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October 30, 2013

Juab High School

Volume 22 Issue 2

In Other News Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer Most Distant Galaxy Discovered Astronomers say the galaxy, called z8_GND_5296, is the most remote one they can confirm with spectroscopy, a technique that looks for the chemical signatures of elements. Scientists found this most distant galaxy on the first of two nights of observation, during a period of about six hours. They have applied for more nights for follow-up, so z8_GND_5296 may soon have competition for the distance record. Massachusetts Student Charged with Murdering Teacher

Sing For Me, My Puppets Mrs. Esplin conducts the JHS choir at their amazing Fall Concert held October 21.

Kenneth Bonzo Assistant Editor Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country and our school will be celebrating it from October 28 thru November 1. This week is full of fun activities and dress up days. “Marvel”ous Monday (Super Hero Day), Twin Tuesday, Wake Up Wednesday (Pajama Day), Halloween Costume Thursday, and Fancy Friday. For activities we have an NHS Dance, a Boys Volleyball Game, Halloween, and an FBLA Pumpkin Smash. Most people celebrate Red Ribbon Week but don’t know the amazing story behind the drug awareness week. It all started with a man named Enrique Camarena. Enrique “Kiki” Camarena grew Samuel Holladay Staff Writer Beards and leg hair. Beards and leg hair everwhere. That’s what we hope to see as we enter what is easilty the best month of the entire year: No Shave November. The rules are simple. For the entire month of November, we put the razors away, not to see them until December. Men’s faces become fuzzy hives, fit for a family of robins to nest in. Women’s legs become the warm, sweater-like logs God intended them to be. It is a beautiful tradition. According to Collegiate.Org, No Shave November dates back thousands of years ago, in Ancient Greece when Plato (yes, the Plato) decided there should be a period of time set aside specifically for

Photo by Kenji Brooks.

We’re Seeing Red up in a dirt-floored house with hopes and dreams of making a difference. Camarena worked his way through college, served in the Marine Corp and became a police officer. When he decided to join the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, his mother tried to talk him out it. “I can’t not do this,” he told her. “I’m only one person, but I want to make a difference.” The DEA sent Camarena to work undercover in Mexico investigating a major drug cartel believed to include officers in the Mexican army, police force and government. On Feb. 7, 1985, the 37-year-old Camarena left his office to meet his wife for lunch. Five men appeared at the agent’s side and shoved him in a car. One

month later, Camarena’s body was found in a shallow grave. He had been tortured to death. In honor of Camarena’s memory and his battle against illegal drugs, friends and neighbors began to wear red badges of satin. Parents, sick of the destruction of alcohol and other drugs, had begun forming coalitions. Some of these new coalitions took Camarena as their model and embraced his belief that one person can make a difference. These coalitions also adopted the symbol of Camarena’s memory, the red ribbon. Red Ribbon Week is helping to preserve Special Agent Camarena’s memory and further the cause for which he gave his life. The Red Ribbon Campaign also became a symbol of support for the DEA’s

efforts to reduce demand for drugs through prevention and education programs. By wearing a red ribbon during the last week in October, Americans demonstrate their ardent opposition to drugs. They pay homage not only to Special Agent Camarena, but also to all the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in support of our nation’s struggle against drug trafficking and abuse. Red Ribbon Week serves as a commitment to drug prevention and education and a personal commitment to live drug free lives with the ultimate goal being the creation of drug free America. Information courtesy of and

men to nurture their facial hair. Another renowned Greek philosopher, Aristotle, showed his agreement when he ruled that young guardians of Athens were to take 30 days to grow their beards, for, “… no man can be trusted if he is without a beard.” Fast forward to the 1800’s when Karl Marx, a German, revolutionary socialist, who could think of no better way to stick it to capitalist factory owners than to have workers grow beards through the month of November. Of course, the factory owners wouldn’t have it, and Marx’s plan failed. But about a hundred and fifty years later, No Shave November finds rousing, annual success

amongst college and high school students. And while the majority of No Shave observers are men, many women have joined in on the fun too, refusing to maintain their baby-smooth legs. Juab High School itself has its fair share of No Shave November proponents. Ryan Hatfield says, “I’m so pumped for No Shave November. I’m hoping to get a Brad Pitt sort of look this year.” Other students, though, aren’t so enthusiastic. “It’s so gross,” says Ally Nelson. Opponents of No Shave November, though, are forgetting how important body hair has been throughout the making of human civilization. Let me list

some names for you. Chuck Norris. Grizzly Adams. Abraham Lincoln. Jesus Christ. Zach Galifianakis. The most important people of all time all cultivated luscious beards. And do you think Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, or Hillary Clinton got where they did without taking some time to grow out their leg hair? So on November 1st, grab your razors. Lock them away. Throw away the key. Wait until December 1st to frantically comb the city dump, looking for your key. For November is a month reserved for the sacred processes of beardkeep and natural leg warming. Let that hair grow. Grow it well, my friends.

A Tradition of Kings

A 24-year-old math teacher was found dead in the woods near the school, and Philip D. Chism was charged as an adult for the murder. Colleen Ritzer, taught at Danvers High School in Danvers, Massachusetts, and was reported missing on Tuesday, October 22. When police investigated, they found blood in a bathroom at the school and later discovered Ritzer’s body in the woods near campus. Introducing the iPad Air After just recently introducing the iPhone’s 5s and 5c, iPad introduces a new tablet to the market. The iPad Air lost roughly 33% of the prior model’s weight, dropping from 1.4 pounds to just 1 pound. It also sports Apple’s insanely fast A7 processor as well as M7 coprocessor, bringing it in line with the iPhone 5s. It’s said to be the thinnest, sleekest, and most advanced tablet yet. The Government Shutdown After a sixteen-day government shutdown, it ended on October 17. During the duration of the government shutdown, all parks were closed, and 800,000 people were out of work. Americans disapproval rating for congress is at 12%, an almost historic low, and the approval rate for federal lawmakers are at 86%, a surprising high. (CNN) Nevada Middle School Shooting A staff member was killed and two students were injured as a fellow student opened fire at middle school in Nevada on Monday, October 21. The faculty member was telling the student to put the gun down, then shot the teacher, killing him. The student was shot dead.


Golly, I’m Sc-sc-scared! Nephi City’s 4th annual Halloween Town was a rousing success as Main Street became covered from head to toe in spooky decorations. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

october_2013.indd 1

Thela Mitchell Staff Writer It’s that time of year again! Time to break out the orange, grab the guns and bows, and head up the mountain in search of the perfect big game to claim. It’s the perfect time to get together with family and skip school for a week on the mountain. The buck rifle hunt was exactly one week after Sadie’s! How crazy is that? Some people would be getting ready for Sadie’s, but us hunters were stocking up on ammunition and sighting in the guns and tracking that trophy buck. Okay, so some of us did go to Sadie’s, but give us a break, we can’t hunt all the time; it would just get boring after a while. “When you can’t find the deer, they are at the café,” Robert Bott says. Is hunting mean? Some say yes, and others say no. What makes hunting mean? The non-hunters say that hunting is mean because you could be killing the animal’s

mom or dad. We could be killing Bambie’s mommy or daddy. It’s sad when animals die but it also keeps the animals in check and the population down. Hunting is a way of life. What is your idea of the perfect hunting trip? I would think the perfect hunting trip is going out with your parents and grandpa, and as you are looking for your buck, they tell you about their hunting trips when they were younger. You get a great laugh at all the reckless and senseless things they did. Even if you don’t see anything but does and fawns, it is still a pretty good hunting trip because you got to listen to stories and spending the whole day with your family. Remember that the hunt is not where you take your anger out on the other hunters. Put your anger into the hunt to track your trophy buck or whatever you are hunting this year. Bring home the goods and have an awesome hunting season all you fellow hunters!

