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May 28, 2014

Juab High School

Volume 22 Issue 7

Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

Photo by Kimos Kamera

Revisited: 2013-2014

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer

The 2013-2014 school year is coming to a close and with it, quite the busy year for not only little Juab but rather, the world. As summer is quickly approaching, the school year full of incredible news and remarkable people comes to an end. Social media was as influencing as ever, with new words “twerk” and “selfie” being added (sadly) to the dictionary this year. The Geico camel commercial made many eager for Wednesday to come along so they could yell “Hump Day!” to anyone, and everyone, in sight. We also welcomed a new pope and a new royal baby. Heroes emerged to inspire with their words and actions throughout these 9 months, while other icons said goodbye forever. We said goodbye to former South African president Nelson Mandela, who died on December 5. Millions paid tribute to the civil rights hero, including world leaders and celebrities, when he was laid to rest. Actor Paul Walker was killed in a car crash on Nov. 30, devastating friends, family and his millions of fans. He was most famous for “Fast and Furious”. The worst storm of the year, Typhoon Haiyan, hit the Philippines on November 8, destroying nearly everything in its path, and leaving more than 5,000 people dead.

Sadly, Typhoon Haiyan wasn’t the only catastrophe to shake the world. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, a Boeing 777 airliner traveling to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, disappeared over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 people on board. The aircraft is presumed to have crashed into the Indian Ocean. Shortly after, a ferry carrying 476 people en route to Jeju from Incheon capsized, and sunk off the South Korean coast. It had more than 300 high school students on a field trip. Out of the 476, more than 260 have been confirmed dead, and 35 are missing. Nearly 300 school-girls were kidnapped in mid-April from the town of Chibok in Nigeria by the radical group Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is forbidden.” They have threatened to sell the girls to human trafficking. At least 2,000 people have died in violence in northern Nigeria this year alone. For the past three years, heavy fighting and artillery shelling by the Syrian government has killed thousands and left much of the country completely destroyed. Some 1,700 rebels have left Homs, Syria since May 9th under the deal struck by the government and opposition. The withdrawal was a major victory for President Bashar Assad in the civil war. The death toll has surpassed 150,000 according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. But, not all news was of shock and sadness. The 2014 Winter Olympic

Games were held in Sochi, Russia this year, and made headlining news for it’s duration, including the controversial new anti-gay law in Russia that started right before the games started. We took home second place behind Russia in the medal count with 28 medals. Russia was in the news consistently this year. Throughout the early months of 2014, tensions between Russia and the US have been extremely tense since Russia took Crimea, a part of the Ukraine, and causing chaos in the region. Politics were as badgering as ever, especially as Obamacare started, and even shut the government down in October from the 1st through the 16th. Obamacare wasn’t tied directly to the shutdown, but was used as a bargaining chip while they couldn’t agree on a spending plan for the fiscal year. Obamacare had a rough start with the internet sight malfunctioning. Now, more than 8 million (according to the Huffington Post) have signed up for the Affordable Healthcare Act. This school year is coming to a close, and with it, months upon months of shocking, joyous, and heartbreaking news. It’ll be exciting to see what next year brings. (Sources: New York Times, CNN, Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Washington Post)

The Graduating Class of 2014

invites YOU to attend graduation TONIGHT, May 28, 2014. 6:30 PM at Juab High School Doors open at 5:00 PM Tickets required for lower level seating. may_2014.indd 1

The Legacy Kashley Carter Assistant Editor

On April 29, Tana Esplin was recognized by the Sorenson Legacy Foundation and the Utah State Office of Education for her superb teaching in the arts.  She was given a Sorenson Legacy Award, an award that was certainly most deserved. “Tana is the finest choir teacher I have ever worked with and truly deserves this honorable recognition,” said Principal Darrington. The Sorenson Legacy Award for Excellence in Arts Education was created to acknowledge teachers who dedicate themselves to achieving excellence in arts education in the public schools of Utah.  The award recognizes that arts education provides students with opportunities to be creative, helps students to express themselves, and captures students’ interest in school.   “[Mrs. Esplin is a great teacher] because she maintains classroom discipline but still keeps it fun,” said Jesse Etherington. Mrs. Esplin has been teaching choir at Juab High School for seven years.   In those seven years, she has lead the choir to state six times.  Her choir has earned a Superior ranking  five of those six times.  This feat is even more impressive considering that Mrs. Esplin knows that the judges expect the choir to perform at a 5A school level.   “She’s [Mrs. Esplin] supportive of all our efforts.  She does what it takes to make us successful both in and out of the classroom,” said Mette Covington.  

Mrs. Esplin is renowned for her determination to have her students perform at their best. As Mr. Darrington said, “Tana is demanding and expects perfection from her students . . . This constant pursuit of flawlessness among her choirs drives her students’ desires to work harder to improve and perform at a level they are proud of.”   Anyone who listens to her choir can hear the hard work and determination behind the melodious voices. “I like it when I can tell that the music is meaning something to them and they feel touched by what they’re singing,” said Mrs. Esplin.   “[I like] that she’s really determined for us to succeed and helps us to work hard,” said Julia Allred. Mrs. Esplin’s award was given to her at a formal ceremony.  The handmade award is an artistic piece that is now on display in our choir trophy case.   Mrs. Esplin also received a $2,500 cash award for herself along with another $2,500 for the school/ district to spend on the arts program.   Our art teacher, Mrs. Carter, set up Mrs. Esplin’s nomination for the award.   The nomination included a narrative on why Mrs. Esplin was worthy of the award, letters of support or recommendation, and artifacts of her achievement (say a recording of the choir).   When asked why she nominated Mrs. Esplin, Mrs. Carter replied, “Because I think she’s a wonderful teacher.”   I think most everyone in Juab would agree with that.  

5/23/14 1:53:37 PM

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Editorials & Opinions

A Timely Ceremony

Thela Mitchell Staff Writer

Photo by Ashley Whimpey

A Letter... ...From The Editor

Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief It’s not even that I necessarily like this. I wouldn’t say I get overly excited over adding a few punctuation marks or taking out unnecessary “that”s from sentences. I wouldn’t say I love having a last hour my senior year, which I can never let senioritis plague. There is definitely not a feeling of love when I describe the panic and ice in my bones when the proofs aren’t quite perfect but the clock has began to ring out TIME TIME TIME! Lastly, the battle with the server is 100% hatred. We’ll get back to that later, but right now I have to explain why, if all of this happens consistently, I am still here. I still chose to be the Editor in Chief (Mrs. Bassett willing) a second year. It’s the people. The people make it great. Like a long, one thousand mile journey, it isn’t so bad if someone is along for the ride. Conversations pass between the passenger and driver seat, the back and front of the car, and the miles simply pass beneath the wheels. My staff is the first of my circle of people I come for. Watching them get excited over a really great article is cheesy and awesome. They assembled each period to work and brainstorm and battle the server with me. I laughed as they joked about the You Said It’s, and was stunned each “Intervention” by their insights and overwhelmingly fantastic ideas. The people extends to include our readers. I’ve said before they keep us in business, but they really do. It’s endlessly cool to me when someone I’ve never met approaches me, and tells me they saw my article in the paper, or think the layout looked awesome. I’ve crouched behind more than one fake plant to watch a stranger in a local waiting room or office as they panned the pages of our latest issue. It’s been a great journey to see a “school project” I helped build go out into the world where students weren’t the only readers, but their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, etc.

