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September 23, 2013

Juab High School

Volume 22 Issue 1

In Other News Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer

Colorado Flooding Colorado has come under horrid flooding in the Month of September, reporting over twenty inches. Entire towns were evacuated and freeways washed away. At least three people died. According to CNN, “State transpiration officials are warning people to stay off roads because they could give away at any notice.”

Fall Is Here, Hear the Yell. Back to School, Ring the Bell. Students return to our very own Juab High School for another great year.

Photo by Kenji Brooks

16 Steps To Surviving Your First Year of High School Thela Mitchell Staff Writer Welcome to your first year of high school, freshman! The upperclassmen have come together to offer you some tips on surviving high school. 1) Don’t be late to class or there will be consequences. 2) Turn your homework in on time or suffer a bad grade in the end. 3) Wait to have a relationship until after high school or you let the drama mess with your schooling and your grades will potentially drop. 4) Live to the fullest and get involved. Go out and have fun. Don’t stay in one little clique, get to know the other people around you and just have the time of your life. That’s what high school is for. 5) Make as many friends as possible to help you through high school. The more friends you have the better. They help you get through everything granted they aren’t self-absorbed. 6) Don’t get ran over. Do your work while you can; it gets tougher as you get older. If you don’t get it done now, it won’t get done. 7) Avoid the drama and have fun. Drama is not necessary and the people around you really don’t want to deal with it. 8) Don’t let your friends tell you what to do. Get out and do what you want, not what they want you do. 9) Don’t procrastinate. Fo’ real.

10) Do something relaxing or fun every night and make sure you are enjoying high school. 11) Be tough; don’t get bossed around. 12) Pass all your classes. You don’t want to end up repeating a grade. 13) Keep a good sense of humor. 14) Go to class. 15) Be involved. 16) Don’t mouth off to bigger people. It might not end well for you, if you know what I mean.

Tried Our Best Our boys gave ‘em a good fight, but ultimately couldn’t beat the Grantsville Cowboys at Homecoming. Photo by Kenji Brooks

Four Found Shot Dead in Abandoned Car In rural Tennessee, four teenagers were found shot to death in an abandoned car on a mountain road. The teenagers were heading to go four-wheeling when they were killed by Jacob Allen Bennett. New Jersey Boardwalk Fire On Thursday, September 12, 25 mph winds carried flames eight blocks up the boardwalk from neighboring Seaside Park, consuming a massive portion of the pathway freshly rebuilt after Super Storm Sandy last year. There were no civilian injuries and residents say that they’re just happy no one was injured.

“Live to the fullest and get involved.” Since you are switching from junior high to high school, you can expect your grades to drop some as you adjust to the high school way of life. Just remember to take things one at a time. It might be over whelming and hard to handle, but the upper classmen are here to help. Even if we aren’t in the best mood all the time. Don’t be afraid to come up and ask us. Remember we don’t bite. Too hard.

Syria Crisis An August 21 gas attack in Syria, that the United States blames on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, caused the President to threaten a military strike intended to prevent further use of banned chemical weapons. The international, and much of the United States itself, is against a direct attack. As of Thursday, September 12, Syria told the United Nations that it has sent the paperwork for joining the Chemical Weapons Convention, which bans such armaments.

J Hill Transformed Local residents woke up early last Saturday morning to see the J replaced with a U. The Utes won in their bid against BYU, 20-13. Rumor has it that our own students were involved in the letter “swap.”

Shooting in Navy Yard, 12 Left Dead In a horrific shooting at a Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. on September 16, 12 were left dead and many more injured. The main shooter of the three found guilty, Aaron Alexis, worked at the navy guard and had secret access.

Good luck, freshman!

A Letter From Mr. Darrington Royd Darrington JHS Principal

This school year is off to a great start! I am very excited to have students and teachers back in the school and working hard. I have been very impressed by all of those I have met and their willingness to make JHS a great place to be. Fall sports are well underway and our students are doing a great job representing our school and community. We have a new Head Volleyball coach this year, Mrs. Alley Gee. She has jumped right in and has the girls working hard. The school has a new spirit club this year as well, the “Crimson Crazies”. They have shown amazing spirit at all of our events. The Student Body Officers have also made great contributions to the spirit in the school. Homecoming week was awesome and the students had a lot of great

september_2013.indd 1

activities in which they could participate. We are rapidly approaching midterms and it is important that students are focusing on their studies. If any students need help, please contact teachers, counselors, or administration so we can work to ensure you are successful. We also want to make everyone aware of Parent Teacher Conferences that will be held September 30, 2013, from 3:00–6:30 PM, in the commons at the High School. This will be a great opportunity for parents and students to meet with all their teachers in one convenient location and discuss their learning. Our goal is to help every student be successful “Whatever it takes.” Thanks for a great start to the year.

Bow To Your Rulers (clockwise from left) Savannah Berhmann, Publicity Manager; Karson Dansie, President; Danielle Lynn, Historian; Shamri Wright, Activities Manager; Chance Carlton, Senior Class President; Mahonri Nielson, Head Cheerleader; Karter Ockey, Vice President; Ryan Hatfield, Secretary. Photo by Thela Mitchell

SBOs Unveil Master Plan

Kenneth Bonzo Staff Writer Last year the new Student Body Officers were voted and sworn into office. They left not knowing what was in store for the next school year. Later that summer, the SBOs came together at a camp at Southern Utah University. At the camp our student government decided on the theme “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” written by J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The SBOs’ main focus is all about uniting the school and pro-

moting school spirit. They want to eliminate the petty rivalries that exist in our school between our different teams and clubs. They want the all students to cheer and support all activities and groups. “If we unite the school and have school spirit everything else will fall into place,” stated Savannah Behrmann, Publicity Manager. I asked the SBOs what they enjoy about being in charge and what the hardest part of their job is. Student Body President Karson Dansie said, “Camps during the summer were lots of fun. However, we really enjoy having a chance to work with the entire student body

and making the school happy.” Ryan Hatfield, Student Body Secretary stated, “Being a SBO is very stressful and a lot of work. People don’t realize how much work we put in the activities.” The SBOs are going to implement new activities throughout the school year to accomplish their goal of a united school. Wasp Weekly News each week and a Waffle/Pancake Bar after games are just a couple new things to get student excited activities. “We have a lot of surprises coming during the school year,” said the new advisor Mrs. Holman.

