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In Other News

Paige Dunihoo Staff Writer YouTube No Longer Free?

There has been serious talk about changing how the Internet is billed. Instead of paying for your overall bill to use the Internet or “Wi-Fi”, there has been talk about charging you for the sites you visit. This has caused uproar, and the majority is against it. We wouldn’t even be able to watch YouTube without out having to pay! 310 Million Shark Makes a Comeback Scientists have found to be what they believe to be a Bandringa sharks nursery. Bandringa sharks were declared to have gone extinct over 310 million years ago. However scientists have discovered full size fossils and preserved baby eggs. A great discovery, they can now study more about the great Bandringa shark.

Goooooooaaallll! Soccer is in full swing as our newest sports team prepares for an extraordinary year. Photo by Kenji Brooks

Kenneth Bonzo Assistant Editor History in the making is happening soon at Juab High School. This spring will mark the first official season of the school’s first ever boys soccer team. Since joining the 3A division Juab High School has been one of the few schools in 3A without a soccer team. For the past two seasons the boys soccer team has been on probation seeing if the team would have enough support and interest from the community. Since the probation period went so well Juab High School decided to make the boys soccer team official. Benjamin Reese, a senior soccer player, said, “Soccer is awesome. I’m really excited for the season to start.” The season will officially begin on Tuesday, February 18th with tryouts. The next week will be the first two preseason games down in St. George. Two other preseason games are scheduled against Grantsville and American Leadership Academy later on. The regular season will comprise of 10 games with five away and five home. The 3A state tournament will start Thursday, May 1st and

Soccer Est. 2014

go through Saturday, May 10th. The increased awareness and support of soccer is a trend in the United States. A Daily Herald article on January 14, 2014 titled Prep Soccer Deserves to be on an Equal Footing states, “According to a 2010 New York Times article, the number of youth soccer players in the United States had doubled to 4.04 million players, since 1990. (per the United States Soccer Federation.) At the same time, the number of high school soccer players has more than doubled since 1990, to 730,106 athletes, the fastest growth rate among any major sport. (according to statistics compiled by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.)” A large part of the varsity was made of seniors last year, so the starting eleven for Juab should look very different. No spot will be guaranteed from last year, so everyone will have something to prove. Brock Durffee, a returning defender for the soccer team said, “The soccer team should have a pretty good season this year. We have some great talent on the team.”

The biggest difference for the soccer team this year is the opportunity to win region and state titles. There is a very good possibility the team can win a region title and make the state playoffs. Delta won the Region 12 Soccer title in 2010 and 2011 then took third in 2012 and 2013. Spanish Fork won the Region 12 title in 2012 and 2013. The good news is Spanish Fork has moved up to 4A while Delta has moved down to 2A. 2014 has been a year of realignments, so Juab has a chance of stealing a Region title. When it comes to playing in the 3A state soccer tournament, the top four teams in each region get to compete. With only five teams in Region 12, that means Juab only has to stay out of the bottom spot to make playoffs. The outcome of state soccer in 3A will be very interesting this year. Both Wasatch High and Ogden High have moved up to 4A this year leaving some big holes to fill. Ogden was in the top four teams the last two years. While Wasatch has been in the top four teams the last four years on their way to two state titles in 2011 and

january_2014.indd 1


Already in 2014 America saw a frightening number of school shootings across the country from elementary to university levels. *Liberty Technology Magnet School (Jan. 9): one student shot. *Berrendo Middle School (Jan. 14): two students shot. *Albany High School (Jan. 17): one student shot. *Delaware Valley Charter Elementary (Jan. 17): two students shot. *Widener University (Jan. 20): one student shot. *Purdue University (Jan. 21): one person shot and killed. *Wakefield Elementary (Jan. 21): one person shot.

No School Friday!!!

Valentines Day Around The Globe

Walker Memmott Staff Writer As Valentines Day approaches, couples here in the United States are gathering candy, stuffed animals, and flowers for their lovers. All around the world Valentines Day is also celebrated in some form relating to the love appeal of two people. Many countries have various traditions that involve more commitment than we do in the US. However, there are still some countries that celebrate Valentines in our traditional manner. In Italy and the United Kingdom, many expensive gifts are given such as roses, perfumes, and other large gifts. In Japan, on February 14th, women buy their boyfriends or husbands chocolate called HomJessika Kenison Staff Writer When my parents used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, at age six it was normal to name off extravagant choices like an astronaut, a cowboy, a princess, a superhero, or a model. My parents would then respond with words of encouragement, telling me I could do anything I set my mind to! Now, at age eighteen, if I were to name off those choices my parents would for sure tell me to get a life and that I needed to realize, saddeningly, my actual potential. I realize now that I have come to the age that I need to start taking my career choices seriously. Being a senior in high school means that “when I grow up” is just around the corner. The only problem is- I don’t even know where to begin in choosing a profession.

2013. Juab is in a great position to make some noise with 3A in a transition year. The new coaching staff will consist of Head Coach Josh Wardle, Assistant Coaches Christian Saez and Dan Olsen, and Daniel McKinley. As the team trainer. McKinley said, “A lot of people have made this happen. The coaching staff is very pleased that the administrators, parents, students, and community have come together to make soccer possible in Juab. The program is just starting out and there will be some growing pains, but we can still have lots of success this season.” Special thanks is deserved to Superintendent Dr. Robins, Principal Darrington, and Vice Principal Bowring for all the hard work they have done in turning the soccer team from dream to reality. Any boys wanting to be part of history in the making are encouraged to tryout for the newest team at Juab High School. No matter the amount of wins, draws, or losses this year it will still be a success for all those who have worked so long to finally make boys soccer official.

School Shootings “common”

Right when I begin to wallow in self-pity about being jobless and possibly even homeless for the rest of my life, I remember something awesome that the high school does for students just like me -- CAREER DAY! This year Career Day is going to be held on Thursday, February 6, 2014! Mark your calendars and set your event reminders on your phone so you can be prepared for this fabulous day. Some may ask what career day is all about, and the answer is: awesomeness. Every year FBLA puts together a spectacular career day for Juab High School students. They invite many professionals from our community to come and talk a little bit about their vocation, so that kids can consider whether or not they would enjoy that line of work.

Some of the experts that come and visit our school include: an accountant, radiology technician, dental hygienist, seminary teacher, firemen, police officers, Zumba instructor, real estate agent, author, pilot, and engineer… just to name a few. Cosmetology schools also come to recruit future beautician students. Plus they bring all of their products to style your hair if you choose, which is super fun! The military also sends representatives and brings their pull up bar to weed out the strongest and most fit for the armed forces. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain some knowledge about future career options. Come and take advantage of this great thing our school has provided us with and support FBLA. Be there or be jobless!

mei. The women have to wait tell March 14th to receive their gift from the men. They generally give their wives or girlfriends white chocolate. China celebrates Valentines in a very interesting way. It is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Couples go to the “Temple of the Matchmaker” and pray in hopes of a lifetime of happiness and future marriage. Single individuals also go the temple to pray for hopes of finding love, and cherishing life with someone. In the streets of Scotland, they have a tradition called “The Search of the Valentines Date.” The first man or woman seen on the street that day by a person is their valentine. So they spend the rest of the day with that stranger they met on the street that morn-

ing. I think it would be interesting to see how many people are married each year due to this type of tradition. I also think it would be so freaking cute that everyone will have a valentine! South Africa has a week long celebration where parties and games are played. Young women participate in a tradition called “Lupercalia.” They have to pin the name of their lover on their sleeve. I think for some people that would be so embarrassing, but if you love someone enough, you would do anything for them. Traditions for Valentines Day definitely vary in many ways in many different countries. I think it would be fun to go to one of these countries and celebrate valentines the way they do.

