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News The Big Interview Pixel speaks to Paul Zhu of Allcam innovative hardware, accessory and peripherals distributors who have recently acquired the Jeff Scowen Photographic business, for a true picture of how electronic and imaging add-ons are bringing additional margins to the high street (and how retirement is treating Jeff)!

Making the Case for Mobile Accessories According to GfK (, mobile cases drove the mobile accessories market’s 3-5% year on year value growth, accounting for around 30% of sales. “Within this category, there is a price polarisation of sales, with both the sub £10 price point and £30+ price points growing year-on-year,” wrote GfK’s Hannah Frost. “The majority of this growth has come through the £30+ price point, which accounted for nearly 50% of all sales value in June 2013. The polarised growth in this market suggests that this category is widening its appeal.”

Wood You Believe it? Hasselblad have launched a new 20MP compact camera, the Stellar, which features a wooden-handle deisgn that contrasts with its up-tothe-minute imaging technology. The Stellar will be sold primarily through high-end retailers such as Harrods and comes with a Carl Zeiss VarioSonnar T* lens and 1.0-type Exmor CMOS imaging sensor.

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3rd July 2013

ChINa’S ChaiN reaCtioN Canon and apple amongst those affected by slowdown of the Chinese economy China’s manufacturing industry’s loss of momentum continued in July, leading to a weakening in the nation’s job market. As the world’s secondlargest economy, any dips in consumer spending power and confidence have knock-on effects worldwide, as China is now such a major importer of goods. China’s new leaders have announced plans to push the national economy further towards domestic consumption, and have said that gentler growth is to be expected in thus time although the have also stressed that the economy will not be allowed to slip too far during this restructuring. China’s economy grew 7.5 percent in AprilJune from a year earlier and is expected by some to fall below 7 percent later in the year.

The knock-on effects are already being felt around the world: despite the comparative weakness of the yen, growth in Japanese exports have slowed down. Japanese exports to China grew by 8.3 percent in May, but this growth slowed to 4.8 percent in June. In response Canon was amongst the companies with operations based in Japan to scale down its sales targets and annual profit forecast. “Chinese consumers tend to be very fond of cameras, especially high-end ones such as SLRs, but an economic slowdown has hit just as sales were recovering from last year,” Chief Financial Officer Toshizo Tanaka said in a recent earnings briefing. Similarly in the United States, Apple reported quarterly revenues from Greater China had dropped by 43 percent from the previous quarter - 14 percent year on year.

the £1200 Customer how much is the average enthusiastic photo consumer worth to your business? you might be surprised...

Enthusiast photographers spent an average of $1,824 - approx £1200 - on cameras, equipment and software in 2012, a 16% increase over 2011, according to PMA’s 2013 “Rise of the Amateur” report. The report was launched to keep track of the huge opportunity represented by enthusiast and advanced amateur photographers, their purchasing and activity, and the resulting growth in the imaging industry. As behaviours are so closely mirrored by buying habits, it’s interesting to note that the average time enthusiasts took pictures per week increased more than 9% in 2012 compared to 2011. Ownership of mirrorless system cameras increased almost 13% in 2012 compared to 2011, and in 2012, more respondents made income

from their photography compared to 2011. It’s also interesting for our trade to note that spending on photo services printing, photo books, photo cards, etc. declined in 2012, both in the U.S. and outside the U.S, but that the number of enthusiasts who took pictures with mobile phones daily or several times a week grew by 10%.

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digital redefined With groundbreaking technology, classic design and brilliant optics, Fujifilm’s X Series redefines digital. Pure photography. Pure joy.

Peerless quality.

Compact precision. Breathtaking power.

Ultimate performance. Groundbreaking design.

Effortless style.

X-Pro1 Awards

Find out more at


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Saying what you’re thinking and asking the difficult questions. Each week the Insider reports from the front line of our industry Jeeeez, it’s been warm… So we finally saw a Summer? A novelty in recent years and more traditionally a topic for great discussion. Certainly in the traditional Photo industry, a good Summer can mean great swathes of people bursting through the doors, heading to the beach/park/airport. If this isn’t the case right now, then perhaps we can expect the masses rushing in shortly after to see what fantastic creations they can make with their brand new images. Is this still the case? One of my guys made up a (terrible) tourist-

themed window display complete with parasol, beach ball and sunglasses and, I have to say, we saw an instant increase in sales of the disposable and waterproof, sports kit that he’d positioned around it. Not to mention one old dear that came in, thinking we sold the hats that were being sported by the mannequin! So, I’m interested to know what you think. How has this glorious weather been affecting you and your business? Join me to discuss online at and also on the Pixel Magazine LinkedIn group.

Getting in on the Action Nikon makes history with a revolutionary new solution for photographers Bob Martin, legendary sports photographer, made history at Wimbledon 2013 as the first photographer to trial the product of a collaboration between Nikon and Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a leading designer and manufacturer of quality motion control products. Using Nikon’s award-winning D4 digital SLR camera; one of MRMC’s SFH-30 robotic heads

quickly moves and rotates the camera from a position that would not normally be physically possible, allowing photographers to shoot difficult angles and in impossible locations. The camera is then controlled and used to shoot images by a photographer from a remote location. The impressive latency of this system of less than 0.1 seconds makes this robotics system an ideal solution for shooting fast action sporting events.

