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April 30, 2014

Juab High School

2014-15 Student Body Officers!

Volume 22 Issue 6

Dillon Douglas

Shamri Wright

Cameron Welburn

Makelle Wright

Prepare for Action! Our SBO’s for 2014-15 are posed to make next year exciting!

Jematisa Davis Staff Writer

~~SBO Questions~~ 1. What makes you a wasp? 2. What is your Secret Talent? 3. If there was a zombie apocalypse what would you do?! 4. What social media would you want us to follow you on? Why? 5.What’s your favorite drink at Bev’s? SPECIAL QUESTION!!*

Dillon Douglas 1.I live in Nephi, and I love Juab more than anything! 2.Underwater Basket-weaving 3.After I saved everyone, I would kill the zombies! 4.Facebook, ‘cause that’s all I have! 5.Water! What’s your best dance move?!* The sprinkler. Shamri Wright 1.I bleed crimson and gold! JUAB SPIRIT is my game but Shamri is my name. 2.I can pop my shoulders, toes and ankles. 3. I would go and fight back with

my nerf gun! Domination all the way! 4.Instagram, because I post legendary photos! #imgreat #followme 5 Raspberry Lemonade! Who’s your celebrity crush?!* Theo James and Channing Tatum. Cameron Welburn 1. I really love this school and everyone in it. 2. I can make weird noises. 3. I would fight the zombies. 4. Twitter. That is how you could get to know me best. 5. The brown cow. What hero are you most like?!* Probably Captain America because he strives to be a better person morally and tries to be the best person he can. Makelle Wright 1. I’ve lived in Nephi my entire life and me and my family are diehard Juab Wasps. 2. Sewing. 3. Find my family and friends and run away. 4. Instagram, because that’s the

Awarded Artist Savannah Peterson’s art won the only gold medal in Utah, and her art is now on a traveling show with all the other gold medalists in the nation. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Capitol Camp Savannah Behrmann went to the Washington Journalism Media Conference last year and is preparing to return as an intern. Photo provided by Savannah Behrmann.

april_2014.indd 1

only one I use. 5. Lemon squeeze (any flavor). What exotic pet would you have?! Why?!* A dolphin or a giraffe, because they are my favorite animals! I’ve always wanted to swim with the dolphins and I’ve always wanted to ride a giraffe! Rachel Robison 1. Haha I live in Juab County! 2. I can play the guitar and piano. 3. I would get a group of people together and we would form a zombie fight group and we would take them down! 4. Instagram, because it’s the coolest and it’s all I have! 5. Uhhh. Diet coke, I’m a wild one. How many selfies do you take average per week?!* I try to avoid being in pictures! Especially selfies!! Hannah Jacobson 1. I love everyone at Juab and I would not want to go anywhere else! Bleed crimson and gold! 2.I can speak to animals.

Photo by Kenji Brooks.

3.Pray, then find the cure and help save everyone. 4. Facebook, I feel I’m more caught up with other on there. 5.Apple cider with vanilla creamer! It tastes like liquid caramel. If you were reincarnated as an animal what would you be?! Why?!* A unicorn. They are so majestic and magical. They can do whatever they want and no one can judge them because you just don’t hate on unicorns. Bailee Jones 1. My dedication to cheer and to the school. I always work hard and support school events even if I’m not cheering! 2. I’m actually Taylor Swift! 3. I probably would try and save people! 4. Twitter! I post mostly about the school on there! 5. Sarah’s special! Which aisle in the grocery store would you live in?!* The cereal aisle! Because you can never have to much!

Savannah= Sensational

Austin Hansen Staff Writer Growing up through elementary school getting an award was so cool, but it never meant much to us. As we grew into high schoolers, awards have started to mean a lot more. Getting an award in high school can be good for several things, it looks good on a college transcript, it proves you’re a hard worker, and it’s a great feeling when you get an award too. There have been several students that have stood out for awards they have won. Savannah Peterson, who is a junior, won the Nation Scholastic Art & Writing Award. She won a gold medal for a rye collograph (print making category), she was the only contestent who won a gold metal in Utah for this category. There were only five medals in the state and there was only two hundred and fifty five medal in the nation. Which is really amazing. Plus, she has also won the region gold key in the northwest part of the USA. “My print gets to be in Carnegie Hall for two years, then goes on a traveling show with all the other gold medalists in the nation,”said Savannah Peterson. But we also have another winning Savannah within our school. Savannah Behrmann will be interning at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference this upcoming summer in Washington D.C. The Washington Journalism and Media Conference is a nationally recognized camp with recognitions from USA Today, CBS News, and NBC News. With its

distinguished list of faculty, guest speakers, and direct access to the political scene of D.C., WJMC is a dream for aspiring journalists and student leaders. She attended the camp last summer as a National Youth Correspondent, and then shortly after, was chosen to serve on the Youth Advisory Board from the camp with 42 other students from the camp out of the 250 in attendance. From then on, it was narrowed down to about twenty other Youth Advisory Board members. The four interns were chosen out of the twenty after phone interviews. The camp is held on the campus of George Mason University from July 13-18, even though Behrmann will be traveling a week earlier to start her internship. She will have the opportunity to travel to the National Press Club, the Newseum and the National Mall in our nation’s capital. She will have the opportunity to contact and meet all of the introductory speakers including CNN’s Candy Crowley, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Carol Guzy, and co-host of the “Today” show, Hoda Kotbe. Savannah Behrmann “I am very excited and honored to be chosen to intern the Washington Journalism and Media Conference this next summer! When I attended the camp last summer, it was quite literally the best week of my life. I’m so excited to experience it again, and be able to help shape the camp for all of the students attending. I’m so excited for all of the opportunities it’ll give me. It’s a dream come true.”

“It’s all a dream come true.”

