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RAW Celebrates Our 4th Fourth! In This Issue • • • •

Fourth of July Recap Walk for Diabetes In Step With…Mark Sparks Marathon Madness and More (Grandma’s, Coeur D’Alene Ironman, Western States 100, Vermont) • Parkland Burn Camp • “Health Food” Diet • New RAW Bike Group _________________________

Upcoming Events • • •

August 9, RAW Luau, home of Bill and Annette Collins Sept 13, Protectors of Freedom 5k, Texas Motor Speedway Nov 15, Double Trouble, RAW Clubhouse

Saturday Night Live-5:00 pm (First Saturday of the month)

The Fourth of July at RAW is always exciting, and this year (our 4th) was no exception. The day began with many of our members running and volunteering at the annual Trophy Club Fourth of July 5k, where Jack Hase once again did a great job as race director.

spread, and for the 4th year in a row, we managed not to set the clubhouse on fire.

At 4:00 p.m., two full teams’ worth of finely tuned athletes took the field to showcase their extraordinary softball skills. (That would be sarcasm….with a few possible exceptions.) Even with the creative scorekeeping of Tom Byno, the primarily female team of Joe Luccioni fell victim to the victorious guys, who never would have lived it down if they hadn’t won!

President Kelly Richards finally got the group settled down enough to conduct our annual business meeting. A very surprised Susan Barnett received this year’s Best Foot Forward award, presented by past recipient Tom Byno. (Eileen Fontaine was last year’s honoree, but she was out of town. Again.) Ballots were passed out, and the membership elected their 20032004 Board of Directors. Special congratulations to first time board members Courtney Noell, Rick Fogle, Tia Metzger, and JW Keeling.

Having had enough dust and sweat, everyone retired to the clubhouse, where a few coolers were popped open. Over 100 RAW members and their families shared a delicious potluck

The evening was capped off with a spectacular fireworks display over the lake. We couldn’t have asked for a better end to a long and exhausting, but fun-packed day.

Note: check the bulletin board on our website for last minute changes) •

September 13 (moved to coincide with the Protectors of Freedom race); La Casa, Grapevine (Note: This is a change from the last Footprint) • October 4, Amore’s, Grapevine, BYOB _________________________


Your membership expiration date is shown on your Footprint mailing label. When it’s time to renew, fill out the membership application in the newsletter and mail it back to RAW along with your check. RAW: A Place to Make Friends… (Tom Goodwin and Dennis Novak) 1

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, Texas 76099

RAW Board and Committees

Scott, Kelly and Archie Eppelman enjoy the barbecue (or is that tofu?) Tom Byno presents Susan Barnett with the Best Foot Forward award, while Major Mike Eccleston looks on

President Kelly Richards First Vice President Terry Marcott

A very rare moment when the kids were actually holding still (but not for long!)

Second Vice President Rick Sanford Chief Information Officer Jack Hase Treasurer Craig Minyard Officers At Large Rick Fogle J.W. Keeling Tia Metzger Stacie Sauber Curtis Woodard Courtney Noell Footprint Editor Susan Barnett

MOST of the Board: (l to r) Member at Large (MAL) Courtney Noell, 1st VP Terry Marcott, MAL JW Keeling, MAL Tia Metzger, 2nd VP Rick Sanford, President Kelly Richards, MAL Stacie Sauber, MAL Curtis Woodard 2

Trophy Club 5K Results The Trophy Club 4th of July 5k was well attended by RAW members again this year, with 25 members running and another 15 who were on hand to help and spectate. Coby Bullard repeated as overall winner this year, although he may have been feeling a little pressure from a San Antonio runner who finished 20 seconds behind. Terry switched with Don Nelson for the Masters win this year. The overall female winner was an 18 year old student who couldn't accept a prize, so we gave her gift certificate to Dana Bullard who came in second. Everyone agreed that it was nice to run a hot and hilly course for a change after a Spring of nothing but flat and fast. Overall attendance was 267, slightly less than last year.

RAW Results:


5. Abi Hase



1. Scott Duryea 17:45


1. Kristen Pugliese 28:41


1. Mark Miller 18:00 2. Jason Nelson 18:28 1. Dana Bullard 18:35 2. Lori Cerami 25:59


1. Doug Noell


1. Marybeth Crane 21:58 2. Heather Wallace 22:18 35-39

2. Byron Benoit 17:43 3. Dennis Shanahan 18:35 4. Doug Shanahan 20:37 7. Mel Crafton 23:44


5. Marty Metzger 25:37

Overall: Coby Bullard 16:06

7. Lauren Shanahan 34:44

Masters: Terry Marcott 17:26


1. Don Nelson







2. Grant Hase


5. Dave Aungst 7. Tom Zack

23:57 28:32


1. Henry Galpin 20:04


1. Guy McCraken 33:49

2. Lauren McCarley 31:27

Overall winner Coby Bullard with wife Dana, 2nd place female finisher

Age group winner Marybeth Crane, with runner-up Heather Wallace

WE’RE NOT LIKE THE OTHERS. If you’re looking for the latest in local animal news, books, events and products for pets and the people who love them, look no farther!


Gustavo Martinez and Joe Luccioni Eat...oops!...I mean Prepare...the race food 3

K2 To You…. Do you ever wonder why it is that during the hottest, toughest time of the year our weekend attendance goes up? I think it's the Freeze pops! Seriously, anyone willing to leave the comforts of home, a cozy bed, and chilled air to come out into the stifling heat and humidity to run, walk (and now bike) is one tough cookie. I know that after a few miles I feel baked! That’s why hydrating with water AND sports drink, respecting the elements (realizing the heat is a factor and slowing down, especially on a long run) and having a training partner (or 40) is so important to me. At this time of year, the club is vital to my (and probably your) fitness. There are 30, 40 and sometimes even 50 other people toughing it out alongside me, inspiring me through their efforts and encouraging words, reminding me when to be realistic and when to quit whining—simply being there. I also know there is a pay-off — and it will come in the fall. Once the temperature finally and mercifully dips below 70 degrees, something amazing will happen. For some it’s speed, for others it’s endurance. For the really fortunate ones, it’s both.

