman 2022 Manufacturing & Distribution Pulse Survey Join us as Citrin Cooperman discuss the latest industry trends and their effects on Long Island businesses in the present and future. HIA-LI CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2022 HIA-LI UPCOMING PROGRAMS REGISTRATIONREGISTRATION:ISREQUIREDFORTHESEPROGRAMS.FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER, VISIT WWW.HIA-LI.ORG OR CALL (631) 543-5355. FOR SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT ANTHONY FORGIONE AT AFORGIONE@HIA-LI.ORG 2022

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe 4Page Join us for HIA-LI’s 28th Annual Business Achievements Awards honoring outstanding Long Island companies on Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 at 11:30 A.M. at the Crest Hollow Country Club. The outstanding firms below will be honored and have distinguished themselves in the Long Island Business Community in the areas of growth, leadership, and commitment to our region. SMALL BUSINESS FINALISTS NOT-FOR-PROFIT FINALISTS Allied Risk Management Blue Umbrella Experience, inc. Creative Plan Designs LTD CN Guidance and Counseling Electrical Training Center Family Service League National Business Capital Gurwin Healthcare system National EAP Winters Center for Autism EPIC Long Island LARGE BUSINESS FINALISTS ROOKIE OF THE YEAR FINALISTS Engel Burman Trellus Citrin Cooperman Pupfish Sustainability Solutions PSEG Long Island Lety Algeri Coaching Little Angels Center Lucidi Technical Solutions LLP LNK International Consider acknowledging these companies by participating in a sponsorship, attending the program and/or placing a congratulatory advertisement. For more information, call (631) 543-5355 or email Anthony Forgione at aforgione@hia-li.org. Partners in Business, Terri Alessi-Miceli HIA-LI President & CEO LETTER FROM THE HIA-LI PRESIDENT & CEO

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page5 "Citrin Cooperman" is the brand under which Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP, a licensed independent CPA firm, and Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC serve clients’ business needs. The two firms operate as separate legal entities in an alternative practice structure. Citrin Cooperman is an independent member of Moore North America, which is itself a regional member of Moore Global Network Limited (MGNL). Citrin Cooperman is one of the country's largest professional service firms with offices right here on Long Island. We help companies and high net worth individuals with smart, strategic solutions through our tax, audit, and business advisory services. We also offer a full range of advisory services including Business Process Outsourcing, Forensic and Litigation Advisory Services, and more. Give us a call. We'd love to help you plan. citrincooperman.com Managing Partner, Long Island msabatini@citrincooperman.comoffice631.930.5000x5610 SABATINI,MICHAELCPA

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe 6Page ©2022 Bank of America Corporation | MAP4117394 | ESG-297-AD HIA-LI — We’re proud to support you Bank of America is proud to partner with HIA-LI and support their initiatives. Visit us at bankofamerica.com/about.

Abraham Lincoln

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page7certilmanbalin.com

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe 8Page

HIA-LI President & CEO Terri Alessi-Miceli and the HIA-LI were out advocating with partners from Suffolk County, Long Island MacArthur Airport, and Discover Long Island for the Midway Crossing Project at Ronkonkoma. The HIA-LI Economic Development task force, chaired by Joe Campolo, Managing Partner at Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP recognizes this project as a game changer with the potential of adding over 4,300 high paying jobs to the region and connecting the LIRR to the airport in its expansion. The HIA-LI remains diligent with their efforts to support the region’s economic development, even during these dog days of summer! The HIA-LI’s Economic Development Task Force met to discuss many ongoing projects on Long Island. We were lucky to have Scott Burman, Principal at Engel Burman and President of Engel Burman Construction, join us to discuss their Long Beach project currently under construction. After lying vacant for over 40 years, Engel Burman is poised to build on the Long Beach Superblock, a six-acre parcel along the boardwalk. Plans include two nine-story condominium towers, a 10-story apartment building, restaurants, and retail shops.


GOLD MEMBERSHIP An exclusive, invite-only forum open ONLY to CEOs/Presidents of organizations with 10 + employees - NOT just another networking group A comfortable environment for decision-makers to discuss issues only CEOs can understand - without being pressured for business Collaborate with fellow elite business leaders and directly interact with elected officials and other influencers on policy issues Partial List of 2021 Speakers: Kathy Hochul NYS Governor Eugene Sayan Founder & CEO of Softheon Dr. O'ShaughnessyPatrick President of Catholic Health Andrew Garbarino NYS Congressman 225 Wireless Blvd. Suite 101, Hauppauge, NY 11788 Tel: (631) 543-5355 · info@hia-li.org · www.hia-li.org Programs Hosted & Moderated By: Joe Campolo Managing Partner Campolo, Middleton & McCormick John Miller President & CEO Guide Dog Foundation

We are always looking for opportunities to expand or diversify. One area we see with need is the not-for-profit arena, because many nonprofit organizations of all types are at risk. With proper funding, we can support these organizations and the critical roles they play in caring for Long Islanders. We have the knowledge in our management team to support these struggling organizations and give them the help they need to survive. Most importantly, it is key to stay flexible, and be ready to pursue new opportunities or change current priorities as needed in order to stay viable and thrive.



some very tough decisions. Through it all, Gurwin has remained in the forefront, focused on our mission and adapting to be viable in a challenging environment. It helps that we have many other programs and services to offer, and that our focus on quality is recognized by the community and by others in the industry. We’ve embraced telemedicine, especially in our home care programs, which is a positive that has come from the pandemic aftermath, and we have been laser-focused on recruitment and retention, sometimes realigning staff to support new strategies and initiatives.



Gurwin Healthcare System is a full continuum of care for aging Long Islanders. Seniors can now enter our System through Fountaingate Gardens, our newly-opened independent living community, where they will enjoy an active, independent lifestyle in a beautiful community of like-minded people, with financially and healthcare security in place for life. Additional services offered by Gurwin Healthcare System include short-term rehabilitation and long-term care, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Home Care, on-site dialysis, memory care, advanced care and respiratory/ventilator care. We’ve been voted Best of Long Island multiple times in multiple categories and have been named the #1 Best Place to Work in Aging Services by Fortune Magazine.


The pandemic has caused most industries to reevaluate their business plans for the future. We will continue to be more careful with spending on all projects, and will continue to look for opportunities to expand our reach even as we tighten our belts. One thing that has really come to the forefront is staffing, and we are determined to be part of the conversation – and the solution – to the alarming shortage of healthcare workers, particularly those working in long-term care. Through innovative programming – like our recently instituted paid CNA classes and an entry-level Resident Care Associate position created to support our nursing staff – we are working to bolster the workforce in those positions that are critical to our future. B. ALMER HEALTHCARE SYSTEM


Gurwin started more than 35 years ago as a dream of a group of Long Island leaders who wanted to create a nursing home in Suffolk County to provide the highest quality care for their parents’ generation. That 300-bed nursing home – which opened in 1988 – has grown to encompass 460 long-term care and short-term rehabilitation beds, including many specialty services, Adult Day Care, Home Care, dialysis, memory care and respiratory/ventilator care. In addition, we’ve added Assisted Living, and most recently, an independent living community, all on our 36acre Commack campus. Additionally, we acquired Island Nursing & Rehab Center, a 120-bed nursing facility, in Holtsville in 2021. I joined Gurwin in 2015.

The turning point for Gurwin came in early 2020, before the pandemic hit, when we changed from a family of various services to the Gurwin Healthcare System. Although we started more than 30 years ago as a nursing home – and this is still what we are most known for – we have quickly become a resource for aging Long Islanders no matter the level of services they require. By looking at our various services and programs as part of a continuum, and keeping people cared for within that system, we have built on the earlier success of the organization and continued to expand to serve those in need of care or residential services. The opening of Fountaingate Gardens this year, as well, has been momentous, as we are now officially a Life Plan Community.

