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APRIL-MAY 2021 VOL. 8, NO. 2

April-May 2021

Vol. 8, No. 2

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On the cover

Artist Zana Ranđelović-Brown. Find more on page 12.

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12 Flowerhead State of Mind Cover Artist Zana Ranđelović-Brown 22 Adding Luxury The possibilities are endless for home and garden renovations 27 Readers’ Home Favorite 2021 Results 28 Home and Garden Resources 60 IN Better Health page 56 with Wendy L. Jones


62 Looking Good, Feeling Great Resources

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16 INside Scoop 52 Home & Garden Essentials 53 Flourishes 56 INside Look 64 Travel Pack Your Bags! 65 IN Small Business Small Businesses Can Travel! 66 INside Peek 68 Drinks with Anna Let’s Get “Fizzical” 70 IN the Kitchen A Proper Chalupa 71 Haute Plates 74 Last Bite A Tavola


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Publisher’s Note by Jonée Daigle-Ferrand

As I’m writing this, it is March 18th, and I am celebrating my 15-year anniversary with my husband, Brad. Our ceremony took place in an iconic New Orleans building, the St. Louis Cathedral. We then second-lined to the Omni Royal Orleans Grand Ballroom behind Dr. Jazz. It was a beautiful and traditional New Orleans wedding with 200 of our family and closest friends. Our guests celebrated the Irish Italian Parade after our reception. Here we are 15 years later with one beautiful and kind 10-year-old daughter, Lilette, Jasmine our dog, Bella our cat and Sunset the pet hamster. This issue is one of my favorites to publish because it features Women IN Business. This is a feature I am no doubt familiar with as I have worked alongside so many amazing women in business! To see how far so many women running successful businesses in the New Orleans area have come is inspiring to young girls everywhere. I know I inspire my daughter every day to own her own business. This past year has been difficult and trying for all of us in so many ways, but when I see all of the women profiled in this issue, it brings me such happiness and joy. Take some time to read each of these Women IN Business profiles. They have achieved great success but are also just like you and me. I am pleased to say that the Inside New Orleans Women IN Business Luncheon at Broussard’s Restaurant is moving forward to celebrate all of these amazing women! When I think back on the last year and how much time I spent at home working and being with my family, I realize how much I wanted to accomplish around my house. I hope you enjoy the Home and Garden feature by Leslie Cardé which showcases all of the different style homes in our area. Please let our amazing clients know you saw their ad when you are looking for a spring spruce up of your outdoor living space, kitchen cabinets, bathroom, closets and any other updates to your home! As always, support your local businesses, especially Inside New Orleans’ advertisers!

Happy Easter! Happy Mother’s Day!


I nside N ew Orl ea n s

Contributors Our contributors give Inside New Orleans its voice, its personality and its feel. Here we are proud to highlight a some of them so that you can put a face with a name and get to know them.

Anna Tusa

Anna Tusa is the Director of Operations for Briquette, the Briquette Wine Room and New Orleans Creole Cookery. On page 68, Anna mixes up fizzy cocktails for spring.

Alison L. Burns Schonk

Alison L. Burns Schonk is the founder and CEO of Precision Payment Systems. She champions small businesses of New Orleans and throughout the Southeast. In this issue, Alison shares how small business can budget for travel on page 65.

Leslie Cardé Veteran journalist Leslie Cardé began her career reporting for NPR in Los Angeles. From there, she landed in New Orleans as an anchor/health and science editor before moving on to anchor three hours of daily financial news and host an entertainment show for CNBC. She’s reported from the Middle East for CNN, worked as a producer and narrator for E! Entertainment and wrote, directed and produced the award-winning documentary America Betrayed. Leslie currently writes for The New Orleans Advocate and Los Angeles Magazine. She is also a producer/reporter for CBS Newspath. See Leslie’s article about home and garden trends on page 22.

Lorin Gaudin Lorin Gaudin has passion for all things food, drink and arts. With a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Loyola University of New Orleans, and a culinary diploma from The Ritz-Escoffier in Paris, she parlayed her education to become a food editor/reporter for national, regional and local publications as well as local television and radio. She is an adjunct instructor in Delgado Community College’s culinary program and the host of a food radio show broadcasting from Delgado’s radio station, WXDR 99.1FM. Lorin is the creator-founder of FiveOhFork, specializing in food journalism and culinary social media/web content for the culinary industry. In this issue, Lorin shares a proper chalupa recipe on page 70.

Other Voices: Leah Draffen, Brad Ferrand, Thomas B. Growden, Melanie Langteau, Jeff Strout and Trent Spann. A p ri l - M ay 2 021


Flowerhead State of Mind Cover Artist Zana Ranđelović-Brown

WHEN GAZING UPON one of artist Zana Ranđelović-Brown’s Flowerhead paintings, femininity gently exudes from the woman’s physique and clothing while emotion and inner thoughts bloom from her head. The floral headdresses have become a signature of the Serbian native, now New Orleanian. The feminine style of her work is natural for Zana. “It’s just who I am and my way of expression. It’s the way I feel things and then portray them,” she says. When approaching the canvas, Zana lives with an idea for a while before letting the energy and 12

I nside N ew Orl ea n s

emotion come to her. This process especially applies to her Flowerhead series. “Flowerhead is a state of mind and getting there is a life process,” Zana explains. “It’s the idea of having to close your eyes to see, slow down and look inside ourselves. We live in a very fast paced world and often we get caught between demands of society, our family, and our own expectations. We search frantically for the answers around us when instead we should just slow down and turn to ourselves. Once we learn who we really are inside and what we really want, >>


by Leah Draffen


I nside N ew Orl ea n s

photos courtesy: ZANA RANĐELOVIC-BROWN

Zana at New Orleans Museum of Art’s Art in Bloom.

then we can grow on the outside because we know where to go from there. That’s when we bloom.” And bloom Zana has. Moving to America as a student 12 years ago, Zana did not know anyone in the city. “This was probably the most challenging experience for me as a young immigrant woman learning English, because I often needed guidance and support. I did not know how things were done here, or anywhere for that matter. I knew that I wanted to be an artist, but I never had a clear vision of becoming a business owner. Over the years, I was so lucky to surround myself with strong and courageous female figures here in New Orleans and they taught me about different opportunities in the world of art.” Now a full-time artist, mother and female business owner, she reflects, “I am so grateful for those mentors and other female artists who have shown me that it is possible to own my own business. When you’re an artist, you rarely refer to yourself as a business owner, but in reality, we are entrepreneurs. I had to step out of my comfort zone and learn about the business side which was not easy for me. It was all worth it because now I have the opportunity to share my paintings with the rest of the world.” Zana’s desire to become an artist began long before she came to the United States. Her first memories include drawing in elementary school and helping her friends with their art classes. At just 11 years old, Zana had her first painting displayed in a local gallery. She says, “I was so proud. No one else in my family thought it was such a big deal, but that was because I grew up in a wartime. As a kid, my parents shielded me from the horrible situations, but I knew enough. Art was on no one’s radar. It was survival mode for everybody. “Wartime doesn’t give you the freedom to dream of being an artist, so my parents tried to steer me toward something more

To see more of Zana’s works and her painting process, follow along on Facebook and Instagram @zanabrownstudio. Shop available works and learn more at zanabrownstudio.com.


applicable to the real world—they wanted me to survive. And I tried more practical options, but art always came back to me.” Since becoming a professional artist, Zana typically has enjoyed working alone in her studio. “I do my best thinking when I disconnect from the world and get into my zone. And once I’m in my zone, I lose track of time. I can spend days and nights there. It’s almost not healthy,” she laughs. “On those days when I’m painting like a crazy person, I run on Turkish coffee and at night, red wine.” Things have looked much different for Zana this past year, especially her time in the studio. She has balanced homeschooling her 7-year-old son, Luka, while attempting to paint and entertain him. Luka, as well as their studio tortoise, Lola, have become quite the celebrities of Zana’s social media where she shares her painting process and current works. “Luka is well known to people who follow my art on social media. I’m the least important,” she grins. Prior to the pandemic, Zana also spent a lot of time traveling, setting up improvised studios wherever she went. “Since moving here, I have been able to travel extensively to different cities and counties, but, outside of Serbia, only New Orleans has felt like home.” From her first day in New Orleans, she says that she immediately felt that she belonged. “One thing that inspired me about New Orleans is how it rises above adversity. It’s one of very few cities that is able to transform pain into a pure, beautiful form of art. I just think New Orleans is so rich with art culture that it attracts very artistic people.” Truly, New Orleans is so lucky to have attracted Zana.

A p ri l - M ay 2 021



Art in Bloom 2021: Home Grown


I n side N ew Orl ean s

weekly virtual concerts, in which dynamic jazz musicians perform live from the Jazz Museum! Tune in every Wednesday and Thursday at 2pm. facebook.com/ nolajazzmuseum/live. 1-25 SOLOS: Exhibitions and New Work Showcases by CAC Visual Artists-inResidence. Featuring exciting new work by Shana M. griffin, Ana Hernandez, and

Sarah Hill, the exhibition will be on view in the CAC’s second floor Lupin Gallery. Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp St. cacno.org. 1-May 15 The Pissarro Dynasty: Five Generations of Artistic Mastery. The Pissarro dynasty is the longest in the history of Western art, originating with the legendary Impressionist Camille Pissarro and enduring

photo courtesy: NOMA


1 Bubbles & Bourbon Dinner. A beautiful five-course dinner featuring Mumm Napa and Rabbit Hole Whiskey. Each course will be prepared with Rabbit Hole and paired with either champagne or whiskey. Briquette, 701 S Peters St. 7pm. $125 per person all inclusive. Reserve a seat, 302-7496. 1, 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 28-29 Virtual Concert: JFA All-Star Jazz Ensemble. Join the Jazz Museum online for their

May 5-9 Art in Bloom 2021: Home Grown. Presented by IBERIABANK | First Horizon. One of the most anticipated springtime events in New Orleans, for five days at NOMA, Art in Bloom will showcase spectacular floral designs created by garden clubs, floral designers and creative talents from across New Orleans. With the current climate in mind, 2021’s theme Home Grown will bring together exhibitors and speakers primarily from our city and region to celebrate the beauty that you can create at home. This year, Art in Bloom will feature both virtual and in-person experiences for patrons to enjoy while adhering to safety measures that will insure the well-being of visitors, patrons and staff. Your support will provide critical resources for both NOMA’s educational initiatives and exhibitions and The Garden Study Club of New Orleans’ community projects. New Orleans Museum of Art, One Collins C. Diboll Circle, City Park. 658-4100. noma.org.

for over 100 years since his death. M.S. Rau is proud to present a collection of significant works from five generations of Pissarro family artists in a range of styles, media and subjects, including Impressionist masterpieces by Camille and the contemporary canvases of the current generation. In person and online. M.S. Rau Antiques, 622 Royal St. 273-7391. >> A p ri l - M ay 2 0 21


Inside Scoop rauantiques.com. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 QUARANTUNES Virtual Concert. Every Friday at 2 PM, the New Orleans Jazz Museum hosts virtual concerts with an exciting mix of talented Jazz musicians, all performing from their homes. facebook.com/nolajazzmuseum/live. 3, 10, 17, 24 Champagne Saturdays. Symmetry Jewelers & Designers, 8138 Hampson St. symmetryjewelers.com. 3-4 Krewe of Red Beans’ “Hire a Mardi Gras Artist” Initiative Exhibit. Artistic creations from select house floats will be on view all together for the first time, and available for purchase through an online auction that will benefit New Orleans culture-bearers and the CAC. Advance online reservations required on a timed-ticketed basis of 50 people per hour from 11:30am-4:30pm. COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced, including social distancing and maskwearing. CAC’s St. Joseph Street Warehouse. 5283805. cacno.org. 4 Easter Brunch. Briquette, 701 S Peters St. Reservations, 302-7496. 4 Easter Brunch. New Orleans Creole Cookery, 510 Toulouse St. Reservations, 524-9632. 9 LPO Music at the Museum. Join the Hermann-Grima House for an outdoor musical performance in partnership with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra featuring


I n side N ew Orl ean s

Bruce Owen Musaica Ensemble and Dylan Tran Quartet! Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses, 820 St. Louis St. 6-7pm. hgghh.org. 9-18 A Comedy of Tenors. The 2015 play by Ken Ludwig features local opera singers with hilarious opera references that, according to director Tony Laciura, “… has nothing to do with opera and everything to do with opera tenors!” Jefferson Performing Arts Center, 6400 Airline Dr, Metairie. 885-2000. jpas.org. 10 Opera on Tap – In Our Yard: Shakespeare. Join the New Orleans Opera as they debut the new stage at the Guild Home with two new Opera on Tap – In Our Yard concerts. This concert features music from Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate (based on The Taming of the Shrew), Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Verdi’s Falstaff, Thomas’ Hamlet, and Rodgers and Hart’s The Boys from Syracuse (based on The Comedy of Errors). Plus, three musical settings of Romeo and Juliet – the famous opera by Gounod, I Capuleti ed i Montecchi by Bellini, and Bernstein’s magnificent West Side Story. New Orleans Opera Guild Home, 2504 Prytania St. 3pm and 5pm. $30 for a pod of three people. Face masks required. 529-3000. neworleansopera.org. 12 K-12 Cooking Program with Chef Syrena Johnson. Chef Johnson was 2011’s First John Besh Chefsmove! Scholarship recipient, 2012’s French Culinary Institute graduate and Dean’s list recipient, a 2014 MAD

Academy grant recipient, and “Chopped” champion. She is a graduate of Liberty Kitchen’s culinary program and now one of their Chef Instructors. Join HGGHH for a cooking demo and discussion on her illustrious path to renowned chef. Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses, 820 St. Louis St. 5:30pm. hgghh.org. 13 Cheers to Cheese: Whiskey. Taste your way through an assortment of cheese expertly paired with whiskey and whiskey cocktails. Hosted by Sazerac House cocktail experts and St. James Cheese Company. Sazerac House, 101 Magazine St. 4-5pm. All guests must be 21 to participate. $30. sazerachouse.com. 14 Open House. Atonement Lutheran School, 6500 Riverside Dr, Metairie. 5-7pm. 887-0225. Alcs.org. 19-25 Zurich Classic. TPC Louisiana, 11001 Lapalco Blvd, Avondale. zurichgolfclassic.com. 22 A Sip of French Culture. Join Historian Dr. Kristen Burton for an in-depth look into the culture that gave the French Quarter its name and sip on the culture in cocktail form. Sazerac House, 101 Magazine St. 5-5:45pm. All guests must be 21 to participate. $25. sazerachouse. com. 30 Dinner and a Movie: Say Anything. Presented by the New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute. Ticket includes a full-service feast and specialty Roulaison cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage, with vegetarian options available. Cashless bar onsite with additional

beverages and sweet treats. NOCHI, 725 Howard Ave. 7:30-10pm. $65. 635-0017. nochi.org/movies.


