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NNew year, new goals, new you.The turn of a new year is always a great starting point to reignite your desire to get fit, burn some caloriesandlooktowork

towards an event or sporting season. The trick is to work out how you can sustain the ‘new you’ and not drop of the wagon mid-February when you realise keeping active is hard work. The desire comes from you and you alone, do not start too hard but start being active at a comfortable and steady frequency/ Whatever you do, don’t starve yourself, don’t stop eating, don’t start being unrealistic. It is really simple, increase your activity level and reduce the calories consumed.

January is always an exciting time for Papa Luckman as I start my Sports Specific Training for Speedway riders. The sessions are perfect for anyone who rides on the dirt oval tracks and a perfect opportunity to develop your knowledge of what Sports Specific Training. A lot of riders blame their machinery or track conditions for poor performance which is acceptable if your body is in the best physical shape it can be. Riders will not understand how hard their body actually works when riding until they have done one of my sessions.

So why train for the sport your take part in? it is really simple. Break down the sport you do into physical components and then match the exercise to that component. Let’s take football. The Goal keepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers will all train differently according to the skills they need. I have held preseason training for British Youth Speedway and Dirt Track Events for the last two years. I am proud to say I have trained a lot of good young riders who are now racing in the professional Speedway leagues.

I am very honoured to have trained Cooper Rushen who is multi-time British Speedway and Grasstrack Champion. Cooper has been racing since he was knee high to a dumbbell. This year he moves up to the 250cc class. Our journey started two years ago and this year will be a true test to my ethos of Speedway Sports Specific training. I am willing to put my reputation, as the only personal trainer in the UK who offers Speedway Sports Specific training, on the line.

So how do my sessions work. Pre-season runs from January to March when the season starts. In January I will focus on general body conditioning and cardio, moving into February I will start to focus on bike fitness and then move into race fitness in March. My sessions are based around a typical Speedway meeting with riders getting a minimum of 4 rides. Each race last approximately 1 minute, however there is a 2-minute time allowance before riders have to be up at tapers and then time to recover back in the pits after a race. Each round of exercise last 4 minutes with a 1 minute break. The key to all my sessions is to work the heart rate to simulate how hard the heart works during a race meeting. During a race riders are maxing out their heart rate. last year Eurosport introduced riders wearing heart rate monitors so viewers could see how riders coped with the stress of racing when they were at the starting tapes. The heart is the most effective measurement of how the body is functional under physical and mental duress. My sessions focus on training to manage these physical demands, reduce fatigue which in turn gives the mind a clear focus on the riding.

If you want to
goals for 2023 then consider attending one of my Bootcamps in Cyprus.
can you a Bootcamp date
focus your activity levels leading up to your trip to sunny Cyprus. You can then train so when you pay your well earned money you are in the best physical shape to be tested to the max
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I don’t believe in the new year, new me changes, you canmakeatanytimeofthe year,allyouhavetodoisbe consistentanddon’tgiveup! So what are your plans for this year? I am planning on launching Lifestyle magazine in India alongside thismagazineinCyprusand theUK.Ialsoplanafashion show in Los Angeles in the autumn. and a Lifestyle Awards in Cyprus as well as my annual event in Liverpool. Whatever goals you are setting they will be achieved by breaking them down into small steps. Remember, everything is possible Have a great month

This is the 14th year of Lifestyle magazine and while there has been somechallenges over the past 2 years i firmly believe this is behind us now and i am really exited for growing the magazine arranging lots of networking events to bring people together, afterallIalwayssaythat businesses are built on good people working together. I am looking to recruit sales people so if you’re looking for a new direction for your career then drop me a message by emailinfo@lifestylelivingcypru or whatsapp97827636

SNEHA S Magazine designer
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What made you go into aesthetics?


I became a qualified peadiatric nurse in 2009 and started work at Alder Hey Children's hospital on a busy surgical ward. I worked on this ward for 9yrs gaining many skills and taking on senior rolls in my time there When I got married in 2018 I knew I would be starting a family and the ward hours are day shifts 7am-7 30pm or night shifts 7pm - 7 30am and not exactly family friendly for child care, so I took the decision to move to theatre recovery as the hours of the shifts where more suited to family life and I was hoping to reduce my hours in the future

When I had my son in Nov 2018 and returned from maternity leave the following year, I felt a lack in job satisfaction Although my role as a recovery nurse was very important and could be intense at times, I didn’t get the excitement and satisfaction I got from my duties as a ward nurse and felt quite deskilled When the first wave of the pandemic hit we got redeployed to intensive care unit (ICU) to help care for the sick adults that had been transferred to us. I had never worked on Icu before or looked after adults (as I was paediatric trained) and now I found myself doing both at the same time. It’s was a horrendous time for all involved, staff, patients and their families It’s was physically, emotionally and mentally draining During this time I lost one of my close cousins to covid, and another one was put on a ventilator and spend 11 weeks in total on icu, she still suffers from the effects from covid, which some prevent her from doing things When we went back to our normal jobs I started to think there must be more to life than this

Tell us
about yourself

Following the pandemic it was at this point I met a fellow nurse who had started in recovery and had come from an intensive care and children’s hospice background. We got chatting and got on really well, due to our previous roles on the wards we understood each other’s need for a more active role It just so happens that this fellow nurse was Alex Alexander. She said to me one day have you ever thought of getting into aesthetics? As it will help fill the void your feeling and the need to be more hands on and proactive and i will keep your skills up

I thought about it for a while and I decided to signed up for a course with her and throughly enjoyed it Not only that but I wa good at it and it had the added extra of bringing extra money into the house hold

Advice from a palm tree… soak up the sun, stand tall & proud, remembe your roots, drink plenty of water, be content with your beauty, and enjoy the view - that rounds up everything I offer

What was the defining point in your career change?

