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President & CEO TerriPresident Alessi-Miceli Terri Alessi-Miceli (631) 543-5355

(631) 543 - 5355


Chairperson OFFICERSOf The Board Joe Campolo Chairperson of the Campolo, Middleton & Board LLP McCormick Joe738-9100 Campolo (631)

MANUFACTURING REVITILIZATION opportunities for a skilled manufacturing workforce.

Campolo, Middleton & First Vice LLP McCormick Chairperson (631) 738 - 9100 John Bauer

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Develop solutions to attract, blend and retain employees and keep youth on LI. HEALTHCARE Explore existing and emerging strategies for containing healthcare costs.

Littler Mendelson, P.C.

First Vice293-4525 Chairperson (631) John Bauer Second Vice P.C. Littler Mendelson, Chairperson (631) 293 - 4525

Carol Allen People’s Alliance Second ViceCredit Chairperson Federal Union (631) 434-3500 Carol Allen

Peopleʼs Alliance

Corporate Secretary Federal Rich Humann, P.E. Credit Union H2M Architects & (631) 434 - 3500 Engineers (631) 756-8000

INFRASTRUCTURE Identify and develop plans to address critical infrastructure needs of the Hauppauge Industrial Park that will foster the continued growth of business. ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS SUCCESS Create forums to educate and connect business growth and survival. Promote the HIA-LI Annual Trade Show and conference as a forum for important connection and discussion on economic, business, and workforce development issues. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY “GO GREEN” members. Educate and showcase environmental and energy services. VIRTUAL HIA-LI Enable our members to collaborate, connect and deliver added value by sharing knowledge with current and future members and the global world.

Corporate Secretary Treasurer Rich Humann, P.E. Anthony Manetta H2M architects + L.P. Cedar Communities, (516) 229-1168 engineers (631) 756 - 8000 DIRECTORS

Jim Treasurer Coughlan Tritec Real Estate Anthony Manetta Co., Inc. HB Solutions (631) 706-4113

(516) 762-7523



Stony Brook Univerisity Tony Borelli (631) 632-1984 Mass Mutual Financial Group (516) 391-0300 x396

Tony Borelli Mass Mutual Financial Pierre Lespinasse Group Farmingdale State 391 - 0300 x396 (516) College



Linda Furey Junior Achievement of New York (516) 625-9028

Kelly Imperial NYIT (631) 348-3121



Marie McCallion Stony Brook University College of Business (631) 632-7476










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Kulka Construction Group Jack Kulka The Kulka Group (631) 231 - 0900










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Robert Desmond Rita DiStefano AIRECO Real Estate Corp. Portnoy, Messinger, (631) 273 - 4255 Inc. Pearl & Associates, (516) 921-3400 Rita DiStefano

Portnoy, Messinger, Karen Frank Darmic Consulting Inc. Pearl, & Associates, Services Inc.- 3400 (516) 921 (516) 524-8216

Joseph Garofalo Joseph Garofalo Island Christian Church Island Church (631)Christian 822 - 3000 (631) 822-3000

Susan H. Gubing Susan H. Gubing Career Smarts Career Smarts (631) 979 - 6452 (631) 979-6452 Isaksen RichBob Isaac Bank of America Sandler Training (631) 231-3538 (631) 547 - 7450 Bob Isaksen Kent Christopher BankFarrell of America Fritz (631) 547-7450

(631) 367 - 0710

Christopher Kent David Manning Farrell Fritz, P.C. Brookhaven National (631) 367-0710

Laboratory David (631)Manning 344 - 4747

Brookhaven National Laboratory Maskin (631)Scott 344-4747

Kevin OʼConnor

Arthur Sanders Omni Funding Omni Funding (516) 697 - 3900 (516) 697-3900

Robert Quarte Robert Quarte AVZAVZ & Company P.C. & Company (631) 434-9500 (631) 434 - 9500


Ann-Marie Scheidt Ann-Marie Stony Brook Scheidt University Stony Brook University (631) 216-7605

(631) 216 - 7605

Anne ShybunkoMoore Anne Shybunko-Moore GSE Dynamics GSE Dynamics (631) 231-1044

(631) 231-1044

Chris Valsamos Castella Imports, Inc. Voltz (631)Michael 231-5500

PSEG Long Island

Michael (631) Voltz 844-3819 PSEG Long Island (631) Dr.844-3819 Elana Zolfo

Berkeley College

Dr. Elana Zolfo (631)Sales 338-8633 Colonial & Marketing 631) 338-1697



Jack Kulka Jack Kulka Kulka Construction Corp. The Kulka Group (631) 231 - 0900 (631) 231-0900

SUNation Solar (631)Maskin 750 - 9454 Scott

AllanAllan Lippolis Lippolis Superior SuperiorWasher Washer&& Gasket Corp. Gasket Corp. (631) 273-8282

Sandler Training (631) 231- 3538

(631) 368 - 5533

SUNation Solar Systems Inc. Rich Isaac (631) 750-9454

Arthur Sanders

Bridgehampton Kevin O’Connor BNBNational Bank Bank (631) 537-8826 (631) 537-8826

(631) 273 - 8282

Anthony Leteri USAAnthony Waste Reduction Leteri &Leteri Recycling Inc. WasteCo., Services (631) 269-0800


Fred Eisenbud Campolo, Middleton & Campolo, Middleton & McCormick McCormick LLPLLP ThomasJ. J. FallarinoCPA Thomas Fallarino. CPA

Richard S. Feldman, Esq. Richard S. Feldman, Rivkin Radler LLP Esq. Rivkin Radler LLP

Ernest E. Hoffman

Ernest Hoffman W & HE.Stampings W & H Stampings (Posthumously)

Howard Kipnes

CedarKipnes Knolls Inc. Howard Cedar Knolls Inc.

Nicholas M. Lacetera Nicholas M. Lacetera Peoples Alliance Federal Peoples Alliance Credit Union Federal Credit Union Ed Pruitt Ed Pruitt (Posthumously) (Posthumously) CEO CEO John Rebecchi

John Rebecchi

Disc Graphics Marci Tublisky

Norman MarciWeingart Tublisky Communications Specialist Norman Weingart


David Specialist Winchester CleanTech Rocks

David Winchester CleanTech Rocks


(934) 420-2882



Robert Jim Desmond Coughlan Industry One Tritec Real Estate Co Realty Corp (631) 706 - 4113 (631) 273-4255

(631) 231-0900

ENTERTAINMENT/ SPORTS Carmella Fazio Vincent Nello All Island Media Hamptons Carpet One (516) 297 - 9011 Floor & Home

Robert Desmond Insutry One Realty Corp (631) 273-4255

(631) 287-1070



Factor Law (516) 659-9523

Jack Kulka The Kulka Group (516) 231-0900

Tom Fox D & B Engineers and Architects (516) HEALTH364 & - 9890 Chris Kent Farrell Fritz, P.C. (631) 367-0710


Len Baldassare GOVERNMENT RELATIONS Merrill Lynch Wealth Management (631) 944-9662

Jack Kulka Kulka Construction Group Melissa Negrin-Wiener (631) 231 - 0900 Genser Cona Elder Law (631) 390-5000


(631) 750 - 1226

Kursad Devecioglu Bimser International Corporation (646) 722-3890

Aoifa OʼDonnell National EAP, Inc. (631) 588-8102 Ron Loveland, BSE, MBA Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions (631) 642-7236

MANUFACTURING/ INTERNATIONAL TRADE Robert Lippolis Superior Washer Lisa & Mitnick Gasket Corp. People’s Alliance Federal (631) 273-8282 MEMBERSHIP

Credit Union (631) 434-3500


Chris Kent Farrell Fritz, P.C. (631) 367-0710 Stephanie Curry

Alex MacPherson UBS Financial Services, Inc. (631) 420-6421

HEALTHCARE Aoifa O’Donnell


HUMAN RESOURCES Sherwood Lumber (631) 297-1923 National EAP Inc. (631) 588-8102

Christine Ippolito Compass H.Y.P.E. Workforce Solutions Adam Holtzer (631) 794-7400 Connections4Hire (631) 696-0324

Melissa Negrin-Wiener Gregg Pajak Genser, Dubow, Genser WizdomOne & Cona LLP Group of Companies (631) 390-5000 (631) 652-6001

Rich Isaac Sandler Training (631) 231 - 3538


Ann Morrison The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (516) 869-4215 John Schneidawin Suffolk County Economic Development and Planning (631) 853-3677

Michael Capaldo

(516) 984 - 5388

Ann Morrison The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention (516) 869 - 4215

Joy &Graceffo SALES MARKETING L.I. Essential Software andHubbard Training Miriam PBI Payroll (631) 427 - 1083 (516) 338-5454

Miriam Hubbard PBI Payroll (516) 338 - 5454

Dan Simon Signwave LLC (631) 761-9292

SECURITY SECURITY Allan Lippolis Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. (631) 273 - 8282

Allan Lippolis Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. (631) 273-8282



Paule Pachter Long Island Cares The Harry Chapin Food Bank (631) 582-3663

David Pinkowitz DCP Marketing Services LLC (631) 491 - 5343 Lee Silberman Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk (631) 422-4828

Chris Coluccio TechWorks Consulting, Inc. (631) 285 - 1527 TECHNOLOGY FOR BUSINESS

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Betsy Jacob Sage Solutions Manny (516)Morales 396 - 9329 Chris Coluccio TechWorks Consulting Inc. (631) 285-1527

2M Technologies, Inc. (631) 231-3255

Robert Dooley McGiff Halverson, LLP (631) 730 - 8686

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In light of COVID-19, HIA-LI Committee Meetings are held online using the ZOOM video conference platform. Below are the regularly scheduled committee meeting dates. Please continue to check the HIA-LI website calendar for the latest information on upcoming meetings and agendas.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15TH, 2020 | 9:00-10:30 AM Transformational Leadership: How to Lead Through Unprecedented Times - A panel of CEO’s will share insight on their leadership strategy, adaptability, and perseverance through challenging times.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14TH | 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM FRIDAY OCTOBER 16TH, 2020 | 8:45 AM -10:00 AM Manufacturing/International Trade Committee New & Prospective Member Information Meeting: Meeting Honoring HIA-LI Committee Co-Chairs - Discover how WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21ST | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM to maximize your HIA-LI Membership. Hear HIA-LI Education/Workforce Connection Committee Meeting staff discuss virtual membership offers and benefits you can take advantage of as a member. During this program, we will acknowledge the great work and ND THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22 | 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM commitment of our HIA-LI Committee Co-Chairs. Business Development Committee Meeting It is more important than ever to let the Long Island Business Community know you are open for business. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23RD | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Mentoring Committee Meeting

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27TH | 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM H.Y.P.E Committee Meeting TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD | 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Health and Wellness Committee Meeting

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30TH, 2020 | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM The 12th Annual Energy & Environmental Conference - Hear from leaders at PSEG Long Island and National Grid about energy updates and initiatives impacting Long Island.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20 , 2020 I 9:00 AM -10:30 AM The 10th Annual Women Leading the Way: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4 | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Leadership Executive Program - Hear successful Technology for Business Committee Meeting business women discuss life and work balance, navigating your career path, and more. Learn from the FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6TH | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM experiences and perspectives of women leading the Membership Committee Meeting way on Long Island. TH


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10TH, 2020 | TIME: TBD Season of Giving Celebration: Honoring Those Who Make a Difference - What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to recognize those who have made a difference in the Long Island Business community. Join us to celebrate!




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LETTER FROM THE HIA-LI PRESIDENT & CEO Long Island’s Largest Business-to-Business Virtual Trade Show Compelling Speakers, Executive Seminars, And 3,000-Plus Attendees

The HIA-LI 32nd Annual Trade Show and Conference, Long Island’s largest business-to-business trade show, took place on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8 between 9:00am and midnight on both days. The virtual event provided ideal opportunities for developing quality business leads – and for connecting via video chat with more than 3,000 attendees to the site. The trade show featured specialized executive programs promoting business expansion as well as multiple breakout sessions, special offers, prizes, and promotions from sponsors and exhibitors. Business networking remains essential to business growth, especially amid the circumstances imposed by today’s pandemic. Because we can quickly kindle video-chat dialogs among attendees and exhibitors, this trade show will helped Long Island entrepreneurs find new customers, new clients, and new partners. The event featured two Executive Programs conducted via the Zoom webinar format: The first Executive Program, titled “Long Island Transformational Projects: Economic Growth for Business and Our Economy,” was hosted on Wednesday, October 7 between 9:00am and 10:30am. Moderated by Mitch Pally, CEO of the Long Island Builders Institute, panelists include Bob Coughlan, Principal with Tritec Real Estate; Russell Albanese, Chairman of The Albanese Organization; and Joe Campolo, Board Chair of HIA-LI and Managing Partner at Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP. The panel explored large-scale Long Island economic development initiatives such as the Ronkonkoma Hub, and Wyandanch Rising. The second Zoom webinar, titled “Habits to Foster Peak Performance,” featured coach Dana Cavalea, former Director of Performance for the New York Yankees, whose leadership training helped lead the team to the 2009 World Championship. This program took place on Thursday, October 7 between 9:00am and 10:30am, it will be moderated by radio and television personality Steve Harper. In addition to the two Executive Programs, the Trade Show featured eight breakout sessions covering such topics as marketing, technology, networking, leadership, and other business-related themes.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 4

Every Long Island business sector was represented at the event, including energy and environmental services, technology, manufacturing, financial services, hospitality, health care, media and advertising, education, government, not-for-profit, and workforce development. For more than 42 years, the HIA-LI continues to advocate all Long Island, with a special focus on the Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge, the predominant economic driver for the Long Island economy and the second largest industrial park in the nation. The Park, formerly known as Hauppauge Industrial Park, supports 55,000 jobs, produces $13 billion in goods and services annually, and accounts for eight percent of Long Island’s gross domestic product. Sincerely,

Terri Alessi-Miceli HIA-LI President & CEO

We’re Here for Our



October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 5

For more than 110 years, BNB Bank has been here for our customers and our communities in times of uncertainty. And we’re here for you now. Speak to your dedicated BNB banker for sound advice and smart solutions. You can also access your BNB accounts by appointment at your local branch, via our ATMs or through online banking and our mobile app. For the latest on how we’re working to keep our customers, neighbors and employees safe, visit bnbbank.com/updates.