1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Champagne Saturdays. Symmetry Jewelers & Designers, 8138 Hampson St. symmetryjewelers.com. 1-15 The Pissarro Dynasty: Five Generations of Artistic Mastery. The Pissarro dynasty is the longest in the history of Western art, originating with the legendary Impressionist Camille Pissarro and enduring for over 100 years since his death. M.S. Rau is proud to present a collection of significant works from five generations of Pissarro family artists in a range of styles, media and subjects, including Impressionist masterpieces by Camille and the contemporary canvases of the current generation. In person and online. M.S. Rau Antiques, 622 Royal St. 273-7391. rauantiques.com. 5-9 Art in Bloom 2021: Home Grown. Presented by IBERIABANK | First Horizon. One of the most anticipated springtime events in New Orleans, for five days at NOMA, Art in Bloom will showcase spectacular floral designs created by garden clubs, floral designers and creative talents from across New Orleans. With the current climate in mind, 2021’s theme Home Grown will bring together exhibitors and speakers primarily from our city and region to celebrate the beauty that you can create at home.


Inside Scoop This year, Art in Bloom will feature both virtual and in-person experiences for patrons to enjoy while adhering to safety measures that will insure the well-being of visitors, patrons and staff. Your support will provide critical resources for both NOMA’s educational initiatives and exhibitions and The Garden Study Club of New Orleans’ community projects. New Orleans Museum of Art, One Collins C. Diboll Circle, City Park. 658-4100. noma.org. 7 Cinco de Bayou. A spirited five-course dinner featuring Espolon Tequila and Louisiana Pepper Exchange. Everyone will receive fun take home surprise. Briquette, 701 S Peters St. 7pm. $125 per person all inclusive. Reserve a seat, 302-7496. 9 Mother’s Day Brunch. Briquette, 701 S Peters St. Reservations, 302-7496. 9 Mother’s Day Brunch. New Orleans Creole Cookery, 510 Toulouse St. Reservations, 524-9632. 13 Cured & Aged: Whiskey and Meats Pairing. BBQ and whiskey are the perfect pair and in Cured & Aged, the Sazerac House will explore this pairing with Emmylou’s BBQ and a flight of whiskey cocktails. Sazerac House, 101 Magazine St. 5-6pm. All guests must be 21 to participate. $30. sazerachouse.com. 14 Dinner and a Movie: Waitress. Presented by the New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute. Ticket includes a fullservice feast and specialty Roulaison cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage, with vegetarian options available. Cashless bar onsite with additional beverages and sweet treats. NOCHI, 725 Howard Ave. 7:30-10pm. $65. 635-0017. nochi.org/movies. 15 Opera on Tap – In Our Yard: Travel the World. Join the

New Orleans Opera as they debut the new stage at the Guild Home. Even if your vacation plans are virtual, let them help with musical suggestions from around the globe! If you’re thinking about a classic trip to Europe, we’ve got selections from Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Something slightly more exotic? We’ll take you to Russia and the Balkans. Maybe a Caribbean cruise is more your style? Enjoy an excerpt from the West Indies. New Orleans Opera Guild Home, 2504 Prytania St. 3pm and 5pm. $30 for a pod of three people. Face masks required. 5293000. neworleansopera.org. 20 Cocoa & Cocktails: Bourbon. Learn why chocolate and whiskey is a pairing steeped in craft and tradition featuring Piety & Desire Chocolate and Buffalo Trace Whiskey. Hosted by Sazerac House cocktail experts and Piety & Desire Chocolates. Sazerac House, 101 Magazine St. 4-5pm. All guests must be 21 to participate. $30. sazerachouse.com. 28 Dinner and a Movie: Dirty Dancing. Presented by the New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute. Ticket includes a fullservice feast and specialty Roulaison cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage, with vegetarian options available. Cashless bar onsite with additional beverages and sweet treats. NOCHI, 725 Howard Ave. 7:30-10pm. $65. 635-0017. nochi.org/movies. NOTE: All dates and events are subject to change or cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Send your event information to scoopINOLA@gmail.com to have it featured in an upcoming issue of Inside New Orleans.

School Scoop ATONEMENT LUTHERAN SCHOOL Atonement Lutheran School, serving the Greater New Orleans community for 60 years, is currently enrolling students from PK3 – 8th grade for the 2021-22 academic year. Atonement has offered safe and secure in-person learning during the entire current year. The caring faculty and staff provide a great academic experience in a safe and healthy environment and the school is small enough to give your child and family the attention they deserve. Atonement Lutheran School is Christ-centered and committed to involving your entire family in the educational experience. Please visit walcs.org for a virtual tour and information about the admissions process. Join Atonement for an in-person open house April 14 from 5-7pm. Located at 6500 Riverside Drive in Metairie. 8870225. alcs.org. NOLAVORE SUMMER CAMPS Cook up some fun with Nolavore! Oneweek summer camp activities are designed to cover important basic skills, such as safety and sanitation, knife skills, grilling, sautéing, roasting,

egg preparation, and of course, measuring and baking. The focus will be on classic techniques and practical, scratch-prepared recipes that kids can use for years to come. Each session will be limited to 8 students in order to provide a safe, constructive environment. No two sessions are alike! Students are welcome to sign up for one or more sessions. Summer sessions begin June 7, 9am-12:30pm, Monday through Friday, for kids entering 4th through 7th grade. Nolavore also offers specialty holiday camps and custom cooking events for groups of up to 8 kids. Nolavore is located at 2139 Baronne St. nolavore.net. FLETCHER STEM CAMPS Last spring when it became apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic was going to quash Fletcher Technical Community College’s plans for summer STEM camps, the college used its imagination to engage the minds of children and teens, by designing the Energy Venture Camp and ASTRO Camp as virtual experiences with hands-on experiences via special kits. The kits, delivered to participants’ homes, included everything needed

for the STEM-based activities and discussions with virtual lessons and lectures via ZOOM. “The success of the summer STEM camps last summer was unprecedented,” comments Dr. Regina Verdin, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Fletcher. Fletcher is once again offering the Energy Venture Camp and ASTRO Camps as virtual experiences this summer. fletcher.edu/bayou-stem. URSULINE ACADEMY Diverse by design, Ursuline believes that appreciating and learning from people with different perspectives is how to build a better world. The academy celebrates girls for who they are and elevates their confidence to influence the world. Girls gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how to be successful in a global society. Through interactive experiences tailored to girls’ interests, Ursuline students learn how to think deeper, communicate clearly and solve problems independently and collaboratively. At Ursuline, STEM and the arts are equal partners in powering the girls’ education. They believe that creative thinking is best nurtured when young brains explore both analytical and imaginative ideas. Schedule a campus tour for Age 1 through 12th Grade. Located at 2635 State Street. 8611106. go.uanola.org.

A p ri l - M ay 2 0 21


This Old Metairie home boasts a putting green, a kitchen and pergola, and a fire pit. 22

I n side N ew Orl ean s

photo courtesy: CHASE MULLIN

Home and Garden

Adding Luxury by Leslie Cardé

The possibilities are endless for home and garden renovations

WHEN SIR EDWARD COKE said “a man’s home is his castle” back in the 17th century, he couldn’t have known the implications that statement would have in an era of Covid, four centuries later. For those lucky enough to have residences here in the city that were already geared to family entertainment on the home turf, hunkering down has been a bit easier. For one family on Garden Lane in the Country Club Gardens neighborhood of New Orleans with a backyard which includes a pool with fountains, a regulation tennis court, large greenspaces, and views that continue on down the fairway of the New Orleans Country Club, being at home rivals any top-notch resort. However, many folks became acutely aware that their homes were not designed for a staycation. Enter the designers, architects and builders in the New Orleans area to turn boring spaces into exotic habitats that

encourage recreation and relaxation. “Being stuck at home meant people couldn’t go on a vacation, so they wanted a 5-star vacation in their backyard,” explains Kirk J. Colgan, a professional landscape architect and owner of Artscape Land Design. “If they couldn’t get on a plane for Tahiti, they were going to bring Tahiti to them. And, since they weren’t spending money on expensive travel vacations, they had the funds to spend on transforming their own environment. People wanted to exit their back door and into an oasis.” Pools and spas add a feeling of serenity to any space. And, while it may be a new renovation, sometimes the owners want an “old world” feel. One uptown New Orleans Saints executive wanted the feel of a French Quarter courtyard, so Artscape Land Design set about to put those antique elements into play. Materials seen in the >> A p ri l - M ay 2 0 21



photo courtesy: NICOLE RUPPEL JONES

Clockwise from top: This Uptown New Orleans pool was inspired by the old-world charm of the French Quarter; this home theater is in the Lakefront area of New Orleans and seats eight for movie viewing; powder rooms can be eclectic and fun, with an unexpected pop of color like the blue sink built by Precision Builders.


photo courtesy: KIRK J. COLGAN, PLA

Home and Garden

Quarter were replicated around the modern pool. “True blue” flagstone appears on the deck and spa, and rare “old hard tan” bricks embellish the back wall where the “sheer descent” water feature recirculates the pool water. Bringing one’s favorite pastime within steps of the back door can be very appealing. One such home in Old Metairie is designed with a full-scale putting green. “The owners of that house on Arlington had been there twenty years and the putting green was the owner’s

I n side N ew Orl ean s

idea, since he’s an avid golfer and wanted to spend time on his game without going to the country club,” says Chase Mullin, owner of Mullin, who builds dream exteriors. “In this particular instance the initial design was done elsewhere, which is unusual for us. We tweaked the plans and put everything together for the build-out. Fortunately, this family had an oversized backyard which allowed us to include an outdoor kitchen, a deck with pergola, and a fire pit. The lawn itself is artificial turf, which stays green all year long, and allows the golfer in the house to attempt chip shots onto the green.” If you live in a heavily forested area like Mandeville on the Northshore, it’s possible to create an environment which literally brings the woods right onto your property. With a fence way at the back of the property, using nonopaque material makes it virtually invisible,” explains Kirk Colgan. “And, in this manner, one spaces flows right into the other.” Many homeowners have extended renovations into

other areas of the house… kitchens and baths being among the most popular. “These renovations can become very elaborate and sometimes involve teams of contractors and installers,” recounts designer Nicole Ruppel Jones of Legend Interiors. “The interesting thing is that since the onset of the pandemic, the lead times on materials have gotten longer and longer with the cutbacks and closing of some factories, so we encourage those considering renovations to order appliances, countertops, flooring, and anything else needed, early. Each home has an individual set of challenges. You never know what you might find, for instance, when you tear down a wall.” One particular Bucktown kitchen integrates a number of current trends, and seems to bring a sophisticated finish to an area that has traditionally concentrated on utilitarian design. “This gold and white kitchen, designed by me and built by Precision Builders, has ample natural light streaming in from windows everywhere, enlarging the space immediately,” says Jones. “One of the new trends is mixing metals. Matchy-matchy is gone. Cabinetry can be in different colors throughout the kitchen, and islands often get their own color splash. (Green and turquoise are now popular colors.) Oversized lighting, like pendant lights are now often seen over islands. And many clients now want elaborate wet bars built. They’ve sprung up everywhere, with so many New Orleans bar closures.” Powder rooms are even less conventional. According to Jones, anything goes! Color tones do not need to match the rest of the house, wild wallpaper is au courant, and innovative cabinetry in a color like cobalt blue really makes a statement. In light of movie theater closures in the time of Covid, many clients are requesting their own home theaters. One such theater at a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home on the New Orleans lakefront boasts adjustable footrest seating for eight, amidst a specialized sound system. The theater is conveniently located adjacent to the home bar, putting the large built-in chair cup holders to good use. For one designer, adding on a new master suite to her own home in Kenner meant extending the back of the house into part of the rear yard, thereby gaining lots of wanted space for her innovative bathroom. But it’s the use of that space that may have you doing a double-take. The LED >> A p ri l - M ay 2 021



photo courtesy: NICOLE RUPPEL JONES

Home and Garden

Above: This Bucktown kitchen features the latest in trends... a waterfall island, pendant lighting, and mixed metal design. Right: This ultracool bathroom in Kenner was designed for both optics and safety. 26

lighting on the ceiling and under the cabinetry is remote controlled and includes 13 colors in its palette, including violet, fire engine red and emerald green, just for starters. “We decided to stay in this house, and design it so we can age in place,” recounts designer Danielle Cambre of DC Home Interiors. “At the moment, we have young girls, and two large dogs, but it’s laid out so we can enjoy it now and far into the future. The walls are all fortified, so they can support grab rails if needed down the road. The shower space is extra-large with multiple shower heads and pebble floors which not only look unique but serve as a non-slip surface. And, the rest of the flooring is done with high density material where lots of friction is created when you

I n side N ew Orl ean s

walk, making it a stable surface—preventing falls.” And while safety is certainly a guiding factor, the bathroom looks modern and trendy with its black marble countertops, horizontal door and drawer pulls, stunning chandeliers, and metallic cork wallpaper. A built-in waterproof television over the extra-large soaking tub, and a large vanity area with recessed lighting are the icing on the cake. Whatever and whenever you as a homeowner decide to renovate, getting an expert in on the project will help you attain your goals. “My typical clients have been in their homes at least five years, and it’s usually not their first home,” said Mullin. “In fact, it’s very probably their forever home. They’ve been thinking about and planning what they might want, and then they’ll engage us to help them realize that vision.” Every professional we spoke with emphasized that no one should be afraid to think outside of the box. “Walls don’t have to be white,” says Jones. “We live in a colorful city. Showcase those colors in your home.” As for backyards, try to think about what you want and what the area will be used for. “I always ask clients what they love and what they hate,” says Colgan. “If they hate palm trees and love water, we can go with a southern garden a la the French Quarter, and some sort of pool. Even if the backyard is small and they don’t have room for an Olympic sized pool, there are cocktail pools or garden pools that can be 12’ X 6’… or perhaps a lap pool which is only 5 feet wide.” One thing is certain. When it comes to renovations, the possibilities are endless! Leslie can be reached at leslieinolamag@gmail.com.