In Step With … Mark Sparks K2: How long have you been running? MS: 28 years. K2: How and when did you become a RAW member? MS: I met Duncan Stewart at the Disney World Marathon last January (no, not during the race...we met in a bus!) In about one minute, he convinced me to become a member. I joined the club just in time for the Bold in the Cold race. Pilot Mark Sparks in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with a new K2: Complete this American Eagle Regional Jet sentence: The first time I ran... MS: I thought I was never going to do it again! K2: What has been your fondest running memory? MS: Again, the Disney World Marathon last January. It was a marathon running comeback after a 5-year break. I felt very good during and after the race, and had a lot of fun meeting and partying with people from all over the country. I’ve already signed up for next year. K2: What do you consider to be your biggest running achievement? MS: Running my first marathon and deciding I was going to do it again. K2: Where is the most unique or unusual place you’ve run? MS: On the runways and taxiways of DFW Airport. They’re longer and wider when you’re running than they are when you’re in an airplane! K2: What about your non-running life would surprise the club members? MS: Non-running life? What’s that? K2: What else would you like to add? MS: I’m glad that I “ran” into this very nice group of people.

So hang in there. Survive the heat by staying active, so that you’re ready to revel in the cool crisp air of autumn. You’ll be glad you did. See you at the lake.


Proud Sponsor of the 2003 Hound Dog Hustle 4

Walk for Diabetes The time is coming up again for the annual 5K walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This year's event is September 27 in Ft. Worth. Diabetes, as many of you are aware, is a disease with no cure. Some of the long term effects of uncontrolled diabetes include kidney failure, blindness, neuropathy, and heart disease. Type 1 diabetes, unlike type 2, is NOT diet controlled or reversible, and the diabetic is insulin dependent for life. Without insulin injections and blood sugar control, the Type 1 diabetic will die.

Sydney will be able to be completely free from all her needles and monitoring!

So here's where you, my running friends, come in! We are asking for pledges for the Foundation to help with the research. Any amount is appreciated as it will all go to help find a cure. If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution, you can make checks payable to JDRF and give them to me at the clubhouse on the weekends, or mail them to me directly. Secondly, if any of you would like to participate in the walk, Sydney and I would love to have you As most of you already know, my daughter, join our team! There is NO COST to Sydney, age 11, is a Type 1 diabetic. participate in the walk, however we would Diagnosed just a year ago, Sydney has urge you to try to raise at least $100 for learned more about diabetes than most of the foundation. I know it would thrill us will ever know! On top of giving herself Sydney (and me too!) to have some of you 3-4 injections of insulin every day, Sydney join us on the 27th of September. has to count every carbohydrate that goes into her mouth (what a horrifying thought I don't think I'll ever be able to express to for us runners!!) as well as keep on a very all of you how much you have meant to me rigid schedule of eating, waking, sleeping, and my children the past few years. and exercising. She is doing fantastic as of LGRAW has the most wonderful people today, although being an 11 year old (not to mention the most fantastic runners diabetic certainly has its woes. If it weren't and walkers!) I've ever known. Thanks in for Sydney's discipline, we would be having advance for your support from Sydney and a very difficult time keeping her out of the me!! hospital. Because Sydney is such an "ideal" —Stacie Sauber diabetic child, she has managed to stay very healthy this past year....and we're looking forward to another healthy year! This September, Sydney and I will be participating again in the JDRF 5K walk to help raise money for diabetes research. Many of you pledged to last year's walk and we are extremely thankful! The research still goes on however, and it is time to once again raise funds to help find a cure. They are getting closer and closer to finding a cure for type 1 diabetics, and I am confident that within the next 10 years,

Sydney and Stacie

The Unsung Heroes Ever wonder how those ubiquitous Freeze Pops show up in the clubhouse freezer? Ever notice that the trash is full when we leave on Sunday, but is empty again when we show up the next Saturday? Have you just assumed that we can have a race whenever we want? Well, none of those things happen by magic. We have a group of guys who go about their business, keeping our club running, never asking for any recognition (and sadly, rarely getting any!) Major Mike Eccleston, our clubhouse manager, makes sure we don’t run out of coffee, paper cups, or any of the other supplies that we count on. Tom Byno and Dan Cole clean the clubhouse every single Sunday, after most of us have gone home. Ray Harris gets all our permits from the City (to use the softball field, for one example) and keeps us in good graces with the Parks and Recreation Board. So the next time you reach for that toilet paper, take a moment to reflect on how it got there...and then go say “Thanks” to these terrific volunteers!

Helps clean teeth and freshen breath

Abrasive action decreases buildup of dental plaque

Improves digestibility of dry dog food

Dogs Love ‘em 5

New Water Duty Perk

This and That... •

Well, actually, there are two—K2 also asks everyone to clap for you if you have water duty. But the one we’re announcing is this: YOU GET THE PREMIER PARKING SPOT if you put the water out for our weekend runs. From now on, the first parking spot (next to the gate) is reserved for the individual who has water duty. Reminder: the club supplies the sports drink, and you do not have to supply any products yourself. The sports drink is in the box on top of the refrigerator.

ALSO...please limit your parking to the parking lot by the softball fields, or across from the clubhouse BETWEEN the gate and the concrete trail (not in the field or past the gate). Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

The signup sheet for water duty is in the clubhouse. If you’ve never done it before, there are plenty of people willing to “train” you the first time!

The LGRAW Conspiracy By Hélène Walker (“LN”) A Once Unsuspecting Happy Runner Fellow Runners, Beware! You may be the next target of the LGRAW Conspiracy … There is an ongoing conspiracy in this running club to make better runners out of us. One day, out of the blue, you are an Unsuspecting Runner happily running along, when one or more of the faster RAW runners decides to join you. (No, I will not give names, but all of you conspirators know who you are). And then, the week after, there is another faster runner tagging along with you, then another one, then another one, until you suddenly realize what’s happening to you! Before you know it, these surreptitious runners are making you run just a little faster than what is comfortable, so that you eventually improve your pace, and can keep up with them for a longer distance without too much trouble. Then one day you run another 5K (or what you THINK is going to be “just another 5k”) and you beat your previous PR by 2 minutes! And then you run another marathon (or what you THINK is going to be “just another marathon”) and their conniving trick makes you qualify for Boston!

