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September - October 2013

Joe Luccioni Becomes President and Wins RAW’s Highest Award By Kathryn Gleghorn

2013-2014 BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Presid​ent Joe Luccioni Vice President Staci Rivero Secretary Monica Waite Treasurer Jeff Garber Assistant Treasurer Chris Morris

Public Relations Sakina Vidacak Belynda Warner Membership Coordinator Diane Hernandez Social Directors Diane Ferguson Stan Pollard










In addition to having his name on the “Best Foot Forward” plaque displayed in the clubhouse, Joe also received a black hoodie sweatshirt with the new BFF logo, which was designed by past BFF winner, Lorraine Wessels.

Clubhouse Coordinator Mike Eccleston



Past President (2007-2008), Banquet Chair, Aid Station Captain (Dallas Marathon and Wounded Warrior), Water Duty, RAW Race Director and Race Day Volunteer. Joe regularly attends board meetings and serves Grapevine as a Volunteer in Police Service (VIPS).



It may have occurred to some folks that the 2012 “Best Foot Forward,” (BFF) winner may have been selected because he was stepping up as the next club president, but actually, the BFF winner was selected

before Joe announced he would serve as president. Joe’s willingness to fill a need at the club is exactly the reason he was awarded RAW’s highest honor. Throughout his many years at RAW, Joe has been a dedicated volunteer and “goto” guy whenever something needed to be done. Here is a short list of the many ways Joe has given back to the sport, RAW and the community:


he annual elections were uncontested, but for the first time in RAW history, a write-in candidate was elected as President. When the RAW nomination period closed on June 9th and no member had submitted their name to run as club president, RAW was left wondering who would fill the top spot at RAW. Joe, a former RAW President, decided to step up and announced that he would seek the position of club president as a write-in candidate. Your 2013-2014 RAW Board consists of the following members: Joe Luccioni, President; Staci Rivero, Vice President; Monica Waite, Secretary; Jeff Garber, Treasurer; Chris Morris, Assistant Treasurer; Michael Eccleston, Stan Pollard, Sakina Vidacak, Diane Ferguson, Belynda Warner and Diane Hernandez, Directors.





P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, TX 76099

RAW Board and Committees PRESIDENT | Joe Luccioni VICE PRESIDENT | Staci Rivero SECRETARY | Monica Waite TREASURER | Jeff Garber ASSTANT TREASURER | Chris Morris DIRECTORS Diane Hernandez Sakina Vidacak & Belynda Warner Mike Eccleston Diane Ferguson & Stan Pollard

FOOTPRINT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF | Kevin Wessels MEDIA COORDINATOR Belynda Warner ASSOCIATE EDITORS Kathryn Gleghorn Staci Rivero DESIGN & PRODUCTION | Lorraine Wessels

Membership Data Diane Hernandez

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Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers Club

2 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2013


• To all the volunteers who put out water and sports drink for the weekend runs. We appreciate each and every one of you!


• To Randa and Ryan Foster on the birth of their twin daughters, Lillian Kay and McKayla Lynn. • To Barbara Martin on the birth of her grandson Kai. • To Joe and Evelyn Luccioni on the birth of granddaughter Isabella Mia Mundo. • To Veda Miner on her last chemo treatment. • To Jamie Halliburton on her recent promotion to assistant principal at Heritage Elementary School.


• Rick Fogle, Terri Pensabene, Diane Ferguson, Mark Miller and Liz Phan.


• To Jack and Charlotte Hase and family on the passing of Charlotte’s mother. • To Scott Eppelman and family on the passing of Scott’s father. • To Jamie Halliburton and family on the loss of her mother. • To Mary Keeffe on the loss of her uncle. • To Ray and Susan Harris on the passing of Ray’s father.


• Stay up to date on all the latest happenings at RAW on Facebook or the RAW Forum.


• Left something at the clubhouse? Check to see if we found it. All unclaimed items are in the clear tote along the north wall of the clubhouse (just outside the bathroom).


To update your address, email or by updating your account at


The sign-up sheet is located on the back door of the clubhouse. Sign up for just one day; it is not required that you sign up for both Saturday and Sunday. You can also work in tandem, one member puts out the water and the other takes care of the pick up.


Have your favorite “tech wear” printed with a heat transfer RAW Logo at Digital Creations (330 W. Northwest Hwy.) in Grapevine. The RAW logo can be added to your favorite tech shirt/shorts or other items. Prices vary by size of logo. Embroidered logos are available at The Embroidery Shop (418 S. Barton) in Grapevine. The RAW logos can be put on T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, jackets, blankets, towels, etc. Price varies by the size of the logo and the turnaround time is usually one week or less.

RAW Around Town | Social Calendar & Events Check the RAW forum for information on all club events:

WEEKEND WALK/RUN Saturday & Sunday mornings 7 AM (daylight savings time) 8 AM (standard time)


Wednesday & Friday mornings 6 and 7 AM (year round) at the clubhouse


September 7 • 5 PM • Torchy’s Tacos in Southlake October 5 • 5 PM • Fireside Pies in Grapevine Check the RAW forum or LGRAW Facebook page for more details.

BOARD MEETING September 9 • 7 PM October 14 • 7 PM

We meet at 7 PM on the second Monday of the month at the clubhouse. All members are welcome to attend.


If you find yourself wondering, “What’s for lunch?” Just check where RAW’s Lunch Bunch is dining. They meet the second Tuesday of each month. We’d love to have you join us!

September 10 - Red Dog Right in Southlake October 8 - Torchy’s Tacos in Southlake

week-at-a-glance SUNDAY RAW Walk/Run Walk/Run every Sunday LGRAW Clubhouse 7 AM (daylight saving time) 8 AM (standard time)

WEDNESDAY Trail Run Trail Run every Wednesday LGRAW Clubhouse 6 and 7 AM (year round)

FRIDAY Trail Run Trail Run every Friday LGRAW Clubhouse 6 and 7 AM (year round)

Check the RAW forum or LGRAW Facebook page for more details.



RAW Walk/Runs

Saturday, October 5, Oak Grove Park See ad on page 7.


Walk/Run every Saturday 7 AM (daylight saving time) 8 AM (standard time)

Sunday, December 8, White Rock Lake
















Saturday, January 11, Oak Grove Park



September - October 2013 |


Message from the Board A perspective to the members from RAW President Joe Luccioni


can’t believe it has been six years since I have had the privilege of being your President. Now I have been given the opportunity again, this time for two years. I hope you are all ready. I have gotten older and grumpier, but I am still lovable. Many positive things have transpired over the last six years and I won’t bore you because that list is very long. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the contributions made by the outgoing board members (Janet Dixon, Kyle Kiefer, Melissa Schlenker, and Laura Pruett). Individually they were very unselfish with their time and as a team they were awesome. Thanks, guys. I hope that at the end of this two-year term I will have achieved half of what Kathryn Gleghorn accomplished as President. I know at times it got challenging, but not once

did that impede her enthusiasm to make our club the envy of the Metroplex. She is a big advocate of acknowledging the value of the volunteers, without whom RAW couldn’t and wouldn’t function. Her signature contribution was the first and second annual Volunteer Appreciation Run and Social. Each year’s event was a huge success and the new board will follow suit and continue to honor our volunteers. Thank you, Kathryn. Love ya. Your new board is getting its feet wet. Thank God we have experienced board members returning and energetic new members. This combination, I promise will serve our members well, and as Kathryn said, “continue to make RAW the best little running club in the Metroplex.”

ch eck us o ut on l i n e a t l gr a w .c om

RAW adopts a portion of Oak Grove Park

LGRAW is on Facebook. Become a FAN of Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers page to get the latest updates in your News Feed. Posts will keep you up to date on all RAW events. Join us today.