Home Edition

For the inaugural Inside New Orleans’ Readers’ and Editor’s Home Favorites, we asked you for your top picks in home categories from Antique Shops to Stone and Tile. Congratulations to the winners below! Be on the lookout for more Readers’ Favorites online at insideneworleansmagazine.com.


Gardening Store

Mortgage Broker

Architecture Company

Home Delivery Meal Company

Outdoor Furnishings

Dop Antiques & Architecturals M.S. Rau Antiques Renaissance Interiors Flynn Designs NANO LLC NOLI Designs

Perino’s Garden Center The Plant Gallery

Clean Creations Sensible Meals

Home Décor

Marcus Buring, Northstar Mortgage, LLC Paul Loria–Whitney Eros Home Outdoor Living Center

Pest Control

Campbell Cabinet Company Classic Cupboards

Dugas Pest Control Hilltop Shoppe J & J Exterminating Niche Terminix Auraluz


Home Loan Lender


California Closets Louisiana Custom Closets Ruffino Custom Closets

Commercial Contractor

Jos. R Labadot, Inc. General Contractors Ryan Gootee General Contractors, L.L.C.


Jim Owens Flooring New Orleans Flooring, LLC

Furniture Designer Doorman

Furniture Store Doerr Furniture Fur.nish JADE

Gallery or Artist

Abigail Reller Art Casey Langteau Art Gallery B Fos Terrance Osborne Gallery Zana Brown Studio

Hancock Whitney Bank Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union NOLA Lending

Interior Designer KHB Interiors Rivers Spencer Susan Currie Designs

Kitchen Design

Nordic Kitchens Southland Plumbing Supply


Exterior Designs, Inc. by Beverly Katz The Garden Gate Gregg Porter Gardens Mullin Landscape


Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights Greige Home Interiors Gulf Coast Lanterns Julie Neill Design


ClearWater Pool & Spa Paradise Pools and Spas Premier Pools & Spas

Real Estate Agent

Brittany Piccolo Ramos, Godwyn & Stone Real Estate Glenda Bach Stacie Carubba, Athena Real Estate

Residential Builder/ Contractor Chatagnier Construction, LLC J Hand Homes, LLC Precision Builders of Louisiana


NOLA Rugs Rug Chic

Solar Panels

Solar Alternatives, Inc.

Stone and Tile

Palatial Stone & Tile River Rock Stone Works Stafford Tile & Stone A p ri l - M ay 2 021


Home and Garden



4408 Shores Dr., Metairie, 504-888-3313 shopauraluz.com

Abigail Reller Art

1623 Metairie Rd., Metairie, 504-491-5675 abigailrellerart.com

Athena Real Estate

Stacie Carubba 118 W. Harrison Ave., Ste 301, 504-507-8331 staciecarubba.com

Benton Tree Service

4422 Walmsley Ave., 504-896-0820 bentontreeservice.com

Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights 521 Conti St., 504-522-9485 bevolo.com

CPA Realty

Jessica D. LeBlanc, 504-812-8807 cparealtyllc.com

Doerr Furniture

914 Elysian Fields Ave., 504-947-0606 DoerrFurniture.com

Eros Home & Clothing 405 Covington St., Madisonville 985-206-9868 erosmadisonville@gmail.com

Exterior Designs, Inc. by Beverly Katz 504-866-0276 exteriordesignsbev.com

Fidelity Bank

800-220-2497 Bankwithfidelity.com

Gallery B. Fos

2138 Magazine St., 504-444-2967 beckyfos.com

Godwyn & Stone Brokerage 1912 Clearview Pkwy., Ste 200, Metairie 504-826-8426 godwynstone.com 28

I nside N ew Orl ea n s

Eros Home & Clothing in Madisonville.

Greige Home Interiors

2033 N. Highway 190, Ste 10, Covington 985-875-7576 greigehome.com

Gulf Coast Lanterns

401 North Columbia St., Covington 800-910-3275 gulfcoastlanterns.com

Hilltop Shoppe

3714 Magazine St., 504-533-9670 hilltopshoppe.com


324 Metairie Rd., Metairie, 504-875-4420 jadenola.com

Jessica Marasco Illes

Edward Jones 606 N. Carrollton Ave., 504-486-8645 Edwardjones.com

J&J Exterminating

416 Commerce Point, New Orleans 504-833-6305 jjext.com

Latter & Blum Lacey M. Conway 430 Notre Dame St. Latter-blum.com

Legend Interiors

Nicole Jones 432 N. Anthony St., Ste 301, 504-324-8080 info@legendinteriorsinc.com

Money Hill

100 Country Club Dr., Abita Springs 985-892-3300 moneyhill.com


A p ri l - M ay 2 021


Home and Garden


Niche Modern Home

1901 Highway 190, Ste 3, Mandeville 985-624-4045 nichemodernhome.com

Nola Rugs

300 Jefferson Hwy., Ste 401, 504-891-3304 nolarugs.com

Nordic Kitchens & Baths

1818 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, 504-888-2300 nordickitchens.com

North American Insurance Agency 2255 N. Hwy 190, Covington, 985-871-5480 naiala.com

Outdoor Living Center

1331 N. Highway 190, Covington, 985-893-8008 outdoorlivingcenter.com

Palatial Stone

1526 Religious St.; 504-576-9000 2052 Paxton St., Harvey; 504-340-2229 Palatialstone.com

Precision Builders of Louisiana, LLC

Jason Maenza, 504-500-1540 precisionbuildersofla.com

Ruffino Custom Closets 111 Campbell Blvd., Mandeville 504-252-9884 ruffinocustomclosets.com

Ryan Gootee General Contractors, L.L.C.

1100 Ridgewood Dr., Metairie, 504-832-1282 rggc.com

Shirley “Toni” McCord, CPA

2908 Hessmer Ave., Metairie, 504-888-8333 tonimccordcpa.com

Southland Plumbing Supply 2321 North Arnoult Rd., Metairie 504-835-8411 southlandplumbingsupply.com

State Farm Agent Mary Beth Rittiner 125 Wall Blvd., Gretna, 504-392-5808 Mary.b.rittiner.b20f@statefarm.com 30

I nside N ew Orl ea n s

table of contents

36 Amber Mayeur Clearview City Center

37 Erin Schaumburg Eros Home & Clothing

38 Brittany Picolo-Ramos Godwyn & Stone Brokerage

39 Micháel Burns and Kathleen Hall McCullough Greige Home Interiors

40 Dr. Shondra Williams InclusivCare

41 Lacey Merrick Conway Latter & Blum Realtors

42 Dr. Zeena Al-Dujaili New Orleans Aesthetics

43 Sharon Schenck NOLA Rugs, Inc.

44 Dr. Karen Jakuback Ursuline Academy of New Orleans

45 Abigail Reller Abigail Reller Art

45 Stacie Carubba Athena Real Estate

46 Anna Tusa Briquette and New Orleans Creole Cookery

46 Jessica D. LeBlanc CPA Realty

47 Joni Friedmann-Lagasse Dependable In Home Care

47 Jessica Marasco Illes Edward Jones

48 Susan Freeswick Everyday KETO To Go

48 Jennifer Rabalais JADE

49 Jennifer Ponson Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Designs

49 Alison L. Burns Schonk, MBA, Founder & CEO Precision Payment Systems

50 Reagan Charleston Reagan Charleston Jewelry Champion Title

50 Dr. Elizabeth Foley Bucher The Skin Surgery Centre A p ri l - M ay 2 0 21


Women IN Business

Judy Schott and Nita Gassen A simple idea to make a daily task easier has turned two Mandeville mothers into successful inventors. “We never intended to create a product nor a business. We both had careers that we love,” says Nita Gassen. “We created this to solve a personal problem. It quickly evolved once we realized the Better Bedder could help other people.” Nita and Judy Schott, both in their 50s, have been working on the Better Bedder for years after Judy began searching for ways to revolutionize the looming task of morning bed-making. Feeling determined, she called Nita, a longtime friend and Luling native, who immediately went to work on this new game changing invention. “I told Nita that we have to create something. This is a daily task, and it’s such a hassle,” Judy says. “It just shouldn’t be so difficult to make a bed.” While continuing to work full-time jobs, the duo started using their nights and weekends to pursue this innovative endeavor. They wandered around a Home Depot together looking for inspiration, and then Nita had an idea. She then bought a sewing machine, and she 34

I nside N ew Orl ea n s

taught herself how to sew. The first Better Bedder was intricately pieced together in 2018, which they describe as a giant headband that wraps around the sides of a mattress to keep both the fitted and flat sheets in place. Once it’s on, it can be considered part of your mattress allowing you to tuck your sheets directly into the Better Bedder instead of beneath your mattress. The bed band allows for making the bed with minimal effort. Hardly a seamstress, Nita was not up to the task of churning out Better Bedders. Instead, the pair embarked on a search to find a manufacturer. After visiting facilities all over the region, they found the perfect sew shop in Algiers. “Once the invention was created, we immediately realized this product could dramatically change the morning routine of millions of people who usually resist making the bed,” Nita says. Before long, Nita and Judy were selling Better Bedders at local markets and online. Their adult children began to help them, taking shifts at the sales booths and ramping up

photo: © 2020 BRAD FERRAND


photo: © 2020 AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANIES, INC., All rights reserved.

their online presence. As their hobby turned into a family affair, the positive customer reviews poured in, and they realized they were indeed really helping people. The zeal for their product is obvious from their Facebook page, which is flooded with overwhelmingly upbeat reviews. One reviewer wrote: “I have a bad back and changing or making the bed was a chore, but the Better Bedder really has changed that for me. Making the bed everyday takes minutes and is painless!” An aspect of the Better Bedder that customers love is that it does not require any special sheets. Customers can use any sheets from any store. Another perk is that sheets will stay in place all night. The corners will no longer pop off, and your bed will stay neat. “We just genuinely hope that one day there will be a Better Bedder on every bed in the world,” says Nita. “We are convinced that it can help so many people especially seniors and the disabled. From RVs to truckers to busy moms, the Better Bedder can help everyone.” Nita and Judy are not the only ones who believe in the Better Bedder as proven on a Shark Tank episode in late February. Judy says about the experience: “It was surreal pitching to the Sharks. When the doors opened and we walked down the hallway, it felt as though we were entering the twilight zone. We immediately went into our scripted pitch, which we had practiced a thousand times. From that point it was just a race to try to get as much information to them as possible before they rejected us!” However, rejection was not the case for the Better

Bedder. “My first thought was ‘thank goodness we got at least one offer’ and then suddenly we were faced with three offers,” says Judy. “That’s the part that we hadn’t planned for and really weren’t able to coordinate. It became chaotic and a free-for-all. Getting the three offers and trying to decide on the spot was the most stressful point of the entire process.” The two went with Lori Greiner’s offer. After their successful pitch, the women had to remain tightlipped about the show and the entire experience. “It was extremely hard to keep it a secret! We continued to tell each other that it seemed unreal. ‘Did we really just go on Shark Tank?’” laughs Nita. “And we didn’t know the air date until three weeks prior! Plus, until the show aired, we really didn’t know for sure if it would be aired. We were forewarned that at any point in time it might not actually make it on the air so we were nervous up until we watched ourselves on television.” Looking ahead as the Better Bedder business continues to grow, Nita will work full-time for Better Bedder while Judy continues her role as COO of Gilsbar LLC, a local health and life insurance services provider. “If you believe in something, you can do it,” Nita says. “We became believers in this Better Bedder and it is for that reason alone that it actually turned into what it is today. No other reason whatsoever. We believed that it could help people.” Watch the episode at abc.com and learn more about the Better Bedder at thebetterbedder.com. A p ri l - M ay 2 021





