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Hound dog hustle 2004 Storms dampen the course, but not the spirit!

Upcoming Events

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July 4, 4:00 pm, Softball, BBQ, Annual Meeting & Elections, RAW Clubhouse July 10, 5:00 pm, RAW Luau, home of Bill & Annette Collins September 25, Protectors of Freedom 9-1-1, Gaylord Texan

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Another Hound Dog Hustle is behind us, and in spite of Mother Nature’s best efforts, it was a rousing success! We approached race day with expectations of setting numerous records. The record number of sponsors and vendors, fifteen dog rescue groups and five demonstration groups were all on board to make the Vendor Expo and Dog Adopt-AThon the biggest and best ever. Participants were also looking forward to the 2004 Hustle as evidenced by the record number of early registrations. 539 entries (200

(5:00 pm, First Saturday of the month) Check the bulletin board on our website for changes. • • •

July, No event other than the Fourth of July party August 7, potluck at the home of Rick Fogel September 4, Jack Shaw’s in Southlake (Kroger shopping center)

Renewals Your membership expiration date is shown on your Footprint mailing label. When it’s time to renew, fill out the membership application in the newsletter and mail it back to RAW along with your check. The winner of the “Mr. Blackwell’s Best Dressed” Award looked ravishing in her yellow slicker

more than last year) were received before race day! Prior to the event, the RAW volunteers worked tirelessly to make our new venue at Oak Grove Park exciting for everyone. The new location by the soccer fields came with trees supplying natural shade and a new and safer course for runners, walkers and their dogs. Friday night the area looked fabulous with the banners, tents, stage and sound system ready for Saturday’s big race. Then the storm came rolling in and stayed the entire night! When we got to the race site Saturday morning, we found scaffolding blown down, grounds under water, and lightning and rain still pummeling the area. Not to be deterred, the volunteers and the young men from Scout Troop #769 pitched in, moving food, water, registration and banners to the covered pavilion just across the road. By 7 a.m., eight rescue groups and their dogs braved the elements and set up booths in the parking lot, as did the Grapevine K-9 unit, Animal Control and Canine Companions for Independence. As the sponsors and vendors arrived, we gave them space in the pavilion. It was close quarters, but the sense of adventure kept everyone in good spirits. The storm took a breather around 7:30 a.m. and within 10 minutes people started arriving to register and run the race! We had 57 race day registrations for a total of 596 entries, besting last year by 10%. (Continued on page 2)

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Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club

Of these entries, we had approximately 200 runners (and over 100 dogs) participate in the events on this wet and wild day. They had a great time, and loved the course and the numerous canine water stops courtesy of the storm.

P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, Texas 76099

“My 5 year old son was with me and he can't stop talking about it! The dogs! The Medal! The Boy Scouts who did the water stop with us! I don't think he even noticed the rain. He has been doing 'training runs' with me for about 2 months and he wasn't disappointed at all yesterday.”

RAW Board and Committees President Kelly Richards

Surprise dog awards such as “And you thought you were having a bad hair day!” and “So… do you have the phone number for Jenny Craig?” were just some of the items that made this day fun and memorable for all who attended. "My dog wore the medal all day and wouldn't let me take it off - it was so cool!" and "We had a great time in spite of the liquid sunshine," were a few of the comments we received. The best news from this race came when we completed the final accounting. Thanks to our sponsors we were able to distribute $7,561 dollars to the rescue groups. This is an increase of 15% from last year! Imagine what we would have accomplished with better weather.

First Vice President Terry Marcott Second Vice President Rick Sanford Chief Information Officer Jack Hase Treasurer Craig Minyard Officers At Large Rick Fogle J.W. Keeling Tia Metzger

Kids and dogs made the 1-mile run fun to run and fun to watch!

Stacie Sauber Susan Barnett Courtney Noell Footprint Editor Susan Barnett

Congratulations to our overall male winner, LGRAW member Mark Miller (17:08) and to our overall female winner, Kirsten Brown (19:05). Masters winners were LGRAW’s Duncan Stewart (18:15) and Yolanda Hopping (19:50). LGRAW member Steve Rush and his dog won the 1-mile, and Kathy Wickersham won the female 1-mile. School winners were St. Vincent’s (private school division) and Eubanks Elementary (public school division). We hope to see all of you again next year—same place, same weekend– April 23, 2005. —Eileen Fontaine and Roxanne Schroeder HDH Race Directors 2

Our resident artist

DAVID BALL outdid himself this year! (You should see it in color!)

Proud mom Stacie Sauber congratulates daughter Felice (age 9)

Mark Miller stretches it out to win the 5k in 17:08

John Bush gets some help from grandson Caleb

One mile winner Steve Rush also ran the 5k 3

Tia Metzger and Kelly Eppelman making a questionable fashion statement

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Annual Fourth of July BBQ & Elections RAW Clubhouse Softball: 4:00 pm BBQ: 6:00 pm Elections during dinner Bring your beverage, a meat to grill, a side dish to share, and lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on

If you cannot attend the annual meeting, you may vote absentee by mailing your ballot to LGRAW, PO Box 2982, Grapevine TX 76099.

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Recognizing the club member who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty, who supports other members of our club, and who represents our club and our sport with distinction.

Officers at Large (vote for six): Susan Barnett Scott Decker Scott Eppelman Rick Fogle Henry Galpin Tia Metzger Courtney Noell Todd Roper Stacie Sauber Don Strome Write-in: __________________

Submit your nomination to Susan Barnett at by June 24, along with a paragraph describing why your nominee should receive the award. The recipient will be announced at our 4th of July event.