4 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2013

You can help RAW honor our commitment to Keep Grapevine Beautiful. When you are out on the west course and see trash on trails, take a few minutes to grab a bag from the clubhouse and head back out to the trails to pick up the trash. Send an email to noting the date of your trail trash pick up and how many bags you collected. RAW can get credit for our clean-up efforts and is rewarded at the end of the year.


Red, White & Blue...and RAW By Kathryn Gleghorn

The “W” in RAW is for women. They all came out for the 4th of July festivities.


ith an oversized U.S. flag covering up an entire outside wall of the clubhouse, the patriotic spirit at RAW was evident at the annual Fourth of July picnic and elections. David Ball brought out his huge U.S. flag and it served as the perfect backdrop to capture many patriotic photos of our RAW family. David also offered

David & Bridget Smith

his photography services and provided all of his photos for use on our Facebook page.

The annual picnic kicked off at 5 PM on a sunny Thursday afternoon and thankfully, North Texas was experiencing somewhat of a cool front, so temperatures were only in the mid90s. It was a perfect evening to enjoy RAW fellowship, a delicious picnic and the Grapevine fireworks. To celebrate long-time RAW member, Henry Galpin’s retirement on July 5, Mister Softee® was on location doling out complimentary ice cream treats. Henry’s wife Emily arranged the Mister Softee visit. Chilled treats were a great way to celebrate one of RAW’s coolest fast guys! For the second year in a row, RAW’s first husband, Bruce Gleghorn, set up his Dale Earnhardt Jr., Cornhole game. This is a popular beanbag toss game that scores three points for a “hole in one” or one point for “in the wood.” Competition was fierce this year as Byron Benoit and Ray Harris had to battle through a tiebreaker round to determine the Men’s Cornhole Champ. Byron kept his eye on the prize, a plastic insulated Mason Jar drink cup, and outtossed Ray. Kathryn Gleghorn was crowned the Women’s Cornhole Champ, but gave her prize to the second place male, Ray. Joe

The Pearsons are one patriotic family.

and Evelyn Luccioni’s grandson, Justin, tossed his way to win as the 16-and-under Cornhole Champion. As the summer temps cooled a bit and the sun went down, the RAW crowd anxiously awaited the fireworks over the lake. It’s often said, the RAW clubhouse has the best viewing spot for the display and this year’s fireworks did not disappoint. Many stayed for the fireworks and enjoyed the “RAW, white, and blue” fellowship well into the night.

September - October 2013 |


Interview with Felice Johnson By Belynda Warner

I understand you are running for the University of Southern Mississippi. How did you end up at Southern Miss? I actually had never heard of the school until the fall of my senior year. The coach there is the son of the former coach of my high school, if that makes any sense, so he came to the school to recruit Southlake kids. I visited the school with my mom (Stacie Sauber) and I absolutely loved the campus and the girls on the team. The coaching staff was great and I knew that they offered a running program that I would really be able to excel in. Do you train and compete year round? Or do you have on- and off-seasons? We pretty much train year-round, which is exhausting, so I appreciate the little time I have off. We have cross-country in the fall, then take a week of easy runs before jumping right back into training for indoor and outdoor track in the spring. After outdoor, we get two weeks completely off and then it’s right back to base training for cross-country. What does a typical training week look like for you? My mileage during the season is usually around 60 miles per week. We typically have workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with easier distance runs on the off days, and Saturdays are either race days or long runs. We also do a lot of supplemental training, like weights, drills, core work, and swimming. You have pretty amazing personal bests. What is your best distance, your personal best for that distance, and the goal you are aiming for? Thank you! My absolute favorite race is the mile. It’s only raced during indoor track, though, and outdoors it’s 1500 meters. I really enjoyed racing both, especially getting to experience

an indoor track for the first time! My indoor mile record is 4:51, and my outdoor 1500 personal best is 4:29. My goal is to break 4:40 for the mile and 4:20 for the 1500. I’ve heard that you’ve participated in some exciting competitions. What’s your most memorable event or competition, or one that you are most proud of? This summer, I had the opportunity to compete in the Junior USA championships in Des Moines, Iowa. I raced the 5K, which was also on my birthday, so that was pretty fun! The race didn’t go as planned, but it was definitely an awesome meet to experience. The regular U.S. championships were going on at the same time, so I got to watch professionals and Olympians race! I walked around with my mouth open, just staring at all the professionals. I probably looked ridiculous. I was so nervous on the day of my race, and to make things worse, Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan sat down on the track right next to where I was doing my warm-up…talk about nerve-racking. I understand you do have to take classes while at Southern Miss. When you aren’t running, what are you studying? I am majoring in nursing, and right now I’m just taking my basics and a lot of science classes for my prerequisites. This spring, I’ll apply for the nursing school and will hopefully get to start nursing classes and clinicals next fall. Southern Miss has a great nursing program, which is also why I chose the school. What are your plans for after college? Will you continue to run competitively? Well, hopefully, I’ll be a nurse after college, but as far as running goes, I haven’t thought much about it. I’m

6 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2013

(l-r) Stacie Sauber with her daughter Felice.

just taking it one step at a time, but competitive or not, running will always be a part of my life. What’s your best advice for a runner that wants to run better or faster? My advice is to just work hard and take everything one step at a time. I’ve learned over this past year that hard work can produce results greater than you would ever imagine. Work hard. Not only on workouts, but also on all the little things to improve running, such as drills, core work, nutrition, etc. Patience is the key. If you continue to put in the work and stop limiting yourself, good things will come. And lastly, I know you are an inspiration for several of us who follow your accomplishments on your mom’s Facebook page. Who or what inspires you? I wouldn’t say there’s a specific famous runner or anyone like that who inspires me…just the sport itself motivates me to keep going. And, of course, there’s also my mom! She’s the one who got me started with running and I still love telling people about how my mom is faster than theirs!

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers presents Run/Walk One or Both Races Saturday, October 5, 2013 Oak Grove Park • Grapevine, Texas 5K or 10K Registration Fees LGRAW Member/Student $20 Early Registration (expires 8/30) closed $25 General Registration (8/31 thru 9/30) $30 Packet Pick Up (10/3 and 10/4 Luke’s Locker Colleyville)

$35 Race Day

Saturday, October 5, 2013 5K • 8:00 a.m. 10K • 8:50 a.m.

