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Well done to Division 3 Blue who, after coming second on the ladder, managed to beat Lake Monger's top team to get promotion to 2nd Division

Our birds enjoying the setting of the sun over Sorrento

Sorrento Bowling Club’s Quarterly News Magazine No 85 June 2021 1


Contents/Index News from Your Editors 5 Around Our Club 6 Around Our Club – Continued 9 Suspicious Membership Application 10 The New Sorrento Bowling Club's "Weather Rock" 12 Some More Funny Bowler's Nicknames 15 Around Our Club – Continued 16 Men's Match Committee Report 17 Father/Mother/ Daughter/Son Event 20 Women's Match Committee Report 23 Jenni Lockwood in Cambodia 26 Sporting Struggles of a Struggling Sportsman 27 Our Social Bowlers get together 30 Bowls Through the Ages 31 "Twin Towers of Strength" are "A Cut Above the Rest" 32 How to make bowls more interesting 36 Womens Captain's Report 40 Men's Selection Report 2020/21 42 Pennant Bowler of the Year 44 Women's Selection Report 2020/21 45 As Luck Would "Hand" it to You 47 Silver Chain Charity Day 48 Croquet Report 49 Sponsorship Report 52 Test Your Knowledge 53 Darts Report 54 Our Community Bowls 55 A Collection of Awesome Masked Characters 56 Winners of the Prestigious Crab Award 58 Memories from the Past 59 Australia versus "The Rest of the World" 61



News from Your Editors


elcome to our 66th edition. A lot has happened since Denise and I produced our first quarterly magazine way back in 2007 – when we were still young! That was the year that saw Apple launch the first iPhone. We hope that over the years you have enjoyed our magazines and found them informative. Some of the covers of past editions are shown alongside. Thanks to Wendy Flack and Denis Croker who have helped with capturing these covers. Members who wish to read previous editions need to go to our website and click on "Newsletters" and then follow the prompt to the edition/year required. We often wonder whether we are meeting our objectives (which over time have remained more or less the same}. In summary we aim to: √ Keep members informed about the vision, future directions and strategies being adopted or planned by our Club √ Provide a vehicle to allow our various operational committees to communicate with members about past and future activities √ Recognise the achievements and aspirations of our members and stakeholders by sharing articles, features, stories and photographs relating to their experiences and Club activities √ Entertain members and stakeholders with interesting and humorous stories and features √ Engage members by encouraging member contribution to the content of our news magazines √ Demonstrate to prospective members and stakeholders the vibrancy, sense of community and professionalism that Sorrento offers


Around Our Club Special thanks to Peter McIntosh who made these special holders

Steve Platts and Jennifer Page count their win in the Twilight Pairs

Congratulations to Evan Cosh, Pat Dichiera, Mike McGeehan and Ian Wittber on their 8 Badge they picked up on the first end

Bonnie Hewitt our new Administration Officer


Paul Kain caught trying to pay for drinks with his Sorrento card at Dalkeith

√ Showcase the great products and services offered by our many loyal sponsors and encourage the support of our members and their families and friends to give our sponsors the opportunity to win their business √ Demonstrate to the City of Joondalup, Bowls WA, Clubs WA, local politicians and community groups the wonderful community and sporting asset that Sorrento provides While we do reserve some editorial licence, we endeavour in the magazine not to be controversial or contentious and keep our articles informative and positive. We encourage all members to contribute to our upcoming news magazines and thanks again to our members for subscribing and making our magazine a great success over the past decades. Please also let us know what you think about our magazine and what you would like us to cover in future editions. During the last few months we received some "general" comments: • It was great to see our volunteers receiving some recognition in the last edition. Editors note: We really are lucky to have so many volunteers. • Why was my photo on the back instead of the front cover? Editors note: We were going to put the important people on the front cover but decided to do it randomly! • There was a typo in the magazine – but I can't remember where! Editors note: We do try hard to avoid misspelling and typos. The draft is checked by four people as well as the computer's spell checker. • Thank you – your news magazines are right on the money. Editors note: It is great to get some positive feed back.


• Why was the photo of the Women's Selection Committee not used in the news magazine? Editors note: We did not have a photo of the complete team. • Why did I have to pay $10 for a Pennant home game when there were no sandwiches? Editors note: This comment has given us "Food for thought" ! • Is it true I have to buy the Editor a beer because my photo was on the cover of the last news magazine? Editors note: This is only a rumour. • My photo was not on the cover? I'm a regular volunteer! Editors note: We only had photos of volunteers who attended the "Volunteers Evening" to use on the cover. • As suggested I have been re-reading old news magazines and was shocked to see a sexist joke in a 2010 edition. You would never be allowed to publish a joke like this in today's world! Editors note: We try hard to not offend members and have two 'Arbiters of good taste' who have the final say on what may or may not be published. Thanks to Anne Orton who suggested we have a look at a Facebook site called "Bowls Banter" for some interesting bits and pieces. We were impressed with the Victorian club Sudbury's new undercover green.


Around Our Club – Continued

Lee Leach and Ron Rogers - Runners up in the Club Mixed Pairs

Terry Byrne managed to draw the Joker to collect a $2800 jackpot

Ken Leach looking anxious as he watches the Mixed Pairs

Lorna Glew, Helen Teasdale, Ros Newick and Carole Ford won the Quinns Rocks Gala Day The golden girls out on the town Christmas 2020

Mick Martin and Mal BurtonRunners up in the Club Men's Pairs


Suspicious Membership Application Received by Geoff Murray our Membership Manager Application for Membership I wish to apply for provisional membership, as indicated below, of the Sorrento Bowling Club (Inc). In the event of my election, I agree to be bound by the Constitution, Rules, By-Laws and Code of Conduct of the Club. Membership Class (please indicate)



Bowl Rec

Bowling/Croquet Club



Croq. Rec


(Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms) Surname



Hall Hire

Skipper and Leader


First Name Donald

58th Floor, 721–725 Fifth Avenue, Midtown Manhattan, New York City Address


011 - 202-456-1111

donstuffedupat@work.com Emergency Contact: 011 - 202-456-1362 Email:

Occupation: experience)

Leader of the Free World (if retired list trade/profession/work Currently retired

Date of Birth:


(required by Bowls/Croquet WA)

Would you like some coaching? How did you hear about us?

Not required! I know it all

CNN- Fake News, Twitter and Facebook

We hereby nominate the above candidate as a provisional member of the Sorrento Bowling Club. We have discussed this application with the candidate including the Constitution, Rules and Regulations and it is our opinion that the Candidate is eligible and fit for membership.


Kim Jong-Un


Vladimir Putin

SORRENTO BOWLING CLUB INC Percy Doyle Reserve, 40 Warwick Rd Duncraig WA 6023

Entered into BePoz system


Approved by Governing Council


Telephone: 9447 0696

Financial and card issued


Entered into email lists


E-Mail: mail@sorrentobowlingclub.com.au


Some more "Did you hear" and " Did you know" Did you hear the ridiculous comments made by Yoshiro Mori, the head of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics organising committee? He has apologised for making sexist remarks about “talkative” women in sports organisations, but said he would not resign. Mori, a former Japanese prime minister with a history of demeaning remarks, said that meetings attended by too many women tended to “drag on” because they talked too much. What an idiot! Did you know that our bell has a long history? As mentioned in our last news magazine, it was donated in 1976 to our Club by Ron Harley. It was great to see Ron Harley (pictured here with Ian Wittber and Brian Lucas) re-acquainting himself with our Club bell. It was originally on a Dennis fire engine. Did you know the John Jackson (aka "JJ") was a Marketing Director for Dennis fire engines? In the 1975 photo below JJ is in the middle at the back. The bell on this 1914 fire engine is identical to our bell.


