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The Clarion

December 4, 2013

Juab High School

Volume 22 Issue 3

In Other News

Paige Dunihoo Staff Writer The Saola After staying hidden for 15 years and thought to be extinct this rare animal shows its face to the camera. The Saola was first discovered in 1992 in Vietnam, and by 1998 it had seemed to disappear. The WWF has put a ban on snares and traps where the animal was sighted and are really enforcing the law against poaching. The WWF hopes to protect and keep this rare animals race alive for the time to come.

Under The Lights Juab’s finest actresses perform Princess Ida, a sight you hope you didn’t miss! .

Photo by Kenji Brooks

Presenting: Princess Ida! Walker Memmott Staff Writer Encore! Encore! Our Juab High School Drama Club has done a stellar job once again. Princess Ida was for sure a success. Ms. Christensen, Mrs. Westfall, and Mrs. Hyde did a great job making the original version of Ida into a more current day version. Things like iPads, smart phones, Twitter, hash tags, and Pinterest are used in the play to make it more modern. It makes the play even more entertaining with lots of humor

from our every day lives. Princess Ida is a story of love. King Hildebrand has a son named Hilarion (Ryan Hughes). King Gama (Riki Squire) has a daughter named Ida (Hayley Willmore). When Ida and Hilarion are born, King Gama, and King Hildebrand (Samuel Holladay) sign a contract stating that their children will wed once they reach a rightful age. When Hilarion and Ida are 21 nearly 22, Ida has gone off to college where she takes on a major role leading a group of college girls to be against the male

gender completely. While trouble rages between King Gama and King Hildebrand, Hilarion sets off with friends to find Ida. They find themselves disguised as girls in order to fit into the female college and so that Hilarion can get closer to Ida. Not long after they arrive, they are discovered and imprisoned. King Hildebrand comes to the college looking for his son. A literal battle of the sexes breaks out after Ida and the rest of the girls refuse to let Hilarion free. Blanche, the veteran mother who runs the col-

Jessika Kenison Staff Writer Calling all men! If you are looking for some way to prove your manliness to the whole community your opportunity for greatness is quickly approaching. Let loose your outgoing personality, dig out your rusty talents, and iron your old, wrinkly Christmas jammies; it is time once again for Juab’s annual Mr. Juab pageant! This year’s Mr. Juab festivities will take place on December 12, 2013, in the Junior High Auditorium. Competitors will fight to entertain the crowd, win over the judge’s hearts, raise money for Sub for Santa, and ultimately claim the title of Mr. Juab. There

will be three areas in which contestants will fiercely compete for this year’s winnings. The first is Christmas character wear. In this category contestants will show off their epic creativity. They will come up with and model a costume representing some aspect of Christmas, whether it is a tree, an ornament, elf, or the Grinch--anything goes! The next category is talent. The boys will preform a 3-5 minute talent proving their uniqueness and skill. Some past talents include singing, dancing, and even present wrapping, synchronized swimming.

Last but not least, is Christmas morning wear. Mr. Juab hopefuls will strut their stuff in one of a kind pajamas, complete with gingerbread/jingle bell designs or the full bunny suit from A Christmas Story. Contestants might even tie their outfit together with funky bed-head hair! But boys, for the community’s sake, keep everything appropriate! The date for the pageant is quickly approaching. On December 12 Juab will have a new King to rule over the land, fully equip with Christmas spirit. The only question is- who will win?

lege (Sarah Clement) seizes the battle. After much negotiation Ida gives into the fact that men and women need to work together in partnership. Soon after Ida and Hilarion fall in love with each other. Thanks to the Juab High School Drama Club, we were able to see this great play. It was definitely unique to see the perspective of an old time play brought up to the modern day world. Great job Drama! You nailed it!

Mr. Juab Spirit!

Midwest Storms On Sunday November 17, 2013, tornadoes ripped across the surface of several states in the midwest. The “outbreak” of tornadoes is in the top five in the entire history of outbreaks for November. One of the tornadoes was recorded to have traveled along the ground for 46 miles, and was given a rating of EF4—the second strongest rating given to twisters. EF4’s are twisters with speeds from 166200 mph. It’s estimated more than 1,000 homes were damaged and at least six people died. Rise In Tabacco Buying Age New York City mayor Mark Bloomberg continued his march on healthy citizens when he signed the legislation to raise the age at which people can legally buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. The law is meant to target the youth being trapped by tobacco companies into thinking things like electronic cigarettes are a healthy alternative. It prohibits sales to anyone under 18 years old.

Fresh from the Counseling Office Catherine Bowring Counselor This is an exciting time of year for high school students, especially for seniors. Only two and a half quarters of high school before the class of 2014 moves on to bigger and better things. Remember high school commencement marks the beginning, not the end. We want every student to be thinking about their future careers and what type of education it will require after high school. A post high school degree, whether it’s a one year, two year, four year, or beyond, will position you for great opportunities in the job market. As your counselors, we try to provide as much information as we can about college and careers. We have had the college tour on our campus and have taken buses

of students to visit several campuses. We hope that you are taking advantage of every opportunity to ask questions and gather information. It’s YOUR future. Here are some important dates to remember: • Dec. 5, 2013: Financial Aid Night for all Juniors and Seniors and Parents. 5:30pm in the Juab Jr. High Auditorium • Dec. 7, 2013: Senior Ball • Dec. 14, 2013: ACT Test at Juab • Feb. 1, 2014: Application Deadline for Colleges and Universities • Feb. 2, 2014: Career Day at Juab High School • March 4, 2014: ACT for all Juniors


Kooky Characters Contestants for the 2012 Mr. Juab competiton doing what they do best--being goofy! Photo by Jennifer Rowley.

Join us for Mr. Juab on December 12. Sub for Santa will be held all month long at JHS.

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Editorials and Opinions Sweater Weather

Black Friday Shopping

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer As soon as the gates go up, crazed hoards come at you from every angle, toppling over you to get to their prized possession. While this may sound close to a zombie apocalypse, it was indeed my Black Friday shopping experience. This was my first year Black Friday shopping; I’d avoided it due to the horror stories my mom had told me. So, leaving the comfort of my warm home, I traveled far to retail and department stores to experience Black Friday in all

its glory. What I took away from Black Friday was: chaos. Absolute, and ridiculous chaos. We ran into a store, only to experience crazed shoppers who would stop at nothing to succeed in their 25% off purchases, only to run out after being elbowed in the face. Crowded stores can turn the calmest people into terrifying lunatics. Throw in the scramble for a good sale; stores are turned into a mob scene. This kind of rage seems to be accentuated around the holidays when shoppers are particularly stressed and stores are especially crowded. Some Black Friday shoppers had the same experience. Dedric Davidson says, “I saw a lady hurt her leg while running the stairs at Scheels. Jake Hatfield and I carried the woman back to the front counter and continued to shop.” Soon, it was so crowded and uncomfortable; we weren’t able to handle being in a store for more than a couple minutes. The whole concept was actually quite ridiculous, and I realized this after

the first few minutes of my long night0. I came away with no purchases. Repeat Black Friday shopper Keaton Bryan says, “I don’t go Black Friday shopping to actually shop. I go for the experience with my buddies and to stay up all night long. It’s actually kind of funny to see how crazy some people can get!” What’s the most ironic is that Americans will physically hurt each other to buy things they don’t have, after only a few hours before, they were giving thanks for everything that they did have. In all, the shopping craze isn’t worth it. Staying up for exhaustingly long hours for sales that aren’t even that superb don’t compare to enjoying a Thanksgiving night at home. Next year, do yourself a favor. Instead of going to a hectic mall, full of lunatic shoppers who will literally run you over for a sale on a hoodie, stay home, shamelessly eat your third plate of pie, and enjoy the true meaning of the holiday.

