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DIRECT ACCESS BACK TO BIKING ADVANCED RIDER TRAINING For more details on all our courses please see our website at Abbey Moor Stadium Godney Road, Glastonbury BA6 9AF

Tel : 01458 841324 Mobile : 07725 838393

Proprietor : Andrew Litston

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localreach Street & Glastonbury Editorial

From the editor Hopefully May will reward us all with some welcome sunny, warm days after surviving the long, cold winter which led to the coldest March for decades. May is an extremely busy month in the local area. This issue is packed with lots of ideas to keep you and your family entertained whatever your interests. I am particularly looking forward to enjoying the two Bank Holiday Mondays in May. For the green fingered amongst you regular contributor Martin Mudie has some seasonal gardening tips for you; there are lots of events taking place in all parts of the locality to enjoy, which range from plant sales, May Fairs to open mornings and charity fundraisers. This issue also includes the regular walks by Mendip Ramblers. If you are a local club or charity, don’t forget to send me your regular news so I can give you some free editorial in future issues – LocalReach is the ideal way to reach over 9,000 residents in Street, Glastonbury and the surrounding villages. I look forward to hearing your news! If you are a local club or charity, don’t forget to send me yourregular news so I can give you some free editorial in future issues. LocalReach is the ideal way to reach over 8,500 homes & businesses in Street & Glastonbury. If you are a business and would like to advertise in LocalReach please email for the ratecard with prices and more info. LocalReach Community Editor Deadline for June issue is May 17th.


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Notice board Mid Somerset Camera Club The Mid Somerset Camera Club meets every Tuesday evening at the Tor Leisure Centre, Glastonbury at 8.00pm until approximately 10.00 pm from September until May. The group follows an organised and varied programme which includes tuition, visiting, speakers, practical sessions and competitions. Typically the Club holds several exhibitions every year. There is a varied programme planned over the coming weeks: • 7th May – AGM – Annual General Meeting • 14th May – Bradford on Avon – a club outing to Bradford on Avon

Summer Candlelit Concerts

• 16th May – Thursday – Battle with Chard Camera Club • 21st May – Duncan Simey – Landscape Composition and ‘Eigg and Muck – An Island Adventure’ – Duncan will close the club season by entertaining members with his images from his visit to a remote beautiful Scottish island - Muck The Club is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Western Counties Photographic Federation. There are currently nearly 60 Members of varied age and ability joined by a common interest in photography. If you want to enjoy your photography in the company of other like-minded people, come and join. You can find out more by visiting the Club’s web site at

Walton W.I. At the next meeting on Thursday 9th May meeting at 7.30pm in Walton Village Hall, the group will enjoy a talk by Derek Robinson about 'The History and Women of the RNLI' and the competition will be a 'Spring Flower'. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available and, as always, new members and visitors are very welcome to attend.

St Margaret's Chapel will once again be holding a series of Summer Candlelit Concerts in St Margaret's Chapel, Magdalene St Glastonbury one of which will be on Friday 10th May and features the very popular HILDEGARD ENSEMBLE singing There will be a coffee morning, with homemade cakes and a bring Medieval Chants. For more information and buy stall, from 10.30am until noon on Saturday 11th May in telephone 01458 835067 Walton Church. Everyone welcome!

Holy Trinity Church, Walton

Sharpham Tea Garden Situated Close to the Ham Wall Nature Reserve

OPENING TIMES Wed to Sun 10.00 - 5.00 Plus Bank Holiday Mondays Serving Homemade Lunches, Cream Teas, Cakes, Breakfast (10 - 12 - not Sundays), Baguettes, Vegetarian Dishes and more. Sunday RoaStS -booking eSSential

Indoor and Outdoor Seating available with beautiful views. Dogs welcome. For more information & directions call

01458 442050 Email: We look forward to welcoming you at Sharpham Tea Garden, Sunnyview, Sharpham Drove, Sharpham, Somerset. BA16 9SF


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Annual Plant Sale. Street Chrysanthemum, Dahlia and Vegetable Society’s Annual Plant Sale will take place on Saturday 11th May 2013, starting at 8am till 12pm, in the Library Gardens, Street. A large selection of plants will be available from bedding to basket and Chrysanthemum, and Dahlia to Vegetable. Spring is on it's way honestly, so be prepared. Visit the website -

Question of the month: why buy? By Nick Cater, Senior Communications Officer at Somerset Waste Partnership

