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The other Luxury Car that deserves more than a casual glance.

It deserves a chance to be a serious contender when deciding on your next luxury Crossover, SUV, or Sedan purchase.

The 2015 Lincoln MKC

Visit the new Randy Marion Ford-Lincoln to see the 2015 MK series and Navigator. Lincoln, the other luxury car you may have overlooked. FROM THE NEW NAME IN FORD-LINCOLN


Just Minutes North of Mooresville

On I-77 at Exit 49-B Statesville


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Dana Nieters


Amy Hallman

Operations support & contributing writer Leslie Ogle

advertising sales manager Stephanie Sullivan

advertising account executive Sandy Comer

distribution manager Juli Simmons

art director Chelsea Bren

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Nicole Whitehead, DC; Ryan Whalen, DDS; Lindsey Fisher

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volume VIII, number VIII



January first things first


th e


I have a big birthday coming up. And it’s not even this year—it’s next year. But this month, I turn 49, and the next one is already laying heavily on my mind. I know, I know. Fifty is the new…I can’t keep up with it. What is it now, 20? Maybe that’s something Oprah and other celebrities who have personal trainers, private chefs, and plastic surgeons on call can believe in. But I don’t feel 20. I’m positive my knees don’t feel 20. And I’m absolutely certain that the face I saw in the mirror back then—the one I still see in my mind’s eye—is not the one staring back at me these days. And my body. Let’s just say that without those trainers, surgeons, and chefs, gravity is not a 50-yearold woman’s friend. Fifty may be younger than it used to be, but this nearly 50-year-old is very concerned about losing her looks, her athleticism, even her marbles. Why do we go to such great lengths to keep from growing old gracefully? I realize that “America’s Next Top Model” is probably not going to be calling, and I’m just going to have to move over for the younger, faster runners on the track at the YMCA. But, if given the opportunity, I wouldn’t go back to my 20s for all the age-defying cream in Dillard’s. I have accumulated much more than years since then—and though I still have a lot to learn, I have gained a nugget of wisdom or two. Much of that wisdom coincides with that gained by award-winning journalist and author, Regina Brett, who, upon turning 50, wrote a column about the 50 lessons she’d learned in life to that point. Because 50 is no longer 50, though, I’m only going to share 20 of them with you here in honor of my big day.

1. Growing old beats the alternative of dying young. 2. It’s OK to get angry with God. He can take it. 3. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it (even one with ice cream!). 4. Everything can change in the blink of an eye, but don’t worry: God never blinks. 5. W hatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger. 6. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save them for special occasions. Today is special. 7. O ver prepare, then, go with the flow. 8. Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple. 9. The most important sex organ is the brain. 10. No one is in charge of your happiness but you. 11. Frame every so-called disaster with the words “In five years, will this matter?” 12. Forgive. 13. What other people think of you is none of your business. 14. Time heals almost everything. Give time time. 15. However good or bad a situation is, it will change. 16. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does. 17. Believe in miracles. 18. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up. 19. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. 20. Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.


. publisher

C o n tac t Da n a v i a e- m a i l at da n a @ l a k e n o r m a n wo m a n. c o m

dana nieters


january 2015






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scene with lknw

j anu a ry fas t f a c t s

Features LKNW staff’s: Must-dos For The New Year


A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Kathleen Cowley


SUCCESS STORY: Don’t Worry, Be Happy


WOMEN OF WILL Awards Special


cover story: It’s A Family Affair


woman to watch: Vickie Traynum


success story: Playing It Forward


Vickie Traynum mooresville soup kitchen


Lisa Ciaravella , Phoenix Physical Therapy


o n the c over:

Health 32

A New Smile For The New Year


What Are We Eating? A Food Primer



Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photogr aphy

14 38

Self Prioritizing Your Life In The New Year mind, body, spirit: Healthy Goal Setting

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In Only 5 words, here are our

Must-dos for the NEW YEAR

“Think before opening big mouth”

“Road trip, Sturgis, Can’t Wait”

“Be present for quality time”

juli simmons

dana nieters

“Must stop eating fast food”

“Focus on loving the Now!”

amy hallman

sandy comer

“Work in something besides pajamas”

leslie ogle

Tell us your 5 words for a must-do New Year!

“Have more patience with family!”

kathy wheeler stephanie sullivan


10 LKN

| january 2015

my pet sitter gets me...


Moving lip and tongue muscles helps babies master pre-speech vocalizations.

eat, nap ball, treat, nap, ball, tr

while the parents are away the cats will


sseur, nap lover

ball chaser, treat connoi

’t be e care when you can

personalized, in-hom


Infants – Private Kindergarten & After School


We encourage the blowing of raspberries. AdvancED Accredited; call for a tour. Primrose School of Lake Norman




173 Raceway Drive | Mooresville, NC 28117 704.658.0460 |

Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools and The Leader in Educational Child Care are trademarks of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2014 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved. See for ‘fact’ source and curriculum detail.

15tofit GRAND OPENING SPECIAL Pilates, Barre & Fitness!

20% OFF for First 100 Charter Members

“After a year of bed rest with an extended illness, 15 to Fit Pilates is where I gained the strength to walk again” - Marlene



Pilates, Barre & Fitness!

EXCLUSIVE Private Sessions

AFFORDABLE $15 Group Equipment Classes!


478 Williamson Road • Mooresville, NC 28117

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A Day in the Life…

Kathleen Cowley


Professional Organizer, Creator of the Alpha-Omega Collection® & Owner of KC Streamline Concepts

B FF s I have three college friends who have been like sisters to me for over 38 years. We have been there for each other during happy times and in sad times. We make it a point to get together three times a year.

