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FOOTPRINT Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers

September - October 2010

RAW-some 4th of July Family + Friends + Food + Fireworks = FUN! The annual July 4th picnic is a very special day for RAW members. Not only is it a patriotic holiday, it’s also a day spent with family and friends enjoying plenty of food and fireworks! All together it makes a day of fun enjoyed by all!

2010 AWARD WINNERS Water Duty Volunteer Thomas Okazaki Female WOW – ZER Laurie Lukanich Male WOW – ZER Thomas Okazaki Sidekick/Favorite Running Partner Jack Hase Dynamic Duo Doug and Mary Keeffe Volunteer of the Year Randa Foster Junior Volunteer of the Year Matt Barnhart Cross Training Award Michelle Blackard Cleveland Ray Spirit Award Marty Metzger Best Foot Forward Kelly Richards

(l-r) Danyah Arafat-Johnson, Michelle Liles, Anne Woods, Suann Lundsberg and Jennifer Cooper.

(l-r) Doug Noell and Debi Carpenter with “Dynamic Duo” Mary and Doug Keeffe.

Newlyweds Brad and Michelle Liles.

Congratulations to all of the 2010 Award Winners.

(l-r) Tony Flesch, Kelly Richards and Ray Harris at the “Best Foot Forward” presentation.

P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, TX 76099

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2 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2010

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lake grapevine Runners & Walkers Club

CoNgr atUlatioNs • To Michelle Putze and Brad Liles on their recent marriage. • To all the RAW members who participated in events locally and around the country. We had many new PR (personal record) times and distances. Check the race results for further details. thoUghts & Pr ayers • To Mary Ann Calvio on the recent passing of her brother. • To Anne Woods on the recent passing of her mother. • Sending positive thoughts to Diane Hernandez as she continues her battle with leukemia. sPeedy reCovery • To Susan Barnett, Ray Harris, John St. John, Alan Engisch and Jim Rubalcaba who are nursing injuries. good Bye & good lUCk • To Tim Oberholzer who is attending St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston. thaNk yoU • To Randa and Ryan Foster for hosting the luau. • To Jack Hase and his handful of volunteers for putting together the Gro Bait Ice 5K racing series. • To all our volunteers who put out water and sports drink for the weekend runs. We appreciate each and every one of you. lost & FoUNd • Items in the Lost & Found are piling up! If you left something at the clubhouse, please check to see if we found it. All unclaimed items are in the clear tote along the north wall of the clubhouse (just outside the bathroom). ChaNge oF address • To change of Address, please notify Danyah Arafat-Johnson at helP WaNted Looking for a Race Director for the 2011 Hound Dog Hustle club run. For more information contact Ray Harris at RayH@ aNNoUNCemeNts Join us on Facebook. Become a fan of Lgraw Runners & Walkers page and get the latest RAW updates in your newsfeed. RAWear now on sale. Short and long sleeve dri-weave, moisture wicking technical shirts. The short sleeve shirts are available in men's and women's cut in white, silver or yellow (men's only). The long sleeve shirts are unisex and available in white or silver. Longsleeve shirts are priced at $15 and short-sleeve at $10. Available only while supplies last. Deadline for the next FOOTPRINT is October 1st. Send your articles to lgrawfootprint Send your Footnotes to

RAW Around Town Social Calendar & Events Check the RAWforum for information on all club events:

RAW Walk/Runs

SNL Dinners

Walk/Run every Saturday & Sunday 7 a.m. (daylight savings time) 8 a.m. (standard time)

Saturday Night Live Dinners 1st Saturday of every month, 5 p.m.

Trail Runs Trail Run every Wednesday & Friday 7 a.m. (year round) at the clubhouse

Track Workouts

September 4 – Hard Eight BBQ, Coppell October 2 - California Pizza Kitchen, Grapevine November 6 - Baja's, Grapevine

Gro Bait Ice 5K Race Series Gro Bait Ice 5K Race Series

Trackies meet every Tuesday 5 p.m., Grapevine Middle School

Sunday, September 12, 7 a.m. or see ad on page 7 for more information.

Hill Workouts

RAW “Night at the Movies”

Hillbillies meet Thursday nights Thursdays 5:45 p.m. even # Thursdays, at the clubhouse odd # Thursdays meet at Parr Park

RAW “Night at the Movies”

Board Meetings 2nd Monday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at the clubhouse September 13 & October 11 All members are welcome to attend.

Featured Film - “Run Fat Boy Run” Saturday, September 25, the clubhouse at sunset. See ad on page 5 for more information.

RAW Double Trouble 5K & 10K RAW Double Trouble 5K & 10K RRCA Championship Race Saturday, October 9 Plan to run or volunteer. For more information go to doubletrouble2010.html. See ad on page 7 for more information.

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President’s Message A perspective to the members from RAW President Ray Harris Ray Harris


ow! I can’t believe I’m already a year into my term. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. With the country, the POTUS (President of the United States) gives a State of the Union address at about this point. I contacted all the major networks (and everyone else, including the local cable networks), but no one was interested in broadcasting my state of the club address. For that reason, you get a state of the club report. The past year was a pretty good one and all the credit goes to the race and event directors and their volunteer staffs that stepped up and delivered. We had three very successful races. Kelly Richards and Terry Marcott did a great tag team on double trouble in bringing home a winner of an event. Jeff Barnhart was unbelievable with Bold in the Cold, delivering a record number of participants for any LGRAW race. Randa Foster took on hound dog hustle, the club’s signature event, and pulled it off without a hitch, despite a few last-hour twists that threatened to undermine the well laid-out plans. All of the canine rescue groups were thrilled with the event and the exposure their breeds received from a near-record crowd.

On the social calendar, the annual holiday Party was a stellar event hosted by Suann and Chris Lundsberg. Suann was a new club member at the time and she opened her home to a whole lot of people she barely knew, but quickly became her friends. The 4th of July Picnic was a wonderful evening of food, friendship and fireworks. Even though Bridget and David Smith couldn’t be there, all the prep work that they performed made it very easy for the rest of us to have a great day. There were outstanding performances for a lot of our membership, but Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki’s 100th marathon, when he pulled off a PR (personal record) at Cowtown, has got to be one the top highlights. We added some new faces to the LGRAW Board in July. Emily Johnston became the new Treasurer succeeding Brad liles. The new At-Large-

4 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2010

Members (2-year terms) are danyah arafatJohnson, elizabeth lawrence, staci rivero and suann lundsberg. Completing a couple of board positions that were open due to a job change and a relocation are rick sanford and Brad liles. An interesting note about the makeup of the board is that all current positions held by males will be up for election next July. This could be a femaledominated board next year. Even if that happens, I’m not anticipating any major decoration changes, but you never know. We’ve got some challenges that the board intends to address in the next few months and we’re looking for non-board members to help us make the right recommendations to take the club to the next level. There were a number of recommendations coming out of the financial review performed this spring by Craig Minyard and Kat Sparks working with Brad Liles, that we’ll be striving to adopt. Additionally, a committee is developing a budget for 2011 that will give us a better view of our current status and keep us on track for long term goals. A committee is also being formed to review the election nomination and ballot process and timeline. There was a little confusion this year, so we wish to address each of those issues for next year. We’re still looking for a Race Director for Hound Dog Hustle. There is a lot of experience around the club to help anyone who steps forward, but we do need someone to take charge. Let me or any board member know if you have an interest. Bottom line is LGRAW is in great shape and it looks like another great year is ahead of us. There have been no discussions about raising dues. Just look at all you get now for only $20 or $30 for your family membership. What a deal! I hope to see you at the clubhouse in the coming weekends as summer is just about behind us.


LGRAW is on Facebook. Become a FAN of Lgraw Runners & Walkers page to get the latest updates in your news feed. Posts will keep you up to date on all RAW events. Join us today.