631.537.1000 I BNBBANK.COM

BNB528_BranchHours_Ad_9.75x14_4C_HIA.indd 1

4/24/20 11:25 AM

FEATURING CHRISTOPHER COLUCCIO, CEO & KEITH NEWELL, CFO AT TECHWORKS CONSULTING, SCOTT MASKIN | CEO OF SUNATION SOLAR SYSTEMS, INC. INC. TELL US ABOUT HOW YOU/YOUR COMPANY STARTED. It was a spring day in 2001. My first cousin and co-founder Mike Bailis came into my backyard and explained that LIPA had just announced a program called Solar Pioneer and my house might be a good fit. As luck would have it, I was a licensed electrician, so I took a Farmingdale course, got certified in Photovoltaic and designed a system for my home in Oakdale. At that time LIPA was giving rebates. Well my buddy, my wife and I put that very first system together on a weekend. The best part was that ALL of the equipment was about $28,000 and I got a rebate check for $ 42,000. That was the 14th system installed on Long Island and it is still up there plugging away some 19 years later.

WHAT WAS A TURNING POINT FOR YOU/YOUR COMPANY? We have had so many turning points over the last 18 years. I would guess the most pivotal was in 2015 as we were going through an acquisition by a huge energy company. When the dust all settled, we backed out of a great deal as most of our team would not have survived the deal. It just didn’t feel right and at that moment we made the decision to build the business for the long haul, dominating market share and driving the industry forward. It’s hard to think of a turning point without thinking of the last six months of COVID. For years and years all we did was grow, and now we are restructuring, refocusing and resetting.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 6

WHAT IS YOUR COMPANY’S PHILOSOPHY? It’s pretty simple, If the client is happy, everyone is happy. We are a 65% referral driven company. You only get that by treating your clients the same way you would expect to be treated. So, by empowering our team to create those relationships, to make decisions and back them up when they make mistakes, you fundamentally create a staff full of passionate owners. They also know that ownership and leadership will pitch in anytime, anywhere and do anything. I’ve often said that the true measure of a company isn’t when things are going well, but how they react when obstacles arise.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR COMPANIES PROFILE TODAY. SUNation began in a backyard with two guys, an idea and a dream. For over 18 years we have driven the Long Island Solar industry to be nationally recognized as a leader in our sector. SUNation is consistently ranked #1 in New York State. With over 300,000 solar panels installed we’ve reduced the load on the LIPA

“..The true measure of a company isn’t when things are going well, but how they react when obstacles arise.” SCOTT MASKIN | PRESIDENT & CEO grid by nearly 70 megawatts annually saving our neighbors and businesses almost $12 million dollars annually. Those dollars are invested locally and we have also created 170 well paying jobs. More importantly we are changing the way people buy energy and we are having fun doing it. Our core values are all centered on our clients and our team. Really simple business 101 principles. Always treat people the way you would expect to be treated. Always deliver on promises.

WHAT OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE IN THE FUTURE? The coolest part of our industry is that it is forever changing. We call it the solar coaster. We are fully engaged in home and commercial

battery storage options, energy efficiency and continuing to be a resource to keep the evergrowing list of solar systems operating. The service industry is a huge part or our growth as so many companies withdrew from LI when the going got tough. Reliable power is also a quick growth sector and more and more Long Islanders are working from home. I’ve been banging the drum for the last year about home stand by power and if the 500,000 homes that lost power during Isaias weren’t listening before, they surely are now. Companies that invested millions so their teams could work remotely quickly saw the vulnerabilities without reliable power. Rooftop Commercial solar continues to grow as well.


CAST YOUR COAT AND VOTE TO KEEP LONG ISLANDERS WARM THIS WINTER! For one month (Oct.1st – Election Day on Nov 3rd), we’ll be collecting new and gently-used coats at our two thrift stores and at every BNB Bank on Long Island!

631.694.1500 ext 237 Visit BNBBank.com for branch locations

Huntington Thrift Store 1705 Jericho Turnpike Huntington, NY 11743 631.858.0380 | Mon.- Sat. 10-6

Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Long Island 516.822.3132 | svdpli.org


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Garden City Park Thrift Store 2160 Jericho Turnpike Garden City Park, NY 11040 516.746.8250 | Mon.-Sat. 10-6


keepingcurrent How a PEO Fosters a Culture of Integrity, Inclusion and Innovation by larger businesses.

By Bethany E. Frank Content Marketing Manager Prestige Employee Administrators, Inc. (516) 692-8505 – Main (516) 366-1860 – Direct/Fax bfrank@prestigepeo.com www.prestigepeo.com

A PEO, or “professional employer organization”, is a full-service extension of your HR department. PEOs help small and mid-size businesses manage critical HR functions like employee benefits, payroll, compliance, and HR management. With the support of a PEO, small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) are able to reduce costs, increase employee satisfaction, and dedicate more time to their core business. On average, small businesses that partner with a PEO grow 7-9% faster than SMBs that opt to handle everything on their own. Keep reading to learn three ways a PEO can help your business foster a culture that encourages employee productivity and growth. Take Better Care of Your People According to SHRM, over 60% of employees consider medical, dental, and other benefits to be important factors contributing to their overall job satisfaction; however, offering top-tier employee benefits often seems impossibly expensive for SMBs due to their relatively small employee numbers. This tends to lead to higher group rates for employee benefits like premium medical insurance plans, making it difficult for SMBs to compete with the kinds of employee benefits packages offered

A PEO, on the other hand, combines the purchasing power of all its clients to access the best possible rates for a diverse range of employee benefit plans. Partnering with a PEO enables SMBs to access those same discounted rates, reducing overall costs while making it possible to offer employees better coverage options. Make a Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research from McKinsey & Company shows that genderdiverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers, and ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to do the same. The business case for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts is clear, but data indicates that reality hasn’t caught up yet: according to research conducted by Accenture, 68% of leaders feel they create empowering environments in which employees can be themselves, raise concerns, and innovate without fear of failure — but only 36% of employees agree. Fostering a more inclusive environment requires a staunch dedication to uncovering and resolving the inequities experienced by marginalized groups. This starts with a commitment to learning and understanding the impact of systemic and institutional racism, as well as unlearning the biases that perpetuate discrimination of any kind. It can be a challenge for any businesses to figure out how to navigate such sensitive issues on their own. By partnering with a PEO, SMBs can rely on the support

and expertise of certified HR professionals to help guide their own diversity, equity, and inclusion policies. A PEO might also provide access to educational resources and referrals to local training programs that may help. Move Toward Innovation As technology becomes a more prominent part of everyday life, employees expect convenient digital solutions for routine work tasks as well. From tracking time to managing their PTO, today’s employees want digital self-service tools that simplify burdensome procedures and make it easy to stay connected anytime and anywhere. Replacing legacy systems with new technology can seem daunting, but a PEO can help make the process as smooth as possible. With a PEO’s help, SMBs can choose from a wide range of HR management and productivity platforms to streamline operations, reduce administrative strain, and improve the employee experience. A dedicated team of HR specialists would then work with your business to figure out the best technology solutions to resolve specific pain points and custom configure the platforms to meet your business’s unique needs. It’s hard to run a business, but you don’t have to do it alone. Partnering with a PEO can help reduce costs, streamline operations, and propel your business toward greater success. PrestigePEO is dedicated to continuously improving critical HR functions like payroll, employee benefits, legal compliance, and more for our clients. Contact PrestigePEO today to learn more about all of our service offerings.

PEO Services for All Your HR Needs October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 8

You started your business because you had a great idea. We started ours to handle the rest. Nobody goes into business to become an expert in HR, payroll, employee benefits, and compliance management – unless you’re a PEO.

Save time. Cut costs. Fewer hassles for small and mid-sized businesses.

Steve Swidler Business Development Manager 516-238-5317 sswidler@prestigepeo.com

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#18 Crain’s largest privately held companies 2018

6/26/20 11:13 AM



hrough these unprecedented times, many Long island businesses have risen to the occasion to demonstrate their support. as part of a new initiative called “HIA-LI: Business Steps Up,” we will be showcasing the things members are doing to help their fellow businesses, to support public health, or help the community at large.

Nature’s Bounty Donations Nourish Front-Line Workers As Well As Those Who Are Hungry Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare facilities, front-line workers, as well as local communities have needed more support than ever before. That’s why The Nature’s Bounty Foundation – the charitable arm of The Nature’s Bounty Company dedicated to enhancing lives and supporting wellness in its many forms – partnered with a number of the company’s brands (Nature’s Bounty, Sundown, Solgar, Pure Protein, and others) to help fuel those who are doing all they can to help keep Long Island, and the world, safe and healthy.

Beverly Lee-Wo, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, The Nature’s Bounty Co.

While the company has several sites across the U.S., including in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida, they are one of the largest manufacturers and employers here on Long Island which is the base of its global operations. Over the past several months during this pandemic, The Nature’s Bounty Co. – based in Ronkonkoma – has been focused on giving back in the communities where its associates live, work, and do business. Since the start of the pandemic, The Nature’s Bounty Foundation has donated more than

100,000 Pure Protein bars to local food pantries, as well as Long Island and New York City hospitals and nursing homes. The company also delivered care packages with vitamins and supplements to local rehabilitation and care facilities and nursing homes across Long Island and New York City. The packages included products from Sundown, Osteo BiFlex, Solgar and Nature’s Bounty. “The Nature’s Bounty Foundation hopes these small gestures of gratitude and appreciation help bring a smile and some comfort to those doing the most during this time,” said Beverly Lee-Wo, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at The Nature’s Bounty Co. “We know we’re just one voice in this crisis, but we join in saying thank you to each and every person on the front lines.” Additionally, the company’s Solgar brand has made product and monetary donations to food pantries, medical centers, and volunteer emergency service workers.

Pal-O-Mine Offers Wellness Program For Frontline Heroes Since the start of this pandemic, Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, located in Islandia, has been offering a complimentary wellness program for medical professionals and first responders. Why horses, you may ask? Going as far back as the ancient Greeks, horses have been utilized to help people deal with incurable illnesses. Hippocrates wrote of the therapeutic value of horseback riding. And 17th century literature documents that equine-assisted therapy was prescribed for gout, neurological disorders, and “low morale.”

Sessions may include reiki, mindfulness, and horsemanship – and every experience involves horses and other farm animals. Sessions are run by licensed social workers, reiki masters, and certified equine specialists. The well-known benefits include reduced stress while providing a sense of calm, connection, and solace. It has been proven that animals and nature help to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. “We can all imagine the mental and physical exhaustion medical professionals in hospitals,

“The height of COVID-19 was a truly surreal time,” said Elizabeth Boyce, an ICU Nurse with Northwell at one of their hardest hit hospitals. “I felt as if my own personal mental health was the last thing I should focus on. Being with the horses at Pal-O-Mine was my saving grace – I would get an overwhelming sense of peace. The horses were amazing listeners with the ability to connect and understand without words.” Located on a 13-acre working farm, Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, Inc. – founded 25 years ago – is a private, not-for-profit organization that provides a comprehensive therapeutic equine program using horses to facilitate growth, learning, and healing for children and adults with disabilities. Pal-OMine has always valued healthcare professionals who lend their medical skills and caring hearts whenever needed. Now, in the middle of this pandemic, when they are on the frontlines in the fight against coronavirus, Pal-O-Mine is giving these heroes the opportunity to breathe. “Equine therapy has proven to be truly transformational, said Gatti. “The therapy horses healing our heroes during this difficult time has been nothing short of remarkable.” For more information, contact Carol Ann at cguerriero@pal-o-mine.org, 631-348-1389 x3761, or go to www.pal-o-mine.org.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 9

Lisa Gatti, CEO and Founder, Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, Inc.

“We thought we would use our mission during this pandemic to offer complimentary services to our region’s medical staff and first responders who are on the front lines and needed some welldeserved respite and self-care,” commented PalO-Mine CEO and Founder Lisa Gatti.

rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes are currently feeling,” added Gatti, “and our horses are ready and willing to help.”

Pal-O-Mine Equestrian Offers Programs to the Community Pal-O-Mine Equestrian a 501(c) 3 organization and a leader in the equine service related industry has taken the necessary steps to provide a safe environment, implementing policies and procedures within the guidelines of NY State, to keep everyone safe. Quickly adapting to the needs of the community and staying within the focus of their mission, Pal-O-Mine brings interactive hands on programs facilitating growth, learning and healing through the use of horses, to those who will benefit most.