In the Clear I love seeing clients excited when we finish organizing their office. A typical office has piles of papers, scattered notes, just a feeling of chaos. At the end of our session, their organized, productive, working environment gives them a sense of calm and relief!




_ ga




Clean Sweep My new children’s book (out this month!), Cameron’s Organized Day, teaches children about the basics of organizing through a day at Mutsi (my grandmother’s name!) and Grampy’s house, received an endorsement from Peter Walsh, the well-known organizer and frequent guest on the TV show “Clean Sweep”!

© pr



N umber O ne M u s t - Do ? Prioritize! Oh, and buy shoes. At one time I had over 140 pair!

Full House Though we’re empty nesters, our house is rarely empty between the kids, grandkids, grandpets, and friends. My husband, Dave, is a retired army colonel. Our son, Ryan, and his family live in Denver; our newlywed daughter, Kaitlyn, lives in Charlotte, and our middle child, Megan, lives in San José, California, with her family.

© Insagostudio

T h e r e ’ s A lways S o m e t h in g !

You will laugh, but my underwear drawer is in disarray! I don’t know why because the rest of my house is very organized!


My mother, who passed away in 2001, was my mentor and biggest cheerleader. She urged me to take a chance in starting my own business; and she encouraged me to finish my college degree as an adult. She passed away a year before I finished but was there in spirit when I received my degree.

On the Move As a military family, we lived in Germany a total of seven years. We traveled to all the European countries except Spain. Because of Dave’s post-military job, he has been to Australia numerous times, and Ryan and I tagged along on one of his trips. We moved from Northern Virginia in 2007 to our home we built on Lake Norman.

© Eans

12 LKN

En c o u r a g e m e n t

By: dana nieters | january 2015


Stock photos courtesy of iStock | Thinkstock


© Anankkml


SkinMedica Peels! Three levels of intensity customized for your skin! SkinMedica Peels help you achieve a healthier, more radiant and youthful appearance by improving the tone and texture of skin and help to reduce the appearance of mild to severe skin imperfections including fine lines, sun damage, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. IllumInIze Peel Ideal for first-time peel patients or for those patients looking for quick skin enhancement with little-to-no visible peeling.

VItalIze Peel Slightly more aggressive peel for the treatment of visible, mild to moderate skin imperfections with 2-5 days of mild to moderate peeling.

Purchase any SkinMedica Peel & get the TNS Essential Serum for $225 ($45 savings) Earn Brilliant Distinctions points! Naomi Simon, MD Board Certified Dermatologist

Scott Paviol, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Kristin Prochaska, PA-C

RejuVenIze Peel Strongest formulation targets the deeper layers of skin to address moderate to severe skin imperfections with 2-5 days of mild to moderate peeling.


128 Medical Park Road, Suite 201 Mooresville, NC 28117

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Prioritizing Your Life in the New Year By: Nicole Whitehead, DC

M y hu s ban d an d I re c en t l y t ook on t he d aun t i ng t a s k o f c l ean i ng ou t t he a t t i c . Since we moved to North Carolina in

2006, items had been taken up there and piled on top of other items, but almost nothing had been sorted, or more importantly, removed. As we sifted through boxes that hadn’t been opened in eight years, an amazing thing occurred. We were both suddenly ready to part with things that we couldn’t dream of getting rid of before. A customized junior prom favor was no longer a treasured memento but was now just a mug that should go into the recycling bin because no one would want to buy it at Goodwill. The whole process reminded me that with time, growth, and life changes, our view of what is important is drastically altered. The theme for this issue is First Things First. Just like the sentimental value and meaning of the items in my attic have changed, what we rank as foremost values and activities in our lives also can change with time and circumstance. Personally, becoming a mother transformed my understanding of a “first thing.” I had always been a workaholic, happily devoting time that others might spend on hobbies to my patients and my office. It fueled me, brought me joy, and was a huge piece of my identity. I am still a hard worker, and I am deeply committed to my patients and business, but from the moment my daughter was born, my office became a “second thing.”

It was never a question that my family would be more important than my work, but it was a hard transition nonetheless. Learning how to put that new “first thing” first required many easier changes such as logistics and scheduling. However, it also forced harder changes like learning to delegate and changing my self-image. The idea of putting first things first is an important one, but it is essential to step back as a new year begins and be sure that you know what your “first things” are. They may not be the same as five years ago, last year, or even last week. New relationships, relocations, health challenges, loss, an expanding family, job changes, or even just the passage of time will change how we determine what’s considered of prime importance in our lives. To get started, recognize the reality of your current “first thing,” and begin the year with steps to support it with the focus and attention it deserves. At the same time, assess what you treat like a “first thing” that may not be very important anymore. Just like the stuff in the attic that was once a treasure, it might be that some endeavors are taking your time and energy only out of habit and nostalgia. Above all, as you begin 2015, remember that the first “first thing” is always you. Any other “first thing” that we attend to requires us to take good care of ourselves first. That is often the hardest New Year commitment of them all.

Nicole Whitehead, DC is the owner of Advanced Spinal Fitness in Mooresville, offering chiropractic care for infants, children, and adults, and drug-free solutions for injuries and pain management. For more information, please visit www.advancedspinalfitness. net or call 704.663.5142.


