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October February30, 26,2013 2014

Juab High School

Volume 22 Issue 2 5

In Other News

Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer

Fatalities in “50 Mile Crime Scene” On January 30, 2014, a harrowing car chase began when Sergeant Cory Wride was shot and killed by a man he thought was stranded motorist. The suspect fled and drove south where he was met by officers at Zions Bank in Santaquin. The suspect again fled and the final stand was made south of Nephi when the shooter crashed his vehicle, wounded another officer, attempted to carjack another vehicle, and was subsequently shot. You’re Really Asking Me if You Need a Comma There? Ms. Beddes gives McKoy Molyneaux sage advice for the Writing Comp as Savannah Shelley writes on. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Do the Write Thing

See What We Did There? “Write”? Ha Ha! Kashley Carter Assistant Editor One test taken by two grades in three days with four possible points in a score required to graduate. The annual Writing Comp test is upon Juab High School. The junior class started their Writing Competency Assessment last Thursday on February 20th, meaning that A-day students are currently finishing up and B-day students are gearing up for their final session tomorrow. “It has been so terrible that I have become excited to go to math,” said junior Jessica Anderson. But the juniors aren’t the only ones battling the Writing Comp. This year, the freshmen must endure their three days of writing starting this Friday and ending next Friday, March 7th. “I think it’s kind of scary,” said freshman Lindsey Reynolds. The fearsome factors of the Writing Comp are in the numbers. Students must select one of three

prompts: either the narrative, expository, or argumentative (persuasive) prompt. They are then given three English class periods to type their essay. Ready or not, these essays are graded. Scores ranging from one to four (four being the best) are given on each of the six writing traits: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and ideas. Passing demands at least a three in every category. Most students view the Writing Comp as torture and tremble at the consequences of failure. For freshmen, failure just means a targeted intervention program until they are given a second chance to pass their junior year. For juniors, it means that they must enroll in a senior English class and stay in there until they earn a passing score. But the Writing Comp has an important purpose. The state mandates that every school issues some writing assessment which ensures that graduating students have the necessary writing skills

for work or college. Most districts require students to take the writing portion of the ACT. But (according to Miss Christensen) Juab is extra concerned about its students’ writing skills, so they made our own writing assessment, which is graded by actual people rather than computers. “I don’t think it’s too bad,” said junior Brayden Elsmore. “I think the prompts are pretty decent.” Any advice for the juniors wouldn’t be much help now, but the freshmen can still use the aid. The freshmen will be graded based on ninth grade writing expectations, and if they can pass this writing graduation requirement will be fulfilled. “I like the opportunity,” said freshman Dane Williams. “It gives you a chance to get it over with.” But if they don’t succeed, it’s not such a big deal. English teachers view the freshman Writing Comp as a tool to assess the students and discover the ones who may need some extra help with their writing. These students will then be given

that extra help so that as juniors they have a much greater chance of passing. “I think [giving the Writing Comp to the freshmen] makes much more sense than before. It gives more opportunity for intervention,” said Mrs.. Davis. So, what advice do we give the freshmen? Kenneth Reynolds, a senior, said “Don’t stress out as much because people make it a much bigger deal than it is.” Out of anyone, though, the freshmen should be the most prepared. This year’s freshmen have had to take a similar writing assessment at least two times before during their fifth and seventh grade years. Hopefully their experience will help them out. After all the students finish the Writing Comp, they’ll have to wait two or three weeks to know their scores. For those to whom that applies, just listen to seniors like McKell Valtinson and remember, “It’s [the Writing Comp] definitely not as bad as people make it seem.”

Big Ol’ Pile of Stress As college and scholarship applications are filled out, we have to ask ourselves, are we united or divided?

Photo by Kenji Brooks

Juab High: United or Divided? Kenneth Bonzo Assistant Editor The world we live in today has but one constant - change. Everything about high school is about molding, pulling, stretching, and shaping us into the people we will become. As soon as students think they have figured out the system a curve ball is thrown our way. We live where everything around us is constantly changing. This applies not only to just the sphere of high school. It also applies to our entire world in general. As each new generation rises they question whether the teachings of the previous generations were correct. There have been certain periods of time where drastic social changes take place. During the Roaring 20’s there was footloose attitude of wanting to just let go. The 1940’s and 1950’s brought better racial equality as people left

february_2014.indd 1

behind the racism that was part of American society for far too long. The 1960’s and 1970’s gave the flower power era where it was all about drugs, music, and love not hate. I believe in 2014 America is entering a whole new era of radical change. Controversial issues are sprouting up faster than the spring flowers. Everywhere we turn there seems to a different problem demanding our attention and insisting on fixing it right away. As each new topic is brought to light there are a hundreds of different view that accompany all sides of the issue. A large problem with living in a small community is we get stuck in our ways and never budge. Stand up for what you believe in and holding your ground are terrible things. However, when we never even take the time to listen to what the people on the other side of the

argument are saying then we start to be in the wrong. We need to realize everyone’s opinions and views are no less valid than our own. By being informed and educated about all sides of an issue it can help make our own position even stronger. We see it all the time in congress. Both the Republicans and Democrats are completely unwilling to reach across the aisle and try to reach a compromise that will benefit all political parties. We don’t have to be willing to compromise our beliefs and standards, but we need to find better unity. At the beginning of the school year the Student Body Officers created the theme, “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided,” for all of Juab High School to follow. As we enter the second part of third quarter and the final three

months of school we must ask ourselves, have we become strong through unity or weak through division? The best way to unify ourselves is to better understand each other. The first step is tolerance. Lets be honest, the people around us can be annoying sometimes. Some people just need to be high-fived in the face with a chair. However, because we are civilized human beings we don’t. Instead we learn to stand being around them. The next step is respect. This has to be earned but we need to give others the chance to earn our respect as well. Last of all, as we come to understand each other we come to care for each other. This school is like a family. Granted a very large and dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless. As all families we fight but at the end of the day we have each other’s backs.

New Early Out Day? Administrators with approval of the School Board have decided to move our familiar early out Thursdays to Fridays, beginning next August. Olympic (Rings) Down During the elaborate opening ceremony, trouble found the Russians during the climactic presentation of the Olympic rings. Five giant “snowflakes” were intended to descend into focus, blossoming into the famous symbol. However, one snowflake ostentatiously refused to take form. Soon after, Internet rumors began to circulate that the man responsible for the project had been killed, although these rumors have been proven to be ungrounded. Shaun White Takes Disappointing 4th place in Half-Pipe After historical performances in Torino and Vancouver, Shaun White shocked the world again, albeit in a bit of a different way. The iconic American snowboarder, failed to win a medal in his signature event, the Half-Pipe. The 2014 Sochi Games mark the first since the institution of this event that an American has not medaled. President Plans to Raise Minimum Wage to $10.10 Announced during his State of the Union Address, President Obama announced a plan to raise the minimum wage 95 cents per year until 2016 to bring the lowest paid workers in our country to a $10.10 wage. Beloved Writer/Director/Actor Dies at Age 69 We know him as the beloved Dr.. Egon Spengler of Ghostbusters fame, but Hollywood knew him as the mastermind behind some of the most iconic films of the last generation, such as Animal House and Groundhog Day. He died February 24th from complications of an autoimmune disorder. Study: Best, Most Important Memories Made Before Age 25 A recent study on retirees found that most people make their most important or life-changing memories before age 25, with subjects listing life transitions such as marriage and having children as their most important moments in life. What do you think? Loneliness Raises Risk Of Early Death According to a new study by researchers at the University of Chicago, people age 55 and over who regularly feel lonely and isolated have a 14 percent higher risk of early death, partly because loneliness can lead to less restful sleep, high blood pressure, and diminished sense of well-being. Poll: 86% Of NFL Players Okay With Gay Teammate ESPN conducted a poll of current NFL players regarding their thoughts on having a gay teammate and found that out of the 51 respondents, 86 percent don’t care about their teammates’ sexual orientation.