9/23/13 3:22:34 PM

The Clarion v September 25, 2013 v Page 2

Editorials and Opinions Ask What?

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer “Oh, that dumb app. It’s the stupidest thing. It’s poison.” As I asked Vice Principal Bowring about a new popular app, it was nearly impossible for him not to grow frustrated and shake his head. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and now, it’s This new social networking hype is all kids are buzzing about. is a relatively new social networking site where users invite other users to ask them questions anonymously. The problem with this? Severe and rather cruel forms of cyber bullying. Imagine: An unidentified person asking you all of your deepest darkest secrets, spilling them out in the open for the whole world to see. Not so appealing now, huh? Well, other kids didn’t seem to think so either. More than five teenagers have committed suicide because of consistent bullying and blackmailing the web site provided. Following the suicide of Hannah Smith, a 14-year old girl from

England, British Prime Minister David Cameron called for a boycott of web sites shunning the responsibility for dealing with cyberbullying on their sites. The bullies, per say, feel safe behind their screens because of the ability the site provides to them to be anonymous. Even students here at Juab have seen or felt the bullying. Michelle Kramer says, “I don’t like ask. fm. People that would dare ask you questions are the people who don’t like you and ask you a question because it’s the only way they can bully you without you knowing. Its like, some people are bold enough but the average person won’t bully you to your face.” The sad part is, as Principal Darrington points out, the app has potential. “It’s all about integrity and how we use it negatively. Students are using it as an avenue to bully. Students put themselves in a situation to open up, but rather are hit with cruel comments.” The frustrating part to both Darrington and Bowring is the fact that there is no direct way to stop it. “The only way to stop it truly is to turn the phone into the police.” Bowring says, “We, as an administration, can only stress to not use it as a negative avenue.” So, before you join in with the rest of the buzz about, take a step back and think, is there something you don’t want everyone knowing? has been a poison in many people’s lives, and it’s an app that’s definitely worth deleting.

Habla Ingles?

Sara Davis Staff Writer As word spread that a new world was just across the horizons, citizens of countries all across the globe sought out a new life. This new country would allow freedom to choose what one wants their life to be. After centuries of war, millions of strikes, boycotts, and teatotalers, the United States of America finally became the land of the free. Though America is a country created by people of all nationalities, one poison still infects the majority of neighborhoods today: language. Too many people across this land look down upon anyone that would rather say “Hola” instead of “hello”. Too many people choose to glare in disdain at the woman in the black veil than to seek for understanding. Too many people in this “land of the free” do not believe everyone belongs here. I believe that it is about time America’s eyes were opened to the realization that we are not alone. A large margin of the world

requires their citizens to KNOW, not just learn, a second language. In China, students not only take their regular courses, but also begin learning another language in first grade. Even if this seems extreme, understanding a language other than English in America should be deemed as welcoming rather than something to be shunned. Sure, this is America. Spain did not conquer the American continent in 1776. The Russian government never was in control of Congress. Yet is it too much to ask to stop judging those of a different language and instead to embrace the fact that there is more to life than everyone knowing English language? I love English. It’s great! But there is a time when people go too far for having no lingual diversity on a continent created by everyone. When you think about it, there is no such person as a true-blooded American. America wouldn’t even exist without every nation on the world coming over here first! We all had to come from somewhere, whether it is from Spain, Denmark, or Israel. I am not advocating that it is a horrible idea that each country has their own language. It’s brilliant, especially when one thinks back to the Tower of Babel. I am saying that it is time America finally understood the importance of different cultures in our lives. The rest of the world is open to it. Why can’t we?

Friendship Prohibited?! Our filter has tightened its restrictions, even going so far as to block content related to friendship. What’s next, unicorns? Photo by Kathryn Reese.

You’ve Been Blocked!

Jessica Wallace Staff Writer This year, along with the cherished crimson and gold which coats many surfaces in the school, banners of red and white have popped up on the computer screens of countless innocent Internet users. You may ask why, so I will tell you this secret if you don’t already know. Over the summer, the

old Internet filter that we have all come to know and tolerate grew into a bigger, less forgiving filter. Both students and staff alike have felt the frustration of blocked web sites. Rachel Lepien said, “They suck because I can’t get on YouTube. I’ve been blocked a few other times too. It’s just like… whatever.” “Even in the counseling office we get blocked using the Internet for stuff we really need to use for our job,” said a frustrated staff member whose name shall not be disclosed. Even though being blocked sometimes hinders our educational growth or the ability to complete an action you need to for a job, the Internet Filter is here for our own good. Lepien went on to put a positive

spin on the filter and said, “Now kids can pay attention in class and not be playing games or be on Instagram and such.” Spencer Eldridge also contributed to the positive side of the filters by saying, “They keep you safe from your reckless young adult desires, like looking up pictures of Pokemon.” Need advice to avoid the wretched “You have been blocked!” screen? Do NOT research cowboy gangs that existed in the mid 1800’s for your history assignment (speaking from personal experience), complete your shopping transactions at your house (even though sometimes you aren’t aware you’re shopping…), and avoid typing sketchy terms like “Miley Cyrus” in the search engines.

All Assembled

Shan Sherwood Staff Writer For the past two years, we have had the Internet safety assembly. Some students are wondering if this assembly is helping or if we even need it. Meanwhile, the school administration thinks that

the assembly is positive. Is there a need for the Internet safety assembly? “Internet bullying is affecting students more and more often” said Officer Villar. “The assembly isn’t only for the students, it is for the teachers, too.” “We need it, but we can’t control what people do at home” said Josh Allred “The assembly is a waste of the school’s money,” said Kiel West. “No one pays attention,” said Allred. “Students either don’t go or don’t listen” said West. There seems to be a general consensus among the student body that no one pays attention. When

I am sitting in the stands during the Internet safety assembly, I see people on their phones or talking. Also, I have noticed that the parking lot is half empty during an assembly. Will the internet safety assembly be a yearly event? “I would like it to be. It is good for everyone to hear. [Also]we have new students every year.” said Villar. So what is the solution? Should we throw the few students that benefit from the assembly under the bus so that the majority of us don’t have to sit through it? As long as the assembly helps someone in the audience, I think that it is worth everyone else’s time.

