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The Fairways is a 65 lot golf course community with .5+ acre homesites featuring: • Custom Homes • 18 Hole Championship golf Course • Practice Facility • Club House • Restaurant • Semi-Private 175+ members

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Dana Nieters





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Today, being plugged in relates mostly to technology. But the recent passing of my father has caused me to think about being plugged in in a very different way. I rely on technology for many things: to converse with friends and co-workers, to check the weather, to research articles, to ask my husband to pick up milk, and when my father became ill, to seek answers and cures for his diagnosis. All are beneficial uses for technology, but it occurs to me as I reflect on Dad’s influence on my life, that perhaps we’ve lost more than we’ve gained. My dad was the smartest man I’ve ever known. He frequently expressed to me, then later to his grandchildren, that we would one day appreciate just how smart he was. He was right—we do. And it’s our guess that he is probably explaining to God right now how if He, too, would do things Sam Jordan’s way, it all might run just a little smoother. Dad was also a patriot. He believed our founding fathers had gotten it right, even though we had spent the last 239 years mucking it up. But he believed his grandchildren could get this nation back on track—with his direction, of course. He didn’t impart his directives with fancy words and eloquent speeches; in fact, his fervor often got the best of him, and there was quite a bit of face flushing and fist pounding involved. But though unpolished, his rough-around-theedges passion provided a model for his grandchildren of what it meant to love your country and to live your convictions. My father was not a perfect man—he would be the first to admit that. But his imperfections gave color to his character: he had a determination that you could describe as stubbornness; an

intensity that could occasionally give one pause; a fortitude that at times made him seem aloof. But his imperfections were also strengths that gave his character its wonderful shape. His determination drove his success, his intensity fueled his passion; his resolve made him the bedrock of his family. Though not a man who was comfortable with outward displays, he showed affection in his own way. He didn’t express it in a language that was easy to understand (his typical response to an “I love you” was to nod and grunt something that translated roughly to “I love you, too”); but once you learned his lingo, you could hear Sam Jordan say, “You are my friend,” “Thank you,” “I’m proud of you,” and even, “I love you,” loud and clear. Somehow, I think had my dad shared his intelligence with us via email, its impact might have been lessened. It’s my guess that his fiery passion might have been lost in a text message. Those wonderful shades and shapes may not have shined on Instagram. And I’m absolutely certain that we never would have understood his language on Facebook. I don’t know what my life will be like without my father in it…so much of me is made of what I learned from him. I do know that I would give up every Facebook post, text message, and email I’ll ever send to hear him growl “I love you, too” one more time. So, put down the text machine and step away from the computer. Get plugged in to the people you love, instead. Go visit your sister. Invite your best friend for the weekend. If you’re lucky enough to have your parents with you still, talk to them. I mean really talk—and tell them you love them. Then, just listen. Who knows, they might even grunt an “I love you” right back.


. publisher

C o n tac t Da n a v i a e- m a i l at da n a @ l a k e n o r m a n wo m a n. c o m

dana nieters


April 2015



cleaning apps to get you in the spring of things


traci hampton salon utopia

in every issue 26 30



| april 2015

wo m e n o n th e m ov e 5 th i n g s to d o i n Ap ri l

28 s c e n e w i t h 32 a p r i l f u n

lknw fac t s

Features A Day In the life Dr. Lori Schneider


here she is Laura Catto


success cover story Of Science And Faith


success story Never Give Up On Your Dreams


dr. lori schneider lakeside neurology



laura catto The Goddard School of Huntersville


o n the c over: dr. sharon l. holley of


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Family Autism Facts

Health Correcting Pain From Forward-Head Postures

Home Cleaning Apps To Get You In The Spring Of Things Take Your Smartphone And Run Outside!

Self Destin’s Gift

dentistry for kids


April Is Keep America Beautiful Month

ph oto g r a ph y by:


Be Aware, Stay Safe


mind, body, spirit: Plugging Into Pilates

chelsea bren

april 2015 |




A Day in the Life…


Dr. Lori Schneider

M.D., Lakeside Neurology

Plugged In I’m proud to offer my patients a unique, holistic approach, which combines the best traditional and the best alternative medicines. I’m inspired by Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard-trained physician who founded the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

A l l i n t h e fa m i ly I’ve been married for more than 25 years to my wonderful husband—and business partner—J.P. Riou. We have two beautiful children: Jessica (18) will graduate high school this year, and Justin (13) is in 7th grade. We also have two adorable cats, Jesse and Jasmine.

In her blood

I grew up on Staten Island. I have an older brother, who is a dentist in New Jersey. I wanted to be a doctor since I was 6 years old. In medical school, I became fascinated with the field of neurology because it’s like being a detective for the human body! Enlightenment Working out then relaxing with my family and cats, watching a great movie

© Ivonne Wierink | Dreamstime.com

g u i lt y p l e a s u r e ? da r k c h o c o l at e — i c a n never get enough!

J o b s at i s fa c t i o n

Un-plugged I unwind by watching comedies, such as “Last Man Standing,” “Modern Family,” or “The Big Bang Theory,” or reading a Jennifer Weiner, Nicholas Sparks, or Kathryn Stockett book.