Non-Member $25 Early Registration (expires 8/30) closed $30 General Registration (8/31 thru 9/30) $35 Packet Pick Up (10/3 and 10/4 Luke’s Locker Colleyville)

$40 Race Day Add $5.00 to run BOTH the 5K AND 10K Races.

Oak Grove Park • Grapevine, Texas

NOTE: E ntry fees for one or both races qualifies for only one shirt. First 300 entrants are guaranteed a shirt)


Register On-line (on-line registration closes 9/30)

Run/Walk One or Both Races

Register By mail (must be postmarked by 9/18) Mail your registration form to: Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers P.O. Box 2982, Grapevine, TX 76099

Double Trouble 5K/10K Entry Form • Saturday, October 5, 2013 Name _______________________________________________________ Age _______ M

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Email _______________________________

Address ____________________________________________________ City__________________ Zip_____________ Phone_____________________ Race Entry: Double Trouble 5K

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Race Entry Fees: (see fee schedule) $__________________ , LGRAW New Member Fee: $__________________ , TOTAL $__________________ I will pick my packet up at

 Luke’s Locker-Colleyville  Race Day Morning at Race Site

(tech shirts for first 300 entrants)

Make check payable and mail to: “LGRAW” (Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club), P.O. Box 2982, Grapevine, Texas 76099 WAVIER STATEMENT: Entry invalid if not signed. I know that participating in events can be potentially hazardous. By my signature I assume full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur to me during the event or while I am on the premises of the event, and I hereby release and hold harmless Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, Inc., the RRCA, and all sponsors from all claims of liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event. Signature _____________________________________________________ Date _____________________ (signature of participant or parent if participant is under 18)

Paid by: check

 cash 

Race Number______________

Log on to for more information. September - October 2013 |


Grapevine Mayor William D. Tate and Grapevine Fire Chief Steve Bass recognize Elizabeth Ball, wife of LGRAW member David Ball, for her heroic actions in administering lifesaving measures to a neighbor. Elizabeth, along with Steven Richardson, received an award at the city council meeting on August 6.

Going out on the RAW course with no GPS? No problem! The RAW courses on both the east and west sides are marked with RAW mile markers as well as dots every quarter mile. You can always know exactly how far you walked or ran thanks to Jeff Branhart, who recently refreshed the markers. Those of us who run without our glasses are particularly grateful.


Newcomers are always welcome to join RAW every Saturday and Sunday for our weekend walks/runs. To encourage newcomers to join us, RAW will have club members available on the first Sunday of the month to mentor them. We will do our best to match people up with someone who can show them the course, water stops, introduce them around and answer questions they might have.

First Sunday of the month 8AM (standard time) 7AM (daylight savings time) at the clubhouse.

Welcome a Newbie & Become a Mentor


First Sunday of the month For more information, contact Joe at


Kathryn Gleghorn Kathryn Gleghorn has long been an advocate for RAW, bringing in new members, encouraging members to become more involved, and recognizing long-time, dedicated members for their ongoing support. In early 2011, Kathryn directed what became the largest RAW event at the time, the WeightWatchers ® WALK-!T 5K, which brought many new members to the club. Shortly afterwards, Kathryn became RAW President. Throughout her two-year term, Kathryn inspired new events including the Volunteer Recognition Run and Social and our monthly Newbie Sunday. Kathryn co-directed RAW’s Bold In The Cold 5K and 15K in 2012 and helped set up two National Running Day fun

8 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2013

runs in 2013. Kathryn’s vision as President resulted in growth and diversity within the RAW ranks. Even though she has retired from the Board, Kathryn has not retired from her involvement. Kathryn recently hosted the annual RAW Luau at her home. She has been working behind the scenes equipping new board members to carry on the mission of the club. She also serves RAW and the running community throughout North Texas as the RRCA North Texas State Representative. While it would be impossible to list them all, RAW gratefully acknowledges the many ways in which Kathryn has given back to the local running community.

In Step With Ricardo Roberto Ricardo with his daughters (l-r) Mireya & Anneliese.

Are you from around here or did you decide to bring your talents to DFW? I grew up in California and then spent 11 years with the U.S. Foreign Service in Colombia, Guatemala and Turkey before my wife dragged me here in 1996. I was very reluctant to return to the U.S., but Texas has been very good to us.

What’s your favorite place to run – local? – anywhere? The RAW eight-mile loop is home. When I am in California, I feel compelled to run hills. There is always some climbing wherever I go. I would say that running the Santa Rosa Plateau near my in-laws’ homes is my idea of heaven. I can go any distance through a state park with streams and hills.

What’s the history of your running “habit” – when did you start? How did you progress? My first sports passion was football – I was defensive captain and played middle linebacker. But I loved track. My coach asked me to run cross-country along with football my sophomore year. I was too small to play varsity football and running became my sport, so I’ve been running for 40 years now. RAW made me a marathoner – I always say that I fell in with the wrong crowd. Before RAW, I raced 5Ks. I will never forget how Kat Sparks started running and within a couple of years was running a marathon, so I decided to go longer. The amazing people who join our club and become great distance runners are my heroes.

What day in your running career would you like to live over again? In Turkey, my running partners and I would run a 7-mile loop around a lake every Saturday and then go to the woman runner’s house for breakfast. They were amazing friends and we have all gone to different places in the world. It would be nice to get them together, but they don’t all run anymore.

When did you join RAW? Richard Craft is my neighbor. I attended the first RAW organizational meeting and run. It was raining and we all hid under the rear hatch of Ileana Craft’s van for the meeting and I think we went home after that without running. That was fall of 1996. What does running do for you now? Running is an essential part of how I see and do everything. There is no way to describe to non-runners what it’s like to have run trails at Mammoth Lakes or to have run along the Nile, past the Eiffel Tower, and started your first marathon in St. Peter’s Square with Pope John Paul II as your official starter. It is also the one time of day I completely control and get to think uninterruptedly. For 40 years, it has provided many of my best, happiest and most enduring memories.

Assuming you have a life outside the club, tell us about it. I have a beautiful, non-runner wife that has been my friend and partner for 30 years and two beautiful daughters. She works for American Airlines and we travel like maniacs. I’m a financial planner and spend all day talking to people about their goals and dreams and how they will take care of themselves and their families. It’s great “work.” What’s your favorite sport/physical activity outside of running? Until I was 40, I spent my life in the gym, lifting heavy weights. I’m still trying to get an Olympic bench and weight set back into our spare room, but my wife is resistant. Fess-up – tell us one secret about yourself. I view myself as a mediocrity. I grew up in the middle of nowhere not thinking I had any great prospects in life and I feel very, very blessed to have the life and company I have. How did I get here? Why have I been so fortunate? Running is my time to thank God for the wonderful life He has given me.