14 LKN

© Comstock | Stockbyte | Thinkstock | january 2015




Tour your local Goddard School and experience why it’s the best preparation for social and academic success. CORNELIUS* • 704-894-0454 18110 MANHATTEN PARKWAY HUNTERSVILLE • 704-489-3893 9534 KINCEY AVENUE MOORESVILLE* • 704-663-5006 179 TOWN SQUARE CIRCLE *

-----------LEARNING FOR FUN. LEARNING FOR LIFE.® ------------

*Offer valid for new Goddard families at the above location only. Some program restrictions apply. Not valid with any other offer. The Goddard Schools are operated by independent franchisees under a license agreement with Goddard Systems, Inc. Programs and ages may vary. Goddard Systems, Inc. program is AdvancED accredited. © Goddard Systems, Inc. 2014

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Don’t Worry,

Be Happy

By: leslie ogle | photography: Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photography


f you peruse the available literature, you will see some common traits emerge among successful real estate agents. They are problem solvers; they thrive on making others happy; they are honest and they hustle; they have integrity and tenacity; they have an engaging personality and exceptional attention to detail. Terrie Fink of Cornelius embodies all of these traits and more— so when you think real estate, Think Terrie Fink! In fact, her passion for what she does makes her a perfect fit for the industry. “I truly love what I do,” Terrie smiles. “I thrive by making people happy, and I find myself trying to fix things for people—find the perfect house or get the perfect loan. I always refer to a Ronald Reagan quote which says, ‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.’ It certainly rings true for me and is my primary motivator.” Born in Greensboro, Terrie and her family moved to Cabarrus County where she met her future husband, Jeff, at church. She was only 13 at the time but, as fate would have it, he would prove to be her first and only love. “We have been married for 40 years,” Terrie says. “We were not blessed with children, but we have always been best friends, and that’s all we need to be happy.” As owner of Terrie Fink & Associates, Terrie partnered with Keller Williams in Cornelius in 2011. She says this partnership allowed her the opportunity to stay ahead of all the real estate trends as well as grow through Keller Williams’ industry-leading training and resources. With 18-plus years under her real-estate belt, Terrie has garnered many accolades, including the Five Star Real Estate Award for four consecutive years, which recognizes service professionals who provide quality client services. When time allows, Terrie and Jeff like to hop on their Harleys and hit the road. This “quality time with no interruptions” also affords Terrie some of her favorite trips. “We trailered the bikes to Jackson Hole, Wyoming,” she recalls, “and


16 LKN

| january 2015


rode all through Yellowstone National Park, the Badlands National Park in South Dakota, and finally Mount Rushmore. It was an incredible journey!” Another hobby Terrie enjoys, a bit closer to home, is interior design. She stays up-to-date on the latest decorating trends and enjoys learning how to incorporate smart, stylish ideas. “It doesn’t matter what the designers say,” Terrie advises, “when you decorate your home, use the concepts you like—general décor, furniture, etc. Another tip I always tell people (and try to do myself) is

to use neutral wall colors and add accent colors through accessories.” Living on Lake Norman for more than 12 years, Terrie says it’s like resort living all year long. When the weather cooperates, you will find her jet skiing, boating, or fishing. “As much as I enjoy watersports,” she adds, “I think my favorite time of year is the fall. The beautiful colors of the leaves are gorgeous reflecting off the water. Along with my family and my work, the lake is a perfect life for me. And as much as I try to make others happy, you have to focus on yourself first, then everything else will fall into place.”

january 2015 |





$1,699,000 USD |

Nadine Deason (Roberts) 704.257.6798 |


LOCAL SERVICE. GLOBAL PRESENCE. A collaboration of local service with a global presence. Call Nadine today.



$360,000 USD |



$1,850,000 USD |


$900,000 USD |


$600,000 USD |


$325,000 USD |



$1,300,000 USD |


$379,000 USD |


$1,300,000 USD |


$1,850,000 USD |

Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including but not limited to county records and the multiple listing service, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.

Guests Norris Wilkson,Vivian Worth, Betty Miller, & Sady Thompson

Guests Krista Viglione, Cathy Bailey, Debi Gallo with LKNW’s Stephanie, standing, Jeanne Dorbuck, & Megan Lynch

2014 Women of Will Grand Finalist Pastor Jan Brittain

LKNW’s Dana with finalist Susan Wolff

Guests Patsy Wilson, Laura Ramsey, JoAnn Hertzing, Brenda Weisner, Dawn Snyder, & Diane Jones

LKNW’s Stephanie, Juli, Dana, Sandy, and Amy with Sheri Lynch

Sheri Lynch and LKNW’s Dana

LKNW’s Amy with Pat Caldwell, guest of Young Elites

Finalist Ms. Rosie Bailey with friends and family

Dr. Jodie Silver, selection committee member Lisa Qualls, & 2013 finalist Danielle Ratliff

Bonnie Dietrick reading the December issue

Guests Krista Viglione & Cathy Bailey

2013 Women of Will Grand Finalist Charlene Pell

LKNW’s Dana with Patrea Aeschliman, from 15 to Fit



2 n d


a nn u a l


LKNW’s Dana and Sheri Lynch

ill awards special Lake Norman Woman’s 2nd Annual Women of Will Awards Luncheon was an amazing event! Congratulations to all of our finalists and to our 2014 Grand Finalist, Pastor Jan Brittain! photography by:

tabitha goforth, elements photography

LKNW’s Dana with finalist Cheryl Pletcher

Selection committee member Charlene Pell

Guests Tracy Metzger & Nicole Thayer with finalist Sara Thomas (center)

For more photos from the Women of Will Awards Luncheon, see page 26. 2014 Women of Will Grand Finalist Pastor Jan Brittain, LKNW’s Dana, and 2013 Women of Will Grand Finalist Charlene Pell january 2015 |




it’s a family affair By: amy hallman | photography by: Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photography

EVEN IN THEIR SCHOOL DAYS, Dr. Kara Lembo and Dr. Lindsay Montgomery, owners and dentists at Lembo and Montgomery Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Mooresville, always knew they would work together—because they do everything together! One thing that brought them joyful surprise was their younger sister, Ashleigh Nussman, would join their practice as a full-time hygienist.