Juab Assemble! A previously seen assembly has none of the energy brought on by the wild crowd of a Friday night football game. Photo by Kashley Carter. The Clarion Editorial Policy

Nosotros hablamos espanol! Senor Jacobsen’s spanish classes provide students an opportunity to learn another language. Photo by Kathryn Reese.

september_2013.indd 2

A Clarion Staff member writes the Editorial Board’s Choice. Each month, the staff votes for an editorial with a message they want to address and endorse. We welcome letters to the editor from students, staff, and the community as long as the letters are signed. Submitters will also receive extra credit in any English class. The Clarion staff reserves the right to edit any submissions for content. Submitting a letter to the editor gives JHS full copyrights and acknowledges agreement to having name and article printed in the newspaper. Please give all submissions to Mrs. Bassett or any member of the Clarion Staff.

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Upcoming Events Sunday



October 2013 7






Christopher Bacon Riley Everitt Cami Meierhans

XC @ Sanpete Brier Bryan



Chancellor Carlton 10




FB v. North Sanpete XC @ Parkcity Kenneth Bonzo Ivy Mounteer Cynthia Robinson Sabrina Sage 11


Daniel Markwick 12

Picture Retakes! Group Pictures!

Jessica Evon Kentin Fautin Mallory Jackson Chandler Jensen 14


VB @ Carbon

VB v. Payson Anthony Bolden Colton Wright


FB @ Manti VB @ Richfield







[ Fall Break ] Brandon Aagard Tyra Jackman Brady White 20

Columbus Day Caleb Hancock Payton Lunt 21

XC Region Payson VB @ North Sanpete

FB @ Union

Bailee Olsen

Tess Swift



Alex Rosquist Allan Rosquist Andrew Rosquist 24


Cade Bowles Michelle Kramer Ilia Mosteller

Sarah Harmon David Markwick 25


End Of 1st Quarter FB v. Richfield

Hayden Mangelson





Gabrielle Burgess


Kyler Nielsen

NHS Halloween Dance Daymon Barnes Nikolaus Hargett Kaydee Kelson

Alex Mecham

Brandon Morgan

Tanner Drake Megan Smith 27

Bradin Hanson Reese Jimenez Kayden Whiting

08:00 am State VB @ UVU

Fall Band concert @ 7 XC State @ Sugar house Cynthia Tycksen Deidra Weilacher

VB v. Carbon

McKenzie McPherson

Letesha Cook David Loveland

08:00am State VB @ UVU

Start kissing up to your teachers today Jematisa Davis Staff Writer Parent Teacher conference Changes! For the better, or the worse? Students must know that this upcoming year we will be having more Parent teacher conferences, so get buddy buddy with your teachers and start sucking up early. For this year we will be having parent teacher conferences each quarter near midterms; instead of the usual annual two each year. They all will run during the same times from three o’ clock to sixthirty PM. Luckily for us as students we will have two compensations days off, meaning we are totally off from school and free to enjoy our long weekend. These days off will be on Friday November 8, 2013. And Friday January 31, 2014. PTC (parent teacher conference) will also be different in this way, for SEOP’s (Students educational occupational plan) will be held differently. For in the past years we have had students assigned to teachers, where they as well as their parents would meet to plan your future. To

see what classes you are needing to take to begin your path for your desired career, as well as gear toward helping you get on the right path for your graduation. Often times these teachers that were randomly assigned to students would do the best the could as to help students to succeed and show them what they should, or could take for the coming years. This year will be completely different. Students will be attending their SEOP’s with their assigned counselors, for they are more qualified to help us in the classes we are needing to take. Overall I personally suspect that this year will go much smoother with the new plan for PTC. So make sure you are on top of your studies and doing well by these dates: Monday September 30, 2013 Monday December 2, 2013 Monday February 3, 2014 Monday April 28, 2014 Mark the dates on your calendars and let us have an exciting year!

Get your spook on! Come join Cleopatra, Kitty, and Zombie for another night full of music, costumes, and feeding the community. These eight girls hang out in the front lobby right before the party got started. Photo by Molly Davis.

Get Ready to Monster Mash!

Sara Davis Staff Writer

Every year, the National Honors Society hosts the Halloween Dance. I know, the thought going through your mind is along the lines of, “Great. Another dance.” Have no fear! This dance is unlike any other that will jive into your life this school year. All you youngin’s, this isn’t a date dance so no need to feel unwanted because of a lack of a date. What makes this dance difference from all of the others (besides the fact a handful of people are dressed up in something they found at they bottom of their Pre-K dress-up box) is this dance

Prescription Pain Medicine Public Awareness Monday Oct. 7 6-8 PM Juab Junior High

september_2013.indd 3

not only rocks the night away, but it also gives back to our community. Citizens of our community are in need of help. No, that cute, little girl across doesn’t have any cats stuck up in a tree. Hard working people in our community are struggling to have a meal on the table. In order to give back for all they do, students are encouraged to bring donations of any boxed or canned food item to the dance. Not only will they be able to help feed a family, they will also get a lower admittance into the dance! Do you like food? Bring more cans to get a free treat! For every can that is brought, that is one less dollar you have to pay. Want a bonus? For a free treat, bring at least three cans. Don’t use the

age old excuse of, “ I can’t go to a dance because I’m saving up for a car.” Just bring a couple of cans! From the food, the heart-felt donations, and the festivities, you can’t go wrong with this Thriller of a dance! Start planning your retro costume, because Halloween creeps up on you faster than a zombie! (Unless it is a fast zombie, then it is about the same speed.) Just make sure to keep the costume school appropriate. Halloween is scary enough without having to break the school dress code. So put October 29 on your calendar. You are not going to want to miss this!

Ladies: Sadies is October 12 Start planning!!

September 28, 2013

Poker Ride

FFA Activity! Regisitration at 9:30-10:30 at the Old Pinery! Proceeds goes to the Walker Family, as well as the Baptist Church building fund.