EOS 70D Arrives

The EOS 70D features a new 20.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, designed and manufactured by Canon It’s the first Digital SLR in the world to feature Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, which delivers smooth and accurate autofocus when shooting Full HD movies. Paired with the 14-bit DIGIC 5+ processor and 19-point all cross-type AF System, the EOS 70D captures full resolution images at up to 7 frames per second, with up to 65 JPEG or 16 RAW images in a single burst. Additionally, a native ISO range of ISO 100-12800 enables photographers to shoot in lower light conditions and use faster shutter speeds whilst retaining high image quality.

The EOS 70D is the latest EOS model to feature integrated Wi-Fi, providing the freedom to remotely control the camera, as well as share images. Using Wi-Fi connectivity, users can connect to the EOS Remote app and control a wide range of image settings, including ISO and exposure, as well as focus and release the shutter. This exciting new model will retail for £1079.99 / ˆ 1399.99 – body only.


News Easy and Compact Hahnel’s new Compact C4 is constructed from lightweight aluminium, this 5-section full size tripod is perfect for travel as the legs can be inverted and folded back to just 310mm. The centre column is reversible for low shots. The 3-section twist lock legs have rubberised locking grips; a simple quick twist & pull allows you to extend each leg in one easy movement. The Compact C4 will retail for £99.99.

Manfrotto Launches Top Lock Quick Release System Manfrotto has launched a new Top Lock Quick Release System. Top Lock sets a new standard for ease of use, leveling capability, and portability with unique and practical features. The innovative design of the Top Lock System means that the ball head, the quick release adapter and the quick release plate work together to allow for fast and reliable changeovers. Prices start at £84.95.

Second Hand in Confidence Lenstag has launched a service which aims to crack down on the theft of highvalue photographic equipment by providing verification links for those selling second hand equipment. The feature is designed to make the sale of second hand photographic goods easier for buyers and sellers alike, and by becoming an accepted standard, to act as a deterrent for theft by making the selling of stolen goods that much harder.

Safety at Speed! With a charging current of up to 1800mA, the Powerline 4 pro can charge 1-4 batteries at 400, 600 or 800mAh or 1-2 batteries at 400, 600, 800, 1500 or 1800mAh! As well as charging cells quickly, the Powerline 4 Pro also cares for the condition of rechargeable cells. Battery refresh, overheat & reverse polarity protection and trickle charge all help to preserve the life cycle of each battery. 3

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PocketWizard Cashback! PocketWizard and JP Distribution will be running an end-user cashback promotion for the next few months! Customers purchasing any of the following PocketWizard products, from authorised UK and Republic of Ireland resellers, will be entitled to claim up to £50 cash back by redemption of a voucher and valid proof of purchase. Promotion ends Friday 11th October 2013

Reflecta launches new solution for slide viewing Kenro has announced the launch of a new range of Light Panels by Reflecta. Photographers can choose from four different models. The L130 and the L230 models are ultra-portable and can be operated by six AAA batteries or an external power adapter. The L300 and L600, which are more suited to a working environment due their ability to display a larger amount of slides, are powered by an external power adapter alone. All models possess a lamp-life of approximately 10,000 hours and have a colour temperature of 5000°K. Suggested retail prices range from £63.36 to £117.18 (incl VAT).

Once A Jessops... When Jessops initially went into administration, one of the biggest unanswered questions was what would happen to the real estate previously occupied by the brand’s stores. The BBC have stepped into answer that question, and in their recent interview with Imagex noted that in addition to the stores reopened by Peter Jones, three of the stores once owned by Jessops are now independently owned imaging/ photographic stores. Eight of the reopened sites are now convenience stores - seven of which were bought by Morrisons and one by an independent local. As for the rest, five are coffee or sandwich shops, five are fashion retailers, three are newsagents, two are card shops and two are gift shops. According to the BBC, the remaining 24 are what we would file under “miscellaneous” ... a pawnbroker, a jeweller, a restaurant and an interior design

Online Impact on GB Camera Market

Richard Gregory, Account Director CE/Photo at GfK puts the numbers to this much discussed issue We constantly hear of the move to online for technical goods and so I wanted to give a clearer view of the impact on imaging products. Across electronic sectors the GB photo market has the highest share of internet sales, GfK numbers do not include ‘click and collect’ so the numbers are even higher in reality. If we look at 2012’s value share of internet trade across sectors then Consumer Electronics averages 17%, White Goods at 27% and Photo at almost 30%. In Q1 2013 our consumer panel respondents told us that 52% of camera unit sales were online. The major issue for photo specialist retailers is that in a GfK study in Q4 2012 only 19% of their trade was online and 25% of retailers said that they had no internet presence – a serious concern for the future of specialist retailing in the imaging markets. Internet sales volume of changeable lens cameras have now been in growth for the last 12 months, and in May 2013 grew by 40%

Online Sales out-performing in-store across Photo categories

compared to May 2012. This is mainly driven by SLR, but even CSC sales are in growth on the internet compared to in store where we have seen declines since November 2012. It all goes to show that there are key opportunities in online sales and so a focus, or even a presence in some cases, must be grown. +44 870 603 8259,,

The Flash with Power

Kenro has announced the UK launch of the Nissin Di700 flash gun The model supports 180° horizontal rotation to the right and left, and tilts up to 90° making it ideal for close-up photography. The second-generation advanced flash gun has an increased auto zoom coverage of 24-200mm. Furthermore, the Nissin Di700 is the only flash in its category equipped with an external power socket. Operating with the

new Nissin Power Pack PS 8 can greatly shorten the recycling time and increase the number of flashes, which is further reinforced by its impressive synchronisation, supporting up to 1/8000 second shutter speed. The Di700 also features added sockets for PC sync and a 3.5mm sync for studio lighting system connection. The Di700 is available in Canon and Nikon digital SLR camera fittings, SRP £195.00.