Rachel Robison

Hannah Jacobsen

Bailee Jones

In Other News

Paige Dunihoo Staff Writer One For The Records For the first time in 31 years an American has won the Boston marathon. Meb Keflezighi finished the marathon with a time of 2:08:37. The last American to cross the finish line first was Greg Meyer in 1983. Keflezighi ran a close race with only 11 seconds ahead of Wilson Chebet of Kenya. Either way a win is a win, and Keflezighi ran a great race. Rumors Debunked For a few months now there has been a rumor flying around school. The rumor allegedly stated that early day was being moved to Friday for Juab School District. While we are guilty of participating in the spread of this rumor we are back to confirm that early day, in fact, is not moving to Friday. It will remain on Thursdays for the 2014-2015 school year. Another Earth? Scientists have discovered what they say is the most Earth-like planet yet detected. A planet with a similar size to ours. Where it’s never too hot or too cold. They are almost certain that there is water located on this small planet. Although being it is not in orbit with our sun. It is in orbit around another star located 500 light-years from Earth, while a light-year is almost 6 trillion miles. The planet is too far away even for next-generation space telescopes, which is going to make it hard to make observations on this planet.

Pssst... Puzzles & Games Inside!

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The Clarion v April 30, 2014 v Page 2

Editorials & Opinions HEAR what you say

Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief “Hi, how are you?” Stop. Stop. STOP. Think about what comes next…. Fine. The answer is always fine. Or good. Or sometimes the phrase becomes so engulfed it simply turns back into itself and the response is: “How are you?” Really. The conversation just went: “How are you?” (smile) “How are you!?” (also smile) No one is even answering the question, or really considering what the other person is saying. Each time someone, somewhere, anywhere, asks me “How are you?” I feel an interior war battle of love-hate begin. Every one who does care how you are, uses a more direct and less vague way to approach you. They may say, “How did That One Event go?”, “How are your knees/ elbows/teeth/ears feeling today?”, or maybe they simply extend the question a bit to: “How is your day going so far?” These people deserve an answer. They genuinely want to know how I am, and listen to a response. From the answer I give, they continue the conversation. The “Hi, how are you’s” are a dime a dozen, worth next to nothing, and don’t deserve an answer. To be socially polite though, I always provide a standard response: Good! Unless of course I’m not “good,” in which case I usually say, “Just alright. Thanks.” If the Hi How Are You’s wait for any sort of response at all, it will not play any part in the direction the conversation is about to take. If they need something, they’re going to ask. If they want to continue walking and bobbing their head, they will. The last example is the most infuriating. Hallway encounters are excessively awkward, and

when eye contact is made much too soon it DOES feel necessary to fill up a little of the dead air space with a friendly remark. “Hi how are you” fits the bill nicely, but when the person walking by is out of earshot before they even finish asking, the point of having language is lost. Words are used to communicate; they’re not used to fill space. In the world of newspaper, words are referred to as “bricks” that TAKE space, not fill it. They are solid, meaningful. The deep bone truth of this article is this: words should mean something, and asking how someone is should mean desiring a reply. The whole world is filling up with millions more sounds and competing sounds to listen to. Sometimes I don’t want to know, much less need to know, how someone is. That means, yes, I totally break social norm, and when someone asks how I am, I don’t automatically respond by asking how they are as well. Perhaps that makes me insensitive. Perhaps that makes me a cruel and rude human being. I disagree though, because I find it less rude for someone to simply not ask me how I am doing, than to not listen to me when I speak. I value my words, and people that don’t hear them hurt my feelings.

Julian Treasure is a “listening expert” (he’s written an entire book and given great TED Talks if you’re interested) and he offers a few ways to improve our listening. I won’t list them all out, but I will relay his final acronym of guidance. RASA, a sanskrit word (that’s the same language they name yoga poses in by the way) for juice, as in “the way to get the good stuff from within the fruit of conversation,” stands for Receive, Appreciate, Summarize, and Ask. Get the info, nod, use the word “so”, and then ask a follow up. How Are You’s are just a great example of the death of our words. Silently, daily, listening falters more. Sure, people are hearing just fine, but no one is listening. Listening demands the use of attention, brain juice flowing, and processing. Your ears are constantly hearing things, but until your attention shifts to listening to the sounds, you may not notice what words are playing on the radio, how many computer keyboards are clicking away, or how hard the person next to you is breathing. Until you put your attention there, there was only hearing, not listening. As person A passes person B at the grocery store, person A asks “How are you?” just like every other robot in the world, but doesn’t pause to hear person B explain they actually aren’t doing so well. Their dog died. Their grandmother is sick. Their cat has diabetes. They’re doing great and just won the lottery. They just turned 18. Nothing. Person A keeps a-walkin.

Of course, Person B would never say any of these things, or communicate any of these ideas. It doesn’t fall in the automatic response column of “Fine, good, you?” Stop the madness. If you are going to ask, listen. If you are going to tell, mean it. Use words. And then listen.

Print Clarion No More? Ivy Mounteer Staff Writer Every year at the end of the year when the administrators are discussing what classes to keep and who to fund, we’re faced with the problem of not print the Clarion. It’s rather expensive to print the Clarion, and the journalism program doesn’t have any funding. However this year more so than the rest it look like the Clarion is going to go digital. Going digital might seem like a good idea because it’s cheaper, but without the printed copies of the newspaper you lose the physical feel of the newspaper. The reason young writers turn to high school journalism is to see their work actually published and put out there. If the print copies are taken it’s removing that sense of pride. The validation of actually having something published is taken from the staff writers. Without the print copies and putting the articles and pictures in newspaper format this becomes just another writing class. Journalism needs and deserves the funding to continue to print or the expensive computer programs installed specifically to format the newspaper will be of no use. Meaning we wasted all this money to format a newspaper that won’t even go to print. Print day is the last Wednesday of the month, it’s the happiest day by far. As you’re walking through the halls you can smell the crisp paper and ink coming from what could only be a newspaper. You reach down and grab the top one picking it up and opening with joy spread across your faces as you

read through your news the news you helped make happen. Everyone at Juab high school contributes to our newspaper one way or another because the students and staff make things newsworthy. Now imagine instead walking in the last Wednesday of the month and there’s no newspaper. It’s all digital. This is a very realistic visual of what might happen next year. Not printing the newspaper is disheartening and taking away a privilege the students have earned. You might say well one solution to this is to read it online it’s still there just digital. However our school newspaper’s website is blocked because of “blog” content. If we don’t print the newspaper we are swiping our students knowledge of important events happening all around them. Taking their sense of information and goings on from right from under their noses. Meaning our ideas won’t be heard as clearly. The first step to stopping something completely is breaking down the “problem.” One of the possibilities of going all digital is that because of lack of interest our journalism program will be shut down completely. Thus silencing the students. You have to see that not printing the newspaper will affect the whole school. The students won’t be able to easily access the paper. The staff will just be Internet writers, no sense of validation in having printed copies of their work. The newspaper isn’t just for the school, yes it’s the school newspaper but the businesses in town also enjoy reading our content.