The Wednesday morning trail runs are in full swing. Runners and walkers of all paces are welcome to join in. The group meets at 6:30 at the clubhouse (this is a change from the first water stop) and runs/walks for about 50 minutes. Contact K2 (Kelly Richards) at for more information. RAW wear is now available. The singlets are back-ordered, but shorts ($20, in several styles), sports bras ($20), socks ($5), and cotton T-shirts ($15) are in stock. See K2 at the clubhouse to get your supply of these cool purple items! Our monthly Saturday Night Live social events have been very well attended. It’s been great to see our regulars in attendance, but even more rewarding to see some of our new members there. It’s a great opportunity to get to know one another in a relaxed environment—one where our non-running family members and friends feel equally at ease. Check the cover of your Footprint, or the bulletin board at to find out the next date and location. One of the ongoing challenges of creating the Footprint is to represent our entire club. Sometimes we feel like we highlight the same people, which to some extent is natural, given that they tend to be the ones who are the most active in the club. Still, we genuinely want to get to know our new members better, and to write about everyone! Of course, we can’t report on what we don’t know… and that’s where YOU come in! PLEASE help us with ideas for future Footprints, and let us know of your accomplishments. We are interested in whatever is significant to YOU. Feel free to send a note to at any time. The success of our club is in our diversity!

(left) A woman wearing a RAW shirt was recently spotted listing sideways, in front of this perfectly straight building. (Welcome home, Kelly and Gustavo. We’re glad you had a good time on your vacation to Italy.)

Trust me, Unsuspecting Happy Runners, KEEP AWAY from these faster runners; they are dangerous! Their goal: make you become one of Them, so that you will eventually become a conspirator and tag along with another Unsuspecting Happy Runner. You’ve been warned, it’s up to you now to resist the LGRAW Conspiracy. When I become one of Them, I already know which one of you Unsuspecting Happy Runners I will randomly select … 6

RAW Recognized for Contribution June 5, 2003 Camp I-Thonka-Chi Meridian, Texas For the second year in a row, Parkland’s Burn Camp recognized LGRAW for our contribution to their camp for pediatric burn victims. Donna Crump, chief physical therapist and camp director for 12 years, thanked our club for donating the proceeds from our Double Trouble 5 & 10K Race last fall. She

One of the highlights of Burn Camp is the annual group dance

2003 Visitors Day Celebration and received a “Thank You Award” painting of a beautiful tree from one of the talented campers (see photo). As an added bonus, our own club member, Tia Metzger, is one of the many Burn Camp volunteer veterans who works all week at the camp every year. Thanks, Tia! —David Ball After a week at Burn Camp, these campers are all smiles repeated how thankful the kids of Burn Camp are for getting to come to such a great place every year for a time of reassurance, growth and love. “Our association with Burn Camp is one of the great things our club does to make a difference in the community. All those big smiles are incredible to see,” said Kelly Richards, LGRAW president. Three club members, Kelly Richards, David Ball, and Marty Metzger, attended the

David, K2, and Marty receive a warm thank you from one of the campers at the Awards Ceremony

Does This Mean RAW is Now BRAW? Ever thought about a little cross training to balance out your running? Perhaps you’ve been wishing you could take that old Schwinn out for a spin. Maybe you have gone so far as to think about a duathlon or triathlon in your future. Well, LGRAW might just be able to help. Starting August 2, a group of LGRAW members (and active triathletes) initiated a Saturday morning bike ride beginning at the LGRAW Clubhouse. The ride start time will be the same as the club weekend run time (7:00 am during daylight savings, 8:00 am otherwise). For the past few years this ride has regularly launched from the Solana Club. Typically, routes are decided while waiting for the ride to begin, and are based on weather, wind, and composite attitude. In general, this group rides 40 to 75 miles, at a pace of 17-20 mph. During the winter it is often much easier. Many

times, however, a faction might break off to shorten / lengthen or simply to adjust the speed and intensity during the ride. Based on the enthusiastic response we’ve received so far, we will probably create two groups. The second group will start at the same time and place, but will ride a shorter distance at an easier pace. Officially, the rides are "leaderless" in that there is no one responsible for dropped riders ... that said ... we have made every effort not to leave riders stranded or lost. Please bring appropriate food, water, tire repair capability and money (for a phone call) to each ride — assume you have to provide for yourself. Hope to see you on Saturday mornings. For more information, please contact Scott Decker at ( or (817)329-1638. 7

Scott Decker kicks off the inaugural RAW bike ride

Marathon Madness and More Grandma’s Marathon Duluth, MN June 21, 2003 Gabe Pugliese Rick Fogle

4:04:41 5:07:01

These guys never quit! Gabe is on a quest to complete a marathon in each of the 50 States, plus D.C., but rumor has it that Rick is ready to retire from marathoning for a while.

Valley Crest Half Marathon San Diego, CA June 8, 2003

Western States Endurance Run (WS 100) Squaw Valley, California to Auburn, California June 26-27, 2003 Scott Eppelman 21 hrs, 20 min “Lethal” Letha Cruthirds 28 hrs, 31 min Kelly Woodmansee DNF (reprinted from “The Western States Endurance Run is one of the oldest ultra trail events in the world and certainly one of the most challenging.

Duathlons have alleviated the pounding from all the running I had been doing. My biking at this point is still weak, which has encouraged me to set new goals in my competitive endeavors. I may never be an “IRON” man like Lee, Scott, Daryl, Hélène & Alan Walker, and a few other RAW members, but I’ll take pride in being a “TIN” man.