Essay Contest By Marty Metzger and Stacie Sauber


ollowing up on our recent FOOTPRINT article (see page 14 of the March 2010 issue), postings on NTTR’s (North Texas Trail Runners) discussion board, and much talk in the running community, Stacie Sauber and I came up with the fun and interesting idea to have an essay contest about barefoot running. We will do the initial screening of submissions, and, get this, “Barefoot” Ted McDonald, one of the colorful, real-life characters from Christopher McDougall’s bestseller Born To Run, has graciously agreed to read the top essays and help select the winner! For those unfamiliar with the legendary Barefoot Ted, in August 2009 he ran the “Race Across the Sky” wearing Vibram® KSO Treks and finished in 25:54. Located in the Colorado Rockies, the Leadville Trail 100 mile ultramarathon

has a low point of 9,200 feet elevation, and a total ascent and descent of 15,600 feet. Yeah, we’re talking serious running. Who: The contest is limited to members of LGRAW and NTTR. What: We’re looking for one or two pages on the subject, “How and why I plan to try the minimalist running approach.” When & Where: Entries should be submitted no later than October 1st to The winning essay(s) will be published in the January 2011 edition of FOOTPRINT and on NTTR’s discussion board. Why: The 1st prize entry wins a new pair of Vibrams!

Win a New Pair of vibrams, send your entry today! Send your entry or for more information, contact

September - October 2010 |


Fontana Days Half: the World’s Fastest Half Marathon By Stephanie Lindgren


uring my flight from Dallas to San Bernardino, California, I began talking to the gentleman next to me on the plane about running. He asked why I was going to California and I said, “To run in the world’s fastest half marathon this weekend.” “Oh, the Rock’n’Roll San Diego?” he asked. I told him, “No, actually it is in Fontana.” “Hmm… Fontana. Have you ever been there? Not typically a place that people fly across country to visit. I wouldn’t have thought smog was good for a fast half marathon,” he observed. This seemed to be a common response that all five of us received every time we told a local where we were going. Our group of five “Trackies,” consisting of Troy Pruett, Nick Kannady, Colleen Casey, Amy Matasso, and me, flew into three different airports, covered much of southern California by car, and finally met up in Fontana, California, on Friday afternoon. As we approached town, we all began to question “Why did we let Troy talk us into this?” The smog that covered the city was the thickest I’ve ever seen and the nicest restaurant we passed was a Del Taco®. We decided to go for a drive on Friday evening up to Rancho Cucamonga to eat at an Italian food restaurant that Nick found. On the way back, we drove the race course backwards and everyone was in agreement that it didn’t seem very steep … until we looked behind us and saw the 2,200-foot drop. It was a 13.1- mile straight shot down the smoggy mountain and into town. As we drove the course back to the hotel, we measured it in the car and the odometer read 12.5 miles and we all began to wonder if we flew across country to run a course that was called “the fastest,” but was actually “short?” We made a pact that if it was, we would not tell anyone at home that our PRs (personal records) were set on a short course. The secret would stay amongst us. Luckily, this was not the case; the course was measured correctly. On Saturday morning, we went to the finish line to ride the buses up to the start line. I was extremely impressed how smoothly everything went: the lines moved quickly, there was plenty of room on the buses, and we had plenty of time to get ready for the race. We had been given advice to bring throw-away clothes because the mornings can be chilly on the mountain. We had an

(l-r) Stephanie Lindgren, Amy Matasso, Colleen Casey, Troy Pruett and Nick Kannady.

unusually warm morning, though, and didn’t need much. Colleen referred to my race bag as “larger than the suitcase she brought for the entire trip,” but at least I was prepared! Colleen brought nothing but her race face. When we went to check our bags (which was actually just the bed of a pickup truck), we passed by the local news crew who was interviewing some of the elite runners. Unfortunately, I cannot do this part of the story justice. Many of you have already heard the story and I can guarantee you are laughing out loud as you read this. If you haven’t, ask Amy Matasso the next time you see her about the runners who were sponsored by Hefty® trash bags. We definitely made the first-timers’ mistake of not starting on the line because the first quarter-mile was a mad dash down the hill, dodging runners, trying not to fall, knowing if you did you might not make it out alive. After the initial sprint, we began to spread out, and from that point on everyone tried to take advantage of the first six miles of downhill before hitting the flat part of the course. The downhill portion ended up being a lot easier than we had all anticipated. The Thursday “Hillbilly” hill workouts definitely paid off. Around Mile 8, I began running with a man named Vic and I am extremely grateful for his help. He

6 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2010

asked me what my goal was and I told him I wanted break 1:30. He coached me to the finish line for the next five miles, refusing to let me slow down when I started to crash. With 200 meters to go he said, “You’ve got it made. This is your time – give it all you’ve got!” Then, he dropped back so that I could have everyone cheering for me as I crossed the finish line by myself. Our group represented RAW extremely well, with impressive finishes all around! We had our post-race celebration back in Rancho Cucamonga at the Yard House. If you haven’t ever been to one, I highly recommend it. The food was great and they have the world’s largest selection of draft beers. It’s no surprise that the Trackies ended up there. Despite our pre-race skepticism, we all ended up impressed with the race. The course was as fast as promised and there were plenty of volunteers, a great goody bag and nice medals. All in all an awesome race, especially for only $30! If you are looking to set a half marathon PR and have a fun weekend get-away, definitely check this race out. You won’t be disappointed. Who knows, I might be back next year for another PR.

RAW in the Kitchen By Bridget Smith

Fall – back to school, racing / training season, the approaching holidays (which seem to start earlier and earlier each year) – who has time to cook? I say dust off that old crock pot and let it do the work for you. I got this recipe from our own Colleen Casey. It is so good and could not be simpler. Serve it with tortillas and your favorite taco fixin’s, a salad, and you are done!

RAW’s Double Trouble 5K & 10K RRCA Championship Race Saturday, October 9

Crock Pot Mexican Chicken

2 pounds boneless chicken breasts* 1 large jar of your favorite salsa 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed

Rinse and season the chicken with salt and pepper. Place in the bottom of the crock pot. Pour salsa and beans over the top of the chicken. Cook on high for 4 - 6 hours. Option – use a salsa with beans and corn already in it, omit the beans. *if using boned chicken, be careful to check for and remove small bones as this chicken will fall apart as it cooks.

Please send recipe ideas and comments on this column to Bridget Smith at

Contact to volunteer. For more info and to register go to: doubletrouble2010.html.

the last in the series is sunday, september 12

September - October 2010 |


In a Flash! Training Plans By Tony “Flash” Flesch


ust prior to the kick-off of fall marathon training, several people were discussing training programs and the merits / drawbacks of each and asking the question: Which training program is best? This is a simple question, but it doesn’t have a simple answer. As I wrote in my column last month, you need a program based on proven principles that is both realistic and right for you. While you can certainly get a lot of good insight, education, and feedback from asking others what program they use, their training plan may not be the right one for you. Most of us have family, work, and other commitments that we must also work into our daily schedule. You must first ask yourself what you can realistically commit to doing for the next sixteen to twenty-four weeks. We have had members that have had great success, and Boston Marathon-qualifying times (BQ), on different plans ranging from three days to six days of running a week. If you like cross-training, and your schedule will only allow limited running days, there are good plans that have three to four days of running and incorporate cross-training like cycling, elliptical, swimming, etc. on the other days. If you like to run almost every day, there are good plans available for that. There are plans from basic to advanced, depending on your level. The distances also vary from the 5K to an ultra-marathon. After you decide if you can realistically commit to a sixteen to twenty-four week schedule, you then need to ask yourself how you want to get moving. Do you plan to (a) train on your own or with a friend, (b) join a formal running group-training program, or (c) hire a coach? Since you are already in a running group, you have a great place to find people to train with – and know that RAW always has