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe 10Page

At Gurwin Healthcare System, we are committed to continually evaluating our programs and services to improve, expand or evolve to better serve our community. As a not-for-profit, we have an obligation to follow our mission, and we are proud of the work we continue to accomplish. It’s key for us to continue to diversify our portfolio of services in order to withstand the current economic pressures and to be able to adapt to what the future holds. In all of our programs, we encourage our staff to think of what they would want someone to do for their own parent or grandparent, and to have that guide their actions. In a way, it really is that simple – the caring is as important as the quality care.



Long-term care has long been in crisis, but we have reached a critical point that was exacerbated by the pandemic. Even before COVID-19, the long-term care industry was coping with staffing challenges, along with regulatory scrutiny and funding cuts that were crippling our ability to fulfill our mission of caring for aging Long Islanders. And this is not unique to Gurwin – the entire industry was feeling it. COVID-19 accelerated the predicament, and we have been left on our own to make


-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page11 For All Your Business Marketing Needs Cross-Platform Programs for Every Need and Budget The Long Island market is rich in buyers who love to support local businesses. Make sure they find your brand or business with turnkey solutions from Newsday. • Digital Marketing Services • Reach Extension Programs • Branded Content • Branded Video • Multimedia Audience Space • Podcast Booth • Photography Studio • Live and Virtual Event Marketing • Special Sections • Print and Digital Sponsorships • Print Solutions • OTT/CTV For more information on Newsday’s marketing solutions, contact your Newsday Multimedia Representative, call 631-843-2500 or email Advertising@Newsday.com


One alternative to truck transport, given the high price and limited availability of trucks and drivers, is the development of rail transfer stations for disposal and transport off-island. With a smaller carbon footprint, rail transport would be more environmentally friendly than trucks. Additionally, transport by rail is less expensive than trucking because trains can transport a higher volume at any given time and will not be impacted by the new U.S. DOT regulations.

By Dave Courbanou IT Administrator 700 Veterans Memorial Highway Hauppauge, NY 11788 (631) www.intelligentcloudcare.com547-3104

The Implications of Closing the Brookhaven Landfill Need to Be Addressed Now or We’ll Pay for it Later


Municipalities, private sector establishments, and vendors must work together to prepare for the impending closure of the Brookhaven Landfill. This requires a regional approach; municipalities should not be left on their own to tackle this issue. The private sector can provide the solution, but only with the assistance of local governments, who control land use and zoning within their respective jurisdictions, and the regulatory agencies charged with approval, permitting, and ongoing oversight of these facilities. Also paramount, considerations for quality of life, environmental justice, and potential environmental impacts must be weighed; all in all presenting an extremely difficult balancing act. We have two years left to plan for what we know will have a significant impact on all Long Islanders and on the Long Island economy. Let’s not be caught short again.

Even MFA Is As Strong As The Human Element.

The scenario goes like this: a user gets a text message on their phone purporting to be some kind of utility provider, electric, water or gas. The message says they need to confirm your recent payment, or something similar, and asks that you text back a number you’ll receive shortly.

The 1983 Long Island Landfill Law sought to protect the quality of the local drinking water aquifers by mandating the closure of municipal landfills in areas of “deep flow recharge” (the aquifer layer from which Long Island draws its drinking water). As all other municipal landfills closed, the Brookhaven landfill was eventually one of only two local facilities permitted to accept C&D for disposal. Any C&D that was not accepted by one of these sites was brought to a local transfer station to then be transported off-island. By 1988, the cost to ship a single ton of waste off-island by truck was $150. In comparison, local landfilling costs for C&D debris was approximately $30/ton. Off-island disposal resulted in a significant increase in disposal costs.

For better or worse, the weakest link in the security chain is the human element, and hackers know this. Most phishing campaigns are designed to short-circuit rational or logical thinking, and put someone in a state of fear -- or at least anxiety -- by pressuring them into clicking a link, or providing credentials. Even with multi-factor authentication enabled, hackers are coming up with new and ingenious ways to get people to willingly give up information.

By Patricia DelCol Assistant Vice President Municipal Market Director H2M architects + engineers 538 Broad Hollow Road 4th Floor East, Melville, NY 11747 (866) www.h2m.com970-6535

In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, this added cost of disposal for homeowners and commercial establishments alike led to a notable increase in illegal dumping, followed by an increase in municipal code enforcement efforts and municipal clean-up costs at taxpayer expense. In some instances, the illegal dumping led to environmental contamination, with taxpayers again footing the bill for the subsequent remediation efforts. Almost forty years later, the impending closure of the Brookhaven Landfill, combined with the rising prices of gasoline and diesel and new U.S. DOT regulations that limit the number of hours a truck driver can log in a 24-hour period, will make the cost of responsibly shipping C&D debris off-island even higher. On top of that, since the beginning of the pandemic, both trucks and drivers have been in relatively short supply which has further increased disposal pricing.

The Brookhaven Landfill is one of two remaining disposal locations for construction and demolition (C&D) debris on Long Island and, as engineers and environmental scientists, we at H2M are concerned about the implications of the impending closure of the landfill in 2024. C&D debris, a category of solid waste, includes concrete, brick, drywall, asphalt, and other materials generated from home improvement, construction, and infrastructure projects. While a large fraction of the C&D waste stream is indeed recyclable, the residue is not, and it cannot be processed at a waste-to-energy facility. C&D debris residue can only be landfilled. When the Brookhaven landfill closes, the C&D debris will have to be transported off Long Island. If a comprehensive plan is not developed before then, the increased disposal cost could potentially lead to illegal dumping and increased clean-up and code enforcement expenses for municipalities.

You’re not obligated to approve an MFA request and you don’t need to click a link you don’t trust.

The best way to combat this kind of attack is to make the user aware -- again, the human element is at play here. Reminding people that this sort of thing goes on, all the time, every day, is critical to putting someone in an information-protective mindset. And while we can continually scare the user with these examples and provide facts and figures on the costs of breaches (humans do tend to remember more negative things than positive) we also want to empower the user and leave them feeling strong against these attacks or would-be hackers.

In addition to C&D debris, the Brookhaven landfill also currently accepts ash from the island’s waste-to-energy facilities. This ash will also need to find a new home; at the moment, the only other option is to long-haul the ash off-island as well. A comprehensive plan needs to be implemented quickly.

On the other end, the hacker is trying to gain access to a more sensitive account -- likely an e-mail account instead. The hacker kicks off the text message confirmation -- the target user gets the message -- and then unwittingly texts back the hacker with the code for their own account.

The rest is history.

Sometimes hackers are relying on a user *not* paying attention to what’s going on. With the advent of push-based MFA, wherein an authenticator phone app simply asks you to confirm if it is you logging in or not, it’s never been easier for someone to errantly approve a login that is not them, especially throughout the workday.

The Brookhaven landfill accepts more than 500,000 tons of C&D debris each year. Without a coordinated Island-wide approach for local C&D processing or transport off Long Island, illegal dumping is all but guaranteed.

In a similar scenario, a hacker might be sending repeated requests for approval through an authenticator app, essentially bullying the user into approving the login, simply to stop the alerts from popping up. The user might think it’s a glitch, or something else wrong with their phone, and may not even think twice about what is really going on.