I love my patients and my staff. My staff is my second family! my go-to gadget:

“I would never survive without the calendar on my smartphone for my children’s and my schedules. It is my second brain!”


10 LKN

| april 2015

S tay i n g i n t u n e I read The Charlotte Observer and watch “ABC World News with David Muir” every night.

Balancing Ac t It’s quite a balancing act to keep my practice small and personal to allow my patients enough time, while cost effectively managing the ever-growing overhead.

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cleaning apps to get you

in the spring of things! © Sireonio | Dreamstime.com

Arguably, technology can invade our lives, but some technology can certainly be used for good. You can use a smartphone app to program your washer or dryer to finish the laundry, set or release the security system, and maintain grocery lists, just to name a few. But these apps can help you get your house back in order.

H om e R ou t i ne s

($4.99) by Wunderbear This app offers detailed cleaning lists, which you can arrange by daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or that occasional cleaning. Customize up to seven zones, and this app syncs with your other devices. If you have 10 extra minutes, set the timer and go! Set yourself reminders and earn gold stars—and don’t forget—a cleaner house! C l e an i n g C h e c k li s t

($0.99) by Red Box Productions As well as creating customizable lists, you can add photos and sounds for whatever need you may have. Choose from more than 300 tasks or add your own. You can prioritize tasks, add or delete tasks, and hide or show any number of tasks to facilitate your cleaning experience. You can import and export to communicate with others, and you can use email to check task statuses. +with

Family Packing Travel To-Do Lists

(bundled $1.99) This app can be purchased separately or as a bundle with Cleaning Checklist. The travel app helps make packing easier for the entire family. Choose from lists for family members, such as the baby and pets, or by the destination, such as camping or shopping. U n f i l t h Y ou r H a b i t a t


12 LKN

($0.99) by UfYH, LLC App creator calls this “terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes,” and it doesn’t stop there. The “filth” part of the title is a substitute for the other f-word, so be warned. The description recommends if swearing is a problem for you, don’t buy this app. Still, if you’re not scared off by the language, this app can help you clean your house a little bit at a time. It has customizable lists, and you can arrange your work by room. It even has a rewards feature to reward every 20 minutes of work with a 10-minute break! This app touts a little guilt and shame— and a lot of swearing—to motivate you to a cleaner house. | april 2015

Bri g h t N e s t : H o m e Or g anizatio n, C le a ni ng Sch e d u le s , & DIY C rafts

(free) by BrightNest Set goals, including saving money and reducing allergies, and choose from thousands of articles on upcycling, cleaning with natural products, and how-tos such as changing air filters and unclogging a vacuum cleaner. You can customize your tips and create schedules that work for you and your family. If that’s not enough, you can quiz yourself on what you’ve learned! Th e C h e c k li s t M o m

(free) Red Box Productions This app is for the consummate planner to assign chores, to make lists, and to organize events. It includes a calendar to maintain each family member’s schedule. A premium upgrade affords you pre-populated templates and lists, such as funeral planning, child’s lunch meals, wedding planning, and even used-car shopping. App offers in-app purchases for events such as parties and baby showers and allows you to purchase the Cleaning Checklist and Family Packing Travel app from here. G o o d H o u s e k e e p i ng @ Ho me

(free) by the Zumobi Network This app gives you the same great tips as the tried and true magazine but at your fingertips! It includes stain-cleaning tips, a list of the Good Housekeeping Seal Holders, home décor ideas, news, more tips, and “no-fail cleaning advice” for all your housekeeping needs. Toca House

(2.99) by Toca Boca This app is for those ages 5 and under, to get the little ones to see cleaning as fun, while taking them through the everyday household chores— digitally! Children can virtually mop the floor and wash the windows with this game app. Toca House is also part of a larger Toca Starter Box, which includes games for in the kitchen, in the band, in the hair salon, as a pet doctor, and in the store! The 6-app bundle is $9.99.

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take your smartphone

and Run Outside! By: starr miller

a challenge:

ghbor, u for Dear Nei ank you, thank yo

© Stephen Coburn | Dreamstime.com

Thank you, th me ing in your new ho immediately mov y did the exterior. I actuall and painting the corner n I rounded the happy dance whe hy pink. as no longer peac and saw that it w bor, Your happy neigh Starr

1 Take a picture of your home. 2 Drive around and look at new homes being built, looking for color combinations you like and don’t like. Take pictures. 3 Download a few paint apps. 4 Start playing with some ideas.

So here’s the thing: Your home does not have to stay the original color as when it was built. The door, trim, shutters, and siding are not stuck. They can change and shine! Just because you have had teal shutters for 25 years does not mean that you can’t change them. While many homeowners associations have rules, there are choices that fit into these rules. And while you may fear making a bad choice, especially considering the expense of time and labor, the truth is you were going to paint anyway. Why not freshen up the look? The life expectancy for paint is an average of seven years. To maintain the value of your home, you want to keep up the maintenance, including as much curb appeal as possible. As much as the color trends change in clothing and interiors, they change in exteriors as well. The trends have been away from the yellowy browns and more toward the grays and cooler colors for new homes. This is not an edict that all must go gray, so if you like the browns, freshen up the color just a bit. Browns come in many shades. Some look tired, but some look crisp. Too much pink in the base can make your home look muddy, and too much gray can make your home drab. my go-to gadget:

“Every morning and night, I read books on my Kindle; it’s always with me when I have a few moments—and I read about 48 books a year!”