September - October 2013 |


RAW Knows How to Get Their Hula On! By Kathryn Gleghorn


Leona Sloan & Tony Flesch


AW members came out to the annual luau festively dressed and ready to get their hula on. From the bright, flower-printed shirts and skirts to the decked out Tiki Bar, you might have thought you were on a tropical Hawaiian island instead of the backyard paradise known as The Gleghorns. Bruce and Kathryn Gleghorn played host for this fun summer event and had some great help decorating. RAW’s luau committee of Kat Sparks, Jay Jones, Colleen Casey, Nick Kannady, Bridget Smith, Melissa Capello, Marty and Tia Metzger and Karen Bosworth did a wonderful job of decking out the Gleghorn home with leis, flowers, grass skirts and just about any luau themed item you can think of.

Bruce loves to grill so he decided the RAW luau would be the perfect opportunity to roast a pig. Locating an appropriate-sized roasting pig proved to be a bit of a challenge, but when arrangements were finalized, we were able to pick up the pig on Friday afternoon. This left plenty of time to thaw the pig and prep it for its early morning debut. To have the pig completely cooked by 7 PM, Bruce had to start the charcoal at 5 AM and then babysit the pig roasting for the next 12 to 14 hours. It was a hot day tending to the pig, but it was an experience that Bruce was glad to have. RAW member, Dubrokov “D” Vidacak, loaned Bruce his roasting spit and also came by a

Tia & Marty Metzger

St. Onge family: Jeni, Zach and Dr. Tim

10 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2013

John & Kim Studebaker

few hours early to help with the final preparations. The roasted pig was a delicious success! I think the pig, affectionately nicknamed “Bubbles,” was probably the most photographed image at the luau. In addition to the roasted pig, another highlight of the night was the hula dance presentation. Our professionally trained hula dancer gave a 30-minute demonstration of several dances and moves with poi balls. Then things got really entertaining when several RAW members swayed their hips, waved their hands and gave hula dancing a try. The limbo contest and Luau Photo Booth were also popular at this year’s luau.

Mindi Rice and Julie Burns

Boston Marathon 2013 By David Ball


obody could have predicted that the 2013 Boston Marathon would be the scene of an international terrorist attack. It was a horrific event that killed and maimed bodies, held our sense of safety hostage and challenged us once again as free Americans. By the time of this printing, it will soon be sign up time for Boston 2014. Here’s my look back. Arriving in Boston. I flew into Boston on Friday afternoon, April 12 into a cold, soaking rainstorm. I couldn’t escape the self-imposed pressure I put on myself. I had not yet run a Boston Qualifying race for 2014. Even though I trained hard last summer for the New York City Marathon, Hurricane Sandy shut down the race. I got sick the week of the Houston Marathon, and fell short of my time. The only qualifier left for 2014 was Boston 2013. Words to run by. Boston weekend is always a privilege to experience. There’s a special feeling to put on the official Boston Marathon jacket. I attended a very good

David and his fellow Boston runners will always remember the significance of this medal.

Expo lecture by a group of former Boston winners and elites who said, “DO NOT GO OUT TOO FAST AT BOSTON. Try to negative split the race and you will make better time!” “Oh yeah?” I said to myself. “The infamous Newton Hills are from Miles 15 to 21. How do you run a faster second half with that? I prayed for a cool day in the hills.” Visiting the nearby Boston Finish Line is also a fun pre-race activity. They had already erected the large scaffolding network that bridges over Boylston Street with its royal blue and gold trimming. Bold letters herald the name, “Boston Marathon 2013” at the top of this two-story structure.

The finish line itself is a four-foot deep bold yellow stripe that spans the width of the street with the Boston logo 2013 and “FINISH LINE” in giant letters. Naturally, everyone has to pose for a picture on the thing, some just standing, others striking a frozen-runner stance with their tongues hanging out. Such a hoot! I reminisce about the glory it is to finish this race with the adjacent grandstands and streets full of cheering fans. Every runner dreams about such a finish line, where everyone is cheering for you, and your spirit is electric with excitement. Some of my innocent photos standing by the finish line will later reveal to be directly in front of the first bomb blast. The only thing I had scheduled for Sunday, other than the Pasta Dinner, was to attend the “Blessing of the Athlete’s Service” at the Old South Church. The 153-year old church stands just past the Finish Line on Boylston with an enormous steeple attached. This year was a tremendous service with hymns and praises for Almighty God and capped with an inspiring blessing for all competitors in tomorrow’s race. Monday, April 15 (10:20 AM) The race finally starts in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, after an hour-long school bus ride. We’re off and running in the 52° sunshine. Not optimum running temps temp, but hopefully the swirling breezes would blow favorably. Within the first mile, there’s a famous clump of trees down a steep slope where runners dash into to pee. Precious time is lost, and they look ridiculous, especially the red-faced girls. It wasn’t more than 2 or 3 miles into this 117th running of the Boston Marathon that I realized how much my legs hurt. They were essentially dead. Nooooo! I prepared for this race; I trained; I rested; I hydrated. What gives? A silent prayer slipped out between my lips for relief as I slowed down. Suddenly a memory of the Expo lecture popped into my head. Haunting words, “…and make sure you don’t go out too fast; pass nobody; don’t get sucked in…” I calmly resolved to obey those words. I had no choice with dead legs. I affirmed to God this race is His race. I put myself into His hands. If I succeeded in this race, it would be because of Him.

I tried to soak in the great environment all around me– excited fans; tons of encouraging signs from families; fiddle/banjo bands; marching bands; rock bands sprang up out of the Massachusetts countryside. All of them were full of excitement for us. Wellesley College. A famous Boston Marathon tradition occurs at the race midpoint - the wonder that is Wellesley College and famous Wellesley Girls who line the course and scream for the men to kiss them as they go by. They hold up signs, “Kiss me if you’re Irish,” “Kiss me if you’re Jewish,” “Kiss me, I need a date,” “Kiss me, I won’t tell your wife.” Oh, if somebody told me America ain’t great, they ain’t been to Wellesley! 2013 was no exception! After Wellesley, it is time to prepare for the upcoming Newton Hills. The newness of the race has long since passed and we were solidly into the mid-portion of the race. The course rolled up; it rolled down. I focused on just maintaining a respectable pace, but the legs were still sluggish. Mentally, I knew the hills would make or break me. I CAN say that I haven’t “spent” my legs because my slower pace hasn’t exhausted them. I prayed to God that He take over when the time came. My D-Day would soon be here. The Newton Hills. Mile 15 is a very exposed portion of the race. There is no shade and the hills begin. It was starting to feel hotter. My marathon prayer was now out loud. Within the first solid uphill we’ve had in Newton, I felt something weird going on—my legs didn’t feel the normal hill fatigue. Believe me, I’m not charging up the hill, but there was usually more fatigue when running uphill. The next hill brought the same results. Legs felt good, no, actually BETTER than earlier in the race. Did God hold me back earlier with dead legs so that I’d have more horsepower for these hills? Another hill confirmed it, my legs were waking up. My confidence level began to build and build. Agonizing spots from previous Boston races are now replaced with strength and stamina. Glancing to my side, I spied a familiar face. I didn’t know him, but I recognized Dean Karnazes, famous ultra-runner. We probably ran three miles together before I

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lost him at a fluid station. Then, somewhere after Mile 16, I passed the famous “Team Hoyt” – the famous father and son team who run together with son (cerebral palsy) in a special tricycle while father pushes. Somewhere around Mile 19, I caught up to a familiar face from home, John Studebaker. He said I looked strong, wished me good luck and snapped my picture!