In October 2020 my mum got ill suddenly as I just found out I was pregnant with my little girl My mum passed away in July 2021 when my daughter was 10 weeks old I questioned a lot of things at this time.

I was in two minds what to do and weather to carry on with my aesthetics, or just to give it up for now and concentrate on my Nhs job and raise my 2 little ones It was then I realised I was actually doing it to give them a better life and to be able to reduce my hours at work to spend more time with them I spoke with Alex and had a discussion with my husband and decided if life had taught me anything the last year or so it’s that situations can change so fast so just go for it what’s the worse that could happen ?? By this time I had accumulated quite a few different treatments and so we built a purpose made home clinic so I could work from there and build up the business

Is there a story behind the name?

There are so many aesthetics companies in Liverpool and I wanted to stand out and be a bit different. As i love the beach with sound of the sea and trees rustling in the breeze, so I though palms for palms trees and palms for palms of your hands which you use in massage

What are your plans for the future?

I want to able to build up the academy and business and hopefully reduce my hours at the Nhs even more, son has port r, I any It’s us had had lified offer anti wrinkle injections, tattoo removal, skin boosters, facial contouring, lip augmentation, hair removal, carbon facials, skinrejuvenation, sclerotherapy, dermaplane and everything to enhance your beauty and make you look and feel wonderful

When did you launch?

I had an official launch in February 2022 which all my friends and family where invited to The business is doing really well and now I am not only providing treatments but as of September 2022 I also started my own training academy, which is accredited by CPD. I teach from venues in Liverpool, Warrington and Wigan This has enabled me to reduce my hours for the NHS.

Laura is based from home in West Derby For details contact Lauraheron80@yahoocom & book treatments or training courses (both face to face and online) through the official web site - wwwunderthepalmsaestheticscom 20% off all training courses booked in January (taken before May 2023)




2022’s final album chart then saw his perennial festive favourite ‘Christmas’ climb all the way to the #1 spot – the fourth time that the 10 x Platinum-certified album has topped the charts since its originalreleasein2011.


26th – London, The O2

28th – London, The O2 (ADDED SHOW)


21st – Manchester, AO Arena

22nd – Manchester, AO Arena (ADDED SHOW)

24th – Leeds, First Direct Arena

27th – Glasgow, OVO Hydro

28th – Glasgow, OVO Hydro (ADDED SHOW)

29th – Aberdeen, P&J Live MAY

1st – Newcastle, Utilita Arena

2nd - Newcastle, Utilita Arena (ADDED SHOW)

7th – Nottingham, Motorpoint Arena

8th – Nottingham, Motorpoint Arena (ADDED SHOW)

10th – Birmingham, Resorts World Arena

11th – Birmingham, Resorts World Arena

The mutiple Grammy-winning superstar Michael Bublé recently completed a unique achievement as he became the only artist to score two #1 positions on the UK’s Official Album Chart in 2022 –making him the first artist to land two UK #1 albums in a year since Taylor Swiftandonlythesecondthisdecade.

In April, Michael’s eleventh studio album ‘Higher’ went straight to #1, assisted by thehugeairplaysuccessofthesingle‘I’Il Never Not Love You’ which included an A-listandTuneoftheWeek’atradio2

. The success of the two albums means that Michael now has a total of five UK #1 albums to his name (completed by ‘Crazy Love’, ‘To Be Loved’ and ‘Love’) which have spent a total of 10 weeks at the top of the chart. Remarkably, Michael’s back catalogue has amassed a total of 140 weeks in the Top 10 of theUK’sOfficialAlbumChart.

There’s already much more to come from Michael in 2023. His European headline tour commences at the end of the month, and phenomenal demand for tickets saw another six UK arena shows added to the eight that were initially scheduled. PleaseseebelowforalistofallUK dates and here for details of all upcoming international shows. ‘Higher’ has also been nominated at next month’s Grammy Awards, which could see Michael win the fifthGrammyofhiscareer.

Michael says, “I’m deeply moved by support the UK has shown me for the last 20 years. Having two Number 1 records in the same year is mind blowing and I know I’m in rare company. Thank you.”
Liverpool‘sfinestIndianrestaurant Dinein |Takeaway onlineReservationsandorders 5B Woolton St, Liverpool, L25 5NH , UK 0151 428 9894 @holdiwoolton



I have made many mistakes finding my way in life. Battling through addictions and toxic abusive relationships, my life took a turn for the worst In 2015 I was held prisoner in her home by a man that claimed to be my boyfriend. For 6 months he drugged my food and I suffered things she thought only existed in horror films After 6 months I managed to escape but he stalked me for a further 2 years and was remanded in jail a total of three times . I was moved out of the town she grew up in for safety, which left me feeling isolated My family didn't understand and blamed me for the abuse which led to a complete breakdown he said, "I was plagued by nightmares that left me with scratches on my face and exhausted when I woke up Throughout this time, while I was in the thick of it, I knew this was it This was the turning point in my life I realised that it was me and only me that I could rely on to get better I embraced the loneliness, and started to rebuild myself