If your home is like mine, you live in an unspoken cloud of inanimate reproach from all the tools, gadgets and electronic geegaws that squat spurned and lifeless in corners and cupboards. “Use me!”, they silently cry as we pass by; “switch me on”, they implore as we ignore that drawer; and, worst of all, they moan and mutter in the clutter: “If only you had not lost that small bit, you could make me work once more.” Between the ease of purchase, the pressure of advertising and the self-deception that a new and costly thingamajig will transform our lives, save us time and make us better looking, we all have a lot of stuff. It may be apocryphal, but some insist that the average power drill is used for a mere few minutes during its entire lifetime before being thrown out, for recycling at best, and costly, polluting, wasteful landfill at worst. But what is the alternative to a consumerist life of clutter and waste? Actually, there are plenty of easy options when it comes to the things that we need intermittently at best, and Somerset’s Green Routine waste prevention campaign has collated a quick guide to those available in the county. Under the theme for May of “make money, save money, cut waste”, it sets out the simple question for everyone in Street, Walton, Ashcott and Glastonbury: “Why buy when you can hire, borrow or share?” Ignoring the Shakespearean “neither a borrower nor lender be”, the starting point could be checking with neighbours and friends before setting out to buy that bit of kit for kitchen, car or garden. They may well be happy that you borrow

something that they rarely use, especially if you have something to lend in return. For more formal systems, Green Routine has links to Somerset’s own web-based rent, lend and share websites allowing anyone to request or offer goods and services, from a car ramp to a wedding dress or ironing. And the campaign offers simple tools to help you identify what you have that could bring in cash and so earn their place and space among your stuff. Of course, a quick check online or in the phone book can track down hire shops and DIY or garden stores where much of what you need could be rented for far less than the purchase price. And Street and Glastonbury have fantastic, free or low-cost and always highly-efficient services that supply all manner of media: their libraries. As well as browsing the shelves, you can even go online to search and order from many thousands of the library books held in stock – just like shopping, but so much cheaper, and no waste. To save money, resources and space by wasting less, sign up for monthly campaign updates of hints and tips by visiting the Green Routine pages at

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Notice board

Street and Glastonbury Health Walks Street and Glastonbury health walking group are organising a series of short walks. Walking for Health is a national physical activity initiative for adults who currently do little or no physical activity and want to get a bit fitter with something simple like walking, or just want to make new friends. These walks will last approx 1 hour and will be at a leisurely pace on easy surfaces. Starting at 2.00 pm and taking place on

April 25th, May 9th and May 23rd. For those of you that would like to something a bit more challenging there is a 3 mile walk to Compton Dundon over fields and stiles, with the option of catching public transport back or walking the 3 miles back, on May 22nd at 10.30. Bring a packed lunch. All walks will start at Crispin Community Focus, Leigh Road, Street

Walton under 5's Pre-School Open Morning Walton under 5's Pre-School, based at Walton Village Hall, is organising an Open Morning on Thursday 16th May 10am -12pm in Walton Village Hall. The event is aimed at new children and their parents/carers to come along and see a normal, busy morning session. Visitor’s children can play whilst they talk to staff about the Pre-School.


All walks are free and led by trained walk leaders, in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The full printed programme covering all walks can be requested by telephoning (01823) 273084 or by visiting Crispin Community Focus. Details can also be found on Tone Leisure’s website at www. or on the Walking for Health website uk

Candlelit Concert At the Candlelit Concert at the Chapel" on Friday 10th May "The Hildegarde Ensemble" will be performing Medieval Chanting , Music and Madrigals at St Margaret's Chapel Glastonbury at 7.30pm Tickets £5.00 Telepone 01458 835067 for details

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Local Expert PAGE

Why can I see two of everything? When we look around we expect to see one of everything even though we have two eyes open. Our brain normally fuses the images from the two eyes and gives us single vision with binocular depth perception. So, what happens if we suddenly see two of everything? Double vision or diplopia is certainly disconcerting and even debilitating. If there are two images of everything WHICH is the “real one, which image do we believe”? Simply walking around can make a person with double vision feel unsteady and unbalanced and driving can be positively dangerous! The causes of double vision can range from the relatively minor, right through to the LIFE THREATENING and prompt investigation is required. ACES accredited Optometrists can investigate diplopia. The difficulty is that there is often nothing to actually physically see. Diplopia is caused in the main by the loss of control of eye movement resulting in eye misalignment and the production of two images. Loss of eye control will often be caused by something further back behind the eyes. Some of the serious causes may include stroke, aneurysm, brain tumour and infection.

Determining the cause is helped significantly by the information given to your Optometrist..

• When did the double vision start? • Have you hit your head, fallen, or been unconscious? • Is the double vision worse at the end of the day or when you’re tired? • Have you had any other symptoms besides double vision? • Are the images side by side or one above the other?

Management of diplopia is initially concentrated around identifying and addressing the cause. Defective pupil reactions suggest a neurological cause and further tests such as scans may be required. An underlying cause such as diabetes or blood pressure can be treated with medication and the diplopia may resolve over time. In some cases when diplopia is considered stable, special prisms incorporated into spectacle lenses can hold the eyes together preventing the double vision. The advice is that if you experience new double vision and the cause is not obvious like too much “Christmas cheer”, you need to see an Optometrist promptly!