I’d attended the day before at the Old South Church across the street from me. I felt drawn to her steeple to pray. I could not know that the street would explode only 100 feet from my prayer spot just minutes from then. I tearfully finished my prayer of gratitude and awkwardly made my way to

We were still confused when a second blast with almost equal intensity went off, but suddenly we were all aware we were being attacked. All I could think was that terrorist bastards were using this grand stage to kill Americans. I was enraged and defiant. I instinctively turned to help anyone hurt by the blast, but hundreds of people were surging away from the finish line. I abandoned the idea to fight the stream of bodies and resolved to cooperate by moving away from the finish line. Help was certainly at the finish line already. There was nowhere to run, but no one panicked. I just made my way patiently to my drop bag in a bus several blocks up the road. Once there, I asked the drop bag attendant to take a photo back toward the finish line where faint smoke still lingered. Within minutes of the second blast, I began to hear siren after siren of all varieties. It was sad, audible proof that people had been injured or killed in the blasts. The sirens would continue throughout the day and the night as the help to the injured and search for the criminal bombers ensued. I overheard passers-by say the race had been stopped at Mile 25.

Heartbreak Hill. By the time Heartbreak Hill came at Mile 21, I was very confident in my leg strength. I topped the Hill with a happy realization that the finish line was only 5.2 miles ahead. By all indications now, I had the steam to finish strong. I would not let down my determination. The home stretch of Boston is marked by a much thicker crowd. My Texas shirt always gets favorable reaction from fans, but this section of scattered Texas fans actually goes wild when they see it. “Go TEXASSS!!” as they point their loaded beer cups at me. “Go! Go! Go! Texas! Whooopiee! Own it. Kill it. Oh yeah, Go Man!!” I feel my pace picking up with each mile. My mental fuel tank knew it could make it home. The horse knows its way to the barn. The legs were humming. Before I knew it, the race was within two miles of the end. I was spending every bit of fuel I had. The crowds were now roaring, thicker than I can ever remember. It was a good day! My training, my patience to obey and trust God, were all paying off. The Finish Line. As I rounded the final sequence of turns to Boylston Street, I took off my cap and held it up to the crowd to honor this beautiful race. This moment is what it is all about and I didn’t want to miss it. My legs kicked it into gear! The crowd was roaring to deafening levels, my arms were raised up, and I was screaming myself! In one last instant, I could see the large grandstands to my right, the chain of beautiful international flags on my left, and the awesome giant finish line arch in front of me. As I crossed the finish line, there was nothing left of me. My finish time was an incredible 3:23:06. I bested my best Boston time by almost 7 minutes! Best of all, I’d qualified for Boston 2014 with almost eight minutes to spare. My spirits were high, and I had a deep sense of gratitude. My memory flashed to the “Blessing of the Athletes” church service

in the air. Our ears were ringing and we were confused. I asked if anyone knew what happened. I could not see beyond the tall finish line structure and I couldn’t see below it because of the hundreds of finishers that were in the way. Some thought a transformer blew up; others thought it was fireworks.

my feet. I thought about John Studebaker and glanced under the finish line to see if he came in. After a few minutes, I decided I wouldn’t find him. I looked for a certain race volunteer whose dad is a friend. I couldn’t find her either, so I resolved to fall into the flow of finishers to get my foil wrap, medal, water, snacks, etc. Everyone was shoulder to shoulder, barely putting one foot in front of the other. All seemed excited and uplifted in spirits. The moments that changed Boston forever. After getting about a block away from the finish line, a huge explosion went off right on the other side of the finish line next to the Old South Church. The ground shook and it was so loud, it vaulted everyone forward a few steps. Several of us instantly looked back to see the origin. A large plume of white smoke rose up in a mushroom as tiny bits of paper and other matter floated

12 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2013

Many thoughts and concerns flooded my mind, but there was no doubt I was a witness to another evil terrorist attack on American soil. Quick video of the blasts appeared on TV news revealing a chilling closeness I had been to the explosions. My race photos show me very excited to be finishing so strong, but in direct line of where the bombs went off minutes later. Boston Strong. My Boston Marathon running jacket and t-shirt have become symbols of patriotism. I feel very thankful for being spared and resolve to fight terror by living free. If we become afraid to run marathons or attend ball games or other large gathering places, we are no longer free. I refuse to live that way. Others must feel the same, because my annual Parkland Foundation Burn Camp pledge campaign nearly tripled its normal donations. I’ve been truly inspired by the reaction of the running community to the Boston attacks. It will take more than bombs to stop us.

RRCA Runnings

Road Runners Club of America By Kelly “K2” Richards, RRCA Director-At-Large

It’s not too late to host an 8th annual RRCA Run@Work Day ® or 2nd annual RUN@School Day ®. Both are scheduled for Friday, September 20. Free planning kits, fact sheets and posters can be found at http://www. It’s also not too early to submit nominations for an RRCA National Running Award. Award categories include Outstanding Club President of the Year, Outstanding Volunteer of the Year, Road Race of the Year, Outstanding Club Writer, Journalism Excellence (professional writer) and more. Anyone can submit a nomination. All the details on the award categories and nomination and selection process can be found at The RRCA thanks Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers for their contribution to the Kids Run the Nation (KRN) Fund from the 2013 Bold in the Cold race proceeds. As of June 30, $7,000 of the $20,000 KRN 2013 fundraising goal has been reached. You and RAW can donate to the RRCA with confidence because the RRCA is a BBB Wise Giving Alliance Accredited Charity, which means it meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability and has the GuideStar Exchange Gold Seal. For more information go to

Incredible Recovery! Ray Cruthirds participated in his first race since being paralyzed 18 months ago by a drunk driver. Ray won the wheelchair division at the RiverShack 2-miler in New Orleans. He is pictured here with his family members who participated in the race.

Planning a trip and need a running route?

Grapevine is a Runner Friendly Community The city of Grapevine is designated as a Runner Friendly Community® by the Road Runners Club of America. The goals of the Runner Friendly Community program are to shine a national spotlight on communities that increase the quality of life, improve physical activity for residents and provide an increased economic impact for the community. Watch our video submission at

Map out and measure a route from the largest database of running routes in the country. Log on to to map out a route anywhere in the USA.

September - October 2013 |


The LGRAW website is more than just the Forum If you do not regularly look at our club’s website, you are missing out on many of the new features RAW has added to the website during the past year. Did you know our national award-winning newsletter, FOOTPRINT, is archived online back to 2005? If you are a new club member you can learn a lot about RAW and our members by reading past issues.

