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Issue 5 2013




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We do like to be beside the seaside here at Ocean View. This issue seems to be more beach-based than ever perhaps we’re longing for a sunbathe and a swim as we watch the sunshine stream in through the office window! If you’re a fan of swimming yourself, you’ll enjoy our look at water-based extreme sports. You may even have tried some, but have you tried them all? And have you noticed the growing range of experience-holidays which allow you to try a taster of a new sport or activity in a suitable - and desirable - location? If you’re looking for a new adventure, one of these may be perfect for you. See if anything tickles your fancy on page 28. If you’re a fan of the water but not of white knuckles, you may have found yourself drawn to scuba diving experiences before. We were intrigued to learn that some of the best places to get acquainted with beautiful ad unusual marine life were not where we expected. Looking for new spots to go diving, for new places to explore? Page 14 might hold some surprises for you! Back on dry land, this issue’s destination is Africa, where there’s magnificent wildlife of the four-legged variety and wonders like waterfalls... on the subject of unexpected wonders, we revisited Brighton - both physically and in writing - and found out some things we never knew about one of the UK’s favourite seaside towns! Regular readers will note that Ocean View is now coming out on a monthly basis - enjoy!

A giraffe in Tsavo East Africa (page 14

Laura Knight Editor OCEAN VIEW 3

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ISSUE 5 2013

OCEAN VIEW Interiors, Lifestyle, Food, Sailing, Cruising and so much more...

Issue 5 2013




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Welcome: Discover what’s inside this issue of Ocean View, in which we’re celebrating summer and its bounties all year long. Marine Life: Take a dive and explore the best destinations for meeting creatures under the sea! Spending It: Off on your travels? Make sure your camera is up to the challenge. Destination - Africa: Explore well-known treasures and hidden gems on safari in Africa. Recipes: Daunted by tapas? Don’t be! Try these delicious and deceptively simple dishes. Extreme Sports: Fancy trying something different? We’ve got some ideas that will make a splash Southampton Boat Show: See the latest in sailing essentials and excellence in Southampton this 13-26 September Travelaid: Holiding back from holidays because of bad experiences with illness? Read this! Brighton: Rediscover one of the UK’s favourite seaside towns Giveaways: Get your hands on some free goodies, courtesy of Ocean View!


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Discover the beauty

of Alaska with

With packages to suit all budgets and itineraries, call the experts today and let us take the stress away from planning your Alaskan cruise holiday.

Telephone: 0800 082 2153 OCEAN VIEW 5

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Take The Plunge Even the most seasoned traveller hasn’t seen it all until they’ve embarked on an adventure under the sea! Here, together with Cruise Critic, we take a tour of the best spots for getting acquainted with marine life.


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The Galapagos Islands In Ecuador’s Galapagos, August through October constitute several months of the garúa or dry season when harems of Galapagos sea lions are engaged in on-land birthing as colonies of bachelors cope nearby. Cooler, dryer air and lower water temperatures prevail in these months creating ideal conditions for sea life and snorkeling. Manta ray congregate for plankton that arrives on colder currents, Galapagos penguins are friskier than usual, while hammerhead sharks school in greater numbers. Most species of sea birds are active at their nesting sites providing prime viewing.

this remote sea mount that it can turn the water from bright blue to black as the inquisitive creatures mill around neoprene-clad visitors. All black except for small white lines that underscore the bases of their caudal and dorsal fins. Durgeons can change their diamond-shaped scales into a riot of electric blue, yellow and orange. “My favourite here is the juvenile horse eye jack, which huddles for safety into dense shimmering schools that hurry around in perfect nervous formation as though they are lost or late for something.” The tens of thousands of creatures swimming by can include turtles, dolphins, manta rays and Galapagos sharks.

St Helena, Ascension Island This has been rated by diving expert Paul Colley OBE as one of the best dive sites in the world in his book on the subject. You will find few places on Earth with such huge aggregations of fish. Species normally plundered by man – large crayfish, groupers and eels – live here untouched and in large numbers. “One species, the black durgeon triggerfish, is so abundant around

Turks and Caicos Islands For divers there are miles of vertical walls dropping off 7,000 feet into the abyss, rivaling the walls in the Cayman Islands. Snorkelers will find a wealth of sea life and beautiful coral growth in the “spur and groove” formations (alternating coral reef patches and narrow sand canyons) that lead to the wall. Snorkeling depths run between 10 and 40 feet. OCEAN VIEW 7

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Bahamas Nature has created a textbook environment for coral growth in the Bahamas, with the gulf stream bringing clear, nutrient-rich, warm water to a broad, shallow plateau, allowing an abundance of light to penetrate all the way to the sandy bottom. Bimini, sitting on the edge of a trench, scores both for shallow diving and snorkeling over lush, healthy reefs, and for scuba trips along the precipice. Shark feeds are popular out of Nassau, but at this point in time, no cruise line is offering them as an excursion. U.S. Virgin Islands For snorkelers, most of the action takes place in the St. John National Park. The highly irregular northern coast of St. John creates numerous sheltered bays with calm, clear shallows and decent numbers and varieties of coral and sea life to keep snorkelers’ interest. Though Trunk Bay is the best known, it is also the most visited and shows the most coral damage. Further afield are St. John’s many small cays, or islets, many of which have the feel of deserted islands, with pint-sized beaches you can snorkel to or from. For divers, the points of land that form the borders of the bays continue offshore as underwater ridges, ideal for leisurely exploration. In the pass between St. John and the British Virgin Islands’ Norman Island, it’s not uncommon to see large pelagic fish, including tuna and shark. British Virgin Islands (Tortola) The small islands across the Sir Francis Drake Channel south of Tortola offer an incredible wealth of dive sites including

“Drake Channel south of Tortola offer an incredible wealth of dive sites including wrecks, reefs, walls and canyons” 8 OCEAN VIEW

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St Helena Island South Atlantic “The greatest ocean race you’ve never heard of” Yachting World

The Governor’s Cup Race is an exhilarating downhill dash from Simon’s Bay, South Africa to James Bay, St Helena Island. The next race is December 2014.

“Start planning immediately and get prepared for three holidays of a lifetime, all in one - the race, the beautiful Island and its delightful people and the luxurious voyage back on the RMS St Helena”. Billy Leisegang Manager False Bay Yacht Club. OPPOSITE: Views of the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia ABOVE: The River Neva, St. Petersburg,


St Helena Island

“the most extraordinary place on earth” Tel: + 290 2158 | | e-mail:

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“Salt Island is home to one of the world’s most popular wrecks, the RMS Rhone, a 19thcentury mail steamer lost in a hurricane”

wrecks, reefs, walls and canyons. Some sites, like The Indians, near Norman Island, are excellent both for snorkeling and diving, having areas as deep as 60 feet or as shallow as five. The Caves, along Norman’s north shore, are rumoured to have been the repository for many a buccaneer’s booty. Now they give snorkelers the unusual opportunity to snorkel in and out of short caves among hordes of tiny silversides. Nearby Peter Island is home to one of the most eerily beautiful dive sites anywhere, Painted Walls, where divers glide through steep narrow canyons coated in sponges of Day-Glo oranges, reds, greens and purples. Salt Island is home to one of the world’s most popular wrecks, the RMS Rhone, a 19th-century mail steamer lost in a hurricane. British Virgin Islands (Virgin Gorda) The Baths, though mostly devoid of coral, is a popular snorkeling spot nonetheless. Ginger Island has some nice walls and broad slopes where rays and sharks are common. The Dog Islands have some diveable caves, and a spot called Coral Gardens.