“The Run is conducted along the Western States Trail starting at Squaw Valley, California, and ending in Auburn, California, a total of 100 miles. The trail ascends from the Squaw Valley floor (elevation 6,200 feet) to Emigrant Pass (elevation 8,750 feet), a climb of 2,550 vertical feet in the first 4½ miles. From the pass, following the original trails used by the gold and silver miners of the 1850’s, runners travel west, climbing another 15,540 feet and descending 22,970 feet before reaching Auburn. Most of the trail passes through remote and rugged territory, accessible only to hikers, horses and helicopters.”

[Ed. Note: I love to picture the look on the faces of all those cyclists, when Byron blows by them during the final run!]

WOW! Way to go, Scott, K1, and Letha. We’re proud of all of you!

Rick Sanford


“DU” Fever

By Byron Benoit

May 31, 2003 - Waco, Texas 2 Mile Run, 11 Mile Bike, 2 Mile Run 3rd Overall, 1st Age Group, 1:00.04 June 15, 2003 - White Rock Lake 2 Mile Run, 9.3 Mile Bike, 2 Mile Run 5th Overall, 1st Age Group, 52:40 June 22, 2003 - White Rock Lake 2 Mile Run, 9.3 Mile Bike, 2 Mile Run 7th Overall, 2nd Age Group, 53:16 July 20, 2003 - White Rock Lake 2 Mile Run, 9.3 Mile Bike, 2 Mile Run 7th Overall, 3rd Age Group, 51:18 July 27, 2003 - Tulsa, Oklahoma 5K Run, 30K Bike, 5K Run 12th Overall, 4th Age Group, 1:31:50

Vermont 100-Mile Endurance Run June 19-20, 2003 Letha Cruthirds


Letha has completed the first two events of Ultra Running’s Grand Slam (four 100mile races in four months). Her next two races are Leadville Trail 100 in August, and Wastach Front 100 in September. Good luck, Letha! We’ll be with you in spirit.


North Texas Trail Runners Night Prediction Run Lake Grapevine, TX July 19, 2003 18 Miles of Trail at Night By Rick Sanford

On Saturday, July 19th, I ran the North Texas Trail Runners night prediction run on the North shore of Lake Grapevine. Two years ago, I would have considered this to be sheer madness. These days, I really enjoy trail running and for some reason, this sounded like a fun, slightly dangerous, and different way to accomplish my long run for the week. My preparation was not ideal. I ran 5 miles that morning, and took my boys to the YMCA pool for two hours that afternoon. Definitely not the best way to rest up for my long trail run. Since the run didn't start until 8 pm, at 6 pm I filled my belly with 5 slices of pizza and two bottles of Gatorade. This strategy turned out better than I expected, since my dinner stayed down despite pre-race discussions of what we might be decorating the trail with. I met up with Tim Brenner and some friends from NTTR before the start of the run and we got to chat a bit. It was miserably hot, but everybody was ready to get moving. After confiscating watches, and verifying that everyone was carrying water and a light, they sent us off West, onto the most technical portion of the trail. I probably started out too fast, but I wanted to run as far as possible before the sun started setting. I made good time out to the turnaround, refilled my water bottle, and started back just before dark. Just after the turnaround, I caught up with Tim. I’m not sure if he was waiting for me, or if he was genuinely tired from the 11 miles he had run earlier in the morning. It really didn’t matter though, and we ended up running the rest of the way together. As darkness fell and my eyes struggled to adjust, I realized how difficult the next 3 hours would be. In the fading light, there was no contrast. The dirt, the rocks, the ruts—it all looked the same. It seemed

Marathon Madness and More like we walked most of the way back from the turnaround, tripping over roots, knocking over rocks, feeling more than a bit foolish. Our lights would not be truly useful until it was totally dark. We managed to stumble back to the starting area and I dashed off to my car to change shoes and grab a Coke. After a few swigs of Coca-Cola and a shot of Hammer Gel, Tim and I filled our water bottles and headed out on the Eastern section of the trail. My energy surged a bit and things seemed to improve. This section of trail proved to be much easier since I am more familiar with it. It is less technical than the West section, and includes a long stretch of paved road. We made great time on this section, and actually found that running uphill was much easier than running down. We still stumbled and tripped and fell, and at times felt like we would never finish. Somehow we managed to pass some adventure racers that I knew had been well in front of us. Seems they got lost somewhere on the trail. (Guess it pays to know where you're going.)

Ironman USA Coeur d’Alene Triathlon (aka “Spudman”) Coeur d’Alene, ID June 29, 2003

trip ever since. After a couple of events, I signed up for Ironman Coeur d’Alene and got a coach, Dirk Guenther. Then my life change became radical. Since then, I have run over 2000 miles, biked over 6000 miles, and have swum enough to swallow half of Lake Grapevine.

By Daryl Laney

At Ironman Coeur d’Alene, when the cannon went off, we all hit the water. I did what was recommended and stayed on the outside edge of the pack. Soon into the swim, I got into a good rhythm and simply tried to maintain the pace. After being kicked in the face, swimming over others, being swam over, and elbowing some guy that kept crowding me, I exited the water at 1:13, off my goal of 1:06. I entered the changing tent for the transition. A great guy was there to help me, but he was a little too anxious to take my swim bag, and in the process took my sunglasses. By the time we realized it, my bag was already thrown into a pile of 900 others. Silly me, I tried to find it, but then decided it was futile.