people training for something. There are also several good local running group-training programs. Some people prefer more individualized training and motivation and hire a coach, either “live” or “virtual.” I won’t go into detail on the formal group-training programs available or coaching options in this article, but I would be glad to discuss with anyone who has questions. When deciding on a training program, you will need to ask yourself several additional questions to help you decide what is right for you. 1 Are you injury prone? 2 What is your current level of fitness and mileage? 3 What is your running goal? 4 Do you want to improve your time, just finish the race, or maybe BQ? 5 What is your purpose? Is this part of an overall fitness program? In my coaching experience, I often find that many beginning runners list losing weight as a top priority. As most veteran marathoners can attest, training for a marathon and losing weight are not necessarily a good match. Keep in mind that what is right for someone else may not be right for you. Just because Jane Runner used program x, it does not mean it is a good training plan for you. In her May 2010 Runner Triathlete News article, Libby Jones, our North Texas RRCA State Representative, had a very good column titled, “One Size Does Not Fit All in Training Programs.” I started the article by saying that you need to find a program that is right for you and based on proven principles. We have discussed some things to consider when assessing what it realistic and right for you. Now, what do we mean by proven principles?

When you look at some of the top programs and coaches, they have some commonalities such as using a form of periodization, cycles, and phases. Many employ three key weekly workouts. How long you stay in each phase can vary by individual and is dependent upon your ability, level, and goal. For example, if you are a first-time marathoner, you might spend a good part of your training in the “Base Building” phase. If you have run several marathons, you might focus more on the “Sharpening or Performance” phase. The three key weekly workouts are typically a long run, tempo run / interval run, and speed work and are incorporated in some form into each phase. A common mistake some runners make is forgetting that the word “slow” is in “long, slow distance” on the long run and they run it too fast. The long run is not a race and taking it too fast often leads to injury. While it is necessary to include Marathon Pace miles in your training regime, you should not take every long run at that pace. Another common mistake is losing focus of your goal. For example, if the goal is to run ten Yasso 800s at 3:40, you are missing the point if you go out like a jackrabbit and run the first few at 3:10 and then finish like a turtle and can only manage 5:10s at the end. Likewise, if you decide to incorporate a half marathon into your marathon training and your goal is to run a couple of warm-up miles and ten miles at marathon pace, keep your focus! Mark Miller has an excellent “On Your Mark” article in the May 2010 issue of the FOOTPRINT discussing staying focused and sacrificing times in shorter races to maximize your potential in your goal race. One final note, whatever plan you choose, don’t forget to include some core strength and flexibility into your plan.

Tony is a RRCA Road Runners Club of America Certified Running Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Board of Directors – Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, Running Coach at RunOn!™ Coppell, and writes a running column for

8 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2010


Luau W

e always knew RAW was a colorful group. Now we know it’s not only for our personalities. The colorful prints came out in force for the annual RAW Luau, hosted by Randa and Ryan Foster. This year’s party was held on Saturday, July 24th. It was a beautiful summer night which allowed the guests to enjoy the evening outside. Many chose to take a swim while others engaged in poolside conversations. It was a perfect opportunity to relax and catch up with RAW running buds and their spouses. At last we now know Christine Bassano’s (center) diet secret... drink your beer through your palm.

(l-r) Lorraine Wessels and Rick Sanford eye some desserts. Yum!

(l-r) Hostess Randa Foster and Kelly Richards.

(l-r) Staci Rivero, Gary Howsam and Noreen Henry.

(l-r) Evelyn Luccioni, Susan Harris, Michelle Liles, Joe Luccioni, Denny Maietta and Laura Swenson.

(l-r) Dennis and Nancy Novak

(l-r, front) Laurie Lukanich, Doug Keeffe, Brad Liles and Mary Keeffe shield Gary Howsam from the photographer.

September - October 2010 |


Summer Workouts Can Kill You: Preventing Heat Stroke By Dr. Marybeth Crane It’s that time of year again when many of us feel like we are training on the face of the sun or in the 4th level of Dante’s inferno. Summer sports are in full swing and fall marathon training will not wait until fall temperatures hit Texas. Age-group track meets in 100° heat for 10 hours, football summer workouts on fields so hot the rubber on the cleats can melt and soccer games in humidity that can actually kill you! Whether you live in Texas or Rhode Island; the summer heat kills athletes every year! How can you keep yourself safe and still fully participate in summertime sports? Here are some simple tips to keep you safe: listen to your body. Remember that heat cramps lead to heat exhaustion, which leads to heat stroke. Stop when you feel cramping, not when you feel like passing out. This is not the time of year to “suck it up” and be the tough guy. Tough guys can actually die from being stubborn. If you feel “weak and woozy,” it’s past the time to stop. Seek attention immediately. reduce the intensity of your workout when it’s hot. Remember that the higher the temperature and humidity, the harder your body has to work for the same speed. Use perceived exertion as an index or wear a heart rate monitor. Every day is different and you need to be in tune with your exertion level. If you can’t talk when you are running more than 15 minutes, then you are running too fast for the temperature. take time to get used to the conditions. It takes a full two weeks of heat and humidity to “get used to it.” The body has been shown to take 8 to 10 increments of 30 to 45 minutes in the heat to acclimatize. Give yourself some

time in the early season to become heat-tolerant. Give yourself some extra time to get used to increased levels of exertion. Drink plenty of fluids. Most runners are already dehydrated when they start training or competition. Drink at least a pint of water two hours before training runs and then at least 8 ounces 15 minutes before any competition. keep drinking periodically during training or any long competitions. Use an electrolyte-replacing sports drink if the duration of exercise is more than an hour. Drink at least every 20 minutes even if you don’t feel thirsty. By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Weigh in before and after competition. A good way to gauge fluid loss is weight loss. Replace the loss after competition to maintain hydration. Wear loose, sweat-wicking, light colored clothing. There are lots of synthetic materials on the market that help wick sweat away from your body and keep you cool. This is not the time of year for cotton t-shits and shorts. Spend the money on proper clothing to keep yourself cool. Wear sunscreen and replenish regularly. Sweating or swimming in a pool for more than 30 minutes will wash off even the most “waterproof sunscreen.” Keep reapplying. Remember that blistering sunburns have been linked to skin cancer. Heat-related illness claim lives every year. Don’t be the sun’s next victim. Follow these tips and remember that heat illness is for real before it’s too late.

Dr. Marybeth Crane is a life-long runner and a sports medicine podiatrist. For more information on foot related topics, visit or read her blog at or call (817)416-6155.

Did you know photos from many RAW races and social events can be found on the RAW website? Go to and click on “gallery.”

10 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2010

What the Good Spectator Does et me just state up front, if you are easily offended by feeble attempts at dry humor, go to the next article. If you are lucky, the FOOTPRINT editorial board rightfully censored any highly offensive commentary. In case something slipped by, I’m not interested in your complaints involving political correctness. Several RAW members unknowingly chipped in during one of many shade tree sessions in back of the clubhouse. I will take credit for the packaging and not the ideas of the few, the proud, the insensitive. We have all been there, spectator and runner alike. I have deduced that spectators are the worst liars in the business. Would you want a spectator to represent you in court? Where do spectators get off with their cups of coffee and beer, sitting in the shade of a 200-year oak tree, in a comfy lounge chair, shouting at runners? There are always several good spectators at the start line: “Ha, ha. Only 26 miles to go, ha, ha!” As if this cheery retort will block all the pain and suffering. If they had only been there when I hit the send button. What they should be saying, “You poor dumb S.O.B. Didn’t your momma teach you anything?” It’s good to know you look your best near the end. I know this because good spectators always tell me I’m a good looking guy (Of course I already know I’m handsome and don’t need to be reminded). I don’t know why runners spend so much time buying designer clothes and make-up. All you need to do is run 18 miles just before work, the big interview, or your hot date. What they should say is, “You look pathetic. Stop slinging sweat all over the place… and my baby crawls faster than you run.” I love the good spectator comment, “It’s all downhill from here.” This is