10/28/13 4:24:17 PM

The Clarion v October 30, 2013 v Page 2

Editorials & Opinions The Trick of Treating

Jessica Wallace Staff Writer

Hip is In! Jake Ryan shows that hipsters aren’t afraid to start new trends in both fashion and life. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Hippin’ It

Delayna Tolbert Staff Writer Hipsters are the nomads for our modern day. While the entire nation is precariously testing the waters for the new 2013 fashion and trends, hipsters are at the top of their game flaunting the future trends. Contrary to many beliefs, a hipster’s life is exceedingly dangerous and certainly keeps you on your toes: One must show off the future trends, but never be caught wearing them after popularity. Fortunately, I have the insiders look thanks to the all mighty Google. Fashion: Since the hipster’s

fashion sense is regularly changing, one can never guess what tomorrow’s hipster may dawn, fortunately for you, I have the scoop. One will be adorning high waist jeans, ripped stockings, thick glasses, grandmother dresses, retro military shoes, the American flag . . . never mind. This is way to complex to explain. Just gather a bunch of clothing from any source and fit them all together in one outfit. The same goes for the male species. Hey, what does it matter if you look like a fool? You are the trendsetter; people follow you but never question your motives. Lifestyle: The lifestyle for the average hipster is as confusing as their fashion sense. If you are the type of person whom thrives in school, you have a leg up to become a hipster. The reason for the good grades? It is “hip” to be an idiot so to be a hipster you must be an intellectual whiz. The average hipster may also take up sewing, novel reading, photography, listening to way off the chart music, and other el-

derly obsessions. Not to mention, all of these hobbies must be done in an old diner, a library, the park, or any other queer hangout. Yes, the hipster shall always be questioned by humanity. History: Hipsters are a subculture of men and women that value being the top dog, even if it means looking like a fool years before its time. As you know, every species has to start somewhere. The infamous hipster started with the sensitivity and guy-liner of the Emo. From there it went to the intellectual Dweeb. Then came the bearded Mountain Man, the Vintage Royalty and finally leading up to the unhygienic Homeless of today. Hipsters are our modern day Star Trek movie: We may not realize it now, but we get all of our extraordinary ideas from them, ideas that can progress our future to a new age. An age, of FASHION! Wait for that future day. Cherish that future day. Meditate that future day. For it shall come, and when it does, it shall be FABULOUS!

Focus. This year the Wasp Online students must work in library, even if class is during second lunch. Photo by Kenji Brooks..

Library Lockout

Kashley Carter Assistant Editor

Underlying the serenity of the library is a conflict between students on lunch break and the library authorities. Students are frustrated that the library is closed during second lunch. Last year, the library was open during both lunches, and it was a pretty crowded hang out. Computer savvy students logged on for a break of games like Minecraft, while others lounged on the comfy chairs to chat with friends. Most of the chairs were occupied, and the volume probably rose over the typical library setting. Students also took the op-

october_2013.indd 2

portunity to cram in last minute study sessions before fifth hour or browse for a new AR book. Now though, students have lost access to the library because Wasp Online is in session in the library during lunch. Nobody can wander in and nab a book or take advantage of the assignment workspace. “It’s dumb [being locked out] and it makes me extremely mad because where am I supposed to go after lunch?” said Kimberly Allred. Kimberly isn’t the only one who’s unsure where to spend their break. Most mill around the lunchroom, but some are so bored that they wander into the halls. “It’s creating another problem because now people are running through the halls disrupting classrooms,” said Madeline Williams. However, the closing of the library can be justified. “I feel bad doing it [locking the library] but it’s unfair to the kids trying to take tests and quizzes,” said Mrs. Andersen the librarian. The Wasp Online class is in there trying to complete projects,

learn new material, and focus on exams. If the library became a party place, with any yelling or rowdiness, the students would be easily distracted. “When the library is not closed students can’t work,” said Mrs. Clark. As her classroom, she needs the library to be a learning environment where students can get work done. She believes that if the library opened like last year her students wouldn’t be very productive because of their peers’ activity. Students recognize this need for quietness, but they are still unhappy about being shut out. “I don’t like it because I usually go in there to get a book or magazine or whatever,” said Evan Reynoso. But is that really true? Talking to the librarian and Mrs. Clark, they both revealed that the door over by Mr. Wallace’s room that leads into the library is unlocked during lunch. If students want, they can enter the library through there, but they must be quiet and respect the classroom in session.

The everlasting debate continues. Is it completely acceptable to go trick-or-treating once you cross the barrier of Neverland and enter high school? As everyone has yet to reach a consensus, I decided to ask a few fellow classmates and peers their feelings on the subject. “If it’s done in a clever way with a neat costume, and you go with a few kiddos, then it’s fine,” said Ali Olsen. Aulani Camacho agreed, “Heck yes! We need the candy more than little kids anyway! Who looks like they need the sugar rush more?!” With a few other “I guess so” responses, I came to the conclusion that trick-or-treating for high school students is alright as long as you follow a few guidelines that will deem your Halloween adventure as socially acceptable or not. First, one must find some cute little kiddos to take around town. This is THE most important step! If you don’t have adorable younger siblings or cousins then you really don’t have a solid reason to be trick-or-treating. This way, if

some cool senior you look up to drives by you can say “Look bro, my mom made me take my siblings trick-or-treating!” then wave them on their way. Second, if you’re going trick-or-treating, you might as well go all out and have an awesome costume that will make people smile. If you don’t get a compliment on your costume, you have failed! End of story. Lastly, make sure you get tons upon tons of candy! When you finally go home after a long night of candy hunting, you should have more quality candy than all the youngsters combined. If you don’t, you have been outdone by those with brains that aren’t as developed as yours, how embarrassing. Don’t be shamed by a fiveyear old girl in a glittery fairy costume!

So whether you’re motivated by a potential sugar-rush, the need to follow tradition, or your parents really are making you tow your younger siblings around, have a great time getting cavities and sending your blood pressure through the roof… if you do decide to go after all. Sketch by Kathryn Reese.

Falling Back

Shan Sherwood Staff Writer On Sunday November 3, 2013, don’t forget to move your clocks back one hour and take the chance to feel like you are sleeping in. Daylight savings is right around the corner. There are positives and negatives to Daylight savings. In the spring, you loose an hour. That means that you feel like you are waking up an hour earlier. The good news is that it gives you more daylight at the end of the day. In the fall, the opposite happens. You get to sleep in one more hour, but you loose that hour at the end of the day, and it gets dark sooner than you are used to. Daylight savings time has some positives. “The one where you get to sleep in an extra hour is the best!” said Shamri Wright.

Personally, I would take the spring time change over the fall time change. During the fall and winter, I think that daylight savings is the most despicable curse to fall upon this land. It robs us of precious daylight and the opportunities to accomplish something. The effect of daylight savings is evident in the pale skin of students who might be lucky to see the sun for one hour after school every day. After daylight savings has started, it feels like you leave for school in the dark and return home in time to see the setting sun. If you have trouble remembering whether you are going to lose an hour or gain an hour, don’t sweat it. An easy way to remember is a common saying that goes “Spring forward, fall back. Daylight savings first started during WW1 so that countries involved in the war could save fuel by not having to run lights so long after dark. Germany and Austria were the first to implement this new idea. I don’t think that daylight savings is needed for that reason anymore. Some states have already gotten rid of it. Hawaii and Arizona don’t do daylight savings!

