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Dürr Expands the Collaboration with Rescoll for Testing EcoPaintJet

The private research institute Rescoll allows clients to carry out tests with Dürr’s EcoPaintJet coating technology to check compatibility.

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The EcoPaintJet is an innovative system for automated, overspray-free paint application.

Dürr’s EcoPaintJet complements the test equipment at the private research institute Rescoll in France.

© Dürr Dürr has announced a partnership with the private research institute Rescoll to allow its potential customers to test at a low cost paints, substrates and the corresponding application for compatibility with the EcoPaintJet coating technology, in order to prepare optimally for series production. Rescoll is a private research institute offering technological services such as testing and industrial research on polymer materials applications for several industries. Dürr started to co-operate with Rescoll during the summer of 2021, to allow clients to test the EcoBell2 equipped ready2spray robot. The partnership has then developed further and customers are now able to have also EcoPaintJet tested in one of the three French site of the research institute – Pessac, Bayonne and Rochefort. Once Rescoll has received the paint or substrate from the client, it first checks it to verify whether the material is suitable for carrying out the test at all. Then the company proceeds to carry out the test and, finally, sends the material and the results back to the customer, who is eventually able to adjust the paints and substrates in order to ultimately adapt Dürr’s technology. If the results are satisfactory, Dürr will have its equipment ready for operations shipped to the client’s facility. At PaintExpo 2022, the international trade fair for industrial painting technologies that took place from 26th to 29th April in Karlsruhe (Germany), visitors were able to further experience Dürr’s overspray-free technology EcoPaintJet in a dedicated coating booth.

For further information: www.durr.com

AGTOS Has Confirmed Its Participation at EUROGUSS

At the trade fair EUROGUSS, AGTOS will present the latest developments in shot blasting technology.

AGTOS has recently announced that it will take part in the next edition of EUROGUSS, the trade fair dedicated to die casting that will take place from 08th to 10th June 2022 in Nuremberg (Germany), to present its latest innovations in the shot blasting technology field. The requests for the surface treatment of complex cast workpieces made from aluminium or magnesium are becoming more and more sophisticated, so the reproducibility of the shot blasting process for massproduced parts is extremely important. AGTOS has then designed and developed special shot blasting systems for coherently treating lightweight parts and aluminium and magnesium castings. The company will present its latest innovations and provide visitors with useful insights on how to increase the power of existing shot blasting machines, so that turbines specially designed for this purpose work more gently and the abrasive consumption is reduced. In addition, it will also showcase the new AGTOS Service APP, via which service technicians can provide instruction in the case of maintenance and repair work and share supplementary documents such as drawings, illustrations and photos.

For further information: www.euroguss.de/en

AGTOS wire mesh conveyor shot blast machine.


KRÜSS Added the Constrained SD Method to Its Measuring Portfolio

KRÜSS expanded its portfolio of optical interface analysis with a special method for measuring surface tension at high temperatures.

KRÜSS has recently announced that it has expanded its portfolio of optical interface analysis with the Constrained Sessile Drop (Constrained SD) method, which allows the measurement of surface tension by using a single sessile drop. This addition will allow to perform rapid purity checks of contact angle test liquids and analyses of molten materials at high temperatures. The Constrained SD technique observes how the opposing forces of surface tension (SFT) and gravity affect the shape of a droplet: if the density and dimensions of a dosed sessile drop are known, then the SFT can be calculated by image analysis of its contour. Test liquids used for contact angle measurements are strongly influenced by even smallest amounts of surface-active impurities such as those left behind by rinsing agents, that could cause false results. Checking test liquid SFT using the Constrained SD method provides then an effective remedy: the measurements are fast, require no change to the measurement setup and can be seamlessly integrated into daily quality routines. As a single sample can be melted directly on the sample pedestal, neither vessels nor high-temperature dosing units are required, so operators do not need to carry out time-consuming preparations and cleaning operations. In addition, the new Constrained SD technique added to KRÜSS’ portfolio of optical interface analysis works well under thermally isolated conditions, with the maximum temperature that can be extended up to 2000° C using special sample platforms made of zirconium oxide in combination with a high-temperature measuring system.

For further information: www.kruss-scientific.com


Analysis of a Constrained Sessile Drop in the ADVANCE Software.


Europolveri Celebrates 40 years of Research, Enthusiasm and Colours

Sandrigo (Vicenza), Italy

Since 1982 Europolveri has been manufacturing powder coatings for the most different sectors and applications. This year the company celebrates 40 years of activity.

Europolveri, one of the leading manufacturers of powder coatings, has been operating for over forty years as a reliable partner for the supply of high-quality and large diversification coatings both in terms of applications and sectors. In the course of its history, the company has overcome the main challenges of the sector. It has built its growth on the skills and passion of the people who are part of it. In a person’s life, age of 40 is universally considered as a mile stone, a moment in life where the equal balance among experience, awareness and energy gives the possibility to carefully analyse what has been done, and it allows to set new important goals for the future. For the same reasons, this goal is fundamental also for a company like Europolveri, that has always founded its solidity on respect and commitment to value of its working people, who are being celebrated today for their fundamental contribution to the Company’s growth and consolidation, in professional and human terms. Today’s main challenge is to broaden the horizons starting from the consistent acquired experience, the knowledge of its own commercial field and the ability shown through years to rapidly adapt to the market’s evolution. To plan the future in Europolveri means to programme the research, finalising it to new products’ launches, to technological innovation and above all to always more qualified human resources. The research activity, mainly performed by highly skilled personnel, coming from the basic chemistry and science world, with the aid of sophisticated instruments has allowed us to manage and solve the most specific and particular needs in terms of finishing and application, offering customers a valuable assistance and consultancy service, besides the preparation of specific customized research projects.