Much like the Apple Watch might remind you to breathe if your heart rate is going up -- we too, want to remind people to breathe if an e-mail or piece of technology is really getting their heart rate up or demanding action. That’s a huge clue that you might be getting phished or hacked. The best thing you can do at that point is take a step back, breathe, and remind yourself that you are in control of your own accounts.

There is *never* a reason to share your MFA code with anyone, and if you really aren’t sure what’s going on, your IT Team is here to help you.

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In the end, when it comes to security, it’s really all about the people you trust.

One of my primary responsibilities at CloudCare University is to produce content that can educate the user and provide something substantial that they’ll walk away with. The trickiest thing to get through to the end user is just how much security begins and ends with them.

At a recent security summit I attended, it was explained how even with MFA enabled, a hacker may be able to use this to their advantage. If a hacker knows you have a text-based authentication, they can utilize your phone number against you.

Risk further presents itself to companies, typically unwitting startups, who fail to file for patent protection at the outset because such companies may forfeit or otherwise miss the opportunity for procuring protection of their proprietary technology as the scope of prior art expands. In other words, patent laws generally provide patent protection if the invention is novel and non-obvious. That means that if someone else invents, files, or otherwise publicly discloses first, then a dilatory company’s right to a patent may be forever lost.

Second, employers should implement and enforce sexual harassment policies. Policies like these discourage the type of behavior that can subject a company to liability. But they may also provide a defense to a company in the event an employee sues the company for allowing the harassment to take place.

Realization of the benefits of patent strategies often warrants procurement of patent rights from each country in which protection is sought; however, multijurisdictional filings can provide significant efficiencies and cost reduction by eliminating redundancies.

Generally speaking, while many companies and individuals consider filing patent applications solely to prevent copying, there are many ways to leverage patents for business growth that go beyond protection and license negotiation. Patents can facilitate collaboration between competitors, attract buyers, and enable companies to influence standards. They may also serve as quantifiable evidence of innovation leadership that can engender new customers, suppliers, investors, and even

Sixth, employers should ensure they make consistent decisions. If an employer allows one employee to work from home, other employees may want the same treatment. And if an employer lays one employee off, she may wonder why another employee did not meet the same fate. Employers may reduce the risk of a lawsuit by setting firm policies and abiding by them.

Modern innovation thrives on the virtues of patent protection and the challenges that permeate the commercial environment. Successful technology driven businesses often look to company leadership to implement a patent strategy aligned with the company’s business model. Savy technology companies utilize patent strategies offensively as a revenue source and defensively as a safeguard to threats of infringement. Regardless of the strategy, most successful companies make calculated decisions to develop strong patent portfolios for securing market share. They also diligently navigate the patent landscape proliferated by their competitors to help ensure the company’s freedom to operate.

Leveraging Patent Strategy to Diminish Risk and Cultivate Growth in the Modern Era

Fifth, any time an employee discloses that he or she has a health issue, the company should immediately consider how to accommodate that issue. Many employers may disregard the disclosure of a health issue if it does not seem important to the employee’s job. But if the employee later believes that the employer penalized him or her because of the health issue, the employee may claim discrimination. Before that happens, an employer should work with an employee to make sure the health issue does not impede job performance.

Once a patent is obtained, patentees may utilize the issued patent offensively under the threat of suit to prevent others from infringing the claimed invention, or to leverage license revenues from potential or realized infringers. Ownership of an issued patent can also provide some stable ground of operational freedom from a defensive strategy perspective in that it may provide cross-license leverage for other problematic third-party patents. Accordingly, developing a broad-based patent portfolio with proper patent strategy can improve market presence and longevity of any company.

For instance, the building blocks of today’s cell phones utilize many types of technologies including, among others: connectivity, imaging, and audio. This spectrum of technology opens the door to more problematic patents, provides heightened competition, and results in a greater likelihood of patent litigation.

Should time be of the essence, which it always is in the patent world, there are various tactics for hastening the process. For example, countries like the U.S. permit applicants to file for expedited examination as long as certain requirements are met (e.g., payment of a government surcharge). There are also collaborations between many of the most commercially active jurisdictions that enable examination reciprocity. This may save significant prosecution costs and limit delay in patent issuance.

Fourth, employers should consider whether they want employment disputes to go to arbitration instead of to court. Employers can largely determine this by including an arbitration clause in the offer letters they send to employees upon hiring them. Arbitration has some advantages: it tends to move quicker, it is private, it has the reputation for being a friendly forum for employers, and it tends to cost less. But it also has some downsides: it does not permit appeals and it can cost more than litigation depending on the kind of case.

This highlights a very important point: the commercial use of technology bears significant risk if proper protections are not in place. The most obvious risk is that of patent infringement. New innovations and products are rapidly developing with more and more companies coming to industry. If prudence is not borne, companies may find themselves infringing patent rights held by others already in the industry.


Toemployees.thatend, the more a technology company and its leadership understand the value and the pitfalls associated with patents, the better the company will be able to optimize patent strategy and ultimately deliver business growth with improved margins and better relationships.

And finally, employers should consider settling disputes with employees, even if they are meritless. No company wants an employee to take advantage of them. But lawsuits are often more expensive and a hassle than the cost of a settlement. Spending a lot of money on a defense, even if successful, may be more expensive than just compromising and paying the employee a fraction of what they demand.

By Jason B. Scher, Esq. Partner Carter, DeLuca & Farrell LLP 576 Broad Hollow Road, Melville, NY 11747 631-719-7029 jscher@carterdeluca.com www.carterdeluca.com

Third, employers should seriously examine disparities in pay and job roles. If the highest paid employees at a company are largely male and the lowest paid employees are largely female, then an employee may claim that the employer engages in sex discrimination. Similarly, if the executives of a company are largely white but its blue-collar workers are largely people of color, an employee may allege that the company engages in racial discrimination. Rather than litigate these issues, a company should investigate whether those disparities exist in its own workplace and address them if they do.

The examination process, which often involves iterations of persuasive argument and/or amendment in view of the prior art, can take a few years before final disposition of the case.

Seventh, employers should frequently consult a lawyer they trust when employment issues arise. Spending a few hundred dollars to speaking to a lawyer for an hour before firing an employee or before responding to an employee complaint can help an employer avoid a lawsuit that may cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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It is important for companies to be proactive in knowing and monitoring the patent landscape of their technology, particularly when bringing new products to market. Freedom-to-operate, invalidity and landscape studies can be useful, and often necessary, in identifying and establishing positions on existing patents bearing on these commercial products. Early identification of potential patent issues can help to avert costly infringement issues down the road, particularly if simple changes can be made to design around problematic patents.

Managing the Risk Employee Lawsuits


By Will Newman Senior Counsel Fleischman Bonner & Rocco LLP 81 Main Street, Suite 515 White Plains, New York 10601 (914) wnewman@fbrllp.com278-5100 com/attorneys/william-h-newman/https://www.fbrllp.

This is especially true when technological areas provide a vast array of prior art references.

Every employer should manage the risk of employee lawsuits. Many companies believe that they treat their workers well and that their employees are happy. As a result, they believe that they are not at risk of a lawsuit. But in my work, I frequently see employment relationships sour and employees surprise management by retaining a lawyer. Employers should proactively manage this risk instead of hoping lawsuits never come. Defending a business against litigation by a current or former employee takes a lot of time and can be very expensive. It can also be incredibly frustrating to see an employee the company once trusted making false and damaging allegations. But employers can take steps before a dispute arises to reduce the impact of a lawsuit. I discuss eight such steps below.

