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volume VIII, number ix





th e


The theme of this issue is “All Worked Up,” which got me thinking about how now that I’m in my late 40s, I don’t get nearly as worked up about stuff as I did in my younger days (There’s a man with my gold band around his finger who’s saying to himself right now: “Wait….What???”). OK, I admit that there are a few things that get under my skin, such as drivers who take their sweet time getting out of a parking place when they can see you waiting on them, the sassy mouth on my 14-year-old, I-77 rush-hour traffic when it’s only 2 in the afternoon, taking down Christmas decorations, a bad golf day, exercise, the number on my scale when I don’t exercise, taxes, movies that aren’t worth watching, celebrities who aren’t worth celebrating, the inability to locate one of my 27 pairs of reading glasses, GPS directions that send you to the middle of nowhere, and getting stuck in automated phone mazes. But other than those, I really don’t have much of a list. As a teenager, I was absolutely certain I would never become as exasperated about anything the way my father got all worked up about politics. I dreaded Sunday evenings with Wally Shafer and the rest of the “60 Minutes” gang because no one or no thing could provoke my dad quite like that show. By the end of those 60 minutes, he’d be red-faced and bug-eyed, pounding the table as he lectured (he preferred the word “informed,” but it sure did feel like a lecture) my brother and me how the nation was going to hell in a handbasket. Our typical response to Dad’s lectures (I mean information sessions)

was mostly to roll our eyes and seek the quickest escape route. Was I ever wrong! My children now roll their eyes as I red-facedly pound away, bemoaning our nation’s derailment to the land of Hades in a hand-held wicker container. It’s as if I open my mouth and my father comes out! No one is more surprised than I. And there’s more. I have actually heard myself say: “Do you really call that music? My generation knew what real music was!”; “If that girl’s skirt were any shorter she’d lose her dignity!”; “Kids today have no idea what it means to have to work”; and the quintessential Dad-ism: “One of these days you’ll appreciate how smart I am.” It’s not that my father isn’t a good man or that he isn’t a fine role model—he most certainly is. But he did have quite a list of things that got him all worked up, and I was certain that this one family trait I would not adopt. What I have learned from the Dad-isms that escape my own lips is that no matter how hard we try, we will become our parents. And as I think about that, it actually makes me grin a little. There are three young men out there bearing half my DNA who are certain that they will never do or say the things they see me do and hear me say that they find so very annoying. But I know the truth: in the not-too-distant future, I’m certain one of them will be lamenting, “Darn it, I sound just like my mother!”


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COVER STORY: A Pioneer At Heart


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success: The Rhythm of a Routine


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Getting Your Zzz’s is Heart Healthy


Are Depression and Heart Disease Partners in Crime?


Getting Heart Healthy –– The Fun Way


5 Heart-Healthy Foods You Should Add To Your Diet

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Self All Worked Up and Working It Out mind, body, spirit: Disease Can Be Preventable



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5 Things An LKN

Saturday, Feb. 7:



o m a n S h o u l d D o I n FEBRUARY


40th Annual Iredell Heart Ball

6 p.m. Statesville Civic Center 300 S. Center St., Statesville

Sunday, Feb. 8: Southern Flair Bridal Fair

1-4 p.m. The Charles Mack Citizen Center 215 N. Main St., Mooresville Meet and choose the best vendors for your special day. Pre-register for this free event and door prizes (also a chance to win your ceremony and reception venue for free!) at

Sponsored by Piedmont HealthCare, this black-tie event of dinner, dancing, auctions, and entertainment will raise funds and awareness for heart disease, stroke research, and prevention education.


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Wednesday, Feb. 18:

Contributor Readings for 27 Views of Charlotte

6 p.m. North County Regional Library 16500 Holly Crest Ln., Huntersville

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This event is part of a series of contributor readings for the book, published by Eno Publishers in September. Readings will include Emmywinner and author, Mark de Cristique; UNCC english professor and poet, Dr. Janaka Lewis; Queens University law and ethics professor and author, Cathy Pickens; and LKNW’s editor, Amy Hallman.

24 w

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Saturday, Feb. 21: Women’s Leadership Conference at Davidson College

8 a.m.-3 p.m. Lilly Gallery, Davidson College This empowerment conference provides a forum for Davidson College students and community women to discuss issues that affect them on a daily basis but are rarely talked about. “We’re Not There Yet: The State of Gender Equality in the 21st Century” will feature keynote speaker, Jill Filipovic, senior political writer at Register ($30) at

Tuesday, Feb. 24: 3 rd Annual LKN Women’s Conference

9 a.m.-5 p.m. The Peninsula Club, 19101 Peninsula Club Dr., Cornelius Hear keynote speaker Astrid Chinos, president of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce, network with other successful women, enjoy the panel discussion, and build your own communication skills! Register ($75) at or call 704.892.1922. ©Mirekon | iStock | Thinkstock



Studies show that children who spend time in the garden develop a love for fruits and vegetables.


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a s p e c i a l h e a r t - h e al t h s e c t i o n , i n h o n o r o f h e a r t - h e a l t h m o n t h

Getting Your

ZZZ’s Is

Heart Healthy! W e ’ ve all been th er e— tossing

and turning and keeping an ever diligent eye on the next strike of the clock. Just the mere thought of not getting enough sleep can drive you over the edge. Also, research shows that a good night’s sleep is imperative for good health. In fact, most experts agree that it is just as important as diet and exercise.

A recent large-scale study linked insomnia to heart failure. While the study could not identify the direct cause, the link cannot be ignored. Dr. Lars Laugsand, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, says, “Patients who are stressed both at night and during the day have increased blood pressure, increased release of stress hormones, increased heart rate, etc., and all of these factors are related to heart failure.” Proper, recuperative sleep is paramount to good health and good heart health. The National Sleep Foundation warns us to pay attention to our sleep patterns and problems and discuss them with the doctor. If anxiety or life events are causing the insomnia, that can also be addressed. From our grandmothers to famous philosophers, much advice is centered on the importance of sleep. So, “early to bed, early to rise…” –you know the rest! With all the stress and anxiety around sleepless nights (not to mention the subsequent next-day exhaustion), it stands to reason it would affect our hearts. Here are some interesting points from the National Sleep Foundation: • Man is the only animal to delay sleep willingly. So if you’re tired, go to bed!

• Exercise in general is great for a restful sleep, but avoid just prior to bedtime.