As a reader of this article, no matter who you are, you are part of my ‘People.’ This is where I would include the teachers and staff at Juab as well. Teachers I’ve never had, feel like they know me, and vice versa. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to them on different levels than just any student can, and ask questions for articles or get feedback on past issues. Finally, the circle loops back around to the endlessly lovely Mrs. Bassett. I can’t disclaim all the reasons she is such a fantastic human being, other than to tell you she absolutely is. When I was flustered, sad, anxious, needed a letter of recommendation, or simply for someone to really see me that day, she did. I never walked into the classroom and felt as if she did not know I was there. Mrs. Bassett has guided me to hillls and then mountains. She has told me great jokes and fantastic editing tips. I wish whole-heartedly I could keep her forever to edit my writing and reassure me of my capability. She’s like the Meredith to my Grey, the PB to my J, the Emily to my Dickens, and the lighthouse when the plot thickens. Unfortunately, all of these people like where they are, and it is time for me to go. New adventures await me, and if I’ve learned anything it is that when the issue comes out, it’s time to be planning the one two months forward. While love doesn’t emanate from the actual dirty work of building a paper, an article, or a layout design, it does from the collection of supporters, teammates, and fellow Server Warriors I have accumulated. No matter how many times the server crashed, (did I mention I hate the server?) it always turned out okay. It’s been a stellar year, and I’ve been honored to serve as the editor of this paper. I hope the future for the Clarion stays bright, and whatever form it comes in stays beautiful and loved. As a reader of this article, no matter who you are, you are part of my People. You are the reason this paper is in your hands. Thank you.

Summertime: Expectations vs. Reality

Comic by Delayna Tolbert

may_2014.indd 2

Graduation is the one thing that everyone looks forward about their high school life. Some people seem to think that graduation drags on and on in the beginning. Maybe we can be like some of the schools up north and shorten it. Some people fall asleep before the “ceremony” starts. That’s not because graduation itself is so long, rather it’s the stuff before the actual graduation. We could resolve that by shortening the time before the ceremony starts. Last time I went to a graduation, I almost fell asleep waiting for it to begin. Some students attending JHS agree with shortening graduation. “I think Graduation should be shortened, having it so long makes people want to fall asleep just to pass the time.” says, Heather Mickelson. Kenji Brooks seconds that saying, “Based off what I have heard, it should be shortened” But, some students at JHS like the length of our graduation. Cheyenne Heaton says, “Stay the same because it is tradition and it would be odd to break it now.” “Graduation is the time to reflect on the past as we prepare for the future. It’s all about our attitude and deciding what to hold onto and what to let go. The moment we decide to leave Juab High is the moment we allow ourselves to choose our destiny. So there for it should stay the same so we can take it all in.” Sarah Davis said. Graduation itself is not too long, it’s the ceremony before the graduation that takes so much time. Graduation itself cannot be shortened unless you want to take time away that some of the seniors need to get the full grasp of it all. Graduation is a very special moment for the seniors; lets not take that away from them.

“Graduation is the time to reflect on the past, as we preparte for the future.”

Feast for Change Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer Well, it’s time. Time to reminisce and look back on all of the football games, end of quarter scrambling, and non-regretful crazy high school memories. It’s been a long tradition at Juab High School to have a breakfast at the high school with the senior class the day of graduation, to celebrate and remember these good times. This year, new ideas have grasped Juab, and with the senior breakfast, a new idea took seed, and has bloomed. In a way, the 2013-2014 school year has been one of changed. This year, Wasp Weekly News was introduced, the first news production from Juab. The first ever “Take State” week was introduced, and was concluded with perhaps one of the best pep assemblies Juab’s witnessed. Two new date dances were introduced this year, with the Spring Fling and End of Year Blowout both being dj’ed by the famous DJ Jerry. Honors Night was changed from a formal night of awards, to a casual night of celebration, full of ice cream and singing teenagers

belting out “Let It Go’’ during a movie night of watching Frozen. So, why not continue shake things up a little bit, even at the very end? All too often, we get stuck in our old ways, and are fearful of change. Senior Megan Foster says, “I think the BBQ is a good idea, because I would be more likely to go.” Chance Carlton, the Senior Class President, explains, “The morning breakfast wasn’t very successful in years past.” Instead of the breakfast, the senior class celebrated the night before graduation, having a dinner where parents were also invited. Carlton elaborated by saying, “The dinner is a great idea because in the past, it has been hard to drag people out of bed for the senior breakfast. This will be easier for us later in the day, and to have a good time. I think that this idea is a fantastic one. The whole idea for this dinner is to bring everyone in the class together for one last celebration before diplomas are received and tassels are moved. The breakfast typically had a low attendance rate, and didn’t seem very celebratory, while the dinner has a more formal to feel to it. Senior Karter Ockey says, “I like the BBQ idea. I think it will be better attending. It will be a great chance to spend time together as a class.” While it may not be perfect within its first year, it’s the idea that truly matters. If this idea is able to take hold, years coming up can perfect the dinner, and make it into something fun and remarkable. So, hat’s off to a year full of change, even until the last moments. And more importantly, hat’s off to the class of 2014, no matter how they choose to celebrate.

Graduation 2014 Students reminisce on their high school careers. Photo by Ashley Whimpey

Delayna Tolbert Art Chica

It is Zippy... or Dragged?

As soon as the first month of school draws to a close, the excitement that comes wrapped up with the new year, is hit by an unexpected fire truck, and watered down. It starts out slowly, like an infection. For example: Instead of being surprised by the bell in class, you expect it thirty minutes earlier. Or, perhaps one morning, you decide that you don’t feel like dressing up like a famous celebrity. Maybe in class, your assignment proves to be longer than you anticipated, and you’re forced to take it home. This thusly causes the year to drag. Firstly, the funnish, weirdish, “Get To Know You” assignments are replaced with tedious worksheets. Later, the work set for us, starts coming with staples. This, using sorcery, turns it into the dreaded packet, which is a tor-

turous device created by Hades’s dog named Spot. Not to mention, we must also take it home turning the dreaded packet into infamous homework. The staple/packet theory infuriates our minds to the point of a table flipping frenzy. This anger is something the royal we must suppress for five days a week nine months a year, thusly dragging the school year out. With the push of the packets occupying our days, new outfits are shoved to the back of the closet. Gone are the days are when hair was physically sculpted into nature’s cascading waterfalls, and back is the natural, cave man look. Gone are the days when we smelled of manufactured ocean breeze or citrus, and back is the roughly slathered on deodorant. T-shirts from eighth grade are recycled to live an unnatural zombie

life. Without the drive to look fabulous, with and the packet theory stepping on our hopes and dreams, the year drags on. The farther we dove into the one hundred and eighty days of scholastics, the longer it seemed to resurface. In a school year, a month can trick us into thinking we’ve passed our birthdays through. With six and more hours a day being used for assignments, a five day week can feel as a though we’ve spent a month in Topaz. A six hour period can pass slower than a twenty-four hour leadership conference, and an hour can trick our minds more than Ignotus Peverell’s cloak of invisibility. Yet, oddly enough, a minute can last a dynasty. Thusly, bringing me to the conclusion that this year has indeed dragged more than casinos in Vegas.

5/23/14 1:53:44 PM

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Upcoming Events Wednesday Happening this week . . . Goodbye Wasps! Have a great summer! XO- The Clarion Staff


Graduation Practice 8:00am Lockdown Drill @ 10:30 AM JHS graduation 6:30pm Graduation Dance



Locker sign out 8:30am Softball Tournament 8-12

Checkout Day 20 minutes long go to All First Day Of Summer classes School out at 12:00pm

Senior Trek Adventure

Fun in the Sun

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer

We’re all anxiously awaiting the final ring of the bell. The ring that releases us from the educational imprisonment that’s been holding us back from spending countless hours swimming and umpteen hours soaking up the sun. But when it comes, what does one actually do with so much freedom and time? Instead of studying for your math test and fixing your Advance Composition essays, you have… time to yourself. Wait, what? Here’s a simple to-do list for the long awaited summer 2014! Visit the zoo! Utah’s Hogle Zoo always makes for a fun and cheap time (its only $14.95) with friends! Recently, the zoo has added on, expanding on the African portion of the exhibits that includes mixed-species exhibit featuring giraffe, zebra, nyala, ostrich and four majestic African lions, the return of the famous Zoofari, and rolling grasslands dotted with trees allow the hoofed animals to mix and mingle at watering holes! Take advantage of the beautiful outdoors! In the miserable months, we spend countless hours cooped up indoors, playing on our

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smartphones and watching television. All too often, those bad habits transfer over into the summer months. This summer put DOWN your cellphone and go outside! Go to Burrastons, fishing, swimming, or on a hike. The possibilities we have in our community are endless, so take advantage of them! Lagoon is part of Utah’s history with it opening in 1886 with the buildings in Pioneer’s Village still captivating and the wooden rollercoaster opening in 1912. Now it’s filled with exciting thrill rides and a day filled with fun! Seven Peaks has always attracted us teenagers with its high slides and wave pool, and when the heat sets in this summer, it’ll be the perfect place to cool off while still having a blast. Honestly, the possibilities to make your summer awesome are never-ending. From four wheeler rides out west to a simple trip up the canyon, there’s so much to do not only within our little community, and even more to do a short car ride away. Take advantage of the free time and your youth, put down the technology, and enjoy everything summer has to offer.