With help from Steve Faber, Cruise OCEAN VIEW 11

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Capture Your Adventure You need a camera that’s ready to go wherever and whenever you are. These won’t let you down!

The Olympus TG-1 is extremely rugged with a metal body and shock-absorbing system, producing fantastic quality images. Equipped with a three-sensor global positioning system and electronic compass, this camera automatically documents your latitude, longitude, altitude and shooting direction – wherever you are in the world. Olympus, £169.99.

The compact PowerShot SX280 HS has 20x optical zoom, smooth Full HD 60fps movies, GPS tagging and Wi-Fi. HS System ensures superb results in low light. The GPS tags the location of your photos and videos while the Logger function can keep track of your journey. The SX280 HS packs all you need to capture and shares your travels. Canon, £299.99.

The Sigma DP3 Merrill is a compact camera with a large APS-C sized sensor, as used in larger and heavier compact system camera and DSLR models and therefore promising better image quality than other compacts. Utilising an aluminium alloy body, the Sigma DP3 Merrill is an exceedingly well built camera. Sigma Imaging, £799.99.

The DMC-FT5 is dustproof and waterproof to depth of 13m/43ft. It is also shockproof, freezeproof and comprehends pressure resistance of 100kgf/220lbf. It newly adopts an anti-fog glass to prevent from being fogged with steam. Take out the camera for fishing, camping, diving, snorkeling, surfing, climbing, skiing or snowboarding – The DMC-FT5 is an all-year-round active field player to record stunning memories. Panasonic, £295.99.


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The JVC GC-XA2 ADIXXION action camera which offers “Born Tough” Quad-Proof Design so it’s ready for action right out of the box, with no external housing necessary. Quad-Proof Design means ADIXXION is Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof and Freeze-proof. JVC, £199.99.

Designed to capture and share all the action, on land or in water, the COOLPIX AW110 is just as prepared for challenges and adventure as you are. Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freeze-proof, it is perfect for capturing outdoor pursuits – in winter, spring, summer or fall. Nikon, £329.99.

WG-3 offers the series’ best waterproof performance (down to 14 meters underwater) and shock resistance (against a fall from a height of two meters). Also featuring –10°C cold resistance, dual shake reduction system, Full HD movie recording) the WG-3 performs dependably and brilliantly in a wide variety of demanding outdoor scenes. Pentax, £269.99.

The ultimate camera for the outdoor enthusiast and extreme adventurer; whether you’re into climbing mountains or diving in the oceans, the FinePix XP200 has what it takes to deliver high quality still shots and Full HD movies, whatever the conditions. The XP200 is Waterproof to depth of 50ft(15m), Shockproof to height of 6.6ft(2m), Freezeproof to 14°F(-10°C), and Dustproof. Fujifilm, £259.99.


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Call of the Wild From waterfalls to wildebeest, mountains to the Masai Mara, Africa has so much to offer for those visiting for the first time, or returning for the twentieth time! Each of its countries is unique in culture and beauty, with a spread of geography and wildlife across the continent that is sure to take your breath away. In case you need further persuasion, here are our top seven reasons to visit Africa


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1. A Wild Time Africa’s wildlife is famous around the world. What and who you want to see may have a bearing on where you choose to go, as not everywhere always hosts the “Big 5” - elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards and buffalo! Some of the best opportunities to get a great view of these animals crop up in the more remote areas: Zimbabwe, for example, has an incredible concentration of birds, and some very unusual species of animals can also be found, such as the king cheetah in Gonarezhou, and the Samango monkey in the Eastern Highlands. Wherever you go, there’s sure to be an amazing encounter just around the corner.

“Governments in Africa are keen to attract tourists as safaris are such a major contributor to local economies”

2. Affordable Safari Options

Governments in Africa are keen to attract tourists as safaris are such a major contributor to local economies. This has lead to some really favourable decisions that have brought the prices of safaris down in order to ensure local economic stability and reliable income. Regular tourism means that most inbound tour operators have managed to keep their prices reasonable despite the global financial crisis, so you may be pleasantly surprised by the affordability of your tour! There is also heavy promotion of tourism in Madagascar at the moment. A trip within or across the world’s fourth largest island is sure to be a life changing experience, giving you the chance to take in coastal plains, remote hillside villages, swamps, jungles and rocky plateaus in the hope of seeing some of Madagascar’s famous and mind boggling array of wildlife.

3.So much to do!

So many destinations across Africa offer an incredible array of fun activities and there truly is something for everyone. For wildlife enthusiasts who want to get up-close-and-personal with the animals, there are Elephant-back safaris and walking with lions. If you wish to climb Kilimanjaro but feel unprepared, you might be pleased to learn that for most tours, no previous climbing experience is required – just a reasonable level of fitness. Thrill-seekers and daredevils looking for a challenge might want to try bungee jumping, white water rafting, or abseiling. For those who want to experience the great African outdoors, there are cruises and canoe trips, as well as the fantastic helicopter flights. These are particularly popular around the Victoria falls area, where other options include touring the falls on foot with a guided tour. Leisurely strolls, cultural visits and open-market shopping for fabric, curious, and other African specialties are all possibilities in Victoria Falls – an African destination unlike any other. OCEAN VIEW 17

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OPPOSITE: Views of the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia ABOVE: The River Neva, St. Petersburg,


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4. Exclusivity

Because of the political and economical climate in recent years, there are areas of Africa that have been relatively overlooked by the tourism industry for the last few years. People have visited in limited numbers since the turn of this century, and only very recently are tourists starting to rediscover these areas. The national parks have remained intact and remote, which is particularly heartening, given the widespread destruction of natural environments in other parts of the world. Central destinations including Zimbabwe and neighbouring Zambia and Tanzania are great bases for exploring the continent’s hidden treasures. Conservationists and businesses keen to preserve Africa as a safari destination are working hard to ensure the protection of the local environment for visitors and residents – human and animal – alike.