Turning Back Tme. Prepare to gain an hour of sleep as we fall back with daylight savings.. Photo by Kathryn Reese.


Western Tire & Auto Supply Located at 51 south Main street Phone:(435)-623-1528

Proud supporter of Juab HIGH

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Upcoming Events Sunday










Region Honor Band Speech and Debate @ Snow College State VB @ UVU Region sing-in Madrigals






Si Huang Kalea Pauole



McKayla Allred Zavien Dunihoo Dalton Harmon Laura Jenson Tyler Keddington



FB Semi-Finals @ SUU

Senior College Tour @ SNOW and UVU

National Sandwhich Day Keaton Bryan Jordan Millett Cooper Thompson Dakota Taylor Regan Warner 11


FB Quarterfinals Kylan Osburn (Homesites)

National Dunce Day Stacey Spencer 14

Tory Lavery Jordan Whitlock 15

16 Speech and Debate @ Salem Hills

National clean your Refridgerator

Kiersten Openshaw 17

Taylor Dunn 18


Brock Anderson Jarred Jacobson



Taylee Hathaway Jakota Snow Megan Wood 24

Clayton Allred Madason Barney Deena Morgan

Megan Jones Allyssa Nelson



Sidney Adams Austin Black Hannah Jacobsen Riley Owens Kaylee Pay 22

F.B State Finals @ Weber Turkey Trot @ juab 9:00 A.M Caden Biddinger Mckall Kenison Jayce Lind Justice Worwood 23

Princess Ida Production

HOSA Blood Drive

National Hike Day

Sarah Cannell Caiden Haveron Bracken Nuzman

Ashley Atkinson Tyler Deschamps Wyatt Lange Danielle Lynn Jacob Shepherd Brayden White 27



Jessika Kenison Cody Trepanier 29

Don’t Be a Dud, Come Give Blood Brinnlee Newell Staff Writer

Don’t be a dud come give blood on November 19.To participate you must be sixteen, and have your parents’ permission. The Health Occupation Students of America, better known as the HOSA club, will be handing out the permission slips on the second week of November. When you donate they will do three things: First, they will check your medical history. Second they do a quick physical, and they take your blood. Then, finally they will feed you snacks! For FREE! It only takes ten minutes to take your blood. InAmerica there are approximately 32,000 pints of blood needed for hospital use each day. You can help make a difference! When you see the HOSA, table go check it out. Pick up a permission slip even if you’re not sure you want to do it. Then if you decide to do it you have a slip already! If you’re having any doubts just remember when you donate you are saving about 3 people’s lives. Make an impact for the greater good, and donate this November!

Braden Camacho 30

Princess Ida Productio

Brenna Brothersen Brady Greenhalgh

Timothy Coons Emily Terry

Black Friday Trent Esplin Kathryn Reese Drayden Shepherd

Someone say Turkey?! Sara Davis Staff Writer Ode to the wonderful potatoes past my lips, to the delicious pies that will go straight to my hips. Beauty and joy this holiday brings, until the day after, when I can’t fit into my swing! Thanksgiving, a day supposedly made to give thanks, has become known as the day of stuffing. (Especially since you can stuff your face with stuffing.) From the endless buffet to the hours sitting around a table, Thanksgiving certainly does create an issue for those still wishing for that ideal image. Teenagers (mostly the females) and mothers of all ages fear this day throughout the year. Christmas is coming, summer is over, the new style of jeans is coming out, but what happens if you can’t fit into it? Fear not! Your Cross Country and Track and Field teams are here to save the day! The fifth annual Turkey Trot is

coming to a high school parking lot near you! (Meaning the only high school parking lot near you.) On Saturday, November 16, the race will start at 9 o’ clock am. The 5k has been a hit these past few years, bringing in anyone from beginning speed walkers to crazy, life long runners. It’s the perfect way to get you pumped for the upcoming holiday! Twelve days before Thanksgiving, the Turkey Trot will prepare you mentally for the day of stuffing and get you into the habit of staying in shape. Not only that, but the lucky winner of this event will actually win a turkey! (A dead one, of course.) So come join the most insane teams on campus as they embark on Operation: Eat More Food! Just think: the more you run, the more you can eat without having a guilty conscience! Start training now! The expedition is soon at hand. Are you prepared to fight off that extra jean size?

Finish Strong! Kimberly Braden and Lauren Williams finishing strong in last years annual Turkey Trot Photo provided by Cross Country Team

Ida Who? Kathryn Reese Staff Writer Wherefore art thou Romeo? Or should I say....Princess Ida. Once again our fellow high school students will brave the stage with song and dance in Juab’s annual musical. Princess Ida, by Gilbert and Sulivan, satirizes feminism while exploring the unpredictable events that go along with arranged marriages. And according to cast member Shelby Cameron, “ It includes fun moments, falsetto voices, friends, feuds, family, and best of all.... feminism.” The story starts out when two kings (played by Sam Holladay and Riki Squire) arrange the marriage of their children. But when the day finally comes, the king’s daughter, Princess Ida (played by Haley Willmore) runs off to college, and is determined never to marry. On a quest to bring her back, the king’s knights and Prince Hilarion (played by Ryan Hughes) come in contact with a new enemy .... feminism. From

october_2013.indd 3

there its all disguise, fiasco, and a victory of sorts. In the end, we learn that gender equality can only be achieved when both genders work together. But all this, wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the face behind the curtain, the director, and JHS English and drama teacher, Miss C. Ever since her sixth grade lead in a Shakespeare play, she has loved being a part of theater. And in the absence of Laren Swensen, an exceptional director like herself was needed. With a lot of support from those around her she is trying her own ideas and adding her own spunk to each scene. Princess Ida, a play first seen on stage in 1884, now has a modern twist. In much deserved optimism Sara Clements says,” Miss C brings a new and fresh perspective that Juab has never seen before. This musical will be an unforgettable one.” So, without further ado.... Showings will be Nov. 21­ 23, and 25 at the Juab Jr. High Pump it Up! Our Juab Musical Princess Ida rehearses with fun pump up energy!. Photo by Kenji Brooks. School auditorium. Come see the show!

10/28/13 4:24:27 PM

The Clarion v October 30, 2013 v Page 4

Falling Into Skyler’s Scare House Fest

In this festive time of year, one may often find themself wishing there was a way to augment this spooky variety of festivity. Fortunately, there are ways in which to go about augmenting said festivity. In addition to Trick Or Treating, horror movies, and autumn decor, one may find that visiting a haunted house is just the bit that was missing. However, not all haunted houses are made equal. With that in mind, a duo of Clarion Staff members and a non-affiliated friend set out to help you choose the very best haunted houses to visit this Halloween season, complete with a....

Skyler Scare Rating.

1. Yawn. Not scary. In fact, I almost fell asleep.

2. My Scare Senses have been gently piqued.

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus Location: 98 East, 13800 South, Draper. Hours: 7:30-10:00 weekdays, 12:00 on weekends (check site for details). While the 22 dollars for a ticket may seem steep, you get a lot of bang (or should I say, scare, ha!) for your buck. The entire venue follows a “Haunted Circus” theme, showcased by grotesque clown masks and talented actors who are quite energetic in their campaign of terror. The course is varied and surprisingly longyou’re not going to get through quickly. I would like to give the person who designed this course a handshake, because the many different props, lights, and obstacles are creative and intended to keep you on your toes- and scared out of your mind. Pros: Unique theme, great course, convincing actors, excellent scare factor. Cons: Slightly expensive in relation to others. (scratch that, there are no cons!) Conclusion: If you must only visit one haunted house, make it this one and take the hike to Draper. It’s worth it.


