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Танєц на ру бцу

Dance on the Edge

АRТoff 04

Биляна Роман

АRТoff 04

Биляна Роман

Та нєц н а ру бц у Визуа лна публикация у двох дїйох – Дзецинство и Oдрастанє

Da nce on t h e E dge Visual publication in two chapters – Childhood and Growing up

АRТoff 04 Биляна Роман: Танєц на рубцу Dance on the Edge Визуална публикация у двох дїйох – Дзецинство и Одрастанє Visual publication in two chapters – Childhood and Growing up Директорка Мартица Тамаш Одвичательни редактор мр Борис Варґа Рецензентка Ивана Поднар Дизайн и компютерски обробок Иґор Орсаґ Лекторка за тексти по руски Блажена Хома Цветкович Лекторка за тексти по анґлийски Ivy Opperman Потримовка Любица Фа Гарди Видава НВУ "Руске слово" Булевар ошлєбодзеня 81/VII Нови Сад Штампа "Stojkov", Нови Сад Тираж 450 прикладнїки Кнїжка состойна часц часопису МАК 05/2011 и штварта кнїжка едициї АRТoff

Д зец и нст во Childhood

Мац Mother

М а ц и д зе ц ко Mother and Child

П р об ов а нє пущаня ш а рк а н ь ох Trying to make the kite f ly

Нє пор оз у м е нє Misunderstanding

Роз д в ойов а нє Separation

Ба б а Grandmother

С он о п т и цох Dream about Birds

Ч и то ра до с ц? Is this Happiness?

Ви д у м а н и памятки Made up Memories

Три ш ес т ри Three Sisters

К а рн е в а л м ас кох Mask Carnival

Є д е н п ри я т е л ь One Friend

Сп лє т к а Gossip

Д ра га до лєс а Road into the Woods

Ш вет World

Хор ота Illness

Д ї до Grandfather

С в я т е м ес то Holly Place

Н а д ра г и з а од рас та нє On the Way to Grow up

Ба вис ко поч а ло The Game has Started

Oд раста нє Growing up

Ц е лов о с н и , з а гл а вч к и м и н и я т у ри Pink dreams, pillows miniature 10x10x5 cm

Ш кол ьк а , м и н и я т у рa Shell, miniature 10x10x10 cm

Ва ри я ц и ї , мод е л и Variations, samples 30x30cm

Розт рес а нє , п р о с т орн а та п ис е ри я Unfolding, spatial tapestry 300x200x100cm

О т ве ра нє , с т р у к т у рн а та п ис е ри я , м и н и я т у ри Opening, structural tapestry, miniatures 30x20 cm

П ре п лє та нє , п р о с т орн а та п ис е ри я Permeating, spatial tapestry 90x90x50cm

Ум ножов а нє , п р о с т орн а та п ис е ри я Multiplication, spatial tapestry 70x40cm x 8

Ivana Podnar, Art historian and contempor ary art critic from Zagreb

Fi ber e x per i m en ts by Biljana Roman

Creating in textile usually starts with traditional education. This learning includes many kinds of strict procedures, characters of textile, materials and their qualities. However, as with every good artist, Biljana Roman has escaped all these rules and was found her own very individualistic form of expression by creating threedimensional tapestries shaped like dome fiber structures that weightlessly float in the air or hang like a filling without a warp. Biljana Roman’s miniature pillows are the perfect example how the secret formula actually works. On the surface of only 10 squared centimeters, Biljana summarizes all the layers and complexities of her specific language. Through a number of transparent skins, she uses different twisted threads, silk yarns, wad that are sewn together, one atop the other or in a sequence, forming extremely gentle composition in which everything is visible but interwoven. While following the elaborate lines, you find yourself caught up in the fine fibers. Despite its doll size, it’s something that is difficult to not explore. The same goes for the shells where the softness of pillows gives place to the firm structure. By wrapping thin threads into thicker ropes to build a solid structure out of small and fragile parts, Biljana actually reflects upon the process that birds use to construct their nests. The material has many options, but it is the intuition and creative mind that can reinterpret nature’s acts in such a special way. Biljana Roman expressed herself through a number of different Medias. Since graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts, department of Textile design in Belgrade, she has had published illustrations in newspapers and children magazines, has illustrated books, and made sceneries for children shows. It was those experiences that made it possible to think primarily on the visual and tactile level and to test all the options one media could have.