First, employers should consider purchasing Employment Practices Liability (“EPLI”) Insurance. These kinds of insurance policies may pay for a lawyer to defend the company in the event of a lawsuit. They may also pay the employee the amount he or she demands or that a court awards. Although EPLI insurance costs money, many companies prefer to pay regular and foreseeable premiums than sudden, steep, and unpredictable legal fees and employee payouts.

In many instances, products or services include cross-over technologies from previously segregated markets, further broadening the spectrum of potential patent infringement risks.

The procurement process for a patent requires preparation, filing, and government-vetting stages that are typically followed by one or more post-issuance maintenance or annuity fee payments. Given the complexities of the patent life-cycle, patent attorneys are usually enlisted at the outset to collaborate with companies and their inventors for strategically describing and claiming the details of invention and filing the same with the commercially appropriate patent offices.

The hotline law was part of a series of laws aimed at strengthening New York’s already robust antidiscrimination laws. Other laws recently passed include a prohibition on the release of personnel files as retaliation for having made a discrimination complaint and clarifies that public employers are subject to the Human Rights Law.

Buyers and sellers should work closely with attorneys to understand the potential implications of inflation on their M&A deals and to make sure they are negotiating the proper purchase price.

Ultimately, inflation matters in deals, especially when inflation rates are high and the duration of the inflationary period is long term. Inflation may be a concern when it comes to deal discussions; however, it should not derail the sale process.


[3] Ana Calves, The Potential Impact of Inflation on M&A, Mergers & Acquisitions (June 7, 2022), https://www.themiddlemarket.com/opinion/the-potential-impact-of-inflation-on-ma [4] Calves, supra note 3. [5] Brian Scheid, Peter Brennan, & Annie Sabater, Inflation Puts Dent in M&A After White-Hot 2021, SPA Global (Apr. 4, 2022) hot-2021-69551549.en/news-insights/latest-news-headlines/inflation-puts-dent-in-m-a-after-white-https://www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence/

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By Michael J. Del Piano, Esq., Senior Counsel Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles, LLP 1377 Motor Parkway, Suite 400 Islandia, New York 11749 (631) mjdelpiano@lewisjohs.com755-0101

The NYSDHR’s Office of Sexual Harassment Issues operates the hotline and provides callers with information about filing sexual harassment complaints with the Division. If callers wish to discuss their case with an attorney, the hotline will provide them with the name and contact information of a pro bono attorney experienced in workplace sexual harassment claims to provide limited advice about their complaints. According to the NYSDHR’s website, “the referrals are to provide timely legal advice to those experiencing workplace sexual harassment but will not replace any of the Division’s normal complaint processing procedures, which do not require representation by counsel.” Attorneys answering calls on the hotline may not solicit further representation of any worker whom they assist.

By Marc Saracino, Esq. Senior Associate 4175 Veterans Highway Ronkonkoma, 11779 (631) www.cmmllp.com738-9100

New Launches Confidential Hotline For

Simultaneously, supply chain risks and production prices are increasing.[2] These consequences influence M&A deals and the valuations of target companies. If you are debating whether to initiate a sale, merger, acquisition, or other similar transaction, or if you have already decided to move forward and are currently negotiating a deal, it’s important to understand the various effects that inflation has on M&A deals.

These amendments follow New York’s efforts over the last several years to combat sexual harassment by passing some of the strictest anti-sexual harassment laws in the nation. Since 2018, New York has passed sweeping legislation targeting sexual harassment by, among other things, lowering the standard for what is considered sexual harassment, applying the sexual harassment laws to all employers regardless of size, extending the statute of limitations to file a claim of sexual harassment with the Division of Human Rights to three years, requiring employers to enact sexual harassment policies that meet or exceed the State’s minimum requirements to prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace, and mandating training of all employees on sexual harassment on an annual basis. This everchanging landscape can cause serious financial and reputational risk to employers if they are not vigilant in ensuring their compliance with the law.

By Kevin D. Clinton, Esq., Senior Associate Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles, LLP 61 Broadway, Suite 2000 New York, New York 10006 (212) kdclinton@lewisjohs.com233-7195

Reporting Sexual Harassment

Inflation may deter buyers from offering higher purchase prices because they may worry that the ultimate payout won’t be as good as it would be in a non-inflationary scenario. However, in many cases, sellers can work with their accounting and legal advisors to demonstrate that their rate of profit growth will outpace the rate of inflation.

York State

• Lower Purchase Prices: The cost of operating a business will increase with inflation and, if buyers cannot mitigate the impact of these costs, then they may begin to offer lower purchase prices.[4] This was evident in February 2022, when the M&A deal value declined by 74.4%.[5] Buyers may be aware of this trend and use it as a negotiation tactic. Sellers should work closely with their attorneys to discuss these tactics and factor in a purchase price buffer to account for such negotiations.

Long-lasting inflation is always a top concern because it decreases the value of currency and weakens the purchasing power of the American dollar. Since 2021, inflation rates in the United States have increased at a much faster rate than predicted and central banks across the globe are reacting by raising interest rates.[1]

The hotline law requires all employers regardless of size to provide information about the hotline in any materials which employers post or provide to employees about sexual harassment. Employers should immediately review and update their handbooks, policies, workplace rules, training and guidance documents, and other materials provided to employees regarding sexual harassment to make certain they appropriately inform employees about the hotline.

How to Avoid the Negative Side Effects of Inflation

[1] Tom Manion, Principal, Valuation & Capital Market Analysis, BDO (May https://www.bdo.com/insights/industries/technology/how-interest-rates,-inflation,-and-2022), [2]geopolitical-unId.

Effects of Inflation on M&A Deals

As inflation continues to rise, buyers and sellers should expect to see more heavily negotiated purchase prices, alternative payment methods, and longer exclusivity periods.[3]

• Alternative Payment Methods: Inflation also increases the costs of interest rates, causing buyers to propose alternative payment structures. In times of inflation, a buyer is less willing to pay cash at the time of closing. In these situations, sellers should work closely with their attorneys to negotiate alternative payment methods such as installment payments, promissory notes, earnout/ revenue milestone payouts, rollover equity and/ or payment via other equitable assets.[6] In many cases, sellers’ attorneys will condition the deal on buyer’s ability to obtain satisfactory financing.[7]

Common Effects on M&A Deals


New York recently amended its Human Rights Law to require the establishment of a confidential hotline to field sexual harassment complaints and supply attorneys to provide legal assistance to New York employees. The Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR) launched the confidential hotline in late July, which can be accessed toll-free at 1-800-HARASS-3 (1-800427-2773). The hotline law’s sponsoring memorandum states that nearly 75% of sexual harassment goes unreported, and that the hotline would help facilitate an easier, more streamlined reporting system. The hotline is intended only for complaints of sexual harassment, not any other form of discrimination prohibited under the law.

Key Takeaways for Employers

• Exclusivity Periods: Buyers always want to understand the company’s pricing arrangements with its suppliers and the contracting parties’ ability to amend the terms of the agreement; however, this becomes even more critical during times of inflation. Therefore, sellers may start to notice buyers requesting longer exclusivity periods to give the buyers time to perform a more detailed due diligence review.[8]

The hotline law requires the NYSDHR to provide information about the hotline to promote public awareness of the hotline. The NYSDHR also is required to work with the Department of Labor to ensure employers provide information about the hotline to employees. To date, neither the NYSDHR nor the Department of Labor has issued guidance or regulations about compliance with the hotline law. Such guidance, however, is expected over the next several months. Employers should continuously evaluate their materials provided to employees regarding sexual harassment as additional guidance is released by either the NYSDHR or the Department of Labor.