parties because you know how good a gift could be, but you dread a terrible gift all the same. After all, by this time a gift is so much more than a gift. It’s a boat anchor. You see, you get a present from someone and you think, “Oh, that was so nice!” I mean, they thought about you, and they spent money on you, and you could love the gift (or hate it, but you choose to focus on the positive side) so they deserve at least a “thank you”… But no!   They expect so much more. They want you to gush with gratitude and if you don’t like it they will be crushed. Also, heaven forbid you throw it away or regift it! Because if you do, “ I’m afraid

a present. You run around your house and come up with a whiteelephant gift that would work, or you run to the dollar store and search like a poacher for a present. Either way, you come up with a semi-mediocre gift; you stuff it in a bag and take it to the party anyway. When your friend opens it they seem thrilled, and you are baffled. How could they be so excited about this present, when I know - and there is no trying to deny that they know - it’s ugly? But, you go on with the party and feel oddly good about your gift. We have brought these moments upon ourselves. I was reading in the Reader’s Digest one day and came across a story. A teacher gave out activity sheets to her class asking them to fill in the blank at the end of each sentence. Sentence one: At Christmas time we give presents with receipts. That is what I am talking about! Deep down inside we all know that it is truly the thought that counts. Feel the warmth that someone was thinking of you and get on with your life! When you give gifts be happy with a “Thank you”. Even if you do find it later at D.I. it doesn’t mean they hate you. These moments almost make you wish there had never been a Christmas. Well, maybe not all of Christmas. I mean the food is a keeper, but gift exchanging may well turn your holiday sour. I hope this holiday season will be one that’s worthwhile and remember, “thanks” is the word.

Gifts: A Cursed Blessing

Kathryn Reese Staff Writer Shake…listen...pause…rip, crumple, crunch! The anticipation that was killing you is now satisfied. The present is now open and you feel the rush that comes from surprises and mysteries. It is like a high and ever since we have understood the concept of presents we have sought after them. I mean, come on, we all remember first grade. Throwing those huge parties, and all for the sake of presents. We thought we were geniuses because we figured out that if you invite everyone in your class to your birthday party, all twenty-eight kids, then you get twenty-eight presents. Birthdays were strategy games. I’ll give you a piece of cake from the grocery store and you’ll give me money, stuffed animals, and/or chocolate. This holiday season presents are one thing most of us look forward to. However, while some presents are great, I can’t help but hate them. It is a lot like gambling. You have

that will have to be the end of our relationship. I just can’t bear the pain that you think the lotion I gave you called Midnight Bliss smells like soap and you would rather give it to someone else!” You know they spent all that time picking the price sticker off that bottle, but it smells like soap. What can you say? Thank you? The awkwardness is not only in getting the gifts though; it’s also in giving them. So, you’re invited to a party, and you forget until the very last minute to get

Katie Wickel Staff Writer It’s cold outside. You chose flip-flops. You chose wrong. Prepare to die of hypothermia. It’s inevitable. Next time, try to choose wisely. #sorrynotsorry Ladies, come on. If it’s cold, don’t complain when you are scantily clad. Use your brain, tootsie! Shorty shorts, tank tops, sleeveless attire, short dresses, and midriff-baring clothing are not so cute when your body is covered in goose bumps, and your teeth are basically broken because they have been chattering for too long. No one wants to hear it anyway. Now, this may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. The times have changed; it’s winter. Layer up like an onion. As of today, December 4th, I am officially declaring a plea for all

you ladies: COVER UP! This is pet peeve #3 on my list, following men crossing their legs and the “tsk” sound doctors always make. It just drives me crazy to hear girls grumbling how cold the school is when they are hardly even wearing clothes. To help resolve this conflict, I offer you four suggestions to keeping your wardrobe cute and warm. 1. Layers, layers, layers! Add a cardigan, sweaters, long sleeve, leggings underneath something else (hint, hint), tights, or anything to keep you warm and fashionable! 2. One word: boots. Have fun with these. They are so cute! Plus, if your feet are warm, chances are, you will be warm as well. They dress up any outfit and add a trendy twist on your summer bright colors. 3. Winter-ize your outfit with a scarf! Fabulous! Who doesn’t love a good scarf? Seriously, so adorable! 4. Bring a jacket! Now is the time to break out those comfy hoodies and jackets. It’s officially sweater weather. This disorientation of appropriate seasonal attire is an epidemic throughout the school. Let’s face it : the school is cold, the environment is cold, and it’s cold everywhere! Don’t murmur—just make a different wardrobe choice. You and your classmates will be grateful.

Sporting Shorts Students dress inappropriately for cool weather. Photo by Kenji Brooks

Hot or Cold?

Jessica Wallace Staff Writer As flurries of snow waft into our beloved valley you can hear the often cry for the warmth of summer days now long gone. With the sunshine hid behind a giant sheet of cold gray, it’s easy to lust after the absent heat. But when the sun does shine down upon us and the heat hovers over sidewalks and pavements in its mystical way, complaints fill the air along with the aroma of sweat. So when it all comes down to it, and you step back and look at it through eyes unbiased by the weather outside, is it better to be hot or cold? “I love the warmth! I can’t stand the cold!” said Kiel West. Cade Bowles took the opposite side of the argument and said, “I like it when it is chilly.” “I like the winter because of all the things that you can do,” said Brinlee Ekins.

Consider these two scenarios. Imagine standing outside. You’re in an average t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Around your ankles is a foot of snow, and the bitter wind is blowing frozen drops of ice towards you at ten miles per hour. The snow eventually melts due to body temperature, but you’re left wet… still in the bitter wind. However, you could always go inside, put on the fluffiest pajama pants, hoodie, socks you can find then curl up in the warmest blanket around. There’s also the possibility of hot chocolate to hold in the ice-cubes that are now your hands. Next, imagine again standing outside in the same attire. Beneath your feet is blacktop, the sun is high in the sky, and the temperature reaches one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, making it seem as if you’re standing in a fiery furnace. You look as if you had just gotten out of a swimming pool, but it’s actually sweat from trying to cool down. You might as well be in the Sahara Desert! Only two options exist: going to a swimming pool and hoping for ice-cold water and sitting in front of a meager office fan, eating a grape-flavored popsicle due to the fact your air conditioner broke down. Take your pick! Now that both sides have been carefully analyzed you must decide for yourself! Hot or cold?

The Clarion Editorial Policy A Clarion Staff member writes the Editorial Board’s Choice. Each month, the staff votes for an editorial with a message they want to address and endorse. We welcome letters to the editor from students, staff, and the community as long as the letters are signed. Submitters will also receive extra credit in any English class. The Clarion staff reserves the right to edit any submissions for content. Submitting a letter to the editor gives JHS full copyrights and acknowledges agreement to having name and article printed in the newspaper. Please give all submissions to Mrs. Bassett or any member of the Clarion Staff.

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Sherie’s Jeans & Things Clothing and much more! Receive 10%


if you show this ad!