Book Recommendations by Ms. Kiera Beddes

Summer Birthdays June

may_2014.indd 3

Jacob Spotten Trevor Anderson  Megan Foster  Colton Heaton  Jacob Raynor  Devin Anderson  Tyler Lowry  Wyatt Anderson  Summerlyn Dye  Rachel Lepien  Jeffrey Rowley  Kaden Madsen  Korrine Robertson  Emily Stephenson  Mariah Aagard  Hayley Willmore  Robert Bott  Taylor Pauole  Clorinda Anderson  Lydia Bailey  Zedekiah Harris  Jacob Hunt  Bailee Jones  Aldan Cook  Jake Hatfield  Ryan Hatfield  Ryler Taylor  James Myers  Karter Hansen  D’Laney Herbert  Briar Stephens  Kiel West  Byron Allred  Silviana Colton  Savanna Backus  Shyann Edwards  Taylor Cowan  Kennede Lenhart  Taylar McAllister  Alexandria Olsen  Cody Memmott  Richard Hickman  Taytlan Williams  Jarrett Daley  Evan Reynoso  Jessica Anderson  Kathryn Matthews  Brody Gines  Shallen Grundy  Ryan Hughes  Isaac Lainhart  Tiara Baldwin  MaKenzie Christensen  Taylor Miller  Hayley Mortimore  Summer Sperry  Moroni Watson 

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Madison Hansen Kelsey Adams  Taylor Ludlow  Jamison Orten  Mickelle Baird  Jason Allred  Tagaloa Tapusoa  Andrew Kool  Korban Marshall  Kaitlyn Westenskow  Eric Baird  Nephi Watson  Chassity Olsen  Samantha Park  Joshua Allred  Karter Ockey  Nicholas Robins  Destani Barnes  Michael Malquist  Erika Allred  Aulani Camacho  Alyssa Cowan  McKinzey Greenhalgh  Shelby Hubbard  Lawrence McKain  Abagail Mounteer  Gabrielle Mounteer  Cami Robison  Trevin Dansie  Cole Jackman  Zachary Howard  Mason Jones  Lydia Phillips  Ryan Wall  Beau Black  Brady Black  Kaytlyn Drake  Brett Adams  Michelle Duncan  Cody Price  Joshua Goates  Hunter Hubbard  John Raynor  Robert Chesley  Ricky Eldredge  Rachel Hall  Shan Sherwood  Kyra Thompson  Taya Jones  Kesla Bills  Lindsey Reynolds  Rylee Bryan  Kaitlin Guillory  Kristin Lynn  Dakota Gee 

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The Clarion v May 28, 2014 v Page 4

And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed.

Ashley Whimpey With her dyed red hair and gorgeous smile, Ashley has left The Clarion forever. Ms. Whimpey was a very good leader, and treated everyone with respect. She always made sure that we got the job done, and a good one at that. She will be dearly missed.

Sam Holladay Mr. Holladay will always be remembered, whether it be his bold taste in shirts or his amazingly composed articles. Sam was definitely a character, and that made his work 10 times better! With no humor and a terrible taste in shirts we wish him well.

Skyler Asbridge With his witty sense of humor and stunning good looks Skyler has definitely made his mark before he left. With his sense of humor and willingness to do anything he is leaving big shoes for someone to fill. Sayonara, Skyler and the best of luck.

Kenji Brooks There really are no words for this passing of an amazing photographer. Mr. Brooks was the best photographer The Clarion has ever seen. His great personality and absolutely stunning work will live on forever in each issue we printed. Kenji had a talent and took advantage of it. L.I.P and may you and your work go far.

Savannah Behrmann Savannah and her blonde locks have left us high and dry! Her ability to make anyone laugh and her small addiction to John Greene will never be forgotten. As well as her great writing abilities! She has moved on and left us all with a void in our hearts! Have fun in the real world.

Josh Allred This talented writer has moved on without us. He has left us and we have no clue what we are going to do now when we need an article last minute! Whether a day or 2 hours before we send off if we needed and article josh always pulled through and was very dependable! L.I.P (Live In Peace)

Total scholarships awarded as of May 9th ($30,000 in local scholarships)


Name of senior 1. What do you plan to accomplish within the next 5 years? 2. What is your favorite high school memory? 3. If you could have one high school “do-over” what would it be? 4. What’s something you wish you could bring with you from high school? 5. I hereby bequeath (leave something behind for someone else)... Mckell Valtinson 6. I plan to become a radiologist tech, and become filthy rich! 7. When my friends and I snuck out in the middle of the night and got chased by the cops on the golf course. 8. I would give myself a more full schedule so I didn’t lose motivation to finish school strong. 9. My drinks runs to all younger classmen, 10. My friends, I wish I wouldn’t have to leave them behind. Hollie Roper 1. Graduating with my Bachelor’s degree and starting my career. 2. Running around with Caden Hellyer, Beau Black, and Brady Black getting in the trouble everywhere we could. 3. Freshman year… but everyone has to have one bad year. 4. I hereby wish Kiersten and Chase Openshaw have the greatest 4 years of their lives and also my wonderful friend Cassandra Taylor, Have a terrific senior year; I will miss you! 5. The friends I have made and my best friend of all, Mrs. Pam Park Karson Dansie 1. I plan to go to Snow College and be an ambassador. Then maybe go on a mission. If not then keep going to college and get married! 2. Winning region my sophomore and senior year for drill, or becoming the student body president. 3. Nothing! High School has been great! I wouldn’t want to do-over anything! 4. My singing skills to Annee Izatt & Rachel Hall, my track skills to Shamri Wright, My artistic skills to Julia Allred, the region title to the drill team, and everything else to my little brother Trevin! Which includes my good looks and humor. 5. My friends and all the memories we made! Bailey Nuzman 1. Obtain my FFA American Degree and graduate with an associate degree of science and a bachelor of pre-veterinary medicine and be accepted to a vet school. 2. Winning state horse judging, or winning region drill on our home floor! 3. Not get a B+ in gym my freshman year. 4. My GPA to my sister Bracken! 5. Mrs. Wright with me to

Snow College so I can pass my English class! Kelly Elison 1. I want to serve an LDS mission and two terms of college 2. State drama of the year 2012-2013 (best stories ever!) 3. I wouldn’t want to change anything. I don’t want to mess with other people’s lives. 4. To everyone in the lower classes a boot to the head! Just kidding! Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! 5. All of my journal entries from my English classes for proof of insanity if I ever get in trouble. Mark Oveson 1. Go on a mission and get a college education! 2. Running the 4x400 meter relay with only one shoe. 3. Take more Ed-Net classes 4. My awesome running abilities to whoever wants them, or D’laney Herbert. The family name to my 7th grade sister. Whatever else I have to Jared Rowley, Julia Allred, Leon Sherwood, and Devin Anderson… 5. All my younger friends! Mallory Jackson 1. I plan to finish school and become an elementary school teacher. 2. Senior Ball 3. I would have taken more college classes and tried more things. 4. I leave my mad brown cow making skills to Kylee. 5. My friends. Dalton Jackson 1. Become one of the best college golfers, and get close to graduating with my pharmacy degree. 2. The golf team going to tournaments. Also chilling with Mall and friends. 3. All the good times with Mall and the buds! 4. I leave my golf skills to Brady and Nik. Flirting skills to Marelli. 5. My junior buddies Hayden Marsh 1. Doesn’t matter. If I accomplish it, you’ll hear about it. 2. Going onto the roof to toss pennies. 3. Do-overs are for people who can’t stand mistakes. 4. This school to the next generation. 5. The pricing system for lunch. Brock Bowen 1. College. 2. The end. 3. I wouldn’t move. 4. That high school will end, enjoy it while it lasts. 5. My memory. Stacey Spencer 1. Go to college have a job. 2. All of our FFA activities/ trips. 3. To get all my credits done early. 4. I don’t know… 5. Nothing Taylor Bryan 1. College degree 2. . 3. Better grades. 4. Back row parking spots. 5. Sheldon Chapple 1. Graduate with associates specialized in mechanics.