“Conservationists and businesses keen to preserve Africa as a safari destination are working hard to ensure the protection of the local environment” 5. Accommodation

Whatever you’re used to from other holiday destinations – be it no-frills camping or five star luxury – you are bound to be surprised by the accommodation choices that Africa offers you. Due to rising tourist demand, investors are developing new options for tourist lodgings across Africa, with something to suit all tastes and budgets. High-end hotels, tented camps, bed-andbreakfasts and self-catering campsites are all on offer throughout the region. A relatively new experience, “Barefoot-luxury” options are also being developed, which offer an exclusive experience of Africa at affordable rates. These creature-comfort packed residences are built with eco-friendly materials, and maintained with sustainable resources, including solar power, locally made furnishings, eco-pools, grey-water systems, and using locally harvested organic food sources and locally-trained staff. These facilities greatly benefit the local economy and are a green, responsible way to visit. OCEAN VIEW 19

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“Each national park has a lot to offer, with incredible ecosystems, lush vegetation, abundant waterways and temperate climates year round” 6. National Parks

Africa’s diverse national parks are famous for their individual treasures – mountains, waterfalls, vast plains and watering holes favoured by protected wildlife…. No two are quite alike. Each national park has a lot to offer, with incredible ecosystems, lush vegetation, abundant waterways and temperate climates year round. The recent upsurge of touristic interest has found that most of Africa’s national parks, particularly those in Zimbabwe, have been preserved and protected over the years of political change, making them that much more appealing to new visitors. Your visit will help to encourage further conservation, as well as offering you the opportunity to look and learn in ways you’ve never imagined.

7. The People: Character and Craftsmanship

From the amazing history found in rock art, to the incredible talent seen in the paintings and carvings of the crafts and curios, Africa proves itself as a rich source of unique cultural artistry. The abundance of rock art and ruins bear witness to ancient traditions in Zimbabwe, dating as far back as the Pre-Middle Stone Age. Zimbabwe is also home to many ethnic groups including the Shona people, whose soapstone sculptures have become world-famous in the art scene. Some visitors come specifically to purchase the unique carvings and fabrics that Africa is known for. In addition to being known for their artistry residents of central and southern Africa they also have a reputation for being compassionate, generous and extremely friendly. 20 OCEAN VIEW

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“Wherever you go, there’s sure to be an amazing encounter just around the corner” OCEAN VIEW 21

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Visionary binoculars & telescopes

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Visionary binoculars and telescopes are manufactured and distributed by Optical Hardware Ltd and are available from your local stockist. For more information, and to find your nearest Visionary stockist visit All models and offers are subject to availability. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice/ E&O.E. Your statutory rights are not effected

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Tasty Tapas

Delicious, impressive Spanish dishes that are perfect for sharing...made simple!

Almejas al fino con jamón Clams with sherry and Serrano ham Clams, garlic, pimentón, jamón and sherry…what could be more irresistible? Serves 4–5 as a tapa Preparation time: 20 minutes, plus soaking Cooking time: 10 minutes 1 kg clams 100 ml olive oil 5 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 shallot or 1/2 Spanish onion, finely chopped 6 slices jamón serrano (cured ham), roughly chopped 1 teaspoon plain flour 1 teaspoon hot pimentón, although the sweet variety will do as well 150 ml fino sherry (see Note) 2 tablespoons freshly chopped flat-leaf parsley sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 1. Start by soaking the clams in cold water for about 20 minutes to allow them to release any sand trapped in their shells. Rinse thoroughly under cold water and discard any that are open, broken or don’t close when tapped firmly. 2. Heat the oil in a large frying pan (wide enough to hold all the clams) over a medium heat and add the garlic, onion and jamón. Cook until the onion is translucent, but not coloured. 3. Add the flour and pimentón and stir-fry for 20 seconds to cook the flour. Add the sherry, stirring all the time and then quickly flambé by setting light to the pan using a lighter or long matches. If you don’t want to flambé the sherry don’t worry, just cook for 1 minute so that the alcohol evaporates. Add the cleaned clams to the pan, turn up the heat and shake the pan vigorously, tossing the clams a couple of times. Season to taste and stir in the parsley, cover with a lid and cook for 2–3 minutes until the clams are fully opened (throw away any that remain closed). Stir again before serving with lots of fresh bread to soak up the sauce. OPPOSITE: Almejas al fino con jamón


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Churros con chocolate Spanish doughnuts with Chocolate This is not a recipe for the faint-hearted as it involves frying in very hot oil. In Spain you would find a ‘churrería’ in every town, where these hot, crisp, doughnut sticks are served with rich hot chocolate. Churros is one of those recipes that could go either way but stick to the recipe and follow my advice and you will be fine. I have made thousands of these – trust me!

floats to the surface and starts fizzing away then the oil is hot enough. If it sinks, wait a little longer. 5. Once the oil is hot enough carefully slide your churros, a few at a time, into the pan. Cook them for 40 seconds on one side and 30 seconds on the other. Remove and drain on kitchen paper and repeat until all your churros are cooked. They should be very crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Make sure the temperature of the oil doesn’t drop, as your churros will not cook properly. Dust liberally with sugar mixed with a little ground cinnamon (optional) while they are still warm. 6 For the chocolate, just bring the milk to the boil in a pot and just before boiling point add the chocolate powder while whisking. Stir constantly for 10 minutes so the chocolate doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pot. Stir in the dark chocolate at the end to give nice body and intensify the flavour. Serve the chocolate in a cup and dip your churros in it.

Serves 4 Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes 400 ml water 400 g strong white flour pinch of salt 1 tablespoon olive oil 750 ml vegetable oil for deep-frying caster sugar and ground cinnamon (optional) for dusting For the chocolate 1 small bag of Spanish chocolate powder for hot dipping chocolate 1 pint milk 50 g dark chocolate, roughly chopped 1. Bring the water to the boil. Meanwhile place the flour and salt in a large pan and place over a very low heat. Stir lightly for 3–4 minutes so that the flour dries out and becomes fluffy. 2. As soon as the water has boiled, pour it over the flour and mix it with a wooden spoon for about 1 minute until a dough starts to form. Don’t over-mix and don’t worry if there are still some lumps in it as you can always finish it by hand once it has cooled down slightly. Halfway through mixing add the olive oil. 3. When the dough is still warm, knead for 1 minute. Place in a piping bag (not plastic) with an 8-point star-shaped nozzle and spread out a sheet of baking parchment. Start squeezing the batter on to the parchment to make the churros. Let me warn you: it’s hard work so make sure you don’t strain any muscles. At this point you could freeze the churros and cook later (they can be cooked straight from the freezer). 4. Heat the vegetable oil in a large deep pan – ideally you want it to be 230–240°C to get that delicious crispy outside and soft interior. To test whether the oil is hot enough, drop a small piece of the dough into the oil – if it immediately