RAW Walk/Run Walk/Run every Sunday

By Troy “T-Roy” Pruett



a frequent secret piece of information shared with the downtrodden. Naturally, the good spectator knows this because of the extensive research performed while training to sit in a lounge chair. What they should say is, “Get ready for the 3% grade halfmile hill the sadistic race director placed a mile up the road.” This bit of encouragement from the good spectator always makes me happy, “Only one mile to go!” What exactly is at the end of that one mile destination? No matter the race, it’s definitely not the finish line! It reminds me of the Cool Hand Luke movie quote, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” How can so many people be so wrong? I didn’t know so many people went to Texas A&M. What they should say is, “You think it hurts now, you still have miles and miles to go.” Good spectator wisdom also has its charm. “It hurts just as much to walk as it does run, so you might as well run.” Surely they have never gone the distance. You run your butt off and just can’t quite hold on to the pace. When it’s gone baby, it’s gone. What they should say is, “Get out of the way of those that actually train hard,” and “Why don’t you sit down, have a good cry, and catch the sag wagon?” You have to appreciate the finish. The great spectator shouts, “You did it! What an accomplishment! Way to go!” What they really think is, “How do I get the medal before they put it on so I can wear it?” What they should say is, “You are twenty minutes behind the predicted finish time. I’m tired of waiting for you and I need to use the bathroom. Can you get me a banana, and what do you mean you want to hang around?”

LGRAW Clubhouse 7 a.m. (daylight savings time) 8 a.m. (standard time)

MONDAY Rest Day TUESDAY Track Workouts Trackies meet every Tuesday Grapevine Middle School 5 p.m.

WEDNESDAY Trail Run Trail Run every Wednesday LGRAW Clubhouse 7 a.m.

THURSDAY Hill Workouts Hillbillies meet every Thursday 5:45 p.m. even # Thursdays, at the clubhouse odd # Thursdays meet at Parr Park

FRIDAY Trail Run Trail Run every Friday LGRAW Clubhouse 7 a.m.

SATURDAY RAW Walk/Runs Walk/Run every Saturday 7 a.m. (daylight savings time) 8 a.m. (standard time)

My advice: next time you are a spectator, just tell it like it is.

September - October 2010 |



Race Go to




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thi s Let


RRCA Runnings Road Runners Club of America By Kelly “K2” Richards, RRCA Director-At-Large

RAW’s signature race Hound Dog Hustle is in need of a Race Director. Without a Race Director, this race is at risk of being cut from the RAW Race Calendar.

The success of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and its clubs, including RAW, is based on volunteerism.

For the past 11 years RAW has donated partial race proceeds to various animal rescue groups involved in this race. If you would like to continue this tradition, then NOW is the time to step up and volunteer for this family and dog friendly race.

Since its inception in 1958, the RRCA has relied on the spirit of volunteers to carry out programs, find sponsors, hand out water, work finish lines, and perform many other important tasks. It is in recognition of these volunteers that the RRCA developed the National Outstanding Volunteer Recognition program.

No previous Race Director experience required. Contact Ray Harris at to volunteer to oversee this race from it’s planning stages through to the April race day execution.


On Sale Now! Short and Long Sleeve Dri-weave, Moisture Wicking Technical Shirts


men's short sleeve shirts in white, silver or yellow or women's short sleeve shirts in white or silver


unisex long sleeve in white or silver Available only while supplies last.

The purpose of the RRCA’s Outstanding Volunteer Recognition program is to shine a spotlight on individuals who have volunteered over 2,000 hours of their time to the sport of running. If you attended the festivities at the RAW clubhouse on July 4th, then you know that Jack Hase and David Ball were recognized as National Outstanding Volunteers. I had the honor of presenting each of them with a certificate and commemorative patch. David Ball is actually the creator of the RRCA’s Outstanding Volunteer logo. David has volunteered his time and talent through the years to create many logos for RAW and the RRCA. If it says RAW and it looks sharp, chances are David made it. David has served on the RAW board of directors and volunteered at numerous races. Like David, Jack served on the RAW board for many years and continues to attend board meetings regularly. Jack is a frequent water duty and race volunteer. Jack has also served as webmaster or co-webmaster since RAW has had a website. Most recently, Jack has directed the Gro Bait Ice 5K summer race series. RAW and the running community are fortunate to have exceptional volunteers like Jack and David. On behalf of the RRCA and from me personally, thanks again to each of you for all that you do for our club and our sport.

12 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2010

On Your Mark! Peril and Perfection By Mark Miller


he Amish call it rumspringa, and in the Pennsylvania Dutch language, it literally translates to “running around.” Filmmaker Lucy Walker’s documentary, Devil’s Playground, chronicles this rite of passage in which Amish young people are allowed to explore the outside world, free of the restraints of Amish life and culture. They can date, shop in malls, drive cars, go to movies and drink alcohol. Drinking seems to be their favorite rumspringa activity. It is truly odd to see these teenagers, sometimes still dressed in their traditional Amish wardrobes, getting absolutely hammered. Yet the film reports between 80% and 90% of these young people ultimately choose to return to the Amish church and puritan culture. I am grateful that my own upbringing and convictions have made me a life-long non-drinker, in part because I would fear the outcome of my own rumspringa experience. Moderation, you see, has never been one of my strengths. Colleen Casey accurately described me as having no “off” switch. I realized that without ever touching a drink, I had practiced my own version of rumspringa. It is called the “S diet:” no sweets, no snacks, no seconds six days a week. The diet is just as it sounds and allows one day, typically following a long run or race, to indulge in the dietary “sins” from which I refrained from the prior six days. I often indulged, let us say, enthusiastically. On a practical level, the diet worked well. Combined with regular running, I was able to maintain a good weight, improve my race times, and post impressive numbers on my annual physical. Yet I increasingly recognized an implicit danger in such an immoderate diet. I found myself alternating between dietary peril and perfection on a weekly basis. My mind, it seems, can be as unbalanced as my body. Such is the mental makeup of so many of us drawn to distance running. There is a tendency to expect perfection of ourselves – and maybe others, too – and when we inevitably fall short, we throw caution to

the wind. Such an all-or-nothing mindset is fostered and even rewarded by our sport, with its focus on quantitative improvement, where easily measurable standards of race times, weekly mileage, and weight make for never-ending goal setting. When I began running in my early teen years, I rarely interacted with other runners outside of races. I only saw them at their best – running fast, striving for their best, and generally being virtuous. Consequently, I viewed other runners as healthy, hard working, and accomplished people. The view was partially correct, yet completely short-sighted. It was only later that I got to know runners as multi-dimensional people, complete with the same feelings, doubts, and failings that I had. This more complete view of other runners was enlightening, and strangely, freeing. Runners weren’t perfect after all. In fact, they were pretty much just like everyone else. RAW is full of talented people who have achieved personal, professional, and athletic success. Colleen Casey is an Olympic Trials-qualifier. With a Ph.D., Ken Hall is a low 16-minute 5K master’s runner. Spareribs Lamothe has run a sub-3 hour marathon, owns a marketing and performance consulting company, and has been published in multiple professional publications. Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki has finished over 100 marathons and ultra-marathons. This is just a random sample, and numerous similar stories can be found around the RAW clubhouse. The people behind these stories are driven, accomplished, and fit. They are also human, approachable, and friendly, and they might be more like you than you realize. Don’t let any perceived inadequacies scare you away from your club, or the people you meet. In fact, if you are flawed, imperfect, or otherwise personally defective, you’ll fit right in.