2. BBQ in parking lot. 3. Get better GPA 4. Back row parking 5. Nothing Jessika Kenison 1. Become an Elementary school teacher. Learn to cook. 2. Being on Drill team with my sister and winning region TWICE! 3. Prom! 4. Driving to Nephi 3 times a day to Mckall; Mom of the drill team- MakelleLove it lots. 5. My best friends! and all of our fun times. Brian Kay 1. Work. 2. Burn out in parking lot 3. Not come as much. 4. My sluffing habits. 5. Nothing Wyatt Ostler 1. Finish college and get a job. 2. Nothing. 3. Get better grades. 4. I don’t leave anything to anyone. 5. Nothing. Allan Rosquist 1. College, probably get married. 2. Terrorizing Nephi. 3. Nothing. 4. I hereby bequeath all of my swag for everyone that I love. 5. My skills, swag, homies, fish, etc. Jace Cook 1. Mission. College. 2. Soccer. Fbla. 3. Do college classes. 4. I leave my car and swag for all y’all. 5. The swag of a thousand yolos. Kimberly Allred 1. Be finished with college and working at a job I love. 2. When I sat on Lauren Williams and made her cry because she dumped her milk into mine when I told her not too. 3. I would’ve been more devoted to track and tried my hardest. I also would’ve tried harder to be a top scholar. 4. My awesome track skills to Byron and my choir seat to Summer Dye. My lunch table to Belle Allred and my sweet jokes to Taylor Williams. 5. I hope to keep my relationships and memories with me always along with what they have taught me. Sarah Cannell 1. I hope to accomplish an associate’s degree from snow. 2. Going to dances. 3. To be more open with people. 4. Do not let these four high school years pass you by without doing something totally awesome that no one can forget. 5. The acceptance that I will never be a kid after I allow college to change me. Ashley Atkinson 1. I hope to at least get my associate’s, followed by a bachelor in music. I also plan on serving and LDS mission. And by five years… I sure hope I’m married to some hunk of a man! 2. There are so many memories, I can’t pick one! I have the best

friends that made high school awesome! 3. I wouldn’t have been so afraid to sing earlier in my high school career. I wouldn’t have waited so long to show my talent and passion for singing. 4. My awesomeness and humility to my little bro, Bubbers, (Caleb). My obvious guitar skills to Marina Squire and Cassidy Evans, and my dang good looks to London Foote. 5. If there were something I could bring from high school, I would be practical and choose a computer or comfy library chair. I’m about to be a broke college student! These things are essential! Samantha Park 1. I plan to get my teaching degree and hopefully get a job as a 6th grade teacher. Oh and meet a hot famous guy and get married. 2. Junior prom and basketball sleepover freshman year. 3. I would tryout for drill team because I am an amazing dancer. Hahaha! 4. I bequeath my looks to Stephanie Park. My drink runs to Kaitlin Gulliory, and my work skills to Dill, Cam and Westin. 5. My friends, definitely. Sarah Davis 1. Receive Bachelors, serve full time LDS mission, attend BYU Jerusalem Center, study linguistics, foreign relations, music composition, medicine, and whatever else seems fit to help save the world. 2. The moments when everyone was able to come together as one. 3. Start cross-country senior year… freshmen 15 wouldn’t be as threatening. 4. Pink socks to whoever needs a boost, my name to my sis, ginger power to whoever uses it wisely, sterling scholar to the brave, JV cross-country captain to the awesome, throwing names to those that can be claimed, optimism to whoever is fighting a bad day. 5. The knowledge that in the race of life, even if I’m in last place, I never lose. Brinnlee Taylor 1. I plan to make bank, get married and then become a mama. 2. 2am Denny’s runs with Mckell, sleepovers at Tanya’s Telila and I messing with Alisha’s car while she was stranded for basketball, and volleyball camp in St. George. 3. Work harder with my grades and play volleyball all four years. 4. I leave my awesome cellular device skills to Mav Pexton and my procrastination with grades to Ryker Osborne, (good luck with that one…) 5. I wish I could bring all the teachers that were willing to help, because I’m afraid my new professors wont be like that.

636.5 Service hours completed by the NHS seniors 1st-3rd quarter Photo from Mrs. Winn’s 3rd Grade “I Am” Book

may_2014.indd 4

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The Clarion v May 28, 2014 v Page 5

(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) barred choords to Mrs. Esplin. 5. Can I take Mrs. Esplin with me? Pretty please? love that little lady, and I’m going to miss her dearly. Lauren Williams 1. I plan to attain my Bachelor’s Degree at Utah Valley University. I also hope to travel as much as possible, to experience the numerous cultures of the world. 2. I really enjoyed running with the cross country and track teams. I also loved spending all my down time with my peeps. 3. I would try to get to know my peers. 4. The gum I found under all the desks/chairs for some other unlucky fellow’s fingers to touch. 5. I have a feeling I might find myself missing the cinnamon rolls. Ashley Whimpey 1. Graduate from George Mason University, further my yoga certification, intern for CBS, and hike a mountain. 2. “Borrowing” some bikes with Tanya Lynn. 3. I would have started working at Kimo’s sooner, and joined the Clarion my freshman year. 4. I leave the Clarion to Ivy and Kashley, Kimo’s to Katie, my bad parking skills to Jem, and my early morning friends to Ethan, Ashton, and Keaton. 5. Mr. and Mrs. Bassett Kenneth Bonzo 1. Serve a mission to North Korea, cure cancer, find out I am a twin, be the first to land on the moon, and win and gold medal. 2. Winning Math Sterling Scholar. 3. I would have started running sooner. 4. My math skills to my little sister Sarah, my soccer skills to McKay C., my awesomeness to Matt H. and my sarcasm to my sister, Eliza. Cody Memmott 1. In the next five years I would like to have served an LDS mission and began my college life. 2. Winning the end of year softball tournament with the greatest team to go through Juab High School! AMF 3. I would have realized quicker that high school isn’t a big deal. It’s just a stage of life that comes and goes. 4. I would like to leave behind my good looks to Westin Memmott and the keys to the business for the Clean Freak Nation! 5. I wish I could bring all the great teachers to help me through the rest of my life. Especially teachers like Cal Baird and the lovely Carla Kendall. Brady Black 1. LDS Mission and 4-6 years at UVU. 2. My trips with choir every year. 3. Make the most of every situation. 4. The Dunny for Valen. 5. All of my Ed-Net class work to work from in college