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Smog in SLC

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Healthy Relations Month

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Editorials & Opinions Smog Lake City

Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief Unfortunately deemed inevitable by experts, the winter inversion (caused when the air is too cold to carry over the mountains) also known as “Bad Air SLC” has become a part of Utah life. Thus far in 2014, it has caused school children to compose musical dedications (The Inversion Outside is FrightfulMs. Moore’s 4th grade class; YouTube) and regular citizens are covering their faces with masks to shield against lung damage. NPR’s report explained a common belief the majority of people in Utah are becoming “acclimated” to the recurrence of bad air in the winter months. Only outsiders, like the athletes visiting Utah for the Olympic trials, describe our majestic valley as “Worse than China’s Beijing,” instead of their favorite

place to train. Our “acclimation” hasn’t stopped the bolder revolutionaries from trying to help us, though. The Drive Less and Drive Smarter initiative by the state is just one of several movements like Air Quality Action Alerts, new rules-demanding homes and businesses reduce their emissions by 15 and 1.3 tons a day respectively- and more HOV lanes to encourage carpooling. The experts say our bad air is due to the beautiful valley we live in. The snow covered ground reflects the sun’s warm light, and instead of mixing into the cool air at the bottom and rising out --taking the pollution with it-- it all remains trapped together under a “lid” of inversion air. The result is “Poor Air Quality” and people sporting medical masks to protect themselves from inhaling the PM2.5 (tiny air particles that infect the lungs) and other pleasantries from the atmosphere. For those without a mask, the body will try to fight out the little particle demons floating about; meaning a lot of mucus build up in the throat to capture all the little nasties before they reach the lungs and develop into emphysema, lung disease, or lung cancer. Even the lesser side effects, like aggravated asthma or

coughing, are enough to prompt residents of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas to migrate away. Recently one such resident took root in Nephi, just because she could no longer live a healthy life with the bad air quality with breathing complications. Several other souls may not be able to afford the luxury of leaving the area to find breathable spaces, have to resort to joining the actions to minimize air pollution, unless they become “acclimated.” The maximum fine for burning something on a “Mandatory Action”, or a day

where unnecessary pollution is prohibited, is $300. Something with a big ol’ fine is probably serious. It’s even got a great big agency and it’s own page! Maybe they know something we don’t know. Some people buy their $45 box of 50 count masks, put one on for ten to fifteen minutes a day… and continue to drive their own car to work and cement their locks with half a can of hairspray. The “inevitability” is less inevitable when steps to prevent the lung disease causing smog from filling up the valley

are actually taken. “Acclimation” might be better described as lazy. It’s ridiculous to have to strap a cover over your face in order to safely maneuver outside, because the oxygen needed for life is mixed with toxic chemicals and will actually harm you. I’d say the line was drawn when that bunch of 4th graders decided they simply missed recess, and I hope their feelings mean a more proactive generation is rising to actually stop the madness of air pollution.

3rd Quarter Blues

Kashley Carter Assistant Editor

Really, we’re only halfway?! Second quarter ended just twelve days ago, and now we are all stuck in that time that can be considered the hardest of the school year: third quarter. Yes, third quarter claims the title of the most boring, most challenging, longest lasting quarter in my school year. Some may say that third quarter’s dandy because we’re past the first half, but honestly, when it’s really considered, third quarter does not have much going for it. I’ll start my argument with the fact that it is in the yuckiest, most ugly part of winter where the Christmas magic has worn off and all that can be seen is cold, crunchy, brown-spotted snow. Snot spills from noses as almost everyone fails to ward off the conniving flu. The cold coops everyone inside and most outdoor activities, unless you have the wads of cash to visit a ski resort, are distant dreams alongside the summer that is still months away. Woo-hoo! President’s Day! Who doesn’t love that holiday? There are no really exciting holidays in third quarter, unless Valentine’s gives you a rush (sorry single people). After the razzledazzle of second quarter’s holiday bustle, third quarter is a slow slug. EVERYTHING launches at students to stress them during third quarter! It’s like the school plots against the students, laughing as they bombard them with all sorts of deadlines and events. Wrestling, girls and boys basketball, speech and debate, cheer, and drill are hit with their biggest competitions of the year. New spring sports- baseball, softball, track and field, and soccer- then push the winter sports aside to implement new rigorous training to whip students into shape. Juniors are bludgeoned by the menacing ACT and the ferocious Writing

Comp. Meanwhile, time squeezes around seniors’ necks like a boa constrictor as college starts filling their horizon with all its uncertain details. “It’s the longest [quarter] with no breaks, so it’s hard to stay motivated,” said senior Mette Covington. Motivation is definitely an issue in third quarter. The novelty of being in school has long worn off, and it’s tough to find any reason for wanting to wake up in the morning to attend math class. The slew of projects and papers has been going on forever and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop avalanching over us any time soon. Add in the fact that we only get two days off, the least amount of days off of any quarter. Talk about a drag time. Really, is there more of a bane to the student body than the horrific third quarter? How can we even expect to survive?

“Christmas magic has worn off and all that can be seen is cold, crunchy, brownspotted snow. ” The only way we can: by slipping through classes, barely snagging grades as we procrastinate on that five-page essay until five minutes before class and sneak in movies while we should be studying. We’ll cram in math assignments and science projects after hours spent sweating through practice. Third quarter is frustrating-the top contender for the worst quarter of the year-and it’s easy to despise. But through some gutsy effort (and maybe some miracles) we can survive this quarter. Hopefully. Third Quarter Survival Facts: Third quarter is actually the shortest quarter, by one day. It just seems longer because we don’t get any super long weekends. Yeah, we got off MILK day! Actually, it was Martin Luther

King Day. Hopefully you savored it because the next three-day weekend isn’t until President’s Day on February 17. Mark this on your calendar! Third quarter ends March 21! First quarter only has one more day of breaks with three instead of two (though that is easier to handle then because we just got out of summer). Third quarter just barely started. If you’re bored of the same classes, there’s a possibility that you can do a semester switch up to spice up your schedule. (Warning: there might be some make up work.) Hey remember Powerschool? Yeah, that website with your grades on it. Checking it regularly could help you stay on top of school. Add some fun! Fun time provides a release from stress that could be just the relief to later get your mind back into the classroom. Don’t lose sight of your goals. You’re so close to finishing another school year, so why get lazy and give up on academic dreams now? Remember goals set at the beginning of the year to stay committed. Big tests are looming. Do yourself a favor and study in advance.