Several years ago, we changed our khaki trim and deeper-khaki shingles to a crisp white trim with dark green shingles. It took our home from drab to fab! Next time, I may go in an entirely different direction. Starr Miller is the president and principal designer at StarrMiller Interior Design, Inc. Contact her at 704.896.3321 or visit www.starrmiller.com.

5 Buy some paint testers and either paint directly on some samples on the house in a tucked away area, or get some foam board and paint large samples you can hold up against the house. 6 Remember: the color is big on a home. A more subtle hue is always suggested. 7 Once you choose the primary color of your home, learn what the undertones of the paint are (gray, yellow, pink). The apps listed below may help. 8 Pick out your trim color with similar undertones. If you are colorchallenged, don’t be afraid to get help from a professional. 9 Submit your plan to the architectural review board of your neighborhood. 10 Paint!

download this!

Apps for Color


14 LKN

| april 2015

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore

ColorClix by Olympic Paint/Porter

Color Smart by Behr Paint

Color Snap by Sherwin Williams

The Voice of Color by PPG Architectural Finishes

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destin mitchell


This is a nightmare; this is not happening. She had graduated from high school almost a year earlier with a 3.9 GPA and was to start college that Monday because she wanted to be a nurse. After serving two years with AmeriCorps, a nationally recognized community service organization, Destin had earned two scholarships. She built homes for Habitat, bought groceries for elderly people, and rescued every animal she could.

I just kept thinking

Destin’s Gift By: donna mitchell

April is Organ Donation Awareness Month, but it is also the month in which I lost my sweet daughter. In 2008, Destin had a car accident on a Saturday afternoon on her way to pick up her boyfriend to go shopping for his father’s birthday. She was taken to our area hospital and then driven by ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center because of a severe head injury, her only injury.

How could she be on life support at 19 years old with so many dreams in front of her? On Monday morning, the pressure in her brain had spiked. The doctors gave me a 1 percent chance of her making it and suggested we call in the family to tell her goodbye. Around 3 p.m., they pronounced her brain dead. To say my heart was broken would be an understatement. I felt numb, so confused and like part of me had just died. How could I live without my precious baby girl?

donna & daughter, destin

my go-to gadget:

“I use the GPS all the time; my sister just asked what we ever did before GPS, and I said M-A-P!”


18 LKN

| april 2015

The nurse said Destin had marked that she wanted to be an organ donor on her driver’s license and then asked if we were ready to meet with LifeLink. We agreed. My husband, Glen, Destin’s boyfriend, Johnny, and I sat in her ICU room and held her hand while we discussed each organ that we would agree to donate. Her heart, her lungs, her pancreas, her kidneys, her liver, and her corneas would all be donated. They asked for her bones and skin, which caught me off guard, and I couldn’t bear the thought, so I said no. Looking back, I wish that I had agreed. She could have helped many more people that way.

The next morning her organ donation surgery was performed, and she saved four lives. Just knowing that her heart is beating and her lungs are full of air and that her pancreas is helping a lady, who had lived with diabetes from the age of 2, to enjoy Destin’s favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip, makes me feel better today. There’s not a day that goes by that my arms don’t ache to hug her again, but we know in our hearts this is what she wanted to do: to help people. Even in death, she made a difference.

april 2015 |




{ h e r e she i s } An LKN Woman who personifies what makes Lake Norman Women so great

laura c at t o

H o m e to w n : O c o n o m o w o c , W i s c o n s i n LKN To w n : H u n t e r s v i l l e H o u s e h o l d : H u sba n d C h r i s , s o n R u ss ( 3 ) , da u g h t e r A b i ( 1 8 m o n t h s ) , d o g Ot to, a n d c at To n y

The power of a child’s heart:

It really does keep you young to be around the kids every day. I think I get it honestly because my parents both had nurturing jobs: my mom is a nurse and Dad, a teacher. It’s incredibly heart-warming to have the kids say, “Ms. Laura, will you stay and eat lunch with us?” or “Ms. Laura, look at my art project I made for you.” Those moments are priceless. Not to mention the hugs!

Getting away and having fun:

Our family loves to travel. I enjoy the adventure, but it also helps me in my work because I feel that getting to meet and discover new people, places, and cultures make me a better educator. I get the unique perspective and become more understanding. Paris was one of my favorite trips, and my husband and I both embrace our heritage. Chris has even competed in the Scottish games here at Rural Hill, and our children both have authentic kilts.

Making a difference:

When business is pleasure:

This is truly my dream job because I always had a love for the business side of things; I wanted to be a CEO or a female Donald Trump when I was younger. Owning a Goddard School, I get to run a business and I get the immense joy of working with children. While looking for a school for my oldest child, Russell, I found The Goddard School and loved the whole concept.

I love knowing that I help parents feel comfortable leaving their most precious possession with me—that’s amazing! It drives me to do better every single day. As a mother, I am happy to be able to offer a great educational and loving experience. The hardest thing any mother does is to leave her child with others to go to work. It’s so important to help that choice be an easier one, and I am really proud of my school!

my go-to gadget:


“I love my GPS because I don’t want to think about where I have to turn.”

i am an LKN oman because… I love my community, and I wanted to provide the highest quality preschool experience for the children of Lake Norman.