22 LKN

| january 2015

In February, they will celebrate the practice’s four-year anniversary. They will observe this benchmark by adding a treatment room to enhance their general periodontal-disease care. “Patients like being treated by the whole family,” Dr. Lembo observes. “They value learning about their dentists and feeling connected to us personally.” This past year was a special treat because Dr. Montgomery had her first child, and Ashleigh got married. As far as Concord, patients approach them in public, but some may be surprised to know, Drs. Lembo and Montgomery will approach their patients. “They can be so surprised that we know their names when we’re out in the community,” Dr. Montgomery says. “They tell us a lot about themselves, and they’ve usually told a story that triggers that information if we see them out at Target.” Though they’ve always been involved in the community, even growing up, Dr. Montgomery was still amazed—and touched—that patients brought her baby gifts. Ten-month old Coralyn Isabel is named for their great-grandmother and grandmother. Dr. Lembo’s children Joey, 6, and Isabel, 5, also have family names. “Dentistry is flexible, very family oriented,” Dr. Lembo says. “We can raise families and juggle things, and still be involved in the community.” They sponsor Toys for Tots, YMCA Taste of the Lake, multiple sport teams, and even adopt a family at Thanksgiving. Recently, they participated with their children in the Color Run at the Speedway. Perhaps it was the natural, home-like feel the doctors experienced in their father’s dental practice that inspired Lembo and Montgomery to create their own welcoming atmosphere that blends the warm, second-family feel with the hospitable first-time experience every visit. One doesn’t have to search long to find patient tributes emblazoned all over the Internet. This spirit of positive sharing is one the dentists like to extend throughout the community. “If you have a good experience somewhere, such as a restaurant

partner is involved in all business aspects). They alternate leading team meetings so they can equally share in the celebratory news and the rooms for improvement. “The biggest thing is making sure the team is happy and running efficiently,” Dr. Lembo says. “Even though we’re a team full of women, we have very little drama; and we have fun working together.” Dr. Montgomery adds, “It’s nice to know our team members on a personal level as well as a professional level, too.”

or a car wash, you brag about it to friends, surrounding people,” Dr. Lembo says. “People are ready to voice complaints, but we encourage service ‘brags’ and hold up the community.” While Dr. Lembo praises her sister for being a great hands-on aunt and now a terrific mother, Dr. Montgomery admits she didn’t quite understand her parenting advice. “I couldn’t imagine why carrying extra diapers and wipes would be so crucial—until Coralyn went through three changes at a restaurant, and I was afraid we’d have to cut the rest of date night short. When I realized those extra supplies were in the car, I finally got it!” Dr. Lembo laughs, “Motherhood has helped her to be ‘more about the clock.’ If you don’t have that schedule to maintain, until you actually live it, it can be elusive.” Dr. Montgomery admits she couldn’t know, until she became a mother, what all her sister did in a day. Dr. Montgomery has always looked up to her, whom she credits with teaching her to be a better listener and to have more patience. Despite being sisters and best friends— and both dentists—these women aren’t interchangeable; one can see how each complements the other, in temperament and in practice. Dr. Lembo focuses on the accounting, while marketing is in Dr. Montgomery’s wheelhouse (though each

As a student, Dr. Montgomery knew she would work in the health care field, but in what aspect she wasn’t sure. “I wanted to have variety in my career path and a profession that could provide just that,” she says. As a biology major, she thought she’d pursue cardiology. While their parents never pushed them to become dentists, one day their father asked her to come help in the practice, and she loved it: “This is completely different from what I thought!” Dr. Lembo, who was already doing dental assisting for their father, laughs, “Yeah, she wanted to be a rebel.” But first, Dr. Montgomery joined the Navy. “Working together has actually brought us closer,” Dr. Lembo says. They try to keep work at work, and their children help keep them focused. They respect each other more and learn a lot from each other. And they agree their father was their role model, but not simply because he is a dentist. The sisters complete one another’s sentences as they describe his influence. Dr. Montgomery starts: “His perspective was there’s always a better way to look at things.” Dr. Lembo adds, “He wasn’t perfect, but he always had the right thing to say.” “Yeah,” Dr. Montgomery interjects, “He’d explained, ‘Life’s not so fair to me right now, but I’m going to keep at it.’” Dr. Lembo: “There’s a solution to everything.” Dr. Montgomery: “Yeah, he always said it’s how you handle the ‘lows’ that makes you handle the ‘highs’ so much better.” Now, if he’d only had a solution for their Michigan-Ohio State football rivalry. january 2015 |




women o n

t h e

m o v e

Huntersville resident CHRISTY FRIAR is the founder of LKN Jobs and has launched the new website,, to pair LKN-based employers (ranging from the Northlake area to Mooresville, including Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson and Denver) with LKN employees. The site is always free for job seekers. Employers can search through the site’s résumé database and post jobs at affordable prices.

Dr. Taknicia Taylor opened Huntersville Family Chiropractic.

Pictured here with Skye Jaundoo, director of operations, Dr. Taylor specializes in pain management and spine care for women in all stages of life, infants, and children. Both women are members of the Lake Norman Chamber and very involved within the community.