In step with … julie sheridan How long have you been running? Pretty much since I left the womb. Seriously, running has always been a big part of my life. Back in junior high and high school I ran on the track team. My specialty was the 800 along with the mile relay and the two mile relay. Beyond track I used running as my training key for volleyball and basketball. I ended up playing basketball at Princeton University and found myself as the fastest player on the team. It worked to my advantage in the second half of almost every game—when the other players were tired I just kicked it in and beat them to the other end of the court and got most of my points the easy way—with an open basket to shoot at! It really wasn't until after college that I found running to be more of a primary focus for me. I dabbled in various races over the years more for fun and health than for being a serious runner. I still wouldn't call myself a serious runner but I'm getting there. How long have you been a RAW member? Since June of last year (2003). I became a RAW member totally by chance. I had to drive some friends to the airport pretty early one Saturday morning. For a change of pace I decided to run on the trails by Lake Grapevine. I parked in one of the lots and headed up to start my run on the trails—I sort of noticed a group of people at a little clubhouse on the way but didn't really think much about it besides the fact that I wasn't the only crazy one out there for an early morning workout. So, I started my run (on what I now know to be the West Loop). I was tooling along just following the trail not thinking much about the footsteps behind me. I stayed on the trail and finally stopped at a water stop (what I now know to be the second water stop) and met another runner named Terry Marcott. I had planned on turning around but Terry convinced me to run with him. I saw for the first time the big hill and the residential streets heading to the turnaround of the eight mile loop. Terry actually ran with me (later I learned that this was quite an unheard of honor) and showed me the RAW loop. After we finished the run he introduced me to the folks at the RAW clubhouse and from that point on you've all had to see me on a regular basis! Why running? How can a runner ask another runner this question...why live life without running? In reality I run to support my eating habit...I love to eat and why restrict myself when I can run a few extra miles and eat what I want? And the real core reason that I run is that I'm a better person when I do—I feel better and I'm much easier to live with as well (just ask my family). (Continued on page 7)


K2 to you From Kelly Richards, RAW President With the annual general membership meeting and elections right around the corner, I wanted to explain the role the board members play in shaping the club and our presence in the community. The board meets monthly. Regular agenda topics include: how to maintain or drive membership, what community projects to become involved with, which activities to endorse, club race planning updates/ results and a financial review. Special projects the board has or is working on include: establishing our 401.3 c status, our alignment with the AARC and finding a long-term lease or possibly even building our own club house. Due to the support and generosity of the club members we have had back-to-back financially successful years. This has provided us the opportunity to make generous donations to our community, above and beyond the money given to the benefactors of our races. Our ability to give back to our sport and to our community is the club accomplishment I'm personally most proud of. All club members are welcome and encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions with board members, and to attend the monthly meetings. The board, as a representation of the individual members, makes the final decisions on official club business. So whom you vote for this July 4th is important! The current board is a passionate group and they have served the club and community well. I'm pleased so many of the same individuals are willing to serve on the board again. It also brings me great pleasure that there are so many “new” names on the ballot this year. I look forward to the new perspectives, ideas, diversity and personality of the newly elected team. I'm confident that whoever is voted in will take RAW to another level of success.


Lake grapevine runners and winos Annual wine chaser event march 27, 2004

Hélène Walker, Susan Barnett and Courtney Noell (and yes, there were guys there too!)

Susan Eccleston and Jeanne Minyard (Continued from page 6)

Complete this sentence: The most outrageous thing I’ve done while running is…. when I went for a run in San Francisco. It was when I first entered the corporate world (with AT&T at the time - now Lucent Technologies). I was out there for a work conference in the spring/ summer of 1993 and I decided to go for a run during a free afternoon. So, I walked out of my hotel looked up and saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Why not run to and over the bridge ,I thought…. Let's just say that it’s deceiving how far that bridge was from my downtown hotel. I just kept running and running and was determined not to stop until I got to that bridge. I run over 24 miles that day - 12 there and then, of course, I had to run back. It may not sound like much to those marathoners and ultra folks in RAW but at the time for me it was insane! What has been your fondest running memory? My fondest running memory happened in college. I knew I probably wasn't the most naturally talented basketball player to grace the campus of Princeton University but I had always been the fastest player on any basketball team that I had played on. So, when I started preseason conditioning my freshman year I wasn't sure what I would be up against in the running department. I heard from all of my teammates that one of the sophomore players was really, really fast. Obviously they were initimiated by her and I was anxious to see just how fast she was in person. We started off our very first track workout with a timed mile - kind of to see where everyone that was returning was after their summer

workouts and to see what the newbies (including me) brought to the table. So, the gun went off (okay - too dramatic here - the coaches said go) and the race was on. Sandi (my competition) set the pace and I hung in behind her. I think she was used to running alone so this was new to her. It was clear after the first lap that it was a two person race. I stayed behind her until the 800 then I took the lead and came in first. My time was 5:25 which was pretty darn good for me at the time and I haven't seen that time anytime recently! So, it didn't count for anything but pride, but it’s a memory that will always be one of my best. Where is the most unique or unusual place you've run? On Palomino Island in Puerto Rico. It’s an island that is owned by the resort that we stayed in (Con Quistador). One side of the island is a private beach for resort guests. My husband and I opted to follow the remote trail around the island for a workout and we happened upon a "clothing optional" beach on the other side of the island. This story MUST end here. What do you consider your biggest running achievement? Running the White Rock Marathon under 4 hours this past December. Sometime early in life I decided that I wanted to run a marathon before I turned 30. I ended up reaching that goal in October 1994. I had wanted to run that marathon in under 4 hours but did not make it, partly because I had a bad cold the two weeks before the race and partly because I had no idea how to train for or run a marathon! So, thanks to the 7

unspoken peer pressure (and sometimes directly stated pressure) that one experiences at RAW, I decided to tackle the marathon again and managed to have some success. So thanks to everyone that survived my presence during my training runs! What about your non-running life would most surprise club members? Tough one…. I hope the thing that would most surprise folks is that I'm a corporate sales manager during the daytime hours. I say that because running for me is a release...a stress free time…. I hope that I'm just seen as Julie, an average female runner at RAW, and not as some sort of corporate personality. What happened to Jesse? We haven't seen her out on her bike in months! Don't worry, she will be back! In fact both Jesse (7) and Molly (5) are signed up for the one mile race at the Hound Dog Hustle. I love having Jesse with me at RAW. For the past couple of months she's been involved with basketball, soccer, and softball. I want her to LOVE running, so I always leave the decision up to her. If she's awake when I head out, she can come if she wants, but if she doesn't want to, I don't push it. Plus, she kicks my butt now when she does come...what fun is that??? :) Anything else you'd like to add? Just a big THANK YOU to everyone that makes RAW work. I'm so excited that I found RAW and that you actually let me continue to hang around. I hope to get even more involved in the fun activities over the next year or so!