The radical result of such a position is Biljana’s tapestry that is only that by the name – there is no warp and filling, there is no weight hanging in two dimensions from the wall. Instead, there is a fantastic floating structure, from which threads form a gentle fluffy shape that resemble an exotic sea anemone. The subversion of traditional vocabulary is total, and its impact is magnificent. Not only is this a step towards space without gravities, but also towards a space of pure visual fantasy. It is unclear what exactly holds these fibers together, until viewed up close, then you see the same, precise, persistent and detailed work that Biljana tested before in her miniatures. The structural tapestry, shaped like a textile, three-dimensional dome, follows the same principle, although dark colors, thick threads and rugged surface suggest completely different aesthetics. What is crucial is Biljana’s unifying experimental approach. Variations in red can be perceived as an abstract game of beautiful shades that float in the transparent or semitransparent superposition. However, they are certainly not only that. On closer inspection it can be seen that the structure is beyond the rules and on the edge of sustainability. At the Balkan Fiber Art colony, Biljana Roman shifted away from her usual form and produced a composition "Multiplication" that consisted of four pairs of figures. Made of rope, each figured used a unique kind of rope, shaped into a specific pattern. These patterns like skins reflect very individualistic characteristics. Although they multiple, they always turn out uniquely different from the prior creations. In the context of the creative process, we cannot escape experiment, but in the context of content, we go back to Biljana’s experience with illustrations, stage design, and the entire narrative heritage she so far collected. Through her art, Biljana Roman explores the potential of material. She goes to the very core of substance and then re-examines the construction logic. However, but she also questions the meaning of shapes and colors, finding challenges in the Dance on the edge.

Биляна Роман народзена 24. януара 1980. року. Дипломовала на Факултету применєних уметносцох у Беоґрадзе 2004. року, напрям дизайн текстилу. Занята є як наставнїк и професор подобовей култури у Основней и штреднєй школи "Петро Кузмяк" у Руским Керестуре од 2006. року. Року 2004. Биляна Романова достала награду фонда "Ива Вринянин" за найлєпши витвoреня зоз обласци дизайна текстила под час студийох. Мала три самостойни вистави, єдну у Р. Керестуре, и два у Беоґрадзе. Участвовала на коло 30 колективних виставох у Новим Садзе, Суботици, Беоґрадзе, Кринїци (Польска), Прешове (Словацка). Участвовала у роботнї и на колониї таписеристох "1. Balkan Fiber Art 2008" у орґанизациї Установи за виробок таписерийох "Ателєа 61" зоз Нового Саду и Пункта за уметнїцки експеримент зоз Беоґраду. Окрем дизайна текстилу, таписериї, занїма ше зоз рисованьом, мальованьом, виробком илустрацийох, сценоґрафиї за представи. У сотруднїцтве зоз видавательну хижу НВУ "Руске слово", вирабяла илустрациї виданьох за дзецински и старши возрост, як и додаткох за часопис МАК.

Biljana Roman was born on January 24th, 1980. Graduated at the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts, Textile design Department in 2004. She has been employed at Elementary and High school "Petro Kuzmjak" Ruski Krstur as an art teacher since 2006. Awarded by "Iva Vrinjanin" fund for significant contributions in the field of textile design during the studies at the university in 2004. Has had three individual exhibitions, one in Ruski Krstur and two in Belgrade. Has participated at around thirty collective exhibition in Novi Sad, Subotica, Belgrade, Krinjica (Poland), Presov (Slovakia). Has taken part in workshops and in tapestry artists’ colony "1. Balkans Fiber Art 08" in the organization of Institution for tapestry makng "Studio 61" (Atelje 61) as well as in Center for an art experiment (Punkt za umetniÄ?ki eksperiment) from Novi Sad and Belgrade, respectively. In addition to the aspiration towards textile design, she is interested in drawing, painting, production of illustrations, set design. In cooperation with the "Ruske slovo" publishing house she has made illustrations for children and adults.

Проєкт реализовани з материялну помоцу Заводу за културу войводянских Руснацох

CIP – Каталогизација у публикацији Библиотека Матице српске, Нови Сад 7 . 049 . 071 . 1 : 929 Roman B. РОМАН, Биляна, 1980Танєц на рубцу : визуална публикация у двох дїйох : дзецинство и одрастанє = Dance on the edge : visual publication in two chapters : childhood and growing up / Биляна Роман. - Нови Сад : Руске слово , 2011 ( Нови Сад : Стојков ). - 44 стр. : илустр. у бојама ; 20 cm. ( Аrt off / MAK ; 4 ) Текст упоредо на русин. и енгл. језику . - "Кнїжка состойна часц часопису МАК 05/2011" -- > прелим. стр. - Тираж 450 . ISBN 978-86-7105-245-0 а) Роман, Биљана (1980- ) - Уметност - Мотиви - Одрастање COBISS.SR-ID 267304711

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