September - October 2010 |


In Step With Diana Hill Diana Hill

are you a native texan? Yes, born and raised in Dallas. how long have you been running? I started running in high school. I wanted to play basketball, but apparently I have no coordination for team sports, so the coach suggested I try out the cross-country team! how long have you been a raW member? I have been running with the group for three years, but have been a true member for about a year and a half. Who was the first person you met at RAW, or at first showed you the route? “Jersey Mike” Bassano is the first person I remember introducing himself to me. He probably doesn’t remember, but he made sure I didn’t get lost the first time I ran with the group. are you a “trackie,” or a “hillbilly”? I am a “hillbilly” and a psuedo “trackie.” I prefer hills over track. Why running? I have always been active and I wanted to do something in high school, so I tried running. Although I was never fast, I stuck with it because it helped keep me in shape and I always just felt better after I ran. It is also a great way to “sightsee” while on vacation. I always run when visiting new places and it makes it fun to see new things and experience the town as a “local” runner.

do you do anything special before or after running, or do you have any pre/post-race ritual? I love Saturday morning runs. I get done running and then go sit at Einstein Bros.® and enjoy coffee and a bagel while reading the paper. do you have a favorite place to run? I grew up running at White Rock Lake and love going back when I get to run there. do you prefer roads or trails? Trails! The miles seem to tick away much faster on the trail and I don’t get bored because I have to pay attention to my feet and the wildlife. Where is the most unique or unusual place you have ever run? Anywhere I have been, I have run. I really loved running in Alaska. The scenery was breathtaking and as I was running, I passed moose grazing about ten feet from me. Can’t say I have ever seen moose in Texas! What do you consider your biggest running achievement? I think finishing Grasslands this year with the less-than-optimal conditions was a big achievement for me. I wanted to quit so badly as I sloshed through the glue-like mud in 30° weather with sleet and rain. It turned into a mental battle and I was pleased I persevered. do you have a nickname in raW? Troy Pruett nicknamed me “The Punisher,” although I have a hard

14 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2010

time living up to it. Nick Kannady nicknamed me “Princess Hill” since I met him while running hills and that is my last name. What has running taught you about yourself or what have you learned about life through running? Misery loves company! I always ran by myself until I found RAW. It is much more enjoyable to run with other people who are suffering just as much as you are at the time. Do you have a spouse, significant other or any children? I have a husband Dan who is a competitive cyclist, but does not run. (I guess he can’t be perfect!) are you a professional runner or do you have a real job? What? They did not pay me enough as a pro, so I got a real job! Ha ha! I am a flight nurse at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, therefore I have long hours and am not able to show my face at the club as often as I would like. Besides running, what other fitness activities do you enjoy or do as cross-training? I like to participate in triathlons. I have been competing in tri’s for about five years now. What would the members be surprised to learn about you? I’m pregnant! Yea! Dan and I are expecting a baby in early March.

Good Times, Just Not at the Track By Troy “T-Roy” Pruett


he Trackies, Hillbillies, Tempo Queens, No-Runs and Never-Shows are off to a roaring success in the anything-goes-but-running category. Yes, a large group of RAW victims still routinely get together to run for an hour on Tuesdays at the track, odd-numbered Thursdays at the Parr Park hills, and even-numbered Thursdays at the clubhouse for a tempo run. And yes, you are always welcome to come try your luck. After all, it is free following the completion of a 20-page suitability questionnaire. We’ve tried, but just can’t seem to make people go away. What once started as a mad dash to the car to get away from everyone has turned into a mad dash to the car to beat the happy hour cut-off. There have been quite a few raucous outings at local establishments and the clubhouse. Note: We still get to bed by 10 pm, so it can’t be too exciting. You might want to try the after-run destination first to be sure you are sufficiently offended by the commentary (some things you just don’t want to hear or know) and you can provide a timely and appropriate response. If you can handle insensitive, non-caring, mean-spirited (but in a loving way) yahoos, then you can handle any track, hill, or tempo workout the Wussie Judge can sucker you into. To clear any confusion, I am the sole Wussie Judge, dispensing appropriate rebukes when necessary. Initially, a major outing consisted of running at a different track and finding a local brewery nearby. The first “outing” involved the TCU track and a trip to The Covey. Outing Two found the group at Coppell Middle followed by BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. Both were well attended and after a couple of sample platters, a lot of fun. Bonding time has since been broadened by adding a couple of local trips along the way. We took a trip to Grasslands in early February after a few days of very cold rain – not such a good idea. We were all so cold and wet after the run that the best we could be manage was a drive to the nearest IHOP for bacon (“Come cold. Leave happy.”). Later in the spring, we gathered at White Rock Lake for a run and breakfast, except we couldn’t find each other, ran alone because we can’t stand one another, and then embraced each other during a hearty breakfast with bacon because we missed them during the run. I know, we’re idiots. The Muenster Germanfest in April is always a blast. I can’t say I remember the run, but the beer garden afterwards is great. This is a must-do repeat event. Do we have any volunteers for 2011? We also have North Shore trail runs and breakfast with bacon and travel to Lake Ray Roberts to watch several RAW faithful compete in triathlons. They’re fun to watch, but you don’t want to experience the real thing. We came back better prepared the second time with “real” food to cook. Then there are the never-ending special events: pool parties, track meets, the Hillbilly Run and Crawfish Boil, cook-outs, and out-of-state events. We are still planning a beer mile, maybe a relay run, and other local outings. If you feel the need to add to your social calendar, then come join us at the track on Tuesdays, Parr Park on odd-numbered Thursdays, or the club on even-numbered Thursdays. There are plenty of folks who will be glad to see you because it gives them an opportunity to recycle some of their old, mean-spirited (but in a friendly way) material.

Giving Back to the Sport El Scorcho Support Crew For anyone who has participated in El Scorcho, you know what a welcome sight it is to see the RAW tent / aid station set-up near the end of each 3.1-mile loop. Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki graciously set up the tent, tables, water jugs, music, and all the other necessities to make a mini-RAW camp at the race. While there are two other aid station on the course, T.O. sets up the only one dedicated to and supported by RAW runners.

El Scorcho is run at midnight along the Trinity River in Ft. Worth and racers run either the 25K or 50K in the heat of July. After a loop in the dark, the RAW oasis is a huge boost before the runners head out for the next lap. Thank You T.O. for Giving Back to the Sport by setting up the RAW Camp prior to running the 50K midnight race (where you set a personal 50K record). I know your fellow RAW racers enjoyed seeing their RAW friends and family at the tent each time they completed one of their loops.

Send your nominations for “Giving Back to the Sport” to KathrynG@

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Book Review Total Immersion

The Revolutionary Way to Swim Better, Faster, and Easier Terry Laughlin with John Delves By Michelle Blackard Total Immersion teaches you how to be a better swimmer in very easy-tounderstand steps. At its core, this is a book of swimming drills. They are all designed to let you focus on just one new skill at a time. With so many moving parts involved with swimming, I think this is the key to the book’s success. The first part of the book explains what the Total Immersion method is and the evidence behind it. Unlike some triathlon and running books I’ve read, the scientific reasoning is laid out in a clear and concise way. The next section of the book focuses on the skill drills. This is really the “meat” of the book and the key to changing your stroke. Two of the most important elements are in this section:

learning how to press your buoy and rolling to breath. Total Immersion also includes examples of interval workouts, how to use training aids (like a kick-board and fins), and thoughts on different racing distances. There’s a great chapter on strength training and staying injury-free. One of the biggest benefits I found when learning the method was to swim with a friend. You can watch each other while doing the drills and then help make sure you’re actually doing what you think you are! I’ve used this book for eight years, always going back to it when my stroke starts to feel off.

Be a Star…

and receive accolades from your fellow club members Sign up to be a water duty volunteer. The sign-up calendar is located on the back door of the clubhouse. It is not required that you sign up for both Saturday and Sunday. You can also work in tandem, where one member puts out the water and the other takes care of the pick up.