I believed I was being tested, and if I got through it all that there would be a better life waiting for me So I made the choice to beat it! I choose to fight back and beat my anxiety and PTSD I cut all of the toxic people out of my life and refused any medication I wanted to do things the right way no matter how much harder it would be

I started exercising and eating healthy foods that I knew my mind and body needed for recovery I went out on my bike or with my dog so I wasn't alone, always with uplifting music in my headphones to help me beat my anxiety I educated myself in every way that I could, to learn about what I had been through and how to heal I cut drinking out of my daily life too

Meet Jenny Newman, award winning Artist from Ellesmere Port who has been nominated for the Positive Award

My battle with PTSD and anxiety was extreme but art saved me its my reason for living, I knew I felt safe painting outside in the community after being involved with a number of community projects I wanted to help others who were struggling too through Well-being focused Art and give back to our community after turning my life around , So in 2019 I began to build my Brand Action Zen the foundations of a company and collaborate with artists who wanted to be involved. From this “poets in paint” was born The community work came pouring in and the

business was registered though Lockdown 2020 Donating 100s of hours of work running the business and £1000s of our profits in paint and workshop supplies you can see our work the last 2 years through Lockdown, brightening up our community and surrounding areas by visiting or https://www facebook com/poetsin paint/

My mission statement -To give Artists with Mental Health a safe space to work to carry out activities which benefit the community and in particular Improve people’s physical and mental well-being through engagement in creative and artistic activities, particularly individuals and families living on a low income; and improve people’s quality of life through creative and artistic enhancement of public spaces and the physical

Using Eco friendly and sustainable products and materials only. Which provides benefit to: -people whose physical and mental wellbeing can be improved through the therapeutic value of engaging in creative artistic activities, particularly individuals and families living on a low income; and -people whose quality of life will be enhanced through creative and artistic enhancements to the physical environment.

In February this year I received the kind of news no one wants to hear... "You have a lump" after numerous biopsies and nowhere I haven't had a camera I'm told it's a benign tumour My last appointment was pretty heavy as the tumour is attached to a nerve, they don't want to operate I've been through some dark times in my life, I feel this is just another hurdle of darkness that's will thrust me into the light and a better lifestyle I've had no advice how to deal with this from the hospital, I'll need radiation if it enlarges they say To that I say NO!!

I inspire others through my forward thinking creativity and battling through my trauma and anxiety, going for my dreams and achieving my goals

I cope with pressure by Exercising using Grounding techniques and Reiki after recently completing my level one attunement

I know my limitations but I don't shy from challenges. I set myself goals and I like to achieve "

I've already started a plant based alkaline diet, stopped eating sugar months ago, and one month 6 of kicking a tobacco habit after 28 years all off my own back I've been processing lots making changes in everything for the better, I'm forever evolving, so I'm actually looking forward to this next challenge in my life It's just part of the journey and right now the universe is telling me to take care of myself I will continue to work on my brand Action Zen behind the scenes and the launch of my new sustainable business Poets In Paint collaborative will also be out brightening up Elm Grove Park in Ellesmere Port Spring/Summer 2023 after all life is to short to not pursue the things we love and follow our dreams


How do you write an autobiography?

Decide which part of your life you want to start from and end... (The childhood that shaped you? The start of a relationship that changed you? The trauma that moved you? The successes that empowered you? The job you walked away from to pursue your dream?)

Write a list of the essential themes and stories around this, the emotions you experienced and how they impacted your life. Focus on key turning points that will resonate

with your readers.

Write a brief bullet list of events in chronological order.

Draft scenes from your life and describe them illustratively, such as meeting your best friend, giving birth, breaking a bone, listening to your favourite piece of music for the first time, waking up in a new country for the first time.

Piece them all together with emotion and humour.

What is the purpose of your autobiography? To share your story? To inspire others? To fulfil a personal ambition? How will it end?

By giving it to AmandamossPR to help you create it, publish it and promote it.

Email amanda@ or WhatsApp 00357 97827636.


The North West is home to the UK’s happiest campers, according to data from online camping booking site

North West outdoor enthusiasts were found to be by far the most positive – or should that be least prone to complain about soggy sleeping bags and noisy neighbours?

The bean counters at Pitchup took average scores given on the site by postcode, and found that campers from Chester and Wigan were tied for first place, or should that be at 'level pegging' - scoring their outdoor destinations of choice an average of 9 35 out of 10 Chester took the tie break for top spot thanks to its nature fans leaving 2,538 reviews compared to Wigan’s 1,095.

Liverpool campers weren’t far behind in third with an average 9 34 score before Shrewsbury broke the North West stranglehold with a score of 9 32 in fourth spot, although this was another tie, with Bolton residents averaging the same score, but leaving only 1,074 reviews compared to the Shrews’ 1,530

Intriguingly, the least positive reviews were overwhelmingly left by campers from Celtic lands, who you’d think would be used to the cold Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Aberdeen, Motherwell and Kircaldy all made the bottom 10, while Lancaster was the only Northern city to feature in the complaining spots

We’re not sure what we can read into this, other than that campsites in Scotland may be colder and wetter, although Pitchup does feature sites across Europe as well as the UK In fact, despite our Scottish cousins’ apparent perennial dissatisfaction with their outdoor accommodation, their grumbles paled into insignificance next to the Dutch, who appear to be Europe’s pickiest campers with an average score of just 8 2 That makes Glasgow and Lincoln’s shared bottom UK placing with 9 2 seem to be in definite glamping territory


I had a wonderful Christmas and new year eating scrummy foods and drinking lots of wine. I have decided to join in with many thousands of people and do dry January and start exercising including a strict diet of calorie counting. I hope to design some meal plans for free to help other people wanting to shift those extra pounds put on during the festive period Watch this space!

lifestyle meets CLAUDINE

Hello darlings and Happy New Year 2023!