Comic by Delayna Tolbert

Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer

Russia. Get some facts on.

Will an atomic holocaust expunge life from Earth? Much talk has been made round the globe as the international community was apparently shocked at Russia’s’ “imperialistic” actions towards their neighbor to the west, Ukraine. The Russian Federation has procured the warm water peninsula of Crimea from Ukraine, by military force. To complicate matters, Ukrainian protesters, many of them ethnic Russians alienated by their government, have ousted their Prime Minister in wake of the crises. Now that cries of a communist resurgence and an impending world war have mostly subsided, taking a collected look at this geopolitical issue and the two nation’s historical relationship does help clear things up a bit. Russian began in Ukraine! If you tuned in to the Olympic Opening Ceremony, you would have noticed during the opening scene a ship landing on the banks of a river, where burly men hammered stakes and participated in all sorts of nation building activities. According to historical records and tradition, the men that landed at Moscow were actually royalty from the kingdom of Kievan Rus... Rus, which kind of sounds like... Russia! The name Russia comes from Ukraine. The history of the Russian and Ukrainian people go hand in hand.

april_2014.indd 2

What does that have to do with anything? Eventually, after a several hundred-year invasion from Mongol armies, Moscow became the Rus’s capital, and Ukraine slipped in and out of the Russian Empire, although the people remained essentially the same, ethnically. During this time, control over Ukraine was seized by other countries- namely, Sweden and Poland. As a result, western Ukraine became enriched with people from those other countries and muddying the gene pool. This equates to the ethnic and cultural split that now exists in Ukraine. The portion of Ukraine that is pro Russian is the agrarian eastern half, which is populated largely by ethnic Russians (they even speak the language!) just the same as it was hundreds of years ago. The protesters in Kiev and the Crimeans wanting to join Russia are examples of these people, and why history and “blood” still matters in the 21st century. Why Crimea? For Russia, a huge limiting factor economically and militarily has always been the lack of ocean ports that don’t freeze over in the winter. Russia needs land, and fair tracts of it, on the balmy Black Sea to the south of the country to have mobile military presence and shipping ports where it doesn’t freeze over for half the year. To make the

place more attractive, over half of Crimea’s population considers itself to be culturally Russian. This means that acquiring the peninsula would be that much easier.

The Natural Gas/Oil Dispute. Although most Americans aren’t aware, Russia possesses ponderous natural gas and oil reserves. In fact, close to half the natural gas and a lot of oil consumed by Europe is shipped via pipelines from Russia, and they run through Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, the internationally unpopular Russian Prime Minister, has made known that he feels his nation is getting a poor deal on their gas, while Ukraine states that they receive little money for allowing the pipeline to cross their lands. Putin is threatening to pull the plug and leave Europe without gas. This would be unlikely to last, because Russia needs money and Europe needs gas. Russia took Crimea. Their actions might not be as shocking as they are made out to be. The lesson to be learned is that imperialism is not as dead as we would like to believe. Big countries will always have influence over small countries, and they may even bully them to get needed materials. Russia does it. China does it. The European Union does it. Heck, we do it! Regardless, pray for peace. History is still being written.

Flash back in STYLE! JHS Students dressed up nice and classy for the flashback dance. Photo via Mrs. Holman.

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Upcoming Events Sunday






1 Soccer @ Home Girls Golf @ Richfield Baseball @ Carbon Local Scholarship Apps DUE



Gadge Beal Austin Elsmore

6 7 Softball @ Richfield


Connor Foote Bradon Shepherd

Ivy Asbridge

11 Mothers Day


Austin Lynch

13 National Frog Jumping Day


3 Soccer Quarterfinals @ Home Track @ BYU State Band

Makayla Kendall Jordan Morris Jordan White

Brieanne Cain Brittney Cain

18 No Dirty Day



Jesse Ballow


Bailey Hosking Emily Nelson

Nettie Watson


State Softball Tournament @ Spanish Fork


Darian Christensen Karen Moreno



Jason Christensen Samantha Stephens




Memorial Day No School

Senior Farewell @ 10-11 AM

Senior Breakfast @ 7 AM

Bailey Cordner Karson Dansie

Jacob Norman

Shaelee Deeben




Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Senior Check Out

International Jazz Day

Awards Assembly @ 9 AM

Eliza Black Seth Jolley Fatima Moreno Dawson Painter

National Sunscreen Day Kaden Lewis Jared Nevis


State Track @ BYU

Conner Lunt

Be A Day


State Large Groups


Brian Kay

Rebecca Young

Soccer Semi-finals @Woods Cross State Soccer Finals @ RioTinto Field AP Stats Exam 12-4 PM

Ethan McPherson Keaton Osborne Tylee Squire




Region Track @ Home

Kimberly Allred Kenji Brooks Trenton Carter Trevor Carter Sydnie Lund Madeline Williams