More than just great spectacles. ACES accredited

Ingrowing lash removed

Emergency eyecare

Dry eye and Blepharitis treatments

Foreign body removal

Consulting in Street for 24 years Adrian Springett (B.SC Hons MCOptom)

100 High St, Street. BA16 0EW Advertising & Leaflet delivery call LocalReach on 01458 298278


Notice board

Musings from my garden By Martin Mudie

As I write this, we are still in the grip of the coldest March for 50 years. Yet gardeners are always optimistic and my hope is that when you read this in May the spring has finally appeared. Now May to me means one flowering shrub – the rhododendron – translation – ‘rose-tree’. The R. – no I am not going to keep typing it in full – is one of the most beautiful and versatile of shrubs. As well as growing it in the ground it will thrive quite happily in a tub for years, with very little care save feeding and watering. For those who want something smaller there is an R called Azalea – or A in this column. One of my earliest garden memories is of my father's small Japanese garden with many of these in. These Japanese gardens came into popularity at the end of the 19th century with water, A’s, dwarf conifers, dwarf maples and miniature spring bulbs and can be created in the smallest space. Water is optional but the rest is delightful – creating a foreign garden in the smallest corner. To fill just tour the garden centres looking for dwarf ar ‘nana’ in the name and choose whatever takes your fancy. If you want to be really posh top dress with gravel. Now is also the time when summer bedding can be put out. Down here in the west, May is usually safe enough- but given our really strange weather – you can get frosts till the end of May. Your choice. It helps when planting in either pot or ground to add a little feed – the one I like are chicken pellets – available in garden centres. Happy gardening!

AJ TAxis

Summer programme The Street Society has begun its summer programme of local visits for its members. If you are interested in joining the society please contact family. or ring Nina Swift on 01458 443881. The Street Society is Street's local civic society with a membership of over 130 local people who are interested in promoting the best interests of the village. It offers a tri annual newsletter, regular interesting speaker meetings and visits and the chance to have a voice about the future of Street. Membership is £7 a year and more details of what the society does can be found at www.

Music At St John's Glastonbury Saturday 11th May at 7.30p.m. Harp Concert By International Harpist Robin Ward. Music from Folk Traditions, The Baroque, Classical and Romantic. Advance tickets from Glastonbury Music Shop

Mean Feet Dance 24/7 service Please book in advance for 24 hour service

1 - 8 seats available shorT or Long DisTAnce Wheelchair accessible vehicle

Please call:

07877886797 8

Mean Feet Dance are offering low cost creative dance sessions as part of their One Step Forward Dance and Mental Health programme. The sessions are open to anyone who finds exercise and creativity beneficial to their wellbeing. Artistic Director Viv Gordon says "Life is becoming increasingly stressful and lots of people feel isolated, depressed and anxious - our programme aims to help people take positive steps to look after themselves, get out and meet new people, have fun and express themselves". Sessions run at Avalon Constitutional Clubon Glastonbury High Street on Thursdays (11th, 18th, 25th April and 2nd May) from 1.30pm - 3pm and cost only £1 including refreshments. Need more information? Call Viv on 07704864881 or see the what's on page on our website:www.

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Local Expert PAGE

Archaeology students get to grips with forensic anthropology Archaeology A Level and Degree students at Strode College spent the day being Forensic Anthropologists recently, identifying the sex, age and height of individuals by examining their bones and considering the possible causes of their death.

Archaeology uses the same techniques as Forensic Anthropology in the analysis of human remains. The hands-on workshop was taught by Forensic Anthropologist Dany Rafferty of Sherlock Bone, who brought along some human skeletons for students to work with.

We can save you thousands of pounds on your Care Home fees

If you or a relative are in a care home because of physical or mental health needs then you may be wrongly paying fees that the NHS should be funding. In the NHS, 'Continuing Healthcare' is available to anyone whose primary need is a healthcare need regardless of their personal wealth. Acorn Solicitors are the local experts in the recovery of wrongly paid care home fees. People and families applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC) should be unaffected by this month's NHS restructuring. If you feel a loved one may be entitled to NHS Care Funding then please contact us and we can advise you. I have dealt with a number of successful claims saving my clients thousands in care fees. Contact us today to find out if you or a loved one is entitled to be reimbursed for wrongly paid care home fees." Acorn can give you a no-obligation, free consultation and assessment of your situation. We are a local, friendly, family firm based in Street and Taunton, specialising in Wills, Probate, Elderly Client Matters, NHS funding and Property Law. Call us today at the Street office or the Taunton office or visit