Interested in running trails? Join us for a trail run on Wednesday and Friday mornings. The trail runs start from the clubhouse.

Wednesday & Friday

7 a.m.

The “ W ” in RAW is for WALKING! Saturday Mornings Year Round 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. Contact for more information.

16 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2010


Send your race results to thomas “t.o.” okazaki at

From 5Ks to ultRAS May 15-16, Florida Keys, FL Keys 100 Miler

June 13, Las Colinas, TX June 26, Arlington, TX Wounded Warrior half Marathon Mid-year Muse & Motion 5K

Jon Korte: 1:35:58, 2nd AG Frankie Agius: 1:38:55, 2nd AG Colleen Baronowski: 1:46:21, 2nd AG Mark Lehrmann: 1:48:48 Elizabeth Lawrence: 25:26, 1st AG Julie Burns: 1:48:50, 2nd AG Kevin Wessels: 2:02:21 June 5, Fontana, CA Fontana Days Run half Marathon Suann Lundsberg: 2:07:18 Dale Mauger: 2:08:13, 3rd AG Troy Pruett: 1:17:55, 2nd AG Mike Doud: 2:09:54 Colleen Casey: 1:19:35, 1st AG Stephanie Lindgren: 1:28:51, 3rd AG Marty Metzger: 2:11:52 Melissa Schlenker: 2:14:04 Amy Matasso: 1:29:44 Dean Baronowski: 2:17:20 Nick Kannady: 2:03:54 Bojana Jeknich: 2:20:22 June 5, Saginaw, TX Ross Darrow: 2:23:47 Run the Rails 5K Kim Danahy: 2:33:00 Blade Norman: 19:45, 1st AG Cindy Johnson: 2:41:05 Elizabeth Rudy: 22:04, FMW Debi Evans: 2:41:14 Margie Nelson: 2:59:36 June 5, South Bend, IN Letha Cruthirds: 28:53:50, 1st AG

June 3, Ft. Worth, TX trinity 5000 #1

Sunburst Marathon Jeff Garber: 3:00:15

June 5, Colleyville, TX xSIghtment Run 5K

Ken Hall: 16:24, 3rd OMW Robert Fowler: 19:49, 1st AG Laura Nelson: 19:55, FMW David Chase: 20:07, 1st AG Leana Sloan: 21:14, 1st AG Hélène Walker: 24:08, 1st AG Marty Hughes: 24:23, 1st AG Elizabeth Lawrence: 24:52 Kristine Hall: 26:30 Jill Smith: 28:50 Marvin Smith: 29:29 Ann McCarley: 31:59 Jamie McCarley: 31:59, 1st 5K

June 6, San Diego, CA San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Kathryn Cantwell: 5:30:18

June 9, Dallas, TX Bachman lake 5K Summer Series #5

Henry Galpin: 21:53, 1st AG

June 12, Dallas, TX Dadfest 5K

Laura Nelson: 20:27, FMW Al Angell: 34:57, 2nd AG

Dadfest 5K team Run Parent/Son (+26)

Team Jones: 49:11, 2nd AG Jay Jones: 22:05 Jared Jones: 27:06

Wounded Warrior 10K

Veda Miner: 51:53 Chris Sims: 54:44, 2nd AG Teresa Lehrmann: 57:52

June 16, Dallas, TX Bachman lake 5K Summer Series #6

Al Angell: 33:54, 1st AG

June 17, Ft. Worth, TX trinity 5000 #3

Elizabeth Lawrence: 25:16, FMW Anne Woods: 28:22, 2nd AG Jill Smith: 29:53, 2nd AG

June 18-19, Silverton, WY Bighorn Mountain 50 Mile trail Run Chris McConnell: 13:03:16

June 19, Anchorage, AK ConocoPhillips Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon Jon Korte: 3:12:51, BQ Doug Keeffe: 3:45:05, BQ Mary Keeffe: 4:41:25

June 19, Duluth, MN grandma’s Marathon Lesley Toops: 5:22:47

June 19, Ft. Worth, TX Juneteenth one Mile Run Blade Norman: 5:33, MMW Laura Nelson: 6:05, OFW

June 24, Ft. Worth, TX trinity 5000 #4

June 12, Marathon, IA Marathon to Marathon Lesley Toops: 5:24:09

Hélène Walker: 24:12, 1st AG Elizabeth Lawrence: 25:04, 1st AG Anne Woods: 25:30, 2nd AG, PR Danyah Arafat-Johnson: 27:07 Jill Smith: 28:25, 3rd AG

June 12, Blanco, TX texas lavender Women’s 5K

June 26, Ft. Worth, TX FWRC three Amigos 4 Miler

Beth Hyland: 24:28, 1st AG, 3rd Overall

David Chase: 31:36 Dale Mauger: 32:10, 3rd AG

Elizabeth Rudy: 22:13, FMW

July 3, Double Oak, TX North texas Striders Declaration Dash 5K

June 26, Seattle, WA Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Jeff Garber: 18:18, 2nd AG Mark Miller: 19:04, 1st AG Laura Nelson: 19:58, 2nd OFW Jon Korte: 20:28, 1st AG Yolanda Hopping: 20:29, 3rd OFW Christine Bassano: 25:27, FMW Evelyn Luccioni: 27:39, 2nd AG Mike Bassano: 27:55 Joe Luccioni: 31:58, 1st AG

June 27, Grapevine, TX gro Bait Ice 5K #1

July 3, Tulsa, OK tAtuRS Midnight Madness 50 Miler ultra

June 26, Plano, TX Plano Pacers 5K

Al Angell: 33:16, 2nd AG

Plano Pacers Millet Mile Al Angell: 8:53, 2nd AG

Mitch Kent: 3:26:49, PR, BQ

Rick Hanson: 18:40, OMW Jeff Garber: 19:24, MMW Craig Minyard: 19:56, 1st AG Jon Korte: 20:12, 1st AG Laura Nelson: 20:41, OFW Dave Chase: 21:36, 2nd AG Henry Galpin: 22:03, 1st AG Jessica Hanson: 23:09, 1st AG Doug Keeffe: 23:12, 1st AG John Studebaker: 23:29, 2nd AG Brad Liles: 24:06, 3rd AG Hélène Walker: 24:22, FMW Beth Hyland: 24:29, 1st AG Elizabeth Lawrence: 25:04, 1st AG Joe Allen: 26:08, 1st AG Julie Burns: 26:15, 1st AG Mary Keeffe: 26:18, 1st AG Marty Hughes: 26:19, 2nd AG Mike Basler: 26:30 Ann McCarley: 27:12, 2nd AG Tina Covington: 27:56, 3rd AG Mike Eccleston: 27:58, 2nd AG Danyah Arafat-Johnson: 28:21, 2nd AG Nelda Bruce: 29:09, 3rd AG Alan Engisch: 34:37, 1st AG Joe Luccioni: 39:25, 2nd AG Roy Lange: 40:19, 2nd AG Gloria Bush: 46:52, 1st AG John Bush: 50:32, 3rd AG Chris Reyher: 50:34, 3rd AG Pat Noell: 53:13, 1st AG Nathan Eppelman: 1:05:05, 1st AG

July 1, Ft. Worth, TX trinity 5000 #5

Elizabeth Lawrence: 24:55, 1st AG Danyah Arafat-Johnson: 28:10, 3rd AG Jill Smith: 28:46, 2nd AG

July 3, Dallas, TX DRC Independence 10K

Leana Sloan: 42:59, 3rd OFW Spareribs LaMothe: 52:43, 1st AG

July 3, Vallecio, CA hernia hill at twisted oak half Marathon Shannon Allen: 2:23:12