Andrea Sutton Kristofak and Kimberly Sutton from Sutton Place Interior Design, along with

Brian Tarle, from International Kitchen and Design, won 2014 Best of the Lake in the design competition from Lake Norman Home Builders Association.

Carolina Vein Associates in Mooresville held a toy drive for the Mooresville-Lake Norman Christian Mission and collected 30 toys and gift cards for local children in need. Kathy Comfort says, “We envisioned smiling children opening our donated gifts, and we really wanted to spread an extra joy to the families in our area. Local patrons have been wonderful with their contributions in support of this project, demonstrating what I see every day: compassionate care for others!” Kathleen Cowley, professional organizer and owner of KC Streamline Concepts, has written a children’s book entitled Cameron’s Organized Day. The book teaches basic concepts of organizing through Cameron’s visit to Mutsi (Kathleen’s grandmother’s name) and Grampy’s house. Peter Walsh, wellknown organizer and media personality, has endorsed the book, which will be released this month.


24 LKN

connect with us! Whether you are a woman on the move, looking for events, new businesses in the area, or are willing to contribute your opinion, follow us by visiting or e-mail | january 2015

The Executive Women of Lake Norman has elected its 2015 Board of Directors. The new board is as follows: President Starr Miller of Starr Miller Design; Vice President Danielle Ratliff of Serenity Now Massage; Treasurer Erin Gee of Aquesta Bank; Secretary Tricia Sisson of the Range at Lake Norman; Program Directors Annie Lewis of Annie Lewis Events and Kathy Maiorana of Kathy Maio’s PHIT Life; Membership Directors Kelley Daspit of Iredell Health System and Victoria Turner of Perma Safety Tub; and Past President Kathy Holden of Home Helpers and Direct Link. (Pictured top to bottom)

Beth Medlock, on behalf of the

Pretty in Pink Foundation, received a check for $5,000 and grocery-store gift cards from Julia Austin and Fifi’s Fine Resale. Fifi’s hosted the month-long “fun-raising” to raise money for breast cancer treatment for some of LKN’s under- and uninsured women and men.

Kathy Maiorana competed

in the NPC Muscle Elite Classic, held in Greensboro. She placed 1st in the masters competition (ages 35+) and 3rd in the overall tournament among all age groups. Kathy is the owner of Kathy Maio’s PHIT Life.

Suzanne Meyer and the Welcome Committee ranked “#2 Best Place to Work” by the Charlotte Business Journal, in the 16-county region in the small business category. They submitted a 30-second video clip to share why they are a unique group. You can view the video at

january 2015 |




More from our 2014 Women of Will Luncheon!

january f UN facts

new year’s resolutions



The 2014 Women of Will finalists © Mihail Stamati

of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. According to a British study, most are abandoned by January 10th! New Year’s HISTORY

The earliest known New Year celebrations date back to 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia.

© Pavel Worytko

LKNW’s Dana with her aunt, Jeanneane Smith, and her mother, Nancy Carrier

2014 Women of Will Grand Finalist Pastor Jan Brittain and LKNW’s Dana

Persians gave New Year’s gifts of eggs, which symbolized productiveness.

jANUARY 8 is nATIONAL bUBBLE bATH dAY ©Monkey Business Images

Finalist Sara Thomas greets some guests before the luncheon.

©Karen Foley

jan. 24 th


26 LKN

| january 2015

Dedicated in 2011, the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial is located on the National Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. HOW WONDERFUL!!

January 24 is National Compliment Day

Compiled from: and Photos above courtesy of iStock | Thinkstock

january 2015 |




i n

t he

c ar d s

Our Goal is to Exceed Your Expectations! We offer the Highest Level of Professionalism, Quality Workmanship & Customer Service! Fully Licensed & Insured Over 25 years of Experience

Call Today for a FREE In-Home Consultation


704.608.9470 Over 20 years of experience planning Corporate, Non-Profit & Milestone events

Positive Touch Positive Healing

M a s s a g e T h e r a p y - Certified Pregnancy Massage - Neuromuscular Massage - Myofascial Release - Swedish Massage - Sports Massage - Chair Massage - Stretching Angie Mages, LMT (704) 345-8698 NC Lic. 12610

i n

t he

Formerly Reid’s Salon Solutions Established 1978 Open: Monday - Thursday 8am-8pm Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 9am-3pm

When you come in for a

Cut & Color Service, 704-892-6600 19900 South Main Street, Unit 7 Cornelius, NC 28031

mention this ad and receive

$50 of free Haircare Products like, Redken®, Eufora®, Kevin Murphy®, Mediceuticals®, Brazilian Blowout®, and more!

c ar d s

The Mooresville Soup Kitchen provides food for about 200 people daily. More than 1000 meals per week requires love and dedication, and it takes a certain type of person to lead such a faith- and community-based organization. Vickie Traynum, who has a master’s degree in divinity from Campbell University, has been the Kitchen’s executive director since May 2013.