Marathon madness and more Little Rock Marathon March 7, 2004 RAW Results: Bridget Smith 4:57:07 (first marathon) David Smith 4:57:07

Big-D Texas Marathon March 28, 2004 Dallas, Texas RAW Results: Brad Anderson 4:45:46 (first marathon) Major Mike Eccleston 4:20:52

Boston Marathon April 19, 2004 Hopkinton to Boston, MA RAW Results: Lee Rebodos 3:31:43 Duncan Stewart 3:15:33 Alan Walker 4:31:17 Hélène Walker 5:20:17

The Best Laid Plans…. By Alan Walker The Boston Marathon is the big event for marathon runners – no secret there. It’s huge, there’s the training, the qualifying process, the buildup, the tension of the race. Imagine doing a race that you’ve watched on television, getting to experience the crowds, breathing in the atmosphere. Hélène and I were lucky enough to qualify at Austin last year and we weren’t about to waste the opportunity. But, sometimes things don't go as planned. The day of the race was a freak day. It had been 50 to 60 degrees all week, then race day was a not-so-pleasant 86

combination of many things, the heat, insufficient preparation, maybe a little fatigue from cratering at Grasslands, or maybe just a bad day. Nothing felt good; even from the start I knew I wouldn't break 4 hours. When I needed a 2 minute walk break at mile 5, it was obvious that something was wrong. Still, I wasn't planning a super-fast race, so I had a camera with me and took a bunch of photos all Three superheroes! The middle one is Hélène (LN) Walker along the course. The crush at the start, the degrees. Tuesday was, of course, back Newton hills, the screams at Wellesley to normal, a cool pleasant day. I guess College, the Citgo sign and, of course, everybody's seen all the times and heard the finish. Better than television…. about the race. One thing that sticks in my mind was when I got back to the So, if you're wondering if I'd want to hotel room, showered and kicked back qualify and go there again, you're not a to watch the news - the report on the real runner! I'd love to go back again Boston marathon covered the winners and I hope to see you all there for about 30 seconds, then went to a sometime soon! live feed from the hospital, "The parking lot looks like an ambulance convention." They later said that 140 people were taken to the hospital, and over 800 were treated at aid stations. Oklahoma City Memorial Afterwards I heard that over a thousand Marathon people didn't finish.

April 25, 2004

The wind was not a constant push on the back, it was sometimes just enough to make it feel even hotter and sometimes very strong. In the last few miles the wind gusts picked up the sea of empty paper cups in an eye-stinging dust storm. I was truly glad that I don’t wear contact lenses. Oh well, sometimes you have a good day and sometimes you don't. I didn’t plan to PR at Boston, I’m not fast enough to start near the front, and it took nearly 5 minutes to cross the start line after the gun, but the race turned out to be much harder and much slower for me than I’d expected. It was a 8

RAW Results: Ryan Burns 4:13:04 (PR) Mike Eccleston 3:48:25 Deborah Evans 4:35:47 (PR) Steve Grady 5:15:05 Marty Metzger 5:00:39 Major Mike at Oklahoma City

(Continued on page 9)

off together from the starting line. At the six mile mark, our project finished A Run To Remember was 4:25 (that would be a huge PR for me) and my average heart rate was only By Marty Metzger 132 – the program was really working, and I felt confident I would easily shatter This one truly lives up to its moniker, “A my White Rock 2000 PR since I had Run To Remember.” The race starts and been able to hold my pace and heart rate ends at the Murrah Federal building steady on back-to-back 20 mile runs at memorial, and after 168 seconds of the clubhouse. silence for the 168 victims, it seemed like roughly half the participants had Having downed 2 bottles of sports drink “Running in memory of ….” on their before the race, I made 6 miles as my back. I lost count of how many people first water station. From that point looked me in the eye and said, “Thanks forward, each time I had sports drink, I for being here, we really appreciate it.” was desperate for a portolet less than a The entire city takes this emotional event mile later. This isn’t supposed to happen, quite seriously, and I know of three because part of my marathon ritual different Marriott properties that granted includes a triple dose of Imodium D the 2 pm checkouts, a really big deal for night before (note to self, take it before back-of-the-packers. dinner next time.) Fortunately, there were penalty boxes every mile, and after We had heard that the memorial itself is spending time in four different ones, my a must see in darkness and in daylight, so goal was simply to finish with clean we arrived enough before the 6:30 am shorts. I achieved that goal, but it was start to spend a few minutes there, and tough standing in line at mile 7 while then we spent time there again after the they’re yelling out projected finish times, finish. Two very different effects. “4:28, 4:29 . . .and then inside the penalty box, 4:38 :39 :40 Uhhh! After For being a fourth annual, the race was repeating this at two other course surprisingly well organized, with locations, I started drinking only water, projected finish times being yelled out at and Dan Cole was a lifesaver by showing every mile marker, and volunteers ¼ up at two places on the course and mile out from aid stations, telling you handing me ½ an orange at mile 23 or what side it would be on, etc. That made so. Tia (I’m not a runner!) Metzger it seem like we were always leaving or walked from the finish line to the 20 approaching another aid station, and the mile mark, and then ran me in to the miles went by faster than any other run finish line where they had lots of cookies I’ve experienced. inside the end of the finishing chute! Yeah, that would be reason enough for The Plan – I was treating this as another me to go back to OKC. training run, and committed to that by running 6 miles the Friday night before. Other memories from the last few miles I would restrain myself to run it at my included a girl who must have been training heart rate of 130 – 140 for at about 4 or 5 years old running all of the least the first 20 miles, and then see how last 6.2 miles of the relay with her dad. I felt. I had been on the MAF 180 The back of her shirt said, “Lil Bit O’ training program for almost 4 months, Runnin.” There was also an Army but had a cold for both my last two Ranger running in uniform, including marathons, so I was anxious to see the boots and a ruck sack—talk about results of the training program in healthy inspiration! marathon terms. Final results—5:00:36, clean shorts and The weather would be just a hair warmer renewed enthusiasm for my training than ideal when Debi Evans and I took program. (Continued from page 8)


Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon April 25, 2004 Cleveland, Ohio RAW Results: Ray Paschal 4:00:31 “Taking a well-trained body through a grueling 26.2 mile race does immeasurably more for the self concept and self-esteem than years with the best psychiatrist.” –George Sheehan

Big Sur International Marathon April 25, 2004 Big Sur to Carmel, California RAW Results: Allison Gray 3:26:55 Mustafa Varol 4:46:46

Germanfest Fun Run April 25, 2004 Muenster, Texas RAW Results (15k): John Bush 1:31:30 Tom “Mayor of Muenster” Byno 1:12:48 (3rd place age group) Jon Korte 1:00:50 (3rd place age group, 7th overall) Mark Sparks 1:08:15 Joe Luccioni (Age Group Number One Spectator)

ING National Capital Marathon May 29, 2004 Ottawa, Canada RAW Results: Mel Crafton 4:53:54 (Mel was the 5:00 pacer in this event.)

