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The Furla FW23 campaign is a true celebration of Italian style. Shot in the historic Villa Silvio Pellico in Turin, it stars super model Irina Shayk. This harmonious mix enhances the new bags, watches and jewellery collection, composed of iconic and charming styles, day-to-night must-haves with design that captures the authentic and Italian aesthetic.

Contact: Designa Accessories, Ph 64 9 480 2211, customer.service@designaaccessories.com.au, www.designaaccessories.com.au

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The Pacific Time team are excited to showcase our extensive range including watch parts – watch straps, batteries, tools and accessories, Rochet Jewellery and Boccia Titanium Watches and Jewellery. All available at competitive pricing from our online store.


Introducing Grant George, Operation Manager at Morris & Watson Group, who marks 40 years with the company this year.

Where do you live and who do you share your home with? Annie and I live in an Eco-village located 4km north of Kaiwaka (www.kohatutoa.nz). During my working week in Auckland, I share an old ramshackle villa called Oakdene with a close friend.

Tell us about your history with Morris & Watson (MW). I have had two stints at MW. As a teenager I was still living in my hometown of Whitianga and decided I wanted to be a jeweller. I moved to Auckland and started at 348 Marketing, a wholesale jewellery division of MW. I worked at 348 Marketing until Lew Morris closed it down and made most employees redundant. Lew felt I was worth a gamble and offered me a job refining and alloying at MW proper. This lasted six months until I was offered a job at Coleman Industrial Services Ltd (smalltime opposition). We built all our own casting gear, produced solder filled wire for chain and developed cutting edge refinery techniques. We even did the unthinkable and recycled the cellulose acetate from Xray plates into glasses frames, after removing the silver chemically, instead of the standard burn technique. Under funding finally overtook our enthusiasm. I bought a Kombi and went tripping around the South Island. The Kombi blew up in the Haast Past. There I was on the side of the road when Peter Minturn pulled over to help a stranger in trouble, then was surprised to recognise me through his involvement with Coleman’s. This led to Peter offering me a job. The big break came when Barry Hedges, a friend at MW, offered me an opportunity to setup a Cast Dept in May 1983.

As Operation Manager what are your responsibilities? My role kept expanding. I found myself regularly supporting the managers (Refinery, Chain, Engineering, Vault, and Fabrication). In 2017 management requested I move into the role of Operation Manager. I assist managers

with requests for new technologies, HR, performance reviews, Health / Safety, future planning, problem solving, costing and sharing KPIs. At present I am chairing a focus group to expand the Refinery, Casting and Finishing Departments to address growth and vision. We also are expanding our chain production capabilities with new technologies. David Morris has a strong belief to reinvest profits back into the business for future prosperity.

Do you have a mentor? My Zen teacher Roshi Amala Wrightson ( www. aucklandzen.org.nz) is a strong example of living her purpose and truth, whilst constantly giving to all in need. Her advice was transmitted to me through the body practice of meditation and dokusan (personal interviews). To be present in this moment with an allowing, compassionate energy. What advice do you offer to industry newbies? Turn up. It does not matter how talented you are unless you turn up consistently.

Your team would describe you as … A team player and hopefully a good listener.

Tell us about a special moment in your working career … Visiting a leading casting house in New York and realising we could show them a thing or two… not to say there was not valuable information shared on both sides.

How do you relax away from the business? I practice Zen meditation and at home, sit under a giant Puriri tree in the mornings. I also practice DUP (Dance of Universal Peace, a Sufi practice of devotion to unconditional love through singing and dancing in unison),

Most memorable holiday? A five-day tramp in the highlands of Thailand on the border of Myanmar. In contact with authentic villages where poverty and generosity of community demonstrated a different way of life. This was an enlightening experience challenging my perception of the individualist western lifestyle.

Most adventurous thing you have done? Swimming with the Humpback whales in the outer Tongan islands (Haápai). The power of connecting with a curious calf and mother after battling a panic attack with an over tight wet suit, the size and care of these majestic creatures is mind blowing.

What’s on your bucket list? To revegetate parts of our Ecovillage community land in native trees.

Favourite pieces of jewellery? My old 1940’s Omega watch the company gifted me for 20 years’ service and paid to have it refurnished after 40 years’ service. The natural shaped, banded piece of pounamu Annie gifted me after our first Womad adventure and a silver ring made after Antonia Morris (the company’s 4th generation Morris) organised an Admin team building exercise where we all created personal rings at the Jewellers Creative. Plans for the future … I have joined a group www.empathyangels.co.nz of NVC (Non-Violent Communication) practitioners spreading empathy via live, free one-hour zoom sessions. We are not councillors and are not there to fix, analyse or give advice, simply listen with an open non-judgemental heart and reflect on what we think we have heard and guess at what is important to the person. This powerful way of relating in relationship has enhanced my life beyond words.

Greatest indulgence? I enjoy bespoke craft beer especially when its brewed and consumed on the premise. My favourite commercial craft beer right now is Stoke ‘Hazy’. I also enjoy organic food prepared with love.

Grant George.


For the first time in history two stones have fetched prices north of US$30 million in a single sale. Sotheby’s New York set two world records for gemstones, one for a 55.22 carat Mozambique ruby known as the ‘Estrela de Fura 55.22’ and one for a 10.57 carat fancy purplish-pink diamond referred to as the ‘Eternal Pink’. They fetched identical prices of US$34.8 million.

The 23.78ct. rough that yielded the Eternal Pink was mined by De Beers at its Damtshaa mine in Botswana. It took six months for Diacore to fashion it into a ‘bubble gum’-hued cushion cut.

Estrela de Fura means ‘Star of Fura’ in Portuguese. The name refers to the company that mined the stone and has nine ruby mining licenses in Mozambique. Just two rubies have ever exceeded US$15 million at auction, Sotheby’s says.


New from Van Cleef & Arpels’ Alhambra collection.

The Sweet Alhambra watch - 22.7 x 22.7mm 18ct rose gold case; 18ct rose gold bezel; 18ct rose gold dial; 18ct rose gold bracelet and carnelian. Bracelet: 18ct rose gold (of course!)


A Patek Philippe ref. 96 Quantieme, one of only eight known and one of three with this dial configuration, garnered US$6.2 million at the Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo auction in Hong Kong,

Its value was heightened with the mystique of its backstory. Aisin-Gioro Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing dynasty, had given the watch to his interpreter, Georgy Permyakov, while he was imprisoned in the Soviet Union (1945-1950).

In 1967 Puyi passed away in Beijing at age 61. His life would later be dramatised by Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1987 cinematic success, The Last Emperor.

Eternal Pink Estrela de Fura 55.22

Sell With Us.

Fine Jewels, Watches & Luxury Accessories

Live and Online Auctions

Webb’s Fine Jewels, Watches & Luxury Accessories department is currently seeking consignments for upcoming live and online auctions.

As always, we welcome fine jewellery in the form of larger Diamond rings, Diamond bracelets and earrings, as well as Swiss watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, IWC, Omega, Vacheron & Constantin, and Cartier.

In luxury accessories we particularly desire Hermès bags such as the Birkin, Kelly, and Constance, as well notable pieces from international maisons including, but not limited to, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Branded homewares are also proving popular with buyers — think designer throws from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Tiffany & Co, and tableware from Versace and Hermès.

In the last 12 months, we have seen a phenomenal increase in the demand for jewels, luxury goods, and specialty timepieces. Our most recent June live auction saw an incredible selection of pieces come under the hammer, a highlight being a Hermès Mousse Ostrich Birkin which sold for $31,830.

If you have a special piece you are thinking of bringing to market, now is the time to contact us for a complimentary appraisal.


Hermès Mousse Ostrich Birkin, Size 30 | price realised $31,830

Christine Power Head of Fine Jewels, Watches & Luxury Accessories AJP (GIA)


+64 27 929 5607

Jess Mackenzie Manager, Luxury Accessories jess@webbs.co.nz

+64 22 096 5610


33a Normanby Road

Mount Eden

Auckland 1024

+64 9 529 5600

Auctions Private Sales Valuations
18ct Tri-colour Gold Vintage, Flexible Bracelet, 44.75gms | price realised $3,917 18ct Yellow Gold, Modern, .80ct Diamond Pendant Necklace | price realised $1,346 9ct Yellow Gold, 3.4mm Wire Collier, 13.50gms | price realised $612


The JWNZ Fair at the RNZYS, Westhaven, Auckland, on September 10th promises to be another impressive success. More than 60 tables will be on show with the latest products and services, plus some firm favourites.

“Many exhibitors and visitors said last year’s fair was the best ever and we will

continue along the same lines, keeping it boutique-style and sustainable,” said Fair organiser Debbie Whiting. “We don’t want it to grow to a stage that makes it unaffordable for some of our smaller members.

“Visitors will be greeted by some familiar exhibitor faces and some new.

its exquisite pink opal, sapphire and diamond ring masterfully set in 9ct yellow gold. It is just one of many designs featured in Gerrim’s latest catalogue to be released at the fair. Stand 50


Sometimes it takes a bit of local knowledge.

Spread the word, let us know at JT if you are aware of an event happening in your neighbourhood that your fellow industry members might like to visit in person or check out on-line, for

example, the recent Nelson Jewellery Week or R T Nelson Sculpture Awards (Nelson is a happening place!).

Send the details and dates to chaucer@xtra.co.nz and we can publish a ‘lookout for’ list.

Keeping in mind we are now a

As well, a contingent of our trans-Tasman cousins will be joining us, for example, it is great to see Najo back again.

“This year we will have an additional exhibition area upstairs. The Squadron’s Members’ Lounge will host Najo, Evident, Lagani Diamonds, Gerrim and Wildside Gifts. Free muffins with your coffee order

Chemgold has been supplying jewellery retailers and manufacturers across Australasia for more than 35 years. Its range of products and services includes casting, refining, fabricated alloys, findings, bullion, mounts, laser engraving as well as a one stop for CAD/CAM. Stand 41

quarterly magazine, here are the anticipated editorial deadlines and postage dates for the next issue of JT: JT Summer 2023/24

Editorial deadline: November 3. Magazine posted: November 27.

10 JT2023 SPRING Precious Gem Imports Ltd DIAMONDS OF DISTINCTION Roger McKinnon Joy Thavat Freephone 0800 PGI GEM or 0800 744 436 NEWS
The sculptural design of the sterling silver Thalassa cuff and necklace by Najo is inspired by the natural patterning on seashells. Stand 47. Gerrim International will showcase

will be available on this floor and the America’s Cup will be on display.

“We are also looking forward to hosting a pre-fair get together at the RNZYS on the Saturday evening (9th) from 6pm-8pm. The affordable and friendly event will have a Bollywood entertainment theme. Tickets at $30

From Ikecho, a 9ct yellow gold white 46mm near Round Freshwater Pearl chain hook earrings and matching necklace with adjustable length 39cm, 42cm, 45cm. Stand F.


a head must be prepaid (no door sales), at info@jwnz.co.nz and include a delicious curry, a glass of wine, beer or soda.

“Hourly prize draws will be held during the fair and there will again be show bags, thanks to Star Gems & Jewellery. At the end the day stay for the champagne hour from 3pm-4pm. This time, by

Elma-Techspan New Zealand will be showing the latest new products from Elma Germany and offering visitors the opportunity to win an Elma SELECT ultrasonic cleaner. Stand 35.

Come early to the JWNZ Spring Trade Fair. Our friends from Egg & Spoon will have their caravan at the eastern entrance (North Lawn) of the RNZYS serving breakfast from 7.30am. Enjoy great coffee and the best view in town!

popular demand, it’s double the bubbles with two ‘champagne ladies’ greeting guests.

“Register to visit the fair at www. jewelleryfair.co.nz and your passes will be ready for you at Reception on arrival. And don’t forget to bring a shopping list!”

Look out at the fair for ....

Piece by Piece ... R&D Italian Jewellery Pty Ltd’s system allows you to see more than 800 combinations whilst the ring is on the finger. Select the band, then keep selecting the settings until you find the one for you. Stand 44.