A Small Step for Cooke ...a giant leap for production!

Cooke Optics is to team up with Codex, the manufacturer of highend digital equipment for film and television production, and The Pixel Farm, the developer of image processing technologies, to deliver the next generation of metadata capture for film and digital cameras. The system will build on the capabilities of /i Technology, Cooke’s system to record key lens and camera data to aid post-production teams. Les Zellan, Chairman and Owner, Cooke Optics, said, “We’ve been talking with our friends at Codex and The Pixel Farm about

how to improve both the physical and Les Zellan digital capabilities of /i Technology in order to further assist VFX teams. We’re thrilled to be working with these leading technology companies on the next generation system and hope to be able to reveal more later this year.” /i Technology has received wide support in the industry, with companies including Avid, Sony, ARRI, Thales Angenieux and RED adopting /i Technology within their own products.


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Another Round? DDLTD and Samsung offer perks for golf enthusiasts

Courtesy of Samsung, Digital Distribution were recently able to take a group of Samsung memory retailers to the opening days play of The Open Golf Championship at Muirfield, Scotland. “In total 10 of us were able to enjoy the trip,” commented DDLTD’s Stuart Bench. “The selected Samsung Memory retailers were treated to a two night trip to Gleneages hotel and a VIP day at Muirfield golf course. On the main day we were wined and dined and went around the course and watched the likes of Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy and eventual winner Phil Mickelson before eventually retreating back to the hotel.”

LEFT Trevor, Colorgrafix. Ravi, K Lokumal, Chris, DDLTD. Owen, Campkins Future Vision. Cliff, The Photoshop. Ken, Stait Photography ABOVE: Phil Mickelson

Benro ‘Combo’ Range of Tripods

Kenro has introduced the Combination series of tripods, plus two new geared centre columns

The new Combination range is named for the choice of simple flat platform or geared centre column. The Combination Series offer the highest stabilities and loading capacities of any Benro tripods, making them especially suitable for heavy equipment. All models in this series are manufactured from carbon-fibre and feature multi-adjustable legs with a twist lock mechanism. The C3770T and the C4770T both feature legs with three sections. The C3770T weighs in at 1.75 KG and can support a load of up to 18KG. The C4770T weighs 2.36 KG and can carry a maximum of 25KG. The C3770T is available now with an SRP of £431.40 along with the C4770T model which carries an SRP of £515.40. The AGC3 geared centre column is available now with an SRP of £266.40 as well as the AGC4 model which has an SRP of £294.00. 5

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News Backgrounds in Focus Photodrape have new products for professionals on the go! These particular Creativity Backgrounds PhotoDrapes are packed in a sturdy carry bag, dyed to the same patterns as the PhotoDrape itself. They come with a 6” pocket on the end, along with metal grommets for easy hanging. The 10ftx12ft backgrounds retail for £144 inc vat.

Kodak Exclusive for Argos The Kodak S1 Micro Four Thirds camera was revealed in January and touted for release this year. However, the camera which is being developed under Kodak’s licensing agreement with US company JK Imaging, has not yet hit the market in terms of a working sample. In the meantime, Argos is receiving shipments of an exclusive 16MP bridge camera - the AZ521. Retailing for around £250, it will include Full HD video and will be a great chance for a sneak peek at what JK has planned for Kodak branded cameras in the future.

A Consumer First Lytro gives users the ability to refocus pictures after they are taken. The Lytro light field camera captures all rays of light in a scene, providing capabilities that haven’t been seen before, such as the ability to focus a picture after it’s taken. The pocket-sized camera, which offers a powerful 8x optical zoom and f/2 lens in an iconic design, creates interactive “living pictures,” that can be endlessly refocused. SRP is around £399.

Style and Substance Panasonic’s new XS3 is designed to be the ideal camera for photographers-about-town

Whilst the FZ2Z offers groundbreaking zoom functions for advanced amateurs

The Panasonic Xs3 excels in low light (great for parties, and the latest buzzword for imaging shoppers), filters sure to be popular with fans of Instagram, and full HD. The XS3 incorporates a 14.1-megapixel sensor and Venus Engine for high speed consecutive shooting and full-HD video recording. With the Creative Panorama function, it is possible to shoot a horizontal / vertical panoramic images and add effects. The popular iA (Intelligent Auto) can also be used in video recording and users can enjoy max. 4x zooming in video recording, with a dedicated video record button.