9/23/13 3:23:08 PM

The Clarion v September 25, 2013 v Page 4

Oh, We Love Let’s Get Crazy Darrington Quick Facts

Katie Wickel Staff Writer Red wigs, loud voices, and rowdy cheers all share one common theme. I’m sure we’ve all heard the hype about our school’s new fan club, the Crimson Crazies! This club is buzzing with new, excited energy for our sports programs. The past few years, our school spirit has become lifeless. Lack of cheering, participation, and even the loss of the Spirit Team show how gloomy it has become. Many people have noticed the lack of support, including three of Juab’s finest students. These students decided to take action in hope of revamping Juab’s school spirit! Jared Rowley, Jennie Jarrett, and Taylor Ludlow are the founders of Juab’s new spirit club, Crimson Crazies. “We want to create school spirit and unity among the students by being the club that everyone can join and have fun. We also want to bring extra support to all other teams by going crazy at their games!” said Ludlow. The members form a sea of red wigs, painted faces, and pom poms

when they cheer on our athletes at the season’s sporting events. The boost of Juab’s Pit has turned many heads this year. Many students have commented on how exciting the Pit has become. Com-

It brings the intensity to the game ing to the games is actually fun now! “I think that they are doing a great job of getting the students to show more spirit in the Pit.” said SBO Karter Ockey. Even the athletes playing the games have commented about it. Jentrie Tolbert, volleyball player, said, “ I love it when the Pit is really excited. It brings the intensity to the game and makes it really fun!” The coolest part about the Crimson Crazies is the fact that it

is a student-motivated club. Yes, there is an advisor who oversees all action (who, by the way, is the wonderful Ms. Lund), but it was the students who felt the need to establish the club. When we asked Rowley what inspired him to start the club, he said,”[I started the club because of] an overabundance of school spirit and a love for fun.” The club members hope that the Crimson Crazies will become permanent and prosper throughout the years. “I hope people continue to do it [Crimson Crazies] because wearing the wigs almost lets you be someone else and come out of your shell to support our school and teams!” said Jarrett. The Crimson Crazies would love to have you a part of their club.! All that is required of you is to bring a loud voice and a fiery attitude. Red wigs are available when you join. If you are interested in signing up for the club, contact one of the founders: Jennie Jarrett, Jared Rowley, or Taylor Ludlow.

Welcome: Fresh Faculty Faces

Paige Dunihoo Staff Writer The 2013-2014 school year has brought new teachers to the staff again! We would love to get to know them and give them a warm welcome to Juab.

Aubrey Jones Staff Writer A big welcome to our new principal Mr. Darrington! Mr. Darrington came all the way from Enterprise, Utah to be our new principal. I know all of you students have been dying to know random fun facts about Mr. Darrington, and now the time is here for you to have your mind filled with them: • He played beach volleyball on an AVP tour before his LDS mission. •

His favorite part of Juab is the students’ amazing sense of humor.

His first impression of our lovely school was that most kids seem to get along with each other.

His favorite food is pizza.

His goal for this year is to give all students an opportunity to succeed, and to get a feel for Juab High School’s way of life.

He is looking forward to seeing how we run our Junior Prom and Senior Ball.

“The biggest thing about me is that I love to have fun, but I love learning. To have fun while learning is what education is all about,” said Darrington.

To have fun while learning is what education is all about. There you have it, everything you could ever want to know about Mr. Darrington! Now when you see what used to be an unfamiliar face in the hallways, you’ll feel like you’ve known him forever.

WWN Mr. Blackett is a brand new teacher this year. He recently graduated from SUU, and did his student teaching here at Juab High School just last spring! Blackett lives with his brand new wife Whitney, whom he married this summer. He coaches football and basketball. In his free time he loves anything with sports, CrossFit, and spending time with his family.

Mrs. Holman is an English 10, U.S. History, and a Speech&Debate teacher this year. Holman has lived in Nephi for 3 years and lives with her husband Joel, and her 3 kids Grace, Ladd, and Jack. She Graduated from SUU and Arcadia College. She has taught for 11 years, and recently taught in Morgan, Philadelphia, and Salt Lake City. In her free time Holman enjoys to run, and ride horses.

Mrs. Evans is a returning teacher to the Juab district, but is new to us! She lives with her husband Chris, and her 3 sons Derek, Tyler, and Jeremy. She graduated from the University of Utah. She is in her 8th year of teaching and taught in Provo previous to Juab. In her free time Evans enjoys watching her kids play sports, scrapbooking, and crafting.

Mrs. Lynn is one of our new librarians this year. She is married to Mike Lynn. She has 5 kids, Amberlee, Tyson, Lance, Danielle, and Cache. She has lived in Nephi for her whole life and this is her first year as a librarian. In her free time Lynn likes to sew, craft, ride 4 wheelers, and play with her grandchildren.

Mrs. Anderson is our other new librarian! She lives in Nephi with her husband Carl, and her 2 kids Gavin and Kamryn. This is also her first year in the library. She loves to read of course, but she also loves to hangout with her kids, shop, and play the piano. Her advice to the students is don’t make her hunt down late books!

Welcome to Juab, new staff! Love, The Clarion Photos by Paige Dunihoo

september_2013.indd 4

Wasp Weekly News

In Juab Junior High School, the students take just a few minutes of their day to watch what’s known as Channel One News. Channel One is the basics, need to know, and interesting information presented quickly and with pizazz to younger people. The concept of easy to digest and relevant to student life news has taken root in Juab High School this year as well, but this time under the direction of the Juab SBOs and the title of Wasp Weekly News. Every Monday the students at Juab High watch a five-minute broadcast recorded by the SBOs about various activities and announcements for the week. “No one listens to announcements. It’s something people actually pay attention to because they are watching it,” said sophomore Samantha Terry. The WWN provides a quick view of the news in the upcoming week. Recently they’ve included things like upcoming football and volleyball games. “They could add the times though… people like to know the times of things,” said Miss C. Unfortunately the news does often forget to mention the little details. Apart from the school’s activities, it is a broadcast with themes

from Channel One like a current event, or interesting fact. In one of the first episodes we discovered the existence of a brand new mammal! Right now, even though students are actually paying attention to the announcements, not a lot of information is going through. “It’s mostly just funny,” said Savannah Peterson. The comedic timing and dramatizations do often take a backseat to the news. Some of the suggestions for future WWN episodes are to film parts of practices (football, volleyball, etc.) or other “member only” exclusives like what really happens at a musical audition. There’s always the opportunity to focus even more on student news. There’s always the 4-H club, and the smaller clubs like NHS, GYC, or HOSA which go unnoticed in their accomplishments. A nice, “Swell job!” or “We noticed you doing something nice!” is always a great addition to a newscast. Congrats to the SBOs on a so far successful innovation, and we hope to see future news being even more awesome. In the words of WWN broadcaster Karter Ockey, “Stay classy Juab High School.”

