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The Footprint March 2002

In This Issue • Bold In the Cold Results • In Step With...Rick Fogle • Marathon Madness (Walt Disney World, Austin Motorola, Compaq Houston, and Cowtown) • Avon Breast Cancer 3-day • RAW Financial Report • Marathons: A Love and Hate Affair ___________________________

Upcoming Events • • •

Wine Chaser Social and Fun Run, March 9, 2:00 pm Hound Dog Hustle 5k, 1-mile, and Dog Expo, April 27 Fourth of July annual meeting and barbeque

“Bold in the Cold” Draws Record Numbers What a day! The Third Annual Bold in the Cold races, held on Jan 19th, continued to raise the bar for LGRAW events. The setup and registration crews got to work in the wee hours of the morning, long before the sun came up. It was cold and damp, but everyone pitched in. Within an hour, we were brewing our second giant pot of coffee. A record 243 runners and walkers registered for the 5K and 15K.

Forty-one RAW members ran in one of the two events! This excellent participation, combined with nearly 40 race volunteers, truly made this an all hands club event. In the 5K event, RAW member Alan Walker finished first overall with a time of 19:21, just one second in front of the masters winner, Harold Jandreau. Natasha Klimas was the first female finisher at 20:19 and

Mix Master “Saturday Night Live” 5:00 pm (Note the new time!) •

April 6th, Thai Chili, Southlake Town Center • May 4th, Scott’s Landing Marina, Grapevine • June 1st, 3rd Annual RAW Luau (location TBD) ___________________________

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Who’s that headless person at the coffee pot?


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Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, Texas 76099

RAW Board and Committees President Ray Harris First Vice President John Bush

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Cynthia Thomas won the masters in 24:56. Before long, the 15K pre-race favorite, RAW’s own Terry Marcott, came in first with an outstanding time of 55:25. Not only did Terry finish first overall, he was also the first masters runner and first in his age group! After consulting the club bylaws, race director John Bush Stretching out for the race, or just trying to stay warm? asked Terry to pick only one award, as there were many The first female across the finish line was Kristin Jett in 1:03:23, and first others soon to finish. Edwin Park masters was Mary Ann Rodgers in won the masters trophy in 56:02. 1:06:26.

Second Vice President Tony Dominiec Secretary Gloria Bush Treasurer Craig Minyard Officers At Large David Ball Mike Eccleston Jack Hase Terry Marcott Kelly Richards Rick Sanford WebMaster Jack Hase Footprint Editor Susan Barnett

The awards ceremony gets underway

Congratulations to every club member who ran or helped with this year’s event. Your outstanding efforts made this another successful race. RAW also would like to acknowledge our generous sponsors – Krispy Kreme, Albertsons, The Bread Haus, Frito Lay, and Starbucks. Thanks again for your support, and we hope to see you next year.

Thank You, Race Volunteers! Ray Harris Josh Loewen Gloria Bush Eileen Fontaine Beth Verdeman Kandy Kobar Mary Simon Liz Tinch Amy Berryhill Noreen Henry Chris Reyher Matt Loewen Claudia Halman Evelyn Luccioni

Tom Zack Tom Byno Veronica Martinez Jesse Martinez Melissa Batchelder Gary Howsam Dirk Hayes Gabe Pugliese Lisa O’Brian Duncan Stewart Marty Metzger Dave Dudziak Joe Luccioni Tia Metzger

Tina Covington Jack Hase Major Mike Eccleston Kat Loewen Kelly Richards Rick Fogle Susan Harris Gustavo Martinez Gaston Martinez Tim Brenner Barb Martin Mike Doud Lee Miller Guy McCracken

And a special acknowledgment to race director John Bush...Well Done! 2

Bold in the Cold Race Results 5K Men’s Results Age Overall Group Place


5K Women’s Results Time

Age Overall Group Place

Overall 1 Alan Walker Masters 2 Harold Jandreau

19:21 19:22

Overall 1 Natasha Klimas Masters 8 Cynthia Thomas

20:19 24:56

0–10 17 23 36 45 51 52 58 11–14 22 30 38 44 49 50 55 56 59 15–19 8 20–24 11 25–29 5 10 13 16 31 41 71 30–34 7 21 35 39 4 12 24 28 29 33 40 43 63 40–44 3 15 19 20 27 34 35 37 39 42 46 47 60 62 65 67 45–49 18 32 53 68 70 50–54 6 25 26 55–59 9 48 54 57 70 + 14 61 64 66 69