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Notice board

The First “Work in Wells Week 13th – 18th May 2013” Wells is a great place to visit, but also a great place to work! Work in Wells Week will seek to promote to potential and current employers and freelancers the real value and benefits of contributing to the local economy by working locally. Kicking off with a trade show at Wells town hall on 13th May, there will also be a variety of world class speakers giving talks, free of charge, during the week, find out more at . Judith Ludovino, Director of Mendip Hub and currently Chairman of Wells Chamber of Commerce explains events during Work in Wells Week will: • Inspire and educate local people currently working as a freelancers and start ups, highlighting resources that are available to help their businesses grow and succeed • Facilitate links between employers, local schools and Strode College, the Wells Chamber of Commerce and the Mendip Hub • Publicise the environmental and economic 11589-PKitchens A6 2pp Landscape_Layout 1 06/03/2012 benefits of working locally

• Campaign for Wells to be included in Superfast Broadband rollout for Devon and Somerset (Wells is currently the only Mendip town not included in the plans). Work in Wells Week already has strong backing from local organisations, such as the Wells Chamber of Commerce and the networking group BNI West Mendip. Indeed, Maureen Brandon, Mayor of Wells says: “I wish Work in Wells Week 2013 and the Mendip Hub every success. These initiatives have the potential to bring long lasting benefits to the younger and less experienced members of our business community, improving their chances of success. I view these complementary projects to be a positive contribution to the economic development of the city”. You can find out more about Work in Wells Week by visiting

Additional Information – Mendip Hub, c/o TelePA Ltd, 27 Glastonbury Road, Wells. BA5 1TW

9:35am Page 1 Tel: 01749 686776


Why destroy your perfectly good carcass units when they can look like new with a Premier Kitchen Doors makeover?


thou of posands unds

A fantastic alternative to having a new kitchen – we’ll replace old doors and drawer fronts with new ones. Our experienced staff fit new doors, end panels, plinth, cornice and pelmet, together with new hinges, handles, worktop, sink and hob. A wide choice of attractive, high quality materials from the UK and Germany (all doors are UK made). Below is just a small selection from our range – to see more visit our website or request a brochure.

Fantastic kitchen makeovers to compliment your home



Serving Avon, t Somerse and e ir Wiltsh

Web: | Tel: 01225 651231 10

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The VicToria Field Social Club

May eVenTS croqueT For all!

Friday 1oTh May We are holding our monthly Quiz on Friday 10th May. 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start. Teams of up to 6 @ £1 per person. LARGE CASH prize to be won. Non members welcome. indoor BoWlS We will be running our ‘Introductions to Bowls’ session again in September. Watch this space for more details. looKinG To hold a ParTy? Look no further, we have a fantastic function room with a newly fitted bar, staging and lights available for hire. You will find it hard to beat our rates, Members FREE, Non Members £30 per session. Please contact our bar staff on 01458-442779 for details.

We now have Free Wi-Fi available to members Follow us on Twitter – VicClub_Street or our Face Book page with events and promotions. For more details please phone


also available are cricket, indoor Bowls, outdoor Bowls, Tennis, Squash, Skittles, Bridge, croquet, Pigeon club, Weight Watchers, Parent, Babay andd Toddler group, Football and rounder’s. Advertising & Leaflet delivery call LocalReach on 01458 298278.


Notice board

May Events Shepton Mallet Family Day 11th May –Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre Come and enjoy a fun day of activities for all the family at Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre. The family day offers a host of free exciting sports and activities for children and adults of all ages including trampolining, gymnastics, football, tennis, athletics, class taster sessions and much much more. Cost: Free For info: contact Lindsay on 01749 346644 or email

Outdoor Adventure Programme 27th May to 1st June - Hestercombe House Let your children get outdoor and active with our exciting outdoor adventure days. Children can enjoy some muddy good fun and take part in a whole host of activities including mountain biking over the Quantocks, paintball, bush craft, survival and commando skills. For children aged 8 – 14 years old. Cost: £20 a day To book: call Andrew on 01823 410126 or email

Active Kidz Holiday Play Scheme 27th May to 1st June - Various 1610 Centres May holiday fun at your local 1610 leisure centre. With a range of different activities offered each day, including egg hunts, arts, crafts, games, dance, sport, inflatable play, splash days and much, much more. 1610’s action packed programmes are bursting with fun and energy and guaranteed to keep boredom at bay! For your local leisure centre’s full programme visit

FIFA Tournament 29 May – Preston Sports Centre Come and test your FIFA13 skills against Yeovil’s best players at Preston Sports Centre, Yeovil. Open to ages of 12+ the games will begin at 11.00am and the final will be played at around 3.00pm. Experience your favourite game on a large screen for the first time! Time: 11.00am to 3.00pm Price: £3.00 to enter To book: call Matt Harras on 01935 413477 or email