Homecoming Week (Photo Highlights)

Photos by Kenji Brooks

9/23/13 3:23:17 PM

The Clarion v September 25, 2013 v Page 5

Our Juab High School All Things New

A New Season, Old Spirit

Rachel Dye Staff Writer The bleachers rumble as the mass of people jump up in excitement yet again. The air cracks against my ear as sharp shrills, screams, and cheers echo around the field as the brown rubber-worn ball is launched towards the sky and two teams battle against each other to win the football game. A new football season brings new beginnings. As you might know, our Varsity football team started the year off with a startling 38-3 win against Millard and then slaughtered Ben Lomond with a 48-12 score just a mere week later. What you may not know is that this football team we all know and love is ranked 60 in the state and 5th in our 3A region. Coaches, athletes, and students alike are all excited for this years’ football season. Coach Bowring, speaking of newly pronounced Quarterback Nick Robins states, “Nick has been a great leader for our team. He knows what kind of leads to make and what balls to throw.” Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in the middle of the football field. Face the bleachers. It’s a home game and the pit is full.

The Pit… full? Impossible! The Pit is never full. Well boys and girls, lets work together and bring to pass this imagined scenario. You know the rush you get when you see the red numbers on the scoreboard climb higher and higher under HOME? It feels amazing! Our football team can use all the fans they can get, and you can never have too many people

“All that’s required is yourself and your smile!” cheering together at Friday night football games! Gather together your warm jacket, comfy shoes, and your school ID card, and head on out to the field next Friday to cheer on our team! You don’t have to be a member of the Crimson Crazies to have school spirit. All that’s required is yourself and your smile!

Beloved Snack Machines: Where Did They Go?

What’s New? New tables and computers decorate our library, while our wasp mascot is fresh out of the box!. Photo by Jessika Kenison and Krystle Bassett.

Jessika Kenison Staff Writer

On August 22, 2013 as the students walked through the front doors of Juab High School into a new school year, we noticed many new things and changes to our surroundings. Walking through the lunchroom we saw new plastic chairs around the tables, where the bottoms of hungry students sit and eat. They have a sleek, comfortable design and give our lunchroom a modern look. In the weight room it was just like Christmas for our Juab guys. We got all new weights and even a combination rack where the boys can do five different workouts at one station. In the silence of the library, we notice a new arrangement of fur-

niture. A sunroom full of comfy chairs and new tables to do homework, all benefit us in the school library. Also there are twenty sharp and shiny new computers added to our library space. These computers and tables are to accommodate our school’s Wasp Online program. Mrs. Clark, the Wasp Online advisor, says, “Having class in the library is very nice because it gives my students a set place to have class. This way we won’t get kicked out of the computer lab for end of level testing and it will be easier for my students to finish their courses.” Clark also mentioned that having the online class in the new

space gives the library a more positive feeling. Now students are able to come to the library and focus on studying, whereas before the space was on its way to resembling a zoo. The most exciting new thing for Juab High this year is the new mascot costume! At football games we see our very own life-size wasp dancing, cheering, and get the school spirit pumping through the Juab crowd. Weaving through the cheerleaders, doing cartwheels, he is a definite crowd pleaser. Jentrie Tolbert, a senior cheerleader, said, “I like him! He adds so much good energy to the crowd. He helps us out because he gets everyone cheering with us!”

The Reason For the Pink Slip

Kathryn Reese Staff Writer

Food Robots. Our vending machines have been moved to the main hall. This is much more convient.. Photo by Jessika Kenison.

Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer Students returning from summer break return to a JHS different from that of years past. As we all well know, Principal Darrington has replaced former principal Robins, who is now the presiding superintendent of our district. In tandem with our new Principal, we have also received several new teachers for the year, including Mr. Blackett and Mrs. Evans. In addition, Students are duly pleased with our newly furnished library- new computers and tables have beefed up what was already perhaps the crown jewel of our school building. To augment its usefulness, our library, (this year headed by both Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Lynn) is now open until 5 O’clock each day. All that nonsense aside, it is high time to address the 6-ton elephant in the room-yes, you’ve probably guessed it, the most tangible change of all- The vending machines have moved! From their former, familiar resting place near the gym entry, they have, without notice, shifted

september_2013.indd 5

location to the wall near the senior lockers. Of all changes in our school, a new Principal, teachers, and library hours and paraphernalia, the most talked of has definitely been the Vending machines. The hallways were abuzz as all returning students spoke of said topic, in hushed tones, the gravitas of the vending machines movement understood by all. I for one nearly choked on my own tongue on the first day when I went to buy a Snickers, and the vending machines were gone. Although the adjustment was,… difficult, even I have learned to love their new, convenient location in the lunchroom. Like myself, the student body has adjusted well to everything this year. Such changes and investments in our school are reflective of our pride in ourselves and willingness the change. Students of Juab high have been “coming together” for over 115 years-and this year is looking up to be no different.

DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! Are you on time? You better be, because you only get away with two tardies until they call your mom to notify her that you were late… again. When in all actuality you go on a doughnut run every morning and your mom doesn’t really care, but they’re going to call her anyway… And all this because of a new and revised document titled: Juab Attendance Policy. Since last year, this statement has changed in many ways, but just to make things clear, I’ll paraphrase. Concerning tardies, it states if you are late twice it stands as the equivalent of one absence, and if you are late more than eight

times you have to make it up with lunch detention, or by other “approved activities”. You can’t forget sluffing either. First offense, they call your mom. Second offense, you get “in-school suspension” (AKA: you want to leave, so we are going to punish you by keeping you here.) Third offense, (and by now you are a repeat offender) you are referred to Youth Court. For the upper classmen, such changes were kind of expected. After all, attendance details have changed every year for the past ...who knows how many years. And as school is starting into full swing, even the freshmen feel the weight of the revised policy looming after each late bell. Marissa

Richardson said concerning mommy calls, “I don’t like it. ” Kade Farrer commented, “If it is excused by your parents, four absences shouldn’t matter.” As for me, I don’t need something else to stress me out in the morning, and if I am going to be late or sluff a class my mom can’t do anything about it. It seems to me that we should be treated like adults, with expectations, consequences and no silly threats like, “I’ll call your mom”. But in the end, there is truth in Mrs. Taylor’s words, “It’s a good idea to get the kids to quit sluffing.” Dedication is a good thing and high school is supposed to teach you life skills. So for now, GET TO CLASS!