23:47 24:44 27:24 29:32 32:25 32:40 35:58 24:30 26:24 27:39 29:30 32:04 32:11 34:23 34:27 36:10 21:46 22:40 20:47 21:58 23:01 23:33 26:27 28:39 1:01:32 21:42 24:25 20:31 22:45 24:50 25:44 26:04 26:59 28:16 29:05 37:10 19:50 23:19 24:03 24:08 25:39 27:16 27:19 27:35 27:59 28:57 29:35 30:54 36:11 36:54 39:36 42:23 24:02 26:36 32:47 42:33 51:51 21:14 25:21 25:37 21:57 31:15 33:16 35:00 23:12 36:22 38:30 42:17 49:00

0–10 16 19 31 36 49 11–14 4 5 6 17 21 23 24 27 30 39 48 25–29 45 30–34 2 7 13 14 28 29 38 40 35–39 3 11 25 26 41 44 46 52 40–44 12 15 20 43 50 53 54 45–49 9 10 33 34 35 42 52 50–54 18 22 32 37 55–59 55 60–64 47

27:00 27:33 29:43 30:54 42:32 23:56 23:59 24:00 27:23 28:32 28:41 28:44 28:52 29:09 32:47 39:36 35:18 22:31 24:13 26:36 26:42 29:00 29:06 32:06 33:35 23:18 25:35 28:47 28:51 33:37 34:46 36:00 46:13 26:09 26:58 27:54 34:12 43:01 51:33 1:01:32 24:59 25:27 29:57 29:59 30:48 34:02 43:08 27:24 28:34 29:50 32:05 1:10:30 36:22

Justin Wileman Alex Laufer David Kole Jeff Kole Blake Meyer Ryan McAndrew Cameron Cutler Spenser Horne Ryan Viohl Camp Thompson Justin Bosworth Kurtis Baker Kevin Comartin Nick Balli Grant Duncan Matt Ballard Brian Salin Joseph Hill Clinton Johnston Travis Batchelder Bryce Calvert Shannon Dyre Jarod Onthank Kairyl Ikbal Thomas Woody Stephen McCarthy Dirk Anderson Steve Smith Chip Andrews Dan Saenz Jay Teinert Bill McCraken David Bauerle Doug Ducant Paul Klimas Monte Baker Mark Jordan Brian Viohl Todd Temanson Roy Robertson Edward Zelnik Jesse Saenz Larry Sediek Gerald Chavez Glenn Phillips Tregg Brown Mike Wileman William Ray Greg Baker Nick Bassi Humberto Antunes Jim Dayle Jim Nixon Douglas Ferber Bill Hurt Jim Istok Mike Clark Don Williams Speed Collingsworth Ev Barnes Tom Beithger Dave Howell Phil Genatiempo Jerry Jamrich Jack Gray Bud Mantz Herb Beck Andrew Jones Guy McCracken


Katherine Gibson Taylor White Jessica Ferber Christina Ray Emily Ross-Istok Kristen Gibson Margeaux Horne Brooke Upshaw Katie Kole Rachael Howell Brittany Brown M. Schwartzstein Kaitlin Krambeer Laura Terry Sarah Hurt Alice Antunes Amy Cooper Marybeth Crane Melissa Owens Angel McCullough Jeanette Bain Vicki Gebow Mary Durbala Lynn Baker Sonia Munoz Susan Coover Janet Zelnik Sheri Plummor Karen Bosworth Sally Gibson Karen Rawson Shari Cutler Dorit Sar Shalom Brenda Devore Patty Timm Leslie Phillips Patricia Comartin Carolyn Zahnow Jonetha Scott Dottie Stanford Hélène Walker Marian Colorado Patty Howell Debra Stuart Noreen Corona Athena Jones Nancy Ballard Linda Garner Sharon Massey Sharon Sutton Joan Wynia Tosca Engisch Maria Johnston


15K Men’s Results Age Overall Group Place



Overall 1 Terry Marcott Masters 2 Edwin Park

55:25 56:02

25–29 8 11 17 34

59:40 1:05:07 1:07:30 1:21:02

Kody Sanderfer David Tomkinson Dan Reed Aaron Lineweaver


30–34 5 10 15 18 25 30 35–39 3 4 6 23 24 41 40–44 13 19 26 29 31 40 42 45 47 45–59 7 12 16 20 21 35 36 43 46 48 50–54 9 27 39 55-59 28 32 60–64 37 44 65–69 38