T OOTPR I N Septemb

Lake Grap


evine Runn

er 2006

ersan www.runn


Lake Grap




es to

60 Minut

T OOTPR I N June 2007

ers ers & Walk

Fun Ru Freedom

evine Runn

ersan www.runn





ce of our performan and crew volunteers en Henr y who chiefs. Nore results, our Reyher descr iption processed our Finish By Chris , April 28, of what the n John Bush and Eileen morning, Chief, n Saturday 700 participants of weatherma us. Line on for who spent nded 2007, over served up Fontaine, ty, desce Grove managing egged varie Oak In attendance e untold hours n process, the two-l the tratio Park for A were 16 rescu with the regis superstars. goes PetLove groups alonggreat were our al nk you” 8th Annu some really tees Hustle special “Thad Ball who Hound Dog e adop Hound Dog to Davi success with rs’ medals. canin out t. for d Dresse nstrating and finishe artistic talen Hustle. This bandanas with his the demo most ing assisted us included of our runn their to all ior. to ted behav dona tions Man’s Best adorable races are Cong ratulawho, without their cost from the Friend 5K stars defray the n fees and Proceeds help super d tratio to s and , regis lost e group , there woul Race and homes for enthusiasm donations d Dog art rescu g loving the PetsM of findin dogs of all varieties. be no Houn One-Mile abandoned Hustle. s, which Fun Run rescue group d, provide not least, but . The Last, and Walk tely funde r, my Race friend. are priva d with a new thanks to food, shelte er, Susan but they Matt Sanfor Partn dogs, and tor de k Direc neutering h not inclu our “Crac The 5K does ipated Barnett andTeam”, overall healt is eagerly particile fun Marketing auley care. This ed by in the one-m looking Cathy McCBubash, accomplish s from were a run. All being and Tany know modest profit fees, to tion own forward who really only the the adop their very ls and the awarded how to get donations er’s meda igious and care of spiffy finish t those most prest ors! love and until spons limen rs ous to comp gener foster ownehomes to their two- er, the 5K. awarded permanent . Ken Hall wins ing partn legged runn weather can be found the lights pack ng, all This year, back of the have been At this writi are Results High Even the d medals. could not , dry and ers largest, runners receive the numb ter Run r 18:05 better. Clear accurate will be our ten year Five-Kilome le – Molly Tucke 20:29 most this race ’s cool is a not in, but able race in RAW Overall Fema le – Leana Sloan will again Fema most profit sands of dollars 16:14 s. Masters group – Ken Hall e Thou 17:14 rescu history. Overall Male – Jeff Garber among the Male be divided ile run was r Masters one-m the Taylo of alk A highlight of about 200 O.C.several Fun Run/W mile One-Mile Anthony Jordan event. For logging the final – thon mara a Dias Top Male have been 26.2 student’s le – Cariss students of Top Fema at weeks, theseleading up to a totalnized for be found results may their miles of them was recog Complete rsandwalke miles. Each plish ment. www.runne this their accom success of le for the Responsib was the incredible year’s HDH


Lake Grap

The Dogs

rs Are… the Winne

RAW pione

ers blaze

on at the “60

Freed Minutes to

on a one hour e venue, The uniqu track, allowed each the Galpin in le By Henr y warm, everyone quarter-mi ed on the ker to view ion or at least uly 4th dawn Carroll Middle runner/wal at ed entire durat of the humid side rsibly blurr race for the off event d the kickn was irreve for real-time dar. Bille ed until visio School for It also allow holiday calen us early who by sweat. director obvio club’s full was race it the run to his own weren’t feedback running as a “fun” er conditions mistake of Joe Luccioni’s long. made the g that the weath modate fun for takin the ad of and accom race inste going to breakfast miles later ifully of doing the ately 9.26 suggestion the stadium when Approxim er, Troy Pruet t, merc er, to winn retur ning overall winn women’s and was up. time. The hour was ran out of covered 9.12 miles by Troy. Mindi Rice, r left unlapped runne the only ipated bers partic le” RAW mem To Hand a Over 40 s “Too Hot After in this year’ running events. in 5K with highs 15K and eratu res only week of temp range and lows that egree d the 105-d r 80s, many feare live up in the uppeevent would again s this year’ . 9 to its name le | page 


om” on July


this?” ’s idea was s like, “Who going to kick Com ment a subtle, “I’m made for and the less is over!” when this your butt morning. fun-filled agony t pain and humans forge the final Luckily, and subsided s do it has it “Let’ be, once seemed to missed this consensus you put it year.” If om,” next again to Freed it’ll Minutes year now; year’s “60 dar for next in July! on your calen first Wednesday the be held on

pe Duet “1999 - A Year of Growth; Duct Ta RAW Becomes a Major Factor in the Running Community.” Read Chris Reyher’s year in review and see how far we’ve come as a club. to hot to






be run will al club fun mber 16. This annu day, Septe ct held on Satur team is a perfe ies. erson This two-p for all ages and abilit n competitio 5 Duck tape

Duet | page


September 2006, page 4

By Jeff Barn


?? with her

two dogs.

two dogs. od with her

June 2007, pages 12 & 13

r 2007

ers ers & Walk

ersan www.runn




Record ble Sets


taking goals with I had many and during the up and over as RD was worr ied course set I race, from registration and first year, g the shoes of to line mark ing, about fillin rd, who was the p, finish packet pickuwater station able to Rick Sanfo ts, RD. I was to bring and resul ng and s previous nt, parki new thing manageme ination, to our race, try some the le to traffic coord r, and to the more peop ed and some did unce great anno -up crew in the some work unfor tunately, fastest clean d mention all not. I also, upset things to t did some west. I woul by name, but le and I regre teers some peop s. This year I was e issue the volun take a whol was those event it would all, so it to list them by the editors. d discourage ’s ed RAW also show ers The race runn t the passion abou with many s the finish and the race d cheer ing the sprints toward group. Molly Tucker in her age stayi ng aroun the course. and 1st place ipants last runner on was er of partic participant in the numb ng out to run One such who wrote comi r Wilson, setting a with 365 event and amou nt Walte e-mail, “I was the the 2007 the for the total other in an finisher at new high last The ed very the club. ing. I want raised for may have 10k this morn the race group and of ts they your aspec but teers to thank “records,” your volun year’s not been several of their met for this bek set course iates for were goals most significant end. Andrea Jarzom 5K and 10K. and assoc the to us at the event. The provide more to records in assistance ssed my to plish all this year (My wife had expre wanted goal was ipants and tech able to accomrace and could I especially the partic the ed out a concern.) gentleman [Jeff with the goals for hand the done that the race running to thank only have d with me shirt and running e] who staye two.” of many. line. Garb help finish or mile cap at the I learned and for the last key thing years in the Cold The one Trouble two le Bold past Doub s As with from these is only as good This year’ Hustle, many as race Hound Dog commented how race was my last is your race who help you s I have (RD) and I learned as the people you can’t participant race was. director ized the RAW, tenure. er even well organ le in the and with enjoyed my ever expected r of a runn better peop to all I One fathe that he thought find any ings of more than ks again inner work have a ized commented world. Thanthis year and to about the were organ d a race and nt our races who helpe ers who came out what putting on manageme ciation for on a club by a race all the runn by appre not huge put and won s not only for the race. Mark Miller company RAW’s own it takes to . This year’ one. in both races. ed volunteers organize show but his age group race, again put on a race once also set some s race RAW can The race this year’ how well records with percent increase 50 having a

ers, this or two runn le Trouble year’s Doub with Andrea le, was no trouband Joe Beisner Jarzombek the 5K and 10K taking both overall winners. the record races as a course times of Andrea set races with ctively. for both 35:45, respe d for 17:14 and course recorof 34:29 Joe set a with a time 5K the 10K missed the by 12 and just 16:54 d of course recor seconds. ing ea, in winn little a Joe and Andr , took home both races of $100 each. extra prize first time this the This was handed out and RAW award was ved it. As both deser Hall put it, “He runner Ken an extra gear had not (Joe) just and I could at the end catch him.”