JT2023 SPRING 11 NEW ZEALAND’S PREMIUM GEMSTONE STOCKIST P.O. Box 37597 Parnell, Auckland Phone (09) 3778 038 Email sales@preciousgem.co.nz Fax (09) 309 6807 Website www.preciousgem.co.nz


Visit BECKS at the upcoming 2023 JWNZ Spring Trade Fair at Stand 5 & 6 to say hello to Mary-Louise Squire, who has come home to the company as their Client Service Representative in New Zealand. Mary-Louise and the rest of the BECKS team are excited to present new products and chat about your specific needs at the fair.

BECKS: “For both our customers and their clients, we stand by three powerful words. Long live love.”

Mary-Louise Squire, Ph 0212 875 586, MaryLouiseSquire@becksgroup.au


One of the most elaborate new creations to emerge from Italian brand Sicis, masters in micro mosaics, is the Fantasia necklace, which also has matching earrings and a ring. The piece is inspired by colourful fireflies, with wings of royal blue and yellow micro mosaics lined with diamonds.

Falling from each winged creature is a cascade of pearshaped yellow and pink sapphires that graduate in colour from soft, pastel shades to deeper, hot pink hues. The curves of the pear-shaped gems continue into the white gold necklace itself, which is made up of marquise-shaped openwork gold links.

| 07
| evolve-jewellery.co.nz
281 1509
A stylish collection of customisable lockets & charms. info@stowlockets.co.nz | 07 281 1509 |stowlockets.com
Finely crafted jewellery and charm bracelets inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture and natural beauty.


For over 35 years, Jewellery Services has been providing the jewellery trade with high quality repairs and production services.

We operate from a 400sqm secure, purpose built facility in Auckland and complete more than 100,000 jobs per annum. Our experienced team of jewellers, setters & diamond experts provide the highest level of quality and service



Repairs & Services

Rhodium Plating

Laser Claw Retipping

Laser Engraving

CAD Design

Casting Clean Up & Assembly

Setting & Finishing

Advanced Repairs & Rebuilds

Pearl Rethreading

Diamond & Gemstone Replacements

Full Selections of Findings

If you're looking for an experienced service partner to provide support and services to help you grow, contact us now. trade@jewelleryservices.co.nz | jewelleryservices.co.nz 09 414 2526



Unveiled in Greece and described as a ‘dramatic spectacle of a showcase’ at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Louis Vuitton’s Deep Time high jewellery collection was billed as ‘taking its wearers on a journey of epic proportions’. Deep Time is the fifth high jewellery collection designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, artistic director of watches and jewellery for the Maison.

The designer commented on the inspiration behind the collection: “At Louis Vuitton we are as ever adventurers, travelling to extraordinary, unexpected places. Deep Time will transport you deeply into the past, to a time and place that is so remote and perhaps even difficult to comprehend.

“But at the same time, the stones - these treasures that span millennia - will bring you right there, to the beginning of the planet and into a history of the world and its mystical geological legacy.”

The collection is explored through two acts of geology and life, and, featuring a record number of precious stones, is Louis Vuitton’s largest high jewellery collection to date.

14 JT2023 SPRING Check out the full range SEE US AT THE JWNZ SPRING TRADE FAIR STANDS 26 & 27
Deep Time encompasses a total of 16 themes and features more than 170 pieces, including 95 in the first chapter.


AU +61 2 8543 4600 NZ +64 9 480 2211 | designaaccessories.com.au

GABI TOLKOWSKY (1939 –2023)

Sir Gabriel ‘Gabi’ Tolkowsky, one of the world’s most revered diamond cutters, died in May aged 84. He will be remembered for a string of remarkable achievements during a career spanning seven decades and was knighted by the Belgian government in 2003 for services to the diamond industry.

He created the Tolkowsky round brilliant diamond cut that has set the global standard for quality diamond cutting. And In 1989, Tolkowsky was handed what any cutter would consider the ultimate challenge, a 599ct. stone. At the time it was one of the largest pieces of rough ever found. Tolkowsky headed the team turning it into polished.

The resulting 273.85 ct. modified heart-shape, dubbed the Centenary, took nearly three years to create, including two years of preparation and one year of cutting. Tolkowsky called

Sir Gabriel Tolkowsky holding the Centenary Diamond.

it the “smiling diamond” and it is still considered one of the world’s great gemstones.


Broadening its appeal to Generation Z and an expanding Asian audience, Chopard has adopted South Korean girl group aespa to front their latest campaign.

The band, currently comprising Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning and likened to a Korean Spice Girls, will front campaigns for Chopard’s Happy Sport, Happy Diamonds, Ice Cube, Alpine Eagle, Precious Lace and My Happy Hearts collections.


Distributed by Duraflex Group Australia

Contact: Helen Finlayson

The Brand Agent

M. +64 27 722 6000

E. helen@thebrandagent.co.nz

Distributed by Duraflex Group Australia

Contact: Helen Finlayson

The Brand Agent

M. +64 27 722 6000

E. helen@thebrandagent.co.nz

JT2023 SPRING 17
10% CREDIT Receive a stock credit to the value of 10%* of your order at the JWNZ Trade Fair! *Terms and conditions apply. Ask a DGA team member for details. VISIT US AT THE JWNZ TRADE FAIR


It’s billed as the world’s first Crocs engagement ring charm. Jessica Flinn

Fine Jewellery (JFFJ), of Sheffield, England, has introduced a new ring charm, set in silver and featuring a 1.10ct green sapphire that can be slotted into Crocs to wear out and about. Brilliant cut 0.010ct lab-grown diamonds form a halo for the gems to neatly perch on.

The charms can be securely fastened with the ring featuring a screw flat back that firmly attaches to the Croc. The engagement ring charm price starts from £1,790 and is made to order in 6-8 weeks.

JFFJ is also offering a design-yourown service, where customers can choose from a variety of gemstones


including teal sapphires, salt and pepper diamonds and tourmalines to lab-grown diamonds.

Jessica Flinn-Allen, CEO of JFFJ said: “You might be thinking, ‘how on earth can this be real?’ Well, we do

nothing by halves. We love pushing the boundaries of jewellery here at JF HQ and we’re looking for fellow rule-breakers to create something completely unique and brilliantly bonkers!”

Tupac Shakur’s iconic ‘crown’ ring, which the rapper designed and commissioned months before his untimely death in 1996, sold for US$1,016,000 at Sotheby’s New York.

A bidding war pushed the purchase price up to more than three times the lot’s high estimate of US$300,000. Typically, auction winners remain anonymous, but not this time. In an Instagram story, rapper Drake posted a picture of himself holding the newly acquired piece of jewellery. Sotheby’s confirmed that he was the buyer shortly afterward.

Tupac wore the ring to the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards in what would turn out to be his last public appearance. Three days later, the 25-year-old rapper was shot four times in a drive-by attack in Las Vegas.



Bamford London has unveiled a fresh collaboration with English designer Johnny Dowel, best known as King Nerd, with the creation of a limited edition Snoopy version of its GMT.

The blackened steel Tennis Snoopy GMT with date is an officially licensed product in partnership with Peanuts Worldwide,

Snoopy is depicted in his tennis gear with his arms telling the time. The watch is sold on a Neon green rubber strap and comes with an additional black leather strap embossed with tennis balls, all packaged in a neon green and black Snoopy doghouse shaped box. Only 150 are being sold, priced at £1,700.

The official Omega countdown clock under the Eiffel Tower in Paris marks less than one year to go until the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympics in the city. The Official Timekeeper has also unveiled its first timepiece linked to the Games.

The Seamaster Diver 300M Paris 2024 special edition (£8,000) is a 42mm watch with an 18ct Moonshine gold diver’s bezel, hands and white hour markers. It has a matte white dial, laser engraved with the familiar Seamaster waves and its second hand has an Olympic flame flickering in a golden circle.

The closed case back is inlayed with a gold medallion of the Paris 2024 logo, featuring the Olympic rings in stainless steel.



Phone: 09 303 4666 Email: sales@worthdouglas.co.nz worthdouglas.com


Tiffany & Co has announced its acquisition of an exceptional gemstone: the Tiffany Muzo Emerald.

Sourced from the Muzo Mines of Colombia in 2019, the rare rectangular square-cut Tiffany Muzo Emerald weighs more than 10ct and boasts exceptionally high clarity, a superior degree of transparency and exceptional colour. The stone is virtually inclusion free and showcases the perfectly saturated green colour for which Muzo emeralds are so highly coveted.

The Tiffany Muzo Emerald will debut alongside the northern autumn launch of the Tiffany Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue.

Meanwhile Tiffany & Co has reopened its flagship Tokyo store after renovation with an artwork by English artist Damien Hirst. Designed to catch the eye of passers-by, the store features a huge floral design that begins as a blue backdrop at street level before ‘blooming’ and growing upwards to become a dazzling display of pink,

white, green, and red petals.

The three-storey building has a reflective shell that has been designed to suggest the way artisans cut jewellery. A set of 292 aluminium honeycomb and glass panels have been arranged onto the façade at different angles to reflect the light from different directions.

NZ Agent: Fabuleux Vous I +64 0274 203 137 Q U A L I T Y D I S C O V E R W O R L D ' S P E A R L S F I N E S T O P A L S wholesale.ikecho.com.au
See us at the JWNZ Spring Trade Fair, Stand

Turning the ordinary into extraordinary

The world looked different through the eyes of the late San Francisco artist, jeweller, and philanthropist Sidney Mobell (1926 – 2022). Sidney used his incredible creativity, unconventional business sense and 'Midas Touch' to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art, which set him far apart from conventional jewellers. A firm favourite among both the San Francisco social set and Hollywood glitterati, it all began with a gold replica Mickey Mouse watch, which led to a commission from the Disney family. From then on, he released a gemstudded object every year for nearly 30 years, paying a keen mind to present culturally relevant objects of the day in a never-before-seen context.

When asked about his unusual creations, Sidney would explain: "I like to do something creative, different and unusual every year. The things I do are works of art, it's just lots of fun and I love what I do!"

A number of Sidney’s creations were auctioned by Bonhams recently including ...

22 JT2023 SPRING
A 14ct bi-colour 10.16ct gold mouse trap with moving parts and a white gold cheese wedge set with round diamonds weighing approximately 1.50cts. Measures 10 x 5cm. Sold for US$6,400. A penny gum ball machine adorned with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and amethyst, measuring 38 x 20cm did not sell. The 18ct gold, platinum, gem-set and diamond ‘Snowball’ 14cm x 9cm furby doll sold for US$8,320. The metal 14ct gold and mixed metal pooper scooper featuring a gold name plate set with single-cut diamonds spelling out 'Poochie' sold for US$832. Length 23cm. A 1925 Art Deco Caille Bros. slot machine retrofitted in 1981 with gold-plated gem and diamond-set plaques, decorated with numerous sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds, 61 x 40.5cm. (Not sold.) Sidney Mobell’s gold-plated and enamel 'monopoly' game set, including board, dice, tokens, cards, hotels and houses, dice cup and play money printed on metallic paper which sold for US$8,800. Measures 53 x 53cm.

Tickled pink?

The highly anticipated remake of the film Barbie released in July starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is the pinkest thing ever to hit the big screen and has set the tone for a fabulous fun style that promotes pink as the must-have colour of the summer.

Contemporary designers are using classic yellow, white or pink gold, enamel and brightly-coloured gems to bring this of-the-moment hue to life in bijoux or precious jewellery.

24 JT2023 SPRING
JAR pink titanium earrings. Guile M cuff in gold, rock crystal and tourmaline. Kaltham Pavilion pink enchanted butterfly ring in rose gold, pink sapphire and diamond. Assael necklace in platinum and 18ct white gold, featuring 29 vintage Gem Angel Skin coral beads. La Rose Rouge necklace in rose gold, ruby, pink and white sapphire and diamonds. Chanel gold metal, pink resin, black lambskin earrings. Hamilton Jewellers huggie hoops in gold, pink enamel and diamond. Thomas Sabo sterling silver and pink zirconia necklace.

Something to suit every age and taste.

Contact: AM IMPORTS PTY LTD www.amimports.com or NZ Agent: Susi

A huge selection of earrings, rings, necklets, brooches and bangles. All hand crafted in sterling silver, individually bead set with top quality Swarovski marcasites and semiprecious stones.