There are several points in my life that I can mark time from, and one of them is Memorial Day Weekend 2002. My family and I innocently went camping with some friends, and unbeknownst to me, this weekend would change my life. Tim Brenner was with us, and he was going running one morning, so I asked if I could join him. After the first mile (which was around a 9-10 minute pace), I thought I was going to faint, but I did everything I could to hide that from Tim. We finished a nice 4.5-mile trail run and I bit-- hook, line and sinker. Soon afterwards, I went to RAW and ran my first 8 miles. At RAW, I met Lee Miller and Scott Decker, and after talking to them, I decided to try triathlons. Well, it has been a wonderful

In the end, we finished in 4 hours, 12 minutes—a mere 21 minutes off my predicted time of 3 hours, 51 minutes. I had been told that my prediction was a bit "macho", and boy was it ever. I had no idea how difficult this run would be, and I have enormous respect for those who do this regularly. The trail takes on an entirely new character when you’re looking through the tunnel of light from your headlamp. No scenery, only a few feet of trail immediately in front of you. You focus on your body movements, keeping your balance, and trying to get a feel for the ground beneath your feet. I had moments when I wondered why I was out there, but Tim reminded me that a good measure of the satisfaction comes from the struggle to complete the challenge. I am satisfied with my run and it was great fun. Ironman Coeur d’Alene Results: Name Scott Decker Daryl Laney Lee Miller Tom Ruyle Carl Stipe

Swim 1:07:00 1:13:59 1:11:51 1:06:10 1:06:24

T1 4:41 7:37 6:18 6:41 9:13

Bike MPH Bike 6:01:19 18.6 6:00:37 18.6 6:43:05 16.7 6:27:35 17.3 6:42:56 16.7

T2 3:24 4:14 5:01 5:54 7:51

Due to the heat (projected mid to upper 90’s), my plan on the bike was to put in a medium effort. The first part of the bike was great. I felt strong and it was fun to be part of such a grand event. I felt good through the first two climbs and on the way down a curvy, technical descent. It was a blast until one particular descent where I reached 40 mph. It was then that I discovered at 40 mph my bike turns into a waving flag, reminded me of my rodeo days. Wow, having the high speed wobbles at Lee Miller, Eva Chin, Derrick (trying to escape), Mac, Carl, 40 mph with a strong Collin, & Adrienne Stipe, Daryl & Brenda Laney curve about 500 yards ahead on tires ¾” wide with 140 pounds of pressure in them, is not something I ever want to experience Run Run Pace Finish Place Total Time again! After the hilly part of the course, I 5:07:24 11:44 446 12:23:46 thought the rest of the loop would be an 4:19:53 9:56 279 11:46:20 easy flat track, and it would have been if 5:56:19 13:36 929 14:02:34 it weren’t for a strong headwind. 5:01:13 11:30 567 12:47:31 Throughout the course there was great support. At one point, my chain came off. 9

Marathon Madness and More As I started hammering back, a guy ran up beside me yelling, “Back on the road again. Go kick some butt, Man!” It was great. I finished the bike at 6:00-- a little slower than I wanted, but I felt fresh and ready for the run. When I looked in my bike to run bag, lo and behold, my sunglasses were there, and it was a good thing because the sun was blaring. I started my run, and despite the fact that it was hot and that Dirk recommended I walk all the aid stations, I was going to run through ‘em all, trying to maintain an 8.5 minute pace. Well, my plan quickly changed, because running through the aid stations, I spilled more water than I drank. Three miles into the run, my stomach was cramping and bloated, so I took two of the many electrolyte pills I eventually downed, and walked the rest of the aid stations. It was also at mile 3 that a very overwhelming thought entered my mind, “I have 23 more miles to go.” In order to survive, I had to divide up the rest of the race into one-mile bites. I told myself, “Just make it to the next aid station.” I remembered what Byron had told me in an email: “Draw off the strength of those watching you.” I got incredible motivation from seeing my wife ½ mile away, anxiously waiting, then seeing me, jumping up and down, and screaming at the top of her lungs. I saw Brenda three times during the run, and that was all I needed to push through the pain. She was truly my oasis. About 20 miles into the run, I pictured running an easy 6 at our West course. About two miles from the finish, I could hear the announcer, and that is what brought me home in 11 hrs 46 minutes, 279/1574, earning me a spot at the USAT Nationals in October. Crossing the finish with my wife waiting for me on the other side was a very surreal, emotional moment, one that I highly recommend. Ironman Coeur d’Alene was an experience that showed me an aspect of myself that I had never seen. It was extraordinary!

few clicks later I had my answer. I signed up not really knowing what I was getting into. I didn't even know if I could pull it off. Ten months later and half way into the race, I still didn't know. I knew very little about what it took to complete an Ironman, so I lucked out when I found 4 experienced athletes and RAW members that had signed up for the same race. Lee, Carl, Daryl and Scott, along with Alan and LN, provided a lot of inspiration and help. Help and inspiration is exactly what I needed. Their insight, experience and support made a big difference in my success.

something. 1,575 swimmers charging into the water at the same time made quite an impression on the thousands of spectators—not to mention myself! There's nothing to compare that experience to, and I was quite happy to complete the 2.4 mile swim in 1:06 — 14 minutes faster than I expected.

I really didn't know how to train for such About a bazillion swimmers an event. My last take to the water in Coeur d’Alene marathon had been a year and half earlier and I had only done a few sprint triathlons and Off to the bike now for 112 miles, two a half Ironman in the past. I'm glad that I loops that started and ended in downtown got a coach to set up a program for me. Coeur d'Alene made for a great spectator My program and training went well, and I event. It was great for the athletes too. spent a lot of time training with my wife There was lots of aid for the racers, and I Stephanie and the guys. The program finished the bike right on track in 6:27. called for loads of speedwork. My longest training run was 2 hours which was Back to the changing tent, through the followed by some high speed sprints. I sunscreen "applicators," and I was off on averaged about 10 hours of training a the run. It was now 3 pm and 95 degrees week for 12 weeks, followed by a couple outside. I had been pushing it for 8 hours of 15 hour weeks. already, and now I'm off to run a marathon?! I would be kidding if I said this The trip to Coeur d'Alene was not was easy. I thought my running experience uneventful. Arriving two days early gave might carry me through the two 13.1 mile me just enough time to locate and retrieve loops, but all of that went out the window. my missing bike, parents, hotel What did help was having my wife, family, reservations, wife and her mother. After friends, training buddies, and thousands of getting settled in, we were all able to spectators cheering me on. It was very enjoy ourselves in this wonderful town. uplifting. My predicted pace fell off by 1 The event was spooling up, and the whole minute per mile and I finished the town was alive with anticipation of the marathon in 5:0:1. Finishing was incredible inaugural Ironman event. I didn’t know it and my 12:47 time had me placing 567 out at the time, but Ironman events are huge! of 1,575, and 22 out of 97 in my age By Tom Ruyle The anticipation and energy flying around group. Not bad for my 1st time! Other than feeling a little "woozy" after the race My plan to do a 140 mile triathlon started before the race produced quite a buzz. and having a couple of sore legs for a few while I was considering what I would do My race went great and my training really days, I recovered well and even played golf for my next challenge. I stumbled across the next morning. the Ironman Coeur d'Alene website, and a paid off. The start of the race was really 10