Front Line Heroes

Horse to Meeting

These complimentary Wellness Sessions are offered to those on the front lines keeping us all safe! This program is available for all Medical professionals and first responders.

Are you finding it difficult to keep your ZOOM meetings interactive? Why not invite Pal-OMine’s herd to your next virtual meeting and create a buzz!

For more information email cguerriero@pal-omine.org

10, 15 and 20 minute sessions available.

Farm & Animal Experiential Field Trips Field Trips are not just for kids! Whether you are looking for something to do as a family, for your children or just for yourself these Farm & Animal Experiential Field Trips are sure to engage everyone in attendance! To be held on Wednesdays 9am – 10am Pre-registration and payment in full is required to participate. Field trips to be held for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8. $25 per person. For more information email cguerriero@pal-omine.org

For more information or to inquire on how we can customize the use of Pal-O-Mine’s herd to best suit your needs email cguerriero@pal-o-mine.org

Equine Extracurricular Experience Looking for an after school activity for your 12 – 14 or 15 – 17 year old? This program will provide a safe environment to meet new friends, unwind and have fun. Together they will explore ways to understand and cope with challenges they are facing and learn strategies that will help them to be successful, build confidence and strengthen relationships in the presence of horses. $180 for 6 – 1 hour sessions. For more information email acella@pal-o-mine. org

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For more information about the organization and programing visit our website at www.pal-o-mine.org Pal-O-Mine Equestrian relies on individual and corporate donations, grants and volunteers to provide its services. To find out how you can help contact Carol Ann at 631-348-1389 or mail donation directly to Pal-O-Mine Equestrian 829 Old Nichols Road Islandia, NY 11749.

keepingcurrent Helping Aging Parents Plan for the Best of Their Life By Michele Biggart Fountaingate Gardens Director of Sales (631) 715-2693 www.fountaingateli.org.

There is a new generation label that many of us fall into, along with our Generation X and Millennial designation – the Sandwich Generation. This large group of 30-, 40- and 50-somethings can all relate to one important word … “GO!” Constantly on the go, Sandwich Generation dwellers are juggling careers, raising young children, caring for older family members and maintaining a sense of order within our lives. We have learned to multitask, manage in a pandemic and be “present” for all loved ones at all times. While the world continues to spin at unprecedented speeds, a looming question remains for those of us managing this delicate family balancing act: How do we help our aging parents plan for their next stage of life, especially if their lives comingle with our own, i.e. the active grandparent who tutors his grandson, or the grandmother who makes the soccer game when dad cannot? How can we, the adult children, step up and become an active participant in the future of our own parents? As an adult child, it’s important to explore and fully comprehend the myriad choices in today’s active senior housing industry when the family home no longer fits current lifestyle needs. If mowing the

lawn, cleaning out the basement or tackling the perpetual “fix-it” list is not your parents’ vision of living their best and active life, then perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere. Understanding the many senior housing options for the active adult can be intimidating. As an adult child and potentially a caregiver to your parents, this knowledge is essential in helping them in the decision-making process. Choices include: 1.) Independent Living (Life Plan Community): As the term states, this senior housing option provides a unique “aging in place” plan for the next phase of life. These communities are age-restricted rental properties, typically 62 years and over, with a onetime entrance or investment fee that covers future healthcare needs. Most Life Plan communities feature central dining facilities, concierge and resortstyle services and amenities, as well as access to a continuum of health care services on the same campus, i.e. assisted living residences and skilled nursing care or rehabilitation. A Life Plan Community is a perfect fit for an active, healthy senior who seeks engagement, stimulation and sense of community with like-minded neighbors, and also who is savvy about the need for and cost of potential long-term health care. Various contract options in a Life Plan Community help to plan for evolving healthcare needs at a predictable cost, while providing asset protection.

2.) 55+ Communities: For those on the younger side of retirement as well as well-seasoned retirees, 55-and-over communities feature an active lifestyle and maintenance-free living, like a Life Plan Community; however, no health care provisions are available through the community. If healthcare needs should change, a search for and move to another community will be necessary. 3.) Assisted Living: This senior housing option is designed for those older adults who wish to maintain their independence and privacy, but also require some assistance with everyday tasks otherwise known as activities of daily livings or ADLs. Residents may be assisted with medication monitoring, personal care needs, meal preparation and cleaning, while also enjoying a full calendar of activities for socialization. 4.) Skilled Nursing: Also known as a nursing care facility, this residential option is for those who require daily nursing care and typically includes short- and long-term rehabilitation services. Nursing staff is on-site and available 24/7 to provide daily care, with physicians either on staff or on-call to address medical needs. Planning before a crisis develops is vital. Having the conversation isn’t always easy, but discussing and understanding your parents’ wishes and being their research partner is key to helping them make the right lifestyle choice for their later years – a time that should be active, engaging and rich in healthy living.

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Protegrity Advisors sells businesses to public and private companies, private equity firms, family offices, and serial entrepreneurs.

People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union

We Put People First,

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Even In Our Name! PAFCU is a Great No-Cost Employee Benefit! We can come on-site to your company to open new accounts and service existing accounts for all your employees. ÂŁĂ“xĂŠ7ÂˆĂ€iÂ?iĂƒĂƒĂŠ Â?Ă›`°ĂŠUĂŠ >Ă•ÂŤÂŤ>Ă•}i]ĂŠ 9Ê££ÇnnĂŠUĂŠĂœĂœĂœ°>vVĂ•°ÂœĂ€}ĂŠUĂŠ­ĂˆĂŽÂŁÂŽĂŠ{ĂŽ{‡Îxää Ă€ÂœÂœÂŽÂ?ĂžÂ˜]ĂŠ 9ĂŠĂŠĂŠUĂŠĂŠĂŠ Ă€ÂœÂœÂŽÂ?ĂžÂ˜]ĂŠ 9ĂŠĂŠĂŠĂŠUĂŠĂŠĂŠ >“>ˆV>]ĂŠ 9ĂŠĂŠĂŠUĂŠĂŠĂŠ >“>ˆV>]ĂŠ 9ĂŠĂŠĂŠUĂŠĂŠĂŠĂŠĂŠ ˆ>“ˆ]ĂŠ ĂŠĂŠĂŠĂŠĂŠUĂŠĂŠĂŠ,œ˜Žœ˜Žœ“>]ĂŠ 9ĂŠĂŠĂŠUĂŠĂŠĂŠ7iĂƒĂŒLÕÀÞ]ĂŠ 9ĂŠĂŠĂŠUĂŠĂŠĂŠ9œ˜ŽiĂ€Ăƒ]ĂŠ 9 (718) 643-4506

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CHAIRMAN SPOTLIGHT Celebrating the Best and Brightest on Long Island is coming to help me. So I did the only thing that made sense to me: worked with my team to help cut through that static, and take action.

By Joe Campolo, Esq. Managing Partner, Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP and HIA-LI Board Chairman jcampolo@cmmllp.com (631) 738-9100 www.cmmllp.com

HIA-LI Board Chairman Joe Campolo delivered these remarks at the HIA-LI Business Achievement Awards on September 29, 2020. Good morning everyone. My name is Joe Campolo and I proudly serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors of HIA-LI. Now more than ever, I am thrilled to join you in celebrating the best and the brightest on Long Island. Almost 10 years ago, CMM learned that we were the recipients of the Rookie of the Year Award, and to this day, especially when faced with the nonstop challenges of 2020, that remains a proud moment for us and a source of inspiration to keep fighting no matter how difficult the circumstances. So to all of the finalists and recipients, I extend my most heartfelt congratulations. This year has tested us, and continues to do so. Fortunately, I believe that leaders aren’t born – they are made by the times they exist in and how they rise to the occasion. The richness of Long Island lies not only in our real estate and our school districts, but in our innovative businesses, restaurants, and hospitality. I have spent

my entire career helping to build Long Island – and I am not willing to sit back and watch these businesses be destroyed without a fight. How do we do it? By being leaders. Leading through this pandemic requires both an acceptance of reality and being adaptable to our ever-changing circumstances. This March, like many of you, our team headed home with stacks of folders, remote login instructions, and no clue that our world had changed forever. Personally, I felt like I had been hit in the head with a bat, and I wasn’t alone. The next few days were filled with panicked calls from clients and friends who simply had no idea what the future held, and how their businesses could survive. Within a few days, most people were either overtaken by panic (not sure what to do, so doing nothing), or in total denial (refusing to accept reality). I was trained in the U.S. Marine Corps that no one

Among other things, that first week, we set up a coronavirus relief hotline open to all members of the business community, whether or not they were existing CMM clients, where we provided free advice to critical questions businesses were asking about their very survival. I know that this work helped many businesses stay open when they otherwise wouldn’t have. We don’t know where this next chapter leads us, but we can all control our responses. We must be patient and focused, yet optimistic and zealous. We must continue to endure the most stressful conditions we will likely face in our lifetimes. We must look at a macro level, accept, and adapt. We must help others along the way. We must find new ways to bring value to our new reality. We must be leaders to survive – and the companies and businesses being recognized today have done just that. We should all take pride in their accomplishments, for their strength and resilience is a model for all of us to move forward. I am proud of the work that HIA-LI has done to help lead Long Island through this crisis and I am proud of all of you for your leadership and courage. Together we will remain Long Island Strong.

keepingcurrent SMB COVID Comeback Challenges By Anthony Buonaspina, CEO LI Tech Advisors 175 West Main Street Babylon, NY 11703 Phone: 631-422-0969 Anthony@LITechAdvisors.com https://www.litechadvisors.com/

Office 365 has the following services that should be employed: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Hosted Exchange for email (with cloud-based archive and in-place hold). One-Drive with 1TB of storage Voice and video calling with Microsoft Teams Audio conferencing Auto Attendant Microsoft Flows

Other Recommended Software and Services:

Slack Dropbox for Business Datto for backups

At LI Tech Advisors, we are utilizing these services and others and have successfully integrated them into our workflow very effectively. We have automated many of our manual tasks and are now able to work remotely efficiently and effectively to support clients. In this day of remote access, keeping communication and collaboration as a priority is a must. What’s the biggest cybersecurity mistake startups make (and how can they avoid it)? Companies also need to be conscious of their security. Companies are not doing enough to protect internal company and consumer data especially since the impact of COVID19 shutdown and resulting remote work environments. Many small businesses lack awareness or fall victim to “it can’t happen to me” attitude. They are reactive and not proactive. Significant change in processes and procedures typically doesn’t happen until after a data loss.

sensitive data be managed and have the proper security in place. If companies cannot afford to purchase the equipment that is required for remote access from their employees homes, then companies need to have a security policy that includes home devices as well as work ones, especially in this remote access world we have been quickly forced into. Here is a list of tips for small businesses to help protect themselves against cybercrimes: 1.


Companies are forgetting that the home PC’s are now soft targets for hackers and bad actors.


The United Nations disarmament chief has stated that cybercrime is on the rise with a 600% increase in malicious emails during this crisis.*


Cyber-attacks are coming out of countries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea and have been targeting healthcare and essential services.* Cybersecurity is quickly becoming THE major business focus by C-Suite executives, especially in light of cyber hacks and data breaches to so many major companies. Many data breaches can be prevented by basic cybersecurity measures such as making sure that all devices that access


Secure your hardware – make sure you are using the latest security patches and complicated passwords are being implemented. Use 2-factor authentication where possible. Also, make sure that you can remote-wipe any mobile devices that might be lost or stolen in order to protect the data it has access to. Encrypt and Backup data – you need to make sure you prevent physical access to sensitive data and also render it useless if it falls into the wrong hands. Data encryption is the best “quick fix” for data breaches. Windows 10 has built-in BitLocker for drive encryption which should be activated. If a data breach should occur, the data would be inaccessible. Perform a network security scan – you should periodically run a network security scan of your network to see what devices are attached and where security holes may reside. Train your employees – One of the weakest security points are your employees. Ongoing training is very important to maintain a heightened level of awareness of cyber threats. Purchase a cyber security training service that will automatically send out fake phishing attempts to test your employees and train them if they fail. Invest in cyber insurance – consider this business continuity insurance in the event that any of the security measures you have taken fail. As with any insurance policy, however, be careful about the type of coverage you purchase, you need to make sure you read the fine print as to what the exclusions are. Sometimes a cyber policy may exclude coverage if you do not have adequate security measures in place and deny a claim.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 13

Small and Medium Businesses that have suffered through due to the COVID shutdown are just now trying to make a comeback. Even for the companies that had federal or state financial help will have many post-COVID challenges to deal with. Many SMB’s are dealing with depleted bank accounts and resources including talented employees that they may have lost. Cutting expenses and working lean is needed in order to get back on the road to recovery. This is a good opportunity to streamline the business and make use of new technology and services that you may or may not know you already have. Keeping in mind that working remotely right now will be with us for a while. To that end, effective communication and collaboration is a must. Most companies have a subscription to Microsoft Office 365, now is the time to update/modify your service to include more cloud-based services. This will help deal with loss of resources and give you the ability to work with less and give you and your staff the enhanced ability for working remotely.