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The Clarion v February 26, 2014 v Page 2

Editorials & Opinions We “Love” Our Clubs

Delayna Tolbert Staff Writer Once upon a time in the land of Juab High School, a powerful substance was created. This substance had been thought up by the great Voldemort, forged in Mordor, and cooled in Jotunheim.   This substance was named: School Spirit.   So magical was this substance, that it was able to move entire student bodies to one specific goal:   Cheer for the team.   This object strengthened the unity of the school from within and brought a certain determination to every aspect of the school, especially in major sporting events.   For years, the substance nourished the valley to the greenest of fields, the brightest of fauna, the majestic of fords.  As if the glorious fauna was contagious, it nourished the attitudes of the students as well, and made them more accepting of each other.  So healthy looking was the object, that no one would have expected anything to go wrong with the new idea, but something did.   It started out small; a bit too much school spirit for a certain club, and others joined in.   The effect was slow, but still contagious.  Soon, all of the members of the certain club were demanding bragging rights for the wonderful

things they had done. Other clubs and teams saw the spirit they had for their team, and wanted it as well.   This desire for this substance was not only wished for, but also acted upon.  For some, they were able to keep their enthusiasm down to a dull roar.   For others, it was a battle cry.  They wanted recognition for every medal ever given, for every place ever placed, for every competition ever competed in.   The other clubs noticed, and wanted the same glory:   “Why aren’t we congratulated over the intercom?”    “Why don’t we get our own week?”   “Why is this team getting more credit than this one?”   These bitter questions rattled around in the mind of the students so much, it changed their way of life.   No longer were the lunch hours filled only with exuberation and joyous sounds of laughter alone, now it had bitter recollections and false gossip mixed in.   Entire groups of friends were split in half by the differences in lifestyle, which lead to some awkward accidental confrontations in the hallways.    Still, the evil in the substance grew, just as Voldemort, and the members of Mordor and Jotunheim intended, and the evil in the substance will continue grow if we choose not to fix it.  School spirit is a good thing as long as it is used properly, just as anything else is only as great as the user that uses it.   This is not the way to use it, though.   The way we are using school spirit divides us.  Isn’t this year’s motto, “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”?  

Social Networks Anonymous

Samuel Holladay Staff Writer Hello, everyone. My name is Sam and I am addicted to getting likes and favorites on social networking sites. It started innocently enough. I joined Facebook in June 2009. I immediately took to the opportunity to promote myself and my interests. The website spoke to my inner narcissist, and I was immediately hooked. I was a naive, baby sea bass, and Facebook was the wriggling, succulent earthworm that I didn’t even think about before biting. I don’t get remember getting my first like on a post. It’s all a blur now. I only know one thing. Likes became my form of validation. Likes were proof that someone out there cared about me, and each like I got was a shot of serotonin to the pleasure sensors. Facebook has changed a lot since 8th grade though. People just don’t use it like they used to. Log into Facebook a couple years ago, and you would have found photo albums, personality quizzes, and more status updates than you can shake a stick at (bonus points if you wrote your status in the third person!). Today, Facebook is a barren wasteland of insipid, right-wing rants and memes that were funny a year ago. And yet, I can’t stop logging on. I’ve become Facebook’s little,

fairy princess. Our relationship is one of abuse, but also of emotional dependency. Every day, I open Facebook, hoping for that little, red symbol telling me I have a new notification to be there waiting for me. When it is, I feel that familiar high come over me, tiding me over for another hour or so. When the symbol’s not there, my heart sinks, my hands begin shaking, and I can’t even see straight. It’s a problem, to be sure. Even better and rarer than Facebook likes though, are Twitter favorites. Twitter has fewer members than Facebook, and the few members Twitter does have are less likely to bother scrolling through their entire feed to notice your latest posts. So when someone does favorite your tweet, it sends your whole body into a sweet, tingling euphoria. Ah, but that’s nothing compared to a tweet of yours being retweeted. Sweet mother, getting a retweet is a pleasure unreplicated by anything except maybe crack cocaine. I mean, that’s what I imagine anyway. My need for constant web-validation doesn’t end there though. Making that hilarious Vine was a complete waste of time if no one likes it. And Instagram pictures? If I don’t get at least fifteen likes on a new pic, I spiral into a pit of depression darker, sadder, and damper than an Applebee’s bathroom. It’s not that I haven’t tried to quit social networking. It’s just that the self-loathing and crush-

Global Spirit The GPS (Globally Proactive Students) club proudly wears their club spirit. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Skyler Asbridge Staff Writer U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez states: “Here’s the bottom line. No one who works a full time job should have to live in poverty.” In agreement, President Obama has called on congress to support him and the majority of Democrats in raising the federal minimum wage from its current $7.25 to $10.10 by 2016. Over 80 percent of Americans polled support this move. However, when the minimum wage is raised, an age-old debate reignites, one about the nature of the minimum wage itself and its role in the economy. So called “right wingers” decry that raising the minimum wage a few dollars will cost jobs and increase prices. Those on the political “left” clamor that millions will be raised out of poverty and the nation will be “fundamentally” changed. In light of these conflict-

MinImum Wage: a Big can of Worms ing notions, it’s good to know a little bit about the history of the matter. The Federal minimum wage was introduced in 1938 under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the rate was 25 cents, hourly, to ensure the poorest could still support themselves. More importantly, it should be known how the number is agreed upon. First of all, know that there is no formula to the minimum wage. The 7.25 many of us are making today and the number the president would like to see in years come are arbitrary numbers. This means that the number was created out of a political compromise, and that mathematical figures like the rise of inflation were largely left out of the equation. Like politicians and the public, Economists have conflicting feelings about the President’s proposition. Some believe that such a hike in wages could lift as many as 4.6 million people above the poverty line, eulogizing that a few more dollars per hour could shift the wealth distribution in our country. Others are not so optimistic. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts cites that if the minimum wage had kept up with worker “productivity”, it would

now be at about $22 dollars (as compared to the wage of $1.68 in the mid 1960s), although worker “productivity” is loosely defined. According the MIT’s living wage index, (which defines “living wage” as the lowest amount of income needed to support oneself, adjusted for any dependents) the living wage for a single adult in Juab County is $8.73. For a family of 5, this wage rises to $21.92. Since the cost of living cannot be met if you’re making minimum wage, and those wages can’t be met by employers, that indicates something is wrong in our economy. A portion of economists hypothesize that the minimum wage fills a basic role within the economy, and ought to have a fixed value. If this the case, then the minimum wage would be adjusted periodically according to a set formula. Regardless of how you slice it, the minimum wage is not enough money to keep people financially independent. Although a true “living wage” might not be possible in those fields today, hopefully we can reach a time when everyone in the world’s richest nation can live in comfortable security.

“Like on your thinly veiled self promotion that comes only from social media”

The Clarion Editorial Policy A Clarion Staff member writes the Editorial Board’s Choice. Each month, the staff votes for an editorial with a message they want to address and endorse. We welcome letters to the editor from students, staff, and the community as long as the letters are signed. Submitters will also receive extra credit in any English class. The Clarion staff reserves the right to edit any submissions for content. Submitting a letter to the editor gives JHS full copyrights and acknowledges agreement to having name and article printed in the newspaper.

february_2014.indd 2

ing guilt I get from using social networks aren’t enough to top the glowing intoxication that comes from people clicking “Like” on your thinly veiled self-promotion that comes only from social media. I know I’m not the only one though. Just about every teenager is addicted to at least one social network. Maybe, just maybe, if we join together and have each other’s backs, we can beat our addiction to social media! We can break free from the chains of likes and retweets, and finally live our lives to the fullest! Just give me a minute first; I need to check my Facebook feed.

Phone in! Elsha Diamse takes the call working hard for minumum wage (Main Street Pizza). Photo by Kenji Brooks.

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Upcoming Events Prom Preview 2014


March 2014 2



Early Out PLC

ACT (All Jrs.)