This was a fantastic event and huge personal accomplishment for me .......and I earned Ironman bragging rights. I couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out. The only problem is, I’m right back where I started— what do I do for my next challenge????? By Scott Decker My first Ironman attempt 12 months ago was Utah where it got a tad windy on the swim. My second attempt, the Sufferfest at Gulf Coast two months ago, was just a nice warm up for the scorcher in Idaho. As the forecasts had called for lows in the 40's on race day, I had actually packed arm warmers and light cotton cycling gloves for race morning...oh, that is just precious. The greatest irony of all is that the high temp in Lubbock, Texas, on Sunday was 10 degrees cooler than Coeur d’Alene.

this year’s attempt. I was pretty confident prepared to fight through a tough, hot run, that I could hit my targeted splits for the but unfortunately my legs were not. swim, bike, and run...the question was could I put them all together in one day! As I got to the second aid station both hamstrings seized up, with massive cramps This was my first IM with a mass start... causing me to double over in pain. The Yowza! Purely survival for the first 500 nice ladies in transition went scrambling as meters with very little swimming involved. some unfortunately 'R' rated expletives After that it was nice...except for the slipped out each time I tried to stand up occasional kick to the head. Most of my straight. I found myself sitting in a chair at open water swims are in lakes in Texas the 1.5 mile point, both legs immobile due where you literally can not see your hand to cramps, .5 miles from a big fat DNF. in front of your face. Amazing how much Talk about mind games. Who knows how easier drafting is when you can actually see the people around you.

My plan for the bike was to be disciplined and go easy for the first 30 miles, moderate for the next 60, and then play by feel for the last 20. The conditions were warm and breezy; you can be sweating buckets in these conditions, and never know it because it evaporates so quickly. The tell tale sign of crusted salt The good news is that CDA is an on everyone’s shorts and shirts started to awesome venue and event. Beautiful show up way too early. My mantra setting, great course (challenging but not became “Drink, take salt tablets, drink, terribly hard), awesome town support and fuel, drink some more.” facilities, great weather (7 out of the 8 days I was there)—this race is a keeper! During the first 30 miles, I averaged 19 mph and watched what seemed like 100's After regrouping from IM Utah, my rookie of people flying by. Climbing and attempt last year at IM Vineman resulted descending the twin hills on the first loop in an unexpected 11:46. For the past year was actually pretty enjoyable, but it was all of my training and prep was working not hard to imagine the second visit was towards a stretch goal of 11:00 hours for going to be a little rough. As we got to the far corner of the course (about 30 miles)...yikes! A big headwind, with no place to hide. The temperature was starting to climb, and a lot of people were getting into trouble. I started to pass people at a steady clip. I can be a chicken when my mind is working well, but by the 70 mile point of a tough Ironman, crashing doesn't seem like such a bad option—and I just let it rip! The last big climb was brutal. It was one of those where you just have to stand up and grind through every rotation of the pedals until you get to the top. The sun was really radiating off the asphalt by this time, and it was almost impossible to not lose the battle to dehydration. My bike time was decent though it clearly wasn't an easy day.

Tom Ruyle on the bike, looking terrific!

The run was quite an adventure. Let’s set the stage—It is 2:15 pm, temp is low 90's, no clouds, no breeze...a great time to run a marathon! I looked around to find people were walking the first mile, which was a huge downer. My mind was 11

Scott Decker with his biggest supporters you make decisions at this point, but fear of failure is pretty high up on my list. So I decided that as long as I could move, I would finish. I honestly have no idea how long I sat in that chair, but at some point I got up with a hat full of ice and a cup of Gatorade, and started to walk. I spent the next 10-12 miles “jogging” 1/4 mile increments. It was a little frightening to watch the ambulance picking up folks as they collapsed from heat exhaustion. At mile 12 my 'nutrition/hydration' efforts started to kick in, and I was actually getting stronger as the temperature dropped. I finished feeling as good as I had at any point during the run. I was disappointed in the time, but proud that I fought through a tough day and finished relatively strong. The mind is already whirling (but the body sure isn't) with ideas for next year on how to break that 11:00 hour barrier!

The Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club

is proud to organize the 2nd annual Protectors of Freedom 5K Race to honor and support our brave firefighters and police officers. The proceeds from this race will benefit the Texas State Firefighters Emergency Relief & Scholarship Fund, the Peace Officers Memorial Foundation, and the Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation.

Race Day Itinerary: 6:30 AM – Packet pickup and race day registration 8:00 AM – Start of 5K run/walk 9:30 AM – Awards and prizes! Over $2,000 in prizes to participants! Post race refreshments courtesy of Breadhaus, Coca-Cola and Budweiser!

Registration Options: Certified Course at the Texas Motor Speedway Saturday, September 13, 2003 at 8:00 AM

Register by mail – must be received by Saturday, September 6th. Make checks payable and mail to: LGRAW, P.O. Box 2982, Grapevine, TX 76099 Register in person and packet pick up – September 11th and 12th, at the following locations: • Run On! (10:00AM – 7:00 PM) • Grapevine Community Activities Center MacArthur Blvd and 635 (Irving) (3:00PM – 8:00PM Thurs., Sept. 11) (3:00PM – 7:00PM Fri., Sept. 12) • Ft. Worth Running Company 1175 South Main Street (10:00AM – 6:30PM) 5811 Camp Bowie Blvd. Register on line – at Register in person on the day of the race! Received by September 6th Firefighters & Police Officers $15.00 LGRAW Members $15.00 Youth 17 and under $15.00 All other entries $18.00