Caden Hellyer


Spencer Eldridge 30

Kaleb Allred 31

Senior Trek


Student Check Out Shawn Nielsen Jory Worwood

Spencer Sage

Taylor Bryan

Porter Knickerbocker

London Foote Katelyn Hickman

Keep Calm, and Summer Will Come Josh Allred Staff Writer

This summer is fast approaching. Stores are bringing out their summer inventory such as swim gear, sun block, and many other summer trinkets. Right at this moment thinking of all the wonderful things you are going to do during the summer, but are you sure if all of your plans are going to work out or are you even certain of what you are going to do at all? If so here are a few steps, and ideas that will help you get started. Of course all of us want to have a great time and enjoy the brief 3 months of summer vacation that we will all enjoy so much. So start out by trying to figure out what you really enjoy doing at all parts in the day. “ The summer is the best because I can sleep in and not worry about being late for school.” Says Shelby Adams. If you are one who loves to sleep in, then sleep in! If you are one who wants to wake up at 5 in the morning to work out, well then I think the weight bench is calling your name. Live up the summer that is so close you can almost smell it. Go out and make something out of it! During the middle of the day when it is a raging 105 degrees outside in the blazing sun and your wondering what in the world you can do? Well here is one idea, grab some squirt guns, call up some friends and go start the most epic water fight this town has ever seen. You can go swimming, or fishing if you’d rather Demi Kelson says, “I love to go fishing because while you’re fishing you don’t worry about what is going on later that day you just live in the moment and enjoy every second of it.” Some other people would much rather spend their time at home with their family. “ I like spending quality time with my family. We usually end up playing baseball or some kind of game in our yard! It’s really fun,” says Hailey Wright. So go out and make something of your summer! Have a water fight, a bonfire, watch the stars to come out, and stay up late with friends. Whatever you are going to do make the best out of it and live life to the fullest. You only get it once so live it up.

Here’s an idea! Let’s go from Spring Break, straight into testing! Comic Drawn by Delayna Tolbert

Sage Test testing Date

April 30th May 1st May 2nd May 5th May 6



Test Makeup

Test Makeup Neilson Lund Neilson Test Makeup Lund Lund Nielson Winn Lund

Test Makeup Neilson Lund

Test Makeup Neilson

Test Makeup Lund Lund

Test Makeup

Nielson Test Makeup Nielson Winn





May 8th




May 9th

Test Makeup Winn

Test Makeup Winn

Evans Tolbert

Test Makeup Winn Sutorious Tolbert Sutorious Evans Tolbert Evans Tolbert

Test Makeup

Test Makeup

Tolbert Marelli Spencer Marelli Spencer Marelli Spencer Marelli Test Makeup

Tolbert Spencer Spencer Marelli

May 12th Sutorious Evans

May 13th May 14th


May 15th

Tolbert Sutorious Test Makeup

May 19th May 20th May 21st

Sutorious Marelli

May 22nd May 23rd

april_2014.indd 3

Test Makeup


Marelli Spencer Test Makeup


Test Makeup Lund

Winn Lund

May 7th

May 16th



Test Makeup Lund Lund Winn Lund

Winn Test Makeup

Test Makeup


Sutorious Tolbery Sutorious Evans Tolbert

Sutorious Evans

Evans Test Makeup

Evans Test Makeup

Marelli Marelli Marelli Spencer Marelli Test Makeup


Test Makeup

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The Clarion v April 30, 2014 v Page 4

The Clarion Staff’s Thumbs UP and DOWNS Skyler A. Up: Yearbook! Down: Lynch mobbing’s! Delayna T. Up: Soft Pretzels Down: Shorts Ashley W. Up: Cherry Blossoms Down: Forgetting to say bless you

Austin H. Up: WALKING DEAD! Down: Pickles!

Jematisa D. Up: Glow Sticks Down: Stuck eating mushy apples

Paige D. Up: Socks While Sleeping Down: Seagulls

Savannah B. Up: Convertibles Down: Hair after convertibles Sam H. Up: Community Season 5 Down: NBC taking forever to green-light Season 6

Down: Using Flash Inappropriately While Taking Photos Thela M. Up: Summer Down: Leaving Utah so I can’t hang with my friends all summer. Kashley C. Ultimate Frisbee Snow!

Brinnlee N. Up: English Down: The computers in this school because they are slow. Ivy M. Up: Trips to the zoo Down: Running

...Other cool apps.

Kenji B. Up: 1964-1969 Ford Mustangs & Superchargers

There’s An App For That

Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief Juab School District is proud to announce the development of a brand new app created just for its parent and student community. The app includes current news updates of school successes (Like the recent retirement of Mrs. Bailey, a long time secretary at JJHS, or the honoring of Carol Goble and Lucy Jones for their many years of outstanding service to the district.) There is also a super rad sports

section which allows users to choose from a full library of sports to view current statistics and competition schedules. The app allows parents to pay school lunch fees online, and receive direct messages from superintendant Dr. Robins. Dr. Robins is great at frequently updating so the content is always valuable. Further links include twitter, photos, and Powerschool. The fi-

nal cherry of greatness on the app is a directory to find emails and contact numbers for the staff in all five schools, as well as the district office. Making the move into the new generation’s technology focused world is a huge and great step for Juab to be taking. The app is free, and should be on every iPhone and iPad in the district ASAP!

Studio Design- This app is great to quickly edit and enhance photos for anything. I’m even guilty of editing Clarion photos on this one! I use it to straighten and “square up” for Instagram a lot of my photos. Moves- Suggested by Mr. Bassett, this is an app for tracking your every move. It counts steps, logs work/workout time, and even pulls up maps to help guide you around. Rad. Cozi Calendars- This is a family friendly app my family uses to find other family members in our crazy hectic days. Sometimes I go several days without crossing paths with my mother, and she worries I’m alive. I can put in appointments, set reminders, and have automatic text alerts sent to whichever members of the family I choose (including myself) so things stay on track, an my mother stays sane. Instagram- Obviously most of the people reading this already know what Instagram is, since it’s the “most thriving” of the social media, but there are many who still hesitate. Get it. Follow me. (@ ashleywhimpey) and connect via pictures to the whole world. Podcasts- This app is pretty self explanatory: it’s used to listen to podcasts. Since the whole wide world of podcasts is vast and hard to begin searching through, I’ll give you a tip. The only podcasts I listen to are Stuff You Should Know and This American Life. There ARE even podcasts for game hacks and car gurus, but I haven’t done much listening to those.