290 South Main Nephi, Utah

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Upcoming Events Sunday





Parent Teacher Confrences 3:00- 6:30

Skyler Clayson



Riley Varney Kjerstin Covington


GBB vs. Delta

FB Awards Banquet

GBB vs. Salem Hills

[ FBLA Southern Region] Quade Darrington Luke Etherington


Sarah Koyle Boedon Royce


Dennys Ceniceros Cameron Welburn Alyssa Willmore


Choir Christmas Concert @ 7




BBB @ Grantsville Khulene Gallo Lydia Mosteller Tyse Ostler Brandon Thomas Kimberly Williams

Diego Carmona Kyler Robertson Katie Wickel



Jayce Steele


BBB vs. ALA Choir- Sr. Citizens

Wrestling vs. Richfield GBB @ Summit Academy Mr.Juab @ 7




BBB @ S. Sevier

Wrestling @ N. Sanpete

GBB vs. Maple Mountain

Senior Ball

Derek Henderson Bradley Hoaldridge


[Winter Classics]

[Choir- Forgotten Carols ]

[Speech and Debate at Alpine ] Joshua Jenson Coltin Newell Monica Pinela Paul Williams

Colten Stevens


Choir sings @ Temple Square

BBB vs. Millard GBB @ Park City



GBB vs. Parowan BBB @ Canyon View Wrestling NHS: @ Salem Hills Festival of Trees


Sierra Fowkes Zachary Walton



Tyler Wall Kaden Lunt Maddison Branch


BBB vs. Delta

[Wrestling @ Dixie HS]

Choir Elementary Tour Westin Memmott Nathaniel Smith Andrew Wilkey



Ethan Olpin Steven Orme Kyler Webb

Morgan Branch Garrett Fish


Band Winter Concert @ 7


Christmas Eve


TerrCyn Stock



Christmas Day

GBB @ Gunnison BBB vs. Ben Lomond

[Winter Break] Tosha Millett Kristin Reynoso Savannah Thomas


Kymber Taufer


Kolton Lynn

31 New Year’s Eve

[Winter Break] Valarie Burke Joseph Diamse Bradleigh Fuller

Nancy Gibson Caleb Park Drew Robison

Autumn Kay Karlin Winter

Roaring Twenties

Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief The birth period of jazz and movies; illegal alcohol and gangsters; new batches of millionaires and devastating economical crisis. Women’s skirts got a bit shorter, fringes decorated their dresses, and the men wore their hats over eyes which had seen a bit more life than they may have wanted. However, no matter how casual or fancy the people of the Roaring Twenties dressed, they sure knew how to dance. The music, the attire, and especially the dancing make it a perfect theme for the class of 2014’s Senior Ball. Music and decor ideas are easy to find, and with their history of excellent

school dances, the class of 2014 is sure to not disappoint. The royalty for winter 2013’s Senior Ball include: 3rd Court, Jessica Wallace and Josh Clark; 2nd Court, Kennede Lenheart and Kenneth Reynolds; 1st Court, Elsha Diamse and Kiel West. High Court, serving as the night’s King and Queen are Walker Memmott and Sara Davis. The dance begins with a jazz happenin’ ball at eight o’clock, and ends at the stroke of… eleven. Pimped out senior boys and their dolled up dates will be a sight this year at senior ball, and I hope everyone attends either as a dancer or an audience member.

Mette Covington Kelly Elison


Kelbie Craig


Eyes On The Rim. Kyler White of the Nephi 10th ward pulls up for a jumpshot during a church-ball game. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Knight’s Joust Tournament

Ivy Mounteer Staff Writer Speech and Debate is getting ready to travel up to Alpine to compete in the Knight’s Joust Tournament. This event is taking place on December 13th and 14th. This two day event will lead to a long weekend for the speech and debate kids. They will be competing late into the night Friday, and waking up early on Saturday

morning. The Speech and Debate team is stronger this year in IE’s than Debate. However, coming fresh off their second place win at Salem Hills, they know exactly how to strengthen the team to sweep their competition off their feet. Last year at the Knight’s Joust, Juab took first overall and are confident they can do it again.

Not So Silent Nights Sara Davis Staff Writer Deck the halls with lots of singing, ra la da fa la, fa la dee da. ‘Tis the season for screeching vocal chords, la la la la la, la la deee da! An age old tradition, caroling, at Christmas time can either warm or freeze the heart of every listener. Just in case the fear of having no music sleigh your way, our music department has plenty of oppurtunities for you! (Don’t worry, they are trained, high school professionals. The music coming from these jolly souls will invoke awesomeness, not broken eardrums.) The band will be tooting their horns and beating their drums with a pa-rump-pum-pum-pum and silver bells on December 19th for the annual Winter Band Concert, which will take place in the Junior High auditorium.

december_2013.indd 3

Concert Choir will be backing up the one and only Michael McLean on December 13th and 14th at the sold out performances of The Forgotten Carols, a musical that shares the true message of Christmas through the eyes of those whose stories have yet to be told. Following The Forgotten Carols, Concert Choir and Madrigals will be joined by both the Junior High and Women’s Choir for the Choir Christmas Concert on Monday, December 16th in the Junior High auditorium. The Concert Choir will brave I-15 all the way to Salt Lake City to perform at Temple Square the following Wednesday. Come support your classmates and be ready to get blown away with the band and choir performances throughout December.

Feet In The Paint. During a friendly game of churchball, all the players on the court rush into the key to rebound a potentially missed shot. Photo by Kenji Brooks.


Rachel Dye Art Chica

Future Business Leaders of America, also called FBLA, is the largest and oldest business student organization in the world! The High school division has 215,000 members and the postsecondary (PBL) division reaches over 11,000 college student members. 51 of those 215,000 members are students here. Each year, our FBLA chapter competes with some of the best and brightest of students. On October 25, they traveled to North Sanpete for an invitational and did very well there. Six students placed in the top three of the following categories: Business Communications, Desktop Publishing, Impromptu Speaking, Work Processing, Network Concepts and Job Interview. On November 19, 28 students took the 3.5-hour bus ride to Logan and competed at the annual Aggie Invitational. The competition included over twenty schools. Savannah Carter placed third in Impromptu and Brittany Peterson placed third in Public Speaking. “I talked about being competent and aggressive in business. I was super stoked and happy to represent Juab and FBLA!” Said Carter. “My speech was mainly on building confidence, character, community, and appreciation for American intelligence. I was happy because there were only three who placed, and one of them was me,” said Peterson. Southern Region Competition will be held on December 10 at the Richfield Snow College campus. Good luck FBLA members!


Shan Sherwood Staff Writer Church ball is a sport that resembles basketball. There are several differences however. It is played with a little less skill since no one on the high school basketball team can play. Some teams need reminders that the ball has to go through the hoop. If you have never played basketball before, little things like whether or not you need to give the ball to referee can be confusing. The skill level differs so much between teams that one year the home team scored 20 points and the visiting team scored 124 points! (If you are in the Nephi stake you know which teams those are). Church ball is notorious for the number of fouls that are committed. It is ironic how similar church ball is to prison ball. The only difference is that church ball players foul without knowing and people who play prison ball foul knowingly. There have been reports of injuries in church ball games. Elbows and noses often make contact. Some players feel that as long as there isn’t blood on the floor its ok. One year a certain young man tackled someone in a last ditch effort to block the shot. Most of these injuries are caused by the players’ extreme competitiveness. Even though church ball players aren’t exactly ballers, or their legs are so white that someone from the crowd yells out: “put some nylons on those white legs”, church ball is the best game out there. It is looked forward to for the whole year.