Make a statement with this fabulous oval locket featuring a pink tourmaline, hearts and polished inside, 72-698TM, or these fabulous NEW enamelled rose earrings set with garnet and green agate drops 43-346. The matching ring 18-1081 is a beautiful bold piece and you can complete the full set with a pendant, 72-819 (not featured).

M. 021-751 115 E. susi@twentyfive7.co.nz

JT2023 SPRING 25
Barbie™ x Kendra Scott gold drop earrings in pink iridescent. Cleopatra and Marc Antoine transformable earrings in 18ct gold with enamel portraits, rubies, orange sapphires, pink sapphires, fire opals and morganite from Lydia Courteille. Gemella intertwin ring in pink gold and pink sapphire. Gucci cocktail ring in white gold, diamond featuring an 11.5ct pink heart-shaped tourmaline.

Carved to tell a story

JWNZ Trade Fair ‘veteran’ Deane Moreton will be back again at this year’s event to show Moreton Jewellery’s collection of handcrafted pounamu (NZ’s greenstone), which is found on the West Coast and sourced through Ngāi Tahu‑approved suppliers.

The Christchurch company, which was established in 2000, will tempt fair visitors with pounamu set in sterling silver in contemporary and traditional designs.

“Moreton Jewellery design and craft beautiful jewellery inspired by the unique elements that make our country special,” said Deane. “Moreton Jewellery has captured the essence of New Zealand and each collection reflects the beauty of Aotearoa. We are proud of the quality and care that goes into each piece. Our pieces are crafted to the highest standards.”

Deane, who learnt his craft working with his father in the family business, now has a support team of pounamu carvers and lapidary workers, with each of their designs telling a story of New Zealand.

The history of pounamu is entwined with our country’s history. It has always been revered as precious and valuable. Maori have a legend about a taniwha (a giant water being) called Poutini who guards the mauri (life force) within the treasured stone. The mana (spiritual force) of pounamu comes from Kahue (or Ngahue) an atua (God). Taniwha Poutini, as protector of the stone, is the servant of Kahue.

Maori believe that the pounamu taonga (treasured possession) increases in mana (prestige) as it passes from one generation to another. The most prized taonga are those with known histories going back many generations. These are believed to have their own mana and historically were often

given as gifts to seal important agreements.

Moreton Jewellery pieces are sold throughout the country in gift stores, museums and galleries, with most of the international interest coming from Australia.

Alongside the company’s core wholesale business, Moreton Jewellery is also a supplier of Morris & Watson gold and silver chain.

26 JT2023 SPRING
Deane Moreton.
ge Displ y $199.90 NZD Email : rachael@westendcollection.com.au Ph. Rachael : 022 570 3203 www.westendcollection.com.au




A beautiful new collection at FV, featuring four stunning semi-precious stones



Zoe Chutong Huang recently graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins School and did so with a debut collection with a strong visual impact, which well describes the original creative intent of her brand, Z/CH Jewellery.

“I see jewellery as a means of communication between the human body and its emotions; a mixture of art and many other skills,” said Zoe. “The intention is to work using different materials and techniques and to study how a piece interacts with the body once it is worn.

Furthermore, I pursue the idea of a neutral and contemporary aesthetic, which can finally break the old rules of gender identity.”

In the singer’s latest stop on her Renaissance world tour, Beyoncé accessorised showstopping black bodysuit with creations from luxury jeweller Maison,

The renowned artist selected the Custom twisted drop earrings and an Elsa Peretti Fancy Intense yellow diamond ring of more than 32cts set in sterling silver


New York-based Bochic is celebrating 20 years of jewellery design. A recent release are these diamond and mammoth ivory Birdcage earrings in oxidised 18ct white gold.

28 JT2023 SPRING
Ear-to-back body piece in silver-plated brass and black freshwater pearls from Zoe Chutong Huang’s Equilibrium collection.
Suite 02, Level 10, 410 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000, Australia +61 3 7020 7478 +61 2 8054 0606 Suite 414, Level 4 160 Castlereagh Street Sydney, NSW 2000

Tailored for success

The Couture Design Awards part of the Couture Show, the annual designer fine jewellery and luxury timepiece trade fair held at the Wynn Las Vegas, was a particularly good night for international designers. A big winner on the evening was the Italian brand, Peruffo, which received four nominations and two wins for ‘Best Debut Brand’ and ‘People’s Choice’.

A five-judge panel assessed each piece on criteria that included design, craftsmanship and saleability. There

2nd place Best in Gold: Michal Kadar Flora choker - an 18ct gold mesh blossom adorned with diamond dew drops and diamond-tipped stamens from the New York designer.

Best in Below US$10,000 retail: Londonbased NeverNo T’s travel suitcase pendant necklace in malachite, diamonds and tiger’s eye.

place Best in Innovative: Studio Renn, Mumbai, a gold, white gold, diamond and coloured gemstone

were 14 categories among 42 finalists.

Among those who took home a prize ...

Best in Debuting: Vicenza’s Peruffo’s gold and blue agate necklace.

Best in Coloured Gemstones below US $40,000 retail: New York’s Cicada Jewellery cuff in gold, diamonds and coloured gemstones.

2nd place Best in Diamonds above US$40,000 retail: Milan’s Busatti 1947’s diamond

Best in Gold: From Parisian fine jewellery brand, Viltier, an 18ct gold and diamond bracelet.

2nd place Best in Debuting: French brand Maison Alix Dumas’ Art Nouveau-inspired gold, silver and anodised titanium brooch with spinels, sapphires and diamonds.

Best in Innovative: French designer Marie Lichtenburg’s gold necklace.

3rd place The People’s Choice: Known more for his luxury writing pens - David Oscarson, a native of Missouri, was recognised for his decorative penknife.

30 JT2023 SPRING
cuff. 2nd bracelet.


These vibrant new Nudo doublets from Pomellato


layers of stone: green prasiolite with malachite, purple amethyst and mauve jade and London Blue topaz on top of midnight blue lapis lazuli.

JT2023 SPRING 31 VISIT US AT STAND 50 PO Box 3168, Yeronga Q 4104 Call AU +61 499 904 427 www.gerrim.com Email sales@gerrim.com Join us at the JWNZ Spring Trade Fair in Auckland, 10 September 2023 - Stand 50. Forever Elegant and Stylish Make a purchase and go into the draw to win! FOLLOW US PUT A RING ON IT
Gucci High Jewellery finger ring in white gold set with a 10.3t mandarin garnet, green tourmaline and diamonds - from Gucci’s 2023 Hortus Deliciarum High Jewellery Collection. Gala Armor ring from Los Angeles designer Lillian Shalom - gold vermeil halo of micro freshwater pearls and vintage taxidermy glass doll’s eye. Love of Courage ring with a sugarloaf cabochon aquamarine, pink sapphires and diamonds set in 18ct white black gold from the TATTOO collection by Singapore’s Simone Jewels.
are made of

Let’s get sculptural …

Featured are the recent works of local designers who can describe their pieces as ‘sculptural’ i.e. blurring the lines between jewellery and art, wearable and non-wearable.

“A re-model - the client wanted a theme of 'shooting stars' - it was made using her 9ct yellow gold, diamonds and rubies from another older ring, The new band is silver.”

Mieke van Dam, Mieke van Dam Jewellery, Nelson

“Wax formed pendant around polished paua with hints of 18ct gold.”

– Geoff Taylor, Geoff Taylor Jewellers, Cambridge

“Made for the Jewellery Breakfast at Dunedin Fashion Week, the silver Peacock Collar is crafted with a vitreous enamel tail, ruby eyes set in 18ct, as is the beak. Crest is lapis and coral beads on stainless steel spring wire. Earrings are silver and enamel.”

Photo - Chris Sullivan

– Tony Williams, Tony Williams Goldsmith, Dunedin

“Holding the moon. A client requested a design that represents the astrological birth stones of their family. Known as the Moti stone, the pearl represents financial knowledge and positive thoughts.”

– Rob Wright, Ringcraft Moana, Oakura, Taranaki

Glidar: “A powerful piece inspired by the exhilaration of hang-gliding. This statement ring is set in 14ct white gold with 51 brilliant cut diamonds. It looks as good on a coffee table as it does upon the hand.”

– Ian Douglas, The Village Goldsmith, Wellington

"Natural surface textures have always interested me. The slate pieces in the brooches were collected from near Ohau and Mt Cook, where the harsh climate breaks larger pieces into multiple finer longish shapes. Having withstood many freeze-thaw and intense heat conditions the slate is surprisingly stable. The brooches themselves fit into a slate base for display and can be removed for wear. I have made similar series with pendants too and have shoe-boxes full of slate collected from all over the world.

“NZ slate, sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold, garnets, slate base cut from a tile (most likely Asian origin), and Perspex.”

“A client of Irish descent wanted a Claddagh ring. The beautiful tsavorite is the perfect ‘Irish’ green, accompanied by small diamonds and set in white gold. Initially I carved the ring in wax and fine-tuned it after the casting stage.”

– Brian Barrett, BHB Designs Ltd, Wellington

Sterling silver and acrylic brooch. “I have long enjoyed the art of American Alexander Calder, particularly his sculptures, mobiles and stabiles This brooch has been inspired by his fun and colourful work and brightens up a black coat on a dull winter's day.”

– Stephanie Lorimer, Lorimer Jewellery, Ophir

“Sterling silver, topaz and diamond ring design. Handcrafted out of barnacles found along the Taranaki coast, using the lost wax technique. Resembling not just the sea, but also Mount Taranaki as a sculpture that can be worn. One topaz has been set upside down, grainset small diamonds adding a sparkly touch.”

– Belinda Lubkoll, Ringcraft Moana, Oakura, Taranaki

“A wall mounted sculpture - Pekapekatou-roa with Kaihua (NZ Longtailed Bat with NZ native jasmine). Sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold, mother-of-pearl shell and oak. Diameter 175mm x 80mm deep (out from the wall).”

– Steph Lusted, Steph Lusted Jewellery & Objets d' Art, Wellington

“With a Central Otago gold mining theme, a wedding set in white and yellow gold with a raw diamond. The diamond looked a bit like the schist we have around here and the fingerprints symbolise the hard work you need to put into not only getting gold out of the ground, but also what does go into a successful relationship.”

– Les Riddell, Objects of Art Ltd, Cromwell

“Hurricane pendant. Taming the storm, 18ct white gold, 2.55ct tanzanite and 0.71ct total diamond weight.”

– Anthony Licht, Goldsmiths Gallery Ltd, Hamilton

34 JT2023 SPRING

And from international collections …

Some people may regard it as unusual, to others, sculptural jewellery epitomises true individuality.

This crocodile rocks! Madrid-based jewellery artist Wallis Hong sought to impress at the Geneva International Gem and Jewellery Show. He used titanium to create this crocodile brooch with textured skin, that is both voluminous and light. The creature is holding a purple sapphire in its jaw and is embellished with sapphires and diamonds.

From Parisian designer Charlotte Romer, Studio C, Paris, her Mundus cuff. Made up of aluminium, sandblasted and hand-polished, the jewel is adorned with a champagnecoloured topaz and six fancy diamonds.

Hungarian Pal Kepenyes’ mixed metal necklace. Assael, of New York, ‘Frame’ earrings with black jadeite and Sardinian coral in 18ct yellow gold. From Theo Fennell ‘s Chelsea studio, carved mammoth ivory and quartz snake stud earrings. ‘This is Not a Ring’ by Boucheron, Paris. Murano glass, diamonds and lacquer on a resin band. New Yorker Ted Murhling’s brass cuff and belt buckle.
JT2023 SPRING 35
London’s Nenyx World’s black lady gator ring in white gold, black rhodium and diamonds.
JWNZ Spring Trade Fair 2023 info@jwnz.co.nz www.jewelleryfair.co.nz Sunday 10th September 9.30am to 4.00pm Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Westhaven, Auckland Visitor registration open Contact Craig Anderson for details, 021 596 988, E. info@jwnz.co.nz


Precious and meticulously structured, brooches and pins are once again wooing jewellery lovers, thanks to some new creations elaborated in respect of tradition, but with a contemporary look. Also in the mix are those pieces which come with time-past stories.