If rock is dry ............................. Green is fast If rock is wet ............................. Green is slow If rock is white on top ............. Green is bloody slow If rock is leaning left ............... Take more grass on forehand If rock is leaning right ............ Take more grass on backhand If rock is swinging/shaking .... Good luck If rock is too hot to touch ........ Game is cancelled If rock cannot be seen ............. It's either a heavy fog or someone has pinched it!

Proposed Sorrento Bowling Club's "Weather Rock" The St. Albans Bowls Club's " Weather Rock" above has been adapted to make it suitable for our Club!


Did you hear that the Gold Coast’s Gogi Dance Collective received $25,000 to develop a new work which pays homage to lawn bowls? It is called "You Don’t Know Jack and Kitty" and is an aimed at new audiences. Like a mathematical problem the intricate body language of bowlers is dissected, multiplied and reconfigured into choreography. The show is said to be a crowd-pleasing experience for both seasoned lawn bowlers, intergenerational audiences and art lovers. Apparently the friendly rivalry, the chit chat, and of course, the refreshingly cold shandy post game makes for a smashing night out. If you want to watch the video go to Facebook at Gogi Dance Collective@gogidancecollective Did you hear that on 11 March, Andrew DeCinque, Bob Jeffs, Peter Robson and Trevor Orton were awarded an eight badge when their Nollamara opponents unluckily removed all but one of their bowls from the rink. What was even more remarkable is that the eight was part of a second half comeback that resulted in a 6-shot win, after being 7-19 down after 11 ends. Well done to the four of you.


Did you know that Shelley and Bob Jeffs celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in March? When some expressed surprise about how this could be remotely possible Shelley advise that she married when she was 10-years old! See photo alongside. Did you hear that our talented and creative member, Ros Newick, won 1st Prize in the Woolorama Art prize this month and also won "Best Exhibit" with her headpiece? We really have some clever people in our Club! Did you hear that YouTube, Twitter and FaceTime are to merge. They will be known as YouTwitFace in future? Thanks to Trevor Orton for this useful bit of information. Annie Taylor tells us that she and a number of Sorrento bowlers enjoyed a wonderful day visiting York? This full day’s trip was organised by Helloworld. And talk about a small world! Annie met a chap called Norm Parker while having lunch at the Imperial Homestead Hotel. Norm, who now lives in Quairading, told her that from 1984 to 1987 he was a member of the Sorrento Bowling Club and in fact introduced our Club to a bowling green grass called Santa Ana from South Australia. For the benefit of those among us without a green thumb, Santa Ana


is a type of American couch grass that is well suited to Western Australia’s hot dry summers and cool, wet winter-sand is used on all our greens. Norm worked closely with our greenkeepers during this stay before moving onto City Beach and Hollywood Bowling Clubs and then the Wembley Golf Club. So while enjoying a game of bowls on our magnificent Santa Ana greens, spare a thought for Norm Parker one of our unsung volunteers from a past era. Did you hear that Mark Douglas and John Jackson (aka "JJ") were playing in the Twilight Pairs when on the second end JJ tore a ligament in his right bowling arm? Rather than retiring and having to concede this stoic member decided to play left-handed, which he had never done before, for the remaining 12 ends. JJ and Mark went onto win their game with ten ends and two bonuses! My bush poet mate sent me the following: There was a young girl called Carrie Whose Doctor said "You better marry" She said "Marvellous news –but who do I choose?" I don't know whether its Tom, Dick or Harry! Finally a note for men in particular. We don’t want you rushing past all our splendid articles to seek this out, but on page 63 we are showing a selection of topless chicks wearing short skirts. – Denise and Neville Odell

Some More Funny Bowler's Nicknames ROWDY LANTERN SUITCASE

You never get a word from him Not real bright and you have to carry him Everyone carries him


Around Our Club – Continued

Promotion to 1 Blue for 2 Orange L-R: Jan Siney, Wendy Saul, Jenni Lockwood, Pauline Marsden, Kath Harris, Charmain Harris, Kerry Hutchinson, Jan Paniperis

Brian Lucas, Brian Brewer, Brian Collins, Brian Saul and Brian Self enjoying a drink

Shelley Jeffs and her grandsons Xavier, Elijah and Oliver Bilich


Some glamour on our greens! This family enjoyed a game of bowls and celebrated two sisters' birthdays who were both born on the same date a few years apart. Thanks to Alex Third who continues to help social groups like this to enjoy a game of bowls


Crumbles under pressure Comes out when all the hard work is done The last person to let you down Always giving himself a wrap Narrow at the head, wide at the mouth Doesn't deliver on the weekend Always chasing rubbish Balls a long way from the head A shot in the head Loves to drive Never shouts a round Always in the road Always getting wicks Pops up now and again Takes too much grass Everyone beats him Because he can't draw – Thanks to "Bowls Banter" for this list

Men's Match Committee Report Mixed Pairs Championship Having been postponed from the previous weekend due to rain, the quarter finals, semi finals and final of the Mixed Pairs (3-bowl pairs) were held in mid February. An unfortunate consequence of this delay meant that two pairs were unable to play due to prior commitments, so only two quarter-final matches were played. Play took place on a hot and humid day, with very mild easterlies in the morning and minimal sea breeze later in the day. The first of the 15 end quarter finals saw Sue Delavale and Dan Greig come through after a competitive match against Roger and Shirley Palmer, while


the second match was a very intense affair with Brian and Wendy Saul pitted against Barbara Lorencs and Colin Jasper. Scores were effectively tied prior to the final bowl with which Jasper picked up the jack to gain the winning shots. The 18 end semi finals were not quite as competitive. Jenni Lockwood and Spider Webb remained within touching distance of Lorencs and Jasper until the 13th end before the latter pulled away, while Lee Leach and Ron Rogers shot out to an early lead against Delavale and Greig and were never threatened. The 18 end final took place in front of an appreciative group of spectators, augmented by the occasionally noisy overflow from the Darts season wrapup lunch. The match was a see-sawing affair with the draw bowling and steady shot accumulation of the Lorencs/Jasper team countered by intermittent multi shot scores by Leach/ Rogers who came up with 4 shots three times over the course of the match. From 15-all after 16 ends, Lorencs/ Jasper’s consistency finally prevailed 18-15 to lift the trophy for the first time, while two time winners Leach and Rogers had to settle for second place. Note from Shona Carter: I would just like to say a big thank you to the four finalists in this event as we were able to watch this exceptional game on a beautiful day at the highest standard I think I have seen all year. "As one lady said "it was so good they could have charged us to watch ".All four players were outstanding with the men showing us up shots and perfect technique and two of our best lady bowlers matching each other bowl by bowl. The girls showed that they can


play lead just as well as they play skips. It was a shame there had to be a winner but of course that is the game. Congratulations to Colin and Barbara our mixed pairs champions for 2021 and commiserations to Ron and Lee, your turn next year! Police Versus Sorrento The annual challenge match between the WA Police Bowling Club and Sorrento was played in March, and resulted in a comprehensive thrashing for Sorrento 76-118. Only one Sorrento rink consisting of Liz Marshal, Peter McIntosh, Denis Croker and Peter Flack won their rink, with the five other rinks competitive but ultimately unsuccessful. Despite the heavy loss, all said they had a good time in warm and very humid conditions. To sort of compensate up for the loss, both raffle prizes were won by Sorrento players. Thanks to all 24 players that represented the club, and particularly to Wendy Flack (hereafter known as “the turncoat”), who was drafted in to play for the Police when one of their players was sick. (Editor's Note: Some say she was the reason the Police won by 42 shots.) Thanks also to the barbecuers. We look forward to engaging the Police again around the same time next year. Men's Pairs