Jennie Jarrett 1. Move to Atlanta, marry Kyle Korver, and learn how to play chess. 2. Every single track meet! 3. I HAVE NO REGRETS. 4. Oreos to Val, Mickey D’s Gold Member card to Katie, bacon to Jared, gum to Patrick, cartwheel skills to London, charming personality to Tyler Ann, Cowboy’s Ticket to Brayden Elsmore, “4” to Jessica Anderson, and Noob Status to Kyler, Jake, Guppy, Jay Pin, Jacob, and McKay. 5. Ms. Lund to help me with my college chemistry. Elsha Diamse 1. To become a Disney Princess 2. When we do lovers leap. 3. To take more Ed-Net classes. 4. All the homework that the teachers leave you. 5. My freshman body. Joshua Lamar Allred 1. Be a fire captain in Oregon. 2. The semi-finals in football. 3. Not dropping out half way in my freshman year. 4. My discus throwing skills to Jaxon Allred. 5. Memories and the friends. Jeffrey Rowley 1. Go to a far away country, become a genius, and make lots of money. 2. All track meets, senior basketball, and the choir tour to Seattle. 3. I would redo the writing comp… junior year. 4. My three point shooting to Dalton, half of the Track Kingdom to Kyler W., to Tim I leave my devilish good looks, and Quade I leave my legit gaming skills. Also, to Dillon I leave my insane hops and outstanding luck. My boss choir skills I leave to Hayley, Kaitlyn, and Emma. To Jessica I leave happiness. I give the other half of the Track Kingdom to Jaxon. TW and Lemon, I give my awkwardness, and to Jared/Jackson, I bequeath my stomping grounds, the high school, and girls’ hearts (like Ashley Whimpey’s). Tread lightly boys. 5. Mr. Jacobsen. Nephi Watson 1. I plan on getting my bachelors degree in finance. 2. Having the exact same freshman year class schedule with my best friend. 3. I would participate in school dances more. 4. My speech and debate Policy Skills to Bailey, my Mickelsons skills to Riki, math skills to Moroni, lunch table to Larry, along with all my potatoes and cheese. My bizzilion abs I leave to Moroni. 5. Freedom! Caiden Johnson 1. To have my bachelors in Behaviorial Science, and be working towards a Masters. 2. Broom Stick Hockey. 3. Tried harder to keep my grades up. 4. My Awesomeness to my

brother, Jarrett. 5. The third pillar in the lunchroom, because I’ve grown attached to it. Jaimee Beard 1. Getting my associates in Dance, serve an LDS mission, start working on a bachelor degree in Dance Education, and, ya know, BE AWESOME. 2. From drill team to musicals, football games to Sr. Ball, I really can’t choose ONE. High school overall was great. 3. Oh heck! My hair freshman year. I went through a short hair phase… and it was rough. Don’t judge. 4. My Bev’s card to Anne and Sarah, my charm and wit to Shanna, my manager skills to Becca, and I would give my good looks/dance moves to my brother Cam, but I need them in college. 5. All my drill sisters! Evan Reynoso 1. Survive with two eyes, finish college, and find a career. 2. Drama, Speech and Debate, Cross Country, and track--especially State Track 2012. 3. Fun moments. 4. Ultimate parkour skills to Ethan O., non-existen video gaming skills to Cade B., cheese and potatoes to Larry, 7 pack to Connor F., one fourth of my chiseled good looks to Moroni, and jokes to my sports and Speech and Debate. 5. Friends. Kelsey Griffiths 1. Have a bachelors degree and be working as an elementary school teacher. 2. I can’t pick just one. Me and my friends have had a lot of crazy times. 3. I wouldn’t be afraid to try out for more things. 4. My awesome legacy to my brother, Kyle. 5. My friends’ lunch table. We have had a lot of memorable conversations there. Mette Covington 1. A professional Janitor at Juab Highschool. 2. All the good times i had with Elsha Rae Diamse. 3. Nah nothing, I learned from it all. 4. Val you can have JFDN. Jukie you can adopt Kjerstin and Tim. Ferneiley, Kyler and McKay can take my job as ration distributor. Jess and Katie keep my prankster skills. Kathryn you can be prince charming. Morgan you can have my flow sheets. Shanna you can have everything elsse! 5. The ancient track uniforms. Ned Lenhart 1. Try out for American Idol and be going to school at BYU-Hawaii. 2. Rockin’ it in volleyball, my homies Elsh, Trie, Hayley, Ally, Aubrey, Bug, Beaner! 3. I would have taken spanish my freshman year. 4. My perfect volleyball skill and Charlma to my sis Tess LEnhart, and Lydia Douglas! And all of my favorite pencils to Rachel Robinson and Dillon Douglas. 5. My moms money. Kara Jones 1. I want to further my education in something… I dont know quite yet.. BUT! I mostly just want to be happy. 2. Everyday at my lunch table. We were hysterical. 3. I would have done more

30 June 2003. Can you spot Juab seniors Mark Oveson, Kenneth Bonzo, Jeffrey Rowley, Sydnie Lund, Jessica Wallace, and Sarah Cannell? Photo provided by Jeffrey Rowley.

may_2014.indd 5

extracurricular activities. Being involved is what makes high school fun. 4. My title as Speech and Debate President to Riki Squire! #lovelovelove 5. Just my good friends, and easy classes. Karter Ockey 1. I hope to have a degree and have served a mission. Hopefully by then I have a full beard also. 2. Homecoming pep rally senior year. The rain poured right as we lit the J. 3. A certain failed attempt at a kiss. If you know me, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’d also work harder at everything. 4. I hereby bequeath my chair in the SBO room to Shamri, my lifting techniques to my best bro McKoy, my job as news anchor to Dillon, my amazing secrets to better hair to Ryker, Jaxon Allred my muscles, honorable mentions to Quade, Dedric, Colton Wright, Nick, and sort of Payton B. 5. I wish I could have all my Bro’s with me. I have made so many amazing friends that I will sincerely miss. See ya later Juab. I hope you enjoyed the show <3 always Karter Ockey Haisley Palmer 1. Keep developing my own personal skills in the fine arts, and start my education as a clinical psychologist. 2. When the power went out and they were going to excuse us at noon and right when we were all leaving at 11:59, the power came back on. 3. Not eating school lunch everyday. That stuff is yummy! 4. Mrs. Davis room in the best place to spend your free periods 5. Our choir and Mrs. Esplin! Mickelle Baird 1. Be married and have 12 kids. 2. All of the activities I’ve been in and all the friends I’ve met. 3. I would’ve taken more classes and been in more clubs. 4. The Rocky Ridge lunch table to Shanna and Belle. Guard it with your life! My amazing choral abilities to Marcus Allred and Jason Allred. It’s okay; there’s enough for you both. My luscious locks to Meadow and Cassidy. My Kung-Fu awesomeness to Jared, Jacob, and Mckay. Use it wisely. My love of XC to Byron. The respect of “Baird” to Eric. Don’t lose it. The library couch to Andrew Kool. My bad eyesight but great insight to Valarie Burke. My choir dress to Autumn (after she pays for it.) The paper-ball to Brayden Elsmore. The Speech and Debate, and dramatics, to Riki. The sopranos to Jeremiah (sorry ladies, deal with it.) My comfy EdNet char to Taylor Ludlow. It is solely yours now. My Senior Authority to Mary Simons. My choir char to Savannah Peterson. My locker to Julia. My dancing skills to Jared (you need some.) Being a HOT Tamale to Taylor Williams. 5. The Grand Piano in the hcoir room, and most of the books in the library.

Seniors going on senior trek. 65 signed up, 5 short of getting a second bus

Top Scholars 20 Cum Laude 9 Magna Cum Laude 1 Summa Cum Laude.