The FZ72 boasts the industry’s highest 60x optical zoom making it ideal for shots that just aren’t possible with other cameras - sure to be popular with birdwatchers and holidaymakers. The FZ72 also features a 20mm ultra wide-angle lens, which captures approx 140% wider angle of view compared with a 24mm lens. The Fz72 also offers Full HD video in AVCHD with Dolby Digital Stereo Creator for superior video sound. The FZ72 also features the newly developed Wind Shield Zoom Microphone that minimises wind noise by approx 70% compared with the FZ62, Adopting Hot Shoe and high compatibility with a host of optional accessories, the DMC-FZ72 pushes the boundaries of what a palm sizes digital compact camera can do. The DMC-FZ72 will be available from August.

Make or Break?

Are the sales that are boosting retail figures destroying our . margins? We asked David McCorquodale, UK Head of Retail at KPMG

“On the surface, recent figures show a healthy performance by retailers, with sales moving steadily in the right direction. However, scratch a little deeper and it seems that last month’s rise was driven by intense promotional activity by department stores. “What we don’t know is what the long term effect of these promotions will be. Yes they are driving sales, but at what cost to margins and the health of retailers? Whilst discounting can be an effective tool to clear end of season stock and increase footfall, it is not a sustainable strategy and over time may do more harm than good.

“Sadly the need to discount to drive sales may reflect the new reality of retailing in a low growth environment. Continued pressure on household incomes, which shows no David McCorquodale immediate signs of abating, has turned us into a nation of bargain hunters, and paying full price for certain items rather seems like a thing of the past. Until overall confidence in the economy improves I would expect shoppers to remain highly receptive to the bargain bin.”


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CCTV by Adam Thirtle - Olympus E-PM1, M.Zuiko Digital 17mm 1:2.8. 1/50th sec, f/2.8, ISO 5000


THE OLYMPUS PEN GENERATION. RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS. * Lens value ÂŁ306.37 - free-of-charge by redemption when you buy any PEN E-PL5 or PEN E-PM2. Offer available until 15/09/13. While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply. Pickup a leaflet in-store or visit for further details.

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THE NEW ADIXXION! JVC’s new GC-XA2 ADIXXION action camera offers “Born Tough” Quad-Proof Design, comprising the best of all worlds and poised to capitalise on the rapid growth of the action cam market.

“Quad Proof” means it’s waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof - all the photographer needs it to be for action right out of the box, no external housing necessary. With an LCD screen and Wi-Fi built into the camera, there are no extra modules to add either. Powerful recording functions include 1920 x 1080 /50p Full HD video as well as 100fps 1280 x 720 high-speed recording for excellent slow motion - a unique selling point that has real weight with those using their cameras for extreme sports and other activities that are driving the image-capture market right now. The kit’s Wi-Fi enables real-time checking as well as live streaming over the internet. Quad-Proof Design means ADIXXION is Waterproof even submerged to a depth of 5m (16.4 ft), Shockproof to withstand a drop from 2m (6.5ft), Dustproof to keep pesky particles out, and Freeze-proof to keep going in the snow and on the slopes. It can be mounted on a surfboard, snowboard, skateboard, mountain bike, helmet or new for 2013 a chest harness and capture amazing videos without a second thought. The out-of-the-box readiness means that it won’t cause delays when time is of the essence, which is often the case for those with high-octane lifestyles! The secret to this Quad-Proof Design is a combination of shock-absorbent internal construction, water-tight gasketprotected body casing, as well as a durable rubber outer skin that helps guard ADIXXION and your recordings from rough environments. The body (including battery, LCD and Wi-Fi) is a lightweight 135g (0.3lbs), and with mount holes located both on the bottom and side, it’s attachable and wearable in a variety of locations to multiply your chances of a killer video. JVC delivers again by ramping up various

performance factors. Most notable for video quality is that the GC-XA2 ADIXXION offers 1920 x 1080 /50p Progressive Full HD recording for excellent footage, as well as 1280 x 720 high-speed recording at 100fps to enable beautiful 4x slow-motion playback. Upgrades over the previous model include a brighter and wider-angle optical lens, improved image stabilization, a higher-resolution LCD monitor with Auto off and Auto brightness functions, a higher-resolution image sensor, a higher audio bit rate and better noise reduction and more. The GC-XA2 also connects to Wi-Fi much quicker, and can use itself as an access point for streaming “live” to a smartphone or to USTREAM, uploading to

YouTube, and still image transfer. The Quad View function of ADIXXION sync. app allows the video streams from four separate ADIXXION cameras to be viewed simultaneously on a smartphone screen. In response to the popularity of editing apps such as Instagram and the use of filters with DSLRs, the GC-XA2’s playfully creative functions include four built-in visual effects to spice up videos and make any situation look more unique and eye-catching. GC-XA2 offers Time-Lapse recording for photos as well as video. Burst mode takes multiple stills at up to 15 frames per second, and Simultaneous REC enables photo and video shooting at the same time. In other words, through a score of new and improved features, JVC has fine-tuned the ADIXXION to become a more powerful presence in the field of action cameras. Truly pocket-sized and weighing barely a quarter of a pound, the GC-XA2 is the ideal all-in-one for today’s active consumer, whether they’re off on holiday with a young family or on the extreme sports adventure of a lifetime. The GC-XA2 can handle anything life throws at it and produce beautiful images ready to be shared straight away.