“Anniversary • 1997-2007 10 Years Running,” a timeline anand photo lunteers! s d Vo r Sponsor u to all ou spread commemorating RAW’s Thank yo 10th Anniversary. Diana Kirkwo

evine Runn



l traditi a new annua

T OOTPR I N Decembe

ers ers & Walk

October is right around the corner and that means it’s RAW road trip time. Many of our road warriors take to the trails and head to Canyon for the Palo Duro Trail Run. Want to find out more about what all the hype is around this race? Check out race reports by Marty Metzger and Alan Engisch. December 2007, pages 7 & 8


Lake Grap

evine Runn

ers ers & Walk

Lake Grap

evine Runn

ersan www.runn

A Holiday



July 2008



ersan www.runn


Year Straight r the 9th Hustle gsnteesWin fo Doguara und Dog Ho e e, too. prett y much danc th atten our home at in e will be that Bruc

Gleghorn Bruce and Leghorn? I committed they? Who are Cleghorn? exactly have to? It appears Gleghorn? crossed many So, what nd Kath ryn er and husba bly what ous to their my Chris Reyh By home s as they This is proba is very gener for opening bers’ mind d nge LGR AW RAW mem ng about who woul . . In excha club party hosts to the party, the heari ay party t Smith, started n and Bridge RAW Holid usly up our homebers shared the rest Rhonda Housto y and nice. host the 2007 horns are obvio mem RAW’s elves, see who’s naught food and its Gleg and looking to ners and Well, the of providing has a nice the of the “Run also a genuine of the tasks inside of LGR AW members are Also, ating the ior they ryn but assist the for beverage. While decor domain, the exter ers, Kath Walkers,” g of elves to plan my the ers and walk little group devising a game al landscapin house is pair of runn er and Bruce being t the and gener nsibility. s down lake runn hostess with nice thing abou decorating Bush chase . e’s respo being the lived in South Kirsten party. The came to my house s are Bruc son, Caleb bers of They’ve the dutie mem speedy was a walker. and they ing and ay party half now stay in elves is that races to , the Holid ning” meet a year and as long. host n. e were Ther Caleb Bush Well folks ss.Kirste y have a “plan gize on how to to our race to mom, succe nearl of se ded front RAW al thanks strate their well-atten selections to choo Very speci Luccioni, our loyal . on, provide tips. helped me rt Sheld party desse al food Joe andinr gand lar of 15 sever some racing outstCoope popu tives with director, Love, and y anDogs, ever ing, Rush, y offer ings and the led by Pet by representa arty plann merr from owner, Steve yumm ps and their sponsors attended plent yeofgrou the pre-p of (mostly) hours who had task of band rescu l Along with additional tion Lake room dog usua adop many the local theday, April 19th, all the tial idates for who gave forand Walkers there was readyers n Saturhome volunteers lovable cand and greet their poten e a quality, haveture g ourevine Runn many longersigna gettinGrap work to insur t. we no eagerly meet Over the years, ly popu,lar Sinceeverted of e even I usual rs. guests.d their hund reds home been initia memorabl new owne hoste child rentatatten ded by ming ations onships have consu. It is no even small ing e, congratul close relati not to mention that ators runnmyself the timespect to the hilt. , cutive ibuted And of coursHDH winners in saverunn halls ers and for at the HDH 00 has been contr ingforthe ninth conse of of deck the the house of to all task ise that decorate the victorious d and nearly $50,0 groups from the a le! surpr I do were again atedHust four-legge . rful hosts, e decor both the Although l for our wonde the dogs d Dog to the rescu these races. year, tmas d categories , I havealnot RAW is gratefu Kathryn Gleghorn of Annu Houn two-legge Chris Bruce and proceeds at the 9th ) is nition le (HDH recog fairly new al Hust one speci d Dog run/ lar Sloan would some Runners and This year, popuLeana The Houn mile fun very So, why ion Hase and t who to aJack race, one Grapevine annual cheer. was(l-r)given on.” In addit Dave Ball, participan a 5K road to the Lake to host the tion some holiday us for “adopt-ath ators, it is selves “cooking up” volunteer ated demonstra walk, and they them Walkers d and educ Worl ers and spect was us ay Party when s cipandtFamo enter taine That to the runn parti man’ Holiday said Holid . Epple and. years attended Kelly herdpoint ryn disap seven too. Shep an not have never question. Kath Germdid ande K9 Polic y,®aCake party evine Darbúa Kahl ng the Party? Goodcomponent of the hostiGrap of . of the ber ed in 2006 l e is enjoy mem We awaytance d assis is the socia uable ip and Bruc passe onsh inval ton, nand who ciatio s relati Hous Also, appre Corpthe with ds ofda Gleghorn s effor ts. h, Rhon ler, awar Smit s were and orial y’s hand tor g his wife’ Memet Bridg ng dutie Carpenter Darb to ts. hosti Debbie as a direc supportin s the nted desser cted Harris, and the Lee, …and ned y-ele the,guest Hintz (l-r) Susan wereyprese Cind g the frivolity ks to all d and assig I being newl er Brian Than iec enjoyin nt. s r Offic AW Boar tless. rtmedishe tasty Judy Domen Senio effor the Depa e adopt . to the LGR “Social Directors,” along g she may six years evinehtPolic orialized on this the Grapbroug who rth thinkin her dog. in at least part of my as one of Karen Boswo but sticks with e looking . also mem tmas tree y is would make signing up festiv share it Chris Keats, Darb to ht was s. Kirsten r by thoug house shirt tmas tree. lities easie I hope our year’s race as opposed of a Chris responsibi ay party te the lack Holid this despi the to host to host bike as lead members in er serves GPS. to soliciting . Hosting the party ithout a Marty Metzg tor…w naviga annual event and chief