This year is going to be so exciting I am working on some new projects with Power of Women Network aka POW to help women in business and their personal lives Last month I organised a charity event for The Liberty Centre based in West Lancashire that helps victims of Domestic abuse They currently have a number of women and children in a refuge and I wanted to raise money to help the children make new memories as they are suffering deeply from the experiences they have endured to abuse The event was a Christmas party night, dinner, auction and entertainment I am pleased to announce I raised £1602.00 for the local charity and will continue to support the charity and victims of Domestic abuse and violence across the North West of England Their website is

I am also thrilled to announce that I am a finalist in The Positive Awards I am up for The Gratitude Award which is a huge honour and one that I am very thankful for The positive awards is an empowering night of motivational speakers, inspirational stories from people and also for people that have excelled in business and helped the community. The Positive awards is on Sunday 2nd April at the Liner Hotel in Liverpool The event has some amazing opportunities for sponsors and all information can be seen on the website www positiveawards co uk

Please check out my new website at www claudinehope co uk and give me a follow on Instagram: claudine hope See you month babes

Wishing you all a fabulous start to a new year full of excitement and adventure

New research reveals that the North West residents’ ideal ‘forever home’ is a detached, four-bedroom property with seaside views

Residents’ expectations for their future homes have changed significantly in the last five years, with prospective buyers now demanding a dedicated study and a kids’ playroom

Buyers are also expecting to secure their ideal property younger than ever before However, this dream is becoming harder to achieve as property sizes shrink and prices rise

A new study amongst homeowners has revealed that North West residents’ ideal ‘forever home’ is a detached, fourbedroom, two-bathroom property worth £532,000.

The perfect property also boasts two reception rooms, a children’s playroom, a study, plenty of storage space, a conservatory, a power shower, and seaside views

The research found that our expectations for our ‘forever home’ have become even more ambitious in recent years, with prospective buyers hoping for an additional two rooms in their future home compared to just five years ago

In addition, people now expect to buy their ‘forever home’ at a younger age The research shows that the average homeowner in the North West expects to own their ideal property by the age of 49 The average age in 2017 was 53

This is surprising given that property sizes are shrinking, and prices are rising In fact, those living in the North West now expect their dream home to cost £111,000 (26%) more than this time five years ago The ongoing cost of living crisis is adding to this challenge, with 65% of those in the North West concerned that rising costs could impact their ability to ever afford their ‘forever home’

Despite this, the research, which was conducted by Origin, the UK’s leading provider of doors and windows, demonstrates that, as a nation, we are

determined to own our ideal property than ever before In fact, 47% of Brits are actively saving for their forever home, compared to just 33% in 2017

To help achieve this, many are working longer hours, taking fewer holidays, and going out less

The study also shows how recent events, including the ongoing cost of living crisis, have impacted our priorities for our propertiesFor example, whilst Brits still want their future homes to include modern features like bi-folding doors and large windows, buyers are now prioritising good energy efficiency over other luxuries, such as a bath, a shed, or a summerhouse

Similarly, the pandemic has led to a significant change in perspective buyers’ demands 80% of Brits think that outside space is more important in a home now than it was prepandemic, whilst 72% claim that natural light at home is more vital than ever. Plenty of indoor space and stylish interiors are also increasingly important to Brits, suggesting that the way we use and view our homes has evolved

However, this does mean that it’s more important than ever that our homes are near good transport links Car travel is still valued highest with 61% of people wanting to be close to an A-road, compared to just 41% of people in 2017 This is followed by a local train station (48%) and bus station (31%), both of which were voted significantly more important by homeowners in 2022 than they were five years ago

Ben Brocklesby, Director at Origin, said: “We’ve been tracking the changing priorities of homeowners for 20 years. However, the last five years have seen the most rapid and significant change in the way people view and use their homes for decades

“The pandemic made us all reevaluate our lifestyles and, for many, this has led to a firmer focus on our home lives It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Brits are more ambitious than ever to secure their forever home as young as possible and are prepared to make sacrifices to achieve this Similarly, when it comes to the property itself, prospective buyers are no longer prioritising being close to the office and the local pub. Instead, they are seeking features that promote calm and happiness at home, such as space, views of nature, and plenty of natural light”

The shift towards working from home has also impacted our preferences when it comes to the location of our properties On average, Brits imagine their forever home to be 20 miles from work – twice as far as in 2017 Plus, homeowners are happy to be further from local amenities than ever before According to the research, the ideal property is now two miles away from the nearest pub, post office, park, and doctor’s surgery and almost seven miles from the nearest town

Research conducted by Obsurvant on behalf of Origin amongst 1,500 UK homeowners in September 2022


I started painting 8 years ago when I was diagnosed with an "incurable, unknown primary cancer " I had already had breast cancer in 2005 and hysterectomy in 2010, then a stomach tumour removed in 2012 !! Now this And I wondered what on earth I was doing wrong to get these massive, earth shattering, potential life limiting diagnoses. I was doomed !!! or so I thought