Congratulations to Kyle McIlroy and Shane Loftus on winning the Men's Pairs Championship in an entertaining final under lights against Mal Burton and Mick Martin. Kyle and Shane got off to a great start to lead 7-0 until Mal and Mick won the next four ends to make the score 7-5. The following end saw them holding four shots and look-


Father/Mother/ Daughter/Son Event

Overall winners: Ian and Justin Marshall

Joe Mola and his daughter Debbie Beedham who played against Steve Bomford and his son Josh

Right: Alan Walton and his son Billy played against Peter Snow and his grandson Mitchell

Left: Stan and Dean Brickell played against Craig Grisbrook and his son Mitch


Contact Joseph Williams on (08) 97226742 www.connecthearing.co.au


ing to take the lead until McIlroy trailed the jack to win the end. This was the turning point in the game with Kyle and Shane going on to win the game in convincing fashion 15-6. It was the first Sorrento Championship win for both players. Father/Mother/Daughter/Son/Grandies This annual event was held on a Friday evening in March. Sixteen teams entered and each played two games of two bowl pairs. The evening was a lot of fun with Ian and Justin Marshall taking out the overall winner's spot. Runners up were Stan and Dean Brickell, Round 1 winners Brad and Alexis Marshall, and Round 2 winners Bob Jeffs and Shannon Bilich. Men's Singles Twelve sections of three resulted in the following section winners: Dan Greig, John Sturk, Steve Draper, Brian Collins, Frank Tyson, Matt Sharrett, Mick Martin, Brian Saul, Kyle McIlroy, Peter Appleton, Murray Hulbert and Paul Knight. After an alignment round Tyson, Martin, McIlroy and Knight went through to the quarter finals with Greig, Draper, Tyson and McIlroy. This event was completed on Sunday 21 March, under relatively hot still conditions and a nicely paced B green conducive to good bowling. One semi final had been completed on the previous Sunday, with Kyle McIlroy progressing 25-10 over Frank Tyson. The second semi, between Dan Greig and Steve Draper, was a close, fluctuating game which saw scores tied up at 21 apiece before Dan drew two


shots on each of the last two ends to close out the match 25-21. In the final Kyle’s very consistent drawing and the occasional drive proved too much for Dan, resulting in a final score of 25-5 and Kyle’s name on the singles trophy for the first time. – Dan Grieg/ Rob Tozer

Women's Match Committee Report Women's Novice Singles Championship Jennifer Page and Debbie Cranswick recently became capitated members. Both joined Sorrento about a year ago playing on Friday and Sunday afternoons. Neither have participated in Pennants or Club Championships because of work commitments. Hopefully in time we will see them join our Pennant teams and become an asset to our Club. In January they went head to head for this title. Both delighted spectators with a show of top division bowling. Jennifer Page took control in both games, demonstrating a delivery that saw her bowls connect with the jack on most occasions. Debbie Cranswick also showed us excellent bowling but found it difficult to stop Jen from coming in at the last minute to take away any shots that might have added to her score. Jennifer winning both the games took the title of Novice Singles Champion for 2021. Congratulations to both women, it will be a pleasure to welcome them into Pennants when they are ready. Jennifer will go on to play in the Novice Singles Champion of Champions later this


year, and Debbie for sure will be there to contest the Title of Novice Singles Championship at Sorrento next Season. Trevors Carpets Invitation Fours In March we welcomed 36 Division One teams for our prestigious annual Trevors Carpets Invitation Fours. We had teams from Gingin, York, Meadow Springs, Safety Bay, Dudley Park and most of the Metro clubs. The winning team was a Manning team Liz Matthews, Robyn O’Brien, Sue Hogg and Sue Barrow. Thanks to our sponsor, Ray Green of Trevors Carpets, without his generosity the Invitation Fours would not be as successful. Ray provided $3,500 for prize money as well as $500 towards prizes for the Spider, and nine touchers giving $50 to each. Ray also opened the bar for all participants to enjoy drinks throughout the day. Thanks to our Croquet ladies for supplying our delicious morning tea. Thanks also to our members who do their utmost to make this day such a memorable occasion. A wonderful day was had by everyone at our Club, everyone going home happy and full of praise for their day at Sorrento. Our raffle raised $2332 entry fees brought in $2880 and thanks to Moira, Annie and Shona we raised a further $218 at the plant stall. After allowing for expenses, we handed over a profit of $3890 to our Club. Women's Singles The Women’s Singles Championship final was held alongside the Men's on Sunday 21st March, following two previous days (a Wednesday and Sunday) of sectional and knock out play. The previous Sunday, Barbara Lorencs had defeated Kerry Hutchinson in the first semifinal, with scores close until Barb pulled away with some


great consistent bowling to win 21-12. The second semifinal saw Pauline Bourne and Wendy Flack in a long and close tussle, Pauline picking up three shots on the final end to win 21-19. The final between Barb and Pauline was always going to be a brilliant display of bowling, and they didn't disappoint the crowd. Pauline settled quickly and went to an 11-2 lead. With the mat in hand, Barb set longer ends and gradually clawed her way back into the game. With scores tied at 1414, the heads were tight and the pressure on both players, Pauline eventually winning her third Singles Championship 25-22. Women's Pairs In late February, 12 teams in four sections of three played off. Coming out of each section we had Coral Smith and Wendy Flack competing against Jan Cook and Liz Marshall. Kaye Martin and Carmel Hyde competing against Barbara Lorencs and Pauline Marsden. Coral and Wendy had a close game against Jan and Liz winning 16-14 taking them to the finals. Barbara and Pauline took charge of their game against Kaye and Carmel from the beginning, giving them a win of 15-4 and a place in the final. Our final match was exciting to watch and the spectators enjoyed excellent bowling from both teams. Barbara and Pauline took the lead up until the 10th end. Coral and Wendy equalised with them on the 11th end making it 9 all. The next couple of ends went to Coral


and Wendy giving them a lead of five shots. With three ends to play Barbara and Pauline took charge of the game and took out the event with a score of 19-14. Congratulations to all. It was a pleasure to watch such good bowls. Lee Leach