OPPOSITE: Churros con Chocolate


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P OV AUGUST Recipes.indd 25

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Pinchos morunos with mojo picón Moorish skewers These pork skewers with Moorish spices are an extremely popular tapa, although you could make them with any other meat. Mojo picón is a pepper sauce from the Canary Islands and is a fantastic accompaniment to meat, fish or potatoes. Picón means spicy, and you’ll see why… Serves 4 Preparation time: 10 minutes, plus marinating Cooking time: 5 minutes 500 g pork fillet (you can also use chicken, beef or lamb, see Note overleaf) 1 teaspoon hot or sweet pimentón 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon dried oregano 1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves 1 garlic clove, finely chopped drizzle of olive oil salt and freshly ground black pepper For the mojo picón 1 slice white bread 4–5 tablespoons Spanish olive oil, plus extra for frying 2 garlic cloves 5 dried cayenne chillies 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 1 teaspoon sweet pimentón 2 teaspoons sherry vinegar Salt 1. Trim the pork fillet of any excess fat and then cut into 2-cm cubes. Place the meat in a large mixing bowl and add the pimentón, cumin, some black pepper, oregano, thyme and garlic. Mix well, drizzle over the olive oil and leave to marinate for at least an hour, but anything up to 2 days is fine. 2. Meanwhile, make the mojo picón. Start by frying the bread in a little olive oil, drain on kitchen paper and tear into pieces. Using a pestle and mortar, mash together the garlic, cayenne chillies, cumin seeds, pimentón, fried bread, vinegar and salt until you have a smooth paste. You could also use a food processor for this bit. Start adding the olive oil in a thin drizzle while you are still mixing.

Tapas Revolution by Omar Allibhoy (Ebury Press, £20)

3. When you are ready to cook the pinchos, thread the meat on to skewers (if you are using wooden skewers it’s a good idea to soak them in water for 30 minutes to stop them burning). Pinchos morunos can be cooked over charcoal (the best way, in my opinion), under a hot grill or in a griddle pan over a very high heat. Cook for about 2 minutes on each side – you want them to be cooked through but still juicy on the inside. Season with salt and pepper and serve with the mojo picón.


P OV AUGUST Recipes.indd 26

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P OV AUGUST Recipes.indd 27

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Extreme Thrills Fancy trying something different? We’ve got some ideas that will make a splash

From the relaxingly different to the whiteknuckle exhilarating, watersports are on many people’s lists of things to try. But you actually needn’t be an expert – or even particularly sporty – to have a go at windsurfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, surfing or any of the activities making a big splash on the sports scene today. In fact, there is an ever increasing range of experience packages open to those who have never tried their chosen sport before, to allow them to learn and try it out for a day or a week, after which they can either nurse their bruises and tick it off their bucket list or buy their own equipment and become a lifetime devotee! British waters aren’t always the most inviting, temperature-wise, although hotspots such as Cornwall – Newquay in particular – are popular with surfers all year round. For your first try at a watersport, you will however be forgiven for seeking somewhere with warmer waters to fall into, so you may be pleased to note that many experiences aimed at beginners combine a trip to a gorgeous beach destination with an extreme sports course, so that you can choose to balance a day or a few days of exhilarating sport with a day or two of slightly less high-octane (but no less enjoyable) sunbathing or sightseeing. Where you go will, of course, depend on what you want to do, but whether it’s white water rafting on the Zambezi, surfing the swell in Hawaii or kayaking in Iceland, it’s sure to be the experience of a lifetime. 28 OCEAN VIEW

P OV AUGUST Extreme.indd 28

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Extreme sports – the thrill is already in the name. Whether it’s ski sail in Iceland or an adrenalin pumping Tall Ship race around the south coast of Australia, come rain or shine there are some epic experiences waiting for you, and the best thing is, you don’t need to be a pro to have a go! Larissa Clark of Another World Adventures offers five tips to make sure you can really make the most of your experience. 1) Be safe – the right gear is a nonnegotiable must. There never has been and never will be anything cool about not wearing a helmet, so always be sure to get a full kit list for what you plan to do so you can make sure you have what you need

whether you own it, hire it or are borrowing it. 2) Insurance – Don’t let the most extreme discovery of your trip be that you’re not insured for your sporting adventure! Some insurance policies won’t cover injuries incurred doing things like extreme sports in the unlikely event that you take a knock that requires a hospital trip. Read the small print on any policies to make sure you’re covered for extreme activities and any destinations they will take you to.

“There never has been and never will be anything cool about not wearing a helmet”

3) 3) Warm up and listen to your body – or you’ll regret it later! Always make sure your body is ready for extreme activity, whether it’s eating a more refined diet for a


P OV AUGUST Extreme.indd 30

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P OV AUGUST Extreme.indd 31

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CCTV by Adam Thirtle - Olympus E-PM1, M.Zuiko Digital 17mm 1:2.8. 1/50th sec, f/2.8, ISO 5000



OPPOSITE: Views of the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia ABOVE: The River Neva, St. Petersburg,


* Lens value ÂŁ306.37 - free-of-charge by redemption when you buy any PEN E-PL5 or PEN E-PM2. Offer available until 15/09/13. While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply. Pickup a leaflet in-store or visit for further details.

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“Read up on sports that have real technical aspects before you go so you pick up the activities”

while beforehand, gentle training or having a solid warm up so you don’t spend the next day crying into your pillow about your burning thighs. Ask when you book whether it’s advisable to do any extra exercise prior to your activity and if something hurts, then stop and seek advice. 4) Be prepared – you may not have lots of experience at an activity but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared – read up on sports that have real technical aspects before you go so you pick up the activities faster and can spend more time enjoying being there than swotting after dinner. 5) Get immersed – a dedicated trip is a great way to build your knowledge and confidence with lessons, professional support and other like-minded souls especially if you’re a beginner. Learning with others at the same level is a great way to bond and you’ll come home knowing you’ve really done your best. OCEAN VIEW 33

P OV AUGUST Extreme.indd 33

19/08/2013 15:46

THE NEW ADIXXION! JVC’s new GC-XA2 ADIXXION action camera offers “Born Tough” Quad-Proof Design, comprising the best of all worlds and poised to capitalise on the rapid growth of the action cam market.

“Quad Proof” means it’s waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof - all the photographer needs it to be for action right out of the box, no external housing necessary. With an LCD screen and Wi-Fi built into the camera, there are no extra modules to add either. Powerful recording functions include 1920 x 1080 /50p Full HD video as well as 100fps 1280 x 720 highspeed recording for excellent slow motion - a unique selling point that has real weight with those using their cameras for extreme sports and other activities that are driving the image-capture market right now.