166 197

50 Graduating students out of an original freshman class of 197 (many moved)

Graphics and data collection by Kashley Carter

Jentrie “the tree” Toblert 1. I plan to move into a yellow house someplace sunny and learn to cook fabulous things. 2. Playing volleyball with my sistas, and spending 2nd hour playing dare poker in the sun room. 3. I would have spent all four years in Juab. My little sis. #nuragrets 4. Delayna Marabelle, the car. I bequeath Jaxon Allred, Delayna, my little sister. May you not break each others’ heart. To Spencer Eldridge I leave my amazing hurdle abilities, and you can be Coach Spencer. 5. I wish I could bring my love. Ryan Lee Hughes 1. I will rule the world! 2. That time I stole ta tree out of ta library. 3. I would get in a hard core fight. 4. To Spencer Eldridge I leave my running ability. To Delayna I leave my directing skills. To Cade Jackson I leave my impeccable fashion. To Jaxon Allred I bequeath my beastlyness. To Jordan Whitlock I leave my swag. To Julia, my little sis, I leave the bathroom. 5. The librarian, she’s super crazy nice. Joel Smith 1. Complete a full time mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and complete 2 ½ years of college to become a private investigator. 2. On the last day of school my Junior year I broke my arm and then played paintball for 2 ½ hours. 3. Replay the senior night soccer game. 4. The riddle of 19 for anyone willing to find it. 5. Every memory the walls have of every event that ever occured here! Dalton Harmon 1. NCAA All-American 2. Hanging out with Brandon. 3. Do it over. 4. The lunch Table to Jeffrey Huffman. 5. My friend. Hayley Mortimore 1. I plan on Graduating from UVU with my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. 2. All of the softball trips. 3. I would’ve joined FBLA my freshman year. 4. All of the Bev’s and Reed’s runs before and during Spanish to Bailey Jo Black. 5. All of the good times and the forgotten memories. Katie Nelson 1. Well, I’d like to learn some more instruments; I have guitar and ukulele down, so next up is piano, then bass guitar, banjo, and mandolin. 2. Without a doubt the Choir Tour of 2012 to San Diego, California. Those people were my family, and we had so much fun. 3. I would have auditioned for concert choir my freshman year. 4. The choir (can I bequeath the choir?) to Emily Stephenson. Take care of them, honey. Also, my

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Sports & Highlights

Nationals Here They Come! Speech and Debate National Qualifiers are as follows: Kathryn Reese, Shaeden Castillo, Riki Squire, Shelby Cameron, Cameron Welburn, Elijah Forscutt, Kade Jackson, and Mette Covington. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Just Got Served!

Jematisa Davis Staff Writer The air thickens with the constant pounding of the racket slamming the ball and sending it soaring across the net—Tennis! This coming year of 2015 we have the honor of having our very own Tennis coach. Andy Williams. He lives in Mona and is excited to bring this sport to life here at Juab High. When interviewing him I found he was first introduced to the sport his freshman year of High school. “I tried out for the team as a sophomore and played consistently for the next seven years.” Williams said. He was than able to further his career through attending Snow College. “IT was a club team that competed around the State with other junior colleges and smaller universities’.” Williams said. When asking Coach Williams his motivation for starting a tennis team he replied saying-“I love playing Tennis and I had a fantastic high School Tennis coach who

taught me to play and love the game. He was a great influence in my life. I hope to make tennis a positive and uplifting experience like I had.” Tennis can be highly rewarding for many athletes, just like any sport there is, it teaches you values that you can carry on throughout your life. When asking Coach Williams what makes this sport so appealing and unique? He answered saying “It is a fun sport that can be played throughout your life and doesn’t require a whole team of people. It is fun to play singles with a friend, or doubles with a few friends.” This sport is for those who are willing to dedicate themselves and enjoy it while playing. His goal for the team is “to give kids an opportunity to learn about themselves through competition. Tennis is an individual sport like wrestling, and that provides unique opportunities to develop as an individual.” A major trait a player needs to be successful in this sport is “To be competitive, a player needs to

be confident. That confidence can help a player through a lot of the game, but it also takes self-discipline or self-mastery. When playing a tough opponent, that discipline combined with confidence will increase a player’s competitiveness.” So there it is Juab, get on track now and clear you’re schedules because training will begin May 27-29 from 4:00-6:00pm. This training is just going to be an introduction to Tennis for anyone who wants to come and check it out, and see how they are on the court. This should bring students more interest for the camp coming up in July. There will be a two-week camp here in July the 14-18 and the 2125 starting at 7:00am. The city will also be putting on a two-week camp in June 2-5 and the 9-12 from eight to nine am. To further check it out you can visit Girls Tennis will start August 11 and the boys Tennis will begin the spring. The date isn’t sent completely, although it will most likely be the first week of March.

No Horsing Around Cassidey Bussian, Bailey Nuzman, Bowdee Shepherd, and Chyrah Bussian will be participating in FFA Nationals this summer. Photo provided by Bailey Nuzman.

subjects in order (aka Dubs) Paul Williams, you can have the Cheez-it under the couch. 5. Nothing, I have grander things to look forward to. Don’t stay mentally stuck in high school, kids! Move on! Rachel Lepien 1. I plan to be a registered nurse and be working in a hospital. 2. When my friends and I went on Bev’s runs. 3. I would have joined more clubs. 4. I hereby bequeath my aluminum turtle to Paige Dunihoo. 5. I wish I could bring one of the laptops with me. Skyler Asbridge 1. I want to discover a breeding population of Sasquatches, or their noble cousins, the Eastern Yeti. 2. Operating under my secret alias with Mr. Holladay. 3. Earn better grades, also I would try much harder to procure superpowers via interning at Oscorp 4. I hereby bequeath my witty sense of humor to anyone with the gutsiness to uphold it. 5. The library.  I believe it’s the crown jewel of our school. Aubrey Jones 1. I will graduate from SUU with my bachelors, and then be accepted into a

law school to finish my degree. 2. When the seniors were lighting the “J” during homecoming week and it started to downpour. 3. I would go to more of the activities even when I didn’t have time to go. I would’ve had more fun instead of stressing so much about school. 4. I hereby bequeath all my debate skills to Cameron Welburn, and my little sis Jordyn Jones.   To both Brynn and Jordyn Jones I leave all my time, because you will never have enough of it in high school. 5. All of my friends.   I’m going to miss them so bad.  Let’s all graduate together, yeah? :) Hailey Wright 1. Be graduated from SUU with a degree in Childhood Development or Sociology. 2. When Adam Allred and I won Egg Trivia at the pep rally this year.  It was super gross, but super fun. 3. I wouldn’t have been “too cool” to participate in things my freshman year.  I’ll never get those games of Lover’s Leap back. 4. I hereby bequeath my Lil’ Debbie cakes to Kyra Sperry, Bug, and the rest of the basketball team.

5. All of my friends. School just won’t be the same without you all. Tagaloa Tapusoa 1. Mission, Snow, then transfer to BYU. 2. Definitely the two choir tours.   Sorry everything else. 3. Making more friends. 4. I hereby bequeath one of Mrs. Holman’s laptops to… debate class.   Oh! and I bequeath piano responsibilities to Jared Rowley. 5. Everyone! Michelle Kramer 1. Graduate from the University of Utah. 2. Drill sleepovers, convertible drives, all-nighters with Sav, when Meg & Jess had a cake fight in the parking lot, and football season. 3. More pool parties. 4. I hereby bequeath my fishy face to Kaitlyn, my birthday suit to Lydia, and my heart to Payton Bowring. 5. My friends. Kynlee Sessions 1. Go to college and graduate with nutrition & dance degree, get married to a handsome lad with similar goals & have FUN!! 2. There isn’t one specific memory I’ve enjoyed more than others, but I love everything I’ve got to do with my provita sis-

Continued from Page 5 Kathryn Allred 1. Have my B.S. from UVU in biotechnology and either be working in a lab or pursuing a graduate degree. Getting married somewhere along the line would be nice too… but I don’t really have control of that.   I will also go to at least 2 more Shiny Toy Gun concerts. 2. Both choir tours: San Diego in 2012, and Seattle in 2014.   All State choir in 2013 and Honor Choir in 2011 were also swell.  I suppose choir in general was memorable.   Also pantsing Kimberly Williams in the locker room, wasting Madeline Williams in arguments, and making Laurence Williams cry. Thrice. 3. I wouldn’t have taken Calculus (I don’t even need the credit) and taken stats instead.   I would have also become friends with Kenneth Bonzo and Kenneth Reynolds sooner. 4. I hereby bequeath the title of cynical alto to Mary Simons.  I pass the Allred birthright to Byron Allred, my Snapchat expertise to Summer Dye, and to Meadow Kay, you can have your mom back.  To Julia Allred, I give you the title of Queen Bee.   You are the heir apparent.   It is your duty to keep your

may_2014.indd 6

ters. 3. Go enjoy more time with student body and just be happy with where I am. 4. I hereby bequeath my glitter duty on drill team to my best friend Alyssa! <3 5. My “little sisters” from drill team. Adam Allred 1. Serve an LDS mission, go to college, become the next Indiana Jones! 2. Football games, and Choir tours. 3. I would’ve worked harder at my talents, hobbies, & interests. 4. I bequeath my sideburns to Ammon, my low voice to Jameson, being the oldest brother and what I stood for to Jaxon, everything else to Phoenix. 5. My friends, I’ll miss them a lot. Ryan D. Hatfield 1. Serve a full-time LDS mission and be successful student at SUU. 2. Getting my hand raised as wrestling state champion. 3. Get better grades freshman year. 4. I hereby bequeath my pickleball skills to Nolan (mercer2 rules!), my lady finding abilities to Jaxon, my eale powers to Delayna, and my cousin-ness to Jake. 5. The couches from the SBO room.