Annee Izatt

Apryl Baxter Jacen Jones Brandon M. Brendan M.

Josh Allred 9



Daylight Saving Time

Sterling Scholar Books Due!

Brock Ekins

Mary Simons Dillon Douglas Kade Farrer Jordon Howard Carson Johnson 17

16 Lip Appreciation Day

St. Patricks Day!


National Chip and Dip Days



Region Jazz Band

SB vs. N. Sanpete @ 3:30

Jennie Jarrett

Kyle Manning Shantel Squire 19

SB @ Richfield BB vs. Park City @ 3:30

Savannah B Kristina Johnson Jentrie Tolbert

Josh Washer


McKay C. Valen Hellyer Emily Pineda 15

FFA State Convention @ Logan Speech & Debate @ Desert Hills SB Tournament @ Snow Canyon

Kathlene M. Austin White

Hayden Allred Emma Lainhart

20 BB vs. Delta @ 3:30


Cheer Tryouts! BB @ S. Sevier NFL Congres, IE’s, & Debate


BB vs. Wasatch @ 3:30


Sterling Scholar Awards

Jaimee Beard Rachel Dye Walker Memmott

22 BB Tournament @ Mesquite State Jazz Festival

3rd Quarter Ends

SB @ Wasatch

Cassidey Bussian Bryson Downey Dakota Holdaway 25


Josie Richards 12


Kassidy Ballow Jeffery Huffman Makaila Kendall Brittany Petersen Kylee Sperry 23


Jace Cook Elsha Diamse Nolan Nielsen

Mark Oveson 26

Julia Hughes 27

BB @ Gunnison

SB @ Payson

Drill Team Try-Outs @ 6pm

Cassidy Evans

Taylor Williams

Dedric Davidson

Quirky Country Music Day

Bowen Huseas Kyler Wankier Lauren Williams 28

Colton Henderson Rhett Nielson 29

SB vs. Carbon @ 3:30


Elijah Forscutt Hailey Wright


Spring Break is right around the corner! Wyatt Ostler Ethan Salazar Dylan White

Samuel Holladay Ulises Orozco Kyra Sperry

April 7th-11th

Shamri Wright Guest Writer The marvelous countdown begins! The big question that girls have been waiting so long to hear! “Will you go to prom with me”? As boys begin to ask their dates to Jr. Prom the girls begin to find the perfect dress. This is one of the biggest nights of your life that you don’t want to miss. The day is March 29th, so boys you better get asking if you want that special someone! With only a few weeks left until the big night you better be getting excited! After discussing and voting the Jr. Class came to the conclusion of the prom details. This year’s theme is Enchanted, and with that the slow song is called “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift. The fast song chosen was “Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs. The class of 2015 couldn’t be more excited to learn dances and perform them for the community at the floorshow. Also each student gets that special dance with their parent. The moment that our parents always look forward to doing! This year’s royalty goes as followed: 3rd Court is Kyler White and Kashley Carter. 2nd Court is Tom Allred and Julia Allred. 1st Court is Cody Fulton and Hannah Jacobsen. King is Dillon Douglas, queen is Meadow Kay. This is the one night that we can all be the princesses and princes that we always dreamed of being as children. Cameras flashing all night long to capture the beautiful and amazing moment. As Taylor Swift says: “This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go!” The floor is all lit up in sparkling lights and decorations! It’s a big night that will never be forgotten and always be held deep in our hearts.

Sterling Scholar

Shan Sherwood Staff Writer The Sterling Scholar program was developed to recognize outstanding students who excel in citizenship, leadership, and a particular academic area. The award is given to high school seniors across the state of Utah. There are fifteen categories that sterling scholars can compete in. Juab has fourteen Sterling Scholar candidates. Our Sterling Scholars this year are: Jessica Wallace (English), Kenneth Bonzo (Math), Aubrey Jones (Social Science), Tanya Oldham (Science), Sara Davis (Foreign Language), Walker Memmott (Trade and Technical Education), Jessika Kenison (Family and Consumer Science), Ashley Whimpey (Business and Marketing), Samuel Holladay (Speech/Drama), Rachel Dye (Visual Arts), Ashley Atkinson (Music), Savannah Berhmann (Dance), Shan Sherwood (Agriculture Science), and Jeffrey Rowley (General). The only category our School did not fill was Computer Technology. Each Sterling Scholar has their own reasons for trying to win the award. Some do it to help them get accepted to college. Some do it for the scholarships that they will receive if they win. Others do

it because they feel like it would be a great accomplishment. This year’s candidates for sterling scholar were chosen last May. When they were first chosen a lot of them were caught up in the excitement; they felt like they had already won an award. A lot of them had aspired to be a Sterling Scholar since they were freshman and watching their older peers. “I was excited to get involved, do some good, and possibly win a scholarship” said Jessika Kenison. At the time Sterling Scholar candidates asked themselves: ‘how hard could it be’? At the beginning of the year each of the Sterling Scholars promise themselves that they wouldn’t procrastinate and that they would be completely dedicated to finishing their portfolio in a timely manner. Throughout this last year the life of a Sterling Scholar has been nothing but hectic and stressful. Now that the deadline for Sterling Scholar books is approaching the candidates are feeling the stress even more. Some of them are realizing that they weren’t as involved as they thought. The outcome is still unknown, but wish them luck!

With high school basketball winding down college teams are just starting into the full swing of their season. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

february_2014.indd 3

Smiling through the stress Sterling Scholars are feeling the pressure with up coming due dates and interviews quickly approaching.Wish them luck this month! Front Row R to L: Savannah Berhmann, Rachel Dye, Sara Davis, Ashley Atkinson, Jessica Wallace, and Jessika Kenison. Back Row R to L: Aubrey Jones, Kenneth Bonzo, Samuel Holladay, Tanya Oldham, Shan Sherwood, Jeffrey Rowley, and Walker Memmott. Not Pictured Ashley Whimpey. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

Feelin’ Lucky Jeffrey Rowley Staff Writer It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It is the time of College Basketball and most importantly March Madness. The regular season is winding down and “The Big Dance” is a still a dream in many teams’ minds. Only sixty-four teams in the entire country are selected to play in College Basketball’s biggest tournament, which eventually crowns the National Champion. That tournament brings magic into the air as Cinderella stories, upsets, and brackets will fill the front of many fanatics’ minds. Even if you haven’t followed the season very close, brackets are always fun to fill out. Who knows that may be the best way to fill out a bracket. Every year upsets happen and underdogs make deep runs into the tournament. Your guess is as good as anybody’s when it comes to filling out a bracket. Millions of people are fill out

brackets across the country. This year there has been a twist; a little more incentive has been added for people interested in filling out a bracket. Warren Buffett has announced that he will give away One Billion Dollars to anyone who guesses a perfect bracket! One Billion dollars! If more than one person gets a perfect bracket the loot will be split. A winner can select to receive payment in forty installments of 25 million, or opt for a lump sum of 500 million. What greater way to get rid of one billion dollars that’s just lying around, than giving it to a perfect bracket winner of March Madness. Should Mr. Buffett be worried? Not really, the odds of a person making a perfect bracket is about 1 in 9.2 Quintillion. Nevertheless it is still worth a shot. Entry is free and the top twenty

“most perfect” brackets will receive 100,000 dollars that has to be used towards purchasing, remodeling, and/or refinancing a home. You can register to play starting on March 3rd, going till March 19th. Ages 21 years of age or older are eligible to receive the billion dollars. So as high school students we may need to register under a parents name. (I’m sure they would share the money if you won) Teams are picked on Selection Sunday (March 16th) and the games start two days later. To one, and to all I encourage fill out a bracket! Whether it’s for one billion dollars or in a smaller group just for fun, there are people everywhere competing with brackets. Embrace the spirit of the season and here we come March Madness!