ACT: American College Test

Shan Sherwood Staff Writer Saturday morning you woke with a start. You hadn’t heard anything. You turn towards the two alarm clocks sitting on the night stand. The second one had come from your older brother who had insisted that you didn’t need it. You let out a sigh of relief when you realized that you had woken up before the alarms had been set to go off. You muster the mental strength to slide out from under the weight of your plush blankets. You have so many that it makes it hard to slide anywhere. Your feet don’t touch the carpet; instead they slip on a stack of papers – study material for the big day.

Today was important, no, it was more than important; it would influence the rest of your life. Since you had started high school you had often heard about the ACT. Both your parents had gone to college and they expect you to do the same. Whenever the subject of college came up the word ‘ACT’ was not far behind. “Good luck” your dad calls out as you make your way into the school. “How bad can it be” you say to yourself. The next four hours serve as a reminder that you forgot to knock on wood. Even the science test, your favorite subject, is a blowout. The ACT is a national standardized test. It puts everyone on the

same playing field when colleges are looking through prospective students’ applications. A lot of people wonder why colleges don’t just use the students’ GPA to decide. Your GPA can be blown out of proportion depending on what high school you graduate from. Over the last 10 years more and more students have been taking the ACT test. 50% of high school graduates take the ACT. Utah is one of nine states that require every student to take the ACT. Without taking the ACT you wouldn’t have very much of a chance to get into college. That makes the four hour long test worth it.

12/2/13 5:25:46 PM

The Clarion v December 4, 2013 v Page 4

Hot, Hot... Hot Chocolate!

Joshua Allred Staff Writer The cold months of winter are upon us so bundle up. There are many ways to stay warm during this cold winter season such as warm jackets to warm fuzzy blankets, but everyone’s all time favorite, warm, soothing beverage is the hot chocolate from your local gas stations such as 7-11, Conoco, or Chevron. All of us have our own personal favorite flavors of hot chocolate. They very from peppermint to hazel nut, but what about all of the other flavors? There are so many ways to create new exotic flavors. For example some use peppermint sticks to mix the cocoa powder until the peppermint stick is dissolved into the drink. For some of our students, “hot chocolate is one of my favorite drinks mainly because it is hot

and because of all the different kinds of flavors. My favorite one is creamy mint.” said Reese Jimenez. “I like hot chocolate because it makes my insides warm. my favorite flavor is original.” said Kaleb Allred. “Hot chocolate is the best thing of winter. I love to go on hot chocolate runs with all of my friends. It is a lot of fun to mess around with the creamers and the small marshmallows to put into our drinks.” said Kelsey Griffiths. “My favorite flavor is the kind with hazel nut creamer, the best thing about it is the warm sensation as it runs through your lips and down your throat and warms your tummy.” said Elsha Diamse. In these winter months it’s not chicken soup for the soul, it’s hot chocolate for the soul. So, grab a keg instead of a cup, and drink up!

Warm Up,

Creamy Temptation. Hot Chocolate is a favorite to keep warm during the frigid winter months. Photo by Kenji Brooks

The Days have Gone Chilly

It’s Snow! Thela Mitchell Staff Writer

It’s white and sometimes sparkles! What is it? It’s snow! I know what you all were thinking, and no it’s not the vampires from Twilight. Sorry to disappoint. It’s winter time everyone! The snow is coming, and what’s the snow good for? Snowmobiling, skiing, snow boarding and much more! Are we going to have a white Christmas? According to the weather map on, we wont be getting snow for some time, and we may not get to have a white Christmas. Our chance of having a white Christmas is 75%. That’s lower than last years. What are the advantages of not having a White Christmas? Well first off, you don’t have to worry about the black ice on the roads or the snow that you can get stuck in.The disadvantages however, are that you can’t ride your snowmobiles and you can’t have snowball fights.

What’s so fun about the winter? It certainly isn’t the cold or the icy roads. The fun thing about the winter is the snow it brings. Along with the snow, it brings different and better activities just for the cold and snow. “I like the snow because I can ride my snowmobiles and fix them up” Taylor Dunn “I like the snow because I can start snow ball fights” -Anonymous You might sit by the wood burning stove and listen to your parents tell Christmas stories to your siblings or make ginger bread houses and then see who can keep theirs the longest without eating it. You might also help your siblings make hot chocolate after you make a snowman with them. You might also help your parents deliver all the gifts even the ones from Santa if he is running late. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Juab!

Kathryn Reese Staff Writer The cold has crept over our town, and snow will be mother earth’s crown. yeah, winter’s a trip, and here’s a good tip, don’t run or you’ll land upside down. The snow will make all our cheeks red, and if your hands freeze, think instead hand dryers inside blow water aside but they’ll also wake hands from the dead.

Misty Mount Nebo. The mountains are clouding over and it’s time to brace yourself for the cold winter months! Photo by Kenji Brooks

Oh, be careful while driving out there, don’t give your instructor a scare, yes driver’s ed peeps it gives me the creeps you can’t see the black ice, beware!

Cold Weather, Warm Hearts Five Cheap Winter Date Ideas

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer Winter is upon us, and that means fretful amounts of snow and frightful cold temperatures. As the snow builds up, it is difficult to come up with creative date ideas since most of your outdoor activities become very limited. But, not all romanticism is lost because of these dreadfully chilly months! Here are a few ideas to relight the spark!

Ice Skating: Ice Skating is a very fun and cheap activity to do during the winter months! You’ll be able to get close and personal with your date while being silly. Where: 100 North Seven Peaks Blvd, Provo

Winter Lovin’. Brad Tischner and Taylor Cowan display a little love during the holiday season. Photo by Kenji Brooks

Temple Square Lights: The Temple Square in Salt Lake City always show off some of the most breathtaking display of Christmas Lights offered in Utah.


Whether you’re religious or not, a stroll through downtown Salt Lake to view the lights and grabbing dinner at a quirky, local restaurant always makes for a fun time! Where: 50 W. North Temple
Salt Lake City

fun for a fun time! While it may be a more expensive date, it’d be one that your date would remember forever! Where: Sundance; cheap and close. Or, Eagle Point; free on Thursdays but farther away.

Sledding: Sledding has been a tradition that we’ve been mastering since we were children. While our main sledding hill has been taken away form us, Granny Hill, there are still many hills available. This would be a date to take you back to your childhood that would guarantee lots of laughs. Where: Any hill in Nephi would do. Also, 10 North 600 East in Payson offers one of the best hills in Utah County as it strolls down in front of the Peetneet Museum!

Movie: The cold weather will obviously drive you to have fun indoors! A good movie and a bite to eat is always a fun time. Take her to see a holiday blockbuster! Where: 1101 East Highway, Nephi. Or, if you’re unsatisfied with the local businesses for dinner, most of the malls up north offer movie theatres that are surrounded with a vast range of restaurants to choose from!

Skiing and/or snowboarding: For all of you adventure seekers out there, skiing and snowboarding down a mountain can make

So this holiday and winter season, don’t let the frigid weather dampen your creativity of having a fun date! All of these can guarantee a good time!


Under these wrapping paper shapes are perfect holiday gifts for this year’s celebrations! Can you guess them before checking the answers?!