However I decided to throw everything at this, because I wanted to live, I learnt to meditate - A Buddhist monk helped me to release attachment, anger, stress, guilt and get into the " zone " this was the start of me becoming the "Artist of my own life"

Along with daily meditations and mindful living, I started to see the beauty more in everything I had a palliative care nurse who rang me on a Friday at 5pm, the end of her week working with the dying, it became my mission to cheer her up, to give her words of cheery up beat happiness, I was in a good place to give this to her, and she just thought I was in "denial"

I learnt about vibrational energy and how to raise it when my mood dipped I was a work in progress and my other motto was "I am Positive Not Perfect" and this helped me to move on from those moments when fear set in

My painting, became my first go to for raising a level of joy and love, I moved the paint around the canvas and let go of fear and disease Bringing in Joy, love, happiness and contentment

My Artistry for my life because a beautiful painting, everything I looked at I framed and picked out the lovely bits, discarded the sections that were ugly or impossible to spark happiness within me I learnt to expect good news
I developed mantras "Today is going to be a good day", "Things are always working out for me" "I am happy, healthy and really well". I self talked my way to a better feeling place.

I used the music of "Positive Audio" to help me meditate while I painted and listened to a variety of genres of music Music is Medicine and I allowed myself to immerse deeper into the painting, revealing colours, faces, flowers, water, nature - so much appeared in the art Then the paintings were used by others and still are (I hope) for them to let go, release and bring in happiness.

My paintings are full of love and happiness - You gaze at any section and take the joy from it The vibration of your mind can change if you allow a few moments to seek out joy in the colours that I create

My paintings are full of love and healing energy I am enzo11art I lift myself with paintings and my hope is to lift others with art

email me for details of Art and Happiness Retreats all over the country and abroad enzo11art@gmail com enzo11 co uk for art and connection

I now have a 10 minute podcast on Gill Fells upbeat vibes and banter or email enzo11art@gmail com for links to art and you tube videos, blogs etc.

I'd love to hear your storylet's help each other rise higher without judgement we can become "The artists of our own lives"

Thank you

Gill Fell




Creamfields North 2023 has now SOLD OUT becoming the fastest selling Creamfields show on record, and to coincide Cream HQ have just revealed their first headliner for 2023 – the Swedish House Mafia have been confirmed to headline on Sunday 27th August Bank Holiday weekend

Having just completed the UK leg of their ‘Paradise Again’ world tour, the dance music legends will be back in the UK next year for Creamfields And whilst arena shows allow the Swedish trio to show off their massive production, nothing quite beats the scale of a major outdoor festival and the mighty stages of Creamfields From lighting, video, sound-system to jaw dropping SFX, the marriage between these two behemoths guarantees a show like no other.

Following another successful sell out this year, which marked their 25-year celebrations, there are few festivals that compete when it comes to electronic music, stages, and production, which is key to its success as becoming one of the biggest and most globally renowned electronic music festivals It continues to deliver unbeatable world class line ups and next level production, attracting a loyal and continually growing fanbase, whilst for the Swedish House Mafia, returning to the fields of Daresbury, Cheshire is a spiritual homecoming, with their 2023 appearance set to be their biggest yet. Full line up to be announced

Creamfields North returns to Daresbury, Cheshire, UK from 24th to 27th August Bank Holiday weekend For more info go to www creamfields com / @Creamfields

easyJet will add a seventh aircraft to its Liverpool base and will launch a new route to Greek island of Corfu

The aircraft’s arrival will create around 40 local job opportunities at the airport Flights to Corfu will launch on 4 June 2023 operating weekly throughout the summer, with seats now available to book from just £26 99* easyJet’s autumn 2023 schedule goes on sale tomorrow 8 December with seats across tens of thousands of flights between 1 October and 30 November 2023 available for customers to book early at low fares

Recent research by the airline revealed that 64% of Brits plan to fly abroad in 2023 and protecting holiday spend remains a priority for most as 70% will prioritise a holiday over other expenditure in their yearly budget

EasyJet has revealed its plans for expansion at Liverpool Airport, announcing that an additional Airbus A320 family aircraft will be based in Liverpool this summer. The airline has also announced it will launch a new summer route between Liverpool and the popular Greek island of Corfu

The 156-seat A319 aircraft will be based in Liverpool throughout the summer season, and it joins two 156-seat Airbus A319, and four 186-seat A320 aircraft already serving the airline’s customers in Liverpool.


The addition of the new aircraft will also create around 40 job opportunities at the airport

The new route between Liverpool and Corfu is scheduled to launch on 4 June 2023, with weekly departures on Sundays, offering customers in the North West even more choice when it comes to planning a beach holiday with easyJet Seats are now on sale from just £26.99* at and via the mobile app

The airline will also be putting its autumn 2023 schedule on sale tomorrow, 8 December, meaning seats on tens of thousands of flights between 1 October and 30 November 2023, including for October Half Term, will be available to snap up early at low fares across the entire easyJet network

The airline has also recently revealed the results of research conducted in November 2022 which has shown that almost two-thirds (64%) are planning on flying abroad in 2023 Holidays topped the list of most important things people planned to spend on in 2023, with two-thirds (66%) saying this was the most important

70% of people surveyed agreed that they will prioritise a holiday over other expenditure in their yearly budget and three quarters said it was one of their most important plans for next year To prioritise their holiday, people will be cutting back on other discretionary spend like eating out (46%) or new clothes (40%) and on big purchases such as new cars or home improvements (33%).



founder Love Doesn't Hurt

My head is whirling with thoughts and memories, the realisation has just hit me, how much I have grown, healed and evolved into the person I am today. A stark difference from the woman I was 5 years ago. I was lost, hurt, angry at the world. I was drinking a lot and severely depressed contemplating suicide often.