Old ‘N’ New Comparing the old Juke phone with the new iPhone 5. Photo by PTools

R.I.P. Technology

vived by one of his many cousins L.G. Cosmos the second whom will be holding the services for dumping the poor soul in the dress-up box on January 2nd. The third generation of the iPod touch family of the eight GB quandary, was sent from this world in early October of 2013 as a result of the rare disease called, morte facile, which means “easy death” in Latin. This quiet soul was taken into Delayna Tolbert this world on February 7th of Staff Writer 2012. In loving memory of Sadly, none survives her, seeL. G. Cosmos the first. ing as the disease inflicted her en Cosmos was four years old tire family as well. iPod enjoyed when he passed away in late No- the quiet life. vember. When given the choice to either He was born in 2009 with a play a YouTube video for young loving kindness and desire to help children to enjoy or lay completethe Tolbert family find where their ly silent and motionless in a safe children were, as well as “keep in corner of the house, she would touch” with friends.  Not only did have chosen the second. he do this, but without one word To her, life was better spent doof complaint. ing nothing and putting up a fight Cosmos was a big fan of being to nothing than, trying your hardcharged. est to do something and never at You could see how his face tempting to get out of it. would light up as soon as his life Her celebration of her life was source was plugged in!  It was tru- held in early October of 2013 ly an enjoying sight to see!  Cos- at the Tolbert household where mos was many things, but mainly she was buried in the hopes and he was a survivor. dreams used to have for her. While younger friends of his died early, he lived.   He lived through every scuff and bruise brought on from being dropped and thrown, drowned and forgotThe Clarion Editorial Policy ten. A Clarion Staff member writes He even lived through being the Editorial Board’s Choice. Each left outside for six months after month, the staff votes for an edibeing lost in a snowstorm! torial with a message they want to L.G. Cosmos the first is suraddress and endorse. We welcome letters to the editor from students, staff, and the community as long as the letters are signed. Submitters will also receive extra credit in any English class. The Clarion staff reserves the right to edit any submissions for content. Submitting a letter to the editor gives JHS full copyrights and acknowledges agreement to having name and article printed in the newspaper.

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Upcoming Events 1.

February 2.



Groundhog’s Day

NHS Meeting

GBB vs. N. Sanpete BBB @ N. Sanpete

Chandler Beal




P/T Conference 3-6:30

Kylie Swapp Alex White


Jematisa Davis Bruce Maradiaga

17. President’s Day No School

GBB @ Richfield

Cody Fulton Hailsley Palmer



FBLA Meeting

Shelby Adams Kameron Olsen Mikayla Tasker

Speech and Debate @ Richfield

Audrey Feaman Elijah Phillips Colton Tatton Cody Williams



GBB vs. Carbon

Jennifer Gibson Kyle Griffiths

Andrew Bosh Olivia Durbin Meadow Kay

Joshua Clark Michael Roundy Karlie Stephenson Delayna Tolbert


Valentine’s Day

BBB vs. Richfield

[State Wrestling]

Stetsen Crawford Brandon Westfall



Band Solo and Ensemble

[Wrestling 3A Divisional at SVC]


Lincoln’s Birthday Hayden Allred Zoey Lundell Kelanee Worthington Bradley Tischner

Outdoor Track begins

BBB @ Carbon





Casandra Taylor


Choir Solo and Ensemble


GBB 1st Round of State Tournament

BBB 1st Round of State Tournament Washington’s Birthday

Megan Johnson Haylee Swena

Shelby Cameron Vanes Fernandez



Baylee Robbins



Kade Jackson


Natalie Allred Tyrell Lunt Alisa Marchant Taylei Williams

Makenna Flanders


Region Speech and Debate @ Juab [Boys and Girls State Basketball]

Tryouts / First Practice Schedual Paige Dunihoo Staff Writer Track, Softball, and Baseball. It is here! The time has come! All you athletes or “thinking about becoming an athlete” people, spring time sports are on their way! Maybe track isn’t your cup of tea, but baseball surely is? Have no worries- it’s on its way. Baseball open gyms have already been going, Thursday at 7 , and Friday at 3. Even if you have missed a few, you can still drop in to get some practice in and sharpen your skills. We are expecting great things out of our baseball team this year, as always. Now if you all want to find out when tryouts are, you all need to show up to open gym. What if you are a girl? Well then softball is the thing for you! There are open gyms MondayThursday at 3. I have witnessed these girls hard at work. From pitching, and hitting to catching. They are very dedicated to this sport and going far this year. Let’s run for fun. If you like running then track is the sport for you. If you like short fast sprints try a hundred or two-hundred meter dash. If you would much rather run a mile or two, don’t fret, you can run long distance. What if you’re not really a runner? That is OK too! Maybe you’re into throwing spears, metal balls, or giant metal disks. There’s also a place for you if that’s what you’re into. Track’s first meeting is February 18th in the little theater right after school.

Sara Davis

Staying or Going? Jessica Wallace Staff Writer Every February, people get lost in all the single awareness rubbish others call Valentine’s Day and lose focus on what really matters… Groundhog’s Day. Annually scheduled on the second day of February, many people travel to a hill named Gobbler’s Knot located in a small town, eighty miles north of Pennsylvania, called Punxsutawney. There in is located the famous and immortal groundhog and weather predictor known as Punxsutawney Phil. According to legend, if Phil sees his shadow, we have to endure through six more long weeks of winter. If the shadow goes unseen, we get to look forward to an early spring. This tradition offi-

cially dates back to 1886 but has been said to originate even further back, based upon old European songs or poems about Candlemas. Up to this point, Phil has been recorded as having seen his shadow 85% of the time. Though, according to the National Climatic Data Center, his prediction has only been correct 39% of the time. Though, it isn’t fair to undermine the mystical powers of a groundhog that has somehow lived over a hundred years. Please note that the average groundhog has a life expectancy of six to eight years. So put off buying the roses and chocolate, and welcome in the month of February, and hopefully the beginning of spring, with Phil the groundhog.

NHS: Have You Got Heart?

Sara Davis Staff Writer From Romeo and Juliet to Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, famous lovers throughout our history create an atmosphere in February that make couples to gah-gah and singles go bleh-bleh. Though Valentine’s Day has come to be known as a day of smooching and single-awareness, Juab’s National Honors Society has given students another way to look at the month of love: through service. No, this is not a death sentence or a way to get out of jail; this is simply being nice to others because it is the right thing to do. Love comes in many forms, and since this is high school, the love that needs to be focused on is the friendly aspect of liking a fellow peer, not like-like though, (that’s gross) just the not hating aspect of like “Got Heart” has been around for four years, starting way back when the seniors of today were the freshmen of yesteryear. If anyone is intrested in doing this activity, the sheet of paper can be found in Miss Christen’s room. You must deliver at least five random acts of service throughout the month as possible. Yes, service comes in all shapes and sizes, but in order for it to count as a Got Heart service proj-

january_2014.indd 3

ect, actual effort and thought needs to go into the act. Examples from past years range from helping a sibling with homework (without being asked), doing chores (without being paid or asked), even baking goodies and taking them to neighbors (without being asked or seen). Any act of service that goes without physical reward or that creates warm, fuzzy feelings within oneself can easily count as a Got Heart project. Once all projects are filled out on the sheet, bring the paper back to Miss Christensen’s room for the ultimate prize: your very own red, stretchy bracelet that says, “Got Heart?” on the front! For any NHS member, this counts as a sanctioned project and can easily help you obtain the needed amount of service hours for third quarter. (Yay for you!) For any nonmember of NHS, this counts as a feel-good-moment of the month and a way to distract yourself from the gushiness of the month of romance. The entire experience of Got Heart creates a happier environment within the walls of Juab High School, and the best part of it is anyone can do it. You just gotta have a heart.