Quad-Proof Design means ADIXXION is Waterproof even submerged to a depth of 5m (16.4 ft), Shockproof to withstand a drop from 2m (6.5ft), Dustproof to keep pesky particles out, and Freeze-proof to keep going in the snow and on the slopes. It can be mounted on a surfboard, snowboard, skateboard, mountain bike, helmet or new for 2013 a chest harness and capture amazing videos without a second thought. The out-of-the-box readiness means that it won’t cause delays when time is of the essence, which is often the case for those with high-octane lifestyles! The secret to this Quad-Proof Design is a combination of shock-absorbent internal construction, water-tight gasket-protected body casing, as well as a durable rubber outer skin that helps guard ADIXXION and your recordings from rough environments. The body (including battery, LCD and Wi-Fi) is a lightweight 135g (0.3lbs), and with mount holes located both on the bottom and side, it’s attachable and wearable in a variety of locations to multiply your chances of a killer video. JVC delivers again by ramping up various performance factors. Most notable for video quality is that the GC-XA2 ADIXXION offers 1920 x 1080 /50p Progressive Full HD recording for excellent footage, as well as 1280 x 720 high-speed recording at 100fps to enable beautiful 4x slowmotion playback. Upgrades over the previous model include a brighter and widerangle optical lens, improved image

stabilization, a higher-resolution LCD monitor with Auto off and Auto brightness functions, a higher-resolution image sensor, a higher audio bit rate and better noise reduction and more. The GC-XA2 also connects to Wi-Fi much quicker, and can use itself as an access point for streaming “live” to a smartphone or to USTREAM, uploading to YouTube, and still image transfer. The Quad View function of ADIXXION sync. app allows the video streams from four separate ADIXXION cameras to be viewed simultaneously on a smartphone screen. In response to the popularity of editing apps such as Instagram and the use of filters with DSLRs, the GC-XA2’s playfully creative functions include four builtin visual effects to spice up videos and make any situation look more unique and eye-catching. GC-XA2 offers Time-Lapse recording for photos as well as video. Burst mode takes multiple stills at up to 15 frames per second, and Simultaneous REC enables photo and video shooting at the same time. In other words, through a score of new and improved features, JVC has fine-tuned the ADIXXION to become a more powerful presence in the field of action cameras. Truly pocket-sized and weighing barely a quarter of a pound, the GC-XA2 is the ideal all-in-one for today’s active consumer, whether they’re off on holiday with a young family or on the extreme sports adventure of a lifetime. The GC-XA2 can handle anything life throws at it and produce beautiful images ready to be shared straight away.


jvc_ov.indd 34

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For more information please visit or email OCEAN VIEW 35

jvc_ov.indd 35

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Bring Holiday Memories to Life at

ade easy at Bring your digital photos in-store and create beautiful 54 OCEAN VIEW keepsakes or quality prints to remind you of your holiday P 54-55 OV JULY asda.indd 54

05/07/2013 17:20

Personalised Photo Gifts from


Prints From

5p Prints & Gifts made easy at

Visit or your nearest Photo Centre today

Unpack your holiday memories


Prints • Canvases • Photo mugs • Photobooks • Plus many more gift ideas P 54-55 OV JULY asda.indd 55

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A World of Boating Save-the-Date for the PSP Southampton Boat Show, Britain’s Best Loved On-Water Boat Show this 13-22 September


ritain’s best loved on-water Boat Show, the ten day PSP Southampton Boat Show, is one of the premier events of the nautical season and a key highlight on the UK’s sporting and social calendar. This year the event is set to return to Southampton from 13 – 22 September 2013. Furthermore, 2013 marks a special year for the Show, as the prestigious event will be celebrating its 45th Show this September, with several of the original exhibitors marked to return to the Southampton shore in recognition of this. The Show brings together a range of visitors from seasoned professionals to the aspiring beginner wishing to sample boating for the very first time. Set on one of Europe’s largest purposebuilt marinas with over 2km of pontoons, the Show offers visitors a chance to engage with thousands of boats, brands, products and suppliers. Visitors have the opportunity to explore sailing and motor yachts of all shapes and sizes, or simply take advantage of having all the best boating equipment in one place and stock up on essentials. The pulses of boating enthusiasts are sure to be set racing thanks to the numerous possibilities to get out on the water, pick up new skills or refresh old ones. For many visitors to the PSP Southampton

Boat Show, the signature attraction is Trya-Boat, presented by On the Water, which will see thousands of visitors get out on the water for free. No previous experience is required and with a range of the latest RIBs, powerboats and sailing yachts to choose from, this is the perfect way to immerse oneself in the world of boating and experience the thrill of getting out on the water. There will be plenty to see and do for luxury hunters, too, with some of the most prestigious brands in boating showcasing their latest launches at the Show. This year’s event will see an abundance of exciting luxury brands like Sunseeker, Princess, Beneteau and Fairline, bringing a fleet of stunning motor and sailing yachts to be viewed for the very first time at the event. But even if you are not looking to buy a new boat, the Show is guaranteed to make for an unforgettable experience, with a variety of activities to take part in and several bars overlooking the beautiful marina. Those looking for something really special can book in advance for the Platinum Experience. In association with Princess, this special ticket offers visitors a VIP day out, including a luxury power boat ride, use of a private lounge, morning tea, coffee and pastries, buffet lunch as well as a sumptuous afternoon tea. This ticket really lets you


P OV AUGUST Southampton.indd 38

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P OV AUGUST Southampton.indd 39

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“With a growing rise in the number of women participating in watersports, this year’s Ladies’ Day will be a celebration of women on the water”

experience a premium day out and is great value at £110 per person. As every year, National Boat Show strives to not only cater for experienced boating enthusiasts at the Show, but also to inspire the next generation to discover the world of boating. Aspiring young sailors eager to test their sea legs are invited to get involved in a wide range of activities available at the Show. Get Afloat is the perfect platform for 8-16 year olds to get on the water under the supervision of qualified instructors and for the first time in 2013, have a go at stand up paddleboarding. Those seeking an adrenaline rush can watch the action in the Battle of the Classes Pursuit Race, taking place just off the marina on Sunday 22 September. Run by Edwin

Buckley’s Royal Corinthian Yacht Club over 50 boats are confirmed to battle it out on the final day of the Show. With so much to enjoy over the ten days, one day at roaming the Marina and showground will simply not be enough! Back by popular demand is another firm favourite of the PSP Southampton Boat Show: This year’s Ladies’ Day, taking place on Thursday 19 September, will offer its guests the opportunity to marvel at some of the gorgeous yachts and spectacular feature boats on display. With a growing rise in the number of women participating in watersports, this year’s Ladies’ Day will be a celebration of women on the water. Visitors can explore which water sport to try, find the perfect boat to sail on your own or simply


P OV AUGUST Southampton.indd 40

16/08/2013 12:41


enjoy the social atmosphere with friends or colleagues. For those wanting to stay dry and get inspired, the British Stand Up Paddleboard Association (BSUPA) is hosting an exclusive ladies invitational paddleboard race live in the heart of the Show. Twelve of the UK’s leading women competitors, including current BSUPA Women’s Distance Champion Maria Buchanan, will take to the water showcasing the sport of ‘SUP’ with on water demos and races culminating in a final race competing for the title of PSP Southampton Boat Show Women’s SUP Champion 2013. In association with the Southern Daily Echo on-the-spot prizes for the best dressed guests will be given out on Ladies’ Day, from clothing to dinner in local restaurants, and the event will also act as a fundraising day with all proceeds being donated to Barnardo’s. Adult tickets can be purchased in advance of the Show from just £16 and for £20 on the door, with two children (15 years old and under) going free with each paying adult. Families can also take advantage of the new family ticket available for just £28 (2 adults and 4 children).