Let me take you back: After the breakdown of a horrific marriage and the trauma from that That’s for another time I was a young single mother with two young children not coping with life very well I was so disconnected from myself, living in the darkness of my mind full of self hate.

I had started drinking and became friends with the wrong kind of people This is when my ex came into my life offering me support, love, help and company I was so vulnerable and I knew he was no good yet I fell for his charms quickly The relationship was toxic from the off, I should of ran a mile, but I kept falling deeper into it Before I knew it I was being called names every day

not allowed out with friends, not allowed to work in my shop. I didn’t know who I was anymore I had been stripped of everything I was and had known, my self confidence, self esteem had been tortured out of me from his constant abuse and violence, I was just a shell living in constant survival mode.

I’m 2018 I was airlifted to hospital after he tried to kill me with multiple fractures and a haematoma After scans and Xrays they discovered 32 old healing fractures I had which had never been treated I finally had


the courage to leave him and have him arrested and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison

After your bones healed and fixed no one prepares you for the for how much your mind is broken.

I tried all therapy’s counselling, CBT and ENDR None of which helped me and I failed to understand how they could help me. How can going to see a therapist and talking about your traumas constantly week after week with no real resolution possibly help It changes how you think consciously but that’s not where our problems are I would end the sessions in a state worse than when I arrived I developed more anxiety about attending the appointments each week because I knew I would have to re live it yet again

So I began my research into the unconscious mind. I realised that traumas from things that have happened to us are stored deep down and suppressed controlling how we feel, view the world, act and behave today I came across unconscious mind therapy and I have never looked back

I currently have over 500k worldwide followers where I offer guidance so people can begin to heal. I offer therapy where I remove your traumas and suppressed emotions and everything you need to know on self care and healing to help you live the life you desire in peace and abundance

I will cover a different topic each issue to help you on your healing journey and educate you on traumas and everything that comes with it

Here’s to healing

Emma Cranston


So often, people come in to see me saying something like “I have been meaning to come to see you and write /amend my will for ages”. Frequently they bring an old article that I have written, sometimes from two or three years ago which they have cut out of a magazine or paper.

Each January, we write to our clients wishing them a Happy & Healthy New Year and remind them to review their will in case their circumstances and beneficiaries may have changed since they last looked at their wills Putting off to tomorrow, what you can do today, can sometimes have serious consequences.

A new year resolution for wills can be a great way to start off the year with a renewed focus on your estate planning. It can help ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your passing and can also provide you with peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order.

Another resolution could be to create a will if you don't already have one. This is especially important if you have any assets or dependents that you want to provide for. Without a will, the distribution of your assets and the care of your dependents will be determined by legislation, which may not align with your wishes.

One resolution for wills could be to review and update your current will. This is important because your will should reflect any major life changes, such as getting married, having children, or buying a new property. If your will is not up to date, it could lead to confusion and conflict among your loved ones after your passing.

Additionally, you may want to consider creating a UK Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney, which is a document that outlines your wishes for medical treatment if you are unable to make decisions for yourself. This can be especially important if you have specific wishes regarding end-of-life care. There is also a similar document to enable your UK Property & Financial Affairs to be managed for you, should you lose mental capacity or the ability to speak etc.

Overall, a new year resolution for wills can be a great way to start the year off on the right foot and ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your passing. By reviewing and updating your will, creating a will if you don't already have one, and discussing your estate planning with your loved ones, you can provide yourself and your loved ones with peace of mind.

I once had a client who related a story about her parents who had previously been very wealth and twenty years ago had written their wills leaving £10,000 to each of their nephews and nieces. Over the years their assets had diminished, partly due to care home fees, and when they did pass away, without having updated their wills, the nephews and nieces received their £10.000 each but the children received virtually nothing.

May I and all the team @ Maplebrook Services wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year. WAYNE BARNETT FCA; MIPW; STEP AFFILIATE MAPLEBROOK SERVICES LIMITED Tel: 26600780 ; 99147650 WILLS
yaW n e BarnettFCA | MIPW|STEP A f f i l i eta There are a few life events that should trigger you to consider reviewing and/or updating your Will, including: IS YOUR WILL UP TO DATE? GET YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER IN 2023 Having a child or grandchild Getting married or divorced Moving Adopting a pet Purchasing or selling an asset Changing individuals named in your Will Protecting beneficiaries’ inheritance from such things as divorce, insolvency, or state benefits entitlement 99 147650 / 26 600780 Book a FREE initial consultation UK & Cypriot Wills | Lasting Power of Attorney | Trusts Probate Assistance | Repatriation 45 Chrysoneras Avenue, Shop 6 Kissonerga, Paphos 8574



GEMINI ( 21 MAY – 20 JUNE)

You would climb up the ladder of profession now. It is time for you to assert your capabilities in the work field. Determination is the key- word to succeed in your profession. The period will bring extra energy, tenderness or curiosity and lend thirst for adventure.