Stan Ujka Lee Rebodos Ezekial Rocha Chris Perkins Alan Bogard Ray Munoz Chuck Weidner Craig Minyard Duncan Stewart Mike Paulouich Don White Daniel Sarafidis David Powell David Ball Steve Grady David Weagraff J.W. Keeling Scott Smeby John Thorton Terry Roach Ross Darron Bob Smeby Rusty Shelton Wes Rogers Gary Gilliard Paul Gerba David Reyes Ron Pace Roy Lange Dave Pendelton Stewart Treekhem Mark Blenden Stewart DeVore Connie Johnson Bob Wilmot Jack Sutton Manny Koosha Alan Engisch Dick Doores

57:08 1:02:32 1:06:26 1:07:55 1:12:30 1:18:49 56:12 56:50 58:28 1:12:22 1:12:28 1:28:53 1:05:36 1:09:23 1:12:41 1:17:37 1:19:38 1:28:14 1:31:51 1:36:34 1:49:04 58:59 1:05:31 1:06:54 1:10:05 1:10:43 1:21:21 1:21:44 1:34:27 1:44:29 2:05:34 1:02:27 1:13:57 1:25:53 1:15:13 1:20:01 1:21:46 1:35:49 1:21:47

15K Women’s Results Age Overall Name Group Place


Overall 1 Kristen Jett Masters 4 Mary Anne Rogers

1:03:23 1:06:26

20–24 15 25–29 5 23 30–34 12 20 24 35–39 2 3 6 9 10 16 19 26 27 40–44 8 13 14 17 22 25 45–49 7 11 18 21 29 30 50–54 28

1:23:10 1:12:30 1:32:07 1:21:21 1:28:51 1:32:27 1:05:15 1:05:53 1:12:33 1:18:43 1:20:12 1:23:54 1:26:23 1:33:56 1:34:04 1:15:44 1:22:55 1:22:56 1:24:10 1:31:51 1:32:37 1:14:28 1:21:09 1:25:09 1:29:01 1:44:30 1:44:34 1:35:14

Katie Andrews Erin Crawford Charlotte Bowman Christie Schlom Kimberly Sarafidis Carrie Bibb Yolanda Hopping Susan White Noreen Henry Tina Covington Alexandra Watkins Tracey Platamone Lynda Parra Jean Clark Susan Hennessey Karen Wagner Beth Brown Brenda Skarsi Barb Wilson Susie Carter Jill Smith Kim Dennis Linda Boggs Debbie Clark Gayla Franklin Penny Brown Jenny Williams Tela Isik

Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Her name was Carmela, and we were instantly drawn together. We both worked for IBM, had just moved to Texas, and most importantly, we each had a five month-old baby. My son Sam and Carmela’s daughter Chelsea were inseparable. We shared the same day care and preschool, and since neither of us had family in this area, we kept each other’s children when we were traveling. Often, we would sneak away from the office to take our children to lunch (Denny’s was a favorite). Carmela and her family moved to California, but we continued to stay in touch. After Carmela was diagnosed with breast cancer, we became even closer. We had a standing date for our weekly phone call, and she seemed to appreciate having someone with whom to share her fears. During my last visit to see her, my friend the marathoner was sleeping a lot, and the morphine patches that she wore 24 hours a day were irritating her skin. Sam and Chelsea will graduate from high school in May, and will head off to college this fall. While I’m looking forward to playing the proud Mom, Carmela will not be there for Chelsea. On June 23, 1999, after fighting for six years, Carmela lost her battle with the cancer that had ravaged her body.

Carmela with husband Larry in September ‘98 support and encouragement.