Hearts and Hands. Couples holding hands isn’t a rare sight during the schoolyear, but during the month of February, it seems to reach it’s climax. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Healthy Relationship Month Shan Sherwood Staff Writer

It has long been known that February is healthy relationship month. That is really the only thing that February is known for, besides Groundhog’s day, and seriously what day is named after a groundhog? Some of you are relationship experts, while others of you are desperately in need of advice. If you feel like February has become single awareness month instead of healthy relationship month then you may benefit from some advice from your fellow students. Whether you have a great relationship right now or you want to know how to keep a relationship once you get one, these are some great tips for you.

Tips for girls, from guys:

Tips for guys, from girls:

1. Trust the guy you are going out with. –Jacob Ryan

1. Smell nice, do your hair, and never let her get hungry. –Ashley Atkinson

2. If you like the person, make sure to be nice and to be the same person they know. –Josh Allred 3. Guys want a chase. Their primal thoughts and needs want to hunt you down, kill and eat the current dominant male, and take you away over their shoulder. –Jared Rowley 4. Be respectful and someone they can trust and tell everything. –Bowdee Shepherd 5. Don’t be Weirded out if you’re asked to come to an all-day Star Wars Marathon. -Adam Allred

2. Show genuine care! Also try to notice small things we do: new clothes, shoes, hair done prettily, etc. –Ally Nelson 3. Say you look beautiful instead of hot, send her good morning texts, when your frustrated talk to her about it, bring her to hang out with your friends, and never lie; honesty is everything. –Jennifer Gibson 4. If there is ever an akward silence, make it more akward by saying something like “look at that goat.” This is a for sure way to snag a lady. - Ali Olsen

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Roots From The Past Prom theme




rcis e z z a J

Western Bread cost

(1981) - ¢5

3 a pound

Newsy Humourous Spicy Kenji Brooks Photo Guru The year: 1926. An era before computers, cellphones and microwave ovens. While other people were busy raving about the upcoming Ford Model A car, something else was going on, and it was major to the citizens of Nephi High School. Affectionately screen named with the delusional thought processes of a bygone era... this was the Newsy Humorous Spicy newspaper. It featured tabloid style newsprint about anything from teacher memorials to the first renditions of the stanzas of our school song. It started a tradition of bringing the staff and students at our school together over trivial matters that mattered to only us, and still

serves the same purpose after 88 years. Later in that 1926 year, a contest was held to rename the newspaper and (to our relief) The Clarion won the contest. Henceforth, our school paper was known as the NHS Clarion. Common printing methods in the 1920s would have been to manually piece together a master copy of the print, and then duplicate the tabloids on a low scale production via a device called a Ditto Machine. It utilized incredibly low-grade paper and cheap high contrast semi-purple ink. As time progressed the paper eventually evolved into our modern day JHS Clarion. Luckily the hairstyles and clothes evolved as well.

Turn back to the Spicy Side of life. Archived Clarions inspired us in many ways this issue. Photo by Kenji Brooks

Remember When

75 cents please, sir. We managed to find these tucked away in a dark corner down at the Junior High. Photo by Kenji Brooks

Those Were The Days

Walker Memmott Staff Writer We all have memories from our childhood traditions that stick out personally to us. Lots of memories are shared with our friends playing on the playground or gossiping in class. On that same note, there are lots of things in elementary school that just happen. There were always procedures that we had to go through when we were in class. Things like swishing the fluoride around in your mouth, and sticking the napkin in the little individual cups once you spit the fluoride out. The teacher would also ask us what lunch we wanted that day, and then tally how many students wanted each individual lunch choice. I would always eat the lunch choice that was opposite to what I told my teacher that morning. Being chosen to be a helper with various jobs around the school was always a competition. Things like being a lunchroom helper to serve, the office runner to get the mail, or doing the announcements on the intercom. Anything to get out of normal class was definitely a dream for every student. Elementary School had a hab-

it of always taking our money. Spending money on things like smiley face erasers, sucker sales, pencil machines, and notebooks were necessary to become the cool kid in school. The pencil machine was definitely one of my favorites. I didn’t do any shopping for pencils at the first of the year. I would always pop in my fifty cents, push the lever in, and get my fancy writing utensil. It was the cool thing to do back in the days of elementary school. Another one of my personal favorites was pet day. It was awesome to be able to bring my dog to school, and see all the other animals people had. Elementary school was a time of trying to be the number one kid in school. Groups of friends would always be trading game cards, erasers, or take home lunches. Everyone wanted the best and wouldn’t ever settle for less. Elementary school was a great experience, and it is fun to look back and see how we have changed. We all had fun times playing games together, and learning the basics in education.

I think there is a world market for


maybe computers. -Thomas Watson, Sr. (Chairman of IBM, 1943)

Kathryn Reese Staff Writer Roses are red, violets are blue, He gave me a candy, that said, “I love you”. Valentines day is coming and we all know what to expect: cheesy gifts from that special someone, or just another month of unintentional mockery toward single people.  But in support of the positive karma during the season, let’s all forget about that. Instead, remember how fun Valentine’s  Day used to be… Remember cutting out hearts from pink and purple paper; then stapling them together until your hearts content. Whoops, yours tore down the middle! Staple it! Or remember the boxes everyone made; and there was some sort of unspoken contest to see who had the best one. Between the tin foil, colored straws, and duct tape there were some pretty cool valentine boxes. “I made a box and put Barbie in it; and it had a tombstone on the top that said Barbie RIP 20052012.” said Julia Hughes “I made a box that was spring loaded so that when you opened it

the sides popped off.” said Brandon Westfall. I think we can all agree with Taylor Williams when she said, “If you had the coolest box, you were the coolest kid.” In Elementary school Valentine’s day was fun. “We just partied the whole day.” said Laurel Bowen. Valentine’s day was about candy and no homework. We all picked out candies and cards a few days before so that we had something to hand out to the class. “I remember picking out the best cards, and trying not to give

Comic by Jamison Orten


ing that c an b e in ven ted has

But what... is it good for?

-Engineer at the Advanced Computing Systems of IBM, (Commenting on the microchip, 1968)

january_2014.indd 4

the boys the ones that said, I love you. “ said Krista Roundy. We all looked forward to the candy, and fussed a little bit over what any third grader could call “love”. So, in this time of year let’s choose not to dwell too much on the fact that about 85% of Juab students are single; and think instead of how good Valentine’s day used to be. When Valentine’s day does come around though, you won’t see me much. I’ll be busy stealing candy from my little sister.