JT2023 SPRING 37
From Le Vian, diamonds in a delicate shade of vanilla and a more intense chocolate illuminate a design with a sophisticated imperial style. All-over brooch embellishments from luxury house Moschino, seen on the Milan catwalk during the company’s Fall/Winter’ 23 collection launch. Mega pink double clip brooch paved with tourmalines and diamonds in 18ct white gold from Boucheron. Thelma West designed this brooch to celebrate the full force of diamonds, perfectly distributed in a sunburst structure that fully radiates the light. From JAR, ‘Camelia’ brooches with pink tourmaline and white agate petals and round diamonds in platinum and 18ct white gold. Ricardo Basta flamingo brooch in pink sapphire and carved pink opal. From George Jensen, a silver and ambercoloured enamel brooch.

JWNZ Spring Trade Fair 2023

And the countdown is on. I can’t believe it’s just a few weeks until the 2023 JWNZ Trade Fair. Kicking off with a fun ‘Bollywood night’ of Indian food and dancing at the RNZYS on Saturday 9th, get ready to join in and have some fun!

The fair is another sell-out and all your favourite exhibitors will be there, along with representatives from the major buying groups. Plenty of food options, prize draws and a Happy Hour glass of ‘bubbles‘ between 3pm & 4pm.

Our exhibitors make a huge effort and commitment to be at the fair, to present all the latest styles and industry

trends, so please come along. Bring your staff and make it a great day out, even better, a weekend.

A great big thankyou to our generous Trade Fair sponsors: Star Gems & Jewellery, Landau Jewellery, Pacific Time, Morris and Watson and PEKA and also to our Spot Prize sponsors. Your continued support it is very much appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 10th September.

25 AM Imports B ARMS NZ 4 Auckland Safe & Lock Servicing Ltd. 36 Audacious Gems 5,6 BECKS Group Australia 33,34 Carl Yung Gems 41 Chemgold 39,40 Citizen Watches Australia A Crombie Lockwood 42,43 Designa Accessories 28,29,30 Duraflex Group Australia 35 Elma-Techspan New Zealand 48 Evident 15 Fabuleux Vous Ltd. / FV Jewellery 37 Finneys Importers and Distributors Ltd C G & A Warburtons 45 G & A Warburtons 50 Gerrim International R Goldsmiths Guild of New Zealand 2,3 House of Bond F Ikecho Australia R Jewellers & Watchmakers New Zealand R Jewellery Industry Registration Board of New Zealand R JT 2023 - Jewellery Time magazine 49 Lagani Limited 7,8 Landau Jewellery 13,14 Moreton Jewellery 47 NAJO 32 Nationwide Jewellers 31 New Zealand Jewellery Findings 46 NZ Gem Trading Co Ltd - AWA Gold G Olympic Swiss Watches 26,27 Pacific Time Industries 38 Paterson Fine Jewellery 16,17,18 PEKA 9 Precious Gem Imports 10 Pronto Clock Company A1 Quantum 44 R D Jewellery 19,20,21 Regal J Shonrei Products I Showcase Jewellers Buying Group 11,12 Solar Jewellery by KH Plank
Star Gems & Jewellery
Watchmakers Institute of New Zealand D-E West End Collection 51 Wildside Gifts H World Shiner NZ 22,23,24 Worth & Douglas Stand No. Company Name Stand No. Company Name Stand No. Company Name
JWNZ President


RNZYS Westhaven

Sunday 10th September 9.30am to 4.00pm


Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron is located at 181 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven, Auckland.

Parking is available (only in the white spaces).

Entry to the fair is through the eastern side of the building via the North Lawn.

All visitors are asked to pre-register to speed up the entry process.



39 38 37 43 44 45 46 40 41 42 49 48 50 51 CAFE H I G F E D C B A A1 15 28 29 16 17 18 19 20 21 27 26 25 24 23 22 J MUFFINS & COFFEE AMERICA’S CUP ON DISPLAY
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Quantum A1

Joe Malpas

Eaton House - 10 Cassowary Bend, Eaton, WA 6232, Australia

Tel 021 228 5042



Our personal, close-knit team of insurance professionals not only make Quantum a great place to work, they are our strength when it comes to providing personalised, innovative services in niche insurance markets. We stop at nothing to do the right thing by our clients.

Crombie Lockwood ...................................... A

Tas Kaur

100 Beaumont Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010

Tel 027 279 8355


Insurance Brokers - with specialist jewellery insurance.


Malcolm Alderton

PO Box 2786, Christchurch 8140

Tel 021 145 3493



ARMS Jewellery Industry specific business management software has assisted more than 500 successful jewellers internationally to take their businesses to the next level. Designed to assist in better managing your most important assets of stock, staff and customers to improve stockturn, increase sales and profit. If you have excess old stock, you want a better cash flow, you want a better return on your investment and to improve your customer retention, see ARMS today. ARMS Software and Business Management Support

- JWNZ Special - Visit Malcolm on the ARMS JWNZ stand to arrange a JWNZ FREE confidential consultation to find out how you can achieve the above. It cost nothing to find out how ARMS has assisted hundreds of jewellers like you. As they say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Come and find out what you do not know.

G & A Warburtons ...............................

C & 45

Laura Ind

1A Charann Place, Avondale, Auckland 1026

Tel 09 820 0006 info@warburtons.co.nz


For more than 50 years G&A Warburtons continues to offer the best range and expert service in NZ. We now offer thousands of products covering tools, consumerables, display and custom packaging. Our new showroom in Auckland is fully stocked but we will ship all over NZ. Call us for best service, range and solutions to all your requirements.

West End Collection ................................. D-E

Mahesh Nathoo

4/17-23 Walter Street, Moorabbin, Victoria 3189, Australia

Tel 021 400 053 / 0061 9553 3777

mahesh@westendcollection.com.au www.westendcollection.com.au

West End Collection is a leading watch & jewellery distributor supplying premium jewellers across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Our extensive range of 20 major international brands includes premium Swiss watches (Maurice Lacroix, Roamer), famous international fashion watch brands including Maserati, Bering, ICE watches, Vivienne Westwood and more. West End Collection also owns Georgini Jewellery.

Ikecho Australia

Erica Miller

263 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2227, Australia

Tel 0061 2 9266 0636 erica@ikecho.com.au www.ikecho.com.au

Ikecho Australia is the leading supplier for luxury pearls and Australian opals. We specialise in all types of cultured pearls and opals in jewellery and loose.

40 JT2023 SPRING


Olympic Swiss Watches

Courtney MacKinnon

5 Totara Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland 0600

Tel 09 825 0061

sales@olympicwatch.com www.olympicwatch.com

Established in 1972, Olympic Watches was founded with the goal of producing affordable high quality watches. Nearly 50 years later Olympic is still known for its reliable time pieces and has now extended the range to include giftware and straps for both classic time pieces and the latest fitness trackers.

GShonrei Products J

Wesley Beatson

PO Box 5005, Springlands, Blenheim 7241

Tel 0800 557 788 sales@shonrei.co.nz www.shonrei.co.nz

World Shiner NZ ......................................... H

Devang Shah

4K, 47 High Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010

Tel 09 358 3443 / 09 358 3445 nz@worldshiner.com www.worldshiner.com

Loose polished diamonds.

Showcase Jewellers Buying Group ................. I

Anthony Enriquez

L1, Suite 4 - 550 Pricess Highway, Kirrawee - Sydney, NSW 2232


Tel 0061 2 8566 1800 anthony@jimaco.com www.showcasejewellers.com.au

We are a buying group for jewellers. We provide a broad range of resources which are made available to our members.

Shonrei are leaders in providing quality, innovative jewellery display solutions to leading brands and retail stores in the jewellery and watch industry. We offer a unique range of display products, with various colours and finish options for in-counter, wall and window display environments. Established in 1982, you can trust us to provide quality products and proven advice on effectively displaying your merchandise. Talk to us about your display requirements today.

Jewellers & Watchmakers New Zealand ........ R

Craig Anderson

19 Edwin Drive, Trent Park, Prebbleton 7604 Tel 021 596 988 info@jwnz.co.nz


The Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand is the largest jewellery and watch industry specific organisation in New Zealand. Financial membership allows access to a range of benefits and initiatives negotiated for and on behalf of members. The JWNZ organised the Spring Trade Fair 2023 for and on behalf of members and the New Zealand jewellery and watch industry. JT 2023 (Jewellery Time), the official magazine of the JWNZ, is internationally recognised as one of the best trade magazines for its coverage of the jewellery and watch industry, as well as product trends.

Goldsmiths Guild of New Zealand .................

Brian Barrett

PO Box 17 234, Karori, Wellington 6147

Tel 04 476 4764 nzgoldsmithsguild@gmail.com www.jwnz.co.nz

NZ Trade Qualified manufacturing jewellers are eligible for membership of the Goldsmiths Guild of NZ.

JT2023 SPRING 41
L AG A N I Supplier of lab-grown diamonds & fine jewellery Visit us at JWNZ Trade Fair Stand 49 (upstairs) Call +64 22 101 3255 or email us at Satish@lagani.co.nz


Watchmakers Institute of New Zealand R

Nick Parker

Tel 021 254 2456

nick@pilbrowswatchmaker.co.nz www.jwnz.co.nz

NZ Trade Qualified watchmakers are eligible for membership of the Watchmakers Institute of NZ.

Jewellery Industry Registration Board of New Zealand R

Grant Harrison

PO Box 41 113, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt 5047

Tel 027 693 0001



The industry recognised body responsible for the registration and delivery of apprenticeship training for manufacturing jewellery, gem setting, hand engraving and watch and clock making and repair in New Zealand.

JT 2023 - Jewellery Time magazine R

Debbie Whiting

PO Box 46 218, Herne Bay, Auckland 1147

Tel 027 477 7955 / 09 378 1222



The official magazine of the Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand. JT 2023 (Jewellery Time magazine) is the focal point of JWNZ member and New Zealand jewellery and watch industry communication. Published seasonally, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter by InkLink Publications Ltd.

Star Gems & Jewellery 1

Tilak Wadhwa

PO Box 105 000, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1143

Tel 09 261 2638



Family owned & established in 2001, we are the leading supplier for diamonds in New Zealand and preferred supplier to all buying groups. We carry a range of meticulously sourced diamonds in all shapes, sizes, colours and grades. We use cutting edge technical/ hardware to test, grade and photograph our diamonds. We take pride in building and maintaining relationships that last.

House of Bond 2,3

Sahil Wadhwa

PO Box 105 000, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1143

Tel 09 638 9039



House of Bond is a leading diamond & jewellery wholesaler based in New Zealand, with experience spanning over 50 years in the South Pacific market. We pride ourselves in quality jewellery at affordable prices. Our product ranges from on-trend styles to designs of timeless elegance. These styles are set with natural coloured stones and diamonds in pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets as well as gold jewellery.

Auckland Safe & Lock Servicing Ltd. ............. 4

Stephanie Wickham

Unit 3C - 76 Carr Road, Mt. Roskill, Auckland 1041

Tel 09 620 6049

admin@safeman.co.nz www.safeman.co.nz

Established in 1975, Auckland Safe & Lock is a family-owned business specialising in high security safes and vaults. Our services include safe sales (new and used), safe opening and servicing, combination changes, refurbishment and repairs.

• Proudly New Zealand made jewellery

• 100% New Zealand sourced gold

• New Zealand’s largest selection of coloured stone jewellery

W: solarjewellery.co.nz

E: info@solarjewellery.co.nz

P: +64 9 427 9171

42 JT2023 SPRING


BECKS Group Australia 5,6

Mary-Louise Squire and Greville Ingham

14 Duncan Court - Ottoway Park, Adelaide, SA 5013, Australia

Tel 0061 8 8447 1133

customerservice@becksgroup.com www.becksgroup.au

At BECKS we champion love in everything we do. Have done since 1976. Our passion remains to create world class wedding rings and jewellery products for him, her and them using the finest precious metals, diamonds and manufacturing techniques. We're proud to be a family-owned business operating with a team of professionals committed to ensuring each piece is finished to the highest standards. For both customers and clients, we stand by three powerful words. Long live love.