For more information please visit or email


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FESPA and HP Renew Partnership HP has renewed its position as FESPA’s Corporate Partner for the next three years to continue to ensure its customers benefit from the organisation’s industry expertise FESPA and HP have been collaborating since 2007. Under the terms of the renewed corporate relationship, this will continue until 2016. Neil Felton, Managing Director Events and Exhibitions comments: “At a time when companies have many platforms to choose from, it is gratifying to see the confidence HP is placing in FESPA. The strength of the association demonstrates that wide format print is a strong market to be investing in and that FESPA’s strategy is working for HP’s vision to connect and educate visitors with the latest technology.”

Ronen Zioni, Director of Market Development, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Graphics Solutions Business, HP, comments: “FESPA’s global exhibitions, events and online platforms are among the most influential business destinations in the large-format print sector. Our cooperation with FESPA benefits our customers of the networking opportunities, resources and intelligence that the organisation provides.”

Making Workflow Easier GMG makes the most colour-accurate, versatile wide format production workflow even easier to use

GMG has announced version 2 of ProductionSuite. Highlights include an easy to use version of SmartProfiler; more powerful Layout tools; and a new interior decoration option. GMG ProductionSuite offers the entire range of functions required in a wideformat production environment. “While an expert can deliver acceptable colour results with most any colour

management solution, with GMG ProductionSuite 2.0, anybody can produce the same exceptional colour results, right out of the box,” says Markus Finkbeiner, Director Business Unit Wide Format Printing at GMG.

News LumeBar Wins £250k Smart Funding LumeBar, LumeJet’s exciting new technology for high-speed, industrial applications of inkless, photonic printing, has been awarded £250k funding through the Technology Strategy Board’s Smart programme. LumeBar is a new application for LumeJet’s unique, patented photonic print head technology being developed for highspeed, industrial printing applications. These include ultra high quality documents such as photo books, inline labelling and packaging and plastic electronics.

Printception! InkFactory have printed a working 3D printed Inkjet cartridge... that is, an ink cartridge which itself was printed on a 3D printer. Confused yet? InkFactory reckons 3D printing of ink cartridges by the home user could eventually offer financial savings and promote more printing in the home. With their MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer, and coloured PLA plastics, they were able to make the cartridge from a scaled 3D working drawing of the Kodak 30C.

Customisable Quality

Hahnemühle FineArt inkjet albums now are available as customisable systems, with two exclusive leather covers and four Digital FineArt papers to choose from The show-stopper of the new album concept: different leather covers and content papers can be freely combined. The album cover is available in classic black leather or a new padded version with decorative red stitching. All the cover sets include book-binder screws in two different lengths, offering enough space for 20 or 40 printable pages plus the respective number of

interleaf sheets. Also included are two black protection papers, which serve as front and back cover sheets. For the printing of the album pages, you can now choose between four different paper qualities from the popular Photo Rag range Photo Rag Book & Album, 220 gsm and Photo Rag Duo, 276 gsm are available for the two-side printing, while you can choose

between Photo Rag Pearl, 320 gsm (nacregloss surface) and Photo Rag Satin, 310 gsm (satin-gloss surface) if you print on one side only. All the pages are pre-scored and punched to make turning the pages easy. ICC print profiles for all the papers can be downloaded.

A Million Photobooks in a Month! Russian Publishing House goes for gold Following its investment in a Screen Truepress Jet520EX mono web press last year, Moscow publishing house Izvestiya is on target to achieve its objective of printing 250,000-1 million books a month (depending on size) by 2015 and an annual revenue close to Euro 3 million. Izvestiya chose the Truepress Jet520EX, supplied by YAM International, to print high quality, short-run books and

magazines and is the first project of its kind in Russia and CIS. The decision to install the Truepress Jet520EX came after company research into the Russian book market revealed that the capabilities of conventional printing technologies no longer met customers’ requirements.

The Truepress Jet is installed in Izvestiya’s new 4,000 sqm production facility in Moscow along with a new sheet-fed press for printing book covers and finishing equipment. In total the company has invested close to Euro 6 million in new equipment. 9

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We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of long range sports optics, combining trend-setting industrial technologies with the best possible craftsmanship to achieve optics of the highest precision and optical luminosity. All over the world, enthusiastic hunters, nature observers, birdwatchers, and people who wish to make their travel and leisure activities unforgettable by gaining an individual perspective through high-quality long-range optics, place their trust in the long tradition and uncompromising quality of equipment by SWAROVSKI OPTIK.

We are currently looking to recruit for the following position:

FIELD SALES MANAGER FOR N. ENGLAND, MIDLANDS, N. WALES ThE ROLE: • Selling a full portfolio of Swarovski Optik products within a specified geographical territory • Achieving pre-determined sales targets and objectives • Maximising sales by communicating relevant company and product information • Building relationships both face to face and over the phone to existing and potential new customers • Supporting customers at pre-organised in store or outside events • Training support for all clients

ThE cANDIDATE: • Proven track record in field sales management • Results oriented • Articulate with the ability to negotiate, use judgment and initiative • Enthusiastic, outgoing, friendly, enjoys meeting new people • Ability to plan, prioritise, organise and manage time effectively • Self motivated and self driven • Able to demonstrate high integrity and responsibility • Clean driving licence • Will be expected to work some weekends as the business requires