20 LKN

Laura Catto is the owner of The Goddard School® located in Huntersville at 9534 Kincey Ave. The school offers programs for infants through preschool and focuses on academic, social, creative, and child-centered development. Call them today to arrange a tour at 704.489.3893, or visit their website at http://www.goddardschool.com/HuntersvilleNC. | april 2015

By: leslie ogle | photography by: chelsea bren

Mention this ad and schedule a

FREE CLASS TODAY! New Clients Only. Expires May 15, 2015.

We train Sports Teams too! We have 10 Reformers in one room!


478 Williamson Road • Mooresville, NC 28117 www.15toFit.com

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family © Zurijeta | Dreamstime.com

autism a few national resources Autism Science Foundation 29 West 39th St., Ste. 502 New York, NY 10018 contactus@ autismsciencefoundation.org www.autismsciencefoundation.org 212.391.3913 Autism Society of America 4340 East-West Hwy., Ste. 350 Bethesda, MD 20814 www.autism-society.org 800.3AUTISM (328.8476) Autism Speaks, Inc. 1 East 33rd St., 4th Floor New York, NY 10016 contactus@autismspeaks.org www.autismspeaks.org 888.288.4762 National Association of Special Education Teachers 1250 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Ste. 200 Washington, D.C. 20036 800.754.4221 contactus@naset.org www.naset.org



According to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NIH), autism is a complex brain development disorder. It is a spectrum disorder, meaning people with autism may have a range of symptoms (with varying degrees) that affect communication, social, and “stereotyped,” or routine behaviors.

2 3

While diagnosis is easier to make for a child from 2 to 6 years old, researchers now say that children as young as 4 months may exhibit signs. Babies with autism may not make proper eye contact with others, smile, follow an object with their eyes, grasp an object, babble, or pay attention to new or engaging stimuli. Any concerns are worthy of a trip to your doctor. © Oksun70 | Dreamstime.com


22 LKN

| april 2015

4 5

Since there is no cure for autism, early diagnosis and intervention is imperative. Treatments include educational and behavioral strategies, medications, and other therapies. Despite the disruptive behaviors, most people with autism are intellectually exceptional, often excelling in visual skills, music, and academics. While it is estimated that 40 percent have an IQ less than 70, many have above-average intelligence.


Autism Speaks states that approximately 1 in 68 American children, accounting for more than 3.5 million Americans, are on the autism spectrum; and the disorder is more prevalent in boys, with an estimated 1 out of 42 boys diagnosed as opposed to 1 in 189 girls.


For more information about autism spectrum disorder visit www.nichd.nih.gov or www.autismspeaks.org.

april 2015 |




science of


faith By: amy hallman | photography by: chelsea bren

Often when we see ourdentists outside the office— out of their environment—it can take a minute to process how we know them. We identify them with the scrubs and maybe the mask and gloves they wear, and often from the prone position in a dental chair, so to see one “in the wild,” so to speak, such as at the grocery store or in a movie theater, can be surprising. Not so with Dr. Sharon L. Holley, pediatric dentist at Dentistry For Kids in Huntersville, because Dr. Holley scrapped her scrubs about seven years ago for her regular clothes. “I’d just decided if I didn’t, I’d never get to wear my clothes,” she laughs, “and that didn’t reconcile with my love for clothes shopping.” Another factor was influence. She remembered from growing up, her mother always went to work in a suit, a dress, or a great pair of slacks. “She was professional,” Dr. Holley recalls, “and she always looked the part. I wanted that.”


24 LKN

| april 2015

Dr. Holley grew up in Chester, South Carolina. After earning a B.S. in biology from South Carolina State University, she earned her doctorate of dental medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston in 1994. By then, she knew she wanted to pursue pediatric dentistry, but she thought she should experience general dentistry first. Dr. Holley earned a residency at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York. This southern girl enjoyed her experience in the Big Apple for a year and was on line to become chief resident the following year; but she was accepted to the pediatric residency back in Charleston. After completion, she was invited to stay as an assistant professor and teach in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. She taught undergraduate juniors and seniors working in clinical rotations, including subjects such as child behavior management and practice requirements in fillings and sealants. While she enjoyed the work, Dr. Holley realized that a teaching job meant turnover—at least, student turnover—and she wanted something more permanent. After much research and some persuading from friend and colleague Dr. Robert Selden and his family, Dr. Holley opened her pediatric practice in Huntersville in 2002.