Charles H. Due ll ted. (Commissionaer, U.S. Patent Office, 1899)


This “telephone” has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us. - Western Union (International memo-1876)

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The Clarion v January 29, 2014 v Page 5

Branch to the Future Pr









Bread cos

t (2013) -




itne BA F


$1.41a po


The More Things Change

Ms. Christensen Guest Writer When I was in high school, the trendy thing to do was wear long, blouse-y shirts and artfully messy hair. Fashionable footwear was at odds between glittery flip-flops and the new, floppy boots that would someday become Uggs. Guys would try to get phone numbers out of the chicks they liked, and it wasn’t unusual to look around computer tech class to see half the class putting more effort into hiding their instant messaging windows rather than typing formulas into Excel. When my mother was in high school, the cool thing to do was wear long, blousy dresses or supertight, high-waist jeans. Hair was either forced into super straight, long styles or teased up into high, curling masterpieces. Dudes would try to get phone numbers out of the skirts they liked. Typing class was only a portion actual work and mainly devoted to passing notes or typing random nonsense until the end of the line when the machine would ding cheerily and spit down to a new line. When I look around my classroom, I see a lot of things. There’s not a single day when I don’t encounter at least one ‘messy bun’ or mullet. Printed leggings are a thing, and there is a great divide on whether to pair them with a

boot or flat. In the computer lab, I know I will always see at least one student giggling at Google Gravity or sneaking out their phone to text their mom. The fact of the matter is that although the trends change and the technology gets better, things don’t’ really change much in seven years or in twenty-seven. The part of high school that you really think about once you graduate is not the trends. It’s not who dated who. It’s not how to divide a polynomial (Sorry, Math department). Admittedly, it’s not even the difference between a verb and adverb either (Extra sorry, English department). What you’ll end up remembering more than anything else are the people you met and how you felt about yourself. So be excellent to each other. #everypersoncounts

“...things don’t really change much in seven years or in twenty-seven”

OUR Style. Haisley Palmer rocks flannel plaid, a past style, in her own modern way. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Closet Comeback

Kashley Carter Assistant Editor Some things were just meant to be recycled, and the hip fashion trends of the eighties and nineties are definitely some of them. Peer into any classroom or glance down our halls; it’s obvious that the old styles are the new in-styles. “The oversized shirts and leggings [are my favorite new-old fashion],” said Megan Rowley. These clothing pieces have reappeared from the past and are rapidly becoming staples in any girl’s fashion wardrobe. Simple, loose-fitting shirts drape down over wildly designed leggings. Splotchy, colorful, patterned-these leggings are vibrant or bold. Both are ghosts from the closets of girls in the 1980’s. Other “ghosts” include flannel shirts, leg warmers, high top sneakers, knee-high socks, and electric neon colors. But we haven’t adopted the previous generations’ styles the same as they once were. We’ve revamped them to add our own twists and flares. “The prints are different [now]. They’re cuter,” said Danielle Lynn, commenting on leggings. I would say so! Compared to the 1980’s, our leggings are more creatively patterned and designed. Instead of a single neon color, our leggings showcase numerous colors that can be neutral, neon, or both. Plus, they’re comfortable, which is definitely a bonus as we wear them all day rather at an aer-

With over fifteen types of foreign cars already on sale here, the Japanese auto industry isn’t likely to carve out a big share of the market for itself. -Businessweek (August 2, 1968)

january_2014.indd 5

obic workout class at the gym. “I like the flannel plaid and the comfy-ness of the new style,” said Jessica Anderson. Our changes aren’t limited to leggings. Some girls wear leg warmers inside boots, letting only the tops peep out rather than boldly displaying them on flexing calves as part of workout wear. Baggy shirts aren’t just the simple sweaters or undecorated T-shirts of the past- our shirts can be adorned with lace, sport words or designs,

“However we wear these old styles, we do it in our own way.” and appear to be made out of something other than cotton. However we wear these old styles, we do it in our own way. Not all of the reused trends are a complete hit though. Some can detract from an outfit if they aren’t worn right. When asked if she didn’t like any of the new-old styles Sydney Reed said, “Leg warmers. Over their shoes they look funny.” Adding to that, Lydia Bailey said, “They can be fashionable, but some people don’t know how to wear them right.” So just a warning: be careful

exactly how you re-wear your parents’ or grandparents’ styles because their way might not fit in now. Another warning: just because we brought back some styles doesn’t mean we want to go ahead and re-incorporate all of them. A few of the old styles seem silly or outrageous. “[I wouldn’t want] big hair from the nineties because that would just be a little bit crazy,” said Emma Lainhart. That’s definitely a style to shudder at, along with flashy bellbottoms, big fat scrunchies, double-layered socks, and floor length floral dresses. Certain styles were meant to stay in the past. At least for now… On the other hand, we owe the previous clothing fashions for much of our modern attire’s style and inspiration. We can’t help looking to the past, and from it we find ideas that we can make our own. Upon asking Heather Mickelson on a style she wishes would come back, she said, “Honestly, I wish more girls would be okay wearing dresses because a lot of people hate it.” Through revisiting past styles, we have discovered fads that have translated into our own unique modern day top fashions. With more revisiting, maybe we’ll create even more old-inspired styles. Please, though, don’t bring back the poofy hair.

The cinema is little more than a fad. It’s canned drama. What audiences really want to see is flesh and blood on the stage. -Charlie Chaplin (actor, producer, director, and studio founder; 1916)

word Television? The

La is half

tin a

Greek nd half

Sneaky Social Media Rather than hide instant messaging windows, students nowadays attempt to hide their texting while working on computers. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

1100 N. Main St. Nephi, UT 84648 Motor Company


C. P. Scott (BBC History of Television) No good can come of it. We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out. -Decca Recording Co. (rejecting the Beatles; 1962)

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The Clarion v January 29, 2014 v Page 6

Sports & Highlights Lady Wasps

Eye on the Ball Hannah Jacobsen, and Hailey Wright playing the game Photo by Kenji Brookst.

Jessika Kenison Assistant Editor Our Lady Wasps have been stinging it up on the basketball court this year! They have a preseason track record of six wins and six losses for 2013-14, which is spectacular! They have gone up against tough teams like Delta, Parowan, Salem Hills, Maple Mountain, and Park City, and have managed to hold their own and come away with some great wins and helpful game time experience. With preseason games ending, our girls are just getting started with a great season. Hailey Wright, a senior playing for the Lady Wasps, said when asked about starting region games last week, “I’m really excited about starting region. We all bring something different to the team and I know we will do well if we play together. It’s my last year playing and I’m so glad I play with the girls I do.” Region games started on Tuesday, January 14 on home court. The Lady Wasps fought it out on the floor against the Payson Lions. Both teams have intense talent and skill, and it showed all throughout

the game with a final score of 4549 for the Lady Lions. The Lady Wasps will be looking for revenge when they play at Payson High on January 30. The second region game was held on Thursday, January 16. Our Ladies traveled over the mountain and went up against the North Sanpete Lady Hawks. Our Lady Wasps still have work to do as they fight for wins against the other teams in our region, but with hard work they will pull through. D’laney Herbert, a sophomore, said, “I like playing for Juab because we always know how to have fun and work together on the court.” This week our girls will make the treacherous journey to Carbon and play the Dinos on Tuesday. Wish them luck as they go and remind the Dinos why they were extinct in the first place! They will also host the Richfield Wildcats on Thursday January 23, so let’s pack the pit and show our support for our very own Lady Wasps!