Landau Jewellery 7,8

Craig Dawson

PO Box 5323, Papanui, Christchurch 8542

Tel 03 338 4016



Landau Jewellery manufactures an extensive range of fine diamond jewellery. Come and see our new styles including cutting edge modern, re-imagined retro and beautifully crafted classics. We will be featuring the Landau Collection of special "one of a kind" pieces set with stunning coloured stones, which will be heirlooms of the future. We look forward to seeing you at the fair.

Precious Gem Imports .................................. 9

Roger McKinnon

PO Box 37 597, Parnell, Auckland 1151

Tel 09 377 8038



Large selection of diamonds and fine coloured gemstones.

Pronto Clock Company 10

Michelle Arndt-Russell PO Box 512, Matamata 3400

Tel 07 880 9795


As NZ's clock specialists, we're proud to represent our chosen range of clocks. From Collectables to Grandfathers and everything in between, all guaranteed - supported by our in-house service workshop. Rhythm, Howard Miller, NeXtime, Lascelles, Smiths, Wharton, Hekas and our own range of Collectable Clocks.

Solar Jewellery by KH Plank .................. 11,12

Roland Plank

1591 Dairy Flat Highway, RD 4 Albany, Auckland 0794 Tel 09 472 9171 info@solarjewellery.co.nz www.solarjewellery.co.nz

Presenting the largest collection of quality New Zealand-made coloured stone rings, earrings and pendants from modern contemporary to antique reproduction designs. With our gemstones being sourced directly from overseas suppliers our prices will be competitive. We are excited to show you some of our new styles we have been developing over the last few months.

Moreton Jewellery 13,14

Deane Moreton

4/340 Durham Street North, City Centre, Christchurch 8013 Tel 03 421 6495 deane@moreton.co.nz www.moretonjewellery.co.nz

Supplying stunning Pounamu (Greenstone) Taonga, showcasing the very best of New Zealand craftsmanship. See us at stands 13 & 14. We will have a selection of free form carvings available - with show specials. Check your show bag for details!

Come see our beautiful range of new styles, new one off pieces and fair specials at the JWNZ Trade Fair. We look forward to seeing you.

0800 LANDAU (0800 526328) sales@landaujewellery.co.nz

JT2023 SPRING 43

Fabuleux Vous Ltd. / FV Jewellery 15

Helen Thompson-Carter

PO Box 294, Drury, Auckland 2247

Tel 027 420 3137



Sterling silver with precious and semi-precious stones. Fabuleux Vous offers the most unique collection of sterling siver & pearls in Australasia. Our 'Steel Me' stainless steel collection is fabulous.

PEKA 16,17,18

Geoff Kidd

4/950 Ferry Road, Ferrymead, Christchurch 8023

Tel 03 379 8498



PEKA is a premier wholesale provider with an extensive range of gold and silver chains, pearls, findings, earrings and pendants. For more than 40 years, our award-winning family-owned business has provided exceptional products and service to the jewellery trade across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. In addition to our products, we also specialise in electroplating, pearl and chain servicing and pearl rethreading.


Kirsty Shutkowski

7 Akihiro Street, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024

Tel 09 638 7378




Regal will be showcasing our range of handmade bracelet, chain, bangle, pendants, mounts and wedding rings, all made in our workshop. We will be displaying our imported range including some beautiful diamond and coloured stone pieces. We also have an exciting new selection of silver. The team will be on hand to discuss anything CAD-related and of course our famous SALE BINS will be ready to go. We can't wait to see you.

Worth & Douglas 22,23,24

John Worth

PO Box 8566, Newmarket, Auckland 1049

Tel 09 303 4666



Manufacturers and wholesalers offering a diverse range of products. Our collection includes W&D wedding rings, bangles, men's jewellery, engagement rings, various types of rings, earrings, pendants, and sovereign coin jewellery, among other stunning pieces.

AM Imports 25

John Michaelis - Aust. / Susi Chinnery-Brown - NZ

PO Box 62, Morrinsville 3340

Tel 021 751 115 / 0061 3 9500 2777

info@amimports.com / susi@twentyfive7.co.nz


Looking for a beautiful range of ‘vintage style’ jewellery? ESSE has a wide range of rings, earrings, necklets, brooches, bangles and bracelets, all crafted in sterling silver and individually bead set with top grade Swarovski marcasites and semi-precious stones. From the everyday to the whimsical, ESSE has something to suit every taste and age.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 Trade Fair.

Pacific Time Industries

Oliver & Charlotte Dugdale

Merivale, Christchurch 8014

Tel 03 356 3587




Pacific Time offers a comprehensive collection of quality watch straps, watch and clock parts, tools and batteries. In addition to our parts, we’re the New Zealand distributor of Boccia Titanium watches and jewellery and Rochet men’s Jewellery. We pride ourselves on supplying a wide array of specialty parts, exceptional customer service, prompt delivery and competitive pricing. We’re your one stop shop for all things watches and clocks.

44 JT2023 SPRING

Duraflex Group Australia 28,29,30

Helen Finlayson

Level 1 - 328 High Street, Chatswood - Sydney, NSW 2067, Australia

Tel 0061 2 9417 0177

sales@dgau.com.au / helen@dgau.com.au www.dgau.com.au

Recognised as a leading wholesale supplier to the retail jewellery trade in NZ. We will be showcasing 75 new designs in the Diamonds

By DGA and 9ct ranges. An expanded range of Created Diamonds

By DGA and an extensive collection of diamond jewellery 'Trade Fair Specials'. Watch brands Mondaine, Daniel Wellington, Sekonda and Jag also being exhibited.

New Zealand Jewellery Findings ................. 31

Julie Jepson

Katikati 3129

Tel 027 554 2101 / 09 478 9950 info@nzfindings.co.nz www.nzfindings.co.nz

Importers and wholesalers of premium gold, platinum and sterling silver findings. Based in the Bay of Plenty; supplying manufacturing and retail jewellers throughout NZ. Easy to use, full e-commerce website. Personal customer service. Quick dispatch of orders. Happy to try to source any findings you are requiring, even if not in our product range.

Nationwide Jewellers 32

Niven McArthur

Suite 2 - Level 4 - 828 Pacific Highway, Gordon, Sydney NSW 2072, Australia

Tel 0061 2 9418 0000



Australasia's largest independent retail jewellers buying group with more than 400 members. Nationwide provides a range of benefits to support independent jewellers. For more information visit www.jgbs.com

Carl Yung Gems

Carl Yung

PO Box 109 380, Newmarket, Auckland 1149

Tel 09 623 2078



Special - Coloured stone studs. Diamond rings. Diamond studs. Coloured stone rings.

Elma-Techspan New Zealand

Tim Fastnedge

PO Box 15 262, New Lynn, Auckland 0600

Tel 0800 603 603 info@elma-ultrasonic.co.nz www.elma-ultrasonic.co.nz


Elma manufactures highest quality equipment for the fine cleaning of highly sensitive components, which it has been doing for 75 years. Techspan has been supplying Elma throughout Australia and New Zealand for 30 years.


Lisa Daysh

PO Box 168, Napier 4140

Tel 021 455 692 info@audaciousgems.co.nz


Audacious Gems 10th Birthday Celebration Sale - We are offering a large range of loose gemstones, beads and sterling silver pendants at Show Special or Birthday Flash Sale prices.

JT2023 SPRING 45
Audacious Gems ........................................
EXHIBITORS IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALERS OF PREMIUM GOLD, PLATINUM AND STERLING SILVER FINDINGS FOR MANUFACTURING AND RETAIL JEWELLERS. Contact Julie on 09-478 9950 or info@nzfindings.co.nz www.nzfindings.co.nz • NEW E-COMMERCE WEBSITE WITH PRICING FOR EASY ONLINE ORDERING • QUICK DISPATCH OF ORDERS • PERSONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT Visit us at the Trade Fair downstairs at stand 31 – View our new range of Platinum Findings, end of range specials and pick up your copy of our Spring 2023 Catalogue.


Finneys Importers and Distributors Ltd 37

Joel Blyde

Unit 2 / 27 Kennaway Road, Hillsborough, Christchurch 8023

Tel 03 389 9878



Finneys is proud to supply: Top quality, beautifully made leather watch straps from Morellato, Italy. Energiser multi-drain & lithium batteries with 12 month guarantee cards to provide your customers with peace of mind. Connoisseurs jewellery cleaning products to care for your precious jewellery. We are excited to present something new this year, being a premium range of watch and jewellery tools from Horotec Switzerland – a specialist in tools and watch components worldwide since 1946. We also stock a wide range of rubber, silicone and metal straps to cover all your service needs. We look forward to seeing you all at the fair!

Paterson Fine Jewellery

David Paterson

PO Box 244, Moorabin, Victoria 3189, Australia

Tel 0061 3 9555 9344




Designa Accessories

Ivan Meys

PO Box 99 313, Newmarket, Auckland 1149

Tel 09 480 2211

customer.service@designaaccessories.co.nz www.designaaccessories.com.au


Paterson Fine Jewellery has been manufacturing jewellery for more than 80 years. Our factory is located in Bangkok, Thailand, where we have a team of CAD designers and expert craftsman. Our wholesale jewellery range is designed in Melbourne and manufactured in Thailand. We source our Australian opals from Coober Pedy and Lightening Ridge and other gemstones from reputable suppliers that adhere to the Kimberly Process. Our precious metals and alloys are nickel-free and safe for adults and children.

Our extensive jewellery catalogue includes bangles, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings.

Citizen Watches Australia

Mark Raddon - Nth Region / Keith Mann - Sth Region Herne Bay, Auckland 1011

Tel 021 242 7631 Mark / 027 246 0492 Keith mraddon@citizenwatches.com.au

www.citizenwatches.com.au / www.au.bulova.com


Designa Accessories is a family-owned business that has been bringing fashion to timekeeping for more than 35 years. Our portfolio includes prestigious brands such as GUESS, Maxum, Timex, Rosefield, Furla, Ted Baker, August Berg and Adidas Originals.

R D Jewellery

Robert Botter

80/330 Wattle Street, Ultimo - Sydney, NSW 2007, Australia

Tel 0061 2 9212 2011 robert@rdij.com.au


Citizen Watches Australia is a leading supplier to the New Zealand marketplace of the world reknown and leading brands of Citizen and Bulova timepieces. Mark and Keith welcome you to come along to stands 39 & 40 to view the latest releases from both Citizen and Bulova.

Chemgold ..................................................



With more than 200,000 lines, a true one-stop shop for a retail or manufacturing jeweller. We cover mountings, findings, jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, wedding bands, engagement rings, tools & supplies and packaging.

G & A Warburtons

Laura Ind

1A Charann Place, Avondale, Auckland 1026 Tel 09 820 0006 info@warburtons.co.nz www.warburtons.co.nz

C & 45

For more than 50 years G&A Warburtons continues to offer the best range and expert service in NZ. We now offer thousands of products covering tools, consumerables, display and custom packaging. Our new showroom in Auckland is fully stocked but we will ship all over NZ. Call us for best service, range and solutions to all your requirements.

NZ Gem Trading Co Ltd - AWA Gold ...........


Darren Sher

Unit 37, 34-36 Ralph Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015, Australia Tel 0061 2 9698 8500



For more than 35 years Chemgold has been supplying jewellery retailers and manufacturers across Australia and New Zealand. Our range of products and services includes casting, refining, fabricated alloys, findings, bullion, mounts, laser engraving, and a comprehensive 10,000+ design catalogue. Chemgold offers a complete one stop for CAD/CAM supporting our customers at every stage - from designing, printing, casting, moulds, finishing and setting. Apart from this we also aim to make customisation easier for clients with our JewelMount collection. Chemgold.com.

Jane Bell

PO Box 37 488, Parnell, Auckland 1052

Tel 09 377 3855 sales@nzgem.co.nz

www.nzgem.co.nz / wwwquasardiamonds.com / www.awagold.co.nz

NZ Gem is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated family business that is a trusted supplier, supporting NZ jewellers for more than 40 years. NZ Gem supplies an extensive selection of high quality individual diamonds in round and fancy shapes. There is also a vast range of small parcel diamond goods, all of the highest quality. All our diamonds are ethically traded and carefully selected by qualified experts, for complete peace of mind.