P R O F I L E S “Every day, we would choose a family to send a meal to and then we would let them “Feed it Forward” by sending a meal to another family of their choosing the next day. Altogether, we sent over 100 meals to healthcare workers, service industry employees and the elderly in the Jefferson Parish community.” Giving back to the community came naturally to Amber as it was instilled in her from a young age. “Growing up I watched my mom, Michelle Boudreaux, actively giveback to the community any way she could. My mom has taught me how to be a strong, determined woman and to fight for what I believe is right,” Amber says. She also feels surrounded by powerful women each day at Clearview. “I love being in an environment with several empowered women. It creates a great atmosphere where we are all able to effectively communicate and support each other. All of the women in my office truly inspire me.” As the first shopping center in the area to close at the start of the pandemic, Clearview is

Amber Mayeur

CLEARVIEW CITY CENTER After graduating with honors from the University of New Orleans, Amber Mayeur landed an interview with Clearview City Center General

thrilled for what’s next in 2021. “Despite having a difficult year, the future of Clearview City Center is still moving forward. Before the center re-opened,

as Marketing Manager and Event Coordinator in

we took extreme disinfecting measures for the

March of 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic began.

entire shopping center and we continue to enforce

Amber says: “Beginning the new position

all safety precautions to ensure a comfortable and

Manager, Tara Ledoux. “I instantly knew I had found

during such a confusing time certainly had its

an organization that I could excel with,” Amber

difficulties. All events were canceled and the center

reflects. “Tara believed in me from the very start,

was forced to close. We asked ourselves ‘What

around the Center from the new Regions Bank

she was patient with me as I learned the ins-and-

was there to market?’ We had to be creative.”

finishing construction to Ochsner taking over the

outs of working in an office environment and she

Tara and Amber both wanted to do something

Sears space and breaking ground. “We are also

truly finds joy in watching me grow.”

to help the community so the “Feed it Forward”

creating an environment everyone can enjoy

social media campaign was created. “The ‘Feed it

whether they’re shopping, working, or having a

and Events Coordinator in August 2019, Clearview

Forward’ campaign was a two-and-half-month-long

family fun day all at The New View,” Amber says.

management quickly realized Amber’s potential

giveaway we held on both Clearview’s Instagram

“Clearview’s top priority is our community.”

in the digital marketing realm. “Tara knew that

and Facebook. Every week we would make a new

marketing was my expertise and that I could

post asking our audience to tag any friends and

with her husband, family, friends and the couple’s

handle the role of Marketing Manager.” Amber

families they knew who needed extra help during

two dogs, Meeko and Kona. Amber is an honorary

took over all of Clearview’s marketing initiatives

the shutdown.

member of the American Marketing Association.

Joining the team as Administrative Assistant

safe environment for our shoppers.” In addition, exciting things are happening

As a newlywed, Amber enjoys spending time

To learn more about Clearview, visit clearviewcitycenter.com. 36

I n side N ew Orl ean s





Erin Schaumburg EROS HOME & CLOTHING

Above all things, Eros Home & Clothing owner Erin Schaumburg is a momma. “My five boys are my greatest claim to fame,” she smiles. With motherhood at the forefront, she approaches design projects with a mind for durability, but also beauty and peace. “Our focus is on family. Home is where your heart is, and we specialize in making it a place that you never want to leave. Whether a grandmother or a mom, we want your home to be comfortable for your style and your family. It’s all about making memories and making it your own!” Personalization can go even further with Erin’s custom upholstery line, My Five Boys. All of the sofas and chairs are named after her sons—Beau, Christian, Shepherd, Isaac and Oliver. Using lots of kid- and pet-friendly fabric, Erin says, “Almost everything we put into your house is washable or cleanable and still gorgeous. I really do believe that upholstery that is custom designed for you makes your home.” Erin’s upholstery line can be seen at Eros Home & Clothing’s 8,000-square-foot store in Madisonville. “When we opened our new location in 2019, we were on a quest to create an atmosphere that felt peaceful, and that customers would never want to leave. We accomplished that with 4,000 square-feet of outdoor living options, 3,200 square-feet of furniture, and 800 square-feet of custom-picked clothing. “It’s really worth the trip to the Northshore to visit. When you walk in, the store gives you such an amazing feeling. Everyone that walks in asks the same thing, ‘Can

projects. “I get all of my design inspiration from nature and God,” she adds. Erin’s

I sleep over? Can I stay?’ It really is that peaceful.”

eye for serene spaces inherently comes from her mother, owner of Chatta Box

That peaceful, light and right aesthetic is often found in most of Erin’s

Boutique. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of her childhood home and mother’s store inspired Erin’s own unique style which has served Eros Home & Clothing customers for nearly 25 years. On Instagram (@erosbyerinschaumburg), followers can take a peek into Erin’s life with five boys, new arrivals at the store, and the projects both big and small that she is working on. She shares about the homes and lives of her clients, noting them as friends. “Most clients who have hired me, hire me again. We become friends and they use me forever as I aim to create spaces for them to make memories. “It is who I am and why people hire me. Most of the people that hire me, choose me because I love my family more than anything. Motherhood comes first.”

Follow along on Instagram @erosbyerinschaumburg. Eros Home & Clothing is located at 405 Covington Street in Madisonville. Reach Erin by email at erosmadisonville@gmail.com or 985-206-9868. A p ri l - M ay 2 0 21






Brittany Picolo-Ramos

GODWYN & STONE BROKERAGE Brittany Picolo-Ramos is enthusiastic about real estate, and even more they’re sometimes therapists,” says Brittany. “That is why I enjoy the business enthusiastic about caring for people. “Here at Godwyn & Stone, we are about relationships, not just transactions,” Brittany says. “Our mission is to help and care for our clients all while advocating for them and protecting them.” After all, the brokerage’s name means God friend. During Hurricane Barry, while Brittany and her husband, Marco, were staying with their

of real estate. We get to take care of people.” “If it’s a love and a passion, you’re not working. You’re just enjoying the day. Of course, not everything is fun. However, even in hard and tough times, we are changing people’s lives.” Growing up in plays and performing improv at La Nuit Comedy

sister in Nashville, Brittany came across an old family crest. The crest read

Theater, Brittany feels at home on the national stage in her own HGTV

“Godwyn and Stone” featuring leopards and a gryphon which belonged

show, Selling the Big Easy. The first season aired in September 2020.

to Brittany’s great-great-grandfather, Charles Godwyn Stevens. Godwyn,

During the season, Brittany wows homebuyers with tours of

comes from the popular Old English personal name “Godwine”, meaning

homes ranging from a classic Victorians to lakefront estates. Brittany

“friend, protector” and “lord”. So, in 2019, when Marco earned his

and her team also use their staging know-how to get properties ready

broker’s license, Godwyn & Stone Brokerage was born.

for a profitable sale by adding fresh furniture, colorful decor and a New

While the brokerage is less than two years old, the team is seasoned. “Real estate can be very cut-throat, but we strive to support,

Orleans-inspired aesthetic. “Selling the Big Easy is a passion project that showcases the food,

encourage and lift each other up. I have a phenomenal team,” she says,

the people, the culture, the architecture and real estate of the city,” she

“With our brokerage, I wanted to make sure that everyone is just as

says. “I’ve always wanted to share our culture and all that’s behind it. New

hardworking and positive as I am. You can hire any of our 15 agents and

Orleans is its own world.”

they’re going to be excellent.”

In 2020, the Godwyn & Stone team closed over $52 million in sales, selling 168 homes and ranking 42nd out of 755 brokerages. And Brittany ranked 26th out of 5,144 (the top 1 percent) of agents in their market. An alumna of University of New Orleans, Brittany began her real estate career in 2013. After losing money on a home she and Marco purchased a few years earlier, she wanted to protect others from the mistakes she made. “Real estate agents are customer service representatives, they’re match-makers— 38

I n side N ew Orl ean s

Godwyn & Stone Brokerage is located at 1912 Clearview Pkwy, Ste 200, in Metairie. 826-8426. godwynstone.com.





Micháel Burns and Kathleen Hall McCullough GREIGE HOME INTERIORS

From the exterior, Greige Home Interiors may seem like just a retail shop, but it’s so much more. Offering full-service interior design options from preconstruction to the finished home, Greige’s expansive showroom serves as a retail

part of the design of the room, which is sometimes neglected. I feel that a room is finished when the windows are addressed!” When the options seem overwhelming, Micháel and Kathleen are ready to

and inspiration space to help you choose the latest in decor and design.

assist. Kathleen says: “I want people to know that I am a catalyst to help them put

Whether you’re freshening up or starting new, designers Kathleen Hall

together a beautiful home that reflects their individual personalities. Every home

McCullough and Micháel Burns are happy to help clients in their choices. The design team at Greige believes in providing luxury designer furniture and one-of-a-kind items that cannot be found anywhere else, ensuring the highest caliber of quality and style. From handcrafted furniture built by third and fourth generations of perfected craftsmanship, to antiques that are rare finds, Greige offers the perfect

should be unique and reflective of the people who dwell there. “I help my clients make selections for their home that reflect their unique personal style—from furniture and window treatments to light fixtures, art and the final accessories.” Lighting choices are endless with Greige’s latest addition—Luxury Lighting

mix to complement any room. The retail space, also featuring original art from

by Greige. Boasting 20,000 square feet of luxury, it serves as the largest Visual

artists throughout the Greater New Orleans and Gulf Coast regions, enables

Comfort Gallery in Louisiana. Luxury Lighting by Greige believes in providing a

clients to visualize how something may look in their home.

vast range of incomparable lighting choices that can adorn your home or design

With combined design experience of nearly 50 years, Kathleen and Micháel take on projects large and small. Micháel often specializing in whole-house projects

project with opulent style. Excited about the design trends of the year, Kathleen and Micháel are

from start to finish, she says: “Most of my work begins with pre-construction and

more than ready to implement fresh updates into their clients’ homes. “Color is

ends with us choosing from floors to wallpaper and finishing with install.

back,” Micháel says. “Green is very strong this year along with other fresh and

“Our design plans are in no way cookie cutter and are structured around the client’s needs. We meet with them, put a presentation together based

saturated hues.”

on their wants, needs and budget, then scale the rooms using our software program so that everything is a perfect fit. Our plans are completely tailored to each and every client.” Kathleen, who has been a registered Interior Designer for 20 years, is able

The team provides design services to residential and commercial clients on both the north and south shores, as well as the Gulf Coast to Baton Rouge.

to offer expert advice when searching for the perfect accents and furniture. “One

Greige Home Interiors is located at 2033 N. Hwy. 190, Ste. 10, in Covington.

of my specialties is window treatments,” Kathleen shares. “It’s such an important

985-875-7576. greigehome.com. A p ri l - M ay 2 021






the public health crisis, operations remained vitally important. It has been a delicate balance, but one that is worthwhile and a labor of love and compassion. “And today, we are providing mass COVID19 vaccinations. We adopted a ‘Don’t Hesitate to Vaccinate’ campaign and slogan to propel all to consider vaccination for the health of everyone in the community. Since December 2020, over 6,000 people have been vaccinated.” Born, raised and educated in Louisiana, Dr. Williams’ dedication to her career thrives with her desire to give back. “My love of this community is the driving force for my often 12-hour workdays almost 6 days a week. Someone’s life is not being improved if I don’t keep moving, working, creating, developing and

Dr. Shondra Williams INCLUSIVCARE

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, CEO

negotiating,” she says. As a leader and woman in healthcare, she shares the following points that have continued to ring true

will include a medical clinic, state-of-the-art dental

throughout last year and beyond.

Dr. Shondra Williams and the InclusivCare team

operatories, behavioral health suite, and an in-house

• Be comfortable with operating in the grey when

stood ready to respond. “Our organization has always

pharmacy. Life has been tough enough. This new, all-

responded to crises,” Dr. Williams says. “Leadership

inclusive clinic will be a one-stop shop.”

things aren’t always clear but necessary. • Be courageous enough to make the tough

dictates the level of response and being a woman in

Dr. Williams has shown her strengths in crisis

leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic has been

management and practical problem-solving, using

• Be inclusive of the entire team for diverse ideas.

rewarding yet challenging.”

communication and shrewd business acumen to

• Be confident in knowing that you made the best

InclusivCare’s five locations battled the


survive and thrive. “I have always considered myself a

decisions using the best information at the time.

challenges presented with resilience and poise.

resilient innovator with a lot of emotional intelligence

“The mental, physical and emotional demands of

that has been required for the times.” She considers

the times have been challenging especially while

herself lucky to work with highly educated and trained

accomplish these goals is with great leaders and an

balancing the needs of the community, the needs of

professionals (such as the members of her C-Suite

even better team.”

the organization, and the special needs of our clients

featured in the photo). Their team’s mantra being:

coupled with family life at home.”

“One Team. One Dream.”

She continues: “My team and I live by the rule to

Early into the pandemic, InclusivCare spent a

Be authentic…it is essential for trust. Dr. Williams adds, “The only way we can

As a wife and mother of three. Dr. Williams is the immediate past president of the Louisiana Primary Care Association, is a member of the Jefferson

seek opportunities through challenge. As a result, we

lot of resources and time on testing while going out

Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and serves

mobilized to build a new-state-of-the-art medical facility

into the communities that may have not had access to

on national and local boards aimed at mobilizing

which will be opened in summer 2021. The new facility

COVID-19 testing. “While responding to and managing

economic development for minorities.