READER OFFER! The PSP Southampton Boat Show 2013 has partnered with Ocean View to offer £6 off tickets to the 10 day Show. To get your Show ticket for just £14 simply log on to, or call the ticket hotline on 844 776 7766 and quote PSBS23. For added value, two children aged 15 and under will be admitted free for every adult ticket purchased. T&Cs Offer excludes Public Preview Day on Friday, 13 September. The £6 discount is off the on the door price. Ocean View T&Cs apply


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Desirable Addresses In Malta Tumas Developments is the property-developing division of the Tumas Group. The company specialises in offering residentiallifestyle choices of the highest standard and has been described as Malta’s most enterprising & exciting entrepreneur in property development. Established in the late 60s, the signs were already apparent that the company was set to revolutionise the property scene in Malta. We currently have three standard-setting projects on offer, namely Portomaso in St Julian’s, situated in central Malta ; Tas-Sellum Residence Mellieha, north of the island ; and Ta Monita Residence Marsaskala, in the south. Portomaso is not only the pride of the Tumas Group....but is Malta’s success story. This unique, marina / sea front, selfsufficient complex includes 420 luxury apartments, a 5 star-deluxe Hilton Hotel (Malta) affording 406 rooms, a Yacht Marina, a 23 storey Business Tower, Shopping Complex, Restaurants, a Beach Club, Health Club and underground Parking. Portomaso has not only established itself locally, but has also gained recognition internationally. It has received a number of accolades including “ The Best Marina Development in Europe Award” in the prestigious International Property Award, for three consecutive years and “The Award for Outstanding Landscaping “ from the British Association of Landscape Industries. Last but not least, it is also worth noting, that Hilton International consider the Portomaso Hilton Malta to be one of its flagship hotels. We may offer a small selection of apartments, duplex apartments & penthouses. The larger, unique, duplex apartments measure 450m2 in total, boasting a large terrace with private swimming pool commanding picturesque views. Tas-Sellum Residence totals some 130 Villa-Apartments & Penthouses, planned in 11 clusters, set on 17,000m2 of terraced, landscaped grounds & gardens, that graduate gracefully to


P OV AUGUST Malta.indd 42

the seashore. Here the Residents enjoy the gated use of three swimming pools, communal gardens / grounds and underground parking facilities. Most of the semi-detached apartments overlook unobstructed, picturesque sea, country and sandy beach views. The situation of this complex makes it a great destination for those who either enjoy long walks in the country or simply want to bask on the lovely, sunny, sandy a nutshell...for those who enjoy a tranquil way of life. Here, we have a few 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments & penthouses on offer. Ta Monita Residence, our gem in the south, covers an area of over 16,000m2. It offers lovers of the south, a range of differently laid out apartments, suitable for any pocket. From well proportioned Studios to three bedroom Apartments & Penthouses, set a stone’s throw away from the seafront. Here the Residents of Ta Monita may enjoy a peaceful life with facilities that include a large swimming pool, a spacious square “pjazza” surrounded by shops & offices, landscaped gardens and underground parking. Most apartments command Sea, Bay, Country & Promenade view from their sunny terraces. This project is now complete and 50% of the 140 apartments have already been sold. All these three projects are Special Designated Areas, where non-Maltese purchasers, may buy property with the same rights as Maltese citizens. That means, that one does not require a permit from the Maltese Government ; one may purchase more than one property in the name of an individual/s, a Company or a Trust ; and one is permitted to rent out the property legally.

For more information regarding all the three projects kindly refer to our web site

16/08/2013 14:26


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Customer Service 0800 294 3373 | | Official designer for P OV AUGUST Ribkoff.indd 2

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Customer Service 0800 294 3373 | | Official designer for P OV AUGUST Ribkoff.indd 3

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LAST CHANCE TO BUY AT THIS AWARD-WINNING DEVELOPMENT LUXURY COASTAL LIVING VANTAGE POINT, COWES PO31 8Bq Just one apartment remains at Vantage Point, offering exceptionally stylish and spacious living with glorious views out to sea. Located close to the marina and adjacent to the Royal Yacht Squadron, Vantage Point puts you right in the heart of the sailing world. Priced at ÂŁ750,000. Viewings strictly by appointment only. Take a closer look. Call 07815 633101 or visit 46 OCEAN VIEW

Imagery shows Plots 1 - 14. Internal show home images are indicative only. Price correct at time of going to print. *Subject to terms and conditions.

P OV AUGUST Health.indd 46

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Travel Tummy Worried that an upset stomach could spoil your holiday? Prepare yourself! As we look forward to our summer holidays or Autumn sunshine breaks, a new study reveals that more than half of us have fallen ill while on holiday, which has made us a nation of cautious travellers. Although succumbing to an upset stomach whilst abroad is often referred to as ‘Delhi Belly’ - it is actually often the destinations closer to home where we get caught out. According to research commissioned by Bimuno, a staggering 32 per cent of Brits have fallen ill while visiting Spain, on top of a list of the usual destinations where people are suspicious of street foods and tap water. In fact, a third of us avoid certain countries all together for fear of being ill. Of those who have suffered from an upset stomach whilst away, 60 per cent say they’d avoid returning to that country!

Fortunately for those of us who might be missing out, Bimuno TRAVELAID has been clinically proven to help prevent travellers’ diarrhoea. This could be a welcome relief for the four in ten brits who have suffered from it whilst abroad – more than any other holiday illness, including sunburn (37%), mosquito bites (20%) and heat stroke (14%) For those unfortunate enough to get caught out with TD, 30 per cent have suffered for two days, and 15 per cent for three days or more – destroying a large chunk of valuable holiday time, and causing immense discomfort for the traveller in question, not to mention the potential inconvenience for the family or friends they’re on holiday with. With the threat of illness wrecking a precious family holiday or business

trip, almost three quarters of Brits would be happy to take a medication ahead of travel to help them prevent suffering from travel diarrhoea. Now at last there is an effective way to prevent you from contracting travel diarrhoea when abroad. Bimuno TRAVELAID is new patented second generation prebiotic (a selective food for ‘good gut’ bacteria) for travellers which has been proven in scientific studies to help prevent the dreaded ‘Delhi Belly’. Its unique dual-action significantly increases the ‘good’ immunity-boosting bacteria in your gut and also provides a natural protective barrier against ‘bad’ diarrhoea-causing bacteria including E.coli and Salmonella, OCEAN VIEW 47