Jenni Lockwood in Cambodia


y wife Jenni's Cambodian charity work started in 2005. An advertisement inviting people to a morning tea to learn about the Tabitha Foundation's house building programme in Cambodia coincided with her desire for hands-on involvement in overseas charity work. The Tabitha program is aimed at peasant farming communities who are encouraged to save for a better future, starting with a safer dwelling and the subsequent personal strength and pride they gain whilst working towards a better outcome for their children. Her involvement with the Tabitha program has been continuous since that morning tea, initially as a building team member and later being a very busy team co-ordinator as well. Each year a team is organised for the trip to Cambodia. The rural areas are remote and medical services non-existent, so Jenni’s theatre nursing experience allows her to make running repairs to team members. These have ranged from twisted and fractured ankles to slashed arms requiring stitches to the many fingers that get in the way of all that hammering, adding to her daily tasks during the build. The material and foundation prep work cost for these simple dwellings is around AUD 2000. For a family to qualify to receive a house,


they need to save up to AUD 30 to put towards their new home. It may take four years, going without other essentials, for them to achieve that goal. Most rural families earn less than $1 a day, so Tabitha teaches them how to save. The aim is to enable people to actively make choices that can result in alleviating their poverty and giving them dignity. AIDS unfortunately impacts these communities too, and sometimes families desperately need help as one or both parents may have died due to AIDS. Donations help with the sinking of wells and the building of schools. Education is important to help people recover from the atrocities suffered since Pol Pot and the silent war of genocide. Up to 3 million people died with anyone with education being the first to be put to death. Tabitha is one of many NGO’s working in Cambodia and as Jenni reflects on her time travelling to Cambodia, she is humbled to have been a part of their programme and experiencing the Cambodian people. They are indeed a beautiful people. I would like to say how proud I am at what my wife Jenni has achieved over this long period. She has brought happiness to so many people. – Russell Lockwood

Sporting Struggles of a Struggling Sportsman


hile Robin Clarke tends to underestimate his achievements in a wide variety of sports, despite dogged determination, he should never forget the against-the-odds success of Steven Bradbury.


Robin, who grew up with his brother Mac on the family farm outside Quairading in the WA wheatbelt and who is still chasing sporting glory in the lower grades at the Sorrento Bowling Club, reckons he has tried his hand at 32 different sports with not a single trophy to show for it. Bradbury, who also grew up in a small NSW country town called Camden, also knew how hard it was to collect trophies – that was until one magic day at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. A speed skater and the rank outsider in the final of the 1000m short track final, Bradbury had almost been lapped by the field when the leading bunch all ran into each other and crashed on the final turn. It’s now sporting folklore how Bradbury nonchalantly cruised past the carnage to earn a gold medal. The motto for those 2002 Winter Olympics was “Light The Fire Within”. Now, by his own account it seems Robin has been striking matches for a very long time but, like Bradbury, he’s far from the type to give up just yet. Robin says a concrete cricket pitch on the family farm was the foundation of a long involvement with sport and the cherished memories that go hand in hand. • “I remember making a century – once,” Robin said recently. “But my brother Mac made a century every year of his cricketing career. HOWZAT! • “My first kick in WAFL Football for West Perth resulted in a goal. A promising start which was followed by a very quick finale – a young newcomer from the bush was no match for Perth’s Barry Cable • “Dribbling skills in soccer, basketball and hockey were my greatest attribute


• “First grade selection for the Wembley Baseball Club was an achievement and I cleared the fence occasionally before again hitting the wall" • “Boxing left me bruised and fencing got me a poke in the eye" • "Vaulting in gymnastics often landed me on the floor, but a double somersault on the trampoline became a one-and-a-half instead – Ouch!" • “Racquet sports had an appeal of sorts – tennis, squash, and badminton. But the varied racquet heads and balls were somewhat confusing" • “Perhaps I wasn’t meant to play all three together. In the many years I played golf. I was never able to get a hole in one, and rarely got a hole in two, but the Margaret River Golf Club does have my name on the Championship Honour Board (close to a trophy!)" • “Water Sports provided some excitement although sail boarding replaced surf cat sailing and water polo proved to be too strenuous. I had second thoughts about scuba diving after a shark grabbed my hand at 20 metres underwater" • “Water skiing on one ski required an unachievable sense of balance and snow skiing was a challenge. Life saving was attempted without saving a life" • “After being dumped at body surfing and bored with board surfing, I attempted the swim from Perth to Albany in our local swimming pool only to get giddy from the multiple turns required to reach such a goal" • “While I rode the rapids in my Canadian canoe and somehow took in water, I managed to float upside down in the kayak canoe and live to tell the tale" • “I got lost when orienteering and completely missed the target in rifle shooting. Abseiling all went downhill and with billiards, I tended to snooker myself. The bullseye on the dartboard remains elusive to this day and I had a tendency to finish in the ditch when I tried ten pin bowling"


“Lawn Bowls seems to be my last opportunity for salvation – but then, perhaps I should go fishing again.” That’s probably not a bad idea judging from this photograph because if Robin sticks at it he may yet “do a Bradbury” and reel in something quite special. – Jim Woodward

Our Social Bowlers Get Together Monday is always the criteria for our get together. We vote on a local tavern to frequent and grace them with our presence. This dates back so many years, even in FAT CAT’s time when we used to take turns at catering for them at each other’s homes. Enter Con Stevenson, who started and organised this very social and satisfying event. Con took this role on for 15 years. Fast forward to our 8 March get together. Frank Gandras, who took on Con’s role five years ago, does a mighty job of organising a group that has now hit 30+ persons. The Kingsley Tavern was originally selected but did not eventuate due to WA’s five day lock down. Notwithstanding Frank then rearranged it at the Kingsley! We set about what we do best, chattering and ordering our food and drinks when WHAM the power went off. Some careless driver had ploughed into a power pole. We were eventually asked to vacate the premises, leaving drinks, chatter and bonhomie behind. Rather undignified, as our group vary in ages 60yrs to 90yrs+! However, Frank undaunted and aided by a very sensible lady who had most of the local taverns telephone numbers that we


had frequented, put in a distress call to the Greenwood Tavern – result NO PROBLEMS. What a mass exodus, never seen seniors moving so quickly. Our day ended with good food, much laughter and lots of memories (if everything goes smoothly you do not really remember the event). The memories will carry on making us realise how lucky we are to live in this wonderful State, ALL THE WAY WITH W.A – Annie Taylor

Bowls Through the Ages


t the Pennant Wind-up the ladies produced a skit which depicted "Bowls through the Ages". First there was Jenny as "Stone Age", Annie as "Roman", Wendy as "Bawdy Rustic" (we loved her melons), Kerry as "Edwardian" (her outfit was stunning), Shona as "War Years" followed by yours truly. I carved a potato to make a hand grenade and painted up it looked OK! Charmaine was "Ex Bowls WA" and then Cheryl was "Space Age". It was fun! – Moira Dean


"Twin Towers of Strength" are "A Cut Above the Rest" The first thing you notice when you sit down and talk with our greenkeepers Alan and John McFayden is their passion. It quickly becomes obvious the 49-year-old identical twins have the overwhelming desire and ability to ensure Sorrento’s greens and surrounds are presented at the highest of standards. And the climatic extremes they have dealt with before linking up with Sorrento puts them in the category of being able to handle just about any challenge that confronts them. Born in Armidale in the New England Tablelands of NSW in 1971, Alan, above left, and John lived just two streets away from where this author also grew up. Kids would ride their bikes to school in often sub-zero temperatures with just about every puddle covered with ice. Imagine the challenge of enticing the grass to grow in order to present the greens to members of the Armidale Bowling Club during winter and again in summer when frightening thunder storms and ferocious hail storms would roll into town. But that’s where John did his apprenticeship to begin a 13-year stint and also maintained the Bowling Club and Golf Club greens at Guyra – a town 38kms further north which is considerably colder and boasts the highest caravan park in Australia. John later moved to Sawtell, just south of Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid-north coast, where he spent more than a decade at the town’s Bowling Club.