InclusivCare has five convenient locations. To learn more, visit inclusivcare.com. 40

I nside N ew Orl ea n s

Lacey Merrick Conway, President and CEO LATTER & BLUM

“Latter and Blum has always been a company comprised mostly of women,

Latter and Blum has over 3,700 real estate agents and 36 offices spanning

so truly I feel like one successful woman among many,” says Lacey Merrick

across Louisiana, Southern Mississippi and Texas. Lacey oversees all company

Conway, Latter and Blum President and CEO.

operations, strategic planning and general management of the firm. She holds a

In January of last year, Lacey was appointed as CEO, succeeding her father,

Master of Business Administration from the University of New Orleans, a Bachelor

Bob Merrick. He had served in this position since 1986. “Stepping into the

of Science from Boston University and a Certified Commercial Investment

shadow of an adored and loved leader was daunting. I am loving every minute.”

Member designation.

As expected, 2020 presented an interesting but flourishing climate for Lacey’s first year as CEO. “No one could have predicted COVID, lockdowns and the extreme pressures

Her expertise and knowledge continue to build upon Latter and Blum’s prevailing history of excellence in the future of real estate today, tomorrow and for generations to come. “As the second largest female-led brokerage out of

it has put on the economy as a whole. The real estate industry has been center

85,000 real estate companies in the United States, I am honored to be at the

stage during COVID as so many people are using home in new ways,” Lacey

helm of such a progressive company.”

explains. “The desire for more privacy and space, the use of home as the office, gym and school, infused by low interest rates—real estate has been HOT.” Prior to appointment, Lacey served as the Executive Vice President of Latter and Blum and was active in residential real estate sales and broker management.

Active in the community, Lacey also serves on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Latter and Blum, The Realty Alliance, United Way Southeast Louisiana, and Greater New Orleans, Inc. When she is free, Lacey is an avid equestrian and enjoys spending her time with her husband and two children.

Having been a part of the company for over 15 years, she says: “Latter and Blum is family-owned and operated company and was founded in New Orleans in 1916. We take pride in being a family-owned company that is now the largest and most successful real estate company across the Gulf South, ranked 20th in the nation.”

For more information, visit latter-blum.com. A p ri l - M ay 2 021



New Orleans Aesthetics (NOA) brings a New York style to New Orleans. Led

and treatments in this rapidly changing field,” she shares. “At NOA, we offer

by Dr. Zeena Al-Dujaili, the NOA team is singularly focused on clean, beautiful,

innovative procedures that range from PRP for hair regrowth to the latest in anti-

and healthy skin. “We provide medical and cosmetic dermatology to the

aging technologies.”

discerning client,” she says. Dr. Zeena founded NOA in 2019 after practicing on the Upper East Side

All skin care products offered at NOA have been personally tested by Dr. Zeena. She only carries those that have demonstrated a clinical effect.

of New York City for 10 years. After moving home to New Orleans to be closer

She is passionate about treating the whole person and provides each patient

to family, Dr. Zeena commuted to New York until the start of the pandemic in

with a customized treatment plan to address their specific needs. “Along

March 2020. “When it was time to pick our forever home, I knew I wanted to be

with providing a warm and inviting atmosphere, I strive to deliver highly

in Louisiana.”

personalized care to everyone. No two patients are alike, so I don’t have a

Board certified in dermatology, and fellowship trained in cosmetic dermatology and Mohs surgery, Dr. Zeena is well-known for combining a multidimensional approach with the latest technologies to deliver naturally aesthetic

standard cookie cutter approach to anything that I do. We treat each patient as we would our family and truly hope everyone feels comfortable.” When not instilling confidence in her clients, Dr. Zeena enjoys spending

results. “My goal is to make my patients look and feel better, not different. I

time with her husband and two little ones. She says, “Being a successful

enhance my patients’ natural beauty.”

woman in business to me is about fulfillment, work-life balance, and making a

“I love that I’m able to impact the way a person feels about his or herself

difference in my community. I feel empowered as both a mother and a woman

and uncover the brilliance that comes from being comfortable within one’s own

in business. I know I am setting an amazing example for my daughter to not

skin. Whether it’s a teenager suffering from acne or a woman who looks in the

only push herself, but to become independent and strong.”

mirror to see age spots and wrinkles staring back at her, I have the amazing opportunity to instill a sense of confidence back into their lives by targeting their trouble areas and improving the way they look to those around them.” Dr. Zeena employs specialized technologies and techniques such as injectables and lasers for rejuvenation of the face, neck, chest, and hands. “I like to stay on the cutting edge of dermatology so that my patients have the benefit of current trends, as well as new, but safe and effective procedures 42

I n side N ew Orl ean s

New Orleans Aesthetics is located at 3434 Prytania St., Ste. 420, in New Orleans. 504-475-1000. neworleansaesthetics.com.





Sharon Schenck NOLA RUGS INC.

Sharon Schenck, owner of NOLA Rugs Inc., began her oriental rug career 48 years ago in London, and was fortunate to work with two world-renowned rug scholars. She subsequently worked in or owned stores in San Francisco, Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Germany and Istanbul. Sharon had a dear friend in New Orleans named Jackie Vance. Sharon and Jackie would often travel together for business. After Jackie’s passing, Sharon came to help settle her estate. Falling

which unravel the mystery surrounding oriental rugs. “Finding the correct rug for a specific room can sometimes be confusing

in love with the city, she decided to begin a new business and NOLA Rugs

and our goal is to make your experience as easy and fun as possible. Having

was born. With experience and hard work, NOLA Rugs has become one of the

a store like ours with such a broad selection in New Orleans and being able to

premier rug stores in the entire country.

see our collection in person is a huge advantage,” says Sharon.

NOLA Rugs, originally located at 3944 Magazine Street for 18 years

With a firm commitment to offer the quality rugs to a diverse client-

relocated in the fall of 2019 to a 7,500 sq. ft. warehouse, in an up and coming

base ranging from private individuals to corporate entities and professional

design community on Jefferson Hwy. The new space is very expansive making

designers around the world, her trained staff can assist with choosing which

it much easier for viewing the rugs.

colors, styles, and sizes may best satisfy your needs.

Traditionally rug weaving is a women’s art, passed down from mother

Capably navigating more than 2,000 rugs in their spacious showroom,

to daughter. Some patterns contain symbols that are thousands of years old.

her team can follow-up with in-house consultations, assisting with the decision-

At NOLA Rugs one can find classic, transitional and contemporary designs.

making process to bring a new vision for your décor that will subtly blend into

Many of the new designs have been created in Europe bringing a fresh look in

and enhance your home.

simplicity, texture and color. With an extensive knowledge of dyes and wool quality, Schenck is able to select the finest caliber of rugs, in all types and styles at different price

Nola Rugs and Sharon Schenck have a reputation beyond reproach and have earned a loyalty seldom encountered in a business that has become so diversified in the 21st century.

points. All custom options are available, using the top weaving producers in the world –any size, color or design is possible. After years of travel in these source countries, she has established lifelong relationships that have enabled Schenck to serve her clients well. As a direct

NEW LOCATION! NOLA Rugs Inc. is located at 300 Jefferson Hwy,

importer, Sharon and her team share her decades of international experience

Ste 401, in New Orleans. 891-3304. Nolarugs.com. A p ri l - M ay 2021






Dr. Karen Jakuback

URSULINE ACADEMY OF NEW ORLEANS Ursuline Academy of New Orleans is thrilled to welcome Dr. Karen

school principal in Baton Rouge, Dr. Jakuback visited The Old Ursuline

Jakuback as their new Academy President. Dr. Jakuback says, “I am

Convent with classes on Louisiana history tours and has always been

honored and deeply humbled to lead Ursuline Academy and follow in the

intrigued by the mission and charism of the Ursuline Sisters.

great tradition of Catholic education for girls, begun by the Sisters upon their arrival in New Orleans in 1727.” Dr. Jakuback spent 25 years in Catholic school leadership before

“The Ursuline Sisters’ history of providing an exceptional education to young women of all classes in New Orleans is very compelling,” Dr. Jakuback adds. Since its beginnings, the academy has been diverse by design. Ursuline

pursuing her doctoral degree in school leadership, management, and

believes that appreciating and learning from people with different perspectives

policy from Seton Hall University. She wrote her dissertation on Catholic

is how they build a better world. For many girls, Ursuline can be the first place

School Identity: Perceptions that Influence Teacher Retention and formed

they meet people with different backgrounds, beliefs and talents.

her own consulting firm working with Catholic schools on strategic planning, professional development, budgeting, and enrollment analysis.

The academy celebrates girls for who they are and elevates their confidence to influence the world. They learn from each other, celebrate

When Dr. Jakuback felt a desire to deepen her education focus, she

each other and raise each other up. At Ursuline, girls gain a deeper

was drawn to Teach For America. “I spent over two years working for Teach

understanding of themselves and how to be successful in a global

For America as Director of Development, but felt called back to Catholic

society. Through interactive experiences tailored to girls’ interests,

education. It’s my love and what I’ve spent most of my life’s work doing.”

Ursuline students learn how to think deeper, communicate clearly and

“Ursuline’s motto, Serviam, inspired by foundress St. Angela, is a call to every Catholic educator and resonates deeply in me. I look forward

solve problems independently and collaboratively. Ursuline’s legacy truly inspires girls to confidently blaze their own

with enthusiasm to working collaboratively with the Ursuline community,

trails. Dr. Jakuback adds, “I believe in the mission to educate all girls and

in being guided by Serviam daily, and will work diligently to merit the

greatly respect the Ursuline Sisters who provided inclusive education for

confidence that has been placed in me. My goal is to lead the school

girls, long before any other educational institutions in our country.”

strongly into the tricentennial year in 2027.”

Along with the new position, Dr. Jakuback is embracing New Orleans as her new home. While she has family roots here, she and her husband, John, have lived in Baton Rouge for the last 30 years with their three adult children. During her many years as a teacher and Catholic 44

I n side N ew Orl ean s

Ursuline Academy of New Orleans is located at 2635 State Street. 504-861-9150. For more information, visit go.uanola.org.


As a religion teacher turned full-time artist, Abigail Reller is still pinching herself. “I’ve had to ask myself, ‘Am I actually an artist?’” she


Stacie Carubba’s well-known tagline “results, not excuses” is personal. She says, “It was something my late grandfather (Pappy) used to say to his

laughs. Abigail’s art career began in 2018 after her husband, Aaron,

students. I became a licensed real estate agent in September 2015, by the year’s

encouraged her to do something for herself.

end I closed $500,000 in sales. When Pappy became ill the next year, I spent

“We were looking for art to go above our sofa and he knew that I loved to paint. So, we went to David Art Center and bought a bunch of supplies. It was over the summer while my daughter was home. She painted with me

much of that year acting as his caregiver, working at my father’s engineering firm, and selling real estate on the side. “When he passed away in 2016, I decided to honor his legacy and adopt

while my son was in daycare. The piece came out beautiful and my aunt

his tagline. Soon after, I closed a series of notable deals which launched my side-

encouraged me to post it on social media.”

hustle into a lucrative, full-time career.”

One family saw the post and had interest in Abigail painting with their

After five years in her full-time position, Stacie was recognized as a top

sons which led to a connection with interior designer Kristine Flynn, who

producing agent at Athena Real Estate four years in a row, and in 2019 and 2020

loved the idea and offered her office as a place to paint. “It was perfect and

she closed over $20 million in sales. She credits much of that success to excellent

allowed the idea to become something real,” Abigail reflects.

communication and negotiation skills. Now Associate Broker/Partner at Athena,

Her sessions quickly outgrew the space and by September 2019, a

she says, “I am constantly striving to keep all parties fully informed. I am known

building on Metairie Road became her studio. “Once we opened the studio,

to go the extra mile when it would have been easy to make an excuse, but I

it was able to take on a life of its own. We had just had our third child and in

understand that buying a home is more than just a transaction, it’s a life change.”

September of last year, I became a full-time artist.” As a mother of three, Abigail now spends her time working with clients

Likewise, real estate has changed Stacie’s life. “I am so grateful for the path my life has taken and I wouldn’t change a thing. For years I struggled with

on commissions and The Grey Collaborative, Abigail’s process of painting

insecurity and feeling lost. Real estate has brought so much joy into my life and

with children. “Through teaching I saw that everything has to be black and

helped me accept myself,” Stacie reflects.

white for kids. There’s no room for grey area in school, but this gives them an opportunity to mix colors. There isn’t a right or wrong, and I love that.” Abigail’s favorite part of the business has been developing it with her

“It is so rewarding to establish lasting relationships with my clients through the process and knowing that I am a part of one of the biggest transactions of their life. Real estate is more than a job for me, it is a lifestyle and my true passion.”

husband. “The fact that our kids have seen us go from being two teachers to now running a successful business is really amazing. I think that’s going to be so valuable for them in the long run.”

Abigail Reller Art is located at 1623 Metairie Road in Metairie.

If you’re looking for an agent that delivers RESULTS, NOT EXCUSES,

504-491-5675. abigailrellerart.com.

call Stacie at 504-434-SOLD(7653). staciecarubba.com. A p ri l - M ay 2021






Anna Tusa

BRIQUETTE AND NEW ORLEANS CREOLE COOKERY Since 1995, Anna Tusa has been devoted to the New Orleans restaurant

Jessica D. LeBlanc

industry. As owner of the New Orleans Creole Cookery and Briquette, Anna enjoys serving guests in comfortable atmospheres with first class service. Briquette is housed in the former Rodd Brothers Molasses Refinery.