• If you can connect your insomnia with an event (good or bad), it helps to identify it, accept it, and move on. Don’t use bedtime to solve problems or anticipate life. • Sleep aids can actually be a detriment because you often go too deep into sleep or REM; try basic relaxation therapy instead. • Watch what you eat and drink. Limit your caffeine throughout the day, and don’t drink or eat anything after 7 p.m.

• In general, most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night. You may not actually sleep, but at least get in your bed, get comfortable, and relax. Avoid electronic devices like laptops and phones.

• We are always trying to “do” something to fall asleep, such as count sheep, think certain thoughts, or drink warm milk. Instead of trying to go to sleep, try to stay awake. It sounds silly, but if you stare at the ceiling and pretend that you have to stay awake, you might be pleasantly surprised when your eyelids begin to feel heavy and sleep takes over on its own. Photo ©Trinette Reed | Blend Images | Thinkstock

february FEBRUARY 2015 |



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red p a g e s

Are Depression and Heart Disease Pa r t n e r s i n C r i m e

©luiscar | iStock | Thinkstock

We all know that stress isn’t good for the heart. Same goes for smoking and obesity—these are no-brainers. But what about depression? Most researchers answer with an unequivocal “Yes,” and the American Heart Association (AHA) agrees: “Depression should join the ranks of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and smoking as an official heart disease risk factor.” A similar study found that women 55 and younger who are depressed are twice as likely to have a heart attack, require cardiac procedures, or even die from a heart-related event. “Women in this age group are also more likely to have depression, so this may be one of the ‘hidden’ risk factors that can help explain why women die at a disproportionately higher rate than men after a heart attack,” says Amit Shah, M.D., study author and assistant professor of epidemiology at Emory University in Atlanta. The report, funded by the National Institute of Health and the Emory Heart and Vascular Center, states those who suffer from depression when they are admitted to the hospital for a heart condition are 2 to 5 times more likely to die or suffer additional cardiovascular problems (heart attack, stroke, or chest pain) within a year. Furthermore, the February 2006 issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter notes that the chances of recurrence is better linked to depression than the usual suspects: high cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Most of us realize how mind and mood affect our health. Just think how many times a headache has emerged after a stressful day. But, taking that notion a step further, the report explains that our mood can affect the cardiovascular system directly by causing stress hormone levels to rise, blood vessels to constrict, and our heartbeat to speed. For someone with depression, this sense becomes constant and damages blood vessels. Simply put, the heart can no longer get the body’s signal to slow down and relax. The good news is that depression, despite being pervasive, is treatable. And with awareness and education, people are more likely to seek that treatment. While not yet considered an “official” risk factor for heart disease, depression is certainly being singled out as a primary indicator, and that alone can help doctors ensure that heart patients are appropriately screened, diagnosed, and treated.


14 LKN


©Romolo Ta

vani | iStock |

If you think you suffer from depression, please consult your doctor. Meanwhile, here are some easy things you can do to improve your mood and heart health. While common and somewhat obvious, they are essential to good living and bear repeating! Stretch it and move! Yoga has a fantastic calming effect and helps keep you focused and fit. Exercise in general raises your endorphin levels, which relieves stress and ignites pleasure centers of the brain.

Don’t forget your omega-3s. Not only do our bodies need them, but research shows they help with depression, too. Watch what you eat. Small, frequent meals that are low in saturated fat are the way to go. And remember, be sure to get your daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies. Get more sun time and fun time (with sunscreen). Need we say more?! Photos above ©razyph, Levent Kanuk, olvas, Olga Pink | iStock | Thinkstock



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red p a g e s

By: Sonny Levesque

Dreams grow from the inside out as they turn into realities. tive. Did you know that dancing for thirty minutes can burn between 200-400 calories? Instead of jumping on the treadmill this season, shake a tail feather and dance your way to fitness by trying your hand at the salsa! et’s be honest. There are some days you just can’t beat the traffic fast enough. You know it’s waiting for you at home. You can’t even fathom the possibility of your best friends ruining it with any spoilers—because you’ve got to see it for yourself. You’ve got to see what dress she’s wearing, what song she’s dancing to, and how the judges will deliver their witty and sometimes biting critiques. It’s time to turn on your DVR and watch the latest episode of “Dancing With The Stars.” We all have our guilty pleasures, and this is one that many of us probably share. But let’s break this down for a minute. Why are we so glued to this show? Is it because we

imagine that we are the stars? Do we imagine ourselves as celebrities waltzing around in beautiful ball gowns as America watches in excitement? Dare to dream, right? Dreams grow from the inside out as they turn into realities. Coincidentally, our health and wellness is also a transformation that begins from the inside out, and one of the best ways to jump-start that transformation is by putting on your dancing shoes! It’s time for you to become the dancing star! Ballroom dancing is an incredible way to rekindle romances, find our moment in the spotlight, and to feel healthy and attrac-

Safe for people of all ages and skill levels, ballroom dancing is a highly aerobic form of exercise. In other words, it’s a fun way to improve the condition of your heart. Dancing improves muscle tone, and the heart is, after all, the most important muscle in our body. While building endurance and increasing our stamina, ballroom dancing keeps the heart healthy by raising our HDL (good cholesterol) and lowering our LDL (bad cholesterol). I would guess that our doctors would be pretty happy with that, too, right? Transform your mind, body, and spirit by transforming your heart. Feel the beat and let the music move you, as you waltz your way to becoming heart healthy!

Sonny Levesque is the co-owner and manager of Planet Ballroom at Lake Norman in Cornelius. For more information, visit or call 704.841.0800.