3. I am rather startled!

4. Je-Je-Jeepers! I’m T-t-terrified!

Nightmare on 13th

The Haunted Forest

Location: 320 West 1300 South, Salt Lake City. Hours: 7:30- 12:00.

Location: 1100 South 500 East, American Fork. Hours: 7:30-12:00.

You may eventually recover from the 15 dollar with coupon hole burned in your pocket, but you will never recover from the sub par experience you have unwittingly subjected yourself too. The venue is well done and has obviously had much money dumped into it. It has an almost too polished feel, which detracts from the scare factor. While the props are great, long lines create a sort of slaughterhouse effect from start to finish, so there are no surprises. You’ll see everything coming. Don’t buy the hype!

For $20 dollars, the Haunted Forest offers an excellent deal for your money. Boasting the state’s only outdoor facility, terror will be yours with two different courses with a scare around every corner. Each course is a new thrill ensuring a good time, and the twocourse deal makes this the best option for a taking a special lady/ man friend on a date.

Pros: 15 Dollars with a coupon is a slick deal, and the props are quite good. Cons: Inordinately crowded. And not scary. At all. Conclusion: We at the Clarion staff urge you very strongly to refrain from gracing this overhyped establishment with your presence. But if you must go, slap a caffeine patch on your arm or something, or you may well fall asleep. SSR:

Jematisa Davis Staff Writer The trees are changing, the air is crisp and full of warming scents, pumpkins, and autumn spices... but lets skip over that and say what’s seriously happening… It is freezing! So its time to whip out the cute boots, and warm fuzzy jackets. Yep its that time of year! Fall is here and there are so many exciting choices of style. It’s time to put away the cute summer dresses and bundle up. The fun fall fashion trend throughout our school this year is leggings. Who would have thought to wear tight, thicker tights and call it style?? But it is thriving! In my personal opinion they are fun, cute and perfect for any lazy day. They come in all sorts of designs as well as colors. You can purchase them at almost any teen clothing store. For example, Rue 21 has a large variety of Leggings. If you go take a peek in H&M you’ll find even more and fun vibrate clothes. While you’re there, don’t forget the shoe section, a fun popular way to wear leggings is tucked

away under cute stylish boots. About any boot you can find will do the trick, the ones that lace up and go to about the calf is a popular choice, but the ones that go up to the knee are just as cute if not cuter. Many girls at Juab, including myself, enjoy them. Slip on a pair of boots, a cute shirt, and there you have it! You’ve got, fun and warm style! Oh but wait, you forgot you need a jacket too. Leather is huge this year. Leather jackets, lined with soft fabric hoods is a choice of majority. They are cute and can go over about anything and make it look amazing. Juab girls all have some type of leather looking jacket, the soft brown colored ones or even the red ones, or even blue and just about any color you want, you can find. Oh and is your neck cold?! Whip out a cute scarf, tie it fashionably and there you go! There you have it Juab! That’s our fun, warm, glamorous way, to survive the months of fall and winter months to come.

Pros: Two courses per ticket, good props and actors, reasonable price. Cons: If you go through the haunted forest portion of the course first, you cannot go through the next course. This is a low trick. Conclusion: The Haunted Forest offers good scares for a great price.


“Happy Halloween, Hosers!” -Skyler

Fall into Some Knowledge Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief

1. When a bone is broken, the body absorbs and rebuilds the bone. Some people absorb too quickly though, and are left without bones. 2. Cremation takes 2-3 hours & requires 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The same amount of energy is used to power 1500 TVs for one hour. 3. The skull is removed in order to “shrink heads”, and a skilled preparer can do it in as little as 15 minutes. 4. The body liquefies itself after death, and the bloating effect from it really will cause the tongue to be pushed from the mouth. 5. Accidents in which the driver was driving at “10&2” result in “de-gloving” where the skin is burned off of the hands. Drive at 9&3 6. Nails and hair do not continually grow after death. The dehydrated skin pulls back to reveal the rest of what grew before death. 7. Death masks are digitally on display for people to look at. Hundreds. Check it out at

october_2013.indd 4

Juab Flaunts Fall Fashions

Leggings for days. Students at Juab High School sporting this fall’s hottest fashions. Photo by Kenji Brooks

We’ve Got You Covered: Get Dressed for Halloween at The VERY Last Minute!

Rachel Dye Staff Writer NEWSFLASH! Tomorrow is Halloween. Maybe you’re an alien who dropped out of the sky yesterday and you have no idea what Halloween is. Maybe you’re one of those few people who just couldn’t decide what to dress up as, so the idea kept getting put off and pushed back. Until now. You have heard since you were a wee babe in a high chair to eat your fruits and vegetables. Well tomorrow, you be those fruits and vegetables. 1:Blow purple balloons until you’re red in the face. Attach those balloons to yourself, and you are now a plump bunch of grapes. 2: Steal a red shirt from you dad’s closet. Pull it on; stuff it with pillows, and slip of a green hat. Look in the mirror, and a tomato you will see. 3: Not feelin’ the big, fat, and red? Keep the hat, but exchange your wardrobe for orange. See how this works? What a fine carrot you are. Now what? 4: Remove the hat. Attach a red and a brown hula-hoop to both ends of a very long piece of string. Step through the hoops, then pull the string over your head to rest on your shoulders. You have become part of the galaxy, Saturn! Are you ready to set aside your human form and become the beastly animal trapped inside? 5: Chicken, here you come. Items needed? A pair of yellow bathroom cleaning gloves and two garbage bags. Pull the gloves on your feet. Cut a head and two armholes in one of the garbage bags. Pull it over your head. Now cut the other garbage bag into countless 6-inch strips. Madly glue

each strip onto the garbage bag. Tedious? Yes. Amazing? Yeah! 6: Pig: You know that dentist appointment your mom scheduled for you before the month of candy and black cavities? On Your way out of the dentist, quickly grab a little dentist cup. This will double as your nose. Attach to a string, and then put over your nose. Dress in pink and there you have it! 7: Pig in a Blanket: Keep the pig outfit, and then wrap a cozy blanket around yourself. 8: Washing Machine: Large cardboard box. Cut the bottom on three sides to make a flap. Step into the box with the flap up and facing behind you. Stuff with clothes both old and new. 9: Laundry Hamper: Same concept as the washing machine, but use an old hamper instead of the box. 10: Bubble Bath: Rub a dub dub. Cut the bottom out of a box. Fill with white balloons. 11: Paper Doll: Draw and color a life-sized outfit Be creative, and don’t forget the tabs around the edge. 12: Raining Cats and Dogs: Glue your siblings’ many stuffed cats and dongs onto an umbrella, pull on a nice raincoat and a pair of boots. 13: KFC Wear all white and carry around a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. A snack on the go! 14: McDonalds: Red wig, enormous red shoes, a white shirt, and yellow overalls. 15: Ghost: Throw a white sheet over your head. 16: Ceiling Fan: Write “GO CEILING” on a T-shirt and become a ceiling fan 17: Bum: Throw on a pair of old, ragged, and dirty sweats.