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[9] Sellers may choose to provide that data in terms of units sold and/or the dollar value. [10]

Biden/Harris Administration’s White House Conference On Hunger, Nutrition And Health Provides Voice For 50 Million Americans

In March 2022, the White House announced plans to host a Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health this September. Working with the government relations team at Feeding America, and coordinating our efforts with Massachusetts Representative Jim McGovern, Long Island Cares pivoted our initial proposal to embrace a White House Conference.

Step 2: Sort and Categorize

As a professional organizer, potential clients often express uncertainty about where to start. Having clutter in your home can be overwhelming, but having a process to apply can help you approach the mess with less anxiety. So, here are 5 simple steps that you can apply to your clutter and to get organized.

One way we can respond to the growing problem of food insecurity is through a comprehensive nationwide approach. That is why Long Island Cares called upon the Biden/Harris Administration in November 2020 to convene another Presidential Commission on Hunger and Food Insecurity. The U.S. must take a serious look at why 50 million Americans still struggle to put nutritious food on their table.

Step 1: Prioritize Before you begin, decide what you think is most important, especially if you have multiple spaces that need to be organized. You can decide this based on usage or lifestyle. Perhaps your bedroom is no longer relaxing and you really need a place to unwind at the end of the day. Or, maybe you are feeling like you are unable to work effectively in your home office because of clutter. Once you have chosen a specific room, break the room into manageable pieces by choosing a specific area to begin. This could mean you start with a closet, a desk, or maybe even a single drawer. It’s okay to start small. If you’re still not sure where to begin, I recommend starting in an area that contains many items that you know you want to get rid of. If you can minimize clutter at the beginning of the organizing process you will feel good and be motivated to keep working.

By Paule T. Pachter, A.C.S.W., L.M.S.W. Chief Executive Officer Long Island Cares, Inc. The Harry Chapin Regional Food Bank 10 Davids Drive – Harry Chapin Way Hauppauge, New York 11788 Office: 631.582.3663 x 101 www.licares.org

The last time a U.S. President convened a Commission on Hunger was September 1978, when Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and Long Island hunger activist Harry Chapin successfully lobbied former President Jimmy Carter to convene such a group. For his efforts, Chapin was appointed to the Commission and was the only member to attend 100% of the meetings.

Long Island Cares hopes the conference will review authorities and programs - public and private, national and international - that address the problem of food insecurity.



Once you have de-cluttered and organized, you should notice that you feel less stressed and spend less time looking for things. Hopefully this will motivate you to keep organizing. If so, you can repeat these steps in another space. Happy organizing!

As a professional organizer, one of the hardest items for people to tackle when organizing is paperwork. A single sheet of paper doesn’t take up that much space but before we know it, we end up with piles of paper.


Congress is recommending the conference examine why hunger and nutrition insecurity persist and how they affect health. It should also review existing and cross-departmental strategies and consider new approaches to improve health by eliminating hunger, reducing the prevalence of chronic disease, and improving access to, and consumption of, nutritious foods in accordance with dietary guidelines.

By Wendy Clark Wendy Clark Organizing Amityville, 509-251-4145NY wendyclarkorganizing@gmail.comwww.wendyclarkorganizing.com

As you work in your designated area, pick up each item and decide if you want to: 1) keep, 2) donate, 3) throw away, 4) move to another location in the house, or 5) rehome to a friend or family member. Sometimes you can make this decision immediately. If you are unsure, keep the items. It is okay to have a “maybe” pile on a first pass; the important thing is to keep working and get through the items that you know what to do with. Getting those items sorted will make your maybe pile easier to deal with. All items being kept need to be sorted into categories. Summer dresses together, building toys, etc. Once all of the items have been sorted take a look at the piles. Do you have 25 summer dresses but only really need 10? This is your second opportunity to evaluate what you want to really keep. Get rid of all of the items leaving the space by making trip to the thrift shop.

ReporterHIA-LIThe Page15


Step 3: Create Zones Take a look of how much stuff you actually are keeping. Then determine where you want the categorized piles to live. Organizers offer call these locations zones. When choosing a location for an item, make sure that you will have enough space and consider where it would make the most sense. Do you enter and exit through your garage door? If so, you should plan to keep keys by it instead of the front door.

How to Organize Papers

What to do with stuff you don’t want anymore?

Chapin also used the next two years - 1978 to 1980 - to establish Long Island Cares, Inc., Long Island’s first food bank. More recently, we ‘ve been on the front lines responding to a 63% increase in food insecurity brought about by the 2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic. And now, because of inflation, we’ve seen a 43% increase in visits to our six satellite locations from January-June 2021 to the first six months of this year. Each day, more and more working families are visiting our satellite locations, as well as our network of nearly 325 member agencies across Nassau and Suffolk County. Because of inflation and the increase costs of food many families are struggling to feed their children and having to make choices related to food and other important expenses like paying for healthcare or putting gas in their cars. Nearly one-third of the people visiting food pantries are working at least one if not two jobs.

The Organizing Process in 5 Steps

President Biden is aware of the increase in food insecurity across the nation, and he’s familiar with the work of food banks and food pantries. I’m optimistic that during his first term in office he will assign a White House staff person to follow-up with the recommendations that come out of the conference.

Step 5: Plan a Maintenance Schedule No matter how organized a space is; it needs to be maintained in order to remain organized. In order to keep a filing cabinet organized, you need to consistently file incoming paperwork. If you don’t file papers immediately, designate an area for papers that need to be filed. Plan a specific time each week to file this paperwork. In addition, a space often needs to be de-cluttered every 6 months to a year, depending on the items in the room. In the case of a filing cabinet, at the end of each year you should go through the papers and shred any that you no longer need to keep.

Step 4: Label to Maintain In order for your space to remain organized, every item needs to have a specific place within its zone that it will live. Once you have created zones decide how you want to store the items in them. Inventory your current containers and furniture, using things you already have where you can. After you’ve taken these steps, you can decide if you need to make a few purchases to shore up your organization. Make sure you take measurements for all furniture so you can avoid having to make multiple trips to the store. Then, clearly label your containers so it you know where items should return to after use.

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43rd Annual Golf Outing where we honored John M. Comack of JGM Construction Development and Joe Camberato of National Business Capital. Guests enjoyed the day golfing at the beautiful Nissequogue Golf Club. Thank you to our honorees, sponsors, volunteers, and all who attended for making the day such a success as we look toward the future of both businesses across Long Island as well as next year’s outing.

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The HIA-LI hosted its Summer Bash Boat Cruise on the Lauren Kristy Boat followed by a Membership Celebration soon after at Lala’s Lounge. Thank you to all who joined us for a perfect day at sea with great conversations and connections. special thank you to all our sponsors and members who made this day possible such as South Bay Cruises, Event Kings, and Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks.


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Engel Burman is a fully integrated real estate company that has developed over 10 million square feet of commercial and residential property with a market value over $3 billion. From concept to completion, Engel Burman delivers on real estate development, construction, and property management across all project types and industries.

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Holistic Health Coach Lety Algeri specializes in helping women overcome their food cravings, eliminate emotional eating, and create simple, sustainable health strategies that meet their busy schedules, budgets, and taste buds. The range of her services is comprehensive, ranging from group coaching to individual sessions to health talks for audiences of all sizes.