A. D. B. Answers: A. Kelly Clarkson’s new Wrapped in Red Christmas Special CD B. A custom iPad/ iPad case of a friendly kitten with mittens. C. Bright blue Sketchers ShapeUps with those really nice sparkle laces. D. The jewelry box Walker made in shop class last year. december_2013.indd 4

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White Out Holiday Happenings

Rivals Face Off! This winter, snow riders prepare to battle it out on the slopes.

Photo by Kenji Brooks

Skiing VS Snowboarding Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer In addition to bringing full bellies and football, Thanksgiving weekend marks the opening of virtually all of the major ski resorts in Utah. However, these serene, powder covered slopes are the collision point between two warring factions, skiers and snowboarders. Skiing aficionados look to the rich, far reaching history they are tied to as evidence of their superiority. While cross-country skiing dates back thousands of years, (Skiing likely became a mode of transport in Scandinavia near the end of the last ice age) recreational downhill skiing did not rise to great popularity until the mid 19th century, when wealthy Brits would head to the Alps on holiday (hence, “alpine” skiing). The sport soon exploded and resorts became commonplace over all the Northern Hemisphere. Boarders find their roots in

the groovy 1960s, where the sport emerged as another “stick it to the man” against their older, more conservative peers. Initially most resorts were closed to them. Although now days the vast majority of resorts have been “desegregated” so to speak, many boarders have kept in touch with that grassroots spirit of rebellion that brought their sport into prominence. Skiers definitely have the stats in their favor. Skiers are faster, more mobile, and are making an increased appearance in the terrain parks and half pipes around the nation (professional half pipe skier Peter Olenick was at nearly 25 feet of air out of the pipe as opposed to Shaun Whites 19). Also, skiers have near exclusivity on the growing “backcountry” scene. Boarders have several advantages of note over their split legged brethren. They have superior float


of Christmas dinner,” said Brotherson. Dakota Davis told me, “My dad and I go out into the wilderness, we hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, and then we cut it down with our teeth.” Well Dakota, you have a wonderful tradition. I suppose there’s nothing better than walking through the woods looking at trees. Kathryn Mathews also seemed very happy and generous to share her family’s traditions with me. “We take turns reading the names on the presents and handing them out to each other. Also, for New Year’s, we have root beer floats,” said Mathews. “All through the month of December, until Christmas, everyday we read Christmas stories,” said another Juab Student, Mark Oveson. These small simple things bring our families closer together and bond us in a special way over the Christmas holidays.

in the powder, the coolness factor, and hold numerical dominance in all terrain parks. An anonymous high school boarder who frequents Sundance surmised, “Yeah, terrain parks belong to boarders. Any skiers here are like a weird sort of underdog.” For those considering hitting the slopes for the first time, skiing is generally said to be easier to learn. Regardless, expect a sore, snowy bottom your first few times out. Remember, it’s all part of the learning curve. Although both sides my have strong loyalty to their sport, love of snow and sport has brought the two together over the years. Both are very learnable and open to people who wish to learn the lifestyle. Boarders and skiers alike welcome you to join them on the slopes this winter, and learn the thrill and satisfaction that both bring.

...and SO WHAT?? Where are you going to go? Here, this might help:

Paige Dunihoo Staff Writer We all have traditions we do during the Christmas season, whether it be board games or sledding. Families have rituals they perform before, or after, Christmas and Thanksgiving. I decided to ask a few students what it was their families did during the holidays. A lot of them had similar traditions, although there were a few that stood out a bit. I asked fellow students Hope Boswell, Keeshalee Fowkes, and Brinnlee Newell what their family traditions were. All three of them responded and told me that on Christmas Eve they get to open a pair of pajamas they then wear to bed. Many other students told me this as well; this must be a very popular thing for families to do. Brenna Brotherson and her family have a very unique tradition that brings them all together. “On Christmas morning my family and I watch A Christmas Story. We also make wassail, and have Christmas breakfast instead




$55 (Day pass)

Provo Canyon


Eagle Mountain

$58 (Free Thursdays)




$90 (Day pass)

Little Cottonwood Canyon


The Canyons


Park City

Bright Bulbs! Every family has holiday traditions, from opening footie pajamas to decorating the house. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Teens for Jeans GYC/NHS/FBLA/FCLA are please to join together to help the

1 in 3 Youth

who are HOMELESS Bring a pair of blue jeans to any teacher or school event until January 15th and recieve anything from a discount on admission to a warm feeling in your soul! Help us give kids the most basic of wardrobe requests!

E. G. I.

december_2013.indd 5

Answers: E. Reaper Crossbow Scope Package 01157 F. Girly Pink One Speed Bicycle G. Maroon 2014 Acura ILX Hybrid H. White Toshiba Satellite 15.6” Laptop I. Duane Allman 1959 Cherry Sunburst Les Paul Guitar



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Sports and Highlights You Know the Drill

We Heart Drill Team In the hallways, these girls may just be classmates, but on the dance floor, they are sisters. Photo by Marci Rasch.

Power Stance Taylei Williams sizes up her opponent on the basketball court.

Photo by Kenji Brooks

Savannah Behrman Staff Writer The Juab High School ProVita practices every morning to bring you halftime entertainment during football and basketball games. But drill team is also a ridiculously completive sport outside of halftime performances. For their competition season, our ProVita is gunning for success. These strenuous hours of practice are for the multiple competitions the team will compete in this winter season. The team’s first competition is on December 14 at Juan Diego High School. This year, the competing categories will be Hip-Hop, Dance, Military, and the returning Character category. The ProVita’s Character this year is called Sea Cruise, as they embody a 1950’s theme with swimsuits. “Character is very cute!” said

Head Drill Mistress, Karson Dansie “Competition season is actually really fun,” said Activity Manager, Taylee Hathaway The team’s goal for competition is to regain the region title after a heartbreaking loss last year after a three-way tie for first bumped them down. Their motto for competition season is: One team, one dream. Region Champions 2014. “We’ve been working hard and this year, the girls have really helped me make their routines creative and entertaining,” said, drill team coach, Marci Rasch. “I’m excited to see our team improve with each competition and achieve their goal to be region champions! They can do it!” As competition season starts, wish the ProVita good luck as they dive in head first to achieve their goal!

You GO GIRL! Jematisa Davis Staff Writer The limit. Push it. In whatever sport you do there are always blood, sweat, and tears. Pushing your body to do the impossible. All the moments spent training your body, pushing your will and desiring to win, win and triumph, so in that second as the buzzer goes off you see everything you have worked for, you see the effort, the time, the anger, the passion, the happiness and the overwhelming joy as you score and win the game. Well, maybe that was a little deep, but basketball season has started up, and our Juab girls are bringing their A game. I asked Wallace how he thinks this year’s basketball season is going to go. He said, “A variety of different ways but if they’ll blend they’ll Joe they’ll work together, could

be an exciting year.” “I’m excited for the season because all the hard work and stuff you put into it, it all pays off in the end,” Rylee Bryan said. Hannah Jacobsen—“I’m exited for our group, I feel like its talented, I feel like its gonna be a good year. I like how everyone just brings a really good attitude to the table. And everyone’s ready to go for practice.” While pressuring a few more team members reluctantly I got a, well, completely honest quote from Savannah Greenhalgh. “I’m excited for bus rides. Yeah, they’re fun.” Their season is just beginning, but overall it will be exciting to watch and cheer on our Juab girls “Have fun and good luck,” Coach Wallace says.