april_2014.indd 4

4/28/14 3:41:17 PM

The Clarion v April 30, 2014 v Page 5

How to: Highschool Stress

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer On top of maintaining good grades, high school students are expected be involved extracurricularly, hold part time jobs, hang out with friends, make a presence at home, and not only get accepted into college, but get a scholarship. Oh, and don’t forget that even though you’ll be at the high school for hours after school practicing, being tutored, or competing, you’re expected to do all homework, and get at least eight hours of sleep. Wake up. Repeat. Sound impossible? It completely is, even though it’s what’s expected of the modern high- schooler. And on top of all of this, you’re supposed to have that “big life plan” figured out, as if thinking of that alone isn’t stressful enough. Senior Danielle Lynn says, “It’s stressful because your next step after high school is going to college and it’s stressful deciding

what classes to take and deciding what you want to go to school to be, because it will most likely be what your going to do for the rest of your life!” When teenagers become incredibly stressed, we can become physically and mentally ill, develop bad habits, and become more irritable than we already are. How does one in our position handle so much stress? You owe it to yourself to find ways to deal with stress, because it may be the single greatest investment you can make in yourself, considering that we all deal with ridiculous amounts of stress. Maybe you’re an overachiever and you pack on the stress, or maybe you were just born stressed, and are probably being punished for mistakes in a past life by having to deal with a tremendous amount of stress. But let’s hope you aren’t that person. More likely, you just need to let off some steam. In all honesty, there’s no secret for releasing stress. The best way to

feel anxiety free is to simply let loose, let go, and HAVE FUN. You can still be an honors student and go out on the weekends. You’re only young once, so live it up! Instead of packing your weekend with work and essays that are due on Monday, take some time for yourself. Go out with your friends, and simply just laugh. All to often we focus on the things in life that are the upmost importance, and simply neglect our simple wants and needs. We often forget to take time for ourselves and remember to stop and smell the flowers. Read your favorite book, watch your that movie you’ve been dying to, just do SOMETHING that doesn’t make you want to lie down and cry. High school is supposed to be the period of time that prepares you for the rest of your life. But don’t let that get in the way of actually living your life.


Signs of

More flashback dance fun! Pictures via Mrs. Holman



Spring Photot’s by Kenji Brooks

CHERRY BLOSSOMS! The blossoms outside the front of the school signals the next season. Life returns to the branches. The white petals falling sometimes look like snow, and a sign of winter, but are actually a joyous celebration of the coming of spring! RABBITS! Easter may be passed, but gardening has just begun. New seeds are planted into the ground, and watering becomes necessary. Try the new “Moon Chart” planting (found on Google) to optimize your plants this season. MELTING SNOW! In Utah, the best part of spring is the diminishment of the snow pacts that have been causing traffic jams and frozen mishaps for months. Mt. Nebo sheds it’s white shell slowly but surely, as a sign of spring. Other signs include: testing, mother’s suddenly cleaning excessively, testing, shorts coming out of the deep corners of the closet, flip flops becoming acceptable again, swim suits in stores, and then the things like chirping birds and green grasses of course... and testing.

SAGE Testing Oh My! Freshmen in Mrs.Evans class try out SAGE formative system Photo by Kenji Brooks

april_2014.indd 5

4/28/14 3:41:21 PM

The Clarion v April 30, 2014 v Page 6

Sports & Highlights A Crowning Achievement


Josh Allred Staff Writer This year’s 2014 region twelve is going to be a great year. This year region will be held here at our own Juab High School on May 7th and 8th. The schools that will be participating in this this year’s region twelve are listed as followed: Juab Wasps, Carbon Dinosaurs, Richfield Wildcats, North Sanpete Hawks, and Payson Lions. All teams are determined to walk away with the region twelve championships. In the past two years, Juab has come away with the region championship from region twelve and we are not planning on ending the

streak now. Coach Mike Spencer says, “We have held it together and have pulled the past two region championships out and we have no reason to let it go this year.” Juab High School’s track team has been a very competitive in region for a long time. “I think that our throwers are one of the biggest parts that keep us in the competition. But don’t get me wrong that our runners do a great job as well,” says Coach Nielsen. Juab’s boy Wasps’ top competitor team is the Richfield Wildcats. For the lady Wasps, the main competitors are probably the Payson Lions and the Richfield Wildcats.

However, every school’s team is equipped with different types of athlete with different specialties. At region this year only the top four competitors from each event will continue on to the state track and field championships held at BYU. State will be held on May 16th and 17th. Each and every competitor is looking for that last chance to do his or her best and shoot for the gold. Many will come from near and far to compete Many will try while few will prevail. When it is all over and you have given everything you’ve got, you will be the one who determines the winner by telling yourself I did my best and I gave it all I had

Miss Nephi 2014. Karlie Stephenson will reign as Miss Nephi, with 1st and 2nd attendants Jenny Gibson and Megan Foster. Photo by First Last.

Catchy Caption This part explains what is happening in the photo and tells who is in the photo. Photo by First Last.

Kashley Carter Assistant Editor Two weeks ago eight talented young ladies all vied for a title, and though all were remarkable, only one could be crowned Miss Nephi. That one young lady, our Miss Nephi of 2014, is Karlie Stephenson. “I’m really excited to represent Nephi. I think it’s going to be a really fun year with the girls I’m going to be with,” said Stephenson. On April 15, Stephenson participated in the “One Night Around the World” themed Miss Nephi pageant to win her title. She was interviewed about the service she’d done for the community and about what she would do if she became Miss Nephi. She presented casual wear, performed a piano solo, and answered an onstage question in an evening gown. But it took a lot more than one night to earn her crown. For three to four months, Stephenson prepared for this pageant. She performed all sorts of service for the community, including projects like jeans for teens, letters from home, and no texting while driving. She did all of this after being pushed to by her boss, Brenda, who runs the pageant. She credits Brenda as the reason she tried to become Miss Nephi. Her work doesn’t end with putting the crown upon her head, though. For the rest of the year

Stephenson will be busy representing our community and engaging in even more service. Already, Stephenson is starting a fundraiser for Jessica Phillips to help with her cancer. She is also going to continue her letters from home, a project in which kids make cute letters to send to deployed soldiers, giving the soldiers a little bit of “home”. Her other duties include running minipageants, attending some city council meetings, and riding on a float in the city parades of summer. “I’m excited for the parades. I think it’s going to be fun,” said Stephenson. For Stephenson, the best part of actually running in the pageant was building friendships with the other girls who were running. She had a lot of fun getting to know those that she didn’t really know before, and she really looks forward to getting to know her attendants, Jenny Gibson and Megan Foster, more in the future. Besides the crown and opportunities to represent Nephi, Stephenson received a nine hundred dollar scholarship. “I think it is an honor to be able to represent Nephi and to have people look up to me and to be an example,” said Stephenson. The honor is Nephi’s to have such a talented, hard-working young woman represent the city. Congratulations, Miss Nephi of 2014!