CANCER ( 21 JUNE – 22 JULY )

The results of your efforts put in forthelastfewmonthshallbegin togiveresultsnow.Almostallthe aspects of your life would be feel a change now. Success is on the cards when you work with a groupwithcommoninterests.

LEO ( 23 JULY – 22 AUGUST )

Your finances would improve a lot on a positive scale. If you put in much effort you can certainly increase your standard of living in your current society.. Confidence is the key to a positive relationship with your partner.



(21MARCH - 19 APRIL)

A month of considerable effort, of ambitions and initiative, in which you cantakebigstepsinthedirectionyou want. General career trends seem to be satisfactory for this month. It will be a month with lovely romantic trends.


You'llbewillingandcourageoustotry things you wouldn't have tried before. It'll be a privileged period for creativity and for promoting aptitudes, products, brand. There'll be opportunities you'll speculate quickly; you'llberesourcefulandpersuasive.

Your sense of creativity need to be boosted for best performance throughout the month. New ventures, new businesses, or new positions are in for you now. You seem to be oscillating between a romantic-adventurous approach andarealist-reservedone.



Your creativity shall be at it bestthisperiod.Putitintogood use for financial or monetary benefits. Your financial inflows this month would be quite satisfactory with inflows coming much from external sources rather than your own efforts.



Yourprojectsarelikelytomove in a o positive direction. Team efforts shall give good rewards hence go with the gang. Possessiveness is likely to wreak havoc on your relationships and hence try to keepyourselfcool.


You'll benefit from a big mental strength and an extraordinary capacity for concentration. A well-planned budget based financialperformanceshallhelp you a lot. You'll constantly move, communicate, write, persuade,andnegotiate.


A general slow and steady approach is better else you would lose steam at the end of the race. Patience is much needed for this period as also a tab of your diet and exercise. Material benefits shall not entice you and you get into a morespiritualphaseinlife.



Careershallremainsatisfactory and pleasant. Put your creativity into full good use rather than the back burner. Talents and creativity will be strong points that you can use with success.. Some amount of socializing shall also help in the professionalfield.


Progressneedtobemadeinthe right direction so that your financial ship stays afloat. Expenses related to family and friends would burn your fingers to some extent. Take some time off now and then to retreat into your own personal shell that shall rejuvenate you for the longrunahead.




"Ever since my darling husband died earlier this year, I have felt as if I am on this constant merry-go-round, that never stops turning around and around and around My heart hurts so very much. It's like it's been ripped into tiny pieces and thrown in the recycling bin. That's what grief feels like!

Most days you'll feel you can cope and think today's okay I can do this You feel like you ' re coping then whoosh something happens. Maybe someone in passing asks how you are or tells you how great you are doing and that they're proud of you Yep guess what, you ' re a jabbering wreck yet again

Believe me I know, I'm there with you right now! Other days you'll be ok but you'll still have a few tears into your pillow You'll catch yourself talking into the darkness to your loved one, telling them how much you love and miss them, I certainly do

Everything will remind you of them, from their daft jokes down to the baubles on your tree at Christmas. The smell of them that just seems to linger, encompassing everything you touch Sitting down to watch telly and their favourite film comes on Their voice in your head Even phrases in sentences, remind you of them.

The memories of our loved ones are never ending and to be honest I'm personally grateful for that. Grief is hard! It can hit you like a stack of bricks or it can come at you in soft waves

All I can tell you is that you need to give yourself time to heal and to listen to your heart. Try and get out in the fresh air, do the things you want to do Don’t let people around you dictate to you, it's your life not theres Try to take each day step by step and don't rush things.

I hope that reading this, it helps in some small way Lots of love

Link to the NHS site https://wwwnhsuk/mentalhealth/feelings-symptomsbehaviours/feelings-andsymptoms/griefbereavement-loss/

Janie B XX


More than 23 million people will be completely worn out by December 25th according to experts

Almost two thirds (62%) of people say their stress levels increase after the holidays

Of those who already struggle with mental illness, 64% say the holidays make their conditions worse

A third of Brits say December is the most tiring month of the year, admitting they are totally worn out by Christmas Day Tis the season to get stressed out! January stress and bodily fatigue are all interconnected, and combined can leave us feeling utterly drained by the time the new year comes around Festive Fatigue is no joke, and unfortunately, the most wonderful time of the year can also be one of the most exhausting According to a study* by Harvard Medical School, 62% of respondents described their stress level as “ very or somewhat” elevated during the holidays, while the National Alliance of Mental Illness reports that 64% of those already struggling with their mental health say that the holidays make their conditions worse

The overriding message? Find moments of peace where possible After the last few years, we all deserve a mental break

1, Schedule self care

self-care can be as simple as taking your vitamins, or scheduling in downtime, or prioritising sleep hygiene Sleep is one of the few factors that you can aim self care can be as simple as taking your vitaminsor scheduling in downtime, or prioritising sleep hygiene Sleep is one of the few factors that you can aim to control during a stressful season, even if other areas of your life feel unmanageable at the moment

, "Sleep hygiene is such an important part of good self care practice,” says Zara Kenyon, Wellness Editor at Cannaray CBD “Maintaining a consistent sleep routine is one of the biggest defences to fatigue, alongside generally not burning the candle at both ends”