Winter Sports Schedule

Boys Basketball @ Grantsville December 5th- Girls Basketball: Parowan December 6th- Boys Basketball @ Canyon View Wrestling @ Salem Hills December 7thWrestling @ Salem Hills December 10th-Girls Basketball: Salem Hills December 11th- Boys Basketball: ALA December 12thWrestling @ Richfield Girls Basketball @ Summit Academy December 13thWrestling: Winter Classic Boys Basketball @ South Sevier December 14thWrestling: Winter Classic December 17th- Boys Basketball: Millard Girls Basketball @ Park City December 19thWrestling @ North Sanpete Girls Basketball: Maple Mountain December 20thWrestling @ Dixie Boys Basketball: Delta December 21stWrestling @ Dixie December 28th- Boys Basketball: Ben Lomon Girls Basketball @ Gunnison January 2ndBoys Basketball @ Canyon View Girls Basketball @ Canyon View December 4th-

Raising the Bar Juab wrestlers know you don’t win tournaments without doing a few pull-ups. Photo by Kenji Brooks

Kenneth Bonzo Assistant Editor

Ready to Rumble

The beginning of wrestling season is upon us at Juab High. Last year our wrestling team tried hard but only took fourteen at state scoring thirty-six points, the second worst placing since 2004. Dalton Harmon placed third in the 145-weight division and Kolton Lynn placed sixth in the 138weight division. However, our wrestling team is poised for a breakout season. According to the Utah Wrestling Coaches Association State the wasps are ranked to take fifth this year at state and second at region. Seven wrestlers are expected to rank this year at state, the most since 2009. Tanner Memmott to take fifth in 106, Kolton Lynn to take second in the 138, Ethan McPherson to take fourth in the 145, Tryler Greenhalgh to take sixth in the 152, Ryan Hatfield to take third in the 160, Dalton Har-

mon to take second in the 170, and Ashton Seely to take second in the 182. Kolton Lynn is expected to return to state for the second strait year and Dalton Harmon for his third strait year. Harmon has taken third and second place in the 145 division, but has bulked up twenty-five pounds to place him in the 170 division for this year. Hopefully Harmon can finally attain the state title that has eluded him for so long. The biggest surprise of the team is Ashton Seely. Seely is an up and coming freshman expected to make a big impact on the team. The only other freshmen in all of 3A expected to place at state are Jed Loveless from Payson High School and Cobe Berrett of Canyon View High School. If the team does manage to take fifth at state it will the highest placing since 2009, the last year Juab High School was in the 2A divi-

sion. From 2004 to 2009, when Juab competed in 2A, wrestling was very competitive, placing at least third at state all six years. Since moving up to 3A in 2010 the wrestling team’s highest placing at state has been seventh in 2010. The average state ranking from 2004 to 2009 was second while the average state ranking from 2010 to 2013 has been eleven and half. This decrease in placing is only to be expected, as 3A is larger and far more competitive. However, Delta, which won the 3A state title the last 4 years, is moving down to 2A this year, so the field is more wide open. In addition, Juab has a great combination of gritty veterans and fresh new faces to help them build a solid team this year. The wrestling team is looking strong and sure to make Juab proud.

Boys Basketball @ Canyon View Girls Basketball @ Canyon View January 4thBoys Basketball @ Canyon View Girls Basketball @ Canyon View January 9thWrestling @ Payson Girls Basketball @ North Summit January 10thWrestling @ Northridge January 11thWrestling @ Northridge January 14th- Girls Basketball: Payson January 15thBoys Basketball @ Payson January 16thWrestling @ Carbon Girls Basketball @ North Sanpete January 17thWrestling @ Orem Boys Basketball: North Sanpete January 18thWrestling @ Orem January 21stWrestling @ Delta Girls Basketball @ Carbon January 22nd- Boys Basketball: Carbon January 23rd- Girls Basketball: Richfield January 24thWrestling @ North Sanpete Boys Basketball @ Richfield January 25thWrestling @ North Sanpete January 3rd-

1100 N. Main St. Nephi, UT 84648 Motor Company

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You Said It! * Why am I holding the flag like this? It’s like I’m hugging America! * You wench slapped me!?! I thought our friendship meant more to you! * My lips are the boiling fires of Mordor! * You just got wacked with our words!

* Failure is failure whether you’re at the cheese, the bread, or the cash register. * True friends do each other’s beards! * Do you hunt? I crushed a spider once! It was exhilarating!

* My knees are pregnant. * I thought in Disney as a kid. * I’m just walking around with some deer tongue . . . want some? * Like “N”... as in knowledge.

* You broke my joy!

Jamming Jingles on

Austin Hansen Staff Writer The app world is evolving, from Facebook to Twitter, to Tumblr, to Instagram and Vine. With the world revolving around social media, game designers are adding an option to link your games with Facebook. With apps connected to Facebook, all your friends and family can see games you are playing. With this taking place, what games are new? We found an app that is becoming recognized, and its Bitsrips. Bitstrips is an app where you create an avatar and are put in a

funny or weird situation. You can dress your avatar in hundreds of clothes, change their eye color thier skin tone, change the emotions, create what they say, and even hair styles and color. With funny comics every day, your friends and you will be placed in a funny situation. Connecting with Facebook will open a whole new range of fun. Not only can you see the comics that have been made for you, you can see comics that have been made for your friends as well. If you’re looking for a way to keep yourself entertained, or to save yourself from maximum boredom, Bitstrips is your app.

Kashley Carter Assistant Editor Switch off that sketchy Miley Cyrus song! Skip over those Justin Beiber tunes! Christmas is approaching with the stealth of an elephant-everyone can clearly see it- and that means its time to bust out the reindeer ringings and Santa serenades. Need a source for merry melodies? What about a mix-up from that scratched CD your mother pulls out every year, with the same boring carols sung the same boring way? Pandora, the FREE internet radio, is the place to go. I’ve spent a quantity of time investigating most of the holiday stations Pandora provides- filling my head with sticky lyrics in advance- to give a preview of what stations’ tunes you should listen to this holiday season. (You can find these stations by going to create station, browse genre stations, and then holiday.) Christmas: A good ol’ mix of the traditional carols. Place a slight emphasis on the ol’. Most of the songs, from Rudolph to Baby It’s Cold Outside, were by artists I haven’t even heard of and have that past style. You know, the style that screams out this song was sung a while ago even though you’ve only heard two seconds of it. It’s still great music though if you’re in the mood for really traditional tunes. Classical Christmas: Have an admiration for orchestras? What about choral carols? Check out this station. The songs I listened to were purely instrumental or choir plus instrumental. Simple and sweet, quality music, this station could be a good one to appease your mother or to set as

background sounds for the holiday. Today’s Christmas: Probably the station most akin to what you’d hear on the car radio. The majority of the artists are recognizable or common, like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Martina McBride, or Michael Buble. Popular Christmas movie soundtracks made their appearance on this station as well; I listened to “Where Are You Christmas?” from the Grinch, and music from the Polar Express popped up too. Country Christmas: Giddy up, Rudolph! It’s time to ride to the twang-y tunes of a country Christmas! Many, though not all, of the songs played had that southern accent which can only be found in this genre of music. Besides the cowboy drawl, also prepare for a slow-paced trend. Noteworthy artists are Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, and Alan Jackson. Family Christmas: The sing-along station! We’ve been belting out these melodies since we were two. All of these songs would easily entertain any tots, and they’d be perfect for some Christmas karaoke. Santa is a hugely recurring theme (we’ve got to remind rambunctious kiddies about those lists somehow). Fun examples are Mele Kalikimaka and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Indie Holidays: Desperately need a switch-up from your usual holiday soundtrack? The Indie Holidays station has the cure for your Christmas catastrophe. Some of the songs were completely new to me and were probably origi-