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Sports and Highlights

Girl’s Soccer Takes Off

Juabs girls soccer team is working hard to make goals, and be successful this season.

Kashley Carter Assistant Editor

Finally, for the first time ever, Juab High School

has a girl’s soccer team. The girl’s soccer team started practicing this fall, soon after the school year started. Around eighteen girls have laced up their cleats and headed out to the practice field for various drills after school. Since girl’s soccer has just been introduced, it has to spend two years as a successful club (having enough participants) before it can be an official sport here at Juab. Lisa Kay of Mona has volunteered to be the coach to get them there. “ My daughter in fourth grade loves soccer,” said Kay. She volunteered to coach because she knew someone had to get the program up and running if her daughter was to have a team to play on in the future. Kay’s soccer career started at age five and continued through playing on the team for Delta High School. Of the eighteen girls playing this year, only a few, like Kinsey Greenhaulgh and Sarah Cannell, have

Golf in Full Swing

Photo by Allison Adams

ever played before. Kinsey plays soccer for “the exhilaration of it.” Sarah, who has played since age eight, has grown up around soccer. She and her siblings enjoy watching soccer teams. For those who haven’t played before, soccer has definitely been a new experience. “It requires a lot more energy [than I expected],” said Hannah Jacobsen. Inexperience won’t hold our Juab girls back though. Coach Kay sees it as only a setback, meaning that it will just take a bit longer to build the team up and get everyone affiliated with the rules. She says coaching a first year team is fun, and since she’s not a professional by any means she and the girls are learning together. A girl’s soccer team, even if it is just a club, is great progress for Juab High School. Starting this club has made school history. The high school team’s first scrimmage game will be on October 5 against ALA of Spanish Fork.

Walker Memmott Staff Writer Saving pars and making birdies is the way the JHS golf team has been getting it done this year. They have had a good start this season, and are on their way to the State tournament. This season is shaping up to be one of Juab’s best golf seasons in years. After starting the season off right at Mountain Dell Golf Course, Juab was able to gain strokes on North Sanpete and Richfield; following closely behind Carbon and Payson. Our Wasps were third in region after the first three tournaments. They took second at our home course only loosing by one stroke. Senior Tylee Squire played excellent with a score of 85. He is working his way to being one of the top ten golfers in region. Juab was able to rebound and take the win at North Sanpete. They were then able to clinch second in region behind Carbon, with Kall Marsh and Nik Hargett both

shooting 84. Our very own Dalton Jackson has taken a hefty lead in the individual competition. He shot a 71 at the tournament in Carbon, and also a 68 here in Juab. Jackson has been the best golfer in Juab since he began his freshman year. Taking things one step at a time, he is committed to win region for his third year in a row. Jackson is also looking to play golf past high school, and take his skills to a professional level. Being a member of the golf team myself, I know how hard the golf team works to accomplish goals. Taking the loss at home by one stroke made us even more motivated to beat Payson and Carbon. Ever since that loss, we have been working step by step to move up the leader board. Currently we are in second place, and hope to gain some strokes against our competitors at upcoming tournaments

Athletes of the Month Nik Hargett taking his second shot make par, as the team practices in for the Payson tournament. Photo by Walker Memmott

Game Schedules

Cross Country Schedule Photo by Austin Hansen

Photo by Austin Hansen

Photo by Walker Memmott

Track: Kyler White

Football: Jeffrey Rowley

Golf: Dalton Jackson

Hard work, dedication, blood, and a lot of sweat, Kyler White is the man to beat. Kyler is a varsity runner for Juab he is a very fast kid he might as well be called FLASH the super hero. Kyler runs the tree mile run, he is a devoided runner, he always comes to practice, he is ready to run ever time. Kyler is a junior this year at Juab High School; he is devoided to his grades and to school too, but yet also being a runner.

Whether it is catching a ball, scoring a touch down, defending your fellow team Jeff Rowley is the man to beat. Jeff is a great football player, he has been a solid player through the football season, he is a great player. Jeff has been one of the top tacklers every game on defense. On offence he is playing a new position and has stepped right in. Jeff has earned his place on the football team and we are glad to have him.

It is golf season yet again! You, yes, you know what that means. Athlete of the month! Coach William Anderson has chosen Dalton Jackson this month. He stated this, “Dalton is a hard worker, dependable, self starter.” Great job Dalton! Daltons average score is seventy-one. He was second in the state last year and on his way to be first this year. I know that anytime I watch a high school golf tournament I see Dalton working hard to do his absolute best. Amazing job, Dalton. Keep up the fantastic job. Go Wasps!

September 27 October 2 October 4 October 16 October 23 November 16

@Maple Mountain 4:00pm @North Sanpete 4:00pm @Park City 4:00pm @Payson 4:00pm @Sugarhouse 1:30pm Turkey Trot 9:00am

September 26 October 1 October 8 October 15 October 22

North Sanpete @Carbon Payson @North Sampete Carbon

Volleyball Schedule

Football Schedule September 27 October 4 October 11 October 16 October 25

@Canyon View North Sanpete @Manti @Union Richfield

6:30pm 6:30pm 6:30pm 6:30pm 6:30pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm

Volleyball: Ally Nelson and Jentrie Tolbert

Photo by Ivy Mounteer

Coach Gee has chosen this month’s athlete of the month. They are Jentrie Tolbert and Ally Nelsen! Coach Gee stated this: “ The whole team is starting to fall together, volleyball is such a tear sport. Thank you, Jentrie and Ally for their positive attitude and leadership skills.” We can see that these two Lady Wasps are really

september_2013.indd 6

Photo by Austin Hansen

going out of their way for our volleyball team. As coach Gee said: “ Jentrie leads the team in kills, and Ally leads the team in serving.” Thank you girls for working hard and showing amazing effort to be amazing and inspirational Lady Wasps. Keep it up with remainder of this year’s volleyball season.