16 LKN

©art_of_sun | iStock | Thinkstock | FEBRUARY 2015






red p a g e s

Heart-Healthy Foods

You Should Add to Your Diet J u s t t h e wo r d s u p e r f o o d conjures up notions of Popeye eating his spinach and turning superhuman. And, in fact, that’s not far from the truth. If there were a pill that prevented heart disease, reduced bad cholesterol, lowered stress levels, provided your body with every single essential vitamin and mineral, made you happier, increased brain power, and actually made you live longer, wouldn’t you take that pill every day? Well, you can, except it isn’t a pill. Nature put all those benefits into some wonderfully nutritious foods. We have chosen a few that are particularly hearthealthy to highlight here. ©popovaphoto | iStock | Thinkstock

O a t m e al Oatmeal is a great source of soluble fiber, which helps to reduce high blood pressure. Full of antioxidants, oatmeal has also been known to prevent the development of diabetes. It lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and boosts the immune system. T I P : You can add 1/4 cup oats instead of 1 cup of flour to your recipes for heart-healthy cakes, muffins, etc. Instant oatmeal is not recommended for recipe substitutions. S p ina c h Low in fat and even lower in cholesterol, spinach is one of the best things you can eat—period! It is high in niacin and zinc, as well as protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E, and K, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. T I P : Mix fresh baby spinach with romaine lettuce, add one package of Craisins, feta cheese, and sliced almonds. Mix with your favorite vinaigrette dressing and watch it disappear along with your waistline! S al m on Although the content of omega-3 fatty acids is what makes this a heart-healthy choice, salmon is also high in quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals (including potassium, selenium, and vitamin B12). Salmon improves brain function and boosts our immune system. And don’t forget, our bodies cannot make


18 LKN


omega-3s, so we have to get them from the foods we eat. T I P : For quick and easy salmon, sprinkle fish with salt, pepper, garlic, and dill; broil in oven for three minutes on one side and four on the other. Finely chop some sundried tomatoes and let soak in olive oil, then drizzle over salmon after cooking; serve over braised spinach. Blueberries Loaded with Vitamin C, these little powerhouses contain antioxidants which neutralize free radicals linked to the development of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other age-related conditions. And, like cranberries, blueberries can help ward off urinary tract infections. T I P : The best thing about blueberries is that they are good in everything! Mix them in your cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, or ice cream; add them to your fish and chicken dishes, too. You can even toss them in your cocktails! A vo c ados Avocados contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in each serving. They are also a good source of B vitamins, which help you fight disease and infection. Avocados have plenty of Vitamin C, and they contain natural plant chemicals that may help prevent cancer. T I P : Store avocados at room temperature but remember they may take four or five days to ripen. They are ripe when the skins are black or dark purple. You can puree avocados and use as a substitute for butter and oil or slice them and add to sandwiches and wraps.

Photos courtesy of iStock | Thinkstock





40% Off



Tiffany & Co.




RSvP 704-664-EYES (3937)

548 Williamson Road, Suite 1 • Mooresville, NC *Discount cannot be used with insurance. *Donate cans of food to receive 40% OFF or 10% off per can – up to 4 cans






All Worked Up… and Working It Out By: Nadine Deason

To sa y 2 0 1 5 is a y ea r of ch ang e for T e a m Nadine would b e an under s ta t e m e n t .

We just became affiliated with Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, and we uprooted our office and moved to Cornelius!

As is the way sometimes, change has walloped me personally. We can all relate to life’s little unwelcomed modifications that can pull us down temporarily. But that’s just it: it’s temporary. This year, I had to remind myself that I’ve always found my untimely adversities to have only made me stronger. Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, said, “Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition—such as lifting weights—we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.” I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t always welcome adversity with open arms— who does? In fact, I’m more likely to say, “Stop with these opportunities to grow! I think I’ve grown enough!” Unfortunately, God doesn’t always agree with me. Last fall, I found myself divorced, for the second time, and after just three years of marriage. It had been a very sad period, and I wasn’t looking forward to facing life on the farm, alone again, at age 56. But, I made a goal for myself, even if halfheartedly, that 2015 was going to be “my year” to unveil the new Nadine. Actually, my best friend, Rachel, helped me to set that goal. What would we women do without our steadfast

WHAT IS YOUR VERY BEST SPLURGE? “To treat myself to a 90-minute massage and awesome boutique shopping at Ahlara in Mooresville”


20 LKN


girlfriends? Rachel and I went on what was supposed to be my anniversary trip to St. John, where she tirelessly encouraged me to find a new perspective on my situation until I actually did. I decided it was time to look my best. I started taking ballroom dancing at Planet Ballroom in Cornelius and immediately felt 20 years younger! Thankfully, too, science has come a long way over the last couple decades so there were many options for this old gal to begin the rejuvenation process. While I know and respect some women are happy with themselves just the way they are, please understand that I wasn’t happy. It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves, and I hadn’t. I had put many other things ahead of myself for a long time. Last year, I wasn’t successful in trying to lose the extra weight that stress had piled on during my failing marriage—not with a personal trainer, not with every gimmicky weight-loss program out there. I enlisted the assistance of Medi-Weightloss Clinic® of Southpark, a physician-monitored program, which was even covered under my health insurance! Blood work revealed I have an underactive thyroid. But proper medication has helped the weight come off. Next, my clients, Matthew and Megan Lineberger, who own Lineberger Orthodontics in Huntersville, fitted me with Invisalign braces! It’s hard to believe how fast (just 22 weeks!) and easily those work. Finally, the Cosmetic Center of Lake Norman laser-zapped away some annoying spider veins, which had been making me selfconscious and embarrassed. This spring, I’ll unveil the new and improved Nadine— the one that matches who I am inside: bubbly, vivacious, and outgoing. Who knows what’s in store, but I’m giving it all I’ve got. And that’s all any of us can do. I’m truly all fired up! Nadine Deason of Team Nadine is a realtor and broker serving both buyers and sellers in the entire Lake Norman region. Affiliated with Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, Nadine provides luxury services to all price points. For more information, visit or call 704.361.9183.



black & white

crafting picture perfect smiles for patients of all ages. #smileon

no fi ter

coming soon: new charlotte location

9625 Northcross Center Court, Suite 303 Huntersville, North Carolina 28078

(704) 892-3300

{ h e r e she i s }


An LKN Woman who personifies what makes Lake Norman Women so great


h o m e t own : L a G r a n g e , N C WHAT IS YOUR VERY BEST SPLURGE?

lkn t own : C o r n e l i u s

Ho u s e h old : H u s b a n d Ro l a n d, & f o u r d o g s : T s u n a m i , Ry l i e A l a b a m a , T u r k , & T i l da Ro u x

“High quality workout clothing from Lululemon Athletica”

Work it out!

MADabolic workouts are intentional, intense, and ever challenging.They’re intelligently designed to make you stronger and more capable. But they’re also accessible to everyone and can be modified to fit anyone’s current abilities and goals.

All in the approach:

Life is all about the relationships you make with other people. I truly believe that throughout my life, my success has been because of these deep and collaborative relationships that I’ve built along the way.

Playing dodgeball:

Believe it or not, I’ve never played a sport. I was trained as a ballet dancer and danced professionally, so I never had time for other activities. I’m very athletic but run away from anything that requires a ball!