My Precious Review Trent Rindlisbacher Guest Writer The Lord of the Rings series is extremely good. I had never seen them before and many of my friends recommended that I should watch them. So I borrowed them from a friend and watched them all. Favorite was the second one, The Two Towers, which I have chosen to review. In it Frodo and Sam have to trust that Gollum will lead them to Mordor to destroy the ring. They have many conflicts along the way such as being captured by soldiers. Elijah Wood plays the main character, Frodo Baggins. He did an impeccable job. He really showed true bravery and courage. Sean Astin played Samwise Gamgee. He also did a great job. He was remarkably faithful to his friend Frodo. He made a promise to stay with him no matter what and he did. He showed what real friendship and faithfulness are. This movie was not an easy one to predict, however there were several seconds that were rather easy to predict. I like a movie that makes me think and this was a good one. This movie was filmed quite well. The settings were very cool. My favorite was the scenery

december_2013.indd 7

at the Forbidden Pool. It was a pretty cool place to film. It was a great choice. The music was very intriguing. I really showed the attitude of the scenes. When it was an intense or sad part of the movie, the music helped bring out the mood. I really enjoyed this series of movies. I highly recommend them to those who haven’t seen them before. They have a very good meaning to them. If you appreciate good movies these are the ones for you.

nals. They also seemed the most unique in style, putting new twists on carols that I’ve never heard in other genres. Part of this cool contortion on songs might be that I’ve never listened to Indie music before, but I’d still recommend it as a shake-up of the characteristic holiday songs. R&B and Pop Holidays: Hark, for these singers have voices! Particularly in the rhythm and blues songs, the voices of the artists seem intense and emphasized. Some songs really reminded me of an African American gospel choir with their praising and delving in to the music. A lot of the songs, including the pop, had a lot of beats. Listening to this station you might hear the Beach Boys or Josh Groban. Rockin’ Holidays: Call out the guitar and bring on some electric chords! These rocking songs were generally the fun, upbeat, festive favorites, like Run, Run, Rudolph and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. A warning to the modern or heavy metal rockers: most of what I encountered was old-school rock. Think of Elvis. Yes, the King popped up on this station, and not just once. Note: This is just my interpretation of the stations based on the selection of music I was provided during my Pandora session. Your opinion of these stations might be different, so please don’t come crying to me when you don’t hear an expected version of Frosty. The only way you’ll know for sure how you like them is by listening yourself. Enjoy jamming to those jingles!

Minion Mania

Chandler Jensen Guest Writer The movie I am reviewing is Despicable Me 2. My reason for this is I thought that this movie was perfect. This movie had everything in a perfect movie. These would include humor, suspense, and a little romance. I would have to say that the part of the movie I liked was the minion short at the end of the movie. Although Gru was the main character, I still enjoyed the minions over all. The one pat of the movie I had thought was weird was how Gru wasn’t treated very well as a kid. It does surprise me how he comes from the bad side to the good side. Over all, I would have to rate this movie as a four star movie.

Samuel Holladay Staff Writer On September 17, 2009, a TV show premiered that would change my life. It was called Community, and it’s the best sitcom I’ve ever seen. In preparation for the show’s fifth season premiere on January 2nd, let me explain just why I hold Community in such high regards and why you should too. Community is about Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), a smarmy lawyer recently suspended by the state bar for his “less than legitimate” degree. Jeff enrolls at Greendale Community College hoping for an easy ride, but things are complicated by his study group of lovable misfits. The group includes Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), an activist with good intentions but poor execution; Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi), an aspiring filmmaker with alarming mental conditions; Annie Edison (Alison Brie), a dedicated scholar recovering from a pill addiction; Troy Barnes (Donald Glover), a dim-witted jock hiding his nerdier tendencies; Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown), a recently divorced, Christian mother; and Pierce Hawthorne (the legendary Chevy Chase), a wealthy and horribly offensive baby boomer. Rounding out the principal characters are Dean Pelton (Jim Rash), Greendale’s flamboyant dean, and Señor Chang (Ken Jeong, of The Hangover fame), a Spanish teacher turned student turned security guard turned amnesiac throughout the show’s run. That, of course, is the simple explanation of the show. But over the years, it has become so much more. So here are the top five reasons you should really be watching Community. 1. The Quote-ibility- I can’t tell you how many phrases from Community have become a regular part of my vocabulary. I say “cool, cool, cool”, “wrinkled my brain”, “Britta’ed it”, and “duh-doy” on a daily basis all because of this show. Honestly, in the average five minute conversation with me, I’ll probably reference Community at least three times. 2. The Different Genres- Community’s always been full of reference humor, but somewhere along the line, lots of episodes began playing different genres. During its run, Community has paid homage to everything from mafia movies, Glee, PBS documentaries, Doctor Who, horrors, and Freaky Friday, to conspiracy thrillers, fantasies, the Dark Knight trilogy, heist films, and Law & Order. The characters have also become puppets, 8-bit video game avatars, and Rudolph-style clay-mation figures. But Commu-

nity’s most well known “concept episodes” are the famous paintball episodes that have had the cast wielding paintball guns through action movie, western, and Star Wars settings. 3. The Guest Stars- Some of them want to be on the show. Some of them are ones NBC hires to get more viewers. But whatever the case, Community isn’t short on great guest stars. Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Betty White, Drew Carey, Hilary Duff, John Goodman, LeVar Burton, and many more have all made appearances on the show. 4. The Heart- All the great jokes and genre-bending of Community serve one purpose: to say something about the characters and the human condition. You won’t find a single episode that won’t tug your heartstrings. Never has another sitcom made me care about its characters so much. Every character has passions, fears, goals, and lessons they need to learn on their way to achieving said goals. Every character is humanized, and you will love every one of them. And as they learn their lessons, you’ll learn valuable lessons as well. This show has things to say about family, relationships, religion, gender, and more, and it says everything with grace and dignity. 5. The Excitement of Being a Fan- Being a Community fan is certainly unpredictable. The show has always been on the verge of cancellation. It was put on hiatus for three months in early 2012. The creator, Dan Harmon, was fired after Season 3. Season 4, which was admittedly disappointing without Harmon, was abruptly moved from fall 2012 to spring 2013, and Chevy Chase quit the show halfway through the season. Harmon has been unexpectedly rehired for Season 5, but now Donald Glover is leaving halfway through this one. But through it all, “Communies” have stuck together, advertising on social media, holding flash mobs outside NBC headquarters, and holding yearly conventions in L.A. We all have a lot of faith in the show, and we’d like to share it with everyone we know. Season 5 of Community premieres on NBC with two new back-to-back episodes on January 2nd at 7:00 PM on NBC. You can watch every Community episode on Hulu Plus for $7.99 a month. Reruns of Community can be seen on Comedy Central at 4:20 PM and on KJZZ 14 at 11:00 and 11:30 PM every Monday-Friday. Community DVDs can be bought on

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Etcetera Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief

A Job Is A Job

A job is a job. Whether it’s read with a happy tone, expressing joy in the fact some money is better than no money, or whether you read it in a begrudging tone, expressing solemnity in the fact that some money is better than no money, a job is a job. Student life at Juab High School includes a job for a large portion of the student population. We work in fast food, sell clothes, wait tables, or run as the page girl/ boy to finish up the odd jobs or bottom-of-the-food-chain tasks-like scrubbing underneath tables and scraping off gum. In order to avoid constant repetition in this article, I will note a few points necessary to know: 1. Minimum wage is $7.25. 2. The worst thing about working with the public… is working with the public. 3. The best thing about working is typically who you work with. 4. A job is a job. Pros and cons of the jobs held currently or previously by Juab High School students can be weighed quickly, but remember the full experience is different for everyone. Starting at the north end of Main Street, Mt. Nebo Market employees actually can hold a variety of titles. The first option that comes to mind is probably a cashier. It’s a great choice for anyone who’s comfortable with talking to customers, and has good people skills. Due to school, students don’t work until three, but stay until ten o’clock.