By Kath ryn


Lake Grap


ember rty to Rem


I NT January

ers ers & Walk

evine Runn

ers ers & Walk

Spor ck to the

Giving Ba


RAW Volun

ersan www.runn





Back” as to “Give time intrusive Whatever ghout a volunteer. as a volunteer, ties throu time opportuni us you can give back triple in with vario one get the year, ts, so every you will action. commitmen to find an nal satisf able too perso not should be is time that event and

and d in 2008 Flesch By Tony volunteere all of our the new encou rage get actively s we begin to would like members teer year, we that and volun everyone involved many We have to recog nize in 2008 at our in 2009. d volunteere for “Giving s RAW event Spor t.” From Back to the , club club races our three e Rock the Whit fun runs, aid (WR M) Marathon p Grapevine ly week station, “Kee clean-up, , Beautiful” volunteers water duty you, of is ALL etc — it made teers, that our volun so successful. s these event n in the well know g on RAW is for puttin community events and for g outstandin participation teer a nonthe volun bers. As of our mem ization, with no teers profit organ nnel, volun paid perso and soul of are the heart out dedicated With the club. willing like you, bers mem of and give to step up off to all could not club n. Hats our rs. aid statio of runne yourself, d not be “Funk y Hat” t WRM field and woul White Rock rting the larges function, this year’s suppo today. teers at high winds what it is RAW volun heat and would The wacky who braved the 2009, we teers the volun As we begin everyone that like to thank


If you are new to running and wonder if you will ever get any faster you might find some inspiration in reading a few articles written by Randy Bobe. This club member just hoped to run a 4-hour marathon in 2007, but in 2012, he ran a speedy sub-3 hour marathon!

Perhaps you are one of the club members who put the “W” in Runners and Walkers and you are considering walking a marathon. Check out Kathryn Gleghorn’s race report about her experience walking the Chicago Marathon and the Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk in 2008.

Jan 2008 & July 2008

Jan/Feb 2009, pages 7 & 17

,” pleas to the Sport ng Back om one for “Givi ersandWal kers.c Runn nize some like to recog n to Kathr ynG@ If you would your nominatio send


I NT March 2009


Lake Grap

evine Runn

ers ers & Walk

ersan www.runn


d Dress W Not, the Re Red-y or ition Comes to RA Run Trad


RAW Wins RRCA National Jerry Little Excellence in Journalism Award see page 15

Dress 2009 Red ners Award Win

the Bag Race in Had the finisher) n (first M/F and Laura Nelso er Alan Walk s Red Dres Sweetest h” Flesch Tony “Flas

a Run. It was Red Dress style. first-ever trotting in day for the g gussied up and it a red letter rs gettin RAW made ss with 60 runne don red ly men” to cherry succe

s all shape several “man even a tutu) of the , of runners dresses (and on these guys t thousands Red Dress . And nown to gowns didn’ and sizes world, the dresses and their original all around the evening rtunity for and like what zany oppo quite look Run is a s to dress to the ninesthe intended. desig ners participant The legend is that er at “K2” s go to Kelly n of run in style. d by a new runn ers starte Special thank brought the visio tradition o Hash House Harri ng to who y, Doug Richards run to realit a San Dieg she was comi ing . realizing the red dress Noell for runn rd in a red dress run. Not tney showed up e of her gaffe, and Cour aid station, Rick Sanfo a run, she d became awar ow, red dress e, and the all-re When she anyh ing the cours d the run idea quickly for mark horn for she joine ryn Gleg quirk y event al The Kath Hot all. annu Red and the became an world. donating es. spread and clubs all over the Shot Glass ing 2009 runn for ed Day mark Valentine’s Red Dress Run. This year, annual RAW and blustery, the first of a little cool gentlemen Although ia, ladies and about 60 ed in full red regal purses, RAW arriv with hats, pearls, s. Race accessorie topped off matching did a great job n, and other g Jack Gree Director, the event, convincin organizing


ser Hottest Dres eribs” LaMothe “Spar Gregory er Biggest Whin Jack Hase ssori zed Best Acce e Doug Keeff an Accessory Need of Most in s Ray Harri Hiding Need of Most in ity their Ident Ruby” Rubalcaba t. Jim “Cap nisher Energy Reple tine’s Date for Hot Valen on the course) time (longest Steve Wise d an Awar Deserves This Man r David Moye sed 5 Best Dres er Alan Walk Cindy Lee r Stacie SaubeRuby” Rubalcaba t. Jim “Cap Jack Green

And if you are wondering if RAW is all run and no fun, you’ll want to read about our first Red Dress Run, “Red-y or Not, the Red Dress Run Tradition Comes to RAW”. March 2009, cover story

Be sure to check out the columns throughout the years covering everything from tips and tricks to running insights and perspectives: First Steps: The New Runner’s Guide by Rick Sanford, In a Flash! by Tony Flesch, On your Mark by Mark Miller, and Ask Spareribs by Gregory LaMothe, just to name a few. Check out all the features at

14 FOOTPRINT | September - October 2013



 Male  Female DOB___/___/___

 Renewal

Name_________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________ City__________________________________________________

Can we publish this information in the club directory?  Yes  No Participating Family Members Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___

State_____________ Zip Code_____________________________

Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___

Home Phone (

Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___


E-Mail Address_________________________________________

Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___

I know that participating and volunteering to work in club events can be potentially hazardous. I assume all risks associated with running, walking and volunteering to work in club events. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts and in consideration of your acceptance of my application for membership, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, Inc., Road Runners Club of America and all sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims of liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in club activities. I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any other records for any legitimate purpose.

Membership Dues  $20 Single  $30 Family Signature __________________________________________ Date______/______/______ Mail completed application and payment to LGRAW (Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers), P.O. Box 2982, Grapevine, TX 76099 or drop in the membership box at the LGRAW Clubhouse.

Keep your membership current

RAW offers online membership at You can still renew at the clubhouse or through the mail. Simply fill out the membership application and drop it off or send it in.

Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers



New Members Ros Dalrymple Tony & Judy Dominiec Marc Elliott Claudia Halman Yvette Hanshaw John Hayes Loren Keeffe

Lori Allison Terri Bartlett Amy Blagg Richard Bower II Robin Boydston Jackie Brainerd Curtis Carley

Jamie Levine Ann McCarley Melanie McNamara Veda Miner Cindy Minter David Pruit LaNelia Ramette

Sheri Rasnake Christine Roath Richard Rummell Jeanne Sheffield Joe Storaska John Studebaker Ray Taylor

Membership Renewals Mary Jo Agee Randy Bobe Ross Darrow Tyler Dawson Jeff Garber

Richard Johnson Barbara Martin Sarah McQuiniff Marty & Tia Metzger Srikant Ravirala

Michael Sand Sonia Soprenuk John Wrinkle

Welcome to all of our New Members September - October 2013 |


Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, TX 76099

Non-Profit U.S. Postage PAID Grapevine, TX Permit No. 243

SHARE WITH A VISITOR OR NEW MEMBER After reading this issue, drop it off at the clubhouse for visitors to get to know us.

Don’t let this be you during the holidays... sign up for the

COUCH TO 5K TRAINING PROGRAM This December, peel yourself off the couch and join fellow walkers and runners for the Couch to 5K Training program.

Cost is $20 for members and $25 for non-members and includes your BITC 5K entry fee!

coach you to walk or run the

Details forthcoming and will be posted on both the LGRAW Facebook page and the LGRAW Forum.

Bold In the Cold 5K.

Sign-up will begin November 1st.

This twice-weekly program will


September 2013  

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