1. 2. 3.

keepingcurrent Tax Certiorari in the Age of COVID-19 By Richard P. Cronin rcronin@certilmanbalin.com 516.296.7192. Partner in the Tax Certiorari and Condemnation Law Practice Group at Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP Vice-Chair of the Nassau County Tax Certiorari Committee.

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down and has largely reshaped our day-to-day experiences, both personally and professionally. Phrases such as “social distancing” and “flatten the curve,” are now everyday vernacular and part of our “new normal.” Our tax certiorari practice has adapted and continues to evolve in order to protect taxpayers. As we wade through the economic side-effects of the pandemic, we learn that many of these challenges are likely here to stay with us for the foreseeable future. What Should Property Owners Do? One of the things all property owners need to do during these unprecedented times is protect themselves from over-paying their real estate taxes. It is critical that they understand their right to a fair assessment as they adapt to the COVID era.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 14

property owners must be vigilant about ensuring that they are being fairly assessed by the various taxing bodies. Amidst the ongoing economic challenges, we hear from clients -- both large and small -- that any amount saved in real estate taxes is potentially allowing them to keep their doors open for business.

In regard to commercial property owners, their assessments are largely based on the income approach. A property’s income is used as the baseline to arrive at its full market value. Therefore, owners should take into consideration any loss of income at the property as any decreases in income likely deflates the property’s value. It could serve as the basis for a reduction in assessment, which in turn leads to decreased tax bills. What Should Municipalities Do? Most landlord’s rental revenue is down, and the tax certiorari practice has had a first-hand view of the challenges that many municipalities now face as a result of the pandemic. Namely, municipalities in our region have been crippled with low revenue. This will cause budget shortfalls across the board with governments looking for ways to bridge the gaps. New York was one of the hardest hit regions, and federal money paid directly to our municipalities would be a total game changer and would allow local governments to stop their budgetary woes immediately. There remains uncertainty, however, as to whether the federal government is willing to write that check. As a result, we may see our local governments being forced to get creative. Throughout the pandemic, we largely experienced a general willingness from municipalities to work collaboratively with taxpayers. The pandemic directly coincided with filing deadlines throughout various parts of the state. Strong leadership on counsel’s behalf for property owners (and the bar associations) working together with the governments and the

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY 516.848.9600 • bobgiglionephotography@outlook.com

Court system ensured safe and timely compliance with these otherwise technical and strict statutory filing requirements. Videoconferencing has enabled negotiation of cases, which otherwise would require court appearances or in-person conferences. Most municipalities extended deadlines to pay real estate taxes, and though it certainly helped some taxpayers, it almost certainly will not be enough to buoy the market. Municipalities, which rely upon a strong commercial tax base, will be best served in continuing with a collaborative approach and sensitivity to owners’ needs. What’s Ahead? We are hopeful that municipalities are mindful that decreased rental income likely means decreased property values for landlords. Raising real estate taxes in any manner whatsoever threatens the economic viability of a region that has been tremendously hard hit by the pandemic. Every effort should be made to correct assessments so that a taxpayer is only paying taxes based on the market value and not more. Most important, as we begin to determine the impact that the pandemic has had on real estate values, municipalities should be anticipating the need for their budgets to include prompt payouts of refunds to its taxpayers who have paid taxes on values that exceed the market value of their properties. Taxpayers need that money now more than ever in this challenging market.


E� S U S� HO













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950 WHEELER ROAD, HAUPPAUGE - 631-656-6828� 133 WALT WHITMAN ROAD, HUNTINGTON - 631-923-0559�

FAST FACTS: Fast Facts: LONG ISLAND ENERGY ECONOMY Suffolk County saw a In November 2019, the 7.6% decline in Clean unemployment Energy jobs in July 2020. rate on Long Island was 3.3%; lower than the Overall, employment statewideinrate of 4.0%. Source: Clean Energy Employment Initial Impacts from the COVID-19 Economic Crisis, July 2020

the clean energy sector Source: New York Department of Labor decreased by 15% Longthe Island added during coronavirus pandemic. 115,400 jobs between Source: Statista

2009 and 2018, reaching Residential applications e a record of more than for new solar projects fell jobs. by more than 50% in 1.3 million April toof the201, but Source: Office State Comptroller rebounded in June to With more than 20,000 jobs443. in Source: Newsday, August 2020

the life sciences — the most of

New York State is seeking bids 2,500 anyfor region inmegawatts New Yorkof State — offshore wind power, along biotechnology is a strong part of with 1,500 megawatts of the Long Island economy. land-based renewable energy projects. Source: Empire State Development Source: Newsday, July 2020

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 16

Compiled by the business librarians at

millercenter@mcplibrary.org www.millerbusinesscenter.org


Through a unique partnership with the Miller Business Center, HIA-LI members receive access to extensive and specialized business resources as well as personalized business research and reference assistance. For more information, please contact Connor Robertson at crobertson@hia-li.org.


LONG ISLAND INNOVATION PARK AT HAUPPAUGE NEWS HIA-LI Panelists Expand on New Vision for Innovation Park

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, (L-R Top) Terri Alessi-Miceli, President & CEO, HIA-LI, Councilman Tom Lohmann, and Kelly Morris, Deputy Executive Director, Suffolk County IDA (L-R Bottom) Joe Campolo, Managing Partner, Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP and HIA-LI Board Chairman, Angie Carpenter, Town of Islip Supervisor, and James Lima, President of James Lima Planning & Development.

By Claude Solnik 516-404-2960 claudesolnik@gmail.com Claude Solnik is an award-winning business writer whose work has appeared in many Long Island and New York City publications. Mr. Solnik also writes for companies and nonprofits, providing a wide range of content.

It has a relatively new name. Now it has a new vision. Panelists at a virtual meeting sponsored by the HIA-LI on September 22 summarized the findings of an economic impact study and outlined ways the innovation park can improve and grow. The panelists sought to pave the path for the future for the Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge in a webinar dubbed “Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge Update: Current and Future Growth.” The study itself includes a new vision, seeking to attract funding and support for the industrial park, while retaining and attracting business, as an important economic engine.. HIA-LI President Terri Alessi-Miceli said the economic impact study shows the Innovation Park is “the hub and the economic anchor for regional and economic development for Long Island and in the region.” She said “the results were absolutely astounding,” indicating the innovation park was second only in size and impact to Silicon Valley.

“It is representative of what the HIA has always been about, driving us forward and innovating,” Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said of the study’s recommendations, “figuring out what is next, what is ahead, how do we make things better?” Panelists pointed to a new Smithtown zoning overlay and possible workforce training center that could be located at or be linked to the Innovation Park.

“What you did with that study is huge,” Town of Islip Supervisor Angie Carpenter said. “To be able to reuse some properties on the campus of the industrial park in non-traditional uses from the past is forward-thinking.” Joseph Campolo, managing partner at Campolo, Middleton and McCormick and moderator, said Smithtown’s zoning overlay district could help add 1,000 apartments and $500 million in spending.“That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Campolo said. “We have a bunch of other things we can be doing.” He pointed to bipartisan support of economic development from Smithtown to Suffolk County for the innovation park. “Local governments here on Long Island have rolled up their sleeves and are getting things done in bipartisan fashion,” Campolo said, pointing to things ranging from sewers and infrastructure to zoning. James Lima, president of James Lima Planning and Development. said an incubator, workforce training center and connector as a “digital front door” for the innovation park could provide amenities. He said “hybrid uses at different hours of the day and night” could let single spaces serve many purposes. “Long Island in order to compete needs to upskill its workforce to adjust to changing economic conditions,” Lima said, adding improvements can “unlock the potential of a place.” Campolo said about 21 percent of Suffolk’s housing stock is rentals compared to 35 percent in Westchester, 37 percent in Northern New Jersey and only 6.7 percent in the Town of Smithtown. Lima described more rental units as part of a path forward. “Now more than ever economic development is such an important imperative for us to focus on,” Suffolk County IDA Deputy Executive Director Kelly Morris said. “Fifty percent of the work we do is with companies in the park.

”The HIA-LI produced the 160-page “Economic Impact Study and Opportunity Analysis” with the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency, the Regional Plan Association, Stony Brook University, and the Town of Smithtown. The study also showed that 58 percent of park tenants fall into the essential “tradable” category compared to 23 percent Island-wide. Morris said the IDA’s “goal is always to create jobs and generate private capital investment” and it hoped to further work with the innovation park. Lima said the region’s higher learning institutions provide educational fuel for the region’s economic engine. “They’re a captive audience,” he said. “How do you get more of those young people who’ve grown up here or come here for academic excellence to say, “I’m going to stay’?” Government and private industry need to work together to get results, officials and business people agreed. “Public private partnership is crucial in today’s world going forward,” Town of Smithtown Councilman Tom Lohmann said. “You can’t survive without it.” He noted that the industrial park brings in $65 million to the town, including $45 million to school districts. “We know how important and vital the HIa-Li is not just to Smithtown, but Suffolk County and the region,” Lohmann added. Bellone said that while this is a difficult time due to the pandemic, there are positive developments in the county. “More people are staying in Suffolk County,” he said. “A lot of people who are seasonal have extended their stay.” Alessi-Miceli said helping the innovation park is being embraced as a bi-partisan way to help the region recover and rebound. “We have never seen such a bipartisan collaborative effort,” she said. “This should be a model and a template on how government can work.”

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 17

The study found the park’s 1,300 companies employ 55,000, responsible for $4 billion in annual payroll, $14 billion in overall economic output and 5 percent of Long Island jobs.

The Town of Smithtown recently approved a “zoning overlay” district in the industrial park, allowing multi-use development, including workforce housing, supported by the study.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 18




LONG ISLAND INNOVATION PARK AT HAUPPAUGE NEWS Business Leaders Applaud Town Of Smithtown For Approving Multi-Use, Residential Development Opportunities At The Long Island Innovation Park At Hauppauge

By Mark J. Grossman Mark Grossman Public Relations mark@markgrossmanpr.com 631-786-0404

HAUPPAUGE, NY – September 22, 2020 – HIA-LI, one of Long Island’s largest business organizations, joined with other business leaders and Suffolk County officials at a news conference in Hauppauge on September 18 to praise the Town of Smithtown for permitting mixed-use and residential development within the 1,400-acre Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge, formerly known as Hauppauge Industrial Park. The Innovation Park – producing $13 billion in goods and services annually and supporting 55,000 jobs – brings in $19.6 million in assessed value to the Town and accounts for eight percent of Long Island’s gross domestic product. The introduction of mixeduse zoning – approved by the Smithtown Town Board on August 11 through its unanimous adoption of a new zoning overlay measure – is widely agreed to be critical to the Park’s long-term success in generating jobs and creating wealth for the region.

The adoption of mixed-use zoning was among the recommendations outlined in an extensive, 160page “opportunity analysis” completed in April 2019 by the Suffolk County IDA and the Regional Plan Association for HIA-LI. The analysis was led by James Lima Planning + Development, a New York City-based planning firm that has advised major Silicon Valley firms on building out their campuses and ecosystems. Taking part in the event at HIA-LI headquarters in Hauppauge were Terri Alessi-Miceli, President and CEO of HIA-LI; Smithtown Town Supervisor Ed

“Generating nearly one out of every ten dollars of wealth produced on Long Island, the Long Island Innovation Park in Hauppauge is indisputably our region’s prime economic hub,” said Terri AlessiMiceli, President and CEO of the HIA-LI. “Recognizing that the Park’s future depended heavily upon the availability of housing for young professionals, Smithtown Town Supervisor Ed Wehrheim and the Town Council have modernized the Park’s zoning in a way that helps to ensure Long Island’s long-term economic viability.” “The Innovation Park at Hauppauge is an indispensable economic powerhouse for the entire Long Island region,” said Natalie Wright, who serves as Commissioner of Suffolk County Economic Development and Planning and also chairs the board of the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency. “By creating new opportunities to bring forth housing and mixed-use development within its borders, the Town of Smithtown has bolstered the Park’s growth while fortifying the innovation economy it is fostering.” “Over the last several years, the Suffolk County IDA has worked in partnership with HIA-LI to devise strategies to boldly reimagine the Innovation Park for the coming century,” said Kelly Morris, Deputy Executive Director of the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency. “One key recommendation has been to nurture a true live-work-play environment within the Park. We applaud the Town of Smithtown leadership for giving the Park the tools needed to start creating just such a workforce-friendly environment.” “As part of the Innovation Park’s strategy-building process, local college students were surveyed about the types of jobs, housing, and community they would hope to find upon graduation,” said Smithtown Town Supervisor Ed Wehrheim, “They replied that they longed for a live-work-play environment. The

new zoning will make this a reality – and lay the foundation for the next 50 years, providing attractive workforce housing options, promoting investment, and generating new and innovative job growth in the Park.” “Long Island can no longer afford to subdivide itself into segregated patches of activity, where offices are in one place, housing is in another place, recreation is in another place, and retail in another,” said Mitch Pally, CEO of the Long Island Builders Institute. “To meet our 21st-century needs, we need to transform Long Island so that everything is located together. Thanks to the leadership of the Smithtown Supervisor and Town Board, and thanks to the visionary efforts of HIA-LI and its partners, this strategic transformation has now begun to happen.” “Mixed-use, multi-family rental housing stock is critical to facilitate job creation and economic growth, expand the property tax base, satisfy the region’s unmet housing needs, and enrich the ‘livework-play’ concept so critical to attracting educated, young workers,” said Joe Campolo, Board Chair of HIA-LI and Managing Partner at Campolo Middleton & McCormick, LLP. “With the adoption of the Town of Smithtown overlay district, the Innovation Park will serve as home base for a new planning model that stands to anchor not only Long Island’s economy, but that of the entire state.” Mr. Campolo said that the construction of rental housing at the Innovation Park was projected to generate 2,900 construction jobs, $180.7 million in construction earnings, and $472.6 million in construction spending. He and Ms. Alessi-Miceli also lauded the efforts of HIA-LI’s Innovation Park Task Force, which has helped to advance implementation of the recommendations appearing in the opportunity analysis. In addition to Mr. Campolo and Ms. AlessiMiceli, task force members include Carol Allen of People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union; Anthony Manetta of HB Solutions; Rich Humann of H2M Architects + Engineers; Jim Coughlan of TRITEC Real Estate Company; Jack Kulka of the Kulka Group; and Kevin O’Connor of BNB Bank.