Since she was a young girl who loved math, Dr. Holley assumed she would become an elementary school math teacher. But by her junior in high school, she became more interested in dentistry. She had a young cousin who at an elementary-school age, had been banned from several dentists offices. In addition to his behavioral health, his dental health was poor—he was already missing four front teeth—and Dr. Holley knew she wanted to help children like him. It explains so much about Dr. Holley’s care philosophy. “Sometimes my patients look at me strangely, but I asked every one of them, ‘Is there anything you don’t like about your teeth?’” Dr. Holley says. “Dental health is so much more than the obvious; it affects their overall health and also their self-confidence, so their emotional and social health, too.” As another boost to her patients’ selfconfidence levels, she knows their names when she runs into them in public. Her mother, Georgianna Holley, brought her professional experience—and dress code—to Dr. Holley’s office for the first year and a half as office administrator. And even though it’s been more than 10 years ago, she still inquires about her daughter’s office.

always reading, and she enjoys reading with her Audible app. “Right now, I just read John Grisham’s Gray Mountain,” she says. “Sometimes I just want to read something that isn’t a scholarly journal article.” Another passion is travel, and she has a goal to “set foot in every state.” With about 30 under her belt, the top of her U.S. travel to-do list is Alaska and the northwest corridor. In a profession that requires continuing education, she feels fortunate that one of those experiences was assembled on a cruise ship, which included a 10-day Mediterranean exploration of places such as Europe, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Croatia. But back home, Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon top her list of favorites so far. “I believe in the Creator,” Dr. Holley says. “And these two enormities in nature show me His magnificence.”

Dr. Holley enjoys the intimacy of having a small practice, and though she does plan to add an associate, she doesn’t see herself opening additional dental offices and traveling between multiple locations. “It’s important to talk with every single parent of my patients,” she shares. “It’s busy, but the time with parents is valuable.” Dr. Holley has worked with Give Kids a Smile, which is sponsored by the American Dental Association, by donating her time and her skills to treat children in need. She has also volunteered with Missions of Mercy, which treats adults in need. She has moved to Davidson, and she and her Maltese, Lexi, enjoy regular walks through Jetton Park. While she is single, she admits she’s still open to the possibility of “Mr. Right” coming along one day. Dr. Holley divides her time between church and spoiling her niece, Camryn, 7. Dr. Holley is

my go-to gadget:

“I love trying out new juice and smoothie recipes on my Magic Bullet blender!”

april 2015 |




women o n

t h e

m o v e

LKNSavings.com owner Tammi Murphy has unveiled a new mobile app to “make shopping a local snap.� Updated daily, the app includes Lake Norman’s largest events calendar, discounts, coupons, and loyalty cards (sorted by categories) for local products and services. This app is available through the Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon, or from www.LKNSavings.com4yourmobile.com.

Starr Miller, principal designer of StarrMiller Interior Design, has won Best of Houzz for design and customer service for the third year in a row. The firm was selected from among the more than 500,000 active home-building, remodeling and design industry professionals by the more than 25 million monthly individual users that comprise the Houzz community.

Susan Grabowski with

Young Elites has two new sponsors: Ivester Jackson Distinctive Properties, who generously donated $2,500 as a Silver Medal partner and International Marketing Systems, based in Connecticut, has generously donated $10,000 as Presenting Partner. Young Elites is a local nonprofit organization that aims to promote the intellectual, physical, and social growth for leadership in high school girls.

Amy Schneider and

Community Yoga celebrated its 10th anniversary this winter. As well as its commitment to health, the studio selects two charities to support each year. To celebrate this anniversary, they held an all-day event to raise awareness and to raise funds to plant two trees, one in Cornelius and one in Davidson, to honor the towns that have shown them continued support.


26 LKN

| april 2015

w o m e n

o n

t h e

m o v e

Casa Bella Salon and Spa is pleased to welcome their newest team members, Karina Karina Frutos Katie Hagar Frutos and Katie Hagar . Karina is a licensed nail spa technician

from the Academy of Nails and Esthetics. Katie is a licensed cosmetologist, graduating from Mitchell Community College with a 4.0 GPA.

Amber Sparks has been

promoted to assistant director at Primrose School of Lake Norman in Mooresville. Amber brings more than 10 years experience in child care and has served as administrative assistant and as curriculum coordinator in previous roles at the school.

Marilyn Michael, marketing director for Stress Free Home Care in Stanley, was awarded Citizen of the Year at the Stanley Town Council meeting. The award, sponsored each year by Stress Free, recognizes outstanding community volunteer work.

connect with us! Whether you are or know a woman

on the move, looking for events, new businesses in the area, or are willing to contribute your opinion for monthly polls, follow us by visiting www.facebook.com/lakenormanwoman.

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“ Scene”

w i t h



Be Scene L a k e Nor m a n Wo m a n is getting out and about each month, looking for great events and the fabulous and exciting Lake Norman people who are making them happen! So next time you’re at a chamber event, a new business in the area, or just out having fun, look for Lake Norman Woman and our camera. Who knows, you just might find yourself in next month’s “ S ce ne W i t h L a k e Norman

LKNW’s Sandy with Nastia Mauriello, from Mauriello Law Offices in Cornelius

LKNW’s Chelsea celebrates her birthday!

Wom a n ! ”

LKNW’s Amy reads to preschoolers at Primrose School of Lake Norman in Mooresville on Read Across America Day.

LKNW’s Amy and Sandy with “the Clown” at Ass Clown Brewery in Cornelius Nadine Deason of Team Nadine and Judy Green, president and CEO of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, celebrate the grand opening of the firm’s Cornelius office.