Lucidi Technical Solutions (LTS)


1998. the Humanitytoaddition,helpElectricalnecessaryfulfillgiveback


Creative Plan Designs, LTD Creative Plan Designs, Ltd. (CPD) is a CEFEX certified actuarial consulting and third-party administration firm. For over 40 years, we’ve helped clients prepare for retirement by creating leading edge retirement plans and keeping them compliant. We help business owners maximize their retirement savings, minimize their tax burden, and attract and retain talent. Guidance & Counseling Services

Christine Executive Director John Luongo CEO Lety Algeri Owner Jan Burman President of Engel Burman Michael A. Sabatini Managing Partner

The primary goal of our nonprofit Blue Umbrella Experience, Inc. (BUE, Inc) is to answer the call for students of all abilities to have inclusive and affordable access to the very best of community education and empowering social experiences. By offering our interactive Above and Beyond Community Classes, BUE seeks to promote personal growth and a sense of belonging by providing professionally-taught community classes focused on enrichment, creativity, skill building, personal fitness and overall wellness. With us, students can truly take a class, and...join a community! We will always be Open to the Public and All Abilities & All Levels Allied Risk Management Allied provides integrated security, safety and technology services. with innovative and comprehensive security personnel, custom-designed camera and access control systems, Allied mitigates risks, protect assets, and save lives. Allied’s unique 200 years of collective public and private sector experience, world-class technology, dedicated team, and outstanding service help our clients succeed.

Hawkins, LMSW

challenges and substance abuse issues. Little Little

Ronald Stair Principal & Jeffrey Laura Rogacki CEO Salvatore Ferrara Owner

CN Guidance & Counseling Services is a nonprofit organization with experience since 1972. CN Guidance and catalyzes recovery for people living with mental health and substance use conditions through innovative and person-centered integrated clinical treatment, counseling, & support services empowering those served to live healthy and fulfilling lives. of disabilities, health Angels based since

Lucidi Technical Solutions L.L.C is a full-service technical consulting company specializing in Digital Transformation and Business Process Management. LTS specializes in partnering with businesses and assisting them in the design, development and maintenance of their technology strategy. LTS also specializes in evaluating a business’s current technology landscape to determine the most efficient way to better utilize their current technology stack thereby improving productivity and reducing overall costs. LTS also provides ongoing technical support through innovation and guidance to assist businesses through the myriad of challenges that technologies can present.

Engel Burman

on utilizingensuringCounties. maximize lifespanoccupationalprovidedsince Electrical Electrical Long Island

three agencies: EPIC Long Island, South Shore Child Guidance Center, and the Epilepsy Foundation Long Island. We provide an array of services for children and adults with epilepsy, developmental



Friedman CEO Tom Hopkins CEO

Lety Algeri Coaching

Anthony Lucidi Owner/CEO




Citrin Cooperman Citrin Cooperman is one of the nation’s largest professional services firms, helping companies and high net worth individuals find smart solutions. Whether your operations and assets are located around the corner or across the globe, we provide new perspectives on strategies that help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

EPIC Long Island The EPIC Family of Human Service Agencies is a partnership

Training Center, Inc has been educating Island in the Electrical and HVAC/R industries 1998. We prepare men and women to acquire necessary skills to join the workforce in the and HVAC/R industries. Our students the need of skilled labor in Long Island. In during their program, they will use their skills back to local nonprofits such as Habitat for Long Island.

David Faverio President Joseph Mollica II Executive Vice President Joseph Camberato Founder & CEO Lyons Interim President & CEO Karen Boorshtein President & CEO Stuart B. Almer President & CEO Chris Ponzio M.S.E.d Executive Director O’Donnell

Brian Berkery, COO Adam Haber, CEO JR Jensen, CTO AT (631) 543-5355


PSEG LI Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. (PSEG LI) is a diversified energy company. PSEG LI has long had a key role in fueling Long Island’s economy and supporting the quality of life.

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page21

Pupfish Sustainability Solutions is an IT Asset Disposition firm located in the Hauppauge Industrial Park. Pupfish was created to fill the local need for an Electronic Data Destruction and eRecycling provider, helping businesses of all sizes achieve data compliance and mitigate the risk of a catastrophic data breach when hard drives and other electronic media is retired.

Since 1926, Family Service League (FSL) has provided all aspects of human services, including mental health counseling, addiction prevention & treatment, crisis care, early education, and family & senior services. Today, in communities across Long Island, thousands of children, adults, and families rely on FSL’s vital programs.

Gurwin Healthcare System Gurwin Healthcare System offers a full continuum of healthcare and senior living services including Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Gurwin Jewish~Fay J. Lindner Residences assisted living community, Fountaingate Gardens independent living community, home care and adult day care programs. Island Nursing and Rehab Center (Holtsville) joined the System in 2021.


LNK International LNK International, Inc., manufactures solid and liquid dose over-the-counter pharmaceuticals in the pain relief, cough & cold and gastro-intestinal categories. Our mission is to provide the highest quality over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to satisfy the needs of our customers and the health and safety of our end users. Our commitment to quality means that our products will meet or exceed statutory and regulatory requirements. We will achieve this through compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, a culture of continuous improvement and strong relationships with clients and suppliers.

National Business Capital National Business Capital helps businesses secure the quick, fair financing they need to achieve their goals and create opportunities. Founded by an entrepreneur who understands entrepreneurs’ challenges, National Business Capital’s process aims for simplicity and speed, offering business owners a stress-free solution that has secured over $2 billion in financing since 2007.

Winters Center for Autism Christine Ponzio, M.S.E.d., is the Winters Center for Autism Executive Director. She has been working with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, as well as their families, for more than 30 years.

National EAP National EAP provides top-tier EAP, Training and Coaching services. Our clinical behavioral specialists are experts at assessing management and employee needs. Our results-driven, customized programs turn challenges into opportunities. We build an agile, resilient workforce, admirable work cultures and create leaders who can truly inspire growth and meaningful success.

Trellus Trellus is Long Island’s leader in same-day delivery for small businesses. We help small businesses compete with e-commerce giants by providing fast and reliable on-demand local delivery services. Individually owned businesses create a vibrant community, and our promise is to support these businesses by keeping jobs, sales, and services local.



Electrical Training Center, Inc.


Little Angels Center has evaluation and treatment for speech, occupational and physical therapies across the since 1998.

Little Angels Center Angels Center is a multidisciplinary agency on Long Island in both Suffolk and Nassau Little Angels Center is dedicated to an individualized approach to therapy, the most current treatment strategies to one’s potential.

Pupfish Sustainability Solutions

Family Service League (FSL)


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1219631-249-1990WaltWhitman Rd Melville, NY, 11747 www.centraldigitalsolutions.com LET CENTRAL HELP YOU WORK ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Contact one of our Virtual CIO’s today As Long Island’s premier provider of business technology solutions, Central o ers a wide range of business products and services to fit your changing needs. From Managed IT Services, hosted solutions, to information security management and audit/compliance … WE HAVE IT COVERED Central is One-Stop-Shopyour Advanced Business Products IT SoftwareServices CentralBusinessSystems Since 1948