on Finding Her Place: I’ve incorporated my religion studies and my love for food here. Originally, I planned to be an Old Testament professor, focusing on the Hebrew Bible. Since college, justice has been important to me, and the concept of defending those in need gave me a new passion. This sense of shielding those who have found sunken times led me to the soup kitchen; and the soup kitchen found me. on Giving Back: One of the most fascinating things about our kitchen is how much food is donated, sorted, and returned to the community. On top of the hundreds of meals prepared every day, there never fails to be a line of fresh produce and bread for clients to take home. No food is ever wasted here. Volunteers prepare bags of unusable food for local farmers; food unsuitable for clients feeds local pigs, a donation that helps the economy. Vickie Traynum mooresville soup kitchen executive director

on Making Resolutions: Throughout the holidays, the soup kitchen’s children lay heavily on my heart. We need to find ways to improve their lives. All I can give them for now during the holidays is candy, and that simply isn’t enough. I’d remind everyone to show others kindness; so many things could change by simply being nice to those around us. Make a decision differently today than you would’ve yesterday. on Interacting: We are the hands and feet of Christ. We are the family that so many of our friends don’t have. When guests walk through the front door of this kitchen, their burden is lifted; I try to build them up and celebrate even the smallest accomplishments in their lives. Originally founded at First Baptist Church in 1987, the Kitchen expanded into its South Broad Street location. Because the Mooresville Soup Kitchen does not receive government funding, their prosperity relies solely on the community for outside expenditures and donations. To donate your time or resources, contact them at or 704.660.9010. By: Allie Cauley | photography by: Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photography

Vickie traynum LKNW recognizes a woman doing exceptional work in the Lake Norman community, a leader who is paving the way to changing our attitudes and inspire confidence in the future.


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| january 2015


Your place to stay in 2015!!! 704.663.6468 159 Gateway Blvd. • Mooresville, NC

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A New Smile

For The

New Year by: Ryan whalen, DDS

The problem Crooked teeth may be more than just a cosmetic issue. Crowded and overlapped teeth can cause problems with cleaning those areas, which can lead to gum disease. Misaligned teeth can also cause trauma with your bite, which can cause worn or chipped teeth and gum recession.

The solution (in just six months!)

©Jacob Wackerhausen | iStock | Thinkstock

In most cases, crooked and misaligned teeth can be cosmetically straightened in six months. Having a practice full of busy families, I had to challenge myself to give mom and dad a solution to fix their cosmetic concerns quickly, easily, and on an acceptable budget. As in many aspects of life, technological developments in the dental industry have come a long way. State–of-the-art-techniques and materials, such as fixed, tooth-colored braces, removable retainers, and clear aligners, can enable a straighter smile in an average treatment time of six months.

The treatment

In my family dental practice, one of the topics I’m asked daily comes from adult patients who wonder why their front teeth have become crowded. Some went through years of braces as teenagers and are now frustrated that the smile they worked so hard to get is not as perfect as it once was, while others have had straight teeth their whole lives and don’t understand why their teeth have started moving.

Choosing the type of accelerated cosmetic braces depends on your concerns and the severity of your crowded teeth. Bonded, clear braces and state-of-the-art tooth-colored wires may be used to straighten your front teeth. Another option is to be fitted for a series of clear aligners or with a removable retainer, which can realign teeth. Aligners and retainers are appealing to some because they are removable for meals or other occasions as needed. Patients often include minor bonding or whitening to enhance their cosmetic change. Each of these procedures can be performed by a welltrained general dentist, or a referral to a specialist can be made, depending on your vision of a perfect smile.

What’s the catch? It is important to note that these treatments are considered cosmetic procedures, and the goal is to move your front teeth while not changing your bite, which is a major factor in why treatment can be accomplished quickly. If there are any concerns about how your upper and lower jaws line up, then comprehensive orthodontics completed by a specialist is recommended. Most adults are candidates for accelerated braces. As with any cosmetic procedure, you should be prepared to discuss your expectations with the practitioner and make sure you have a clear understanding of what can be achieved. Exciting treatment innovations constantly allow patients new options to better fit their lifestyle and goals.

The facts Unfortunately, like most of our body parts, teeth naturally move as we get older. In my experience, this is the rule rather than the exception. There are many theories about why this happens, but for all practical purposes, it is simply a fact of life.


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| january 2015

Dr. Ryan Whalen, general dentist specializing in family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry, provides the services mentioned in this editorial. Whalen Dentistry focuses on personalized customer service and stateof-the-art treatment in a relaxed environment. For more information, call 704.655.2292 or visit their website at

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“During my career,” Tatum says, “I have been able to see how physical therapy can help a wide range of populations, from the elite athlete to the severely disabled. I meet new people every day, and although each circumstance is different, the patients share a common ground: the desire to feel better and move better. It is my job to help each person rise above their physical limitations to maximize the quality of life.”

Lisa Ciaravella & Tatum Robinson Phoenix Physical Therapy denver, nc

Playing it Forward

By: Leslie Ogle | photography: Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photography


he phoenix is a mythical firebird which dies in flames and is reborn from the ashes. Maybe not coincidentally, it’s also the mascot of Elon University where Lisa Ciaravella and Tatum Robinson first met. What better name for their business than Phoenix Physical Therapy & Wellness Specialists! Located in Denver, the women opened the clinic nearly a decade ago; and Lisa and Tatum take immeasurable pride in helping patients rise from their own ashes: regaining strength and returning to health.