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Entertainment X-Men: The Ultimate Guide

Sam Holladay Staff Writer

X-Men (2000) Rotten Tomatoes Score: 82% Sam’s Rating: 4/5 The franchise kicks off when the clawed, quick-healing Wolverine (then new-comer Hugh Jackman) and life-force-sucking Rogue (Anna Paquin) find themselves at a private school for fellow mutants. There, they meet the mind-reading Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and his team of superheroes including Cyclops (James Marsden), Storm (Halle Berry), and Jean Grey (Famke Janssen). Together, they will stop the professor’s friend turned enemy, Magneto (Ian McKellan), from attacking the human population. This movie still holds up surprisingly well and is quite a solid start, buoyed by strong performances and smooth direction from Bryan Singer. There are some really cheesy elements (Magneto has a secret lair on a private island! Every mutant has to go by a cool nickname!), but the film moves on with a straight face. If you can move on too, it’s a very fun movie. X2: X-Men United (2003) Rotten Tomatoes Score: 87% Sam’s Rating: 5/5 X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) Rotten Tomatoes Score: 58% Sam’s Rating: 1/5 In the third film, a cure for mutations is unveiled to the public, raising the tension between humans, the X-Men, and Magneto’s Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Jean returns as the evil, uncontrollable Phoenix. Boy, I hate this movie. A shoddy, new director, a horrible script, and a rushed production turned The Last Stand into a wretched mess. Over half of our favorite characters are either killed or cured of their powers to create “drama”. Characters like Wolverine, Rogue, and Cyclops are reduced to hol-

low shells of their past selves. The new characters are annoying. The dialogue is so mind-numbingly dumb. I really, really hate The Last Stand. X-Men (2009)



Rotten Tomatoes Score: 38% Sam’s Rating: 1/5 Origins: Wolverine is the wholly unnecessary story of how Wolverine gets his entire skeleton plated in metal. There’s some stuff about Wolverine’s not-so-smart girlfriend and his evil-for-somereason brother, Sabertooth, but all of that is basically filler while the movie centers itself around the adamantium-skeleton procedure. Yes, this movie is bad too. The interesting stuff to Wolverine’s backstory was already covered in the first two films, and all of the new information is either painfully boring or embarrassingly dumb. X-Men: First Class (2011) Rotten Tomatoes Score: 87% Sam’s Rating: 5/5 My personal favorite of the series, First Class takes us back to the 1960’s to explore the very origins of the X-Men. Younger versions of Professor X (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence, in her first blockbuster role) and more team up for the first time to take on a former nazi (Kevin Bacon), hellbent on starting WWIII. First Class is easily the most fun of the X-Men series, and it’s especially gratifying to see a superhero movie set in the sixties. The performances, particularly McAvoy’s and Fassbender’s, are terrific, and the film’s action scenes feel more emotionally driven than most summer movies’. All in all, First Class earns my vote as the

best X-Men movie. The Wolverine (2013) Rotten Tomatoes Score: 69% Sam’s Rating: 4/5 Arguably Summer 2013’s most underrated movie, The Wolverine takes place after The Last Stand, taking Wolverine to Japan where an old acquaintance (Hal Yamanouchi) offers him something he’s never had before- mortality. Things take an unexpected turn when the acquaintance dies and Wolverine is tasked with protecting the man’s granddaughter from deadly assassins. The Wolverine is a great vehicle for the most popular X-Men character, and the Japanese setting, paired with creative action scenes, made for a refreshing change of pace from last year’s other summer blockbusters. The finale succumbs to disappointingly cartoonish nonsense, but everything leading up to is so good that the movie still stands on its own. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93% Sam’s Rating: 5/5 Days of Future Past finds the team of the original trilogy in a dystopian future where mutants and their human helpers are exterminated. To stop the war from ever happening, Wolverine travels back in time to the 1970’s to help the cast of First Class reunite for the good of man- and mutantkind. It’s surprising just how well everything works in DOFP. It has the best action scenes of any X-Men movie. The cast is at the top of their game and having a great time. To really cement DOFP’s position as the best in the franchise, it’s one of the most emotional superhero movies ever made. I love this movie, and I hope the franchise can keep going this strong.

Animal Death Match: Kimodo Dragon vs. Wolverine Photo doctored by Sam Holladay

All Thumbs: May’s Ups and Downs

Clarion Staffer Josh Skyler Savannah Kenji Kashley Jematisa Paige Austin

Sam Thela Ivy Brinnlee Delayna Ashley

UP nights

DOWN Late with Early monday mornfriends ings Cool summer nights Cattle rustling Space heaters Freshmen with too much cologne 3D printing Testing Coldstone icecream Jalepeno peppers 7 Peaks waterslides Math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Headphones Bad tanlines Follow me on Fish Instagram AustinHansen98 Pancake Puppies Puppy Pancakes The seniors starting Some of the best their lives friends graduating and leaving Juab Going to Burraston’s Pulling weeds Pond Apples Bananas All kinds of peppers Toenails Hiking @ Zions Nasty rope burns...on sunburns

Top Five Reasons to Look Forward to Malificent

Megan Jones Guest Writer 1. Angelina Jolie looks fabulous. 2. It provides a more detailed look at a fairytale we don’t know much about. 3. It’s a modern take with gorgeous costuming. 4. It offers a different perspective on one of Disney’s most iconic villain. 5. It’s perfect for the whole family. Teens will like the action of a favorite fairy tale, children will like the fairytale itself, and parents will like no fighting for a whole night.

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! We are proud to support Juab Wasps.

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For this year’s last edition, we at the Clarion staff have formulated what may prove to the best, most unconventional animal death match to date. The creatures are meeting, and the tribal bongo drums of death are pounding full tempo as they approach. White explorers of the Indian Ocean had long heard rumors from the natives of a monstrous dragon who preyed upon men as they slept. These rumors, however, proved factual when 10 foot long carnivorous lizards were discovered inhabiting the far flung Komodo Islands in 1910. The Komodo Dragon can weigh as much as an eye popping 330 pounds while measuring nose to tail longer than most kayaks. Although adept killers, the Komodo’s dietary habits are similar to that of a bear, or bird of prey. That is, they both hunt and scavenge kills. What the dragon lacks in stamina, it makes up for in stealth and power. Waiting motionless at a game trail for many hours, the dragon will make a mad dash towards their victim in an attempt to overpower and eviscerate. The carnage that ensues is far too graphic to be printed by The Clarion. To give a hint of perspective, the scene ends with the dragon devouring 80 percent of its body weight and leaving nought but tufts of hide and strewn about. Strengths: The dragon possess great size, sharp, serrated teeth, inflicts gushing bite wounds, and as a bonus, have bacteria laced saliva that induces fatal blood poi-