Helen Finlayson

PO Box 3195, Redfern - Sydney, NSW 2016, Australia Tel 0061 2 9415 6663 info@najo.com.au / helen@thebrandagent.co.nz www.najo.com.au


Najo is a leading sterling silver design house with more than 30 years in the trade. Our enduring aesthetic is forever defined by Mother Nature's artistry with bold and artistic designs. Showcasing our latest Serenity Collection with its clean uncluttered lines. The Signature pieces expressing understated sophistication and style and launching the 2023 Christmas Collection.

46 JT2023 SPRING


Faizal Sahib

L3 - Bdg 10 - 666 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051

Tel 021 847 029

faizal.sahib@evidentscientific.com www.olympus-ims.com


Evident is a manufacturing sales and services company. Our specialty is in Non-Destructive Testing specialising in ulrasound, Eddy Current, portable & benchtop XRF analysis and microscopes. Predominately working in mining & exploration with field portable XRF now being used in the precious metals industry.

Lagani Limited

Satish Kathiriya

Glen Eden, Auckland 0602

Tel 022 101 3235




Discover brilliance with our lab-grown diamond jewellery! We offer a stunning collection of elegant ethically sourced pieces. From captivating rings to enchanting necklaces, our extensive selection is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards. Embrace sustainability with conflict-free, eco-friendly diamonds, reflecting our commitment to responsible sourcing. Elevate your business with timeless designs and superior craftmanship. Join us in setting a new benchmark for the industry and elevate your jewellery offerings to new heights.

Gerrim International

Gerri Maunder

PO Box 3186 - Yeronga, Brisbane, QLD 4104, Australia

Tel 0061 4 99904427



Classic, timeless, elegant coloured gemstone & diamond pieces designed to last a lifetime with a stunning range of colour & vibrance.

Wildside Gifts

Neil & Cathy Rogers

976A Maungatautari Road, RD2, Cambridge 3494

Tel 027 586 5611



A range of our designs of NZ Greenstone, silver, enamel and precious stone jewellery.



JT2023 SPRING 47
Trusted by Jewellers for Decades Learn more about our high quality metals and unmatched service from design, printing and casting to refining, findings and bullion. Visit the all-new chemgold.com Committed to Achieving Responsible, Ethical and Sustainable metals. CHEMGOLD CARES Flat rate shipping Email sales@chemgold.com for more information

Just spooktacular

48 JT2023 SPRING
Trick-or-treat inspired designs celebrate the young, fun, spookiness and silliness that comes at Halloween, observed in many countries on October 31st. A silver skull ring, closely resembling one worn by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, from Brian Barrett, BHB Designs Ltd, Wellington. Studiocult bloodbath ring in sterling silver with resin and black enamel tiles. Le Vian spider web ring with fancy diamonds, white and brown diamonds set in 18ct two-tone gold. Evocateur 22ct gold leaf and enamel skeleton necklace. Annoushka Fine Jewellery mythology bat charm in yellow gold, rubies and diamonds. Lika Behar 24ct gold and oxidised silver ‘Boooo’ pearl pendant with diamonds. Yessayan skull diamond pendant in 18ct yellow gold. Sauer’s spells ring in yellow gold, horn, sapphire, ruby and diamond. Gold, enamel and black diamond ring by Lydia Courteille. Boo single earring in yellow gold and ruby by Sauer.


Taylor Swift’s fans who set their sights on a pair of rings from the brand’s Celestial collection, caused mass global stock shortages for the retailer, global silver jewellery giant Pandora.

Pandora’s new celestial rings went viral online, with one TikTok video amassing more than 8.4m views and 1.6m likes, as Taylor’s fans link the rings to lyrics from a track on the artist’s latest album, Midnights. The Celestial Sparkling Sun Ring and the Celestial Blue Moon Ring encapsulating the lyrics from the hit Midnight Rain: “he was sunshine, I was midnight rain”.

Both styles almost sold out in every market. With yellow gold outperforming other metal options on the market, the Celestial Sparkling Sun Ring sold out quicker than its ‘midnight rain’ counterpart. Google data showed that most searches focussed on either both rings, or just the sun ring. Between 20 May and 20 June’23, searches for ‘Pandora sun ring’ and ‘Pandora moon

and sun ring’ both increased by 5,000% respectively.

Sales will likely rise steeply once more when the rings are back in stock, following Taylor Swift’s announcement detailing her UK and European tour dates, set to take place in the northern Summer 2024.


It was an unbearable northern summer for parts of Europe, with temperatures reaching 46C.

What handled the heat was this Darkmoon watch from the Italian watch brand U-Boat, which can handle temperatures up to 60C thanks to its oil-filled case. It also picks up the meteorological colour scheme and is yours for £1,040.

JT2023 SPRING 49

Time to hop along

We featured a be-jewelled ‘2023, the Year of the Rabbit’, in our Winter JT. Watchmakers take a turn this issue.

The rabbit is the fourth sign in the Chinese Zodiac chart and is a symbol of longevity. Those born under this sign tend to be people others like to be around. You are pleasant, agreeable and affectionate.

Harry Winston’s rose gold and diamond model.

Tag Heuer has released a version of its signature Carrera Chronograph in a limited edition for the Chinese New Year. It features red and gold indexes on a fur patterned dial in black and grey. On the case back is a cartoon-style depiction of a red rabbit.

Chopard uses traditional lacquer techniques to depict the year’s animal against a dark night sky. For this Lunar Year, two rabbits leap across the dial beneath the moon.

Animal motifs often feature in Gucci collections, sometimes accompanied by signature emblems or floral patterns as an expression of the House's fascination with the beauty of the natural world. Gold-toned metal with a white cotton bunny motif on glass.

From Ulysse Nardin, a special edition in rose gold and ruby, champlevé and cloisonné enamel.

From Van Cleef & Arpels, white gold, diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, sapphire and tsavorite.

Vacheron Constantin launched two new versions in platinum and rose gold. It’s a handless design with four apertures spread across each quadrant that display hours, minutes, days and date. At the centre is an engraved depiction of a rabbit, sitting atop a Grand Feu dial with floral decoration.

50 JT2023 SPRING

Dior has gone all out with a full scene of a rabbit bounding along beneath the boughs of a tree, set against a backdrop of stars. It’s produced with a combination of gold, mother of pearl and aventurine glass. Limited to 88 pieces.

Piaget’s celebration of the year takes the form of a Grand Feu cloisonné enamel dial watch. Cloisonné is an enamelling technique that involves the use of thin gold wire to depict specific patterns and images. The marble-esque dial is surrounded by 78 brilliant-cut diamonds set into the bezel of the 38mm white gold case. Limited to 38 pieces.

Model 83005

Model 83005R

JT2023 SPRING 51 STOCK ARRIVING SEPT Swiss designed movement Stainless steel case & fob 30 metres water resistant Nurses Pulse dial Date OLYMPIC NURSES WATCH
78005 Stainless steel $159
PVD plated
sales@olympicwatch.com for orders PROFESSIONAL SERIES
Six rabbits tumble and leap across the dial of Breguet Classique 9075 “Chinese New Year”” in Grand Feu enamel. At 33.5mm and with a diamond set case, it’s as dainty as it is fun. Limited to eight pieces.

Elsewhere with Boucheron

Unveiled at Paris Haute Couture Week the Boucheron Ailleurs High Jewellery collection is a crowning achievement in Boucheron’s already impressive jewellery history. The concept of ‘elsewhere’ is brought to life in five sets, each one inspired by borderless possibilities and natural, raw forms, from deserts and oceans to mountains and rainforests.

Creative Director Claire Choisne and Studio Boucheron have confronted and mixed worlds and materials one could initially think are contradictory; where diamonds meet pebbles and burnt wood, gold meets rattan and meteorite. In this “elsewhere” there is only one rule: to reveal the beauty and poetry of nature.


Crafted in a palette of beige, sand and creamy blond, the Sand Woman set mimics the shape of the wind whipping sandstorms across the desert in precious materials and, unusually, plantbased rattan. To create the Rotin Diamant (diamond rattan) neck piece, Boucheron’s craftsmen humidified natural fibres, dried them on a brass frame and inserted a golden rod into the material to create the desired shape. These curves of ratan are accompanied by diamond-set leaf shapes in white and yellow gold and accentuated with a central diamond of two carats.


The tropical and humid rainforest was the inspiration for this chapter, which orbits around the Feuillage Diamant (diamond leaf) cuff bracelet with a 37.97-carat green tourmaline. Growing from this central gemstone are ‘leaves’ of woven green plants, which are crafted in lightweight coloured aluminium, bordered by chevrons of diamonds.

Continuing with the theme of plants, the Fleur de Paradis head jewel is perfectly shaped to sit around the contours of the ear with a trio of amethysts, yellow, orange and pink sapphires, fire opal, and vibrant orange lacquer, all in titanium.


As has been its tradition for some time, Boucheron has dedicated a portion of its high jewellery collection to men. The Volcano Man suite is a monochromatic story of power, but done in a way that is shapely and refined.

The Bois Brûlé Diamant necklace uses 3000-year-old burnt marsh oak wood, paved with diamonds in white gold, to position a knot of light reflection just below the Adam’s apple.

The Loup ring takes the shape of a wolf howling to the moon in meteorite, white and grey diamonds and onyx in white gold and platinum

52 JT2023 SPRING


The humble pebble is reinvented for a high jewellery audience. Slowness, silence and softness are the words used to describe this suite of jewels which span elephant heads, coral reefs, seashells and tumbled rocks. The Galet Diamant (diamond pebble) necklace creates graduated towers of hollowed polished pebbles, with pear-shaped diamonds and further diamond pavé, set into the stones themselves like “gold tattoos”.

“The technique was quite complicated because pebbles are heavy and I wanted the necklace to be very light and comfortable,” said Choisne. “Our craftsmen found a way to scoop out the middle and now they are 1.5 mm thin, like an egg shell.”


The Earth Woman set contains four pieces in hues of deep brown, ochre, chocolate and steely grey. To create the Bois Diamant (diamond wood) brooch, Boucheron’s team scanned individual flower petals and recreated their shape in thin slivers of Santos rosewood, pieced together in an openwork gold structure. Diamonds adorn select petals and the very centre of the bloom to add depth, while titanium pistils quiver delicately as the wearer moves. Finally, it is also worth noting that this piece is secured by magnets, which means its sheer size won’t drag on the eventual owner’s clothes.

JT2023 SPRING 53 Phone 03 389 9878 Email sales@finneys.co.nz www.finneys.co.nz

It’s been a bit of a brutal year so far: ram raids, floods, storms and Cyclone Gabrielle have really tested our ‘collective metal‘ as a nation. But finally, the weather seems to have settled down a bit and glimmers of spring are everywhere. Daffodils and lambs in the paddocks and some much-needed sunshine to warm our souls. It’s also been a pretty tough year in retail for many, but feedback has been more


Members of the JWNZ, their staff and many others will remember Malcolm Bishop who passed away in July at the age of 90.

Malcolm lived his life in Eastbourne and is survived by his wife Judy, daughters Melissa and Louise, brother Geoff (Paraguay) and sisters, Josephine (US) and Diana (Whanganui).

Malcolm started his working career with the wholesale distributing jewellery company, H A Montague Ltd and then headed off overseas to catch up with his older brother Geoff in South America.

On return to NZ in the early 60’s, he rejoined the Montague family business and subsequently started up his own jewellery business trading as Malcolm L Bishop Ltd, specialising in greenstone and diamond rings (in association with

positive in recent weeks, the orders are beginning to pick up and the election is not far away.

One of the major issues the JWNZ National Council wanted to tackle this year was updating and modernising the rules which are long-winded and not fit for purpose anymore. We anticipated being able to adhere to the Incorporated Societies reregistration process this year, prior to our AGM, when a new set of rules of our society would have been tabled for approval by the members. However, the re-registration period only begins in October 2023 and societies will have 21/2 years, until April 2026, to re-register. This means we will not be able to re-register until 2024. To date, we have completed a draft of our new rules, which will be reviewed once we fully understand the key changes in legislation and how that will affect the JWNZ as an organisation.