Marathon madness and more Flying Pig Marathon May 2, 2004 Cincinnati, Ohio RAW Results: JW Keeling 4:09:33 (PR)

A Cold Wet Rainy Pig By JW Keeling My first clue, looking out the window of the airplane while on approach—hills everywhere! OK, maybe this won’t be as easy as I had expected. Second clue— wake up on race morning, turn on the weather channel and it’s 50 degrees and raining everywhere. Oh well, I’ve got my handy dandy $1.99 poncho that I bought at Wal-Mart. I’ll be fine. Gathering at the starting line there are thousands of crazy people in ponchos and trash bags, freezing in the pouring rain, waiting to run a marathon. The starting horn sounds and after a quarter mile my 10 ounce shoes weigh about 3 pounds each. That’s when I heard the coolest sound, thousands of trash bags, ponchos, and shoes squishing and swishing in unison; swish, swish…..

The race starts by crossing the Ohio river on a majestic suspension bridge and running for about 4 miles through Covington, the Kentucky half of Cincinnati. Then it’s back across the Ohio river and into Cincinnati again. The amazing thing is, it’s pouring down rain and people are everywhere, cheering and screaming for us. At mile 6 we come to “the hill.” I’m not sure how tall it is, but it takes us 3 miles to get to the top. I’ve heard the view is beautiful, but all I see is rain. I’m starting to get excited because the internet map shows downhill and flat the rest of the way. NOT so. The Ohio version of downhill and flat looks like “gentle” rolling hills to a Texan. After a couple of hours the rain has finally let up to a fine drizzle, but by then everyone is so wet that it’s really hard to tell. The crowds are still thick and loud; they must be screaming and yelling to keep warm.

Banff to Calgary Relay May 1, 2004 Canada RAW Results: Team Pioneer Pacers, starring Henry “Squishy” Galpin 22k leg 1:35:45 The 20th annual Banff to Calgary Relay was held May 1st this year and for a change, the weather was perfect. Henry’s opening 22K leg was good for 31st in the field of 120 teams. The Pacers entered as a fun team consisting of 17 runners who shared the 141K race distance and finished 51st overall. Competitive teams are limited to one runner on each of the 11 legs. The race follows the TransCanada Highway and ends at old Fort Calgary on the Bow River. Eat your heart out, Fireman Ken!

I was cruising along past mile 19 and somehow missed the 20mile marker due to the crowds. I guess that means no wall today. At mile 22, I started to get excited because I’d never felt that good that late in a marathon, so I decided to pick up the pace a bit. That’s when the right hamstring locked up. After massaging and walking it off a little, I was thinking I’d still break 4 hours easy. Mile 23 the left hamstring locked up. I guess you get the picture—I hobbled Check out the view that Henry had while running! the last 4 miles with an occasional massage and walking Beach to Bay Marathon breaks. I finished at 4:09:33 (chip time), not what I had expected, but still a PR. Relay

May 15, 2004

Overall I’d say the 6th annual Flying Pig Corpus Christi, Texas Marathon was a First Class event. It had great crowds, great aid stations, at least RAW Results: 20 (very wet) bands, a nice finishing party, and the coveted Flying Pig medal “Road Dawgs”: Jon Korte, Mark Miller, to boot. Stan Ujka, Ernie Ozuna, Darrell Davis, Brandon Davis 2:41:23 (9th in the Men’s Open Division; 11th overall out of more than 1,300 teams!) JW at the Flying Pig Marathon 10

North Trail Half Marathon May 16, 2004 Dallas, Texas

Running Down Under

RAW Results: Mel Crafton 1:45:27 (PR, 2nd place Rhino, 57th male overall)

By John St. John

Lee Miller 1:33:19 (6th age group, 15th male overall) Steve Stamos 1:35:11 (PR, 8th age group, 19th male overall) Adrienne Stipe 1:48:00 (4th age group, 11th female overall) Carl Stipe 1:47:29 (3rd Clydesdale, 66th male overall) Heather Wallace 1:42:26 (PR, 3rd place age group, 6th female overall) Three PRs made for a great day!

Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon May 23, 2004 Sydney, Australia RAW Results: John St. John 1:55:21

(With an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other)

A fantastic trip to Sydney, Australia, for a conference and meetings culminated with the opportunity to take part in the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon on May 23, 2004. Previously that week I toured the city with a wonderful running club called The Sydney Striders who informed me that the race was a great way to enjoy the best of Sydney but was unfortunately closed to further registration. “No worries, Mate!” They had a club member who had recently injured his ankle, and had paid his non-refundable registration fee but was willing to be reimbursed by a pinch-runner. A slight twinge of guilt led to a posting on the LGRAW Bulletin board and spawned a classic good vs. evil debate that is still the topic of some runners’ masters theses. In the end I called the race office asking to help pass out water and upon finding out I was a member of the prestigious RAW Club, they found me a leftover sponsor bib (# 4908) and I entered the race a legitimate runner. The race was a beautiful, hilly course past the finest parts of Sydney’s landmarks, and despite the 4000 runner cap there were more than 8000 runners. Dingos (bandits in the US) are treated with the same “No worries, Mate!” attitude permeating all of life in Australia. I carried a camera and snapped photos along the way, proudly wearing my RAWEAR and finishing comfortably in 1:57:11 (gun) and 1:55:21 (chip), placing 2631 out of the non-dingo racers.

John St. John in Sydney, Australia 11

Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run May 8-9, 2004 Much of Virginia RAW Results: Scott Eppelman 25:47:26

Scott Eppelman somewhere in the mountains of Virginia How many races do you run where the date of the race crosses a day boundary? It’s commonplace for RAW member and ultra runner Scott Eppelman. This was his fourth running of the MMT 100 Mile Run, and although he tied for 12th place, it was a disappointing finish by Scott’s standards. He attributed that to running his last long race too close to this one, a factor that caught up with him somewhere around mile 80. Curious about what it’s like to run for such a long time, I asked him, “In addition to being tired from running, don’t you get sleepy?” He just said, “Yeah...that’s what keeps you going. The quicker you finish, the sooner you get to go to bed.”

Annual Luau July 10

5 p.m.