Yoga with Helen


Join one of Helen’s yoga classes to help you relax this May. Classes are small and friendly with individual attention. They are an excellent opportunity to tune into your body and mind. Enjoy the freedom yoga brings to body, mind and spirit. Classes are held on • Mondays from 10.30am (till 12 noon) at ‘Lantern Cottage’, 90 Bove Town, Glastonbury (intermediate level) • Wednesdays from 10.30am till 11.45am at Shekinashram, Dod Lane, Glastonbury, (all levels, beginners welcome) • Sundays from 10.15am till 11.30am at ‘Lantern Cottage’, 90 Bove Town, Glastonbury, (all levels, beginners welcome) For more information call (01458) 830957 or 07722046865. Helen’s email is

Knitwits is a group of re-cycled teenagers, who meet twice monthly on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month between 2.30 to 4 pm at the Hall at the rear of the United Reformed Church in Glastonbury. The group is hoping to expand its band of knitters to people who would rather knit at home, and produce the kind of goods that are needed. Knitters are of varying degrees of proficiency, from very experienced, to beginners, who knit jumpers, leg-warmers, hats, mittens, scarves and clown glove puppets, etc. Knitted squares are also produced by the knitters, some of whom are in local Care Homes. These squares are then made up into blankets, some single-bed size, and some baby blankets and are sent to orphanages in Romania, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and other third world countries. If you are interested in knowing more then why not pop in, you will be made very welcome and can pick up free patterns to knit either in the group or at home. Telephone contact Sheila on 01458 442620


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Trustees Needed (Voluntary Position) Bingo time Shepton Mallet based charity, Mendip Community Support which incorporates the Mendip & Sedgemoor Volunteer Centre, are seeking new trustees to join their existing board. The current board comprises of four local individuals with a variety of skills and experiences who all give their time on a voluntary basis. The charity is looking for people with at least one of the following; financial/accountancy, legal, marketing or business skills, as well as a keen interest in local charities. There are four board meetings per year plus an AGM, generally in October. If you are interested in supporting MCS please get in touch. The objective of MCS is to provide a pro-active and accessible service to all community groups and voluntary organisations, particularly those groups who do not have access to centralised support services. Their services offer free, practical help, advice, support and representation of the views of its membership at local, county, regional and national level. If you would like to discuss the possibility of becoming a trustee please call 01749 346830. To apply, please send a CV and covering letter to 9a Market Place, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 5AZ or email:

Street Royal British Legion host a regular bingo evening which is attracting growing numbers of people. It’s on every 4th Sunday of the month. 7.30pm to get tickets, etc. Eyes down 8pm. People coming to the bingo don’t need to be members, but will be asked to sign in (for fire safety reasons) when they visit. New members are of course welcome, but it’s not essential that people join just for attending bingo. For full details, please visit

Street Parish Council Two parish councillors will be available to meet residents to discuss any local issue in the John Webster Room, Street Parish Rooms, 6 Leigh Road, Street from 11am – 12 noon on the first Thursday in each month. The May meeting is planned for Thursday 2nd May with Cllrs. Bob and Joyce Smith. On Thursday 6th June Cllrs. Val Appleby and Barbara Cowell will be welcoming residents.

8 TILL 6 TAXIS Help at Home can help you get the most out of life, whether you need temporary or longer term support.

Local & Long Distance Airports • Seaports • Shopping Trips School Runs • Parcel Service Contract Work Undertaken

24 houR SeRvice

Please book in advance for 24 hour service

4 to 6 seater vehicles accounts welcome • quotes on request Reliable friendly service.

Call us on:

01458 898124 Advertising & Leaflet delivery call LocalReach on 01458 298278.


Notice board

Ramblers Walking Through A Muddy Winter. Last December about 30 MENDIP RAMBLERS set off from The Bell at Evercreech for their annual Christmas lunch walk. It was a clear, frosty day and the scenic 4.5 mile walk produced just the right appetite for the excellent carvery meal and festive cheer that awaited them at The Bell. A very agreeable day. The Festival of Winter Walks followed which started with a Winter Solstice walk led by Les. Ramblers walked from Fargo Road, Durrington to Stonehenge to see a perfect sunrise on a very pleasant morning. After celebrating the sun rise they continued to Amesbury for a well deserved breakfast before returning to Durrington, about 9 miles in all. Look out for details of the Summer Solstice walk if you think you can manage the early start! The Festival of Winter Walks continued until early January and were well attended and enjoyed in spite of the mud. Unfortunately this winter will probably be remembered as the winter of mud, though there were moments of hilarity as walkers walked on and wellies