2/24/14 3:39:27 PM

The Clarion v February 26, 2014 v Page 4

The Inside Scoops It’s A Conspiracy: Theories Uncovered Kenji Brooks Photo Guru Human nature dictates that we must know why events and other things happen. Questions such as why, or how, usually come up hundreds of times on a daily basis. However, when major events occur questions arise and doubts arise to the true nature of the event. Arguments occur and people doubt the truthfulness of “official” reports. Let’s take some of the most common proliferated conspiracies and see if we cant make them more confusing. The New World Order, or NWO for those of you who believe 3 words is too long. The New World Order conspiracy is that there is a Cabal (A small group of people that work together secretly) that is carrying out a clandestine plot of creating a Totalitarian One World Government. Theories range anywhere from full fledged Alien Invasions, Fourth Reich’s, or a takeover by the Illuminati. Most postulated implementations of such a system range from theories such as Gradualism, Coup D’etat, Mass Surveillance, Occult Takeovers, Population Control, and finally Mind Control. There are many who believe that at least one of these implementations are going to happen/ are happening. Let us look at each theory: Gradualism is the theory that organizations (such as the United Nations) have been implemented into a long line of organizations to eventually control all aspects of society. Coup D’etat is the theory of a hostile military takeover of black helicopters and a totalitarian government enforced by United Nations Peacekeepers. Mass surveillance is the theory power and control through the monitoring of people through use

of Social Security Numbers, bar coding products, and RFID Microchip implants. Other theories range from hostile takeovers by cults such as the Freemasons, or the infamous Illuminati. Population control through genocides, plagues, and controlling the weather to make people easier to track, and finally Mind Control through methods such as water fluoridation, or subliminal messaging. Proponents of Mind Control usually protect themselves with Tinfoil hats, however merely just a stereotype. The New World Order is one of many types of conspiracies, other types such as false flag operations or events that took place on purpose by high up government officials or military are also very common. One such conspiracy is the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and White House. Conspirators believe that the Towers could not have possibly collapsed from the impact and flames of the airplanes, and that rather a controlled detonation occurred at the same time from high explosives or Thermite on the load bearing beams of the building. Evidence of materials used in Thermite was found in the debris, however critics claim that the materials found commonly occur in the construction of large buildings. Other theories include: “government officials had advance knowledge of the attack,” and deliberately ignored the attack or even possibly helped carry it out. Conspirators reason that the attack would stir the American public to justify invading Afghanistan and Iraq to further the global strategic agendas of oil companies to further progress on a middle east oil pipeline by companies such as Unocol. When very real events occur, there will be arguments on

Sisters til the End! The twins, Veda Parkin and Velda Hanson, constantly serve our school. Photo courtesy of Veda and Velda

Save The Brain! Wraping your head in some Reynolds can “help fend off mind control” as well as most of your friends. Photo by Kenji Brooks

the true nature of what really happened. Allegations usually revolve around assassinations of prominent people, one such as conspiracy of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In 2004 Fox News took a poll and 66% of Americans believed that the assassination was part

of a much larger conspiracy, and 74% believed that it was part of an elaborate cover-up. There are hundreds if not thousands of theories surrounding the assassination of J.F.K ranging from allegations of witness tampering, intimidation, foul play, evidence suppression, tampering, and fabrication. Theories such as

the “magic bullet”, or the famous shooter-behind-the-grassy-knolltheory, continually grasp the imagination and suspicions of the American people. I suggest that you do some of your own research and come up with your own conclusions. As for the real truth behind these events, nobody may ever know.

Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief “I saw the twins in the parking lot after school yesterday picking up trash,” said anyone and everyone but suddenly everyone and anyone already knows who is being talked about. The Twins, are technically Veda Parkin and Velda Hanson. They live here locally, but they haven’t always. May 7th, 1926 on a large ranch in Vernal, Utah, Velda was born to loving parents. Too far from the medical center--“They didn’t even have a hospital, just a birthing center,” said Velda-- their father took control of the situation and delivered the first of the twins into the world. Fifteen minutes later their mother expressed she was about to have a second baby. Their father thought she was joking. “He always told us how she angrily insisted, ‘I wouldn’t joke about this! Get ready!’” said Velda. All during their younger years, they were practically inseparable and spent multitudes of time together either working the farm in the winter, or living on the ranch in the summer. Once they grew older, they both married and moved away. Velda found love first with Roland Hansen, and moved to Provo, where they parented two boys and one girl. Veda met a Robert Court,

with whom she mothered one boy and one girl. After a couple unfortunate events, fate directed Veeda to a new husband (Frank Court of Nephi, already a father of 5 children), and Velda searching for fresher air. After working at Geneva Steele for many years, Velda’s doctor advised her to move out of Utah County’s bad air due to her weakening lungs. Veeda had moved to Nephi to be with her husband Frank, and it was determined Velda would move to Nephi as well. The two of them cared for an ailing Frank in the last years of his life, and it was their way of doing so that created habits they later became famous for. “Frank had just had open heart surgery and always wanted to go for a ride in the car, but he kept falling asleep and we didn’t like to drive so much. We started pushing him in the wheelchair,” said Velda. Early routes included far too busy streets in Nephi, and “once we pushed him around the golf course twice… that wasn’t a great idea,” but one afternoon they settled on the high school parking lot. “The parking lot was open enough to really get around and get out, but there were no cars for us to be in front of or to go around,” said Velda. “One day he started leaning over and we said, ‘Frank, why are

you doing that?’ and he said, ‘Today we have nothing to put it in, wait until tomorrow,’ so the next day we brought a simple grocery sack, and that’s that,” said Velda. After endlessly taking trips with Frank and collecting garbage bits, it’s become a habit and a sort of homage to his memory. The girls still love to frequent the high school. They’ve been honored as the Grand Marshals of the Ute Stampede, and in 2004 they were recognized by Nephi City for their outstanding service-including the garbage collecting. Incredibly independent and determined to be forever young, they even mowed their own lawn until well into their 80s. Velda laughs today about how much has changed in her lifetime, including how the governor of Utah used to be just the small baby in her ward, born on her birthday. “People ask if we have cars. Yes, we both have a car, but if you don’t get out, use your legs, and get some exercise, you’ll end up sitting in a chair for the rest of your life,” said Velda. Their activity, service, and great hearts have helped them lead long lives as they enter their 88th year. At the time of our interview, their health was a bit under par, and on behalf of the journalism staff and Juab High School, I wish them better and bid them thank you for being a part of our small town’s quirky charm.

for a call to go meet your unit. Once you meet your unit, you have to be on your toes every second of every day. This is because, your units’ first class sergeant could call and change your training weekends to another weekend at any given time. At the weekend training, you are required to run two miles in under eight-teen minutes with an eighty-pound pack on your back. There are requirements with set ups and push-ups but they are sometimes different for people. When the unit is getting ready to go on trips for real life training,

they go to South America and other places outside of the U.S. and practice on the patients there if your unit is in the medical/dental field. As you are preparing to go on the trip, you sit in a classroom and have lessons on the mission and what to expect of the people there. In your unit, there will be a mix of old and young people that are willing to help you out. On your first day, you are assigned a mentor that is supposed to show you around, eat lunch with you, and help you with whatever you may need.