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soning. Weaknesses: Poor mobility, hearing/sight, comparatively unintelligent. The Matchup: The Wolverine is a phantom of the North Country. A scrappy, powerful cousin of otters, badgers and weasels, wolverines weigh in at a muscular 6070 pounds. Imagine a honey badger, but twice as large and twice as ferocious. Like the dragon, the Wolverine is an apex predator in its biome, meaning that it is a top predator and is not preyed upon. Considering they inhabit the same forests as cougars, wolves and grizzly bears, this diminutive fellow has had more than its share of dealing with larger bullies, and in fact have been documented stealing the kills of their larger neighbors. To prove dynamite comes in small packages, Wolverines are both capable of dragging a moose carcass a dozen times as heavy as they and crushing the moose’s femur in a single, unholy bite. Strengths: Agile, ferocious, powerful bite, tough, loose hide, and experience with larger carnivores. Weaknesses: Small in size relative to the dragon. The Matchup: Meeting on a grassy knoll, the two fell creatures square off over an aged deer carcass, on which the 200 pound lizard is already feasting upon. A stocky wolverine growls and charges in furiously to scare away his larger adversary. Naturally, the Komodo being what it is, A DRAGON,

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD(!), he is unafraid and stands his ground. The egocentric wolverine continues in his gutsy putsch towards the dragon with the ferocity of a fallen angel sent from Lucifer to do his bidding. The primordial dinosaur responds by rearing up on his hind legs, the battle stance of his species, determined to show the little devil that he too, is a hellish opponent. The Dragon claws the little weasel from above, but his tough, loose hide proves too strong. Fuzzball rips into the Dragon’s soft underbelly with his hefty claws, as if to say, “Hey, I can eviscerate too!” Fortunately, the dragon peels back and away, knocking the wolverine to the side, and hits the ground once again on all fours. Whirling around, they meet head on like two out of control locomotives. Clawing into the poor dragon’s face, the wolverine bursts into the dragon. Mr. Lizard-of-death sees a window and snaps down on the wolverine’s hindquarters, even as the wolverine snaps his foreleg with jaws like a hydraulic press. Before the pain hits, the lizards swallows a mouthful of flesh and fur down his ponderous gullet. Both creatures are in miserable agony, and the Komodo rears back while the adrenaline-soaked wolverine finally puts his teeth to work on the dragon’s belly. 10 minutes later, crows begin to circle as the maimed, infected wolverine falls dead at the side of his once formidable opponent.


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Etcetera We’ll Miss Our Seniors!

Farewell and Be Well Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief Juab High School was established in 1899. Footsteps have flooded hallways, dreams have coated the ceilings, but even with all of the energy young people bring to the building, it’s the guidance of teachers that makes Juab everything it is. Janet Sutorius, Cal Baird, Laraine Belliston, and SuAnn Davis have been among the ranks of the legacy of Juab teachers. These four have crafted the lives of many students, but are exiting the building along with the class of 2014 this year. Mrs. Davis, the youngest of the bunch, is not leaving to retirement. Rather, she is taking the summer to reconnect with her family. Time at Juab did not dim, but rather illuminated the colors of passion Davis demonstrates when she teaches. Even when she doesn’t know what else to offer, she can give relief to her students by being extremely relatable. Her most memorable moment was when a parent took the time to email her a long and heartfelt thank you, full of gratitude, because she had taken the time to personally assure the student made it through to graduation. Students have long looked upon her desk at the Ashes of Problem Students, and gasped as she calmly described Shakespeare as a “dirty, old man.” Snaking down the hallways to the opposite end of the building, a farewell to math teacher Janet Sutorius is also impending at the closing of the school year. “I’m not sure I’ll be remembered at all,” said Sutorius. She explained she has watched incredible, assumedly irreplaceable, leave Juab, and quickly another

has filled the hole they left. The giant gap Sutorius will leave will be hard to fill, however. Without her, Calculus would not be offered at Juab High School. She earned a masters degree so her students could take concurrent enrollment classes. She also continually applied for and received the USTAR grant which makes it possible for after school tutoring and summer school to even happen. Sutorius has been honored by a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics in Teaching by President Obama himself. Janet Sutorius has never been lacking in magnetism for success, laughter, and brilliance. She admits that when she, “honors her students’ thinking,” they come up with ideas she “hasn’t even considered before!” The students feel able to share ideas, because a love for Mrs. Sutorius runs deep at Juab. One of the most memorable moments she explained was when, after returning in February 2010 from monumental surgery to remove a tumor in the late fall of 2009, a student asked a question about identifying a function. Sutorius had only been back to school for a few days, and assumed no one had really even noticed she was gone. She proceeded to answer the question. “When I finished, the girl who asked the question said, ‘Mrs. Sutorius, do you have any idea how glad we are that you are back?’ and then the entire class began to clap. And then they stood up!” said Sutorius. “I was astounded.” Astonishment is a good way to describe the reaction at the announcement of Calvin Baird’s re-

tirement as well. Baird has been a Juab teacher for almost thirty years, and travels the Nephi Canyon daily from Fountain Green to greet his students. Hailee Garrett was a student last year, and has been vocal often when it comes to describing the impression Calvin Baird has left on her. “He taught me everything there is to know about sows, cows, and plows, all while bringing out the leader I am today. He punished me at times, and cheered me on during others. There has never been one single person in my entire life who has made such a difference as that man, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way,” said Garrett. When it’s all over, Baird says he’s, “Going fishing.” FFA will still run on, but miss their advisor dearly. This year’s FFA President, Shan Sherwood, expresses a deep gratitude to Mr. Baird. “He has taught me many leadership skills, but most importantly he has helped me to grow as a person,” said Sherwood. Testimonies from student’s admiration are not lacking for any of the teachers at Juab, and especially not for those departing at the close of 2013-2014. One such example is Jessika Kenison, who worked closely with Mrs. Belliston this year as the FACS Sterling Scholar. Belliston has taught Home Economics and Family and Consumer Science classes at Juab for several years. Each spring a new FACS Sterling Scholar is taken under her wing to create projects and help guide the FCCLA club. “She was always willing to do

New Class Officers Sophomore Class of 2017

President: Kalea Pauole Vice President: Taylar Mcallister Secretary: Maverick Pexton Activities Manager: Isaac Lainhart

Junior Class of 2016

Freshman to Senior Year Aubrey Jones, Ashley Whimpey, and Tanya Oldham

anything that could benefit me and our FCCLA. She is a sincere and caring lady, and I’m so glad I got to know her!” said Kenison. Belliston has also been part of the Special Education program for the last seven years at Juab High School. Her delicate touch has made her a great asset. Unlike the other teachers, Mrs. Belliston’s departure is a bit different. She’s relocating rooms, and simply becoming a full time Juab Junior High School teacher instead of splitting the day between grades 7-8 and then 9-12. I asked each of the teachers to leave a final remark, and they all had wonderful comments to make. “Celebrate your strengths, and learn from your weaknesses. Enjoy your high school years, but work hard. Remember the teachers and faculty are here for you and really just want to help you,” said Davis. “Even when we seem frustrated. Or maybe, especially then.” “Take high school a little more serious, because it really does help you prepare for the world!” said Belliston. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got,” offeredBaird, as advice to those who will take it. “I hope in this way, I am impact the lives of many, while transforming mathematics education,” said Sutorius of her next adventure into the world of academics. In final, to the teachers at Juab High, know you have impacted the lives of students, and hopefully will continue to do so in every way.

I Spy Juab High

Clockwise from left: Shan Sherwood, Jeffrey Rowley, Karter Ockey, Mickelle Baird, and Kimberly Williams.

Clockwise from right: Jeff Rowley, Karter Ockey, Ally Nelson, Laura Jenson, Kenneth Reynolds, Kenneth Bonzo. Photos by Ashley Whimpey

Do you enjoy a good brain teaser? A good mind tickler? A good head trip? Then you’ll love guessing where these objects are hidden in our very own Juab High School! Some of them are real stumpers!

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Answers (clockwise from left): Libary, Lunchroom, Mr. Jacobsen’s Room, Locker Rooms, Mrs. Bassett’s room, Mrs. Tolbert’s room, Mr. Spencer’s Room.

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May 2014: Senior Edition  

Juab High School's Clarion, May 2014 Senior Edition

May 2014: Senior Edition  

Juab High School's Clarion, May 2014 Senior Edition