stayed in the mud. We did manage a couple of walks in a magical white wonderland during the week of the snow. Towards the end of January, 39 walkers enjoyed an excellent three course meal at The Highwayman Inn at Shepton Mallet. The food and the service were superb and together with the quiz arranged by Alice to exercise the brain cells a little, it was the ideal evening to forget the winter blues. 35 ramblers went The Aberavon Beach Hotel in Swansea for the annual Spring holiday organised by Mike B. The accommodation and food were very good and the swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi were well used by the group. It was a cold and windy few days but mainly dry and everyone enjoyed the shorter walks on Friday and Monday

and a choice of two different lengths over the weekend followed by pleasant meals and sociable evenings in the hotel. The Ramblers are now looking forward to Spring/ Summer and the variety of walks on the programme promises a very interesting mix to tempt all tastes. Sunday walks have usually been longer but some shorter afternoon walks have been added. Thursday walks are generally about 6-7 miles and on the Summer Programme there are some Friday pub lunch walks. The annual FREE Walking Festival over the August Bank Holiday will be based at The Blue School in Wells this year, offering four walks of different lengths on each of the three days. We are a friendly group and if you would like to join or just give it a try we would be happy to welcome you. If you would like more information please phone Les on 07768 556735, email les@, or phone Mary on 01373 474530 or email mary@ , or visit our website at www.mendipramblers.

Strode students learn to manage their money expenditure, starting Students at Strode College recently enjoyed work, borrowing money, learning how to manage their money during card and internet the College’s Money Management Awareness fraud, banks, building Week which coincided with the end of their societies and savings accounts. The course qualification in `Managing Personal Finances`. is taught during student tutorials and through All of Strode’s A Level and advanced vocational students take the `Managing Personal the College’s e-learning facilities, with students assessed by a final test before they gain their Finances` course at Strode. It covers a range of qualification. topics including student finance, income and 14 Advertising & Leaflet delivery call LocalReach on 01458 298278.

Notice Board

May events Except where another contact is given – for further information call the Assembly rooms on 01458 834677. Beltane Community Celebration with the Avalonian Free State Choir Community Celebration for the 1st of May will be presenting the Avalonian Freestate Choir, Daygan of Dragonsfly and other outstanding acts, as well as offering a few floor spots. Contact Vivienne 07540111707 or 01458 834677 Cosmic Faery Ball Beltane 2013 The Cosmic Faery Ball will be held on Saturday 4th May. Tickets are £15 Bazaar, Books, Artisans Market & more 7, 14, 21, 28 May - 11am until 4pm s Bardic Trials 7 May 2013 8:00pm All Welcome; admission by Magic Hat donation. Presented by Tim Hall

Bardic Gorsedd – The Bardic Finals 19 May 2013 7:30pm The contest is open to Poets, Storytellers and Songwriters who compose on a given theme each year. We meet up over the third week in May to celebrate local arts & culture and share in creativity, performances & ceremony. The new Bard is Chaired at the Finals, which are held on St Dunstan’s Day (May 19th) every year. Shamanic Trance Dance with Zelia 23 May 2013 7:30pm Use the spirit of dance to journey inside yourself, explore who you are and find answers to life questions. Feel invigorated, uplifted and revitalized using the dance process to Energise your spirit.

Whole Lotta Led a tribute to Led Zeppelin Shamanic Drumming 25 May 2013 Doors open 7:30pm for an 8, 15, 22, 29 May 2013 from 7:30 Every 8pm start, midnight finish Tickets £13 & £10 Wednesday in the Main Hall. Starts at 7:30 till concessions at The Speaking Tree, High Street, 9:30pm (Doors open at 7pm)Registered with inLydia Lyte £8 Glastonbury 01458 835974 or from the Bristol England & Wales as an Industrial & Provident Society, No. 27410R entry or £7 concessions For further information Ticket Shop for credit card bookings at £13,please call 01458 834677 0117 929 9008 – available from 8th April 2013. Sound Healing Workshop & Public Concert 10th – 13th May 2013 Join us in Glastonbury for 4-days of Sound Healing! Times: 9.30 am – 5 pm PLUS:- Public concert on Saturday 11th May from 7.30 pm featuring SpiritSounds For more details, head over to www.colourofsound. org or phone 01208 873974 or email tony@ Megalithomania Conference 18th to 19th May 2013 9:00am with Evening Talk on 20th May 2013 Monday Evening Lecture: Robert Schoch. Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury 7.30pm. £9/£10 Tickets from http://www.megalithomania.