ThE REWARDS: Salary negotiable depending on experience To apply for this exciting role, please send a copy of your cV, quoting ‘Optik Field Sales Manager’ to: Peter Antoniou, Swarovski Optik Unit 11 Tarbot house,, Perrywood Business Park, Salfords, Rh1 5JQ closing Date : 23rd August, 2013


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A Smart(phone) Partnership Technicolor and Sony have signed an intellectual property agreement which will strengthen their strategic patent licensing initiative in the field of smartphones

Technicolor has acquired select patents and patent applications from Sony covering a broad range of technologies for smartphones and tablets. Technicolor will be the exclusive licensor of the combined portfolio spanning a broad array of technologies including display, Wi-Fi, haptics, video compression, software, user interface and so on. The agreement also includes a patent license from Technicolor for Sony smartphones. This agreement is aligned with the strategy of the Technicolor Group to expand its licensing activities in the context of its Amplify 2015 strategic roadmap. “The addition of Sony’s patents, with its

provenance in mobile phones, complements the already impressive media-rich intellectual property portfolio of Technicolor,” said Boris Teksler, Senior Executive President Technology. “Our combined portfolio covers a wide gamut of technologies found in leading smartphones.” “We are very pleased that Technicolor recognises the value of our smartphone patents,” said Toshimoto Mitomo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Executive of Sony Corporation. “We believe that this license program will help grow the smartphone market by streamlining the licensing of intellectual property.”

The New X-Project Micro from Xsories Actioncam specialist XSories has introduced the new X Project Micro, allowing image sharing in new ways.

One in a range of ultra portable projectors from XSories, the X-Project Micro plays footage and photos anywhere, directly from any mobile device with no additional software required. The X-Project Micro is able to double up as an additional power bank, allowing smartphones to be charged on the go thanks to its rechargeable battery.

News New exhibition shows off Nokia’s Low Light Capabilities The pictures, all taken at 9:25pm, were taken across the length and breadth of the UK by photojournalist Nick Ray, and show brief glimpses of life across the country. These remarkable pictures were all captured in the new Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone – which comes with a low-light sensitive 8.7megapixel camera.

Smart Scanning PlanOn has unveiled ScanStik SK600V, the world’s smallest full page color scanner, now with VoiceNotes and Bluetooth connectivity to send scans with voice recordings to Bluetooth phones and tablets or computers with the included USB cable. ScanStik SK600V is unlike other pen-sized scanners that only scan a line at a time, scanning the whole page at once just like a flat-bed scanner, but without the bulk.

Combining versatile connectivity with a slim and lightweight design, the X-Project Micro is so ultra portable it even fits in a pocket. The LED technology provides brilliant colours and high contrast, easy-to-use and packed with technology for the vivid rendering of images, indoors and out.

Ultimate Phone Convergence


Turning Phones into Camera Accessories

Lepow have unveiled the Moonstone fashionable portable power banks/ device chargers. Available in 3000 mAh and 6000 mAh capacities, Moonstone charges smartphones and other devices when an outlet or USB computer charge is not available. Moonstone has a 360° polished design with no sharp edges and a “Moon-Beam” baked gloss in a variety of brilliant colors: Bright Yellow, Red Rose, Green Apple, Ebony Black, and Pure Ivory.

The best of both worlds?

The Ubuntu Edge goes beyond the boundaries of smartphones into the whole new generation of “superphone” that doubles up as a desktop PC. The company is seeking $32 million via crowdfunding, using the Indiegogo site, to put the phone into production. And it looks to be popular, offering 4GB of RAM, 128GB storage and a 4.5-inch crystal display, whilst having the ability to connect to a standard HDMI screen and work as a desktop PC. “The phone industry today is a bit like the camera industry five years ago,” says the inventor. “Stuck in a mega pixel race chasing wasted resolution. What’s much more interesting is colour accuracy and brightness. Convergence is the key idea we’re exploring.”

The polished face of portable charging

We’re used to phones being cameras themselves, but what about camera accessories? With Luxi, a diffusion dome that fits over the iPhone’s camera and a special app, a phone can become a light meter that can be used with a DSLR. Extrasensory Devices, who are currently taking preorders for this exciting new accessory, say that the standard light meter built into cameras measures reflected light, and only shows an appropriate setting for an average of the whole scene, and can yield an overexposed or underexposed picture, so proposes this addition for the best results.

Canonical has unveiled the designs for the Ubuntu Edge 11

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News DXO Now Supports GoPro and Smartphones DxO Labs announces the immediate availability of DxO Optics Pro v8.3, the new version of its image processing software of reference for all serious photographers. This update allows DxO Optics Pro 8 to support GoPro cameras, five of the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and nine Samsung NX and EX cameras.

USB-Free Connection SanDisk’s new Connect line of wireless storage devices offers essential back up without USB connections - ideal for tablets that don’t have this feature. The Wireless Flash Drive is the smallest wireless USB storage device available to date, and capacities up to 64GB. They allow users to simultaneously access photos, movies, music and documents on their drive from multiple devices around the house or on the go.

Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Art Corel’s Painter X3 is now available in a long-awaited English version. Painter X3 continues to inspire artists with unique tools such as new Jitter brushes that produce more organic art and flow maps that direct the saturation of wet media as it interacts with the canvas. IThe full version of Painter X3 is available for UK £311 and the upgrade, for £156.

