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Catalonia, a country for films

Shoot & Coproduce Catalonia, a country for films

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April 2016 Catalunya Film Commission Catalan Films & TV

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Catalonia, and its capital Barcelona, has been a setting for filmmaking since the early 20th century. All one has to do is recall some of the most famous films of recent years: the more than touristic Vicky Cristina Barcelona by Woody Allen; Almodóvar’s privileged perspective in All About My Mother and Bad Education; the behind the scenes ambience of a cosmopolitan Barcelona portrayed in Iñárritu’s Biutiful; the perfect illustration of the universe of a classic book in Black Bread by Agustí Villaronga…These are only some of the productions, probably the best known, but by no means the only ones.

Catalonia, a country for films

Welcome to Catalonia, a country for films.

Catalonia accounts for 40% of the film industry in Spain and we produce about 80 feature films a year. As a small market, we have always sought to cooperate with foreign partners. Thus, different mechanisms have been established to support the sector. Catalan regional funds are compatible with the state aid from the Ministry of Culture as well as supranational bodies like MEDIA, Eurimages or Ibermedia. We welcome you to this guide with the aim of showing you a complete overview of what our region has to offer, focusing on an extraordinary industry and amazing talent, as well as great locations and funding opportunities.




This text briefly summarizes the highlights of the Spanish Tax Rebate. It is strongly advised to take any accounting, legal or investment decisions upon further consultation with legal advisors and / or a local Spanish production company that can assess your production in deeper detail.

_ The production must not qualify as Spanish _ There must be a minimum spend of 1Mâ‚Ź _ The foreign production company must hire the services of a Spanish production company which will collect the rebate from the Spanish Tax Authorities

Catalonia, a country for films

Foreign film and TV productions can access a 15% tax rebate on their eligible spend in mainland Spain (up to 35% in the Canary Islands) if they meet the following requirements:

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Eligible spend: _ Creative staff (director, screenwriter, composer, DoP, main actors, film editor, production designer, sound mixer, costume designer and key make-up artist) with tax residence in Spain or in another state of the European Union, capped at maximum 50,000â‚Ź per person _ Expenses derived from the use of technical industries and other service providers based in Spain: _ Staff (other than the creative staff previously stated) _ Extras and stunts _ Set construction and props _ Location rentals _ Costumes, make-up and hair supplies _ VFX + SFX materials _ Camera + light, grip material _ Post-production _ Catering and hotels of staff directly related to the production _ Transport within Spain _ Civil liability insurance directly related to the production The production can claim up to to 2,5 million euros in tax rebate, calculated as the 15% of the total eligible spend in Spain. 2 3


Shoot and coproduce Catalonia, a country for films

Catalonia offers a wide range of locations including 580 kilometres of coastline with beaches and towns, 230 kilometres of mountain ranges with mountains of up to 3,000 metres high and more than 25 nature parks. Architectural styles range from prehistoric constructions and Greek and Roman ruins through to Mediaeval, Baroque and Renaissance churches, as well as castles and examples of modern and contemporary architecture. There are large cities, picturesque little towns and rural areas untouched by the passage of time.

_ An average of 50 feature films are shot every year in Catalonia. Barcelona is the unique set for one third of them, the rest take place in locations that may be scattered all over the territory _ Catalonia is home to 150 feature film production companies and 2,000 companies linked to the audiovisual sector, as well as over 20,000 skilled and specialist audiovisual professionals.

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Heritage and landscape combine into perfect locations

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Catalonia, a country for films

6 7 Ribas photo by Joan Carles

Nieve Negra MartĂ­n Hodara spain _ Argentina, 2016

The Catalan Pyrenees doubled for the Argentinian Patagonia in a thriller starring Ricardo DarĂ­n, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Laia Costa

AIE Black Snow, Gloriamundi Producciones, Bowfinger International Pictures, A Contracorriente Films, Pampa Films, Independent Club

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Catalonia, a country for films

photos by Quim Vives – Catalunya Film Commission



Night and Day

photo by TV3 – Televisió de Catalunya

Manuel Huerga, Oriol Paulo Catalonia, 2016 TV3 - Televisió de Catalunya and Mediapro

Urban landscapes and hidden city corners become another character in this high-end TV drama

Game of Thrones David Benioff, D. B. Weiss USA, 2016 HBO

Shoot and coproduce Catalonia, a country for films

photo by Movistar+

photo by O.Vall. Arxiu d’imatges PTCBG

12 13

The stone paved streets of Girona were the set for some episodes of the sixth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones

The Last Days David Pastor _ Àlex Pastor SPAIN _ France, 2013 Morena Films, Antena 3 Films, Rebelion Terrestre, El Monje La Pelicula AIE, Les Films du Lendemain

Barcelona becomes a deserted city after being hit by a mysterious virus

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Catalonia, a country for films

photo by Joan Perramon – Barcelona/Catalunya Film Commission 14 15

photo by Jordi Barrera

Shoot and coproduce Catalonia, a country for films 16 17

Small coves or long sandy beaches together with more than 300 days of sunshine make the catalan coast an exceptional film set

Film Funding

20% Tax rebate for Spanish productions Investments in Spanish film and audiovisual productions entitle the producer to a tax relief of a 20% on the first million euros of the deduction base, and 18% on the excess of this amount, with a maximum of €3 million per production.