Indoor Car Boot 26 May 2013 Start Time: Sellers 11am Buyers 12noon Browse at your leisure, without the fear of getting wet ! 25 Stands Entrance Fee: Sellers £5 (Tables £1) Buyers 50p For Further Information contact Vivienne on 07540 111707 “Poetry by candle light” in the Cafe 28 May 2013 7:30pm In the relaxing atmosphere of the Assembly Rooms Cafe, Amanda Earthwren presents “Poetry by Candlelight” monthly event. For all those poets and poetry lovers, this event will be held every last Tuesday of the month. For more info call Amanda on 07594440949

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The Langport Festval The Langport Festival is a community arts festival held once a year (well that's the plan) in June. We launched the festival in 2012 and plans are already well underway for the 2013 festival. There’s lot to see and do in town during festival week so why not come and have a look around. Take a walk around our website and get a flavour of what we have to offer... Our logo was designed by Charlotte Pengelly of the Langport and Huish Youth Group who won our competition to design the Festival Logo. Many thanks Charlotte and well done! And for more information and a bit of interaction, you can visit our facebook page "Langport Festival" or our twitter feed "@ LangportFest"

Here are the latest opportunities in the local area to volunteer Cancer Research UK Glastonbury Branch needs Volunteer Sales Assistants You should: • Have a keen eye for fashion • Want to join a friendly team • Learn new skills and gain valuable work experience • Be willing to offer some time at the weekends Whatever you think you can bring to the store, they would love to hear from you and any help you can offer voluntarily would be gratefully received. IT Help at Home Need Volunteer Tutors Voluntary position to work with people in their own homes. Training will be given. They are also looking for trustees. Please contact Louise for more information Email: mcsvolunteering@ 9a Market Place, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 5AZ. Tel: 01749 34 68 30 16

The Methodist Church, Leigh Road, Street. Sunday Services at 10.30 am. 5th Local Arrangement. 12th Mr. Steve Derby. 19th Rev. N. Lakin, Holy Communion. Church Anniversary. 26th Mrs. Janet Day/Rev. Tim Richards United Service. Monthly Coffee Morning 18th May - 10am - 12 noon. Messy Church "Under the sea" May 22nd 3.30 - 5 pm. Babies and Toddlers' Group every Wednesday 2.00 - 3.30 pm.

SAVE A LIFE GIVE BLOOD. The next session will be held on Thursday 16th May 13.15 to 15.15 and 16.45 to 19.15 at Salvation Army Hall, Goswell Road, Street. To make an appointment call 0300 123 2323

Mobility EquipMEnt Three Wheeled Walkers from £59 Wheelchairs from £169 Bath Lifts from £375 Rise & Recliner Chairs from £495 Stairlifts from £1395 Scooters (new) from £495 Electric Wheelchairs from £995 Scooters Serviced & Repaired Cosyfeet Slippers & Shoes 0% Finance on Selected Scooters

The MobiliTy SpecialiSTS!

Wilmott mobility 6 Pages Court, High Street, Yatton BS49 4EG

If you cannot get to us we are happy to come to you.

Tel: 01934 838363

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Local Business A – Z

Come To The May Fair At St John’s Church! Climb the Church Tower for wonderful views over Glastonbury at the May Fair to be held on Saturday, 11th May between 10.30- 3.30pm. A Hurdy- Gurdy Man will entertain everyone while they wander round the stalls which include the sale of Fabrics; Collectibles; Gift items; Bric a Brac; Books; Toys and of course Plants and Cakes. Come and try your luck at the Tombola, the Bottle stall or win at Skittles. There are activities for children and face painting. There will be delicious refreshments to revive you.

Samarpan Meditation Everyone is warmly invited to an introduction to Samarpan meditation which will be held at 2pm on Sunday 12th of May. Free entry with refreshments included. Come along for a friendly

introduction to Samarpan Meditation. Regular meditators will help you to discover this simple yet unique meditation technique & describe the benefits. There will be an opportunity for

us to meditate together. Venue: The Old Primary School, 46 Main Street, Walton, Somerset, BA16 9QE. 01458 445794. anthonygriffiths1@

Welcome to our Local Business A - Z Builders




01458 446546 07970046644 email: Leigh Cottage, Overleigh, Street BA16 0TJ


street chiropractic clinic

Not just back & neck pain Bring this advert with you for a £10 discount on initial consultation fee

01458 – 840490 Vine Health Suites, Hindhayes Lane, Street. BA16 0ET

Cleaning Services

Sinders Cleaning Services proud to shine

Homes or Offices • Daily, Weekly or Monthly One Off Cleans • New Build Cleans Landlord Letting Cleans

Tel: 07539 543 559

Saturday Theatre School, Adult Dance, Fitness, Toddlers, Youth Dance, Adult Drama and MUCH MORE!