Tough Comparisons When we look at this year’s sales figures for June compared to last year’s - with the help of GfK (, the comparison seems quite harsh. However, figures in June and July 2012 were boosted by some quite unusual events. The CE sector is down by -21% in value in June 2013. The summer months in 2012 showed a much more positive picture for the CE market due to the European Football Cup and the run up to the Olympics.

Connected Showcase at IFA The countdown for this year’s IFA in Berlin is well underway At the Philips stand, MMD is presenting monitor innovations for gaming, design, Smart Allin-ones, Touch capabilities and USB and Miracast connectivity. • Touch: try the brand-new Windows-certified 23-inch display by Philips with 10-point capacitive touch and full-glass screen. • Smart All-in-one: discover Philips smart touch displays featuring Android-integrated apps for exciting multimedia, gaming and quick Internet access. • Gaming: true gaming aficionados can look

forward to an immersive experience with the new outstanding refresh rate of the 144 Hz, 1-ms gaming Philips display in a playground setting. • Connectivity: check out the brand new Philips display with wireless connectivity based on the Miracast standard, enabling you to stream mobile content wirelessly for 23inch display viewing. • Great design: don’t miss the 27-inch Philips QHD display, which will be making its first appearance in the new stunning Moda 2 design with glossy white finish.

Transformation Technology Wacom celebrated its 30th anniversary and shared its vision of a world ‘alive with creativity’

Wacom held its 30th anniversary celebration party on July 12 at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi, Tokyo, inviting partners from around the world, across a wide range of industries. Wacom’s President & CEO, Masahiko Yamada, commented, “We are proud to have played a significant role in the revolution in creative industries over the last 30 years.” “Over these 30 years, we have watched as technology has transformed our lives and made it possible for more people to realise their own creative potential. Wacom continues to work with the world’s most creative people, both professional and

enthusiast. We will continue to provide the most advanced tools and solutions for creative professionals to take advantage of this new mobile environment”, Yamada added.

Memory Gets a Kickstart New portable, wallet friendly memory project

An exciting new Kickstarter project has launched with a mission to help those who cannot keep track of their USB drives. S Memory is an innovatively shaped USB drive, designed to slip right into a wallet for easy access day and night. User friendly with up to 128GB capacity and a fashionable credit card shape, the S Memory is made from a choice of aircraft grade aluminum for unmatched durability or ultra stylish titanium. A spokesman for Beyond Vision the team behind S Memory says: “As with many Kickstarter projects, we started with a common problem and envisioned an innovative solution. As developers and product designers ourselves, we were growing tired of forgetting

where we had put our USB drives, and wanted to offer users a way to keep their flash memory close and secure. Even with the advent of cloud computing, high capacity USBs are an integral addition to any computer or internet connection and we expect this to continue for the foreseeable future.” Pledges from backers can start from just £1 and go all the way up to £149, with a range of rewards for anyone who supports the project.










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Flash Drives: The Retrieval Guide Optimal ...of Data Memory Solutions offers his quick fixes for your customers’ flash problems

Flash drives are the go-to storage solution for many now, especially imaging consumers. Whilst many products are simply replaced when they stop working, the nature and usage of memory means that consumers still run to local stores hoping for quick fixes when things go wrong. Here’s a very quick checklist that solves a surprising amount of these surface issues. Format - Teach your customer that if the data on the drive is no longer needed, not to just delete it. The more writing and re-writing a drive does, the more prone it will be to errors, whereas if the drive is completely wiped and restored to its factory state, it will be a clean slate. Continuously deleting data is one of the leading causes of errors within flash media, and it is beneficial to get into the habit of formatting their drives regularly. This can prevent many frequent problems from recurring.

Diagnose - If a problem does arise on a flash drive, it is important to figure out where the error is originating. It is possible to fix this with the relevant ‘check disk’ program that should be installed on most computers and laptops. If a file will not save, or the computer is not recognising the flash drive at all, it is more likely a system error. This can come as a direct result of a USB connector which has become contaminated with fingerprints or dust. A clean pencil eraser will remove any visible marks! Retrieve Data -If, as is sometimes the case, there is data left on the drive when an error occurs, a disk check program on Windows, Mac and all other main operating systems can help to retrieve the data. Run the program and allow the operating system to attempt to fix the problem with the drive. If this fails, the only thing that can be done is to reformat the drive, which will lose the data but return the drive to a working condition.

40% Growth for Digital Media Adaptors Connected Selling is key to these high-profit products Global shipments of Digital Media Adapters - devices designed to stream content to the TV from the internet and IP connected devices - will grow nearly 40% this year, with the market on track to double in size by 2017, according to a new industry report from Futuresource Consulting. “The market shipped almost 13 million DMA units globally last year, with the US accounting for nearly half of the shipments,” says Will Pratt, Research Analyst, Futuresource Consulting. “Fuelled by the continued success of Apple TV, the rise of Roku and underlying demand for devices that carry key content services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, we’re going to see healthy market growth continue for some years to come.” “DMAs have been a diffi cult Quarter Pagetraditionally Ad.pdf 15/5/13 09:30:40 sell, as vendors and retailers have been

unable to convey a simple message about the features and benefits,” says Pratt. “Often, the devices have been confined to technical networking product aisles away from TV sets, which has compounded the problem. However, with the rise of connected TVs we expect the concept of a device which upgrades an old TV to become a connected TV to gain some traction. “While streaming personal media files between devices is still a motivator for purchase, the emphasis is increasingly shifting to streaming content directly from the content provider over the internet, without the consumer ever needing to own the content. Additionally, we’re seeing consumers displaying digital photos on the big screen and this is holding strong as another popular feature.”