Okay, they’re WAY more than just animals. The FFA recently returned from their annual State Convention. The results are as follows:

Putter UP!

Recieving High Individual (the highest total points within their category) Horse: Bailey Nuzman

Austin Hansen Staff Writer Golf has been a part of our school for many years, but people forget about it, and the work and effort our golfers put into every match. Whether they are practicing for their tournaments or playing in rainy/cold weather, the golf team makes Juab proud. This year our golf team has done a great job, between playing in the rain and still taking 3rd at Richfield, to success at the Nephi tournament. Between their matches, the golf team has the chance to talk to the other teams’ players, and hang out as friends when their matches are done. To get ready for their tournaments, the golf team heads up to the Nephi golf range and hits range balls, or putt on the putting green for hours after school. They also play the holes on the golf course for practice on hitting and putting (and trying to avoid the Sand-Trap.) They’re always trying to get an ACE. (A hole-inone) Our golfers have worked hard everyday at pratices and at tournaments to win trophies to add to Juab collection. We support all our golfers and everything they do. Good job golf team!

april_2014.indd 6

Golf Photos by Kenji Brooks.

Third High Individual Horse: Cassidey Bussian

Third High Individual in Dairy: Shan Sherwood Eighth High Individual for Food Science: Tanya Oldham Team Winners: Horse: 1st place Dairy: 3rd Livestock: 17th

“Animals. It’s like, our thing.” Beautiful artwork adorned Snapchats between FFA members attending the convention. Photo on left by Tyra Jackman, of Kylee Taylor. Photo on right of/by Tanya Oldham.

4/28/14 3:41:33 PM

The Clarion v April 30, 2014 v Page 7

Entertainment John Green:

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Delayna Tolbert Art Chica When someone says something that brings out your emotions, then it is the duty of the newspaper staff and the holy Internet bloggers to talk about this someone. And that, my friends, is my marvelous job today.  So, it is my great pleasure, to introduce John Green (cue clapping and cheering). John Green is a middle-aged man that has and still moves teenage girls to tears with his words.  A few years back, he set up a video blog, called Mental Floss to communicate with his brother even though they live far (ther) away.  Once posted, this video not only made its way to his brother, but also to Internet sappers everywhere. With each posted video, the unsuspected audience takes in monstrous buckets of random facts and advice, one of which is, “The Venn diagram of guys who don’t like smart girls and guys who don’t want to date, is a circle.” John Green has also written and published, The Fault in Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  

Cancer is So Endearing Kara Jones tries not to cry in front of Karter Ockey as she reads The Fault in Our Stars. Photo by Kenji Brooks

Sam Holladay Staff Writer It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Good, little fanboys and good, little fangirls can expect to wake up almost every Friday from May through August to find a brand new potential blockbuster playing at their local movie house. This year, we’ll get the usual sequel, superhero, and/or dystopian future fare, as well as raunchy comedies, human dramas, and a weirdly high amount of large, reptilian beasties. In May, we’ll get the Seth Rogen/Zac Efron led comedy, Neighbors (May 9); the Disney sports drama, Million Dollar Arm (May 16); Adam Sandler’s latest piece of garbage, Blended (May 23); Angelina Jolie taking on Maleficent (May 30); and Seth MacFarlane’s western comedy romp, A Million Ways to Die in the West (May 30). June brings us another Tom Cruise-led sci-fi adventure, Edge of Tomorrow (June 6); an adaptation of the wildly popular teenage, cancer-driven romance, The Fault in Our Stars (June 6); the wonderfully titled sequel, 22 Jump Street (June 13); and Transformers: Age of Extinction (June 27), because for some reason, you people keep giving your money to that franchise. July will have the latest Melissa

Summer Movie Preview 2014 McCarthy comedy, Tammy (July 4); a seemingly made-for-DVD sequel squeezing its way into theatres with Planes: Fire and Rescue (July 18); Jupiter Ascending (July 25), a sci-fi fantasy starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis; and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson as Hercules (July 25). Finally, August includes a reboot of the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (August 8); another all-star ensemble leading The Expendables 3 (August 15); the long-awaited film version of The Giver (August 15); and the dark, noir sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (August 22). Amongst this treasure trove of entertainment, though, lie six movies that truly stand out as being must-see. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2)- The last time a Spider-Man movie had a “2” in the title, it was one of the best superhero movies ever made (seriously, I will defend Spider-Man 2 until the day I die). Thus, this movie has an impossibly high bar to meet, but we’ll settle for it just being very good. This time around, Peter Parker gets to face off against the Rhino, Electro, and the Green Goblin, as well as Oscorp as a whole. It takes the risk of being very overstuffed, but the first Amazing Spider-Man

was a lot of fun, and it should be exciting to visit this world again.

Godzilla (May 16)- It’s been 16 years since Hollywood last took a stab at Godzilla, and while we wouldn’t normally get excited about another one, the marketing for this is stellar. The trailers have presented a tense, terrifying atmosphere, and it looks like director Gareth Edwards will be giving us a more artful, intimate take to the title monster’s destruction. X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 23)- Through all of the XMen series’ ups and downs, it feels as though everything has been leading up to Days of Future Past, and that’s for the better. When evil forces seek to exterminate mutants in the post-The Last Stand world, Wolverine is sent back in time to help the First Class X-Men stop the violence before it even starts. If it all sounds confusing, just put your faith in director Bryan Singer (back to the franchise after directing the original X-Men and X2: XMen United) to deliver the goods. How to Train Your Dragon 2 (June 13)- Hiccup and Toothless are back in this sequel to the hit 2010 animated film. This time, it’s up to Hiccup and Toothless to prevent an all-out war between man and dragons, aided by Hiccup’s

Images from

estranged mother. The first movie saw DreamWorks Animation at the very top of their game, combining humor, heart, and fantastic visuals. Hopefully the sequel can live up to the original. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (July 18)- If you aren’t familiar with the Planet of the Apes franchise, get on that immediately. Its rich, wacky history is fascinating. Dawn, though, a sequel to 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, could very well be one of the best Apes movies yet. Caesar, the revolution-leading chimpanzee, is back, and he is angry. Tension is rising between the apes and a band of humans fighting the virus we saw spreading at the end of Rise. War is certain to break out, and we can’t wait to see some serious apeversus-human carnage. Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1)- While DC Comics struggles to put together a cohesive movie universe, Marvel’s newest film stars a band of outlaws consisting of two multi-colored aliens, a tree person, a freaking gun-toting raccoon, and Andy from Parks and Recreation. Yet, because of its weirdness, rather than in spite of it, Guardians looks likes the coolest, funniest, most original superhero movie in a long, long time.

