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Winter 2016

In This Issue EASYProcess 4.8—What’s New & Improved l pg 2

Customer Spotlight — Amway l pg 4

New to the K-Rise Family l pg 2 cont. 4

EASYProcess now OVI Certified l pg 5

EASYCommerce / EASYPay Updates l pg 3

Employee Spotlight l pg 5

Customer Appreciation Dinner l pg 3

Partnership Spotlight — JDETips l pg 6

New to the K-Rise Family San Remo- An internationally recognized brand and is sold in close to 50 countries around the world. San Remo combines the traditional Italian pasta making “know how” with the most modern technology to deliver an outstanding quality product.

All of our workflow and applications are built on EASYProcess

EASYProcess 4.8 –What’s New & Improved 

Enhanced Integration: Along with existing SOAP Web Services & iFrame functionality, we’ve added robust REST APIs. An example of developed REST APIs are utilized for our EASYCommerce smartphone native app. Design a new REST API with name, input, output associated with a process.

Speed Improvements: Performance enhancements with EASYProcess 4.7 focused on the website. 4.8 focused enhancements to Building, Change Management, Promotions, and more. Bottom line is EASYProcess is significantly quicker in all regards.

Subsystem Monitoring: Batch scheduling runs and manages processes without need for the task manager. Improvements for Log Management and Run-Time System Monitoring for JDE, SQL, and website uptime.

Improved Workflow: More robust and intuitive workflow canvas for simple or complex workflows. Workflow functionality outside of JDE with FTP, Email, etc. Expanded workflow logic like Delegate, Escalate, and Co-ownership.

Enhanced Log View: Updated logger includes Color Coded Alerts, Enhanced Filtering, and Business Function Input View, etc. Enhances usability and maximizes developer efficiency.

Have EASYProcess 4.7 or earlier? Our upgrades are seamless—meaning little downtime on your website! Talk to Doug Palaske about an upgrade today 630-98-2923 x133. 2

Christie’s- The art auction house has been around since 1766. Christie’s offers around 350 auctions annually in over 80 categories. Melling- Is a leading global aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer of fluid (oil, water, fuel) pumps powertrain components to the worldwide transportation industry. Roseburg- An 80+ year old wood products manufacturer, employing more than 3,000 with operations throughout the United States. Large Electronic Control Company- The leader in the lighting control industry and offers a wide selection of energy saving dimmers and lighting control solutions.

Customer Appreciation Dinner at Collaborate17

EASYCommerce / EASYPay Updates For 2016, EASYCommerce & EASYPay projects prevailed at KRise. Existing and new customer requirements are a big part of our new releases / sprints and development roadmap. Here’s a high-level review of our latest EASYCommerce / EASYPay versions (v4.8.7):

Join us for five days of JD Edwards information April 2-6 2017. On Tuesday the 4th, we will be hosting a special dinner for our customers and prospects only. We will be discussing future updates to EASYProcess, and our customers will share their stories so we can all revel in their success. There’s even plans to create a K-Rise User Group led by our clients.

Cloud vs. On-Prem Deployment: Six out of ten of our 2016 EASYCommerce sales were Cloud based deployments. We have experience with both Rackspace & Microsoft Azure Cloud data center implementations. From ’16 Q4 forward, we are predominately focused on using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for our Cloud / Hosted implementations.

Enhanced JDE Integration: We’ve improved JDE integration in the following areas: o o o o o o o o o o o

SOLR Faceted Search with JDE SRP Cat Codes JDE Configured (Dynamic or Static) and Kit Items Address Book both B2B & B2C, Branch Plants Select Advanced Pricing & Availability F4104 (Item Master Cross-Reference) Usage for Obsolete, Alternate Item # and Cross-Sell Hold Code (Order Review/Release & Credit Card) SQ Order Type for Quotes & Order Conversion Order Status Rules (Header & Line) Invoice Pay (# or now Unapplied Cash) RMA/RGA Process Unit of Measure (Weights / Packing Logic)

New EASYCommerce Functionality: o Feature Configurator to control hundreds of settings like price, availability, branch plant, order type, JDE version, grid columns, Process Flow, etc. at either the System, Group, Account or User Level. o UI Configurator to control hundreds of GUI settings for configurable Landing Page, Cart, Order, Invoice, Account, etc. at the System, Group, Account or User Level. o Freight Method (Carrier or Table) o Search Box (Auto-Predict / Correct, Spellcheck, etc.) o Responsive/Adaptive Design for Smartphone Browser o SEO o Multi-Language with Full Google Translate API Functionality o Google Analytics o Sales Tax (JDE, Vertex, Avalara, TaxWare) o Live Chat Plug In’s.