The last weekend in April, I’ll be joining 4,000 others, each with a similar story, in walking 20 miles a day for three days. We’ll be camping at night in two-person tents and showering in big trucks. I can’t wait! Several RAW members have already sponsored me (I have to raise a minimum of $1,900 to participate) and many more have offered their

When I first heard about the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day walk, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. I wanted to honor Carmela’s memory. Ironically, after I had registered, another close friend was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, and is just now beginning her fight. We went wig shopping last Saturday after my 15-mile walk at the lake. Did you know that 1,000,000 women in America are living with undetected breast cancer? In America this year, a new case of breast cancer will be diagnosed every 3 minutes, and every 13 minutes, the disease will claim another life. Happily, the prospects for survival are increasing, and now the five-year survival rate for those who are diagnosed and treated early is 96%. I was particularly drawn to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade because in addition to funding research, it funds detection and treatment for underserved women. I’m excited about the prospect of saving lives. Between now and the end of April, I’ll be walking at the lake every Saturday with my friend and tent-mate Debra. (You definitely don’t want to do this with someone you don’t like a lot!) I hope you’ll give us a wave, ask us how our training is coming, and wish us well. And ladies, one more thing — please don’t put off that mammogram. —Susan Barnett Note: To learn more about the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day or to make a contribution, e-mail or visit


Running Quiz 1.

A kilometer is: a. .62 of a mile b. .5 of a mile c. More than a mile 2. Junk miles are: a. Miles run after eating junk food b. Miles that serve no training or recovery purpose c. Miles you should run more of 3. Fartlek is: a. Speed workout after eating beans b. Something for which “excuse me” is appropriate c. Swedish for “speed play”, variable pace running 4. What did Pheidippides yell out before dropping to his death: a. Water b. Victory c. Help 5. In the 1912 Olympics, the marathon distance was standardized to 26.2 miles for what reason: a. The old distance of 24 miles wasn’t challenging enough b. So the runners would complete the race in front of the thrones of the Queen and King of Sweden c. The course was measured incorrectly 6. In which year was the Olympic Marathon first run for women: a. 1980 b. 1984 c. 1988 7. A warmup is: a. A heavy sweatsuit b. A cozy kiss c. Easy activity at the beginning of a workout to get the body adjusted to exercise 8. Mileage from one week to the next should not increase more than: a. 10% b. 20% c. 50% 9. Race flats are: a. A flat racing course b. Flat tires on the way to a race c. Super light weight shoes used for racing 10. Every gram of carbohydrates contains ____ calories of energy a. 4 b. 8 c. 10 See page 8 for answers.

The Prez Says…. LGRAW needs you! The club is holding its own, but we need to continue to grow and improve, and the only way to do this is to get more of the membership involved. There are almost 200 households that hold LGRAW memberships, so we definitely have a lot of untapped talent (and I don’t mean just athletically). At the upcoming Board meeting (March 7), I intend to suggest the creation of several committees: Fund Raising - Our club had a loss in 2001, as seen on our financial statement. We can’t count solely on our annual dues and race proceeds to provide the funds necessary to sustain and grow the club. This committee would generate ideas to build our economic base. Membership - The club is growing, but we lose many people after a year or two. LGRAW is the fourth largest club in the metroplex, but we should be bigger and we should have a more active membership. This committee would work toward retaining and growing our membership. Housing - Did you know that we pay $4,200 per year for the clubhouse? Without this expense, the pressure on fund raising would be greatly reduced, and the race proceeds generated for our charities would rise dramatically. This committee would work toward reducing or eliminating our rental expense—possibly a different site? a building of our own? a city facility? Projects - The city of Grapevine has done a lot to support us, and we need to return the favor. The trail system mile markers which we painted a few years ago are in dire need of being repainted. The city sponsors a “lake cleanup day” and we should participate. This committee would organize our membership to become involved in city projects. Race Organization - Bottom line, more people need to get involved in the planning of our races. Our Race Directors need assistance to ensure that all the items necessary to produce a quality event are taken care of. With more people involved in the planning for each race, it won’t be so overwhelming. There are probably other areas that need attention but these are the ones that come to mind. Maybe we need a committee to organize committees (I’m kidding). Anyway, please consider becoming more involved. If something mentioned above interests you, please contact me, John Bush or Tony Dominiec (see page 2). As I said at the beginning, LGRAW needs you!!!