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Mixed-use development boosts Long Island’s economic competitiveness by supporting workforce attraction and retention. In July 2019, a Rauch Foundation survey conducted for Newsday found that 67 percent of Long Islanders aged 18 to 34 years planned to leave the region within five years. Such an exodus would seriously disable the Long Island economy and make it highly difficult for Park employers to hire and keep a skilled workforce.

Wehrheim and other Town Board members; Natalie Wright, Commissioner of Economic Development and Planning for Suffolk County; Kelly Morris, Deputy Executive Director of the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency; Mitch Pally, CEO of the Long Island Builders Institute; and Joe Campolo, Board Chair of HIA-LI and Managing Partner at Campolo Middleton & McCormick, LLP.


HIA-LI’S 26TH ANNUAL BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS HIA-LI Recognizes Outstanding Long Island Firms For Leadership, Performance, And Commitment To The Community Business Achievement Awards’ Honor The Region’s Exemplary Businesses Other finalists in the “Large Business” category included Citrin Cooperman, an accounting and business advisory firm based in Melville; Custom Computer Specialists of Hauppauge; Mazars USA, LLP, an accounting and advisory company The HIA-LI saluted four of the region’s most in Woodbury; and The Tiffen Company of outstanding businesses at the organization’s Hauppauge, which manufactures award26th Annual HIA-LI Business Achievement winning equipment for Hollywood movies Awards ceremony held September 29. and other photography-related products. By Mark J. Grossman Mark Grossman Public Relations mark@markgrossmanpr.com 631-786-0404

An award selection committee evaluated competing firms and organizations based upon such factors as corporate accomplishments, exemplary employee relations, commitment to the overall Long Island community, and ability to innovate and persevere amid the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery period. “In these unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever to celebrate excellence and achievement within our business community,” said Terri Alessi-Miceli, President and CEO of HIA-LI, speaking at the September 29 virtual ceremony. “In such a challenging period, our honorees serve as inspiring examples of innovation, dedication, and accomplishment. They’re role models for all Long Islanders.”

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“We’ve come together at this award ceremony to celebrate our love of Long Island and our desire to see our region prosper and grow,” said Joe Campolo, Board Chair of HIA-LI and Managing Partner at Campolo Middleton & McCormick, LLP. “We should all take pride in our honorees’ accomplishments, their strength, and their resilience. These organizations are playing an instrumental role in helping to lead Long Island through this crisis.” HIA-LI presented awards in the following categories: The honoree in the “Large Business” category, comprising firms with a workforce of 100 or more, was Hauppauge-based American Diagnostic Corporation, one of America’s largest, privately held manufacturers of diagnostic medical equipment. The award was presented to company president and CEO Marc Blitstein and President and CFO Neal Weingart.

independence and enhanced mobility to people who are blind, have low vision, or have other disabilities. “Not-for-Profit” finalists included Blessings in a Backpack, Longwood Chapter, of Yaphank, which provides food for children from needy families; Family and Children’s Association, an agency that provides a range of services for children, families, and seniors, in Mineola; The Islandia-based Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, whose therapeutic equine program helps to facilitate growth, learning, and healing; and Suffolk Habitat for Humanity, of Middle Island, a non-profit that builds communities by bringing people together to build homes.

The second award category consisted of “Small Businesses” employing fewer than 100 people. The award went to Central Business Systems, a Melville firm providing total document imaging and other IT-related professional services. The awardee was represented by Co-Owners Sean Infante and Mike Chambers. HIA-LI honored Amneal Pharmaceuticals of Hauppauge and Yaphank, a “Major In the “Small Business” category, other Sponsor” of the overall HIA-LI Business finalists included Valley Stream-based LMN Achievement Award program. A past Printing Company, Inc.; Summit Safety & recipient of a “Large Business” achievement Efficiency Solutions, a safety, quality and award, Amneal is one of America’s leading industrial engineering firm based in Miller generic pharmaceutical companies. Place; Techworks Consulting, Inc., a computer support and services company in Also honored with the “Industry Partnership Ronkonkoma; and Terwilliger & Bartone Award” was the U.S. Small Business Properties of Farmingdale, a luxury Administration (SBA). Through this residential developer. pandemic, the SBA approved more than 5.2 million loans worth $525 billion in An HIA-LI Business Achievement Award emergency relief funding. Added Alessiwas also presented to a “Rookie of the Miceli, “The SBA has been a driving force Year” honoree representing firms in of our economic stability and is leading the operation less than five years. The 2020 way to allow our region and our nation to award was given to Hauppauge-based rebound safely.” Connections4Hire, which assists client firms in the fields of business development, Finally, HIA-LI presented an “Industry sales, marketing, and advertising. Accepting Leadership Award” to Northwell Health. the award was Founder and “Master The New Hyde Park company is the state’s Connector” Adam Holtzer. largest integrated health care system and – with a workforce of more than 70,000 There were two additional “Rookie of the employees – is also the state’s largest Year” finalists: 4G Professionals, a provider private employer. of facility decontamination services situated in Nesconset; and BLUZAP UV Disinfection Company, a Northport enterprise that Join the HIA-LI on November provides ultraviolet disinfection services. 20, 2020 for its 10th Annual Women Leading the Way In the fourth and final “Not-for-Profit” Executive Leadership Program. category, The Guide Dog Foundation for For more information and to the Blind – located in Smithtown – received register, visit www.HIA-LI.org or the award. CEO John Miller was present to call (631) 543-5355. receive the award on behalf of an organization that trains and places guide and service dogs to provide increased


American Diagnostics Corporation

Guide Dog Foundation & America’s VetDogs

Small Business Administration Connections4Hire

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Northwell Health

Central Business Systems


Congratulations From all of us at The Tiffen Company we want to congratulate all of the finalists and winners of HIA-LI’s 26th Annual Business Achievement Awards, and thank the committee for our recognition.

www.tiffen.com ©2020 The Tiffen Company. All trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.


Central Business Systems

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keepingcurrent Benjamin Franklin’s Timeless Money Advice By Gregg Pajak, ChFC®, RFC, CFF President and Founder WizdomOne Group LLC Office : (631) 652-6001 gpajak@wizdomone.com www.wizdomone.com

Benjamin Franklin was arguably the most successful person who lived in colonial America. There are many lessons to learn from his biography, but the following nugget of wisdom about choosing principles over luxury is timeless. The story goes that a man came to Franklin wanting to publish an article in Franklin’s newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin thinks the article is malicious, and so he subjects himself to a little test: “To determine whether I should publish it or not, I went home in the evening, purchased a twopenny loaf at the baker’s, and with water from the pump made my supper; I then wrapped myself up in my great-coat, and laid down on the floor and slept till morning, when, on another loaf and a mug of water, I made my breakfast. From this regimen I feel no inconvenience whatever. Finding I can live in this manner, I have formed a determination never to prostitute my press to the purposes of corruption, and abuse of this kind, for the sake of gaining a more comfortable subsistence.” Franklin understood something important. He could make more money and live a more luxurious lifestyle, but that making more money and living a more luxurious lifestyle meant doing things he didn’t want to do. That story reminded me of meeting a 40-something-yearold guy in Chicago who worked in high finance.

After having a few drinks, he starts complaining about how expensive his family’s lifestyle is. How much the big suburban house costs. How the debt is snowballing. To top it off, he hates his job.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t indulge in life’s pleasures. That it’s wrong to aspire to a luxurious lifestyle. What I’m saying is that it’s very easy to forget where you come from. It’s even harder to go down a notch.

He says, “It could be worse, right?” Well, yeah. But can it be better?

So, the solution is twofold.

The problem is that when you’re in your 40s you’re peaking in your career. You probably won’t earn much more money in the future than you do right now, but you’ve also become accustomed to a certain standard of living that can only be supported by working at a job you hate for the next 20-some years. So, do you keep doing what you hate for the rest of your life because you think every single thing in your standard of living is necessary? There’s a term psychologists use for what’s going on here: hedonic adaptation. What that means is after you reach a certain standard of living you immediately ratchet your standards up a notch. Like you go from driving to flying economy, and then from flying economy to flying business, and then from flying business to flying first class. Research shows how quickly the euphoria of going up these notches wears off. How a lottery winner isn’t any happier than a non-winner only 18 months later. And that’s why you can sit there in first class and grumble about not being offered a second glass of wine during dinner service and how someday you’re going to rent a private jet.

Firstly, you learn to be happy with what you already have. To appreciate how flying across the Atlantic in eight hours beats spending eight days on a ship, no matter if you’re sitting in economy or first class. Secondly, it’s to practice giving things up. You subject yourself to little tests. You purposefully go from flying first class to flying economy. I have a friend who takes a rideshare to go a few blocks. I used to share these rides with him, but now I tell him I’m going to walk. He probably thinks I’m silly. The rideshare costs practically nothing. But it’s not about the money. It’s about the principle. Because if you can walk the ten minutes instead of taking a rideshare you prove that you don’t need that thing. That if you give it up you’ll survive. Most things in our standard of living that we think are necessary aren’t very necessary at all. That’s a very powerful perspective change. It’s a powerful position. Knowing that you can eat bread and water and sleep on the floor and be okay. That means no one can ever force you to do something you don’t want to do. Just like Benjamin Franklin.

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On September 25, the HIA-LI hosted its inaugural Facebook LIVE edition of Business Steps Up, a monthly series of livestreamed, half-hour interviews with Long Island’s most innovative business leaders. During this segment, Terri Alessi-Miceli, President & CEO, HIA-LI interviewed Teresa Ferraro, President, East/ West Industries, a Ronkonkoma-based, award-winning aerospace engineering supplier serving the military and

commercial aviation sectors. In addition to hearing about the company’s humble beginning, viewers heard Ferraro share insight on how businesses stay competitive in the COVID-19 era, and how businesses attract and retain a national client base. Keep an eye out for promotions about October’s featured guest speaker on the Facebook LIVE edition of Business Steps Up.

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HIA-LI 32nd Annual Business Trade Show & Conference Went Virtual for 2020


n Wednesday, October 7th and Thursday, October 8th, the HIA-LI hosted its 32nd Annual Business Trade Show & Conference held virtually from 9:00 AM – Midnight both days. The Virtual Trade Show & Conference attracted approximately 3,000 participants and generated more than 4,600 exhibit booth visits during the span of the two-day event.

Throughout the two days, attendees had the opportunity to virtually walk the exhibit hall and schedule video appointments to have one-on-one conversations with exhibitors. Exhibit booths featured special products/services the company offers, videos, and links to the company’s website and social media pages. Great News! Interested in re-watching an executive program and/or breakout seminar? Want to re-visit an exhibit booth? We understand and are here to help! Due to popular demand, the HIA-LI Virtual Trade Show platform is remaining open until October 31st. In your browser, type in the link https://ibk.nyc/vs/hia/hia/ to be directed to the Landing Page of the Virtual Exhibit Hall and register on the spot or simply log in using the email address you entered during the LIVE show days. To access the video recordings of the executive programs and breakout seminars, use the link https://www.hia-li.org/hia-li-event-videos/.

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The HIA-LI extends its appreciation and gratitude to all the 32nd Annual Business Trade Show & Conference sponsors!

To kickstart the first of the two-day Virtual Trade Show and Conference, the HIA-LI hosted a panel discussion about transformational projects impacting economic growth on Long Island. Moderated by Mitch Pally, CEO, Long Island Builders Institute, panelists included Russell Albanese, Chairman, Albanese Organization, Joe Campolo, Managing Partner, Campolo, Middleton & McCormick LLP and HIA-LI Board Chair, and Bob Coughlan, Principal, Tritec Real Estate Company.The speakers shared details about the Ronkonkoma Hub, Wyandanch Rising project, the significance of the LI-IPH project to the region and other Long Island projects.

Mitch Pally CEO, Long Island Builders Institute

Russell Albanese Chairman, Albanese Organization, Inc

Joe Campolo Managing Partner, Campolo, Middleton & McCormick LLP and HIA-LI Board Chair

Bob Coughlan Principal, Tritec Real Estate Company


Wednesday, October 7, 2020: Long Island Transformational Projects: Economic Growth for Business and our Economy

Thursday, October 8, 2020 : Habits to Foster Peak Performance

The viewers who joined the HIA-LI on Thursday, October 8, 2020, day two of the Trade Show Executive program, learned about techniques that the legendary Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and many other MLB New York Yankees used to stay in peak performance physically and mentally. Moderated by Steve Harper, Radio/TV Personality Steve Harper, attendees heard from Coach Dana Cavalea, former Director of Performance for the New York Yankees, who led the team to a World Championship in 2009.