Owner Danielle Ratliff with Case Warnemunde at Serenity Now Massage Therapy’s Grand Re-opening

LKNW’s Sandy with owner Colleen Manno at the Christian Brothers Automotive ribbon cutting in Huntersville LKNW’s Sandy and Stephanie with Jennifer Kessler, from Guild Mortgage in Huntersville

View more Scene photos & more at our Facebook page: Facebook.com/ LakeNormanWoman

Uptown Cheapskate employees Lexi and Justin


28 LKN

| april 2015

LKNW’s Stephanie with assistant manager Curtis Stevenson at Smoke Birkdale

calendar 5 Things An LKN


oman Should Do In April

16 Saturday, April 16: Carolina Raptor Center 30th Anniversary


Carolina Raptor Center, 6000 Sample Rd., Huntersville The center wraps up its year-long celebration of 30 years of raptor rehabilitation and science education. Take the family—and your camera—and visit the Raptor Trail on this day for free!

18 Sat. & Sun. April 18 & 19:

Saturday & Sunday, April 18 & 19: Art on the Green

Davidson Village Green, 216 South Main St., Davidson This popular annual art festival brings many to enjoy art, live music, and food. Artists throughout the region will have art displayed and for sale. A localart gallery crawl will kick off as a precursor on Friday night along South Main St.

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22 nd Annual Rural Hill Scottish Festival & Loch Norman Highland Games

4431 Neck Rd., Huntersville Over 30 Scottish clans and their representatives will be on hand for live traditional and Celtic rock music, Highland dancing, Scottish country dancing, amateur heavy athletics, whiskey seminars, a Kids’ Zone, and Rural Hill’s famous historic encampment.

Saturday, April 25: Earth Day Celebration

Robbins Park, 17738 W. Catawba Ave., Cornelius 10 a.m.-12 noon This Cornelius PARC event includes demonstrations and information from Davidson College Herpetology Lab and Lake Norman Wildlife Conservationists. You can learn how to install a butterfly garden, improve wildlife habitats, and go on nature walks, or do arts and crafts. © Saje | Dreamstime.com

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Saturday, April 25: 2015 Iredell Garden Fair

444 Bristol Dr., Statesville This free event will have a plant sale, vendors, hands-on activities, demonstrations, and master gardener volunteers to answer questions. The public is free to explore the demonstration garden, ask questions, and get ideas for their home gardens.

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i n

t h e

c a r d s


f UN fa c t s © Alexander Makarov | Dreamstime.com

Easter is celebrated on the

first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring. © nkzs

the Russian Czar commissioned the jeweler, Faberge, to design an enameled egg each year for Easter.

In 1885,

The first of these 50 Faberge egg had a diamond miniature crown and tiny ruby egg.

The 119 th Boston Marathon is

Monday, April 20. The best women’s time is 2:18:57 by Rita Jeptoo of Kenya in 2014. April is Alcohol Awareness Month, which includes Alcohol-Free Weekend (April 3-5) , inviting all Americans to abstain from drinking to learn more about alcoholism.

704.608.9470 AnnieLewisEventPlanning.com Over 20 years of experience planning Corporate, Non-Profit & Milestone events

April is also Autism Awareness Month. About 1 percent of the world population has autism spectrum disorder; in the U.S ., estimates are 1 in 68 births .



In honor of Keep America Beautiful Month, recycle one aluminum can— which saves enough energy to run your television for three hours!


Compiled from: cnn.com; kab.org; ncadd.org; autism-society.org

i n

t h e

Our Goal is to Exceed Your Expectations! We offer the Highest Level of Professionalism, Quality Workmanship & Customer Service! Fully Licensed & Insured Over 25 years of Experience

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c a r d s

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Correcting Pain

from Forward-Head Postures By: bob weir

Sherrington’s Law of Reciprocal Innervation

Also called Sherrington’s Law II, this theory explains how a muscle will relax when its opposite muscle is activated. For example, think about the reciprocal relationship between your tricep and your bicep. One keeps the other in check. This innervation occurs so that the contraction of one muscle results in the simultaneous relaxation of its inverse muscle. This can cause entire muscle groups to weaken over time, creating overall soreness and fatigue.

The Fight Against Gravity The neck has the difficult task of supporting the weight of the head (1015 pounds). It can be like balancing a bowling ball on a broom stick! To get an idea of how much strain is on the neck muscles, go to the grocery store and pick up two 5-pound bags of sugar and hold them with one arm. How long does it take until your arm starts to hurt? When the head moves forward at all while sitting at a computer or texting, the posterior neck muscles must tighten to support the weight of the head and hold it up. At first, it may not hurt or even feel like it is working hard. Since the muscles are fighting gravity, they start to ache. If muscles remain tight and in the same position for a long time, they actually become deprived of oxygen and accumulate lactic acids, which creates pain.


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Treatment & Pain Relief

© Pixattitude | Dreamstime.com

Muscle Balancing To make matters worse, the muscles that pull the head forward become dominant in the balancing of these anterior and posterior neck muscles. The strongest of these anterior cervical muscles is the sternocleidomastoid, commonly known as SCM. When these muscles become too tight, they can produce pain patterns that mimic a migraine, with pain traveling above the eye and around the sinuses. This is why hypertonic, or excessively tense, SCM muscles in your neck can cause the headaches that you thought were migraines or sinus headaches!