Racking up anywhere from 3040 hours a week, the money is definitely there. Wages start at about $7.75, but after the first cashier’s test can increase to $8.25. Cashiers get raises often and employees that have been working there for a while can earn around $9.00 an hour. If you make a lot of computer mistakes, can’t handle long shifts, or hate people, look elsewhere. The fast food industry drags in a majority of teenage workers everywhere, and Arbys is an extremely popular place to work in our little town. The highly student populated work force has the effect of bringing in even more students vying to apply. Employees love how it’s closed on Sunday. Typical shifts are about six hours Monday-Saturday, and earn $7.50 ($7.75 if you certify to be a Meat Slicer) an hour. If you’re not a person who’s great at staying up until 12 AM to close, search on my friends. However, if you’re not so shabby with customers, need someone to work well with your school/after school activities schedule, it may be perfect. Across the street, Wendy’s has a considerably less student-filled workforce, and their shifts may extend to Sunday; likewise with One Man Band, and Lisa’s Country Kitchen. Wendy’s employees look at around 25 hours a week, at minimum wage. Great people to work with frequently trumps the customers demanding a change of toy in their Kids Meal. One Man Band employees earn minimum wage as well, but can count on extra cash from tips if they’re savvy in the schmooze. With a telephone between customer and waitron, people skills are a little less intimidating.

Lisa’s Country Kitchen workers only have a wage of $2.19 an hour though, because it’s typical to make up the difference in the tips earned. With a place so popular, it’s easy to cover the gap usually. Banking on customers coming in is a risk, and it doesn’t always pay off, but sometimes it literally does. Shifts at One Man Band and Lisa’s are both typically 6-8 hours, and employees work 3-4 times a week. Retail is not exempt from the job pool in Nephi. Working at The Boutique on Main means a once a week shift, five hours, light cleaning, a friendship with the manager, and minimum wage. They’re awesome at schedules and their employees often sport adorable clothing from an employee discount. Clean Freak’s new establishment is adorned with workers starting at $8.00 an hour, with raises for taking on extra rolls. Hours look like a 3-7 or 2-7, and show up Tuesday-Saturday since the car wash is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Mostly employees need to be good with cleaning items, but a skill in not backing trucks into walls is also a highlight job seekers would want to put on the resume. Odd jobs and seasonal jobs like Yuba Lake rake in $9.17 an hour, and come with a great tan (even a tan-YA Oldham…), some hard muscle building labor, and eight hour shifts. Beware the summer heat, boring box office days, or a fear of water, but rejoice in free park entrance, great pay, and lots of interesting happy customers. There are many more places to explore--Tomatillas, grocery store baggers, Conoco, Movies Plus, cleaning jobs for the dentist office, Oriental Gardens (Chinese anyone?), etc.-- and there are many more factors to consider. Most jobs involve customer service, and people skills are important. Some have weird hours, some seem better or worse than others, but hey. A job is a job.

Animal Death-Matches Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer I have decided to undertake a new, monthly challenge: To research and decide upon the victor of two battling behemoths. This month, we dug deep and brought you an epic match-up: a protective mother grizzly, and an angry, territorial silverback. Stats for each contender includes: Silverback: A large male of the eastern mountain variety stand erect at over 5.5 feet tall and can tip the scales at about 400 pounds. They are thought, in estimation, to be at least as strong as 10 men. Additionally, they are among the most intelligent animals, and have a bite force comparable to a Grizzly bears’. Advantages: Intelligence, dexterity. Grizzly Bear: A typical female Grizzly found in the continental United States stands at about 6 feet tall and weigh in excess of 400 pounds. They can run at over 30 miles per hour and posses claws

nearly 4 inches long, powered by a bulky, knotted mass of muscle at the top of the shoulder. Advantages: Size, speed, tougher hide, claws, and larger teeth. The Matchup: In a bio-dome, set to the mutually tolerable temperature of 78 degrees, the two contenders meet in a grassy meadow surrounded by dense trees. Both are crazily enraged. The Silverback is roving about the dome, staking his territory, and has claimed the meadow as his. The Grizzly, whose cubs are just beyond the opposite boundaries of the meadow, has come to forage for food. Mama Griz, emerging from the trees, enters the scene. The Silverback, upon hearing the bear, runs through the trees and stands on the adjacent side of the opening. The Bear rears on its hind legs to observe the unknown animal. The Gorilla hoots and executes a mock charge. The Bear

doesn’t move. The Gorilla again charges, this time an aggressive, all out putsch against the Bear. Once the Gorilla is within about 20 feet from contact, the Bear drops down and charges as well. The Gorilla hurls himself through the air, arm raised in preparation to deliver an awesome club blow at the Bears neck. Unfortunately for the Gorilla, the Bears’ neck is too thick, and absorbs the blow with little damage. The creatures double back on each other, the Gorilla grabbing the Bear in a headlock, while biting her in the shoulder. The bear retaliates by wresting the Gorilla off with one paw, and taking a heavy swat at his face, stunning him and allowing the Bear to use her claws and maul the Gorilla. Winner: Due to the bear’s superior size, strength, teeth and claws, the bear will be reign supreme 9 times out of 10.

Service with a Smile! Audrey Feaman and Hayden Allred make quite the team at Mt. Nebo Market (above). Kylee Stephenson rings up another deal at Boutiue on Main (below) Photos by Kenji Brooks

El Club de Español

Sara Davis Staff Writer Once upon a time, there once existed a club in which taco eating, conga lines, and fiestas all came together in unison. Lacking in enthusiasm, organization, and burritos, the Spanish club soon faded away from existence. Juab High School became one of the only schools across the land to be without this cultural phenomenon. Have no fear, for much like the Terminator, it is back. Last year at registration, students were given an opportunity to choose Spanish Three as a course. Sadly, not enough students showed interest. For any student with a change of heart or are looking for a chance at pushing their mad Spanish skills to a new level, this club is perfect for you. From essay contests to book challenges, Spanish club is open for anyone that wishes to communicate on some level with a native.

For the Waspians that wish for mad skills in another language, the GPS (Global Proactive Students) club may be just right for you. Since cultural diversity tends to lack in this high school (much like paper towels) and around the world, GPS serves as a window into the outside world. This club will focus on a different portion of the world each month while learning the basics of a new language. Card drives will be sent to areas in need of an assurance the yare cared for, and students will be given a chance to have a pen-pal from outside the area. These sister clubs will work on service projects throughout the year as means of understanding cultures and representing something bigger than themselves. Take upon thyself a new adventure and journey into the next meeting of the Spanish or GPS Club! You may receive tacos.

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December 2013  

Juab High School's Clarion, December 2013

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