What Do You Think of Stephen Colbert Taking over for Letterman? We asked (clockwise from left) Cody Williams, Weston Memmott, Kymber Taufer, Rachel Hall, Maverick Pexton, and Lydia Bailey what they thought of the changes to The Late Show.

50 Legs of Fury The centipede and scorpion are suprisingly well-matched foes, especially when provided with dangerous weapons. Photo doctored by Samuel Holladay

Animal Death Matches:

Scorp VS. ‘Pede

Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer After much intuitive research, we at the Clarion staff have decided upon two fell creatures straight from the primordial world. Contender number one: The Emperor Scorpion. The world’s largest species of ‘scorp hails from the deserts of Northern Africa. It is the “thug” of the crawly kingdom, and like its human counterparts, it is armed and armored, to the teeth. A thick, inky, black carapace shields the beast from harm, while large pincers thicker than a thumb keep would-be aggressors good and apprehensive. As if the other factors weren’t enough, the scorpion weapon of choice is its infamous tail. The large stinger is capable of injecting lethal venom even through the hide of rodents and other such vertebrates, which it has been known to feed upon. Contender number two is a big, bad bug. Fighting out of the rainforests of South America, the Peruvian Centipede grows to lengths exceeding 10 inches. A born predator and true survivalist, the ‘pede is a 42 legged, armored, mobile missile with nearly a half billion years of snappin’ necks and cash-

april_2014.indd 7

in’ checks to back it up. Its prefered method of killing; to constrict its muscular body around its victim and devour from the head down. Gulp. Although it lacks a signature weapon, don’t count this bug out too quickly. Scorpion: Strengths include; powerful pincers for grappling, thick armor, and a lightning fast, venomous tail. Weaknesses are as follows: Poor mobility and a weak bite. Centipede: Strengths; extremely fast and mobile, painful, venomous bite, well armored. Weaknesses: No primary weapon. The Showdown: In a warm, sandy locale, the two bugs cross paths. The ‘pede is out hunting when it comes to the ‘scorps den. The ‘scorp, unafraid, emerges to meet the foreign intruder. Each party is apprehensive at first, but with one hungry and one territorial, the fight is quickly on. The ‘scorp bares its pincers and raises its tail to scare away its adversary. However, the ‘pede instead hurls itself upon its op-

ponent, attempting to go over the top and immobilize the tail. The ‘scorp deflects with its pincers, and tries to land a sting. The ‘pede spins off, breaking the grip, and the stinger glances off the ‘pedes tough armor. The ‘scorp wheels itself around as the ‘pede redoubles its attack. The ‘scorp again catches the ‘pede with its pincers as the ‘pede tries to constrict around. The ‘scorp is unable to land any hits with its tail due to the ‘pedes cylindrical body. With its superior strength, the ‘pede breaks the hold. As this happens, the ‘scorp overarches with its tail, missing again. The ‘pede shoots in, grabs the tail before it retracts, and pulls the end segment of the tail off with its mighty jaws. In agony, the ‘scorp flails about, unable to break the death hold that the ‘pede has now woven around it. The ‘pede works around, and bites into the ‘scorps head segment. Five minutes later, all that is left is a broken scorpion carapace and scattered sand. The Centipede scurries away, satisfied from a good day’s hunt.

Colbert Goes Late Night

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer The Late Show with David Letterman is coming to an end after 32 years on the air. Letterman, who is 66, made the announcement during a taping of his show. It doesn’t come as too much of a shock. While David Letterman still has the personality and ratings, it’s time for a new host. Comedian Stephen Colbert was announced as David Letterman’s replacement as host of the Late Show, which will end in late 2014. Colbert is famous for the fauxconservative character he plays on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report. which highlights politics, current events, and other controversial topics. Colbert was a front-runner in the decision making process, being incredibly successful, and unbelievably talented. All the viewers of his show know his real talent. No guest outshines Colbert in his interviews as Colbert is a jokingly-tough interviewer, and that’s gotten him some amazing, and hilarious results. The catch? Stephen Colbert is wildly popular and famous for this broadly sardonic conservative character he has played for nine years, and instead, will perform as himself. This character will have to disappear so Colbert can appeal to a wider audience of the “Late

Show”. The immediate loss is for liberal fans of his show, for whom ‘Stephen Colbert’ has played the unique role as a fake republican to poke fun of conservatives on his show. The transition will be interesting. Colbert told The New York Times, “I won’t be doing the new show in character, so we’ll all get to find out how much of him was me. I’m looking forward to it.” Simply put, if we let Stephen Colbert be the real Colbert, will he be as amazing as Colbert is when he’s was playing ‘Colbert’? The Colbert Report has been nominated for seven Emmy’s, two Television Critic’s Association Awards, and two Satellite Awards. In 2013, it won not one, but two Emmy’s. The fantastic writers of the Colbert Report will be following him to the Late Show, and will be able to use their unique magic there. The other candidates included Conan O’Brien, Jerry Seinfeld, and Ellen DeGeneres. CBS has made a gutsy, but nonetheless, brilliant decision in picking Colbert. Above all, Colbert is a brilliant comedian. If he can truly reinvent the genre of late night TV like I am confident he will, then surely his “character” will not have died in vain.