The best Valentine’s Day ever:

It’s really MADness:

I adopted my first dog on Valentine’s Day in 1997. She became my college sweetheart. I love dogs—they always make me smile. I love it when my clients bring their dogs by the gym to see me!

My biggest challenge is taking time away from the “MADness.” I love being at MADabolic, and it’s hard for me to step away. But when I do, the perfect day would be a day at the beach with my husband with no Internet, email, or phone calls. In other words, with no MADness!


i am an LKN oman because… I love to live and work in this community. I am part of something much greater than myself, and my main goal is to help build and support a healthy and happy local community.


24 LKN


Tracie Chan is the owner and operating partner of MADabolic, Inc., an innovative interval-based strength and endurance program, at 16610 W. Catawba Ave., Ste. H, in Huntersville. Visit them on the web at www. or call 704.307.1782.

By: Dana Nieters | photography by: Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photography

a pioneer at heart

WHAT IS YOUR VERY BEST SPLURGE? “Landscape design including outdoor lighting: it makes everyone want to be outside, active and enjoying it.”

S u c c e ssf u l b u sin e sswo m e n know

that managing professional and personal lives requires careful timing, instinct, and propriety. Stacey Hinman, owner of Primrose School of Lake Norman in Mooresville, finds that balance for herself and for others. Since the school’s groundbreaking in 2005, parenting has changed for Stacey. “Our roles have evolved, and I’m needed in a completely different way,” she reflects. “When I see how young Alex (16) and Emily (14) are in that photo, it solidifies the sacrifice and hard work the entire family has made.” The established business owner and mother of two teenagers feels, “It’s very satisfying to watch our teenagers interact, laugh, mentor, and communicate with one another, reflecting the values we instilled when they were young.” Stacey recognizes Emily’s maturity: “She loves science and learning how things are put together. And she’s fascinated with dissecting something. Emily’s very passionate and smart. Like her mother, Emily doesn’t take no for an answer; she will fight and persevere until she gets it.

By: amy hallman | photography by: Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photography


26 LKN


“Jeremy has taught Alex to be protective of his sister. It’s apparent in Alex’s actions and conversations that he understands that role.” In fact, it was Jeremy’s values that first drew Stacey’s attention in college. In 1992, Stacey left Canada to earn a teaching certificate in Maine. “It was supposed to be just one year, in and out,” she recalls. “We were great friends. He was genuine and kindhearted—like Alex is now….” And that was it. With degrees in psychology and elementary education, Stacey left Orono. But, to her parents’ dismay, she didn’t return to Canada. After 11 months, Stacey and Jeremy were engaged. They moved to Florida, where the two developed careers and planned a Canadian wedding. However, just as the invitations were to be mailed, Stacey learned that marrying in Canada would invalidate her visa. Because it would take her a year to return, they married in a Sarasota courthouse ceremony, in May 1995. After briefly returning to Maine in 2003, the Hinmans were drawn to Lake Norman for its “true four seasons” and proximity to Charlotte. Guided by a map and intuition, they pulled the motorhome and following SUV off the interstate at exit 36, found a campground, and ordered Brooklyn Boys pizza. The time between exiting the interstate to buying a house was six weeks! “My parents thought I was out of my mind!” Stacey laughs. A year later, sold by its balance of professionalism and amiability, they bought the Primrose franchise. “You begin a school with high educational standards because crucial academic values are key to its foundation. Test data shows Primrose students are true students, performing at twice the level of their peers entering school,” Stacey says. “We want Primrose families to feel school is an extension of their family, knowing their

children’s teachers are practicing those spelling words after school, striving for developmental milestones. So, in the evening, they can focus on family time.” Stacey develops family atmosphere with outings to events such as Disney on Ice and the circus. She invites parents into the building throughout the year for events such as Sip & Shop, Grandparent’s Day, and Pumpkin Carving with Dad. “At home, I’m always saying, ‘Put your best self out there. Contribute to this world.’ In fact, both my children could recite ‘The Hinman Family rule,’” Stacey smiles. “‘Set the example, don’t be one.’ As a parent, every morning is like a marketing pitch. It’s important to approach life with the glass-is-half-full mentality. Attitude is everything. If you think it will be a terrific day, it will be. But the result will be vastly different if you think your glass has nary a drop of water. We insist on talking things through, finding the positive in the negative, and respecting perspective. We remind them, ‘You only get one chance to be a good brother or sister.’”

coach, who’d love to have a rink in Mooresville.” Perhaps more alike than different, Stacey understands her working parents. “Working moms emphasize what they think they’re not doing. Hurdles happen, plans crumble, and children get sick—all out of your control,” she says. “Trying to balance everything can cause us to lose ourselves. Retaining your sense of self is invaluable, for yourself and your family.”

Mooresville Mayor Al Jones, Stacey Hinman, Jeremy Hinman, Mooresville-South Iredell Chamber President Dan Wallace, and in front, Emily Hinman and Alex Hinman at the Primrose School of LKN groundbreaking in 2005

The Be-Your-Best-Self philosophy is also paramount at school. “Character development includes helping students to be good citizens and well-rounded human beings,” she says. “We’re not status quo people. I’m the type of person who’d create a lesson plan for a holiday party; it’s important to me that the message is time was well spent. We strive for the right blend of rigor and family.

At the 2012 Primrose Schools National Conference, Stacey and Jeremy were honored with the “Own the Community” award, recognizing their commitment to community improvement. “We were overwhelmed to be recognized within our first five years,” Stacey says. She recognizes the teachers make the school successful, “Otherwise, it’s a shell.”

“Delivering the Primrose promise is what we’re about. When I tour parents, I learn the entire family because my focus is the partnership between home and school,” Stacey says. “While part of my job is to set the tone, part is to build a bond. “I enjoy getting to know parents and to share that I love cars—my dad used to drag race. They’re surprised to learn that I love trivia, giving gifts, and that I’m a certified figure-skating

In November, the Hinmans moved from their home of 11 years in The Point onto acreage, replete with walking trails, a barn, chicken coops, and many projects to attend. With a little work, the previous home to an alpaca farm is the perfect blend of the pastoral peace they left in Maine and the cultural vitality they’ve come to call home. The renovations excite Stacey because Stacey is a pioneer at heart.





women o n

t h e

m o v e

In December, Katelin Longbrake, and GoPro Motorplex

in Mooresville, donated a check for $3,500 and three GoPro HERO4 Silver cameras to the Mooresville Graded School District’s driver-education program to encourage safe driving. The outdoor kart-racing group hopes the gift will assist new drivers in analyzing their in-car experience as part of their 36-hour classroom and road training and their overall driver-education experience.