Veda and Velda

Thela Mitchell Staff Writer

In The Military (at 16)

Life in the military is very demanding with moderately high standards. The first step you have to complete in order to join is passing a test similar to the ACT. If you get a score higher than a thirty-one, you have passed and are ready for the second step. The second step is the over night physical test. Once you pass your physical, you search for an active or reserves unit that has an opening for what you want your MOS, or job, to be. Once that is done, you swear in, go home and wait

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Stories & Insights Inside the Helmet Paige Dunihoo Staff Writer You’re at the starting line with forty other dirtbikes waiting in anticipation for the gate drop. The noise is deafening for a spectator, but you’re oblivious to the sound. You are stuck in your own little world while you wait for the 30 second board to turn sideways and the holder to run off the track. Once that board is sideways you drop your head and you watch that gate, the second it flinches downward you go, and you let it all hang out while you do so. In the seconds after you leave the gate you’re only worried about one thing: Make it to the corner, get the holeshot, and get away from the pack. Most people if you were to show them this would have no clue what you’re talking about. This is one of the most unrecognized sports in the world. This is motocross. There are a couple students in this school who go just as unrecognized as the sport. Alberto Uresti, and Zavien Dunihoo race motocross. They would rather race than be on our high school football or basketball team. Zavien is involved in the AMA Utah State Championship. He is first in the class he races in and is working his way towards being the State Champ. While Alberto, due to an injury, is not able to race as of the time being. He is anxious to get healed up and get back out there. These two boys and many others in our school (as well as myself) know of the struggles and

hardships that this sport brings. Motocross is a controversial topic in the sports industry. There are a large number of athletes who think nothing is involved and all you do is get on the bike and go. That the bike does all the work, and that there is no mental or physical requirements to this sport. What they don’t realize is it takes everything that the rider has to give and then some. That it’s not just the bike behind the success; it’s a whole team. For amateur racers it’s their

“A Lifestyle where bonding, success, and failure can happen all at one gate drop.” family. From mom staying up however long it takes budgeting and planning how we are going to make it to the next race. dad being a mechanic at 2 in the morning making sure that everything on the bike is in top condition and race ready. Now don’t forget siblings that give up family time, social time, vacations, and most anything that a normal teenager would take for granted. To be anywhere near successful in motocross you have to have a team behind you. I have firsthand experience in this. I live in a motocross household, If

Motocross Fun! Zavien Dunihoo gets a rush from racing his bike. Photo by Paige Dunihoo.

you want to go to the movies or out to eat with your friends, it’s going to wait, because. you never know if that 20 dollars you spent doing other things is going to prevent you from making it to the next race. In this household motocross is everything. Where everything

ACT Personality

Jessica Wallace Staff Writer Nobody knows more about numero uno than numero uno. And though we can lie to others, it’s harder to lie to ourselves. We all know how we behave when a test shows up in our horizon even though we may not recognize our habits. So it’s time to rise and shine and put a finger on your testing personality. The Procrastinator- These are the people who are completely aware of a test but come up with any excuse to “accidentally” miss it. These guys (or girls) are cunning and well cultivated in the art of freeing themselves from any upcoming deadline if they so desire. From “having the flu” to “getting a flat tire,” these masterminds can evade any exam and give themselves the option to take it at a later date. The HyperactiveOften viewed as annoying, these people are often heard tapping writing utensils, mercilessly chomping gum, or whispering to themselves. This is often accompanied by the unbearable leg shaking or foot tap-

ping which often shakes the floor or the desk of the person sitting in front of the hyperactive, depending on placement of the foot. The Forgetful- “There’s a test today?!” is a phrase that is always uttered by at least one person, without fail. Amid the other pressured of everyday life, the fact that there was a test is put low on the priority list and deep into the dusty recesses of the mind. And clearly, not an ounce of effort was put into studying. The Complainer- Generally two types of people are known to complain. First, there’s those who show up, are well prepared, and have planned on there being a test for what seems like forever. And second, those who aren’t prepared and think annoying the teacher will somehow make them more likely to move the test date. The Zombie- At least I showed up right? This is the type of attitude that zombie-like test takers have. Though they clearly aren’t in any state to pass a test, at least they managed to get out of bed

(and hopefully brush their teeth). The Isolator- Taking a test can be pretty stressful, but some people push it to the extreme. Studying is their first priority and they’ll blow off anybody and anything that doesn’t involve acing the upcoming test no matter how much weight the test holds. Empty corners and quiet places become their friends and family and the only thing that can speak to them is the content in the book. At least they’re prepared right? The White-out- I think it’s okay to admit that some people just aren’t good at taking tests. They can soak up the material that will show up on the test all they want but it quickly evades them once the test is sitting in front of them. Suddenly, their mind goes as blank as the test staring them down, and it’s generally downhill from there. The Expert- Some people are just really good test takers. Kudos to the experts with their natural ability to succeed. With testing season quickly ap-

we do revolves around the next race somehow or someway. This is a daily lifestyle for us; however, we wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s a family sport and it bonds us in ways most families don’t. there’s your look into a motocross lifestyle where bonding,

ACT Time. Free ACT prep

proaching (especially the ACT), it is of great importance to recognize what type of testing personality you are if you want to overcome the weaknesses that come with the

success, and failure can happen all at one gate drop. We don’t give enough recognition to students like Alberto and Zavien, when they actually deserve it. When you see these kids and their families around make sure you give them a high-five and a good job.too


online! Just go to Photo by Kenji Brooks.

personality (or mixture of them because it’s possible to fit in one or more category) in order to optimize the final results.

To Ednet, Or Not To Ednet?

Professor? I Have a Question. Microphones are one of the forms of communication to connect students across the state to their professors in Ednet classes. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

february_2014.indd 5

Jessika Kenison Staff Writer If you are trying to decide whether or not Ednet courses are for you, here are some inside pointers that can help you make this decision. Ednet classes also come with different pros and cons than high school courses have. For example, some cons of taking Ednet courses include the fact that your schedule becomes off balance. You may have to leave high school classes early to be on time to college classes and in turn you may miss important instruction from your high school teacher. It is important that you coordinate with your high school teacher about time conflicts. Another time concern is that you may be left with a lot of free time or you are constantly running between high school and college classes, you will have to find a balance. Another con about Ednet courses is that most cell phones don’t get service in the Ednet room. Even though you could text through the professor’s entire lecture, you are forced to listen be-

cause your phone gets zero bars in the classroom. The last con about Ednet classes is that most grades are attendance based, so if you are a constant sluffer - be prepared for your grade to suffer (reminder: all Ednet grades also go on high school transcripts). On the other hand there are a lot of pros involved with Ednet courses. One pro is that you are able to take a college level course and receive college credit for only five dollars per credit hour. Sociology and Political Science are only fifteen dollars when taken as an Ednet. That is an outstanding deal when you consider that regular college tuition alone is thousands of dollars. Other pros include that you are able to get out of high school classes early if the schedules interfere, so listening to your high school history teacher drone on about World War II becomes more bearable. Another pro is that you are always aware of upcoming assignment deadlines. You are given plenty of notice and time to work on the assignment before it is due and can even e-mail your instructor with questions-- to which they

are usually quick to respond. One of the most important parts of an Ednet class is being able to read into your professor’s way of teaching. There are two types of Ednet teachers. It is critical that you are able to distinguish between the two types if you are to survive in the world of college. If you choose not to figure out your professor you will end up in a bind at the end of semester with failing grades that you aren’t able to change. Type A professors run their class so fast that you have to write notes at the speed of light. These types of teachers also base your grade heavily on attendance to class, participation (how many times you make comments during class), and on the quality of each assignment you do. On the other hand, type B professors post all of the class discussions online for easy access, so listening is not necessary. Type B professors generally don’t have many assignments that go on your grade and usually all you have to do is ace the tests. The only thing left to do after weighing the pros and cons about Ednets is to sign up!