Neuromuscular therapy or medical massage to release the tight SCM and pectoral muscles in the chest will allow the head and neck to move back where they belong. By doing this, the posterior neck muscles, along with the trapezius and rhomboid muscles between the scapula, will relax, no longer trying to correct the poor forward-head posture. In short, to make the back of the body feel better, you must massage and loosen the muscles in the front of the body. To help maintain this correct posture and keep the muscles from falling back into their painful misalignment, you will need to commit to strength training for the upper back, shoulders, and neck, along with regular massage therapy.

Bob Weir, LMBT, MMP, CKTP, NC License #3040, is the owner of LKN Massage in Cornelius. He specializes in medical massage, myoskeletal alignment, and Kinesio® taping and is certified in multiple areas. For more information, or to make an appointment, call 704.892.1955 or visit www.lknmassage.com.

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Keep America Beautiful Month

© Gustavotoledo | Dreamstime.com

{ April is }

Do your share

www.iwanttoberecycled.org Most of us recycle to some degree but there is a greater need to implement the proper and most efficient ways to recycle. Go from an occasional recycler to an everyday recycler.

More than 50 years ago, the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful (KAB.org) was founded. The organization is dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment. Americans produce about 200 million tons of garbage each year; and while 70 percent of it is recyclable, we only recycle about 30 percent. Beyond refuse, we leave our sloppy footprints on our planet in various other ways, also.

GameDay Recycling Challenge

www.gamedaychallenge.org This friendly competition encourages colleges and universities to implement waste reduction programs during home football games. According to their website, this challenge recycled 1,098 tons of recyclable items across college football stadiums in the United States.

© Ch


ski |

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According to DoSomething.org, humans create about 21.5 million tons of food waste annually. Composting that amount of food equates to taking 2 million cars off the road, and recycling 100 aluminum cans yields the same amount of energy to light a bedroom for two weeks.

www.upcyclethat.com Turn trash into treasure! Old metal objects can become birdhouses; worn tires become new flip-flops; tattered wood becomes furniture, décor, or art.

Every little bit helps.

Kick Butt

www.preventcigarettelitter.org Cigarettes are the most littered item in the country. Visit KAB’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program website to learn how to create an initiative in your community. You can create awareness, install ashtrays, and distribute personal ashtrays.


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www.graffitihurts.org Understand the difference between street art and destructive graffiti. The site provides communities with educational tools and programs to help reduce graffiti.

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Traci Hampton salon utopia owner


Never Give Up On Your By: leslie ogle | photography by: chelsea bren

G r o w i n g u p in Iron Mountain, Michigan, life was good for Traci Hampton, owner of Salon Utopia in Cornelius. The small city in the upper peninsula of the state provided a Norman-Rockwell-esque upbringing for the shy youth, though Traci had her sights on something more.

Traci has been married to her high school sweetheart, Bill, for nearly 26 years. Recognizing the rarity of such a bond, Traci says, “Hard to believe, but we started dating when I was just 15 and he was 16,” she smiles. “We have truly watched each other grow up; he is my best friend.” The couple has three daughters. Rachel, 22, is a hairstylist (she graduated from the Aveda Institute in Charlotte) and also attends UNC-Greensboro. Amanda, 19, is in preveterinary studies at Clemson University; and Morgan, 15, is a high school sophomore. “I’m very proud of my family,” Traci beams, “and we really enjoy each other’s company too—just lead us to the lakeshore on a hot summer’s day, and we’re good!”


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Admittedly, family days like that can be few and far between, and it’s not just the girls’ schedules that make the days fly by; Traci’s roles as salon owner, manager, and style consultant keep her pace busy. While Traci is grateful for her time as a stay-at-home mom, she always knew she would open her own business when the time was ripe. Once her children got older, Traci began looking to buy her own store. “I had gone quite a bit to Atlanta with a friend, Beth Taflinger, to shop for her store,” she recalls, “and I knew it was just a matter of time before I would open my business. I was extremely lucky finding this salon, and I have the best team an owner could ask for.” Traci says she is grateful for so much in her life but gives a special nod to her parents and grandparents. Her mother was a hairstylist and her father owned a variety of businesses, including the local Wendy’s where Traci got her first job. Talented and confident in her abilities, she kept chasing her dreams—and caught them!

“I was very close to my grandmother,” Traci says. “She showed me by example how to be a hard-working, independent woman; when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I realized the importance of living life like there is no tomorrow. In dealing with her disease, I just tried to remember all the good times and to do what she had taught me: to enjoy every moment of life, to pursue your passion, and not to take anything for granted.” Traci would like to expand her business, possibly owning more salons. She understands what is involved in such an endeavor, but it does not stifle her determination. “I’ve learned that you have to persevere and not sweat the small stuff. To quote John Lennon, ‘Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’ I think if you follow your dreams my go-to with passion and gadget: “My Fitbit motivates me enthusiasm and and tracks my steps value family, faith, and sleep. My entire family has a friendly and honesty, it’s competition on our weekly steps.” hard to go wrong.”


DID YOU KNOW? There are over 80,000 chemicals in use in the US alone, thousands

of which are banned overseas. Of those, only a very small percentage of those chemicals are regulated at all. Leading third party research directly links these chemicals in the products we use everyday with serious concerns and health risks.*







*Each health risk has been sourced by a vetted, third-party resource. Plese refer to TakeTheToxicTest.com for specific sources.