Received after September 6th $15.00 $15.00 $15.00 $20.00

Entry FEES

Protectors of Freedom 5K Entry Form • Saturday September 13th, 2003 last name:

first name:


email address:

address: city: sex (M) (F)

state: age on Sept.13, 2003

t-shirt size: Youth

(circle if applies) firefighter police city $ Race entry fee (add $1 for XXL size t-shirt)

$ $ $

LGRAW New Member Fee – Individual $20 LGRAW New Member Fee – Family $30

Adult: M


zip: XL


($1 extra)

Make check payable to “LGRAW” (Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club) Mail your check and this entry form to: LGRAW, P.O. Box 2982, Grapevine, TX 76099

I would like to make an additional donation to the foundations. $ Total Enclosed I will pick my packet up at: Irving Run On! Ft. Worth Running Company Grapevine Community Center Race Day

WAIVER STATEMENT: Entry invalid if not signed. I know that participating in events can be potentially hazardous. By my signature I assume full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur to me during the event or while I am on the premises of the event, and I hereby release and hold harmless Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, Inc., USATF Texas Motor Speedway and all sponsors from all claims of liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event.

signature: Signature of participant or parent if participant is under 18


OFFICIAL USE Amount Paid ___________ Bib Number ___________

Protectors of Freedom Kickoff Pancake Breakfast The 2nd annual Protectors of Freedom 5k (September 13, 2003) kicked off with a pancake breakfast on Saturday, August 2. Joe Luccioni and Tony Dominiec (with a lot of help from Judy!) cooked pancakes for a group of 50 hungry runners, walkers, and cyclists. Of course, that was after Gary Howsam went home to get a Coleman stove (just how DID they think they were going to cook?) Always

thinking ahead, Rick Sanford brought a delicious apple cake (we happen to know that Laurie made it, not Rick) in case the pancakes didn’t turn out quite as tasty as we might hope. (Not to worry, they were great!) Hélène Walker brought a big batch of her homemade French crepes, which made a big hit, especially with the chocolate sauce as accompaniment.

Raffle tickets for a brand new HarleyDavidson are being sold to raise additional funds. The motorcycle was on display at the breakfast, although some were a little nervous about Tony driving it into the clubhouse! We need your help in making the raffle a success—either by purchasing ticket(s) or helping to sell them. For tickets, contact Joe at 817-251-9311, or

(left) Tony Dominiec and Joe Luccioni show off their new toy

Raffle Tickets

Jeff Brown prepares to mix it up with the REAL bikers

For the Harley Davidson Motorcycle $20 each or 6 for $100 Need NOT be present to win To be given away at the Protectors of Freedom 5k Benefiting: Texas State Firefighters Emergency Relief & Scholarship Fund Police Officers Memorial Foundation Michael Lynch Foundation

Texas Motor Speedway Saturday, September 13, 8:00 am Contact Joe Luccioni for tickets:

817-251-9311, or

Carbo-loading AFTER the run! 13

The Grease, Fat, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Cola, and Beer (yes, all the food groups) Health Diet By Alan Engisch Pre-Breakfast: Coffee, 1 cup or mug, add milk and 3 tablespoons of sugar (use dry sugar and wet milk only – not the reverse).

Pre-Supper: Pretzels Shiner Bock (or thicker) Beer

• Supper: (example) Breakfast: Spaghetti w/meat sauce (approximately ½ of a one pound box per person per meal) Sausage and Egg McMuffin Meal • Sausage and Egg McMuffin • Use ½ lb of Ground Sirloin or Ground Beef; Do not use ground • Hashbrowns (can be given away) round, it hasn’t got enough fat. Do • Orange Juice not use cheapo ground beef as it has • Vitamin (optional – this is supposed to no flavor. • be a health diet isn’t it?) • Hunt’s tomato sauce 23 oz can (so what’s another $.25) plus an 8 oz can, When choosing your McMuffin, be sure to maybe some tomato chunks. eat the sausage one. Canadian bacon hasn’t got the grease content of sausage. If • Smash 2 large clumps of garlic • Oregano, basil, parsley, maybe onions, you can’t breakfast at McDonalds, eat at and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar (3 if you least two eggs from somewhere anyway. use the tomato chunks; also some • salt) Snack (Can substitute for breakfast in an emergency): • Fry everything dry (except the sugar) Cheetos and/or banana with the meat first and then add the Coke • tomato sauce and tomatoes and the sugar. Lunch: • Put oil in the water to keep the Quarter Pounder Meal (cheese optional; spaghetti from sticking it’s not really cheese at all, and Big Mac’s • Salad with oil and vinegar (optional) have all that salad and sauce and junk.) • ¼ lb Hamburger (throw away the • Dessert (optional – haven’t you pickles – who eats hot pickles eaten enough already?): anyway?) • Large Salted Fries (only eat half of Coke or Beer (not “Lite”— you might just these, there’s way too much) as well drink water) • Coke (this one is mostly ice anyway; you’ll need another one in an hour) Further Dieting Tips: • 2 Apple Pies (eat only one and give • • Do not attempt to eat any the other one away; it’s only $.15) unprocessed fruit other than bananas Snack: or strawberries from a supermarket. Chocolate Covered Mints Everything else just tastes like raw Coke potatoes.

Avoid any food or drink with “Diet” in the name. It contains poison. Any amount of bread you eat must be accompanied by an equal amount of butter by weight. Margarine will kill you. And if you have to eat non-white bread, try to avoid any with “grit” in it. You can get a sore, scratchy throat – same with brown rice. When you eat green, white, orange, or yellow vegetables, make sure you apply a sufficient amount of butter to ensure proper slipperiness. Also, salt and pepper are sometimes needed to disguise the “just came from the ground” taste. Sugar helps. Limit intake of caffeine-containing beverages to 64 oz/day. Safety note – Do not eat anything with mayonnaise in or on it that has been in the sun for more than one hour. Better still never eat anything with mayonnaise. When eating a real hamburger (like from a regular restaurant where you sit and people bring you stuff) just get the meat. That other junk is really a salad and has no business in a sandwich with meat. Besides, it dilutes the ketchup flavoring. When eating macaroni and cheese (the box kind), don’t liquefy the powdered cheese by adding milk; this way it tastes more like Cheetos.