The aid is granted if the objective requirements are fulfilled. The requirements include, inter alia: a_ That the production obtains a certificate of Spanish nationality and a cultural certificate.

Catalonia, a country for films

The deduction base equals the total cost of production plus the cost of copies, advertising and promotion by the producer (with a limit of 40% of the production costs). Of these, 50% of the deduction base amount must correspond to costs incurred in Spanish territory.

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Tax Incentives

b_ That a new copy of the work is deposited in the Spanish Film Library or equivalent body of an Autonomous Community.

Catalan regional funds The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) is a public institution attached to the Catalan Government’s Ministry of Culture that aims to promote and foster the development of the Catalan cultural industry. ICEC offers support to companies in different sectors: music, performing arts, audiovisual and digital, publishing and visual arts. ICEC offers four different lines of support for audiovisual production:

Production of feature films, TV films, mini-series and animation series Open to productions and co-productions. Assessed in terms of artistic, cultural and industrial criteria. The average grant per project is 225,000€ 2015 budget: 9,000,000€ 18 19

Development fund Development support for audiovisual projects at varying levels of progress, from the treatment stage through to pre-preproduction, focusing also on the communication and marketing strategy. It is a non-refundable grant that supports feature films, TV movies, mini-series, feature and TV documentaries, transmedia documentaries and/or animation series. The average grant per project is 25,000€ 2015 budget: 500,000€

Production of documentaries intended for television broadcast ICEC supports the production of high-quality and distinctive documentary filmmaking. Applicants must have 80% of the financing confirmed and proof of the participation of a TV broadcaster operating in the whole of Catalonia. The average grant per project is 15,500€ 2015 budget: 500,000€

Short films support Open to fiction, documentary, animation and experimental shorts as well as international co-productions. The short films shouldn’t have started shooting before the call for projects and are assessed in terms of artistic, cultural and industrial criteria. The average grant per project is 7,700€ 2015 budget: 200,000€

ICAA is the national agency responsible for supporting film production and cinema in Spain.

General Production Funding for Project-Based Feature-Lengh Film Production Based on projects of industrial value and a minimum distribution required. Eligibility requirements and subsequent scoring on the basis of evaluation criteria apply.

Catalonia, a country for films

2016 estimated budget: 30,000,000€

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Spanish film fund

Selective Production Funding for Project-Based Feature-Lengh Film Production 2016 estimated budget: 6,000,000€ Based on projects of special filmmaking, cultural or social value, whether of documentary nature or incorporating new directors. Eligibility requirements and subsequent scoring on the basis of evaluation criteria apply.

Short Film Production Funding 2016 estimated budget: 1,000,000€ _ For project-based short films (2016 estimated budget: 700,000€) is for those projects which have not been rated and which have not been presented at film festivals. _ For produced short films (2016 estimated budget 30,000€) is for short films which have already been produced and have therefore been rated.

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Key Film Figures

Catalonia registered 479 national and international film and TV shoots in 2015 The region was also the set for more than 800 TV advertisements.



Feature film










Feature animation Total

Catalonia, a country for films

Feature films produced

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93 feature films and 71 short films were approved in 2015. 16 were international co-productions, 19 co-productions with other Spanish regions and 58 Catalan productions.

93_approved films

71_short films 16_international co-productions 8_European 58_Catalan productions

3_USA 2_Europe + Latin America 1_Latin America 1_Latin America + Asia 1_Andorra

19_national co-productions

22 23

Co-production Partners under bilateral international treaties:

_ Argentina _ Austria _ Brazil _ Canada _ Chile _ China _ Cuba

_ France _ Germany _ India _ Ireland _ Israel _ Italy _ Morocco

_ Mexico _ Portugal _ Puerto Rico _ Russia _ Tunisia _ Venezuela

Partners under multilateral international treaties: _ Latin American Film Co-production Agreement _ European Film Co-production Agreement

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EXHIBITION Number of movie theaters: 146 Number of screens in Catalonia: 729









Total films in theatres




Total new releases




Admissions Revenue

Catalonia, a country for films


24 25

CINEMA ATTENDANCE by country of production

European films 16,4 % American films 61%

Spanish films 10,6%

Catalan films 8,6%

Other films 3,4%

In 2015, 5 of the top ten Spanish box office hits were Catalan films _ Palmeras en la nieve (Palm Trees in the Snow) _ Atrapa la bandera (Capture the Flag) _ Ahora o nunca (It’s Now or Never) _ Truman _ Anacleto: Agente secreto (Spy Time)

47,8% of Catalan people aged 14 and over go to the cinema at least once every three months.