Painter Motor

Unequaled quality and a high level of service Proud supporter of Juab High School

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Entertainment Disney Channel Sweethearts Delayna Tolbert Staff Writer

Leprosy Hits Disney Channel: Now that we have ex-

a lack of white sheets to cover her up. In her latest music video “Wrecking Ball,” she shows a lot more epidermis than I think any Hannah Montana fan girl had bargained for. As she struggles to keep up her image of a rebel child, mothers all around the world are pulling their children away from her influence over You-Tube, TV, and magazines. Ever since the fabulous characters have left, Disney has developed the opposite of Midas touch which is a little something I like to call: Cancer. With every step the Cancer takes, is pulling the channel one more step closer to the Elephant Graveyard. With it’s healthy promoting lifestyle to cheesy shows, is it even worth watching anymore?






ited the 1990’s and 2000’s we are doomed to fail. Why is this you might ask? Why, the lack of splendid, my good sir! Our future children will no longer grow up in the time of fantastic and instead they will be left to endure swag, and twerk, as well as Disney Channel. From first glance, you may be surprised to find Disney Channel along with the true definitions of strippers and gang members, there is a reason for that: All of the former majestic characters from Disney Channel have turned into pole dancers and gangsters. Where are they now? Let’s start with Raven Symone, shall we? Oh yes, here she is: Present and accountable with her spanking new girlfriend, Ari Lennox. Next, we have Selena Gomez. Gomez also found love in the same gen-

der with Justin Beiber the “Swag King” before dumping his skinny jeans on the side of the road to start a clothing line. Third on the list is the Jonas Brothers. Well, pardon me Kevin. This just in: The Jonas Brothers soon won’t be referred to as the Jonas Brothers. From now on they shall be referred to simply as, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas. They have decided to pursue different careers as well as different opinions. So that’s two lesbians carry the three Bromance haters . . . Oh yes, and one wack-a-doodle, Miley Cyrus. Now this weirdo is present, but not all here. Perhaps you have heard of the scandal in 2008? The nude photo-shoot for Vanity Fair? Remember how there was so much publicity and talk of child porn? Well, look at her now! She is now producing music videos with much more nudity with

Whacho Watchin’ Willus? Samuel Holladay Staff Writer School is wearing you out. The leaves are falling. The air is growing colder. It’s the perfect time to stay indoors watching the newest TV shows! Networks are unloading the goods on us this fall, and these five shows are the big guns, sure to win you over as you’re avoiding contact with the outside world. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Comedic legend, Andy Samberg, finally gets his own sitcom after years on SNL and performing with The Lonely Island. Samberg plays Jake Peralta, a smart but wisecracking detective working in New York. You can bet this show will have a lot of fun playing with police procedural show tropes. Airs Thursdays at 7:30 on Fox. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Avengers brand expands its reach to television in this new series from creative genius, Joss Whedon. The series finds Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) somehow alive and working after his encounter with Loki in The Avengers (expect the secret to his living to be slowly revealed throughout the first season). Coulson’s not bumping shoulders with Tony Stark and Thor anymore though. He’s formed a team to deal with the aftermath of superhero encounters (e.g. calming civilians whose workplace has been destroyed by the Hulk). Airs Tuesdays at 7:00 PM on ABC. The Michael J. Fox Show The man behind Alex P. Keaton

and Marty freakin’ McFly, continuing his Hollywood comeback after learning to live with Parkinson’s Disease, in a semiautobiographical sitcom about a news anchor with Parkinson’s returning to work. Expect a whole lot of selfdeprecating humor on Fox’s part. Premieres Thursday, September 26 at 8:00 on NBC. Super Fun Night Rebel Wilson has become an unstoppable force after her turns as Brynn in Bridesmaids and Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. Now Wilson headlines her own sitcom as a socially awkward lawyer who makes a vow with her two best friends to have “super fun” every Friday night. Premieres Wednesday, October 2 at 8:30 on ABC. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland A spinoff to the outrageously popular Once Upon a Time, this new show follows a grown-up Alice as she returns to Wonderland seeking her long-lost genie love, Cyrus, while evading the sinister Jafar. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either. But fans of its predecessor are sure to eat it right up. Premieres Thursday, October 10 at 7:00 on ABC. Many more shows premiere this fall, of course. But these five are ones you can expect to stay around for a while, rather than being canceled after three episodes. TV is a cutthroat business, so you better pick your favorites and keep watching them before they leave the air.

You Said It!

Each month we walk through the halls with ears wide open, just hoping you’ll say something silly. Without further ado, we bring you our first edition of YOU SAID IT, 2013 I’ll just click on him. Quit honkin’, I know I’m hot! I hate all the math in the whole world

Summer of Supers! Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer Like hot weather, swimming pools, and breezy screen doors, Movie going is an integral part of the American summertime experience. This past summer brought the usual influx of flops, surprises, and big winners. Historically, summer has been the season predominated by action movies produced by those with deep pockets, and those films did indeed dominate the scope of this past film season. Super Hero Mash up. Marvel, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and the whole gang whipped out the big friggin’ guns right out of the gate, with films such as Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine, and various other big name productions.

What was you favoriate Summer Blockbuster?