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The Season

A Recipe For Love

Jessika Kenison Staff Writer It has always been said that the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomach. Are you looking for a way to his or her heart? Don’t know where to start? With the upcoming holiday season it is the perfect time to try out your cooking skills on your crush. Here is a step-by-step recipe for winning over that special someone through his or her taste buds. First you need to start a conversation. They aren’t going to love you if you can’t even talk to them face to face. So while in class, casually start a conversation about the weekend. Slowly get them to warm up to you and then make your move. Next you should ask them to hang out. This is the trickiest part. Invite them to your house, watch a movie, or make it a study date. Do anything you can to get them to hang out with you! Once they commit to spending some extra time together, you have some serious work to do. You must make sure everything will go smoothly. Cancel all plans and make a way to avoid conflicts.

Get rid of the pesky younger siblings, and clean the house so that they will be impressed when they come over. Next make sure you look nice. Don’t make it obvious that you dressed up because you knew they were coming over, but look presentable. You are almost ready to make your true love fall for you; there are just a few more things you will need to check off your list. Next is the treat! To show them how sweet you truly are by making them a delicious snack; a treat so scrumptious that after one bite they won’t be able to resist you! This is an autumn recipe that will surely make them wild for you: “APPLE BETTY” Ingredients • 1 1/2 cups Keebler® Grahams Honey Crackers (coarsely crumbled) • 3/4 cup sugar, divided • 1/2 cup margarine or butter, melted • 1 teaspoon cinnamon • 4 medium cooking apples, cored, peeled, thinly

sliced Directions In medium bowl stir together crackers and 1/2 cup of sugar. Add margarine or butter. Toss until combined. Set aside. 

2. In small bowl stir together remaining sugar and cinnamon. In 8 x 8 x 2-inch baking pan alternate layers of apples, cinnamon mixture and crumb mixture. 

3. Cover tightly with foil. Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. Remove foil. Bake at 350°F for 15 minutes more. Serve warm. Serve this yummy apple indulgence to them with a personal twist. Rename your dish to fit you, such as “Apple Jessika”; they will love it! The last thing to remember is to be you. Be truthful and use let your spunky personality shine through. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. Two easy ways to win over someone’s heart is to be honest and to be a great cook! Recipe taken from www.keebler. com

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach- Yummy desserts will surely win over your crush’s love! Cobbler Image taken from Wikipedia.

Haunted Restaurant Ivy Mounteer Staff Writer Now that Halloween is almost here, I am getting very excited for everything creepy and crawly. When I think of scary, I think of ghosts and hauntings. As curious as I am about ghosts, I went looking for real local hauntings. What I found was almost shocking. Only fifteen minutes away in, Santaquin, Utah, a local business with demonic hauntings. The Family Tree restaurant has had several cases of scares and jitters. Before 1985 the establishment was the Santaquin city’s post official. Then, mother and son, Nan and Jesse Smith founded it as a family diner. Speaking with local people, they’ve told me that it’s just about the scariest place there is out there. The ghosts are said to stack the furniture, make noises, and touch people that dare enter. My curiosity got the best of me and I stopped inside. You can almost feel the ghostly presence from the moment you step in the door. The feeling it gives from the old creaky floor, to the pictures of

those who have long since passed on the walls is quite freighting. I sat down and decided I might as well eat while I was there. Their scones are fourteen inches long and delicious with melted honey butter as a topping. I still couldn’t quite shake that haunting feeling that was looming in the air. I still wasn’t quite sure about these so-called hauntings, I did some research of my own. I came to find out I wasn’t the only person to be interested in this place. A very popular TV show call “The Dead Files” did an investigation as well. They proved many of the things that people had said were happening true. The program left me with the conclusion that there is no way The Family Tree isn’t haunted.

Where the Hauntings Happen Locally, Nephi’s city building has become a place of fear with the spirited Halloween decorations. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Germs, Germs, GO AWAY!

Katie Wickel Staff Writer “Achoooo!” sniffles the sickly kid in front of you. You cringe because you know you are standing in the proximity of a sickly body, and he/she possibly just sneezed on the back of your head. Sick! With the wintry weather up and coming, we are easing into cold and flu season. Being sick is the last thing you need to add on top of your already stressful life. The dreaded sicknesses are spreading around; you don’t want to be stuck in the pathway of a feeble individual. In order to prevent the sniffles and coughs—colds and flus—here are some tips to staying healthy. 1. Be active! Exercise is the best stress-reliever, so when you are stressed, balance your body out with exercise. NBC News states, “Research shows moderate amounts of aerobic exercise such as jogging, brisk walking and cycling during the cold and flu season boost the body’s defenses against viruses and bacteria.” 2. Try to get some sleep! Life is busy, and oftentimes, sleep takes the back burner. Sleep allows your body to recharge. Next time your mom wakes you up early, use the excuse that sleeping will help you prevent the common cold. 3. Stay hydrated! Your body needs water to keep your systems running effectively. When you are hydrated, your body does not fret about running out of resources, so it can focus on getting the job done—keeping you healthy. 4. Revamp your immune sys-

october_2013.indd 5

tem! Eating healthy is extremely beneficial. It provides you with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will ultimately keep you cold and flu-free. Many also swear by supplements including Airborne, essential oils, Emergen-C, or even the original multivitamin. 5. Thoroughly wash your hands often! Singing the happy birthday song twice at normal speed is an adequate amount of times to wash those germs down the drain. 6. Keep away from the sickly! No up close and personal business, or they just might just share their sickness with you. 7. If you are sick, STAY HOME! No one wants what you have! It is better you keep your germs to yourself. In this case, NOT sharing is caring. Please and thank you! 8. Don’t be afraid of getting sick. Seriously— it happens to everyone, even to the healthiest humans. Getting sick is basically inevitable, but on the bright side, if you do come down with a virus, don’t fret! You won’t ever

have that exact same sickness because your body can fight it off! Yay for antibodies! To be honest, all these tips share one common theme—maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Balancing out your stress with exercise, getting some sleep, hydrating and eating well will ultimately keep you healthy. It’s all about keeping your defenses up. Good luck in your fight this cold and flu season!

Staircase of Dooooom Daring students precautiously decend the stairs by the math wing. . Photo by Jessika Kenison

Hallway Hazards

Jessika Kenison Staff Writer Rushing through the halls, you’re about to be late to class. You have thirty seconds to get to math on time but your still down in the science hall. I can make it, you tell yourself as you approach the killer stairs. Walking as fast as your stubby legs will let you, you start taking the steps two at a time. When the top stair is in your sight you being to feel hopeful. The thought I’m going to be on time! runs through your head when KABLAM! You totally eat linoleum as your foot catches on the top stair. The staircases in Juab’s hallways are almost deadly. They reach out and grab you when you least expect it. They give a full leg workout every time you go up or down each flight of stairs. It is

close to an act of suicide whenever you try to text and climb or descend the stairs. One wrong move can send you on a neck-breaking tumble. Did you know that each flight of stairs in our high school has a different number of steps? The staircase by the Math and Science department has a total of 27 steps from the first to the second floor. The steps by the Main Office have 28 steps leading up to the Library, and the staircase by the gym leading up to the English classrooms have only 22 steps. Freaky right?! Next time you’re headed to Juab High’s second floor, choose wisely which staircase you take, it could determine your fate.