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe 24Page HIA-LI 2022 PROGRAMMING AT A GLANCE *ALL DATES ARE TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR SPONSOR S HIP OPPORTUNI T IES, CONTAC T ANTHONY FORGIONE AT aforgione@hia-li.org 2022 MAJOR EVENTS Honoring distinguished Long Island executives & business leaders [ ] January 14 [ ] March 2 [ ] March 25 [ ] April 29 [ ] June 16 [ ] July 18 [ ] September 20 [ ] October 28 [ ] November 1 8 [ ] December 13 HIA-LI 44th Annual Meeting & Legislative Program HIA-LI Tourism and Long Island MacArthur Airport HIA-LI 28th Annual LI Economic Summit HIA-LI Long Island Innovation Park Hauppauge and Tradable Sectors: Current & Future Growth HIA-LI Scholarship Program and Job Fair HIA-LI's 43rd Annual Golf Outing HIA-LI 28th Annual Business Achievement Awards Gala HIA-LI 14th Annual Energy & Environmental Update HIA-LI 12th Annual Women's Leadership Executive Program HIA-LI Those Who Make a Difference Celebration LEA DERSHIP EXECUTIVE PROGR A MMING [ ] February 8 [ ] April 7 [ ] October 6 [ ] December 1 Executive Insight - Clare Cusack, President & CEO of New York Bankers Association Executive Insight - Pat Dolan, Owner & President of Newsday Media Executive Insight - Stuart Almar, CEO Gurwin Healthcare System Executive Insight - Emma Li Xu, CEO A & Z Pharmaceutical Inc 34th A NNUAL BUSINESS TRADE SHOW & CONFERENCE Long Island's largest B2B Trade Show - make connections & close deals at one conference! [ ] May 11 [ ] May 26 [ ] May 26 HIA-LI Pre-Trade Show Networking Event HIA-LI 34th Annual Business Trade Show & Conference HIA-LI 34th Annual Business Trade Show: Executive Breakfast 225 WIRELESS BOULEVARD, SUITE 101, HAUPPAUGE, NY 117881 (631) 543-53551 WWW.HIA-LI.ORG SPECIAL NETWORKING EVENTS NEW & PROSPECTIVE MEMBER INFORMATION MEETINGS Small Business Task Force: Solution Series Small Business Task Force: Solution Series [ ] September [ ] GetNovembertoknowHIA-LI! Learn about our organization, get involved & meet other HIA-LI members! [ ]February 11 [ ] April 8 [ ] June 23 [ ] October 18 MEMBER APPRECIATION NETWORKING [ ] August 11 - Membership Summer Celebration at Lala's Lounge [ ] October 12 - Member Networking Night at Toa Asian Fusion in Huntington SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ConnectProgrammingdesignedtohelpLongIslandsmallbusinessesthriveinacompetitiveeconomy.withthebusinesscommunityatuniqueLongIslandvenues[]August11NetworkingBoatCruse

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page25 631-543-5355 or visit our website www.hia-li.org Promote your products and sevices to over 8,500 HIA-LI members in digital. For more information on advertising opportunities, contact HIA-LI at 631-543-5355 » AFFORDABLE RATES & FREQUENCY DISCOUNTS » MAILED & EMAILED TO LONG ISLAND BUSINESSES ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS CARD

The HIA-LI held its Committee Co-Chair meeting in which we discussed the approaching fourth quarter and all of the exciting upcoming committee meetings & events we have planned to end the year off as strong as ever. We would like to give a very special thank you to Paule Pachter, CEO of Long Island Cares for hosting our meeting this month.

A great time was had by all at the HIA-LI’s HYPE Summer Casino Night & HYPEY Hour. Thank you to Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel for their hospitality and for hosting such a wonderful event to all of our attendees and members.

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe 26Page COMMITTEE CORNER

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page27

can assist you in all these areas and more. We’ll guide you to all available local and state financial resources, utility incentive programs, and the many workforce training assets our region has to offer. We’ll help cut the red tape in accessing all these resources that are designed to help your company thrive in Suffolk County. Discover why the pharma, bio-tech, healthcare and small to medium size manufacturing sectors are booming in Suffolk. You can too. Let’s talk about what the Suffolk IDA can do for your business. Call or email us today.    631-853-4802 • INFO@SUFFOLKIDA.ORG WWW.SUFFOLKIDA.ORG Isn’t it time to discover how your business can thrive in Suffolk County?

navigate. Governmental regulations

BUSINESSES DISCOVER SUCCESS leads to to professionals

HERE Growth

to expanding your business’ footprint, whether that’s adding footage to your current facilities or moving to larger space. There are costs to consider. Human resource issues

address. At the Suffolk County IDA, our economic development

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page29 Small businesses have a big impact on our towns. When they thrive, so do our local communities. Which is why PSEG Long Island offers Energy Efficiency Programs to help local business owners save on energy costs, along with substantial grants and financial incentives to keep Long Island businesses moving forward. small business = big impact Find out how we can help your small business grow. Visit PSEGLINY.com/Business

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe 30Page Enjoy live demonstrations of Haas Tooling & machines, and receive this limited-edition T-Shirt! HAAS 2022 DEMO DAY Celebrate Manufacturing Month at our annual Haas Demo Day! Come see Haas Tooling and workholding in action on Haas machines. YOU'RE INVITED Haas Demo Day is Back and Better Than Ever! This year’s event is focused on the latest innovations in CNC lathes, automation, and tooling from Haas. CELEBRATE AMERICAN MANUFACTURING at HFO LONG ISLAND 1545 Ocean Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716 October 25, 2022 October 26, 2022 10 a m to 6 p m 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. FOR EDUCATION SCAN THIS to register for the event and to find out more details! REGISTER & ATTEND TO WIN! Register and attend Demo Day you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a Haas Vise We'll be giving away a 4", 6", and 8" Kurt Vise! You Know You Need a Robot. Let Us Show You How Easy It Is. experience HOW CUSTOMERS AROUND THE WORLD ARE USING ROBOTS with our live demos of both Universal Robot and Haas Robot integrations! Headquarters: 201 327 5215 | 18 Park Way, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 | www HFOAllendale com

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page31 Through a unique partnership with the Miller Business Center, HIA-LI members receive access to extensive and specialized business resources as well as personalized business research and reference assistance. For more information, please contact Anthony Forgione at aforgione@hia-li.org. WELCOME JULY NEW MEMBERS ACRES CAPITAL LYNNE VICCARO LVICCARO@ACRESCAP.COM516UNIONDALEOLEARY2724087 BRITE BUILDING SERVICES DANIEL DANIEL@BRITEBUILDINGSERVICESNY.COM(631)MELVILLELORENZO859-3288 FLEXPORT KEVIN KMURNANE@FLEXPORT.COM516NEWMURNANEYORK6506256 GENIE SOLAR ENERGY YUBE YUBE123@AOL.COM917NEWARKLEVIN9527882 JANIKING INGRID INAPOLEONE@JANIKING.COM(631)MELVILLENAPOLEONE773-5477 PREMIER CARE INDUSTRIES OURIHAUPPAUGENEMAN (631) 667-1055 EXT ONEMAN@PRECARE.COM1112 VISTAGE WORLDWIDE ANDY ANDY.ARLUCK@VISTAGECHAIR.COMATLANTICARLUCKBEACH15163300573