P OV AUGUST Health.indd 47

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N Case Study Busy career woman and jetsetter Rachel Fisher has always been careful when travelling. After all, you never know how the body’s going to react to foreign foods or environments. During her first trip to Egypt in 2006 she suffered an upset stomach. As a result, the holiday wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience, nor one she wanted to repeat. She first started taking Bimuno prebiotic powder about four or five years ago, after coming across the product at a work seminar. During a visit to India in January 2010, she took the supplement religiously in the lead up to and during the trip. Her partner at the time didn’t take the prebiotic and fell violently ill. The pair met up with his parents on the same trip, who had also fallen ill from food poisoning. On their second trip to India, Rachel took Bimuno and was happily TD-free! Her trips were quite adventurous, constantly on the move, from one destination to the next, eating from food stalls and restaurants everyday so she delighted in being able to eat what she liked without the pain and discomfort of severe ‘Delhi belly’. In February 2012, Rachel went on a 400km Charity cycle with 100 women around Kenya. A buffet was provided every night and many of the women were taken ill during the trip. Rachel says, “being ill on holidays is horrible enough, without having to complete a gruelling 400 km bike ride.” Once she learnt about the extensive health benefits of Bimuno she was an instant devotee, taking it to boost her immunity and upping the ante before holidays. It gave her the confidence in her body to take on the charity challenge! Now she always boosts her immune system before holiday, taking Bimuno a week before, with 100% success rate! She heard about the new TRAVELAID product in May last year, and has since been adding this into her pre-travel preparations, as well as packing a box or two in her suitcase along with the paracetamol and the plasters!


P OV AUGUST Health.indd 48

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43490 Bimuno Travelaid Thai CruiseMag 258x190 AW_AW 11/03/2011 13:14 pm Page 1

NEW 43490 Bimuno Travelaid Thai CruiseMag 258x190 AW_AW 11/03/2011 13:14 pm Page 1


Supportyour your Tummy Support Tummy while abroad! while abroad! When travelling abroad, the local food, drink and climate can all have an effect on the balance of bacteria in your digestive system.

is a unique andand convenient formulation When travellingBimuno abroad,TRAVELAID the local food, drink climatenewcan all havethat an has effect on been specially developed for business and holiday travellers, to be taken in the balance of bacteria in your digestive system. preparation for and during your time abroad. ®

Published scientific studies* shown thatnew someformulation prebiotic Bimuno® TRAVELAID is a unique andhave convenient that has Galacto-oligosaccharides, such as provided by Bimuno TRAVELAID, can help been specially encourage developed for business and holiday travellers, to be taken in and sustain a healthy level of your ‘good’ gut bacteria, helping to preparation forkeep andyour during tummyyour happytime on itsabroad. travels. Next time you’re going away try Bimuno soft Published scientific studies* have shown that TRAVELAID some prebiotic chewy pastilles to experience the benefits for yourself. TESTED IN PUBLISHED Galacto-oligosaccharides, such as provided by Bimuno TRAVELAID, can help SCIENTIFIC STUDIES encourage and sustain a healthy level of your ‘good’ gut bacteria, helping to keep your tummy happy on its travels. 50 OCEAN VIEW Next time you’re going away try Bimuno TRAVELAID softavailable from Now chewy pastilles to experience the benefits for yourself. TESTED IN PUBLISHED



*Studies on file. Bimuno TRAVELAID is the result of nine years of intensive scientific research with the University of Reading. Bimuno is a food supplement. Food supplements are intended to supplement a registered trademark which is the property of Clasado Inc for a Prebiotic Transgalactooligosaccharide. your diet and should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Bimuno® is SCIENTIFIC STUDIES

P OV AUGUST Health.indd P 46-55 Fishing.indd 50 49

19/08/2013 15:49 09/01/2013 09:47

Saltdean, Brighton BN2 8BU

Through the KEYHOLE at GRAND OCEAN Luxury art deco development recognised as one of Brighton’s most famous buildings


P OV AUGUST Health.indd 50

16/08/2013 12:40

Grand Ocean, the restored art deco landmark now converted to luxury apartments, has joined an illustrious list as one of the most famous buildings in Brighton. The development, formerly the Grand Hotel overlooking the sea at Saltdean, has been chosen as the starting point of a new tour which takes visitors on an architectural journey of the city. Grand Ocean is indeed in fine company as the tour takes in the Georgian splendour of Kemp Town, the world renowned Pavilion, the famous pier and the Grand Hotel. Ever since the Prince Regent built his extravagant Pavilion, Brighton has been proud to be seen as out of the ordinary, as offering visitors and residents something special. Today, the transformation of Grand Ocean from the iconic art deco hotel into a collection of stunning luxury apartments is continuing the city’s association with the architecturally exceptional. For much of its history the Grand Ocean site has been a landmark destination. Built as one of the

most spectacular hotels on the South Coast, the site was blessed with beautiful gardens, a magnificent ballroom and roof sundecks that attracted the “in-crowd” for a weekend by the sea. Today the apartments have a similar appeal with many being sold as weekend and holiday bolt holes for those yearning for that unique combination of the cleansing sea air and the vibrancy of a Brighton weekend. Today Grand Ocean is simply one of the finest coastal developments in the UK. The development offers a range of luxury one and two bedroom apartments along with a very few penthouse apartments which, with their huge wrap-around terraces and 29ft long living rooms offering wonderful sea views, simply take the breath away. Internally, the apartments find the perfect balance of contemporary style that pays tribute to heritage but delivers the very best of modern convenience with the latest kitchens and bathroom designs and oak finishes to all internal doors. Grand Ocean is situated within minutes of the City Centre and its famous architecture, attrac-

1 bed apartment at £175,995 2 bed apartments from £269,995 to £479,995 For more information please call Explore Living on

tions, night life and arts scene. A short taxi ride allows you to sample the myriad restaurants, bars and quirky eateries and to finish the evening with a walk along the sea front. The Pavilion Theatre and the Brighton Centre offer a year round choice of big names and fringe artists and the Lanes offer endless hours of rummaging in antique shops, visiting galleries or enjoying a cappuccino and watching the world go by. For those whose love of the sea extends to more than simply enjoying the spectacular views, Grand Ocean is just five minutes from Brighton Marina and its 1600 berths. Prices for an apartment at Grand Ocean often surprise, being just outside the City Centre you get that much more for your money. 2 bedroom apartment prices begin at just £269,995 whilst the breathtaking penthouse is on the market at £479,995. Further details can be found at or by calling 0845 873 9054. Further details of the architectural tour of Brighton can be found at

A development by:

0845 873 9054

email or visit


Prices correct at time of print.

P OV AUGUST Health.indd 51

16/08/2013 12:40

Brighton Wheel on the Seafront

Brighton Rocks Take another look at one of the UK’s most vibrant, colourful and creative cities.