34 LKN

| january 2015

Tatum knew early in life that she wanted a career helping others. In high school, she volunteered at Camp Joy, a summer camp for children and adults with special needs. “At Camp Joy, I was introduced more intimately to the career of physical therapy,” she says, “and was able to see the difference this profession can make in someone’s life.” Additionally, Tatum has been instrumental in implementing rehabilitation programs for some of the area’s best high school athletes, as well as professional athletes nationwide. In 2007, Tatum completed the Train the Therapist program at the Project Walk® center in California, the world leader in spinal cord injury and paralysis recovery. Equally passionate about her own role in the business, coowner Lisa Ciaravella spent 13 seasons as a strength and conditioning specialist, licensed athletic trainer, and coach within the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). During her tenure, she developed programs that led to eight playoff berths and two championship runs. Also, Lisa received the 2006 WNBA Coaching Staff of the Year award. In 2010, Lisa was honored as one of five strength coaches nationally appointed to assist First Lady Michelle Obama in the launch of her fitness initiative, Let’s Move!, which is dedicated to solving the country’s obesity problem. While Lisa is grateful for her sports experiences (and there are many!), one in particular stands out. During her WNBA career, Lisa witnessed history when LA Sparks’ Lisa Leslie became the first woman to slam-dunk during an official game. “I was the head strength coach for the Miami Sol,” she recalls, “and we were playing the Sparks at the Staple Center. Lisa Leslie had a breakaway and dunked right in front of our bench! The Staple Center erupted! Our head coach called a timeout, and Lisa Leslie received a tenminute standing ovation. That night was magical, historical, and embodied everything about women’s empowerment.” Lisa and Tatum have indeed found their passion. They are proud to have built their clinic based around their patients’ needs. “We listened to our clients and created an environment where they could heal and move on in their lives,” Tatum adds. “It’s so rewarding to see someone come in on crutches and then a year later we see her running a 5K. That’s all the motivation we need.”

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What Are We Eating?

A Food Primer By: Lindsey Fisher

Cruising grocery-store aisles, we can see shelves of colorful, audaciously displayed wording on boxes, cans, and containers. Attempting to catch the eye of shoppers in search of “healthier” options, many of these descriptions are misleading—on purpose! To be able to choose healthy foods and avoid falling victim to industry’s marketing schemes, we need to understand two things. Read the list of ingredients, not just the calories and fat grams. If the ingredient list is as long as your New Year’s to-do list, put that box back on the shelf. There should be limited ingredients, using only words you can recognize and pronounce. Confusing items such as corn protein hydrolyzed, sodium caseinate, and partially hydrogenated soybean oil are not good for us. Our bodies can’t digest them properly. Try shopping the store’s perimeter; the outer edge of the store is where we find recognizable, quality, whole-food items, such as potatoes, cheeses, turkey, and apples.

No hormones or antibiotics By law, no hormones are allowed in chicken production, thus, the label is misleading. However, antibiotics are allowed in the production of other animal products because otherwise, we could be eating diseased meat, caused by the animals’ living conditions. Still, we want to avoid antibiotics as much as possible.

Chickens ©Evgenity1 | iStock | Thinkstock


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| january 2015

Free range This label depicts a fluffy chicken pecking at rolling hills on a sunny day. While the USDA only regulates this term for poultry, technically, free range can mean farmers leave a door or window open for ten minutes. No other specifications are listed.

©Danilin Vasily | iStock | Thinkstock

Be careful of the phrase “made with whole grains,” found most often on colorful cereal boxes. While the item may be made with whole grains, the cereal’s first five ingredients are sugar based, and these “whole grains” aren’t listed until the 12th ingredient. Take note: the first five ingredients on any list make up 98 percent of that food item. Define the words on labels. Many “healthy” terms are used loosely, including organic, natural, free range, and no antibiotics. Many may be surprised to know that several terms aren’t regulated by the FDA or USDA at all! While manufacturers spend millions in “healthier” marketing, we should visit farmers markets and purchase organic, local foods as much as possible. Here are a few of the most commonly used terms:

Natural One of the most overused terms, natural means “minimally processed with no artificial colors or flavors” (all good things), but it is not regulated by the FDA. Minimally processed is defined by the USDA as “the product was processed in a manner that does not fundamentally alter the product.” It’s important to note that the natural term lays no claim to how the animal was farmed or raised—only once it goes to become processed.

Organic Enforced by the USDA, 100% organic foods can only contain organic ingredients. If we’re talking about animal products, this also includes the feed consumed by the animal when it was alive. Foods labeled “organic” must be 95 percent organic; and the phrase “made with organic ingredients” means at least 70 percent of that food item is organic.

Lindsey Fisher, Team Beachbody coach and owner of Fit Envy NC, specializes in fitness and nutritional programming and in motivating and inspiring all fitness levels. For more information, visit www., or call 704.691.4910.

“ Scene”

w i t h



Be Scene L a k e No r m a n Wom a n is getting out and about each month, looking for great events and the fabulous and exciting Lake Norman people who are making them happen! So next time you’re at a chamber event, a new business in the area, or just out having fun, look for Lake Norman Woman and our camera. Who knows, you just might find yourself in next month’s

Progressive Pilates owner Julie Mills wins Make-A-Wish Woman of the Year, with husband Dan.

LKNW’s Sandy with Brittany Amodio, co-owner with husband Daniel Amodio (not pictured), at the Bacchus Wine and Tapas at Langtree ribbon cutting, with Annie Lewis, from Annie Lewis Event Planning

“ S cen e W i t h L a k e Norman Woman! ”

LKNW’s Stephanie, Dana, Amy, and Sandy collect staff donations for Ballas Chiropractic’s “LKN’s Largest Food Drive.”