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Sports & Highlights Kickin’ It: Drill Team

Walker Memmott Staff Writer The JHS drill team has kicked off the year great! Their last performances at football games and assemblies have been spectacular. These girls have practiced long hours to get to where they are, and it definitely shows. These girls have danced in thier bare feet on cold grass in freezing weather. Their performances at football games are truly talented for that atmosphere that they are in. It isn’t like having a nice dance room that’s heated, and has a wood floor. Although it’s early in the year, the team has done a great job with technique, showmanship, and synchronization. This competition season, the drill team is focusing on not only winning, but to be united as a

3A Football Prospects

Skyler Asbridge team and dance as one. They also Staff Writer are trying to focus on taking state In the wake of new divisions in at least one of three catego- formed this past year, Juab is ries. Whether its dance, military, for the first time in several years or character, our JHS Provita are a highly competitive contender willing to go the extra mile to win. for the state title. Beginning this They feel that this year is the year school year, the standard divisions to win it all. of 1A-5A changed. UHSAA split This year at the region compe- the 3A division- forming 3A and tition in January, Provita will have 3AA. Larger schools were bumped a new team to compete against. up, leveling the playing field for The Richfield drill team is new smaller schools such as our own. to our region, and no one really This years batch of seniors are knows what to expect out of them. feeling good, real good, about Our girls are going to be prepared their teams state taking prospects. for anything this year from all 4 They’ve been a force to be reckteams. Payson usually has one of oned with since they first donned the stronger teams, but our girls football pads in the 6th grade-the have mastered in all three catego- camaraderie runs deep. However, ries every year so far. This year there are several hurdles to face will definitely be one of the stron- on the road to state. The teams eliger years for the girls. gible (at this point in the season) for the playoffs are as follows: contenders for the 3A state titles are (while not necessarily in order) as follows: Morgan- While they have not had the hardest schedule, they have an excellent win-loss record and have proved to be a team to be reckoned with. Judge Memorial- They’ve played a few tough games in their early season, and have proven

themselves tough to beat, running over the top of Manti (49-20) and trumping Grantsville (25-14). Manti-Our old foe. They have remained undefeated in our region this season and have a punishing offense. Grantsville-A big, physical team, Grantsville dealt us our first loss at our homecoming game. Richfield- With a 7-2 win-loss record, Richfield looks pretty on paper. While they have had a comparatively easy season, they have still stood tough when faced with teams of a higher caliber. Emery- Will likely narrowly make it to the playoffs, but don’t expect them to hang around to long in this highly competitive playing field. Delta- Is a wild card and not to be overlooked. They will likely finish 4th in the South region, but regardless have had some surprising victories recently, defeating Grantsville 19-13 and Richfield 27-8. Juab- is a strong contender for the state title, proving to be a tough team to beat for the best in the state. With high moral and discipline, we could very well make it all the way.

Drill Team or Die! JHS Drill Team stand in formation patiently waiting to perform at the football game. Photo by Walker Memmott

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Giddy Up Rodeo Malissa Giles Staff Writer

The Juab Rodeo Team has had an explosive 2013 season! Yet, it is that time of year we all dread, end of the season. Tear They’ve been competing and working hard all season. Finally they only have one more event left, until they close up their fall season. This event is going to be a blast according to Mr. Winn. It’s a three-week event starting the second weekend of November and then continues every weekend after that until the end of November. This event is a favorite by contestants and is held in St. George. Everyone is so excited for it! Juab’s rodeo team is also holding several state standings. They

State Golf Austin Hansen Staff Writer Well golf fans the season is coming to an end, golf did good this year in State, with six people golfing for Juab, they are Walker Memmott, Tylee Squire, Dalton Jackson, Brady White, Nik Hargett, Kall Marsh. Dalton Jackson was the only golfer that made it to the second day of state, he shot a seventy-four the fist day, then shot a seventy-two the second day, overall he did great he took third place, way to go Dalton. But all of our golf team did a great job.

are doing incredible! In barrel racing Shayleen Carter is fourth in the state and Valerie Burke is fifth. The Juab rodeo team is also standing well in goat tying with Rhett Nielsen in sixteenth and Shad Winn in eighteenth. Shad and Rhett are also ranked highly in team roping with chad in third and Rhett in thirteenth. Coach Mr. Winn and Advisors Mandy Allen, Dan Woodland, and Lex Neilson say they’re looking forward to the next rodeo season. They would love to thank the team members for all the hard work from them and Juab for the amazing support. Go Wasps!

We Are Juab! The boys are feeling good about victory as time ticks of the clock against Richfield. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Basketball Lingo for Dummies Walker Memmott Staff Writer

Photos by: Austin Hansen

Basketball season is just around the corner, and here at Juab High we want to make sure you, the student, is knowledgeable of the officiating. I am going to teach you some simple hand signals used by the referees, so that you are ready to yell for good calls and boo for bad calls.

When you hear the referee blow his whistle after a play, and put his hands on his hips, you know that a player has made illegal contact with an opposing player who is advancing to the hoop with the ball. This usually happens when the player with the basketball is driving into the hoop, and is attempting to make a shot. The opposing player who is defending the hoop commits the foul when they makes physical contact with the player who possessed the ball.

Cross Country 101

Jeff Rowley Staff Writer “Running is the greatest metaphor for life, 
because you get out of it what you put into it.” The Region 12 Championships for Cross Country were held at Payson High School this year. The Juab Wasps cross country team competed and performed well. The boy’s team placed a very close third, with Kyler White and Dillon Douglas finishing high, placing 2nd and 4th respectively. Our girl’s team did well placing 2nd overall. Kashley Carter broke 18 minutes, running a 17:48, an amazing time which placed 2nd by only five seconds to Alison Pray of Payson. Jessica Wallace contributed to the cause with a 10th place finish. At region the top 10 runners advance to state, along with the varsity runners from the teams placing first through fourth. Both teams moved on to state at Sugarhouse Park on the 23rd. State was held at the historic Sugarhouse Park on a

golden 60 degree day. In less than twenty minutes dreams were made and records were broken. For the girls team Kashley Carter became the fastest Juab girl to run at state. She shattered the old Juab record of 20:50, held by Sarah Braden, by two minutes and seventeen seconds finishing with an 18:33. She finished in fifth place beating out the region champ Alison Pray of Payson. In the boys field, Garret Marsing was the individual state champ. Desert Hills finished first as a team. Juab placed ninth overall led by Kyler White with a time of 17:03. The team finished two placings higher than last year. Lauren Williams and Kenneth Bonzo were also recognized for Academic All-state. Each classification only recognizes ten individuals as Academic All-state. The Average GPA for these individuals was a 4.0. Congratulations Wasps on a very successful season and great job at state!

Golf Team Braden Camacho Jayce Lind Casey Scott Quade Darrington Trenton Lynn Brady White Dillon Douglas Brayden Elsmore Shaun Farr Nikolaus Hargett Kall Marsh Tanner Memmott McKoy Molyneaux Makai Sanders Cameron Welburn Dalton Jackson Walker Memmott Tylee Squire

1100 N. Main St. Nephi, UT 84648

A referee goes like this when he feels a charging call is in effect. A clinched fist held out to the side is usually made. A charge is when an offensive player with the ball runs into or comes in contact with a stationary defensive player. For example, the player with the ball is going to the basket to try and draw a foul as they are going in for a lay up. They need to be careful not to run right into the defender, or they will be fouled for charging

Two opposing players are fighting over the ball like two little children. The referee blows the whistle, and puts two thumbs up like this. This is the signal for a jump ball. Since one team started the half with the ball, the opposite team gets the ball in a jump ball scenario. Now that you know a little bit about all of those confusing hand signals, I hope you come to every girls and boys basketball game this season.