Coach Dana Cavalea, Former Director of Performance for the New York Yankees

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Steve Harper Radio/TV Personality Steve Harper



BNB Bank 898 Veterans Memorial Hwy Hauppauge, NY 11788



BNB has been serving the needs of Long Island businesses and communities for over 110 years. BNB has grown dramatically and is recognized as one of the top community banks in the country. The Bank has assets of approximately $6.2 billion and operates 39 retail branch locations serving Long Island and the greater New York metropolitan area. In addition, BNB has a loan production office in Manhattan. Bridge Bancorp (BDGE: NASDAQ) is the publicly traded holding company of BNB Bank.

PSEG Long Island proudly serves more than 1.1 million electric customers, from the Rockaways to Montauk, with a pledge to provide excellent customer service, best-in-class electric reliability and opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Using a relationship-based model, BNB’s banking professionals offer flexible programs designed to help both commercial and individual customers meet their financial needs. Lending is proactive, and decisions are local – made here on Long Island by a lending team that understands the marketplace and the unique challenges of the area. Banking products and services include effective technologies like online banking, online bill pay, remote deposit capture and lockbox, as well as an extensive traditional menu of deposit and loan products.

Since 2014, commercial customers have completed more than 21,000 energy efficiency projects, resulting in savings of more than 600 million kWh and electric bill savings of more than $108 million per year. Nearly 80 percent of the completed projects were for small- and medium-sized businesses.

In service of local businesses, BNB secured funding of $950 Million from the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for approximately 4,000 small businesses on Long Island and New York City. The Bank continues to support its customers and partners with recovery and rebuilding efforts and it committed to helping communities when they need it the most.

Small- and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the local economy and we are proud to offer businesses programs that include incentives and rebates for installing energy efficient equipment like LED lighting fixtures.

PSEG Long Island’s commitment to Main Street commercial districts includes our Main Street Revitalization Program and, in response to COVID-19, our new Chamber of Commerce grant program and Small Business First Program. These ambitious approaches promote the kind of foot traffic that our business districts need. Our Chamber of Commerce grants are providing lifelines to local businesses by helping downtown areas adapt to COVID-19 safety protocols and create new outdoor dining and shopping spaces. Over 20 Chambers of Commerce have been approved for grants totaling approximately $100,000. Small Business First has helped over 1,000 small businesses to upgrade their lighting at no cost or very low cost, reducing their operating costs going forward. PSEG Long Island is committed to helping Long Island and the Rockaways flourish, now more than ever. For more information on all of our commercial programs, please visit www. psegliny.com/business.



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Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (SCIDA)

The mission of the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is to promote economic development in the county by helping businesses expand and grow, increase employment opportunities and add to the quality of life for the residents of Suffolk County. The Suffolk IDA is the lead agency attracting new investment in Suffolk County and driving the region’s innovation economy and job expansion. Carrying out the work of the Suffolk County IDA is a team of experienced, highly skilled economic development professionals. They focus on attracting new business, supporting the expansion of existing industry, and mobilizing local and regional assets supporting regional long-term growth and economic development. Please visit www.suffolkida.org/about/ to learn more.

Discover Long Island® 330 Motor Parkway, Ste. 203 Hauppauge, NY 11788 Phone 631.951.3900 x. 322 Fax 631.951.3439 ntheissen@discoverlongisland.com www.discoverlongisland.com

Discover Long Island is the region’s official destination marketing and leadership organization charged with furthering the $6.1 billion tourism economy. The organization contributes to the economic development and quality of life on Long Island by promoting the region as a world-class destination for visitors, meetings and conventions, trade shows, sporting events and related activities.

Success in today’s global marketplace demands innovation and vast financial and human resources. It’s why industry segment pioneers like Canon USA and Estee Lauder, and world-class research centers like Brookhaven Labs and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories were inspired to choose Suffolk County, New York for their headquarters. They know that Long Island’s labor force is one of the most highly skilled and diverse in the country, that groundbreaking tech and innovation occurs on a daily basis, and access to New York City’s financial resources offer assets not available anywhere else in the world.


Be Inspired.

The Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency can be your company’s gateway to an inspired future. The economic development professionals at the Suffolk County IDA will streamline your move to Suffolk County by helping you: • provide access to financial incentives, tax abatements and other financial resources to lower relocation and/or expansion costs • expedite all local, regional and state regulations and permitting • serve as your conduit to local and regional resources such as workforce training, supply chain vendors and new business channels Isn’t it time for you to be inspired!

631-853-4802 • INFO@SUFFOLKIDA.ORG

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Learn what the Suffolk IDA can do to help inspire your business to new heights of growth and success. Call or email us today.

TRADABLE SECTORS & HOW THEY IMPACT THE LONG ISLAND ECONOMY Executives At Companies Deemed “Essential” Discuss How To Keep Going Amid COVID

(L to R) Joe Campolo, Managing Partner of Campolo, Middleton & McCormick LLP and HIA-LI Board Chairman; Jeff Reingold, COO of Contract Pharmacal Corp.; Jim Coughlan, Principal of Tritec Real Estate Company and HIA-LI Board Member; Mark Kleinman, President & CEO of Walkers Shortbread Inc.; Anne Shynbunko-Moore, CEO and Owner of GSE Dynamics, Inc. and HIA-LI Board Member.

By Claude Solnik 516-404-2960 claudesolnik@gmail.com Claude Solnik is an award-winning business writer whose work has appeared in many Long Island and New York City publications. Mr. Solnik also writes for companies and nonprofits, providing a wide range of content.

Just as individuals show character under pressure, companies had to balance safety and strength.

Keep calm and carry on may be a phrase or a slogan to some, but it was a sentence to live by for companies declared essential amid the pandemic- and executives at a recent HIA-LI virtual event described in detail how they did that.

“The character and culture of companies make a successful company. Character is a big one,” Shybunko-Moore said. “We are rich with family business, with passion and a dedicated, passionate, skilled workforce.”

While much of the focus on essential workers has been on healthcare and food, executives at manufacturers and other companies declared essential at a Sept. 14, HIA-LI virtual event titled “Tradable Sectors and How they Impact the Long Island Economy” described how they kept going, even if it was anything but business as usual.

She added that being declared essential imposed a responsibility, but also a recognition of the importance of certain work.

“You amazingly rallied,” Joseph Campolo, managing partner at Campolo, Middletown & McCormick in Ronkonkoma and the event’s moderator, told executives at the Zoom session organized by the HIA-LI. “Manufacturers do not get recognition the way some others do.”

Companies often had to move forward as some workers fell sick. Walkers Shortbread CEO Mark Kleinman said his company’s head of supply chain, dealing with warehouses and other functions, became sick and was temporarily away from work.

Campolo described businesses declared essential as if they were a kind of second force of frontline workers in a country on a wartime footing, helping move forward even when much of the economy was shut down. “We were the Omaha Beach in Normandy of Covid. We got hit like nobody’s business. Healthcare workers stepped up,” Campolo said, before noting workers at manufacturers also came through. “You were in the trenches, getting stuff done and you did it.” October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 30

“We continued to make products and ship out of New York,” Anne Shybunko-Moore, CEO of Hauppauge-based GSE Dynamics and founder and chair of the Manufacturing Consortium of Long Island, said. “We held the economy together. I feel strongly about that.”

While war may be a metaphor, companies that kept going had to adapt quickly to protect workers and still continue. “We jumped into action as soon as possible,” said Jeffrey Reingold, chief operating officer at Contract Pharmacal in Hauppauge. “We quickly went to remote for teams that could be remote. As a manufacturer, the predominant workforce has to be there.” Companies that kept going provided jobs as well as product, so even a staggered economy did not entirely shut down.

“There was a pride about being essential with a capital ‘E,’” Shybunko-Moore said. “People were happy to still have a job, respectful of their peers.”

“One day at a time,” Kleinman, who leads the Hauppauge-based U.S. subsidiary of the Scotland-based parent company, said. “Try to remain optimistic.” Shybunko-Moore said her company took steps to protect workers, focusing on safety as well as keeping operations going. “Every Monday morning I would pray we would get to Friday evening,” Shybunko-Moore said. “To all you family businesses, well done.” Walkers Shorrtbread’s operations in Scotland shut down for several weeks, but the company adapted and advanced. “Like Yoga Berra said, ‘When you’re going through hell, keep on going,” Kleinman said. “” We dealt with it.” Sanitizing became an important way of staying safe and preventing infection, which meant taking cleaning to a new level. Contract Pharmacal brought temps in to do temperature monitoring at entrances and outside cleaning staff to clean break rooms, cafeterias and common spaces.

“Everybody had their temperature taken coming into the office and after lunch as well,” Reingold said. Contract Pharmacal restructured lunch breaks, put the food truck on hold and set up tents outside the building. “Lunch breaks became complicated, trying to keep people six feet apart,” Reingold added. Contract Pharmacal, which increased the number of workers as time passed, also tried to provide safety and reassurance. “We want people to be comfortable,” Reingold added. “We want people coming into work, knowing, ‘Yes, we are deemed essential, but we are doing our best efforts.’” Some operations were shut down only to be deemed essential later, such as East Setauketbased Tritec Real Estate, where a project was closed only to resume soon after. “We did get shut down. Then PPP came along and we didn’t have to lay anybody off,” Tritec Principal Jim Coughlan said. “When our people were allowed to go back to work, there was a huge sense of pride and relief. They hadn’t been laid off.” Tritec staggered work shifts, took temperatures and installed trackers on hard hats indicating whether workers were within six feet of each other. “If somebody did get sick, we could tell who they were next to and where they had been,” Coughlan said, noting there were no cases in New York, but some in Virginia. “The men and women on the job site appreciate the precautions and appreciate being back to work.” As the economy has largely, if not entirely reopened, executives said it’s important to continue vigilance and measures to promote safety. “I hope we don’t get complacent,” ShybunkoMoore said. “I feel positive. I just hope we don’t get complacent and fall back into some things we were doing.” Join us on Thursday, October 15th for HIALI’s Transformational Leadership: Leading Through Unprecedented Times from 9:00 10:30 AM. To register visit, www.HIA-LI.org or call (631) 543-5355.


Your generous support of our COVID-19 Response Fund has enabled us to meet the increased needs for emergency food assistance for 145,432 of our neighbors in need including, 110,772 people that turned to Long Island Cares, Inc.-The Harry Chapin Food Bank for the very first time. Your support has also enabled us to deliver food to the homes of 1,929 seniors, provide ready-to-eat foods and personal care items for 405 homeless people on a monthly basis, provide a grab-n-go breakfast for 4,011 children, distribute 9,050,785 pounds of food in just the past six months, deliver food and PPE to 2,829 veterans, and provide 7,422,501 meals for our neighbors due to COVID-19. Long Island Cares, Inc.-The Harry Chapin Food Bank and our 338 member agencies are working together to meet a 42.4% increase in our distribution of emergency food due to COVID-19.




R E MEMBE R I N G HA R R Y C HA PIN 1942-198 1

Dave Cassaro President

R E ME M BE R I NG H A R RY CH A PIN 1942-198 1

“Forty Years of Fighting Hunger” S o ngwri

t er


H u man it aria n

Long Island Cares Inc

S o cial Act

The Harry Chapin Food Bank 1980 - 2020

Paule Pachter CEO

Sandy Chapin Chairperson

i vis t

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 31

WWW.LICARES.ORG | 631.582.3663

keepingcurrent Emergency Food Assistance Needs To Be Measured By More Than Just Supply And Demand By Paule T. Pachter, A.C.S.W., L.M.S.W.

Chief Executive Officer Long Island Cares, Inc. The Harry Chapin Regional Food Bank 10 Davids Drive – Harry Chapin Way Hauppauge, New York 11788 Office: 631.582.3663 x 101 www.licares.org

In the past two-months, more food has been delivered to Long Island Cares-The Harry Chapin Food Bank than ever before. On average, the regional food bank has been purchasing 1.5 million pounds of both perishable and non-perishable food monthly to assist our neighbors in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. From March through June, most food banks across the country including, Long Island Cares were experiencing delays of between 8-12 weeks in receiving the food we had purchased. At the same time, a majority of our community food drives were cancelled, and those that were in progress were not successful. That includes our annual HIA-LI Summer Food Drive. The first three-months of our COVID-19 response efforts brought many new challenges, of which receiving food into our warehouse was one of the biggest challenges we faced. During the same timeframe, we experienced a dramatic increase in our retail donation program that, provides us with approximately 2 million pounds of perfectly good perishable foods annually. We also benefitted from an increase in corporate food donations, and we found our niche in transitioning our food drives to a virtual platform. As of July, the delays in food delivery have

significantly improved with on average, 10-12 tractortrailers arriving at Long Island Cares’ warehouse each week. As of September 20, we had 1.9 million pounds of food in our Hauppauge and Hampton Bays warehouses. Simultaneously, our virtual food drives are continuing and expanding. Our retail donations are ongoing, as well as, our corporate donations of food, personal care products, household supplies, pet food and PPE. We’re also seeing an increase in the amount of government commodities we’ve received from the USDA, and we’re actively purchasing additional food through our contract with the New York State Health Department. Not to mention or forget about the food we’ve received from Governor Cuomo’s Nourish New York Initiative, the USDA Food Assistance Program, and the continued generosity of Long Islanders. However, one of our biggest challenges now, is getting the food out to our member pantries, soup kitchens and other programs that provide emergency food assistance.