The Jewellery and Gem Fair in Hong Kong was interesting. Smaller than in 2019, but in saying that, the Pearl Hall was ‘pumping’. Still a lot of local people wearing masks and cautious about Covid, but optimistic about the future and gradual recovery of visitor

numbers to the fair. I had the pleasure of showing a first-time visitor, Jo Baylis from Jojo B, Hawkes Bay, around the halls, she was suitably impressed and found lots of contacts and new suppliers. So very successful from her point of view.

I look forward to catching up with you all at the JWNZ Spring Trade Fair in Auckland at the RNZYS on Sunday September 10th.

- Susi Chinnery-Brown, JWNZ President

07 889 3545, 021 751 115 susi@twentyfive7.co.nz

Alan Sweeney). Over time, the business expanded into gold jewellery and Malcolm had the NZ agency for Speidel watch bands and Omega watches.

He became very well known throughout the NZ jewellery industry and chaired/managed a very successful annual Trade Fair in Wellington. He travelled regularly overseas to source product and the length and breadth of NZ to establish a successful business.

In the late 80’s the watch business that I was involved in merged with Malcolm’s business. Malcolm was an astute businessman who operated in difficult times with heavy import duty, sales tax, the import deposit scheme, import licencing and exorbitant bank interest rates.

In 1993, Malcolm and Judy downsized and formed a new company.

Malcolm Bishop

Malcolm Bishop (1993) Ltd. This was when Malcolm expanded his export business to Fiji.

It’s been great to have been a business mate and longtime friend of Malcolm and Judy.

54 JT2023 SPRING
Susi Chinnery-Brown. Jo Baylis and Susi Chinnery-Brown at the Jewellery & Gem Fair, Hong Kong.


The JWNZ Spring Trade Fair 2023 will be held on Sunday 10 September at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, 181 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven Marina, Auckland. Opens at 9.30am and closes at 4.00pm.

This is your opportunity to visit and see the latest available tools and technology available for those of us who work at the bench.

Exhibitors will be able to supply information on many of the following aspects of manufacturing: CAD, casting, chain, coloured gemstones, diamondsnatural mined and lab created, diamond

and gemstone testing, dust extraction, engraving, findings, gemstone setting tools, gold testing, jewellery care products, metal suppliers, packaging, pulse arc and laser welders, tools and equipment, safes, steam and ultra-sonic cleaning, as well as business insurance and software management systems.

There will be plenty to look at and investigate and provide the information that you may be looking for to enhance your manufacturing business.

The JWNZ has increased exhibitor space to accommodate additional exhibitors resulting in an increased

showcase of goods and services for members and industry.

Visitor registration is open at: www.jewelleryfair.co.nz

I look forward to catching up with our Goldsmiths Guild and industry members at the fair.

Tel: 04 476 4764, 021 661 060, brian@bhbdesigns.co.nz

Cambridge jeweller Jesse Taylor passed away in June after a short illness. He was 46.

Completing his degree at Victoria University Design School to establishing his own jewellery range in Wellington, Jesse’s passion and dedication to his craft was evident.

Moving to Japan to attend jewellery design school and becoming a marriage celebrant showcased Jesse’s diverse interests and willingness to explore new opportunities. Returning to New Zealand after nine years in Japan and bringing his son Louis home to New Zealand to start school demonstrated his commitment to family and roots.

Joining his father at Geoff Taylor Goldsmith and utilising his skills in CAD, jewellery manufacturing and problemsolving further enriched his career.

Jesse’s contributions to the company's client base expansion, the development of the website and buying a 3D printer to further his CAD skills was invaluable.

Jesse was highly respected and valued within the trade for his insight, talent and care for others. His ability to create exceptionally beautiful pieces of jewellery and dedication to clients will be sorely missed by many.

Losing someone with such exceptional skills and a positive impact on the industry is a great loss. Jesse’s memory and legacy will continue to live on through the beautiful jewellery he created for clients and the influence he had on those who had the pleasure of knowing and working with him.

- The team at Geoff Taylor Jewellers

Brian Barrett. Jesse Taylor The JWNZ Spring Trade Fair venue, RNZYS, Westhaven Marina, Auckland.

The Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc.


Jewellery Time magazine - The focal point of JWNZ member and industry communication.

JWNZ Inc. Trade Fair - An annual event held on behalf of our members, for our members and industry.

Internet - www.jwnz.co.nz - The official JWNZ website with a free listing for financial members.

Press Releases - Jewellery and watch specific editorial promotion of product and JWNZ members.

Consumer Information - Online brochures, water resistancy guide and refund policy.


ANZ Bank - Business and Personal banking.

ANZ Merchant Business Solutions - Merchant facilities for EFTPOS, Credit & Debit Card sales.

Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers - Business, Personal and Travel insurances.

CourierPost - Special Trackpak rates, $2000 insurance cover on each parcel sent.

EFTPOS NZ Ltd - EFTPOS Terminals and Payment Solutions.

Gilrose Finance - Consumer Finance for Hire Purchase sales.

Grow Online Ltd - Creating Results Driven Websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Ecommerce Websites, B2B, Custom Solutions. Office Products Depot - Stationery, Office furniture, Computer accessories and consumerables.

Vodafone - Telecommunication services - Fixed line & Broadband

Vodafone - DigitalMobile - Vodafone Product Suppliers


Jewellery Industry Registration Board of New Zealand

- Representation on the Jewellery & Watch Industry organisation responsible for Apprenticeship Training.


Government Liaison (When required) - Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Commerce Commission, New Zealand Customs, Disputes Tribunal, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Immigration New Zealand, Statistics New Zealand, Ministry of Economic Development.

56 JT2023 SPRING
& Personal Banking Merchant Facilities


Our JWNZ Spring Trade Fair 2023 will be held on Sunday 10th September at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, 181 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven Marina, Auckland. Open 9.30am to 4.00pm.

We have four exhibitor areas; the Dinghy Locker, Main Hall, Quarterdeck, and the Members Lounge for our exhibitors to showcase their products and services. There will be a food and drink café in the Quarterdeck and barista coffee and free muffins in the Members Lounge. As well the America’s Cup will be on display.

There is a pre-fair Bollywood GetTogether in the Quarterdeck, RNZYS, from 6pm to 8pm Saturday 9th September. Tickets $30 per person and includes a delicious curry and a glass of wine, beer, or soda. Limited to 100 tickets. Contact Craig Anderson E info@jwnz.co.nz or T 021 596 988.

There are several hotels close to the venue and parking is available, a short walk from the venue.

Our 2023 Trade Fair sponsors are; Star Gems & Jewellery, Landau Jewellery (Christchurch), Pacific Time Industries, Morris and Watson and PEKA.

Jewellery and watch industry members are invited to visit the JWNZ Spring Trade Fair 2023. Register online at www.jewelleryfair.co.nz


The JWNZ Annual General Meeting will be held at 2.30pm on Saturday 9th September in the Quarterdeck, Royal

New Zealand Yacht Squadron, 181 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven Marina, Auckland. The JWNZ National Council will meet on the Saturday morning.


The JWNZ reiterates its extreme disappointment that, to date, approaches to the Minister of Police and Minister of Justice have received no response. There have been numerous JWNZ members who have had their businesses affected by ram raids and daylight robberies. This has impacted on their ability to carry out their normal business, as well as their staff members, some of whom are suffering from the trauma of these events. What is apparent is that offenders and recidivist offenders understand there are no consequences to their actions, as their age prevents prosecution and they are almost always referred to Youth Aid. Be assured the JWNZ will continue to request dialogue with both the Minister of Police and Minister of Justice in regards criminal actions affecting our members.

The following is an outline of what happens to those offenders who are under 18-years-old.

So, what does Youth Aid do? Youth Aid deals with children and young people under the age of 18 who have offended, are on the verge of offending, are subject to Care and Protection measures or just need help to go in the right direction.

What happens in Youth Court NZ? The young person, their family, the victim, a youth justice coordinator, member(s) of the police and any other

relevant professionals meet to discuss: the offending, the effect this has had on all involved, and a possible plan to address it.

What do NZ Police do? New Zealand Police is an important part of the community. It seeks to prevent crime, improve public safety, detect and bring offenders to account and maintain law and order.

For members wanting to investigate the fog cannon option for their business premises, fog cannon subsidies are now available. The following link provides the detail. https://www.mbie.govt. nz/about/news/fog-cannon-subsidyapplications-open


Craig Anderson

JWNZ Inc. Executive Secretary

T 021 596 988

Int +64 21 596 988

E info@jwnz.co.nz

John and Chris Worth, Worth & Douglas and John Rose from West End Collection, who celebrated a successful day of trading with the Champagne Lady.

A note for your diary: the 2024 JWNZ Spring Trade Fair will take place at the RNZYS on September 8th.

JT2023 SPRING 57
Craig Anderson. Pictured at last year’s JWNZ Spring Trade Fair ... exhibitors

Busy time of the year. Four months until Christmas and everything needs to fall into place for everyone to be happy. The 16 apprentices taken on for year’s end 2023 are all making their way through the established pathway of learning to gain their Trade Certification as someone who is Qualified, having been assessed and work competent for the Skilled Trade for which they have been trained.

So that’s the starting end, we then have the midway apprentices who are battling with the reality of dealing with everything an apprenticeship can throw at them. This includes the wide range of personalties of the public and workshop and of course, the challenges of the wide range of the work that is required and achieved every day. We have what is termed the ‘Prescriptions for both Manufacturing Jewellery and Watch and Clockmaking’ and every thing covered relates to this. As ‘living documents’ both are updated as needed and both are an excellent account of what has been required by our Trades and for that matter of our Trades in general, since their formalisation under the Master and Apprenticeship of 1865. Some of this makes for fascinating reading, but more of that in another issue.

We then have those apprentices who are getting towards the end of their apprenticeship term and have made good use of their time in the trade. They have recorded enough skills to be mastered in their apprentice record book to gain entry into their final Trade Certificate examination.

I attended the NZHI conference in Wellington, where a room was made available for the Watch and

Clockmaking Trade Certificate examination 2023 to take place. The 2023 Manufacturing Jewellery Trade Certificate examination will be held this year at the RNZYS (Trade Fair venue) at 9.30am, September 10th. There will be four manufacturing jeweller apprentices sitting this year and so if you come across them after the exam, do take the time out to introduce yourself and wish them all the best for their results. I will be showing them through the Fair and introducing them to the apprentice supporters listed below, who have held their hand up as firms that support atthe-bench apprentice training in New Zealand.

Funding is always an issue for JIRBNZ and without our sponsors we simply couldn’t maintain any form of training. Having lost the generous support of JMF through its demise has resulted in an end on end shortfall every year for JIRBNZ The two Industry groups of JWNZ and NZHI have done since inception and still do contribute $10,000.00 and $2,000.00 + gst each year, but that’s it. That’s the Registration Board’s baseline to work from. Not much really and we are expected to get there, but like the

rest of our amazing schools, teachers, nurses doctors and hospitals - get there we do.

I congratulate two apprentices, Paige Lilly and James Matthewman, who have satisfied all of the requirements for the issue of a Trade Certificate and can now refer to themselves as a Qualified, Trade Certified Watch and Clockmaker.

Look out for the next group of Qualified Manufacturing Jewellers in the summer JT issue. Good luck to all for their upcoming exams and if you are a supporter who may potentially consider being a sponsor, please do get in touch. It would be much appreciated.

– Grant Harrison

Industry appointed Commissioner of Apprentices

Jewellery Industry Registration Board of New Zealand

M: 027 693 0001, E: info@jirbnz.org.nz

W: www.jirbnz.org.nz

58 JT2023 SPRING
2023 Puri Panekiretanga – Keeping Standards High Registration Board of New Zealand Jewellery Industry 2023 JEWELLERY INDUSTRY REGISTRATION BOARD
From left, Ash Wells, Paige Lilly and representing the NZHI, Philip Green. From left, Geoff Butler (Ilam Watchmakers), James Matthewman and Grant Harrison.



Ice Smart One - Rose Gold White and Peach

SKU: 022251. RRP: NZD $199.90

Discover the SMARTWATCH: a connected watch that capitalises on current trends and the DNA of Ice-Watch. Varied and colourful face watches, in line with the brand’s prowess, as well as a multitude of features to accompany you in your daily life. It will keep your wrist well-dressed for each life moment and each season! And what about a wrist that's doubly well dressed? Get a free bracelet with the purchase of an ICE smart one connected watch!