R ay

In Step With...Rick Fogle This issue features RAW member Rick Fogle. K2 (Kelly Richards): How long have you been running? RF: I started running in the late summer of 2000. I ran to the end of my street a couple of times, and on the third day, I entered the Colleyville 5K. Of course the race was a disaster. I ached so much afterward that it was a week or two before I ran again. But I was hooked. The next 5K I ran was the Double Trouble. It was also a disaster, but I finished. K2: How or why did you become a runner? RF: At the time I was dating a jogger from Ft. Worth, and she finally convinced me to go running with her. (This was the two runs up the block.) I didn't own a pair of running shoes or any Rick finishing the White Rock Marathon jogging attire at the time, so I ran in cutoffs and street shoes. I bought my first running shoes later in the day after the Colleyville 5K. I remember years ago watching one of the 5K's in Bedford and feeling inspired to start running. I started twenty years later. K2: When did you realize you were a “real runner”? RF: Well I'm still not convinced that I qualify for the term "real runner". I am in awe at the ability of some of the runners up at the clubhouse. I measure my progress in tiny improvements and quantity of Advil required. I will say that running is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. At the time I started, I really needed a new direction in my life, and running has been wonderful. Its hard to be in a funk if you run. K2: How long have you been a RAW member? RF: I believe I joined in early February of last year but I'm not positive. I remember one day finally being able to run to the second set of water bottles without stopping, so I entered the Cowtown 10K the next weekend. What a fun 10K. K2: What has been your fondest running memory? Probably the Cowtown 10K last year. I had never run 6 miles before, so I was a bit apprehensive. The run went fine ( but slow). About 4 blocks before the finish line a huge storm hit. The temperature dropped maybe 30 degrees and it started pouring down rain. The cold wind and (Continued on page 6)


(Continued from page 5)

rain really gave me a boost, and it was quite exhilarating running in the rain. It was so much fun that a few days later I signed up at Luke’s to go through the White Rock marathon training course. K2: What do you consider to be your biggest running achievement? To actually finish the White Rock marathon. I put in a lot of hours running to get ready for that race, but in the end it was everything I hoped it would be. You can't imagine how happy I was when I made the last turn and saw the finish line. Now I feel compelled to run another marathon or two, just to prove that the first one wasn't a fluke. K2: Where is the most unique or unusual place you've ever gone for a run? RF: I haven't been running that long, so I don’t have that many running memories. I had hoped to do some running in Bahrain in December, but we were under a high security alert and they wouldn't let us out to run. I used to do a lot of walking, and one of the fondest places I remember going for long walks was in the Sinai desert on bright moonlit evenings. The desert has a stark beauty to it. K2: What do you do when you're not out running? In the summer when the kids are home, we spend a lot of time out on the lake jet skiing or riding motorcycles. I am dating a woman from Colleyville, and between her kids and mine we keep very busy. Now if I could just get her to start running on the weekends........I'm working on it. At least she has the outfit and shoes. K2: What about your non-RAW life would surprise the club members? RF: I used to spend my weekends skydiving. K2: What else would you like to add? RF: I have really enjoyed being a member of RAW, and I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and support as I try to improve my running. What a great group of people we have in this club... and so much talent!

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, Inc. Operating Statement 2001 Proceeds Membership Dues Donations Grocery Store Rebates (Tom Thumb and Kroger)

$ 3,321.25 460.00 552.31

RAW Wear Sales Less: RAW Wear Purchases Net Raw Wear Margin

405.50 (1,300.58)

Race Fees & Sponsorships Less: Race Expenses Charitable Donations Net Race Proceeds

13,170.00 (6,833.80) (3,300.00)



Total Net Proceeds


Operating & Administrative Expenses Rent Administrative1 Banquet RRCA Membership Dues & Insurance Total Operating & Administrative Expenses Net Income (Loss)

4,200.00 2,199.62 560.93 735.25 7,695.80 $(1,221.12)

Race fees and sponsorships increased from under $9,000 in 2000 to over $13,000 in 2001. This is due to the hard work of the race organizers in increasing participation and attracting sponsors for LGRAW races. GREAT JOB! Local charities benefited from this hard work as LGRAW donated $3,300 to various non-profit organizations, compared to $765 last year. LGRAW had almost $3,500 cash on hand at year end. Our cash balance has since increased, due to the financial success of the 2002 Bold in the Cold race. If anyone has any questions about LGRAW finances, please do not hesitate to contact me at or at the clubhouse. Keep up the good work! Craig Minyard, Treasurer 1