Danielle Ratliff, owner of Serenity Now Massage Therapy in Cornelius, has purchased a new building for expansion. In just over two years, the business has grown from three therapists to nine, and the team has enjoyed spreading out and making their new home unique.

Suzanne Meyer, owner of the Welcome Committee, co-hosts “Around the Lake” on WSIC 100.7 FM, 1400 AM, and TV 21.2, with Kevin Smith, manager of McBryde Website Design. The show, which premiered January 8, airs Thursday mornings from 8 to 9 a.m. and features people, places, and happenings in the LKN region.

Tammi Murphy, owner of Blarney Stone Marketing & Design in Cornelius, purchased The website is a resource for local events and local business specials, including seniors activities and food and drink specials. Tammi managed the social media, website, and email marketing for LKNSavings for over a year and purchased the business at the end of 2014. This is the second business acquisition for Blarney Stone Marketing in two years.


28 LKN

connect with us! Whether you are a woman on the move, looking for events, new businesses in the area, or are willing to contribute your opinion, follow us by visiting or e-mail | FEBRUARY 2015

Lisa Jewel joined Clear Blue, in

Birkdale, as brand director. Clear Blue, responsible for brand development, marketing, and digital, recently became the agency of record for Safe ‘n’ Clear, Inc., a local company slated to internationally distribute its new medical mask. Clear Blue has also launched products for Rubbermaid, Hunter Fan, and Intellegy.

Dr. Anne McIntosh, president

and developer at Safe ‘N’ Clear, in Davidson, has created a clear, antibacterial and antiviral medical mask that will be internationally distributed later this year. The mask will soon be under FDA review in the U.S. for use by medical personnel.

Dr. S. Heather Bell, optometrist, joined Horizon Eye Care in Huntersville and is now accepting new patients. Dr. Bell earned her degree in optometry from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Optometry. Specializing in primary eye care, Dr. Bell focuses on treating and diagnosing eye disorders and providing optical and contact-lens services.

Kelly Watson is the general manager of Todd Payroll Services, Inc., which opened in the Park 21 Business Center in Cornelius. Owner Marty Halloran bought the former J.H. Todd Payroll, and the new business will share office space with Halloran CPA, Inc.

Jennifer Burnham, owner of Pure & Simple Organizing, is expanding into the estate sale market. Her mission is to make difficult life transitions seamless and worry-free for families. Whether it is downsizing or settling an estate, Pure & Simple can organize, liquidate, and efficiently get you and your family through those difficult months.





february f UN fa c t s

Groundhog Day is Feb. 2.

Feb. 15 susan b. Anthony’s Birthday

It was 14 years after her death that women were given the right to vote in the 19th Amendment. black history month

Black History Month started in 1976; for 50 years before that, it was only a week long. Shirley Chisholm (NY) was the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives.

FEB. 22 Academy awards

Hattie McDaniel (1940, Gone With the Wind) was the first African American to win an Academy Award. Walt Disney received 59 nominations and 26 awards, becoming the most honored winner in Oscar history. Meryl Streep with 19 nominations, is the most nominated performer; but Katharine Hepburn has won the most Oscars as a performer.


30 LKN


Compiled from: and






t h e

c a r ds

Our Goal is to Exceed Your Expectations! We offer the Highest Level of Professionalism, Quality Workmanship & Customer Service! Fully Licensed & Insured Over 25 years of Experience

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Positive Touch Positive Healing

M a s s a g e T h e r a p y - Certified Pregnancy Massage - Neuromuscular Massage - Myofascial Release - Swedish Massage - Sports Massage - Chair Massage - Stretching Angie Mages, LMT (704) 345-8698 NC Lic. 12610


t h e

Formerly Reid’s Salon Solutions Established 1978 Open: Monday - Thursday 8am-8pm Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 9am-3pm

When you come in for a

Cut & Color Service, 704-892-6600 19900 South Main Street, Unit 7 Cornelius, NC 28031

mention this ad and receive

$50 of free Haircare Products like, Redken®, Eufora®, Kevin Murphy®, Mediceuticals®, Brazilian Blowout®, and more!

c a r ds


Pet Products That Work


With an estimated $58 billion in pet care and product sales in 2014, according to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners find an overwhelming number of choices. Just take a walk through a supply store, and you’ll find aisles full of foods, treats, toys, and equipment meant to show your pet just how much you care!

©GlobalP | iStock | Thinkstock

DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop I believe this is the best litter scoop available. Its metal design and comfortable handle make it easy to use, and it will not bend or break.

In my experience, many items don’t offer a sure-fire solution, and not every product works for every pet every time. As a professional pet sitter and a personal pet owner, I’ve had the opportunity to try many products. Here are a few that I think actually work.

Harness Lead When walking dogs, pulling can be a challenge. Whether it’s a 15-pound terrier or a 95-pound lab, a pulling dog can make a walk unenjoyable—not to mention a safety concern. This escape-proof product provides a gentler walk. We use this lead and recommend it with excellent results.

Walk-Your-Dog-With-Love Harness

WHAT IS YOUR VERY BEST SPLURGE? With a 100% money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with this no-choke, no-pull, easy-to-attach harness that works.

“A day off (with no cell phone!) with a delicious meal with friends or my hubby, including a movie or day trip of exploring.”

Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover Let’s face it. Pets have accidents. This economical, oxygenbased, nontoxic cleaner removes pet stains and odors (even red-wine stains!), and is safe to use.


34 LKN


©Jackryan89 | iStock | Thinkstock

Pat Blaney is the owner of Wagz ‘n Whiskerz Pet Sitting, providing the Lake Norman area with personalized in-home care for your pets when you can’t be there. For more information, visit the website at or call 704.615.6566.


Your place to stay in 2015!!! 704.663.6468 159 Gateway Blvd. • Mooresville, NC


DID YOU KNOW? There are over 80,000 chemicals in use in the US alone, thousands

of which are banned overseas. Of those, only a very small percentage of those chemicals are regulated at all. Leading third party research directly links these chemicals in the products we use everyday with serious concerns and health risks.*







*Each health risk has been sourced by a vetted, third-party resource. Plese refer to for specific sources.