Wrap It Up! Brinlee Newell Staff Writer This is an article for all you kids who like to run for fun. Now, I know you might be asking yourself, who in their right mind would run for fun? Well I only know of a few kids who actually do, and they are called the indoor track team. The indoor track team members are hard workers and dedicated athletes. Sierra Fowks, one of the team’s runners, said “It’s fun, worth it, and a party. It also helps you get in shape and ready for outdoor track and we’re getting ready to go to Simplot in Idaho.” The runners have been working really hard this season.

Fast as Lighting! McKay Christensen and Jacob Newey crush the Logan Indoor Track Meet. Photo by Cheryl Carter.

#OlympicProbs Savannah Behrman StaffWriter Everyone looks forward to the Olympics. Sitting in front of the television for countless hours, watching the best athletes in the world battle it out is extremely entertaining. Beginning February 7, Russia will host the winter Olympics; calling to the best skiers, ice-skaters, and winter athletes the world has to offer. The Olympics are extra special, because no one cares what color of skin the other competitor has, what country he’s from, or why this country is at war with that one; it’s all about the love for their sport. There are very few times when people can put aside their differences, and usually the Olympics tend to be the place. But what if this year that isn’t the case? Russia’s new anti-gay law, which makes it a crime to discuss L.G.B.T. issues in front of minors, has taken severe criticism around the world, and many gay athletes have threatened not to compete. There have even been calls to boycott the Sochi games when it adopted it this June. Critics denounced the law as discriminatory and a curb on rights to free speech. While America isn’t all for gay marriage, we have come leaps and bounds. We should make our stance clear, and plainly state our disagreement with Russian policies. Despite our late arrival on the issues of equality, we must stand strong against discrimination of any kind, especially with it being a world competition. And, besides these L.G.B.T issues, there has been actual terrorism. Everyone knows it; Russia can be a sketchy place. The President of the Russian Olympic Committee said security would not be increased, despite the two suicide bombings and other threats, but quickly changed his mind on January 9, after a car with bodies inside exploded as police approached it in Russia’s Stavropol Territory. The games are running four times over budget at a whopping $50 billion, making them the most expensive in history, winter or summer. Russian President Vladimir Putin has turned the games into a personal quest to show the world the new Russia at any cost. So, what will come of these overly priced, somewhat prejudiced, and actually life-threatening games? Calls of boycotting, or lack of attendance from various athletes. The situation is hard though, because some of the most powerful countries in the world are also the most evil, with human rights that are appalling at best. Should we adopt a policy that only pictureperfect democracies can host the Olympics? While the chances of the US staying home for the 2014 Olympics is almost non-existent, it is also very reasonable for us to be cautious. Only time will tell the success of the Sochi Olympics, and when Americans do chance to compete, “USA, USA, USA!!!”

january_2014.indd 6

But lets not forget our throwers they’ve also been hard at work practicing every Monday and Wednesday. The throwers have been practicing their techniques. Some of these techniques are trying to get the correct angle and form. Track is one of the sports that you have to be dedicated and hard working to do. As indoor track is coming to an end, there’s no need to worry outdoor track is on its way. Our indoor track team has been hard at work so their prepared for meets. Where our athletes have been doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work guys!

Skyler’s Snow Fest Olympic Edition!

Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer In spite of controversy surrounding this year’s Sochi Olympics reverberating throughout the Internet, the world eagerly anticipates the games for the sport involved, and nothing else. National teams the world over are feeling the competitive juices coursing through their systems, pumping millions of dollars into developing air foiling ski suits and aerodynamic helmets. Yes, the competition may be friendly, but it is at least as fierce. The earth’s nations are like the wizards of Harry Potterthey can’t help but show off when they get together. America is throbbing on par with the Olympic bug- Team USA members are making headlines weekly, and both Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines have highlighted the technology national teams around the world are developing into Obviously, no other country has prepared for The Games with such frenzied fervor as its host country, Russia. With the bill grossing at over 50 billion (conservatively), these games will be the most expensive in history. Remember the “Birds Nest” stadium in Beijing? The amount of infrastructure the Ruskiis have constructed from scratch makes it look paltry in comparison. If need be, millions of cubic yards of artificial snow may fall from the heavens via powerful blowers. These winter Olympics marks the first in many years in which the games were not held in a North American or European Alps ski town, with the games being held in the little traveled yet majestic Caucasus Mountains. As well as the new vistas, many familiar winter Olympians will not be present, heralding fresh faces to sports most people only follow every four years. Stars such as super babe alpine champion Lindsey Vonn will not be competing, (due to an injured knee) and the king of speed skating, Apollo Ohno has retired. An Olympics of firsts, it appears. Not to be overlooked is the initiation of several new events- alpine snowboarding and women’s ski jump events. There are several events to be sure to tune in for, so awesome are they. Among them include, but in no way are limited to: § Bobsledding. Everyone has itched to try this high-speed thriller since “Cool Runnings” was released over 20 years ago. § The Skeleton. One of the most terrifying trials in the games, athletes hurtle down the track face first at up to 80 mph. § The Half Pipe. Watch and see if Shaun White dominates the field again this year. § Alpine Racing. Highly skilled athletes race down the mountain as fast as possible, with men and women events on both skis and boards. § The Ski Jump. Watching a person fly 50 feet high and 450 feet long is truly a spectacle.

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The Clarion v January 29, 2014 v Page 7

Entertainment Seven Days Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer 7 days of suffering: The stupid smelly bus chronicles My story begins several months ago, a senior year resolution of sorts. By the end of my junior year, I vowed to myself to never, never ever never ever, ride the school bus to or from school again. 3000 miles on the odometer and 86 consecutive school days later, my self-made pact was broken. The hot smell of diesel fumes and the swoosh of the hydraulic doors quickly reigned me back to earlier days. I was a free man no longer. Perhaps the greatest adjustment was in my sleeping/morning schedule. I view my mornings as the foundation of the rest of the ensuing day; showers, omelet eating, apple eating, peanut butter eating, oatmeal eating, and orange juice drinking are all vital parameters that must not be infringed upon. Leaving no earlier than 7:55 in also a part of my credo. I don’t do the dink around before school garbage. The yellow menace roused me from sleep, deprived me of my food, and left me waiting in the early morning cold. My two younger sisters accompanied me out to the bus stop in the morning-until other kids began to arrive. Then they left me like an unwanted puppy. It became obvious that I would not be able to rely on my sisters. I stood waiting


Suffering alone, boarded the bus alone, and, so I feared, would sit alone. My fears were abated when an angel in the form of Adam Allred saved me- graciously offering a coveted seat towards to back of the bus. The ride is too school is tolerable. The ride home is not. It is raucous, rowdy, and claustrophobic. Students young and old sit 3 per seat, breathing shallowly like sun drying sardines, slowly asphyxiating so as to not disturb their neighbors. I sat across the isle from my 12 year-old sister on a bench with two junior high students who nervously pulled away from me, for fear I cannibalism or the like was in my repertoire. I chose to pass the time by teasing my sister, and when the jokes and laughs began coming in longer and longer between, I started to realize that I was alone. Horribly and miserably alone. Being unable to have younger students willingly converse with me, and possessing a phone that would illicit giggling from my younger compatriots- I let my eyes wander, in defeat, out the window. At the finish of my trip, I made the short walk to my home in silence, humbled that a senior could be ostracized on a rig filled primarily with middle schoolers. Riders of the bus should be proud of the tribulations they hurdle every day. Riding the bus is awful. This time, I vow for real. I will never, never ever never never ever never, ride that bus again.