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HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH Efficient and reliable solutions for surface coating since 1988.

Today the company has reached the third generation and, despite the evolution of its strategies, it maintains the orientation that in 1982 was at the origin of this entrepreneurial challenge. To make sustainable choices means to think about the future and respond to requests coming from people and territory, with an idea of development meant above all as growth that brings with it the living conditions’ improvement and the policies’ implementation, with the aim to preserve the environment and the people. A further aspect of utmost importance that has characterized these first 40 years of activity is the relationship that the Company has established with its customers and suppliers: a relationship based on professional skills and competence, that has provided specific solutions to a wide range of needs and concerns. The philosophy with which Europolveri has participated in UNICEF’s “Universal Donation” programme in the recent years is to make one’s success a growth reason for those who have had less luck and fewer opportunities. Europolveri also this year will commit itself to the long-distance children’s adoption from all over the world, in the context of a TERRE DES HOMMES project, as done on occasion of 25th and 30th anniversary.

In conclusion, the 40-year milestone allows Europolveri to look to the past with satisfaction and to the future with great enthusiasm, with the certainty that this anniversary can become a solid starting point for new and ambitious goals to be achieved. electrostatic systems for liquid painting

electrostatic systems and spraying booths for powder coating

pneumatic systems for high-, medium-, and low-pressure painting

IR and UV drying systems

robot and reciprocators

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The Sustainable Future, According to Novaresine

Colà di Lazise (Verona), Italy info@novaresine.com

When one thinks of a chemical industry, the concepts of environmental friendliness and protection hardly come to mind. However, this is not the case for Novaresine, a manufacturer of synthetic paint resins that has made sustainability its mission.

Sustainability and social responsibility have been among the most popular – and perhaps somewhat abused – concepts in the manufacturing industry in recent years. There are, however, companies that have already been incorporating these values into their daily work for a long time now: one of these is Novaresine, which produces synthetic resins for paint products mainly for the coil, packaging, and wood sectors. It was founded around forty years ago and, over time, it has specialised in the formulation and production of alkyd and polyester resins, up to becoming a benchmark in the Italian chemical industry. Today, Novaresine is a high-tech company that has transformed its business’ management into an ongoing campaign for a more sustainable future, involving all its employees in this mission. A turning point in the firm’s environmental policy

Novaresine’s new course has been characterised by a forwardlooking management, focusing on the company’s fundamental values (environmental protection, safety, ethical/social values, etc.) and making sustainability the guiding thread of its business. “In recent years, our company has made a radical change in terms of environmental policy,” states CEO Bruno Franceschini, “with the sustainability of our processes being the first objective. This has led us to achieve international recognitions such as the Certificate of Excellence that Certiquality awards exclusively to companies that obtain the three certifications ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001:2015 (Environment), and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety), or the Platinum

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certification awarded by EcoVadis, the Corporate Social Responsibility assessment platform used worldwide by the largest companies to assess the social, ethical, and ecological characteristics of their partners and suppliers. “With these values in mind, we continue to look to the future, offering our customers increasingly innovative and green products, involving our suppliers in this effort, and contributing to the creation of widespread well-being for the community.” Novaresine is also a transparent company: in 2021, it published its first Sustainability Report “in order to inform more and more stakeholders, so that they do not stop at appearances but are fully aware of the quality and values of our business,” Franceschini notes.

The most important projects

Many projects have characterised Novaresine’s most recent R&D activity, starting with the creation in 2018 of Nova Lab, a new laboratory now recognised in the industry for its ability to meet any type of request, its willingness to support customers in the realisation and formulation of products, and the effectiveness of the results it obtains while always focusing on sustainability, of course. “Another relevant project realised recently,” adds Francesco Tamburrino, Commercial & Marketing Manager of Novaresine, “was the construction of a new co-incinerator, collecting waste water from all our reactors. Sized for the amount of by-products created in our factory for internal disposal only, it does not harm the environment and, after a period of great uncertainty, it has also been accepted by the community living near our plant. On that occasion, we deployed all our resources, including the support of all our employees, to overcome mistrust and convince the city of the sustainability of the project.” The latest venture of the Veneto-based company was the first shipment of NPG mass balance exported to Europe by Korea’s LG. “This is a key raw material for Novaresine’s products,” indicates Tamburrino. “It will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our resins, of our customers’ paints and, ultimately, of the products that will use them.” This is part of a long-term strategy including investments of more than ten million Euros in technological innovation to be implemented over the next few years. “For Novaresine, sustainability is synonymous with constant attention to the control and reduction of our production processes’ environmental impact. For example, among other things, we have reduced the CO2 we produce by over 3.8 tonnes by planting native trees on our 80,000 m2 production site.”

Social responsibility

Finally, sustainability is also attention to the welfare of workforce, a key resource for Novaresine. Referring to the company’s code of ethics, Franceschini confirms: “We are committed to creating long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders and we firmly believe that respect for fundamental human rights is a requisite for achieving this. Novaresine has always adhered to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines, and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.” Novaresine is truly the chemical company with an ethical and green soul.

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