Alberto Battaglino: 11:36:09 Jim Baudhuin: 13:33:19

July 4, Dallas, TX Flagpole 8K

Leana Sloan: 34:12, OFW David Chase: 35:32, 2nd AG Julie Burns: 39:19

July 4, Portland, OR Foot Traffic Flat Marathon Lesley Toops: 5:02:51

July 4, Trophy Club, TX trophy Club 4th of July 5K

Blade Norman: 19:41, 1st AG Laura Nelson: 19:57, 1st AG Jack Hase: 20:24, 2nd AG Mitch Kent: 22:08 Elizabeth Rudy: 22:27, 1st AG Ann McCarley: 25:47, 3rd AG Gabriella Hinojos: 31:14, 2nd AG Isaiah Hinojos: 38:09

July 8, Ft. Worth, TX trinity 5000 #6

Blade Norman: 19:29, 1st AG Elizabeth Lawrence: 24:40, 1st AG Anne Woods: 26:29, 2nd AG Priscilla Reese: 25:33, 1st AG

July 10, Dallas, TX granbury Freedom Run 5K Laura Nelson: 19:47, FMW

July 11, Missoula, MT Missoula Marathon Lesley Toops: 4:33:48

July 15, Ft. Worth, TX trinity 5000 #7

Laura Nelson: 20:09, FMW Dennis Maietta: 23:07 Elizabeth Lawrence: 25:18, 1st AG Jill Smith: 29:14, 2nd AG

July 17, Dallas, TX too hot too handle 15K

Laura Nelson: 1:05:09, FMW Frankie Agius: 1:05:36 Tim Yatko: 1:12:22 Brad McClew: 1:12:30 David Chase: 1:12:32

September - October 2010 |


Mark Lehrmann: 1:12:42 Kristine Hinojos: 1:14:40 Julie Burns: 1:15:43 Lori Cerami: 1:17:32 Tim Oberholzer: 1:21:12 Bojana Jeknich: 1:24:38 Suann Lundsberg: 1:28:34 Mike Ahearn: 1:37:03 Charlyn Maloy: 1:38:22 MaryAnn Calvio: 1:39:06 Sherie Skillern: 1:42:13 Bridget Smith: 1:51:31 Kathy Calkins: 1:52:00 Marci Sims: 2:00:38 Roy Lange: 2:04:28 Traci Rodney: 2:18:27 Cindy Maas: 2:35:00 Barbara Tanner: 2:35:02

too hot too handle 5K

Priscilla Reese: 25:37, 3rd AG

July 25, Carrollton, TX Carrollton Runners Club 5K Paul Gerba: 27:51, 2nd AG

July 25, Ft. Worth, TX El Scorcho Cuatro 50K

Laura Nelson: 4:38:25, 3rd OFW Thomas Okazaki: 4:53:58, PR Alberto Battaglino: 6:04:30 Jim Baudhuin: 6:39:28 Steve Grady: 6:48:55

El Scorcho Cuatro 25K

Doug Keeffe: 2:10:44 Julie Burns: 2:13:58 Robin Pearson: 2:24:17 Mary Keeffe: 2:33:17 Kevin Wessels: 2:35:44 MaryAnn Calvio: 2:37:22 Michelle Blackard: 2:41:26 Staci Rivero: 2:41:40 Kelly Newell: 2:46:55 Maria Dauphinais: 2:48:29 Tim Roche: 2:58:55 Ross Darrow: 2:58:56 Kristian Stevens: 3:24:19 Bridget Smith: 3:25:53 Jeff Barnhart: 3:28:52 Jennifer Whittier: 4:02:58

July 25, San Francisco, CA San Francisco 1st half Marathon Tory Warner: 2:36:12, PR Belynda Warner: 2:36:13

July 28, Dallas, TX Bachman lake 5K Summer Series #11

Julie Burns: 22:12, 1st AG

July 29, Ft. Worth, TX trinity 5000 #9

Elizabeth Lawrence: 24:57, 1st AG

July 31, Plano, TX Plano Pacers Children Charities 5K Al Angell: 31:13, 1st AG

July 31, Carrollton, TX healthy Kids 5K*

Laura Nelson: 18:54, 1st AG *Course measured short.

July 31, Arlington, TX Summer Sizzler 5K

Blade Norman: 19:39, 1st AG

Aug. 1, Grapevine, TX gro Bait Ice 5K #2

Ken Hall: 17:03, OMW Rick Hanson: 17:33, 1st AG Craig Minyard: 18:29, MMW Jeff Garber: 18:47, 1st AG Brad Pearson: 19:54, 2nd AG Jake McConnell: 20:04, 1st AG Felice Johnson: 20:16, OFW Laura Nelson: 20:16, FMW Leana Sloan: 21:04, 1st AG Chris McConnell: 21:23, 1st AG Terry Marcott: 21:38, 1st AG Doug Keeffe: 22:47, 1st AG HÊlène Walker: 24:08, 1st AG Jessica Hanson: 24:51, 2nd AG Elizabeth Lawrence: 25:00, 1st AG Tina Covington: 26:12, 3rd AG Mary Keeffe: 26:16 Ann McCarley: 26:43 Marty Hughes: 26:49, 1st AG Nelda Bruce: 27:32, 2nd AG Ray Harris: 29:20, 3rd AG Roy Lange: 35:40 Susan Harris: 40:16

Aug. 1, Dallas, TX two White Dogs 5K

Priscilla Reese: 24:56, 1st AG

Duathlons & triathlons June 6, Grapevine, TX Paddle, Pedal & Pound the Pavement XI Sprint triathlon

(300 yd pool swim/ 20K bike/6K run) Brad Pearson: 1:07:37, 1st AG Karen Robertson: 1:14:51, 1st AG Michelle Blackard: 1:21:17, 2nd AG Mike Doud: 1:22:20, 1st AG Jeff Barnhart: 1:24:04 Brad Liles: 1:25:56 Matthew Barnhart: 1:28:32, 2nd AG Marybeth Crane: 1:29:51 Michelle Putze: 1:30:27, 1st AG Hal Hardister: 1:36:40, 1st Tri Janet Dixon: 1:41:23 Rick Fogle: 1:46:15, 2nd AG John Ruiz: 1:52:35

June 6, Las Colinas, TX Playtri Festival RBM International/

Olympic Distance Triathlon (1500 meter swim/24 mi bike/10K run) Lee Rebodos: 2:22:44 Matt McCullough: 2:25:33 Brad Liles: 2:56:47

Playtri Festival Sprint triathlon (500 meter swim/12 mile bike/5K run) Brad Pearson: 1:05:14, MMW Diana Hill: 1:25:25

18 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2010

June 12, Decatur, TX try the tri Sprint triathlon

(250 yd swim/8 mile bike/2 mile run) Danyah Arafat-Johnson: 1:07:29, 2nd AG, 1st Tri

June 13, Madison, WS Capital View olympic triathlon (1500 meter swim/24.95 mile bike/6.2 mile run) Anne Sommerfeld: 3:27:00

June 20, Dallas, TX Summer Solstice Duathlon

(2 mile run/9.3 mile bike/2 mile run) Julie Burns: 1:02:23, 1st AG Michelle Blackard: 1:03:37, 1st AG Robin Pearson: 1:05:08, FMW

June 27, Coeur d`Alene, ID Ford Ironman Coeur d`Alene (2.4 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run) Bart Bybee: 12:12:24 Byron Benoit: 12:42:25 Ryan Burns: 13:34:52, PR

June 27, Buffalo Springs, TX Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs lake (1.2 mile swim/56 mile bike/13.1 mile run) Jim Lukanich: 4:49:58, 3rd AG Matt McCullough: 5:33:18 Laurie Lukanich: 6:05:03 Sonia Soprenuk: 6:12:13