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Sports & Highlights Committed To Excellence

Aubrey Jones Staff Writer Juab fans cheered as the 3A 2nd place state trophy was held in the air. A feeling of pride and accomplishment filled the boys who have worked tirelessly for hours on end to bring home a trophy. These wrestlers gave a huge chunk of their lives to the sport, and now it has finally paid off. Dalton Harmon, 3A state champion and one of the captains of the wrestling team, said, “ It was a good tournament. We had a few upsets, but we did what we were supposed to do. I was very proud of my team and myself individually.” The wrestling team’s victory at state was reflected in their entire season. The boys also had success at region placing 2nd behind Payson after putting up a long grueling fight. Ashton Seely, another 3A state champion, says, “This season was really good. I was proud of how everyone on my team did.” Ashton also reflects on his success at state by saying, “It feels good to know that the countless hours of hard work I put in paid off in the long run.” Along with our 3 state champions Dalton Harmon, Ashton Seely, and Ryan Hatfield, 6 other boys brought home state placings. Tanner Memmott took 2nd, Jesse Ballow and Ethan Mcpherson took 3rd, Kolton Lynn took 4th, and Jayce Steele and Tryler Greenhalgh took 5th. Another highlight of the 3A state tournament was head coach Lee Poulson was awarded Coach of the Year. Ethan Mcpherson, 3rd place winner at state and team captain, quotes Jake Varner when asked about his feelings on wrestling, “The thing with wrestling is you are always going to have a challenge along the way, I do not like to think of the challenges I have to overcome, but focus more on the goal I am trying to accomplish.” Wrestling is a grueling sport. The boys put in countless hours of practice every day. However that has only strengthened their dedication to the sport which has now lead them to represent Juab with pride at the 3A state tournament and bring home a 2nd place trophy along with the 9 individual placings. We want to congradulate all the wrestlers this season for doing a great job this year in winning several tournaments, and achieving high goals out on the mat.

Cheers Cheer try outs are coming up on March 6th and 7th! Be there. Photo by Walker Memmott.

Hey, Hey You: This is Juab Territory

Walker Memmott Staff Writer Juab! Juab! What’s your cry?! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!! Our cheer squad has led us in many loud and active cheers. This year, they have brought in a super strong spirit, as they preside over the pit at every sports event. Each basketball, volleyball, and football game, the squad leads us through a variety of high adventure traditional and new cheer. This year, the cheer squad wel-

comed Denise Buck as their new coach. She has done a wonderful job in choreographing intense routines, and mind blowing stunts. Our half time entertainment at every event is definitely mesmerizing. The squad brought out an entire new line of lifts and throws this year that put us all in awe. We were also introduced to a new fight song this year by the cheerleaders. “The mighty and proud we’ll sing it aloud are wasps will not be beat.” This song has made Juab this year. It’s a song

that is very active and gives us the spirit and mindset that we are the best. It makes me feel like I am apart of Juab High. It unites all of us. We are very fortunate that the cheerleaders presented this song to us so we can cheer on our team in the right fashion. Fox 13 news visited our school a couple weeks back, and we really showed our school pride as our cheer squad led us through our most popular cheer. “Hey, Hey you! Yeah you know the story tell the whole wide world this is Juab

Territory! We are lucky to have the cheerleaders we have to represent our school and help us along. I personally want to thank the cheerleaders for making the difference this year. Thanks for being the ones who helped us change old traditions into new traditions this year. Thanks for creating new cheers and uniting us the more than ever. It certainly has shown. For all you girls and boys hoping to be a cheerleader, tryouts will be March Sixth and Seven P.M.

Juab High School State Records Atlee Osborne holds a state baseball record for 30 stolen bases in a single season - 2004 Juab Baseball holds a state record scoring 272 runs in a single sea son – 2007 Juab Boys Basketball holds a state record for scoring 125 points over Wasatch Academy – 1973 Brett Lovell holds a state football record for 16 interceptions in a single season – 1997 Kyle Callaway holds a state football record for 24 sacks in a single season – 2005 Kade Ence holds a state football record for 190 tackles in a single season – 2000 Tony Pay holds a state football record for an average 28.68 yds. per reception – 1992 Elaine Jones holds a state track record in long jump reaching 18’ 4.50” – 1992 Lee Poulsen a state wrestling record for 3 state championships – 1989, 1991-1992 Takin’ State. Ashton Seely, Dalton Harmon, and Ryan Hatfield are 2014 state champions this year. Congrats! Photo by Joel Holman.

Records taken from UHSAA

Girls Basketball Game on Thursday at Four P.M. Ride the Student Bus!

Road To Cedar. McCall Sperry passes as Juab defeates Union to go to State in Cedar City on Thursday. Photo by Savannah Peterson

L-O-V-E We Love our Drill Team!

Walker Memmott Staff Writer “And our 2014 Region Twelve Drill Champions are………Juab High School!” Our drill team has taken region yet again and they did very well at state! In the character category the team placed third and sixth overall. They did a tremendous job this year being successful in several other competitions.

Tryouts for the drill team will be on March 26th. I have asked several drill team girls and they all say that drill team is super fun with lots of good learning experiences relating to teamwork and being self-reliant. You will be expected to have a positive attitude, have good teamwork abilities, and work hard all the time to be successful.

“Juab or Die”

Track Season Track season is here and everybody is ready to see some racing and throwing. Photo by Kenji Brooks.

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Back for the Gold

Joshua Allred Staff Writer Last year the boys and girls track and field teams were able to pull out on top as Region 12 champs for the second year in a row. This year will be a great year because yet again, we are looking very strong with a lot of varsity players returning, and are ready to get back to competing. Whether its on the track or the shot-put ring, discus ring or javelin run the team is ready to defeat. “This year will be a very great year for not just the running events, but for the throwing events as well,” said coach Gary Neilson. Last year we had two of the top ten national high school javelin throwers here at JHS; Senior Jeff Rowley and Senior Josh Clark. Jeff’s best throw was up to one hundred ninety one feet, but Josh’s longest throw is two feet more than Jeff. These two throwers are ready to come back and push each other to their limits. The girls sprint team lost one the strongest sprinters last year, Mackenzie Wilson, but are still looking forward to a great year. Jentrie Tolbert, and Erica Stanley are both very strong runners and are returning this year as varsity athletes. “ This year our girls running team is looking very strong and the girls have been showing strong marks at state last year along with crushing every oppo-

nent at region and taking the tittle,” said Coach Marrelli. We are all looking forward to a great season. The upcoming girls sprinters are Meadow and Autumn Kay. These girls are looking strong in every event they compete in. Shamri Wright, one of Juab’s top girl Javelin throwers, was unfortunately taken out of last years season due to a torn ACL in her right knee while coming down on her strong throwing approach. She is back from a one-year recovery, and determined to get back in the game to show every one what she is capable of. This year we have some boys on the up rise to take over for last year’s seniors. Kayden Whiting and Spencer Eldridge are both looking very good for the boys track team. “This year the boys are looking good with some very fast athletic runners Jacob Norman is looking very promising.” says coach Mike Spencer. Sophomore Jaxon Allred is a very strong and fast upcoming track star that is looking like he is going to be a very dangerous part of our Juab track and Field team. Senior Chance Carlton is going to be a returning star high and long jumper. He is very strong and is going to be going far this year. Our track team is looking like they have a great chance to take region and go on to compete in state this year. We all should be looking forward to another great year from our track team.

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Entertainment Old vs. New

Brinnlee Newell Staff Writer

Batman was first made in May 1939. By Bob Kane. Bob had came up with the idea of the batman and was helped by Bill Finger to create a better look for batman. Since 1939 there has been remakes out the wazoo of batman movies. As the batman has been remade they have adapted to fit the generation. Most of you probably don’t remember the KAPOW and POW version of batman. This was the first series of batman episodes that starred Adam West. Since then there have been many remakes. The many different batman actors such as Lewis Wilson, Rob-

ert Lowery, Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and soon by Ben Affleck. Even though the actors may very the story line is the same and with improving acting skills as well as pyrotechnics the movies are becoming increasingly good as well. In the most recent of the batman remakes, Ben afflack has been cast for the leading role as batman. This Batman’s dead line has been pushed to May 6th 2016, because they said that Zack Snyder and the crew need some extra time to “realize fully their visions, given the complex visual nature of the story.”

Batman, Then and Now These are the actors from the first batman to the batman thats going to be released soon.

When does it rain money? When there is a change in weather

Recently Released

Paige Dunihoo Staff Writer We The Kings- Somewhere, Somehow This album consists of a great array of songs; from slow to fast upbeat that makes you want to get on the table and dance! It is a very upbeat edgy pop band and they definitely show it through their music. Although don’t be fooled, the lyrics are deep and meaningful and you can relate to what they mean. If you want have a dance party I definitely suggest this album.