Hosted by Bill and Annette Collins Bring a snack to share and your beverage of choice. Check the bulletin board at for details or contact Bill & Annette at 972-355-1759 or

LGRAW member caught red-handed Noted local ultra-athlete Scott Eppelman was recently caught by hidden camera entering a taxi on his way to a 1-mile fun run. When confronted by investigators, Eppelman vehemently denied the allegations. In a lengthy interview conducted by police, he insisted that the cab was part of an 800-mile obstacle course that required its participants to crawl in and out of moving vehicles. Detective Richard Skelly spoke to reporters, “He can deny it all he wants, but we feel our case is airtight. Rest assured, we won’t let him get away with this.” In a surprise move, Eppelman has hired renowned defense attorney Johnny Cochran. Sources close to the case say that the defense strategy hinges on a gross of Ecaps found among the defendant’s personal effects. “I never take E-caps during my 1-mile fun runs,” Eppelman said.


RAW makes donation to special olympics Fifteen members race the joey cushman 5k RAW was fortunate to have had a great year financially in 2003. After careful consideration of worthwhile causes, the Board voted to share in our success by donating $1,000 to Texas Special Olympics. The presentation was made at the Joey Cushman 5k run on April 3 at the Ball Park in Arlington.

bears his name honors him. His family was on hand at the race, and was deeply appreciative of our contribution.

Approximately 15 club members were on hand to race, and to help present an oversized check to some of the special athletes in attendance. While not every RAW member could be there, it took all Joey Cushman was an Arlington our club to make 2003 such a Police Officer who was killed in a good year, and to make this training exercise June 7, 2001. He donation possible. was a staunch supporter of Special Olympics, and the race that now THANK YOU!

Some of the Special Olympics athletes, gratefully receiving the giant check!

RAWear For Sale! Dear LGRAW friends,

• •

I need your help. In addition to searching for work within my field of advertising, I am also looking into the possibility of working full time for a non-profit foundation in the DFW market. I am not being specific about which foundation other than I'd like it to be health/fitness related. I can visualize myself going about the work of helping folks through my advertising experience and talent in the way I do our club materials. Do any of you have connections with any such groups? Any names, connections or affiliations are welcome. And of course, if you have ad agency connections, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks! David Ball art director advertising and design 817.343.5579 cell 817.481.4326 home

Shorts Singlets

• •

Caps T-shirts

You too can look like Dr. Chuck! Available at the RAW Clubhouse—See K2


The grasslands run 2004 LBJ National Grasslands March 20, 2004 A large group of club members made the trek to the LBJ National Grasslands on March 20 to contend with stream crossings, mud, sand, and underbrush. The dirtiest seven were those that completed the 50-mile distance, all but one (Letha Cruthirds) for the first time. Four RAW members ran the marathon, and an impressive 24 people completed the half-marathon. It was a long, hot day and there were the inevitable ups and downs. The emotional highs were celebrated by everyone, and the lows were weathered more easily thanks to the camaraderie of the fellow runners, the support of the many spectators, and of course by the amazing RAW aid station, which was voted best aid station by the runners. THANKS, MARTY! Congratulations to everyone who ran, but especially to our first time 50milers; Jack Hase, who won the marathon; and Jon Korte who won the half-marathon, setting a new course record.

Wessels Kevin 37 M Alexander Mark 29 M Green Jack 45 M Crane Marybeth 35 F Stipe Adrienne 39 F Aungst David 51 M Fogle Richard 53 M O'Loughlin Marsha 59 F Agoranos Michaelann 37 F Dominiel Tony 65 M Bush John 56 M Zack Tom 54 M Ruibal Sherri 39 F Noell Alan 37 M Noell Lisa 36 F Luccioni Joe 64 M Engisch Alan 64 M (Distance PR) Metzger Tia 36 F Eppelman Kelly 40 F Cope Michael 56 M

1:56:16 1:58:58 1:59:00 2:01:56 2:02:05 2:14:31 2:20:57 2:23:45 2:27:24 2:27:2 2:34:33 2:34:33 2:35:15 2:36:34 2:39:10 2:45:39 2:52:41 2:58:26 2:58:26 3:16:08

In addition, the following members ran at Grasslands, but because they registered for a distance other than what they actually ran, they aren't included in the official results: Rob Crane Jill Smith Kelly Brittain Al Walker

Marathon winner Jack Hase (3:27:46) Got milk?

Report from Grasslands By Hélène Walker Having friends waiting for me at the main aid station made the difference in my running. There is nothing more exciting, and nothing better to boost your spirits and pump some more energy in your body than hearing a big crowd cheering, calling your name!

RAW Results: 50 Miles: Richards Kelly 35 F Walker Alan 40 M Cruthirds Letha 50 F Sanford Rick 37 M Crafton Jr. Melvin 40 M Varol Mustafa 54 M Walker Helene 47 F

9:48:49 9:56:35 10:05:36 10:13:40 10:58:09 11:21:50 11:47:57

Marathon: Hase Jack Decker Scott Wallace Heather Evans Deborah

43 M 38 M 33 F 49 F

3:27:46 4:21:54 4:52:04 5:41:52

Half-Marathon: Korte Jon 54 M Gray Allison 42 F Robertson Karen 45 F Miller Lee 37 M

1:26:26 1:47:45 1:52:27 1:56:08

The first time 50-milers: Mustafa, Rick, Kelly (K2), Mel, Hélène (LN) and Alan 14

During the first loop, I was running with Mustafa and Mel, and we had the chance to see Polar Bear Jon coming on our left, running like a gazelle through the sand. We called out to him, cheered for him, and Mustafa ran ahead to open the big gate for him. We (Continued on page 15)

(Continued from page 14)

somehow knew that he was in first place. Like Craig, Terry and Dunc, Jon makes running appear so easy. It was great to see Gabe waiting for us at the end of the first loop, taking our pictures.