Catch EM!

Delayna Tolbert Staff Writer To Get a Fella:

Hey gals! Have you ever won-

dered why you’re still spending lonely nights, stuffing your gob with “feelings” and watching sappy romances on netflix? That’s because you haven’t been informed of my simple, easy, pain free solution to finding a stud!   (Please do not involve yourself in this program if you easily gain headaches from complex problems, are prone to mad cow, chicken pox, or swelling from African bee stings.    Please realize this program is not simple in any way, and there is a 98.67% chance of emotional mishaps from following through in this program.)   Let’s get down to business!  (to defeat the huns) You will need . . . - full size binoculars common specs:  8 x 42, 10 x 50 - black camouflage clothing and face paint (if face paint isn’t in season, permanent marker works great too!) - black ski mask as well as other dark clothing Now huntresses, to start you must choose your hunting ground wisely.   If you are into the quiet sort, check out the library.   The sporty jock, the weight room or the field.   The class clown, the principals office.   You get the idea.   Once you find the ground, find common ground. If you aren’t exactly like your prey, change your entire genetic makeup so you are to fit to their interests.  This will make it a whole lot easier to lure them in.   Now to the actual hunting:  Now ladies, the best way that you know, is secretly; one mustn’t know you are tracking them, and I mean no one!   If any other huntress finds out, they could end up liking them too, and that could get ugly!  And females don’t do ugly!  Which is

The United States in Film/Acting

Sara Davis Staff Writer 2013 was a year full of block buster hits, from sequels to standalones. Here are the top thirteen highest domestic films of the year. 1: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire took in a total of $414,999,792, torching the competition. Based on the novel of the same name, the ending definitley will bring audience members running back for the next two volumes. 2: Iron Man 3: The final film of the famous trilogy came in second with $409,013,994. The begins where another blockbuster,The Avengers, left Tony Stark. 3. Despicable Me 2 takes the bronze with $368,061,265 domestically. For every minion lover, this is a must see...banana. 4. Frozen certainly let it go (and is still growing strong) with a total of $320,631,361 at the end of the year. From its award winning songs to amazing storytelling, don’t miss out on the phenomenon.


To Get a Damsel Hey fellas! Have you ever found yourself dumbstruck by the art of wooing the female?  Then you just might need the advice I offer!   (Please do not involve yourself in this project if you are not “macho” enough to out woo the others on the hunt.   Great harm may come to your favorite feature of your face if you choose to disregard the warnings.)   Fabulous!  Now let’s begin! You will need . . . - brightly colored clothi ng (bright orange works splendid) - Duck Commander duck call (1.5 inches square and about 3-4 inches in length) - doe pheromone - mock feathers or furs to attract the species Now listen up Misters, the man knows one certain way to lure in the prey:  Peacocking.  While the woman hunts secretly, you declare your intentions to the world with gusto.   Who cares if they know you like them?   This bold declaration helps you find the prey of your dreams in a much easier way.  Since you are not laid down with secrecy, you are free to move through the hallways without muffling your steps.   You are also free to flirt with the damsel in the boldest and most obvious way possible, and you do!  The trap you lay for the woman through wooing and peacocking may not be secret and subtle in any way, though you can always find ways through tempting the lass.  Make yourself completely irresistible to the specific species, and you’ll never go wrong!

A gummy bear!

5. Man of Steel swooped in with $291,045,518. Follow the origins of the one and only Superman to find out just exactly what happened to that famed planet of Krypton. 6. Monster’s University screamed into sixth with $268,492,764. Mike and Sully are back (and younger than ever) as they face what seniors will soon find themselves going up against: college. 7. Gravity certainly pulled in a lot of audience with $256,410,669. Sandra Bullock (in another awardnominating role) and George Clooneoygives audience members a taste of how deep and dark space truly is. 8. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug may have barely came out before the year was over, and though the charcaters are small, the money its taking in rivals that of the titular villain with $244,819,845; and it is still growing. 9. Fast and Furious 6 zoomed through the year with $238,679,850. If you like cars, fastness, and action, this series is

2013 what you are looking for. 10. Oz: The Great and Powerful followed the yellow brick road to $234,911,825 dollars. Ever wondered how the Great and Powerful Oz became great and powerful? Watch the film to find out! 11.Star Trek into Darkness warped into tenth with $228,778,661. Now that Captain Kirk and Spock are in an alternate universe, the twists and turns to the acclaimed series will only keep the audience guessing as they face their arch rival. (Which can only be revealed in the movie.) 12. Thor: Dark World came in with $204,041,762. Another sequel and member of the Marve Cinematic Universe, find out what happened to both Thor and Loki after the latter decided to attempt to take on the Avengers. 13.World War Z came in at the lucky thirteen number with $202,359,711. The film gives viewers a look at what might happen at the end of the world. (Source from Box Office mojo)



why in your endeavors, you must use a light tread, mask your intentions, stay out of sight and track down that man!

What kind of bear has no teeth?

january_2014.indd 7

Top 13 of

Catching Fire

and Frozen:

Success for Women in Film Samuel Holladay Staff Writer Something peculiar happened at the box office the weekend of November 29-December 1. The two highest grossing movies that weekend were The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Frozen. The irony of their opposite titles (Fire! Frozen! Ha! Get it?!) is not what was peculiar though. What made that weekend, and the two following it, different was that the two biggest movies were both led by female characters. This being the 21st century, you wouldn’t think it would be so surprising for two female-driven movies to be successful at the same time. According to a study by the New York Film Academy, half of all movie tickets sold are bought by women. You’d think Hollywood would return the favor and pay women their due. The sad reality, though, is that women are still very underrepresented in film. That same NYFA study found that in the top 500 movies from 2007-2012, only 30.8% of speaking characters were women. Only 10.7% of those movies had a balanced cast where half of the characters were female. reveals that only 14 of the 100 highest grossing movies of all time in the U.S. were led by a female character. Five of those are Twilight movies; a series that is, as Stephen King puts it, “about how important it is to have a boyfriend.” It gets worse for women though. 28.8% of women on screen wore sexually revealing clothing as opposed to 7% of men. Heck, roughly a third of female speaking characters were shown in sexually revealing costumes or partially naked. So not only are female characters being underused, but a hefty portion of the women that actually get to do something are being objectified. All things considered, women really are being represented poorly in film. That is why the simultaneous success of Catching Fire and Frozen is so remarkable. Both movies have broken all kinds of

box office records while focusing on strong, independent female characters. Frozen has blown away early expectations to earn over $320 million (as of press time) in the U.S., making it 2013’s fourth biggest movie and Walt Disney Animation’s highest grossing film of all time, beating even The Lion King. Frozen has two lead female characters, Anna and Elsa, princesses of the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, neither of which are too occupied by romance. Anna does dream of meeting the right guy, and the movie pokes fun at