As I write this column, 310 of our 331 member agencies are open and serving their local communities. A major improvement from March when 74 of our agencies were closed due to COVID-19. At the same time, our member agencies have been reporting not only an increase in need of between 10-25% but, they’re also receiving food from numerous sources including, retail donations, virtual food drives, limited special events, in addition to food received from food banks like Island Harvest, Pronto of Suffolk, and from celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi. One might question if the current supply of emergency food available on Long Island is greater than the current demand. If we are able to get everyone who lost a job back to work and earning a steady income this might be the case but, it’s not. The emergency food supply must remain strong and abundant because we honestly don’t know when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. A recent prediction by Dr. Anthony Fauci has the virus possibly leaving the United States by September of 2021 with or without an effective vaccine. If businesses on Long Island cannot fully open, people will still need emergency food assistance. If additional stimulus support ends, people will still need to visit the pantries. If schools must go on lockdown again due to spikes in Coronavirus cases, children that rely upon their school meals program will still need emergency food assistance. And, if Congress doesn’t provide additional aid to the states and counties hardest hit by COVID-19 like New York and Long Island, the food banks will be needed even more.


October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 32

“Don’t Re-Roof, Re-Coat, Recover And Rehabilitate Instead!”

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system has lost its UV and waterproof layers. It’s a natural part of the degradation process and leads to eventual costly replacement of the roof. We have a better idea, reapply the missing layers to your existing membrane and not have to re-roof or even worse remove, and replace the roof. Re-install the UV and waterproof layer with a Energy Star “Cool Roof” product creating a leak free, seamless surface right over your old roof.. Here are some major benefits: • •

Cost, up to half the price of a new roof. Long leak free warranty’s.

• Seamless-no seams, no leaks. • Rebates & Tax benefits. • Sustainable Re-coatable. • Walls, chimneys, hvac, all details can be coated and made watertight. As a final added bonus, the Liquid Applied Roofing often is applied in lighter (white) colors cooling the interior of the building during summer, saving energy in cooling cost! Visit our website and watch a video of the process: www.EngelmannConstruction.com


(L-R) Rita DiStefano, Director, Human Resources Consulting, Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl & Associates, Inc., and HIA-LI Board Member, Toni-Joy Incandela, Office Manager, HIA-LI, Mario Asaro, President, Industry One Realty Corp, Anthony Forgione, Director of Business Development, HIA-LI, Sal Ferro, President & CEO, Alure Home Improvements, Terri Alessi-Miceli, President & CEO, HIA-LI, and Bob Quarte, Managing Partner, AVZ, and HIA-LI Board Member.

As the third program of a series, the HIA-LI’s Small Business Task Force hosted an educational webinar titled, “Getting Back to Business: The Evolving Workplace of 2021” on September 23, 2020. The program featuring business executives discussing changes in the commercial/residential real estate market, impact the pandemic had on the building industry, preparing for 2021 budgets, remote employees, and travel for business. The webinar concluded with Q&A from the audience. The Small Business Task Force was created specifically to enhance the ability of the HIA-LI to better engage with our small business community by listening to their needs and collaborating to address these issues with concrete proven solutions. The next Small Business Task Force Open Forum is set to take place in January 2021.

HIA-LI COMMITTEE CORNER HIA-LI’s Manufacturing Committee By Ron Loveland Co-Chair HIA-LI Manufacturing Committee President Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions Veteran Owned Small Business 631-642-7239 (o) www.SummitSafetyPro.com

The HIA-LI Manufacturing Committee CoChair, Ron Loveland brought together many of the Manufacturing and Educational Advocacy organizations to celebrate the annual national Manufacturing Day celebration on October 2, 2020. These included Clifford Chandler & Bob Harrison of Stony Brook’s Small Business Development Center; Patrick Boyle, Ignite Long Island; Cynthia Colon, MTRC; Bob Botticelli, ADDAPT; Maria Sicari, Stony Brook’s Center for Corporate Training; Sudhir Sudachev, APICS NYC/LI; Dr. Subrina Oliver, O-High Technologies and Lisa Strahs-Lorenc, Go Career Compass.

Keynote speakers included Terri AlessiMiceli, HIA-LI President; Anne Shybunko Moore, President GSE Dynamics, Chair of IgniteLI and HIA-LI Board member; and Bob Botticelli, Chair, ADDAPT. They discussed the great impact Manufacturing has on the

Educational institutions including Stony Brook, Farmingdale, Hofstra, Vaughn, Suffolk Community College talked about their manufacturing related courses, preparing students and career changers for careers in manufacturing. Some of the schools attending Manufacturing Day included Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Uniondale, Wyandanch, North Babylon, Commack, Hauppauge, Connetquot, Patchogue Medford, Baldwin, Massapequa, Hauppauge, Longwood & Energy Tech High School. Of the 89 manufacturers to attend, Applied DNA Sciences, BNL, Control Electropolishing, Contract Pharmacal Corp, ClearVision Optical, Designatronics, East/West Industries, Estee

With the support of our sponsors; CitrinCooperman, Grassi, Millennium Communications & Industrial Coverage, we had a great virtual event and set the stage for even better celebrations of Long Island Manufacturing in the future, making students, educators and parents aware of the great careers in manufacturing and letting the Long Island community know that manufacturing is alive and flourishing on Long Island!

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 33

For our first time conducting Manufacturing Day virtually, the event came off pretty well. We were especially pleased to see 89 manufacturers, 62 educators, 56 students, 230 total register for the event and many other students tuning in with their teachers.

Long Island economy, the great careers available for both college bound and noncollege bound students and the life saving products combating COVID19 right here on Long Island!

Lauder, Exergy, GSE Dynamics, Mill-Max, Natech Plastics, Oerlikon Metco, Orics, Roman Stone, Soter Technologies, Thuro Metal Products all provided short videos of their company, products and their employees talking about working in manufacturing. Did you know that Long Island manufacturers have responded to the call to combat COVID19? Early in the pandemic, New York healthcare workers were running out of ventilators, PPE, had no vaccine, too few testing facilities and no protective barriers. Our healthcare heroes are being supported by Long Island manufacturers! Brite Frames in Shirley who are making plastic barriers, East/West Industries in Ronkonoma making masks for first responders, Soter Technologies making full body scanners, Orics Industries making ventilators and Applied DNA Sciences making test kits, doing testing and making a COVID19 vaccine talked about how they’ve responded to the need to protect our Long Island community.



October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 34

Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: AMRX) is hiring in Brookhaven and Hauppauge, New York. Advance your career, earn excellent benefits and help provide quality medicines to people across the U.S.!



• Experienced Manufacturing Operators • Mechanics, Electricians, High Pressure Boilers • Warehouse Operators • Sanitation- Janitor and Group Leader • Parts Administrator • Production Planning Assistant • Validation Engineer • QA Inspectors/Auditors / Supervisor • Scientists/Chemists (ARD/Formulation/QC)* *some roles are 2nd Shift Tuesday to Saturday

• Medical, prescription, dental & vision insurance – we pay an above-market portion of your premium! • Competitive company-paid holidays & paid-time off program • 401(k) retirement plan – we match up to 5% of eligible pay! • Paid parental leave for new parents • Tuition assistance, and much more!

Browse all job openings & apply at

Amneal.com/Brookhaven • Questions? Call 631-952-0214 Most jobs require a high school diploma or GED, the ability to read/write English and GMP experience is preferred. Amneal is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



AMNEAL PHARMACEUTICALS | Brookhaven, NY | Contact: Mary Mahon (631) 633-2200 VALIDATION ENGINEER I

Executes Process/Cleaning Validation/Study assignments as per directives. Creates protocols, data collection and analysis and prepare reports under supervision. Requirements: 1+ year or more, Pharmaceutical/ Manufacturing Industry preferred.


Responsible for operation of the Mixing and Granulation equipment in accordance with Company Standard Operating Procedures and maintaining 100% cGMP & compliance to ensure the production of quality products. Requirements: 3+ Pharmaceutical Manufacturing required.


Responsible for the oversight of drug safety specialist functions and daily activities of the vendor managed call center ensuring compliance with all applicable SOPs. Requirements: 5+ Experience in compliance and oversight activities within Pharmaceutical industry required..




Manage and coordinate activities related to the implementation of new product launches including process and cleaning validation and process changes to support existing product development, as well as optimization of existing products/processes.Production Planning Assistant. Requirements: 6+ Experience in process validation, optimization, cleaning validation knowledge required.


Processing production orders and production scheduling as needed. Assist in all aspects of production planning to ensure work is on the floor in a timely fashion to allow smooth flow of processing. Requirements: 3+ Manufacturing Experience required.




In light of COVID19 and Long Island business recovery, many of our member companies are looking to find people open to work.

All job listings will include: Job Title, Company, Town, Contact Information & Possible Logo. PLEASE EMAIL PMEYER@HIA-LI.ORG FOR RATES

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 35

As a member, although you can place a complimentary ad on our website, we have created this special section in The Reporter to be pushed out across Long Island for added exposure.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 36




October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 37


Smithtown relies on Maureen’s Kitchen for its morning joe. Maureen’s Kitchen relies on us. We’re helping businesses across Long Island save on their electric bills with innovative energy efficiency programs. Because affordability is important to keeping costs down and customers well fed.


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Toni-Joy Incandela, 225 Wireless Blvd, Suite 101, Happauge, NY 11788

We’re putting our energy behind the community. We are helping customers manage their energy use through a wide range of energy efficiency programs. It’s all a part of our promise to serve our customers and our communities and provide the energy to enrich the places where we live, work and play.

Paige Meyer, 225 Wireless Blvd, Suite 101, Happauge, NY 11788

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keepingcurrent Transforming To a “Paperless Office” By Meg Ryan Emerald Document Imaging Account Executive Emerald Document Imaging 100 Milbar Blvd. Farmingdale, NY 11735 631-319-1620 Mryan@emeralddocument.com

While the use of paper will probably never go away, it is important to always be prepared and to keep up with the ever-changing digital age of technology. Today’s technology allows for an increase in workplace efficiency when

3526, July 2014 (Page 3 of 4) The power of documentPS Form management:

• Digitally capture and organize information with artificial intelligence, reducing human error • Customize digital workflow automation to improve your existing businesses processes • Generate task-based lists with email notifications for end users to stay on track • Transparency in processes gives management teams the tool they need to make informed decisions Due to the effects of the pandemic on the way we work, a more hybrid work style has become the norm for many workplaces. With this new partially remote workplace structure comes new challenges including: - lack of access to everyday documents in digital forms

- the ability to securely share documents - managing projects effectively PRIVACY NOTICE: See our privacy policy on www.usps.com.

The Benefits for Your Business • Increase efficiency: information at your fingertips, business can move forward from anywhere • Transparent workflows: stay up to date on the progress so you can control your bottom line • Remove Risk: require password protected access to certain files or workflows • Reduce operational costs: eliminate the expense associated with handling paper Interested in saving expenses and transforming your businesses day to day document management process? The team at Emerald Document Imaging is able to provide effective solutions for paperless environments through document management software, such as DocuWare.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 39

A paperless office is a concept that may seem obscure to many businesses. Although it may be hard to believe in the digital age we live in, paper and print usage is on the rise and is still expected to increase year after year. Paper takes up a lot of space – as do filing cabinets – and space to store those filing cabinets means bigger office spaces which becomes costly. Digitizing these files allows you to store all documents either on an onpremises server or in the cloud. Digital file folders in a repository require much less space than a physical records archive and reduces the risk of human error.

managing everyday documents and processes through automated document management.