Projection Midwich are now the distributors of three new projects from Optoma The EH505 is the latest high performance DLP installation projector from Optoma, offering WUXGA resolution and 5000 lumens, a DisplayPort connection, centre-lens design, full lens shift and three interchangeable lens options. Also available from Midwich is the ‘ultimate in portable projectors’ - the ML800 and ML1000, offering 800 and 1000 ANSI lumens respectively. The LED-based ML800 design is highly portable weighing just 1.4kg, combined with HDMI connectivity, WXGA resolution, touch pad interface and stereo speakers. Optoma’s Head of Product Management, Justin Halls, was quoted as saying: “In many situations the perceived brightness of an LED projector can be up to twice the brightness of an equivalent lamp-based projector. Combined with the extraordinary life of LED’s, the newML range will be clear and bright for many years to come.”

Prepare for LG boom LG Electronics is soon to introduce TV, the internet TV service powered by Sky, to its Smart TV platform. LG will be the only Smart TV provider to offer access to NOW TV for a minimum of 12 months. “The new partnership means that LG becomes the first TV manufacturer to offer access to NOW TV to its customers, letting them instantly enjoy Sky Sports and Sky Movies without a contract. The service will be available from August 2013 and marks another first for the LG brand’s industryleading Smart TV offering,” says LG’s blog.








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THE BIG INTERVIEW Pixel speaks to Paul Zhu, MD of Allcam, about supplying the expanding world of imaging, both online and on the high street.

“Allcam actually took advantage of the online shopping boom and as a result of this, the turnover has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years”

Allcam - World of Portables - specialise in portable entertainment products - a broad spectrum which encompasses a wide range of imaging and personal/mobile computing hardware and accessories. Their range currently includes digital cameras, portable monitors, portable DVD players, portable TVs, TV wall bracket, Projection Screens, MP3 players, laptops and small in car PCs, portable data storage and external data storage solutions, directly imported and supplied at prices that are eminently accessible to independent retailers. Congratulations Paul, on the recent acquisition of Jeff Scowen Photographic and the subsequent merger with Allcam. Can you tell us what led to the meeting of the companies and what particularly makes them well suited to each other? Thank you. As you know, JSP (Jeff Scowen Photographic) was established over 30 years ago as a wholesaler to the photography trade, when 135mm camera and film were the dominant forces in photography. When Allcam was established over 10 years ago, it had already become evident that digital imaging was going to be a winning alternative and addition to film photography. Now, film photography has become a very niche industry that is served by a limited number of suppliers, and even digital cameras are facing stiff competition from smartphones and tablet computers. It is certainly a good choice for the


Managing Director/Publisher: Lee Mansfield 01323 411601 Commercial Director: Simon Skinner 01323 433700 Editor: Laura Knight 01323 437946

best players of these two fields to join hands in this way. On the other front, internet shopping has become incredibly popular in recent years. More and more independent retailers found their business been encroached away by Amazon and eBay, and when these retailers are in trouble, wholesalers are the first to feel the pain. At its peak, JSP had annual turnover around 5 million pounds, but it dropped to around half a million in 2012, when internet shopping truly hit its stride. Meanwhile Allcam actually took advantage of the online shopping boom and as a result of this, the turnover has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years. In 2012 Allcam’s turnover passed the £5 million mark. However, we do have two main issues. One is how to move our good deals faster without sacrificing margin? These independent retailers are good partners for us, they can enjoy incredible margin from our deals and we still maintain our margin online, which is something we are determined to continue. The second challenge is how to convert our knowledge and experiences into products with proper IP protection. Again, feedback from those independent retailers often proves to be very useful in this. They also need Allcam to provide the non-mainstream products and solutions for the benefit of their customers, so it’s a mutually-beneficial arrangement for the good of the trade. Allcam offer an impressive array of product lines from the CE & traditional

Production Design: Laura Knight/Harriet Weston 01323 411601


Editorial Assistant Harriet Weston 01323 411601

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photo realm. What are your current biggest sellers? At the moment we don’t really have any standout star sellers, as much as reliably popular ranges. A few lines have always sold well for us, such as the analogue film that we took over from Jeff Scowen Photographic, high zoom power digital cameras, projection screens... I think to have one or two huge star sellers that set us apart will be our next big challenge. Can you tell us a little bit about the current operation? Currently we have fifteen employees, eleven in our Birmingham office/depot, two who work from home, and two who are based in China. Main brands that we’re stocking at the moment are Fujifilm, Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Polaroid, Ilford, Targus. and Belkin. The new brand is actually “JSP” which we just registered. Jeff used to use ‘AP’ for products he customised for his customers, but unfortunately we can’t register that to continue it on. However, we feel that JSP carries a clear identity and can easily be associated with the history of photographic excellence that Jeff Scowen Photographic is known for. Lastly, how is Jeff - do you hear from him much? Jeff is certainly enjoying his retirement. He now has time to indulge his passion for the arts and spend his free time by the sea, which he always wanted to do.

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