“...In the top 500 movies from 2007-2012, only 30.8% of speakiof speaking characters were women.” Disney’s history of princess characters rushing into marriage with the first dude they meet in the song, Love is an Open Door. But ultimately, Anna is driven by a desire to help her sister and save the kingdom. Elsa isn’t concerned with men at all. Perhaps the most complex Disney princess ever, Elsa is constantly at war with herself; wanting to use her magic, ice-generating powers but terrified of what people will think. “Conceal, don’t feel,” she repeatedly tells herself until she declares “let it go” in a song that will inspire young girls to be themselves and/or come out of the closet (don’t tell me there aren’t allusions to that in Let It Go) for generations to come. Catching Fire has been an even bigger success financially. It’s made over $415 million (as of press time) in the U.S. and is officially the highest grossing movie of 2013. The last time a femaleled movie topped the yearly box

office chart was 1973 with The Exorcist. That’s forty freaking years, people! Catching Fire is led by Katniss Everdeen, played by the internet’s queen, Jennifer Lawrence. Sure, Katniss has two guys- Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth)vying for her attention. But all that soap opera-y, relationship nonsense gets shooed to the side as Katniss reluctantly becomes the leader of a full-on rebellion. Katniss is the anti-Bella Swan. She’s a bad-A, and she doesn’t need a boyfriend when there’s a war brewing. Heck, it’s Peeta that needs to get his stuff together. Katniss has had to save that boy’s life like, fifty times, and there are still two more Hunger Games movies to go. It’s characters like Anna, Elsa, and Katniss that give one hope for the future of women in film. There was also Dr. Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock in Gravity. She carried the weight of the entire movie on her shoulders and pulled it off with ease. But I already wrote about how great Gravity was in the Clarion’s October 30th issue. Just know that it was another hugely successful femaleled movie and was the 7th highest grossing film of 2013. All in all, 2013 was a pretty good year for women in movies. So what does the future look like for female movie characters? There’s still work to be done for sure. Warner Bros. still doesn’t believe a Wonder Woman solo movie would be successful enough, choosing instead to introduce her in 2015’s Batman vs. Superman. But 2014 will have a few big female-led movies with Divergent, Maleficent, and of course, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1. Give it some time, and I’m sure it will become less and less noticeable when a big movie is led by a woman. For now, let’s not stop going to see female-driven movies when they are made. They are important, and they are inspiring the next generation of women that will be working in film.

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The Clarion v January 29, 2014 v Page 8

Etcetera I Spy At Juab High

Guess the classroom! Which teacher has this unique object in their room?

The New Cheese

Savannah Behrman Staff Writer Eventually, greasy cheese and pepperoni can become tiresome. When you think of pizza you could purchase in Nephi, that’s what comes to mind, isn’t it? What if I told you that you now had the option of varieties like Chicken Cordon Bleu or BBQ Chicken?! Mind-boggling, I know. Where? Main Street Pizza, of course! This new, affordable and delectable restaurant (which is ironically not on main street) is now at our grasps, placed next to the movie theatre! I highly recommend Main Street Pizza; it’s now my go-to restaurant. The great service, unique toppings, and delicious food has

me declaring myself as a repeat customer. Their food will literally have your mouth watering. You’ll nonchalantly eat multiple pieces, not even feeling an ounce of sorrow after. The taste is worth it! Besides from, this new restaurant offers bread sticks, cheese sticks, wings, salads, and my personal favorite, the cinnamon sticks, which I would equate to a delicious, cinnamon candy! And one of the best parts? They deliver. (435)-250-8034. With Super Bowl Sunday being on February 2, Main Street Pizza would be the perfect, finishing touch! The next time you’re thinking of boring, typical pizza. Stop yourself. There are greater things just within your reach.

Pizza Time Fresh homemade dough, pizza sause, yummy toppings, cheese, and some pretty crazy pizza creations. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Hallmark made it’s first card in 1913

At Last The Window Opens!

Austin Hansen Staff Writer Cold drinks, steamy hot chocolate, and delectable desserts are especially available for you! Bev’s is now open as of January 7! If you have not been yet, then you are missing out on a mean soda, coffee, or hot chocolate. Business has been booming. Cars have been lining up around the block just to get their hands on an amazing soda. Bev’s offers a drive-thru or walk-up window for your convenience. The service is great and waiting is no problem. Brown Cow is one of the most popular cold drinks sold. It is a combination of root beer and vanilla creamer; it literally tastes like a root beer float. Or, you can go the dirty way and get a Dirty Doc—Dr. Pepper and coconut. Yummy! The best part about Bev’s is you can be creative and make your own drink combinations. Next time you go to Bev’s, ask for a punch card. Every drink you buy, your card gets punched, and when you buy ten drinks, you will get a free drink. So come on down to Bev’s and grab a cold yummy sip of heaven. You won’t regret it!

US spends 18.6 billion on valentines day 50 milliion roses are given Juab High School The Clarion Editor-in-Chief Ashley Whimpey Assistant Editors Kashley Carter Kenneth Bonzo

Right on the spot. JHS students sipping on satisfying treats with the amazing owners of Bev’s. Photo by Eschel Evon.

Flying... Not So High

Thela Mitchell Staff Writer Our national bird, the bald eagle, is dying for an unknown reason. Officials have theories but none have been proven right as of yet. The eagle trainers from Great Basin ask that if you see an ill eagle do not touch it, and call DWR or Great Basin to get the help the birds need. So far, the ill or dead eagles have been found in five counties in Northern and Central Utah. The normally skittish raptors lay lifeless on the ground. Many suffered from seizers, head tremors, and paralysis in the legs, feet, and wings. For weeks, officials have sent the birds for necropsies at the National Wildlife Heath Center in Madison, Wisconsin hoping that some clues would turn up. It was a bust, nothing showed up except for some lead poisoning. However, that was not the cause of death.

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9 Million pets get valentines

Many of the eagles were brought to the mammoth wildlife re-habitation center of northern Utah to be saved and forty-eight hours later they were dead. Later, a re-habitation center got a call from Idaho that shed new light on the growing problem. An official from Idaho said that he had Eagles there that were getting sick, suggesting that the birds were arriving in Utah already in bad health. Officials have their own theories. Some think that the meltdown from a Japans power plant and all the radiation it gave off has something to do with the illness that is killing the national bird. While others think that the bald eagles are preying on smaller birds, they are dying as well. On January 6, 2014, the Researchers in Wisconsin confirmed that the deaths of the bald eagles

were caused by the West Nile virus. They suspect that the birds preyed on other birds that were already infected with the virus. Officials say that the virus should not be hazardous to our health because the disease is almost always transmitted by mosquito bite but strongly suggest that we not touch them. “There are many strands of West Nile, so we are treating the eagles with everything we have and using natural supplements to help flush their intestinal tract in hopes of stabilizing the birds” Dean Hawley, an Eagle Trainer from The Great Basin. The deaths of the bald eagles should start to decrease now that we know what the illness is. Just remember if you happen across one, don’t touch it and call DWR or Great Basin so it can get the help it needs.

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January 2014  

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