Melanie Jones 980-721-6137 // Molly LaPorta 312-804-1010

Visit: or FEBRUARY 2015 |




WHAT IS YOUR VERY BEST SPLURGE? “Toms shoes–they’re stylish and comfortable. My husband and I both wore Toms at our wedding! Because the company gives back, I feel it ‘justifies’ all my purchases.”

on being all worked up: It Works gets me all worked up! As a portrait and wedding photographer for 11 years, I often lived the starving artist lifestyle. It Works has provided me with financial freedom and incredible friends worldwide. When I was almost 40, I began doing my research to better take care of myself. I reached out to physicians and local health food stores for something affordable, effective, and easy. Internet research led to the product It’s Vital, and I started taking two of their products. It was amazing! Within three weeks, people started noticing an improvement. With that, I decided to become a product distributor. After only a year, It Works became my full-time career. on true loves: Of course, the loves of my life are my daughters: Kayla, 18, and Megan, 15. Kayla is a vibrant and compassionate freshman at UNC-Charlotte where she’s also a cheerleader. Megan is a smart and sassy freshman at Maiden High School. She loves animals and is an avid reader; she reads like four novels a week! And my dear husband, Aaron—we married in May 2013 on the beautiful, pink sandy shores of Bermuda. We love adventure and music, and he’s always been so incredible with my girls; it was easy to fall in love with him. on globetrotting: We’re on the road or in a plane at least once a month, and I love it! In 2014, I was in Thailand, Peru, Jamaica, Florida five times, Philadelphia, and various other states. For 2015, we’re already planning on Mexico, Bahamas, Peru, Costa Rica, and maybe Scotland or France. Much of our travel is business, but we’re also passionate about serving mission efforts overseas.

Alicia J. Waters it works global independent distributor

on working through it: If someone asked me a year ago about my biggest obstacles in life, I would’ve said leaving a 13-year abusive marriage and raising two girls as a broke, single mother. But June 6, 2014, I received news that changed everything: I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Follicular Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This was not news I wanted to hear at a time I thought I had it all together—new house, new marriage, strong career. It was devastating for our entire family, but we’re dealing with it. We have not overcome cancer, but we’re living, loving, and staying strong. We all have tough times, but I’m not going to let those things keep me from living the greatest, fullest life imaginable. I could make excuses, but I choose to make memories! Alicia J. Waters lives in Maiden, NC, and is an independent distributor for It Works Global, a direct sales health and wellness company that offers the famous “Wrap,” as well as natural and botanical dietary aids, supplements, and skincare lines. For more information, to order products, or to open your own It Works business, contact Alicia at 704.964.2646 or visit

By: leslie ogle | photography by: Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photography

Alicia j. waters LKNW recognizes a woman doing exceptional work in the Lake Norman community, a leader who is paving the way to changing our attitudes and inspire confidence in the future.


36 LKN






routine The Rhythm of A

By: Amy Hallman | photography by: Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photography

J u li e Mills , o w n e r o f Progressive Pilates in C o r n e l i u s , always wanted

a career in physical therapy, but college program options at the time were limited. Instead, she earned a degree in business administration from Bowling Green State University. Just before entering college, she fortuitously attended a friend’s wedding, where she met Dan, who was about to begin college himself on the GI Bill, after four years in the Air Force. Fast forward to three weeks after graduation, they married and moved to Cincinnati. It’s been 31 years. Julie spent 16 years in the corporate world, in both telecommunications and aircraft parts supply. Since 1998, she’s been a personal trainer; and in 2001, she realized how to focus her passion for fitness. “Pilates, the whole mind-body connection, really spoke to me,” Julie says. “Pilates doesn’t take away from other activities; it enhances other fitness and life routines.” Moving to Lake Norman was a good decision, though leaving family was tough. They have six nephews, all in Ohio, ranging in age from 13 to 28, with whom they still love spending time, particularly at Bengals games! Both Julie and Dan started new businesses in that same year. She found that consistency is key in starting a new venture. “It’s challenging because you’re the last one to get paid; but I knew it was right,” Julie says. “Routine—and


38 LKN


Julie Mills progressive pilates owner

coffee, made with almond milk and cinnamon—is important,” Julie laughs. “And it starts with breathing. Breathing properly activates core musculature, alleviates stress, and reduces blood pressure; it’s the very first thing we teach.” WHAT IS YOUR VERY BEST SPLURGE?

Because Julie is the only licensed instructor in the Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® methods of exercise in the Lake Norman area, only Progressive Pilates offers these current fitness approaches. “In most exercise, movements are linear, though, in real life, we don’t really move in a straight line,” Julie says, who also has the brand’s required, licensed equipment. “Our daily movements can compress energy back into the body. The circular, spiral movements improve flexibility, resilience, and strength, allowing joints to move without jarring or compression.”

when exit 28 was undergoing construction, we had to work together because it was really tough for a while.”

Also, Julie broadened her community and built connections by joining the Rotary Club. “Collaborating with other businesses, especially right here is important. You want to look out for them, and you want them looking out for you. For example,

Julie was nominated for the WISH Society of Honorees by friend and previous WISH Woman of the Year, Robin Salzman. “When I had the opportunity to nominate someone, immediately Julie came to mind,” Robin says. “I was thrilled to be able to pass the torch to her! She’s a smart businesswoman and an incredible motivator with a loving, giving soul. I am proud to be her friend. She gave her whole heart, like everything else in her life.”

“Taking a day (or 2!) & disconnect, I turn off my cell and don’t check email. When we are available 24/7, it’s necessary to unplug and re-charge!”

Julie has been a leader in the Rally for the Cure, a golf fundraiser at NorthStone Country Club, benefitting the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This year, the campaign raised more than $17,000. Last November, Julie was honored as WISH (Women Inspiring Strength & Hope) Woman of the Year in collaboration with MakeA-Wish. The Woman of the Year is determined by total funds raised in her class. Julie raised $26,530.





Compounding Pharmacists

tailor care

When driving to a pharmacy, you may have noticed a sign in the window of some that reads, “Compounding Available,” and you may wonder what that is. Long before giant pharmaceutical companies manufactured the medications used regularly today, patients with doctors’ prescriptions in-hand visited their local pharmacist to have their medications individually compounded, or mixed, especially for them. When some medications became in high demand, mass production of drugs and medication began. Today, we realize that the mass manufacturing of pharmaceuticals will not fully—or simply—fill every patient’s need all the time. So back to the compounding pharmacist we go, to individualize patient medication therapy once again. As in the past, the compounding pharmacist, known as the “problem solver,” practices the art and science of preparing prescriptions by mixing the ingredients to create specific compounds. Today, this individualization is essential in the threefold relationship of the patient, physician, and pharmacist as we can all work together to customize dosages, while addressing potential allergies and variable formulations.