LKNW’s Stephanie with owner Heather McLean at Yappy Hour Bakery during Birkdale Tree Lighting

LKNW’s Sandy with Dr. Taknicia Taylor, DC, and Skye Juandoo from the ribbon cutting for Huntersville Family Chiropractic

LKNW’s Sandy with Debbie Morris, Meredith Harkey, and Michelle Harris (owner) of Sweet Grass in Mooresville

LKNW’s Amy with Huntersville mayor Jill Swain at the Southern Christmas Show

View more Scene photos & more at our Facebook page:

LKNW’s Sandy with Kirk Ballard and Andrew Juhasz, from the Sign Post, at Ingram Funeral Home ribbon cutting LakeNormanWoman

LKNW’s Sandy with Marcus Dalton, Vanessa Smith, Diane Smith, and Maralee DeMark at the ribbon cutting for Two Sisters Market Café in Terrell january 2015 |




better me

better you

better world

Mind Body Spirit The mind, body, and spirit are intimately connected. Because unhealthy thoughts and emotions can create a vicious cycle that leads to unhealthy physical patterns, we can choose a victorious path that includes a positive, healing, uplifting spiral. By mixing the ingredients of attitude and action, we can change the flavor of our own lives. Learn to nurture your body and soul to lead a more balanced life.

Healthy Goal Setting By: Francie E. Hartsog, M.A., L.P.C.

for the New Year is an opportunity to improve our lives by making positive changes. We usually begin resolutions with great motivation, but less than 10 percent of self-improvement plans are successful. Perhaps our goals fail because they are based on what is “wrong” instead of what is “right.” Many resolutions are the result of bad habits or unhealthy living. The top two resolutions made are losing weight and quitting smoking. When a person has negative feelings about her appearance or habits she views as “bad,” success in meeting goals is harder. Our potential to meet our goals increases if the goals are positive and we focus on self-love. This New Year, I encourage being mindful of all the good and healthy things in our lives and paying less attention to what we feel are “wrong” or “bad.” By loving ourselves, we are likely to reach our goals naturally and likely to find peace in mind, body, and spirit.

Se t t i ng goa l s

Mind We live in a fast-paced world where multitasking is expected and relaxation


38 LKN

is something we feel guilty about. Life demands can be overwhelming and leave us depleted of energy. Learning to balance the needs of others with our own can be challenging. By allowing ourselves to disconnect from the chaos, we honor our mind by creating time for what brings us happiness. Take an inventory of how much energy you spend on “brain draining” activities. Do you watch too much news? Engage in stressful debates on Facebook? Listen to a friend talk for hours about her problems? Without realizing it, we become mentally exhausted when exposed to negativity. Limit time on “draining” tasks and spend more time exploring mind “boosting” activities. Read a good novel, sign up for a pottery class, or take a brisk walk. Fill your life with positive stuff, and your energy will reflect it. Body When the mind is overloaded with stress, our body reacts by producing stress hormones. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, disrupts your body’s processes and increases the risk for physical and

mental health diseases. Also, stress weakens our immune system. The more stress you experience, the more likely you are to get sick. When we learn to cope with stress, our body responds with improved health. This isn’t easy if we’ve been under stress for a prolonged period. However with time, our mind calms and our body has a new sense of well-being. Feeling healthy allows us to connect with our spirit. Spirit Spirit is a unique and special part of us. Some may connect with the essence of who we are as humans in faith, in nature, and in action, such as yoga or tai chi. When our mind and body aren’t healthy, it’s difficult to care for our spirit. It isn’t unusual to become disengaged with our spirit when we feel stress. We are pulled in so many directions, trying to please everyone, it becomes impossible to be true to ourselves. We can forget who we are. Reconnecting with a church or temple or joining a yoga program can replenish your spirit, and heal your mind and body, too.

Francie Hartsog is a licensed professional counselor and the owner of Great Expectations Counseling Services. She has been practicing marriage & family counseling for 23 years. For more information, visit www. or call 704.724.3525. | january 2015

Local author Kathleen Cowley introduces her new children’s book

Cameron’s Organized Day! $16.99 From clothes and cereal to tools and bugs, Cameron discovers how much fun it is to sort and organize throughout the day. A great read-aloud book for children, it allows your kids to join Cameron as he learns basic organizing skills. Fun and effective, this book is sure to please!

“In a very natural and charming way, Cameron’s Organized Day! shows children the value of being organized and the pleasure of living in a tidy and uncluttered space. I loved it!” –Peter Walsh of Clean Sweep

To order, visit:

Schedule Kathleen for a reading to your class or organization by email at or call 704.881.4287

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iving on Lake Nor man will

forever change

INTRODUCING THE NEXT CHAPTER IN :O U R S T O RY: . TH E O V E R L O O K . Lake Norman’s only allwaterfront boutique community.

Nor man, on three sides. It’s our town common and residents share it as if it were a

your daydreams. Your mind will drift from spreadsheets to thoughts of

Savannah garden square or an English park.

cruising, fire-pit wine tastings and maybe, slow

The Overlook is a precious neighborhood

dancing. Your home should make your heart sing

with some rather nice shared features, like a

and your feet move. Introducing the next chapter

soccer-field-sized dog common, community

in the Sisters Cove story: The Overlook and its

docks and fire pit. Your backyard overlooks a

Carriage Collection.

waterfront boardwalk that creates lovely places

Sisters Cove is a small lakeside village that

to casually meet your neighbors–four and two-

has, at its heart, a simplicity and beauty. We

legged. Perfect for waterfront yoga, a painter’s

occupy the longest coastline of undeveloped land

easel, or a little celebratory slow dancing.

on the east side of Lake Norman. That creates a

Every home in this boutique community has a

unique opportunity for a special community. Our

water view. Come see what makes The Overlook

village encircles a quiet cove, a finger of Lake

particularly inviting.

Introducing The Overlook at Sisters Cove. 124 Twin Sisters Lane Mooresville, NC 28117 704.660.0292



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