If members at Sorrento occasionally complain about heavy greens, consider this. When it rains at Sawtell, and the surrounding area, it can be torrential for days on end. We really get it easy at Sorrento. John also built grass and artificial greens around NSW before moving to Perth in 2008 and has seven kids ranging from four to 22. He has been Sorrento’s back up greenkeeper since parting company with Wanneroo and now has 33 years of experience under his belt. Alan followed his 10-minute-older brother into green keeping after firstly getting a job at the New England University in Armidale, attending to its vast gardens and many sporting fields. Along with undertaking an online apprenticeship in green keeping Alan, at the age of 21, then spent time as a landscaper at Coffs Harbour’s Botanic Gardens which is magnificently spread over 20 hectares. He was then placed in charge of the greens at the Bonville International Golf Course just out of Sawtell before joining the town’s Bowling Club as John’s long-term assistant –occasionally being in charge while John was attending to his green construction business. Ironically, those roles have been reversed in Perth with Alan now into his sixth year as Sorrento’s head greenkeeper. Like his brother, Alan loves Perth and keeps in close contact with his two kids and two grandchildren in Sydney. The brothers form a perfect team at Sorrento and say they have rarely argued about anything during their entire life. Starting work around 3.30am most days, they both know exactly what has to be done and simply get stuck into it. Dedication comes in many forms but when Alan’s car wouldn’t start one morning, he merely began the 30-minute walk to the bowling club in pitch darkness and steady rain. Sorrento members should be aware that Alan and John really know


the game of bowls. Both have been 1st division players and have a stack of trophies between them to prove it. Pictured below is Alan McFayden winning one of his Championships at Sawtell. They, more than anyone, also know bowlers have to treat their club’s greens with the utmost respect from the moment they lift their bowls out of their bags and, hopefully, gently place them on the green. It didn’t go over well when a lady Premier Division bowler was observed not so long ago heaving a kitty onto a green from a considerable height in preparation for a roll up. “Let’s not forget that as greenkeepers we are dealing with a living organism,” John said. “We are dealing with mother nature just like a farmer and have all sorts of weather conditions to contend with. But I like working outside and have met some really nice bowlers.” Having also been around for such a long time, Alan is fully aware that you can’t please everyone all of the time. “It can be a frustrating job in a way – you certainly have to have a thick skin,” he said. Bowlers, throughout all divisions, who might occasionally complain they are not happy with the speed of a green should realise that the high volume of traffic at a club like Sorrento obviously makes it pretty hard for the greenkeepers to always present a “perfect” green in that regard, while constantly performing a juggling act with watering. But high volume means our Club is thriving with member numbers and the resultant Pennant participation, a wide variety of corporate events, prestige carnivals such as Country Week, Club championships and social bowls which all obviously lead to the lifeblood of bar trade. One such annual event was again recently played in the evening between Sorrento and WA Police. When it was all over the coppers said


the greens at Sorrento were the best they had played on at any club during the season. The McFayden brothers are very much part of the reason Sorrento enjoys such an enviable reputation as the best bowling club in WA. We are very lucky to have them. – Jim Woodward

How to make bowls more interesting


he number of people playing bowls has been decreasing over the past 15 years although Sorrento has been one of the few clubs to remain strong. Over the years attempts have been made by the medical profession to increase life expectancy through encouraging their patients to play bowls. Others have tried to encourage younger bowlers to our game through compulsory attendance, the introduction of cheer squads and live music – but all with minimal effect. So, thinking outside of the square so to speak, we need to change the game to make it more interesting? Our current offerings tend to be: • Four or three bowlers each with two bowls • Two bowlers each using two or three bowls • Any number of bowlers competing against each other using as many bowls as they wish to • Non bowlers doing whatever they like if it is fun for them. At an official level, some variations to make bowls more interesting and attractive have been introduced over time. Some clubs have tried


novelty events such as: Bowls Premier League (BPL) For this TV format there are three players in each team. Format is pairs, with three bowls for each player, with players having to play at least 9 bowls The team coach can replace a player with a substitute during the game. Each match consists of two five-end sets with a oneend tie-break played if required. This game is quick as players have 30 seconds to deliver their bowl and matches take just over an hour. All Sorts Pairs This game consists of four games of 12 ends and consists of three bowl pairs, two bowl pairs. 2/4/2 pairs and a 2/2/2/2 pairs. It works well with two games in the morning and two in the afternoon. Five a Side The five players split up to play one game of fours and one game of singles both being played simultaneously. This is followed by one game of triples and one pairs and finally one game of pairs and one of triples. All combinations are permitted. Killer Bowls In this game four bowlers each have three bowls. At the completion of an end the furthest bowl is removed. The game continues until there is only one bowl left and the winner is the bowler whose bowl is the only one remaining. Roving Jack On each rink two strings are placed end to end one metre inside the side lines of the rink and the mat is placed anywhere between the strings. The jack is not centred after rolling but must be between the strings. During the game, any bowl that comes to rest outside the one metre strings is removed. Only bowls within a metre of the jack are


counted. There are no dead ends and players may change positions at the completion of an end. Number ofplayers, bowls and ends may be varied depending on the number of entries. Scroungers Three or four bowlers per rink and each use three bowls. The first bowler delivers the jack at least 21 meters and it is not centred. On each end, the scoring will be three points for the closest bowl, second closest shot- two points, third closest shot- one point. No driving is permitted and penalty points may be imposed if a bowl is knocked into the ditch, rolled into the ditch or out of bounds. The player with the highest score on the previous end will lead in subsequent ends and the winner is the player with the highest overall score. If scores are equal there is a one bowl shoot out. At the end of the preliminary rounds, finals pitting the rink winners against each other are played. Corner-to-Corner For this game, the mat is placed 3m from the edge of a corner and the jack 5m from the edge of the opposite diagonal corner. Players take turns in trying to draw to the jack. Players may move the jack and move the current shot bowl out of play. If the jack is hit into the ditch it is respotted and the shot bowl wins. English Bowls Federation A team consists of two, three or four players with either two or three bowls. Player positions may be changed at change of end before the jack is reset on completion of an end, as many times as you like! If you are losing, fire the Skipper! There are no touchers and any bowl in the ditch is dead even if it strikes the jack. But if driven or deflected into the ditch within the confines of the rink, the jack is still ‘live’. Bowls in the ditch are removed.