Motor Company

435-623-0686 Fore! The golf team puts it up. .

october_2013.indd 6

Photo by Kelanee Worthington

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Entertainment You Said It! “We are as the army of Helium.” “It’s like sadly tragic; it’s like beautiful.”

“One size fits…nobody.” “How can you be serious when you’re eating pickles?” “My legs make me a bad person.” “I’m about to touch you so don’t get awkward.” “What? They’re Brothers? One looks like Peter Pan and the other looks like Jar Jar Binx!” “My pants are squeaky!” “Teeter totters are not meant for short people. They’re more like catapults.” “Go suck a lemon truck!” “Quite trying to copy my whale spout!”

Life In The Spotlight Katie Wickel Staff Writer TLC’s newest production, My Five Wives, has been a recent topic in the halls of Juab High School. A few of our school’s students have experienced the process of having a TV series—how cool is that?! Madeline, September, Lauren, Dane, Kimberly, Taylor, and Paul Williams are all featured in this show! For us who are curious about their experience, we conducted a short Q and A asking them a little about their life in the spotlight. Q: What’s it like being on TV?

“Put that hand away, now! Hide it! Burn it!”

A: It’s kind of funky to think that over a million Americans have been “inside” our home. It’s funny to watch random people staring at our parents when we’re in public.

“Is that a belly button… or some sort of orifice?”

Q: How long have you had cameras on you?

“If you were my real best you’d give me a piece of that delicious chicken skin and keep my warm hand written sentiments close to your heart!”

A: They filmed for five days, twelve

“No offense, but she is a devil.”

Trick Or Treat… in Six Languages!

Czech: Koledu nebo Vam neco! Gaelic: Trick no Caitheamh! Italian: Scherzzeto o dolcetto! Yiddish: Qwnz ‘ad’r myyakl! Hindi: Cala ya davata! Chinese: Gei tang jui daodan!

The Walking Dead Austin Hansen Staff Writer The leaves on the tree are changing red, orange, brown and yellow, the morning chill setting in, this is a sign of October. Now, we all know what October means; well, if you don’t its means The Walking Dead starts. If you have never seen The Walking Dead then you are missing out on a lot. For all of you have not seen The Walking Dead, it’s a TV show on channel 130 on Dish and 256 on Direct TV, and if you can’t find it then look for the station AMC. The Walking Dead is a drama-action show that involves zombies. With life vs. death, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) awakens from a coma after being shot in a highspeed chase, to find that there is no on around, but paperwork on the floor and blood on the walls. Walking outside, he has realized that the world has gone to hell. Trying to get home to his wife, Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies), and son, Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), to only find out that they are not home. He runs into a father named Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and his son. They tell Rick what has happened since he was in his coma and how to kill the walkers (AKA zombies). Rick leaves Morgan and heads to Atlanta to look for his wife and kid, he takes a horse and makes his way for Atlanta. When in Atlanta, Rick meets a small group he meets Glenn (Steven Yeun), Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker), Andrea (Laurie Holden),

october_2013.indd 7

and T-Dog (IronE Singleton). They were trapped in a department store but gets out later but Rick handcuffed Merle to the roof. They head for a camp where Glenn, Andrea, T-dog, and Merle were set up, only to find out that they are a part of a bigger group. When they reach the group, Rick soon finds out that Ricks wife and kids are a part of the group. Part of this bigger group is Andrea’s sister, Amy (Emma Bell), and Merles brother, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Carol Peletier (Melissa Suzanne McBride), and her daughter, Sophia (Madison Lintz), and Shane (Jon Bernthal), Rick’s friend. Rick and a few other of the group members decide to go back to Atlanta to go get Merle off the roof, when they get to the roof were Merle was. They find nothing but blood and Merle’s hand. Rick and the small group he was traveling with return to the camp. Over the night, the camp was overran, and Amy and a few other people were killed. They decide to leave and try for the CBC a scientist lab, but that failed, too. In the end it blew up. They end up on a farm, but later the farm is overrun and rick kills Shane. They end up in a prison, and the meet the governor. He goes to war with Rick group. They also meet Michonne (Danai Guria) a lot goes down at the prison, but Rick’s group save all the people at Woodberry and takes them to the prison where Rick’s group is.

One big happy family! The Williams family includes the familiar faces of Madeline, Lauren, Kimberly, Taylor, Dane, September, and Paul. Photo by TLC

hours a day. A couple years ago, some French people came and filmed us for a day for the 60 Minutes show in France. Q: Do you like it? A: It was a lot of fun meeting new people (the TV crew) and being introduced to the TV world. We didn’t realize how much work it takes to make a show, especially for the crew.

Q: What is the best part about your experience? A: The best part is being able to spread our message as a family. Being able to spread love and acceptance has been an incredible opportunity through the TV show. Plus, it’s exciting! Q: What is the worst part about you experience?

Q: Did you ever think you were going to be on TV?

A: Long hours!! It can get exhausting!

A: Our family has been approached about doing a TV show multiple times in the past, but turned them down. It’s kind of funny. When we were little, we used to have bets on which one of our siblings would be famous. It was either going to be an NFL star or a dramatic actress, but now look, we’re ALL on TV.

Q: Would you be on TV again if you could?

Samuel Holladay Staff Writer It wouldn’t be untrue to call Gravity filmmaking at its absolute best. Gravity is hauntingly beautiful, emotionally gripping, and absolutely terrifying. It’s the culmination of innovative special effects, great direction, and excellent acting. It brings to life both the fear of dying alone and the pure joy of living. Gravity is a fantastic movie and my favorite of the year so far. Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is a medical engineer on her first space flight. Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney) is a retiring veteran on his last mission. It’s a routine spacewalk, but when debris from an exploded satellite destroys their shuttle, Stone and Kowalsky are left drifting through the vastness of space, tethered to nothing but each other. It’s important to note how beautifully simple Gravity’s plot is. Your average blockbusters today are sprawling, convoluted, two and a half hour pieces. Gravity is only 90 minutes long, has just two principal characters, and almost entirely takes place in space. There are no flashbacks, no cuts to Mission Control. Yet the movie is never boring. It’s all about Stone’s terrifying fight to survive, and it’s a heck of a ride. Key to the film’s success are the spectacular visuals. I saw the movie in 3D, and it was definitely worth the extra money and adds to the film’s depth. Director Alfonso Cuarón utilizes many long, tracking shots, often several minutes long. Sometimes these shots are

A: Sure, if the opportunity came along!

A: They were at our home at 8 o’clock in the morning until 8 o’clock at night. They were constantly interviewing our parents throughout the home, which made it almost impossible to get a midday snack. Along with the interviews, they recorded our everyday lives. Our parents are still being interviewed by newspapers and other media. Q: Is your life still the same since the show, or has it changed? A: It is pretty much the same. While the cameras are there, it’s a bit more chaotic! After the show premiered, we got more than a few stares in the halls! Questionnaire answered by Madeline, Lauren, and Kimberly Williams.