July 10, Grand Prairie, TX Iron Brothers Super Sprint triathlon

(400 meter swim/11 mile bike/2 mile run) Karen Robertson: 53:51, OFW Lauren Wallach: 1:09:47, 1st AG

July 11, Grand Prairie, TX Iron Brothers Super Sprint triathlon (400 meter swim/11 mile bike/2 mile run) Julie Burns: 59:16, 1st AG

July 17, Beaver Creek/Avon, CO Beaver Creek Xterra Sport triathlon (0.5 mile swim/9 mile mtb/3 mile trail run) Bart Bybee: 2:27:46, 3rd AG

July 17, Dallas, TX Blazing Saddles Duathlon

(2 mile run/9.3 mile bike/2 mile run) Robin Pearson: 1:05:47, 1st AG

July 18, Valley View, TX Disco olympic Distance triathlon

(1500 yd swim/23 mile bike/6.2 mile run) Sonia Soprenuk: 2:55:41, 2nd AG Mike Doud: 3:00:30, 1st AG Jay Jones: 3:01:11, 1st Oly. Dist. Tri

Disco Sprint triathlon

(500 yd swim/17.6 mile bike/3.1 mile run) Jim Lukanich: 1:13:22, MMW Brad Pearson: 1:19:13, 2nd AG Laurie Lukanich: 1:29:15, FGMW Matthew Barnhart: 1:47:43, 1st AG Janet Dixon: 1:50:01, 1st AG Veda Miner: 1:55:53 Kimberly Davis: 158:39

July 18, Marble Falls, TX Marble Falls triathlon

(1 km swim/23 mile bike/4.4 mile run) Matt McCullough: 2:02:31 Karen Robertson: 2:05:18, 2nd AG

July 24, Dallas, TX Cooper Summer Sprint triathlon

(350 meter swim/12 mile bike/5K run) Todd Farrell: 1:00:17 Noel Widdowson: 1:08:01 Tina Covington: 1:27:59, 1st Tri Nelda Bruce: 1:29:48, 1st Tri Megan Covington: 1:50:17, 1st Tri

July 25, Waco, TX tri Waco olympic Distance triathlon

(1500 meter swim/25 mile bike/10K run) Karen Robertson: 2:38:04, 1st AG Tim Yatko: 3:00:17, 1st Tri

Aug. 1, Benton, LA Sportspectrum RiverCities triathlon

(1/2 mile swim/18.2 mile bike/5 km run) Michelle Blackard: 1:43:28 Bart Bybee: 1:44:57 Mike Doud: 1:46:08 Jeff Barnhart: 1:53:36 Matt Barnhart: 2:20:06

Aug. 1, Dallas, TX two White Dogs Duathlon

(2 mile run/9.3 mile bike/2 mile run) Robin Pearson: 1:03:29, FMW

lEgEND 1st hM-1st Half Marathon 1st M-1st Marathon 1st tri-1st Triathlon 1st ultra-1st Ultramarathon PR-Personal Record Ag-Age Group BQ-Boston Qualified oW-Overall Winner oFW-Overall Female Winner oMW-Overall Male Winner MMW-Male Masters Winner FMW-Female Masters Winner MgMW- Male Grand Masters Winner FgMW- Female Grand Masters Winner MSrW- Male Senior Winner FSrW- Female Senior Winner


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I know that participating and volunteering to work in club events can be potentially hazardous. I assume all risks associated with running, walking, and volunteering to work in club events. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application for membership, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, Inc., Road Runners Club of America, and all sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims of liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in club activities. I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any other records for any legitimate purpose.

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Signature _________________________________ Date___/___/___ Mail completed application and payment to lgRAW, P.o. Box 2982, grapevine, tX 76099 or drop in the mailbox at the LGRAW Clubhouse.

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RAW now offers online renewals (and new memberships) through at You can still renew at the clubhouse or through the mail. Simply fill out the membership application and drop it off or send it in.

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New Members Janet Barreda & Armando Yepes Beth Brumbalow Davina Disney Rosalie Drayton-Gardner Cathy Elkins Audrey Faulkner Scott Freeman Susan Garcia Starla Garrison

Drew Hart Karen Hicks Loren Keeffe Kristi Kelton Mindy Molinar Dianey Nava Carlos Palacio Richard Senelly Marian Severn

Mike Sexton Adam Stovall John Studebaker Michele Thomas Jim Thomas Monica Waite Pam Widders

Mike Evans Cory Halliburton Noreen & Ray Henry Diane Hernandez Jessica Kitonga Elizabeth Lawrence Mike & Toni McKenna Veda Miner

Leslie Nason Thomas Y. Okazaki Robin & Brad Pearson Richard Rummell Rick Sanford Mark Studer Liz Tinch Dottie Whitson

Membership Renewals Roberto Aramil Crisann Becker Jeff Bennett Byron Benoit Sarah Blosch Kathryn Cantwell Becky Davis Scott & Kelly Eppelman

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Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, TX 76099

Non-Profit U.S. Postage PAID Grapevine, TX Permit No. 243

ShARE WIth A VISItoR oR NEW MEMBER After reading this issue, drop it off at the clubhouse for visitors to get to know us.

Ask Spareribs Dear Spareribs: I often see you on your long runs wearing headphones. Don’t you worry that listening to the same songs over and over again will make you start speaking in song lyrics? I mean, you’re a pretty articulate guy and as your friend I’m afraid you’ll let people down.. -Bob D.

Dear Henry: You’re right. I don’t dislike anyone in the Club. Of course, I must admit I hate Jim Lukanich. My wife is puzzled over this. “Why Jim? He’s such a nice guy. I thought you hated Byron.” Well it’s like this. By the time you get this issue the summer heat will be just a memory, but think back to what he did to us all in July and August. Remember getting up at 4 a.m. to get your long run in? “Lazy Jim” slept until 9:30, then ran 18 late-morning miles along the course, waving and smiling at everybody. Did it to me about six times. No one should have to endure that. I tell you, I hate the man. -Spareribs

Dear Bob: You’ve got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend. When I was down you just stood there grinning. You say I’ve let you down. You know it’s not like that. If you’re so hurt, why then don’t you show it? -Spareribs

Dear Spareribs: I’m a member of the Dallas Running Club and I have volunteered at many races over the years, but I get bored doing registration, water stops and so forth. Can you think of a way I could help out at a race doing something new that the Club will really appreciate?. -Libby in Dallas

Dear Spareribs: I don’t believe one word of all this “winners and losers” and “somebody and nobody” stuff you’ve been writing. I’m sure you’re friends with everyone in the Club and that you like us all. Please tell me you’re not a bitter guy. -Henry in Southlake

Dear Libby: Great question. Like you, I have also done all the race-day volunteer jobs, but here is one I often do at RAW that everyone really appreciates. Generally speaking, right after the race the scorers work together by themselves to tally up the results. They’re usually very outgoing

and friendly people who want the runners to get up-to-the-second information as soon as it’s available and don’t mind being interrupted if they can help in any way. So what I do is stand outside the clubhouse door and when people come up and tell me that they have to leave early and would like to know how they did, I tell them “Just go inside and ask the scorers.” Naturally, some of the runners are shy about doing this, but I tell them, “Just say ‘Hey, I have to go home now, but I think I may have been third in my age group. Have you finished the 45-49 men yet?’ and if they don’t answer right away, just sort through the bib tags on the spindle until you find yours and count out loud the number of people ahead of you. They won’t mind at all.” At DRC, there are four people who do the results for just about every race, and they work in the back room at Winfrey Point. Send as many runners in there as you can. You’ll find that the scorers will be more than gracious and willing to help. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a little something to give you for your efforts after the awards ceremony. Good luck! -Spareribs

The opinions and recommendations expressed by Spareribs in the “Ask Spareribs” column are solely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of LGRAW members. Give credence to his ideas at your own risk.

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September 2010  

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