For the best night’s sleep ensure you don’t consume caffeine past lunch time, limit the amount of alcohol consumed close to bedtime, and give your eyes at least an hour of tech-free rest before you attempt to close them

Claudia Winkleman Cannaray Ambassador and Queen of Naps adds: I’ll have a hot bath and take one of the Bright Days CBD Capsules

After that, I get into bed That’s my routine and it works for me " Claudia says she also loves the Night Time CBD Oil Drops as well, because “number one, it has sexy packaging And its just next to my bed so it’s super easy ”

2. Ask others for help

There’s always one person who shoulders much of the Christmas planning and stress and who takes on the role of head present buyer go-to wrapper food shopper cook and peacekeeper Quickly, these tasks become tradition, and you find yourself working solo every year This year? Ask for help from your friends and family You may even find they enjoy getting more involved Zara Says: “The festive season can oftentimes increase our desire to peopleplease, especially when it comes to our friends and family, but constantly making others happy before yourself can be exhausting

“Review the boundaries you have within your relationships, and reinforce those that need it These boundaries could be around things like communication, budgets, and the amount of time you need alone during this time You want to surround yourself with people who fill you up rather than drain your battery, and let them share some of your load A problem shared is a problem halved, after all”

3 Keep the laptop closed

If you work from home or split the weekdays between your place and the office there’s no denying that relaxing after WFH can be a challenge Having your dining table double up as a desk can make it tricky to set clear boundaries, but Christmas is the time to hit ‘reset’ on your after-work habits

“Tuck the laptop out of sight turn off email notifications on your phone, and remind yourself how good it feels to be present in the moment Even if it’s just for Christmas and Boxing Day the break may prevent you from suffering burnout – a feeling of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion that’s often caused by work”

Says Zara

4 Maintain healthy routines

We’re creatures of habit, and many of us thrive on having a good routine in place That’s why, when Christmas leads to late nights and long lie-ins, we can start to feel a little deflated Often, we think of routine as being in a rut or too set in our ways

However, it’s these daily patterns that help to improve sleep and reduce feelings of anxiety

“That doesn’t mean you have to bid your loved ones goodnight at 10pm on Christmas Day, but if you have certain habits that calm you – like an early start, a class at the gym or an evening run – try to make them part of the holidays” says Zara

5. Set manageable goals

It’s good to have goals; when you tick them off, you feel an unrivalled sense of achievement However, when you set too many, you can end up with feelings of guilt if they prove unmanageable We’re all prone to optimism bias, where we become unrealistic about what’s feasible to achieve in a given time frame – and Christmas is a time to be mindful of overstretching yourself

Instead Zara suggests “Rather than writing yourself a long checklist of tasks to ‘make the most of the time off’, trim it down to the essentials Any extra achievements will feel like a bonus not a burden”

“Simply focusing on self-care and selfcompassion is the key to beating Festive Fatigue”

6. Put social time first

Many Brits are still feeling more disconnected from friends and family since the pandemic began, despite life having gone “back to normal” for the most part this year So above all else try to prioritise mood-boosting social time with the people you love this Christmas –whether that means seeing them in person or staying connected via social media or regular phone calls with those that mean the most

“Sometimes, what matters the most is spending time with those that give us energy, and isn’t that really what Christmas is about?” finishes Zara


Secure Corporate and Domestic Storage in Cyprus - Peter Morton Removals Ltd

Sixteen years ago the Morton Family relocated from Essex to Paphos, with four young children.

Soon after arriving Peter and Debbie started PMR Cyprus. At first it was only going to be a small man with a van service but they soon

saw a huge gap in the removals industry. This was something Peter had done when he first left school.

They employed their first couple of staff and started taking on the larger removals.

Within a short timespan customers were

asking them to ship their goods primarily back to the UK.

They looked in to the option of this and found it was another service they could offer. Leading on from this they found partners in the UK to start importing customers personal effects back to them in Cyprus.

From starting within their kitchen with a computer and just one van, they now boast 26 full time employees, 17 removal trucks and have a 7500 square meter storage facility incorporating the offices.

The storage facility holds over 700 storage crates starting from just 12 euros plus VAT per


week. They can also offer outside container storage if needed. They have vast amounts of open storage areas within the warehouse and outside for storage of vehicles, boats or oversized items. Post Brexit they have realized, as with all industries, the huge increase in costs with shipping and destination

services in the UK and indeed worldwide.

To this end they decided to look in to opening PMR UK!

They now have a storage facility in Essex, not the size of the Cyprus one but a solid base for future growth.

They are running two vehicles and have five full time staff on board.

This makes them the only company both sides of the water owned by the same people. This is totally unique and it also allows them to be in full control of your shipments. The office staff whilst miles apart are working together as if in the same office. They offer the full in-house services to assist you with either Transfer of Residency (TOR) or if you are paying Duties & Taxes along with full car registration in Cyprus, should you require it.

To summarise, if you need any advice or guidance on a local move, worldwide relocations both to and from Cyprus, along with first class storage facilities please do not hesitate to contact us.

Take a look at their website, Facebook pages and Instagram to see exactly what they are all about, along with some excellent reviews from customers.

Visit their website or call us on on 26923588 - Paphos office or 25722180 - Limassol office.

Facebook: Peter Morton Removals for Cyprus and PMR UK for England Instagram: peter_morton_removals – petermorton.removals – petermortonremovals for Cyprus and pmrbranchuk for England

Email: Cyprus – England –

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