Polar Bear Jon Korte just won the halfmarathon at a record pace, and we STILL make him work! During the second loop, we spotted Major Mike and Susie on the trails. A family of four (one mom and three kids) were on their horses and kept throwing dust in my face. They would catch up with me, then stop, then pass me again! Unfamiliar blisters began crawling between my toes and on my heels as I ran the third loop. At the end of the loop, I saw Jack walking toward me, and he accompanied me back to the TADRA point (central aid station). What a nice treat to see someone from RAW waiting for me. Toward the end of the last loop, I finally passed this guy at the last aid station, and he said something like “Good job.” I was almost done. Then there was a sign saying “TADRA Point, 1.5 mi,” and I felt all frustrated because I was so sure it was about 1.2 mi to the finish! I kept swearing under my breath for another

quarter mile until I saw Polar Bear Jon running towards me, shouting over his shoulder, “Here she is!” There was Marty, waiting for us at the top of a hill, and we started wildly signaling to each other. And then Tony appeared on the trail, taking pictures, and then Marty was running ahead of me to take more pictures, but I was so pumped Say what you want, but it looks like prayer to me! up by then that he K2 and Rick Sanford could hardly keep up with me. I had to stop for the photos, and then, finally, there Doug and Kevin asking what I needed. was the finish line with lots of cheering, After my second visit to the RAW some RAW people running with me, and station, Mustafa and I turned to go left more of my RAW friends waiting for to follow the 3rd loop, and guess what me! was awaiting us? Personalized signs! Tia had made them, and my guess is that The aid stations Marty placed them along the trail. “Rick The Main Aid Station, also known as Rocks,” “Mustafa, you're Da Man,” “LN TADRA, is located at the merging of the Go Girl Go!”—Each one of the 504 loops. This is a very important place milers had their own sign waiting for because that’s where the good food is! them, and it was just great. (Including burgers for after the race.) (Continued on page 3) Everybody wants to get there early just for the food and companionship. At the end of each loop, it felt so wonderful to see everybody waiting for us at the TADRA point. The anticipation of knowing that RAW would be there, waiting for me, just made me kick some … every loop. It was really something to see everybody’s smiling face, to hear cheers, to see everybody’s concern for us runners, making sure that we got whatever we needed. As K2 mentioned, and I quote: “As a grown woman I can say I never thought (nor expected) that people would change my socks and shoes for me and wash my feet.” My memories of the RAW Aid Station are fantastic: Kevin, Marty, Doug and Tom Ruyle waiting ahead of the station, then shouting my name to the guys at the aid station, Marty taking pictures of me and Mustafa, 15

Yep, that’s Marty literally washing Kelly’s feet for her! There seems to be a religious theme developing here.

The grasslands run 2004 (Continued from page 15)

People I remember I know that I am going to leave many people out, but these are the ones that stand out most in my mind: • Marty, always looking so concerned, like a mama duck watching her baby ducklings. I can still see him watching me disappear in the woods for my final loop. • Tia, who wouldn’t tell me what her time was. She kept saying that she finished.

K2, who, despite her being tired from her excellent race, asked me whether she could get me anything after I crossed the finish line. Joe, with his big smile.

I felt like a queen, with Jack walking with me the last few hundred yards of the 3rd loop, after he won the marathon! And again, when Jon Korte was waiting for me about ¼ mile before the Finish line. He walked with me, telling me all about the other RAW runners. Then when I saw Marty up the hill waiting for us, the adrenaline started kicking in and I was ready to run! Then there was Tony running towards us, taking pictures. What a great finish!

Mel, all the 50-milers know that feeling!

Kevin Wessels, having finished the half-marathon, cheered on the runners still on the course • • • • • • • • • •

Kevin, ever so serious in his concern for us. Doug, ready to boost me up with some good humor. Courtney, always smiling and very attentive. Judy, with her concern showing through a tight smile. Tony, taking pictures and being disappointed because my tattoo was not a real one. Jack, observing everything and saying nothing. Scott, asking me every loop whether I am drinking out there (Yes, Daddy!). Tim, making sure that my socks and shoes go on the correct feet. Major Mike and Susie, popping up on the 2nd loop and taking pictures. Susan B., who is always there when her friends need her.

One of the more memorable moments for the spectators.

Roy and Karen Robertson, who went out biking AFTER Karen ran the half marathon

Marathoner Scott Decker looking way too fresh! 16

RAW supports the chase corporate challenge Fun, work and profit...all in one evening Once again, the JP Chase Corporate Challenge asked our club to handle the finish line duties at their annual race April 7 in downtown Dallas. Purple shirts were scurrying everywhere as 25 volunteers prepared the drinks and food (they were clearly under-staffed) before the race, ensured the finish came off without a hitch, and took spur of the moment responsibility for the massive job of distributing T-shirts. RAW’s Dana Bullard was the female winner, and three of the top 10 male finishers were RAW members. For our efforts, the club received a payment of $500, which made it all the more fun. After we had completed our duties, a big group headed to the West End for Mexican food and some relaxation. Top right: The RAW Volunteers (didn’t Kelly get the word about wearing purple?) Bottom right: Courtney helps prepare approximately three trillion bottles of water.

Congratulations, tosca RIGHT NOW... WHILE YOU’RE THNKING ABOUT IT...

Tosca Engisch recently held her Masters of Arts in Art Thesis Exhibition at the University of Dallas. The exhibition of paintings and drawings, entitled La Familia, was well appreciated by the RAW group who attended.


Tosca celebrates with her LGRAW friends 17

Relay for life supports cancer research RAW members donate over $1,100 Thunderstorms moved into the Metroplex the night of April 30, causing the Relay For Life to be moved indoors. Ever the good-natured, flexible group, RAW adapted from a primarily “R” club to a primarily “W” club, walking for hours around the gymnasium at Colleyville-Heritage High School. It was crowded and we determined it was less than 1/10 mile, so we saw an awful lot of each other as we passed countless times. It was especially gratifying to see Andrea Lorden, who was able to

stay for a short while. She had pleaded with her doctors to let her come, and there she was providing all the motivation anyone could need for supporting this event. Thanks to all the members who worked the garage sale, donated their “stuff,” and bought luminarias. As a result of your efforts, we raised over $1,100 for the American Cancer Society.

Sam Hase (age 4) was stylin’ in a pair of high heels, while sister Abi (age 10) admires him

One of hundreds of luminarias on display at the Relay, each honoring a cancer survivor or in memory of someone who has lost their life to cancer Chris Reyher looking “adorable” as he models the garage sale merchandise

Our club fills the stands at the “Relay for Life” opening ceremonies

Stephanie Ruyle, Chris Reyher, Marty and Tia Metzger, feeling pretty proud of themselves (as well they should!) 18

Paddle, pedal and pound the pavement RAW members capture multiple awards The City of Grapevine held their annual sprint triathlon “Paddle, Pedal and Pound the Pavement” on June 5. It looked almost like a RAW event, with fourteen competitors (out of 51), almost as many spectators, and the finish line being represented by our club.