4/28/14 3:41:35 PM

The Clarion v April 30, 2014 v Page 8

Etcetera New Reads @ JHS

Ivy Mounteer Staff Writer The library’s Old Faithfuls are still flying off the shelves, while new books continue to stream in and try to shine for attention. The most popular books in the library are the Divergent series, The Fault in Our Stars, and the Percy Jackson books. There are also new books waiting to become old favorites. That’s the thing about books, they can’t be an old favorite until you’ve cracked them open. In the library, we have Pretty Little Liars and the Lying Games, which are aimed more towards a female audience. But, we also have Mike Lupica and Tim Green books, which are for the sporty type of a reader. The Mike Lupica and Tim Green books haven’t came in the mail yet, but should be here soon. In addition to the new books in the library, there will also be

more Louis L’amour western on our shelves soon. Mrs. Anderson said that she tries to order book as often as possible, and keep everyone happy by ordering a variety of new books. Also, the library has weekly challenges and games, as well as the blind date a book going on. If you don’t know what the blind date a book is, it’s definitely something to look at! There are books wrapped in brown paper, and the idea is to expand the reader’s horizons. Not being able to see the cover increases your chances of reading something new and different, therefore, broadening your horizons. Be sure to stop in and check out the new books, as well as the weekly challenges when passing the library. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even blind date a book.

Hot Off The Press The students here at Juab seem to have taken a liking to the new novels that have found a home in our library . Photos by Kenji Brooks.

Music Misconceptions

Instruments Up Even though the large group festivals have passed, the band still prepares for their spring concert... Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Kenji Brooks Photo Guru With words like region, state, or even nationals floating around the hallways of many (if not all) high schools, one might start comparing and eventually putting everything into ranked categories. When identities start to melt into words such as 2-A or 3-A, you have finally entered into the realm of high school competition. However there are other competitive activities that take place annually in high schools other than the sports. Every year Bands, Orchestras, and Choirs work tirelessly to perform at their respective regions. Months of preparation go into several songs that will be performed in a competition. However those of you acquainted in the world of “normal” competitions may think you just need to beat a few people and bingo you are set for state. However, this would be quite the fallacy on your part to assume such a thing. “The most common misconception about region and state band festival is that they are

just like sports,” said Mr. Johnson, a Juab music director. “At region band festival, we have one performance in order to qualify and move onto state festival. In other sports you can lose several region games, and still qualify for state playoffs.” So what exactly is going on? The judging form, a simple double-sided piece of paper, is dreaded by teachers and students alike. Split into categories and supposedly judged on an equal scale, only if life was perfect. Words like appearance, rhythm, and intonation adorn each section and are ranked from 1 to 5. You might also incorrectly assume 1=the worst score and 5=the best. “In a sport there is usually a winner and a loser, this is not true at band festivals. If multiple bands receive perfect scores, who really is the winner?” said Johnson. Striving to do our best is what we really try and achieve here at Juab. That is probably the most challenging part of any activity.

Many things go into the judging of any music competition, and many things can change the outcome. “There are many factors that can affect our score at a festival.” Johnson continues, “We may perform very well at practices and other concerts. However, if we do not perform very well at region festival, then we do not have another chance that year. We may have really tough judges one year that feel nobody should qualify to be able to go to state festival.” He continued to say, “For example, this year all the bands in our region performed far better than last year. Last year only two bands from our region went to state, one of them being Juab. This year not even one qualified. Mr. Johnson concluded saying, “If we do not qualify for state festival, does that make our band or other music programs not very good? Absolutely not.”

The School Swap

Top AR Books this Year (Based on AR Quizzes taken) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

The Hunger Games Divergent Catching Fire The Fault in Our Stars The House of Hades Insurgent Diary of a Wimpy Kid Mockingjay Safe Haven The Maze Runner

Juab High School The Clarion Editor-in-Chief Ashley Whimpey Assistant Editors Kashley Carter Kenneth Bonzo Staff Writers Savannah Behrmann Jematisa Davis Skyler Asbridge Sam Holladay Brinnlee Newell Delayna Tolbert Ivy Mounteer Paige Dunihoo Thela Mitchell

The publication date for The Clarion is the last Wednesday of each month. Every one of the 1,000 copies is free to the community. We encourage the student body’s participation in The Clarion. Letters to the Editor, suggestions, questions, and etc. can be given to any member of The Clarion Staff. The Clarion reserves the right to edit any submissions. The views expressed are those of the writers and not to be considered those of The Clarion, the faculty, staff, or administration.

Thela Mitchell Staff Writer I was thinking we need a change here at school. I mean, we come to school, do the work, and go home for the day. After a while it gets boring and I am sure that you all agree with me. We need a School Swap. It is just like the Wife Swap but with our school and another school. It would be two weeks long. The first week we would have classes according to their schedule and their classes. We would abide by their rules and dress code. The second week, however, we run the school. The teachers and students have to come together to create rules that everyone can agree with. Look out teachers it’s the teenager’s time to shine! Let’s say we switch schools with Lehi High School. They’re rules are different than ours. They

have early out day on Mondays instead of Thursdays. They’re normal day schedule is shorter than ours as well. They start school at seven forty-five every morning. I don’t know about you, but that is too early in the morning. They go until two fifteen on normal days and one fifteen on early out Mondays. They only have four classes a day instead of five. The dress code is almost the same as ours. You can’t wear skirts and your shorts have to reach your knees. Your pants and shorts can’t be torn or manipulated in anyway. There can’t be skin between your pants/shorts and your shirts. You can’t wear any shirt that does not have sleeves or caps. Girls, we will have to kiss our low-neck shirts goodbye, they are not allowed. Boys, you will have to put

a belt on because your pants can’t be baggy. Your jewelry and wristbands can’t have anything to do with drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Repeat offenders can result in suspension. They have a flex hour. That is a class that was a lot like homeroom in Junior High. Right after flex is lunch, I imagine that some of the kids skip flex and take an hour-long lunch. It makes sense because if you don’t have anything to do, why stay there for half an hour, right? A school swaps sounds better than an ordinary day. Even with all the strict rules. Lehi High School may not be the best choice for a school swap. It would still be fun with another high school though.

Our Dearly Beloved We have only known our JHS, have you ever wondered how it works at other schools?. Photo by Kenji Brooks

Photo Guru Austin Hansen Kenji Brooks

april_2014.indd 8

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Juab High School's Clarion, April 2014

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