2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe32Page LIST:INDUSTRYAUGUST’S TECHNOLOGYINFORMATION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY LISTS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES 2M TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Manny Morales | President | 631-231-3255 | rmorales@2mtech.com ADEPT TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING Keith Siegel | Sales | (631) 676-1756 | abrohm@adept-techconsulting.com APPLIED VISIONS, INC Frank Zinghini | President & CEO | (631) 759-3901 | frank.zinghini@avi.com CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS Tommy Aquilino | Senior Account Executive | (631) 249-1990 | taquilino@ centraldigitalsolutions.com COMPLETE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, INC. Jodi Lopes | President | (516) 757-4499 | jlopes@completebiz.solutions DIGITAL ONESOURCE CONSULTING SOLUTIONS Mike Feingold | President | (888) 502-5092 | mfeingold@docsconsulting.net ETG CONSULTING (ETG US, INC.) Umut Altinay | Business Development Manager | (631) 509-3717 | umut@buconsulting.com GLOBAL COMPUTER SYSTEMS Paul North | Sales Manager | 516-641-0279 | pnorth@global-usa.com LI TECH ADVISORS Anthony Buonaspina | President | 631-422-0969 | Anthony@litechadvisors.com MOTIVA Walter Contreras | CEO | (631) 231-2900 | walter@motiva.net NEXXIS, INC. Anthony Joseph | Business Development | (631) 247-0770 | info@mynexxis.com OPTIMUM BUSINESS - ALTICE USA Anthony Palladino III | Long Island Sales Manager of Optimum Business | (516) 8032300 | Anthony.palladino@alticeusa.com PUPFISH SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS David Faverio | CEO | (631) 403-1100 | nbrokaw@pupfishusa.com RINTELL TECHNOLOGIES LLC Eric Rintell | President & Founder | 15168591001 | eric.rintell@rintelltechnologies.com SOURCEPASS Matthew Brown | Chief Financial Officer | 877-678-8080 | mbrown@sourcepass.com TECHWORKS CONSULTING, INC. Christopher Coluccio | CEO | (631) 285-1527 | chris@maketechwork.com TNT UNITED SERVICES INC. Nieesha Williams | Co-Founder / Strategic Brand Strategist & Digital Marketing Expert | 631-868-4006 | nieesha@tntusinc.com ADVERTISEINDUSTRY!YOUR To advertise in this section contact Anthony Forgione at aforgione@hia-li.org

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe Page33 NEW MEMBER PROFILES

The most rewarding part of my career has been developing people. Vistage allows me the opportunity to use my skills to guide executives so that you too can develop your teams and employees into solid players and leaders who strive to achieve success in shared goals. If you’re interested in learning whether Vistage is a good fit for you, please contact me at andy.arluck@vistagechair.com or 516330-0573.

The most rewarding part of my career has been developing people. Vistage allows me the opportunity to use my skills to guide executives so that you too can develop your teams and employees into solid players and leaders who strive to achieve success in shared goals.

COMPLIMENTARY EXPOSURE FOR YOUR COMPANY! New Member Profiles are complimentary to all new HIA-LI Members - It provides you with an opportunity to intriduce yourself to the Long Island business community and advertise your products and services! For more information or to submit a New Member Profile, contact HIA-LI at 631-543-5355.

If you’re interested in learning whether Vistage is a good fit for you, please contact me at andy.arluck@vistagechair.com or 516330-0573.

flexport Andy Arluck 54 Fulton Avenue Atlantic Beach, NY 11509 516-330-0573 Vistage.com

Vistage Worldwide is an organization designed exclusively for high-integrity CEOs and executive leaders who are looking to drive better decisions and better results for their companies. Our members — 27,000 strong in 21 countries — gather in trusted, confidential peer advisory boards where they tackle their toughest challenges and biggest opportunities.

Vistage Andy Arluck 54 Fulton Avenue Atlantic Beach, NY 11509 516-330-0573 (cell) www.Vistage.com

Vistage Worldwide is an organization designed exclusively for high-integrity CEOs and executive leaders who are looking to drive better decisions and better results for their companies. Our members — 27,000 strong in 21 countries — gather in trusted, confidential peer advisory boards where they tackle their toughest challenges and biggest opportunities.

-2022August ReporterHIA-LIThe 34Page HIA-LI AND LONG ISLAND CARES ARE WORKING TOGETHER TO END HUNGER ON LONG ISLAND. During the month of September we are choosing to stand against hunger by proudly wearing this awesome T-shirt and pledging to continue to fight hunger on Long Island. WITH YOUR $10 DONATION NOW, you will receive your very own T-shirt* showing your Super Power! BE A HERO! HELP END HUNGER TODAY THANK YOU FOR BEING SUPERHEROSpencer’s Spencer, 9 yrs. old Long Island *T-shirts will be handed out at Long Island Cares®, Inc. on Sept. 15th.

ReporterHIA-LIThe Page35

Share your recent events, happenings and promotions with the Long Island business community - complimentary to all of our members. To submit content, please email them to Marketing@hia-li. org. Please make sure all press releases are a maximum of 60 words.



Michael A. Berger, an associate in the firm’s Employment & Labor practice group, was appointed Co-Chair of the New Lawyers Committee. He will serve a two-year term. Mr. Berger, a Mineola, NY resident, earned his J.D. from the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University and his B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh. Linda Tierney, the firm’s Director of Office Management, was appointed Chair of the Legal Administrators Committee. She will serve a one-year term. Ms. Tierney is also a Massapequa, NY resident.

Forchelli Deegan Terrana LLP warmly congratulates the following on their recent Nassau County Bar Association (NCBA) Committee appointments: Robert L. Renda, a partner in the firm’s Tax Certiorari practice group, was appointed Vice Chair of the Condemnation Law and Tax Certiorari Committee. He will serve a two-year term. Mr. Renda, a Massapequa, NY resident, earned his J.D. from St. John’s University School of Law and his B.A. from St. John’s University.

The Art League of Long Island presents a body of digital photographic artwork and trash sculpture, highlighting the contrast between nature’s beauty and the environmental pollution and decay found throughout the country, including on Long Island’s roadways, parks, and beaches. The exhibit, created by Scott Schneider’s Toxic/Nature Studios®, is on view October 1 through October 28, 2022. The opening reception on October 1 is from 1:00pm to 3:00pm and open to the public.

On June 24, Frank MacKay, President, WABC Radio – Long Island Division, was the guest speaker at the LIMBA (Long Island Metro Business Action) meeting at the Heritage Club at Bethpage in Farmingdale. During the presentation, he talked about his new job with the radio station. He referred to John Catsimatidis, Owner, WABC Radio, as “King Midas” for his ability to turn around the radio station’s fortunes. According to Mr. MacKay, when Mr. Catsimatidis bought WABC in 2019, the station was “on the downslide,” ranked 24th in the ratings among other New York City stations. As of March 2022, WABC was fifth in the ratings, and No. 1 in the 45-and-older demographic. He credits WABC – Red Apple Media President Chad Lopez and his crew behind the scenes, who he describes as “absolutely fantastic.” For more information about upcoming LIMBA programs, visit https:// limba.net.

Sunday, September 11 - the first Sunday after Labor Day - will mark National Grandparents Day, a special day to honor the families’ elders and celebrate the familial bonds between the young and old. The holiday’s beginnings can be traced back to 1956 — the same year that McPeak’s Assisted Living was founded. For more information regarding visits at McPeak’s, go to www.mcpeaks.com/covid-19-visitationpolicy.

The NHG Law Group. has announced that Victoria Spagnolo has joined the firm as an Associate. She will be involved with the firm’s employment law litigation practice, including state and federal wage and hour disputes and wrongful termination based on violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). She will also assist with the firm’s personal injury claims. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Spagnolo attended Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL) in Boston, Massachusetts. While attending law school, she volunteered her time and performed internships representing and advocating for immigrants and indigent clients. She enrolled in NUSL’s Co-Operative Program, which included internships with Latino Justice PRLDEF, Brooklyn Defender Services, the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (NYIFUP), and the law firm Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy in New York City, among others.



In its grand re-opening event on August 20, 2022, the Art League of Long Island celebrates its triumph over adversity and invites the public to join them. The pandemic almost closed the Art League for good, but through the support of the community and government programs, the Art League has managed to weather the storm. The Open House, which takes place from 11am to 2pm that day, kicks off the opening reception of the Art League’s Annual Instructor’s Exhibition.

We Put People First, Even In Our Name! Let us show you how we can save you money. Visit pafcu.org or call (631) 434-3500 today! People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union Work in the Hauppauge Innovation Park/Industrial Park? You’re eligible to Join PAFCU! www.pafcu.org • (631) 434-3500

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