Michael Alfiero | Managing Partner | 516-749-8431 15 Nautilus Avenue | Northport, NY 11768 michael.alfiero@gmail.com

Erik Anderson | Senior Project Developer | (631) 434-1414 1377 Long Island Motor Parkway | Islandia, NY 11749 ejanderson@ameresco.com | https://www.ameresco.com/




Michael Richter | CEO | (631) 608-2888 37 Grand Blvd | Brentwood, NY 11717 m.richter@azteclight.com | http://www.azteclight.com


Marisa Morgillo | Director of Marketing | (631) 435-1111 175A Commerce Drive | Hauppauge, NY 11788 mmorgillo@bbvpc.com | www.bbvpc.com


Kevin Cirincione | President | (631) 653-9124 429 Montauk Highway | East Quogue, NY 11942 info@countyenergycontrol.com | www.countyenergycontrol.com

Melissa Slavin | Associate | 631-738-1200 2929 Expressway Drive North | Hauppauge, NY 11788 mslavin@bohlereng.com | www.BohlerEngineering.com



Michael Deering | Dir. of Customer Service/Stakeholder Relations | 516-222-7700 25 Hub Drive | Melville, NY 11747 mdeering@lipower.org | www.lipower.org


Sean Dunne | New Energy Solutions Program Manager | (631) 755-4869 175 E. Old Country Road | Hicksville, NY 11801 alanna.russo@nationalgrid.com | http://www.nationalgrid.com


Michael Voltz, P.E. | Director, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy | (631) 844-3819 15 Park Drive | Melville, NY 11747 Michael.voltz@pseg.com | www.psegliny.com

SIEMENS INDUSTRY, INC.  SMART INFRASTRUCTURE Regina Zara | Market Lead - Long Island Region | (631) 307-8082 50 Orville Drive | Bohemia, NY 11716 regina.zara@siemens.com | www.siemens.com/perfect-places


James Armstrong | President | (631) 360-1208 1363-26 Veterans Hwy | Hauppauge, NY 11788 jwillya@dsmea.com | www.dsmea.com


Rich Humann P.E. | President & CEO | (631) 756-8000 538 Broad Hollow Road | Melville, NY 11747 rhumann@h2m.com | h2m.com


Patricia Sileo | Chief Human Resources Officer | 6315896353 630 Johnson ave | Bohemia, NY 11716 psileo@pwgrosser.com | www.pwgrosser.com


Michele Pisani | Human Resources | 6316945931 100 Finn Ct | Farmingdale, NY 11735-1107 mmatlak@precipart.com | www.precipart.com


Michael Varrone | Senior Principal | (631) 760-3690 135 Engineers Road | Hauppauge, NY 11788 mike.varrone@stantec.com | www.stantec.com


Erik Anderson | Senior Project Developer | (631) 434-1414 1377 Long Island Motor Parkway | Islandia, NY 11749 ejanderson@ameresco.com | https://www.ameresco.com/


Michael Richter | CEO | (631) 608-2888 37 Grand Blvd | Brentwood, NY 11717 m.richter@azteclight.com | http://www.azteclight.com

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 40

DSM ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES, PC James Armstrong | President | (631) 360-1208 1363-26 Veterans Hwy | Hauppauge, NY 11788 jwillya@dsmea.com | www.dsmea.com



Nicholas Gerbino | President | (631) 234-7362 200 Engineers Rd. | Hauppauge, NY 11788 n.gerbino@esolutionsusa.com | www.esolutionsusa.com


Rich Humann P.E. | President & CEO | (631) 756-8000 538 Broad Hollow Road | Melville, NY 11747 rhumann@h2m.com | h2m.com


Anthony Coppola | CEO | 631-379-8763 655 Meadow Ct. #15 | Southold, NY 11971 tonymcaeg@gmail.com | www.EnlightenedEnergy.net

Robert D Sindone | President & CEO | 631-451-7500 140 Gary Way | Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 robsindone@moldbusters.com | http://www.moldbusters.com



Jay Ryan | President & CEO | 6317486885 110 Bayview Avenue | Northport, NY 11768 jryan@kilcap.com | www.KilfinaneEnergy.com

SIEMENS INDUSTRY, INC.  SMART INFRASTRUCTURE Regina Zara | Market Lead - Long Island Region | (631) 307-8082 50 Orville Drive | Bohemia, NY 11716 regina.zara@siemens.com | www.siemens.com/perfect-places

Steven McGinn | Partner | (631) 427-5665 572 Walt Whitman Road | Melville, NY 11747 smcginn@nelsonpope.com | www.nelsonpopevoorhis.com


Patricia Sileo | Chief Human Resources Officer | 6315896353 630 Johnson ave | Bohemia, NY 11716 psileo@pwgrosser.com | www.pwgrosser.com



James DeMartinis | Senior Hydrogeologist | (631) 828-5994 P.O. Box 2085 | Miller Place, NY 11764 seacliffenvironmental@aol.com

THE JUNKLUGGERS OF QUEENS & LONG ISLAND Evan Cassin | Business Development Manager | (516) 279-4531 12A Commercial St. | Hicksville, NY 11801 evan.cassin@junkluggers.com | www.junkluggers.com


Frank Doria | Vice President | 516 419 4125 333 Earle Ovington Boulevard | Uniondale, NY 11553 Frank.doria@Usi.com | www.usi.com



David Whelan | President | 631-987-7121 Islip, NY 11751 | dwhelan@buildmysolar.com | www.buildmysolar.com




Carlo P. Lanza | President | (631) 647-3402 2941 Sunrise Highway | Islip Terrace, NY 11752 info@harvestpower.net | harvestpowersolar.com

Frank Lustberg | President | (516) 872-4242 61 Carolyn Blvd | Farmingdale, NY 11735 flustberg@A-1cleaning.com | www.a-1cleaning.com


Chris McDonald | Owner | 1-855-747-7272 678 Rt. 25A Box 6C | Rocky Point, NY 11778 chris@diskdatadestruction.net | www.diskdatadestruction.net


Victoria Curcio | Director of Marketing | (631) 750-2520 935 Lincoln Ave | Holbrook, NY 11741 vcurcio@ecotechmanagement.com | https://ecotechmanagement.com/


Gina Carrara | VP of Marketing and Customer Experience | (631) 750-9454 171 Remington Boulevard | Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 gcarrara@sunation.com | www.sunation.com


Kristen Ingebrigtsen | Chief Operations Officer | (631) 254-2968 923A Motor Parkway | Hauppauge, NY 11788 Kris@getsunriseps.com | www.sunrisepowersolutions.com


Angela Mumolo | Logistics Specialists | (631) 278-3451 88 Old Dock Road | Yaphank, NY 11980 amumolo@mesliny.com | www.maggioenvironmental.com











GAIN EXPOSURE FOR YOUR COMPANY New Member Listings provide our new members with the ability to introduce their companies and services to our entire membership and the Long Island business community. For more information, call us at (631) 543-5355 or visit www.hia-li.org.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 41




NEW MEMBER PROFILES Rapt Business Brokers Intensity



Rapt Business Brokers 99 Sunnyside Blvd. Ext | Suite 101 Woodbury, NY 11797 O: (516) 739-0346 C: (516) 457-8879 www.raptbizbrokers.com Rapt is a professional business brokerage firm concentrating on the confidential sale, acquisition, and valuation of small to mid-sized business concerns. The firm can also help arrange commercial finance and provide consulting services to business owners to improve their net return, or to develop an exit strategy. The company was formed in 1998 by Angelo A. Ferrara and originally concentrated on arranging commercial loans and providing business consulting services. Subsequently, the company transitioned into business transactions and now focuses primarily on the sale of small to mid-sized business concerns. We provide personal attention to each of our engagements, focusing on your interests and the best outcome for you. Our engagements are not “just business” to us, they’re personal and we make a total commitment to our engagements. We are professionals and will provide you with honest, competent, and experienced counsel. We have a

proven track record to work diligently to sell our client’s business in the shortest amount of time and at the very best price the marketplace can deliver. Since Rapt is still intimately involved in commercial finance, we bring a unique talent to the process of selling a business. We can realistically value the deal from a lenders viewpoint to help determine the proper selling price and to arrange financing for the buyer. We have completely funded many deals, with the seller providing little, if any financing! As business consultants we have negotiated buy-sell agreements, helped business owners to operate more effectively, and improved the company’s bottom line.

Angela’s House Home Store 2052 Route 112 Medford, NY 11763 631.730.8758 www.angelashousehomestore.org

Global Computer Systems 640 Belle Terre Road | BLD G Port Jefferson, NY 11777 C: 516-641-0279 O: 631-476-6500 x220 Pnorth@Global-USA.com www.Global-USA.com

The Angela’s House Home Store is a bargain outlet for home improvement and household goods that sells new and gently-used merchandise. The items include building supplies, kitchen cabinets, doors, appliances, furniture, household items and anything else you can find in a home! The best thing is that the proceeds generated by the Home Store help support the programs

Global Computer Systems is a Managed Service Provider based in Port Jefferson NY. We have built a reputation for offering exceptional products and professional services at a fair price. We strive to provide the very best for our customers in an everchanging IT world.


October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 42

of Angela’s House, a 501(c)3 Long Island based non-profit organization that assists over 670 families caring for children with special health care needs who are medically fragile, chronically ill or suffering from a life threatening illness all while helping out environmment by reducing the amount of material that goes into local landfills. Here is how you can help support Angela’s House and medically fragile children right here in your community; Stop down and shop at the Home Store, tell a friend about the Home Store, like us and follow us on social media and let your business owner friends know about the Home Store! We provide a free pick up service for large donations and can get to you ASAP. Call our donation line 631.905.7117, or email us at freepickup@angelashouse.org

GCS believes technology should simplify and enable your workforce to perform tasks with more ease and efficiency. We work with the top Hardware and Software providers in the world to ensure your digital transformation is done properly and efficiently. In todays world cyber threats are an ever-increasing issue! GCS knows this and takes cyber security very seriously. Our highly trained staff works with you to make sure you are properly protected meeting all compliances that are required. With companies decentralizing and working from home, or working in an office environment, Help Desk support has become more important than ever. Many companies turn to GCS for Help Desk support which is locally based in Port Jefferson NY. Our highly trained staff can resolve over 90% off all helpdesk issue remotely and quickly, and for those issues that require hands on support our team of engineers are eager to assist and resolve issues on site. Global Computer Systems has been in business for over 20 years and can help you with all phases of IT. We work with companies large and small, and projects as small as desktop or WiFi refreshes to migrations to the Cloud or building a Disaster Recovery solution. In many instances we are the IT department for our customers. Our professional services are second to none and we are proud of the relationships we have built over the years with our customers.

HEARD AROUND THE ISLAND fundraiser at a local venue. Instead, we money they make goes right back into the devised a scavenger hunt with casino-type credit union in the form of better interest games where participants could collect “funny rates, lower fees, and dividends for you. money” along the way. This family-friendly Scott D. Middleton, a event ensured social distancing and safety. Senior Partner at A live raffle on Facebook followed the event. Campolo, Middleton & For more information visit www. McCormick, a premier blessingsinabackpack.org law firm with offices in Ronkonkoma, Riverhead, and Westbury, has been HAPPENINGS elected President of the Board of Directors of East End Arts, an awardwinning nonprofit committed to building the Long Island Cares, Inc. announces the community through the arts. As President grand opening of its seventh newest satellite of the Board, Middleton will work to further location to address the ongoing needs of the nonprofit’s mission to cultivate a wide Calling all local contractors, businesses and residents and communities affected by the range of creative and artistic expression individuals! Are you looking to donate new Covid-19 pandemic. The grand opening was through education, exhibition and or previously owned re-usable materials or held on October 5th at their location, 386 N. performance, and collaboration across the inventory that is overstocked or discontinued? Wantagh Ave. Bethpage, NY 11714. community. Reach out to the Angela’s House Home Store! Sales of these items benefit Angela’s House, a local non-profit assisting medically fragile children. You can also help by shopping! Be sure to stop by between October 14thOctober 21st for our 1st Anniversary Sale! Plus, if you are an HIA member or staff, you’ll receive an additional 10% off! (Note: The 10% HIA staff/member discount is offered VAI, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning The Fuoco Group and its TFG Related to active members year-round. Please (ERP) software developer, announced today Entities are proud to announce that Robert mention “HIA” at checkout.) at its virtual customer conference, Prevail J. Logan recently received his CPA licensure 2020, the launch of the newest version of in the state of New York, and has been its S2K Enterprise ERP solution, 6.2. In a promoted to the level of Tax and Accounting time when customers are relying more heavily Manager in the Fuoco Group’s Hauppauge on cloud services and mobile capabilities to office. Rob was recently recognized as one enable remote work, S2K version 6.2 offers of the New York Real Estate Journal’s “Ones an updated interface and advanced product To Watch,” in the accounting field for 2020. features to enable customers to stay resilient A member of the AICPA and NYSSCPA, Rob in the new normal. provides tax planning and compliance services for individuals, partnerships, and corporations in a wide range of industries. Staff members of People’s Alliance Federal In this new position, Rob will be involved in Credit Union (PAFCU) volunteered at Palexpanding the Firm’s accounting practice O-Mine Equestrienne on Monday, October within Long Island. His duties will also include 5th. PAFCU has been a dedicated company client relations, workflow management, volunteering for Pal-O-Mine Equestrienne research and staff training. Rob can be in Islandia for over a decade. This year’s Share your recent events, reached at 631-870-3925 and RLogan@ volunteer project consisted of People’s Fuoco.com. happenings and promotions Alliance’s staff building a garden on their



They’re not-for-profit, which simply means there are more reasons to love everything Blessings in a Backpack Longwood they are: member-owned, friendly, fair and Chapter: COVID-19 restrictions prevented dependable. At People’s Alliance, you have us from holding our annual Casino Night an interest in their financial institution. The

with the Long Island business community - complimentary to all of our members. To submit content, please email them to Marketing@hia-li.org. Please make sure all press releases are a maximum of 60 words.

October 2020 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 43

property. People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union (formerly known as Pan American Federal Credit Union) is celebrating its 80th Anniversary. We provide banking services to more than 38,000 members.

People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union

We Put People First,

Even In Our Name! PAFCU is a Great No-Cost Employee Benefit! We can come on-site to your company to open new accounts and service existing accounts for all your employees. 125 Wireless Blvd. • Hauppauge, NY 11788 • www.pafcu.org • (631) 434-3500 Brooklyn, NY • Brooklyn, NY (718) 643-4506

(718) 797-2988

• Jamaica, NY • Jamaica, NY • (718) 656-1774

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