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Fabiana Bartolozzi: organic products are quality products Carlo Speltz: “Couvert” is a contemporary label

people look at the price and then leave again,” she says, “but I have also spoken to customers who say they understand the difference in price. It is a choice.” An initiative like couvert is also a way to sensitise customers and to raise the visibility of organic products, says Speltz. He adds, “going to the restaurant, guests do not want to be reminded of their own bad conscience,” but says that couvert is a way to point people in the right direction. “The label is a guarantee for consumers that can reinforce their choice of restaurant.” Perspectives In the long-term, the label might also promote organic farming and show a demand for the product. “We need to show farmers that it is worth it to make the

COLLATERAL DEAL Clearstream partnered sep with US financial tech firm DTCC. The American giant will integrate Clearstream’s collateral management system. Earlier this year, Clearstream signed similar deals in Australia and Brazil, as part of its global growth plan.

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The prime minister supported Turkey’s entry into the euro zone.

transition to organic farming,” says Weber. According to Statec, in 2009 only 2.5% of agricultural land was being farmed organically. For Bartolozzi, this is not nearly enough. She says organic farming “should replace conventional farming in the long term, even though that is hardly likely to happen.” Within the restaurant industry, Speltz and Bartolozzi both say that couvert could lead to an interesting exchange of ideas and experiences, while Weber and Schiltz hope that a successful launch could bring more ministerial support. Currently, the ministry of sustainability will help the first wave of restaurants to carry the initial cost of organic certification with the agriculture ministry as an additional partner.

“Our charter for the label corresponds with the guidelines the state has set in that area, and we do think there is room for more support in the future,” says Weber. Indeed, the label is about more than organic and vegetarian food. The participating restaurants commit to regional and seasonal cooking, trying to minimise the environmental impact of food transport. Fresh products, less waste, no GM foods, responsibly sourced meat and fish products, and fair trade goods are on the menu. At the heart of the label stands a varied, balanced and creative selection of dishes, with a variety of vegetarian options. “And if people have prejudices against organic cooking,” says Bartolozzi, “they should just come and see for themselves.”

THANKS TIM At a finance minis­ters sep meeting, the American treasury secretary criticised the lack of EU action on the sovereign debt crisis. Following the critique, Luxembourg’s prime minister said Europe would not discuss its plans with a noneuro state.

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NO HAMMER The Soviet coat of sep arms cannot receive the common EU trademark, the European Court of Justice ruled. Trademarks must conform with all member state rules, it said, and the symbol is considered “offensive” under Czech, Hungarian and Latvian law.

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