Don’t Miss the Annual RAW Luau! Saturday, August 9, 7 pm Home of Bill and Annette Collins, or see the RAW bulletin board BYOB, a meat to grill, and a dish to share. Wear your bathing suit and bring a towel! 14

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club Membership Application Name: ___________________________________________

____ Male ____ Female


Address: _________________________________________

____ New Membership

____ Renewal

City: ____________________________________________

Is it okay to publish this information in the club directory?____

State: ______________________

Participating Family Members: Name:_______________________ Name:_______________________ Name:_______________________ Name:_______________________

Zip Code: _________

Home Phone: (____)_______________________________ E-Mail Address: __________________________________

___M ___F ___M ___F ___M ___F ___M ___F

DOB:___/___/___ DOB:___/___/___ DOB:___/___/___ DOB:___/___/___

I know that participating and volunteering to work in club events can be potentially hazardous. I assume all risks associated with running, walking, and volunteering to work in club events. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application for membership, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, Inc., United States of America Track and Field, and all sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims of liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in club activities. I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any other records for any legitimate purpose.

Membership Dues: _____ $20 Single _____ $30 Family

Mail to: LGRAW P.O. Box 2982 Grapevine, TX 76099

Check here if you need two membership cards: _____ Signature____________________________________________________

New Members John St. John Jill Smith Mark Alexander Ross Darrow Cynthia Lindsey Don Porter Jack and Gretchen Green Jeff Garber Julie Sheridan Kelly Brittain Mary Ann Calvio Amy Hopkins Dan Tran Naomi Bettencourt Laura Hoffman Cathy Kueher Moan Neil Sobol

Renewals Susan Barnett Tim Brenner Tina Covington Mel Crafton Kent Doucet Greg and Debbie Guilfoil Karen Hagner & Roy Robertson Bruce Herndon Keith Hummer Roy Lange Michael Murphy Dennis Novak Thomas Y. Okazaki Rick Sanford Stacie Sauber Waldo Searcy Adrienne and Carl Stipe Liz Tinch

Welcome to LGRAW!



Personal Touches •

Congratulations to John St. John and his wife on the birth of their son Walker.

Just Married! Greg Guilfoil and Deborah Umbaugh on June 21st. Roy Robertson and Karen Hagner on July 4th. Congratulations to both couples!

Our sympathy to Alan Walker on the death of his grandmother.

The following members, who seem to have been in hiding, have been spotted around the clubhouse recently (we’re glad to see you!): Ric Roberto Dan Cole Mike Doud Henry “Squishy” Galpin.

It’s good to see Eileen Fontaine back running after recovering from a fractured ankle.

Sadly for us (but happily for him), “Cleveland Ray” Paschal is going back to Cleveland. He has been a great addition to our club during his stint in the Metroplex. He’ll still be here from time to time, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing him. Good luck, Ray! We’ll miss you….

LakeGrapevine GrapevineRunners Runners Walkers Lake andand Walkers P.O. Box Box2982 2982 P.O. Grapevine, TX 76099 76099 Grapevine, TX

Protectors of Freedom 5K

PRSRT A PRSRT STD STD A U.S. Postage Paid U.S. Postage Paid Grapevine, TX Grapevine, TX Permit PermitNo. No.243 243

September 13

8:00 am

Texas Motor Speedway

Get a Whiff of This By Dennis Novak It’s summer in Texas and the runnin’ is sweaty. OK – for me it’s always sweaty. I used to come home dripping on Valentine’s Day in Chicago. But July and August in the “Plex” is something special. Those nights when it doesn’t get below 80 and there’s not a breath of air – in the air. The sweat pours out of me in sheets and it doesn’t take too many miles for everything I’m wearing to become soaked thru and unmistakably stinky. It’s nothing I can’t live with and I imagine that most of the folks down at the Clubhouse are willing to cut me a little slack – but the rest of the world (including my own home) isn’t always so understanding. OK – I can’t say everyone at home complains about the smell of my bod and running gear after a run – the dog still seems to love me. But my long-suffering wife (and wise-acre kids) are another story. “Uggghhh. “ “Get that stuff out of here.” “You’re dripping all over my floor.” “Dad, You Stink!”

About all I can do is toss the offending articles directly into the washer. This doesn’t work when the machine is currently filled with my wife’s recently laundered dainties – but I do the best I can. Otherwise, they’re left dripping in a laundry basket, polluting one end of the house. My shoes (quite another source of holes in the ozone layer) are consigned to the garage. Yes – I know the excessive heat of a DFW garage will cause premature breakdown of the midsole – but that’s better (and cheaper) than a premature breakdown of my marriage. And I can always say the smell is from my wife’s catalytic converter (well, SHE doesn’t actually have one – but the minivan does). Dealing with this bounty of musk comes to a decided point during vacation. We stayed at my sister-in-law’s home, which is quite proximate to perhaps my very favorite running spot – the Illinois Prairie path. After a joyous 10-miler, I’d come 16

back to her meticulously decorated, immaculately maintained , near museumlike home – smelling like a Billy goat and dripping like a summer squall. (my apologies to Billy goats everywhere). I’d go around back to the yard, wring out whatever decency permitted and then drag the whole lot down to the basement (they have those there) to rinse them out in the laundry tub. I thought nobody would notice until one night, a window well backed up and spilled rainwater all over the basement floor. Of course the mess was mopped up and dumped into the laundry tub. I don’t think my wife really knows yet that her sister actually had to TOUCH that stuff to get it out of the way (my sister-in-law is cool – and didn’t mention it.) It all seems to work, though. We accept our roles in life. I am the walking version of Love Canal. My wife is SuperFund. It’s symbiotic. It’s Texas in the summer.

August 2003  

The FOOTPRINT is Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers club newsletter. Each issue features articles showcasing members' adventures, fitness ti...

August 2003  

The FOOTPRINT is Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers club newsletter. Each issue features articles showcasing members' adventures, fitness ti...