40 LKN





| 01


Several reasons make compounded preparations necessary, and some simply facilitate a patient’s ability to take the medication at all. Some examples are: Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) This medication is available in a variety of dosage formulations such as capsules, creams, ointments, troches, or gels. Alternate or different formulation requirement For patients with difficulty swallowing or tolerating tablets or capsules, pharmacists can prepare a liquid, transdermal gel, or cream for treatment. Infants and small children who cannot swallow a tablet or capsule can take Prilosec in liquid form, which is only prepared by a compounding pharmacist. Allergies Patients with allergies to particular preservatives, dyes, or inactive ingredients can have their medication prepared without said ingredients. For example, one commercially produced progesterone capsule has a base in peanut oil, and a compounding



h |T


s to



pharmacist can prepare the progesterone without the peanut oil. Specific dosage strengths Medication dosages that are not readily available from pharmaceutical manufacturers can be produced to match the patient’s need. Combining medications Combining compatible medications into a single-dosage formulation helps patients take multiple medications to improve compliance or to help with side effects. Patients undergoing hormone replacement therapy can have estrogen cream and testosterone cream combined so they only have to apply one cream instead of two. Pediatric and veterinary medicine Pharmacists can prepare unique dosage formulations and possibly include flavor products for these special situations. Hospice and pain management This specialty has many possibilities within dosage formulation and strengths.

Doug Balog is the compounding pharmacist at HealthSmart Pharmacy, located at 108 Leaning Oak Dr. in Mooresville, where these and other pharmacy opportunities are available. For more information, visit or call 704.658.1184. | FEBRUARY 2015

IRED-286 Lake Norman Woman Print Feb 2015_3.56x9.85 FINALHR.pdf



11:36 AM




DON’T MISS A BEAT Trusting your heart to our expert team of innovative cardiologists and vascular surgeons can keep you ticking. With sophisticated cardiac imaging, certified chest pain diagnosis and treatment, and the county’s first Interventional Cardiology program for early stage heart attack treatment, we’re providing state-of-the-heart care for our neighbors right when they need us. | 704-873-5661





better me

better you

better world

Mind Body Spirit The mind, body, and spirit are intimately connected. Because unhealthy thoughts and emotions can create a vicious cycle that leads to unhealthy physical patterns, we can choose a victorious path that includes a positive, healing, uplifting spiral. By mixing the ingredients of attitude and action, we can change the flavor of our own lives. Learn to nurture your body and soul to lead a more balanced life.

Disease Can Be Preventable

By: John J. Ballas, DC

can you guess the most common misconception that we hear from patients about the cause of their disease, or dis-ease? In fact, this reply is so over-used and misunderstood that we wish we could erase it as an option altogether to help our patients consider their own responsibility.

A s do c t o r s ,

The misconception is: “It’s hereditary.” According to The New England Journal of Medicine, in 2010, 78 percent of people in the United States died from preventable lifestyle causes. Yale University reports that only 25 percent of illness is related to genetics. We have a saying in our office: “Heredity loads the gun, and lifestyle fires it.” In many cases, heredity is a factor, but most often it’s not the factor. The U.S. spends more on health care than any other nation, though little focus or funding goes into intervention and wellness, the first line of therapy. All sound medical advice regarding acute disease begins with prevention and healthy lifestyle choices. If the advice you’re getting isn’t prevention and healthy lifestyle choices, you are receiving sickness care, not wellness care. Sickness care


42 LKN


is reactive, once you’re already sick; and it can keep you that way by creating a cycle of treating symptoms with chemical processes that cause new problems (You’ve seen the fine print in pharmaceutical commercials.). Wellness care is proactive, designed to work with you when you’re well and keep you that way. The World Health Organization defines wellness as: A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. We would add that it includes actively being aware and responsible for a healthy, fulfilling life through all our choices. We can’t only think about our health when we see signs of physical distress. By that time, the dis-ease has been developing for some time. Breast cancer, for example, can exist in the body 5 to 7 years before it’s diagnosable; and for 90 percent of people with heart disease, the first sign is a fatal heart attack. With 70 percent of the U.S. workforce sitting, when do we move? With the biochemical stresses of prescriptions, chemically processed foods, sugar overload, and environmental toxicities we ingest, when

do we give our bodies clean, pure fuel to turn into energy? With the frantic pace at which we operate our lives and the level of stress and anxiety we accept, when do we experience peace, rest, mental quiet, and clarity of mind? Love yourself enough to avoid the trigger of poor lifestyle choices, and make health about your abilities instead of your disabilities. Adjustments to the spine may lower blood pressure and provide a better heart rate in individuals suffering from hypertension. Ballas Chiropractic doctors are trained in blood chemistry analysis and nutrition to assist positive lifestyle changes that facilitate heart health. There are three abilities every person needs to be well: 1. Response-ability: You have the ability to choose you every day.

2. Adapt-ability: Give your body what it needs to adapt to its environment without becoming ill.

3. Account-ability: As your doctor, I will care about you enough to help you change your behaviors by actually teaching you how to be healthy.

Dr. John J. Ballas, a Charlotte native, has been practicing chiropractic medicine for 16 years. He is a certified chiropractic sports physician, specializing in Cox flexion distraction technique, applied kinesiology, acupuncture and Kennedy spinal decompression. For more information about Ballas Chiropractic, call 704.896.8080 or visit ©Andybor |

Local author Kathleen Cowley introduces her new children’s book

Cameron’s Organized Day! $16.99 From clothes and cereal to tools and bugs, Cameron discovers how much fun it is to sort and organize throughout the day. A great read-aloud book for children, it allows your kids to join Cameron as he learns basic organizing skills. Fun and effective, this book is sure to please!