Iron Man 3 has been, financially, the greatest success, grossing over 1.2 billion worldwide, one of the highest grossing films, ever. The previous two installments of the franchise were under a different director, (Jon Favreou), but the latest addition was directed by Shane Black, famous for writing

september_2013.indd 7

the screen play of Lethal Weapon and several others. Black gave Tony Stark a more layered, anxious character without losing his beloved wisecracking charisma. Also, the plot was laced with suspense and tasteful action. The film’s villain, The Mandaran, was very believable and very well played by Ben Kingsley. The movie was well received by both critics and viewers. Man of Steel was D.C. Comics response to Iron Man 3. The Superman reboot features new face Henry Cavil as the familiar hero. The film, directed by Zach Snyder, takes us through mild mannered Clark Kents’ familiar story, with a few “darker” overtones. It is quite a work visually, although many people, myself included, felt a bit overwhelmed at the closing action scene (in which superman may have broken the record for most collateral damage, ever. Its plausible he sunk Long Island), and that there was a general lack of character development. Those issues aside, it was still a cool

movie and grossed over 650 million dollars internationally. The Wolverine is the latest installment in the X-men franchise, and in my opinion, one of the best. The story differs from the usual “humans vs mutants’ theme. The story is much more micro, drifter Logan has renounced his crime fighting ways and is drifting around until located by a Japanese mutant who is connected with his past. It is simply a character story. The movie has some of the best action scenes of the summer, none of which are over done like we saw in Man of Steel. Sum total, I think that The Wolverine was one of the best films of the summer, very much underappreciated. This film grossed at over 370 million world wide, which made it profitable, although the figure seems dainty when compared to the latter two. Summer brought many great movies to the table, and left us with the promise of more great movies on the way. Stay tuned!

Your dad, he didn’t scare me. It was a different guy that kind of scared me. Guys, we need to stretch our arms more. I don’t wanna pull a Hamstring. You ate the entire wheel of cheese? I’m not even mad I’m impressed! I miss your musk… When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together! It’s illegal in nine countries. Its made with bits of real panther, you know, so you know its good. They’ve done studies you know. 60% of the time, it works everytime. I know that one day Veronica and I are going to get married on top of a mountain, and there’s going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs. And we will dance till the sun rises. And then our children will form a family band. And we will tour the countryside and you wont be invited. I’m very important. I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. Yeah, there were horses and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with trident. Why can’t you just be proud of me as a peer, and my gentleman lover? He was like a god walking among mere mortals. He had a voice that could make a wolverine purr and suits so fine they made Sinatra look like a hobo. Jazz flutes are for little boys.

Sherie’s Jeans and Things Clothing and much more! 290 South Main 10% off with this ad Proud supporter of Juab High School

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Etcetera Jessika Kenison

Shan Sherwood

Katherine Reese

Meet The Clarion Staff!

Kenji Brooks

Sam Holladay

Ashley Whimpey

Austin Hansen

Delayna Tolbert

Savannah Behrmann

Jessica Wallace Skyler Asbridge Rachel Dye

Malissa Giles

Aubrey Jones

Paige Dunihoo Jematisa Davis Katie Wickel Brinnlee Newell

Sara Davis

Kashley Carter

Walker Memmott

Thela Mitchell Kenneth Bonzo

See Juab High from our perspective.

Clarion Staff, 2013-2014 Self-portraits drawn by the staff.

Where: South Main Owners: Ryan & Carli Wright When: Opening October 14 Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief She’s gone from Jr. High English teacher to high school teacher to online counselor, and now you can even call her an entrepreneur. Carli Clawson Wright is about to broaden the location choices for Nephi residents on a “drink run” starting October 14 with the opening of her new business, Fizz Soda Shack. Located right next door to Kimo’s Kamera, in the parking lot of the newly renovated old Ford Dealership, the Shack is drive or walk up window only. The basic idea: 1. Order a soda 2. Request any additives or flavoring concoctions you can think up. Grape, peach, or coconut… grape, peach, AND coconut..? When the creative brain juices aren’t flowing so well, there’s also a list of over twenty already mixed (and taste bud approved) drinks to choose from. “My favorite is The Cosmo,” said Clawson. “It’s Sprite and Blue Coconut.” Her husband’s favorite mix was lovingly created in the name of her father, who recently passed away this year. The drink is a crime punching Mt. Dew with lime and grape flavoring named The Superhero. There’s plenty more though. It will be the only place in town handing out Fuzzy Navels. Hold your alarm; it’s just a Sprite, orange, and peach mouth party. Offering the entire Pepsi and Coke product lines, over twenty flavorings, fresh mint, lemons, limes, and cherries, there are hundreds of wonderful (or terrible) possibilities waiting to be discovered. “Conoco is always so busy; there needed to be

september_2013.indd 8

a drive up for just soda,” said Wright. A few years back the thought struck her, but three months ago she really got frustrated competing with the gas station traffic to get her drink, and dug in her heels to create the Shack. Once the idea really started taking hold, Wright upped her menu. The Shack will also sell year round different flavored hot chocolates- Raspberry truffle or S’more Love to give you a taste. There will be coffee, complete with creams and sugar, and “Treats of the Day” to look forward to. Sugar Cookie Wednesday is just weeks away from being reality, people. Customers will be ordering “Anything dirty” (any soda with coconut) and grabbing some of their drinks for just a buck as soon as doors open this fall! I’ll get to the bottom of what’s important here though, as in the bottom of the beverage. There will be nugget ice. You know, the kind shaped like pellets and perfect for drink cooling. Nugget Ice. Hours of operation will most likely be 6 AM-10 PM, Monday-Saturday. Even though it’s closed Sundays, there’s plenty of time to grab your drink fix. Admittedly, Wright hasn’t always dreamed of running a soda joint. After the business has been running a few years, Wright hopes to return to the classroom and be with her Juab students again. Until then, she’ll just have to settle with luring them in with special student only discounts at her newest adventure, Fizz Soda Shack.

Juab High School The Clarion Editor-in-Chief Ashley Whimpey Assistant Editor Kashley Carter Staff Writers Savannah Behrmann Jematisa Davis Aubrey Jones Skyler Asbridge Sam Holladay Brinnlee Newel Delayna Tolbert Jessica Wallace Jessika Kenison Katie Wickle Katherine Reese Kenji Brooks Kenneth Bonzo Melissa Giles Paige Dunihoo Rachel Lepien Sara Davis Shan Sherwood Thela Mitchell Walker Memmott Photo Guru Austin Hansen The publication date for The Clarion is the last Wednesday of each month. Every one of the 1,000 copies is free to the community. We encourage the student body’s participation in The Clarion. Letters to the Editor, suggestions, questions, and etc. can be given to any member of The Clarion Staff. The Clarion reserves the right to edit any submissions. The views expressed are those of the writers and not to be considered those of The Clarion, the faculty, staff, or administration.

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September 2013 Clarion  

Juab High School's Clarion, September 2013

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