IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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BYK-Gardner GmbH Launched the New byko-visc RT Rotational Viscometer The new versatile viscometer line of BYK-Gardner offers robust measurement and repeatability.


YK-Gardner GmbH, a manufacturer of quality control instruments and tools for colour, appearance and physical properties, has recently announced that it has

developed the byko-visc RT Rotational Viscometer. The new solution allows precise measurement results with each test condition recorded and offers detailed results analysis and review. The Rotational Viscometer has been specifically designed to test the viscosity of liquids and pastes in compliance with ASTM D2196, ISO 2555 and ISO1652 standards. It is then suitable to test the viscosity of lacquers, paints, primers, resins, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, creams, lotions, liquids soaps, beverages, dressings and sauces. The product is available in two different models: the byko-visc RT and byko-visc RT Lite. They both feature versatility and compatibility with three different sensitivities and optional accessories. In addition, the company supplies an ISO 17025 calibration certificate with each instrument, in order to confirm its performances. The byko-visc RT offers an intuitive navigation thanks to its colour touch-screen display – that features pre-set buttons to quickly recall often used measuring parameters – and several other control options, allowing to reduce operation times. Furthermore, it includes an easy snap-on spindle attachment to protect the instrument and an adjustable stand to allow the operator to easily raise and lower the viscometer head. The precision of the measurement is repeatable day-to-day and instrument-to-instrument as the new line developed by the company is also compatible with many other rotational viscometer models in terms of results, measurement parameters and accessories. As well as the new byko-visc RT Rotational Viscometer, BYKGardner offers also a wide range of viscosity instruments, such as flow cups, bubble viscometers, the digital stormer viscometer and cone and plate viscometers.

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