All fourteen RAW finishers

Thanks to Tony Dominiec, Joe Luccioni, Alan Engisch and John Bush (the ELITE) plus Courtney Noell for handling the timing and finish. RAW competitors included: Michaelann Agoranos (placed in age group) Courtney Boswell (placed in age group) Sam Barnett (placed in age group) Rick Fogle (placed in age group) Ray Harris (placed in age group) vDoug Keeffe Marty Metzger Alan Noell Doug Noell Lisa Noell Stephanie Ruyle (placed in age group) Mustafa Varol (placed in age group) Hélène Walker (1st female overall)

A clean sweep of their age group: Mustafa 2nd, Ray 1st and Rick 3rd

Giving back to the sport 2425 E. Southlake Blvd. #100 Southlake, TX 76092

Office (817) 329-8850 Direct (817) 328-1420 Fax (817)251-1522


For those who haven’t read this column before, we try to recognize individuals who selflessly give of themselves for the benefit of our sport. This time, I’d like to recognize the LGRAW Board and the Footprint Editor for dedicating so much of their time over the past year. We wouldn’t have much of a club if folks like you didn’t give so much of yourselves. Some of you have served multiple terms, and all of you have been happy to work quietly behind the scenes attending planning sessions, leading initiatives, and generally spending a lot of your valuable time . . . on us. Way to go!!! If you’d like to nominate someone for the next issue, please e-mail me at

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, leaking oil and loudly proclaiming -- WOW-What a Ride!" —unknown author


State firefighters association receives donation Proceeds from protectors of freedom 2003 race By Joe Luccioni

attendance—all 300—stood up and gave us a standing "O." Let me tell you, Tony, Last November, our club received an Judy and I have never been prouder than invitation to attend the Texas State at that moment. We were wishing that Association of Fire Fighters (TSAFF) we had a video camera to capture the annual executive leadership conference. emotion to share with all of you that The conference was held April 6, and make the POF the success that it is. Tony and Judy Dominiec and I attended It was only $3350.00 we gave, but representing the club. The 3-day judging by the handshakes and hugs we conference provided a forum for got as we were walking out, you would discussing many issues affecting the lives have thought it was ten times that of the organization’s membership and amount. The monies benefit the relief families. We were introduced and given and scholarship fund for firefighters the opportunity to speak, which I didn't killed or seriously injured on the job, and expect. I gave a short history of the the TSAFF membership is frankly not Protectors Of Freedom Race and its used to an outside group thinking of mission, which is to raise monies that their welfare and that of their families. will benefit the TSAFF, Peace Officers Ironically, a memorial service was being Memorial Foundation and the Michael held on April 7 for a firefighter from Lynch Foundation. Then Tony said a Houston that had died fighting a fire the few words. previous week. Our donation, however small, will be used to assist the family of Guy Turner, President of TSAFF, hadn't this brave firefighter. For this Tony and told the membership how much money I thank you all. we raised, but every firefighter in

We are preparing for the third annual POF to be held on September 25 at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center. The format of the race has changed from a 5K to a 9k and a 1 mile race, and a 1k fun run/walk for kids. The race is being called the POF 9-1-1, to help ensure that nobody ever forgets the suffering and heroism of that fateful day.

Bored? There’s always something happening with LGRAW Monday: Bike Ride for all levels (contact Rick Fogle at

Thursday & Friday: if you want something to do, post a notice and someone will respond!

Tuesday: Usually a group goes swimming (check the bulletin board for details)

Saturday & Sunday: 7am, group run for all levels. If you want to start early, use the bulletin board!

Tuesday night: Dinner out (check the bb)

First Saturday of the month: Saturday Night Live (check the bb or the Footprint)

Wednesday: 7am, trail run from the cubhouse


Three teams compete in the burleson relay Round and round they go...for two hours

Left: Doug Noell was considerate enough to bring a baton for his own team, and one for Rick Sanford’s team. Rick’s baton had a brick duct-taped to it.

LGRAW had three teams that competed in the two hour Burleson relay Sunday, June 6. The teams consisted of “RAW Meat”—K2, Julie, Doug and Tim, “A Doc and Three Quacks”—Jon, Rick, Kevin and Chuck, and “I don’t know the name of this team” (really)—Lee, Mustafa, Tom R and LN. Everyone took home a plaque, as each team won one prize or another. The event lasts exactly two hours, and each person on the team runs every 4th lap. The winner is the team that completes the most miles in the allotted time. One of the coolest things about this event (besides watching K2 trying not to lose her cookies) was that we had as many spectators as we had competitors! It was a great time. Thanks to all the lap counters who kept track of the elapsed times. They felt like they were watching gerbils on a wheel.

Right: Dr. Chuck Kennard makes a smooth hand-off (using his own baton) to Polar Bear Jon Korte.

Rumor has it there were a lot of sore muscles on Monday and Tuesday, but nevertheless, everyone plans to return next year!

Coppell classic “eppelman style” By Marty Metzger It started as an impromptu idea hatched at a RAW dinner. Scott Eppelman had posted a message on the bulletin board that everyone was invited over for breakfast after the Coppell Classic 5k. It was Rick Fogle who said, “Hey, let’s do an Eppelman and run TO the race!” Another alcohol-related incident unfolded.

Thanks to Scott and Kelly Eppelman for hosting another party May 29. You haven’t lived until you’ve watched K2 and Polar Bear watch a Lakers/ Timberwolves game together.

At OH’verydark:30 , Doug Noell, Rick Fogle, Alan Noell, John Bush, Debi Evans, and I departed my house for Coppell. We arrived in plenty of time to get our money’s worth of Krispy Kreme donuts and Einstein bagels before the race. The race was very nice, well organized, with a flat course entirely in the park. We all finished the 5k in around 28 - 30 minutes, except for Doug who was way ahead. After a quick cool down, we made our way over to the Eppelman’s house, which was only about a mile away. Kelly made an awesome, southwest breakfast casserole topped with cornbread batter, while Sydney Noell and Archie Eppelman provided lots of quality post-race entertainment. Archie, the stunt dog, was so happy to see us that at one point, he leapt from the kitchen to the outside porch as if the screen were never there! Of course, we WERE going to run back to Grapevine, but after that scrumptious breakfast we didn’t even feel like walking, so we piled into the sag wagon and headed home. 21

A typical Monday night bike ride begins. Left to right: Byron Benoit, Alan Walker, (empty bike is Susan’s, who is taking the picture), Jim Barnett, Sam Barnett, Marty Metzger, Rick Fogle, and Mustafa Varol.

The Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club Presents the 3rd Annual

PROTECTORS OF FREEDOM 9-1-1 RUN / WALK Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center On Lake Grapevine

Michael Lynch

September 25, 2004 8:00 AM Honoring firefighters, police officers, and airline flight crews in Texas, and commemorating the three-year anniversary of September 11th. This year's event will benefit the Texas State Firefighters Emergency Relief and College Scholarship Fund, Inc., the Peace Officers Memorial Foundation, and the 911 Flight Crew Memorial Foundation. The race will continue to benefit the Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation. Michael, a NYC firefighter who lost his life in the World Trade Center, was the inspiration for the race.




Awards 9K Run • • • •

Overall and Masters (male & female) Firefighter vs. Police Officer (top five using cross country scoring) Top Five Firefighters overall Top Five Police Officers overall Top Three in Age Groups (male & female)

• • • •

1 Mile Run

1K Fun Run/Walk

Top Top Top Top

Three Three Three Three

Male Female Male Masters Female Masters

All entrants receive a 9-1-1 medal

11 and under, 12 – 15, 16 – 19, 20 - 24, 25 - 29, 30 - 34, 35 - 39, 40 - 44, 45 - 49, 50 - 54, 55 - 59, 60 - 64, 65 - 69, 70 and over

Need more Information? Go to or call (817) 939-8963

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club Membership Application Name: ___________________________________________

____ Male ____ Female


Address: _________________________________________

____ New Membership

____ Renewal

City: ____________________________________________

Is it okay to publish this information in the club directory?____

State: ______________________

Participating Family Members: Name:_______________________ Name:_______________________ Name:_______________________ Name:_______________________

Zip Code: _________

Home Phone: (____)_______________________________ E-Mail Address: __________________________________

___M ___F ___M ___F ___M ___F ___M ___F

DOB:___/___/___ DOB:___/___/___ DOB:___/___/___ DOB:___/___/___

I know that participating and volunteering to work in club events can be potentially hazardous. I assume all risks associated with running, walking, and volunteering to work in club events. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application for membership, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, Inc., American Association of Running Clubs, and all sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims of liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in club activities. I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any other records for any legitimate purpose.

Membership Dues: _____ $20 Single _____ $30 Family

Mail to: LGRAW P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, TX 76099

Check here if you need two membership cards: _____ Signature____________________________________________________

Welcome to LGRAW!

New members Araine Araujo Dee Bailey Lisa Collins Ian Fudulla William Howard Kristen Jett Jeanie Keaffaber Nicole Reilley David and Bridget Smith


Personal touches


Michaelann and Paul Agoranos David Ball Dan Banse The Barnett Family Byron Benoit Peter Chan Bill and Annette Collins Marian Colorado Clay Cox Mike Doud Mike Dunkel Scott and Kelly Eppelman Deborah Evans Rick Fogle Henry Galpin Allison Gray Doug and Mary Keeffe Robert Kolbaba Jon Korte Daryl Laney Rita Law Katherine Loewen Terry Marcott Lee Miller John Nail Courtney and Doug Noell Ray Paschal The Roberto Family Mary Anne Rogers Doug Shanahan Mary Simon Liz Tinch Mustafa Varol 23

It’s great to see Eileen Fontaine back running after recovering from her injury. • Susie Keeling is recovering nicely from surgery. • Congratulations to Mark Alexander on the opening of his glass shop in Grapevine. • New babies seem to be arriving regularly these days: ⇒ Congratulations to Lee Miller and wife Eva Chin on the birth of their son Harrison Ty April 17. ⇒ Jacob Michael Derendinger was born May 4 to parents Babbette Ty Miller and Aaron. ⇒ Baby Boy Noell (Courtney and Doug) will arrive in late September 2004. I’m sure suggestions for names will be more than welcome. The leading candidate so far is “Lleon Bob.”

Lake Grapevine Grapevine Runners Runnersand andWalkers Walkers P.O. Box P.O. Box2982 2982 TX 76099 Grapevine, TX 76099

PRSRT STD PRSRT STD AA U.S.Postage Postage Paid Paid U.S. Grapevine, TX Grapevine, TX PermitNo. No.243 243 Permit

Fourth of July—Softball/BBQ and Elections


RAW Clubhouse

Trying to scratch a niche By dennis novak After coming back from an injury and virtually starting over with my training, I realize that the whole running world is open to me. I can point myself in any of a number of directions and tailor my training accordingly. Just looking at my fellow RAW members, I see several models to follow; however they should be analyzed in a rational manner. 5K racer: This has a certain appeal. You don’t need to run 20-milers to get ready for a 5K. The race itself is over relatively quickly. Kinda “get-in, getout.” Of course there is the expectation that one will run a 5K at a brisk pace. This can involve speed training – which means running around a track in circles (OK, ovals) until you feel like you’re going to heave. Ick! The latest craze sweeping the clubhouse seems to be slow training.

You strap a heart monitor around your chest and it warns you whenever you threaten to exert yourself. If you run slow enough, it helps you to run faster. I can do that. In fact, I pioneered running slow a number of years ago. (I ran slow before runnin’ slow was cool). Readers may not be aware that I have run slower than many of the finest runners in the world. That’s where I’m starting to have my doubts. If running slow does it for you, I should be one of the fastest runners around. There’s some irony in there somewhere, but darned if I can find it. The pinnacle of running slow is ultrarunning. The ultrarunner starts out on a training run and you see him again in a couple of days. Turns out that the workout was an out-and-back to Clovis, New Mexico. The pace appeals to me, but the sport seems to require a lot of baggage. You’re totin’ water and fruit and granola (and these 24

days with the Atkins diet – probably a small rib roast). I’ve also heard some stories about washin’ feet – sounds like Holy Thursday services at my church. All the “ultras” at RAW are running 50-milers. The 50-miler is tricky since, in addition to all the other stuff you have to bring, you need a change of clothes because the seasons change while you’re out on the course (and, of course, you can’t wear white running shoes after Labor Day). I’ve been looking for an event that you don’t have to run very far or very fast. This is Texas. There should be an “amble” or a “mosey” event – perhaps “down to the corner to get a 6-pack and back” with a “Tex-metric” distance - “oh, ‘bouta K”. Hmmm. The Olympics are coming and the Greeks don’t seem to have everything nailed down yet ……….

May 2004  

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