Functions -

• Emergency calling ability

• Sports Mode - IPX68 water resistant

• Bluetooth calling and connectivity

• Sleep monitor

• Heart rate monitor

• Blood pressure monitor

• Blood oxygen monitor

• Weather

Bering Classic Gift Set Watch and Bracelet

11022-334-Lovely-1. RRP: $269 NZD

• Device notifications

• AI Voice assistant

• Camera control

• Breathing training

• Alarm clock

• Music control

• Stop watch

Mothers deserve something special so we created an exceptional gift set. The set contains a delicate gold-coloured watch featuring scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a matching snake bracelet made of high-quality stainless steel with the ‘lovely’ charm. The two pieces match perfectly for an elegant and exquisite look. This set will always let your mum know how deeply you feel about her.

• Water resistance: 3 ATM

• Sapphire crystal

• 22mm case

Ice Retro-Digit Black Gold

SKU: 022064. RRP: NZD $99.90

Presenting the Ice Digit Retro Watch. Let yourself be seduced by the retro charm of the ICE digit retro - Black Gold. Following the latest trends, this watch is both glam and fashionable. Its soft strap and simple digital display will complement your most chic and refined outfits.

• Diameter (Case) : 32mm

• Width buckle : 18mm

• Water resistance : 3 ATM

• Warranty : 2 years

• Material (Band) : Silicone

• Functions: Day date, stopwatch, split time, alarm, 2nd Time Zone

Maserati Epoca Skeleton Automatic Watch R8823118009. RRP: $899 NZD

The Epoca timepieces embodies all of Maserati’s technical expertise and masterful design. The Epoca collection watches are inspired by the design of the Maserati 3500 GT of 1957, a symbol of style and mechanics excellence. The vintage soul of this collection can also be found also in other details: from the Trident logo in its very first version used on a Maserati vehicle - the Tipo 26 of 1926 - to the dial rounded shape that characterised the mechanical watches from the Forties and Fifties.

• Personalised rotor

• Skeleton automatic movement

• See through case back

• Screw case back and crown

• Sapphire coated crystal

• 10 ATM water resistance

Georgini Goddess Aphrodite Bracelet

SKU: IB209W. RRP: NZD $459

The highlight of the Goddess Collection is this year's marque set, the Aphrodite. It is a true marvel that showcases exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Aphrodite bracelet measures approximately 16cm and features 156 beautifully-set cubic zirconias designed to sparkle all night long. This stunning bracelet is crafted from luxurious rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver.

Contact: Contact: Mahesh Nathoo, West End Collection, Ph. 061 9 553 3777, mahesh@westendcollection.com.au, www.westendcollection.com.au

JT2023 SPRING 59



Play a part in sustainability by simply choosing from Citizen’s new range. From the Citizen L collection, these timepieces embody the beauty, elegance and delicate charm of the Gerbera flower in full bloom. Notable features include a 32mm stainless steel case, matching mesh bracelet, radial-index dial with petal-shaped printed indices, sapphire crystal, Eco-Drive technology and 50mr water resistance. Models EM0814-83A, EM0818-82X & EM0819-80X.

Contact: Citizen Watches New Zealand, (Northern Region), Mark Raddon, M +64 21 242 7631. (Southern Region), Keith Mann, M +64 27 246 0492, www.citizenwatches.com.au


The Elmasonic SELECT series is the evolution of the previous ‘S’ series cleaners.

The powerful and versatile Elmasonic SELECT ultrasonic cleaning devices are equipped with an operating frequency of 37 kHz, 5 ultrasonic modes and the possibility to save up to four cleaning programmes. Increased dryrun protection due to dry-running-safe level control, i.e. the unit cannot be switched on if there is not enough water in the tank.

The Elmasonic SELECT series is available in 11 tank size options. The tank cover is included with each machine. Insert baskets and a wide range of accessories are also available. See the full range of SELECT series cleaners from the Elma web-shop e-commerce website: www.elma-ultrasonic.co.nz.

Techspan has been supplying Elma Ultrasonics for more than 30 years and today is Elma’s major distributor partner throughout Australasia. Techspan advise that they now stock all the SELECT series models ready for despatch from their Auckland warehouse.

Contact: Techspan New Zealand Limited, P NZ 0800 603 603, P Australia 1-800 148 791, tim@elma-ultrasonic.co.nz, www.elma-ultrasonic.co.nz


Celebrate spring with Evolve's NZ Garden collection. Inspired by the beautiful colours that decorate our New Zealand gardens, this stunning collection showcases the magnificent flora and fauna found throughout Aotearoa. Pairing sparkling cubic zirconia stones with beautifully blended enamel, these exquisite designs are perfect for adding some colour to your Evolve collection.

Contact: sales@evolve-jewellery.co.nz. P. 07 281 1509, evolve-jewellery.co.nz

60 JT2023 SPRING
Silver Fern CZ (Treasured) Blue Dragonfly (New Beginnings) Lily (Beauty) White Daisy (Cherished)


Brand new to FV Jewellery is the Lucie collection. Featuring petite semi-precious stones, this necklace features a rectangle cut of the gorgeous green amethyst stone. Crafted from sterling silver and finished with 14ct yellow gold plating this necklace is a simple classic, already well loved around the globe.


This elegant classic at FV Jewellery is perfect for so many occasions! Crafted from sterling silver, this necklace was designed to embody all things love and romance. The short style is great to wear by itself or paired with other favourites. A fabulous piece to have in your store.

This Lucie sterling silver pair of hoop earrings features the bright and bold rhodolite garnet. Designed to wear and share, this pair has a wide age appeal. Explore the new Lucie collection today!

Contact: FV Jewellery, Ph 0274 203 137, helen@fabuleux.com, www.fabuleuxvous.com

Featured for the first time in New Zealand, the latest exquisitely colourful, releases from Gerrim International.

Contact: Gerrim International, Ph +61 4 9990 4427, sales@gerrim.com, www.gerrim.com


Presenting the latest additions to the LUV YOU collection: Custom bangles adorned with the names of cherished loved ones, or meaningful messages, accompanied by birthstones. Available in various metal types, with synthetic or semi-precious stones. Instore point of sale includes gold plated samples and display pad.

Looking for timeless elegance for a modern twist? The featured new wedding rings blend tradition and innovation, available in all gold alloys and as gold-plated samples.

Contact: Worth & Douglas Ltd, Ph 64 9 303 4666, sales@worthdouglas.co.nz, www.worthdouglas.com


From Ikecho Australia, 9ct rg pink round Edison 10mm diamond frosted earrings and 12mm diamond frosted pendant.

Product codes: IP193-ERG-EDI10 and IP193-PRG-EDI12

Contact: Ikecho Australia, Ph 61 2 9266 0636, cindy@ikecho.co.au, www.ikecho.com.au.

JT2023 SPRING 61
GIR131- 9ct Yellow gold, green amethyst, chrome diopside and diamond dress ring. GIR090- 9ct White gold, London blue, Swiss blue and diamond dress ring. GIR164- 9ct Yellow gold, multi- sapphire dress ring.



ROSEFIELD's signature Octagon XS is the perfect watch for a smaller wrist. Featuring rich details like an opulent emerald green coloured mother-of- pearl dial, 3D faceted mineral glass and an elegant 5-link stainless steel bracelet, this piece is sure to become a wardrobe staple.



CASE DIMENSIONS: 19.5mm x 24mm

NZD RRP: $299.95

ROSEFIELD's Studio Edition collections have become synonymous with style. For the summer season, we're providing a fresh update to our best-selling Octagon XS case, and pairing it with a luxurious double chain stainless steel bracelet. Wear as a statement piece by itself or as an addition to your bracelet stack.




NZD RRP: $399.95

AUGUST BERG's latest release for its ongoing collaboration with iconic interiors designer, William Morris is a petite 30mm rose gold plated case, featuring the intricate Morris & Co. ‘Strawberry Thief’ pattern which adorns a crisp white dial, and a vibrant Italian leather strap making this the perfect wrist accessory for summer. Plus, every August Berg watch purchased gives a child in need six months of quality education and for every 20,000 pieces sold, August Berg will build a school to support communities in need.


GW0483L5 SOL

NZD RRP $649.95

Assert your fashion leadership with this new innovation from GUESS. An opulent iridescent plating covers the 38mm stainless steel case, whilst sparkling iridescent crystals adorn the bezel and case, making sure you will stand out from the crowd. All this is finished with an iridescent stainless-steel bracelet.


NZD $549.95

Skeleton dial details keep this phoenix on the rise. Featuring a barrel shaped iridescent case with multi-function dial, which pairs perfectly with a smooth black silicone strap.



NZD RRP $310

Darbey returns this season embodying the iconic T detail of Ted Baker, adding a refined touch to your style. The rich green sunray dial perfectly matches with the elegant gold tone stainless steel case, connected with the feminine gold tone mesh bracelet through a T design element embodied with crystals.



NZD RRP $409.00

Clean, dynamic graphic design defines a watch that’s ready for city lights and nightlife. The prestigious Furla name in bold capital letters form the dynamic bracelet, carved in gleaming yellow gold-toned stainless steel. A round face with champagne dial is all-over patterned with the Furla Arch logo, set on ‘Repeat’, contained in a yellow gold tone bezel and complemented by tone-on-tone hands and indices crowned with the Furla Arch logo at the 12 o’clock mark.

Contact: Designa Accessories, Ph 64 9 480 2211, customer.service@designaaccessories,com.au, www.designaaaccessories.com.au

62 JT2023 SPRING

Bench Jeweller Wanted

We are looking for a skilled Jeweller for our Vu Jewellers workshop in Queenstown.

Making exquisite jewellery, restoring old treasures, and provide exceptional service. The ideal candidate will have experience in re-sizing, re-tipping, chain repair, collet construction, master model making, wax carving and working with all metals including gold, silver, palladium and platinum. Setting experience would be a bonus.

Apply now to join our team.

Contact: claire@vujewellers.com

JT2023 SPRING 63 DIRECTORY Our Clocks range from traditional to contemporary, Collectables to Grandfathers. Pronto Clock Company Ltd Ph 07 880 9795 info@prontoclocks.co.nz C o l l e c t a b l e s Lucida Calligraphy font, bold, italics


64 JT2023 SPRING Carl Yung Gems Ltd Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds & Semi-Precious Stones & Jewellery Fast & Reliable Cutting Services Available. P O Box 109380, Newmarket, Auckland. Ph: 09-623 2078 Email: info@carlyung.com
Tapestry Grove, Silverstream, Upper Hutt 5019 p 04 528 9699 e info@aven.co.nz www.aven.co.nz All rethreading including lengthening & shortening Extensive range of clasps Pearl drilling ARGOSY GEMS for Design Work & Trade repairs. Sourcing of Gems from the cutters. Hand Engraving, Setting, Sizing, trade repairs. Prompt Turn around of your Jobs.
021670145, Argosy 03 3669332 141 Holly Rd, Christchurch 8014 argosy.jewellery@gmail.com argosyjewellery.co.nz DIRECTORY 1st Floor Gibson Sheat Centre 1 Margaret Street, Lower Hutt 0800 743 774 sales@rings.co.nz www.rings.co.nz New Zealand’s leading Safe & Vault specialists. Bullion Safes I Jewellery Safes I Cash Safes I Modular Vaults & Vault doors www.safeman.co.nz Ph: 0800 723 365
Inspired by the vibrance and delicate charm of the Gerbera flower in full bloom. www.citizenwatches.com.au Embodying nature's irresistible beauty and Citizen's relentless initiative towards a sustainable future. EM0819-80X See us at the JWNZ Spring Trade Fair - Stands 39 & 40

Quasar Diamond is New Zealand’s foremost diamond authority. Each Quasar diamond is carefully selected by qualified diamond experts for complete peace of mind. Purchasing a Quasar Certified diamond is your ethical guarantee of both sustainability and exceptional quality.

GEM (0800 69 43 67), P +64 9 377 3855,
sales@nzgem.co.nz, 0800 NZ
@quasardiamondsnz, quasardiamonds.com
Natural Diamonds Sustainable High Grade Cuts 4Cs GIA Report
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