Two-Up Pairs – a Sorrento variant An ANZAC Day special, where you only score a point if your team of three or four players has scored two shots on an end. Additional points are awarded for scores of more than two shots on an end. For example, if your team scored three shots you would receive two points, and if you scored a four, you would receive three points etc. Encourages riskier play in the effort to score multiple points. The winner is the team with the most points. Rotating Positions A variation where each player plays in a different position for a pre determined number of ends. Best suited to triples where you have players alternatively playing seven ends as lead, third and skip, but can be used for fours or when numbers of players are uneven. So, the winner is? Well, it is all the above. In our modern times where people, particularly younger people with families are time poor and with plenty of options to spend their money, its crucially important to provide the sorts of things that they want. For some that’s highly competitive, intense competition. For others it is a social outing among friends, and others just a way of having fun and doing something different. One size does not fit all. At Sorrento we try to respond to our members changing needs. We introduced the recreational bowler’s level of membership, running both pennants and social bowls, encouraging members of the community to hire our greens with our volunteers giving pointers for the game but leaving it mainly to the participants to decide what they want to do. Of course, we have unstructured roll ups as well as training sessions. Importantly Sorrento tries to encourage younger people and their families to use our Club. We try to entice other sports such as cricket


and veterans' football to use our premises with the hope that they may transition to bowls once their sore bodies tell them it is time for a change or with the hope that they may transition to bowls at the end of their chosen sporting career. If you have any other experiences or suggestions for different formats, please talk to your Match Committee. Remember, as members, we can also do more as we are constantly in contact with friends, relations, family and acquaintances. Talk up our Club and its many benefits and then make doubly sure that new and prospective members are welcomed and supported. – Neville Odell/ Brian Lucas/Trevor Orton and Keith Minnett

Women’s Captain's Report


he Trevors Carpet Invitation day was once again a huge success. A special thank you to, Kerry and her helpers from our Croquet club pictured alongside. What a way to start the event with such a delicious morning tea, to all the ladies who made salads and worked in the kitchen to prepare that lunch time feast, to our wonderful men who volunteered dish washing chores, our ladies selling raffle tickets and also the plant stall, the helpers setting up the day prior to the event, if I named you all I would need reams of paper, you never cease to amaze me. I must say a special thank you to Lee and her Match committee, the work you put in starts months before hand and it all runs so smoothly because of you. After all expenses we raised $3920 for the Club coffers, a great effort well done by all. Last, but not least is the one


person who makes this day what it is and have the Ladies clambering to be part of, is our wonderful sponsor Ray Green, without you Ray and your generosity this would be a non event we cannot thank you enough, Maureen and Helen also for putting your hands up to help. Congratulations to all Pennant players for your effort through out the season, unfortunately we lost 1 White but 2 Orange on Saturday gained promotion to 1 Blue, a tremendous effort. Congratulations to the ladies chosen to play and be reserves as well in the Women’s Metro Inter Region Round Robin. This is a great event and a good experience for all, ENJOY. The season is fast coming to an end with a couple more events left on the calendar. The Dash for Cash is a new one, with Barry Bradshaw and the Club sponsoring this event I can see it being a great success. I am looking forward to the soup being served by our men. Thank you guys for volunteering. We also have the handicap triples coming up, this is a good fun day with prize money to be won. Election time is drawing near, so time Ladies to give thought to who you think would be the best people for the different positions going forward. Finally I would like to thank my committee for your support throughout the year and all the best to players and committees for the upcoming season – Jan Cook

Men's Selection Report 2020/21


he abrupt finish to last year due to Covid did not allow completion of the Pennant season which ended with no tangible results. This year apart from a two week COVID-19 imposed mask wearing directive we were able to complete the competition and obtain some good results.


Playing numbers were up on last year, although unavailable numbers of twenty plus each week still prevailed. Midweek numbers were always tight, however, we were still able to field nine competitive teams each week. Results were down in the lower part of the group which may mean some demotion. Well done to the Premier team for finishing in top position. Saturday player availability, apart from one week in November, was positive despite some weeks of twenty plus unavailable. The main objective was to provide games for bowlers, this meant that a bowler returning from an absence may be placed in a lower position than they previously played until another position became available. This minimised disruption to other rinks. The “Banker” concept, well utilised in the past, did not materialize as expected. Arrangements with North Beach and Warwick only worked on a few occasions over the year, in part because they did not have the players when we did and vice versa. Some of their players, similar to some of ours, did not want to participate if they were not in a Pennant team. A monitored rotation of players was employed in 4th and 5th Division, to ensure players had a game at least every other week. More discussion on this matter will be required as it is highly unlikely that available players will equal required number of players in ensuing years. Further to the above were the replacement players, “Reserves”, those who note on their Pennant Bowler Application form, that they want to play one day and be a reserve for the other. Our heartfelt thanks go to those players. Anywhere from Monday night selection, to match day, they agreed to play. This ensured that we met our commitment to the competition and allowed others to compete as a team. Many times we have phoned on Thursday or Saturday morning seeking replacement players. There were no questions about the required position, team or destination. This is true Club spirit.


The performance of the Saturday group meant that there were no demotions for any of our eight teams. Indeed, a strong finish by 1 Blue and 3 Blue meant that 1 Blue were in a position to challenge for promotion by winning two games and 3 Blue to play one game for promotion. The fact that they were both successful is a good measure of their success this year. Congratulations to our Thursday Premier team (pictured) who finished on top of the ladder. Unfortunately, in the final for the Flag they went down by just one heartbreaking shot to Osborne Park Unfortunately, our "Wind Up" could not be held as usual on the last day of competition because of a long standing booking at the Club. However, a week later 70 odd players attended for a few drinks and a good selection of finger food. It turned out well because the 1 Blue and 3 Blue victors were able to be joined by others to help them celebrate. Trevor Orton announced and presented the trophy “Pennant Bowler” of year, to Brian Kiely for having played in the most winning games of the season. Sadly, Bowls Development did not materialise this year. There is a definite need for it to strengthen our position in the Pennant competition. There are improvements that can be made to the Skipper, Third, Second and Lead roles that will bring better outcomes. We thank • The "Sandwich Ladies" very much for providing delicious


sandwiches • Others in the Club who helped our cause throughout the season • Brad's Barber Shop who once again sponsored the Pots – Warren Elliot t

Male Pennant Bowler of the Year


o verify the prize winner of the male "Pennant Bowler of the Year" trophy, Trevor Orton extracted data from Bowlslink, for the 170 men who played Pennants, into an Excel spreadsheet to using their win/loss record for the season for Thursday and Saturday combined. Well done to Brian Kiely who was top in this ranking and who won this award. Alan Anderson was second.

