IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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Its Paint Supplier’s Quick and Timely Service Sped up the Delivery Time of Alusteel Coating’s Perfectly Pre-Painted, Customised Coils Monica Fumagalli ipcm®

Suppliers considered not as simple partners, but as protagonists of the production process: with this concept in mind, Alusteel Coating has revolutionised its corporate philosophy and included Condoroil Chemical, specialising in the formulation of pre-treatment products and paints for coils, among its long-standing suppliers. The reasons for this were the quality of its products and above all its precise and rapid service, which has contributed to reducing Alusteel Coating’s delivery times and given it a strategic competitive advantage over the large industrial groups in the sector.


needs with very fast production and delivery times and the ability to

interest of many paint suppliers, as it entails treating large

customise and diversify processes and finishes.

volumes of metal workpieces. This market is made up of

This is the case of Alusteel Coating Srl, a company based in Somaglia

multinational companies and industrial groups that handle the largest

(Lodi, Italy) that has been active in the liquid pre-painted metal sector

batches, together with some SMEs capable of responding to customer

since the 1980s.

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oil coating is a long-established technology that attracts the

The coils coated by Alusteel Coating Srl have been part of some of the most significant architectural projects of the last few years.


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