More details and formal invitations will be sent out early 2017.

Smartphone Native App: o o o o o o

100% REST API based Full Order Create & Portal Inquiry Functionality Apple & Android Support Licensee Owns IP approach Published to Apple App Store & Google Play Camera Scanning for Bar / QA Codes & Credit Card (Name, #, Expiration)

EASYCommerce is extremely robust, intuitive, customizable and scalable. We create Tier 1 (e.g., Grainger) e-commerce / portal solutions at a fraction of the cost of SAP Hybris, Oracle Commerce (ATG/Endeca) and WebSphere Commerce. If you’re interested in knowing more, please call Doug Palaske at 630.898.2923 x133.

Customer Spotlight—Amway

New to the K-Rise Family Cont.

Seeking to Improve Vendor Processes, Amway Teams Up with K-Rise to Produce the Supplier Contact and Item Update Portal

Snyder Paper- Distributes industrial packaging, office products, automated packaging equipment, and janitorial supplies to more than 5,000 nationwide businesses.

BEFORE The process of approving new pricing kept Amway’s vendors in suspense, waiting for approval as the calculations necessary to determine the impact on profits were accomplished both with spreadsheets and substantial JD Edwards work. Both were very time consuming and required substantial training as a Buying Assistant got up to speed. Any time that it was discovered pricing was unacceptable, the process started all over again. Because of Amway’s use of an EASYProcess solution for Purchase Order collaboration, it was seen by procurement staff that EASYProcess would offer a better way.

AstroNova- Serve markets in product identification; airborne flight deck and cabin electronics; and high performance data acquisition. EP Henry- Outdoor living solutions including patios, fire pits, driveways, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens. Graymont- An emerging global leader in the supply of lime and limestone products.

AFTER Amway entered into an agreement with K-Rise Systems to create a unique solution for their pricing team, while also allowing K-Rise Systems to market the product to the JD Edwards community. The solution used the forms and workflow elements of EASYCreate, and many unique elements touching both item pricing and address book information. The final solution, Supplier Contact and Item Update, gave an application that was clean with no double entry, no spreadsheets, or JDE entry.

To view the entire PowerPoint presentation, click here.


King Architectural Metals- Has evolved into a leading national ornamental and architectural metal supply house, serving thousands of customers worldwide.

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EASYProcess now OVI Certified In September, our EASYProcess 4.8 platform was official recognized as being

Give us a call or email for more information or to set up personalized demos.

Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) Certified! This is our second certification with EASYPay being certified at the beginning of the year. Both products went through rigorous testing to ensure the integrity your data will not be compromised.

K-Rise Systems 75 Executive Drive Suite 431 Aurora, IL 60504

Being OVI Certified is an important factor when considering third-party integrated solutions because it ensures that your data is protected, even when there are JD Edwards updates. The official press release is here.

(630) 898-2923 Visit us on the web at

Employee Spotlight Name: Nate Upham Title: Developer At K-Rise Since: April 2016 Why programming? I enjoyed the web design and game design classes I took in high school. When I got into college, I thought about majoring in Astronomy. However, the job outlook for Astronomy wasn’t strong, so I got my Associates, transferred to NIU, and majored in Computer Science with an emphasis on software development. I stuck with programming and found that I really liked it, especially debugging issues. I enjoy the feeling of figuring what is wrong in a program and fixing it. Interesting Facts: I do a lot of charitable work with two organizations I am involved with. The first being the Order of DeMolay, which is a youth group for young men from the ages of 12 to 21. They mostly plan events like paintball and rock climbing, while we as advisors try and help them grow into well rounded individuals. I am also a member of Batavia Lodge number 404 of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, which is another charitable organization that has similar ideals as DeMolay. Our main goal is to strive to be better men for ourselves and the world, which we try to achieve through charitable activities such as fundraisers or sponsoring children. We aren’t a secret society, we are just a society with secrets.

K-Rise & JDETips Partnership 10+ Years Strong



Rise Winter 2016  

K-Rise Systems quarterly newsletter. Includes the latest updates to EASYProcess and EASYCommerce, information about Collaborate17, and more.

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