Others who were in the top ten were Jim Ironside. Matt Sharrett, Bob Mulroy, Denis Croker, Egon Mikolajczyk, John Smith, Craig Grisbrook and Peter Snow. – Neville Odell

Women's Selection Report 2020/21


e have had a very eventful, successful and challenging season in spite of COVID. We also had problems filling all four divisions for various reasons and this made it difficult for the new Committee. However, all of our teams should be very proud of their achievements. On Tuesdays:


• Premier finished in 5th place to hold on to their spot • 1 White had an uphill battle this year and finished 9th. I know our ladies will all give it their very best to get back to 1 White • 2 Blue had a good year even though they also had a lot of changes during the season they managed to hold onto 4th spot • 3 Blue I think had the most moves and, without the help of the men, we would have had to forfeit some of our games, so for them to finish in 3rd place was fantastic. Just shows how committed and determined they were. We had three games cancelled due to heat and lock down so we were very lucky to play 15 of the 18 games. On Saturdays: • 1 Red finished in 3rd position and played Osborne Park in the semi finals with a four nil win but unfortunately lost in the finals to Warnbro by three points • 2 Orange had a very good year finishing on top and played the semi finals against Ellenbrook with a 3 - 1 win but found South Perth too strong and lost the finals but they will be going up to 1 Blue next season • 3 Blue also had a great season and finished up in 3rd position We had several players we had to move around causing difficulty but with the commitment and determination to do well the results show just how well our ladies preformed. For example, we had three Skips in Premier all season, 7 Skips in 1 White, 9 Skips in 2 Blue, and 9 Skips in Division 3. If we had that many Skips you can imagine how many moves we had to do with the rest of the team. We did, however, manage to have a Skip who did an amazing job with 11 wins, one draw and three losses. It just shows that if you are able to keep a team together all season with only minimal changes they do perform. Congratulations Annie Taylor, Robyn Woodward, Denise


Odell and Anna Wimbridge. We are hoping to have more players who are able to commit to the whole season for 2021/22 and also commit to the practice day which is so essential for the improvement of your game and also to support our Coach who gives up his day for us. Let's hope we are able to recruit a few more ladies next year to join us for an even better year in 2021/22. Our sincere and special thanks go to: • Ron Taylor, John Jackson, Terry Parker, Harold Jahn and Merv Gregory who helped us through the season. Ron Taylor and John Jackson also gave our ladies continued support • Brian Clausen who not only made himself available for training on Mondays /Thursdays, also followed our Premier team to their games and offered both support, encouragement and coaching • Trevor Orton who offered his knowledge and encouragement to 1 White and accompanied this team to all their games and supported them all the way • Derry Ellis and Evan Cosh for helping us with umpiring • Bruce Eagles for filling in for Brian Clausen when he was unavailable and for coaching some of our ladies • Our reserves who were called on so frequently and making themselves available if they could • A very special thank you to Jenny Bartlett who started out as a reserve only and played nearly every game. Jenny played in a different position and in different teams nearly every game. Without your help this season, Jenny, the Selection Committee would have found their job even harder than it was. A reserve who is able to play all positions and divisions is very rare and you are that one • Safeway Security for once again sponsoring the Pots • My Selection Committee, Jan Siney, Jenni Lockwood, Charmain Harris and Wendy Saul, who were so supportive through a trying season. We worked together like a well oiled engine, not always


agreeing, but always coming up with a solution • All our Pennant players. We wish you all a great 2021/22 – Shona Carter

As Luck Would "Hand" it to You


an Marshall read with interest Tony Bourne’s article about bowling arms featured in our last quarterly news magazine. Ian recalls a bowler from South Hedland by the name of Angelo (Lucky) Sofoulis. Lucky was an engineer on tugboats operated by Adelaide Steamship Company and using his engineering skills he developed a mechanical “hand” to help him bowl. Aaron Delaporte from Bowls WA recalls seeing a picture of Lucky’s mechanical hand, describing it as rather crude and clearly handmade but a clever piece of engineering. Lucky called it his “Gizmo” and used it for 5 years before, in 2012, Bowls Australia legislated the use of bowling arms that were being manufactured at the time. On protest at not being allowed to use his “hand” Lucky claimed to have carpel tunnel and arthritis and argued he could not adapt to the manufactured devices. Apparently he used a bowling arm for a short period before he stopped playing well into his 80’s at the time, Lucky’s “hand” had been unfortunately called and he was unable to turn back the hands of time. Lucky, as it turns out was the brother of John Sofoulis who was a member of Sorrento for many years back in the 1990s and 2000’s. John was a good volunteer for the Club and is remembered for his famous chilli products that he sold over the bar. Anyhow, back to Lucky. He had a long relationship with bowling clubs having been one of the volunteers who established the greens


Lucky and his brother John Sofoulis

at Glen Forrest bowling club and was an umpire for over 20 years. Lucky, who passed away in 2017 aged into his 90s, is testimony to the importance of our bowling club characters and volunteers and the ingenuity and determination of people. Lucky, we must "hand" it to you. Well done. – Thanks to Ian Marshall, Brian Lucas and Aaron Delporte

Silver Chain Charity Day


nother great day! With beautiful March weather, 37 of our bowlers raised over $300 for Silver Chain. Well done! The winners were Jennifer Page, Ken Foggo (missing from the photo), Bernie Smith and Ian Johnston. In second place we had Helen Eisenmann, Steve Platts and Doug Pittaway. – Barbara Spence

Croquet Report

Social Events In late January we welcomed in 2021 with a BBQ lunch which was attended by most of the players and their partners. The event was a great success. The usual quarterly lunches will be held during the remainder of the year (Covid permitting!)


Competitions The State “C” Grade Golf Croquet Singles competition was held at East Fremantle Club at the end of January, attracting 22 entries. Jenny Wilmot and Di McGivern both got through to the finals held on the second day, with Di placing third overall. One of our newer players, Wendy Price, partnered Cheryl Saul in a Doubles competition held at Cambridge Croquet Club late February. They surprised the other 11 couples from Clubs around WA, by winning the competition. Congratulations to them both, but especially Wendy as it was her first inter-club competition. Late March we hosted our annual Croquetwest Golf Doubles Tournament welcoming players from Narrogin, Cambridge, Forrest Park, Bunbury and Sorrento. Entry was limited to 16 players and each couple played every other couple. Sorrento players dominated the prizes with Jan and Terry Craddock winning the competition and Di McGivern and Lorraine Bates being runners up. Special congratulations to Lorraine, who is another relatively new member with this being her first inter club competition. Croquet Coaching We can now boast about having three currently accredited coaches for Golf Croquet, as a result of their attending a Coaching Course in March. Jan and Terry Craddock are both Level 1 coaches, and Di McGivern is now at Level 2.



Many of the croquet players have been active volunteers over the past few months – helping with event catering, setting up the courts for competitions, and undertaking maintenance work around the croquet area (especially Terry Craddock). In addition to these, and with the objective of achieving greater interaction between the Bowls and Croquet sections, the Croquet players assisted the bowling ladies in the setting of the tables for lunch for 144 bowlers on their Invitation Day and fully catering the morning tea to welcome these visitors to Sorrento. Several of the croquet players have joined the bowlers on Tuesday nights for the BBQ which they have thoroughly enjoyed and have contributed by preparing the salads on alternative "BBQ Hamburger Nights" as they have previously done and will continue to do. – Kerry Bomford

Sponsorship Report Trevor Carpets Thanks to Ray Green who has once again sponsored the Men’s and Women’s Invitation days. Echidna Lock & Key This professional locksmith does more than just install locks. They • Cut keys for locks in buildings. • Supply, install, open, and repair all types of vaults and safes. • Help people to open their door if they've locked keys in their car.