“I am one person, but I have two separate passions that I really enjoy,” says Jessica D. LeBlanc. Since 2015, Jessica has successfully nurtured both her real estate

Nestled in the Warehouse District, Briquette features a contemporary, yet casual,

and accounting businesses. It was an elective accounting class in high school that

restaurant interior marked by a signature open kitchen. “Our 18-foot seafood

sparked Jessica’s love for numbers. “I knew I wanted to be a CPA before I even

display is filled with fresh sea bass, halibut, steelhead salmon, Louisiana redfish,

graduated from high school!”

and many other seafood favorites that are caught daily,” says Anna. “Fresh and whole fish are our specialties, prepared over red-hot briquettes.” Briquette has opened a private room. “The Briquette Wine Room is perfect

While studying to become a CPA, she took a job with a law firm whose practice specialized in real estate transactions. She says, “I really enjoyed the legal jargon and the transactional process.” After earning her Bachelor of Science in

for socially-distanced family or friend dinners and events. With its own entrance,

Accounting as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of

kitchen and facilities, you can have a totally fun, safe event!”

New Orleans, the experience led to her real estate license in 2004 and ultimately,

In the French Quarter, Anna hosts guests at the New Orleans Creole Cookery. The courtyard, oyster bar and dining room offer a mixture of settings to enjoy

her broker’s license in 2015. It was then that Jessica made the decision to go into business for herself.

traditional Creole food. The new and improved courtyard has a beautiful mural by a

“I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. So, I opened up my own realty

local artist, string lights and a courtyard bar. “We have hosted a pandemic wedding

company and CPA consulting firm in the same year! At my CPA consulting firm, I

reception as well as several rehearsal dinners,” Anna says. “And our recent brunch

provide forensic accounting and outsourced accounting services. I’m a consultant

has been a well-received addition on beautiful NOLA weekends.”

for my clients and can give them ideas of how to grow their business, reorganize or

Anna serves as President of the French Market Corporation Board of

eliminate expenses, and help them on a successful long-term path.”

Directors, is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs Small Business program, and is

At CPA Realty, Jessica’s financial background provides added value for her

a member of the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, which is the oldest and

clients. “Many of my accounting clients become my real estate clients. They appreciate

largest food and wine society in the world. She was recently inducted into Société

my openness and that I know the numbers. I can actually talk to them about strategic

Mondiale du Vin, which focuses on wine and spirit appreciation.

planning from investments to primary residences or commercial properties.”

“At both restaurants, we are focusing on safe, fun and delicious wine and spirited

Six years later, Jessica says that her two passions still ring true: “I’m passionate

dinners to give our local customers something to look forward to during this time,”

about being an accountant and a real estate broker. I like the challenges both bring, and I

Anna explains. “Seeing their positive reactions to our dishes and their interactions

love helping my clients whether it’s in terms of their small business’ financial situation or

with our staff makes my job very fulfilling.” When not welcoming guests, Anna enjoys

being their advocate in a real estate transaction. It truly is who I am and what I do.”

traveling, eating and experiencing new cultures with her husband, A.J.

To view menus and learn more, visit briquette-nola.com or neworleanscreolecookery.com. 46

I n side N ew Orl ean s

To reach Jessica, call 504-812-7105. jessicaleblanccpa.com. cparealtyllc.com.




Joni Friedmann-Lagasse DEPENDABLE IN HOME CARE

As the region’s only nationally accredited caregiver registry, Dependable


Jessica Marasco Illes

During the last recession, the stock market piqued Jessica Marasco Illes’ interest while she was living in New York City. After moving home to New Orleans, she met her now husband. Knowing that they needed a financial

In Home Care gives families and those cared for peace of mind. Dependable

advisor, the two became clients of Edward Jones which quickly led Jessica to

In Home Care owner Joni Friedmann-Lagasse says, “No other caregiver service

becoming an Edward Jones financial advisor herself.

in the area can boast our credentials. We provide a vetted pool of nearly 150

Jessica enjoys learning about her clients’ individual needs so that they

experienced professionals, including direct service workers and certified nursing

can together develop a strategy to help achieve long-term financial goals. “My

assistants. Our business model is a win-win for the family and the caregiver. That’s

favorite part of this job is talking to my clients,” Jessica says. “I can assist them

one of the reasons we have been successful and have been able to compete with

in planning a wonderful future by finding out what is important to them and

other home care choices and national franchises.”

helping them create the wealth to get there.”

“One of my favorite aspects of this business is empowering the caregivers

Jessica finds that a common misconception of financial advising is that

that work through our registry. With many of them female and head of

people do not think they have enough money to need a financial advisor. “If

household, the registry allows them to control their own schedule. It is very

you’ve left a job and a 401K, you have options and one of those is to have it

rewarding for me to see their success.”

managed so that investments are tailored to you,” she explains.

When sharing about her personal life and her business, Joni says, “They’re

Whether you want to plan for retirement, save for college, reduce your

one and the same.” As a child, Joni’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

tax bills or ensure you have income to cover your expenses, you can expect

“From 7 years old to 14, I helped my mom care for my father along with help

personalized service and long-term investing strategies instead of the latest

from ladies coming into our home. In 1969, after he passed, my mom and a

investment fads. Jessica adds, “I love that I get to wake up every day and help

business partner started the company because of the need for non-medical,

my clients create wealth for themselves.”

in-home care.”

Because Edward Jones is a privately-owned company, Jessica truly works

The successful company was born in Joni’s childhood home with her

for her clients—not shareholders—when giving advice and creating a strategy.

mother’s Rolodex. Some eight years later while Joni was working in Texas, her

Jessica is a series 7 and 66 registered financial advisor, and proud alumna of

mom called, needing help with the business. “I found myself back with my mom.

Northwestern State University, Dominican High School, and the New Orleans

Five years later, she passed away leaving me at 28 years old with that phone and

Center for Creative Arts.


When not working for her clients, she enjoys cheering on the New

Joni, seeing the need for in-home care up close and personal most of her

Orleans Saints and being the wife of an audio mixer for film and television.

life, believed in the registry model and drove the business further. “It was hard

She is also the mother to 8-month-old, Scarlett, and two lovable rescue pups,

work, and no one really wanted to do private in-home care at the time, but my

Colston and Buster.

experience at home made me want to help others who needed it.”

Dependable In Home Care is located at 702 N Carrollton Ave.

Meet with Jessica at Edward Jones located at

in New Orleans. 504-486-5044. dependablecare.net.

606 N. Carrollton Avenue. 504-486-8645. Edwardjones.com. Member SIPC A p ri l - M ay 2021


Dress from Palm Village Mandeville, Lilly Pulitzer.

Special thanks to Ashley Daily of Euphorbia and The Plant Gallery.


Whether you are gluten free, sugar free, low carbohydrate, clean eating or

Jennifer Rabalais JADE

JADE is the culmination of a lifetime of the love and appreciation of

Paleo, Everyday KETO To Go owner and baker Susan Freeswick can accommodate.

beautiful things for Jennifer Rabalais. “Whether it is viewed as a blessing or a

Everyday KETO To Go began as a labor of love after Susan and her family started the

curse, the gift to recognize design, quality craftsmanship and symmetry has been

Keto journey to help support her mother’s declining health. “I kept posting through

my passion since I was a child,” Jennifer says.

social media the food I made and also my breads as a way to show that my Keto lifestyle wasn’t lacking in any way,” says Susan. “Someone simply commented that I should sell it and given my experience

In 2012, JADE initially opened with a 2,400-square-foot showroom in The Shops of Canal Place in downtown New Orleans. Subsequently, a more permanent location was acquired in Old Metairie nestling JADE among stately

in catering, I knew how to mass produce the product. So, the next day I opened

old oaks on Metairie Road. The charming residence was home to two previous

Everyday KETO To Go and sold my first bread!”

interior design showrooms spanning over 50 years. This May, JADE will celebrate

Nearly three years later, Susan’s Sliced Bread is still a best seller along with Blueberry Lemon Bread. Other offerings include custom cakes, cheesecakes, bagels,

seven years in the historic space. New Orleans is renowned for its history and antiques and JADE continues

corn bread, cookies, french breads, sweet breads, brownies, pastries and more.

that legacy. “Every object in your home should have meaning to you and every

Susan’s personal favorites are the Cinnamon Rolls, and any of the cookies!

fabric should stir your senses,” Jennifer says. “I love talking one-on-one with our

Susan sources ingredients locally and always organic if possible. “So many

customers. Some people will come in and say that they just love looking around.

people that have diet restrictions are so excited to have found us,” Susan smiles.

That’s when you know that you’ve created an atmosphere that’s inviting and

“My baked goods have made diabetic customers cry because they can finally have

interesting. That makes me happy.”

something safe. We’ve been a dying man’s last wish, and the only thing that tastes good to man who is battling cancer. “It makes me teary every time I think about it, because it has become so much more than a bakery.”

JADE’s 4,500-square-foot space offers an inviting opportunity to browse decorative furniture, bedding and linens as well as the talent of local artists. JADE has a wide variety of unusual gifts and offers complimentary gift wrapping. Tina Lagasse, JADE’s talented interior designer, provides personal, in-home guidance

To further her mission of serving healthy, baked goods, Susan is looking

to give your home character and individuality. Combining all of the selections is

forward to opening a retail store soon in late fall. And by the end of 2021, be on

one of Jennifer’s favorite parts: “I love to go to a client’s home with Tina to see

the lookout for Susan’s first cookbook which will include recipes for healthy family

months-long projects come together.”

meals! Healthy can be delicious!

As a one-stop shop for all home décor needs, Jennifer adds, “We live, raise our families, host friends and extended family, and take refuge in our homes. It makes sense to seek guidance from passionate professionals on how to make our living space all that it can be. JADE strives to be that place.”

Everyday KETO To Go delivers weekly, to New Orleans and surrounding areas from Laplace to Chalmette to the Northshore and beyond. 504-957-9033. everydayketotogo.com. 48

I n side N ew Orl ean s

JADE is located at 324 Metairie Rd. in Metairie. 504-875-4420. jadenola.com.





Alison L. Burns Schonk, MBA, Founder & CEO

Jennifer Ponson



From her early days as an orthodontic assistant learning to bend wire to working at Pensacola State College, Jennifer Ponson has always been

With a servant’s heart, Alison L. Burns Schonk opened Precision

preparing for her creative and unique jewelry career.

Payment Systems (PPS) in August 2013. “I saw a grave need for small

It was at PSC that Jennifer accessed the knowledge of the welding

business owners to have options,” Alison says. “I knew that small businesses

and chemistry departments to develop her bonding process and signature

needed somebody genuine who would match-make processors with their

patina. And Jennifer’s daughter’s passion for geology and rocks inspired

needs and budgets.”

her to learn more about semi-precious stones, which have become a

Nearly eight years later, she and her team of mostly women resell seven

common facet in her pieces.

different processing options to a wide variety of industries and six different

“After 30 years in education, I wanted to do something that made

point of sale systems exclusively for retail and restaurant businesses. “That

people smile and bring joy to them,” Jennifer says. “When people see

gives us the ability to shop around for the best rates possible for a business

my creations, they smile, and smiles are contagious!” So Jennifer opened

while providing impeccable customer service,” Alison explains.

Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Designs and began creating one-of-a-kind

Fulfilling a long planned for goal, PPS now operates a second office

necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings from natural materials.

out of St. Augustine, Florida, to serve the greater Jacksonville region. The

Having always been inspired by nature and family heirlooms, Jennifer

company’s footprint now extends from Texas to Florida and up to Arkansas.

spends a lot of her time curating parts and materials to make the beautiful

Passionate about small businesses, Alison champions them on a

pieces worn by women across the Gulf south. In her studio, Jennifer is

legislative level. “New Orleans is so great about rallying behind small

surrounded by raw stones and materials that she sources from a network

businesses. I want to give a voice to legislation that is going to protect us tax

of importers, artists and rock “hounds”. “This is where my creative process

wise or help us thrive.”

happens,” she says. “The next thing I know, the magic has happened, and I

Precision is a member of the New Orleans and Jefferson Chambers,

have 20 pieces of wearable art.”

LABI, Stay Local NOLA, Professionals of St. Augustine and St. Johns Chamber of

Jennifer’s designs can easily make a statement and generate a

Commerce. Alison serves in leadership roles for NAWBO New Orleans and NFIB,

conversation. “I believe my pieces can give the wearer a spark of confidence

sits on the Fore!Kids committee, mentors young entrepreneurs, and is a regular

that allows them to connect with others. I enjoy watching the delight on a

contributor to magazines and business panels. She invests her free time in

customer’s face when they have found the perfect piece,” Jennifer adds. She

fitness, health, and nutrition, and helps others reach their goals there as well.

often encourages her customers to touch and feel the pieces sharing that each

“I love talking to people and serving others,” she says. “As a company,

one has a different energy. “It should make you feel good while wearing it.”

we want to know how we can better take care of our customers and our

After all, that was Jennifer’s goal when opening her business—making


See Jennifer’s designs and learn more at jenniferponson.com.


people smile!