“In a very natural and charming way, Cameron’s Organized Day! shows children the value of being organized and the pleasure of living in a tidy and uncluttered space. I loved it!” –Peter Walsh of Clean Sweep

To order, visit:

Schedule Kathleen for a reading to your class or organization by email at or call 704.881.4287






do n’t

f o rge t

t o

By: leslie ogle | photography by: Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photography


“A trip to Hawaii for two weeks”

Shelly Quinn GBC Mortgage branch manager and senior loan officer

B e nja m in F r anklin said t wo t h ings a r e c e r t ain in lif e :

death and taxes. But Shelly Quinn, branch manager and senior loan officer with GBC Mortgage in Huntersville, would add another certainty in her life: laughter! Shelly understands the importance of humor in her “suit and tie” world.

“I think it’s important to keep things in perspective,” Shelly says. “My work can be serious sometimes so you have to keep your sense of humor. Laughing is truly the best medicine in life! Getting together and laughing with my friends keeps me sane;


44 LKN


my girlfriend weekends save me a lot of money because I don’t need therapy—they are my therapy!” Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Shelly has four younger brothers. She’s been married to her high school sweetheart, Sean, for more than 30 years, and they have two grown children: Brian and Colleen. Brian, who lives in Durham, is married and has a master’s degree in history from Virginia Tech. He is preparing to leave for Munich, Germany, for five months to become a master craft beer brewer; he wants to open his own

brewery someday. Colleen lives in Richmond, Virginia, as a strategy analyst for CarMax corporate. She graduated from the UNC-Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School, in which she participated in their “globe” program, which took her to Denmark and Hong Kong for a year. “My greatest achievement is motherhood,” Shelly beams. “My parents were great inspirations, and I hope I have been for my children. They seem to be doing great—maybe a little of that came from our parenting.” After moving several times in her life, Shelly thought she’d like to go into real estate. However, at the time, the hours seemed to conflict with her family life. She soon found herself applying for a home loan when moving to North Carolina, and the bank offered her the loan and a job. Shelly is not shy to show her immense gratitude for that opportunity and still takes immeasurable delight in her chosen profession. Transitioning through the phases of our lives can be difficult—kids grow up, circumstances change. But Shelly seems to have the right perspective, appreciating each new chapter in her life. “We all face obstacles and challenges in life,” Shelly explains, “but with the love and support of my husband and family, I’ve been able to get through anything that has gotten in my way or slowed me down. Going forward, I hope to have many more days to share with my husband, watch my kids become awesome adults, and maybe have grandchildren someday.” Shelly says she has learned many life lessons but being trustworthy and honest are the most important. She prides herself on being a trusted advisor as a mortgage consultant as well as a trustworthy friend. “I have loyal friends because they know they can trust me,” she says. “I am able to stay motivated each day because I love the people I work with and meet each day, and I love seeing their happy faces when they are handed keys to their new home.”

A NEW Neighborhood on the western shore of Lake Norman featuring: • Single Family Homes from the $210’s • Located in Denver, NC • Two fully decorated models • Offering floor plans ranging from 1700-3000 sqft 3-5 bedroom, 2-3.5 bath • Community Pool and Cabana are currently under construction • Community will feature future boat storage • Easy Access to Charlotte, Mooresville, Huntersville, and Cornelius

Bring this ad in by 2/28/15 and receive a Stainless Steel appliance package with the purchase of a Landis Reed Home.







Drum roll, please! Lake Norman Woman Magazine is pleased to reveal our newly designed website.

We’ve worked hard to provide you an online resource

you’ll L VE to use! Our new site features: a reference list of the kinds of stories we want to learn from you so you can contact us any time throughout the year;

an online edition of the magazine, so you can share your favorite stories on your social media;

an updated distribution list so you know exactly where to get a copy of LKNW;

web-only content, such as archived articles and our blog

answers to your Frequently Asked Questions;

And we’d like to thank Tammi Murphy, from Blarney Stone Marketing in Cornelius, for designing and hosting our new site!

“ Scene”

w i t h



Be Scene La k e N o rma n W o ma n is getting out and about each month, looking for great events and the fabulous and exciting Lake Norman people who are making them happen! So next time you’re at a chamber event, a new business in the area, or just out having fun, look for Lake Norman Woman and our camera. Who knows, you just might find yourself in next month’s

“Scen e With Lak e Norman Woma n!” Primrose School of Lake Norman owner Stacey Hinman with Ace & TJ, from “The Ace & TJ Show” and their nonprofit, Grin Kids, hanging out with the Primrose rooster, Percy LKNW’s Amy with Kendall Heath, from Ballas Chiropractic, delivering donated food to Angels & Sparrows Soup Kitchen in Huntersville

LKNW’s Sandy with Sunni Willard, Laura Brewer, and Dr. Jessica Grace at the ribbon cutting for Grace Vision Care in Mooresville Co-owner of Liberty Belle Political Consulting Stacy Phillips, LKN Chamber president Bill Russell, Huntersville commissioner Melinda Bales, and Mecklenburg County commissioner Jim Puckett at the North Mecklenburg Republican Women’s reception for Senator Tillis at the NorthStone Country Club Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board representative Rhonda Lennon (center) with Senator Thom Tillis and Susan Tillis at the North Mecklenburg Republican Women’s reception for Senator Tillis at the NorthStone Country Club


48 LKN


View more

Scene photos & more at our Facebook page: LakeNormanWoman


49 LKN




iving on Lake Nor man will

forever change

INTRODUCING THE NEXT CHAPTER IN :O U R S T O RY: . TH E O V E R L O O K . Lake Norman’s only allwaterfront boutique community.

Nor man, on three sides. It’s our town common and residents share it as if it were a

your daydreams. Your mind will drift from spreadsheets to thoughts of

Savannah garden square or an English park.

cruising, fire-pit wine tastings and maybe, slow

The Overlook is a precious neighborhood

dancing. Your home should make your heart sing

with some rather nice shared features, like a

and your feet move. Introducing the next chapter

soccer-field-sized dog common, community

in the Sisters Cove story: The Overlook and its

docks and fire pit. Your backyard overlooks a

Carriage Collection.

waterfront boardwalk that creates lovely places

Sisters Cove is a small lakeside village that

to casually meet your neighbors–four and two-

has, at its heart, a simplicity and beauty. We

legged. Perfect for waterfront yoga, a painter’s

occupy the longest coastline of undeveloped land

easel, or a little celebratory slow dancing.

on the east side of Lake Norman. That creates a

Every home in this boutique community has a

unique opportunity for a special community. Our

water view. Come see what makes The Overlook

village encircles a quiet cove, a finger of Lake

particularly inviting.

Introducing The Overlook at Sisters Cove. 124 Twin Sisters Lane Mooresville, NC 28117 704.660.0292



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