• Program remote and transponder keys, repair car key fobs, and provide new car keys So, remember to call Rob Delbost on 0492 360 504 or go to his website at www.echidnalock.com.au for prompt and reliable service. They are on standby for locksmith services and after-hours emergencies. Safeway Security Thanks to Barry Bradshaw who has once again sponsored the women’s Pots and a new Dash for Cash event for our women as well as the usual Dash for Cash for men Brads Barber Shop Brads once again sponsored the Men’s Pots awards. They have been doing this for many years and there is always great excitement finding out who has won the Pots each week Eyes On Optometrists Getting value for money does not mean you have to compromise on style and quality. For a limited time only, when you purchase a complete pair of glasses you can receive a free second frame from a select range and 50% off the second pair of lenses Tony Krsticevic British Prime Minister Harold Wilson in 1964 coined the phrase “a week is a long time in politics”. Well, that’s certainly the case when elections are held. Tony Krsticevic served as the Member for Carine from 2008 until this year and has been a patron and sponsor of the Sorrento Bowling Club for many years. We take this opportunity to thank Tony for his hands on support for our Club and its members and wish him every success in his future endeavours Endorsements received on some of our Sponsors


"We highly recommend John Badman for electrical work. When he worked in our house he was very professional and friendly, and his rates very reasonable." - Lee Leach "I used Unique Home Renovations to re tile and re-grout my shower recesses. I found them to be very friendly and the standard of workmanship was very good." - Wayne Gray "Les Roberts at Duncraig Physiotherapists has sorted out my vertigo on two occasions as well as a sore shoulder. He is the best.” - Neville Odell "I have used Connect Hearing and found Joseph Williams very helpful and ready to explain hearing problems and solutions. They also have very well priced products." – Barry Stewart “When our hot water heater packed up, Wayne Raffaele from Duncraig Plumbers sorted a replacement on the day we called him. His prices are very reasonable.” - Denise Odell – Barry Stewart

Test Your Knowledge


here is a bottle of wine and a $30 drinks voucher for the first person who answers the following questions correctly. Write your name and the answers on a piece of paper and pass it to Neville or Denise Odell: 1. How many suburbs make up Sorrento’s Bowling Club's membership? Have a guess! Is it: 1-10, 11-20, 21-40, 41-60, 60-80 or more than 80? 2.What are the ten things that you can wear on your feet beginning with the letter "S"? 3. What is the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned,


processed or cooked in any other form except fresh? 4.What is alongside?





5.Which is the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends? – Thanks to John Jackson (aka "JJ") and Brian Lucas

Darts Report


he winter season has started with Sorrento nominating three teams, two in the Blue Water competition on Tuesday nights and one in the Bowling Club competition played on Thursday nights. Margaret and Keith Cooper have decided to retire from running the meat raffle. We would like to thank them for their efforts in helping our Club over many years and wish them all the best in the future. Margaret has been supporting us for more than 18 years by helping with suppers and organising and running the meat raffle on Friday nights with Keith. We would also like to thank Dave Maunders who has volunteered to organise and run the raffle from now on ,with the assistance of other club members. This year we donated $3000 towards the purchase of the new automatic coffee machine which has been a great success The Committee wishes the Darts teams all the best and hopes everybody enjoys the upcoming season – Wayne Gray


Our Community Bowls


hanks to Graeme and Helen O'Brien, Roger Palmer, Gary Bayne, and Frank Gandras who ran and organised our Community bowls evenings for 88 bowlers. Thanks also to the Croquet ladies who organised the salads.

Some of our Community bowlers celebrating St. Patrick's Day are pictured above as well as the winner of the best dressed team on Australia Day – "Charlie’s Angels" with their “Save the Reef” theme. On the final night of our Community Bowls season all games were closely contested. Congratulations to the winners of the Green Division, "Wild Turkeys", and runners up "Ridgy Didge". Also to the winners of the Gold Division, "Pato's Circus" and their runners up, "All Balls and No Glory". It was great night to end the season and we are looking forward to seeing you all back again next summer!


A Collection of Awesome Masked Characters at the Sorrento Bowling Club

Alex Third, Malcolm Clarke and Kevin McKersey

Trevor and Anne Orton making sure we registered using sterilised pens

Peter Snow

The 2020 Trikini

Some more masked bandits 56

Graeme O'Brien

Left: Judy Nicolaides, Sandra Minnett and Wendy Saul

John Godfrey

Monique Kopec

Spider Webb and Paul Kain


Brian Keily

Tony Bourne

Mike Carrigy

Winners of the Prestigious Crab Award The Crab Award is awarded to a player in the Men's Saturday 1 Blue team who does something wrong! Some of the recent winners of this prestigious award are shown below Steve Mortimer for two indiscretions - a wrong bias and messing up the cards as manager Bryce Gunson for trying to trick a teammate into paying match fees at an away game.

Craig Grisbrook for finding a way of dobbing in everyone else except himself

Brian Kiely for losing his car in the car park as the team was ready to leave for North Beach. Right: Ron Rogers took the final award for the season for wearing his shoes on the wrong feet


Richard Bone for marking the wrong bowl as a toucher

Memories from the Past

Reminiscing is all about happy recollections and memories from the past. From left to right some old friends from 2009 – Ron and Rhonda Prosser, Chris Tibbits and Neil and Eileen McCrae

Some of our Croquet members enjoying Opening Day 2010


Winners Division 2 Pennants. Back: Marie Smart, Kath Harris, Fay Jennings, Annie Taylor, Phillipa Collishaw, Beth McCormack, Claire Hanlon. Front: Denise Odell, Jean Middlebrook, May Leyland, Jean Heggadon and Kath Joy

Leaving Perth for an away game: Beth McCormack, Betty Stern, Marie Smart, Emily Dunn, Clair Hanlon, Carmel Hyde, Nelly Heard and Sharon Eggers 2009

2010 Richard and Soraya Fermoyle

Darts versus Bowls Day: Craig Grisbrook, Eddie Tassone, Pat Sweeney, Peter Blake, Neville Cleary, Wayne Olive, Kevin Coffey, Mick Martin, Derry Ellis, Ron Kuziela and Herbie Eisenmann

Tony Horner and Joan Whittam Alan and Hazel Arter who were members before moving to Merriwa Left: The entrance in 2007. No sign of "Annie's Tree"


Australia versus "The Rest of the World"


eautiful weather on Australia Day and a great turn out of 73 players meant our annual Australia v "The Rest of the World" was once again a huge success

The Winning Team

With a wide range of patriotism on display, members enjoyed their bowls and croquet. This was followed by a sausage sizzle cooked up by Alan Susta.

The Winning Rink

The biggest winners from the Australian rinks were Brian Saul, Kaye Martin, Gary Bayne and Evan Cosh (pictured alongside) who won their game by 16 shots. For "The Rest of the World, David Cowell, Neville Odell and Peter McIntosh were the biggest winners by 14 shots. Australia took the title with a total score of 125, defeating The Rest of the World 85.

Tracey Nel and Charmain Harris enjoying Australia day


Carole Ford, Carmel Hyde and Jan Paniperis in their special Australia Day outfits

Our Croquet players in their outfits. Kerry Bomford's shirt gets a special mention

Ros Newick who won the "Best Dressed" award, Gary Bayne with his pet kangaroo and Ken Giles in his Akubra


Some topless chicks in short skirts – see page6315


Profile for Sorrento Bowling Club - Perth WA

Sorrento Bowling Club Magazine Issue 85 June 2021  

Sorrento Bowling Club Magazine Issue 85 June 2021  

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