Administrative includes club supplies, newsletter printing and mailing costs,


January - February Marathon Madness Walt Disney World Marathon January 6, 2002

single runner shouts at the top of his/ her lungs while running inside the Castle because it resonates so well! Many runners were wearing Mickey's ears (one guy was even wearing Mickey's shoes), lots of Disney By Hélène Walker characters were giving us high fives, the crowd was cheering us, the rest The race started at 6 a.m. with a stops were plentiful and well-stocked, temperature of about 55 F, but the and the volunteers were always heavy winds made it feel much helpful and smiling despite the heavy colder. There was a never-ending rain. In brief, it was really enjoyable. headwind (of course!), and the light mist around mile 18 became a deluge Too bad that the marathon occurs in January when the weather by mile 20 (my first wet T-shirt contest!). For the last 4 miles or so, I conditions can change so quickly and so dramatically! ran in drenched socks and shoes, with very wet toes. I thought of all the newcomers who were racing with heavy sweatsuits and cotton T-shirts. Disney Finishers: Alan Walker, 3:23:45 Hélène Walker, 4:35:42 Kelly Richards, 3:47:15 Lee Miller, 3:43:06

Compaq Houston Marathon January 20, 2002

Duncan Stewart 2:55:50 Craig Minyard 3:00:34 Stacie Johnson 3:13:51 (PR) Dirk Hayes 3:39:22 David Ball 3:39:40 Liz Shanks 3:53:41 Congratulations to all the finishers!

Terry Marcott

Stan Ujka

RAW had two participants in the Houston marathon, Dan Cole K2 with her pal Ron at the Disney (3:32:19) and Jon Korte (2:55:35), Marathon who has a nightmare of a story about They must have been pretty cold and his chip (but it has a happy ending). shivering. The day after the race, one Don’t miss page 7 of this Footprint for more about Dan Cole. of the shuttle drivers told us that 4,000 runners did not finish. I remember passing a middle-aged guy on crutches in the first mile. Since we were seeded in different corrals, and I was in the 2nd corral (right after the elite and good runners), my guess is that he was in the first corral and decided to try to run the marathon despite his injuries. I admire his dedication but question his sanity. Despite the bad weather, the race was a lot of fun, as usual (I have run it 3 times). To me, the highlight of the race is to run down Main Street in Magic Kingdom and go through Cinderella's Castle. Every year, every

Duncan Stewart

Motorola Marathon Austin, Texas February 17, 2002 RAW was out in force for this race, with 12 members participating. In addition to the cheering squad, the following runners completed the distance: Lisa O'Brien 3:57:31 (1st marathon) JW Keeling 4:15:50 (1st marathon) Anney Jensen 4:57:29 Terry Marcott 2:45:40 Stan Ujka 2:44.41 (PR) Bob Smeby 2:53:18 (PR) 7

Craig Minyard

January - February Marathon Madness Cowtown Marathon, 10K and 5K Fort Worth, TX February 23, 2002 RAW was well represented at this year’s Cowtown races. Especially noteworthy was Lee Miller’s PR: nothing to do with race time, but he did receive two IV’s at the finish (previous PR was only one IV.) Hélène Walker also ran the marathon, and her assessment of the race can be summed up with her friend’s comment, “Whoever designed this course should be shot!” (I think the wind had something to do with it….) Travis Batchelder ran a great 5K (21:04), as did Liz Tinch. PR’s were set in the 10K by Rick Sanford (47:11) and Tim Brenner (50:39). Jon Korte was only 4 seconds off his PR pace, despite running with a broken foot. Thank goodness for Cortisone shots! Also running the 10K were Byron Benoit, Roy Lange, Kelly Richards, Duncan Stewart, and Tom Zack. Our apologies to anyone we might have missed.

“He was carrying six gels, two energy bars, a pair of gloves, and a small camera...and at mile 12 his shorts fell down.”

Answers to Running Quiz: 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-b, 5-b, 6-b, 7-c, 8-a, 9-c, 10-a