Q: Do the cameramen ever leave? Explain how it all works.

slow and graceful, accentuating the beauty of Earth and the vastness of space. Other shots are jarringly fast and dizzying. The result is immersive and mind blowing. What is truly amazing is how seamless and real the entire film looks, leading you to forget that what you’re watching is actually carefully choreographed. Cuarón and crew spent four years in preproduction, creating brand new special effect techniques to simulate the zero G atmosphere. Lighting, wirework, and computer animation are masterfully blended to create something truly awe-inspiring and beautiful. Also noteworthy are the film’s sound effects and musical score. The movie stays true to the fact that there is no sound in space. Stone and Kowalsky communicate using their radios. Other sounds are deafened and heard only when the characters are interacting with objects and feeling the vibrations through their bodies. Besides that, though, everything else is silenced. Cue composer Steven Price’s score: painfully intense during explosions and deeply touching through quieter moments. The best thing about Gravity, though, is that it avoids the pitfall of other special effect extravaganzas by having sympathetic characters we actually care about, coupled by great performances. Clooney is charming and charismatic as Kowalsky. His comic relief lightens the tension, and, boy, is his voice reassuring. Bullock, of course, carries the

weight of the film and is a lock for a Best Actress Oscar nomination (Bullock winning for this film would certainly be more deserved than when she won for 2009’s overrated The Blind Side.). Stone is tragic and heartbreaking, having recently suffered the loss of her daughter. Her journey is one of rebirth, and it’s fascinating to watch. All of these elements create one heck of a movie. Gravity was the first film in a while I found myself truly immersed in everything taking place. It’s the kind of story where you can’t help but put yourself in the place of the characters and wonder just what you would do in a situation like that. As a result, I was absolutely terrified throughout the entire movie. One scene shows Stone rapidly tumbling out into the darkness, with nothing to slow her movement. She flips and flips into space until she is little more than a speck on the screen, completely surrounded by blackness. The image is unforgettable and more than a little frightening. After Gravity, I knew I had just witnessed something spectacular. I mean, one could nitpick about a few minor character clichés or the fact that absolutely everything that could possibly go wrong on this spacewalk does go wrong. But walking out, I felt grateful to be alive. I felt like I’d experienced something remarkable and extraordinary. It’s a game-changing movie that is sure to be remembered, and I loved every minute of it.

JACK-O-JOKES 1.Why didn’t the skeleton cross 5. When is it bad luck to meet a the road?
 black cat?
 2. What do skeletons say before 6. What was the witch’s favorite they begin dining?
 subject in school?
 3. What do ghosts serve for des- 7. What do you call a skeleton who sert? 
 won’t work?
 ANSWERS: 1. He didn’t have the guts! 2. Bone appetite! 3. Ice scream! 4. Because vacuum cleaner cords aren’t long enough! 5. When you’re a mouse! 6. Spelling! 7. Lazy Bones! 8. Pumpkin!

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Michael Phelps with a shirt on.”

4. Why do witches fly on brooms?
 8. What do you call a fat Jack-o’lantern?

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The Clarion v October 30, 2013 v Page 8

Etcetera Juab’s Celebrity Look Alikes! This month, we kept our eyes out for a student celebrity look-a-likes roaming our halls. A few were already at the tips of our tounges (*cough*, Delayna), but others took extensive research. After our findings, we realized Juab High has many look-alikes, so much so that they could practically be twins!

Right Column Top to bottom:

Colton Wright with look-a-like Michael Trevino. Rylie Steele with look-a-like Ashley Benson Jaxon Allred with look-a-like Josh Hutcherson Brittany Peterson with look-a-like Avril Lavigne Delayna Tolbert with look-a-like Selena Gomez

Left Column Top to bottom:

Ashley Whimpey with look-a-like Arianna Grande Skyler Asbridge with look-a-like Chad Michael Murray Michelle Kramer with look-a-like Blake Lively Jordan Whitlock with look-a-like Taylor Lautner Josie Richards with look-a-like Angelina Jolie Who’s Who? Photos by Savannah Behrmann and Paige Dunihoo

Jake From State Farm

Delayna Tolbert Staff Writer

A most mysterious endeavor has come to Juab High School. It creeps in the halls like the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. It carries the stench of fortuitous, yet witty, amusement. While the entire student body is trotting and tripping through fields of schooling and adolescence, something else is going on. Why is it occurring? Why is it surfacing from the depths now? Why must it follow the stench of raging hormones and Axe to our beloved school? Why, Jake from State Farm?

You could tell something was certainly different this year. Something, strange. Our fellow comrade, Timothy Covington, even quoted “Tenor Pride!” when questioned by the matter. But this is not the case of matter concerning the wandering vending machines. Nay, that was the last issue of the beloved Clarion. Now is the time to spoon out the dish for Jake. Right off with the start of the year, came this school boy worthy prank. From all corners of the grounds came cakes decked in insightful and endearing

Juab High School The Clarion Editor-in-Chief Ashley Whimpey Assistant Editors Kashley Carter Kenneth Bonzo Staff Writers Savannah Behrmann Jematisa Davis Aubrey Jones Skyler Asbridge Sam Holladay Brinnlee Newel Delayna Tolbert Jessica Wallace Jessika Kenison Jeffrey Rowley Katie Wickel Katherine Reese

october_2013.indd 8

compliments with the signature: Jake from State Farm. This mysterious cult has even branched out to the point of using expo marker, and inscribing kind, yet random and strange comments in lockers. But let us not produce worry and concern from our fellow administration and janitorial staff: This ongoing prank is quite innocent. Or is it? Nah it’s probably innocent. But if it’s not, I’m sure our team of gossiping teenage girls will put themselves on the case of sniffing it out!

Pistol Packing Cowgirls

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer Coming from a family where all of her children compete in rodeo and rodeo pageants, Tammy Knickerbocker wanted to create a business where her children could get involved and brought together what everyone loved to do. What better than western clothing store? But, having a family-involved business isn’t the only thing that makes Tammy’s store unique. While she does sell western wear, boy’s hats and boots will be available soon; her clothes are able to modernize. While you can buy a western dress, it has patterns and styles that you can make current, and

Melissa Giles Paige Dunihoo Sara Davis Shan Sherwood Thela Mitchell Walker Memmott Photo Guru Austin Hansen Kenji Brooks The publication date for The Clarion is the last Wednesday of each month. Every one of the 1,000 copies is free to the community. We encourage the student body’s participation in The Clarion. Letters to the Editor, suggestions, questions, and etc. can be given to any member of The Clarion Staff. The Clarion reserves the right to edit any submissions. The views expressed are those of the writers and not to be considered those of The Clarion, the faculty, staff, or administration.

therefore, draws to a larger audience. Before Knickerbocker opened Pistol Packing Cowgirls and Cowboys, the closest western clothing stores were located in Spanish Fork and Salina, a hassle to get to for each. Knickerbocker thought a western clothing store in Nephi would thrive and said, “Nephi is a western town. We’re known for our big rodeo and our fair week. Also, we’re located at a crossroad between some major towns, including Delta and Sanpete, and there’s a lot of freeway traffic. You’d have to hit Nephi. It is a good location.” Some of the key items at this new western wonder are of course the western wear, but also, Knickerbocker specializes in making beautiful and unique, hand-made jewelry. Soon, she will be offering a variety of men’s clothing, including as I mentioned above, hats and boots for all the cowboys out there. Pistol Packing Cowgirls and Cowboys is relatively easy to find, and takes the spot of the Frosty Freeze space, and her sign can be seen all the way up main street as she renews the Frosty Freeze sign with a design of her own. The address is 1050 north Main Street, right next to Conoco. The store is open 10-7 on weekdays, and 10-8 on Saturdays. Drop by to see all the latest trends in western clothing in a friendly and family-oriented environment!

10/28/13 4:24:54 PM

October 2013  

Juab High School's Clarion, October 2013

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