Precision Payment Systems serves the entire Southeast region. The local office is located at 1912 Clearview Pkwy, Ste 201, in Metairie, as well as a satellite office in St. Augustine, FL. PrecisionPaymentSystems.com. A p ri l - M ay 2021


Reagan Charleston

REAGAN CHARLESTON JEWELRY / CHAMPION TITLE Reagan Charleston never thought she would work in the arts. “Growing up

Dr. Elizabeth Foley Bucher THE SKIN SURGERY CENTRE

New Orleans native, Dr. Elizabeth Foley Bucher loves the variety each morning brings

in my grandparents’ art galleries, I never saw myself doing something creative. My

at The Skin Surgery Centre (TSSC). “Every day is different because every skin cancer is

mom is a copper sculpture artist and so were my grandparents, but I wanted to go

different and every patient is different,” Dr. Bucher says.

to law school,” Reagan says. But in 2013, inspiration sparked during her second trip to Florence, Italy. “I

Dr. Bucher joined TSSC in 2015 performing Mohs micrographic surgery and excisional surgery to treat skin cancer and other cutaneous neoplasms. “I went into

fell in love with everything there in college—especially the lion doorknockers.” Lions

this field because it comprises many of the aspects of medicine that interest me—

were also a vivid memory of Reagan’s childhood at her grandparents’ Toulouse

oncology, surgery, pathology, and preventative medicine,” she explains. “The most

Street gallery located at the Court of Two Lions.

rewarding aspect being that I am able complete a Mohs procedure for a patient with

“After my trip, I wanted to make a piece to commemorate my special

skin cancer and know that a cure has been achieved within the same day.”

connection to Florence. I found a wax artist and had the lion doorknocker piece

Prior to joining TSSC, Dr. Bucher practiced Mohs and Dermatologic Surgery as a

carved. When I started wearing it, I couldn’t go anywhere without someone asking where I got it and that’s when the light bulb went off.” Seven years later, Reagan has now sold thousands of those lion doorknockers

member of the faculty at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Medical Center and in private practice in the Boston area. Since her fellowship in Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Procedural Dermatology, Dr. Bucher has completed over 6,000 Mohs

to clients all over the world. In October 2018, she opened her store at Canal Place.

surgeries followed by reconstruction of the resulting surgical defects to preserve form

“There’s a lot of unknowns when opening a store, but this has been a magical way

and function with an emphasis on excellent cosmetic outcome.

to meet our customer base.” As a family business, Reagan cherishes working in the studio alongside her sister and mother. She says, “It’s in our blood. I know my daughter is going to grow up in this creative environment that I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be in.” Reagan also achieved that law degree she always planned on. She now practices

In 2017, Dr. Bucher became co-owner of TSSC. “While it is nice to have influence over the operational side, I never lose sight that the practice of medicine is much more than a business, and providing quality and compassionate care for patients is most important to us here at TSSC.” With a strong focus on her patients’ experience, Dr. Bucher adds: “I am happy to

real estate law and sits on the Sideline Pass board that works to raise scholarship funds

be able to perform Mohs surgery safely under local anesthesia in the comfort of

for young women in need in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area.

an outpatient clinic. I enjoy conversing with my patients throughout the course of

“As a woman in business and a mother, I feel empowered. I know that I will

the morning while they’re with me for surgery. This allows me to be sure that they

push my daughter to do things for herself as well,” she adds. “I never saw myself

are comfortable throughout the procedure and also develops strong relations and

doing this for a living, but it found me.”

rapport, which can further put their minds at ease during what might otherwise be a stressful time.”


Reagan Charleston Jewelry is located at 333 Canal Street, Ste 200A,

The Skin Surgery Centre has three convenient locations in Metairie,

and online at reagancharleston.com.

Mandeville and Biloxi. 504-644-4226. theskinsurgerycentre.com.

I n side N ew Orl ean s

Home and Garden

s l a i t n e ss E

1 2

1. Custom cast stone pots 3

available exclusively at Eros Home & Clothing, Madisonville, 985-206-9868. 2. From the Depths, 36” x 36” mixed media on canvas, $750. Abigail Reller Art, Metairie, 491-5675. 3. Oneof-a-kind, vintage terracotta artifact, $350. Greige Home Interiors, Covington, 985-8757576, greigehome.com.


I n side N ew Orl ean s




1. Exclusive 504 B. Fos umbrella. Gallery B. Fos, 444-2967, beckyfos.com. 2. Cupola Pool House Lantern in copper with brass ring accent; portable for outdoor or indoors, $475. Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights, 522-9585, bevolo.com. 3. King Hickory Melissa swivel chair. Doerr Furniture, Covington/New Orleans, doerrfurniture.com.


A p ri l - M ay 2021


Flourishes 1


1. Hexagon Eslava Street Lantern with black aluminum surface-mount post, available in 4 sizes, gas or electric; starting at $1,046. Gulf Coast Lanterns, Covington, 800-910-3275. 2. Linkasink Tiffany lavatory, available in smooth brass or smooth stainless steel. Southland Plumbing Supply, Metairie, 504-8358411; Mandeville, 985-893-8883. 3. Angelina swivel chair. JADE, Metairie, 875-4420, jadenola.com.



I n side N ew Orl ean s



4. Le Cadeaux Madrid white serving platter with cheese utensil set. Hilltop Shoppe, 533-9670, hilltopshoppe.com. 5. Blue Dahlia vase, $65. Niche Modern Home, Mandeville, 985-624-4045. 6. Pawley’s Island Poolside hammock in Sunbrella™ sling fabric, $199.99. Tri-Beam® hammock stand, $219.99. Both available in several colors. Outdoor Living Center, Covington, 985-893-8008.


A p ri l - M ay 2021


INside Look 1




1. Tacori Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz multi-strand bracelet, 44.55cts, in sterling silver and 18K gold, $1,650. Boudreaux’s Jewelers, 831-2602, boudreauxsjewelers.com. 2. Silk and cotton asymmetrical one-shoulder outfit, $595. Elizabeth’s, Metairie, 833-3717. 3. Maison Berger Land Collection Lampe and Aloe Water Fragrance. AURALUZ, Metairie, 888-3313, shopauraluz.com. 4. Sleeveless dress and bubble. AURALUZ, Metairie, 888-3313, shopauraluz.com.


I n side N ew Orl ean s



5. Labradorite chain necklace with Labradorite and pearl drop, $268. Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Design, 850-698-3183, JenniferPonson.com. 6. High waisted distressed denim shorts with soft, striped twist-front top. Somer’s Boutique, Kenner, 468-3617. 7. This smoothing blend of ingredients provides deep, long-lasting hydration on three levels: on the surface, deeper in the skin and by increasing


the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production. Aesthetic Surgical Associates, 309-7061, aestheticsurgical.com.

A p ri l - M ay 2021


INside Look 1




1. 24kt gold-plated leaf motif post earrings (1 ¾”) featuring turquoise dangle and cubic zirconia accents by designer Bernd Wolf, $280. Symmetry Jewelers, 8619925, symmetryjewelers.com. 2. “Cindy” swimsuit. High rise bottom with cut out details, $12. Multi strap bikini top, $20. Charli Boutique, shopcharliboutique. com. 3. Roberto Demeglio diamond and gold stackable bracelets and rings available exclusively at Aucoin Hart Jewelers, Metairie, 834-9999, aucoinhart.com. 4. New spring arrivals by designer Stella Jean. SOSUSU Boutique, 309-5026.


I n side N ew Orl ean s

IN Better Health Condition: Bump in Right Breast, Ventral Hernia, Obesity Treatment: Abdominoplasty, Lipectomy, Ventral Hernia Repair and Breast Augmentation


I n side N ew Orl ean s

ABOUT DR. METZINGER A New Orleans native, Dr. Metzinger is Triple Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He is a Clinical Associate Professor at Tulane University Health Sciences Center, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Metzinger’s major areas of interests are cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, nose, breast and body. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), American Association of Plastic Surgery (AAPS), and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons (ASMS) and the Rhinoplasty Society.

photos courtesy: WENDY L. JONES

AS A MOM OF FOUR and severely overweight, Wendy L. Jones found a small bump on her right breast that sparked a consult with Stephen E. Metzinger, MD, MSPH, FACS, of Aesthetic Surgical Associates. When Dr. Metzinger first met with Wendy, she was 35-years-old battling obesity and a range of health concerns because her weight. “Wendy was morbidly obese and suffering from a ventral hernia,” Dr. Metzinger says. “She wanted revision breast surgery and body contouring surgery.” Wendy says, “We trusted Dr. Metzinger right away. He had me go in for a mammogram to rule out anything else and then answered all of our questions. After the mammogram, my husband and I went back to look at treatment options. “I was 260 pounds when my husband and I decided

to go with a breast augmentation and abdominoplasty. I wanted to lose 20 pounds before surgery to heal and to start my new healthy lifestyle.” Wendy educated herself on KETO/low carb eating and began light exercise after being cleared to do so by Dr. Metzinger. Specializing in aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Metzinger performed an extended full abdominoplasty with rectus plication; ventral hernia repair; power assisted lipectomy of the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, hips, flanks and mons pubis; bilateral implant exchange; capsulectomy; and breast implants. “Her outcome was outstanding. Five years later and she is still excellent with no problems,” Dr. Metzinger adds. At 40, Wendy has now reached her goal of 145 pounds thanks to a healthy, low carb lifestyle, exercise and Dr. Metzinger. “Dr. Metzinger and his team are phenomenal. They are caring, supportive and most importantly, he is honest. We trust him and recommend him all the time! “He gave me a brand-new start and I will always be grateful for that. He helped me achieve not only a healthy life, but also a beautiful body. The confidence that it has given me as well as the pride of my journey radiates from my face every single day. I have never felt more confident, powerful and beautiful. I work every day at becoming my better self. I feel so healthy.”

Crescent City Orthopedics is a locally owned and

and maintaining relationships with our patients. Our

operated private practice giving each individual patient

9 experienced providers have brought state of the

a personal experience. CCO offers a state-of-the-art

art orthopedic care from around the world to our

facility that is able to accommodate and provide a

community in order to improve your quality of life, we

more pleasant and personal touch, while building

are here for all of your Orthopedic needs.

Crescent City Orthopedics is located at 3600 Houma Blvd, Metairie, LA 70006. Call 504-309-6500 to make an appointment today.

R. William Junius, III Scott A Buhler, MD Joint Replacement Sports Medicine

Melvin Parnell, MD Alois Jay Binder, MD John Cazale, MD R. Nelson Mead, MD Jason Amadeo, PA-C Victoria Marcel, PA-C Jessica Schmidt, NP General Orthopedics Sports Medicine General Orthopedics Sports Medicine Physician Assistant Physician Assistant Nurse Practitioner

Looking Good

t a e r G Feeling


Aesthetic Surgical Associates

Stephen Eric Metzinger, M.D., M.S.P.H., F.A.C.S. 3717 Houma Blvd., Metairie 504-226-8200 aestheticsurgical.com

New Orleans Aesthetics Zeena Al-Dujaili, M.D. 3434 Prytania St., Ste #420 504-475-1000 Neworleansaesthetics.com

The Skin Surgery Centre Keith LeBlanc, Jr., M.D. Elizabeth Bucher, M.D. R. Corey Rougelot, M.D. 1615 Metairie Rd. #101, Metairie 504-644-4226 theskinsurgerycentre.com HOSPITALS

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center 602 N. Acadia Rd., Thibodaux 985-447-5500 thibodaux.com NEUROLOGY

Culicchia Neurological

New Orleans, Jefferson and Northshore 504-340-6976 Culicchianeuro.com OPHTHALMOLOGY

Retina Associates New Orleans

Gwen M. Cousins, MD; Kathy H. Ta, MD; Ronald L. Willson, MD; and Stanislav A. Zhuk, MD. 4315 Houma Blvd., Ste. 201, Metairie; 1311 Ochsner Blvd., Covington 504-456-9061 RetinaAssociates.org ORTHOPAEDICS

Crescent City Orthopedics 3600 Houma Blvd, Metairie 504-309-6500 crescentcityortho.com 62

I n side N ew Orl ean s

Westside Orthopaedic Clinic Ralph Katz, M.D. 1301 Barataria Blvd., Marrero 504-347-0243 westsideortho.com PRIMARY CARE


7017 Lapalco Blvd., Marrero 1-877-302-4985 inclusivcare.com SENIOR CARE

Dependable In Home Care 702 N. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans 504-486-5044 dependablecare.net

St. Anthony’s Gardens 601 Holy Trinity Dr, Covington 985-605-5950 StAnthonysGardens.org


Benjamin B Peeler, MD

Chief, Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiac Surgery Ochsner Health System (location corrected from February-March 2021 issue, pg 34) ochsner.org/doctors/benjamin-peeler URGENT CARE

LCMC Health Urgent Care

Algiers, Gretna, Clearview, Lakeview, Covington, Marrero and Uptown LCMChealthurgentcare.com A p ri l - M ay 2021


photo courtesy: PHILIP E. JAMES, III

Top: An outdoor yoga area at Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge. Inset: Jade East Towers’ Gulf-front pool and hot tub. 64


Pack Your Bags!

THROUGHOUT THE PANDEMIC, it’s fair to say that travel has been well-missed by most New Orleanians. Flights were canceled, planned rearranged and trips postponed. While longing for a weekend at the beach or jet-setting to some place new, we have all looked forward to traveling as normally as possible. This spring and summer welcomes hope of travel so dust off that luggage! For planning— whether some time in the sand or a bigger adventure afar—the below are options to get you started.

and make the most of your valuable time planning and traveling. “Unique cultures, historic perspectives, and mesmerizing landscapes await you,” he says. To learn more and begin curating your next vacation, visit philipjamestravel. com or call 504-258-9107.

