IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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The Advantage of Training Staff in a Targeted Way: More Passion and More Efficiency in the Company Interview with David Peluso PVD Sputtering Technician and ipcm® Academy trainee

How did you learn about the Surface

this certification. Why did you choose this

Finishing Process Technologist course?

training path?

Were you looking for specific training

I entered this industry coming from a

or did you learn about it through an

completely different sector. Therefore, I felt the

advertisement (newsletters, social

need to have the professional skills acquired

networks, etc.)?

in my experience in this new career path

I found out about this course through the


suggestion of my partner, who works in the same sector: I was looking for courses in the

How well do you think you will be able

surface treatment field that could officially

to integrate the skills you are acquiring

certify my expertise in the industry.

during the course with your daily work?

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Very well. I am acquiring very technical,

David Peluso


In your experience as a technician in

industry-specific knowledge and no information

charge of a coating plant, have you had

is useless. Moreover, the competence and

any difficulties in identifying such a

experience of the lecturers are an excellent

specific vocational training path?

point of comparison with the reality of our own

No, I have not. I was simply not aware of the


e have decided to include in this

existence of such recognised training courses.

interview series a technician who

So, as soon as I heard about this, I immediately

The first session of the course is halfway

is currently attending the spring

decided to register for certifying my skills.

through. What are your initial feelings and what do you expect from the second half?

session of the Industrial Surface Finishing Process Technologist training course organised

Did you think you had gaps to fill or did

I am very satisfied with the topics that have

by ipcm® Academy: David Peluso, currently in

you choose a vocational course to update

been covered so far but, above all, I have been

charge of his company’s PVD sputtering plant.

your skills?

pleasantly impressed by the thoroughness of

As he comes from a completely different sector

Both. I work with liquid-based paint products

the notions explained. I expect to continue

than coating, we thought it would be interesting

and I wanted to gain a more comprehensive

seeing seriousness and professionalism, which

to understand how he assesses the training

knowledge of all the techniques used at an

I believe are the strengths of this course.

path he has just undertaken.

industrial level, in order to expand my skills in terms of personal growth with a view to

Do you find it difficult to balance the time

professional development.

you are devoting to professional training with your work within your company?


In September 2020, the Lombardy Region

Yes and no. Clearly, it all depends on one’s own

officially recognised the professional role

company’s willingness to favour any absences

of Industrial Surface Finishing Process

related to the attendance to the course – which

Technologist, previously unrecognised. At

in any case is also beneficial to the company

the end of the training course and after

itself: I believe that qualified employees are

the final examination, you will obtain

also more motivated and efficient.

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