Melanie Jones 980-721-6137 // Molly LaPorta 312-804-1010 Visit: TakeTheToxicTest.com/livehappy or hhmollylaporta.com

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Be Aware, Stay Safe

the Centers for Disease Control, one in five American women has been the victim of rape (or attempted rape) in her lifetime. Additionally, 1.3 million women are physically assaulted each year, and more than 15 percent of all women have reported being stalked. While statistics show that these crimes are often committed by “intimate partners” (husband, boyfriend, etc.), millions of women are victims of violence each year overall. The National Organization for Women’s Safety Awareness offers tips for being aware and being prepared. Acc o r d i n g to

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Face first, groin second The best line of defense

Be aware of your surroundings When you’re

out and about, your mission is to check your environment, not your texts. Who is standing where? Who is walking and who is sitting? What’s the lighting like? Don’t listen to music or talk on the phone.

Don’t isolate yourself Walk among others

and keep a quick pace. Don’t go into alleys or stairwells alone. If you’re not comfortable getting on an elevator with someone, don’t. Trust your instincts!

Cop an attitude Walk with a

deliberate and confident stride. If someone is behind you or walking too closely, call them out. Make eye contact and even speak to those who are getting too close for comfort. It takes away the element of surprise and puts you in control.


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if you have to strike out is to try to gouge your assailant’s eyes or shove the palm of your hand upwards toward his nose. The knees and groin are also good targets but go for the face first. Strike fast and strike hard! Run for your life

While how you react is eventspecific, experts agree it’s best to make a lot of noise and run! Never go with your assailant to another location. If there is a weapon involved, throw your purse or briefcase (or whatever you have) at the attacker and run like mad!

Weapons Pepper spray and similar items can be tricky because they are often hard to get to when you’re in a difficult spot, and they can be used against you. Also, pepper spray is not effective on everyone, so your attempt may only aggravate the situation. Tip: Carry your keys (with your hand in a fist) so that a key is sticking out between each clinched finger. Phone apps may be the best weapon Apps like

SOS iEmergency, My Panic Alarm, and Attack Alarm SOS can sound alarms, notify authorities, contact your “in case of emergency” person, and do other safety tactics.

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better me

better you

better world

Mind Body Spirit The mind, body, and spirit are intimately connected. Because unhealthy thoughts and emotions can create a vicious cycle that leads to unhealthy physical patterns, we can choose a victorious path that includes a positive, healing, uplifting spiral. By mixing the ingredients of attitude and action, we can change the flavor of our own lives. Learn to nurture your body and soul to lead a more balanced life.

Plugging into

Pilates By: Patrea Aeschliman

I f yo u r N e w Y e a r ’ s health and fitness resolution has waned or just completely veered off the tracks, it’s not too late to reconnect with your goals and gain energy, strength, stamina, and general well-being in the process.

You hate to exercise.

That’s really no excuse. I hate paying taxes and bills, but the alternative is worse. Write down the price your body pays from not exercising. Not exercising means being weak and out of shape. And as you start to age, your body will literally break down. Your back, neck, and feet will hurt. You will have bad posture, and you’ll be chronically tired. Injuries, surgeries, lethargy, pain...yuck! Next, write down the benefits you can gain for exercise, including ones not related to appearance. Our bodies were designed to move. It’s a biological fact. Remember, being thin is not a sign of being healthy. This will increase your intrinsic motivation and the likelihood that you will continue to exercise long term. You can overcome your exercise hatred.

my go-to gadget:

“While doing the dishes, I like to put on my son’s Beats headphones and dance. I get a little extra calorie burn, and I can’t hear my kids argue!”


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Maybe you’ll never love to exercise, but you can learn to love exercise results more than you hate the process. During the activity, focus on its benefit instead of thinking about how much you hate it—or worse, how out

of shape you feel, compared to others. In Indianapolis, I trained a client that disliked exercise so much that she even flunked gym class in high school! Now, she has stayed with Pilates for more than 15 years and even has a Pilates reformer and chair in her home. She continues to work out on her own twice a week and with a trainer once a week. As a well-followed food blogger, she enjoys her hobby of frequenting restaurants. Even though her hobby is eating, she’s maintained her weight for more than 20 years. Her success is not genetic. Try adding an enjoyable social aspect to your fitness routine. Grab a friend and get moving! You don’t have to torture yourself to get results.

It’s an unrealistic assumption that the results of exercise are immediately noticeable but people still try to move from a completely sedentary lifestyle to jumping into heavy training meant for soldiers or athletes. This training leads to injuries and complete soreness and frustration. Besides, exercise isn’t fun that way. Pilates is a very systematic and controlled form of exercise, which progresses at a consistent rate. Smaller class sizes allow for your form to be corrected; and your exercise not only decreases the risk of injury but actually feels good to your body.

Patrea Aeschliman, owner of 15 to Fit Pilates, Barre, and Fitness at 478 Williamson Road in Mooresville, has a degree in exercise science and more than 25 years professional experience. For more information, call 704.880.8870, or visit www.15tofit.com. ©Andybor | Dreamstime.com


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