Catalonia, a country for films

47,8% of Catalan

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Moviegoers (at least once every trimester)


50 40



38,7 35,1

30 20 10






26 27

INTERNATIONALISATION Projects in development selected at international markets (2015) 3_ ARGENTINA 3_ Ventana Sur


2_ Belgium 2_ Frontières Int’l Co-production Market


26_ catalonia 7_ Cartoon 360 13_ DocsBarcelona 6_ Medimed

26 3

3_ germany 1_ Animation Production Days 2_ EFM

21_ France


1_ Cinéfondation 5_ Crossvideodays 9_ MIFA 3_ Cartoon Forum 2_ Small is Biutiful 1_ Les atéliers d’Angers

3_ great britain


3_ Sheffield Doc/Fest 5

5_ netherlands 1_ Cinemart 2_ Holland Film Meetings 2_ Cinekid

3_ switzerland 3_ Visions du Réel





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Catalan Films selected at international film festivals (2015) festivals

Catalonia, a country for films



65_ germany 65_ Berlinale/EFM 236_ france 70_ Cannes 45_ Mipcom 44_ MipTV 35_ MIFA Annecy 20_ Clermont-Ferrand 12_ SunnySide 10_ CartoonForum

34_ netherlands 27_ IDFA 7_ Cinemart

18_ argentina 18_ Ventana Sur 7_ great britain 7_ Sheffield 28 29

12_ usa (MIAMI) 12_ Natpe

international sales of Catalan feature films

international Box-Office of Catalan Films worldwide:




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Catalonia, a country for films

30 31

Truman Cesc Gay

_ 27 international film festivals _ Sold to 28 territories _ 2 international awards _ Winner of 5 Goya awards and 6 Gaudí awards _ Co-production with Argentina _ National Box-office: 3.555.692€ € (592.615 admissions)

Shoot and coproduce

Catalonia, a country for films

32 33

Shoot and coproduce Catalonia, a country for films

La novia Paula Ortiz

34 35

_ Selected at 30 international film festivals _ Sold to 4 territories _ Co-production with Germany _ National Box-Office: 1,061,610â‚Ź (187,928 admissions)

Dead Slow Ahead Mauro Herce _ 8 international awards _ 42 international film festivals _ Co-production with France _ Distributed in museums and cinematheques worldwide

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Catalonia, a country for films

36 37

Capture the flag Enrique Gato _ Best Animation Film Gaudí and Goya Awards 2016 _ Sold to 25 territories _ Box-office: 11.108.301€ (1.948.729 admissions)

El botón de nácar Patricio Guzmán _ More than 30 international film festivals _ 5 international awards _ Sold to more than 10 territories _ Co-production with France and Xile

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Catalonia, a country for films

38 39

photo byShoot Fernando Marrero and coproduce Catalonia, a country for films

A perfect day Fernando Le贸n de Aranoa _ More than 20 international film festivals _ Sold to 13 territories

40 41

El Adiós Clara Roquet _ Best Short Film Award at Gaudí’s 2016 _ Selected at the ShortCat 2016 program. _ More than 20 international film festivals _ 7 international awards _ Sold to two televisions _ And its career has only started…

Sergi Pérez

Catalonia, a country for films

_ Best Catalan Film Award at Gaudí’s 2016 _ Selected at more than 20 international film festivals

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42 43

Barcelona to Paris _ 1h 35min Lisbon _ 1h 55min Rome _ 1h 40min Brussels _ 2h London _ 2h 10min Dublin _ 2h 20mitn Berlin _ 2h 25min Amsterdam _ 2h 15min Copenhagen _ 2h 45min Oslo _ 3h 20min Stockholm _ 3h 35min Helsinki _ 4h Istambul _ 3h 30min Moscow _ 4h 40min Mumbai _ 8h 35min Seoul _ 11h 45min Tokyo _ 12h 40min Beijing _ 10h 45min Marrakesh _ 2h 15min Cape Town _ 10h 25min Vancouver _ 10h 30min QuĂŠbec _ 6h 55min New York _ 7h 30min Los Angeles _ 11h 45min Mexico DF _ 11h 30min BogotĂĄ _ 10h 20min Rio de Janeiro _ 10h 25min Buenos Aires _ 12h 45min Sydney _ 20h 55min Auckland _ 23h 25min

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Catalonia, a country for films


44 45

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Catalonia, a country for films


Catalonia, a country for films