IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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The finishes and colours of Collezione Nove, including the special Baia Blu tint of the 1/9.1 Iconic pergola, were developed in collaboration with Pulverit (Milan).

Cooperation and flexibility

the volume of profiles to be coated, which would have required

The choice of the pre-treatment and coating equipment was the

excessively slow and costly logistics.

result of the continuous cooperation among AMA, Pulverit, Gema, and

Therefore, the company also invested in expanding its workforce and

Euroimpianti. “We had no direct experience in finishing aluminium

improving its knowledge in this field. “We trained our staff with the

profiles, so we relied on the partners we had chosen for this project.

help of Euroimpianti and we now have a team entirely dedicated to the

Initially we were afraid of the potential difficulties we could encounter,

pre-treatment and coating of products. Moreover, the Komby plant

but they were all very helpful and flexible: they listened to our needs,

features a simple and user-friendly technology, which has enabled us to

provided us with the most suitable solutions to our requirements,

increase both production volumes and coating quality while achieving

and even supported us with advice on how to improve the efficiency

the aesthetic properties specified by our designers. We had considered

of production processes. For example, they suggested optimising the

two other suppliers, but Euroimpianti was the company that could

arrangement of parts on the load bars and decreasing the degree of

guarantee the fastest and most accurate installation. We are currently

inclination in order to achieve even higher coating quality,” says Fabbi.

working in two shifts and process up to 64 load bars per day, but we

Previously, as mentioned, AMA relied on a third-party coating service,

are getting ready to work in three shifts in order to fully utilise the

but the implementation of the company’s growth strategy also increased

plant,” Fabbi says with satisfaction.


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