The city of Brighton and Hove has ancient roots. The Domesday Book lists it as the settlement of Brighthelmstone in 1086, for which a rent was paid in herrings! Brighthemstone was burned to the ground by French raiders in 1514 but the street pattern that formed what’s now The Lanes was all that remained. The first suggestions of the city it is today emerged as a health resort featuring sea bathing and convalescence during the 18th century, prescribed for good health by doctors throughout Sussex and London. Fishing villages were succeeded by fashionable townhouses and landmark hotels, transforming Brighton into a glamorous resort. It became a day-tripping destination once the railway was built in

1841 and from then on, Brighton continued to grow. Many of the attractions which are still extremely popular today were built during the Victorian era: the famous Grand Hotel was built in 1864. Brighton is famous for its two piers, although there was a lesser known third that predates the others: the Chain Pier lasted from 1823 to 1896 and was extremely famous in its day. It was followed by the West Pier, which was built in 1866 and then the Palace Pier in 1899. The Palace Pier is the one that’s still standing today and is host to arcades and fairground rides as well as a variety of kiosk shops, games and food stalls. The West Pier is the one that can now be

“Brighton’s Royal Pavilion attracts almost half a million visitors every year. The former royal residence was built as a seaside home for George, Prince of Wales”


P OV AUGUST Brighton.indd 52

19/08/2013 15:50

Photography Š

Brighton Royal Pavilion OCEAN VIEW 53

P OV AUGUST Brighton.indd 53

19/08/2013 15:50


“Brighton’s Royal Pavilion attracts almost half a million visitors every year”

North Laine, Brighton

Helter-Skelter on Brighton Pier

Photography ©

seen in ruins to the west of its sister pier. The pier was closed in 1975 and has been subject to numerous regeneration plans, but in its history it has suffered fires, storms, collapse and even had a plane crash into it - remarkably, the pilot survived – all hindering any chance of the pier being restored to its former glory. Brighton’s Royal Pavilion attracts almost half a million visitors every year. The former royal residence was built as a seaside home for George, Prince of Wales. Its grand Indo-Saracenic style and chinoiserie interiors are the best examples of their kind in the UK. Another unique attraction, the Volk’s Electric Railway is the oldest operating electric railway in the world. It runs between the promenade and the beach from the Palace Pier out to Brighton Marina. Brighton Marina is the largest Marina in Europe, offering 1500 berths and a huge variety of shops and restaurants. For such a historic town, Brighton has certainly never failed to keep with the times. Today it boasts more than 300 pubs and 400 restaurants, which is more per head than anywhere else in the UK outside of London! The city’s Victorian architectural influences, diverse culture and wealth of entertainment variety mean that it has never faltered in being one of the UK’s most fashionable destinations and an excellent place to spend a weekend beside the seaside, whatever your tastes!


P OV AUGUST Brighton.indd 54

19/08/2013 15:50










01202 706 006 P OV AUGUST Brighton.indd 55

£995,000 - £2,450,000

020 7861 OCEAN VIEW1098 55

19/08/2013 15:50

3 copies of Tapas Revolution by Omar Allibhoy

3 DVDs of highly acclaimed BBC series The White Queen

If you enjoyed our selection of the tapas recipes from this stunning new book, you’ll love sinking your teeth into the rest of these and whipping up feasts for friends and family.

Missed out? Loved it and can’t wait to see it again? Three Ocean View readers will have their own copy to bring the dramatised version of the award winning novel series to their living room.

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To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is email linda@lifemediagroup. with ‘Freebs’ in the subject line and your contact details in the body of the message so we can tell you if there’s a prize on its way to you!

OCEAN VIEW Interiors, Lifestyle, Food,

Sailing, Cruising and so

much more...

Summer 2013


They won’t miss an issue of our new monthly-format for an entire year!



07/08/2013 14:06

P 01 OV JULY Cover.indd


6 readers can win an Ocean View subscription each

2 Jack Wolfskin Culture Duffle Washbags

These versatile and hardwearing, not to mention fashionable, travel bags will hold all the essentials you need!


P OV AUGUST Giveaways.indd 56

20/08/2013 09:17



Cruise transfer specialists Ports Direct are geared to offer CRUISE LINES passengers a nationwide cruise transfer service to/from Dover, Harwich and Southampton ports.

Ports Direct offer the following:

• • • • • •

A range of vehicles from a saloon car to a fleet of executive coaches Our drivers handle your luggage from your chosen pick up location and ensure a porter is at hand to check your luggage in at the port terminal We will meet you at the arrivals terminal holding a name board clearly displaying your name, ready for your return Transfers are guaranteed to operate even when passenger numbers are low Shared door to door and private door to door service Transfers to/from other ports (ask for details)

Call for a quote on 0843 0843 or visit PD Advert.indd 1 P OV AUGUST Giveaways.indd 57


Proud to be members of


03/05/201209:17 11:31 20/08/2013

DP ad



A Cewe Photobook to capture YOUR holiday memories We have teamed up with CEWE PHOTOBOOK to give 4 lucky winners the chance to win a £50 voucher to make their own fabulous photo book full of favorite holiday memories. Whether it’s the holiday of a lifetime or a simple getaway, a photo book can help keep those memories alive by storing precious moments all in one place. CEWE PHOTOBOOK will help you create a special book using your very own photos to make sure you never forget that special holiday! Creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK has never been easier, simply go online to download the free, award-winning software and away you go!

All you need to do, to be in for a chance of winning is answer this simple question: Traditionally, what do people say when smiling for the camera? a) Sea b) Sun c) Cheese

When you’ve got it, simply email the answer with the subject line ‘competition’, to Alternatively, send a postcard with the page number to Linda Grace, Park View House, 19 The Avenue, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3YD. Don’t forget to include your contact details so that we can let you know if you’re one of our 4 lucky winners! Closing Date: Friday 30h Septemper 2013 58 OCEAN VIEW Winners will be drawn from correct answers a week after the closing date. Good Luck!

P OV AUGUST comp.indd 58

19/08/2013 16:19

DP advert WD Mag 6 04/07/2013 10:20 Page 1


The right colour, the right brand, the right website!

Satsuma Albany

Burnt Orange Naturepaint

Jamaica Sanderson Spectrum

Aqua Designers Guild

Coverlet Sanderson Spectrum

Blue Moon Fired Earth

Narcissus Retrospectives

Honeydew Albany

Chrome Green Dulux Heritage

Honeystreet Albany Traditions

Creme Designers Guild

Bandstand earthBorn claypaint

50’s Magnolia Little Greene

Quench the Gloom Paint Library

Acanthus Leaf Mylands of London

Bleached Oak Morris



P OV AUGUST comp.indd 59

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Swiss movement, English heart

Bespoke Unitas 6497 hand-wound movement (Calibre JJ02) from master watchmaker, Johannes Jahnke / Each piece, of only 250, personally assembled by Johannes in our Swiss atelier / Supremely engineered, 43mm, 316L stainless steel case with full diameter transparent case-back / Unique serial number engraved on case and movement Premium Louisiana alligator deployment strap / 5 year movement guarantee 58 OCEAN VIEW

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Ocean View Magazine 2013  

Ocean View - Issue 5 2013

Ocean View Magazine 2013  

Ocean View - Issue 5 2013