You Me At Six- Cavalier Youth The band really outdid themselves with this one. While they went with a bit of a softer edge they still put some songs out you can build up some excitement with. However these songs are calm and really meaningful. They wrote their emotion and some great quotes into their music. They aren’t completely indie, but they definitely went in that direction. This album is great to listen to when you’re just hanging out and relaxing. Ingrid Michaelson- Lights out Now this type of music really isn’t my cup of tea. This laid back, relaxing music usually doesn’t capture me, but Michaelson’s defi-

Samuel Holladay Staff Writer Since the Lego Company first emerged in 1937, the brand has become synonymous with childhood. The tiny, plastic building bricks are a playroom staple, and you’d be hard pressed to meet someone that hasn’t played with Legos at some point in their lives. The toys have spawned video games, TV shows, and even theme parks. It was inevitable that Legos would one day get their own movie. What’s so surprising though, is how great The Lego Movie is. It’s incredibly creative, intricately detailed, genuinely heartfelt, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. The Lego Movie, of course, takes place in a world completely made out of Legos. The ground, clouds, smoke, fire, and even water are all made of Legos. Created using a combination of computer animation and stop motion animation, this Lego world is stunningly beautiful, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. Our main character is Emmet (voiced by Parks and Recreation’s Chris Pratt), a lowly but happily content construction worker. Emmet goes through each day exactly how his instruction books- like the kind you’d get in a real Lego settell him to. He watches brain-dead shows like Where’s My Pants?, goes to work, listens to popular songs like “Everything is Awesome”, and gives his full support and trust to President Business (Will Ferrell). All in all, Emmet is just another unremarkable face in the crowd. A chance encounter with a beautiful, butt-kicking girl named Wyldstyle (The Hunger Games’ Elizabeth Banks) leads to Emmet stumbling upon the mythical

5 Seconds Of Summer- She Looks So Perfect EP I will admit I am a die-hard fan of this up and coming Australian band. Their first EP came out in 2012, while since then they have been working with various artists like Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low to Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte. This EP is putting us on hold for the album, which is coming out later this year with an unannounced date. This EP has a super upbeat edgy punk rock vibe that makes you want to sing-along to the top of your lungs. These albums were all great to review; while I had to step out of my comfort zone and listen to new things I discovered some great new genres and artist

“Piece of Resistance”. According to prophecy, the piece will put an end to the tyrannical President Business’s, or Lord Business as he calls himself when not in public, plot to micromanage every aspect of the Lego world. With the Piece of Resistance stuck to his back, Emmet finds himself the unlikely leader of a team of “Master Builders”, people that can build whatever their imagination allows. The team includes wise, old Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), incessantly happy Unikitty (Community’s Alison Brie), a wacky 80’s astronaut named Benny (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day), and Batman (Arrested Development’s Will Arnett), Wyldstyle’s scumbag boyfriend. It’s up to Emmet and his crew to stop Lord Business and his army of robots from plunging his people into complete and total conformity. It’s going to take a miracle, though, for Emmet to dig into his own imagination, become a Master Builder, and become the prophesied “Special”. It would have been easy for The Lego Movie to feel like a cynical cash grab, a movie made just to sell toys. But under the direction of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (who previously directed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street, as well as the upcoming 22 Jump Street), The Lego Movie becomes a thoroughly thought-out and downright delightful film. This movie is so rich with detail; I’m certain you could watch it a hundred times and still notice new things on every rewatch. The action scenes especially are a feast for the eyes as literally hundreds of Lego pieces fly around onscreen.

The movie is also hilarious, and the adults and teenagers in the theatre at my showing were laughing more than the kids. There is a joke or few almost every second of the movie, and it’s impossible to take every single one in the first time. The movie skewers pop culture, our own consumerism, and common storytelling tropes among other things. I was laughing from start to finish like a madman. You’ll also get a kick out of all the famous characters that find their way in the movie. The Lego Company has been striking deals with all kinds of brands in recent years, and it shows on-screen as this movie has some of the best brand crossovers since Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Characters from The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more make appearances, and it’s always hilarious. The biggest surprise from The Lego Movie though is how touching it is. The final moments of the movie are an examination and celebration of what Legos can mean to people that will hit you right in the nostalgia sensors. And for the first time in forever, here is an animated family film with a “youare-special” message that actually feels sincere. When a final monologue tells you how special, interesting, and important you are, not only will you believe it, but you might find yourself a bit misty eyed too. I loved The Lego Movie so much that after I left the theatre, I drove up to Walmart and bought myself a new Lego set. Then I bought “Everything is Awesome” on iTunes. Seriously. Everything about this movie is awesome, and I can’t get enough of it.

Check It Out

nitely caught my attention, she has a beautiful voice and I think most anyone would enjoy listening to her every so often. This album isn’t like a few of her previous lovey dovey ones. Either way this is a good album to give a listen to!

Catchy Caption This part explains what is happening in the photo and tells who is in the photo. Photo by First Last.

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Everything is Awesome

New to the school library! *Eve, Once, and Rise *The Pretty Little Liars complete series *Pandemonium *Requiem *Anna and the French Kiss *Lola and The Boy Next Door *The Last Thirteen series Book requests are always welcome. Come in and check out a book today!


Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer The Grammy’s are usually a night of splendor, as we celebrate the best in music with dazzling performances and deserving awards, but this year, the Grammy’s didn’t surpass expectations. The night started out with a fabulous performance Beyoncé (Queen B), but after, there were only a few memorable performances out so many performers. So, so many. Robin Thicke was a big disappointment, as he teamed up with some band named Chicago. But, how old are the dudes in Chicago? And how relevant is Robin Thicke without Miley Cyrus doing her “thing” on stage with him. Lorde turned a few heads, as she sang “Royals” as raw as she could. Although her dancing was… interesting, it was definitely memorable as we remember that she’s only 17. It needs to be stressed because she’s so talented and is more interested in embracing her Adams Family weirdness than becoming your cliché teenage artist. This is why I believe she got snubbed in the Best New Artist category, despite her borderline exorcism performance. Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar teamed up for an electric performance that definitely was a favorite of the night. It was a really cool mash-up of two incredible artists, and was the night’s most visually elaborate. Macklemore and Ryan brought

Mary Lambert, Madonna, Queen Latifah and 33 couples together (yes, they got married during the show. Heterosexuals and homosexuals alike) during a stunning performance of their gay rights song, “Same Love.” Love or hate Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, you have to respect their gutsiness. Like the song itself, their Grammys performance of “Same Love” was raw, bold, and moving, at an occasion where they could have just let people sing along to something like “Thrift Shop”. Rightful winners this year included: Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Vampire Weekend. People who definitely got snubbed this year: Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar (who should’ve won album of the year), Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Ray, and Pink (who gave a stunning performance, via silks, in an acrobatic, Cirque du Soleil-inspired routine and everything). Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the night was Daft Punk. Let’s start with their outfits. The whole “let’s dress up as robots/ Peacekeepers in the ‘Hunger Games’” gig is unique, but is completely irrelevant to their music. If there were a “Best Costumes” category at the Grammy’s, they’d have it in the bag. Sorry for all of you techno lov-

ers out there, but really, tell me one more of their songs besides “Get Lucky”. P.S., that’s not them singing too. Sure, I think that them winning “Best Pop Duo” and “Record of the Year” is fine. I think that it is absurd that this non-singing (and talking) French-duo won “Album of the Year” over artists like Macklemore and Kendrick Lamar. It’s baffling, really. Let me repeat, they don’t talk, or sing. They are DJ’s, who literally stand in the background of the real talent, and push buttons. Techno music might be good to dance to, but it’s also repetitive and tends to lack excitement (and actual talent). My overall question for the Grammys, what happened to the good old days? The good old days: where we celebrated artists like Adele (who rightfully earned Album of the Year in 2012), Bon Iver, and Amy Winehouse? Artists who poured raw talent into their unique music, and it didn’t matter about silly costumes. The Grammy’s this year seemed a bit… inorganic. Besides a handful of good performances, I think it fell flat in comparison. If I can strap on a silly helmet and push buttons to make repetitive music, and win the most prestigious award for not even singing the songs, then hey, could I win a Grammy too?