CURATING THE EXPERIENCE As a discerning traveler and travel advisor, Philip James is known for helping curious, sophisticated travelers—those who seek authentic experiences—connect with what matters most to them. Planning memorable travel experiences requires time, research, and the expertise to cut through the clutter that today’s traveler encounters online. For many, traveling in pandemic times necessitates working with a knowledgeable, connected, and trusted advisor. Frequently changing government warnings, restrictions and travel protocols make the prospect of planning and taking a vacation more difficult and time consuming than ever. Philip James Travel lifts that burden off clients and guides them from the start— from dreaming about a vacation to designing the ideal itinerary and providing ongoing support. Throughout your journey, Philip keeps you abreast of any changes that might affect your experience. Let Philip help you create cherished memories

DESTIN BEACHES OFFER GREAT ESCAPE Spring is in the air and everyone is ready to enjoy the outdoors. And what better place to breath in fresh air and feel the sunshine on your skin than the beach? While there are many beach options, many New Orleanians have discovered the beaches of 30A, Miramar Beach and Destin are worthy of the drive. For those seeking a Gulf-front condominium in the Destin area, Jade East Towers is great for families. The upscale Gulf-front condominium features spacious two- and three-bedroom condos with large balconies overlooking the beach. The Gulf-front pool and hot tub, lighted tennis court, and dedicated beach access create a dreamy coastal escape. Book a stay through Newman-Dailey Resort Properties, and you’ll receive a virtual gift card good toward activities such as dolphin cruises, parasailing and Big Kahunas Waterpark (located across the street) as well as two chairs and an umbrella for each day of your stay. Learn more at jadeeastcondos.com.

I n side N ew Orl ean s

IN Small Business

Small Businesses Can Travel!


by Alison Burns

ISN’T IT NICE to finally be getting somewhat of a normal(ish) flow to life and discussing vacations and summer plans? Since part of this issue is dedicated to travel, from one small business owner to the other, I thought I would use my small business column to discuss our travel needs. Many small businesses have regular travel needs. Whether it is for professional development, to see clients or make pitches, employee rewards, or to head to market to buy for your customers, are you budgeting for these trips or doing it on the fly as the business may or may not have extra money? And, if you are not budgeting for it: why are you not budgeting for an investment in the future and health of the business? If you do not have an annual budget, let us tackle that first – start with last year’s numbers, and if you have data from years prior, go back even further. You or your accountant can calculate your revenue growth so you can project it out. I am no accountant, but I can even help with that as numbers are my love language! That projection can break down into top operating expenses, and one of them should be travel if it is important in your business goals. This is where you must get really honest and sacrifices often are a result. Some of the largest expenses for a small business in this order are payroll, credit card processing, and rent. Look for ways to reduce, and if you want a free quote on credit card processing savings, email me! Now it is time to budget your travel. If this is an expense that has previously occurred, gather those numbers to create a line item. Were all the associated expenses necessary? What can be shaved off? How many people went, and should it continue? These questions will help you to create the line item that you budget, plan, and save for! Lastly, create policies and procedures around your budget in order to stay on budget. How do employees get reimbursed? What is the per diem, if any? How many hotel nights will the business pick up? What is expected of an employee and the business in the event of a cancelled or delayed flight? Does the business provide travel insurance in case the airline loses a bag? The unplanned for things can certainly blow the budget and cause a lot of unnecessary stress in the process. If you have questions concerning business travel or slashing business expenses, hit me up at my email, aburns@ precisionpaymentsystems.com. Happy traveling (whether work or personal). Viva la normal life! A p ri l - M ay 2021


INside Peek 1. Atonement Lutheran School students attend technology class where they use digital learning tools, work on presentation skills, typing, and internet safety. 2. Atonement’s Best Practices & Safety Protocols have allowed them to offer safe and secure in-person learning. 3. Older students leave well-prepared for the best high schools in the Greater New Orleans area. 4. NOLA Boards celebrating the grand opening of their Magazine Street location with a ribbon cutting.





The New Orleans American Heart Association hosted its 2021 New Orleans Go Red for Women Digital Experience in March. The event, locally sponsored by United Healthcare, Medtronic, LAMMICO, Capital One, LSU Foundation, Hahn Enterprises, Inc., BCBS of Louisiana, Lakelawn Funeral Home, Jones Walker, Abbott, and Biotronik, rallied for awareness and prevention of heart disease. 1. Chairs Karen and Peter DeBlieux having fun virtually. 2. Emcee Katie Moore. 3. Alisha Reed. 4. Christine O’Brien. 5. A 1


group from United Healthcare participating together.




A p ri l - M ay 2021


Drinks with Anna by Anna Tusa

Let’s Get “Fizzical” IT IS SPRINGTIME in New Orleans, and the perfect time to get “fizzical”. The weather has warmed up, the flowers are blooming, and being outdoors is amazing this time of year. So, whether you are sipping on your porch swing, popping bottles on the patio, walking the quarter, or boiling seafood with friends, these Champagne cocktails will be a refreshing addition for you to share any day of the week. Remember, it is always a good time to drink Champagne and these delicious bubbly concoctions complement boiled seafood all spring!


1.5 oz Esplon Tequila ½ oz pink grapefruit juice ½ oz freshly squeezed lime juice ½ oz simple syrup 3 dashes of Hibiscus bitters

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker tin. Muddle three raspberries and pour into a Champagne flute. Strain the contents of the shaker into the champagne flute, and top with your favorite sparkling Rosé. NOLA ROSE

1.5 oz Absolut Citron 1 oz lemon juice ½ oz simple syrup 3 dashes blossom bitters

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker tin. Strain the contents of the shaker into a Champagne flute, and top with your favorite sparkling Rosé. Garnish with a lemon twist and fresh rose petals. STRAWBERRY MULE

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker tin. Muddle three fresh strawberries and pour into a copper mug. Next, add ice and strain the contents of the shaker into the copper mug. Finish by topping off the mug with your favorite Champagne. 68

I nside N ew Orl ea n s

photos: ANNA TUSA

1.5 oz Skyy Strawberry Vodka ½ oz lime juice 1.5 oz ginger beer


1.5 oz Malibu Coconut 2 oz pineapple juice

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker tin. Muddle three fresh raspberries and three pineapple chunks in a high ball glass. Strain the contents of the shaker into the high ball glass, and add ice. Top the glass off with your favorite Rosé. Garnish with fresh pineapple and raspberries. NOLA STROLLIN’

1.5 oz Martell Blue Swift Cognac 1 oz Grand Marnier 2 dashes bitters

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker tin. Strain into a coupe glass topping it off with your favorite Champagne. Garnish with an orange twist. THE FRENCH QUARTER-TINI

1 oz Stoli Vodka 1 oz Chambord 2/3 oz pineapple juice

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker tin. Strain into a martini glass, finish by topping off the glass with your favorite Prosecco. Garnish with fresh raspberries. Note: For these drinks I used Mumm Napa Rosé, Mumm Napa Brut, and Avissi Prosecco. Cheers!! A p ri l - M ay 2021


IN the Kitchen by Lorin Gaudin

CHICKEN CHILE VERDE CHALUPAS 8 mini corn tortillas Vegetable oil for frying 1 cup tomatillo salsa verde 1 cup queso fresco, crumbled Shredded rotisserie chicken, about 2 cups Cilantro for garnish

I’M ABOUT TO PULL THE RUG from under your taco and margarita Cinco de Mayo celebration. First, Cinco de Mayo is *not* Mexican Independence Day; it celebrates the Mexican victory of the Battle at Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. And tacos aren’t the way to go for this celebration, but chalupas are. The traditional chalupa, a cherished Pueblan street food, is seriously easy to make and great as an antojito (appetizer) or main course. Now I’m also going to pull the rug from under your Taco Bell dreams…Chalupas are *not* a big, puffy taco. A proper chalupa is a crisply fried corn tortilla spread with bright tomatillo salsa, topped by shredded chicken (or pork), a heavy hand of crumbled, salty Queso Fresco (think ricotta salata) and a sprig or two of fresh cilantro. That’s it. Nothing fancy, just simple and simply great. In this recipe I opted for store-bought rotisserie chicken and mini corn tortillas, though the best chalupas are made using fresh corn tortillas from Metairie-based Mawi tortilla bakery or a pack of Hola Nola (made in Gonzales!) corn tortillas from your favorite grocery. Go ahead, make those margaritas and replace the usual Cinco de Mayo tacos with Pueblan chalupas. Que bueno! 70

I n side N ew Orl ean s


A Proper Chalupa

Instructions In a heavy-bottomed medium skillet, pour in ¼ inch of vegetable oil and heat at medium to mediumhigh. When the oil is hot, but not smoking, gently set a couple tortillas on the oil (they should float), and cook for about a minute, until bubbles form. Spoon a heaping teaspoon of salsa onto the center of the tortilla and lightly spread it around, almost, but not quite to the edge. Continue cooking for 2-3 minutes until the tortilla is a bit brown and crisp. Drain the chalupa on a tray lined with paper towels. Continue with the remaining tortillas. Divide the chicken and queso fresco over the chalupas. Garnish with cilantro, avocado, and extra salsa verde, if desired.

Haute Plates



NEW ORLEANS 504-568-0245

ANNUNCIATIONRESTAURANT.COM Annunciation Restaurant, located in New Orleans’ bustling Warehouse District, is walking distance to the New Orleans Convention Center and WWII museum. Specializing in Southern and Creole cuisine, Annunciation is the perfect setting for an intimate evening out or a corporate dinner.

Bill Laderer Catering 504-296-2452

UNCLEBILLSCATERING@GMAIL.COM On-Site Seafood Boils with Bill Laderer Catering! Seafood boils at your location with options of corn on the cob, new potatoes, cajun veggies or smoked sausage- hot out of the pot! Also offering Shrimp, Oysters, Jambalaya, Cajun Fried Turkey, Fried Soft Shell Crab!

A p ri l - M ay 2 021


Haute Plates

A selection of restaurants and haute dishes found in New Orleans and beyond.


Boulevard American Bistro


NEW ORLEANS 504-410-5171



BOULEVARDBISTRO.COM Classic American cuisine with


BRIQUETTE-NOLA.COM Award-winning contemporary

locations in Metairie and Elmwood.

coastal cuisine featuring Gulf

Enjoy delicious dishes, exceptional

seafood and fish, beef, lamb, chicken,

service, and outdoor dining. The bar

Maine Lobster and unique chef

hosts Wine & Dine Wednesdays, Martini

specials daily. Lunch, Dinner, Happy

Thursdays, and a happy hour that runs

Hour, Private Parties. Make your

Monday – Friday from 3 – 6pm.

reservations on OpenTable.

Broussard’s Restaurant & Courtyard

Everyday Keto To Go

NEW ORLEANS 504-581-3866



BROUSSARDS.COM Come celebrate Broussard’s 101

years of service with Chef Jimi Setchim’s $45 3-course prix fixe menu. Enjoy the ambiance of outdoor dining in the largest courtyard in the French Quarter. Join us for our monthly Century Dinner series featuring craft cocktails from each decade we’ve been in service.


EVERYDAYKETOTOGO.COM Voted Best Gluten Free Bakery of 2019 by The Gluten Free Guide to New Orleans. Local Bakery specializing in KETO, Gluten Free, Low Carb, and Sugar free baked goods including breads, cookies, cakes, and more!

Nola Caye

The Sazerac House





New Orleans Creole Cookery


NEW ORLEANS 504-524-9632



NEWORLEANSCREOLECOOKERY.COM Experience the traditional Creole tastes of New Orleans in the historic French Quarter. Specialties include jambalaya, crawfish étouffée, shrimp creole and raw and chargrilled oysters on the half shell. Craft cocktails and signature drinks with Happy Hour, weekdays 3-6pm.

NOLA Caye’s Signature Dish, Braised Oxtail, reflects a traditional New Orleans Grits & Grillades served with Jalapeno-Cheddar Grits, Pan Jus and Pickled Red Onions.

101 MAGAZINE STREET. 504-910-0100

The Official Cocktail of New Orleans is the Sazerac. The Sazerac House celebrates the city’s spirited history and traditions through interactive exhibits, tastings and production of Peychaud’s Bitters and Sazerac Rye Whiskey.

A Tavola


METAIRIE 504-577-2235 ATAVO.LA

Modern Italian cuisine in a lively, family-friendly setting. Featuring a bright, spacious dining room, patio and bar offering Salute! Wednesdays, Vino Thursdays, and happy hour every day from 2 – 6pm. Join us for Italian favorites, wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas, paninis, salads and more!

A p ri l - M ay 2021


Last Bite

A Tavola

WHILE SPRING weather is here, nosh modern Italian cuisine al fresco at one of Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concept’s newest restaurants, A Tavola. Meaning at the table in Italian, a Tavola welcomes guests seven days a week to the lively, family-friendly setting at Lakeside Shopping Center. With an open kitchen, wood-fired pizza oven, expansive bar area, and large family-style table in the center of the dining room, safely socializing with friends and family is a breeze at a Tavola. The menu features Neapolitan-style pizzas, a variety of savory antipasti, and pasta made from select Italian durum 74

I nside N ew Orl ea n s

wheat. Health-conscious diners have the choice of Eat Fit items, gluten-free pasta, and cauliflower pizza crust as well. All of a Tavola’s pizzas from the Pepperoni to the Roasted Vegetable or Quattro Formaggi can be substituted for a cauliflower crust. A Tavola’s cauliflower crust pizza has become a guest favorite along with Lobster Ravioli in sherry butter sauce; Seared Yellowfin Tuna Semi Crudo with lemon chili vinaigrette, olive remoulade and cucumber; and Spaghetti

& Meatballs with Sunday Gravy and Pecorino Romano. A perfect complement to any dish at a Tavola is their daily happy hour. Enjoy drink specials, half-off pizzas and $7 appetizers, including Eggplant Caponata, Baked Goat Cheese Al Forno and Calamari Fritte, daily from 2-6 pm. On Salute! Wednesdays sip $5 call and $6 premium and specialty cocktails, and Vino Thursdays, half-off select bottles of wine. The Creole Cuisine family invites you to join them at the table! A Tavola is located at 3413 Veterans Blvd. in Metairie. 504-577-2235. Reserve a table, order online or view the full menu at atavo.la.


by Leah Draffen