A Bisgrove


All aspects of electrical work covered Domestic • Industrial • Commercial Specialist in Home Entertainment call on:

Part P approved

07814 547092 email:

G&A ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS Fully Qualified Local Electrician No Job to small or to large

Competitive rates 24/7 call out

07929 007602 / 07973 214101 STREET, GLASTONBURY & SURROUNDiNG AREAS

Still not too late to sign up ~ all ages and abilities welcome!

Call Garth on:

07816 849902

65 main street, Walton Ba16 9QQ

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Local Business A – Z Funeral Directors

Painters & Decorators Contd


• Funeral Directors • Memorial Masons • Private Chapels of Rest • Pre-payment Funeral Plans • Funerals conducted with dignity and reverence by a family firm, established over three generations, offering reliable and caring service with 24-hour call out facilities. Glastonbury (01458) 831020 Street (01458) 443677 Butleigh (01458) 850654 Somerton (01458) 272297 Langport (01458) 250509

Members of N.A.F.D., B.I.F.D. and S.A.I.F.

Pet Care

M. Franks & Sons


Funeral Directors

(established 1992)

Est. 1879

Mature, reliable PET SITTER available to care for your pets in their own home

* Private Chapel of Rest * * 24 Hour Personal Service *

Lots of T.L.C. (and cuddles) Feeding and exercise Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chickens, etc

Bath Road, Ashcott, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 9QT Telephone: 01458: 210627, 860569, 210627, 210921, 860157 860157 01458: 210921,

Daily visits, live in, overnight, weekends, or weekly References available. For more information please phone Janet on:

01749 830480 or 07968 683058 or email

Garden Services


Ace of SpAdeS

P.L RichaRds Ltd

Gardener and Handyman


Garden ServiceS

Highly skilled and knowledgeable gardener with over 20 years of experience. Excellent references and fully insured. For a friendly, reliable and no nonsense service, please ring David for a free, no obligation visit.


Registered Engineer

Tel: 07941 557007 or 01458 834873

01458 448510 07721 400164

Property Maintenance

Painters & Decorators

Neil ChaNt

Painting & Decorating Interior & Exterior Decoration Private & Commercial Free No Obligation Quotes Competitive Rates

01458 840542 or 07870 588730 City & Guilds Qualified with over 10 years experience


No. 95560

Handy andy’s Maintenance & PluMbing co.

All aspects of plumbing and building maintenance undertaken. Emergency call out. Estate agent and landlords welcome. Fully insured company. Please call:

01458-899543 07539 300388 or email:

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Local Business A – Z Solicitors

Television Services


Shepton Mallet • Glastonbury • Castle Cary • Cheddar “The Professional Service you Expect and Deserve”

ADVERT_HEADER-52943.indd 1

21/3/11 12:57:30

Our specialist areas include:

• Litigation, Employment and Personal Injury • Commercial and Residential Property • Wills and Probate • Criminal and Family Law • • Agricultural, Business and Commercial Law •

Tel 01458 832510

11 Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury BA6 8DL

TelevIsION seRvICes (43 Years Experience) Tv sales

We provide the complete package of sales and installation including aerial work. TV wall brackets supplied and fitted


We service and repair all makes of TV and recording equipment also repairs to audio equipment Tel- sTReeT 01458 442257 e-MaIl

Tree & Hedge maintenance

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TEL: 0800 0858793 MOB: 07590 594699 EMAIL:

reliable service STREET & GLASTONBURY



Mercedes S Class for Weddings & Special Occasions

07580 677500

Television Aerials

GOOD CONNECTIONS Local professional with 20+ years experience


Glenys Redwood at tRees Seamtress with over 30yrs experience

Bridalwear specialist • Pattern cutter & made to measure Small alterations also undertaken

01458 445134

Supply and install all TV, FM and DAB radio aerials

• • TV wall brackets fitted - Extra TV outlets & Sky RF2 • Set up/tuning of TV, digital boxes & DVD recorders • satellites including Sky, European and SMATV

Window & Do0r Repairs

Misted sealed Units? Broken WindoWs?

Extra telephone and data points

UPVC, Wood & aluminium Windows & Doors Window & Door Repairs Fascias & Guttering

Tel: 01458 831534

42 Roman Way, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8AD

Call Glass CorP now on:

07944 792952 01458 851020

o o o o o

All types of TV aerials plus extra points Freesat, Sky and European/Motorised dishes Discreet and careful installations FREE call out and quotations Quality installations for over 21 years

Please call David Ford on either Please call DAVID FORD on either Tel: 01458 298182 Mobile: 07740946385 TEL: 01278 489182 MOBILE: 07740 946385


Yoga in Street. Every morning and some evenings Small gentle classes. Helpful, personal tuition. 01458 447759 / 07807 534616 /

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localreach Street & Glastonbury

20 Victoria Street Burnham-on-Sea 01278 789716

All the best products from your favourite brands including:

Great offers from these manufacturers and more on:











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