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Etcetera Simplot GAMES!

Jematisa Davis Staff Writer The roar of the crowd cheering, the stands packed, the flashes of the cameras. The refs circling the track, and the screams GO JUAB. This is the games. The Simplot Games took place this past Thursday the 13th through the 15th. A couple of selected students were able to embark on this journey. April Baxter, Destani Barnes, McKay Christensen, Kashley Carter, Jacob Newey, Kyler White, Spencer Eldridge, Erika Stanley, Andrew Bosh, and Mark Oveson. The Simplot Games took place in Pocatello Idaho, the team left bright and early Thursday morning “It was awesome so awesome” Said Erika, “Is there anything you else you want to say” “No it was just awesome, so awesome. It was just awesome huge, and big.” Stanley replied. Stanley competed in the 60-meter dash and the long jump, overall doing well and feeling successful

Bottom left to right: Wallaces room, wallaces room, counceling office. Middle left to right: Main office, Sutorius room, and Morintons room Answers: top left to right: Kevin’s room, Wallaces room, and Kevins room

in her journey. When asking Kyler White his favorite part of the games he replied, “Just that it was like a national level meet and it was a really cool place the track was really cool and there were a lot of fast kids there, and there was like a lot of sponsors. Oh and the Dance party and the hotel were cool to.” Kyler stated later he was pumped to go, he competed in the mile with the time of 4:47 placing 69th out of 270 runners. The last person I interviewed briefly was Jacob Newey. When asking him how his events went he replied “I did the relay medley and the mile, pretty happy with my time I PR’d.” (Personal record) His time was 5:15 for the 1600 meter. The Simplot Games was an honor, and a memory that will stick with each member that went. The competition was high, and from what I hear a lifetime experience. The team can’t wait to bring back their A game and take on the GAMES!

Photos by Thela Mitchell.


Thela Mitchell Staff Writer Lets play I Spy, Juab style! Here are some pictures of random items that are somewhere on the Juab High School campus. Look for these items in class, between

classes, before and after school, and at lunch. Lets see how many people can find these items before the next Clarion issue next month. Work with your friends, work alone, or work with your siblings while

your on this adventurous hunt to find the I Spy items you see here. There will be more I Spy At Juab next month. Enjoy your hunt and have a wonderful month Juab.

Hurried Hand-off McKay Christensen hands off to Kyler White in the medley relay. Photo by Cheryl Carter.

Tradition! Delayna Tolbert Staff Writer The entire school year, students of all ages have been flocking to this profound restaurant to fill their hungry stomachs. For the drama geeks, it has been going on for years. Every second performance night, (regardless of the time) it is always planned on to drive over to Denny’s and feast like champions. Even if the students haven’t just attended a sporting event or placed in a competition, it has always been a special meeting place to “get some vittles”, Especially if the school day ended exceptionally short. So, without further ado, I give you my ode to Denny’s.

Order Up! Its a Tradition for Juab Students.

Sara Davis Staff Writer The Super Bowl: the most prized television program to run across the screens of millions of Americans televisions. As hot wings and Dorito’s are gorged up, and foam fingers and pom-poms are thrown a muck, a new threat to society has emerged: the commercial. Sure puppies and ponies are cute, and who doesn’t love a talking circular candy now and then, but the messages and what is being sold in these advertisements have gone from “awe” to “iuch”. The problem is, these images won’t go away until someone shows them the way to go. Hollywood has polluted the airways of screens across the nation. What once would have been an Rrated film is now a strongly cautioned PG-13, X-Rated are now simply R, and when was the last time you saw large G plastered on the big screen before the show began? The problem with society today is people are okay with a little swear word here and there. A little skin? Puhlease! It won’t do any harm! Over usage of blood, guts, and gore? Well, apparently, the movie wouldn’t be exciting without it! And what about usage of alcohol? Sure, one can close their

february_2014.indd 8

I Dare Ya!

eyes during that one part of the movie or simply make an obnoxious buzzing sound as that word pops up in that catchy song, but the more people ignore, the more people label such instances as being okay, the more the media will slide in. News flash: it’s only going to get worse! Sports events of today, from half-time shows to commercials at the break, literally can be rated the same as some Las Vegas night shows. This year, one hundred eleven and a half million people (that’s 111,500,000 people...yes, that’s a lot of zeroes) watched the Superbowl this year. This is the perfect place to advertise anything. The majority of America is watching! Now that the moral standard of your everyday American is not what it once was on Leave it to Beaver, excplicits and images in which parental guidance is strongly advised appear more often that Ron ate nachos on Kim Possible. (Yep. Mucho queso). For those of the world’s population who are wishing for more class and less wine glasses, I give you a challenge: do something about it! Don’t like a song because of its meaning? Don’t listen. Feel uncomfortable during that one part of the movie? Get up and leave! Be a leader! Say something! Be the good you want to see in the

Photo by Kenji Brooks.

world. Media doesn’t have to be PG13 to be amazing! Look at Disney’s Frozen! If you are the creative type, be daring and make your own short films. Make music that uplifts, not encourages making one high. The more people seek out the good in the world, the more the media will have to rise up to the same level to succeed. I dare ya! Though I only caught a few of the commercials from the big event this year, they were, for the most part, the cleanest I have seen in a while. Hollywood is slowly getting the message. Families want to watch this event without having to blindfold and earmuff their kids. If enough people step up, maybe, just maybe, events such as the Superbowl won’t be celebrating Miley Cyrus’ version of a party, but will embrace the fact that happiness doesn’t come in a bottle. I know, a Superbowl without a Clydesdale is a far away fantasy, but the moral still stands. If you want it to change, you take a stand. Next year, as you are gorging on those hot wings and Dorito’s, and as the commercials of the Superbowl flash across the screen, take a minute to think: is this worth it? I dare you to make a decision, and then act on it.

(Sing to the tune of Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof) Tradition, tradition! Tradition! Tradition, tradition! Tradition! Who day and night must scramble eggs for customers, Feed a wife and children along with father? And who has the all you can eat pancakes To feed the hungry students? It’s Denny’s! It’s Denny’s!  Tradition!

Juab High School The Clarion Editor-in-Chief Ashley Whimpey Assistant Editors Kashley Carter Kenneth Bonzo Staff Writers Savannah Behrmann Jematisa Davis Aubrey Jones Skyler Asbridge Sam Holladay Brinnlee Newell Delayna Tolbert Jessica Wallace Jessika Kenison Jeffrey Rowley Ivy Mounteer Paige Dunihoo Sara Davis Shan Sherwood Thela Mitchell Walker Memmott

It’s Denny’s! It’s Denny’s!  Tradition! Who must know the way to bake a steak just right? A tossed salad?  An Oreo shake?   Who must always feed the families, and take orders So children are free from doing dishes? It’s Denny’s!  It Denny’s!  Tradition! It’s Denny’s!  It’s Denny’s!  Tradition! Denny’s serves breakfast all day long regardless of the time I hear they serve lunch all day too, I hope this is true And who stays open all night, to feed those in the plays As well as the latecomers from football, basketball games? It’s Denny’s!  It’s Denny’s!  Tradition! It’d Denny’s!  It’s Denny’s!  Tradition! It’s Denny’s!  Tradition! da da Denny’s  da da Denny’s da da Denny’s  da da Denny’s da da Denny’s  da da da da da da da Denny’s  da da Denny’s da da Denny’s  da da Denny’s da da Denny’s da da da da da Tradition, tradition!  Tradition! Tradition, tradition!  Tradition!

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