Marathons: A Love and Hate Affair By Lee Miller

While still fighting sore legs from running the 2002 Cowtown Marathon, I began to reflect on the last two weeks. Two Texas marathons have come and gone, the Austin Motorola and Cowtown. All the stories of success and hardship are starting to trickle in. Why do we put ourselves through the pain of running a marathon? I have heard and read that training for the marathon is the hard part, and that running the marathon is the reward for all the hard work and training. A nice thought, but I have to disagree. We spend 3-6 months preparing for some marathon, we dream and visualize the type of race we are going to run, and we carefully plan our strategy. It’s all we can think and talk about (our training partners, coworkers, spouses, pets…. are sick of hearing about it). Finally, it’s here. The training has been great and we are on target to run the greatest race of our lives. But we wake up three days before the event with the flu. Or the day of the marathon the weather is rainy, warm, humid or The marathon runner’s windy (or all of the above). favorite training partner Or for some unknown reason we just don't feel great on that peculiar day. That one much-anticipated day is going to turn out to be very long and painful. When we have a bad training day, we just bag it and head home, knowing we can make it up later in the week. That doesn’t work with a marathon. Many times we have traveled far, and have already spent the money. And still other times we’re just too stubborn to give up and drop out (true for most marathoners). We can control only a few things before and during the race, like training, hydration, and pace. The rest is completely out of our control. The weather, illness, and even our biorhythms seem to be at the mercy of the running gods. So I ask the question again, "Why do we put ourselves through the pain and hardship of running a marathon?" Because there is always the chance that on that particular day, you will have the greatest marathon of your life. You will achieve or exceed all your marathon goals. Whether that is qualifying for Boston or breaking some time barrier (3 hr, 4 hr, 5 hr?)— when it happens, it is truly a great moment. The memory will stay with you forever, and you’ll compare all future marathons to it. Regardless of the course and weather conditions, those pesky thoughts will arise: "I could have placed in my age group on that day." I admit I’m guilty of that, and I suspect others secretly do it too. I will leave you with Terry Marcott’s observation before the Austin Marathon. "I train, work and play hard. I sometimes fall but never fail. Failure is a perception and not a reality." 8

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club Membership Application Name: ______________________________________ _ Address: ____________________________________

____ Male ____ Female


____ New Membership

____ Renewal

City: _______________________________________

Is it okay to publish this information in the club directory?____

State: ___________________

Participating Family Members: Name:_______________________ Name:_______________________ Name:_______________________ Name:_______________________

Zip Code: _______

Home Phone: (____)__________________________ E-Mail Address: _____________________________

___M ___F ___M ___F ___M ___F ___M ___F

DOB:___/___/___ DOB:___/___/___ DOB:___/___/___ DOB:___/___/___

I know that participating and volunteering to work in club events can be potentially hazardous. I assume all risks associated with running, walking, and volunteering to work in club events. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application for membership, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, Inc., the Road Runners Club of America, and all sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims of liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in club activities. I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any other records for any legitimate purpose.

Membership Dues: _____ $20 Single _____ $30 Family ($1.25 of this amount is for an annual subscription to RRCA’s quarterly magazine, Footnotes)

Mail to: LGRAW P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, TX 76099

Check here if you need two membership cards: _____ Signature_______________________________________ Date:_____/_____/_____

New Members Dan Banse Judy and Larry Branigin Phyllis Butts Clay Cox Mel Crafton Thomas Goodwin Brian Salin Dorit Sar-Shalom Monica Tharp

Renewals Al Angell John and Gloria Bush The Eccleston Family Chris Reyher Travis Batchelder Richard and Susan Brooker Steve and Debbie Bryant The Luccioni Family The Alison Repass Family Byron Benoit Dr Marybeth Crane Letha Cruthirds Kathy Smith Evelyn Daniel Alan and Tosca Engisch Ross T. Foster Paul Gerba Mike Pettay Rob Russell Debra Stuart Tanya Bubash Rick Fogle Bruce Johanns JW Keeling


Did You Know? ♦ The 2001 Club Scrapbook is on display at the clubhouse, and it’s fantastic! Thanks to Kelly Richards (K2) for creating and maintaining it. We’d love to add your photographs or news clippings to our 2002 Club scrapbook. Just bring them to the club in an envelope marked “RAW Scrapbook”, and K2 will take it from there. ♦ RAW Member Dan Cole will be running his 50th Marathon at Virginia Beach on March 17th. Dan will be achieving a lifelong goal of running 50 Marathons by the age of 50! Good luck, Dan!

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, TX 76099

Wine Chaser Social & Fun Run

PRSRT STD A U.S. Postage Paid Grapevine, TX Permit No. 243

March 9th

RAW Wear!!!

2 pm

RAW Clubhouse

Support Your Club And be the Best-Dressed Runner at your next race

New LoW Prices! Jog Bra Shorts T-shirt Baseball cap Singlet Sports Bag

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